How tall is Stephen Dorff

Stephen Dorff's Height

5ft 7.25in (170.8 cm)

American actor, best known for roles in films like Blade, Judgment Night, The Gate and Cold Creek Manor.

How tall is Stephen Dorff
Elle Fanning with Stephen
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Average Guess (3 Votes)
5ft 7.42in (171.2cm)
josh jeffords said on 27/Feb/17
Watch blade it is undeniable proof that wes is under 5 9 he and dorf are bare foot in a few scenes less than an inch apart.
That being said and returning to point dorf is probably taller than slater just a smidge under snipes he is short but wears it well.
Odd his acting career never seemed to take off he did a few b movies and tiny support roles always liked him.
Oh yeah weird unlike all the above he has pulled off a few kinda tall looks including immortals where not so ubermenche looked small.
anonypuss said on 26/Oct/15
yes he is short yes he gets the women yes more and more women than u get dinners yes hot
Arch Stanton said on 6/Jul/14
5'7 range looks accurate. He's not shorter than that. He's your quintessential Hollywood actor bad boy though, I bet he's had more chicks than hot dinners.
Powerhouse said on 20/Nov/13
This listing is right on, stephen looks especially small because he probably only weighs 140 and has a small frame, never looked average to me.
the shredder said on 28/Oct/13
Rob , can he be more like 5'8 ? He looks average height in movies.
[Editor Rob: he can look that at times yes]
nottallatall said on 25/Apr/13
I have a pic with him. Not gonna show it cause I work in (and would like yo continue working) in the business. I am 5'11 1/2. He is a full 4 inches zhotter than I am in the pic.
six plus said on 20/Apr/13
It's amazing that all these larger than life chaps on the screen are actually not much larger than little people.
Liz said on 17/Mar/13
He tall than Elle Fanning whose wear 4 inches 5 feet 3 to 5feet 5> Stephan is around 5 feet 7 to 5feet 8half
Liz said on 17/Mar/13
He tall than Elle Fanning whose wear 4 inches 5 feet 3 to 5feet 5> Stephan is around 5 feet 7 to 5feet 8half
Arch Stanton said on 25/Jan/13
He's definitely got the sleaze factor, reminds me of Vince Neil in that respect. Very LA/Vegas.
Arch Stanton said on 25/Jan/13
yeah 5'7" ish, I knew 5'8" was a stretch, he's short, no doubts. But he's bad ass and has had more women that we've had hot dinners!
Donatello said on 19/Jan/13
@jake1.82m: At least Dorff's getting helluva lot more women than you ever will.
the shredder said on 8/Aug/12
tall , Please I hate post like this when guys do not factor that the female is CLEARLY in HEELS ... Guys should just leave this site if they can't factor this !
max2 said on 29/Dec/11
he looked 6ft in immortals :D
Claes said on 11/Nov/11
He looks 5'8 to me.
Maxwell said on 12/Oct/11
@tall: "Maybe it was the high hells she wore" -_-
jake, 1.82 m said on 27/Sep/11
To his credit, Dorff stands at the ideal height for a woman.
lol93 said on 22/Jun/11
i cant call a guy who is 170-171 cm short but hes look shorter than that i think its because he has big head for hes body and small arms and for that apears sometime shorter
Steve Dorhk said on 2/May/11
the thing with Dorff is that he loks even smaller than Cruise because of his proportions, Downey Jr. is his size and can appear taller, the "tall/short" perception is based on pure math, wherever you're from, the average size of heads is around 8"-9.5", your torso and legs vs. head proportions is what differentiates you,of course some guys can get away with looking taller because of their build, and some might look shorter than they are, but head size is a constant usually
Steve Dorhk said on 2/May/11
real deal, you take height too seriously,Pacino looks even smaller than he is and yet he's had great opportunities in Hollywood, Dorff can make it big if he keeps doing really great roles with indie filmakers, maybe eventually Tarantino will call him and he will be like the next John Turturro or Steve Buscemi, or maybe even another Robert Downey Jr.
tall said on 22/Jan/11
i would honestly dgrade him a bit because 5'6 elle fanning is generally slightly taller than him Click Here
Click Here
Xdan said on 3/Dec/10
I saw him in Italy very closer when he was making the last Coppola's movie. No more than 172 cm.
D. Ray Morton said on 28/Jun/07
Holy shirt, I was just coming here to mention Dorff in Space Truckers. He is indeed shorter than Hopper in that fine film - by an inch, maybe a little more. Maybe Hopper was packin' lifts?
DeACoN_FrOsT said on 21/Mar/07
I won't make a guess about his height, but one thing is certain in the movie Blade I, in the scene blade (wesley snipes) was captured by Frost's thugs, if you freeze the image when it shows frost's feet you can see he is wearing a strange type of shoes, in order to make in taller.
Sidewinder said on 15/Mar/07
Dorff is an inch shorter than Dennis Hopper in the movie Space Truckers
so I am sure he is 5'6 - 5'6.5 MAX.
Glenn said on 15/Feb/07
pimpin princess said on 14/Feb/07
he's gotta be like 5'8 and a half or 5'9 cuz sharon stone nd him look the same height in cold creek manor
Babylicious said on 23/Jan/07
I actually met him at Coukoo club in England, and I must say that I was surprised how small he really was (but he is HOT though) He`s a great guy and soo nice!!!
MD said on 19/Jan/07
He doesn't tower over Frankie Muniz. Perhaps, we're gettin closer. I don't see him under 5'7". I don't see him over 5'7", either.
Lmeister said on 18/Jan/07
I doubt him being shorter than 5'7''. He has a really bad posture in every pic and he is a really lean guy 5'7''- 5'8'' range...
MD said on 3/Nov/06
What range? Are you responding to the photos I posted? Be a bit more specific.
dmeyer said on 2/Nov/06
looked that range in person
dmeyer said on 14/Aug/06
this looks about right i met him he had cowboy boots and steel didnt look avrage
Glenn said on 3/Aug/06
Thank you Shredder.thats interesting Dr.Ray.
the shredder said on 3/Aug/06
i 100 % agree with glenn on this guy !!! glenn , rob, users .... just watch the movie Judgment Night , it really is a judgment of height ! it proves that elemio estevez is 5'5 max .. steven dwarf about 5'6 .5 .. jermey piven about 5'7 -5'8 .. and cuba gooding , jr indeed 5'10 ( because they all make him look like a 6 footer in cowboy boots !!! ) . steven dwarf is about 5'6.5 case closed !
leonari said on 3/Aug/06
D. Ray Morton: One thing is for sure. This guy is quite far from 5'9" he is a bit short. Very good looking fella and quite a talented actor
D. Ray Morton said on 2/Aug/06
I think that nickname was invented by Ashton Kutcher (or at least he was the first one quoted as using it), so take that into consideration.

It's far worse to be a dwarf in talent than physical stature.
leonari said on 2/Aug/06
Glenn: so you are definately positive that Dorff is shorter than you. Right? I mean I really don't like the Nickname but there has to be a reason why many call him Steven "Dwarf"...
D. Ray Morton said on 1/Aug/06
There was an interview with the Television Without Pity gang a while back. One of 'em was talking about Johnny Depp, saying that he was short (he came up to her ear, apparently), but "not *Stephen Dorff* tiny."

5'7" is tiny? Are these Television Without Pity folk wookies or something?
Del Mar said on 1/Aug/06
Should have walked by him much closer, he was of course sorrounded by a couple of friends or something. Damn, he walks fast when he's going for party!
Glenn said on 1/Aug/06
Still too high.I couldve sworn I saw this guy at 5-6 in 1994.Ill settle for 5-7.
leonari said on 31/Jul/06
This height is absolutely perfect for Dorff , Del mar. When did you downgrade him Rob? Great Job.
Del Mar said on 30/Jul/06
Sow him last week in St Tropez, but of course did not get pictured with him, so I know this comment will mean nothing, but think he actually looked taller than 1.71, maybe 1.74, but I guess boots or lifts might have been in the question
Lmeister said on 18/Apr/06
Was right about Stephen = )
leonari said on 19/Mar/06
Time to downgrade this fella Rob...I would say he is listed an ich too high here. If Glenn also thaought that he is shorter than him...Please Rob an almost 5'9" guy doesn't get that much credit all the time being : Short!
dmeyer said on 18/Mar/06
hey rob when i met him he looked 174 but he had 2 inches boots on so more 5'8
Gotxo said on 18/Mar/06
Was that a concealed joke in the last name of Stephen or it just slid your subconsicous Rob? Anyway i don0t think 5'8" is short for a guy.

[Editor Rob: Glenn seems to think he dwarfed dorff, as he thought under 5ft 8!]
175cm17andgrowing said on 18/Mar/06
I guess he's 5'7 - 5'7.5 and likes to wear big shoes.
Editor Rob said on 18/Mar/06
A Picture of the Dworff with Glenn.
Anon said on 27/Feb/06
He's 5ft7 at most -- I worked with him, I'm 5ft8 and he was definitely quite a bit shorter than me. Sorry to say when people met him, first thing they said when he left was "Oh my god, he's so short".
D. Ray Morton said on 1/Feb/06
All I've ever read or heard about this guy is how small he supposedly is. I guess I never considered 5'8.5" to be that terribly short.
yoyo said on 27/Dec/05
i've actually made out with the man and let's just say im 5'3 and was wearing 2 inch heels and i didnt have to angle my head to far up to reach his lips, he is certainly not 5'8
CelebHeights Editor said on 28/Aug/05
From 1998 newsgroup posting, "Saw Stephen Dorff in person (multiple times, his agent is my one of my brother's closest friends) and he is probably around 5'8". I'm not the best person to judge height, in the Oktober Elle magazine, it says 5'9"
TOMinCA said on 10/Aug/05
I think this is an over-estimation. If you watch Blade and the scenes where Wesley and Dorff are together, I can't imagine there is only a 1/2 inch difference between them. Since I know that Wesley is right around 5'9" (I met him), I would likely guess there is at least a 1 inch difference between Wesley and Dorff. Perhaps more. My guestimate would be 5'7.5" to 5'8". I really can't see him being over 5'8". That is certain.
dmeyer said on 24/Jul/05
i have worked with him and he looked 5'8 but he was wearing 2'' boots so 5'7'' i right
Anonymous said on 20/Jul/05
definately 5'7, certainly not 5'8
fivefootten said on 21/Jun/05
My girlfriend saw him come into the store she works at... She's 5'1 and said he looked like a shrimp. She thinks people who look 5'8 plus are I don't see why she would say this?
Smoke said on 3/May/05
He is constantly referred to this because 174 cm is small! I'm 6'1" and I do recall him being quite tiny in my meeting with him. He's definately atleast 5'8", which to the younger generation here in Canada, is considered relatively short. He's a very nice guy though.
leonari said on 3/May/05
If Dorff is really 174 cm why is he constantly reffered as being tiny, small, midget...5'8.5" isn't small especially for Hollywood standards.
Unknown said on 22/Mar/05
Are you sure that's him? Man he looks small in that pic! Now I don't know anything about Cuba Gooding Jr.'s footwear, but Dorff's is quite modest. So either Stephen deceived me as being more than 5'7" or Cuba is wearing shoes that are atleast an inch taller than Dorff's!

[Editor Rob: I think that pic is a good example of how posture can effect one's height.]
Unknown said on 3/Mar/05
Though Ashton Kutcher now infamously referred to him as "Stephen Dwarf", I wouldn't fully agree with that assessment. I would say he is about 175 cm or 5'9" which though isn't tall for a man, isn't dwarf height either...and because he is fairly slight of build he may come off being a bit shorter than he actually is. He was about 10 cms or 4 inches shorter than me, and I know my height to a pretty good tee.

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