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5ft 7.21in (170.7cm)
Complex said on 15/Jan/09
But acg I don't see her wearing heels though, I work with nothing but chicks and they wear shoes look that 24/7 and they are completely flat. It's almost like they look exactly like your typical heeled shoe minus the heel and I think Kidman is more 5'10. But assuming that she is in heels then I would retract my statement.

Click Here
This is the pic I was refering too, I really see no heels there,if you look at her foot under her dress you can clearly tell there's no heels, you can see the back heel of her foot is nearest the ground. I'd guess she's getting 0.5 inches from those shoes and if you subtract his hair you would still see a difference, prolly close to 2 inches.

I've said it a million times, cruise is 5'8 in decent lifts and prolly 5'9 in big lifts and in sly like elevators with lifts he might be able to reach 5'10, he could never go over 5'10 in my eyes unless in stilts! All i'm saying acg is ya'll aren't making sense, you say there's not much difference in him and supposed 5'11 kidman in heels yet we've all seen him completely dwarfed by 5'9 katie in heels. That just doesn't make sense.

Click Here (Tom & Kidman)
Click Here

Click Here (tom & katie)

Click Here (Let's just assume for a moment Mcconaughey is the height listed here 5' tall does that make Tom????) Personally I think Mcconaughey is shorter than listed here but even if we give him the height listed here where does that put Cruise honestly) and since alot of you say "LIFTS ARE OVER_RATED & STARS DON'T WEAR LIFTS" (which is obviously ignorant) we'll assume their both in casual footwear, even tho I doubt either one leaves the house w/o some sort of height increasing footwear. 5'7 tops!
Metric said on 15/Jan/09
Brad: Click Here For your boxer dog. And get a few back, hip and leg ops that should take care of your height. Nothing is impossible. (Except Cruise being 5'9" barefeet!!) Lol.
Metric said on 15/Jan/09
GREAT post, Complex! I'm with you on this one: 5'6.75" for prime Cruise! Prolly shorter today since he is fast approaching the big FIVE-O. 5'6.5" barefeet?? Probably...
ACG said on 15/Jan/09
Complex says on 14/Jan/09
even in those HUGE, repeat HUGE shoes that he's wearing in the kidman pics he looks between 5'8, 5'9 max.

Are you serious?? First off, Kidman is 5'11- barefoot. Then keep in mind that she was wearing heels. That makes her well over 6' tall altogether. Now Tom looks about the same height as her, sometimes even taller when he wore his possibly height-enhancing shoes.

To say he still looked only "5'8 or 5'9 max" with those "HUGE, HUGE shoes" is pretty far out there.
RisingForce said on 15/Jan/09
Stallone hasn't been UNDER 5'9" in his adult life. The fact that you think Sly is only a half inch taller than Cruise is laughable. Cruise is a minimum 2 inches shorter. I base that on the fact that I've seen Cruise is monster shoes and he barely reaches 5'11" in them. Sly looks to be reaching over 6'1" in shoes all the time.

Remember Sly in elevator shoes next to 6'1.5" David Letterman? Sly was barely shorter. Remember Cruise in elevator shoes next to 5'11" Jay Leno? Shorter than Jay by atleast the same amount.

Once again Sly is 2-3 inches taller than Cruise.
Brad said on 15/Jan/09
If I was worth a few hundred million I can assure you I could get custom Chuck Taylors. I wish I was 6' 1". It sucks being tall. I wish I could find a way to be shorter and to stop my boxer dog from farting and snoring. Tellem has to meet Cruise, but 5' 7.5" is close to reality. Stallone has never seen 5' 9" in his life.
Complex said on 14/Jan/09
No offense, but ya'll are clinically insane if ya'll think it's a stretch that celebs can get 3 inches from shoes. Shoe lift sites advertise even more than that. Even shox give like 1.5 inches and that's w/o lifts and timberlands give a decent amount of height as well, so elevators are so much more. I slipped on a pair of elevators once that a friend of mine had and they gave a solid 3 inches of height and were solely undetectable...and that's w/o lifts. So to answer Parker's question yes I seriously believe that Cruise is getting 3 inches in his lift pics, why not, he's called short 24/7 and criticized so he uses this so he won't get picked on. Heck if ppl all over the world started criticizing me for being fat I would either lose some weight or wear something to make me look thin and thinner clothes to hide it. Kind of what cruise does.

But Parker in the one of Cruise and her stnding straight up by that statue he still looks 1.5 to 2 inches shorter if you subtracted his hair and she stood straight up. Plus has anyone looked at his heels in those, they are ginormous. I don't know what the ppl that think Cruise ever looks 5'10 is smoking but I don't see it, even in those HUGE, repeat HUGE shoes that he's wearing in the kidman pics he looks between 5'8, 5'9 max. 5'7 tops barefoot, even in the barefoot pic of him and katie he looked 1.5-2 inches shorter and alot say she's more 5'8-5'8.5, plus he was measured at 5'6.75 according to several sources, 5'8 is a HUGE stretch for him barefoot! Trust me on this one!
Rusty said on 14/Jan/09
Tom Cruise has always looked more like a 5'9" guy to me, he must be wearing lifts then if his real height is only 5'7"
runt said on 14/Jan/09
Thinking about Parker's last pic with Tom+lifts against Nicole+nothing soles, I imagine several scenarios...

1) They both have the same amount of time out of bed and Tom really reaches Nicole's barefoot height when he's in those lifts; which means he could look TALLER than her if they had shot the photo with Tom at max height. Since most people lose .7" we can assume as much as a 1.4" swing between the two.
2) The picture is rigged (intentionally or not) because Nicole is near minumum height and Tom is near maximum and he's benefiting from the max 1.4" swing or less.
3) Nicole is the one benefiting from a time of day advantage. This would make Tom even taller than he looks in that photo.
Parker said on 14/Jan/09
Tellem - If you read my post I was going off the heights listed on this site. Stiller is listed at 5.6.5 (You say 5'6),Hoffman is listed at 5'5.5 (You say 5'5 tops) If you think Tom is 5'7,we'll agree to disagree. I think he's 5'8 at midday.Not seen any shred of evidence to refute it.Here's Stiller with Michael J Fox-
Click Here
Looks around 4 inches taller than Michael, so I think 5'6 for Stiller could be a tad low - If he is 5'6, Cruise looks at least 1.5 inches taller which still puts Tom at 5'7.5 MIN. Here's Michael with his wife standing approx 3 inches taller in whatever footwear she has on-
Click Here
Here's Tom looking 3 inches taller than Michael's wife from the same night
Click Here

Consistent - Tom 2 inches taller than Stiller,1.5 minimum. Sorry, He's 5'8.
Metric said on 14/Jan/09
5'9" for Cruise is just deluded. Compare him to legit 5'9" Martin Sheen. Nuff said.
TELLEM said on 14/Jan/09
1st of all parker if 5'10 brad pitt can pull off looking nearly the same height as eric bana in some show (i think trl) why can't tom cruise stick 3 inches in his shoes? 2nd of all, stiller is 5'6 not 5'6.5 and hoffman is 5'5 and could be under that nowadays...2nd of all..if he was really 5'8, why was he 2 inches shorter than 5'9 ed harris in the firm, why was he MORE THAN 2 INCHES shorter than paul newman in "the color of money" (cruise's foot wear was also suspicious. the most he had on dustin hoffman in rain man was 2.5 is 5'7.5 max morning height.
the shredder said on 14/Jan/09
Thanks Parker , Same reasons why I don't see a flat 5'7 for him , I can see him being as tall as 5'8.5 , he is most likely 5'7.75 to 5'8.25 , he is closer to that then 5'7 flat or full 5'9 !
runt said on 14/Jan/09
Anonymous says on 13/Jan/09
"I don't know...Cruise looked unusually tall on the Golden Globes. Maybe it's camera trickery but to me he looked well over 5'9". In general Tom appears taller than 10 years ago with much less suspicious footwear...Strange...very strange."

I guess lift and shoe technology has become much more advanced in the last 10 years :D
runt said on 14/Jan/09
Complex says on 12/Jan/09
"...I mean he's prolly 5'7 but that wouldn't suprise me, outside this height ppl argue as low as 5'3 for Cruise and most say he's prolly a flat 5'5, even on official listings he gets a whopping 5'7 and alot of height listings are generous giving things like 6'1 Pitt and 6'0 Clooney, so I say 5'7 for Cruise, not over!"

I did read your whole post and when I responded "you do realize 5'3" to 5'5" is absolute rubbish" I meant exactly that. I was pointing out that those heights shouldn't be given any credence. Even though you said he's prolly 5'7" you seemed to give credence to those much lower estimates. At the end You suggested that the 5'7" listing might be the same as the 6'1" listings for Pitt. BTW Cruise took some pics with Kidman in heels and those are the ones I was referring to.
ACG said on 14/Jan/09
Complex says on 12/Jan/09
Acg this is just a question not meant offensive, but how can you ppl tell that celebs have no lifts? Do ya'll know what lifts are...lifts are designed to be HIDDEN and are placed INSIDE the shoe, so the only way we could ever say for sure that a celeb has no lifts is to make them take off their shoes and check inside their shoes, that's the only way, just guessing and saying "oh he had no lifts and looked 5'10" that makes no sense at all. Again I say I have a friend that puts lifts in even converse and no one ever notices. 5'7 tops for Cruise barefoot, 5'9 in lifts.

I'm simply going by what glenn said- ask him. But glenn has had loads of experience studying these celebs and seen every type of footwear on them imaginable- and then some. So if glenn ventures as far as to say that Tom looked 5'9" once without lifts, then I'm completely behind him on that.

Good chance he is not 5'9 and the sighting was a result of uneven pavement, etc... but there is no way on earth a "5'7 tops" guy could look 5'9" sans height enhancing footwear.

I think Parker hit the nail on the head with his last post.
Parker said on 14/Jan/09
ok - Lets imagine a flat 5'7 for Cruise, and remind ourselves, using the heights listed on this site, what Stiller and Hoffman look like pictured together.
Click Here
5'5.5 for Hoffman, and 5'6.5 for Stiller.
Now look at Cruise and Stiller.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Looks to be 1.5 to 2 inches height difference. 'Lifts' comes the cry. Well Stiller could be in lifts, but we can't have that. Only Cruise wears lifts. So if Stiller is 5'8 in shoes in the pics, Cruise is 5'10 in shoes. That's a 3 inch lift EVERY time Cruise is pictured with Stiller.
Here's Cruise with 5'7 Michael Penna
Click Here
Penna's footwear looks suspicious but it can't be, only Cruise wears lifts, so again looking 5'10 (IF Penna is 5'7) = So Cruise again is getting 3 inches from his shoes - Does ANYONE seriously believe it?
Finally here he is with 5'11 Nicole Kidman
Click Here
Yes, in this picture he IS wearing lifts - but to look like that against Kidman he'd have to be getting 4 inches from a flat 5'7.

In summary, I've not seen 1 pic or a shred of evidence over 'hearsay and conjecture' that shows he can be anything less than 5'7.5.
When I first visited this site about 3 years ago, I believed Cruise was 5'7 tops. Rob had him listed at 171. Like me, he's seen enough evidence, and heard from Glenn that he's nothing under 5'7, and more likely nearer to 5'8. Facts are he's closer to 5'9 than 5'6. Robs upped him to 172. I personally still think he has him a cm too low.

For some reason the press and numerous people WANT him to be less than 5'7. I've seen ridiculous press as low as 5'4 here
Click Here

People want him to be short. Sorry, he's not. He's a tad below average.
Tim said on 14/Jan/09
Why does Tom Cruise just stop the speculation about his height and just tell people how tall he really is. He has no reason to be insecure seeing he chooses he that releases a worldwide blockbuster every year, makes millions of dollars, has a hot wife and beautiful kid. he can **** on 99 percent on the human population, he is living proof you dont have to be over 6 foot be a successful hollywood actor in the world today
Complex said on 14/Jan/09
runt..pause a second, reread my post that you commented on, then realize that I never said he's 5'3-5'5. I know he's not that low, but if you go to other height forums, there are ppl that argue he's those heights barefoot. If you woulda read my whole post you woulda seen that I gave him 5'7 not over, I never said "Cruise is 5'3" or "Cruise is 5'5", in that scenario it seems you read what you wanted to read. I think the absolute lowest for Cruise is 5'6 and the absolute highest is 5'7.5, he's somewhere in between barefoot evening height. and I could buy 5'8.5 for sly but personally I think he may be 5'8. 5'11 for sly is hysterical. At best Sly is 5'9.

But runt in the pics of cruise and nichole she's in flats and he's in MONSTERISHLY HUGE ELEVATORS and he's still an inch shorter. 5'7 maximum for cruise, sorry you guys are having a hard time accepting it but that's what it is.
Anonymous said on 13/Jan/09
Brad doesn't realize that lifts in regular shoes will look weird. Try it out Brad. Try to put 2.3 inches in your shoes and look how weird them shoes look...It's easy. Just try.
Anonymous said on 13/Jan/09
I don't know...Cruise looked unusually tall on the Golden Globes. Maybe it's camera trickery but to me he looked well over 5'9". In general Tom appears taller than 10 years ago with much less suspicious footwear...Strange...very strange.
RisingForce said on 13/Jan/09
Leung says on 12/Jan/09
Tom Cruise taller than Seacrest at the Golden Globes is exactly what I expected.
That clarifies that Seacrest
RisingForce said on 13/Jan/09
I agree shredder.

Cruise ended up nearly Jay Leno's height recently and a few years ago Sly ended up nearly Letterman's height. That does back up Cruise at a minimum 5'7.5" and Sly at a minimum 5'10". I think each are about half an inch taller though.
the shredder said on 13/Jan/09
Sly is NOT a mystery to me , He is NOTHING but 5'10-ish !
runt said on 13/Jan/09
I have difficulty with a solid 5-8 for Tom and a struggling 5-11 for Sly. I think in both cases these actors might be willing to 'prove' their height because the consensus is that they are quite shorter than these marks. Similar to the stunt that Mel Gibson pulled when he took his shoes off on that show, I think Sly at a struggling 5-11 with military posture + 10 hours of sleep should be able to take his shoes off on Jay Leno.
RisingForce said on 12/Jan/09
Brad, you're pathetic when it comes to Sly. You'll say anything to downgrade him to your RIDICULOUS 5'8.5" estimate. When Sly wants more height it's pretty obvious(look at those black boots in the Rocky movies or his Demolition Man boots). I'd bet my life there were no lifts in those Converse shoes, there was nothing weird looking about them.
Leung said on 12/Jan/09
Tom Cruise taller than Seacrest at the Golden Globes is exactly what I expected.
That clarifies that Seacrest
Brad said on 12/Jan/09
Everybody owns Seacrest, he's like short. Lifts in Converse? Sly did that in Rocky '76. He had to, he's 5' 8.5".
runt said on 12/Jan/09
Complex, you do realize that 5'3" to 5'5" is complete and absolute rubbish? Have you seen 5'3" ppl in pics with Nicole Kidman in her heels??? I guess not. In the past, I've posted Naomi Watts in heels against Nicole Kidman in heels. A 5'3" to 5'5" Cruise in lifts WOULD resemble 5-4ish Naomi Watts in heels. Trust me, Naomi/Nicole pics are not even in the ballpark of Tom/Nicole pics no matter what heels she's wearing.
Complex said on 12/Jan/09
Acg this is just a question not meant offensive, but how can you ppl tell that celebs have no lifts? Do ya'll know what lifts are...lifts are designed to be HIDDEN and are placed INSIDE the shoe, so the only way we could ever say for sure that a celeb has no lifts is to make them take off their shoes and check inside their shoes, that's the only way, just guessing and saying "oh he had no lifts and looked 5'10" that makes no sense at all. Again I say I have a friend that puts lifts in even converse and no one ever notices. 5'7 tops for Cruise barefoot, 5'9 in lifts.
the shredder said on 12/Jan/09
I think Tom is taller then Ryan ... I think Ryan is 5'7.25 -5'7.75 , and Tom 5'7.75 - 5'8.25 ! ... I think Tom has GOT to be what Rob list him as ! I rule out him being as short as 5'7 , 5'6 is the same or worst as saying 5'10 , 5'9 seems just a tad too much , 5'8.5 is possible but tops , 5'8 or a tad taller is very possible , 5'7.75 is a good guess !

I don't see how people would go ape sh!+ for him being taller then 5'7 ! Atleast Rob is close with his barefoot guess !
Big T said on 12/Jan/09
At the Golden Globes, Cruise had an inch over Ryan Seacrest, who himself had an inch over Ricky Gervais, who is 5'7 1/2" on this to say Tom's "public appearance" height is a strong 5'9" at the moment
jojo said on 12/Jan/09
While some people keep trying to bash him because of his height or religion. He's one of the most powerful celebrities in the industry , has a lot of money, fame, looks, and has worked with some of the most acclaimed directors and actors of the world. Yeah he must be losing sleep about his height.
ACG said on 12/Jan/09
But yeah, 5'8ish is the safest bet...
ACG said on 12/Jan/09
Everything Parker says is true, except I actually think 5'9 for Tom is a possibility. Glenn has seen Tom at this height WITHOUT any lifts, so he could be it.

I'll buy 5'9 any day before all this "5'7 tops" BS.
Complex said on 12/Jan/09
5'7 is the most I would give, maybe out of bed he's 5'7.5 at very best with a ton of sleep. If he were a legit 5'8 as some claim then he could get away with 5'9 and trust me, no wway could he ever get away with 5'9, ignorance I guess with ppl saying 5'8 or above for Cruise. I've heard from more than one source that he was measured at 5'6 3/4 and a flat 5'6 evening height wouldn't suprise me, I mean he's prolly 5'7 but that wouldn't suprise me, outside this height ppl argue as low as 5'3 for Cruise and most say he's prolly a flat 5'5, even on official listings he gets a whopping 5'7 and alot of height listings are generous giving things like 6'1 Pitt and 6'0 Clooney, so I say 5'7 for Cruise, not over!
Leung said on 11/Jan/09
James says on 11/Jan/09
I don't think anyone in a million years would belive he is actually a 5ft9er because most people outside of this website think he is 5ft6 or 5ft7.

His ego is 5
Leung said on 11/Jan/09
Cruise is taller than Seacrest.
Cruise is 5
Parker said on 11/Jan/09
Disagree Tom.On This site I think the majority think he's between 5'7 and 5'8. Me,Glenn,Brad,Shredder,James,Rising,ACG,Donatello,Lemon,Leonari. That's because we've seen the evidence. Most people outside this site (and a few on it) listen to rumours and myths and believe what they read in the press.
g said on 11/Jan/09
I agree with you TOM, for me he looks like a 5'7.5 morning max in a very good day, and they are puting him almost in 5'8 and even saying that is more probable for him to be 5'9 than 5'7 come on!! BTW I've seen publicity of tom cruise on this site I think that is one of the things that makes me believe that they are protecting tom.
the shredder said on 11/Jan/09
Rob , who do you think can be taller ? Cruise or Ryan Seacrest ?

[Editor Rob: I don't think either would be taller, well noticeably like 0.75 inch.]
juniordunlop said on 10/Jan/09
"Junior's 5' 5.5" sighting is ridiculous. He's almost as tall as Katie in that barefoot boat shot and she's a tall gal. He said "spot-on" which is a Brit expression not SoCal."

So what if "spot-on" is a Brit expression? I can guarantee you I am from SoCal (if your real computer savy check my IP). Everyone here can debate all they want. Just wanted to give some insight from some personal experience. What seems to be lacking in this discussion is the simple fact that Tom is as short as the shortest you've seen him. He can only "lift" not "shrink" and I've seen him at around the 5'5.5" - 5'6" range. Certainly no taller. If anything he can only be shorter, just because he wasn't barefoot. Wishing hard enough won't help change his height.
TELLEM said on 10/Jan/09
in "the color of money" he looked 2, maybe sometimes 3 inches shorter than an aging 5'10 paul newman (if he still was 5'10) cruise is 5'7, 5'7.5 MAX...that is all
glenn said on 10/Jan/09
thats true james,but i think he has claimed that.he is at least been listed as that.even more bizzare,i think read it out of his mouth.
Jasmine said on 10/Jan/09
He look shorter than girls in many of his movies and Why Tom cruise is on the top list of most hated celebrities?
Brad said on 10/Jan/09
I don't think Cruise would go near a height question.
Parker said on 10/Jan/09
Complex - Here is a post I posted on 13th October, which somehow ended up on the Stller page

Parker says on 13/Oct/08
Clearly 1.5-2 inches taller than Ben Stiller, but 2-3 inches shorter than Beckham
Cruise Under 5'7 - no chance
5'7 Evening height - possible
5'7.5 Evening height -probable
5'8 Evening height - possible
5'9 - No chance

I'm sure you've seen this video
Click Here
And this pic when he was in converse
Click Here

He's clearly got a min 1.5 inches on Stiller and at least 2.5 on Hoffman
Click Here

Every pic and film I've seen confirms this difference, so if you have Tom 5'7 tops, then we have Stiller 5'5.5 Tops and Hoffman 5'4.5 tops. Do you really believe that? I'll accept and debate 5'7, but surely that's the lowest height he could possibly be.
Vibram said on 10/Jan/09
When people see any 5ft7-5ft9 north european-looking white guy with black hair, white skin and light eyes they think of Tom Cruise. It's quite a rare colour combination, and to extent pred. refined to British, Welsh and Irish folk. Because Cruise is short, they think must think the 5ft9 guy with similar features as short, too, at least it must enter their head, even though 5ft9 isn't really short but beacuse of the Cruise physical similarities they're brainwashed into paring the physical features of regular guys they meet daily to stars on the screen. College girls go crazy over lookalikes don't they? I recall back to 1993 there was this guy in my school class that looked like Mark Owen from boy band 'Take That' and girls were screaming over him.
glenn said on 10/Jan/09
cruise is around 5-8.
The Game said on 10/Jan/09
I say he's 5'7" no more. All 3 of his wives have been taller than him with Mimi Rogers at around 5'8" to 5'8.5" being the shortest.
Complex said on 9/Jan/09
I just can't see that Parker, maybe if by dress shoes you mean lifts. But I highly doubt in the evening he can wear casual dress shoes and hit 5'9, if so, then he'd be close to 5'9 out of bed, which is impossible. 5'7 tops for Cruise, tops! He could never pass for a strong or weak 5'9...he can't even pass for a weak 5'8 in my book! I think he got so much flack about being smaller than average that he figured if he claimed 5'9 that it would get some of the ppl off his back. If he were 5'9 then the rest of the 5'9 guys in the industry should be getting just as much flack about their height as Tom, yet they arent...makes me suspicious of mr. cruise!
ACG said on 9/Jan/09
Tom is wise to claim 5'9, even if he may not be....there's no debating that he can easily look it, contrary to what some people want to believe.
Brad said on 9/Jan/09
Junior's 5' 5.5" sighting is ridiculous. He's almost as tall as Katie in that barefoot boat shot and she's a tall gal. He said "spot-on" which is a Brit expression not SoCal.
Donatello said on 9/Jan/09
Vibram says on 9/Jan/09
He gives 5ft9 guys bad vibes by claiming it throughout his carrer

5'9" is way more believable then 5'6" for cruise, Complex he does use lifts to look "average". I couldn't pull that off with 2.5 inch lifts and I'm close to 5'7". So just stop with your 5'6" nonsense, if anybody should I know it would be the person who is actually 5'6". Plus look at him next to hoffman or stiller, even if hoffman is 5'4" and stiller is 5'5" that still puts cruise at strong 5'7".
Parker said on 9/Jan/09
James says on 9/Jan/09
In Cocktail he looked short next to his characters - best friends girlfriend. Its the scene where she is trying to seduce him in her apartment.

Watch it again James. That girl is Kelly Lynch,listed 5'9 here. Yes she looked taller than Cruise in her heels, but when she takes her shoes off she is shorter.
Vibram said on 9/Jan/09
He gives 5ft9 guys bad vibes by claiming it throughout his carrer.
glenn said on 9/Jan/09
i forgot about that james! yes,and i did in the flatest sneakers for at least a split the actual photo i looked 5-8ish,5-9.i saw something similar 3 weeks ago with viggo mortensen.5-8 guys looking 5-10 next to him from a weird angle.not video either.they were doing photos with.
glenn said on 9/Jan/09
i dont think its the smartest idea shredder,as he is aware of the controversy of his the right situation ill think about asking him.
juniordunlop said on 8/Jan/09
Sorry Rob, don't drink while on the job. Just stating a fact. After about 4 or 5 hours it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure something like this out. Shoes can do wonders for man height (and must for him at times). At this reception he obviously wasn't "lifting" and my stated height ranges are certainly spot on.
Parker said on 8/Jan/09
Complex - He probably claimed 5'9 because that's what he is in dress shoes in the evening.
leonari said on 8/Jan/09
Glenn: You would look flat out a 5'10 guy in lifts. Nobody would doubt it. But sure you would get the same controversy as most 5'10" guys get...
Complex said on 8/Jan/09
I've seen Cruise argued as low as 5'3 to as high as 5'9, i've heard 5'6 a countless number of times, 5'7 tops i'd say. He's got the Pitt affect going on except instead of using lifts to look "tall" as pitt does, cruise uses lifts to look "average". I have no earthly idea why Cruise claimed 5'9, there's just no way that's even possible.
the shredder said on 8/Jan/09
Glenn , I think it would be cool to ask Tom his height the next you see him ! ... Be like " HEY TOM ! 5'8 or 5'9 ! " or hey tom are you 5'8 or so , or just flat out ask him what his height is !
Lemon said on 8/Jan/09
Sorry, the second link is: Click Here
glenn said on 8/Jan/09
i agree guys,thank you.that i can pull of looking 5-9 or so,sometimes.thats why i dont understand the 5-6 to 5-7 snide remarks.tom has funny arms and legs.i wonder how i would pull off looking in lifts?
the shredder said on 8/Jan/09
Rob , how come my post are not showing ? ... I posted on the Sly page and Avery !

[Editor Rob: I hadn't got around to looking at them yet to give you a response because they included links.]
Lemon said on 8/Jan/09
juniordunlop, no way Cruise is 5'5.5", look at him next to 5'6" Ben Stiller: Click Here; or next to 5'5.5" or 5'6" Bono: Click Here
Cruise is 5'7.5" minimum. 5'7.75" more probable.
Brad said on 8/Jan/09
Yes Junior, you had too many of those drinks that the reception was to serve. He's 5' 8" or juss a wee shy of it.
Kristian said on 8/Jan/09
Its true tom does have a weird body i first noticed it in Jerry Maguire when hes walking in the airport...he is pretty stocky though that is the only reason why i think he cops a bit of flak...

but you should seriously hear the comedians down in australia who dead set think hes 5 foot 4 what a joke, its true they are jealous ****s but what can you expect when you join a group such as will get flak about anything
leonari said on 8/Jan/09
Hell yeah you look in proportion Glenn. Thats why you can look taller than you really are in certain pics. Cruise can't.
TELLEM said on 7/Jan/09
rob, whatever you do don't up this man's height...please...keep him in the 5'7 range
juniordunlop said on 7/Jan/09
I worked his wedding reception to Nicole Kidman (which was quite a bit after their actual wedding) and stood by him all night. This event took place at the Long Beach museum for aviation (not exactly sure if that is the exact name, but it is an airplane museum in Long Beach). At the very tallest he "could" be 5'6", but I would put my money on 5' 5.5". No way is he 5'7" unless he wears shoe implants that work the opposite of lifts. By the way, a very nice guy. Introuced himself to me as Tom, as if I didn't know.
Brent said on 7/Jan/09
I agree with complex cruise is a 5'7 guy.
ACG said on 7/Jan/09
yeah, glenn can look a legit 5'9 to 5'10 in some pics. and that's not counting the pics where he's next to celebs who either claim or are listed elsewhere way higher than they actually are!

proportion-wise? yeah, cruise has the build of an unusually short man- which he is not. but his unflattering build and the fact that he is still just a tad under average height make him a prime target for short jokes or misconceptions. of course this is all combined with someone who has starred in big budget action movies playing the hero- who people would expect to be 6'2- but then they meet him in person and.....

i can almost bet my life that if Tom were a solid 5'10 he'd still get almost an equal amount of flak for being "short"- just look at Stallone; hell, look at Schwarzenegger!!! Arnie actually was a legit 6'2, maybe not anymore, but he still gets a crapload of short sightings and rumors- some allegedly even dating back to when he WAS his peak height!!

glenn- though Tom may actually be taller than you(if he's 5'9, which is possible), you give a much taller impression due to your proportions- as leonari said, Cruise looks a bit weird for someone as "tall" as he is, but you look fine. i wouldn't go as far as to call Tom an abnormality, but i've seen people around his size that are way lankier, therefore giving a taller impression than he ever could hope to.

let me put it this way- it's a heck of a lot easier for me to see Brad Pitt as a sex icon, raw height aside.
frankys said on 7/Jan/09
leonari: look at the pics and make up your own my humble opinion cruise is 172 cm with shoes on (no lifts though)..
James: than berlusconi is 170 cm with footwear... comparing with cruise they have the same gap with veltroni..which prolly means that cruise is 172 cm with shoes on
glenn said on 7/Jan/09
i know that leonari.i meant do i look in proportion in general? especially compared to him?
glenn said on 7/Jan/09
you never ever had a myspace account leonari? thats odd.i couldve sworn you had one 2 years ago.
Vibram said on 7/Jan/09
I don't think Cruise has a small upper body: type 'Cruise, Magnolia' into google images and he looks big-chested / broad. Itr's odd cause he looked small / sparrow-like with thta grey shirt pic with Kidman posted a few days ago, like a jockey he looked. I think Charles Brosnon was 5ft8 at best - a similar height to Cruise - but never got the short mans flack, ever from the media like Tom does. Bronson pulled off the 5ft10 look, something Tom can't quite do without camera trickery and hideous boots, though. Is it because Bronson has somewhat normal-looking leg length and straight shoulders, where as Tom has short legs and sloped/compact shoulders?
Complex said on 6/Jan/09
I think a flat 5'7 is more possible than legit 5'8 for cruise...
John P said on 6/Jan/09
Glen i will admit you have good proportions-wide shoulders, decent build. You give the illusion of a 5-10 guy.
leonari said on 6/Jan/09
Frankys: So whats up with the Veltroni pics? Explain. Just posting pics is not self explanatory, you know!
Lemon said on 6/Jan/09
James, as I said before Veltroni is 5'11.5", 6'0" tops.
leonari said on 6/Jan/09
Glenn: I don't have a myspace account so I doubt you have seen a pic of me sitting...
leonari said on 6/Jan/09
Glenn: I meant like myself you have wide shoulders. Normal built. Tom has weird body proportions not you man!
the shredder said on 6/Jan/09
Ok guys , he might not be legit 5'8 , but it is not impossible ! ... it is more possible then 5'9 or 5'7 flat ! ... Now that I think about , If got he measured 5'9 in shoes then 5'7.75 would be accurate !

The guy clearly is NOT 5'6 to 5'7 ! Im 5'6 to 5'7 , And I'd bet Cruise is taller ! ... Cruise is atleast a little taller then 5'7 , 171cm realisticly !
Lemon said on 6/Jan/09
frankys, Berlusconi always wears lifts, so it's better to look at him as a 5'7" guy.
glenn said on 6/Jan/09
what about my proportions leonari? shoulders? normal? you can be honest.not that i expect you to say anything unsual proportions can look weird.i feel im perfect in that sense.i never saw a pic of you standing.i think i saw a myspace pic of you sitting.
leonari said on 5/Jan/09
I agree with Glenn. There are uglier shoes out there. But Cruise packed serious lifts in there. Trust me. Thats why he needs the 1.5 sizes bigger than what he would need when buying regular shoes without wanting to put lifts in 'em. But recently he is not pulling those out of the closet. His shoes look way more decent these days.
And yes he has a very weird body shape. His shoulders are extremely narrow. I'm his height (give or take half an inch) and my shoulders are much wider. Glenns as well btw.
leonari said on 5/Jan/09
Here we go again another of my posts disappeared. Steve Edwards: We are intelligent animals. Nothing more nothing less. In the animal world it's also the big alpha male that is the leader of the hurdle the one one females are after. It's all about prize-ability . Thats why it doesn't matter if very famous actor or Rock stars are ugly and/or really short or filthy rich billionaires for that matter. We are primitive beings with a developed brain if that makes any sense. Well actually it's as contradictory as the human race as a whole...
Complex said on 5/Jan/09
Man if we're gonna give Cruise a legit 5'8 why don't we just go ahead and upgrade him to 6'0, lol! It seems he was listed 5'6 way back in the day, then 5'7 for the longest, now he's toying around with 5'8, what next...5'9, 5'10, 6'0 6'3 Cruise?? I mean unless this guy is still growing, he's 5'7 tops!
DEPP said on 5/Jan/09
the dont even seem that big too me. Just normalish shoes that acuall dont look bad at all. I think jus the mention that shoes ma have lifts make some people automaicall label them "hideous". lol
frankys said on 5/Jan/09
italian politician Veltroni next to 1.65 cm Berlusconi
Click Here next to Cruise Click Here
glenn said on 5/Jan/09
downeys gray sneakers and slys munsters take the cake for me.i dont have a problem with cruises shoes.too long,too big.but i like the style if they were normal size.its the big size thats make them ugly.not the style to me.
RisingForce said on 5/Jan/09
Glenn, I think the thickness and size of the shoes makes them ugly. If they were smaller then they wouldn't be ugly in my opinion but the size makes the difference. Sly's Rocky Balboa premiere shoes were hideous but I like some of the cowboy boots he wore in the 70's and 80's that weren't thick but had a big heel. Downey's shoes themselves aren't that bad which is the problem considering the fact that he trys to put 2 inch lifts in them. Downey's problem is that he has no idea how to hide lifts. Vin Diesel probably has some of the ugliest boots. Way too thick and chunky. Sometimes his boots like fine though.

Now that I think of it, Cruise has much worse shoes than he wore in the picture I just posted.

I honestly think these shoes are truly hideous. I don't understand why anyone would wear them.
Click Here
Click Here

Maybe I'm missing something but those really seem ugly to me.

I've seen Brad Pitt and Sly wear these. They aren't as bad but they give a lot of height. These actually don't look too bad, it's just obvious why he wears them.
Click Here
Click Here

If he wants 2.5 or 3 inches then he should just wear those and not what he wore in the first 2 pictures. Tom really can pass for 5-10 or close to it in certain shoes.

Honestly though when I want more height, I wear cowboy boots. I like the way those look and they give 2 inches even without lifts.
leonari said on 5/Jan/09
Steve Edwards: Cause we are still and will remain a primitive being no matter what scientific or technological advancements we make But I think like you. It would be a much nicer place...
Steve Edwards said on 5/Jan/09
Why can't we just live in a society where height and race are considered irrelevant?
Vibram said on 5/Jan/09
Seth says on 3/Jan/09
i think everyone thinks he's short is because he is a small man, not just in height, but in actual size

Indeedio. He has sloped shoulders, a long neck, a short back/spine with shortish legs as well. This makes guys below 5'10 look small IMO.
Kristian said on 5/Jan/09
Im amazed that this guy gets such a hard time for being short, when others like ben stiller are always overlooked when it comes to such things despite being much shorter....

im almost 5 foot 9 (perhaps even on it) in the morning and come down to just a tad over 5 foot 8 at night except i never look or feel as short as tom does put him at 5 foot7.5
Leung said on 4/Jan/09
leonari says on 4/Jan/09
You have him perfect,don't give him 173.Please

I second that. His current listing is correct.
glenn said on 4/Jan/09
i think those are nice shoes.just too big.ugliest? thats exaggerating.that goes to sly and downey.
Lemon said on 4/Jan/09
Yes, Parker, Veltroni is 5'11.5", 6'0" max (here he is with 5'7" Silvio Berlusconi: Click Here). Redford is 5'9.5" minimum. Glenn saw him at 5'10".
Anyway, I guess a weak 5'8" for Tom.
RisingForce said on 4/Jan/09
When Cruise was being marketed as an action hero around the time of MI2 he wore some of the thickest, ugliest shoes I've seen a celebrity wear.
Click Here

In them he does look every bit as tall as 5-9.5, 5-10 Cuba Gooding Jr. though and Cruise is slouching. That means at worst he's a weak 5-8.
Parker said on 4/Jan/09
Here's Lemon's pic from a different angle - Redford looking like 5'10 to me.

Click Here
Parker said on 4/Jan/09
Good pic Lemon. Looks about 3 inches shorter than the politician 5'11.5 (182) you say? Puts Cruise at 5'8.
Lemon said on 4/Jan/09
To me 5'8" sounds a little high for Tom. Here he is with Redford and the italian politician Walter Veltroni (saw him recently, he is a legit 182 cm.): Click Here
5'7.5" or 5'7.75" is perfect for Mr. Cruise.
Parker said on 4/Jan/09
I'm with you shredder, I too think he's 173,(legit 5'8) but definately no more than that, but Robs listing of 172 is only a cm off, so perhaps you could argue he could be 172 at night after carrying a sack of potatoes around on his back for 14 hrs.

Complex - good pic but unfortunately, without seeing their feet its impossible to make an accurate height estimate.

In my opinion Cruise is a legit 5'8, but his wife's footwear can make a big difference to any pic together.

I think Katie is as listed here (5'9)and Cruise can get to 5'9, 5'9.5 in standard footwear,dress shoes as here with his wife in mm footwear-
Click Here
Now,equip Katie with her favourite 3 inchers..
Click Here
Put her together in a pic with Tom in a pair of his flatter shoes...
Click Here
And abracadabra, he stands 5'9 and she 6 foot.

Put them in a group pic on the same night with 5'6 Marc Anthony and J Lo..
Click Here
Still looking 5'9.

Put Tom in Converse and Katie in marginally shy of 3 inchers,
Click Here
Tom maybe standing at 5'8.5/5'8.75

Now roll the years back and get him into Stallone lifts against his ex 5'11 wife
Click Here

He's standing close to 5'11. If he's 5'6, he's getting 5 inches from his shoes, If he's 5'7, 4 inches, 5'8 2.5/3 inches. Before you decide how much his shoes are giving him, bare in mind I once had these shoes

Click Here
They give you 3 inches from barefoot.
the shredder said on 4/Jan/09
Rob , in your opinion you don't see taller then 172 cm ? ... I know you don't see 170cm , which I agree with !
the shredder said on 4/Jan/09
Rob , CHECK this out PLEASE !!! ... I find this pic of Cruise and Downey , jr 's footware , and they are both in FLAT shoes ! ...

Click Here

Now look at this pic ... they both look like legit strong 173cm !

Click Here

Downey , jr is a legit 173cm imo , I don't care who disagrees , Cruise imo is 173cm !

[Editor Rob: if I remember from looking at those photos Cruise was wearing all white converse, matthew had a 1-inch nike.]
the shredder said on 4/Jan/09
Yes Rob , I think it is the most accurate an estimate , 5'9 is too high , 5'7 is too low !
leonari said on 4/Jan/09
You have him perfect,don't give him 173.Please
the shredder said on 4/Jan/09
Rob , what stops you from giving him 173cm ?

[Editor Rob: nothing, but is it more accurate an estimate, a legit 5ft 8?]
king kong bundy said on 4/Jan/09
morning 5-8, by night brushing 5-7 @ ~5-7.25
sam said on 4/Jan/09
he's got a complex because everyone in hollywood wants him to be 6 foot so they're jelous that a man of average stature physically has achieved extraordinary stature professionally/artistically.
sam said on 4/Jan/09
looks like a solid 5'8
Complex said on 4/Jan/09
Click Here
Tom Cruise & 5'7 Michelle Monaghan (who's also commented that her & Cruise were the same height)

Granted she's likely wearing heels in this pic....but he likely is too ;)
RisingForce said on 3/Jan/09
Tom looks an easy 5-8 barefoot with Katie. Her sandals give her a quarter or half an inch.

Great pictures Parker. I think he's 5-8. I also think there's a better chance that he's 5-9 as he claims over the 5-6.75 figure you hear.

He's really not that short. Rob has him listed well.
Seth said on 3/Jan/09
i think everyone thinks he's short is because he is a small man, not just in height, but in actual size
Parker said on 3/Jan/09
You know the more pics of Tom I see with Katie minus her obligatory 3 inch heels the more I realise there isn't that much between them. Less than an inch in my opinion
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
the shredder said on 3/Jan/09
Tom is pretty much a 172cm - 173cm guy , not legit 5'9 ... not flat 5'7 !
Vibram said on 3/Jan/09
He did look 5'8" - 5'9" and an average height man in "Risky Business" (1983). Didn't look small at all but was a slimmer framed man compared with today. Go's to show 5'7" men can look average before they become stockier, thus shorter-looking with age.
Donatello said on 2/Jan/09
I really have a hard time buying anything less then 5'7" 1/2 for Tom. Complex quit trolling around these forums with your 5'6" claims. 5'6" isn't possible for cruise, I would buy 5'10" before 5'6" for cruise.
RICHARD said on 2/Jan/09
How tall is Tom's mother ?????

I've read his dad was 6'0 so Tom took after his mom
Lego said on 2/Jan/09
nice tom image below, looks 172-173cm there but if he was swimming then maybe his spine was tretched, besides it's morning or something.

171-172cm is more like it for tom.
james2 said on 2/Jan/09
RisingForce looking at that picture he looks around about 5'8.
glenn said on 2/Jan/09
i guess it looks that way tom,but cruise is most likely 5-8. 5-7 is also possible.
RisingForce said on 2/Jan/09
Here is a better picture of Tom barefoot.
Click Here

He's 5-8 or 5-7.5 at worst. Rob has him listed perfectly.
the shredder said on 2/Jan/09
Parker , I find it hard to see how people can even see as low as 5'7 flat ! ... That guy Michael Pena looks 170cm and so does JJ Abrams looks 170cm also , and actually JJ Abrams next to 5'4-5'5 women in heels is exactly how my grandpa looks next to my 5'4 grandma in heels , and my grandpa is a measured by the army 5'7 guy , and still is ! ... This is why I don't see Tom being just 170cm , because a 5'7 flat guy next to women that height in heels will look at most the womens height , Tom always looks taller !

Rob , this is the reason I can't see him being 170cm ! ... Im not going to demand 5'9 ... I don't think he is that tall , but he has got to be 172cm !

Rob , do you think 172cm is minimum ?
Midget said on 2/Jan/09
I read somewhere that in the mid to late 80's, Tom was listed on a movie's cast list as being 169cm. I think it was around the time he did his first movie,(some fantasy/adventure type flick),but I can't find the article that I saw it mentioned.I still can't see him being any more than 171cm-172cm though at max.
Parker said on 1/Jan/09
Tom with Lions of Lambs cast members
Click Here
5'7 listed Micheal Pena(Celebs),5'9.5 listed Robert Redford,6' listed Andrew Garfield(IM-B)

And another, Garfield,Cruise,Redford.
Click Here

If anyone still thinks Cruise is under 5'7 - I give up.
Complex said on 1/Jan/09
He looks as low as 5'5 in the pics leonari posted but like he said, the boat is tilted, the 5'6 range could be possible, I think maybe he's 5'7 during the day and 5'6.5 at night, something like that.
Parker said on 1/Jan/09
Cruise with 5'7 listed (Celebs)Michael Pena

Click Here
Click Here
TELLEM said on 1/Jan/09
a while back i posted a picture of a bunch of paramount picture celebs next to each other and charles heston completely towered over tom cruise...hes 5'7...nuff said
anne said on 1/Jan/09
i dnt get it y does every 1 call him short? if he really is 5-6 then he is 3inches taller than me i know i am short any way but compared to tom who is "small" then i maust be a shrimp y dnt they give him a break? if he is that bothered by it then y does he get his leg elongated???
Parker said on 1/Jan/09
Adam - Get an envelope or a ruler and line it up at the top of Cruise's head on the pic. If Heston was 9 inches taller you'd see Heston's full head. You don't. He's more like 7 inches taller than Tom 6'3 -7" = 5'8.

Also, with respect trying to estimate a 5'7/5'8 guy accurately against a 6'3 guy is almost impossible.
adam said on 1/Jan/09
Go to the Charlton Heston -page. There is a pic (put by Gonzalo) where Tom is standing next to Charlton Heston. The 6-3 Heston looks what 8-9 inches taller. So that makes Cruise.... 5-6 to 5-7. And that is pretty much what he is!
Brad said on 1/Jan/09
He's been wearing very big stealth the past year. On Leno he had incredible ones. Sly should find the cobbler. I bet Tom looked at Keri's heels and went: "Oh no".
Glenn said on 18/Oct/06
That would still be lifts anonymous.good question Dmeyer.5-7 and 5-8.I could see being vain is against his religion.
DMEYER said on 17/Oct/06
hey glenn wath the tallest that cruise apear to you and the shortest
anonymous2 said on 17/Oct/06
if he doesn't wear actual lifts he must have his shoes specially made, like Sly ;)
TNTinCA said on 17/Oct/06
You mean Grand Overlord Xenu has forbid the wearing of lifts in public?

Perhaps Tom grew a bit after ridding himself of all the body thetans that were holding him down. LMAO

[Padraig: Xenu is a wise man, not to be underestimated. He threw all of the negative energy lifts into the volcano a while back.]
Glenn said on 16/Oct/06
Padraig isnt nonsense,Scientology is.he may have a point.Prince said to my friends he doesnt pose with them cause of his religion.
leonari said on 16/Oct/06
PAdraig: that comment about no lifts and principles of Scientology is a joke right? Please don't tell me you are serious...cause it is non-sense.
dmeyer said on 16/Oct/06
174 is wath he looks in those pics with glenn
dmeyer said on 16/Oct/06
if tom didnt wear lifts when i met him last week idsay he is 173 pushing 174 but his shoes did look suspicious so more 170 172 range
Franco said on 15/Oct/06
Penelope is 5'3 and tom is 5'7 without shoes. ;)
as for the pix of Dumbdude we donno what is hidden in Tom's shoes :-D
i have absolutely no doubt he use lifts everytime he is out. that's a fact, the size of the lifts though may vary depending on the occasions, if he goes walking with Penelope he might stick the lowest one, in festivals he put the highest.

thank god for websites like Celebheights, i never heard before of Elevetors until i discovered this website. LOL i dont need em though 1.93cm is already too much.

[Padraig: Tom doesn't wear lifts in public. It's against the principles of Scientology.]

TJ said on 15/Oct/06
Well dumbdude, those pics suggest Penelope was up to his eyes, which makes him a good 4.5 inches taller than her. 5'2 is a low estimate for her. Rob has her at 5'4. Even if we say 5'3, that puts Tom at over 5'7. Certainly not the ridiculous 5'4 you have claimed in this thread. Either you have an obsessive need to make every celeb as short as possible, due to your own insecurities, or you are on here making stupid comments for a lark.
Zach said on 14/Oct/06
lol @ george H's picture!
dumbdude said on 14/Oct/06
Yeah Tom is looking real tall next to his 5 2 Vanilla Sky costar/ex girlfriend Penelope Cruz..

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

And BTW, Cameron Diaz is actually closer to 5 foot 6. She may even be in the 5 foot 5 range. Camera angles and perspective can make people look taller than they actually are. She only comes close to 5 foot 9 when she's wearing 3 inch heels.

anonymous said on 14/Oct/06
if he's so damn short than why did he look noticebably taller than cameron diaz (5'9) when they were both BAREFOOT in Vanilla Sky? Something just doesn't add up.....
dmeyer said on 12/Oct/06
if you judge celeg within 1 inch i'l say cruise is 5'7.25 to 5'8.25 hanks 5'11.5 to 6'0.5 eckhart 5'10 to 5'11 ..... i dont think we can judge someone exact height some people think i am 5'11.5 some 6 feet and some 6 feet 1
Viper652 said on 12/Oct/06
Franco, Jensen looks no taller than 5-10 1/2 next to other actors. Dont think his build has anything to do with it.
Lmeister said on 12/Oct/06
Franco U are so right. I'm in the same range as Tom heightwise. In somepoint I used to be rather skinny around 140 pounds. Nowadays around 177 pounds I look shorter in the new pics...
George H said on 12/Oct/06
My wife has a favorite forum she visits and this picture was posted on it. We both thought it was hilarious rofl.
Click Here
RP said on 12/Oct/06
I'm sorry there's no way that Tom Cruise is 5'7'. look at the proportions of his face when he stands next to someone who most likely isn't wearing lifts. if you look at the -face- you can clearly tell his body his on the small side. his head is like an inch or more smaller than spielberg's, whose 5'7-5'8. that being said, I would say his actual height is 5'5.5-5'6. 5'7'' is an average height for human beings, but i know tom is short.
dmeyer said on 11/Oct/06
for example tom looks taller in person than ben stiller like 1.5 taller or 2 inches it make sens since cruise is a lidl over 5'7 like 172 but a lot of people think 5'7
Franco said on 11/Oct/06
I gotta agree on Tom Cruise having a slightly bulked (??) body, you have to keep in mind something :) if you are 1.72 cm and got a muscled body, you will look 1.65cm this is because once you get "big" your upper body and maybe your legs will look short when in fact it isn't really that short.

that's why a 60KG guy with a height of 1.65cm will look taller than a 80kg guy with a height of 1.75cm. it's all about proportions and body frame, small frame = look taller.

the best example is JENSEN ACKLES (from Supernatural), because his body is well muscled he doesn't look 1.85 cm onscreen, add to this a big leather jacket and you're looking at him as if he's 1.75cm.

in conclusion, i agree Tom Cruise body frame makes him look short, indeed his upper body doesn't showcase his height with or without lifts, although technically he is 1.70 - 1.72cm he definetely look shorter.

Jared Padelski is 1.93cm like me and thanks to the huge jackets and other things he looks BIG (his upper body) but doesn't look 1.93 cm, maybe 1.85 cm even though he is really 1.93cm. ;)

your body frame and what you wear makes a difference. ;) i don't think Tom Cruise is 5.6' ....he is definetely 1.71 - 1.72cm without shoes and no less than 1.70cm. absolutely not.

i agree also that Tom Cruise obsession with his height gave the opportunity to the "hateful" media to annoy him with frases like "TOM CRUISE IS SHORT" when in fact he isn't. they just found a good opportunity to write something that would cause some interest, people read magazines and a title like "TOM CRUISE.....SHORT!" eye catching :-D ****s lol
Josh said on 11/Oct/06
If Tom was more open about his height and concealed it less, people wouldn't be as interested as they are. The truth is the man is 5'5, 5'6. This is relatively short, but not such a big deal in hollywood, lots of short actors. In most pictures you don't get a true sense of his height. But w/o a doubt, he has a short upperbody. Using this as an indicator of his true height as he has small legs too, it's only natural to assume he is wearing large lifts, and constantly. Once again this guy is 5'6 tops.
Anonymous said on 10/Oct/06
By Franco-"for men anything above 1.70cm isn't short, unless you live somewhere where everyone is 1.80cm."

I agree. I see guys that are 5'7"/5'8" everywhere. Here in Michigan it seems almost average and maybe only slightly short. I've never understood why people rip on Tom the way they do (at least not for his height). I see far more guys around his height then I do 6'1" and up.
Franco said on 10/Oct/06
Let's not kid ourselves, and this is coming from a 1.93 cm guy (me)......1.72 cm isn't short, period.
it may look short compared to a 1.80cm guy, and a 1.80 will be considered short compared to someone like me 1.93cm, and 1.93 will be considered short compared to a 2.00 cm guy etc.

keep in mind that here in Italy most girls are around 1.55 to 1.60cm, so Tom Cruise would be considered tall without lifts for them, a 12 cm difference and most girls here date shorter guys around the 1.60-1.65 cm. bah

also i dunno why they say Tom Cruise is short when you have someone like Danny De Vito that is 1.52cm, why don't they laugh at Danny instead and stop kidding themselves?

1.72 to 1.75cm is not short nor THAT average either, for men anything above 1.70cm isn't short, unless you live somewhere where everyone is 1.80cm. (highly unlikely).

YES, tom cruise is 1.72cm and not an inch more (without shoes).

Danny De Vito, Joe Pesci......SHORT! Tom Cruise? not. ;)
anonymous2 said on 9/Oct/06
came across a sighting on a gossip site. someone saw him on a beach and claimed he was the same height as their 5'4 daughter
dmeyer said on 9/Oct/06
even taugh he is 5'7 or 8 he can look 5'9 with the right shoes on
dmeyer said on 9/Oct/06
171 172 might be his actual height rob you are good
dmeyer said on 9/Oct/06
i talked with cruise sathurday he looked just under 5'9 like 5'8 but his shoes looked like elevators even thaugh they had only 1.25 outside heel if they were none lifted id say a strong 5'8 but barefeet might be closer to 171 with elevator on he looked 173 174 range they were high cut dress boots and they looked similar with elevator shoes that a friend of mine is wering but if he was wearing only the 1.25 heels he could be a 5'8 guy no more possibly less like 171 or 172
Anonymous said on 6/Oct/06
No way Cruise is "taller", "shorter", "taller"than Spielberg. Tom is SHORT. As a 6' woman, just check out a guy's upper arm. If it's really short, they're wearing LIFTS!!! Back in the daym Paul Newman always had the "forward" walk. We knew he was wearing heels, bur it was freakin' Paul Newman!!! and the acting trumped the size. Same with antonio Banderas. Now, MY favorite guy is at least 6' 2'', bur talent trumps size anyday. I'll take Sir Antony Hopkins over Josh Hartnett any day. Height is height and talent is talent. I don't mind that Tom is 5'6"...if can't find a better performance than his in "Rainman"!
Rob2 said on 5/Oct/06
weellll , i think he's 1,72..
dmeyer said on 5/Oct/06
even taugh when i mket tom he looked 5 ft 9 + he does look aleast 1.5 in smaller than katie
antron said on 5/Oct/06
Tom is 5'7" and wears lifts next to Katie (and did near Nicole) when she's wearing heels so he doesn't look mini. Everyone knows he is shorter, but he doesn't want to look dwarfed. I recently saw a picture of them walking along a dock near a boat and they were in sandals. He looks the appropriate 1.5-2 inches shorter than 5'9" Katie. If I can find that picture again I will post it.
Anonymous said on 4/Oct/06
I really did bump into him, literally, last weekend (in Las Vegas at the Wynn Hotel) (believe what you will) and I am 5'8" and I was wearing Haviana flip flops (flat flatt). I was an inch to three inches taler and he was in loafer type shoes. It was so weird and his body guards pushed me away. I really captured the impression that he is 56' to 5'7" and the 5'7" is generous. I also looked up to Katy Holmes, in the eye (and she smiled sweetly and said hi) and she was in huge heels and not much taller than me, 5'8 max?
Anyway, crazy run-in and it happened with four of my friends, all who say he was 5'4-5'4" but I will be the benefactor of the doubt and say he is max 5'7'.
Dan said on 2/Oct/06
What about these guys:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

They look to almost be the same height in all of those, Although Cruise's body just looks smaller than Speilbergs. I dont know about tom's shoes though.

Height Detective said on 1/Oct/06
Tom cruise and Billy Connolly
Click Here
Tom suspicious shoes on Leno
Click Here
Tom and Will Smith
Click Here
Click Here
Tom and Ken Watanabe
Click Here
And of course ... Tom and Nicole
Click Here
ThatStuntGuy2004 said on 30/Sep/06
Fooh King Guy, you are the one telling lies. Everybody, read exactly what i wrote and judge for yourself. Click Here
If you plan to respond of about the stunt industry facts I speak of. Be smart and do some research first and you will see I'm telling the truth. I said he was 5'9 NOT 5'11. The article is about Tom being 5'11. He isnt 5'11. He is 5'9 and i have seen him in his bare feet and I'm 6'1.
Polska said on 30/Sep/06
I Don't know. The more I look at pictures, including those with Glenn, and read about what ppl say after meeting him, including Stuntman, I'm starting to think he is more in the vicinity of 5'8"-5'8.5". What do you really think Rob? I know 'officially' you think he's 5'7.75", but I suspect you're denying him that last .25"-.75" becuase you'd be crucified by the masses if there wasn't that 7 in there, lol.

[Editor Rob: he just might shrink more than average during the day. No point in commenting on that katie/tom pic because it is an anti-cruise picture]
aw said on 29/Sep/06
that pic looks fake, Katie looks like giant.
Parker said on 29/Sep/06
Just to be clear, I believe Tom stands at about 5'8. I don't understand the photograph I posted belowbelow, it must be some sort of camera angle/trick - didn't Rob post 3 candles once of the same size looking very different? I think this must be something similar.
dumbdude said on 29/Sep/06
Look's like the fit has hit the shan for the 5 7 and over claims. Katy's around 5 7ish herself, and with those three inch heels she has on, she looks about 5 10. If Tom were really 5 7, he'd be at least up to Katy's nose level even in those heels, but he's barely coming up to her shoulder. Still he's taller than 5 2 though. probably about 5 5 tops based on that pic. He's probably closer to 5 4 though. Which makes me think that as I've stated before, Dustin Hoffman is actually closer to 5 3.
Parker said on 29/Sep/06
Don't quite believe this photograph. Tom looks about 5'2 on this

Click Here
Anonymous said on 29/Sep/06
his stunt on war of the worlds was 5 feet 9 and told me cruise was the same size cruise did apear 5'9+ when i met him since cruise is about 172 ans with 2.75 inches lookes 176 177 range but he was runing all over the place he had 1.5 inches taller than spielberg that day
anonymous2 said on 28/Sep/06
is there anyone who believes he is 5'7" who thinks it is possible that he is shorter?
Nolifts81 said on 27/Sep/06
He is no more than 5'7"!!!
Adriano said on 27/Sep/06
I think that he is quite tall guy about 178cm,he is almost the same height as Nicole Kidman in Zack photo.
Fooh King Guy said on 26/Sep/06
There's a Stuntman2004 at the link below who says he met Tom and says he is no shorter than 5'11. This stuntman been in one stunt too many.

Click Here

liam said on 26/Sep/06
i think cruise always wears lifts because his head always looks small compared to people who has the same height
Anonymous said on 26/Sep/06
Posted by Sam: "Tom Cruise looks 5'8. I've never seen him appear much shorter, maybe 5'7.5 but he's a pretty standard size guy."

The guys is 5'7"/5'8" and appears so consistently. Why do people continue to debate this? In honesty, I've never understood why people give Tom so much crap about his height. I agree with Sam that 5'7"/5'8" is a pretty standard height. Before anyone says anything, I agree that it IS short. If you're going by statistics he is certainly below average height, period. But when I say that it's pretty standard I mean that it isn't THAT short. There are guys all over the place this height, and they never turn any heads or are pointed out as "really short." In real life 5'7"/5'8" guys just don't suffer from the same stigma as truly very short men, be it socially, romantically, professionally, whatever. So it is short, but not dramatically noticeable, and in that sense Tom is a pretty standard guy. Far from tall, but not overly tiny.

I think Tom's arrogance and his repeated use of lifts is what causes him to get so much crap. If he just accepted that he's a bit on the short side, people would probably just let him be. He ought to stop speaking in general, too.......
john said on 26/Sep/06
downgrade to AT LEAST 5'7 please. I want to see him without his magical shoes standing next to someone 5'8.
Viper652 said on 25/Sep/06
Dumbdude is truly lowballing people on this site. Sly at 5-5, Nicole Kidman at 5-7?? What in the world.
dmeyer said on 25/Sep/06
tom comes evry saturday at la cienega park to watch his dauther play football i leave near buy i am gonna try to take a look
Viper652 said on 25/Sep/06
I can beleive 5-8 is his height in shoes. 5-7 barefoot.
Parker said on 25/Sep/06
There are some pictures of Cruise walking with Katie Holmes in OK magazine this week. All I will say to Rob is you have one of the listings on the site wrong. Either Katie is not 5'9, or Cruise is 5'8 (173/174) min. She had 3 inch heels on and there was little between them.
Leung said on 24/Sep/06
Dumbdude, enough of your jokes, you may think that you are a funny person but most of us think you are annoying. Be sensible or go elsewhere.
sam said on 24/Sep/06
Tom Cruise looks 5'8. I've never seen him appear much shorter, maybe 5'7.5 but he's a pretty standard size guy.
Zack said on 24/Sep/06
Click Here

dumbdude said on 24/Sep/06
Speilberg looks well proportioned in the pic relative to his stature Height Detective, but Tom again does not. His arms look stubby, and his head and the rest of his upper body look real small. If you're a certain height..your arms should at least go significantly past your waist area. Every picture that I've seen Tom looking an inch or two taller than a legit 5 7 - 5 8ish guy like Glenn, it seems as though his arms barely go past his waist area. The pictures look kind of surreal, it almost seems as though Tom's standing on top a crate or as if something is "lifting" him up a good 2-3 inches.(wink)

Gotxo said on 24/Sep/06
I can buy 5'8" for Tom, but 5'9" is allready an stretch.
But very interesting comment, so that confirms that Tom in any way is a little taller than his supposed 5'7", cool.
He's not that short.
dumbdude said on 24/Sep/06
I don't think so. Glenn looks like a 5 7 to 5 8 guy..his arms are lanky, and his head and body look fairly well proportioned. Tom's head and arms look relatively small and stubby compared to the rest of his body in those pics above with Glenn. I just can't see Cruise being anymore than 5 6, and that's being generous. I think he's really about 5 5 on the dot. I'm sure he looks 5 7 to 5 8 with 2 inch lifts and posture. And his ex wife, Nicole Kidman is nowhere near 5 10..she's definitely in the 5 7 range..5 8 tops. She looked no more than an inch and a half or so taller than 5 6ish Matthew Broderick in the Stepford Wives.

Click Here

Height Detective said on 24/Sep/06
Cruise and Spielberg
Click Here

[Editor Rob: there was a 'stuntguy' talking about cruise on one of the cruise articles on this site: link]
Polska said on 23/Sep/06
Hey Shoemaker, just out of curiosity, what size shoes did they wear? And did you make any lifts or large healed shoes for any notable stars?
Glenn said on 23/Sep/06
I agree with that Shoemaker.5-8 should be the most for Cruise though.
HelloKitty said on 23/Sep/06
Shoemaker, whatever you believe is fine. As for changing my mind and the minds of several people who have met him, good luck as it will not happen. 5'7 is his height.
TheShoemakerCC said on 22/Sep/06
I used to run a custom leather shoe shop in Century City, Ca. Over the years many stars were my customers. My most memorable customers were Bruce Willis, Al Pacino, Arnold Scwarzenegger and Mr. Cruise among many others. Mr. Cruise was a fequent customer back in the late 80's to mid 90's when I retired. Measured him for shoes many times. Now I'm a firm 5'7. Being a former Naval Officer, I stand straight and tall. No hump in my back. Tom in his bare feet was still taller than me. I would say he is a good 5'8 maybe 5'9, but no taller. Just in case you are wondering with shoes off. Willis is 6'0 even, Pacino is 5'5, Arnie I would say is bout 6'1 to 6'2.
anonymous2 said on 20/Sep/06
I've also seen estimates as low as 5'4 for Oprah. Her 5'6 isnt exactly cast in stone, therefore neither is Tom's 5'7.
TNTinCA said on 20/Sep/06
I have to agree with frank. Those heels are huge. They almost seem like cowboy boots.
frank said on 20/Sep/06
Nice pic Drew, i'd say more than two inch heels ... look at how his foot is looks like he's wearing high heels
Christian said on 20/Sep/06
What about this photo Tom Cruise is the same height as 163cm Kerii Russel,what you can say about this Rob?? Click Here

[Editor Rob: its an extremely high angle shot, I wouldn't post such a pic 'proving' differences myself...]
Witkacy said on 20/Sep/06
What about this photo , I cant balive that this guy is more than 170cm ,Im waiting for yor coments.Click Here

[Editor Rob: the shooting angle and position of that shot means any difference in height is deflated more than it really is...

for instance, in these 2 other shots:
Hoffman and Cruise and Another One]
dumbdude said on 20/Sep/06
Hollywood height conversion chart:

Use this height conversion chart to get a roundabout estimate of the true heights of your favorite celebs:

Real Height of Celeb Hollywood Height that Celeb Gives
5 2 - 5 3.5 = 5 foot 5 to 5 foot 6(depends on the celeb's ego)
5 4 to 5 6.5 = 5 foot 9 (note: Cruise falls in this Category)
5 7 to 5 8.5 = 5 foot 10
5 9 to 5 10.5 = 5 foot 11
5 11 and up = 6 feet to 6ft 1

All heights after 5 foot 11 given by celebs are generally accurate, with the exception of those given by pro wrestlers, who usually add like to add 3 to 4 extra inches to make themselves seem more imposing in the ring.
Drew said on 20/Sep/06
Okay, that pic is a good one: Click Here

Now, according to this site, Oprah is almost 5'7", therefore if she's wearing three inch heels, she's a little under 5'10".

On the other hand, Cruise is wearing two inch heels (they're very obvious), making him almost 5'10".

Conclusion: the current estiamate is correct. Well, I'm certain he's not under 5'7" and not over 5'8" anyway...

Another Short Guy said on 20/Sep/06
I good friend of mine is the brother of Michael Mann. He knows Cruise very well and said he is about 5'7" and wears lifts in movies that take him to 5'9". Mann's brother is my height which is the same as Cruise.
5 feet 7 inches!
Nolifts81 said on 19/Sep/06
anonymous2- I am not saying he is 5'11" with those elevator boots on. I am almost sure that Tom is 5'7"(170cm). I've seen again the pic and I've recognized those boots. I am very expert about elevator shoes and lifts. Those boots are very similar to "Mario Bertulli boots", maybe they are Bertulli's boots.I've heard that Tom has an italian shoemaker and in Italy Mario Bertulli is the N
anonymous2 said on 19/Sep/06
the pic shows he can hit about 5'9". but who is say how he gets there? the thing is, with shoes like that, he could be under 5'7" and still appear 5'9ish ;)

Nolifts81, are you saying he looks 511 there??
Witkacy said on 19/Sep/06
Tom is really short guy, he is no more than 170cm,but probably closer to 165cm.
Nolifts81 said on 19/Sep/06
This guy is a solid 5'7"(170 or 171 cm max). In that pic with Oprah he had elevator boots, no doubt. If you look at the front of the boot you'll see that seems that his feet is vertical in the shoe. Those are the tipical 4 inches elevator boots.
dumbdude said on 19/Sep/06
You can't be serious anonymous2, Tom is wearing 2-3 inch heeled boots in that pic, and I'm sure that he undoubtly has lifts inside the shoes.
anonymous2 said on 18/Sep/06
Maybe this is a bad pic, but anyway, Tom and Oprah (5'5"-5'6"), with Tom maybe an inch taller: Click Here
Oprah is probably wearing 3 in heels, making her 5-9ish.

[Editor Rob: although the glass is in front, that shoe doesn't look normal, hmm an illusion, or a heel?]

dumbdude said on 18/Sep/06
Why is it trolling? Pics were posted of Sly looking an inch shorter than 5 7 Burt Young, the same height as the alleged 5 6 Sharon Stone, and about an inch shorter than the 5 6- 5 7 ish Kris Katan, among countless other quotes from reporter stating that he was visibly shorter than "5 8". I don't see how that's trolling, but whatever.
dumbdude said on 18/Sep/06
You should of posted it Rob, it would've been funny to see Glenn's response...:)

[Editor Rob: well, funny to you, but I do understand conflicts of interest.

You can argue over sly being just 5ft 8, but 5ft 6 is trolling for your posts to get deleted...]
dumbdude said on 18/Sep/06
PS And Rob if you're a real man you'll post this sh*t and won't edit it..

[Editor Rob: if I posted the 3 paragraphs you just wrote that I won't post, Glenn would demand your head on a platter

claiming 5ft 5 cruise, 5ft 6 sly is nearly as bad as 5ft 2 stiller]

Glenn said on 18/Sep/06
He isnt the master of lifts cause he always looks short.that would make Tom 5-5,5-6.he is 5-7,and wears lifts only on occasion to appear 5-9,5-10.Stallone is the master cause he usually looks tall.5-10 barefoot to 6-2!
leonari said on 18/Sep/06
5'7" PEOPLE! 5'7"
Viper652 said on 18/Sep/06
I thought Cruise looked really short in Jerry Mcguire.
Anonymous said on 17/Sep/06
hofman was 5 feet 6 in rain man so cruise is 5 8 since he had regular 1 inch shoes if you watch getty images in somes pics his shoes are low cut 1 inch heel
DMEYER said on 17/Sep/06
i am wathchig top gun and tom beside 188 edward and 183 184 kiler looks 174 cm and looks similar height with 178 cm macgillis even in heels cruise might be 5 feet 9 or aleast look it i doubt he wear lifts by then i think ton is aleast 5'8" and looks 5'9 + on ocasion when i met him he looked 177 he was runing all over the place he must have good lifts he might be standing on someting in some scenes but i dont think he is as short as 170 more like172 173 range
Drew said on 17/Sep/06
I just watched "Jerry McGuire".

He looked slightly shorter than Beau Bridges and Cuba Gooding Jr, who are both 5'10".

This guy is baffling, he's either been wearing lifts for ages, or he's actually 5'9".
Glenn said on 17/Sep/06
Gotta hand it to him,at least his name is right.
ralph said on 17/Sep/06
Tom Cruise is the master of lifts. Rob, I think this article should be one of the "Popular Articles".
Glenn said on 17/Sep/06
I think dumbdude IS a waste of time.

[Editor Rob: dumbdude has had limited recent comment accepted...they were too dumb indeed]
dumbdude said on 16/Sep/06
I guess that confirms things Height Detective. Based on those pics, Katie must be around 5 foot 11 without heels, and a good 6 foot 2 with them on. and Tom is a strong 5 foot 10. That would put James Van der Beek at around 6 foot 2 and Joshua Jackson at about 6 ft 6, seeing as how they were both significantly taller than Katie on Dawson's Creek. Case closed. Tom is definitely 5 10.

Height Detective said on 16/Sep/06
Check this ones
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Drew said on 16/Sep/06
Tom's height is really hard to determine, as evidenced by the following pictures:

With Hoffman (5'5.5"), looking around two inches taller:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Looking only an inch taller than Hoffman:

Click Here
Click Here

With Spielberg:

Tom looking taller:

Click Here

Looking same height:

Click Here
Click Here

With Frank Sinatra (5'8"), looking an inch shorter:

Click Here
leonari said on 15/Sep/06
I don't see a full 5'8" for Cruise but who cares...I see a full 5'7". Yeah Dumbdude is the first poster ever who is stupid, arrogant and very very annoying...but I think it's kinda hard for Rob to ban people from the forum (technically)

[Editor Rob: oh, I can, but sometimes it means banning other people inadvertantly in the process, so only if someone is really wasting my time]
Viper652 said on 14/Sep/06
Is that Jimmy Carter guy really 6-2? Him and the Rock look the same height.

[Editor Rob: looking at all photos, I would put him in that range]
Viper652 said on 14/Sep/06
Is that Jimmy Carter guy really 6-2? Him and the Rock look the same ehgith.
Glenn said on 14/Sep/06
Tom is no smaller than 5-7.might even be 5-8.doubt it though.but someone please get rid of this clown dumdude,he's making the comments into a joke.
Random Person said on 14/Sep/06
I personally think Tom Cruise is 5'6 and a half, but who knows..
dumbdude said on 14/Sep/06
Thank you Height Detective. Tom is not looking anymore than 5 foot 6 in that pic, and he's got some clunky shoes on.
Height Detective said on 13/Sep/06
Tom and Holmes , the angle is not so good , but the pic is interesting (check the second image , even Holmes is in plain sandals she is taller than Tom with his suspicious shoes )
Click Here
dumbdude said on 13/Sep/06
Exactly anonymous2..Kidman ain't no 5 foot 10. She's about 5 8 on a good day..probably closer to 5 7 though. I'm sure she looks about 6 feet in heels though. You, me and that other dude who saw Tom next to his girlfriend are the only ones who have it right.
anonymous2 said on 13/Sep/06
Kidman is about 3 inches taller than Cruise, so if Tom is 5.5, that would make Kidman 5.8, instead of 5.10. perhaps she says 5 10.5 so Tom can say 5.7.5 ? they probably have it in writing somewhere...
dumbdude said on 13/Sep/06
Either Al Gore is shorter than he states or Jim Carter ain't no more than 5 10..check out a picture of Jimmy next to Burt Reynolds(5 9.5 5 10 on good days)

Click Here

based on that pic, it would put Jimmy at 5 10 at most, he's still almost a good 4 inches taller than Tom in that pic that I posted, so that would put Cruise at 5 6 at best, and I'm sure he's wearing shoes in that pic. So Tom is no more than about 5.5 barefooted..

Anonymous said on 13/Sep/06
hey dumbdude: you are earning your name. That Jimmy Carter guy is a solid 6' 2"....not 5' 10" as you speculated. Look at this link of him with almost as many celebs as Glenn, he towers over almost everyone. He is a good inch taller than Al he ain't no 5" 10". But I do applaud you for finding this Jimmy Carter guy's page. Anyone who looks at celebheights would greatly appreciate checking out this link of the 6' 2"ish Carter with tons of A-list celebs. Like Glenn, he is another great resource is judging height.

Click Here
Anonymous said on 13/Sep/06
Tom isn't 5'4", let's be serious. The guy is on the short side, but he's not THAT short. The reason why sometimes he looks short, and other times he looks very average, is that he fits neatly into that niche of guys who are right between truly short and average height: he is between 5'7" and 5'8". Guys this height are not average, but really are only slightly below what is normal, and are up at the higher end of the "short scale". A 5'7"/5'8" guy with good posture and decent shoes can look average height, even if he isn't quite there (keep in mind that perception and measurement on a scale are not the same). However, put that guy in barefeet and all of a sudden he might look short. I think this is where a lot of the confusion about Tom comes from. Anyway, the point is that a guy who is 5'7"/5'8" will cause confusion about his height because he CAN look normal. If Tom was 5'4" there would never be any confusion.
Anonymous said on 13/Sep/06
'Met Tom Cruise at a beach boardwalk. When my girlfriend got his autograph both were barefoot and eye to eye and my girlfriend is 5'4.25" and she looked about an inch or two taller but had more "hair" thus Tom Cruise is no more than 5'4" tall.'
Thats ridiculous. Why even post.
Parker said on 13/Sep/06
dumbdude - so you now have Tom Cruise and Sylvester Stallone at 5'5. Thanks for the laugh.
dumbdude said on 12/Sep/06
Final Nail in the Coffin..

Dude in pics is named Jimmy Carter. He's some sort of public speaker..He's around 5 10. Take a look at him next to 5 5 Dustin Hoffman.

Click Here

Now take a look at Jimmy next to Tom Cruise with Rebecca De morney
Click Here

Tom ain't no more than Probably 5 5 and half tops bare footed.

On another note check out this Dude Jimmy Carter's Website..he should be the new Glen..he has pics of himself next to just about every celebrity.

dumbdude said on 12/Sep/06
5 5 and a half for Tom tops. He was looking real short in his Risky Business days. Tom was about an inch taller than Rebecca who's listed at about 5 6 on movie sites, although I think she's really closer to 5 4. Maybe even smaller. She looks really tiny in every movie I've seen her in.

Tom with Rebecca in Risky business
Click Here

Rebecca and Tom Head to Head
Click Here

Another Tom and Rebecca
Click Here

Tom next to Rebecca at an angle.
Click Here

Tom still looks only 5 5 ish in the last pic. And Rebecca looks even smaller in it, probably because of the angle. 5 4 for Rebecca tops, she may even be closer to 5 3.

Felix said on 12/Sep/06
Click Here
Tom Cruise looking short beside Jerry Buckheimer during Top Gun. I don't know guys...
JC Rauch said on 11/Sep/06
Met Tom Cruise at a beach boardwalk. When my girlfriend got his autograph both were barefoot and eye to eye and my girlfriend is 5'4.25" and she looked about an inch or two taller but had more "hair" thus Tom Cruise is no more than 5'4" tall.
Height Detective said on 11/Sep/06
Anon, you are not counting the high camera angle ,wich makes all in that picture look the same height.
Anon said on 11/Sep/06
Click Here

Cruise doesn't look so short there...he looks almost the same height as Kidman. The ground seems decently level, and the soles of their shoes are about the same height.
Brad said on 10/Sep/06
Wow, Kidman is towering over him. She doesn't care, she probably pulled out the heels and told to do something he couldn't do at the house when he complained.
Anonymous said on 10/Sep/06
she has 3 inches heels in that pic

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.