How tall is Chad Michael Murray

Chad Michael Murray's Height

5ft 11 ¾ (182.2 cm)

American actor known for playing Lucas Scott on TV series One Tree Hill and Jack Thompson in Agent Carter. In film he can be seen in House of Wax and The Haunting in Connecticut 2. In a interview he mentioned his height, saying "I'm not a small guy either. I'm 6'1" and also said on twitter "I'm 6'1"". In this photo I had a little (0.2 inch) more sneaker than his shoe.

How tall is Chad Michael Murray
5ft 8 Rob and Chad (age 38) @ Telford Comic Con, 2019

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Average Guess (51 Votes)
5ft 11.68in (182.1cm)
5'7 and a fraction said on 29/Aug/23
He's definitely one of those "6'1 celebrities".
Sh0ckeh said on 23/Nov/22
He always looked a perfect 5'11.75 (182cm) on One Tree Hill. His 6'1 claim is ridiculous though, as he's not even a full 6'0 but very close.
Vlakit said on 15/Oct/21
Only looks a half inch shorter than Joshua Jackson in Dawsonโ€™s creek. I think he needs an upgrade or Jackson needs a downgrade.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/Aug/20
๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽŠ Happy Birthday Chad! ๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ

Many Happy Returns to Chad Michael Murray, who celebrates his 39th Birthday today.

5ft11.75 ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘

Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 12/Jun/20
He should stop claiming 6'1. Barry Watson claim 6'0 and easily taller than Chad.
Que lo Que said on 26/Apr/20
This seems right since during his 1 tree hill days he was listed at 180cm
berta said on 11/Apr/20
i think this guy could be taller than peak bruce willis. i think 6 foot isnt impossible never under 182 and never over 183
Vexacus said on 1/Apr/20
Almost 6'0 in House of Wax , but he was dwarfed by Jared Padalecki , shocking, that guy maybe is 6'5
Jkiller said on 29/Jan/20
Did pull off looking close to 6'0 in One Tree Hill. I'd say 182.5cm
Nik said on 29/Aug/19
He's a tall guy!
James G. said on 1/Jan/19
Might be only 6โ€™ flat but lowest 5โ€™11.75.โ€ I give him 6โ€™0,โ€ no photos make him look less than 5โ€™11.75โ€ to me.
Animus said on 11/Sep/18
Very surprised by this listing. I always thought he looked quite similar to Lafferty and consequently that he was in the 6ft1 range, minimally 184cm. Glancing through photos of him and Lafferty, he very rarely looks like a weak 182cm guy.
MAD SAM said on 18/Jun/18
181 cm just canโ€™t give him more
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Jul/17
In your opinion...
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 6/Jul/17

D-E, he looks 5'11.5" tops, can look 5'11.25"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jul/17
I think w/h Lafferty he could look near 6ft. I'd have gone with somewhere between B-C.
Vin said on 8/May/17
Hilarious how every 5'11 guy claims 6'0 or even 6'1
Balrog said on 6/Jan/17
I think he's more E range. I see him closer to 5'11'' than 6 feet. Probably 6'0'' out of bed and drops to around 5'11.25''
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Sep/16
Exactly Rob...just like DiCaprio and Willis
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Sep/16
Rob, which of these?

A) 185cm/183cm
B) 184.5cm/182.5cm
C) 184cm/182cm
D) 183.5cm/181.5cm
E) 183cm/181cm
Editor Rob
he's a guy who I think can look anywhere amongst 5ft 11-6ft zone, hence C for me is an ok listing.

I think he gives true 6ft 1ers a bad name with his claim.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Feb/16
Could look 6ft at times beside James Lafferty and Paul Johansson (both 6ft2)
Fluffi Fluffsson said on 12/Feb/16
Thought he was taller...
Hypado said on 20/Feb/15
I agree with Silent_D and Rampage.

In the Gilmore Girls, Chad is 17 cm taller than 165 cm Alexis Bledel.

165 cm + 17 cm = 182 cm for Chad Michael Murray. No doubt, he is 5 ft 11.75in
Silent_D said on 9/Jan/15
He always looks big on one tree hill but i guess it was for the show. 182cm is about right.
Hypado said on 17/Oct/14
Chad Michael is 182/183cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Sep/14
Another 5ft11-6ft dude who claims 6ft1. I think I've counted about 5 so far
cole said on 24/Jun/14
I think I'd rule out 6ft after seeing him with 6'2.5 Brandon Routh and 5'8.5 Milo Ventimiglia. Somewhere between 181 and 182 cm could be his measured height. He can look just 5'11 at times as well, but then he's not exactly one to force a good posture.
anonymous said on 19/Jun/14
he could be just 5'11?
ลฝuC said on 8/Feb/14
He is somewhere around 171 i would say
nathan said on 3/Oct/13
chad height is 5 10
Josh said on 15/Sep/13
5'11 tops
cole said on 29/Jul/13
5'11.5 - 6' range.
linke said on 23/May/13
Paul Johansson has easy 2 on him. Strong 5'11
Balrog said on 22/May/13
Perfect listing.
Nenninn said on 21/May/13
solid 6 ft
Editor Rob said on 29/Apr/13
In a recent interview he's now saying he's 6ft 1.
Cmm said on 4/Mar/13
There was an interview where Hillary Duff made fun of him for wearing thick platform heels to seem taller in Cinderella. I think the listed measurement is correct but thought I'd mention that's why he can seem over 6' on screen
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 11/Dec/12
He's 5'11"/180cm flat.
mike 181cm said on 8/Dec/12
Are you kidding Chadd at least 184. Give me a break
richguy said on 4/Nov/12
I think Chad and I are of the same height. lol... Check this out anyways:Don't be left out Click Here cos is real!
ray 6' 158 lbs said on 7/Aug/12
i think hes exatly 6 feat or at least he sad this in 2002 in an interview and he sad hes 160 lbs and he was 185 in school when he played futball.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Jul/12
Yeah solid 182cm
I think he's 2in shorter than James
Lafferty who is 6ft1.5(187cm)
ray 183 said on 26/Jul/12
i think he is 182-3 next to laferty johanson and trucko and craig shaffer and the reason why he looks only 4 inch taller than skills because he is 5'8"
Silent d said on 11/Jan/12
He is tall. In cinderella story looked neary 30cm taller than 155cm hilary duff.
Silent d said on 16/Dec/11
182cm but looks really tall.
Todd said on 8/Dec/11
I met him in a ice cream store, and we were around the same height he might of been a hair taller. I am 5'10.5" on a good day, so no way is he breaking 5'11"
Random said on 17/Nov/11
I met the guy, i'm 5' 11" and he was a lot taller than me, at least a few inches
barney said on 12/Nov/11
he is taller than sheffer.... chad is about 183cm and craig about 180cm...
Anon said on 1/Nov/11
what do you think? I'm not sure if my post popped up. Chad n Craig One tree hill...if they're both 5 feet 11.5 inch? Click Here
Anon said on 1/Nov/11
Rob, you have Craig Sheffer as the same height...Chad is just a little bit taller, Im thinkin 5ft 11 3/4 or so. They look close but not that close in height on one tree hill.. Click Here what do you think?
Editor Rob
is there a scene on solid ground, it might give a better idea as the ground looks a little uneven there.
barney said on 25/Oct/11
if craig sheffer is 182 cm then chad is is 185cm... in reality i think chad is 182-183 and craig 5-10.5 max...
LAN Jiao said on 25/Oct/11
5'11 on the spot.
Enrique said on 20/Sep/11
He looks 6ยด1" in One Tree Hill, but I donยดt buy over 5ยด11".
soundarya said on 22/Aug/11
hes abt 6 feet...
Mike said on 2/Aug/11
Heยดs at least 5ยด10", I think 5ยด11.5" is a little bit too much, but he might be in something between 5ยด10.5", 5ยด10.75" and 5ยด11", but no more than 5ยด11". Was he a late bloomer?
Tony said on 21/Jul/11
I doubt he is over 5'11", maybe 5'10" is closer?
Znitzel said on 5/Jul/11
He had lifts in One Tree Hill, that made him look 183 cm next to 186-187 cm Lafferty and Johansson. But barefoot I think he stands at anything from 178 to 180 cm.
Robert said on 5/Jul/11
Never looks more than 10 cm taller than the guy who played "Skills" in OTH, he is 168 cm tall.
Torsten6ft0.5in said on 2/Jul/11
Click Here
This listing is off, Brian Van Holt is 6ยด1" and dwarfed Murray in this picture, looked around 5ยด10" as Ace said.
Ace said on 24/Apr/11
He looked around 5'10 with Brian Van Holt, but typically looks a little taller. My guess is 5'11 max though.
:) said on 18/Apr/11
He's a good height. I'm 5'7/8 and personally I like 5'10-6'4, ideal being 6'2.
Bon said on 4/Dec/10
I believe the listing is very accurate, 5'11.5 - 5'11.75 is bang on for him, nothing less and nothing more.
Bizzle said on 3/Dec/10
I met him today at my job. He was slightly taller than I am. I stand 5'10.25" and he had to be at the very least 5'11" flat. Very nice guy though and super attractive in person.
Original said on 19/Jun/09
6' without lifts.
kkiikk said on 14/Jun/09
nothing under 184 :)
josh said on 6/Jun/09
wow i thought he was like 6'2 or something
unknown said on 15/May/09
RealMe...why don't you find another site? Height is what this site is...duh!
RealMe said on 5/May/09
GUYS..does height even matter?? get a life!! i mean, do something worthy istead of debating on how tall one is or could be!!!
anonymous said on 2/Mar/09
Very close to 6 foot. One tree hill, sophia bush is about 5 foot 4, hilarie burton is about 5 foot 6, James lafferty looks clos to 6 foot 2. 182cm.
Yaspaa said on 1/Mar/09
Nathan in One Tree Hill is 6'2 making Chad a strong 5'11.
Anonymous said on 20/Jan/09
Needs a upgrade...James Van Der Beek who is listed as 6 foot, was dwarfed last night on his guest spot one "One Tree Hill." If not upgraded then James Van Der Beek needs a down grade big time.
josanator said on 17/Jan/09
next to austin nichols he looks about 3 inches shorter. austin is 6'2" so that would make 5'11", both wear boots on one tree hill
Hugh said on 7/Jan/09
He slouches which makes him appear shorter. With good posture he's a solid 6ft at least.
hjr6 said on 25/Dec/08
i think a solid 5'11" so he's 180cm barefoot at night... about 6' straight out of bed
Baylee said on 23/Dec/08
He looks about 6' at least. on One tree hill he looks like 6'2" but it could be the shorter actors and actresses
anonymous said on 3/Dec/08
In the cinderella story he is 25cm taller than 5 foot hilary duff. 5 foot 11.
Josh said on 13/Nov/08
He is 5'11!!!
stevo said on 8/Nov/08
i agree with tom. im 6' 3 and skinny, my mate who i work with is 6' 5 but by friend said that when we are walking around i look taller than him. bit of an illusion :P
6'1 dave said on 10/Oct/08
hes a 6 footer I think! looks legit! I like that he claims 6 foot and he actaully looks it!
Horton said on 19/Aug/08
I saw a vid of this guy with james lafferty standing side to side during some award show, chad was more than 2 inches shorter and james is about 6'1". I think a bit under 6 is just right for chad so 5'11" to 5'11.5"
Tony said on 25/Jul/08
Hes a legit 6 foot in House of Wax
tom said on 8/Jul/08
Don't forget, Chad is wearing boots in One Tree Hill which make him about 2 inches taller and also make him look really really tall, plus he is skinny.

anyway even is flat sneakers he looks much taller than 5-8 Hilarie Burton, and I am pretty sure he is about 6-0, at least 5-11.5

btw: in one tree hill, andy (karens boyfriend) said to lucas: "i thought you were 6, not 6-1" ... we should not pay much attention to that i guess
Yaspaa said on 7/Jul/08
Padalecki makes him look like a kindygartener.
Chadis5'11or6' said on 12/Jun/08
Well, here it is... i've watched one tree hill 1st season quite a few times now
and it's quite obvious James Lafferty is at the very least 6'1 (most likely 6'2) since he dunked on that 12 feet ring like it was nothing. So, knowing that, there is a very very good shot where chad and james are standing side by side in the gym, and then dan scott just stare at em like he's comparing their height, and then there's a big plan of the 2 stars. James is exactly 2 inches taller. So you do the math, 5'11 and 6'1 or 6' and 6'2... who knows, and who CARES??
QWERTY said on 6/Jun/08
I think he's more than 182 cm :S
sam said on 11/Apr/08
5'11 to 6'1 can vary depending on lifts, camera angles, posture, etc, definitly looks in this zone though
Chris175 said on 28/Mar/08
guys im with rob here, this guy is no less than 182
anonymous said on 13/Mar/08
i think he is closer to a flat 5`11, than 5`11.5. rob, is 5`11.25 unreasonable?
gossip boy said on 18/Feb/08
this guy needs a downgrade...I met chad and he was only like barelytow inches tahn me and I?m 5'9, he was in seneakers and me too
chad its 5'10.05
ted T said on 5/Jan/08
Click Here
Chad looking around 6-3 with Jared've seen him down at 5-10,5.Fame really adds at least 4 inches!
ted T said on 31/Dec/07
Maybe 5-10 is too low but i agree he is no taller than 5-11.
chris175 said on 29/Dec/07
sorry viper ive done a bit of research and i now agree with you, but he has a bad slouch, its a hard one to call
chris175 said on 29/Dec/07
no way viper, he is defo 5-11 and no shorter
Viper said on 26/Dec/07
Hes 5-10 1/2 barefoot, 6-0 in the biggest shoes.
ted T said on 24/Dec/07
I don't know why i said 182cm.He tricked me with his slim frame and relaxed posture.Chad Michael Murray is 5-11 max.He looks a lot 5-10,5 when he stands straight.6ft is what they list him but that's with shoes.
ted said on 25/Oct/07
Another look at CMM makes me think 182cm.I really think 5-11 is more accurate judging him beside taller actors.
Josh said on 22/Oct/07
To me hes in the 5'10 5'11 range nothing over 5'11.
hugh said on 15/Oct/07
its funny, they have 50 cent at 6'0 at i had a pic with chad with him and cmm was taller than 50 cent i swear, so how does that work either chad is heigher than 5'11 or 50 cent is under 6 foot.
ted said on 22/Sep/07
Chad is a legit 5-11,not the Brad Pitt 5-11.
radio_man said on 10/Sep/07
van der beek was taller, joshua jackson was taller,
wehn he was in dawson's creek he looke 5'11 tops..
Paul said on 16/Aug/07
Just to throw this out there:

Click Here

This is Chad Michael Murray with Brian Van Holt who is measured as 6'1 and a half. That looks like a much bigger difference than two inches, even with his slouch.
6'3'' JK said on 7/Jul/07
Yeah, I don't think Tom is 6'3'' either he is 6'2.5'' MAX, and Jared is also 6'4'' MAX and nothing taller
Viper said on 6/Jul/07
Tom isnt 6-3 and Jared isnt 6-5.
Anonymous said on 30/May/07
i usually agree with heights that glenn or rob list, 9/10 times glenn gets it right here, but through work i saw this guy every day over summer 2002 and he's very small.

not 5'11'' wearing Air Force 1s with 1 inch lifts, i'm serious. he's a short guy at about 5'10'' in his movie shoes. think about it this way, for the movie he was shooting at the time he weighed 145 pounds. i know this because he was asked to not gain any weight (he had been lifting weights against permission). think about his frame and know that he weighs 145 pounds. he can't be over 5'10''.
Viper said on 14/May/07
Maybe in your world hes 6-0 John but not in reality.
Josh said on 8/May/07
Yeah In gilmore girls chad looked way shorter than 6'1 6'2 jared easily 3 to 4 inches chad is no more than 5'11 the 6'0 listings must be with shoes on.
Viper said on 25/Apr/07
Actually, when was Jared 6-1?
Max said on 23/Apr/07
back when jared padalecki was 6'1, chad michael murray looked about three inches shorter. and chad doesnt look like he had a height increase since.
Josh said on 1/Apr/07
I agree with viper 5-10.5 (179cm) no nore than 5-11 (180cm).
6'2.5'' JK said on 1/Apr/07
To me he looks a solid 5'11.5'' as he is listed here
Viper said on 31/Mar/07
Murray is no taler than 5-10.5. No evidence really shows him any taller.
6'2.5'' JK said on 31/Mar/07
He is near enough 6'0'', 5'11.5'' is most accurate
G-unit said on 31/Mar/07
he's nothing under 5'11, stop claiming that.
xy said on 31/Mar/07
Jared Padalecki is about 6'3. So I would say that Chad Michael Murray is about 6'
max said on 8/Feb/07
Chad Michael Murray is shorter than 6'1. On Gilmore Girls, Dean (played by Jared Padalecki) told Paris he was 6'1, and he was a few inches taller than Tristan (played by Chad). 179cm is pretty tall, so it's fine. :)
Viper said on 30/Jan/07
He looks no taller than 5-10 1/2 to me.
Stefan said on 29/Jan/07
He's definitely 6' or maybe even 6'1
Russ said on 25/May/06
i've seen Chad michael murray up close and he is only 2 inches taller an me and I'm 5'8.I had flat sneakers and he had heel shoes
Josh said on 11/Apr/06
nice pics deadman in the first one he doesnยดt look taller than 5-11 he looks in the show because hes never barefoot people is used to judge height with shoes theres a good diference between being barefoot and wearing shoes or sneakers.
175-77cm17andgrowing said on 5/Apr/06
Looks 6', maybe 6'1''. He's very lean. Truth is he's 5'11.5''. I can't imagine him shorter.
Josh said on 5/Apr/06
The more i watch one tree hill the more he looks just 5-11 (180cm) he รฌs shorter that Lafferty even when Lafferty is barefoot and Lafferty barefoot just looks 6-0 184 cm to 185 so chad is around 6-0 with shoes but he`s definetly not taller than 5-11 (180cm) barefoot , i agree with Mari thats not short but also not so tall hehe.
Mari said on 5/Mar/06
I also think Chad is 182cm or maybe 180cm. He is normally tall, nothing more. You can see he is not taller than that when he is with his costars.
I do not understand the fixation with making him taller than he really is, because 180cm is NOT short at all!
Josh said on 9/Feb/06
Lafferty is 6-1 (185cm) barefoot 6-2 (188cm) with sneakers , but chad doesnยดt look to be 6-1 with shoes if he really is 5-11.5 barefoot he would easily look 6-1 with shoes but he barely looks 6-0 with shoes so he is more like 5-11 barefoot.
wrestling said on 28/Jan/06
Lafferty Is 187cm , Murray Is 182cm ...
snap said on 10/Jan/06
Im beginning to think he is about 5'11.5 - 6' cuz lafferty is 6'2" and hes only about 2 inches shorter
175cm16andgrowing said on 6/Jan/06
Murray described himself as 6' and 170 but he lost some weight and he tries to gain it back because normally he's 180lbs. So... let's see... a long while ago that is (last year :D), looking at pictures... yes, definately 6' or a little under that mark.
noa said on 6/Jan/06
i always thought he was this if you look at him in a cinderella story next to hilary who's at least 5ft 2.
i own said on 23/Dec/05
dude if you watch one tree hill hes only like 1.5 - 2 inches shorther than lafferty and lafferty is 6'1" and theres no way he's wearing heels throughout the whole one tree hill season to make him taller
Josh said on 19/Dec/05
Well about that modeling stuff Frederik Ljunberg is a model for Calvin Klein and He is 5'9 (176cm) .
x tangent x said on 15/Dec/05
well he was a model and to be a model u have to usually be between 5'11" and 6'3" so im guessing hes at least 5'11"
Josh said on 2/Dec/05
I think heยดs a great actor but theres no way heยดs 5'11.5 barefoot he looks 5'11.5 with shoes on maybe 6'0 but take the shoes off and what do you get 5'10.5 5'11" I think the right range for him is 179-180 .
Atleast the Editor should drowngrade him to 5'11" come on Editor Rob look at those pics with Lafferty.
Josh said on 1/Dec/05
In that pic dude x posted Chad really looks like 5'11 he does look 5'11.5 but with regular sneakers on for me the right range for Chad is 179-180 no more than that (barefoot).
angel said on 7/Oct/05
he looks a half inch shorter than Laffery who is 6'1''.
kev18 said on 3/Oct/05
Mr. Editor - I really think this guy's height needs to be down-graded. I think the pic with 6'1 Brian Van Holt that Mr. Awesome posted pretty much proves Chad isn't just a smidgeon under 6 foot, no matter what the footwear was in that photo.

This guy is definitely around 5'10.
DudeX said on 7/Aug/05
I think CMM is between 5'10 and 5'11, check out this photo beside 6'2 James Lafferty, he doesnt look like a 6 footer, and myself i am 5'11 and when I'm standing next to my 189 cm buddy, my eyes are at the same level as his nose, thats not the fact now with Chad '6ft' murray
Josh said on 2/Aug/05
Oh Ic Mr Awesome then i guess he could be around 5'10.5 (179cm) and 5'11 (180cm),because if he was 5'10 he would be around 5'11.25 (181cm) with shoes and he does look a bit taller than that with shoes on .
Mr. Awesome said on 31/Jul/05
Barefoot. That's what I go by, I don't consider a person's height in shoes to be their real height.
Josh said on 31/Jul/05
Mr. Awesome is your 5'10 claim barefoot or with shoes on ? because my 5'11.5 is with shoes on i guess barefoot he must be 5'10.5 (179cm) because even with shoes on he looks no more than (182cm)
Mr. Awesome said on 17/Jul/05
Well said, Viper. I currently have nothing more to add on this guy for the moment, being that it's pretty blatant that he's 5'10'' tops...I'll add more if I find out anything else.
Josh said on 14/Jul/05
I think he really is rounding up his height he looks exactly 5'11.5 (182cm)and he rounds it to 6ft (183) come on 1cm is nothing .
KJ said on 10/Jul/05
If what you are saying is true I guess he wears lifts on his show to look 6 feet. But he does seem like 5'11 to me
Viper652 said on 9/Jul/05
you cant go go by police height charts in movies. How do you know Chad wasnt standing on a box, wearing lifts, or the height chart was completely off?? This guy is no more then 5-10 Max, as some of the pictures people are posting back that up.
Celebheights Editor said on 9/Jul/05
He was in a CSI episode and one of the documents showed him beside a police height chart. I estimate top of his skull (his hair is kind of brushed upwards) looks to be close to 73 inches. So 182-183cm is right for this guy.
Mr. Awesome said on 7/Jul/05
I donno dude, Chad looks alot shorter than Jared to me in those pics...also in many of them Jared has bad posture and is even hunching over.
John said on 5/Jul/05
Well in photos from the house of wax, when he's standing next too Jared Padalecki who is 6'3, he looks about 3 inches shorter which would make him 6' tall.
Anonymous said on 29/Jun/05
Mr. Awesome's posted pic is strong evidence against him being anywhere near 6ft.
Anonymous said on 22/Jun/05
Josh I think heยดs not a full 6ft and 5'11.5 (182cm) is correct in One Tree Hill he looks 1 or 2 inches shorter than James Lafferty who is 6'1 (185cm).
Viper652 said on 20/Jun/05
Hes no more then 5-10, probably 5-9.5. He just looks tall because he is so Slender.
Pheebz said on 20/Jun/05
Nah....he's 6ft!!! C'mon, 5'10" is pretty short for a guy of that age and he never looks small - always quite tall
Jack said on 19/May/05
I think Mr. Awesome is right. I think he is a lot shorter than people think he is. I think he exactly my height. I think he is 5'9" - 5'10" range, because I can't seem him hitting 6 feet and he doesn't look like his even that big of a guy, but looks can be decieving. He looks like he is in great physical shape, since I work out and he does too but that doesn't change the fact that he looks nowheres close to 6 feet in my opinion.
Supes said on 4/May/05
He lists himself as a strong 6 footer but I think thats because his roles is where he plays the perfect boyfriend. So I'd say he's 5"11
hugua said on 19/Apr/05
hes gotta be 6

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