How tall is The Game

The Game's Height

6ft 3.5in (191.8 cm)

American rapper. On twitter he has claimed 6ft 4, 6ft 5 and even pushed it to 6ft 6 one time.

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Average Guess (14 Votes)
6ft 3.54in (191.9cm)
Canson said on 13/Oct/17
SMH! A 6’3 and change guy claiming 6’6” that’s sad
The R said on 12/Oct/17
Yeah, he's def 6'3. Saw him next to Chris Brown once and he was only like two inches taller lol.
FactsOnly said on 5/Aug/17
Man is nowhere near 6'5" and will never see 6'6" in a dream. He's 6'3.5" max and nothing more.
Canson said on 31/Jul/17
As listed maybe 1/4" shorter
Realist said on 16/Jun/17
I say 6'4 and 240
manny said on 26/Feb/17
6'3 guys once they put on a pair of air max or somet shoe with a bit of a heel they claim 6'5 trust me my brother does it also lol anything to believe their bigger anyways I've heard the game is a legit 6'4 and he "level my 6'4 frame out"was lyrics of one of his songs on the documentary album and I heard his nickname was stretch I personally believe he could be 6'4 but I think 6'3 and a half is a good listing he is definately at the very least 6'3 no doubt about that
jake said on 12/Jan/17
looks huge in his music videos, like camera phone in particular everyone was almost a foot shorter than him in that video
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 26/Oct/16
Claiming 6ft5 is bad enough, but 6ft6? Ridiculous. And what's even more insane is that he's already a very tall guy, I don't know why he feels the need to inflate 2.5 inches.
jay said on 19/Sep/16
he repeatedly claims 6'5 in songs...he's def tall, but I don't think hes that tall
Josh said on 15/Jul/16
an inch + shorter than 6 4.75 Kobe looking at all the different photos of them together, strong 6 3 seems about right
Burger said on 11/Jul/16
he looks 6'2" - 6'3" tops next to Nate Diaz who's a legit 6'.
Click Here 10:08 mark
jake said on 8/Jul/16
MD said on 5/Jul/16
wrong wrong wrong Click Here but you know how people are everyone thinks extra tall=gawky and so when someone that is VERY tall carries there height well everyone thinks he must be shorter than he is, he is well built so perhaps you don't notice that stretched out look as much as you should proportionally game DOES looks taller than snoop you just don't know what to look for
MD said on 5/Jul/16
He's definitely shorter than 6'4" Snoop.
Canson said on 2/Jul/16
6'3-6'3.5 (191.5-192)
jake said on 1/Jul/16
the game is TALL! always dwarfing everyone on his instagram pics, in alot of them photos gives 6'5-6'6 impression like he has five inches on Denzel, 194cm-195cm he is close to that six-five he claims, he used to say six-four I think he's between those two heights
jake said on 29/Apr/16
you guys got to check these pictures out game right up there with kobe for real!

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Willes190 said on 6/Dec/15
Rob, maybe you should take a closer look on this one, he constantly claims 6'5 nowadays and honestly looks it in shoes, so maybe 6'4 Rob?
BWS said on 4/Dec/15
With 6'3" Jonah Lomu (R.I.P.)
Click Here
Might be a solid 6'4" in the morning atleast(?)
Weezy said on 20/Nov/15
Check this pic in 2015 next to Dre who's a strong 6'0
Click Here
In my opinion he's no less than 6'3.5, this dude must be huge irl
manny said on 5/Nov/15
Theres a lyric that says level my 6'4 frame out on the documentary but hes believed to be 6'3 and a half but when he wears his airmax hes prib just hitting 6'5 and he is a big son of a bitch too he could be 6'4 guess we'll never know for sure
Willes190 said on 16/Oct/15
The Game 192-193
Snoop Dogg 193
Wiz Khalifa 192
anonymous said on 13/Oct/15
He claims on his song the documentary 2 he's 6'5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Sep/15
Anywhere from 6ft3-3½. Not quite convinced he's 6ft4.
nickkname said on 27/Aug/15
The game and snoop
Click Here
again game and snoop
Click Here
Game kobe and sam jackson
Click Here
Another pic of game and kobe
Click Here
jax07 said on 19/Feb/15
He is at least 6'5". To that guy below that listed all of those rappers heights. The only one you got remotely close is 50 he is about six feet.

But everyone else is wayyyyyy off. Two Chainz is the the tallest person on that list by far. I have seen them in person, he has at least two inches on Snoop who is taller than both the Game and Wacka. Wacka and Game are the same size don't know if they are 6'4" but they are very tall and they are the same size. Snoop and wiz are close to the same size, they look about dead even on stage and thats from the front row.

I have never seen Gucci Mane in person but he looks at tallish probably 6'1".

But for sure Chainz is taller than 6'4", he is seems taller than slim thug to me when I seen them together and Slim is 6'6".

But you lost all credibility when you put
akirar said on 21/Oct/14
I HEGHT 196CM 6'2inc and weight 89kg
Ud191cm said on 9/Sep/14
@mr R I'm a big fan of this guy, was he jerk when you met him?
not da game said on 14/Jul/14
wiz khalifa is 6'3", he's a lot shorter than him, he's 6'2" at his most.

50 cent: 5'11"
Snoop Dogg: 6'3.25"
Wiz Khalifa: 6'2.75"
Wacka Flocka: 6'2.5"
Gucci Mane: 6'1.5"
The Game: 6'2".
2 chainz: 6'4"

These guys won't measure anything more than that.
StatLegend said on 12/Jun/14
I've got all my stats right The Game 6'3.5 Snoop Dog 6'4 Wiz 6'4 2Chain 6'5 wakaflocka 6'5
Mr. R said on 29/Apr/14
KROC, I would say that Game is the height that Rob has him. Not quite 6-4. But he is a serious gangsta!
Yazz said on 26/Apr/14
Looks 6'4 with 6'2 Suge Knight
KROC said on 18/Feb/14
Mr. R: How tall do you think Game is? He looks 6'4 too me. Especially next to Kobe Bryant.
Mr. R said on 15/Feb/14
Game lives right around the corner from me. I will try to post the pics of him that I took with my nephews.
fred said on 28/Jan/14
kobe only looks he would be an inch or an inch half taller if he straightened out
Click Here

I have heard kobe said he was measured at 6-4 1/2 and 6-4 3/4
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Jan/14
The Game - 6ft3.25in(191cm)
Snoop Dogg - 6ft3.75in(192cm)
Mr. fucker said on 10/Jan/14
If The game is 6'3.5, then wiz khalifa is 6'5 for sure.
Champagne Papi said on 4/Jan/14
The Game is 6'4 ft tall.wiz is 6'3 ft tall snoop is 6'4 ft tall. To Chainz not sure he's about 6'4-6'5 ft tall.
teej said on 1/Nov/13
2 chainz? 6'4? No way 'the truth' he's like 2 inches bigger than snoop I'd say he's 6'5, snoop 6'3.5, wiz 6'3. Game 6'3 but does look bigger due to his physique, not someone you want to mess with aha
The Truth said on 24/Sep/13
6'4'' Wiz is 6'5'', 2 Chainz 6'4''
The Truth said on 24/Sep/13
6'4'' Wiz is 6'5'', 2 Chainz 6'4''
cole said on 8/Aug/13
I think somewhere in the 6'3 range is possible. He is not 6'4 though.
kells said on 14/Jun/13
Rob can you do rapper machine gun kelly
AK47 said on 19/May/13
The Game in his songs say "64", but I refers at car ("64 Impala).
Ac said on 13/Feb/13
like very tall like 6ft 5in
ice said on 27/Jan/13
Did look like full 6'4 next to legit 6'5 Howard Stearn
Johnno said on 17/Jan/13
Snoop is 6 foot 4 and game is 6 foot 4 anyway ya look at it. That's a coupla big ass niggas!
anon said on 9/Jan/13
Click Here claims 6'5 next to a real 6'5 howard stern looks 6'2. to 6'3 max. I think this is accurate with shoes on
Hov said on 18/Oct/12
he's 6'4', he's pretty tall
Mimi Luvs U said on 7/Oct/12
he looks about the same height wi8th wiz khalifa and looks a lot taller than 6ft-6'1 mchris brown so 6'4 is realistic for him
Tanya McKee said on 14/Sep/12
Ciaran really nis my hero, and upon reflection is probably about the the same height as the Game - 6.2
Tanya McKee said on 13/Sep/12
The Game is quite a bit taller than me and my hero Ciaran. I would say 6ft 4.
matt said on 8/Sep/12
in my opinion the game is pretty much the same height as snoop but i think snoop is 6,3 .5 or 6,4.Game is seen as the same height.
Duck cheese said on 16/Aug/12
The city with Kendrick lamar - "6'4" in a 6-4 now watch the Chevy scrape" he's 6'4"
Drips698 said on 8/Aug/12
The game got to be 6ft4 it may seem like he taller cause the print between his legs got a lot of lenght
ray 6' 158 lbs said on 8/Aug/12
i thenk he is little shorten than snoop around 1-2 cm and 5-6 than kobe bryant and manny times he seems 188 cm sometimes only 185-6 to me and a few times 191-2-3 cm to me so i would say he is 190.5 cm in mournin and after a very hard and long day i would put him at 187.6 cm only and iread on the net he wuz 200 lbs in younger years and after a few years he wuz 220 and 230 wuz the heviest i read 240 to but i dont belive that
james said on 1/Dec/11
erm my opinions not really accurate but i saw him on a video with 6ft4 listed tim westwood and he was about an inch taller!
JimBob said on 23/Nov/11
I saw this guy in concert from about 15 feet away walk on stage and he looked pretty big around 6'4. i would have been about 6'1.5/6'2 in shoes he sports those Chuck Taylor and hurricane kicks ..he even wrote a song about them.
j-dub said on 8/Nov/11
6'4. Nothing taller nothing shorter.
Brad said on 4/Nov/11
As listed 3 feet from me last night. Red up.
MikeB said on 1/Nov/11
The Game is 6ft 5inches i heard him say it on this vid i saw on YouTube
1.80 m said on 27/Oct/11
i want to 1.90
crakmoney said on 24/Oct/11
saw him in person, im 6'2, hes 6'5 and 250 diesel
Jayquan said on 21/Oct/11
The game is6ft3 snoop dogg is 6ft8 snoop is a little taller than.kobe standing eye to eye a 7ft dufe is 4inches over snoop and its on youtubee
Azza said on 28/Aug/11
Game is a strong 6'4 and he claims 6'5
Terryman said on 25/Jun/11
1,91metres claims 6'5 just for the fun of it lol
soifer1 said on 19/Jun/11
ok, all this debate over a few inches is ridiculous, but . . . i saw him TODAY, stood right next to him, saw him against people who i actually know their height, not reported, dude is tall, he has got to be 6'4, maybe even 6'5
Jay said on 10/Jun/11
Im going with 6'4.
d wade said on 9/Jun/11
he is no taller than 6,3 he lokks about the same height as snopp dogg without camera advance and is only 1 inch taller than 6,2 suge knight, and no suge knight isnt 6,4 he was listed 6,2.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jun/11
I'd say Snoop Dogg is a bit taller
d wade said on 4/Jun/11
lol 6,5 there is more chance that he is 6,2. Ron artest is 6,6 range and has 3 inches on the Game.
westside said on 26/May/11
The Game is 6'4 and he is a little bit taller than snoop dogg all of their picture together :

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Cranberries (6 ft. 3.25 evening, 17 years) said on 19/May/11
"kobe isn't 6'6. almost ALL nba players pad their height by about 2 inches."
Correction, sir... it's about 1 inch, sometimes more for smaller players, usually less. Lots of NBA heights are actually perfectly accurate, especially the 7+ footers and legit 6'7-6'10" guys.

Game and Snoop are both 6'3.5" standing up straight; Game might be closer to 6'4". They're also both height-padders, padding more than the NBA.
d wade said on 14/May/11
with 6,7 listed ron artest and matt barnes Click Here he is 6,3 max maybe 6,2
Sdot said on 28/Apr/11
The game is a solid 6tf3 because in a picture with him and snoop dog snoop has at maximum 1 inch on him
bigman said on 12/Apr/11
Snoop is 6'6" he say's it in a song
Mathew said on 11/Apr/11
The Game is closer to 6'3" than 6'5". I'm not convinced he's even 6'3.5".
Candyman said on 2/Apr/11
Shannon Brown is just under 6'3".
marshall said on 29/Mar/11
really?! i thought he was about 5ft 11
Red said on 27/Mar/11
But the game say that he is 6ft5
jw6'4 said on 26/Mar/11
6'3" 6'4" is tall for everyone and game is that. Big man indeed.
Red said on 12/Mar/11
Game says he is 6ft5
Click Here
bk said on 1/Feb/11
Shannon Brown is no way 6'4". Just look at him next to 6'5" Kobe, he's like 6'2"
Stretch said on 30/Jan/11
Shannon Brown6ft4. and The Game 6ft4+ ?
Click Here
bk said on 28/Jan/11
Pretty sure him and Snoop are both 6'4"...Game never stands straight, always leaning his head sideways and slouching, plus they both love wearing Chucks. He looked about 2-2.5 inches taller than Shannon Brown, who gets listed at 6'4" but I think is about 6'2".
d wade said on 19/Jan/11
carlos bozer isnt 6,7 he is 6,7 3,4 so he is around 2,03 cm.And kobe and jordan are strong 6,5.
nbainsider said on 18/Jan/11
kobe isn't 6'6. almost ALL nba players pad their height by about 2 inches. kobe even admitted to somekid who was dying on some tv special that he was 6'4. just think dwight howard measured almost exactly 6'9 without shoes. they pad thier heights brah. jordan was also 6'4. just search their draft combine heights, those are true. nba heights and weights are padded.lets be honest....luol is nowhere near 6'9 neither is carlos boozer but their listed at 6'9 even tho they both posted about 6'7 at the combine. just high spittin facts
mad said on 9/Jan/11
no chance hes 6'6
614 Blazin said on 19/Dec/10
@216CLE u must be hittin that pipe or u dont watch ball at all cuz most power forwards are just about as tall as a center and kobe is 6'6 just like MJ and they both play/played SG or shooting guard if YOOOOOOU AAAAAAAAARE SLOOOOOOOOW
216CLE said on 14/Dec/10
Daville your stupid aint no way kobe is 6'6 that's the average size for a PF
Killa kidd 24 said on 10/Dec/10
Games and snoop dogg are like eye to eye i say game is about 6'3 1/2
Anonymous said on 28/Nov/10
suge knight is 6'4... so the game may be 6'4 and something
Viper said on 18/Nov/10
He doesnt look any taller than 6'2 Suge Knight Click Here
Anonymous said on 13/Nov/10
He's 6'4''. He says it in the song "Start from Scratch."
Brandon said on 2/Nov/10
He's probably about 6'4
lee said on 11/Oct/07
he is at least 4 or 5 taller than that money bragging fool 50 cent 6'4 i reckon
mon said on 4/Sep/07
its is pretty funny how many people are claiming 6'5, 6'4 on this site! anyways, game pretty tall, saw him in concert and he does look 6'4.
Anonymous said on 13/Aug/07
That's for sure, 6'3'' is weak, damn, i'm a midget i'm 6'.
Deondre said on 13/Aug/07
I'll give him 6'4.5 then. Lil Eazy E is 5'9 and look at Game next to him in this documentary video. Click Here
Viper said on 10/Aug/07
I think Brad was right about Game's height all along. A weak 6-3 at best.
8 Ball said on 8/Aug/07
I would say that both Snoop and Game are the same height, so they're both 6'4
James said on 7/Aug/07
look up travis and the game on google images and you will see that game is like 3 inches shorter then a 5'9 travis lol
Chris said on 7/Aug/07
I truly am 6'5", legit. I'm not one of those guys who is 5'0". This is a website for celebrity heights. Seems to me this site would attract truly taller people, rather than shorter people, thus so many claiming to be so tall. Maybe I'm wrong though - thats just what I would think.
a guy said on 5/Aug/07
Sorry i was wrong, look at the video from 2:20 to the end, and everybody will be sure that snoop is taller than Game. Click Here
a guy said on 5/Aug/07
Ok everyone, i got our answer, Snoop is taller than Game no question about it: look the video from 2:20 to about 2:50, they stand aside each other in some sequences, there is no way Game is taller than Snoop. I know game is 6'4'' for sure and Snoop is about 6'4.5''. So whoever runs this site, change their heights right now because you're totally wrong.
a guy said on 4/Aug/07
it's funny all the guys around here claim they are 6'5''-6'6'' lol. I bet they are in fact like 5 foot tall and wanna get taller and tell lies on the internet. Think about it, a guy above 6'4'' is pretty rare.
Chris said on 3/Aug/07
To the comments regarding Jamarcus Russell. I've met Jamarcus on a few occassions. He is a big man. I am a legit 6'5", barefoot, and I felt like Jamarcus was slightly taller than me. I think he was measured at 6'5.5" by the NFL. pre-draft.
Jordan said on 2/Aug/07
I'm 6'8" and I already met the game and he's like 4 inches less than I am so he should be like 6'4" or 6'5"
d said on 28/Jul/07
i'm 5'10 and i hate it when you say - a weak 6'3 or sum lik tat
BigT said on 25/Jul/07
i think he should be bumped up 2 6'4" the dude always looks massive and 1 inch taller than 6'3" snoop no way hes less than that
johnny said on 29/Jun/07
Game is 6'4 he said it in 1000000 interviews and even in the documentary dvd!!
Tanya said on 28/Jun/07
in the pic that deondre has games hat is lifted up a bit, kinda off his head while 50 is looking down, makes the game look taller then he is. Id say 6'3- 6'4 is accurate
rollabluntallitaftermath said on 21/Jun/07
Deondre, I dunno if that pic is a good indication. Game's head is noticeably tilted up and 50s head is slightly tilted down. I'll give him 6'4
glenn said on 13/Jun/07
i saw other photos from that moment.the game appeared 6-4.
MD said on 12/Jun/07
Amazing photo? At the very best the angle is horrible.
Brad said on 12/Jun/07
Amazing photo. Somebody is wearing customs and its gotta be Game, he's 6' 5" in that photo. GGGG-Unot.
Deondre said on 8/Jun/07
The Game is a good 6'5. Look at this pic with him and 50 cent who is 6 ft.
Here Click Here
Brad said on 13/May/07
Eazy was the best. Jerry Heller ate him alive in the cheese dept., but he threw down the rap. Game is cuffs again.
josh wilson aka doe boy said on 12/May/07
the game is one of the best rappers there is hes a real gangsta and eazy-e was the best rapper now peace out bitch sprytown halifax n.s
Brad said on 9/May/07
6' 3". 50 Cent still gets paid from his CD sales so 50 doesn't want to crucify him in diss records stalling his sales like other people Mr. Fifty-Cent has creamed in verse. Better to let Game come on strong and have people buying his material to catch cheese. Smart guy that 50 Cent.
Anonymous said on 4/May/07
he said in french's radiostation ("skyrock") "im 6'3"
Viper said on 3/May/07
So Game could be 6-2?
Brad said on 3/May/07
Get the Stop Snitchin' Stop Lyin' Game DVD....Game looks like a weak 6' 3". Ggggg Unot.
M. Jordan tha 2nd said on 24/Apr/07
Click Here
Kobe is listed at 6'6 but admitted he is actually 6'4- 6'5. Game is not 6'4!
Viper said on 22/Mar/07
Im still not sure how tall he is. Hes looked as short as 6-2 and as tall as 6-6 next to Matt Leinart in pictures.
jay said on 20/Mar/07
Hes easily 6'4 and he most likely weighs 210-220 lbs
JT said on 9/Mar/07
THE GAME is a LAGIT 6.4, i was stood next to him whilst he was on tour in the U.K I am 6.3 bare foot, and he was 1" taller then me...
Geets said on 2/Mar/07
I just saw this dude the other day at Cerritos Mall...its about 10 min away from Compton...I passed right by him and being 6'4 myself I can truly say he's probably the same height. We both had on b-ball shoes. His weight however is another story...definitely not 220 lbs...200lbs max.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 26/Feb/07
well i knew he was 6'5 i tohught he was 255 but that was last year at LSU(when he was only a So.)
Viper said on 26/Feb/07
Actually Jamarcus Russell is 6-5 265.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 25/Feb/07
game is very skinny no way is he 6'5 or 280 get him next to jaMarcus russell of LSU the QB he's 6'5 255lbs his scout combine lsitin then u can see how much a difference there is
M said on 9/Feb/07
I met the guy on 2 seperate occasions up close. He's no shorter than 6'3, no taller than 6'5
J. said on 6/Feb/07
If this guy actually claims 6'5" and 220 lbs, he must have been in a unsober state, when he stated that. No way is he 6'5".
keenan said on 5/Feb/07
your talkin bout wouldn't get far and he did say he was 6-5 220 pounds
mary said on 3/Feb/07
Actually, I saw access granted with The Game's new video and he stated himself "I'm 6'5' and 220 pounds"
Anonymous said on 2/Feb/07
He's not 6'5", and he's most definitely not 280lbs.
d.m.l said on 1/Feb/07
The game is really 6 foot 5 280 pounds because he said it during the making of wouldn't get which came on january 31 2007 on bet
Matt said on 31/Jan/07
hes 6.3
brother_h said on 30/Jan/07
the game is 6'4,mabye because most famous ppl add 1 inch to they're real heights. i think i said that on snoop doggs thing.
but yea the game is 6'4 and snoop rite now is 6'3 i think, maybe just barley 6'4.
in the 90's he was a legit 6'5
hulk hogan wears lifts alot now b/c of his wrestling bio saying he is 6'7
real height 6'4
Anonymous said on 14/Dec/06
america should swithc to the metric system it's so much easier...

[Editor Rob: I mention both because outwith america, metric is used...a lot! Hopefully a few folk reading this site are a little more aware of metric equivalents to the feet/inches]
Lil D said on 2/Dec/06
I think I saw that picture of Game being taller than Leinart. I might have saw a different picture but Leinart was in the middle with a trophy(possibly Heisman or National Championship) and The Game was farthest on the left. It probably was just a camera trick because its safe to say that Leinart is 6-5, maybe more but no less. I couldn't see him being no less than 6-4 and a half maybe.
CJSmalls said on 30/Nov/06
Snoop is like 6 foot 5 at least because he is about a couple inches taller than the game and he is about 6 foot 4
Ball-A-Hallic said on 5/Nov/06
well how come in the NFl he's listed at 6'4 i mean i think he is a solid 6'5 cause at USC they had him at 6'5 and i cant see him being below 6'4 and that pick proves Game is taller than 6'4 and unless Game is wearin like 2inch timberlands that's all i can think of for him being taller
Viper652 said on 24/Oct/06
Leinart isnt 6-4 with shoes on. That guy is close to 6-5 barefoot. I seriously cant explain that photo.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 22/Oct/06
Matt Leinart is supposed to be 6'4 with shoes on
Gretz said on 15/Oct/06
This guy isn`t even 6'3" in A picture with currently 6'31/2in. Hulk Hogan he is An inch shorter.
A-DUB said on 14/Oct/06
The Game is around 6'6" because in this pic he is next to Matt Leinart and he is listed as 6'5" on espn and NFL sites...look here Click Here
KINGCARL said on 12/Oct/06
I don't think The Game is 6'4. My friend is a guest dj on L.A.'s power 106 and met and took a picture w/ The Game. My friend is proabably 5'10-6'0 and the game was only looked about 6'1-6'3, no taller.
Glenn said on 4/Oct/06
I never met him.but he can look 6-4 next to 50 cent.who is a legit 6ft.
stan said on 3/Oct/06
I think game is a full 6'4, he is a big guy and looks only a little taller than myself.
Lil 'D said on 2/Oct/06
Game is probably 6'3 and 1/2 or 6'3 and a quarter. In shoes he's 6'4. So he's not too far from 6'4 but not quite. Its easier to say " I'm 6'4 instead of I'm 6'3 and three quarters, or a quarter, or a half.
random person said on 2/Oct/06
damn man those 2 guys look roughly the same height and it's so hard to tell em apart. I'd say game is 6'4 and Snoop is a weak 6'3. But whatever they both look really tall lol
edgar said on 23/Sep/06
MoZ said on 17/Sep/06
Charles you foo', when game talks about leveling his 6 4 frame out, he earlier talked about 3 wheelin' the 6 4, which is a 64 impala, not his own frame.
Viper652 said on 9/Aug/06
I saw that episode too. I think Game is 6-2.
J-Sinn said on 8/Aug/06
I just watched the game get punk'd and him and ashton are about the same height and ashton's height is listed as 6'2 and a half. So, I dunno. Ashton had some regular sneakers on and so did the game, jordan 13's to be exact. I say he's 6'3 or so.
Ellis said on 5/Aug/06
I've seen on the Game's website Snoop standing next to him and the game was 1 inches to 1.5 inches off snoop who is listed at 6,4
Wadan said on 18/Jul/06
Sometimes ppl's height can change by what their posture is. I'm 6'5 and my bro is 6'6 tho i sometimes look over him because he sometimes stands a bit boggy which will lower him 1 to 2 inches at least.
Charles said on 12/Jul/06
He said it in one of his songs "Start From Scratch"
Level my 6 4 frame out
Ujane, Moscow said on 17/Apr/06
think it is one of the persons who is listed about his possibly true least he looks that tall in the shows, clips, interviews and so on! Respect that honest gyes!
Vincent said on 26/Mar/06
no, game said he was six foot four on hot 97
Mets said on 18/Mar/06
Last summer i was in the Game's gig. I'm a solid 6'4 my self and I swear he wasn't 6'4. Rather somethin around 6'3. I was standin a meter away from him on the same level as him as he hopped off the stage.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 17/Mar/06
Game's 6'4 snoop's 6'3.5 Meth is 6'3 and busta's like 6'1.5 50 he gotta b only 5'11 slim thug's 6'6 and that Charli 2na is 6'7.5
M. Jordan tha 2nd said on 14/Mar/06
To big tyme baller. Baron Davis is listed at 6'3 but isnt. He is around 6'-6'1. Most NBA players give themselves an extra few inches. Game is probably about 6'3.
Jake said on 13/Mar/06
My Opinion: The Game is 6'3". Busta Rhymes is a weak 6'2". Method Man is 6'3". Snoop Dogg is 6'3.5". 50 Cent is a weak 6'.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 11/Mar/06
That Charli 2na is like 6'8 or 6'7 i heard
snowy said on 10/Mar/06
DON'T BELIVE THE HYPE! if the game is 6'4 so is Prince! STOP THE MADNESS!!!!!
dave said on 9/Mar/06
the game says he 6 4 on the show about his life and in afew songs and few songs buster ryhmes is also around 6 3 or 6 4
Jake said on 5/Mar/06
The Game is 6'3", 1/2" shorter than Snoop Dogg. They look the same height when The Game has bigger shoes on.
Emily said on 3/Mar/06
in his song Start from Scratch on The Documentary he says:
"level my 6'4" frame out"
big tyme baller!!! said on 1/Mar/06
OK im going to prove that the game is "6,4" ATLEAST!!LOOk at this pic with "6'3" nba star baron davis and look at the pick next to "6'4" snoop...he's taller than snoop by 3/4 to an inch and atleast 2 inches taller than baron davis
young clover said on 11/Feb/06
I know the game is 6foot4 because i have the games documentary and on the dvd he said it himself.
BigDenz said on 11/Feb/06
Isnt the rapper from Jurassic 5, Chali 2na, the tallest rapper ever? I don't know how tall he is, but he looks gigantic.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 3/Feb/06
I kno but they wer untill Slim became popular i kno he's 6'6 but then i guesse now them 4 are the tallest.
wrestling said on 2/Feb/06
Ball-A-Hallic , YOu Said Method Game Snoop Are Talest , But Slim Thug 6'6" Is Taller Then All Of Em
Ball-A-Hallic said on 28/Jan/06
No shit i do 2 but next year im hopin 4 linebacker or te but i'll probally get put on o-line and d-line again.
6 foot 1.5, 16, still growing said on 28/Jan/06
i play d-tackle
Lil D said on 27/Jan/06
I thought Game was 6-4 but now that I think about he could a half an inch or a lit bit under 6-4 and just rounds up to 6-4.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 26/Jan/06
ok forget about slim thugs weight wat position do u play in football 6 foot 1.5, 16, still growing
Ball-A-Hallic said on 26/Jan/06
He says I'm 255 u a quater once 2 me in Get it started unless it stands for sumthin it us im jus sayin that cuz it sounds right.
6 foot 1.5, 16, still growing said on 21/Jan/06
game is OBVIOUSLY 6 FOOT 2 TO 6 FOOT 2.5 But what we gotta realize is this, my friends, he very well could be 6 foot 3.5 in the morning. I'm suffering from some back problems right now, and I'm 187 centimeters in the morning and 182 centimeters in the night. Because of my spinal cord compression, due to nerve problems and tissue problems, I shrink 2 inches throughout the day. However, my dad only shrinks half an inch throughout the day. So it really depends on their morning height, because when you start get back pains, it can really mess up your height. That's why for height measurements for football, I always find somewhere to lie down and sleep right before it.
6 foot 1.5, 16, still growing said on 21/Jan/06
slim thug don't say he was 255 pounds. bull
Ball-A-Hallic said on 21/Jan/06
Yea slim Thug is 6'6 and 255lbs he says that on songs Still Tippin and Get It Started. Also Method Man I was told is 6'3.5 and is the same height as game while Snoop is supposly 6'4.
biker said on 4/Jan/06
THE game said on "hot 97" the NYC hip hop and R&B radio station he is 6.3

[Editor Rob: due a downgrade now?]
Danimal said on 18/Dec/05
I read that Snoop was 6'3 1/2" and the Game was shorter than Hulk Hogan, but then again, we didn't see the Hulk's footwear in that photo. He could have been back to wearing his high heels from the eighties that always gave him an extra 3+ inches...
Lil D' said on 16/Dec/05
Snoop and The Game ain't the tallest rappers no more because Slim Thug is 6'6. Snoop is probably 6'4 and 3 quarters and Game is 6'3 and a half.
nieceboo said on 15/Dec/05
game is the most finest person i have ever saw and he is 6-4 and snoop is also fine and he is 6-4 almost 6-5
nieceboo said on 15/Dec/05
i think that Game is about 6-4 even and Snoop is about 6-4.5 because the both look the same height and Snoop always wear flt shoe which is Chucks and both are fine expecially THE GAME!!!!!
Viper652 said on 7/Dec/05
Snoop would have to wear lifts in his shoes to reach 6-5. He is 6-3. Why do people think Snoop is this giant??
UalreadyKnow said on 7/Dec/05
Game is 6'4 snoop is 6'5 the reason they both look the same height is cuz snoop always wears chuck taylors(flat sneakers) and game is always in timbs and air forces(1 1/2 sole).
asap said on 23/Nov/05
you guys are just infatuated by the guy but its no way he's taller than snoop every time i see them snoop is taller ... game probaly is "6,4" but snoops not i am goona get the url because i have a picture with me ,the game, snoop,and my brother ... my brother is a certified "6,6" and game wasnt close to his height but snoop was really close i said when i get a scanner i can put the pic on the pc then make a url ...
Viper652 said on 22/Nov/05
Game looks a good deal taller then Snoop in some of these wireimage pics. Game is 6-4 and Snoop is 6-3.
Mr. R said on 21/Nov/05
A number of my students saw him last week at the fifty cent movie in Burbank, near LA. Apparently, he lives close to me. One of my students who saw him is a pretty solid 6 feet, and said Game was "very tall", so 6-4 is not out of the question.
Lia said on 21/Nov/05
on his documentary that came with the cd he said he is 6'4 so yes he is definately that height
c======8 said on 19/Nov/05
games a solid 6'4" i met him once and im 6' he was about 4 inch taller
=rod said on 17/Nov/05
this is the truth for all u people cuz im 6-5 and seen snoop and the game at the same time snoop is 6-5 and the game is 6-3 maybe 6-3 1/2 snoop is tall not just cuz hes skinny and read methodman is 6-4 1/2 the game is shorter than both .. plus watch starky and hutch snoop is the same height as vince vahn and vince is a certified 6-5 !!
G-UNOT said on 9/Nov/05
Yo when he says level my 64 frame out he means a 64 impala wit hydros not himself lol
Anonymous said on 29/Oct/05
In XXL Magazine 8th Anniversary Issue( coincidentally with the Game on the cover, looking extremely ugly) the writers said that the cover with Snoop and the Game was taken from two seperate pictures of them and put into one photo. So you can't really judge who's taller. Game and Snoop are probably both 6'4. I think Game is not a few cm's taller than Snoop.
Anonymous said on 26/Oct/05
I heard that on one of games songs he says my 6'4 frame. I think it's start from scratch
Ball-A-Hallic said on 28/Sep/05
Game's gotta be a legit 6'4 plus hes pretty skinny(not like snoop dogg)and that makes him look taller so hes gotta b 6'4 but if not than 6'3.5 atleast.
Anonymous said on 22/Sep/05
7I have a pair of AF1's lows and the souls are maybe 1 inch thick. No way they add 2 inches. Game is probably 6'4"
jason said on 21/Aug/05
just because a person looks taller in a picture, does not mean that person is taller then the person he looks taller in the picture! for example snoop looked taller than game in the xxl magazine cover, but when i went to see a concert with snoop and game in person, game looked taller than snoop and that was in my own eyes. i know pictures don't lie, but in person game looked taller than snoop!Seeing it in person is different than it is in photos, but eyes also don't lie! so when i saw game taller than snoop, it is more true because you see it in person!
Ball-A-Hallic said on 4/Aug/05
The Game maybe 6'3.5 but hes always in Tims or AF1s and they add like 1 or 2 inches on so He might be shorter than Snoop but Snoops like 6'4.5 I'd say hes taller than 6'3
Ball-A-Hallic said on 19/Jun/05
I heard that part of the song 2 but wen i heard it I had all ready none Game was 6'4
Ball-A-Hallic said on 17/May/05
Snoop and Game might be the same height cause my cousin showed me a list of top rap stars and it listed bio stuff and it read Method Man-6'3, Snoop Dogg-6'4, and Game-6'4 plus it said those 3 are the tallest rappers posiblly
Anonymous said on 4/May/05
Game looksed taller than snoop on snoops european tour. But yeah he does wear large Timz.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 5/Apr/05
Yeah Game is 6'4 I read a bio on about him and it said how he was a 6'4 shooting guard in high school.

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