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5ft 8.69in (174.5cm)
5'8.5'' said on 18/Mar/09
if steve carrell is 5'8 then im happy because im in the 5'8 5'9 range. but none the less he is hilarious and has a beautiful wife. the average u.s. male is 5'9. all the tall people are in the backwoods and country states. go to california or europe when youre 5'9 and you will be surprised that you are tall as or taller than alot of ppl.
MD said on 3/Mar/09

Greg Kinnear is only listed at 5'9.5", here. It's funny your bring Greg up, because I went to go find some picture of the two, together, and they very much seem to support the current listed height. In fact, they look almost the exact same height, at times, but I think that's because of Kinnear's slouching, or it could be chalked up to Steve in lifts:

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OliTheMan said on 3/Mar/09
oh and i dont know if anyone caught the last episode of The Office but Dwight (a.k.a. Raiin Wilson) called Michael (Steve Carell) "You short pathetic man!". I know many would seem short compared to Raiin but it could be a reference to the fact Carrell is below average
OliTheMan said on 3/Mar/09
dude this guy is so ****in 5ft 8, he's like 2 inches shorter than Greg Kinnear, who I believe is a 5"10"er
Random Person said on 2/Mar/09
He does seem 5'8 spot on.
Perro said on 26/Feb/09
Yeah.. In fact he doesn't seem to be 510.. For me he is 58..
Torsten said on 19/Feb/09
There is no way that Steve Carell is 5'10...He doesn't look average at all. He looks on the shorter side of average to be honest.
George said on 16/Feb/09
A 5'9 guy can look kindof short on screen. I've noticed that alot of actors in the 5'9 range look shorter than average in movies and those in the 5'11-6' range look average. Of course, a legit 5'9 is not "short" by any means.
Herbertsherbert said on 5/Feb/09
I would downgrade him just a bit to 5'8. He looks very short onscreen and is several times mentioned a short man throughout the show.

no more than 5'8.5
glenn said on 5/Feb/09
saw him look 5-10 right in front of me.i was he is at least 5-9.his body didnt seem the frame of a 5-8 guy.people forget robs listings on top.rob has him right.though i wouldnt rule out steve wearing lifts.
Realme2008 said on 4/Feb/09
5'9" is not short for the average full grown man? What the heck? The average male is in the 5'9"-5'10" range. Anne Hathaway is 5'7" by the way.
Holly said on 3/Feb/09
He is wayyyy shorter than 5'10 . . . he's probably about 5'8 def. (5'10?!?! are ya kidding me?)
Reggie339 said on 2/Feb/09
Hes got to be shorter than 5'10. Hell, even 5'10 is somewhat short nowadays! Ann Hathaway is 5'8, he had about an inch on her in get smart. /he is also the shortest male castmember of the office. Ill go with 5'9

and yes Clay, 5'9 is definatly short for a full grown man but people like to say its average for some reason...
mcfan said on 2/Feb/09
This 5'9 seems a bit hard to take. I've been watching The Office. He certainly only looks 5'8 - 5'8.25 to me.
Clay said on 26/Jan/09
News flash 5'9'' is sorta short you know.
Big T said on 13/Jan/09
Shorter than Tiki Barber at the Golden Globes, so probably 5'8"
Leung said on 12/Jan/09
Someone commented that Paul Rudd wore thick heels in Anchorman, that would explain the difference.
Mike said on 12/Jan/09
Mabye Steve Carell should be downgraded to 5 ft 8.5 in. He appears shorter than Paul Rudd in Anchorman. He also appears short for a 5' 9'' guy in The Office.
mcfan said on 8/Jan/09
I only see 1.5 inches difference between Hathaway and Carell. Maybe 5'8.5 is correct.
anonymous said on 6/Dec/08
In 40 year old virgin he was the same height as 5 foot 9 paul rudd and a few inches shorter than 6 foot seth rogen. I always considered him to be short. In anchorman, he is towered by 6 foot 3 will ferrel. I thought he was 5 foot 7 next to will ferrel. I would say 5 foot 9. Can't see him taller.
Clay said on 2/Dec/08
5'8, 5'9, or 5'10 barefoot for Steve none of them would suprise me if he was measured.
Taylor said on 23/Nov/08
Carell is about the same height at costar BJ Novak, who has admitted he is 5'8.75. (though he may be stretching it a little) In some scenes of The Office Novak even looks a little taller.
Alex said on 16/Nov/08
on ellen degeneres 900th episode, he looked about 5'9 standing next to ellen
Clay said on 11/Nov/08
I just saw Get Smart and he wasnt dwarfed by giant Dalip Singh as much as I thought he may have been. I would say 5'9.5-5'10.
anonymous said on 10/Nov/08
Steve carell is 5 foot 8 max. He's short. Funny though. In all his movies he looks short.
Anonymous said on 9/Nov/08
m.p.- the average height in the States is 5-10. if most of the guys you know are 6-1 you must be hanging out with a lot of football players.
Complex said on 6/Nov/08
Greg Kinnear, who's in the 5'9 region, 5'10 max. Oh and food for thought, Greg Kinner is taller than Damon :) 5'8 for Carrell!
EK said on 5/Nov/08
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If BJ Novak is for certain 5-8.5 (definitely no more than 5-9) then Steve Carell is somewhere there also. Actually according to the pics looks a bit shorter so Carell might be 5-8? But definitely not 5-9

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Here he is with Greg Kinnear who is listed @best 5-9.5. Carell looks ~2 inches shorter so 5-8 seems reasonable.

He has good posture though lol
glenn said on 29/Oct/08
i agree lmeister.who is that next him in the pic complex? if its who i think it is,greg is steve looks 5-8 there.
Complex said on 28/Oct/08
Click Here
5'9 not likely, especially judging from 40 year old virgin and little miss sunshine...
Lmeister said on 28/Oct/08
He doesn't seem that short compared to other actors. He looks like 5ft9-5ft10 range.
glenn said on 27/Oct/08
seemed 5-10 in the street.i was surprised cause i was expecting 5-8.
anonymous said on 27/Oct/08
either way Anne Hathaway is still about half an inch shorted than him with heels, if she is listed at 5ft 7.5in, Steve is a possible 5ft 9, he never looked less than 5ft 9 especially 5ft 10 next to Morgan Freeman.
Nate said on 2/Sep/08
Viper i think you're wrong about The rock / Carell picture , definately seems 6 inches
Clay said on 7/Aug/08
Well the Rock is definitely 6'3'', Carrel doesnt look within 5 inches of him Viper, not a chance.
J said on 5/Aug/08
No way is Steve carrel 5'11 because no one claims to be shorter than they are (steve carell claim 5'10). If Steve Carell said he is 5'10, then its really likely that he is no taller than 5'10.
Viper said on 2/Aug/08
Then that makes the Rock 6-1 If hes 5-8.
Mr. R said on 2/Aug/08
He is usually listed at 5-8.
heyyou said on 28/Jul/08
steve carrel really is 5'11, his roll is usally as a dumber, sillier, or suboordinating character, so they have very tall actors act with him. like a lot of people think Jim in the office is around 6 or 6'1 but he's really 6'3. all the people in the office are really tall and in othe rmovies, making him look short
Joe said on 11/Jul/08
5-8. I can't really imagine him being any taller, he looks short on every single movie he starred in.
Greg said on 8/Jul/08
To Josh:
You thought wrong, He is taller than Tobey Maguire. he's an inch taller than Tobey Maguire. Look at them shoulder to shoulder too. You can Google image search for them.
mcfan said on 30/Jun/08
I'm shocked he is 5'9 and claims 5'10. I really only thought he was 5'8. He is slightly taller than Anne Hathaway from Get Smart.
Lego said on 25/Jun/08
5'9 tops, 5'10 with shoes and 5'11 with added lifts, in 40 years old virgin he looked 5'10.5 in 1 inch dress shoes.
Viper said on 24/Jun/08
With the Rock he never looks as short as 5-8. He looks at least 5-9 and closer to 5-10 If you believe the Rock's listed height of 6-3 on here as I dont.
brent said on 22/Jun/08
I would have said 5-8 in get smart, but then again, there were alot of freaky 6-7 to 7-1 guys in it, and the lead girl seemed about 5-7 in heels so I am not sure.
Josh said on 20/Jun/08
Hes not taller than spider man (tobey) so hes not over 5'8
Viper said on 7/Jun/08
He looks at least 5-9 with the Rock at the MTV movie awards on gettyimages. And If you believe the Rock is his listed 6-3 height on here then Steve looks 5-10.
Anon2008 said on 1/Jun/08
In an episode of The Office he was having trouble with the woman he was dating and he asked why. Among the things he asked was whether his height had anything to do with it.
ed said on 1/Jun/08
after seeing the pics that D. Ray posted below, he is more 5.8
RW said on 31/May/08
actually after seeing more pics 5'9 is possible.
RW said on 31/May/08
i think this guy is easily anywhere from 5'9 1/2 to 5'10, how people say he looks shorter than 5'9.5 i dont get.
Davey said on 25/May/08
5'9 minimum.
Anonymous said on 21/May/08
He's got the build of a 5'8 guy. I'd say he's in that range. Just a guess though..
Random person said on 11/May/08
5'8 I'd say
D. Ray Morton said on 9/May/08
" when i last saw he is at least 5-9."

You're probably right Glenn, but that means Collette is around 5'9
xaoxio said on 8/May/08
5'8.5" - my guess
glenn said on 8/May/08
m.p.-your new here and too excited.if you never saw steve in the flesh then dont be so sure.he was 5-10 when i last saw he is at least 5-9.
M.P. said on 7/May/08
NO WAY he's even 5'9"! Anne Hathaway is much taller than him in pretty modest heels, and she's 5'8". Even BJ Novak on "The Office" is about half-an-inch taller than him, and he's close to 5'9". There is *NO WAY* Steve Carell is anything over 5'8" flat.

I feel sorry for him, though. That's pretty short for a guy, and everyone else on The Office is 5'10" and up. Most guys I know are like, at least, 6'1". Rainn Wilson and John Krasinski are like 6'3". It can make a guy feel pretty insecure. Believe me, I know.

Being short SUCKS!
D. Ray Morton said on 6/Apr/08
I haven't got the hang of this tinyurl business yet. Hopefully these will work?

Click Here

Click Here
D. Ray Morton said on 6/Apr/08
Here is a still from the scene I mentioned: Click Here

I think Toni, though closer to the camera, looks like she would still be at least the same height as Steve - probably taller. Which to me would mean either 5'9
D. Ray Morton said on 5/Apr/08
If Steve Carell is 5'9", then Toni Collette is 5'9"+. Steve is definitely not 2
A.J. said on 31/Mar/08
I think he's 5'8 at the very least.
derek said on 9/Mar/08
He's probably 5'8.5 barefoot... Doesn't quite look like a 5'9 guy but doesn't look 5'8 either....
Johnny Boy said on 5/Mar/08
That shot of Carell next to Freeman is so unreliable, firstly the angle is looking up and Morgan is slightly behind Carell. Secondly we can't see their shoes to determine what kind of lifts Carell has on (see in the Office he has about 1 - 2 inch dress shoes on most of the time). He is 5'8 or 5'9 no more.
G-MANN said on 20/Feb/08
Carell can't be 5'10", to me he's always looked more like 5'8". 5'9" is possible but no more than that.
chris175 said on 18/Jan/08
im not sure about 5-9, i think he looks around 5-8 in anchorman next to will ferrel
dmeyer said on 17/Jan/08
koechner had 4.5 in taller than me so 6'3.5 minimum maybe 6'4 ,i dont know how come weathers looks as tall
dmeyer said on 11/Jan/08
koechner i met the guy he is 6'4
Christi said on 26/Oct/07
I think his build has a lot to do with it. He's such a broad guy with a huge chest. I think it might make him look bigger than he is. I just saw him on Rachael Ray, and he looked about 6 inches taller than her, and she usually wears heels. Rachael is supposedly about 5'3", so that would make Steve about 5'9" or 5'10". He works with tall thinnish people on The Office, probably why he looks so short to them.
MattC said on 24/Oct/07
He looks short on the office but that could be in part to working with such tall costars. John Krasinski(Jim)and Rainn Wilson(Dwight)both are upwards of 6'2or3 and guys like Kevin and Darrell are tall too. Really the only short guys on the show is BJ Novak(Ryan) and the dude who plays Oscar.
glenn said on 14/Oct/07
i saw him run by me once and he did look 5-9 to the top of page says both guages.maybe it was an illusion or lifts.
sf said on 14/Oct/07
yea, 5-8 tops - where are we getting 5'9" from?
Vegas said on 14/Oct/07
a screenshot of Carell and Morgan Freeman standing side by side in Evan Almighty Click Here i am not a fan of comparing heights in movies (for obvious reasons ie. lord of the rings, rocky 3, green mile etc) but this photo is interesting
Anon said on 6/Oct/07
No way he's 5'9. Everyone on The Office towers over him. He's got to be significantly below average height. I'd guess 5'7 tops.
D. Ray Morton said on 22/Aug/07
There's a long shot in Little Miss Sunshine that shows Steve, Toni Collette, and Greg Kinnear standing next to each other in front of the VW bus. Steve and Toni appear to be almost the exact same height -and she ain't in heels. So whatever she is (it says 5'6.5" here, but she looks between 5'7" and 5'8"), he is. More or less.
deustch said on 18/Aug/07
he looks at least 5-6 inches shorter than 6ft3 Rainn wilson, I think he could be around 5ft8 to be honest
dmeyer said on 19/Jul/07
could be 5'8.75
glenn said on 16/Jul/07
so im not crazy.cause i heard 5-8 for him too.
dmeyer said on 16/Jul/07
he didnt look under 175 cm near 189 freeman
glenn said on 15/Jul/07
i saw him about 4 months ago.he was taller than i least 5-9.even gave a 5-10 illusion.steve that is.toby looked 5-6 and 5-7 on different occasions.
Mr. T said on 15/Jul/07
Toby ain't 5'8", though. No way Carell put his height down by an inch before being famous. 5'8" was probably right.
Real said on 3/Jul/07
Click Here

In this pic, Carrell looks nearly 2in shorter than Novak.. Novak is listed around 5'8.5, but I never thought Novak looked that tall.. he's a small guy.
I think Carrell uses serious lifts in filming of The Office

I agree, similar height as Stiller.. I'd say 5'7 max for both
Jack Bean said on 12/Jun/07
Similar height as Ben Stiller.

5'8" max.
Drew said on 2/Jun/07
He seems to have about 2cm on Toby in those pics. 5'9" is right.
MD said on 5/Apr/07
Rob, you may want to take a look at this again. He is Steve at the Nickolodeon Kids Choice Awards with 5'8" Tobey Macguire:

Click Here

Click Here

Again, he's not a full 5'9", if Tobey is 5'8"
the shredder said on 27/Feb/07
I think sometimes in movies he can look over 5'8 , but 5'10 barefoot seems a bit too high ! IMO 5'9 is max ! ... could be more 5'8.75 wich would make him his claim in shoes ????
Mark said on 25/Jan/07
He looks 5'8 tops in the pics sam posted, because Toni Colette is 5'6 and from some angles she seems even taller than him... Considering all the angles, he can't be taller than 5'8.
dmeyer said on 21/Jan/07
he does look over 5'8 5'9 make more sens
MD said on 19/Jan/07
Steve is 5'8" and Greg is nothing over 5'9". I'm surprised Carell is still listed at 5'9". He's clearly shorter than average height. Not by much, at all, but noticably.
~Nate~ said on 18/Jan/07
On his first appearance on Ellen, he as well as Ellen were both wearing sneakers and they were exactly the same height! How can we list Ellen at 5'7 and him at 5'9? Either Ellen isn't 5'7 but 5'9 or Steve is shorter like 5'7. After Going to the Ellen show and having her walk right passed me she was about 5'8 or a little more, this is just an estimation but that what she seemed to me.
fiveten said on 16/Jan/07
Just saw both him and Kinnear on Ellen today. She was wearing what looked like flat sneakers (converse-type) with very little lift. Carell and Kinnear both were wearing dress shoes, with a slight heel, as most dress shoes have. They looked, at most, half an inch taller than her... So I'd say the 2 inch Hollywood rule defintely applies to both guys...both no taller than 5'8.
Jim said on 28/Dec/06
He looks about 5"9 to 5"10, he never looks less than average. Doesn't seem like he could be less than 5"8.5
danny said on 11/Dec/06
He is 5'10". I play hocky with him. He is average height.
Mr. T said on 16/Nov/06
He looked short in Anchorman because Ferrell and Koechner are both like 6'3". Rudd looked about Carell's height, but he wears magic shoes. I still think the original 5'8" listing was accurate, if anything he's maybe a half-inch shorter.
sam said on 23/Oct/06
Carell's never looked over 5'8". In Anchorman he looks short because Ferrell and Koechner have about 7 inches on him. People go back to Carell saying he was 5'10" somewhere but (unless thanks to special shoes) he is not anything but 5'8".
MD said on 23/Oct/06
I recently wrote BJ Novak (he has a contact on his site), and he said he's 5'8" and three quarters. Looks like he's picky as some of us. :)
Scott said on 18/Sep/06
I would safely bet that he is 5'8" b/c BJ Novak is listed at 5'9" and seems about and inch taller in this pic

Click Here
Josh said on 10/Sep/06
He looks EXTREMELY short in certain scenes of Anchor Man. In some of the scenes, he looks about 5'5", in others, he looks 5'9". Does anyone know if the other guys wore lifts or special shoes at all in this movie?
MD said on 29/Aug/06
Ryan, as I've tried to get across a million times, is nothing over 5'7", and that's for real.
Anonymous said on 28/Aug/06
He might be taller than this or Ryan seacrest is Shorter than 5.775. He towered over ryan seacrest by at least two inches at the emmys
MD said on 14/Aug/06
Can someone find pictures of him next to Jon Stewart when the two were on the Daily Show together? Now that it is known that Jon Stewart is 5'6" it should be easy to measure. My post back in October of 2005 isn't valid now that we know Jon isn't 5'7".
Anonymous said on 13/Aug/06
He claims 5'10" in the office commentary, but is slightly shorter than 5'8.75 costar BJ Novak. (explains that being this height is not short but average in a fake PSA0
Rick said on 28/May/06
When he interviewed Howard Dean (5'8") on TDS he was at least an inch shorter.
Mr. T said on 23/May/06
It's not a good photo, though.

This is the best one I can find (Click Here). Carell is still pushed back a little. It's too hard for me to estimate anything, so I'll leave it to someone else.
D. Ray Morton said on 7/May/06
He looks shorter than 5'8" in that last pic.
Mr. T said on 27/Apr/06
In Anchorman he does look 5'8"-ish if you break it down a bit (Click Here).

Rudd looks a bit taller at first glance, but he wears pretty big heels(Click Here). 5'7"?
D. Ray Morton said on 13/Apr/06
5'10"? That's the craziest listing yet. He looks under 5'8".
bdot said on 13/Feb/06
steve is now listed as 5'10 by imdb....ridiculous
MD said on 11/Oct/05
Here's a very easy way to tell his height...

If anyone can find the him standing next to Jon Stewart of "The Daly Show," who is a known 5'7" man, than they can easily glean his height. He recently did an interview with Jon, but I can't seem for the life of me to remember who was taller/shorter by how much. Also, if anyone can compare him to any of his castmates on his T.V. show "The Office" (the American version), that would also help.

On a similar note, Paul Rudd who was a castmate with him in "Anchorman" looks to be his height. I don't think Paul is the 5'9" he is listed at.
J. said on 19/Aug/05
It's funny because he looks much taller than 5'8" in his newest film, "40 Year Old Virgin". It never fails to amaze me how they can manipulate someone's height so well.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 6/Jul/05
In Anchorman he looks more 5'6 compared 2 Dave and Will

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