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5ft 7.21in (170.7cm)
Brad said on 16/Apr/09
I've seen the stealth shoes & posture, he comes across taller than you'd imagine.
Midget said on 15/Apr/09
I agree with brad. Tom has fanatastic footwear being custom made for him to be ultra stealth. Max barefoot 172cm-173cm. With lifts in his shoes-177cm-179cm depending on whether he is in boots or formal dress shoes.
Anonymous said on 15/Apr/09
Who cares about this morning height crap. The guy is 5-7, end of story.
Thomas said on 15/Apr/09
He was dead short on the last Jonathan Ross interview. I mean dead short as in smaller than when James McAvoy was on the show.
RisingForce said on 15/Apr/09
I don't think he's 5'8" in the evening or even midday. That could put him close to 5'9" when he wakes and that just isn't realistic in my opinion. I think he wakes up at around 5'8" barefoot. That makes the most sense.
mamonazo said on 15/Apr/09
tom is 5-6.5 barefoot. HE Looks taller becuz hes skinny. I met him in madrid when he was hanging out with penelope cruz. He has a skinny face and a weird walk. he was nice tho'
Brad said on 15/Apr/09
5' 8". Stealth lifts.
the shredder said on 14/Apr/09
I still don't see 5'7 flat for him , I also don't think Sly is shorter then 5'9.5 and Will Smith still close to 6'2 !
TELLEM said on 14/Apr/09
5.7.75 at night...more like an hour after being awake.
Steven said on 14/Apr/09
i agree anonymous, cruise is most likely 5 7 flat, just look at the above photos with glenn. and no celebs close to 5 9 have been attacked about their height such as the way cruise has been, so hes clearly nowhere near that.
Anonymous said on 14/Apr/09
please.....guys on this site have to realise tom cruise wears lifts consistently and has immaculate posture you guys have to understand that he is nothing over 5'7 and a half at most its frustrating listening to all this ****...toms 5'9' out of bed etc. get a grip and just look at the man barefoot on google images...
Anonymous said on 14/Apr/09
ACG....5''9 in the i dont think so 5'8' in the morning...haha look how short his arms are and his frame this man is lucky if hes 5'8' he wears casual lifts in his shoes he must do all the time just little slips in his shoes that give him probably 3/4 inch or less trust me hes nowhere near 5'9 you should see barefoot pics of him just look at his body...if he was 5'9 he wouldnt get slated constantly for being short...who agrees with me???
JP said on 14/Apr/09
Parker, i said show me photos where he is bare feet, every photo he's wearing footwear and he can have anything altering his height, just as Tom can look a good 5'9" on photo's he can look 5'7" on others, it's his footwear and until he's barefoot next to people it's hard to make a proper judgement.
A-Bomb said on 14/Apr/09
Parker I agree on Cruise at this height - but Penna and Stiller I think are listed too generously here.Both I believe are 5'6" max - less than that last thing at night.
glenn said on 14/Apr/09
thanks rob for backing me on that.except you didnt see the hidden lifts in them.
glenn said on 14/Apr/09
uh,gee.tom wouldnt wear lifts would he?
the shredder said on 14/Apr/09
I thought legit 5'8+ for the longest , but to be fair I really don't see more then 5'8 for him with Glenn , I still don't think he is a flat 5'7 though , I think he most likely is barely 5'8 on averange ! I think its fair to say hes between 5'7 and 5'8 !
the shredder said on 14/Apr/09
I thought legit 5'8+ for the longest , but to be fair I really don't see more then 5'8 for him with Glenn , I still don't think he is a flat 5'7 though , I think he most likely is barely 5'8 on averange ! I think its fair to say between 5'7 and 5'8 !
ACG said on 13/Apr/09
no, i don't think tom ever goes above 5'9 barefoot....but he might hit that mark when he wakes.
Parker said on 13/Apr/09
ok JP. Here he is next to 5'7 listed Michael Penna
Click Here
Here he is next to 5'6.5 listed Ben Stiller
Click Here
And again at the Tropic of Thunder Premier
Click Here
Here's Cruise's shoes that night - white converse
Click Here
He looks less than 3 inches shorter than his 5'9 wife in shoes giving her at least 2 inches
Here's Stiller with 5'4 listed Michael J Fox
Click Here

If Cruise is 5'7, we need to take everyone else down at least an inch.
Robs got him spot on. 5'7.75 (nightime)
leonari said on 13/Apr/09
ACG? So in your opinion Cruise possibly wakes at over 5'9"?? Are you for real?
JP said on 13/Apr/09
there's even photo's further down where he's next to will smith and on two of them smith has his knees bent, another he's leaning, how can you use photos like that as reference!!!! he's 5'7"!!!
JP said on 13/Apr/09
Parker that's one photo! Show me 5+ where their both in bare feet and its clear and i will totally back you up but sometimes photo's can show peoples height differently, it's ridiculous you can't go on one photo! most people will agree?
Eugthehuge said on 13/Apr/09
If Glenn is 5ft 8, then Tom (judging by the pictures) is either 5ft 9 or wears lifts.
Parker said on 13/Apr/09
JP and everyone else. Look at the barefoot shot with his wife. Less than an inch difference. If she is 5'9. He is 5'8. You can't put lifts in bare feet.
JP said on 13/Apr/09
Tom cruise is out of bed is 5'7.5" or lower, i think his height should be listed at 5'7" because these photo's suggest that and every other photo i've seen of him next to Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman he's been struggling to not look short next to them, just to look close to Nicole Kidman he had to wear big lifts, have amazing posture and she had to wear flat sandals, im sorry but that is not a 5'8" man at all, no way!!
glenn said on 13/Apr/09
sorry guys,im 5-7 at night.i always claimed my morning height,and not much difference has come out of it other than i was slightly under 5-7 with a heavy bag on me,walking for miles.yet people here are unreal with what they say.nothing has changed.i always stated i as around 5-7 at new evidence is found.only the biased opinions and fantasies of some here.
glenn said on 13/Apr/09
no photos do anything brad.stop it with my exclude that i was measured that after being up all day under extreme stress.for days.with a heavy bag on my shoulder.i know you would feed off of that.rob knew too.

[Editor Rob: brad did try to call you on those shoes you wore with downey jr.

these were the same shoes glenn wore to the first meeting and I measured you in them, and they were like 1 inch and 1/8th.]
ACG said on 12/Apr/09
Cruise is on average (during mid-day) between 5'8 and 5'9. That's my strong opinion right now. Don't think it will change anytime soon.
leonari said on 12/Apr/09
Brad: Come on? Don't do anything? It tells us Cruise is close to whatever Glenn is on this pic. It pretty much gives you a reference. This is by no means a perfect science dude. Wake up
TELLEM said on 12/Apr/09
so where's all the ppl saying cruise is over 5'8? not a chance...the most the man is is 5'8 out of bed, like i've been saying.
Anonymous said on 12/Apr/09
rob i dont understand if glenn is lower then 5'8 why is Tom still listed as 5'7.75 shouldnt he be downgraded to 5 foot7 or 7.25?? just a question..

[Editor Rob: cruise still looks 172cm.]
RisingForce said on 12/Apr/09
I think Cruise is about 5'8" out of bed as well. 1/4 inch higher wouldn't surprise me though, neither would a quarter inch under 5'8" or 5'7.75". The lowest I could see for Tom is 5'7.5".
Brad said on 12/Apr/09
People come to this site and see "5ft 8 Glenn And Cruise" under the photos then go from there. Glenn measured under 5' 6 and 3/4" by a whisker. Well, did he measure that here at this time? How bout 5' 7"? Was he wearing his boots? You see how the above photos don't do anything?
A-Bomb said on 12/Apr/09
I think based on what we now know of Glenn's height Id say Cruise is 5'8" in the morning - 5'71/2" at night meaning Rob's got him pretty square
frankys said on 12/Apr/09
...after this last revelation we can all say that tom does't fully hit the 5-8 mark
leonari said on 12/Apr/09
jon: we are not missing what Rising is saying.And Cruise being higher than 5'8": nonsense
jon said on 12/Apr/09
Are you guys missing what risingforce said? He's around 5-8, perhaps a little lower, but more evidence shows him to be a little higher. look at other photos, you'll see
Haze said on 11/Apr/09
when i say strong 5'6 i mean in the upper 5'6 up to 5'7.25. imo if ur 5'7 most the time and drop to 5'6 occasionally then to me ur a strong 5'6 or a weak 5'7. but thats just me. ;)
leonari said on 11/Apr/09
Cruise is probably 5'7.5 but Glenn is not a strong 5'6" - he is probably 5'7" in this pic
Taylor said on 11/Apr/09
Based on the new info a downgrade to 5'7.5" or 5'7" is needed...
Anonymous said on 11/Apr/09
I think we can all agree now Cruise is 5'7.5 based on Glenn height.
Roger said on 11/Apr/09
I too believe 5'7'' for Tom now, it's line with what I've numerous times in newspapers or some sites.
Haze said on 11/Apr/09
with glenn a strong 5'6 id say cruz is looking 5'7.5
Samuel said on 11/Apr/09
After the new revelation that Glenn is truly 5 foot 7 rather than 5 foot 8, I'd say with all certainy that Cruise is 5 foot 7.5 max.
Eric said on 10/Apr/09
With glenns new found 5'7" height I can easily see Tom Cruise being 5'7" especially if you consider the possibility that Cruise is wearing lifts in this pitcure which shouldn't surprise anyone.
TELLEM said on 10/Apr/09
5'7.5 for cruise...weak 5'8 when he wakes
j. said on 10/Apr/09
if glenn is nearer 5'7", according to them new measurements, doesn't that just prove from these photos Tom Cruise is technically and inch shorter? i don't know... just a thought lol
miko said on 10/Apr/09
Tom Cruise's height could be under scrutiny now Glenn's height has been outed.
Anonymous said on 10/Apr/09
Glenn is about 5'7 looking at Robs pictures so cruise in these pictures above providing he's not wearing lifts is about 5'7.5 or 5'8 so Robs estimate is about right.
Anonymous said on 10/Apr/09
Rusty he's only a inch below average nothing really he could properly get away with being average height due to his posture.
Anonymous said on 10/Apr/09
He really can look 5'9 with his posture and normal shoes I'm going for 173cm for him.
Rusty said on 10/Apr/09
I always thought of him as a 5'8" guy. I think Rob's listing is pretty accurate. Hes not as short as people give him crap for being. Hes only a couple inches below average.
Brad said on 9/Apr/09
Rising is 100% correct.
the shredder said on 8/Apr/09
I agree risingforce , 5'7 flat is downgrading , I really feel that he is atleast the 5'7.75 that he is listed at , with a big chance of being taller then 5'8 ! Rob , I think posted a 5'8.25 claim of his that he claimed in a chat room !
RisingForce said on 8/Apr/09
I think Tom is atleast 5'8" and with his good posture and lifts he can look 5'9"-5'10" in pictures like that. He can achieve that even with subtle lifts. Tom with massive elevators holds his own with 5'10.5"/5'11" Nicole Kidman in flats. Click Here

I think that 5'7" flat is just typical downgrading. He's not as short as guys like Tobey Maguire, Ryan Seacrest, Matthew Broderick ect. 5'8" or Rob's figure of 5'7.75" fits him a lot better. I think that almost all evidence points to Tom being 5'8" give or take a quarter inch.
Pierre said on 8/Apr/09
Agree with you Jimmy, he's DEFINITELY not a fuulll 5'1, perhaps actually below the half mark and that way only a solid BUT respectable 5'0. Strong 5'0 is where I stand. I think this is the new height Rob, change it.
Jamaican Rob said on 8/Apr/09
Tom Cruise used to eat at a small private restaurant in NYC I worked at as maitre d' sometimes . I'm a full 5'7 I think. The first night I'd seen him there he went up to use the bathroom and I had my head the other way. I began walking in his path ahead of him towards the restroom area and behind me felt a brushing against my elbow of someone's hair. I looked down and to the side and it was Tom cruise, and he had on the most SHEEPISH smile. It was actually creepy. I would have thought he was a child!

He's I think above the tweens though guys. Solid 5'3. 5'3 textbook solid.
Tom said on 8/Apr/09
Jimmy I think he's above a strong 5'1, he juust brushes 5'2, and of course with his lifts he reaches at least 5'5-5'6. That's his public height;
mofo said on 8/Apr/09
I don't know that pic really shocked me when I found it.
It really is confusing to why and how that height is obtained for him.
He really looks 5ft9-5ft10 in that pic weird.
Lenad said on 8/Apr/09
He's taller than Tobey Maguire I'm positive.
Burt said on 8/Apr/09
He's way shorter, I heard from a friend of one of his drivers that he wears stilts under his pants. hence the photos.
Jimmy said on 8/Apr/09
Guys you have it ALL wrong. I'm a messenger around where Tom lives and occasionally walk or run into him on the sidewalk or even at places of business. I was actually in line with him behind the counter at a cafe once and I'm about a solid 5'6 and he barely reached my shoulder. I say he's a strong 5-footer, maybe 5'3 with his lifts.
JP said on 7/Apr/09
If he's wearing a slight lift and he's 5'7 he could easily look 5'9, 2 inch lifts (which are very easy to hide) and great posture gives that effect, he's definitely not over that estimate above... in bare feet. He looks like he's struggling to get up to Glenn's eye line on both photos and Glenn's leaning a bit on one of them, on top of that probably has a shoe advantage yet again.
mamonazo said on 5/Apr/09
in that pic cruise is prob wearing 2 inch lifts and denzel is on regular shoes. Cruise is 5-7ish and with his special shoes he reaches the 5-10 mark. Denzel is 3 inches taller but take into account his posture...
Hello said on 5/Apr/09
I don't think Cruise wears big lifts. If you read the shoe lift article you can see that lifts that give a significant amount of height are obvious. There's just no way to gain a significant amount of height without someone noticing. I think he's a legit 5'8" who stands VERY straight and thus can appear to be 5'9" sometimes.
RisingForce said on 5/Apr/09
Great picture of Tom and Denzel. By the way JP, Colin Farrell wears boots a lot and I think his appearance on Jonathan's show was no exception. If I remember correctly he was wearing boots then too.
Parker said on 5/Apr/09
JP - I have never said Cruise was 5'9, just that he looked that against Jonathan Ross, and also in mofo's pick below. He's a clear 3 inches shorter than Beckham(plenty of pics on the internet), and Beckham is not quite 6'. ( a 'weak' 6 footer). I agree with Rising, Tom is 5'8 at some point in the day.
JP said on 4/Apr/09
Mofo... that photo shows no footwear and the way Denzel Washington is standing suggests he has one leg in front of the other like he's turning and moving forward whereas cruise is standing bolt upright, which would loose an 1-2 inches!
Dural said on 4/Apr/09
JP, I agree 100%.
mofo said on 4/Apr/09
opps rob I may have forgot to put my name with the denzel to cruise pic post
It's not anonymous but me please change.
Anonymous said on 4/Apr/09
Can somone explain to the mofo this
Click Here
I mean look at the eye level if denzel is trully a 6footer then surely tiny tom should be way under his eyeline not drasticaly over it!
Some one either needs to be downgraded (denzel) or upgraded (Top Gun) hmmmm.
JP said on 4/Apr/09
I watched a video with Colin Farrell on the Jonathan Ross show and him being 5'10-5'11, and the height difference wasn't that big compared to when Cruise stood next to Ross, so the fact that Cruise looked dwarfed by Ross at times shows this estimate is probably correct, or 5'7.5 infact.
JP said on 4/Apr/09
Parker- he's not 5'9 no way, well maybes cruise has small lifts on or something, just my personal opinion obviously i could be wrong but i agree 5'8 is possible but at a stretch, and a big stretch at that, when he walks out on that video, there's points where there both standing up straight and Ross looks 5 inches or more definitely. The whole tabloid thing about him being tiny is ridiculous, just like gary barlow gets stick for being fat, but really he's not, it's a wind up basically, but it's clear he's not above 5'8.
RisingForce said on 4/Apr/09
Yes it does appear that Katie is 1 inch taller than Cruise max barefoot. And that's with Katie's half inch sandals, which makes it more confusing because I think Katie is 5'9". Cruise also must have the best lifts in Hollywood.

He pulled off easily looking like he was a legit 5'9" in what appeared to be normal dress shoes at the Los Angeles "Lions For Lambs" premiere.

Tom actually looked taller than Katie.
Click Here
Click Here

Will Smith who apparently is a solid 6'2", doesn't dwarf Tom the way you'd expect him to.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Tom also measured up quite well to Robert Redford. Click Here Click Here Glenn saw Redford look 5'10.5" in flat shoes about a month after this picture was taken. However I believe Redford's poor posture makes him slouch down to 5-9ish, and this photo is no exception. Regardless Cruise looks atleast 5'9" there.

Even while walking, no noticeable heel is exposed on Tom's shoes.
Click Here

In fact Tom's height was so surprising that there were articles written about how surprisingly tall he looked at that premiere. He really did look like he was a solid 5'9". To pass for a legit 5'9" with shoes that normal looking I'd imagine he must be atleast 5'8" at some point in the day.

Nice job by Tom at that premiere. Robert Downey Jr. could take lessons in how to subtly look taller.
Parker said on 3/Apr/09
JP - I saw that show, and I've watched your clip several times, at no point does Cruise eye level fall below Ross's chin. That's less than 4.5 inches. If Ross is 6'1.5, that makes Cruise 5'9. If he has a lift, 5'8, which in my opinion is what he is.
glenn said on 3/Apr/09
katie is a legit 5-9.
Tomi said on 3/Apr/09
absolutely joke:D tom is about 167cm, its an image, i dont think that he is taller than that.
Parker said on 3/Apr/09
jon - you look closely at the pic, and use the big guys face in the background as reference. Eyes to top of head is 4.5 inches. Get a rule from top of Katie's head across his face - reaches about half way between his eyes and top of head. Now do the same with Tom. 3 inches? No chance. Closer to 1 tops.
JP said on 2/Apr/09
On the Jonathan Ross show fairly recently and people sometimes exaggerate with and over use the word dwarfed but ross did dwarf him, both wearing similar footwear, Ross is 6"1.5 so Cruise must be 5"7!

Click Here
Anonymous said on 2/Apr/09
Parker you'r dragging with this "barefoot pic", they both are not standing straight and plus if you look carefully tom looks very tiny next to 5-8 katie
Tomi said on 2/Apr/09
if Tom wears 7cm heel than he is 5'8" . glenn never 5'8" too.
jon said on 2/Apr/09
Parker look properly at that pic, posture similar half inch sandals and if katie and tom were level that would be at least 3 inch difference If he was 5'8 " will smith wouldn't dwarf him like he does.
Donatello said on 2/Apr/09
I couldn't agree with parker anymore. All your listings on spot on for heights as is your opinion with cruise. I could see him hitting 5'8.5" straight out of bed, military position. Only thing I don't agree with is hoffman at 5'5.5" I could buy 5'5" flat morning height for hoffman.
ACG said on 2/Apr/09
James says on 30/Mar/09
I think he's one of those 5'7.75 guys that can pull of looking 5'9.

I think it's vice versa.
Big King said on 1/Apr/09
Oh come on! Cruise looks clearly a half inch taller than Glenn. Tom's real height goes from 5'8"-5'8.5".
Doug said on 1/Apr/09
Nah he is definately not the full 5'8" barefoot. I bet he's not a hair over 171cm as a tight barefoot measurement.
Hello said on 1/Apr/09
He looks the same height as Katie in that barefoot pic, if you subtract Katie's heels they'd be about the same. I'm surprised Glenn doesn't change this to 5'8" since Cruise is clearly the same height as Glenn, maybe slightly taller, and I doubt he was wearing elevator shoes in 1988 when he was just a young rising actor.
piter said on 31/Mar/09
I think he isnt taller than 5'8 out of bed,but in reality he is 5'7 especially at night,no less no more
anonymous said on 30/Mar/09
I have a similar issue cruise has. For some reason people think i'm like 5'5 - 5'6. I'm actually around 5'8. could be if you have a slightly muscular build or something you may look shorter.
pete said on 30/Mar/09
I remember making a comment about Tom Cruise, that he is more closer to the 5'8" range (give or take half an inch) than the 5'6" many people believed him to be. His listed height has changed at least a few times since a couple of years ago.
Roger said on 30/Mar/09
Tom is, when standing barefoot, 5'7''.
Metric said on 30/Mar/09
Cruise average height!??? Since when?? In Asia or the Middle East maybe. In Europe is SHORT for a male! Average for a female maybe. Lol. I can't believe what I'm reading.
Matt said on 30/Mar/09
He's 5'8''.
short stack said on 29/Mar/09
Katie is 5'9" Tom is 5'7
glenn said on 29/Mar/09
i agree with james,sam,shredder and parker.
TELLEM said on 29/Mar/09
5'8 fresh out of bed. no more than that.
sodapop said on 29/Mar/09
Bella I agree, Cruise is closer to 5'6" than 5'9" lets be real people!!
ACG said on 29/Mar/09
PARADE magazine described Katie as 5'10 and Tom as 5'7. But from that barefoot pic, there's no way hell a three inch difference between the two.

And no, I'm NOT saying Katie is shorter......
the shredder said on 28/Mar/09
I REALLY think 5'8.25 is his real height !
Parker said on 28/Mar/09
He's 5'8 Rising - no doubt in my mind whatsoever. I'll buy 5'7 tops for Ryan Seacrest, 5'6.5 for Ben Stiller, 5.5.5 for Hoffman, 5'4 tops for MJF....but Cruise, no way is he short. Press & media for whatever reason, appear to have it in for him...and you can see by posters on this site they have succeeded in brainwashing people. People still posting below 5'7 from him even after the barefoot shot with his wife. It wouldn't suprise me with full military posture 2 mins after waking up if he hit 5'9.........
RisingForce said on 28/Mar/09
Imagine if Katie took off her sandals and Tom stood a bit straighter. He's defintley taller than most people think. Tom hasn't regularly worn obvious elevators since his divorce with Nicole. He can appear 5'9" with normal look shoes. Either that's a slight lift or his posture, but I don't think a 5'7" man could look 5'9" that easily.
Parker said on 28/Mar/09
Bella says on 28/Mar/09
I wouldn't believe any height until I saw the guy shoeless! I'm betting on 5'6

Here you go Bella, Cruise shoeless but not standing straight,looking an inch shorter than his 5'9 wife in a small heel.
Click Here
5'6? Looks like you would have lost your bet.
Joe said on 28/Mar/09
He's about 5'9. Unless he wears enormous lifts 24/7 (which i doubt), that's what he consistently looks like in all his pics (sometimes a tad more). Anyone who says he is 5'7 is just a jealous **** like Billy Connolly says.
Bella said on 28/Mar/09
Cruise wears LIFTS in his shoes!! I wouldn't believe any height until I saw the guy shoeless! I'm betting on 5'6
sam said on 28/Mar/09
come to think of it, it's pretty funny. Some guy totally average height, being called short. why would that happen. oh yeah hollywood. desperation. People using everything they can against each other, it's dog eat dog. I mean it rocks but Hollywood is some brutal ****. If you're not 6 foot, perfect build, and awesome in interviews, you'll get **** at some point. rediculous.
sam said on 28/Mar/09
that post by glenn a little while ago....yes I always suspected he could be 5 foot 9. Cruise an't short, come on.
Anonymous said on 28/Mar/09
yeah i agree J.lee, i find my height fluctuates quite a bit almost an inch everyday, and even more depending on the activities i have been upto, however i am also still probably growing a bit at 20, but from 18 to 20 i have grown almost 3 inches and hope to keep going, i think people with larger spines would fluctuate more
glenn said on 27/Mar/09
j-lee-anything is possible.i think my eyes or anyones for that matter,plays tricks on them.i dont understand how i saw james woods around my height in 1990,yet he is around 5-11,and looks more with me in my pic when i snagged him in 1994.same thing with 6-2 harry connick on the same day in 1990.i thought he was around my height.goes to show the 5-7,5-8 stallone sightings are just what they are.illusions that i even make up.
sodapop said on 27/Mar/09
HAHAHAHAHA, That pic with Tom and Katie is a joke! Tom is obviously wearing major lifts, looks like at least 2.5 inches and Katie is almost barefoot with those sandals. How can you post that picture as proof. Hilarious!!!
Anonymous said on 27/Mar/09
RisingForce great picture he's 5'8 and katies got sandles and she is barely taller than him
J.Lee said on 25/Mar/09
Rob I have a question. Glenn your opinion too. Rob you changed tom cruise height so many times. Now you also have changed other celeb heights as well. and glenn always says that this girl seemed tall one day and short the next day. And i feel the same too about girls i am with. Do you think it's possible that there are a small percentage of people who's height fluctuates more than others? Like say maybe 1 out 20 people have their height fluctuate each day as much as an inch on a day to day basis? I mean not like in the morning but are there any girls who are five eight one day and then five seven the next then five nine the next? I swear to GOD Rob. It's like a big mystery. Like with Glenn and Julia roberts. five six one day five nine the next. Or with mischa barton. he thought she was five eleven than the next time thought she was shorter. I am almost convinced that some people's height fluctuates day to day more than others. anyone agree?
sodapop said on 25/Mar/09
I think Tom is 5'7" max with shoes.
glenn said on 25/Mar/09
he obviously didnt make it a habit of tip toeing cause he would've been caught.
Brad said on 24/Mar/09
I wouldn't doubt Tom doing anything, he's a Scientologist.
glenn said on 24/Mar/09
metric-this was 1993.i dont think he was into that then.i dont remember too much.i think i asked about upcoming projects.the pics of him and i were in a magazine actually.hola at some point,when he entered central park,photogs,2 at most, did blast us.he was able to walk around more free then.compared to now.i remember a business woman remarking how short he was.he seemed 5-9 to me.
Parker said on 24/Mar/09
Thanks Rising - Using the big guys head at the back as a 'Rule' you can see the top of Katie's head lines up approx 2 inches above his eye level, and Tom's 1 inch, meaning he is less than 1 inch shorter than his wife. If his wife is 5'9 + small heel Tom is most certainly 5'8. There are lots of pics on the net where she has no heel that substantiate this - like this one
Click Here
the shredder said on 24/Mar/09
Thanks RisingForce , proof that he is legit 5'8 !
Klem said on 24/Mar/09
I agree Metric, but guys around 5-11 can look either taller or shorter on screen, its hard to tell, since 5-11 i kind of no mens land area of height.
TELLEM said on 24/Mar/09
a weak 5'8 is the most i'll buy for cruise...nothing over that.
Metric said on 24/Mar/09
I meant 3rd Parker pic.
Metric said on 24/Mar/09
ACG: No, I don't think a short guy can have the same proportions as a tall guy. There is a reason that you can instinctively tell if someone is short or tall when watching them on screen. You will NEVER mistake a 6'5" guy for a 5'6" guy. NEVER! Not even if you see only the guy and have no reference points. Maybe you can't judge his height to the last inch but you can ALWAYS tell if he is short or tall. Try passing Dolph Lundgren on as a 5'6" guy! Or Joe Pesci as a 6'3" guy. Lol. Never gonna happen.
Metric said on 24/Mar/09
Glenn: You walked and talked with Tom? That's cool. What did you two talk about? I bet he tried to make you join Scientology!? Lol.
RisingForce said on 24/Mar/09
It should also be noted that Katie's sandals are giving her about a half inch advantage over Tom.
RisingForce said on 24/Mar/09
Here is the picture Parker.
Click Here

Everyone should note that Cruise isn't even standing at his tallest. I don't rule out him being a bit over 5'8" when he wakes.
glenn said on 23/Mar/09
and 2nd of all,there were no paps then compared to now.i would walk the streets talking with cruise no,he has photogs coming out of his hotel or home toilet.while he's crapping.there were 2 photogs tops,if that,on top of his ass for a few its 10 car deep,24/7.
Anonymous said on 23/Mar/09
How Accurate are the figures at Madame Tussauds Wax Musuem? I'm 5'8+ when I wake up and visited the musuem. I was wearing converse sneakers and the wax figure had on dress shoes with heels. Tom's figure had about an inch and a half on me.
glenn said on 23/Mar/09
samuel is another that misses the point.
glenn said on 23/Mar/09
maybe i will one day roger.or maybe not.
glenn said on 23/Mar/09
i strangely never saw speilberg.just saw an arrogant 5-6 george lucas only 2 years ago.
glenn said on 23/Mar/09
i dont know brad,why dont you ask him? i took a photo of this.proof.are you saying im making this up?
Brad said on 23/Mar/09
What the hell would Tom Cruise be doing tip-toe? The paps would have him in the rags with the caption "Tom going the distance". Tellum: you can't judge real height without footwear on each party noted. Sneaker to stealth custom, big boot to dress shoe, Doc Martin with 1.5" wedge to sneaker, etc.. I've said it a million times: time of day height means nothing compared to reality: what is on people's feet. Hey Sam, if I were 5' 6" I'd be Clyde Barrow revisited to Louisiana if I could be 6' 2" unless I got some of Sly's magic footwear.
Parker said on 23/Mar/09
Rising Force - Can you dig up that barefoot photo of Tom with his 5'9 wife again, so people can see, once again, he's a clear 5'8 without lifts.
TELLEM said on 23/Mar/09
glenn needs to take a pic with steven spieldberg...that way we can find out more truth of whos REALLY taller. him or cruise
Roger said on 23/Mar/09
Glenn, Tom tip-toed? Never knew that, great that you share this. Will you post this picture?
Samuel said on 23/Mar/09
Karim I agree. I am a 5 foot 7 man and I realy like coming on this site but lately some of the comments ive been reading here arent very pleasant. People need to sto judging people by their height its not something you have any control over and it doesnt make you any less of a person. Its whats inside that truly counts.
glenn said on 22/Mar/09
jena-we dont know how tall tom is.i do know that im 5-8 or close to it when i wake.we all shrink during the course of a some can say im 5-7,5-7.5.but would that make tom 5-9 when he wakes? and he has claimed 5-9.not impossible to me.absurd to most.i feel he is a stronger 5-8 than me,also possible.or we can both be exact.i have a photo of him tip toeing a minute before my pic above next to paul newman and nicole kidman.i jumped in,the other 2 scattered.1993.maybe he tip toed?
glenn said on 22/Mar/09
its not about that karim.its about pin pointing their heights cause they fluctuate.for example ive seen johnny depp look 5-9 to 5-11 in front of me,weeks apart.
Karim said on 22/Mar/09
ACG says on 21/Mar/09
because this is you're not interested in how tall celebs are, then feel free to leave.

its not that im not interested in celeb heights i just feel that some people here criticize people for their heights.But its not thier fault that they are short you know. thats all.
frankys said on 22/Mar/09
yes Jena , he's a bit taller than glenn and spielber but with lifts on, probably light lifts but still enhancing his real height
Jena said on 21/Mar/09
Although 5 ft 7.75 is accurate for me after seeing last posted pic by Parker as Spielberg is 5 ft 7.5 and tom cruise is a bit taller than him.
Jena said on 21/Mar/09
Glenn my opinion is that you are shorter than Tom in the first pic whether he is wearing lifts or not, in the second pic you are a little shorter than Tom noway taller whether if you bending or not, conclusion Tom is not 5 ft 7.75 if we accept that you are 5 ft 8.
ACG said on 21/Mar/09
Karim says on 21/Mar/09
What I want to know is what difference will it make if he's three inches shorter or five inches taller? the real question is whether he's good actor or not.

because this is you're not interested in how tall celebs are, then feel free to leave.
Parker said on 21/Mar/09
Here's one of Spielberg, Harrison Ford and Clint Eastwood
Click Here
And 5'4 MJF
Click Here
Looks like a 5'8 man to me.
the shredder said on 21/Mar/09
Jena , because he is 5'8 and Parker IMO he looks every bit of 5'8 standing by Speilberg !
frankys said on 21/Mar/09
parker, the first one he is stretching his back and spielberg is bending his knee but they still look the same height, the others they look similar height except for the sixth pic where tom looks a bit taller..i strongly think he wore lifts
Parker said on 21/Mar/09
Here you go guys...some more Cruise/Speilberg pics
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

glenn said on 21/Mar/09
jena-in one pic im the next he might be using lifts.he is known to wear height enhancing footwear.hidden inside the shoe.
Karim said on 21/Mar/09
What I want to know is what difference will it make if he's three inches shorter or five inches taller? the real question is whether he's good actor or not.
Jena said on 20/Mar/09
Can someone explain to me, how Tom is 5 ft 7.75 in and Glenn is 5 ft 8 while in both pics Tom is taller than Glenn? Glen what's your opinion on that?
Doug said on 20/Mar/09
Yes Parker he does look a little taller in that photo, one would think though he was wearing lifts to a do like that which he normally does.
glenn said on 19/Mar/09
gotcha risingforce.
Leonari said on 19/Mar/09
That Toms name is mentioned often and that he is short is understandable even if he is a full 5'8... but that Stallone is also called short or considered a good example of a short actor is a true mystery to me. I say jeaulousy also comes into play...
someGRANDguy said on 19/Mar/09
... can't see the shoes Cruise is wearing when standing next to Spielberg, however, their arm lengths look pretty much the same.
RisingForce said on 19/Mar/09
Maybe I caught it once or twice back then Glenn, but for some reason I remember hearing a lot more about Stallone and Arnold's height. Maybe because I watched more of their movies and their names came up more in conversations.
glenn said on 19/Mar/09
i kinda see that klem.
derek d said on 19/Mar/09
Tom very well could be 5'8 but he's probably got known as the "short" guy because he is a action star, and he does/did not wear lifts 100% of the time, at least not as much as now. I still think 5'7.5 is more like it.
sodapop said on 19/Mar/09
I think Tom is 5'8" barefoot. He doesn't seem tall enough to be 5'9" which would make him 5'10" with shoes on.
Klem said on 18/Mar/09
Does anyone else think he has a small torso and short legs with big head... like compare his torso next to clinton and even Spielberg...
glenn said on 18/Mar/09
risingforce-but it was in every newspaper and on entertainment shows that talk celeb gossip too.i caught it once or twice on tv.and i dont watch sometimes in conversations about actors with people,names like cruise and stallone come up as short.
ACG said on 18/Mar/09
No, Doug, at least not in my opinion. I think Speilberg is 5'7.5 min, most likely 5'8; while Cruise is 5'8 min, quite possibly 5'8.25-5'8.5.

Cruise and Speilberg are close enough in height so that Speilberg can get away with occasionally looking a bit taller, but that's usually because of the camera angle, posture, etc....

In reality Cruise is taller, and can make the true height difference look even greater somehow; there are pics out there with Cruise towering over Speilberg- full body shots, nonetheless....
TELLEM said on 18/Mar/09
well them pics with spielberg clearly eliminate this over 5'8 for tom cruise...hes 5'7.5 like spieldberg
Parker said on 18/Mar/09
Can't see it Doug
Click Here
frankys said on 18/Mar/09
doug , you got the point!
Doug said on 18/Mar/09
Parker I think Spielberg would seem to have around 0.5 inches on Cruise, definately a little taller. I had always thought Spielberg 5'7.5". Cruise looks 5'7" in comparison.
RisingForce said on 18/Mar/09
I never read tabloids Glenn so that's probably why. They never really interested me. I was more aware of the Stallone/Arnold short rumors oddly enough. And that was before Arnold shrunk.

Parker, those first 2 pictures of Spielberg and Cruise are proof of what I say about mid-stride pictures. They're not reliable because look at how much their height varies between the first 2 pictures.
ACG said on 18/Mar/09
Brad: Wonder why? ;-)
Brad said on 18/Mar/09
He loved working with Hoffman, just loooved it.
Parker said on 18/Mar/09
There a lots of pics of Cruise and Spielberg on the net. I do think they are very similar in height
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Here's Spielberg with 5'4 MJF for reference
Click Here

People keep coming on here and posting Tom is under 5'7 without any shred of proof or evidence to back it me he's a clear 5'8 man, the lowest I'd give him is what Rob's listed him at.
Roger said on 17/Mar/09
The first time I noticed how short Tom must be was after seeing "Rainman", where he had around 2 inches, maybe 2.5 on weak 5'6'' Dustin Hoffman.
glenn said on 17/Mar/09
im surprised at that newspapers and tabloids he is always mentioned at being short.and possibly on i would imagine you wouldve caught it somewhere.
TELLEM said on 17/Mar/09
if hes 5'8, hes 5'8 out of bed, but thats as high as i can buy for him
Vibram said on 17/Mar/09
I doubt he's ever been over 5ft8, not even after yoga stretching, protein shakes and 12 hrs sleep. You should see the boots/lifts he had on in Minority Report and War of The Worlds, he had quite a bit on Spielberg in some behind the scenes clips, about 2.5", yet I've seen Spielberg look the taller man on a few occasions.

Click Here - looks at least 3" taller here, BTScenes WOTWorlds.

Click Here - possibly shorter, although Speilberg is nearer camera.
RisingForce said on 17/Mar/09
Before I even noticed celebrities heights I never even knew Cruise was short. They make him look 5'10"-5'11" sometimes, especially in action films like Mission Impossible 2. Of course that's a combination of lifts, shorter co-stars, camera angles ect., but still that's impressive to make him look that tall at times.
Brad said on 16/Mar/09
Dude, he's 5' 8" and has great posture and THE best customs. Add it all up. He uses terrific cinematographers for even more height on film.
Martijn said on 16/Mar/09
tonight there was a talk show on belgian television, and in this show they were talking with the woman that played in valkyrie next to tom cruise cause she's from the netherlands.. and tom's height was a subject and she confirmed that he wasn't that short: she said they had the same height which was 5'8".. so 5'7.75" should be correct
Parker said on 16/Mar/09
dani- Michael Penna is listed at 170 on this site. Here he is with Cruise.
Click Here
You really think they both look 170? I also think its Penna's shoes that look suspect. Show me one pic where he looks 170. Both Brad and Glenn have met him and say 5'8. Every pic I've seen he looks 5'8. 169? sorry but no chance.
dani said on 16/Mar/09
only a scientolgie member would list him as 172cm^^... he his arround 169-170 cm and never more! The reason why he looks 173-175 cm: "special shoes"

Agreed. I couldn't agree more with ya.Cruise looks 169-170cm.
glenn said on 15/Mar/09
brad is right.5-8 it is.nicks 5-8.5 isnt insane either.
nick said on 15/Mar/09
looks 5'8.5 to me.
Brad said on 14/Mar/09
Hidden wedge inside is stealth. He was 5' 8" right in front of me. The add & posture work well. Look at him with Hoffman, he walks like a U.S.Marine in parade. He isn't 5' 7".
Parker said on 14/Mar/09
What's a 'stealth shoe' Brad? Lifts? I thought you were a '5'8' estimator?
Vic said on 13/Mar/09
Barefeet, I stand at 5'7.75 normallly. If I stand tall, I can achieve a 5'8. However, when I wear my shoes (with home-made insoles in them), I achieve a nice 5'10.5 inches. I can walk comfortably in them. Now, the shoes I use can be anything.

I met Tom Cruise at least 4 times. I've met him when I never had those insoles, and after I got the insoles. The first time I met him, I was wearing flats, and he was about an 2 inches taller than me. The next time I met him (with the insoles), I was looking down at him. I glanced at his shoes. I noticed his heels were bigger than usual, and the bottom part of his foot was elevated, indicating he was wearing lifts inside the shoes. I would he is about 5'7''.
Brad said on 13/Mar/09
Had the best stealth shoes I've ever seen in person. Works well with the posture.
glenn said on 11/Mar/09
gotcha parker.
Anonymous said on 10/Mar/09
only a scientolgie member would list him as 172cm^^... he his arround 169-170 cm and never more! The reason why he looks 173-175 cm: "special shoes"
Nikolas said on 10/Mar/09
Tom cruise really very short 5-7 maybe 5-8 max
Doug said on 10/Mar/09
I agree with ACG below. 5'8, Tom's height + simple 2" lifts = 5'10. Cruise regularly looks 5'9.5-5'10" in shoes, 5'8" without them, no taller. Cruise has always looked to be around 5'8".
Parker said on 10/Mar/09
Actually to be fair Glenn I 'pinched' the Stiller/Seacrest pic from Rising Force who posted it on the Seacrest page.

Cruise def taller than Seacrest in my least a solid inch.
glenn said on 10/Mar/09
great find parker.
Anonymousanus said on 10/Mar/09
I think Cruise is like 5'7.5
frankys said on 9/Mar/09
Click Here
looks 5.8 top to me
leonari said on 9/Mar/09
Shredder: you are right. But from 5'7.75 to 5'8.5 thats a big " tad" man. thats 2 cm. Thats almost an inch. And you are probably right. He ain't no flat 170 cm. But your estimate at 5'8.5 is 174 cm and that to me is kind of threshold btw the short side (below that mark of 5'8.5) and "kinda" average (I know it's not average). I hope I makes any sense...What I mean: A 5'8.5 guy can appear pretty average with good posture and some nice dress shoes. Tom without lifts in my opinion falls short of looking pretty average. Thats why I say Rob is spot on!
Parker said on 9/Mar/09
Well Rob has got Tom and Ryan Seacrest exactly the same height..172
Cruise and Stiller
Click Here
Seacrest and Stiller
Click Here

Couldn't find any pics of Seacrest and Cruise but I'd put money on Tom being at least an inch taller. Rob's got one of them wrong.
the shredder said on 9/Mar/09
Leonari , I respect your opinion and I like you , but You say Rob is on the dot with 5'7.75 , but you jumping peoples ass for saying 5'8 , REALLY thats not much to be upset about , its a tad ! Im saying that he does NOT look more then 5'8.5 next with Glenn , because He don't ! He does not seem 5'9 , 5'11 is joke , I never said and the people that are seem to be kidding and photoshoping , and the reason I think around 5'8 is because I personally don't think he is a 5'7 flat guy !
leonari said on 9/Mar/09
Oh man this is getting out of hand. 5'8.5 some say 5'9" or even 5'11". Whats wrong folks. Suddenly Cruise is average height? Since when? I still say Rob is master and pinned him don to the mm.
the shredder said on 9/Mar/09
He is not looking taller then 5'8.5 next to Glenn , but does not look 5'7 flat !
glenn said on 9/Mar/09
nothing to bark about bending in that pic and tom and i are close in height.he could be a strong 5-8,and im a weak fine with that.
ACG said on 9/Mar/09
I guess I should've non-suspicious LOOKING footwear. Still, you can only conceal so much....
ACG said on 9/Mar/09
Tom Cruise could've gotten away with claiming 5'10, imho. I surprised he didn't.

5'8, Tom's height + simple 2" lifts = 5'10.

And he can look 5'10 to glenn in non-suspicious footwear.
Brad said on 9/Mar/09
He's 5' 8".Weak 5' 7" makes Glenn like really short on the right. Okay Glenn bark at the Chain links.
Parker said on 8/Mar/09
Don't think he was smoking anything Complex, he's just claiming his height in standard dress shoes - People do it all the time.
Complex said on 8/Mar/09
I agree with Chains, he's never over 5'8, not sure what he was smoking when he claimed 5'9 but I won't!
glenn said on 8/Mar/09
thats an outstanding question shredder.i cant answer that right now.
Chains said on 6/Mar/09
58 my ass anonymous he's a weak 57 at best
the shredder said on 3/Mar/09
Rob , what do you think would be more shocking , Him being measured near 5'9 or 5'7 flat ?
glenn said on 3/Mar/09
not on the right.on the left, reference to lifts.
George said on 2/Mar/09
Tom Cruise is 5'11 in his 3 inch elevator shoes.
Dural said on 2/Mar/09
Rossi grew in the last 2 years from 5'9.3/4" to 5'11.3/4" but is already 30!
Rossi with 6'5" Michael Jordan
Click Here
Anon said on 2/Mar/09
Based on those pictures with Glenn and Glenn's assertion that Cruise wasn't wearing lifts (I especially don't think he used to wear lifts back in '88 when he was still just a rising star) I think Cruise is about 5'8", maybe a hair above.
Source said on 28/Feb/09
Seems as every male celeb that is between 5'7-5'9 is listed wrong on this site... :P I think both Glenn and Tom are 5'8 in these pictures.
Kristian said on 28/Feb/09
Good post Dural, if rossi really is 177, and cruise and lorenzo are roughly the same height...then it could be assumed that cruise couldn't go above 170, what do u guys think?
the shredder said on 27/Feb/09
Leung , I must say I did not seen Taps ! Complex , that picture is funny LOL , no Im not going to find something wrong and Im not going to go and say he is 5'9 barefoot ! Dural , the pictures are interesting , Tom looks taller then another 5'7 guy , I google Jorge Lorenzo and he also is listed 5'8 , I say 5'7 though ! That guy being 5'7 barefoot puts him about 5'8 in shoes and Tom looks 2 inches taller then him putting Tom about 5'10 in shoes , Tom HAS TO BE adding 3 inches of footwear to only be 5'7 ! his footwear is a good 1.5 inches though ! I think 5'7.75 to 5'8.5 seems the most realistic in my opinion !
Complex said on 27/Feb/09
Not all that confusing jin, for instance she's in flats and as you can see he's wearing boots, in the one where he looks taller I think it's simply that, he looks taller, but isn't, cuz when I look at that it would seem that if she straighten up she'd likely still have him or be the same height and that's with him in boots, lifts...who knows..I'm with Dural for the most part cept I believe the absolute most that he ever hits straight out of bed after his best night of sleep is 5'7.75, the height listed here, heck even that may be a stretch, 5'7 is the best peg for him ever, it would explain everything!
RisingForce said on 27/Feb/09
Jin, the second picture was taken while they're walking so it's not as reliable. There's your answer. Tom's shoes look bigger in the second picture.
Dural said on 27/Feb/09
Cruise & 170cm Jorge Lorenzo
Click Here
Toms shoes
Click Here
Lorenzos shoes
Click Here
Lorezno with supposed 177cm Valentino Rossi
Click Here

I'd give him 5'7" afternoon, at most 5'8" in the morning. Maybe he grew a half inch to an inch by the pilates exercises he's doing.
glenn said on 27/Feb/09
Parker said on 27/Feb/09
You won't get any attacks from me Complex, because anything below 5'7 or above 5'9 isn't worth debating. Your entitled to your 5'6 opinion just as Daniel is entitled to his 5'11. In fact, from this site you haven given me the best way to determine anyone's height accurately. I take your estimate, and add about 1 inch. Thankyou.
Parker said on 27/Feb/09
frankys - I accept he's in dress shoes that could give him up to 1.5inches, but if Katie is as listed on this site, Tom is standing at 5'10 in those shoes. No way is he getting 3 inches from them.
The picture with Beckham is a tad more confusing because Beckham looks like he's standing at 6'2 - I know he was wearing GAP boots that night, but I didn't think they gave you more than 2 inches.
Jin said on 27/Feb/09
Tom cruise taller than Katie Holmes Click Here

Tom Cruise shorter than Katie Holmes Click Here

Katie Holmes 5 ft 9 and wearing flat shoes in both pictures, confusing ha?
Samuel said on 26/Feb/09
I personally think Tom Cruise is 170cm ( 5 foot 7 ) Which is the exact same height as me. I dont get why the media portrays him as so small. Sure 5 foot 7 is a tad on the short side but it isnt that short really as you see plenty of guys that height walking around not to mention its taller than most girls.
Complex said on 26/Feb/09
Shredder why back up our claims..when we do, ya'll find something wrong with them like "camera angles, posture, etc. & so forth".
Here, here is your proof : Click Here
hahaha, lol, jk obviously but seriously, we're hearing talk of 5'8minimum 5'9, man this nonsense is gonna continue til he's listed 5'9.75.

I've changed my mind on Cruise, here is where I know he sits barefoot, 5'6-5'7 with 5'7.5 being the absolute most his head could scrape in the morning. I know bookoo ppl that say he was measured at 5'6.75 and who knows if that was morning or not but I was givin' him a strong 5'7 but now I firmly believe he dips in the 5'6 range.

Let the attacks begin because apparently it's ok to say cruise is 5'8, 5'9, and even strangely enough 5'11 (as most of you have seen recently) yet if you drop him down and inch below listed everyone flips, so if ppl can say 5'11 for Cruise, I say 5'7.5 absolute max and most likely in the 5'6 range, attack if you want although your attacks are flawed cuz the 5'11 believers for Tom weren't attacked even tho we knew they were wrong, ppl don't know if i'm wrong or right cuz they haven't seen him barefoot, only in lifts. He's a master of elevators and uses them in great stealth to appear & claim average height!
Leung said on 26/Feb/09
the shredder, did you even watch the movie? Because to anyone that has seen TAPS knows it is blatantly obvious that Sean Penn is taller than Cruise.
Dude said on 26/Feb/09
Only person here lying about their height is Glenn. Tom is on point. Only when Glenn comes honest with his height, then you guys will understand why Tom ain't 5'8....cause Glenn isn't!!
the shredder said on 26/Feb/09
To be fair frankys , they look the same height in that photo , though I don't think his footwear is adding that much , I must say Tom is not 5'9 , but I find it hard to see him shorter then barely 5'8 , not saying that 5'8.25 is legit , but I think that can fit him and is more possible then only 5'7-ish , look at how other 5'7 guys look in photos , then look at Tom !
frankys said on 26/Feb/09
for Parker
check tom's shoes on that pic..the sole is an inch+
and RisingfF. they'r standing about the same distance to the camera..
in my opinion he can be 5-8 barefoot at the very best, and 5-7 is very much possible,we are talking about 1 inch difference guys
i would not go above or under these marks though
Parker said on 26/Feb/09
frankys - look at this article including the pic of Tom with Katie. I agree Katie at a weak 5'9, in which case she is standing at 5'9 here.
Click Here
Because Tom is standing at 5'9/5'10 the article is suggesting he has lifts on. Well I don't think he has.He has worn lifts in the past, which is why people always shout 'lifts' every time he looks tall. There is little doubt in my mind he is a solid 5'8.

When I first came to this site I always assumed Tom was 5'7,because that what he is listed everywhere. Rob had him listed at 171. Rob has since increased his listing by 1cm - I still believe that's a cm too low.I have not seen anything to suggest he is lower than 172 at ANY time.

Its clear from this pic with Beckham from the same night, he is no higher than 5'8.5 - but no lower than 5'7.5........5'8 on the nose.
Click Here
RisingForce said on 26/Feb/09
frankys, they're both walking and Katie is closer to the camera so that picture is not reliable.
frankys said on 26/Feb/09
Shredder... look at this pic and post a fair you think he's a real strong 5.8 next to weak 5.9 Katie?
Click Here
the shredder said on 26/Feb/09
I think Rob has him and Sean Penn's height messed up , I think its Sean Penn who is 5'7.75 and Tom who is 5'8.25 !
the shredder said on 26/Feb/09
Im sorry , but you guys that are saying 5'7 , it seems like you are just saying it ... atleast back up your claims , the only person on here who thinks 5'7 that backs up there claim is Leonari ! Atleast me , Acg , and Paker are backing up the 5'8.25 that we see ! IMO theres no way that this guy can only be 5'7 , I think Rob's listing is really the shortest he can be ! I know Im going to hear it but I think he is no shorter then 5'8 , I think he is about 5'8.25 !

AND PLEASE DON"T GET ME STARTED WITH 5'6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John said on 25/Feb/09
How old is the picture on the right?
TELLEM said on 25/Feb/09
tom cruise i bet u never reaches 5'8 outta bed...the most he can reach is most likely 5'7.75.
TELLEM said on 25/Feb/09
sean penn 5'8? last i heard he was more 5'7 than anything. that once again puts cruise at 5'7 range with that pic. he looks only a quarter taller than penn.
John said on 25/Feb/09
tom is taller than glenn in the pic, look where his chin is, so how can tom be 5 ft 7.75 in (172 cm) abd glenn 5ft 8 (173cm)?
Complex said on 25/Feb/09
Sean penn is 5'7, 5'7 barefoot for tom, 5'9 in lifts, suprised to see ppl sayin' he's 5'9 rather than 5'7, we've all seen katie holmes taller than him in barefeet and she's like 5'8.5, 5'7 cruise
frankys said on 25/Feb/09
totally agree with you Vibram..5-7 barefoot for the guy...not a hair above, plus it's not sure that Katie is a strong 5-9
the shredder said on 25/Feb/09
HA HA HA , Tom slightly taller then another 5'8 guy ... Sean Penn !

Click Here

I don't care who disagrees , Tom is a good 5'8 , more like 5'8.25 !
Joe said on 24/Feb/09
Guy's 5-7, not even a hair above that. He's constantly wearing 2-inch heels to make his 5-9 claim seem more plausible.
leonari said on 24/Feb/09
Rob: thanks for clearing my nickname. I appreciate it.
Rob G said on 24/Feb/09
I think at very max he is 5'8" out of bed. IMO 5'7.75" or 5'7.5" is fair enough for him.
glenn said on 24/Feb/09
im with acg,parker and shredder.
ACG said on 24/Feb/09
No problem, shredder...I'm 110% with you on everything you've said about Cruise.

By the way, I know that ages ago I saw a somewhat rare picture of Tom at a premiere for Interview with a Vampire. In it, Tom was standing in between Antonio Banderas(5'9 bare min, quite possibly taller) and Christian Slater(5'9ish range)- and Tom had a clear height advantage on both!!!

Tom most likely had a footwear advantage, but still.....Antonio is also known to wear mega-lifted boots almost everywhere he goes.
Vibram said on 24/Feb/09
frankys says on 23/Feb/09
Tom with heels, Katie flats.

5ft9 Katie still looks equal to -- maybe even pips him by 0.5" -- in her absolute nothing sandals and he in chunky 1.75" boots. He's a 5f7 range man for sure - the talk of strong 5ft8 recently doesn't warrant credit from this picture alone. Thanks man for posting picture.
the shredder said on 24/Feb/09
Who do you think looks taller though ? ... Is Tom at 5'8.25 possible ?
the shredder said on 24/Feb/09
Rob , do you think Tom looks a tad taller then Downey ? Both in flat shoes , IMO Downey at 5'8 should put Tom at a little taller then 5'8 !

Click Here

[Editor Rob: I thought tom was wearing a very converse like styled sneaker at that event. Downey that day seemingly abandoned his big elevators.]
the shredder said on 24/Feb/09
THANK YOU VERY MUCH Acg and Parker ! Im with you guys that 5'9 is looking more a possiblity then 5'7 , it is a tad tall for him though , but I say a good 173cm , I know legit 5'7 guys in person and how they look in photos , and even when Tom is in flat shoes he does not look like they look in photos , Tom is for sure 5'8 !
Parker said on 24/Feb/09
Apologies - just read my last post after it had been posted. Meant to say Katie had a quarter inch heel in the photo with Tom barefoot, not an inch. That would make Tom 5'9 haha! We can't have that.
Parker said on 24/Feb/09
You confuse me Complex. That barefoot shot next to his 5'9 wife clearly showed he was less than an inch shorter, and she had an inch heel. Every pic I've posted next to people supposedly 5'7 show Cruise looking at least an inch taller - Like this one with 5'7 listed JJ Abrams
Click Here
I mean, the lowest I've seen Maggie Q listed is 5'5, so in the shoes above she must be standing close to 5'7, putting Tom 5'10 in his shoes. You really think he's getting 3 inches from those?

Or the pic I posted below against Michael Pena,again listed 5'7.
Click Here
Every pic barefoot or not shows Tom looking 5'8, but you believe without ANY proof that he's 5'7? Because you read somewhere 'somebody' said he was measured at 5'6 3/4!!???

Pictures against a near 6' Beckhma clearly show Tom is not above 5'9, but if Tom was measured in front of our eyes at 5'9 I'd be a lot less suprised than if he was measured at a flat 5'7.
Solid 5'8 for me.Not 172 as Rob has him listed,but 173.
ACG said on 24/Feb/09
glenn says on 23/Feb/09
whats this rocky guy talking about?

Seconded. Is Wal Mart even open at 3 AM? Is this some top-secret time and location where really fat leprechauns congregate? Maybe to break in and steal the 'Mart's extra-tiny exercise machines?

OK, I'm done now.......I just don't get it.

On Cruise: I guess 5'8 seems the most likely right now, but from certain pictures Parker has posted, I actually see 5'9 as a greater possiblity than 5'7.

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