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Peak: 6ft 7.7in (202.4cm)
Current: 6ft 6.44in (199.2cm)
TRutt said on 3/Nov/07
thank you mike, someone actually knows jimmy is a legit 6'1. UT deff looked 6'10 there
mike m said on 3/Nov/07
taker did look pretty tall next to 6,1" jimmy kimmel.
mike m said on 3/Nov/07
jimmy kimmel 6'1" appeared to me to be 7-8 inches shorter than taker.
Paul said on 3/Nov/07
Taker does seem a shade taller JT. I think Albert is nearer 6'7 and Taker a full 6'7. Taker had def lost some by this stage. If Big Al is only 6'6 though maybe Taker is just over 6'6. A 2in height loss is conceivable (Hogan lost 3' remember). Personally I favour the former theory though.
JT said on 2/Nov/07
Interesting: (Click Here) (Click Here). I didn
mike m said on 2/Nov/07
lol.i know what? kane is nothing less than 6'6" if anything.
Alex2 said on 2/Nov/07
This gamma guy is freakin weird, he says Kane is 6'3.5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG please go away!

[Editor Rob: this guy has been taking too much radiation pills.]
Danimal said on 2/Nov/07
Gamma, what is your problem??

Alex, I think Goldberg was taller than Lesnar. Remember the backstage footage. There looked like 1-1.5" height advantage to Goldberg there.
Paul said on 31/Oct/07
KingNick: 'And I'm guessing you meant HBK at 6'0.5" current and 6'1" previously?'
Nah KingNick, he's been racked on the ropes a few times which could have stretch him slightly over the years.
Paul said on 31/Oct/07
Vegas it is Halloween afterall..I can play a trick or two surely!...That list was a real treat.
Big Show said on 31/Oct/07
Click Here

I wonder what some of your estimates on Albert are. Here he looks the exact same height as Undertaker (yet WWE billed Undertaker as 6'10 and Albert as 6'8). Albert was having his biggest push in the WWE at that moment and was the Intercontinental Champion.
Big Show said on 31/Oct/07
Anonymous are you claiming that WWE and in the past WCW were actually downgrading some of their top stars.

Giant Gonzales - 7'9 (he was billed by WCW as 7'7 and credited by Guinness Book of Records with a height of 7'6).
Nathan Jones - 6'11 (WWE and Strong man competitions billed him as 6'10)
Big Show - 7'2 (WWE billed him as 7' when he just joined the WWE)
Kevin Nash - 7' (has claimed a height of 6'10)
Undertaker - 6'10.5 (even WWE billed him at 6'10)
Big John Studd - 6'10 (I guess that 6'5 Footballplayer must've been standing on a box when he was interviewed alongside Studd)
Jake Roberts - 6'7 (billed as 6'5)

I agree with Vegas, this is definately the worst height list I've seen so far. Obviously the poster didn't do any research before making this list.
KingNick said on 31/Oct/07
Anyonymous, I respect your opinions, just beware of the feedback you're going to get on here :>)

And I'm guessing you meant HBK at 6'0.5" current and 6'1" previously?

Thanks for your feedback guys!

Happy Halloween everybody!
Vegas said on 31/Oct/07
omg possible worst list ever, is that you again paul playing tricks, lol

lets just take morgan and jones as an example; 4" difference???
undertaker and kane 4" difference???
big show and akebono 7" difference?? akebono 6'5, what does that make bob sapp, gary goodridge and remy bonjasky so; barely 6'0???

hbk taller than cena :)
Anonymous said on 31/Oct/07
KingNick, some of them I agree with, some are too short. Some are a tall tale.
If I may correct you:
Giant Gonzalez - 7'9"
Great Khali
Vegas said on 31/Oct/07
goldberg and triple h in streets Click Here goldberg and triple h in Click Here

as torgrim steve said triple h is as tall as goldberg and maybe half an inch taller ;)

JimmyDavid; yes Matt Morgan is/was taller than Eudy but at least 1.5" imo.
Kash said on 31/Oct/07
I've been reading the comments and looking at all the evidence in pictures for a while now without saying anything. It seems to me that the listing of 6'7.5 is more likely to be close to undertaker's peak height, rather now I can't see him at anything more than 6'6.5. For those of you who think that he may have been 6'9 or 10 barefoot, u have to remmeber that he was billed at 6'8 prior to his joining with the WWF, so it is logically unlikley that he was ever beyond this mark (barefoot).
Alex said on 31/Oct/07
Rock- 6'2 3/4
Lesnar- 6'2
Goldberg- 6'2
JimmyDavid said on 31/Oct/07
I bet anything that Morgan isn't taller than Sid in a million years. They are either the same or Sid is a bit taller then...
Danimal said on 31/Oct/07
KingNick, seems about right except for HHH and Austin. Both are an 1" less than you have them at and chop off a .5" off of Sid, The Rock and Batista while you're at it.
Alex2 said on 31/Oct/07
I like those estimates KingNick, but i dont agree with Lashley as 6' hes huge, at least 6'2 and i think Cena is at least 6'1 and Hogan still is around 6'4 i reckon.
KingNick said on 30/Oct/07
I haven't done this in a while. I changed a couple and left out ones I'm just not sure about:

Giant Gonzalez - 7'7"
Great Khali
Alex2 said on 30/Oct/07
Yes but he could have grown since collage...
CK said on 30/Oct/07
JBL is 6'5" I have his college football card.
Danimal said on 30/Oct/07
gee says on 30/Oct/07
UT- 6'6 1/2-6'6 3/4 (peak),today 6'6
JBL 6'4-6'4 1/2
Kane- 6'6 1/2-6'7
Rock- 6'1 - 6'2
HHH- 6'1
Big Show 6'11
Lesnar- 6'1
Batista, 6'2 may be a bit under
Angle- 5'10
Austin- 6'0
Orton, 6'3
Nash, 6'9(peak)
goldie 6'1 1/4
believe that or not.

Put down the crack pipe son.
Danimal said on 30/Oct/07
Both Lesnar and Goldberg have listed at 6'2" AND 6'3" at different times, in different places. I still give the height advantage to Goldberg. I give Lesnar 6'1.5" and Goldberg 6'2 1/4".

As for The Rock he is under 6'3", that I would bet the entire farm on.
Alex2 said on 30/Oct/07
Triple H lower than 6'2.5 is rediculous he literally towers over Vince McMahon who is like 6'1 and look he is easily 6'2-6'3 and JBL is at least 6'6 why cant you guys just accept it?
Vegas said on 30/Oct/07
actually lesnar was listed at 6'3 in ncaa

brock lesnar and 6'4.5" measured 300lb Stephen Neal of New England Patriots in 1999, i see no nearly 4" between the two but then i didn't expect too :P

Click Here the commentators describe lesnar as the bigger guy, (yet some here will have us believe lesnar (or should that be leznar) is less than 6'2, lol)
Big Show said on 30/Oct/07
Gee, you've got Rock at only 6'1-6'2? We can start downgrading a couple of Hollywood celebs if that's the case. If we downgrade those ones, we can start downgrading the guys who appeared with these guys (and that's a lot of people). The Rock was about 2 or 3 inches taller than Schwarzenegger, 0.5 inch taller than Brendan Fraser, about 1.5 inch taller than Samuel L. Jackson. Maybe 1 inch shorter than 6'4 Vince Vaughn. I'd say the Rock is around 6'3. The lowest I see him at is 6'2.5 and the tallest 6'3.5. Triple H doesn't look anything shorter than 6'1.5 to me.

Lesnar has been billed as 6'2 by the Vikings and I believe that was his billing too when he was an amateur wrestling. He might be 6'1.5 and they rounded it up to 6'2, but I doubt he's anything shorter than that. Goldberg is I think 6'2 (he was a smidge taller than Lesnar).
Vegas said on 30/Oct/07
what heights are akebono and the coach so viper ;)
Alex said on 30/Oct/07
JBL I'd give 6'5 now but no more. His cowboy boots could make him appear more taller as well.
Kevin Durant said on 30/Oct/07
I think JBL is 6'5" or 6'5.5", he literally towered over the 6'3" Batista in Friday Night Smackdown.
Viper said on 30/Oct/07
I agree with JBL at 6-4. 6-6 is inflating him some. Most of those looked pretty accurate Id say. Though I think Big Show could be shorter than 6-11.
Alex2 said on 30/Oct/07
gee, those are the worst estimates ever, JBL 6'4? pff! hes at least 6'6
gee said on 30/Oct/07
UT- 6'6 1/2-6'6 3/4 (peak),today 6'6
JBL 6'4-6'4 1/2
Kane- 6'6 1/2-6'7
Rock- 6'1 - 6'2
HHH- 6'1
Big Show 6'11
Lesnar- 6'1
Batista, 6'2 may be a bit under
Angle- 5'10
Austin- 6'0
Orton, 6'3
Nash, 6'9(peak)
goldie 6'1 1/4
believe that or not.
Ghost said on 30/Oct/07
Alex2, give it up.

Kane himself says he is 6'8.

Certainly that means he isn't Taller than that, espacially when he is billed 7 feet tall.
Alex2 said on 29/Oct/07
Taker = 6'8 or maybe 6'8.5 and Kane at least 6'9
Gollum said on 28/Oct/07
Taker 6'8 and so is Kane.
ShawnG said on 27/Oct/07
taker is 6'9 barefoot and the boots make him 6'10
KingNick said on 27/Oct/07
good find ben! I posted that a while back too, there's a buncha other wrestlers that talk about their real size.
jack said on 27/Oct/07
as i have viewed these shows for years i notice that undetaker has lost at least 1 inch of height despite wearing the same footwear .In 2000-2005 is appeared to be at his tallest. but recently he has shrunk in size is slimmer than ever and also shorter -either his legs or upper body have shortened .he appeared tallest with his hair short and was 6'9 once but is now about 6'8
ben said on 27/Oct/07
just reading the wwe unscripted book from 2003 or 04.. undertaker in that says he's 6'8.
He also says.
When sara and i moved in together she was cooking 3 square meals a day, plus desert at night. Whein i hurt my pecs- I was originally out with a groin tear, and when rehabbing that i tore my pecs-I was 350 pounds, heaviest i'd ever been. I was training like an animal, with heavy weights, but sara was feeding me so well i was enormous.
Supermanfan380 said on 26/Oct/07
Saying Khali does not have gigantism is absurd. Look at his face!, and the boot size gaps between his teeth. {""""}
Da Man said on 26/Oct/07
Khali most definitely has acromegaly.
JimmyDavid said on 24/Oct/07
At least i've seen it described that way on some websites. I am going by what i read.
anonymous said on 24/Oct/07
khali doesn,t? he has the physical features the protruding features ,like the chin,large hands.
undertakeris9ft said on 24/Oct/07
khali does not have gigantism, he is one of very few people who are naturally very tall, i watched a program about him in england, and plus why do you bitches keep harping on about how tall taker is, why does it matter? its obvious that he is at least 6ft 6.786 inches and a maximum of 6 feet 8.132 inches (inc hair)
KingNick said on 23/Oct/07
I was found a site or two on heights, I have no idea how legitimate it is, it just looks like an opinion but I think its interesting to look at b/c its pretty close to people's opinions around here Click Here and
Gollum said on 23/Oct/07
That was just wrong!
Paul said on 23/Oct/07
Sorry couldn't resist posting that link. He is nastier even than Khali.
JimmyDavid said on 23/Oct/07
Lol, Anonymous i was having lunch, man.
Well, Khali is not a genetic big man. He has a disease called gigantism. Those people, instead of getting to adult size and stop, most times keep growing. So it's possible he is taller now than he was a few years back.
Alex said on 22/Oct/07
Khali was measured at 6'11 1/2 somewhere I believe so thats gotta be his minimum height he would be.
Anonymous said on 22/Oct/07
As big as Khali is, this guy is bigger.
Click Here
JimmyDavid said on 22/Oct/07
Khali at anything under 7 feet is impossible. The man is huge.
anonymous said on 22/Oct/07
big show 6,9" ? really,so kane being 4 -5 inches shorter than big show would only be 6,4"or 6,5".clearly i remember taker had hogan by 2-3 inches,so lets make it 2 inches,that would put taker at least 6'7",not 6,6".
dave said on 22/Oct/07
Khali is 6'11''? So I guess Daivari is 5'7''? Shane McMahon in turn is 5'10''?
Vegas said on 22/Oct/07
watching takers staredowns in the early 1990s with people like tugboat, crush, damien demento, adam bomb, sid, nailz, papa shango etc it doesn't look like he has lost any height worth talking about
Alex said on 22/Oct/07
UT had only 1/2 inch on Sid. UT at his peak was anywhere from 6'7 to 6'8 so Sid was at least 6'7ish then too.
Gollum said on 22/Oct/07
lookuptothetallpeople says on 21/Oct/07
undertaker never wis never was and never will be over 6'6.25! he was the most overly exaggerated wrestler ever. big show will never be 7'0 he was 6'9.75-6'10.25 khali is about 6'11. you have to realize wrestling is fake. the only guy i believe was real;ly tall was sid. he was a legit 6'7

Why was Undertaker taller than Sid? Or was Sid really 6'5?
anonymous said on 22/Oct/07
mean gene looks about shoulder level on taker,im guessing gene is about 5'8",that would put taker closer to 6'8" maybe,gonzales definitely imo has taker by 10 inches,gonzales does look a legit 7'6".
TRutt said on 22/Oct/07
yeah.. see then u have guys like me who continuously believe the UT is taller then 6'7 or 6'7.5 w/e the hell and tho sum pics do look like taker may be at least 6'9 but alot of other pics do point to the fact that he moight be 6'8. go figure
lookuptothetallpeople said on 21/Oct/07
undertaker never wis never was and never will be over 6'6.25! he was the most overly exaggerated wrestler ever. big show will never be 7'0 he was 6'9.75-6'10.25 khali is about 6'11. you have to realize wrestling is fake. the only guy i believe was real;ly tall was sid. he was a legit 6'7
KingNick said on 21/Oct/07
anonymous, its not that easy on this site :>)
anonymous said on 21/Oct/07
ok then that settles it ,undertaker is 6'7" today.
Alex said on 20/Oct/07
Batista is 4-5 inches shorter than UT easily based on those pictures.

JBL is around 3 inches taller than Batista.
mikez said on 20/Oct/07
Sorry forgot the link
Click Here
mikez said on 20/Oct/07
Batista is around 6'2-6' way is he 6' with a 6'4 250 lb guy on the left.
anonymous said on 20/Oct/07
batista is not 6,5" just watch last nights episode of smackdown where jbl interviews him,batista was at least 4-5 inches shorter,batista is 6'2",jbl is 6'6",maybe 6,7" with the cowboy boots.if batista is 6'5" then jbl is 6'9",lol.
Vegas said on 20/Oct/07
no hatton weighed in at dead-on 140lb for his last fight, will end up somewhere near 150lb for the mayweather fight coming up soon, he is probably between 140-150lb there.

at 115lb he would be boxing somewhere between flyweight and bantamweight, hatton boxes at welterweight now, thats three steps up from flyweight
JohnR said on 20/Oct/07
Vegas great pics. Batista is a legit 6-foot-5 have any of you ever seen him in real-life? the guy is just massive in all aspects. Judging by these good pics I'm sorry to say it but UT looks around...dare i say 6'9 or maybe 6'10 here. boo-yah!
JimmyDavid said on 20/Oct/07
The little guy looks below 140lbs. Maybe 115lbs max. Again, this is just me guessing...
Vegas said on 20/Oct/07
batista in cowboy boots and undertaker in wrestling gear Click Here

taker and batista again both in streets Click Here

for those wondering the little guy there is 5'6 140lb boxing welterweight ricky hatton
Atoadaso said on 20/Oct/07
JBL looked about 3" taller than Batista, on Smackdown this week when he interviewed him. That would put him from 6'5" to 6'6".
JT said on 19/Oct/07
Thanks Chris. Another great photo! Adrian Street does look around 5'3" as 6'1" or so Vince has him by roughly a head size (~ 10 inches).
KingNick said on 19/Oct/07
Chris, great pic man! Looks pretty accurate height-wise for me
Zordon said on 19/Oct/07
More notes from last week's SmackDown! (10/12/2007): Following the Bros. Of Destruction match, when they are showing highlights of it, Michale Cole asks JBL what it feels like to be tombstoned by UT. After a few moments JBL replies, "Why do you think I'm only 6'6" now?"

Basically, JBL was admitting right there that he has lost height. I know that presently he is billed at 6'6" by the WWE, and was billed by them at 6'7" several years ago. So odds are he is about 6'5.5" now, and was 6'6.5" in his prime. This makes sense, seeing as JBL is as tall, if not taller, than the Undertaker when JBL is wearing his cowboy boots (which give him an extra 2 inches or so = 6'7.5" = The Undertaker's height). Then again, a 6'6.5" peak would mean he would have only been a half inch shorter than Sid, which doesn't seem right...I'm all confused! Does anybody have pictures of these two (JBL and Sid) standing next to each other?
Vegas said on 19/Oct/07
street was billed at 5'8 from time to time but for the majority of the time he was billed at 5'7. i saw him on british tv on a few occasions during the early 1980s.
nick said on 19/Oct/07
Click Here

The undertaker with good posture. Around a 4 inch difference so there is nothing out of the norm.
Chris said on 19/Oct/07
I'm not sure if you guys have seen this photo already or not..but I have had it in my collection for awhile now so I'm thinking it was taken backstage at a WWE event in 2002 or 2003. The candid photo shows Vince, Undertaker and Big Show posing with former wrestler British wrestler Adrian Street and his wife/valet, Miss Linda....I believe Street was a legit 5'3" but supposeably a very tough guy.

Click Here
Alex said on 19/Oct/07
UT had around 5 inches on HHH in most staredowns. UT has a long forehead and if someone comes up to just his eye leve its going to still be a good 5 inch difference.
anonymous said on 19/Oct/07
taker appeared to have 5-6 inches on hhh,i say taker 6'7"
Ray said on 18/Oct/07
The pic of Mamum with Taker is a cool one to have but is pretty mnuch useless to determine his height; Taker isn't even posing for a picture there; he's standing casually with his head tilted slightly down; he is not standing tall/posing for a picture like Kaner and Sid are. Here's my guess for those 3: Sid 6'7", Taker 6'7.5-6'8", and Kane 6'8". In my eyes Taker has Sid by an inch so if Sid is 6'7" then Taker is close to 6'8"; if Sid is 6'6.5" then Taker is around 6'7.5", and if Sid is 6'6" then taker is 6'7". Kane has Taker by .5-1" maybe - questionable due to his boots which are bigger than Taker's.
JT said on 18/Oct/07
Click Here
Da Man said on 17/Oct/07
nick, I said Taker looks well shorter than Kane in comparison with Mamun. And after playing with those pics in paint, he most certainly does. Kane's delts, traps, (even chin, though that requires alot of guesstimation) etc. are all easily higher than Taker's in relation to Mamun. But like I said, it's all very unscientific.
nick said on 17/Oct/07
well shorter than kane, no way bud. At wrestlemania 14 kane and undertaker had a staredown. the top of takers head was a hair under an inch lower, but kane had his big lifts on so it evens out. There is a picture on google of undertaker at a side view when he had his har short I SWEAR TO YOU that he looks shorter only because he has low set eyes or a very high forhead and crown. I measured 5.5 6 inches from eyes but due to my inability to do a perfect measure with the angle he had atleast 5.5 inches when your typical huy has more like 4 inches
nick said on 17/Oct/07
LISTEN, if the top of mamuns head is 5'8 the top of the picture (end would be 6'6 or 10 inches, undertaker exceeds its so you can not be considering this or that, the picture just proves that hes well into 6;7 or 6;8 thats it.
KingNick said on 17/Oct/07
I think he looks pretty gigantic in the Mamun pic
Frank said on 17/Oct/07
Takers head is down if he had his head tilted up Taker would look taller
Whats Funny that Mamum 6ft 6 cousin looks as tall or taller than alot of these guys i have to admit
Da Man said on 17/Oct/07
I actually think UT looks more 6'6"-6'7" there, IMO he looks well shorter than Kane did with Mamun (even taking into account UT's head position), I think shorter than Sid too. This is all very unscientific, the Taker pic is the worst of the bunch.
Alex said on 17/Oct/07
UT looks about 6'8 with Mamun there.
Vegas said on 16/Oct/07
frank; how many photos of wrestlers does mamun have??
Vegas said on 15/Oct/07
JimmyDavid says on 14/Oct/07
Is Festus taller than Nathan Jones

he was shorter than kane, so no
JimmyDavid said on 14/Oct/07
Is Festus taller than Nathan Jones?
Vegas said on 14/Oct/07
good find there zordon, watching smackdown i estimated the guy at 6'6. i really don't know why they would have a jobber that tall???
Zordon said on 14/Oct/07
I found out more info. about that guy. Like you said, his real name is Jay Adams. He also wrestles under the name "Eddie Venom." According to his MySpace Click Here he is 6ft 7in tall.
JimmyDavid said on 14/Oct/07
Well, and let's add SID himself to that list. I believe he is returning to WWE soon. He is cured and wrestling again.
Frank said on 14/Oct/07
Vegas MAMUN said on The Sid Eudy Page that the guy next to Sid was not his cousin and i asked him who was taller Sid or his 6ft 6 cousin....
Danimal said on 14/Oct/07
Ron Reis was 7'2" and when he and Big Show were in the WCW, Reis barely had a full inch on Big Show, who then appeared to be a legite 7'1"-7'2" man himself.
Vegas said on 14/Oct/07
that mowhawk dudes name is either Conrad Carnes or Jay Adams. Can't find anything on either to be honest. He looked about the same height as Festus to me....

Reis was pretty well known, he went through some awful gimmicks in WCW such as the yeti, giant ninja, grunge reis etc, he is still wrestling in the indies in some christian wrestling fed.

keep an eye out for some tall guys to make their wwe debuts in the near future. Drew Galloway made his debut on smackdown this week. he is a legit 6'5 225lb (obviously will be billed bigger), seamus o shaughnessy (a 6'4-6'5 260lb) redhaired Irish guy (i wonder what gimmick they will give him, giant leprechaun i suppose lol) will follow soon enough and the biggest of them all Stu Sanders from england who is about 6'6-6'7 250lb. Vince has just about signed up every big guy 6'4+ in the UK/ireland.

ryan wilson aka jacob duncan had a darkmatch on raw this week so expect to see him very very soon on wwe tv. This guy is at least 6'9 from what i have seen of him (not much i will admit). He is usually billed at 7 foot, at least he was in TNA.
JimmyDavid said on 14/Oct/07
I have no idea who that guy is. But another not well known wrestler that hasn't been seen around is Ron Reis. Huge guy!! Much bigger than Sid and Undertaker. Even taller than Big Show or Khali. Where is he these days? Anybody knows?
Zordon said on 14/Oct/07
Did anybody see that one guy this last week on SmackDown! (10/12/2007) during the Jesse and Festus tag match? He was on the other team and had a mowhawk haircut. I don't know if it was a funky camera angle or not, but this guy appeared to have Festus (who's what, a legit 6ft 5in or 6ft 5.5in) by around two inches. This guy had to be around the 6ft 7in or 6ft 8in mark (close to the Undertaker's height). Anybody know for sure?
Frank said on 13/Oct/07
The guy in the Picture is not his 6ft 6 cousin Mamun comes below his cousins chin I have the photo and i sent it to Rob and also there is a picture of Mamum standing behing the Undertaker i wish Rob would post that also
KingNick said on 13/Oct/07
Vegas thanks for posting this pic that guy does look a lot like Mamum's cousin. mamum? is it him?
Vegas said on 13/Oct/07
frank; the guy to Sid's right in the photo has the same height advantage over Mamun as his 6'6 cousin when you rotate the photo correctly (which is interesting).
KingNick said on 13/Oct/07
Waaugh!! Where's the Sid page??
Frank said on 12/Oct/07
Vegas i dont think that his 6ft 6 cousin in that picture with Sid ..Mamums cousins towers over Mamum
JT said on 12/Oct/07
I rotated the photo of Mamum with Sid based on the wall/column behind them. If Mamum is a legit 5’8”, Sid looks closer to 6’8” here. (Click Here) I’m not sure where this 6’6” or under estimate is coming from.

Here’s Sid in ring gear next to 5’8” Mean Gene
Click Here
Click Here

Sid looks taller in the second pic since he has his chin raised. From what I can remember, his wrestling boots never had large soles.
Da Man said on 12/Oct/07
JimmyDavid, it raises the facial features in relation to other person. Look at the pic you posted for example, you can't even see the tops of either of their heads due to the camera angle, but you can see facial features.
Paul said on 12/Oct/07
You can draw your own conclusions guys, but Taker was taller no doubt. However you can't have Sid at 6'6 and Taker 6'9 has to give.
Click Here
Vegas said on 12/Oct/07
that photo of sid and Mamun is tilted in mamuns favour, this looks more like the true angle to me Click Here

frank; did mamun say who the tall guy next to sid is, it looks a bit like his 6'6 cousin but i may be wrong.

JimmyDavid you are correct with your theory.
JimmyDavid said on 12/Oct/07
But how exactly does that make him taller? I believe that it even reduces total height because the top of his head leans backwards instead of staying straight up.
The only real "trick in the book" to make you look taller is to stand on your toes.. lol, i believe Sid wouldn't go as silly as that. (But who knows? He did some crazy stuff in his days).
Da Man said on 12/Oct/07
We have pics of them face-to-face with Sid pulling out every trick in the book to look taller. Why is that in every single stare down between the two Sid tilts his head and chin so far upwards and Taker stands totally relaxed?

Where's mikev10, he had a photo of Taker and Sid in a staredown from a near level angle and Taker was clearly taller even though facial features lined up almost perfectly. I believe Sid had his head tilted upwards there as well.
JimmyDavid said on 12/Oct/07
It's pointless to compare Sid and Undertaker using sub-comparissons.."he looked taller next to someone, but shorter next to another and so on..". We do have pics of both FACE TO FACE so any other sub-comparisson is just growing away from acuracy. The truth is that when they stare down it's hard to tell wich is taller wich proves that any difference is minimum between them.
Frank said on 12/Oct/07
Sid looked taller in his ring gear too be honest and when Rob posts the picture with Sid and Mamum Sid looks a good 6ft 5 to 6ft 6 topps
Taker when i seen him Looked atleast 6ft 8 but he was also in Ring gear
Mamum has a picture of Taker in front of him but Takers head was tilted downard so its hard too judge but there was close to a foot difference
Da Man said on 12/Oct/07
Sid's break was only on one leg, wasn't it? I find it unlikely that one leg being marginally shorter than the other is going to dramatically impact height, if at all, unless favoring that leg. That's assuming the broken leg is in fact shorter post healing. I somehow doubt Eudy lost much if any height from his break.
Vegas said on 12/Oct/07
broken legs in many cases do cause height loss. Eudy's was a severe break (of of the worst i have ever seen).
JimmyDavid said on 12/Oct/07
I don't think Sid lost height because of his injury. When bones heal it's created an extra calcium layer wich actually enlongates the bone instead. What could have happened was a natural height loss related with age.
I still say that Sid and undertaker never had much height difference wich was clear when they were face to face.
Vegas said on 12/Oct/07
rob its not always reliable to compare photos like that though. Nash was no more than 4" shorter than kareem in a video when they stood side by side and eudy was never that much shorter than nash approx 2.5".

Randy orton looks alot taller than 6'4 david hasselhoff (3 inches approx) standing beside the same 5'9.5" guy but in reality both are the same height.

Anonymous he looks at least 4" taller than goldblum but that probably isn't the case. Sid was approx 6'6.5"-6'7 before his terrible injury imo, nowadays who knows???
Frank said on 12/Oct/07
It was never posted Mamum sent it too me and i sent it too Rob
anonymous said on 11/Oct/07
eudy (sid) is 6'9".

[Editor Rob: never, remember sometime soon I'll post mamun's 7ft 2 kareem photo, and you'll see he's got a lot more than 5 inches compared to sid.]
anonymous said on 11/Oct/07
vegas so is sid looking about 6,9" in your opinion.i estimate sid to have 5 inches on goldblum,who,s 6'4".sid definitely imo looks 9 inches taller than that guy.i probably would go as far as to say that sid looks 6'10" max.
nick said on 11/Oct/07
frank, whats ure estimate on UT's height.
dave said on 11/Oct/07
Sid Eudy either wore lifts in his boots Frank or he's 6'7/6'8. He was right there with the Undertaker in staredowns.
KingNick said on 11/Oct/07
Can someone post this pic with Sid and Mamum again? I missed it
Frank said on 11/Oct/07
Well Mazum's 6ft 6 cousin looked taller than Sid in comparison
Vegas said on 11/Oct/07
have you seen the photo of sid and mamun frank?? the rock looks 6'4 next to mamun back in 1997ish. strange that sid wouldn't look 6'7ish
Paul said on 11/Oct/07
Maybe Rob hasn't decided how tall Sid is as yet. I would like to see 6'8 (as original height anyway) if he decides on a 'Sid page'.
If you compare the photo of that same guy with Sid and then with Goldblum there is absolutely no comparison. Remember Goldblum is 6'4.5. Sid could easily have been 3.5in taller.
Frank said on 10/Oct/07
Vegas i agree with you in those pictures you posted of Sid but look at the picture Rob will post with Sid and the 5ft 8 Mamun Sid does not look 6ft 7 next to him
Frank said on 10/Oct/07
Rob can you post the Picture with Mamum and SID and Mamun with his 6ft 6 inch cousin

[Editor Rob: I'll add that page yes soonish.]
Frank said on 10/Oct/07
Alex i met Taker at the Paramount Theater @ Madison Square Garden it was Christmas 1994 i believe i paid 75 bucks and i had dinner and seen alot of WWF stars at that event it was like a Christman party
Alex said on 10/Oct/07
Vegas, thats a good 10 inch difference at least between the 2. UT then looked about 6'8 to me and thats puts Gonzalez at a good 7'6.
Vegas said on 10/Oct/07
there are lots of photos of Sid in streets Frank;

here is one Click Here
same dude with 6'4 jeff goldblum Click Here
here with 6'2.6 measured NFL guy eddie george Click Here

Sid may be 6'5 now since his injury but i highly doubt below 6'7" peak looking at those pics and his in-ring work.

jason posted a great pic on big shows page which shows Wight slightly SHORTER in gear next to akebono than in his bare feet so the myth about ring gear has been torn to bits imo
JimmyDavid said on 10/Oct/07
damn!!! There seems to be way more than a foot advantage of Gonzalez over the undertaker. They billed him at 8 feet tall there. Trully gigantic.
Alex said on 10/Oct/07
Frank, how did you get to meet UT again? Backstage pass was it?
Da Man said on 10/Oct/07
A little less shoes and a little less hair.
Frank said on 10/Oct/07
Guys you are getting me wrong i said Sid looked 6ft 5 in street clothes and he looked taller in ring gear and Taker himself said he was 6ft 9 it was not me saying that ....That new guy took a picture with Sid and Sid did not look as tall than his 6ft 6 cousin Again Sid was in street clothes...When Sid walked by me he did not look as tall as i thoght he would and my friend who was there with me said that Sid did not Tower me at all

[Editor Rob: I wasn't sure in mamun's pic of cousin, but it's possible mamun has little less shoes than cousin, although only mamun might know.]
Vegas said on 10/Oct/07
i would buy gonzales at 7'6 ahead of 99.9% of wrestler heights banded about, here he dwarfs undertaker in this interview Click Here
JimmyDavid said on 10/Oct/07
I see what you mean. I checked the pics again. It's strange, Sid has definitely a higher eye and shoulder level but the top of Undertaker's head does go up there as tall if not taller. Anyway, whichever has the advantage can't be by more than one inch or so... some people said like 6'9'' for undertaker and 6'5'' for Sid, now that would be impossible.
Another claim i was always suspicious about was the 7'7'' figure on Gonzalez. But again, he was super tall, so could have been possible.
nick said on 9/Oct/07
SID IS NOT TALLER, TAKER IS, it just appears that way because sids nose and mouth are higher, but the undertakers skull comes an inch higher end of story
Kevin Durant said on 9/Oct/07
I think Sid Vicious is 6'7" while the Undertaker is 6'8 in his prime. Base on there staredown in Wrestlemania 13, I think Taker beat Sid by an inch.

Here are some Pre WWF Undertaker photos

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

The Undertaker 6'8" with 6'7" Dan Spivey
Kevin Durant said on 9/Oct/07
I think Sid Vicious is 6'7" while the Undertaker is 6'8 in his prime. Base on there staredown in Wrestlemania 13, I think Taker beat Sid by an inch.

Here are some Pre WWF Undertaker photos

Click Here
Click Here

The Undertaker 6'8" with 6'7" Dan Spivey
Alex said on 9/Oct/07
Frank, UT looks at least 6 inches taller and thats not counting the ramp which is a few more inches. Its too bad you guys weren't on flat ground so we could get a much better estimate.
Ray said on 9/Oct/07
JimmyDavid: in your untouched pic, Taker is taller. There are various pics that show Taker to be taller - I'd say he has around 1" on Sid in the pics; not sure about today but still feel Taker would have Sid by 1" and maybe more. Taker has a longer head than Sid and even though Sid may have higher shoulders and eye level, look at the top of their heads and you'll see Taker's head peak is higher.
Paul said on 9/Oct/07
Frank you can't really imply Sid is 6'5 and Taker 6'9. Not really.
bennyboobooboobooboo! said on 9/Oct/07
Well guys, I do have a magazine that I was checking out the other day. It has a huge article on sid vicious. The magazine is a may 1989 issue called the wrestler. it has ricky steamboat on the cover. ok now, the article says"Future Champion or Hollow Potential" what sid vicious must know to reach the top. sid vicious has it all. hes young, talented, and carries 290 pounds of muscle on his massive 6'7'' frame. and I swear there was a time on that old tv show that aired on saturday morning called mania, that sid was the special guest on there. and i have forgotten who he was feuding with at the time. it mustve been 96-97 era. and he was talking about his height and stated that he was 6'7'' himself! and throughout his career, he was listed at 6'7'' 6'8'' 6'9'' 6'10'' and even 7ft! lol where does this crap come from? personally i believe him when he says hes 6'7''. that seems very accurate. he and taker are roughly the same size. its hard to tell who has the angle though. one can look taller than the other. although with taker, its just the top of his head. now go to youtube and watch jake the snake and undertaker attack sid justice.when they have their staredown, vince says the undertakers huge! but sid justice, even bigger i believe. but the thing is, at the beginning, sid had his head tilted back as always and taker was looking up. but once taker tilted his head up he looked like he had a full inch on sid! go to it and keep pausing it so it will be in slow motion. i think sid is 6'7'' with boots, and taker at 6'8'' in boots. but wwf had sid at 6'9'' and taker at 6'8'' in the 91-92 era. i bought both wrestling figures and had the cards that had those listings. then in 94 i bout the taker with the coat and on the back it had him at 6'10 1/2'' lol anyway, frank danimal and the rest of ya tell me what u think
KingNick said on 9/Oct/07
Jimmy David, check out this whole photo album Click Here specifically the pics with UT and Sid Click Here and Click Here and Click Here thats just a few, there's a bunch others. UT, in my opinion, is the taller of the two, not by much. UT has a low eye line which makes Sid appear taller. There's even a staredown for the WM 13 pic, I dont think they edited that. You can see the shoes clearly, they're about the same. I've seen your photo before, I dont think thats accurate.
Vegas said on 9/Oct/07
Frank says on 9/Oct/07
Mike all i know Taker looked really tall in person and the picture does not show it....I seen Sid in street clothes and too be Honest he looked about 6ft 5 and there is a new guy on this site who is 5ft 8 and he has a piture with Sid in street clothes and sneakers with a good size heel and Sid looks shorter than his 6ft 6 cousin

where is this photo of mamun and sid you speak of?? Mamun's 6'6 cousin has a good sized heel on his shoe looking at the pic and about 3" of hair too, lol
Frank said on 9/Oct/07
Mike all i know Taker looked really tall in person and the picture does not show it....I seen Sid in street clothes and too be Honest he looked about 6ft 5 and there is a new guy on this site who is 5ft 8 and he has a piture with Sid in street clothes and sneakers with a good size heel and Sid looks shorter than his 6ft 6 cousin
mike m said on 9/Oct/07
so frank what your saying is there would be more than a 7 inch difference between you and taker?
JimmyDavid said on 9/Oct/07
Here you go, an untouched pic: Click Here
Again i know it's hard to tell height from pictures but i still think Sid is at least one inch taller or so. Maybe 6'9'' for Takert and 6'10'' for Sid.
JimmyDavid said on 9/Oct/07
Nope, the pic was edited for details only, but the staredown is real. I have seen the original pic too, with no editing around.
In WM undertaker had some special boots to match his strange costume while Sid had regular boots. I am guessing Taker's were quite taller.
Alex said on 9/Oct/07
That picture isn't accurate. UT had Sid by 1/2 inch in their staredown at WM 13. I think Sid was 6'7 or so.
Paul said on 9/Oct/07
Thats not a photo of Sid and Taker..more like a backroom office boy taking images of them both and sticking them together for some publication. Someone who doesn't know any better.
JimmyDavid said on 8/Oct/07
Take a look at this page: Click Here

There is a little picture of a rare moment when Sid Eudy and Taker actually have a staredown. Both eye and shoulder level don't lie. Sid is taller (and a larger guy overall).
By the way, Both Undertaker and Sid will soon return to WWE as Towers of doom, a new tag team.
Alex said on 8/Oct/07
My personal guess for UT today is 6'6 1/2 and was 6'8 at his peak.

Frank, 1 inch heel gives you 1/2 inch to your height only? When I wear 1 inch heel sneakers I am then 1 inch taller from my barefoot height.
Paul said on 8/Oct/07
Wow... all these old timers appearing from nowhere...Frank Danimal Jason topdweeb26 Alex...all at once
Frank said on 8/Oct/07
Bebennybobobbo, Im 5ft 11 1/2 barefoot and with a normal one inch heel im 6ft yes an inch heel gives me 1/2 inch boost in height sounds crazy but its true and i was on slightly higher ground than him on the picture we were standing on ground slanting upward so i looked alittle taller in that picture
Danimal said on 8/Oct/07
Viper, you've been saying 6'6" for Undertaker for 2 years now, for only ONE damn reason and that's because of that Mexican Mentor's list. All you need is ONE source of a short listing and that's what you believe the person really is. You're so predictable Viper. You either base all your height predictions on the Mentor's list, or you consult with Jason, or at least you used to.
Da Man said on 8/Oct/07
I don't see how you can peg the difference at 7" when there are ground level and perspective differences in the photo.
mike m said on 8/Oct/07
there is a 7 inch difference i say between taker and frank.frank is 6'0" taker is 6'7"
Vegas said on 8/Oct/07
fuji gone mate, south africa beat them 31-20 last night. france are always tough to beat, strong and skillful.

typical bs Irish thing to do would be to sack the coach but i doubt it, we have won 3 triple crowns in a row (first time ever we managed that). a few of the top lads can use this as a kick up the rear they needed, they aren't gods, even though the irish media had portrayed some of them (o'driscoll, o'gara, o'connell) as that beforehand
Jason said on 8/Oct/07
Dave says on 8/Oct/07
''6'5.5 for undertaker is stupidity.... people here really have inferiority complexes.... because that man hasnt been 6'5 since his teens.''

Stupidity is not being able to get your sentiment across without being insulting. ;)
Jason said on 8/Oct/07
lol yeah, we're both out now. Is your coach gonna get the sack? I think four easy games might have hurt us ... kept making errors against & got pounded in the scrum against England. I dunno how France beat New Zealand. Well, I'll be going for Fiji now!
Viper said on 8/Oct/07
Ive been saying Undertaker is 6-6 for 2 years now. 6-8 in ring gear. 6-6 barefoot.
Dave said on 8/Oct/07
6'5.5 for undertaker is stupidity.... people here really have inferiority complexes.... because that man hasnt been 6'5 since his teens.
Vegas said on 8/Oct/07
Jason i think maybe australia were a little overhyped like Ireland and New Zealand. i think our lads drank a little too much guinness on the plane over to france :P

had to laugh at the excuses some members of the irish media/fan base are using for our pathetic performances; the best one was not playing the national anthem which led us to having no fight for the match ahead (they played irelands call instead of the anthem). The republic's soccer team always play the national anthem before each game and they still suck.....
Jason said on 8/Oct/07
I think he was ~ 6'6''. You're not into rugby? It was actually an upset. ;)
Paul said on 7/Oct/07
Jason are you sticking with 6'5.5 for UT ? I have the guy as 6'7 right now. Maybe a tad over.
I don't follow any of those World Cup matches you refer to but I'll take your word for it that you guys lost...
Alex said on 7/Oct/07
Frank said he was 5'11 1/2 barefoot and 6'0 1/2 with shoes on.
bennyboobooboobooboo! said on 7/Oct/07
well frank, if youre 5'11 1/2'' with shoes on, whats that make u without? and i personally thing taker was a strong 6'8'' back in the day. when they state 6'8'' for his basketball days they measure you with your shoes on. i was into multi sports. so i would assume that he was 6'9'' or around it with wrestling boots. if u dont believe me, go to an event and have a closeup of all the wrestlers with their boots on! so taker 6'7 1/2'' barefoot, 6'8''-6'9'' in shoes and boots. its that simple. i'll also add that another reason he looks short today is the simple fact that he slouches. and most the wrestlers today are a lot taller and wider than the wrestlers in takers prime. all much closer to his height than anyone back then.
Jason said on 6/Oct/07
Paul says on 4/Oct/07
''Jason where ya been of late ? Have you had a change of opinion on any heights ?''

Upgraded a few by half an inch or so... =) I've still been posting here, though less on the wrestling pages ... I was wondering the same thing about you! Congrats on the World Cup win against us tonight.......
Alex said on 6/Oct/07
Topdweeb, Big Show looks to have at least 4 inches on Kane I think.
I use to think Kane was a legit 6'11 for years.
topdweeb26 said on 6/Oct/07
KingNick: Kane being 6' 9 actually a little taller than most people would say he is. In fact, he doesn't even make it to 7' even with his in-ring attire, because Big Show easily has around 3 or 4 inches on him. So this guy is obviously full of it.
KingNick said on 6/Oct/07
I'm working at a haunted house with a former Indy wrestler who's 6'8". I asked him if the Indies he wrestled for exagerrated his height, and he said, "Yeah, they give your height in boots. So I was either 6'9" or 6'10"" About Kane, he said, "I know Kane wears huge lifts, he's only around 6'9" " Not sure if he met Kane or not, but he did meet Big Show and said, "that guy is just massive. He looked over 7ft to me."
Alex said on 6/Oct/07
I don't think the most exarrerated person. Just more than some say he's 6'6 and even 6'7. Fine yea since my estimate is an inch shorter I may have said it wrong.
Ben said on 6/Oct/07
just been looking on online world of wrestling and theres loads of pics of the skyscrapers with spivey, sid and the undertaker and in all the pics they all look the same height..i always thought spivey was 6'5? but ive met taker and sid and they were both taller then that.... Very strange how people can seem so many different heights, it seems harder to jusdge the height of wrestlers then any other people because of all the false heights and lifts in peoples shoes.
From my experience meeting wrestlers the short guys in person are much shorter then you would think and the tall guys are usually as tall as youd expect..scott steiner was about 5'10!
topdweeb26 said on 5/Oct/07
Alex: sure i understand. But to say that JBL is the most over exaggerated person because most think he's 6' 6 but you think he's 6' 5 is ridiculous.
Paul said on 4/Oct/07
Jason where ya been of late ? Have you had a change of opinion on any heights ?
Jason said on 4/Oct/07
Paul, on a brighter note, welcome to August. :)

But, yeah ....... pretty bloody tragic. Just did a news search then to see what he died of (autopsy results were pending last time I read about it), and it was an accidental prescription drug overdose involving a strong painkiller and a few other medications being mixed.

Click Here

Sure was one of my more favourite wrestlers as a kid...
Paul said on 4/Oct/07
I just found out Brian Adams 'Crush' died in August, does everyone else already know about this ?
Da Man said on 4/Oct/07
You mean my opinions aren't the most accurate? ;)
Alex said on 4/Oct/07
I don't mean to sound that I'm 100% right but face it everyone on this board thinks they're right anyway, lol. People are going to think they're opinions are the most accurate. Thats obvious.
mike m said on 4/Oct/07
taker looks 5 inches shorter than big show ,and five inches shorter than khali.
Ghost said on 4/Oct/07
There is nothing that shows Taker having ever been 6'10. He was very close in height with Spivey who was MAX 6'7 in his prime. Go to OnlineWorldOfwrestling and see Spivey's profile.

Taker has even described himself as 6'8 a few times.

Don't you think that if Taker had ever been 6'10 he would have been billed 7 feet tall? Ofcourse he would have.

People need to stop saying that Taker was 6'10 or 6'6.

6'8 once, 6'7 today, I say.
TRutt said on 4/Oct/07
Finally, Tuga I agree... I really do blieve, at one time or another, Undertaker was damn close to the 6'10 mark, there is a lot of evidence out there that proves that, then again theres more inconclusive vid's that everybody likes to go by that 'illustrates' him being more in the 6'-6'8 range. BUt i do feel UT was definately once 6'10
cantstop25 said on 4/Oct/07
overesitmated?? Alex what are you talkign about for a while most people had him at 6'4" and many people even bought jasons 6'2.5" estimate
tuga said on 3/Oct/07
I think it is clear in the video I posted that Taker is taller than jbl even if jbl is wearing cowboy boots, now lets not start downgrading jbl...
If Taker was 6'6 or 6´7 someone like Nathan Jones would be much taller than him but they actually look about the same height, you have also Taker next to jimmy kievel etc. I think Taker is at least 6'8, the discussion is if he could be or has been taller than that, because anything under is just ridiculous...and whoever thinks he is under 6'8 is just ignoring all the evidence seen in videos.
James N. said on 3/Oct/07
I wish the pictures of The Skyscrapers were still on here. While the main picture that was going around didn't really show much of a height difference, there were others in the series where it was clear that Taker was at least a couple of inches bigger. If Spivey was 6'6" back then, then Taker was at least 6'8" and probably closer to his billed 6'9", at the time. Even today, I'm hard-pressed to believe that he's not at least 6'8", despite the fact that he doesn't go out of his way to seem tall against shorter guys. His bigger boots during the Corporate Ministry days seemed to put him closer to the 7' range (his 6'10.5" billed height).
topdweeb26 said on 3/Oct/07
Alex: if JBL's 6' 5 and people are estimating him as 6' 6 or 6' 7, I wouldn't consider that in the "most overestimated" category, as one or two inches off seems to be pretty common. With that said, at times you speak as if you have taken a measuring tape up to him personally or something. He does look 6' 6 a lot of times.
mike m said on 3/Oct/07
Ray i agree 100 percent taker these dayts 6'7".
dave said on 3/Oct/07
JBL is helped by his cowboy boots and his hairstlye adds to an illusion of height too. The UT's eye level is 2 or 3 inches higher than JBL's.
Alex said on 3/Oct/07
Tim Slyva looks at least 6'6-6'7 to me.

I think JBL is one of the most overestimated guys we have out there. A lot people think he's 6'6-6'7 but he's about 6'5 only.
TRutt said on 3/Oct/07
wow who are ppl kidding here? UT as low as 6'6?? NO way, may I insist u go get a free eye screening. u want conclusive evidence of just how big mark really is watch the vid of UT vs. Bigshow on ECW
Chief said on 2/Oct/07
Da Man, I was not aware of the billings on that, but billings are not always accurate. I have not seen many photos with Taker and Spivey, but some better ones would be useful. The two men appear very close in height.
nick said on 2/Oct/07
did i not state that i had met the guy, I am a hair over 6'2.5 in the morning, and a hair over 6'2 at night after a long day and weightlifting session. O have friends that are 6'5 and i have met people that are 6'6, The man is 6'8, he has a long forhead, which doesnt make him apear weird, but it does make him appear shorter by a little bit. Dont worry there will be that one picture one day that will definetly prove
Vegas said on 2/Oct/07
Mark; Wight was minimum 6" taller than haystacks imo
Mark said on 2/Oct/07
Cheers Vegas. Have been checking pages every day. As a massive fan of Undertaker I openly admit to doing my best to see him up and above 6'8 but reality is 6'6. I've seen photos of Taker/Rock more suggesting 3/4 inches definately not convinced by listing for Sylvia from UFC either Taker 0.5/1' shorter than 6'7 Jacobs too. Truth is not 100 per cent sure on Wight. Vegas how much taller than Haystacks would you say he was in that photo?
Ray said on 2/Oct/07
Also, let's not forget Taker had UFC's Tim Sylva by 2-3" in a backstage video; Sylva is billed at 6'8" but could be more 6'5"-6'6"
Ray said on 2/Oct/07
Anything under 6'7" is too low for Taker IMO; there is no way he's under 6'7" if Orton is 6'4"; also, Taker was around 5" shorter than Khali and 4" or so shorter than Big Show; saying Taker is in the 6'6" area wou,d suggest Show at around 6'10"+ and Singh at 6'11"+ which I think would be selling those two guys, actualyl all 3 guys short. Taker 6'7" minimum and could be more closer up to 6'8"; Show 6'11.5"-7'0", and Singh 7'1" seems pretty fair. JBL in cowboy boots is as tall or a hair taller than Taker may be true but cowboy boots can add a couple inches; JBL is what about 6'6" so he could be 6'8" in cowboy boots or maybe even more which would put Taker at that level with normal footwear.
Da Man said on 2/Oct/07
Chief, Taker was billed as 2 inches taller than Spivey in the Skyscrapers. Are there any in ring or other photos of Taker and Spivey together other than Skyscraper photoshoot pics? If they were the same height it seems like they would have been billed at the same height.
tuga said on 2/Oct/07
Yes KingNick, here it goes: Click Here If it still does not work simply searth " APA reunites" on youtube. I think anyone that thinks taker is 6'6 1/2 should watch his videos with Big Show, Nathan Jones, khali and also that fighter from ufc who is listed at 6´8...
Paul said on 2/Oct/07
nick, 6'6.5 isn't the lowest that's been been quoted on here in the past. We have had 6'5.5 more than once and 6'2 also. I won't reveal who made the claims though.
KingNick said on 2/Oct/07
tuga, I know what clip your talking about, the link didn' work for me. Could you post it again?
Chief said on 1/Oct/07
The listed height above for Undertaker is a bit too much. Let's not forget too that in the above pic with Frank, Undertaker is out in front gaining some camera advantage. Yes, believe it or not, a camera can have enhancing effects like that. I think the pictures with Spivey posted on 8/30/07(especially the ones where both men are standing straight side by side such as the one on the top-left) show that Spivey is a bit taller and therefore it is simply impossible for Undertaker to be 6ft7.5 . There is plenty of other evidence to support this too.
nick said on 1/Oct/07
wow where is this 6'6.5 claim, really outting to the extream low end. There is a video of the undertaker standing next to the rock and looks 5 inches taller even more
Da Man said on 1/Oct/07
Wight at 6'10", good luck providing evidence to support that.
Vegas said on 1/Oct/07
hey mark welcome back man :)

here is something that may interest you; type "Paul Wight" into the search box and you get more entries for Wight going back as far as 1990 (9 years before Vince decided to pick him up) Click Here Interestingly over a 3 year period (1990-1992) Wight is always described as 7'1, Wight is described a number of times as the tallest player ever for WSU, despite the fact that Greg Dreiling played there too and he was listed at 7'1 in the NBA.
Alex said on 1/Oct/07
Mark, thats true. Andre couldn't have gotten away with 7'4 in the 2000's.
tuga said on 1/Oct/07
Jbl is shorter than Taker even in cowboy boots, check this video for example: Click Here
Mark said on 1/Oct/07
I'm a huge fan of Taker and myself slightly let down at realisation that in reality is only 6'6 1/2 at best. Don't think he's lost height either. If he ever read pages would laugh at some suggestions, he'll never tell truth as long as with WWE. Wight - 6'10 like Andre, Singh 6'11 and Nash 6'9 max. All huge guys. Real giants. In years past Vince could get away with crazy billings of Andre but with net etc today wouldn't be possible. Andre tho was a true giant wrestler. For his size no one can compare.
nick said on 30/Sep/07
where are these jbl pictures
Supermanfan380 said on 30/Sep/07
I just put UT in the 6'7" range, that means I would not be shocked if he was 6'8", and may even wear raises at times too. There have been times he has looked as tall as Kevin Nash, and other times Nash has looked 2 or 3 inches taller than Taker.

Same thing with Sid Eudy. Who I also put in the 6'7' barefoot range.

Nash I have in the 6'9" or 6'10" range.

Meaning if any of them varied by a full inch either way, I would not really be shocked, and would not change how I would expect them to look in person.
Alex said on 30/Sep/07
I still would give JBL 6'5. Not 6'6 plus.
Alex said on 30/Sep/07
Paul, I do think UT was 6'8 but up until 2000-2001 then he lost a bit of height at least. He's lost over an inch you can tell over the last several years. I think 6'6.5 looks accurate today with a 1.5 inch loss.
Paul said on 30/Sep/07
Thanks KingNick.
Nick, UT used to be taller, over 6'8 ( I think 6'8.5+ at one time) but not now. He is barely taller than guys like Viscera and JBL. When JBL has cowboy boots on he is taller than UT in normal footwear. JBL is likely just over 6'8 in them. There have been photos posted on here that confirm that fact. The two of them with Simmons and some other guys were shown in one particular shot. JBL in cowboy boots was tallest, then Taker. Taker had about 6' on Simmons who I think is 6'1. A 6'10 claim or anything near it is crazy.
I don't buy 6'6-6'6.5 for UT though Alex.
nick said on 29/Sep/07
give me one picture that says rge undertaker is 6'7, just one, my god, someone even was ignorant enough to even put 6'6, that would mean that a 7'1 khali would tower over him like a 6'4 over a 5'9 guy, no way more like a 5'11 to a 6'4 or even 6'0 TO A 6'4 6'5', only two inches taller than a 6'5 no way in hell, he somtimes even looked within 2 inches of the big show, this is rediculous,
KingNick said on 29/Sep/07
Paul, nice estimates there man
Alex said on 28/Sep/07
DaMan, pretty much in my mid teens I believed every billed height they had.
Paul said on 28/Sep/07
Alex I agree with you on some, a bit different on others. These are all current estimates.
UT- 6'7
JBL 6'6.25
Kane- 6'7.5
Rock- 6'3
HHH- 6'1.5-6'2
Big Show, 6'11.5
Lesnar- 6'2
Batista, 6'3
Angle- 5'10
Austin- 6'0.5
Orton, 6'4
Nash, 6'9.5
Hall- 6'4.5
Jericho- 5'9
Da Man said on 28/Sep/07
Alex, I agree with that list pretty much across the board. Although I think Nash is a very strong 6'9" (or a weak 6'10") and I still feel like Taker is 6'7" (ish) even today when he adopts normal posture.
Alex said on 28/Sep/07
I'm making a list of some wrestlers and the height I think they are today compared to what I thought 5 years and before since I bought pretty much all the billed heights. Really up until 2005 I bought most of the billed heights or thought they were pretty close to their billed height.

UT- then 6'10, now 6'6-6'6.5
Kane- then 6'11, now 6'8
Rock- then 6'5, now 6'2-6'3
HHH- then 6'4, now 6'1.5-6'2
Big Show, then 7'1, now 7'0
Lesnar- then 6'4, now 6'2
Batista, then 6'5, now 6'2.5
Benoit, then 5'10, now 5'8
Angle- then 5'11, now 5'10
Austin- then 6'2, now 6'0
Orton, then 6'5, now 6'4
Nash, then 6'11, now 6'9
Hall- 6'7, now 6'4
Jericho- then 5'11, now 5'9
nick said on 27/Sep/07
well its hard to tell when ure trying to measure yourself up, i am 6'2 1/2 barefoot with my hair flattened, i could have been by his nose, 6'8 definetly, i know it for a fact, theres too much proof, he looks within 4 inches of big show in every single shot, look at the pictures of denis rodman compared to bigshow, undertaker carries himself as atleast 2 inches taller, come on, lets improve this great website by listing his real height which he has stated, and in all pictures is a 6'8 to 6'9 not a 6'7 to 6'7, there is a difference between the two. I mean does he look like a 5'7 1/2 guy compared to a 6 footer (his supposed height here to the big show.) no
KingNick said on 27/Sep/07
nick, where'd ya meet UT?
JK said on 27/Sep/07
''Alex says on 26/Sep/07
I think 6'4 is perfect for Orton. 6'3 seems a bit too short while 6'5 seems a bit too much. He's easily 6'5 or a bit more in shoes though.'' - I agree with that
Paul said on 27/Sep/07
Nick if you are 6'2 1/2 you would come higher than that.
Vegas said on 27/Sep/07
nick says on 27/Sep/07
you know seriously put mark down for 6'8, he obviously is closer to the height of khali than the 6'7, guy from the longest yard

Thats very true, Khali was 6" taller than Gary Godsey and only 5" taller than Taker. Taker had 2-3" on Tim Sylvia from what people say in the video (i have never been able to access myself it for some reason)

just out of randomness here is sid and brian adams (crush) Click Here
nick said on 27/Sep/07
you know seriously put mark down for 6'8, he obviously is closer to the height of khali than the 6'7, guy from the longest yard, absolutly rediculous. I have met the undertaker a few times and i had asked him his height as of now and he said the lower end of 6'8 and his peek height was the upper end of 6'8 barefoot.. Im 6'2 1/2 and i was up to his mouth
Viper said on 26/Sep/07
Orton looks to be at the absolute, absolute most, 6-3 1/2 with 6-4 Snitsky there.
Alex said on 26/Sep/07
I think 6'4 is perfect for Orton. 6'3 seems a bit too short while 6'5 seems a bit too much. He's easily 6'5 or a bit more in shoes though.
Viper said on 26/Sep/07
"Viper man you need to get your eyes checked because 6'3'' for Orton is going nuts"

Yet you think he looks 6-5, LOL.
TRutt said on 26/Sep/07
Click Here
check out the vid from 00:13 to 00:24 UT certainly looks every bit of 6'10 at times
KingNick said on 26/Sep/07
Viper, the thing is a few guys here (including myself) have seen Orton in person. I wanst close close, but I was maybe ten feet away from him. My uncle is 6'4", they looked about the same. Randy Orton is relatively think for his size and as a wrestler so I think he can appear 6'5" at times.

Oh yea and I think UT is 6'8" :>)
JK said on 26/Sep/07
Viper man you need to get your eyes checked because 6'3'' for Orton is going nuts
Vegas said on 26/Sep/07
orton is no 6'5 (he looks it alot of the time but i have met him and he is 6'4, 6'5 in shoes).

edge is maybe 6'3 (but edges footwear is always suspect in the ring), here is edge with nearly 2" on hulk hogan in the ring in 2003 Click Here

There are plenty of pics of edge and pro-baseballers where he does look a legit 6'3 in streets.
Da Man said on 26/Sep/07
Orton looks like a 6'4" guy, 6'5" is stretching it a bit. That is unless you think Edge is 6'4", since Orton doesn't have more than an inch on Edge.

It's hard to believe Edge is 6'4" when Foley stacks up so well against him.

Click Here
Vegas said on 26/Sep/07
Viper; JK's eyes are ok; he is correct Orton looks 6'5 in streets more times than not, you say he looks 6'3ish, that would put Batista at 6'0-6'1ish so in streets :D Click Here and Click Here

Orton is slightly taller next to Batista in streets than David Noel was and Noel is surely wearing his big footwear (giving him 1.5") with Batista Click Here and Click Here

Orton was alot taller next to Howie Mandel than David Hasselhoff was Click Here and Click Here and Click Here (no need for lines there :D)

I am amazed that i still see people claiming 6'0'-6'1 for Triple H even after the Will Sasso video Click Here Guys (viper, frank etc) how tall is Will Sasso???
mr helmsley said on 25/Sep/07
ya just face it, snitsky has orton by a little. and as far as taker is concearned, the man is still anywhere between 6'6''-6'8''! for those who feel that hes his height, why dont u leave this website alone! lol i think ppl just love to argue over nothing..
Viper said on 25/Sep/07
"This is a guy who certainly looks in the 6'5'' - 6'5.5'' range"

LOL, you need your eyes checked. Orton looks 6-3ish in street clothes. There is a small chance he MIGHT be a full 6-4. I will say there is a better chance of Orton being a full 6-4 than Rock being 6-3, or Triple H being 6-2 though.
KingNick said on 25/Sep/07
Haha thanks John R
John R said on 25/Sep/07
umm... get back to UT's height. possibly 6'10 at one time, look at decisive photos and interviews
JK said on 25/Sep/07
Orton under 6'4'' is just simply insane, This is a guy who certainly looks in the 6'5'' - 6'5.5'' range although 6'4'' is his real height, 6'3'' For Orton is just nuts, I say Orton is Legit 6'4''
Vegas said on 24/Sep/07
Viper; why am i not surprised you see Orton at 6'3 :D What's with all the 1/4 inches lately??

Snitsky is taller in 2 out of 12, Orton is taller in 3 out of 12, the rest they are exactly level, guys straight lines do not lie!!
Viper said on 24/Sep/07
I agree with Cantstop. I see Snitsky being taller in the majority of those. 6-4 for Snitsky and 6-3 1/4 for Orton.
TheMan said on 24/Sep/07
Lol that was a funnypic between cole and rey yeah wwes heights scales are ridiclous i remember there was a match with undertaker bigshow and great khali i think it was jbl who called undertaker a 7 foot clint eastwood or something. If youre 6,7 maybe even 6,6 then youre a 7 footer in the wwe lol.
Vegas said on 24/Sep/07
the camera angle is low throughout that staredown. Its on the shoulder of a camera outside the ring so can we really use that staredown at all is the question?? Orton's hair ain't giving him much either.

If you notice I drew the line lower on orton's head than snitskys (ortons hair is ABOVE the line i drew Click Here ).

Canstop25; you said "looking at vegas pitures in every pic snitsky is clearly the taller of the two". I posted 4 where Orton was either level or taller, i could have posted 9 or 10 out of the 12 and drew lines and i bet Orton is not shorter in them either.

Footwear advantage or not for Snitsky; he was no bigger than ~6'5 in gear during that match with Orton.

The big ben/starks pic was not perfect because starks and ben are closer to the camera and snitsky is not standing straight (he is in a posedown of some kind). The staredown with orton is about as good as we will get
cantstop25 said on 23/Sep/07
vegas snistyks is clearly taller in that staredown, im not being bias at all as a matter of fact I actually had both snitsky and orton at 6'4" for a while, though recently he has appeared taller, and his staredown with orton was even more proof for me. you cant alwasy...actually most of the time measure the tops of the heads doesnt work unless they are standing side by side. You just got to use common sense in those types of pictures, especially with the low camera angle, and your not facotring in orton hair, snitsky's hair gives him basically nothing.
Alex said on 23/Sep/07
In my opinion both are the same height. 6'4 or Snitsky could be a bit taller at 6'4 1/2 at most. Snitsky being a little shorter than 6'5 Ben is what tells me how tall he really is. Not just that but if you look at Snitsky's boots, they look almost like Kane's old ones.
Alex said on 23/Sep/07
Isn't Cole taller than Tazz? Tazz is 5'7 at the very most.
Alex said on 23/Sep/07
Vegas, they kill me with some of their billed heights, just like that when they have 2 wrestlers at their billed heights but are much further away in height then they say. Thats the same with Torrie and Rey. They have them an inch apart while its at least 5 inches minimum apart.
Vegas said on 23/Sep/07
Jacobs didn't look 3" taller to me, maybe an inch Click Here

i estimate jacobs to be around 6'8.5" in ring gear as of today (he was about 1.5-2" taller around 1999-2000). He was 2.5" taller than Big Ben who is approx 6'6 in shoes (of course kane could have been in sneakers too next to ben which would make him taller again in gear). That would put Hankinson at approx 6'7.5" in gear next to Kane here Click Here if he really is 6'3 barefoot he is getting a 4.5" boost from them boots!!!!

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

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