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5ft 7.2in (170.7cm)
Len said on 15/Apr/16
5'7" guy continues to be 5'7".
jamie179cm said on 13/Apr/16
question Rob do you think Tom will shrink?
Editor Rob
yes, within 10 years he will lose a fraction.
mande2013 said on 11/Apr/16
Hmm, I think he was already wearing lifts by Top Gun, since he looked more 5'8-5'8.5 range in that compared to Tolkan, yet in Risky Business he indeed seemed exactly three inches taller than 5'4 Curtis Armstrong. But he's never looked 5'10 on screen IMO. In Jerry Maguire for instance he looks 173/174 as well.
Eric said on 10/Apr/16
Tom cruise definitely a 5'7 or 5'7.5 guy. At least in his prime. I heard he wears size 12 shoes! Is there any truth to this?
u said on 9/Apr/16
what i wonder is at what film did Cruise start wearing lifts?

In Taps in 1981 and 1983's Risky Business he looked 5'7. And also in 1986's Top Gun. but by start of the 90s he was looking 5'10
Pete said on 8/Apr/16
Parker, good comment!
Cruise really looks taller than Baumgartner, that is true. But maybe Baumgartner is not 5'7, maybe 5'6. Izzard probably is 5'7, and he looks same height as Cruise. I have been watching pictures of Cruise for a years and It seems like Cruise is stretching himself out and he is wearing some kind of special shoes with or lifts or whatever,
To be more specific Cruise is somewhere between 5'6-5'8 (168-172 cm) but I suppose him to be 5'7 (170 cm).
184.3cm (Night) said on 7/Apr/16
His first girlfriend...what a piece of work. She wanted to see other people and he got think? Then cheats on him but puts the fallout on him, good for Tom he dumped that trailer trash.

Not being tall for a woman means anything up to 178 cm - 5'10".
Parker said on 6/Apr/16
Pete said on 5/Apr/16
Cruise does not look so much taller than Izzard or Baumgartner

I agree Pete. Cruise only looks an inch taller than 5'7 Baumgartner
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Peter175 said on 5/Apr/16
Tom for a sure as hell doubt is not 173 or 5'8. This listing is the absolute maximum I would go for him, he's probably more like 171 or 5'7.5 most of the time. He could probably wake up as a 5'8.25er guy at most but for the most part I think he would measure 5'7.5 at bedtime

Click Here

Just look at this picture. He even looks to have his elevators on too. 5'7.75 is almost too generous, but I agree he can appear that height somtimes
Pete said on 5/Apr/16
Cruise's first girlfriend Diane Cox says according to Daily Mail "He's not a tall guy". Click Here
You would not say so if he was 5'8 or close 5'9. That is how i see it, so he must be 5'7 max.
Pete said on 5/Apr/16
In that picture there is also 5'7 Eddie Izzard, and he also looks much taller than Tom Hollander. There is good pics of Cruise and Izzard and Felix Baumgartner who claims to be 5'7 also. Cruise does not look so much taller than Izzard or Baumgartner. I think he is 5'7 (170 cm).
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truth said on 4/Apr/16
Well Parker Tom is slightly south of 5ft5 and Cruise slightly north of 5ft7, so it is about (or almost) 2.5 inch difference.
Parker said on 1/Apr/16
@McV. Look at 5'5 Tom Hollander against the back wall markings (2nd from right)
Click Here

You would really bet your life Tom was only an inch taller? Please don't.
Danimal176 said on 1/Apr/16
Was the same height as Glenn. He's 5'6.75".
Nev said on 1/Apr/16
Hey Rob, If you check out the movie 'The Outsiders' you will see that Cruise is at least 3.5 to 4 inches shorter than Rob Lowe, Matt Dillon, C. Thomas Howell and Patrick Swayze who are all 5'10". Also he only appears to be 2 inches taller than Emilio Estevez. This movie was made in 1983, before he fixed his teeth and started wearing lifts. So Cruise's height should be downgraded by around 1 inch.
James B said on 30/Mar/16
Rob he could have been 173cm perhaps in his 20s if he's still 172cm today?
Editor Rob
I doubt he's lost much (or anything more than 2mm) 60 though he may well ship a fraction.
McV said on 30/Mar/16
that you tc?? ;)
if he was 5'8 barefoot he'd be closer to diaz in heels who's 5'7-5'8
he's 5'8 max in those boots with her so he's prob right around 5'6 barefoot i'd bet my life on it
JON said on 30/Mar/16
How do you post pics, on this site? Because in a magazine here in the U.S there is a old id pic that has his weight & height listed when he was a young guy living in New Jersey at the time, he was 18, you don't grow a that much after 18, maybe some but not much.
Editor Rob
please use a shortening url service like tinyurl or
Eric said on 29/Mar/16
Yeah, I agree with posters below. 5'7 and 3/4 is too high for him. I think he's more closer to 5'7 or slightly above 5'7.
i guess said on 28/Mar/16
so how long has he been wearing lifts? Since Top Gun or Rain Man?
Parker said on 26/Mar/16
McV said on 24/Mar/16
Cruise is right around 5'5 barefoot no way he's almost 5'8

Look at a guy around 5'5 next to Katie Holmes
Click Here

Look at Cruise next to Holmes
Click Here

And contrary to the remark about crazy shoes, they look entirely normal to me.

In fact, have a look at Cruise with a guy around 5'5
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Mar/16
Rob how likely is 170/171cm for Cruise?
McV said on 24/Mar/16
Cruise is right around 5'5 barefoot no way he's almost 5'8
On the far right diaz is 5'8 with 2 inch heels putting her at 5'10 and cruise still looks about 2.5 inches shorter than her in his crazy footwear
On the left with holmes he's about 3 inches shorter (5'7) in his special shoes while she's around 5'10 in small heels
so how could he be almost 5'8 barefoot there's just no way Rob no way
Dan said on 23/Mar/16
He was obviously wearing lifts when he appeared on Top Gear with Cameron Diaz. A friend of mine was on set with him years ago (can't remember which film) and she couldn't believe how small he was, "he looks like a 12 year old." She was prone to hyperbole, but not to the point if he was average height would she have made those comments. In any case, I have to add that you never hear anything bad about Cruise (except the Scientology stuff) - he seems to be a real professional.
Lee Carter said on 23/Mar/16
I think that Him playing the part of "Reacher" an insult to the Writing talents of Lee Childs, after all His Hard Work of Making Reacher Such a Phenomenal Character , I would have thought more of Tom Cruise if he'd been Honest with Himself & used Somebody instead.
Eric said on 23/Mar/16
I think he was 5'7 in his prime, maybe slightly above it. But when he wears lifts or elevator shoes he's 5'9 or 5'10.
Endy said on 23/Mar/16
Tom is 168-169cm,not more,I repeat:NOT MORE
Nev said on 19/Mar/16
Tom Cruise should be downgraded by 3/4 inch, even when wearing boots he is barely taller than Jerry Bruckheimer (171cm). He also appears shorter than Lewis Hamilton (172cm) in many photographs, and was 4 inches shorter than Michael Ironside in Top Gun (Tom was bare foot and Michael was in boots at 180cm). I am guessing that Rob has a special affection for Cruise but seriously a downgrade needs to be considered.
Peter175 said on 18/Mar/16
Rob, one more thing. Since I heard you say these heights were aprox. afternoon/non morning heights, what do you suppose Tom cruise would measure right before bedtime? Maybe 171? (5'7.25-50)
Editor Rob
the difference between afternoon/evening isn't really that much, in many cases being a couple of mm, although some people have greater amounts of shrinkage so may well lose 1/4, 1/3rd from 2pm till 8pm. If Cruise goes under 172 I don't think it really is much more than a few mm's.
184.3cm (Night) said on 17/Mar/16
Take a look again at that pic Parker posted on the 28th Feb. He is almost the same height as Cameron Diaz and everyone is shocked. He is in lifts ofc so the footwear is equal to her heels but Diaz at 5 foot 8 puts him slightly smaller.

I think 5'7.5" is the minimum for Cruise. 171-172cm would be his range.
Rollo Tomasi said on 16/Mar/16
Two inches taller and he would have been the coolest!
Pitch_Fork said on 14/Mar/16
But again judging from pics with Lewis Hamilton as I've already said (though Lewis does wear sneakers which look close to the ones RDJ is fond of) Tom looks 5'6''
Pitch_Fork said on 14/Mar/16
mark either you are joking or you are out of your mind lol. tom is definitely somewhere in 168-172 range
littlesue said on 14/Mar/16
Maybe because he obviously is not 5ft 5
mark said on 13/Mar/16
I find it a bit funny that a 5' 5'' guy like tom cruise has been listed here as 5' 7.75''.
Brad said on 10/Mar/16
Meet him, you'll see the listed figure as reality, I did. G: "I approve this message".
curious said on 7/Mar/16
Don't see him more than 5' 6'' without his "special shoes", height estimate with shoes on is ridiculous.
Morning height 5'11.6 said on 6/Mar/16
How about we get him measured wearing no shoes. I too can appear 6'1 in my shoes.
Peter175 said on 6/Mar/16
Rob, do you think that Tom gives out a shorter appearance because of his large head and short limbs? (Relative to his long wide torso). In lifts he looks a lot more proportional because his legs look more like an average man.

I feel as though Tom has the skull, frame and torso size of a 5'9" guy, but his legs are quite short. Think the listing is spot on, probs maybe a bit lower since there's usually a notciable difference between him and true 5'8ers. Anywhere from 5'7.5-5'7.5 is what I'd wager he'd usually measure
Editor Rob
yes, a bigger than average head for his height might not be that helpful to him.
Kartik said on 3/Mar/16
thanks rob, you are the best...keep up the good work.
184.3cm (Night) said on 2/Mar/16
Its funny re-reading Nicole's comment. She said that she was happy to wear heels again as she was a COUPLE of inches taller. She claims 5'11 herself so that puts Tom at 5'9.

So a very tall woman with heels makes him look short, media is crazy.

I have nicole more 5'10.5" but that would still put Tom at 5'8.5" using her estimate. I wonder what started the 5'6 comments ?
Lurker said on 1/Mar/16
Rob, if you knew nothing about Tom Cruise's height previously and only were to judge from the photos with Dicaprio, how tall would you guess he was?
Editor Rob
I'd have thought he was 5ft 8.5 at least.
Andrea said on 1/Mar/16
Yeah, Rob, you should probably do one of your videos for Tom! :)
I've read some italian forums where some people discussed his height and there are some people who truly believed he's barely 160!
I've also heard some jokes about his height in some italian movies/tv shows!
I personally haven't seen much stuff about Tom (maybe 1 or 2 movies), so I'm not sure what my guess is (I did see some photos some years ago and i thought around 171) but 5'5/5'6 are certainly too low! It's funny how so many people do think he's very short!
He certainly isn't tall, though! :)
Sammy Derrick said on 1/Mar/16
Click Here He can easily look 5'11 in the movies...
I once honestly that he was 5'11 after seeing him in movies and here is the proof... Click Here
5'7(171cm) current height.
Lurker said on 29/Feb/16
Looking at him next to Dicaprio, these 5'5-5'6 claims seems absolutely absurd - even if he wears the biggest lift ever, there is no way he is below 5'7.
Dmeyer said on 29/Feb/16
Cruise shoes with dicaprio are defenetly giving him 2,2-2,4in they look as big as the 2,4in dons hé has 3cm davantage shoes over dicaprio
Kartik said on 29/Feb/16
So Rob they are like afternoon heights...
Editor Rob
you could think of afternoon. Evening height is only a little less on average than afternoon. Morning is much greater compared to the afternoon.
Still Lighting said on 28/Feb/16
Met Tom Cruise years ago while working in lighting for the his first Mission Impossible film. He's just under 5'7". I laughed at Arch Stanton noting the article claiming Vin Diesel as being 6'4". He's about 5'11. The tallest "stars" I met in person were Clint Eastwood and Liam Neeson. I'm 6'3" and they were taller than me. Anyway, Cruise is a bit shorter than average. It hasn't hurt his career has it? lol
Parker said on 28/Feb/16
@Rob - I come across a lot of people who thinks he's 5'3. The media have done their job well.
I read recently in a Sunday supplement magazine he was 5'6 - and people of course believe that tosh.

As I've posted before, that same media can't believe there own eyes when they see him.

Click Here
Jeff said on 25/Feb/16
Well, he's making a point but he also says he thought he was 2-3 inches taller than him, which would still make him 5'7 only in his opinion... Yeah, the media's point of view is completely biased, it's sad...
Editor Rob said on 25/Feb/16
There was an article a few days back Click Here

I warned people many years ago that you would start to see Tom being described even shorter in a few years, and this is one more instance:
"Tom Cruise, his co-star in 2008 Second World War drama Valkyrie and last year’s Mission: Impossible instalment, who comes in under 5ft 6in"

So the journalist is implying he's a 5ft 5 range bloke...sad really, but the subject of the interview - Tom Hollander - made a good point:
"We’re standing next to each other and he’s a good two or three inches taller. With Valkyrie, I was excited at meeting this short superstar and was horribly disappointed to discover he was perfectly average"
JON said on 25/Feb/16
Tom Cruise was listed at 5' 7, when he was 18 years old, most men reach their full height by the time they hit 18. He could of grown a bit more after that, but if he did it wasn't much.
Pitch_Fork said on 24/Feb/16
It's hard to say bc his legs and arms are really short and he often looks disproportionate due to lifts. I'm 5'7.75'' in the morning and 5'7.25'' at my lowest in the evening. People usually guess my height at about 170cm which is true thus I am 171cm during most of the day. But my 6'1'' friend told me he has always thought I was 5'9'' till I told him my true height. It's a common fact that in real life taller people have a tendency to upgrade heights and shorter ones, especially women, downgrade heights all the time.
When I wear boots I feel lower average. But most of the time I do feel short. Thought I have never worn lifts or height insoles because I embrace my height and am confident in myself.
Going back to Tom he can be 5'7.75'' which is easy to believe looking at pics with Dicaprio. But his proportions are of someone who's like 5'6'' and that baffles us all the time. So telling his height for sure is just impossible heh.
Abc said on 24/Feb/16
Tom Hardy himself said in an interview that he and Tom Cruise are the same height. Of course that means Cruise`s height in lifts.
alex said on 23/Feb/16
@lurker Cruise is wearing lifts.
Peter175 said on 22/Feb/16
He's above 5'7 for sure, but i think 5'7.25-5'7.5 would be a better listing. kanye west is at least half inch taller
Lurker said on 21/Feb/16
Cruise looks easily as tall next to Dicaprio as the supposedly 5'9 Tom Hardy does. Either the latter deserves a downgrade or Cruise has gotten some nice lifts.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Feb/16
Solid 172cm peak, possibly 172.5cm. Today might be dipping into 171cm territory
Mike said on 20/Feb/16
I say that Tom Cruise is no more than 5'7'' tall.
Dmeyer said on 20/Feb/16
Hardy is 5ft 10 shoes on cruise is 5ft 10 elevators on so they can look same near leo
Dmeyer said on 20/Feb/16
Looks 5'8,75 with leo so could be 5ft 7,5 solid And 5ft 9,75 shoes on
Kartik said on 20/Feb/16
Rob, are these morning or evening heights that you list on your website????
Editor Rob
they aren't meant to be morning heights
mande2013 said on 20/Feb/16
Then how do you explain the jogging pictures where he didn't appear that much shorter than Holmes?
Parker said on 20/Feb/16
@Harpy - 'Special shoes' that don't look like Frankenstein's boots will give a max lift from barefoot of 2.5 inches. Even the one's RDJ is wearing here will give him only 3 inches from barefoot.

Click Here

Cruise is standing at 5'10 next to Leo. There's been 1000's of guesses on Tom's height posted here ranging from 5'3 to 5'10. The pic with Leo IMO gives more evidence that Rob's listing is within 1cm of Tom's actual height. 171-173
Dirk said on 19/Feb/16
Yeah, his arms so short to 172 cm. Max 170 at morning. İf Rob is 173, then tom cruise and kanye west's height and etc. must be the night height. Tom 168-169, Kanye 171.
Abc said on 18/Feb/16

The shoes that Cruise wears on this picture with DiCaprio are definately NOT bulkier or give more height than any shoe Pitt every wore on the red carpet. Comparing the heels, Pitt shoes give without a doubt 0,5 inch more.
While you are argueing that Pitt only wears normal shoes with higher heels, you put Cruise´s shoes without any minor doubt in the 2-2,25 inch area. Sorry, this is ridicilous and shows that you are really biased concerning Pitt.
Harpy said on 17/Feb/16
I think cruise uses double lift , 1.5-2'' heal on the bottom of the shoes and 1.5-2'' lift inside the shoes. He is 5' 6.5'' max., whatever he gets after wearing his "special shoes" does not have much influence on his actual barefoot height which is 5' 6.5''.
Jeff said on 17/Feb/16
Here's a little comparison between Tom Hardy with Dicaprio and Cruise with Dicaprio. I agree, he looks around 5'9 there Click Here Click Here
The_Punisher said on 17/Feb/16
Tom Cruise is 5'6'', no more, no less... just looking at his short arms and legs can tell you he can never be over 5'7''
Dmeyer said on 17/Feb/16
Leo is in the 5'11,25-11,5 181-181,5cm with à heels of 0,9in like hé has with Tom hé is in between 6'0,25-0,5in like in between 183-184cm shoes on , Tom looks around aleast 2-2,25in smaller if equal posture wish means cruise is 5'10 shoes on minus 2-2,25in total gain he is in between 5'7,5-8in à 5ft 7 flat would have looked max 173-4cm with the davantage so cruise has to be 171-2cm
Jeff said on 17/Feb/16
Rob, how tall do you think he looks with these shoes next to Dicaprio?
Editor Rob
he can pull off looking like a near 5ft 9 guy would
Dmeyer said on 16/Feb/16
DiCaprio is near my height and cruise looks the 5'9 Guy I saw him at of course in lifts
177-178 cm guy said on 15/Feb/16
Tom with Leo:

Click Here
mande2013 said on 15/Feb/16
@Harpy: What you say of said heights may be true "on paper", but a legit 5'9 guy walking around looks pretty standard "man" height. Also, I've never sensed much of a social difference between 5'5 and 5'6, except, again, "on paper". Pacino, Hoffman, and Woody Allen all look rather similar on screen, although Woody is a bit scrawny.
Jeff said on 15/Feb/16
Rob, do you think his shoes are lifted here at the BAFTAs? And much do you reckon he looks next to Dicaprio here? Click Here Click Here
Editor Rob
it looks like he's wearing a pair of 'Special Occasion' shoes.

How special they make him is a matter that is hidden within them. My guess is an extra inch of magic and a heel that is near 1.25 inches...
Rich Hall said on 13/Feb/16
ok there's no way Tom is under 174. Look at him here edging 5'9 P.S. Hoffman
Click Here
Even if he was wearing high heels, he'd still be 5'8.5" minimum
He's essentially the same size as Brazilian super star Neymar except that Tom is better built with a stronger frame and more explosive muscles. Neymar is not as explosive because he needs to have muscles that don't tire easily whereas Tom Cruise has the musculature of an athlete built for action sequences and extreme sports
Harpy said on 13/Feb/16
5' 5'' or below is unimpressive height

5' 6''-5' 7'' , you can get away with that height

5' 8''- 5' 9'' , tragic height as you aspire an inch or two more

5' 10'' , The balanced height

5' 11''-6' 0'', The comfortable height

6' 1 - 6' 3'', dominating height

6' 4'' +, The awkward height range
Cruse is 168 said on 10/Feb/16
Deeley- Why call him a pip squeak? I am 5'6" and no one has ever called me pip squeak. My height was never an issue with getting dates either. I loved going out with taller women if they were drop dead gorgeous. And trust me every other guy in the room seeing me with a hot female did not feel like rubbing salt on a wound unless it was theirs !! I bet you are just jealous and likely wish you were dating a multimillionare actor. But I'm guessing Tom would look at you and turn his head the other way and start laughing. Tall or not I'm certain he can pick and choose which ever woman he wants. (Except maybe Deeley)"
Yates said on 9/Feb/16
Rob,this is a pic where Cruise is standing along with Renner and Pegg.Cruise seems to wear no lifts.Would this make Tom 5'6 next to a slouching 5'8 Renner ? Click Here
Editor Rob
I don't think Cruise is standing as tall as he could either.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 8/Feb/16
I think Tom's a 171 cm guy.
A Cut Above said on 8/Feb/16
Rob,do You think that a 168-168.5 -169 cm range is out of question for him ? You would go with a straight 170-172 cm range?
Editor Rob
I'd say it was extremely unlikely.
mande2013 said on 7/Feb/16
I just have a hard time believing that guys like Oscar Isaac, Mark Ruffalo, and Don Cheadle are shorter than Cruise, and I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling that way.
Towering said on 6/Feb/16
He looks like 5' 6'' - 5' 6.5'' guy obviously that is estimate without his "special" shoes.
mande2013 said on 6/Feb/16
@MJKoP: Give me a break. Even here, with Tom potentially wearing lifts there's no 4-inch difference. Looks like three to me: Click Here

We can assume Hoffman's 169 in whatever shoes he has on while Tom's over 5'9 with his insoles.
MJKoP said on 5/Feb/16
Daniel said on 30/Jan/16
He looks 168 in Rain Man

Uh, yeah, that's why he looked about four inches taller than 168 Dustin Hoffman with no apparent extra boost in his shoes.
mande2013 said on 4/Feb/16
You could argue more than a 3-inch difference between Tom and Nicole here, and the footwear looks quite comparable: Click Here
satchy said on 3/Feb/16
I agree with 5 ft 6 claim, but probably 5f 6.5 is more accurate
mande2013 said on 3/Feb/16
My feeling is women have a tendency to underguess other people's heights while men have a tendency to overguess other people's heights. I've been guessed anywhere from one inch shorter to two inches taller than I actually am, and ironically enough, I was guessed two inches above my true height by my uncle who's like 5 inches taller than me. And it's usually women, both taller and shorter, who underguess me.
Dmeyer said on 2/Feb/16
Same happened to me once there was à Guy who was 189cm And was sûre i was same height , there was 3in between US , another time à legit 185cm/6'0,75 who was only 1,4in taller than me thaught i was 5cm smaller at 180cm my widest range i was described at 180cm-190cm , there are 2 5'8 friends who claim 5'9 who are sûre i am 190cm for some reason , but i usualy get guessed 182-184cm , i got once guessed 181cm but usualy 182-183 or 185cm
mande2013 said on 2/Feb/16
Where's the solid proof he's sub-170 though, aside from his reputation for being "short"? Since he ostensibly wears lifts in public, there's no 'red carpet' proof out there of Tom being under 5'7.
Keeper said on 31/Jan/16
Come on, rob. This guy seriously needs a downgrade. 169cm would be more reasonable.
Daniel said on 30/Jan/16
He looks 168 in Rain Man
mande2013 said on 30/Jan/16
The reason I have my doubts about Tom being 1m72 barefoot is because men in that height range can consistently get away looking 5'9 range on screen, whereas Cruise never does. In films like Eyes Wide Shut and Jerry Maguire he looks weak average at most, whereas 5'7 and changers like Mike Ruffalo often do manage to look average.
Ismaeel said on 29/Jan/16
He doesn't look more than 5' 6''.
Harold said on 28/Jan/16
Cutie, Tom's not just an actor, he's a movie star, and he' not just a movie star, he's an action hero. As fans, we pay to see our stars and action heroes larger than life. We can forgive a character actor for being shorter than the norm. Our expectations are different with them. But we have a hard time not pointing out the discrepancy between a man who plays a giant and the same man who off-camera, is, in fact, short. What Tom Cruise goes through in terms of short jokes is no different than what Alan Ladd went through 70 years ago. The difference is the media, with the internet and so many television stations competing for attention, has grown. I'm not sure, however, that 'bad luck' and Tom Cruise belong in the same sentence, as in the final sentence you wrote. Tom seems to be doing just fine...
Aaron zamora said on 28/Jan/16
Rob, how can he be this height? The height difference between Cruise and Kevin Bacon was well over 2 inches. It was around 3 inches to be exact and that's if cruise wasn't wearing any lifts. I'm positive that he's 5'6-5'7. He is no way almost 5'8.
Editor Rob
I wouldn't have called bacon 3 inches taller from what I seen.
Cutie said on 25/Jan/16
I think it is true that whenever media talks about the successful hollywood actors despite short height, they almost always give example of Tom Cruise and this has been happening sine last two decades now. This must have left a deep impression in the mind of most of the public that short height in hollywood equates "Tom Cruise" so no wonder average joe on the street often thinks that Tom cruise has to be 5' 2''-3'' eventhough he is comfortably 5' 7'' tall. Tom cruise just has a bad luck that he has become symbol of short height in the public media.
Cruising said on 25/Jan/16
Rob, i am 178cm and 181,4cm in my sneakers, my friend is 192cm and i asked him how tall do i look, he said 185cm. Why do you think i look so tall to him? Btw i love this site!
Editor Rob

No harm in giving someone a confidence boost, which some people will give out (myself included)...but maybe you genuinely looked that height to him!
Lmeister said on 24/Jan/16
Tom is 1-1.5 inches taller than Ben Stiller(5ft6) in Tom Crooze skit. Both are wearing flat shoes in the scenes. Tom is 170-172 cm.
Jake said on 24/Jan/16
Rob, our professor had this debate about Tom Cruise height, and was convinced he was as short as 5'2.... I said no he's 5'7-5'8 range and he wasn't buying any of it. What's with this deal that Cruise is such a small guy?
Editor Rob
maybe the media does it's job. The more often perceived negative traits like short stature are mentioned and associated with Tom, the greater the chance of leaving an impression in people's mind's that the guy is tiny and not much over 5ft 2!
Parker said on 23/Jan/16
Editor Rob: I still would be shocked if barefoot he was 5ft 6 and 3/4.

Me too. I'd bet the Farm he was closer to 5'8 than 5'6 3/4. We'll never know of course, but even if he was measured on a stadiometer in front of you the debate would still continue as it did with Glenn! A weak 5'7 isn't a bad guess tho - I come across a lot of people who thinks he's 5'3. The media have done their job well.
Harold said on 22/Jan/16
When Tom was a mere actor, meaning before he became a movie star, his height (or lack thereof) was not hidden. In other words, check out the movie Taps (in and of itself, worth watching). In all distance shots, where Tom is walking with other actors, he is glaring short. Five foot six and change range. Danimal is right.
Pitch_Fork said on 22/Jan/16
He did look about an inch shorter that Lewis Hamilton who is 5'7.5'' for sure. So maybe he is really about 5'6.5''-5'6.75''.
Though Tom was wearing shoes, and Lewis was in sneakers. To add to this, i believe both of them are constant life wearers
Editor Rob
unfortunately it was on a public road (the red carpet) so we never knew if the road was level.
Danimal176 said on 21/Jan/16
You still have him 1" too high Rob. Rob, he was the same height as Glenn.
Editor Rob
I still would be shocked if barefoot he was 5ft 6 and 3/4.
Cutie said on 21/Jan/16
5' 7'' without shoes, he has good body posture and structure to make up for his short height
Trey said on 20/Jan/16
5'7" guy is 5'7".
TJE said on 20/Jan/16
He looks anywhere from 5'7.5 to 5'8.
Doc said on 17/Jan/16
I think this is pretty accurate. 171-172 is where you start to look short (not always, I know body proportions..) on Screen. Tom never looked tall or even average, at most he looked like a weak average on Screen and that's when he's above 5'9 (almost 5'10) in thick shoes.
Average guys around the strong 5'8 to weak 5'10 often looks pretty standard on screen. Tom happens to be right under that line.
annonnnn said on 16/Jan/16
rob has kanye listed at 5'8" and im positive rob didnt put that height just cause. hes seen the pics. thats proof. aint nobody showed any REAL EVIDENCE of kanye west at 5'6/7. thats ridiculous.
annonnnn said on 16/Jan/16
Paul said on 14/Jan/16
Only reason why Kanye looks 5'8" is because he wears lifts inside his Yeezy sneakers. Without them though, he's 5'6.5 or 5'7 at best.

And how do you know this??? have you personally met the man? i would like to see facts on that.
he consistently looks 5'8. even 10 years ago next to cruise. looks it in every pic.
Cruising said on 15/Jan/16
I think he's 5ft 6in, with lifts 5ft 8-9in.
Paul said on 14/Jan/16
Only reason why Kanye looks 5'8" is because he wears lifts inside his Yeezy sneakers. Without them though, he's 5'6.5 or 5'7 at best.
annonnnn said on 13/Jan/16
Matthew , no, kanye west is not 5'7. He does not look it next to 5'10 mike tyson or other celebs. He is taller than tom cruise. Do your research. That would mean cruise is 5'6 which he clearly isnt
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 12/Jan/16
annonnnn said on 9/Jan/16
looks around the 5'7 range next to 5'8 kanye west.


Kanye is only 5'7" range himself.
HeightObsession said on 12/Jan/16
Not sure why everyone downgrades Tom Cruise. At Madame Tussauds London, I was wearing a 1.5 inch heel and I am definitely 169 cm. He seemed to have an inch heel and looked 3/4 of an inch taller than me. It is possible that the wax model could have lifts, but I really think it is safe to say that this guess of 5'7.75 for his height is very accurate.
G dragon said on 12/Jan/16
Rob .. Why did Google put tom at 5'7 on Google ?
Editor Rob
ask them if you are curious.

It's just another guess amongst the tens of thousands of guesses that have passed through this page here. Anywhere from 5ft 5 to 5ft 9 has been guessed for him.
whoa said on 10/Jan/16
In the 80s how tall was he alongside his pals Sean Penn, Emilio Estevez, Charlie Sheen, Rob Lowe?

Did he wear lifts in any films you think
5'11 said on 10/Jan/16
He's no more than 5'7. Maybe 5'7,5 on a good day
Nightingale said on 9/Jan/16
So how tall is he in his boots? Please tell me.
annonnnn said on 9/Jan/16
looks around the 5'7 range next to 5'8 kanye west.
Micho said on 8/Jan/16
I'd say flat 5"7.
Tomas said on 5/Jan/16
CNN article where Cruise is mentioned as being 5'7":

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Jan/16
Cruise always 5ft9 as his height and could pull it off in regular shoes. Still 5ft7½-8 range today.
Simon Pegg does look exactly 1in taller than him so he's pushing 5ft9.
B4 said on 2/Jan/16
I don't know why people refer to him as very short
He's is 172 that's not that short at all if you consider some guys being 160 165 172 it's quite ok
Media always made him look shorter than he is
jon said on 30/Dec/15
In the USA here. Since Cruise and I are the same age (and stature), I've followed him his whole career. He is definitely taller than 172. I used to date a woman who was over 180 and there was no way I could approach her height @ 172 except if I was in boots and she was barefoot. It was esp painful with her family as one of her brothers was over 200. But since I grew up in a neighborhood that could field an NBA team, I persevered until she told me I was just too short for her to marry.

Anyway, that's neither here nor there now, but I have noticed people commenting on this site and experiencing it myself, working on a college campus, that people aren't as tall as they they use to be in the Eastern US. Growing up, the males on my street averaged around 190 and the girls around 170. Today, I see many small people on my campus that I feel normal. Outside of Scandinavia, is this happening in Europe too?
Len said on 30/Dec/15
Apparently Cruise has finally thrown in the towel, and is officially listed at 5'7" elsewhere.

Rob, time for a downgrade. Even Tom admits it now.
Editor Rob
I've yet to see Tom say he was 5ft 7.
Jeff said on 29/Dec/15
Rob, with all the bad publicity Cruise has received through the years regarding his height, do you think people are surprised he's taller than expected when they meet him? Or do you think they go "Yeah, he's short indeed"?
Adrie said on 29/Dec/15
1.72 is right :)
Fray said on 28/Dec/15
@ Parker - agreed. He is taller than 5'7", and the media really likes to keep referring to him as even smaller.
The photos above - all women there are 5/9" + heels..of course he's going to look even shorter.

As for him wearing elevator shoes when acting with Brad Pitt - I don't see the problem..wasn't Lestat taller than Louis and a blonde?
Anthem said on 22/Dec/15
I visited Madame Tussauds a few days ago, and i stood next to Tom's wax model. He looked 5'7, i'm around 5'8 and i was an inch taller.
John said on 21/Dec/15
Tom Cruise is like only one of the very few whose height listing on Google is shorter than Celebheights lmao. That's not the case for 99% of the celebs.
PMitchL said on 20/Dec/15
Compare the arm length of Cruise and Pike or Holmes in the pictures at the top of the page, that's the giveaway. 170-172cm is about right, and he's consistently 5'10 on the red carpet with his lifts.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 20/Dec/15
Danimal said on 14/Dec/15
He was towered by Kevin Bacon and barely edged out Emilio Estevez and was the EXACT SAME height as Glenn.

5'6 3/4" at his peak. He's probably closer to a flat 5'6" today.


The Glenn pics were curious. Cruise looked like he was slightly taller but that was mostly due to his ramrod posture. If Glenn is 5'6 5/8", you could make a case for Cruise being 5'6 3/4" to 5'7". But I think if you look at all of the evidence, 5'7 1/4" to 5'7 1/2" is a better guess (171 cm range).
Editor Rob
sometimes big G probably didn't shrink as low his Nightmare on 34th Street measurement.
Aaron zamora said on 18/Dec/15
Tom cruise seems like a 5'6-5'7 foot man to me his footwear is what makes us see him as taller then that but I can bet my money that he would be measured anywhere between 5'6-5'7. Think about it if he's 5'6 he can wear a 1 1/2 heel shoe plus a 1 inch lift which will boost him up to 5'8 1/2 and he has a good set of hair which will make him look 5'9 in footwear. It's all an illusion people.
Mad Scientist said on 17/Dec/15
He's around 5'-4", notice his lift shoes in all of those photos also.
MJKoP said on 17/Dec/15
Danimal said on 14/Dec/15
He was towered by Kevin Bacon and barely edged out Emilio Estevez and was the EXACT SAME height as Glenn.

5'6 3/4" at his peak. He's probably closer to a flat 5'6" today.

You are so far off that it's comical. Cruise is nothing under 5'8"
Duhon said on 16/Dec/15
Rob, if Cruise and Bieber were to meet in public (assuming they wore the shoes they normally do) who do you think would look taller?
Editor Rob
I think Cruise would manage to look taller
Jay said on 16/Dec/15
Rob,according to the height stated,Cruise should be shorter than Jeremy Rebber by 1 cm since he is 173cm but,in some pics Tom appears as tall as him wearing elevator shoes.Renner seems to wear nomal drees shoes wich give him a boost od 2 cm ,going to a 175 cm.Tom reaches that same height with his special dress shoes so we can perhaps say that he is the 170.5 range?Also,looking at some photos of Tom and cameron diaz barefeet the gap of 3 cm is noticeable
Editor Rob
with Tom, sometimes we can't assume he is in a lifted shoe...but renner I think pretty much would measure a half inch taller under the stadiometer.
Shawn said on 14/Dec/15
mande2013, you'd lose on a 5'6.75" bet, I'm almost certain. That's basically what Glenn measured at, and there's not a doubt in my mind that Cruise is taller than Glenn. If you're not familiar with who Glenn is, click Height Articles on the right hand side of the screen, and read "The Big Grapple."
the shredder said on 14/Dec/15
He looks over 5'7 in Risky Business.
Danimal said on 14/Dec/15
He was towered by Kevin Bacon and barely edged out Emilio Estevez and was the EXACT SAME height as Glenn.

5'6 3/4" at his peak. He's probably closer to a flat 5'6" today.
mande2013 said on 12/Dec/15
I'd still put money on 5'6.75-5'7 barefoot. He can't be 5'6 flat nor can he be pushing 5'8 without shoes. Just watch Risky Business for proof.
176.2 cm (5ft 9.37in) said on 9/Dec/15
What an achievement, greetings to Don ;)
Dmeyer said on 9/Dec/15
in the shors were he apears only 2.5 in under arnie arnie has a 1.2in type and is likely 184-184.5cm shoes on cruise looks about 5ft 10ish shoes on bit his shoes looks like the 2.25in type so he jas to be near 5'8
RisingForce said on 9/Dec/15
Minimum 5'7" and max 5'8". I'd guess 5'7.5" is safest. Definitely wears lifts. A good example is with Depp and Bruckheimer. Tom's knees are higher than Depp's despite Depp wearing cowboy boots so a 2"+ boost is likely. His style of jeans sometimes make his Can easily look 5'8.5"-5'9" with lifts and good posture. Tropic Thunder premiere and some candid pics seem to be when he's gone without lifts.
lol said on 8/Dec/15
Tom Cruise towering 5'6 Ben stiller Click Here notice that Tom's shoes look very normal but they definitely are lifts shoes.In my opinion tom Cruise is a weak 5'7-5'6.5 maybe
Lil Mike said on 6/Dec/15
Is 172cm a morning or evening height
Hdjdd said on 5/Dec/15
5'7" flat nowadays. 5'7.5-5'8" in younger days.
184.3cm (Night) said on 4/Dec/15
Even more ridiculous is when he compares Tom a 53 year old man with Arnie, 68 years and Sly 69 years. Those two guys are in retirement age haha. Tom is still a good age for anything he isnt old.
Editor Rob said on 3/Dec/15
Click Here
"there is even a gag about the 5ft 5in actor's height"
Another instance of a journalist spreading ridiculous figures.
Sylvester said on 2/Dec/15
Rob, do You think He would be standing as tall as Bruce Lee in a barefoot comparison?
Editor Rob
I would doubt he'd be any shorter than Bruce, if both were side by side barefeet.
Will said on 1/Dec/15
Tom Cruise is somewhere between 5'7 1/2"-5'8". But he is definitely over 5'7". Still a short guy though IMO.
Sammy Derrick said on 29/Nov/15
Long before I was into the internet and pop-culture,I was watching Tom Cruise on some red-carpet event and I was shocked to see how small he was...
I asked one of my buddies,how tall is Tom Cruise? "...about 5'7...","Did you say 5'11? or 5'7?"...'5'7!!!
In all honesty,this is why I thought he was 5'11 Click Here
And Tom can pull off the 5'10 plus look very convincingly... Click Here
Hey Rob, how do you think he do that so well?
Editor Rob
with good posture and little bigger shoes you can pull off looking taller like Cruise can at times.
Danny said on 24/Nov/15
I would say he is 169-170 cm without any shoes at all. He has been known to wear lifts in his shoes, especially in movies when he acts alongside actors who are taller than him. He has never looked taller than around 174 though. So he does wear lifts, but the lifts are not that big.
Dorian said on 24/Nov/15
Hey Rob,
Remainig in the 5'7" range,would You put him on a 170.5 cm, 171cm or 171.5 cm height mark?
Editor Rob
I wouldn't go under 171.5 for him...although you can still make an argument he is only 5ft 7, but I think it needs to assume he has lifts most of the time.
dmeyer said on 23/Nov/15
Lowest peak 171-171.5 cm 5'7.25-7.5 and likely 172cm today 171.5cm he has to drop 3-4m by 54
Jeff said on 21/Nov/15
Rob, then 5'8 and a quarter would be something like 173,2cm?
Editor Rob
yes in that range
Jeff said on 19/Nov/15
Rob, if 5'8 equals 172,7cm, what does 5'8 and a quarter stand for? Also, is someone who measures 172,7 is he considered a flat 5'8 or a weak 5'8?
Editor Rob
if he was 172cm flat I'd call him a weak 5ft 8 range, but 172.7 range and he's a decent 5ft 8, 173 range and more a solid 5ft 8 heading close to the quarter range.
Jeff said on 18/Nov/15
A while ago, I thought that a flat 5'8 was a good shout for Cruise but seeing that legit 5'8 guys like Joaquin Phoenix, Jeremy Renner or Sean Penn barely never look short, I'm starting to suspect he isn't the full mark. Anywhere between 5'7 and 5'8 is good for Cruise. A legit 5'8 with good posture and decent footwear will look average most of the time.
Tom said on 14/Nov/15
He is 170 cm
Morningheight 5'11.5 said on 12/Nov/15
If he's 5'10 then Kidman and Holmes are 6'0 ????
Ryan Fiveten said on 10/Nov/15
Tom Cruise is a difficult one to figure out his height. I'm not sure, but I don't think he's less than average height or so.
Parker said on 7/Nov/15
184.3cm (Night) said on 6/Nov/15
the shredder said on 26/Oct/15
I barely comment on this page anymore , Cruise clears 5'7. All these 5'7 max or 5'7 or less comments for guys like him , walhberg , Sly are just insane.
Agreed. I also gave up, the guy is obviously closer to 5'8 but the media has done their job well.

That same Media can't even work it out themselves when they see him, insinuating his boots are giving him 4 inches LOL
Click Here
184.3cm (Night) said on 6/Nov/15
the shredder said on 26/Oct/15
I barely comment on this page anymore , Cruise clears 5'7. All these 5'7 max or 5'7 or less comments for guys like him , walhberg , Sly are just insane.

Agreed. I also gave up, the guy is obviously closer to 5'8 but the media has done their job well.
Big C said on 30/Oct/15
Hi Rob has the blackmailer made any more demands?
Editor Rob
last I heard he's still trying to saw through the stadiometer. He never realised I coated it in a special compound! Poor guy's arms about to fall off...
mande2013 said on 28/Oct/15
For the record, I believe TC and Marky Mark are both 5'7 on the nose guys at night time, and that RDJ could perhaps be as low as 5'6.5, but not less than that. Cruise and Downey are lift wearers though. Pacino and Stiller generally are not.
Editor Rob
it can be hard to tell with some actors.

With a guy like Downey, he is quite obvious, he isn't really trying to hide anything. He's wearing I believe 2.5 inchers a fair amount and enjoys the added height.

There are some models of skechers I've seen which are basically small elevator sneakers because the outside is designed to look like it gives a low height, while internally the insole is built to a higher height.

The half inch type lifts which can be put in most types of footwear are the ones hard to spot. I did a video of me in the smallest Dons available, which only give 1.5 inches (same as Cat Boots), beside beside Jenny in nearly 1 inch sneakers. They are also designed to help posture a little, which for a guy like Cruise/Downey I think aids their perceived height a little bit more at times.
mande2013 said on 28/Oct/15
The shredder: The problem is that anything less than a weak average listing would be too incompatible with the public image/persona of guys like Cruise, RDJ, Sly, Wahlberg, etc., so it won't happen even under the auspices of a bloodhound like Rob, who at the end of the day, still has boundaries he can't overstep. ;-) Those celebs aren't 'allowed' to be 5'6 the way a 'Sicilian from Brooklyn' like Pacino is. Cruise is type cast as an Anglo-Saxon man's man, so it's "impossible" that he could conceivably be sub-1,70.
truth said on 27/Oct/15
not 5ft7 max but 5ft7-5ft7.5 most likely
the shredder said on 26/Oct/15
I barely comment on this page anymore , Cruise clears 5'7. All these 5'7 max or 5'7 or less comments for guys like him , walhberg , Sly are just insane.
dmeyer said on 25/Oct/15
Absolute shortest he could be is 5'7.25 171cm night after gym and more 5'7.5 like 171-171.5cm at night and is very likeky 172cm at night peak and now but not 173cm as a legit with the posture he has Will almost Never be seen as short
Heylo said on 24/Oct/15
Marco, Give us some evidence and we will believe that he's 5'5. Cruise is judging by every good photo not under 5'7. Too many people judge heights on proportions. Long legs doesn't equal being tall just as short arms or whatever doesn't equals short stature. You can be 6'1 and be quite stocky, just as you can be 5'6 and skinny. "He looks 5'5" isn't a valid argument. Many people look taller or shorter than they really are.

Tom Cruise can't hide his height with super lifts without looking absurd, he can however increase his height by two or close to 3 inches and look fairly decent(though still a bit noticeable.. but everyone knows that Tom uses lifts, it's not a big deal like it is with Brad Pitt for example). That's why he looks 5'9-5'10 in his height enhancing shoes.
mande2013 said on 20/Oct/15
But don't you think people have a tendency to presume 1,70-ish guys will seem more diminutive than they actually do. Most people's idea of what a 5'7 guy looks like corresponds more closely with the impression made by a 167/168 guy. My mother's best friend's husband is 169/170, and he doesn't really register in my 5'5 male consciousness as 'short', just 'modest'. My godmother's son is indeed somewhere between 166 and 168, a smidgen taller than I am barefoot, and I still see him as 'short'.
Parker said on 17/Oct/15
LOL at 5'5 for Cruise Marcos. Here's 5'5 Daniel Radcliffe with Katie Holmes
Click Here

Here she is in similar heels with Cruise
Click Here

I think the worst height estimate I've seen for Cruise is 5'3 on here, but 5'5 is a close second. Even the guys that think he's 5'6 range are at least within 1inch of the universal flat 5'7 given everywhere else on the internet, and can be considered a reasonable guess.

Everywhere but here that is.

He is 100% 5'6-5'9. Is he closer to 5'6 than 5'9? I personally don't think so, neither does the site editor, but that will be the never ending debate.
Marco said on 16/Oct/15
Tom Cruise is NOT 1.72 not even a flat 1.70 (im 1.70) i dont feel that short , he uses huge lifts that are atleast 10 cm , i mean look at his shoes in the pics and his build looks sort i agree with @mande2013 tom deserves a downgrade @rob he is 5ft5 max. poor guy has a short man complex. Great actor though
mande2013 said on 14/Oct/15
Anyhow, with camera tricks it's not that difficult to make a 5'5 guy look 169/170 on screen. It's been done loads of times with the likes of Gael Garcia Bernal and even Emilio Estevez. The issue is that filmmakers will often go out of their way to accentuate an actor's smallness, such as with Daniel Radcliffe in everything he's in that's not Harry Potter (e.g. What If?).
mande2013 said on 14/Oct/15
He seemed to be presented as a 5'8-ish guy in Jerry Maguire. He certainly didn't look 5'10 in that film. That's for sure. But as I said before, he had 3 inches on a 5'4 Curtis Armstrong in Risky Business.
Will said on 14/Oct/15
Tom Cruise is exactly 5'8". He is still below average height. Though some jealous people see him as low as 5'5", which is totally ridiculous.
Kourosh said on 13/Oct/15
@Danny are you being real now? cant you see she is in high heels? oh my god some people just want to downgrade the man foolishly. 5'4 , 5'5 and even as short as 5'3.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY tom cruise is under 5'7. He is solid 5'7 to weak 5'8 no more or no less than that. With his shoe lifts he can easily appear 5'9 range,
Duhon said on 12/Oct/15
It's funny how if Tom were to meet Bieber he'd likely edge him out, yet Tom is still stuck with being listed at 5'7" by many sources yet Bieber has somehow convinced a lot of sources to list him at 5'9"? I guess Bieber's got the better PR people.
SL9 said on 12/Oct/15
" Tom Cruise is 173 or 174.
Beckham is 1,81 and you can see the pictures above too "

Elevator shoes!
Danny said on 12/Oct/15
If Cameron Diaz approx. height is 5'9 and looking at the picture above with Cruz and Diaz. Theirs no way he's 2 inches shorter, maybe 4 inches. Leaving Tom about 5'5.
Aymen Bns said on 10/Oct/15
no problem rob ur the best i'm about the same height of urs and i really want to thank u so much from my heart for this website and this information thank u so much rob ur website is famous and celebre exellent !!!
Editor Rob
thank you for visiting!
Jeff said on 9/Oct/15
Rob, when did he start being labeled as THE short celebrity? Back in 1996, the producers still tried to portray him (or his character) as a tall guy in Jerry Maguire, something they wouldn't even bother trying to do these days...
Editor Rob
I think the tide turned slowly. I don't believe it would be anywhere near as bad if he wasn't a follower of any type of cause/religion/whatever you call it.

I mean I have people close to me believing he's 5ft 5-6.
Dmeyer said on 9/Oct/15
172 mâkes sens he can be under strong 171cm Like 5'7.25-7 3/8 and not 173cm
Aymen Bns said on 7/Oct/15
rob u better take a picture with him as possible as u can and dont forget JB
Editor Rob
well, if I had money I would, but I have to really watch expenses these days.
Parker said on 7/Oct/15
Here's Tom, standing behind his 5'9 ex wife
Click Here

I agree with Rob - That is no 5'6 range guy.
Yeah said on 6/Oct/15
Only here because just watch family guy: Pilling Them Softly Episode
Dave said on 5/Oct/15
I would agree with Andre below. Tom and his then wife Nicole Kidman once hid behind me at a movie theater in Westwood. I felt like I towered over him at 6'1". I would guess, in bare feet, he is probably 5'6". It was VERY obvious that he was wearing engineer boots with an added sole and heel. He may also have been wearing lifts inside his shoe bringing him close to 5'8". He is a VERY tiny man. Nicole was wearing heels and with those, made it to 5'9" or so but she too over matched him in height and general size.
Vegas said on 5/Oct/15
andre said on 3/Oct/15
my opinion is that he is 5ft6.5 barefoot

someone can provide us a picture where we can see him barefoot ?

here is a video of him barefoot with michael ironside in boots Click Here

rob has a shot with ironside taken 24 years after this scene
Editor Rob
one thing is certain, he's no 5ft 6 range man.
plus said on 4/Oct/15
I guess he definitely is 5.8 no more no less, can you guys guess the difference of height with Pablo Motos (166_167 cm) in the pic some posts below? He must wear elevators for sure
andre said on 3/Oct/15
my opinion is that he is 5ft6.5 barefoot

someone can provide us a picture where we can see him barefoot ?

people today can make him taller in the picture with internet tecnology
Jack said on 3/Oct/15
Please add Rory Culkin
mande2013 said on 3/Oct/15
The thing is we don't expect 5'9 guys to seem short, but we expect them to be somewhat 'modest' looking, which well-proportioned legit 5'9-ers generally aren't.
mande2013 said on 3/Oct/15
There's usually a gap between what's an acceptable 'on paper' height and what's an acceptable real height waling around. 5'9 on paper seems rather modest, but walking around, a legit 5'9 male will seem solid average, so most people's notion of what a 5'9 guy should look like correspond more closely to what a 172/173 guy actually looks like. Likewise, 5'7 seems to be the *acceptable* on paper cutoff for a below average male height, but walking around it's really more like 5'5.5-5'6, which is why 5'6-ish guys are often much harder on themselves than they need to be.
Editor Rob
unfortunately for a guy like Tom he's now got a perceived height drastically smaller than what he actually is.

And this is in general, most of the observation is from people who haven't met him. I asked people now and again and his name always comes up and is associated with short, I think a large percentage believe he is a 5ft 6 guy!
Stephanie said on 2/Oct/15
I think what's listed here is about right. He's "short" as in below average male height, but he's still taller than most women (he just seems to choose women who are taller than himself).
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 1/Oct/15
Ah, I'm from the United States of America. We have a taller average.
plus said on 1/Oct/15
@celebheights that's what I feel in the street, what I see around in Spain. Perhaps it also is psycological to be tall around family, and as I said that I don't calculate meople some cm over me and when I see some person shorter some cm is easier to notice
Celebheights 6'1.75"/187 CM said on 30/Sep/15
Medium tall at 5'9 1/2"???? That seems to be average around here.
plus said on 30/Sep/15
Here he is with Pablo Motos (166... or 167 he claims)

Click Here

Pablo Motos with Danny DeVito
Click Here
plus said on 29/Sep/15
I'm 5'9.5 = 177. Exactly even 176.5. And I feel rather medium tall. Only when a person it's 181 or over I feel them taller than me. 5.9 if it is a real height measured at the doctor (people normally measure badly) is a decent height imo. Girls are not taller than me, even in heels, so one of them is taller is something different. Yes, some sportsman and tall guys are over me but most of them I feel them under me. Children and old men are also common
Matthew190 said on 29/Sep/15
184.3cm (Night) said on 19/Sep/15
Big G was 5'6.75" measured and was shorter than Tom in pics ive seen. G also likes to wear thick boots so any disadvantage in footwear would be minimal.


Big G had much looser posture than Tom did in both pics though. Tom was stretching himself to look as tall as he could and still didn't beat out 5'6 5/8" G by very much. If anything I thought those pics were some of the best evidence that Tom may be shorter than he's listed here.
plus said on 25/Sep/15
Tom Cruise is 173 or 174.
Beckham is 1,81 and you can see the pictures above too

Click Here
Click Here
also, I have met Alberto Contador, the cyclist, sportsman, he is REAL 1,76 cm as he states. I've seen him face to face. Valverde is also 1,76. Yes, Cruise this time must have worn so platforms on shoes but even that he must be 173-174
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Sep/15
He doesn't look short at all to be perfectly honest...
S.J.H said on 24/Sep/15
Tom was 5'9.25 regular in elevator shoe and 5'7 barefoot. Add on 0.5 is generously by editor rob
panoska said on 23/Sep/15
1.72 at night or in the morning?
DougQuiadHauser said on 22/Sep/15

Seriously I do not know where all this Tom is depressed, and insecure about his so called lack of height?
If he was, there is no way he would stand next to woman as tall/taller AND wearing high heels and look that comfortable with it in my book.

At a guess I would say he was somewhere between 5'8" and 5'9".
184.3cm (Night) said on 19/Sep/15
Big G was 5'6.75" measured and was shorter than Tom in pics ive seen. G also likes to wear thick boots so any disadvantage in footwear would be minimal.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 17/Sep/15
@TJE There are photos of him by Robert Downey Jr. that prove that RDJ is taller than Tom Cruise by more than a quarter of an inch.
mande2013 said on 17/Sep/15
Who knows. Personally, I CAN buy 5'6.5 for Tom. Let's get real. He doesn't look over 5'7 flat in Risky Business. Mahk is probably like 5'7.5 barefoot. He never looks anything less than a very strong 5'7.
TJE said on 15/Sep/15
All three would be great. Though idk if Mark wears lifts though.
mande2013 said on 15/Sep/15
How about Tom and Mahky Mahk in the same room?
TJE said on 11/Sep/15
I'd love to see Tom and RDJ in the same room lol.
andre said on 11/Sep/15
5ft6.5 barefoot for him
mande2013 said on 10/Sep/15
Well Markus:

If you're like me where 40% of the female population in your average Western country is taller than I am barefoot and you factor in women's propensity to wear heels it'll invariably feel as if "everyone's taller". To use an analogy, when you go into a coffee shop or a library, one has the impression that "everyone has a Mac". "Macs are everywhere". Yes, they seem to be ubiquitous since so many people have them, yet the numbers dictate they haven't come close to eclipsing PC in market share.
Jeff said on 9/Sep/15
James, can you show me pictures of the lifts you're referring to?
Markus from Italy said on 9/Sep/15
Probably you're right and as a matter of fact i m working on just makes me feel kind of obsessed but fortunately i m gettin' out of it. You should have heard me two years ago...i seemed slightly mad. Now i m focussing on other things more relevant.
mike said on 8/Sep/15
just saw interview with the vampire, brad pitt seemed to have only 2 inches max on cruise, Tom seemed to be exactly 5'9, I was surprised
james said on 7/Sep/15
He obviously was wearing lifts in his boots in Valkyrie ..hes about 5'8 in regular shoes
Weeknd said on 7/Sep/15
The average height is deffinitly getting shorter, at least on the east coast of the US. I see way too many short high schoolers and college students.
mande2013 said on 6/Sep/15
It just strikes me as odd that a guy over 5'7 would be that depressed and insecure about it. I'm 5'5, and it certainly bothers me, but you seem far more flustered than even I am, and you're a solid two inches taller than me. It's not that bad a height, and with the right build and proportions, you can easily blend in with 5'8-5'10 guys. Most 5'7/5'8 guys I encounter don't seem that bothered, and I even know 5'6 guys who are less bothered than you are.
mande2013 said on 6/Sep/15
Markus from Italy:

Most girls, even among the younger generation, are not above 5'7. That's just your perception, and I'm sure it's clouded by the fact they tend to wear heels, as well. In any case, here in Paris, from my vantage point, 5'4/5'5 for females and 5'9/5'10 for males seem like accurate shouts for the average if I factor the many of the women edging me out on the street have heels on. And this is among Caucasians. One just needs to look at things objectively and not get flustered every time you walk past a female who happens to be taller than you, leading you to presume most females are taller than you when they're clearly not. You're 'evidence' is only anecdotal, nothing more.
Markus from Italy said on 3/Sep/15
Anything under 5'7 is laughable in my opinion. I've been depressed for years about my lack in stature (171 cm is pretty small also here in Italy since most of the guys and girls of current generation are above 5'7 many even touching almost 6', talking of guys) and now you know what I say? It's ridiculous when it comes to height, i mean each one would easily add 1 to 2 inches to their height and that is because society sucks and everyone is attracted by height... for a 5'7 guy is more difficult to find a girlfriend than a 5'8-5'9-'6 guy is; that's a fact. Depression also leads to overweight at times (like in my case) so that you easily look shorter than you are... but I'm working on it and you should work on your weight if you're not so tall i think, coz in that way you look thinner and easily give the impression to be taller.

However Cruise might be 5'7, 5'6, 5'5'... even 5'0, but he still is and would be a great actor like any other "giant movie monsters" who are in reality pretty small.
Lisa said on 31/Aug/15
Rob u cant give him more cm cuz google has him on 5'7 Accurate
TrackerX said on 30/Aug/15
A minimum of 1,70 m and a maximum of 1,72 m.
Jim Hopper said on 30/Aug/15
5-7 max in socks imo. His shoes are always a 2" + add on.
anonymous said on 30/Aug/15
Hi Rob i have something that is bugging me from long time i would really like to know so please answer me what weight is tom cruise at mission impossible ghost protocol ? because he seems very buff .
Click Here
In internet it is written that he is 170 lbs. Is this weight acurate for ghost protocol ?Please answer thank you
Editor Rob
somewhere in that range is believable as he had a fair bit of muscle for that role.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Aug/15
[Editor Rob: I don't hear much bad from fans who meet Cruise or actors who have worked with him!]

I think Billy Connolly's perception of Cruise says it all. Now Connolly may have been fooled by Tom's lifts into thinking he was around 5 ft 10 but I think he's the sort of guy who would sniff out an insufferable t**t and be more than happy to say what he really thought of him. That somebody like him who was around him every day on day could say he was a "smashing guy" I think is proof enough. And yes, actresses also rave about working with him, I've heard some gushing remarks from people like Emily Blunt, Cameron Diaz and Rosalind Pike who loved every minute of it.
Heylo said on 27/Aug/15
Tom is getting all the negative **** from people who think he's choice of "religion" is weird. I mean, who the hell cares? Let him believe in his stuff.
And from all the interviews I've seen with Tom (I've seen quite a lot) he seems to be a pretty intelligent, caring and humble individual who wants to help people.
People who hate him are just hating because they can, because it's acceptable, just like it's acceptable hating on Justin Bieber.
Editor Rob
when it comes to height, we should all try as best we can to be impartial and not be influenced by our feelings towards actors or famous people.
Jeff said on 24/Aug/15
mande2013, I see at least 9cm between Estevez and Cruise on that picture so that still gives Cruise the 172 listing
Arch Stanton said on 23/Aug/15
mande2013 said on 21/Aug/15 "It's the fact that Tom acts like some spoiled brat who feels he's been dealt a bad hand, "

Really?? His scientology rants aside I think he generally comes across as a good natured guy in interviews and I don't get that vibe from him at all, I'm sure he's acutely aware of how lucky he is. Christian Bale and Nicholas Cage you'd have a point saying they seem spoiled.
Editor Rob
I don't hear much bad from fans who meet Cruise or actors who have worked with him!
Parker said on 23/Aug/15
With 5'4.5" Emilio Estevez in 1983:
Click Here

This one shows the footwear they were wearing that day.
Click Here
Parker said on 23/Aug/15
Here's another 5'5 with Rebecca De Mornay
Click Here

And another with 5'8 Sean Penn
Click Here
dmeyer said on 22/Aug/15
He seemed anywere 5'9.75-10.25 in shoes on his shoes dont give 3in so close to 5'8 for the guy
mande2013 said on 22/Aug/15
An inch between Tom and Pacino: Click Here

A 164cm Estevez makes a 170/171cm Tom: Click Here
Jeff said on 21/Aug/15
Rob, I think it's a well-known fact that Cruise isn't a guy who sleeps a lot. Do you think he'd look a full 5'8 if he was sleeping let's say 8-9 hours a night?
Editor Rob
I think you are talking only a few mm's difference between 6 and 8 hours sleep, I doubt it will change his appearance much. He keeps himself physically in good shape and seems to still have good posture.
Ricky muliawan hansyar's height is 5ft 7.5in (171 cm) said on 21/Aug/15
Rob,how tall tom cruise in endless love movie (1981),5ft7.5in or done 5ft7.75in?
Danimal said on 20/Aug/15
Short guy (between 5'6" and 5'7"). Some pics of him in the 80's PRE-lifts:

With 5'5" Rebecca De Mornay in 1985:

Click Here

Click Here

With 5'4.5" Emilio Estevez (according to Rob) in 1983:

Click Here

With 5'8" Sean Penn in 1981:

Click Here

Again, I am not biased, nor do I have an agenda. I think he's an amazing actor, but he's somewhere between 5'6" and 5'7" BAREFOOT.
170.7cm said on 20/Aug/15
175 to Tom Cruise , he is brilliant !
184.3cm (Night) said on 19/Aug/15

Thanks for confirming what i thought. I always guessed he would hit 5'10 in his footwear. He always gives the impression of a 5'9 guy ( like he claims) which is easy for him to pull with lifts. A 5'7 flat guy would never manage that without very suspicous footwear.
the shredder said on 19/Aug/15
A 5'9 looking Cruise is not shocking in person plus boot , I'd be shocked If he looked 5'7 or under face to face.
dmeyer said on 17/Aug/15
I met cruise about 5 times he alwais looked 5'8.75-9.25 range but each time had high cut boots with a normal heel , minus the lifts he has to be near enaugh i measured a friend 5'8.75 plus nike show was 5'10 1/8 cruise was very simillar boots on also another 5'7. Friend who was There and was 5'7.5 shoes on he had a thin shoe cruise was notocably taller he was shocked ,
Truth said on 17/Aug/15
That's not true TalkingHeads, the new generation is taller due to all the hormones in meat, dairy, etc... Traces of anabolic growth hormones have even been found in poultry and tap water. Agree with you, long term, this can't be good but one ailment they won't have is being short.
177cmGuy said on 16/Aug/15
A flat 5'7 is too low but I think 5'7.5 is arguable
TalkingHeads said on 15/Aug/15
The average is lower now seeing how many short guys are in college. And especially with americans awful diets. I can buy 5'8,5 for the average, down from 5'9.
Gregory Barbosa said on 15/Aug/15
Ok now I'm seriously confused. If you pause at 00:01:35 at the beginning of Collateral, the scene when he and Statham bump and exchange suitcases, there's a clear close-up on their shoes. What's super weird is that Statham's shoes have heels that are twice the heights of Tom's.
Yet they both appear the same height. Can't wrap my brain around this one. Statham is listed as 5'9" so why would he wear elevators in a scene with Cruise? Either Jason is super short (Jet Li territory) or Cruise needs to be upgraded to 5'10". Unless the director (upon Cruise's request) shot the shoe scene (which lasts no more than a fraction of a second) specially to confuse the height watch brigade... and have them change shoes for the headshot?
Gotta say, that would be weird though.
So which is it, upgrade for Cruise or Downgrade for Statham???
Rend said on 14/Aug/15
Rob, is wearing 3 inch lifted shoes possible for cruise case?
Editor Rob
I don't think I've seen any obvious 2-inch lifts inside a 1-1.5 inch boot, but he could fit a 1-inch lift and most people wouldn't really notice anything different.
the shredder said on 14/Aug/15
Agree , average still is 5,9 , 5,10
jim said on 13/Aug/15
There is a scene in War of the world's in his house when he runs up the stairs and to the back glass door and you can see his elevators shoes come off.
I mean he was essentially on stilts, walking on top of the shoes. It was then I said this guy must be tiny to have to walk on top of his shoes next to a kid. way is he 5.7. Great actor though, that just pops off the screen and brings movies to life
Shawn said on 12/Aug/15
James, the average height hasn't increased 2 inches in the past 30 years. Maybe 1 at the very most. Yes, even amongst the "younger" generation, I still see a lot of short guys.
James B said on 11/Aug/15
I think amongst the young crowd in the US given the average is 5'10-5'10.5 he is considered to be short. In the 80s though he would be more like lower end of average.

So overall cruise is quite short for a man but not very short.

Cruise is slightly taller than me (I am 170-171cm).

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