How tall is Simon Baker

Simon Baker's Height

5ft 9.25in (175.9 cm)

Australian actor best known for his role as Patrick Jane on TV series The Mentalist. In Film he has appeared in The Ring 2, Land of the Dead, Margin Call and The Devil Wears Prada. He was once described by TV Guide as "a legitimate 6 feet tall."

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5ft 9.14in (175.6cm)
BlueHead said on 28/Jul/17
LOL so I could pass as a legitimate 6 footer . I always thought he was 5'10. Great actor by the way.
Slim 181 cm said on 12/Jul/17
6 foot in his dreams! , 5'9.5 is closer to the truth. He often holds his breath to look broader shouldered and stands on his tippy toes to look taller, 😂 . Just like vin diesel.
Scott said on 22/Jun/17
Oh wow! I didn't know he was that short.
gomad said on 20/Jun/17
175cm in the mentalist
gomad said on 20/Jun/17
175cm in the mentalist
Realist said on 15/Jun/17
Never looked tall.
Arthur said on 17/May/17
Rob why did you downgrade him again? I still remember his old 5'9.75 listing... I did think back then that it was accurate.
Editor Rob: seeing his co-star amanda in person, I think her figure and his seem more reasonable.
Hans Meiser said on 9/Apr/17
legitimate 6 feet xD
AJ said on 24/Feb/17
Ya this listing is fairer, he's slightly shorter than rockmond dunbar.
John V. said on 13/Jan/17
Even the imdb lists him as 5'9 Rob, i think it's time for you to exclude that extra half an inch
yea buddy said on 15/Dec/16
he's 5'9, and spacey 5'8
jtm said on 19/Nov/16
he was the one that was taller than spacey. I think this listing is spot on and spacey was never over 5'9.
Rent said on 17/Nov/16
I would guess 5'9" tops for Simon Baker, no less no more.
Rent said on 17/Nov/16
He's definitely not this height Rob, watch L.A. Confidential and you'll believe me. He's clearly 0.75 or 1 inch under 5'9.5" Kevin Spacey. Even on IMDB, who's known to generaly get the Hollywood's rule "1 or 2 inches over real height", he's listed at 5'9".
MachuPicchu said on 4/Nov/16
I think Simon Baker is close to 180 cm in the morning, and 178 cm later during the day (I`m european, I would find it very hard to guess feet and inches). This picture of him and Robin Tunney says a lot about his height. It`s a full body picture for both of them, and you can clearly see their shoes and straight postures. She`s listed as 161 cm on some sites, 163 cm on others. She`s wearing really big platforms, they are more than 12 cm (14-15 cm, maybe?), so she would be at least 175 cm tall in this picture. His shoes might lift him 2 cm above the ground, but one can clearly see how big the height difference between them two still is.
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Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Oct/16
Also, appeared somewhat briefly in L.A. Confidential (but not insignificantly!)
Michael said on 23/Oct/16
Now: 5-9,75
Peak: 5-10,25
Chase Witherspoon said on 23/Sep/16
Reckon 176cm, notwithstanding the bouffant..
AJ said on 21/Jun/16
I think 5'9.25" is the better listing for this guy. There is plenty of evidence to suggest so. For instance he was only a quarter inch taller than mario lopez. He's also slightly shorter than rockmond dunbar. I wouldn't go as far as 5'9" flat, but 9.5 is too generous.
Francis said on 7/Jun/16
rob, do you think he got listed as a 'legitimate 6 feet tall' because the interviewer thought that after 5.9 came 6.0? xD

jokes apart, i think he is 5'9 at the end of the day. 5'9.5 is the maximum he could be. 5'9.25 seems fair untill further conclusions
Editor Rob: 9.25 or 9.5, those are both arguable for him. I don't know where the notion of a legitimate 6ft came from, the interviewer may well have thought of him as taller. Maybe Simon has the kind of personality that can add a couple of inches.
yea buddy said on 17/Feb/16
He kind of fools me sometimes

There are moments he look 5'8.5~5'9 and there are moments where he looks over 5'10 like when he stands taller than morena baccarin on heels on the Mentalist

Could that be a TV trick or is a 5'9.5 man really noticeable taller than a 5'7 woman in heels, rob? I can't tell that because I am 5'6
Editor Rob: to be fair he did look taller than her when she was in heels, so I doubt he's a 5ft 8.5-9
rtyuiop said on 11/Feb/16
Rob, what would do you think the possibility of him being 5"8.5 is like? Remember seeing him on Soccer Aid 2010 and him not being much taller on the pitch than mike myers.
Editor Rob: you can argue 5ft 9 for him, but I am not sure he really looks 174cm
zyzzbraah said on 23/Nov/15
Do you think he can be 5'9, Rob?
I'd put him between 175-177cm
Editor Rob: you could argue anywhere in 5ft 9 range for him.
MD said on 19/Oct/15
How are you going to go from just arguing he's only 5'8" then all of a sudden agreeing with the listing?
Dan said on 15/Oct/15
Very good actor, I think 5'9.5 or 5'9.25 sounds right for him.
MD said on 5/Oct/15
That's a bad picture, and tons of other pics show him clearly taller than Kang.
Dan said on 3/Oct/15
Click Here
He appears to be the same height as Tim Kang who is listed at 5' 8"...
jtm said on 30/Sep/15
crowe is closer to the camera and baker is losing more height but i doubt crowe is over 5'10.
SJH said on 26/Sep/15
Bizarre legimate 6 feet tall. He could be lucky to hit 5'9
grizz said on 15/Sep/15
"a legitimate 6 feet tall"
Precisely because of idiots like TV Guide people think that legit 6footers are short -making 5ft9 guys 6ft tall, all of a sudden.

Baker is 5ft9-5ft9.25 based on many Mentalist episodes I'd watched.
Dan said on 26/Aug/15
I think 5'9.5 is a bit generous myself. He was visibly shorter than the 5'10.5 Henry Ian Cusick on The Mentalist.
Nicholas said on 22/Jul/15
Pic with Russel Crowe shows him being at most 174cm!

Isn't 5'9.5 a bit generous?
Owen said on 29/Jun/15
Baker clearly under 5'10
5'9 should be apropriate
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GP said on 27/Jun/15
The statement by TVGuide had to be estimated by G, lol!!! I have met him and he is nothing more than 5'9".
Gx79 said on 26/Jun/15
He kinda remind me of James dean
Owen said on 25/Jun/15
"realrobintunneySo nobody will ever ask me again if @snappytoes is short. He's that handsome,talented, AND full sized folks."

160 cm woman in louzy posture wearing flat footwear. 5'9 man stretched as hell with footwear advantage plus we can't see his feet

yea 5'10 right
T said on 25/Jun/15
Looks pretty solid 5'10" here Click Here
Damon said on 8/May/15
Five nine
Wilson said on 6/May/15
cole said on 5/May/15
@Areandir: Baker doesn't strike me as the lift wearing type. I'm sure on 'The Mentalist' he may have worn some more thick footwear at times, to appear a convincing and strong 5'10 range. He's in some pretty standard boots in that shot with Ruffalo (though they might give a little more than Ruffalo's, it's harder to tell when we can't see the heel), but he's standing further away from the camera, and they are also both standing quite poorly. Here's another shot from that set: Click Here 176-177 cm is a decent shout, wouldn't think he was much under or over that.
Gabe said on 4/May/15
He had the 5ft10 mark on his personal website

And, Rob, do you think a flat 5'9" is possible for Simon? He looks closer to 5'9" than 5'10" in any movie/show I see him
[Editor Rob: at times he can look just 5ft 9, but a fair amount I think a bit over the mark.]
Anon said on 1/May/15
He says 178cm in this French interview:

Click Here
Loop said on 28/Apr/15
Damon said on 7/Apr/15
He looks 5'8 next to ruffalo!
Areandir said on 5/Mar/15
what about the pic with Mark Ruffalo?
Areandir said on 5/Mar/15
I got curious with the Mark Ruffalo pic, and on this one: Click Here he wis wearing ENORMOUS lifts a seems to be only 2 inches taller than Mark(also, he is in a very poor posture)
Surfer said on 3/Mar/15
I think 5'9.5 would be more apropriate, Rob
I'd still go with a little fraction above 5'9, like a hair under 176cm
[Editor Rob: the 9.5 mark is probably a reasonable amount to give him.]
Lorne said on 25/Feb/15
I'm confused by your comment below, Rob. You say he could be 176, yet list him at 5ft9.75(legit 177cm). Explain?

For the record, he is looking closer to 5'9 at times, 176-176.5 is likely a better fit, he often looks a weak average.
[Editor Rob: well he can look anywhere from as low as 5ft 9 up to 10. Actually Jenny was watching an episode yesterday and it had Morena Baccarin in it, I think in heels he still could beat her a bit, so I'm not sure he's really as low as just 5ft 9.]
Do bee da boo said on 24/Feb/15
with 5'7" Mark Ruffalo
Click Here
guess we completely discarded 5'10" and we're starting to go below 5'9"
Gabe said on 23/Feb/15
Hey Rob, check this pic: Click Here
I don't see an inch difference from a 5'11" guy and a claimed to be 5'10"
I'll go with the 176cm guess, not to talk about a spot on 175!
Huezord said on 20/Feb/15
can you add the preview interview to the description rob? thanks
178 morning 176 late night guy said on 7/Feb/15
needs downgrade to 176cm
the dunbar pick is proof
heightmaster said on 23/Dec/14
Hey Rob
if rockmond is really a 177cm guy, then simon baker is definetely below his listed height
Now I'm going to guess even the 174cm range

Click Here
heightmaster said on 23/Dec/14
Click Here
chek this out

definetely 5'9
may be a 177 guy by early morning
MD said on 8/Dec/14
With a listed 5'9.25" Mario Lopez:

Click Here

Baker even has a clear footwear advantage in this shot, too:

Click Here

Yes, he's much closer to 5'9" than he is 5'10".
Shake his spear said on 4/Dec/14
I'd say he is no further from 5'9. Robin Tunney must be around 160cm~162cm. He looks like a solid 175cm
Dmeyer said on 27/Aug/14
Click Here , évén considering he could have 0.25-0.5in more shoes as she is in 0.6in type she is 5'7.5 shoes on he looks near 5'10.25-10.5in shoes on about 5'9.5 176/177 is ok for him not 175 or 178
Dmeyer said on 24/Aug/14
Looks a solid 0.5in under 5' 9-9.25 Gregory itzin in mentalist wath do you think
[Editor Rob: itzin has a habit of raising his eyelevel]
blink said on 16/Aug/14
Simon is closer to the camera and has some "positional" advantage, giving the impression of being taller than what in fact is
Justanotherguy said on 7/Aug/14
Check this picture out with Liev Schrieber who is listed here at 6'2.75. Simon baker is barefoot and Liev is wearing shoes. Baker looks like he is as least 5'10 here.

Click Here
somebody said on 9/May/14
I can't find it now, but I remember it was sometime in February, he said something like ''being 5'11 and having to work with a 6 ft 4 man is kind of ego shattering'', It wasn't on either, it was on AOL streaming from another site I think. I remember it because I said to myself ''yeah right'' or something
somebody said on 6/May/14
He claimed his height as 5 ft 11 in a recent interview.
[Editor Rob: any idea what one, it would be good to add it to the top of his page.]
The Mentalist said on 10/May/13
Baker is a solid 5.9 who can look way taller on the show for 3 main reasons..1.his very slim build...2...his perfect posture...3...the waistcoat he wears under the suit
leonari said on 1/May/13
On the show he looks a solid 177 and that's what he is with rather longhish limbs. Good proportions, good height.
Gong said on 28/Apr/13
Robin Tunney is like 163 cm, Simon Baker doesn't look that much taller, I would say 174-175ish...
Lorne? said on 31/Mar/13
Lol Gary cole is on the mentalist right now. If he stands beside baker I'll examine the difference. But 177cm is spot on, he can look 5'10at times, a weak average other times
Westie said on 25/Jan/13
Interesting pic - Simon seems to be visibly raising his heels and standing on his toes trying to look as natural as possible. To be fair he is sandwiched in between 6'7 Merchand 6' Driver. Don't know how to upload pics so here's the link : (group pic half way down)
Click Here
Aragorn 5'11 said on 28/Dec/12
Rob, have you seen "The Mentalist" TV show? If yes, then how tall do you think he looks on the show?
[Editor Rob: 176/177 I think he can look]
Hew said on 7/Nov/12
This listing looks spot on, good job Rob ;)
Louis said on 30/Sep/12
doesn't look tall, more like 174 tops
PersianGamer said on 9/Sep/12
176-177 works for him
Karla K said on 16/Jun/12
Owain Yeoman is 6'3" and there's no way he's only 5" taller than Simon Baker.
Silent d said on 1/Feb/12
177cm but on ellen he is struggling to be 177cm. Weird. 177cm.
jason said on 31/Dec/11
when i watch the mentalist he looks 6 feet
Mr. R said on 8/Dec/11
Simon is actually btw 5-8 and 5-9. He wears biker boots a lot when he is on talk shows.
Ras said on 7/Dec/11
Rob yeah, Currie Graham is not precisely in the top a list (perhaps not in the b list either), but he's outstanding due to his height, that's why I think he deserves a page here. He could also be a good comparison with some other more well known actors IMO.
Charles said on 6/Dec/11
175-176 cm feels better for him, not that close to 5ft 10in.
Ras said on 18/Nov/11
Rob, how tall do you think Currie Graham is? Cause he totally dwarfs Baker:

Click Here
[Editor Rob: one of those actors who I see his face pop up in things but can't remember his name, I think he is tall, maybe 6ft 2-3 range but I've not really looked.]
hi said on 30/Oct/11
he so does not look 5 10
MBH said on 19/Sep/11
yes i always thought he was about 5'8
TwTrckMnd said on 16/Aug/11
My guess would be 5'8".
nehehehe said on 15/Jul/11
aaaa avarage heigt for a male is from 5 6 to 6 I d say ....because specific number in a world is around 5 8 as an avarage for a man on our planet taking into consederation the tallest and smallest nations :)
blah dah said on 21/Jun/11
i think he is average hieght for a male, which is anywhere from 5'8 to 6 ft.
paddy said on 9/Apr/11
ive just seen a new episode of the mentalist. morena baccarin, who here is listed as tall as 170cm, is at least as tall as Patrick Jane. curious, isn't it? obviously, she wears heels. but, come on, there are scenes where you can see those and they're max 7-8 cm. and she clearly is taller than he is in the episode.
TheVerve180 said on 26/Feb/11
I would bet closer to 5ft9.
PHR said on 14/Feb/11
5'9.75 looks pretty correct. 5'5 "at best" is absolut ridiculous ...
voicelessdentalfricative said on 4/Feb/11
wow, one of the few pages where there's actual agreement.
Leung said on 18/Dec/10
jtm says on 11/Aug/10
5'9.75 is spot on.keep him at this height.

True statement.
MichaelinDenver said on 16/Dec/10
No way is this guy 5'10". Compare his height to a door know, standard height of 39". Compare him to the top of the cars in the show, etc. I would bet 5'5" at best.
MD said on 23/Feb/07
Since the photo with 5'7" Dennis Hopper no longer works:

Click Here

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