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Peak: 6ft 2.23in (188.6cm)
Current: 6ft 1.35in (186.3cm)
Yao Is 7-7 said on 29/Aug/05
Funny I asked someone who has pictures of himself at the event and he said Dalton was a mere half inch taller than Lazenby, who is about 11 years odler than Dalton, and has lost some height.

You are making it sound like some huge difference.
Mario Nariano said on 27/Aug/05
I was at the Die Another premiere and Dalton was clearly the tallest.
Rob, why don´t you give Dalton like Eastwood and Connery also his peak height?
Yao Is 7-7 said on 24/Aug/05
Dalton's looks up, adds half an inch, Moore loses height by leaning, Lazenby is slightly leaning barely.

Lazenby claims he is 6-2 1/2 NOW, Moore claims 6-1, although numerous sources show 6 feet.

If you compare at the bowties where posture is removed, all 3 appear sae exact height.
Anonymous said on 23/Aug/05
Lazenby, Dalton, & Moore
CelebHeights Editor said on 22/Aug/05
From james bond newsgroup: "Met Dalton years ago, when he was finishing Flash Gordon and he seemed about six foot two or three. I'm six four, so when you meet an actor you look up to, that you don't have to look down at, you remember it."
Mr. Klaus said on 3/Aug/05
In the movie gleopatra (1999) Dalton wore sandals and Billy Zane also. Dalton is two inches taller than 6 ft Zane in that movie. That movie proofes that Dalton was in 1999 at least 6 ft 2.
James said on 18/Jul/05
It is a fact --- Dalton was the tallest Bond, at 6'2. Connery was 6'1 and a half, Lazenby 6'1 and a half, Moore 6'1, Brosnan 6'1.
J.J said on 28/May/05
Well, for me it's quite simple - in The Living Daylights there is a clear shot of him standing straight right next to Jeroen Krabbe.
He looked exactly 2.5inches taller than Krabbe. So if he is 1.80m (5'11), which I think he is, then 1.87m (6'1.5") is right on the money for Tim.

But then of course, Krabbe could be smaller...
Mr Luis said on 22/May/05

I Think that you are the one who can't accept that Dalton was 6'2 at his peak.
As I sayd your are basing your facts about one movie. Robert De Niro looked in Cape Fear like a tall guy of 5'11 but is he that in real life?

Dalton was in 2000 an inch and half (5 cm) taller than Pierce Brosnan and Roger Moore who are 1,83 in my opnion .
Dalton looks the same height or maybe slighty taller than Benicio Del Toro (6'2)
Dalton was in 1969 a little shorter (1 cm or 2 cm) than Peter O Toole (6'3 at that time)
Dalton was in 1969 between 15 and 18 cm taller than Anthony Hopkins
Dalton was in 1987 two inches and half taller than Jeroen Krabbé
My Brother Meeted him in 1994 and he sayd that he looked really tall like 6'3 guy and my brother is exactly 6' ft

Conclusion, Dalton was at least 6'2 ft at his peak.
Mr.K said on 22/May/05
Dear Mr. Luis, I don't understand why you can accept the fact that Mr. Dalton never has been 6'2". Of course he is probably shorter today then he was 20 years ago. But please, I have met the man and so have for example Mr.R. Please watch the movie Hawks from 1988 and compare him to Janet 6'1" Mcteer. You will see clearly that Janet is about 2 inches taller then him. Because her heels are a few cms higher I can give him 184 cms in that movie. As a comfort I can say that in my opinion (I have met severals) about 80-90% of all actors listed at 6'2" are actually between 185.5-187 cms.
Mr Luis said on 21/May/05
Let me see some pics in wich Brosnan looks taller than Dalton. I have seen pics in wich both actors are standing to each other and Dalton looks an inch and half taller than Brosnan.
Brosnan is 1,84 or maybe even 1,83 and Dalton was in 1995 at least 1,88.
Mr.K said on 19/May/05
The picture that J.J is refering to is the picture that all Bond fans use as height chart. I admit that Mr. Dalton looks taller than Mr. Moore and Mr. Brosnan, but it's also a very bad picture angle. Mr. Dalton is standing closer to the camera than Mr. Moore and Mr. Brosnan and this will of course make him look taller. But I agree with J.J that Brosnan probably never has reached 185 cm. If you look you can also find (as our editor also says) pictures where Mr. Brosnan and Mr. Dalton seems to be the same height. You can also find pictures where Mr. Brosnan looks just about 1 cm taller than Mr. Dalton.
J.J said on 19/May/05
The Dalton/Edwards poster from 'Hawks' is indeed puzzling, but looking at this link
Which gives you a good idea of height comparisons for some of the bond actors, I'd say if Dalton really isn't more than 1.84 then that would make Brosnan 5'11 at the MOST. Brosnan is the same height as Moore who must have lost a few cm at his 70+ years! So if Moore was 1.83 and now about 1.81 then Brosnan is NO WAY 1.85 as listed here on Celebheights.

I'd say at the time they played Bond:

Dalton: 1.87cm
Connery: 1.87cm
Moore: 1.83cm
Brosnan: 1.82cm
Mr.K said on 16/May/05
To Mr. Luis
I think you have misunderstood something. Mr. Daltons Bond films are from 1987 and 1989. The movie Hawks is from 1988. He was 44 years old when he did the movie Hawks, 43 years old when he did The Living Daylights and 45 years old when he made License to Kill. In all these movies the same age and the same height. As I said to you before watch the movie Hawks and see for yourself. I have met the man and so has others (if you watch the comments). Mr. Dalton has in my opinion never been taller than 184 cm. You can also watch several other movies with him and you will be convinced that I and many others are right. Concerning Roger Moore I have met him today and he looks like 181-182 cm. My guess is that he was about 183-184 cm when he played James Bond. Pierce Brosnan is today 52 years old and if he does not have some kind of illnes I would say that his height today is about the same as 15 years ago. Perhaps you can add 1 cm and make him about 185 cm at his peak.
Mr Luis said on 16/May/05
It's a movie poster and maybe they wanted to make Dalton's Character shorter, those days he could be 6'1 because he is almost 60 years, but in the 80 and 90 he was without doubt 6'2. I have also a question to you MR K. How tall do you think that Moore and Brosnan are? Peak height please

To Viper452
I don't trust IMDB height but Davi is a really tall man. In the movies that he appears he is towering over almost everyone. Including the 6'2 ft actors, so he could be really 6'3.
Mr.K said on 14/May/05
My last comment concerning mr. Dalton. I wonder what Mr. Luis think of the picture with Anthony Edwards standing beside Mr. Dalton. If you should say that Mr. Dalton is the same height as Edwards then you will be the first one. I also recommend you to see the movie Hawks (if you haven't). After seeing that movie nobody can believe that Mr. Dalton is 6'2", especially if you have met him as I have. I will be generous and give him an extra cm because of the fact that it's very hard to determine other peoples height, even if you have met them. Let's say he can be 184 cm.
Mr Luis said on 13/May/05
That's not true, in Licence to Kill Dalton shoes are visible and his shoes are normal shoes who makes him 2 cm taller. There is also a scene in wich Dalton comes out is bed and don't have shoes and you can clearly see that he is an inch smaller than Davi. Robert Davi is listed as 6'3 in IMDB and really looks that because in Die Gard he was almost 10 cm taller than Bruce Willis!

Mr.K said on 13/May/05
I have seen the movie and the shoes Mr. Dalton wears has a heel of about 2-2.5 cm. I would say about the same as Edwards tennis shoes.
Mr.K said on 12/May/05
I and friends of mine have met all the Bond actors and here is my list of estimated heights and when I or my friends met the actor:

Roger Moore is about 181-182 cms today. I have met him in Stockholm several times (He is married to a swedish woman)

Sean Connery is about 185-186 cms today. I met him in Spain where he lives.

George Lazenby was about 185-86 cms several years ago. A friend met him in England.

Timothy Dalton is about 183 cms today. I met him in England

Pierce Brosnan is about 183-184 cms today. A friend met him in England
Luke said on 12/May/05
he is max. 183 cm!
Mr.K said on 11/May/05
I have sent our Editor a picture from the movie "Hawks". The picture is about 15 years old and show Mr. Dalton standing beside Anthony Edwards. Edwards is in my opinion a strong 6'1" but even if he should be 6'2" every person can see the difference in height between these two actors.
Mr Luis said on 11/May/05
I have meeted Benicio Del Toro and he looked like 6'2 or maybe 6'2 1/2 (i'm 6'1). In License to Kill (1989) Dalton was exact the same height as Benicio. In the most recent pics Dalton still looks 6'2 ft that he was 15 years ago. There is also a pic of 2000 in wich is standing next to Pierce Brosnan and he looks almost two inches taller than Brosnan (who is supposed to be 6'1).
Mr.K said on 10/May/05
Dear Mr. Luis,
As I have mentioned before I have met the man. I'm slightly over 186 cm. We had the same height of shoe heels and I was looking down to Mr. Dalton. I was surprised and later asked my wife and she said that there was a clear difference of about 3 cm. Of course it's hard to determine the exact difference but Mr. Dalton is definitely not more than 184 cms.
Mr Luis said on 10/May/05
Timothy Dalton is really 6'2 and Lazenby also. You must compare the Bond actors with the co stars. Ive Timothy Dalton is 6' ft as you say, benicio Del Toro would be also 6'ft and that would make Tim Robbins 6'3 or 6'2 1/2, And Pierce Brosnan would 5'11
Mr.K said on 10/May/05
The only Bond that has been 6'2" is Sean Connery. Today he is almost 75 years old but still 186 cms.
Viper652 said on 9/May/05
If hes 6 foot even, then no Bond has ever been over 6-1. Lazenby's true height is 6-1 also
Mr.K said on 8/May/05
Mr. Editor is doing a great job and therefore I can't understand why Dalton is listed being 2 inches taller than his correct height. As I have mentioned before I have met the man and he is no more than 183 cms. Also Mr.R has met him and says he is shorter than 6'2"
Mr. Luis said on 5/Apr/05
Watch License To Kill, you can see clearly see that he is taller than Benicio Del Toro.
Mr. R said on 5/Apr/05
Ahhhh, sweet vindication!
Mr.K said on 4/Apr/05
I agree almost completely with Mr.R. I have met the man and now in his sixties he is probably no more than 183 cms. I have also seen him play against Anthony Edwards in the movie "Hawks" and Edwards seems to be at least 3-4 cms taller. This movie is about 17-18 years old and I'm pretty sure that Dalton never has reached more than 6 feet. If you search for "Hawks" and look at the front cover you will understand what I mean.
Mr. Luis said on 4/Apr/05
In License to Kill he looked yust a litte taller than Benicio Del Toro.
He must be 6.2 1/2
Mr. R said on 12/Mar/05
I saw Timothy Dalton at the Actor's Fund benefit a few years ago. He walked past me, and I believe that he is 6'1". I was stunned that he wasn't as tall as he looks. He was also very old looking, with wrinkles, age spots, and he was balding!

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