How tall is Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush's Height

5ft 4 (162.6 cm)

American actress best known for playing Brooke Davis on tv show One Tree Hill, Erin Lindsay in Chicago P.D. and for films John Tucker Must Die and The Hitcher.

How tall is Sophia Bush
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It’s weird: In our business, I’m a size 2 and considered curvy...ou can look up old episodes of my show and see when I was being far too friendly with the craft-services table. Because I’m 5’4″ and athletically built, if I gain five pounds it looks like a lot.
-- Health Magazine (2008)

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Average Guess (15 Votes)
5ft 4.15in (162.9cm)
Alanna said on 6/May/23
I she’s taller than this listing tbh
Abb said on 6/Nov/21
What would you say for her weight these days, Rob? Maybe 115 pounds during her OTH days and around 125 now?
Editor Rob
Those figures could be arguable, I do see her 7-10 lbs heavier now.
Layal said on 14/Jul/21
Sophia Bush is 5 feet 4 lol. Or at 5 feet 4 1/2. I don't get why people are arguing that that is not her height because it is. Sophia is like 2 inches shorter than. Sophia is 5 feet 4. That's her height, she's said it plenty.
Trigueros-5ft9.5 said on 30/Oct/19
She is very honest ...always 5'4"
Catherine said on 28/Jan/18
Also, you CAN be a size 2 and curvy. It's not true that only short people can wear it. Maybe Australia's definition of "curvy" is different from the United States. But, you can most certainly be a size 2 and curvy without being really really short. I don't know where that misconception came from.
Catherine said on 28/Jan/18
Sophia isn't any taller than 5'4." That seems like a pretty accurate estimate for her. I think she's pretty much exactly 5'4," one of the few actresses who doesn't exaggerate her height. And if she does, it's not by much. She's definitely not any taller than she says, though.
Richard said on 15/Nov/16
I think she's taller than 5foot4 . I would say 5foot5 or maybe even taller than that . In the movie " Chalet Girl " you can see that she is much taller than Felicity Jones who is 5foot2.5 and only 2.5 inches taller than Felicity Jones seems not right .
marla singer said on 16/Jan/13
Rob you met Eliza Dushku so I trust your 5'4.5 estimate, but if so then Sophia can't be 5'4 (even if that's what she claims). She looks definitely taller than Eliza: Click Here maybe an upgrade for her?
Editor Rob
although I can't view that link, I saw some photos of them and sophia might have 2cm extra platform on her heel, so they could be identical height.
Silent d said on 11/Jan/12
She is about the same height as 5 foot 3 kate mara in nip tuck. I can buy 5 foot 4. Still beautiful!
KK.12 said on 1/May/11
She's 5'4", or maybe even slightly less! I don't see the point in arguing here when she stated it herself. You can't get an accurate measurement of someone just by looking at them. There's all sorts of factors that give different illusions. As for the size 2 and being 'curvy', well firstly, you can't be a size 2 and be curvy. That's a size 6 in Australia, which is the smallest size possible, and only really short people can wear it. I'd say she'd be at least a size 4 because she does have muscle too, and is athletic and not skinny.
summer said on 15/Nov/10
i think she's about 5'4 and a half. i met her and she had about a couple of inches smaller than me. And i'm 5'7 and a half. she's maybe 5'5. but not more than that for sure. about 5'4- 5'5
very very pretty woman!
Tamika said on 5/Nov/10
she says she's 5'4 and a size 2. Look here:

Click Here
Ryan said on 1/Jul/09
I think she's closer to 5'5" or 5'5 1/2, and just downgrades herself.
marina said on 27/Jun/09
5'4" is like 170? Hilarie Burton is 175 and Sophia is round 170...
kay said on 19/Jun/09
5'4" sounds right. She wouldn't have to lie about that height since she's not really tall nor short. It's a perfectly average height.
But I would put her down as closer to a dress size 4, than a 2.
jessica said on 22/May/09
She has to be 5' 5 1/2". She just doesn't seem to be 5' 4".
Anonymous said on 21/May/09
she is deffo 5'4" as in stay alive she was no taller than frankie muniz and shorter than samaire armstrong who is 5'7
Megan said on 7/May/09
Wow, she looks 5'5" at least or 5'6" in these photos. She's absolutely towering over 5'1" Hilary Duff in these photos. Plus she's bending her leg!
Click Here & Click Here
She is not 5'4".
anonymous said on 18/Mar/09
I thought she was 5 foot 3 when i first watched one tree hill. Next to claimed 5 foot 10 and a half mouth, she would be 5 foot 8. But mouth looks 5 foot 8 max. She looks 5 foot 5.
Lindsay said on 9/Mar/09
She looks pretty tall in the "Hitcher." She definitely doesn't look 6 inches shorter than Zachary Knighton in any of the scenes.
anonymous said on 9/Mar/09
Mouth looks about 5 foot 8, if sophia bush is 5 foot 6. Next to chad michael murray, she is about 15cm shorter. 5 foot 5.
glenn said on 12/Jan/09
thanks anonymous.i think so too.
Anonymous said on 11/Jan/09
Glenn... you lucky guy! I think she is gorgeous.
claire said on 10/Jan/09
Im 5"6.5 and i stood next to her once.
shes exactly my height!
glenn said on 6/Jan/09
she's 5-5,5-6.i see her alot.
kim said on 4/Jan/09
she looks taller than 5'4".. maybe she likes to be shorter so therefore downgrades herself. i see her as 5'6". however, she's only about 2 inches taller than bethany joy lenz, so bethany would need an upgrade as well. aaaah so confusing
Sim said on 29/Dec/08
Can someone tell me how tall is lee norris(mouth from one tree hill). cause i dont buy his 5-10 1/2
Joanne said on 17/Dec/08
People with short upper part (waist to neck), longer lower parts (hips to feet) of their body usually look taller than those with longer upper part, shorter lower part.. Hope I make sense..lolz!
glenn said on 1/Dec/08
5-4? im with realme.
Realme2008 said on 1/Dec/08
She says she is 5'4", but she never looks that short. She always looks in the 5'5"-5'6" range. I really don't understand this. I've never seen a 5'4" girl looks this tall unless they are wearing some massive heels.^^^ She is noticeably taller than Bethany Joy Lenz, and not by one inch.She's two inches taller. Unless Bethany is not 5'3", but is instead 5'2". Hilarie Burton doesn't really tower over her either it's about a 2 and a half inch difference, so then Hilarie would need a downgrade too then. She towers over 5'1" Kristen Bell in this picture! It's a lot more than 3 inches, and I know it can be a heel size issue. Even without Sophia's likely large heels it would be more than three. Click Here She's holding her own against Zac Efron in this picture. Click Here Here she is with 5'9.5 Mandy Moore, and it looks to be a four-inch or four and half inch difference? Click Here . She is towering over 5'1.5 Elisha Cuthbert-Click Here
Chad (5'11.5) didn't seem to tower over her that much either when she was in heels. Click Here Is it possible she is downgrading herself?
Does not look 5'4" at all.
Josh said on 19/Nov/08
5'4 is her true height wow! then as I thought CMM is not over 5'11 .
Cliff said on 2/Nov/08
Rob, are you going to downgrade her since she's spilled the beans?

She has now clearly stated that she's 5'4"

Editor Rob
I'll add that too the top of the page now.
Anna said on 15/Oct/08
She looks taller than Glen but she was wearing heels right Glen?Cuz i highly doubt shes over 5'8 though sometimes on one tree hill she looks 5'9 but usually she looks 5'5 -5'6.5 to me.
amy said on 12/Oct/08
just what noel said, in that article she said she is 5'4 and i believe so. i met james lafferty during one of the macy's one tree hill contest and looking back on episode 6x03 where she is barefoot standing next to james she clearly is the around the same height of when i was standing next to him and i'm 5'3
noel said on 1/Oct/08
She is definitely 5'4" she says it herself in the article in Health Magazine. DOWNGRADE time. As I have said before it is so obvious she is this height, especially when watching her appearance on Regis and Kelly she is not much taller than Kelly and they are both wearing crazy high heels that seem to be the exact same height; 4-5 inches. I really love her honesty, she's a doll. So many celebs who are CLEARLY 5'4" claim to be 5'6" or more it's quite annoying. Height does not make a person so quit lying. Beauty is not about height it's about proportion.
Hi said on 30/Sep/08
In Health Magazine, via People, she says she is 5'4'' and a size 2.

Click Here
Realme2008 said on 27/Sep/08
Also here is the magazine article where Sophia Bush says she is 5'4". Click Here That could very well be her actual height, but I thought she was 5'5"?
Realme2008 said on 22/Sep/08
Here is a picture of her in heels with 5'8" Zac Efron. Click Here
I would say she is 5'5" flat. 5'5.5 being her morning height, but she definitely isn't 5'6".
amanda said on 22/Sep/08
hey she said in health magazine that she was 5'4"! she is just so darn cute and adorable and i so thought she was taller than that, but it was from her own mouth, so there you have it
glenn said on 26/May/08
not only have you alluded or admitted you were female,you posted under your name too once.something like janice or were the post that had the name before is here again or in the house,whatever it
glenn said on 26/May/08
you have a bad
J.Lee said on 25/May/08
glenn, when did i say that i was male or female?
glenn said on 22/May/08
i dont remember if i said she was taller or if i saw that in the flesh at this point.she was close to my height in her heels,put it that way.even if im a bit taller.i dont know why a couple people here were a little harsh on you.even myself.i didnt realise you were female until last weekend.females have different perceptions on height.
chelsea said on 15/Apr/08
i read in cosmogirl that she was 5 foot one.
prettygirl said on 4/Apr/08
ok soo on regis and kelly or whatever..she and kelly were both wearing heels and they looked about the same height..soo im thinking shes shorter than 5.5
glenn said on 30/Mar/08
thanks charliemotto.
Charliemoto said on 30/Mar/08
oh i got it now Glenn :)

cool. hehe keep up the good work m8.
glenn said on 28/Mar/08
i wasnt saying i was ugly charliemotto.i was being sarcastic towards anyone who comments towards do they look? i appreciate the words.
Bj25492008 said on 28/Mar/08
Yeah, I don't buy her as 5'6" either. She always screams 5'5" to me. 5'6" is way too much for her.
Charliemoto said on 27/Mar/08
don't say you're ugly GLENN, you're not ugly not even with the double-chin and that's coming from a guy (no i'm not gay), you're not even close to being ugly there are people out there who are just unwatchable aka true uglyness and it shows also in their soul.

you're too good a soul to be ugly, if you're not from the inside you're not from the outside. ;)

been looking at this image again and i'm not quite conviced her real height is 5'6 flat.
glenn said on 26/Mar/08
ill ask her.she is wearing heels for those who still cant figure out why she is taller than me.
Samara said on 26/Mar/08
I've seen Sophia listed anywhere from 5'4'' to 5'6.5". I wish I could hear directly from HER MOUTH how tall she is.
Bj25492008 said on 25/Mar/08
I have a question who is taller Glenn or Sophia. I mean her head and shoulders appear to be higher up. But her nose, lips, eyebrows, and eyes are lower. I'm kinda confused.

Editor Rob
she's got more hairstyle, but maybe tilting head downwards more?
glenn said on 25/Mar/08
sophia was always a real must really suck being ugly.but ugly guys get girls.fat or short,or fat and short is difficult.5-8 isnt short at all if im taller than most women,the height of a tall woman,and taller than alot of men.yes,i know most men are taller than me.
Anonymous said on 25/Mar/08
no offence, but being 5'8 must really stink somtimes as a woman of average height will be your height if they wear heels,
Charliemoto said on 25/Mar/08
looks about 175-176cm which is more or less the height of Glenn with shoes, the question is...she had 3 inches or 4 inches heels?

3 inches heels give about 6-7cm and 4 inches give 9-10cm that would make a difference, if 4 inches then she's 5'5.5, if 3 inches then 5'6 at least.

imo she's no less than 5'6 barefoot.
glenn said on 24/Mar/08
i see my friend did the pics right this time rob.
glenn said on 24/Mar/08
obviously she is wearing second pic with her.this pic is better for height.i would guess at least 5-6.
Alexio said on 24/Mar/08
i think she is wearing heels in this picture, because she is max 160-162cm
noel said on 21/Jan/08
I just saw Sophia Bush on Regis and Kelly (January 21st 2008) the video is not available on Youtube yet but Sophia and Kelly are wearing simmilar heels and Sophia does not look that much taller than Kelly. Now if she were 5'5.5" she would look WAY taller than Kelly Ripa who is 5'2.5". Three inches can really dwarf someone and there is NO WAY Sophia Bush is 3" taller than Kelly Ripa. As soon as there is a youtube video of Sophia's January 21st Regis and Kelly interview available it should definitely be looked at.

P.S. Not that it's all that relevant but, Sophia's a rarely matched beauty and a real class act IMO.
bruce_willis said on 18/Jan/08
always thought she was atleast 5'6
Linds said on 2/Jan/08
if you watch the hitcher with sohpia bush she only looks about 2 or 3 inches shorter than both alleged 5"10 feet tall Zachary knighton and sean bean, granted she is wearing boots, seemingly flat, that are probably an inch or 2. 5"10-2= 5"8" and her 2 inch (at the most) boots = 5"6" tall
ct said on 21/Nov/07
i think that she is about 5'4"..there's no way she is 5'6"..she looks more shorter than that..
Abby said on 15/Oct/07
I think that she really is 5'6" but she looks rather squat because of her body proportions (shorter neck, more compact medium-boned frame). Very pretty girl despite not being statuesque.
PrettyGirl said on 8/Aug/07
Not 5.6 shes only like 2 inches taller than her costar Bethany Joy..and Daneel Harris and Hilarie Burton are clearly 3-4 inches taller than her.
lizzy said on 30/Jul/07
Oh yeah Kathryn! she´s maybe 5'5''...but actually i think she´s more 5'3'' cm i think she´s 160-163...not more..
Kathryn said on 8/Jul/07
5'5''? haha...i think she´s not even that!! i would say 5'4'' or even smaller. she was only a little taller than 5'2''-5'3'' ashanti. and i had to laugh when i read on I M D B that she is supposed to be almost 5'7''.because when she stood next to 5'9'' jesse metcalfe who is maybe 5'9'', she was even 4 or 5 inches smaller than him. many celebs lie about their height. but this lie is sooo bad. how can she say she´s almost 5'7'' when she is only 5'3'' or 5'4''?? that´sreally a dumb and non-sense lie. that´s like a 5'7'' male would say he´s 6'2''. my godness....
Realme said on 16/Jun/07
I watch One Tree Hill all the time, and knew she wasn't 5'6 1/2 as various websites say and still list(really annoys me!!!). I actually just think she is 5'5".
Anonymous said on 14/Jun/07
There is no way she's 5"6. Have you seen her in John Tucker Must Die? She's only an inch or 1"1/2 taller than Ashanti who stands a good 5"3 tall. Unless all the heights of the celebs are wrong. Unless Ashanti is 5"4.5 or 5"5. None of this makes sense because once you state 5"6, then the other celebs' heights should increase. In the movie they wore heels which are approximately 2-3 inches at the most. So it's not that hard to compare amongst the girls. Brittany Snow was the smallest girl of all. 5"1-2 at the most.But since sophia bush is 5"6, She's got to be at least 5"3
Josh said on 12/Jun/07
Yeah 5'6 (168cm) is right.
D. Ray Morton said on 9/Apr/06
Pardon me, but holy s***! I forgot about this guy.

Once again, I always thought he was huge. He does look 5'7" here.

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