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Peak: 6ft 7.07in (200.8cm)
Current: 6ft 6.05in (198.3cm)
Stevee said on 14/Oct/07
Sid looks over 6'6 in that pic with mamum, I'd give him 6'7 minimum.
Alex said on 13/Oct/07
Nash has 2 inches on Sid.
Matt Thomas said on 13/Oct/07
"I think Mamun is probably a legit 5'8 (173cm)."

No dude go take a look at the Rock pictures Mamun Makes rock look likes hes 6'4 while Glenn puts him in his place glenns a legit 5'8 Mamun is not

[Editor Rob: I'll put up on the front page today in the 'random' bit 4 pics of ones mamun's that I have too.]
Vegas said on 13/Oct/07
got to agree with JT here, i think eudy should be upgraded to at least 199-200cm. Nash had about the same amount of height on eudy as he has on oliver miller (listed at 6'9 by the NBA).

either that or a downgrade is in order for a lot of guys (hogan, taker, vader, shawn michaels, bret hart etc) sid for example had vader by 5"+ in the early 1990s and vader looked to have the footwear advantage.
JT said on 13/Oct/07
Editor Rob, this is a fairer pic of Mamun and Sid since the photo posted above is tilted in Mamun's favor. It’s straightened here (Click Here). If Sid is 6’6", he has an 8 inch long skull. Mamun’s pic with Kane is misleading as it's tilted in Kane’s favor.

A few pics of Nash and Sid from 1995
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
I think Nash was pretty close to 6’10” at this point in time.

Click Here Hard to say where the top of Taker’s head is under that hair though he does have a pointy crown. The camera angle does favor Taker, however, who also has thicker soles on his boots. I don’t see too much difference in height between the two from the various stare downs out there. 1 ½ inch difference?? No way.

There are also plenty of videos of Sid with at least 5 inches on 6’2” Ted DiBiase.

Sid also had 2 inches on 6’5” Barry Windham, who was the same height as Hogan back in the mid-1980s.

[Editor Rob: yeah, there was a 2 degree tilt. Sid might have slight more footwear. He's also in relative distance terms slightly closer than mamun, but not really much.]
Danimal said on 13/Oct/07
JT, why the hell would Hogan want to draw attention to his height loss in 1990 of all things, if there really wasn't one? Why would he even state that he lost 1 1/4"?? To get sympathy?? You're full of !#@# JT and have been for some time now.
Danimal said on 13/Oct/07
JT, he would have been crippled if he lost 1 1/4" after his back surgery? LOL. You so want to keep Hogan MAX 6'5" and Andre MAX 6'10" don't you??? lol..

Sid was 6'7" in his prime and Hogan was an inch shorter (PRE-1990)...
Alex said on 13/Oct/07
I think Mamun is probably a legit 5'8 (173cm).
Franco said on 13/Oct/07
Sid is 6'6 in that pic for sure, so 197-198cm without these shoes is correct.

Mamum is not a real 173cm, more of a 171-172cm.
Glenn is a proper 173cm
Kevin Durant said on 12/Oct/07
Another interesting picture of Sid Vicious 6'6" with 5'8" Mamun. I also believe that Sid Eudy is 6'7" in his prime and shrunk after his devastating leg injury almost 7 years ago. But for now i think Sid Vicious is 6'6" (198 cm) and i would really want him to be back in the WWE and have a stare down with Prime Kane and the Undertaker.

Click Here

6'7" Daniel Spivey and Sid Eudy

Click Here

Sid Eudy with 6'1 Big Bill Tubb

Click Here

Sid Eudy and 6'10 Kevin Nash
Alex said on 12/Oct/07
UT had 1/2 inch on Sid.
JT said on 12/Oct/07
Didn’t know Sid even had a page.

So Editor Rob, Sid and Hogan are the same height?? Click Here Click Here

6’6” looks about an inch too low for this guy. I posted these links on Taker’s and Kane’s page (Click Here) With the picture properly rotated and assuming a 10 inch head, Sid has Mamun by arguably 12 inches though I don’t think he’s more than 6’7” Click Here Kane looks a little closer to the camera than Sid too since his head would not be that much larger than Sid’s.

Sid with 5’8” Mean Gene Click Here
Click Here A 6’6” Sid means that Gene’s head would be at Sid’s chin level, again assuming that Sid has a 10 inch long noggin.

The angles of Mamun’s pics with Sid and his cousin are so different that you unfortunately can’t make a decent comparison. There’s no way to “match up” Mamun in each pic.

Anonymous, Hogan lost 1 ¼ inches right after one surgery? The man would probably be crippled and relegated to a wheelchair.

Hogan measured up the same against Mean Gene in 1985 as he did in 1994. He did look shorter in the late 1990s and definitely when he came back to the WWE.
winst27 said on 12/Oct/07
"honestly, that means that the undertaker would look eye to eye with a 6'5 guy and that just isnt true,"

I think undertaker was below eye to eye with sid Click Here
Kevin Durant said on 12/Oct/07
I think Sid Eudy looks like a legit 6'6" in his prime and at least 10" taller than Mamum. This will also finally confirmed that the Undertaker is 6'8" in his prime because he is at least 2" taller than him in Wresltlemania 13.
D-Lurker said on 12/Oct/07
Thats a great shot, you can see the footwear, they look to give a bit of boost..way to go mamun :).
Viper said on 12/Oct/07
Ive always thought Sid was around 6-6.
Da Man said on 12/Oct/07
Vegas, I think Kane is pretty clearly taller there. Click Here

Keep in mind Kane is leaning down into that guy, Sid isn't, AND the camera tilt in Sid's photo is in his favor, Kane's isn't. Kane still looks taller.

That's the third guy I've seen to have photos with both Kane and Sid in street clothes and in all of them Kane seems to have just about the exact same edge, somewhere around 1".

Disregarding Mamun's 6'6" cousin, I think Sid looks 6'7" ish in the above pic.
Paul said on 12/Oct/07
Rob, can I this peak height or current ? I can't believe Sid was never over 6'6.
I think I can guess who 'Anonymous' is. I recognise the style.
Vegas said on 12/Oct/07
explain this to me so danimal; why is hogan looking slightly taller here next to piper in early 1992 than he did in 1985 or 1987 Click Here despite losing an 1.5"

Hogan was still at peak height in 1992 and lost no height in 1990 (i have continually linked documents showing that he was away filming suburban commando in mid 1990).

i will downgrade guys that deserve to be downgraded. People come on here saying undertaker and kane are 6'10 when that is not the case. It is much harder to downgrade guys with legit sporting backgrounds previous to wrestling e.g. wight, morgan, nash, jones, jindrak, tenta, cena, goldberg, lesnar, johnson, luger, jbl etc. When you start to downgrade them eventually you will have to downgrade every else around them, look at the mess jason got himself into when he tried to downgrade wight to 6'7, nash went to 6'4, akebono to 6'3, bob sapp to 5'11, hong man choi to 6'9, khali to 6'8. If you downgrade andre to 6'10, hogan is still 6'5, studd is still 6'6-6'7, tony atlas is still 6'2ish, vince is still 6'1, ladd is still 6'9, don leo johnathan is still 6'5.
Anonymous said on 12/Oct/07
Vegas, you frustrate me MAN and why do you constantly want to lower Hogan and Andre to this day and want to raise everyone else?? Give it a rest.

It is a KNOWN fact and one you constantly IGNORE that Hogan lost his first 1 1/4" in 1990, from his first back surgery. PRE-1990, Hogan and Sid would have been the same height IF Sid really WAS only 6'6" in his prime and I don't believe that. I believe Sid was a FULL 6'7" in his prime. A prime Taker did not have 2" on Sid.

Viper, you keep quoting the Mexican Mentor and claim those were YOUR thoughts. Think for yourself man. It's either the mentor, or Jason you constantly consult with for heights.
Vegas said on 12/Oct/07
Alex says on 12/Oct/07
Da Man, based on those comparisons, Kane would have an inch on Sid. Actually a bit more on Sid then UT did on Sid

hmmmm i am not so sure Click Here and Click Here

eudy had 2" easy on peak hogan Click Here can't find the photo of them standing back stage :(
Alex said on 12/Oct/07
Da Man, based on those comparisons, Kane would have an inch on Sid. Actually a bit more on Sid then UT did on Sid.
Alex said on 12/Oct/07
Sid has a good 10 inches or so on him. 6'6 at the least.

Hogan's peak height may very well be 6'5 but no less. Sid was what, an inch taller than HOgan?
Vegas said on 12/Oct/07
problem with that pic above is that it that the angle is in mamun's favour. I think this is more accurate but i don't have any references in the photo upon which to base my assumptions Click Here

i would like to know the height of the taller guy in that photo, that would give us a better reference than mamun himself.
Da Man said on 12/Oct/07
Very interesting pics, Mamun. Click Here

Mamun's pics coincide exactly with that ~5'9" wrestling fan who had the pics with Kane (in streets), Sid (in streets), Hogan and Mr. T among others. Wish I could find his website again.
nick said on 12/Oct/07
honestly, that means that the undertaker would look eye to eye with a 6'5 guy and that just isnt true, i think 6'6.5 is what you should put for the very least. There is too much downgrading in this website, hogan for 6'4 in his prime then, Rob im sorry but this doesnt make sense to put hogan and sid at the same height
al1 said on 12/Oct/07
yeh seems about right, he towered over 6'1' scott steiner
and was just taller then ~6'5' hogan bak in the day
nick said on 12/Oct/07
should put 6'6 1/2, Honestly i really believe that he is 6'7
Vegas said on 12/Oct/07
Viper says on 12/Oct/07
I dont think Sid has ever been taller than 6-6

then hogan's peak height should be reduced to 6'5 because there is no way Hogan was the same height as eudy in 1991-92.

mamun is that your 6'6 cousin standing next to sid or is it someone else??
Viper said on 12/Oct/07
I dont think Sid has ever been taller than 6-6.
Vegas said on 12/Oct/07
when was this shot taken mamun???

dwayne johnson barely looks 2" shorter than Sid next to Mamun, that can't be right (can it??)
ted said on 12/Oct/07
Just before you add Sid Vicious my guess was 6-6.Rob you have some competition here,be terrified!
Editor Rob said on 12/Oct/07
For comparison, remember mamun has a 6ft 6 cousin here (not sure if he's got slight more shoe heel?)

Mamut Cousin

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