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5ft 7.21in (170.7cm)
the shredder said on 11/Jun/12
Rob , there is a scene in Days of thunder where him and Kidman are both in barefoot and there is only about 2" difference .
[Editor Rob: not seen the movie for so long I can't remember it.]
Shaun said on 11/Jun/12
Well, Billy Connolly, who would be the first to piss take a top Hollywood actor of short stature and pretense, was incredulous when he met and worked with Cruise that he was subject to the short myth and yeah, most people who meet him say he is taller than the media had implied. But maybe his lifts are deceiving people. Proportionally I have to say he looks 5'7"-5'8".
2nd truth said on 11/Jun/12
rob lowe had easy 2 inches on him
170 max prolly shorter
due to age wears 6 cm shoes
puts him close to 178
with his hair he can pull off looking
5 11 max
Shaun said on 10/Jun/12
Rob can I ask what it is which sways you to be so certain he's not under 172cm and is pretty much a 5'8" guy? Was it the beach shot with Katie? I'd agree on 172cm BTW.
[Editor Rob: from the 7 years of this site and from talking to people who seen him up close I think 172 is still a fair guess.]
Drew said on 10/Jun/12
172-173 for Tom
the shredder said on 10/Jun/12
Rob , if Cruise got 1 " lifts with Pena then what do you think is his max height ?
[Editor Rob: I don't think less than 172 is possible and 173 would be as fair a guess.]
Jack J said on 8/Jun/12
Judging by all the evidence, experiments and scientific knowledge brought together, the Conclusion is as follows: Tom Cruise height 5'6.5"-5'7"
the shredder said on 8/Jun/12
Hey Jack J , I'm good , lets get ready lol !
MaskDeMasque said on 8/Jun/12
5'7.5 would be my best guess.
Jack J said on 8/Jun/12
'Rob' what planet were you on for the past 5 months???? I was not able to comment on hardly any of the celeheights websites, anyway hope you are well mate. 'shredder' how are you man?, its been a long time. Let the debate begin, LETS GET READY TO RUMBBBBLLLLEEEEE.........
[Editor Rob: I had to put a hold on comments until I had the time to spend on them, which is only recently]
Joe said on 8/Jun/12
Danimal, we all know Glenn wasn't 5'7 out of bed. If he's almost 5'8, makes you wonder why he constantly needs to wear lifts. Even in the lifts he appears short.
Danimal said on 8/Jun/12
5'7" fresh out of bed (Glenn's height)
Drew said on 7/Jun/12
He never really looked short to me, just below average, so he has to be 5'7.5 minimum.
the shredder said on 7/Jun/12
Mr. R , you and him face to face ?
Ka said on 7/Jun/12
I think 172.8 cm (5'8) on the nose
the shredder said on 7/Jun/12
Well he has got to be easily minimum 5'7.5 or 5'7.75 , he can pull off a 5'8.5 or a 5'9 look in even in low cut shoes
Louis said on 7/Jun/12
@Mr. R
than he is probably under 5'7 beacuse he is always in big shoes, I say 5'6 max
Mr. R said on 7/Jun/12
Saw him at Dodger stadium. Btw 5-7 and 5-8.
YB said on 6/Jun/12
Cruise does look in the 5'7"-5'8" range. Which begs the question why does he get so much stick about his height? 172cm is not that short, in fact there are many male celebs shorter and there height barely gets mentioned.
the shredder said on 5/Jun/12
Oh good we Back , How are you Rob ? So if he only has 1/4 or 1/3rd of lift then 5'7 is out for him .
[Editor Rob: I am ok, I hope all visitors are keeping well themselves.

anything new on Tom? Well, spoke to another couple collector's who saw him and one thought he looked 5ft 5, granted the guy was 6ft 2-3 range, the crazy estimates still exist :)]
tom said on 5/Jun/12
Hes 5'-7" barefoot for sure.
Dmeyer said on 14/Feb/12
Cruise is 5'10 With 2.25 in shoes on
fricanman said on 14/Feb/12
@Parker - my point was a general one not about Rod per se.
the shredder said on 14/Feb/12
Because 5'7 is a joke ... He is around the listed height minimum
Dmeyer said on 13/Feb/12
Cruise is for sûre nô smaller than 5'7.5 and nô taller than 5'8.25
Dmeyer said on 13/Feb/12
In the séries of pics With pena Cruise is seating and you CAN see hé has 1.1-1.2 in shoes nô lifts , pena is about 5'7.5-7.6 in vans on while Cruise is 5'8.9-5'9 in range With thèse shoes on Tom is 2cm taller plus 1.5cm more shoes hé looks 4cm taller , do you âgree Rob
[Editor Rob: a small lift is always very hard to tell, like a 1/4 or 1/3rd inch. Those kind of lifts can be put in most shoes.

but with normal shoes he does look about that much taller.]
Dmeyer said on 13/Feb/12
I have seen Cruise apear 5'8.75-5'9.25 in , in person hé had anywere his footwear were boots each Time i met him With a normal outside heels 1 and also 1.2 in so hé got nô more than 2-2.25 in while i had 1-1.3 in the Guy is near 5'8 , a 5'7 couldnt pull that up , proof m'y 5'7.25 wearing elevators was there and tom was slightly taller
Parker said on 13/Feb/12
fricanman says on 12/Feb/12
@Parker - No not kidding at all. I believe Rod is currently around 5'8". My point is why is it "ludicrous" for people to claim someone is shorter, but OK for them to claim they are taller.

The reason that 5'5 is ludicrous is when you see him with his 6'1 inch wife without her heels you can see he's clearly a minimum of 5'10.

Click Here

The fact that you think he's 5'8 actually proves my point.

Apologies - I'm not posting any more Rod Stewart debates on Tom's page.
the shredder said on 13/Feb/12
He is 5'9 ... taller then 5'8 G lol .
Nobody said on 12/Feb/12
Bogdan T. Hey nobody gives a damn if you respect him or not. He doesn't even know of your existance. I can't believe people would spend their time discussing heights and arguing about it. Apparently this site is a treasure for people who find comfort in talking **** of celebrities' heights. "Oh no, he lied about height what a BIG FU**** DEAL. I don't respect him anymore.." You people are retarted.
fricanman said on 12/Feb/12
@Parker - No not kidding at all. I believe Rod is currently around 5'8". My point is why is it "ludicrous" for people to claim someone is shorter, but OK for them to claim they are taller.
P.S. It obviously didn't help Rod's cause when he said he was "almost 1.56 metres tall" in a radio interview back in 2007. An obvious mistake, but you can't help wondering what he meant to say?
Parker said on 12/Feb/12
fricanman says on 12/Feb/12
As to stories that Rod is 5'5" being "ludicrous" why would that be any more ludicrous than people saying he is 5'10", in fact which is nearer to the truth?

Your kidding right?
fricanman said on 12/Feb/12
@Parker. Sorry, but, I think if you look at any of my posts you'll see that I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised by anything. I still don't buy all this old tosh about tall wives making anyone appear smaller than they actually are! Surely this site is about trying to get past that kind of rubbish.
Could there even be reverse psychology in operation? Like "of course he LOOKS short with her, but she is really tall".
As to stories that Rod is 5'5" being "ludicrous" why would that be any more ludicrous than people saying he is 5'10", in fact which is nearer to the truth?
Shaun said on 12/Feb/12
Tom Cruise 200 pounds and Brad Pitt 220 pounds? LOL, yeah that's madness. Brad Pitt naturally can't be more than 11.5-12 stone let alone near 16 stone!.
Parker said on 12/Feb/12
Gordon says on 11/Feb/12
I'm 5'10"and he was my height

I think there has been enough evidence posted over the years to say he's never 5'10 Gordon. I'm 99.9% certain he's between 5'7.5 and 5'8.5.
Bogdan T. said on 11/Feb/12
After reading these posts I lost all the respect I had for Tom Cruise, whose performance in "A Few Good Men" I still consider to be the best performance Hollywood has ever produced. But to go from a Navy lawyer who taught us a great lesson about honor to an actor who would lower himself so much as to artificially enhance his height by wearing ridiculously elevated shoes, it's a long way.
I am 6'1" (185.5 cm) in the morning and 6'0.5" (184 cm) before bedtime, and I still wish I were a little taller, at least 6'2". However, I would never wear those shoes just so that the other people would think I'm taller. Even if everybody else thought I was 6'3", I would still know I'm only 6'0.5".
I wonder how Mr. Cruise feels at night before going to bed, knowing that he is at least four inches shorter than what his "image" has been showing us lately. He must be very miserable, I guess, and I pity him for this. It just goes to show you that people are no more and no less than what they make of themselves, that obsessions are the greatest force behind human actions in general, and that the old saying "people always want what they don't have" is true...
Gordon said on 11/Feb/12
I was in Washington about a year ago and decided to take in the wax museum. The likeness of Tom Cruise was on display standing on the floor. I'm 5'10"and he was my height as I stood beside him. As I was leaving the museum I commented to the staff that I had heard that Tom Cruise was a short 5'7"and he seems to be a lot taller than what I had been told. They just said that all the celebrities were measured and that is their true measurements. I still have my doults about how true this is. It would be good to know.
Parker said on 11/Feb/12
fricanman says on 10/Feb/12
@Parker says on 10/Feb/12 None of his 3 wives were less than 5'8 and often wore heeled shoes
I fail to see what impact that might have on any assessment of his height?

A tall woman with a shorter male tends to give people(especially the media) the perception that the man is short. You'd be suprised - Rod Stewart was once listed at a ludicrous 5'5 in some sections of the media.

Click Here
frankie said on 10/Feb/12
Look at this video...stop at 0:40 and check tom's weird footwear

Click Here
fricanman said on 10/Feb/12
@Parker says on 10/Feb/12 None of his 3 wives were less than 5'8 and often wore heeled shoes
I fail to see what impact that might have on any assessment of his height? Mickey Rooney had eight wives - all taller than him, Dudley Moore had four - all taller than him. Do you therefore conclude they must be taller than their listing? No - because "short" fits their screen persona. The real question to ask is why does Tom have to "be taller" than he actually is - its all about image and what the public will buy.
the shredder said on 10/Feb/12
I think he should be upgraded to 5'8
Tommy said on 10/Feb/12
Well, those seem like pretty solid explanations, guys. I mean, a weak 5'8 is on the lower side of average/high end of short. In real life situations it wouldn't be a big deal.
Derek d said on 10/Feb/12
lol93 says on 28/Jan/12
if michael pena is 5'7 then tom can look 2 inches taller than him Click Here Click Here
Click Here
wich means he is in lifts... tom is for me 170-171 a downgrade would be better

Funny thing is if you look closely at the picture that exposes his dress shoes at the TRL thing, they look pretty damn normal. In fact they don't even look like lifts, almost like low cut - ish. I can't see him getting more than a extra inch more than he should be.
Parker said on 10/Feb/12
Tommy says on 9/Feb/12
I wonder how this whole myth started that the guy's really short.

None of his 3 wives were less than 5'8 and often wore heeled shoes. Then Top Gun comes along with associated stories of 5'10 Kelly McGillis hurting her back during filming whilst downgrading her posture all the time (Tom and Kelly didn't care, it was the director/ producers that didn't want a taller female lead). Cue stories of him being short, bogus height listings in magazines, and suddenly bald taller men with fat guts working in the press had something to seize on. Tom Cruise is only 5'3/5'4/5'5/5'6.....I've seen him quoted at all those heights............then the public started believing it....hell I thought he was 5'6 before I started posting on this site.

Hands up, the guy did look 5'7 in 'All the Right Moves' - apart from that pic/film made when he was 20, he's never looked less than 5'8 to me. Most sites have him listed at 5'7. That seems fair - Most sites wouldn't put 5'7.75, because most of the public would read that as 5'7. Only the height obsesives on this site argue over 0.1 of an inch hahaha!!
fricanman said on 9/Feb/12
@Tommy - I get where you're coming from when you talk about the myth of TC being "really short". But I think this is only a reaction to the myth that Tom and his image brokers have tried to create about his height. Once it gets about that someone has a "little help" in the shoe department, and is not as tall as he might claim, the speculation as to how much they might be stretching the truth can get stupid. I don't subscribe to him being "really short" - unless you consider 5'7/8" "really short"!
Tommy said on 9/Feb/12
I wonder how this whole myth started that the guy's really short.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 6/Feb/12
5'6.75", 169.5cm.
the shredder said on 6/Feb/12
Will , Been saying that ... He over 5'7 !
Silent d said on 5/Feb/12
172cm. 5 foot 9 is funny. No way!
Will said on 5/Feb/12
I still see Cruise as 5'8"-5'8 1/4". He is more than just 5'7" tall.
djg said on 2/Feb/12
well if tom cruise is 5'7" (my fav actor), then he's shorter than julia roberts at 5'10", i'm 5'2"'s, shorter !!! there that song again "short people", luv that song though...dedicated this song to tom cruise and me :) !!!
the shredder said on 2/Feb/12
Brad , funny that you nailed G on the money but was awful with the height challenges next to a measured man .
CK said on 1/Feb/12
How much do you think Cruise weighs now?
CK said on 1/Feb/12
Yeah, but G also said that Sly Stallone is 5'10.75". G may have even been in his Portmans with Cruise in elevators? How would he get an accurate estimation from that? Just sayin'.....
Brad said on 1/Feb/12
G had Cruiser nailed as listed. People who stand by the C-ster know he's as listed.
burby said on 31/Jan/12
Da G-Star was about right on Cruise. In G we truss'
fricanman said on 31/Jan/12
@TruebloodFan - If Cruise was measured at 5'9" I would be surprised, but would happily concede my previous opinion that he is shorter. It is of course only my opinion and based on observations that cannot be completely verified, along with a general feeling that he is below average height. As to whether 5'9" is "short"? You only have to view the 'General Height' page on this site to see that a lot of posters talk about 5'10" as short and even 6' as average! I think that is mad thinking but it is out there.
xzk said on 31/Jan/12
Definetly between 5'7 and 5'7.5
TruebloodFan said on 31/Jan/12
even if someone measured Cruise barefoot in Times Square at 5'9, there would still be people saying 'awww, he's short!' that's how powerful an idea is. especially if it's presented by the degenerate media. of course he's not 5'9, but 5'6 is a joke.
fricanman said on 31/Jan/12
Editor:Rob - He He, Cruise and Pitt over 200lbs? They must have their elevator shoes made of lead!!
1.85 m, 83 kg said on 31/Jan/12
Relatively short man.
the shredder said on 31/Jan/12
LOL at 200 lbs for Tom , I was 200 lbs before at G's height ... It is big FAT even if working out ... I'm at the gym working to get to 155 down from 175 , 180 .
[Editor Rob: I'm now about 161-2 myself, I was 156ish around pre christmas.]
Dsuzu said on 31/Jan/12
I met Tom Cruise in Dubai when he was filming MI i am 5'6 and he was maybe an inch taller he was wearing crazy tall shoes like the ones in this video Click Here
Dural said on 30/Jan/12

I try to find the pics, maybe I was wrong and Cruise was slightly taller, but the difference was clearly less than on TRL. On TRL Cruise has a heel advantage over Pena and small lifts (3cm max).
the shredder said on 30/Jan/12
Rob , Even though he said in 88 that he was 147 lbs , you agree that he looked heavier in Top Gun
[Editor Rob: yeah he could look a bit more. A few years prior to that he probably was sub 150 before he put on a bit more muscle.

i remember reading one crazy article saying he was 200 lbs and brad pitt 220lbs.]
CK said on 28/Jan/12
@Parker, his height is constantly changing between photos... it all comes down to what does Cruise have inside his shoes(if anything)? Alex, who won the height challenge says Cruise is 5'7.25" to him, I think 5'7.5" for Cruise, and Shredder thinks 5'8". Untill someone measures Cruise barefoot, like you said, I'll guess we'll never know his real height down to the mm.
lol93 said on 28/Jan/12
if michael pena is 5'7 then tom can look 2 inches taller than him Click Here Click Here
Click Here
wich means he is in lifts... tom is for me 170-171 a downgrade would be better
Parker said on 28/Jan/12
Dural says on 27/Jan/12
The problem is, there are other pictures out there with Pena and Cruise looks the same height.

Can you post some Dural - I have honestly not seen one where he looks the same height

Here's a few I've come across
Click Here
Click Here

You can use the markings on the wall behind in the last one.......he actually looks 2 inches taller than Pena to me. I really find Tom's height confusing at times, and please don't start shouting 'lifts'. There's no way he had a lift in shot with Pena in fact Pena's shoes looked more suspicious to me.

I'm 99% convinced he's between 5'7.5 and 5'8.5, with a 1% chance he could be a smidge taller or shorter 5'7.25-5'8.75 - We'll never know.
xzk said on 28/Jan/12
He's still 5'6 to 5'7. This guy has fooled you with the wedge and impeccable posture.
Dural said on 27/Jan/12
The problem is, there are other pictures out there with Pena and Cruise looks the same height.
the shredder said on 27/Jan/12
Tom has GOT to be 5'8 with Pena who has GOT to 5'7 If Tom has no insoles !
Parker said on 27/Jan/12
CK says on 25/Jan/12
For now, I think anything between 5'7" and 5'7.75" is possible for Cruise.

Reasonable estimate CK.

Tell me what you think of these pics.
Here's Danny Trejo (listed at 5'5.75 on this site and pictured with Rob) with 5'7 listed Michael Pena
Click Here

And Pena with Cruise
Click Here

interesting pics eh?
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 26/Jan/12
With footwear advantage and good posture he's looking 5'9 at least with Andrew Garfield:
Click Here
Again, forcing his posture he can look north of 5'9
Click Here
Haze said on 7/Jul/09
tom is shorter than katie. easily. he is 5'7.5 no taller. maybe a smidge shorter but definately not taller. anyone who thinks he is taller has been fooled by his customs. he wears lifts 24/7.
no one said on 6/Jul/09
Did Nicole really say that? And now why she is with Keith Urban, who is also short, them?...I think this is BS.
Clay said on 5/Jul/09
I was talking about Tom's height. He gets bashed for wearing lifts so I was saying it's not that different than women wearing heels. That is on topic with Tom's height.
Clay said on 4/Jul/09
What the hell am I talking about ? I am talking about people bashing Cruise for wearing lifts... something he is known for doing. My comment was in regards to Tom's height.
Parker said on 4/Jul/09
Aims says on 3/Jul/09
Lets face it though, katie holmes is exactly 5'8

All ways makes me laugh when people come out with such statements. She is listed at 5'9 everywhere including this site, go read the last post from people that have actually met her. In contrast to shorter men, most taller women, especially actresses actually downplay their height in order to be considered for parts.

And Ahleks - you think there is only 1 inch between Cruise and Hoffmann?
Click Here
Well we are all entitled to our opinion. My opinion is there is 2.5
Anonymous said on 3/Jul/09
Clay says on 3/Jul/09
When woman wear heels nobody complains but when a guy wears lifts people do nothing but complain. Talk about double standard.

what the hell are you talking about? lets stick to tom's height, not heels or lift complaints.
Aims said on 3/Jul/09
My dad's about 5'7 but always claims to be 5'9. I know most men who are shorter have this small man complex. My friend nick is also about 5'7 and he claims to be 5'9". Of course men want to be taller - it means a lot to them to be looked at as strong and solid. Lets face it though, katie holmes is exactly 5'8 and even in flats she seems about the same height or taller - and tom wears lifts!
Shawn said on 3/Jul/09
Fake picture by anonymous. Definately photoshopped.

I like the 5'7.75" Rob has him at. Haze, is it really impossible to believe he's a whopping quarter of an inch taller than what you see him as?
Clay said on 3/Jul/09
5'9.9 ??? I read the average was 5'9.2.
Clay said on 3/Jul/09
When woman wear heels nobody complains but when a guy wears lifts people do nothing but complain. Talk about double standard.
Midget said on 2/Jul/09
Funny pic Anonymous. Katie makes Ton look like Papa Smurf there, although she is much closer to the camera and wearing very tall heels.
Haze said on 2/Jul/09
toms 5'7.5 at best. i just cant see anything over that for him. he was looking taller than glenn (who probably forgot his portmans) but not by much.
Anonymous said on 2/Jul/09
Click Here
the shredder said on 2/Jul/09
I think Tom is not a strong 5'8 like Rob , but I do think he is 5'8 , 5'6.5 is a joke , he is not as short as people think , could he ?
Ahleks said on 2/Jul/09
Two and a half inches taller than Hoffman?

I don't think so.

Click Here

More like 1/1.5
Brad said on 1/Jul/09
Getting owned by Tom just bothered G. It was an inch easy with a 1/2" advantage in the footwear dept. with the Portmans. Parker is correct.
MD said on 1/Jul/09
In 1988, when he said his weight, derek, could have very much been the truth, then. He was quite thin when he first came on the scene.
Ali said on 1/Jul/09
Unbelievable, Tom Cruis is listed at almost 173cm!

This guy is 170cm max and very likely shorter. 5'6.5
or so.
TELLEM said on 1/Jul/09
more like 5'7.5 next to 5'6 ben stiller. thats not 5'8. he isn't 5'8. hes 5'7.5
Metric said on 1/Jul/09
Shawn - true. Glenn was probably in his Portmans. Lol
Metric said on 1/Jul/09
Parker - Fox is only 5-2.
Parker said on 1/Jul/09
Metric - Go and look at the barefoot pic with his 5'9 wife, its been posted on many occasions. That should stop you scratching your head. Looks 5'8,looks 1.5 inches taller than Stiller, looks 2.5 inches taller than Hoffmann, looks 4 inches taller than Fox, 5'8.
derek d said on 1/Jul/09
Metric you're right he does look quite thin in Risky Business (140 ish tops) His 5'9 claim is just plain stupid though, and if you're going to lie about your height then you might as well up your weight WAY up too so that it adds up.

If Cruise wasn't in lifts next to a 5'7 ish glenn then he's definitely on the high end of 5'7, but if cruise WAS in minor lifts then he should be no more than 5'7 flat.
Shawn said on 1/Jul/09
He was more than 0.5 inch taller than Glenn. He was a solid inch taller. How big do you friggin people think an inch is? And we don't know Glenn's footwear either, but he likely was wearing boots. A 6'2" dude who I speak with at my gym met Tom ages ago (early 90s) back the the YMCA here in Toronto. He said around 5'8-5'9.
Metric said on 1/Jul/09
derek d - When Cruise was younger I doubt he weighed much more than 125-130 lbs!??

Look at him in Risky Business.

He is tiny tiny! NO biceps, chest or shoulders!

Regarding his height:

It's a mystery to me why Cruise has not yet been downgraded following Glenns expos
Me said on 1/Jul/09
I agree with derek d, at 5'9 147 he would look sickly thin !! I say at most he is 5'7.75 in.
Nismofreak said on 30/Jun/09
Just seeing Tom Cruise, no way does he look anywhere near the 5'8 mark. I can't imagine him just being .25 inches smaller than editor Rob. I think he is a weak 5'7 flat.

PS - The average height of a male in the US, is 177.6 cm (5' 9.9"). Almost 5ft '10 inches...
derek d said on 30/Jun/09
His "147 pounds - at 5 feet 9 inches" quote does not make sense. If this was true he woudld look very thin. Even at 5'7 ish which he probably is, at 147 lbs would look thinner than he has looked. My guess would be 5'7 - 5'7.75 at 155 lbs.
Brad said on 30/Jun/09
Correct Shawn, G was "Ported" out and low cut Iron Maiden booty shoes with Tom on right. 5' 8" or as listed above.
Shawn said on 29/Jun/09
Wrong Danimal. He's taller than Glenn, I'd bet my life on it. Even it's only by half an inch, I still say he's taller than Glenn.
Bifrons said on 29/Jun/09
I saw him at a Krispy Kreme donuts with Penelope Cruz and Jay Leno in Burbank a few years back. Before he turned around, I thought he was a young boy. He didn't appear to be much taller than Penelope. I'm 5'10". He's quite a bit shorter than me.
RisingForce said on 28/Jun/09
I agree with Brad. 5'8" or just under. The lowest I'll buy is 5'7.5", don't forget the barefoot picture with Katie. If he's shorter than that then Ben Stiller isn't even 5'6".
bam said on 27/Jun/09
parker that is wrong, but so is james. You'd have to look up the percentile for 5'11.5 That would tell you the percent of men at or shorter than 5'11.5. I think the percentile is in the sixties, however.
Clay said on 27/Jun/09
The average height for a male in the US is 5'9 and a half.
George said on 27/Jun/09
lol, are you guys still debating photos of this dude? he wears height enhancing footwear and lifts just like Pitt and Stallone therefore comparing him to other celebrities is not only useless but plain stupid as well. Cruise can look as tall as 5'11 but that's when he's packing 3-4'' lifts! pwned!
Kevin said on 27/Jun/09
Last week, Conan O'Brien did a segment where he used a life size manakin of Tom Cruise. The manakin was noticably taller than 6'4 Conan so I would have to say Tom Cruise is around 6'5-6'6. So there! It's settled!
Parker said on 27/Jun/09
James says on 26/Jun/09
Well, the average height for men is between 5'8 and a half to 5'11 and a half..the majority(90% ish) of the world's men are found in this range....

James - 5'8 is the 25th percentile
Click Here
Meaning 25% of the male population are that height or shorter - that leaves 75% taller than 5'8. Your 90% figure is well off - more like 50%.
Clay said on 26/Jun/09
Shawn, maybe 5'8 in dress shoes. Barefoot nothing more than 5'7.
DMaN said on 26/Jun/09
id say hes 5foot7.5
Shawn said on 26/Jun/09
Exactly. Glenn was most likely wearing boots, while Tom had on dress shoes, so footwear is still equal. Tom had a solid inch on Glenn. He's between 5'7.5"-5'8" barefoot.
Brad said on 26/Jun/09
I'll tell lies to a 5' 10" blonde named Cheryl or Tabitha. He's 5' 8" or just a smidge under with the posture. He has PP "Pitt Posture". Stealth shoes. I don't know what they are, trainer cross with a low cut soft leather boot or somethin.
James said on 26/Jun/09
Well, the average height for men is between 5'8 and a half to 5'11 and a half..the majority(90% ish) of the world's men are found in this range....Kate holmes is 5'9 and she is MOST definitely taller than him...that would make him 5'7, a hair shorter than my mother.
Barry Langcaster said on 26/Jun/09
This guy is floating on cushions half the time that make him apear 5'9, his true height is in the 5'7 range for certain , as I said this guy is floating on large cushions of air in his shoes bouncing around and apearing taller.
Lenad said on 25/Jun/09
172cm at most. In Risky business he was shorter than most other males. In some cases by quite a margin
Shawn said on 25/Jun/09
Brad said he's 5'8. One thing I've noticed about Brad is he tells no lies. He was adament Glenn would be measured at under 5'7" way back. If Brad says Cruise is 5'8", I've gotta believe he is, or atleast damn near it. Rob has him right.
RisingForce said on 25/Jun/09
I'd be surprised if Tom was more than 5'8" out of bed.
Frank2 said on 25/Jun/09
"ACG says on 24/Jun/09
I think there's a chance Tom wakes at 5'9."

More likely he wakes up next to somebody who's 5'9".
James said on 25/Jun/09
I think Tom on a good day wakes up at 173-174cm tops.
ACG said on 24/Jun/09
I think there's a chance Tom wakes at 5'9.
Ahleks said on 24/Jun/09
Linda says on 22/Jun/09
Tom is 5'7, im 5'7 and a half... Yeah im taller than a guy:)

You sure are taller than Glenn!
leonari said on 24/Jun/09
Haze: He was owning Glenn? Owning? Not even a full inch is "owning" somebody now. You are joking right? They were very close. A full inch difference max!! Thats hardly "owning" my friend.
leonari said on 24/Jun/09
kokoboy: you are so funny...
Haze said on 24/Jun/09
how tall does acg think this guy is? 5'10? hey acg how can he be any taller? he wasnt taller than 5'6.5 glenn by much. get real. toms around 5'7.5 wich would explain why he was owning sub 5'7 glenn. but toms lifts dont fool me. they obviously got u confused though
kokoboy said on 24/Jun/09
this picture shows he's near the 5'9 range Click Here
CaptainSpaulding said on 24/Jun/09
Yea guys dont forget Tom wears massive lifts in all his movies and in public aswell. So whatever height he ever looks, you need to subtract an inch or 2.

This is why I cant believe some people think Toms 5'9", because hed possibly look 5'11" (above average) with his custom made elevator shoes but he usualy looks below average even with lifts.
leonari said on 23/Jun/09
ACG: Please... Tom is 5'7.5". Stop this delusional behavior dude
RisingForce said on 23/Jun/09
Banderas and Stallone aren't quite short. They're probably 5'9" ive or take. Pacino is 5'5", 5'6" and Williams is 5'6"-5'7" so they'd fall into that category, but not Banderas and Stallone who are average.
James said on 23/Jun/09
Nichole is a weak 5'11 though
John said on 23/Jun/09
Quite a few legendary actors are actually quite short:
Al Pacino, Antonio Bandares, Robin Williams, Sylvestor Stallone
ACG said on 23/Jun/09
Linda says on 22/Jun/09
Tom is 5'7, im 5'7 and a half... Yeah im taller than a guy:)

If you're 5'7.5, then you ARE taller than A guy.....just not this one.
derek d said on 22/Jun/09
James says on 22/Jun/09
Maybe Derek?

Yeah its possible, of course thats just my opinion I could be wrong. But considering he was starring with a 5'11 actress I don't see why he wouldn't of worn them.
uk said on 22/Jun/09
yeah vibram the average use to be 5"8 i wish it was still that and not 5'9 for some reason.
Linda said on 22/Jun/09
Tom is 5'7, im 5'7 and a half... Yeah im taller than a guy:)
Vibram said on 22/Jun/09
Shawn, the 5ft7 stars of the 60 and 70s that were all leading, dominant men in blockbusters, never received mocking by the press. Examples: 5ft7 Richard Burton; 5ft7.5 Kirk Douglas. Both men were below the national average man in the 1960s which was 5ft8.5.

Height obviously didn't pay such an important role in the 60s cos those writers/editors/interviewers would of at least said/written demeaming material. The reason: more insecurity in mens mind these days to touch such subjects.
Ahleks said on 22/Jun/09
He wore big lifts in Eyes Wide Shut.
James said on 22/Jun/09
Maybe Derek?
Clay said on 22/Jun/09
Ben Stiller is about 5'6.... if he's lucky. 5'9 for Cruise is beyond silly.
Anonymous said on 22/Jun/09
If Jamie Foxx is 5'10" and Ben Stiller is 5'8" then he could very well be 5'9"
derek d said on 21/Jun/09
James says on 20/Jun/09
Looked 5'9 in Eyes Wide Shut

Sure did. With lifts obviously.
Dave in LA said on 21/Jun/09
Cruise is no more than 5'4'' in barefeet same height as my sister.

Height is unimportant in film, its all a sham regardless. People just like to believe they're real.
177cmmm said on 21/Jun/09
5 8? doubt it
James said on 20/Jun/09
Looked 5'9 in Eyes Wide Shut
Clay said on 20/Jun/09
Adam, Harris was trying to sound humble. Actors are unimportant ? LOL give me a break, celebs like Cruise control the world. Actors, famous actors are anything but unimportant. And by the way have you met Cruise ? No so why say he has the mind of a 12 year old, is it just pure jealousy on your part ?
Anonymous said on 20/Jun/09
why even respond to ACG? he's a guy that can't even interpret glenn's height (with clear PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF). McGregor is NOT 5'10.5", thats laughable
adam said on 20/Jun/09
Like Richard Harris said "Actors ARE unimportant." And Remember that Harris himself wasnt that tall. Only an even six-footer.

Cruise is about 5-7 and has a mind of a 12-year old.
Clay said on 19/Jun/09
Frank2, Give me a break. Everyone has nothing but nice things to say abour Cruise. He's nice to everyone, even the unimportant people.
Vibram said on 19/Jun/09
ACG, McGregor is no way 5ft10.5 - only his agency lists that height. Do your detective work and compare him next to 5ft7, and close friend, Charley Boorman. Type "boorman mcgregor" into google images and see for yourself there's 1.5 inch difference at best.

McGregor has never been insulted by the media for being small because he DOESN"T LOOK IT; he looks medium and passes for 5ft10 easily.

Cruise does look a small man trying to be medium in most of his films, and on the red carpet, he tries too hard. He has short legs and sloped shoulders and is quite stocky. Even Bruce Lee (5ft7) looks taller than Cruise. It's all about proportions; compare say Jackie Chan (5ft9) to Johnny Depp (5ft9 as well).... Depp will always appear taller due to his higher shoulder height, longer legs and more gracile build.
Dural said on 19/Jun/09
Hey ACG, at the beginning of his career his official height was 5'8.5". Rob lists him as 5'9.5".
ACG said on 18/Jun/09
McGregor is 5'10.5!!
Vibram said on 18/Jun/09
If he was 5ft8 (173cm) he wouldn't really look as short as he does, nor would the subject of his apparent "lack" of height be brought up as often as it does by the press. He is no more than 5ft7.25 (171cm) and most probably 170cm now being 46 next month. Stop being generous all of you.

Ewan McGregor is 5ft8.5 at best (174cm) yet he's never made fun of for being short at all, and he was a Jedi.
Tommy said on 17/Jun/09
Sam it was Vibram who wrote 5ft9 are treated like they are diseased
i told him he was wrong
Doug said on 17/Jun/09
5'7-5'9" guys get treated as if they are diseased? Weirdo. 40% of guys are in this range!
sam said on 16/Jun/09
tommy your world view is messed up - 5'7 through 5'9 guys hardly get treated like their diseased!!! sometimes you might just be the shorter one in a group but I really don't think they're judging your character. that's rediculous.
A-Bomb said on 16/Jun/09
Well Katie holmes is living in Melbourne over the next four months filming her next movie here. Tom is apparently going to be here with her a bit over that period. So I'm going to keep an eye out in the least stalkerish ways I can possibly think of ;)I'd be so surprised if we weren't near spot on in height (172cm). Time may yet reveal.
5 '7 dude said on 15/Jun/09
I doubt hes at that listed height...% 7 is just a couple inches shorter then average height, and Cruise never looks just a bit shorter - he looks a lot shorter..

I dont think I've ever seen him taller than any of his male co-stars , and he sometimes looks small to his female ones..Id reckon hes 5'5"..
the shredder said on 15/Jun/09
I agree with Brad on Tom Cruise , he is much more 5'8 , heck even Rob said James Tolken thinks he is more 5'8 , sure he can be a little shorter but NO WAY 5'7 flat or shorter IMO !
Frank2 said on 15/Jun/09
"Is Tom Cruise a nice guy Frank2?"

I can't say from personal experience. All I know is what I've heard form people who've worked with him and that's he tends to be a prima donna and can sometimes act like a jerk. I thought the fact he was chauffeured around in a Porsche was somewhat odd.
Haze said on 15/Jun/09
toms 5'7.5 give or take .25" in either direction. to me its obvious EEEEEE
tommy said on 15/Jun/09
Vibram says on 12/Jun/09
Any guy of or under 5ft9 gets treated as though they're inadequate & diseased, so it doesn't matter if Cruise is 5ft7, 5ft8 or 5ft9, he's still considered an inferior heighted man. Why would a 5ft7 man go through the effort to make himself appear 1-2 inches taller? It must feel real bad if say your 5ft7 wear lifts to reach 5ft9 --which is still an inferior height-- then get home, take your shoes and lifts off and have to go through that horrible feeling of being 5ft7 in socks. I'm sure the latter process would cause more psychological damage than being 5ft7 and choosing normal footwear with no lifts would ever do.

i'm 175-176cm and nobody thinks i'm inferior everybody consider my height pretty normal even taller guys ,you know it's an average height

i can understand if you tell me you have problems if you are 5ft6 or under
but 5ft8 5ft9 5ft10 are all common heights if these heights are inferiors
most people are if you think like that
Brad said on 14/Jun/09
At 5' 8" plus 2" stealth customs and military posture he blended in well with people when I met him.
James said on 14/Jun/09
Is Tom Cruise a nice guy Frank2?
Anonymous said on 14/Jun/09
exactly frank2 thats precisely what i said. How can someone who's supposedly 5'7.75" get so much crap for being 'short'? don't tell me because the media was out to get Tom freakin Cruise (pre-insane couch jumping scientology crap) who was then the biggest (no pun intended) movie star in the world? He's probably not 5'6", i think we can agree on that, but there is NO way he is this close to 5'8" barefoot. You are not thinking logically if you truly believe that hes essentially a 5'8" man
Parker said on 14/Jun/09
I still think Cruise in my opinion is closer to 5'8 than 5'7, but definately closer to 5'7 than 5'9, but I wouldn't put my mortgage on it. My brother has been measured for a medical a smidge under 5'8, and I recently measured my 20 year old son using Rob's aerosol technique at a flat 5'7. When their together they look the exact same height - I wouldn't be able to tell which of them was closer to 5'8 without measuring.
If Cruise is a flat 5'7, then Rob would need to reduce Michael Penna's height listing by at least an inch
Click Here
Click Here
Also need to reduce Ben Stiller's height listing by an inch or two
Click Here
Caesar said on 13/Jun/09
Vibram, that's the dumbest thing I have ever read. About 40-50% of all American males are 5'9 or under, and you think they are all treated as if they are "inadequate and diseased"? That they would all develop psychological trauma? Wow. The reality is most people don't think about their height at all unless they go to the doctor's for a physical. Why would Tom Cruise feel inferior? He is one of the most famous actors of all time. He has a far better life than basically all of us who post here.
Frank2 said on 13/Jun/09
"Excellent story Frank2. When you saw Cruise did he ever give the impression that he was 5'10"+ in his shoes or was he always shorter than 5'10"?"

He looked at least two inches shorter than me and I'm dead-on 5'11" so with shoes I'm about 6". His shoes looked really built up. I mean, he'd have given the Frankenstein monster's asphalt splitter's enhanced boots a run for their money.
CaptainSpaulding said on 13/Jun/09
Im 5'9" myself and iv never been treated or felt inadequate Vibram lol, I feel pretty much average or barely under average when I go to crowded places like a mall. Plus people will believe me if I jokingly tell them im 5'10"-5'11".

And id say Tom Cruise is 5'7.25", and 5'8.25" in lifts
Midget said on 12/Jun/09
Excellent story Frank2. When you saw Cruise did he ever give the impression that he was 5'10"+ in his shoes or was he always shorter than 5'10"?
Vibram said on 12/Jun/09
Any guy of or under 5ft9 gets treated as though they're inadequate & diseased, so it doesn't matter if Cruise is 5ft7, 5ft8 or 5ft9, he's still considered an inferior heighted man. Why would a 5ft7 man go through the effort to make himself appear 1-2 inches taller? It must feel real bad if say your 5ft7 wear lifts to reach 5ft9 --which is still an inferior height-- then get home, take your shoes and lifts off and have to go through that horrible feeling of being 5ft7 in socks. I'm sure the latter process would cause more psychological damage than being 5ft7 and choosing normal footwear with no lifts would ever do.
Brad said on 12/Jun/09
Imagine him with Cruise 5 hours after the just under 5' 6.75" measurement coming in at a shade under 5' 6.5"? "Here I am with Tom Cruise, I'm 5' 8". Chimpanzee screaming laughter. Let him have his own site, just muzzle the chimapanzees reading it.
Frank2 said on 12/Jun/09
The joke was on all who believed he was 5'8".
TELLEM said on 12/Jun/09
ACG says on 12/Jun/09
Oh, and glenn at 5'6-5'7 is a joke.

its a BIGGER joke when he insists he's 5'8, its not a joke when he was measured at those heights
Ahleks said on 12/Jun/09
ACG says on 12/Jun/09
Oh, and glenn at 5'6-5'7 is a joke.

How can it be? Glenn was measured at under 5-7.
Frank2 said on 12/Jun/09
I saw Cruise when he was on the Fox lot making MINORITY REPORT. He wore huge lifts and was still shorter than me. He's no more than 5'7" barefoot. I'd put money on it. He's also the only guy I know who was chauffeured around in a Porsche Turbo Carrera. He and Spielberg had phony name plates on their parking spots as if that was so important. Spielberg drove a huge Lexus SUV, a gift for using Lexus in the film. I think he also got a free Lexus SC. Both men had an entourage of bodyguards while Rupert Murdoch, the owner of News Corp and Fox and a gazzilionaire, drove himself to and from work with no assistance. The only exception being right after 9/11 and it didn't take long for him to go back to driving himself. I had quite a lot of respect for him while working there.

But I sometimes wonder about celebrities. Many end up acting like spoiled kids.
Donatello said on 12/Jun/09
Glenn was probably wearing boots in the pic with tom. I still think he is 5'7" 1/2 or maybe close to 5'8".
Brad said on 12/Jun/09
Cruise isn't 5' 9". He isn't under 5' 8" or the Rob listing. You forgot to delete the 5' 6"-5' 7" in your follow-up, he is a joke, or was. Look at him with Jenny, that's your 5' 8" guy, it sure is scooter.
ACG said on 12/Jun/09
Oh, and glenn at 5'6-5'7 is a joke.
ACG said on 12/Jun/09
Hey Brad- do you think it's possible for Cruise to be 5'9? You seem positive that he isn't under 5'8, so at your 6'6 vantage point how can you tell the difference between 5'8 and 5'9???
Brad said on 11/Jun/09
One of the photos was pre '94, he's 5' 6" flat with Tom.
bbfan2009 said on 11/Jun/09
This is another height that confused me, based on Glenn's pics. He was slightly taller than Glenn. Well Glenn is 5' 6.75" (aft) and hits as low as 5' 6.5", so add a bit on, and the 5' 7" claims for Cruise make sense.

BUT based on those pics, I think he's 5. 7.5". But who knows the footwear. 5' 7" legit could be true. Time of day also complicates things too.
Haze said on 11/Jun/09
yea some people need to loosen up a lil in their estimations. i mean it would be nice if we were able to nail down a celeb within 1/8 of an inch of their true height. but the fact is we cant. i always thought tom was 5'7.5 and thats close enough to his listed height for me.
the shredder said on 11/Jun/09
I agree , Tom is between Rob and Glenn's height , but I don't know why some of you guys are going ape Sh!t over him being 5'8 ! it is possible he is as tall as that , you guys are acting like people your claiming he is 6'2 or something !
Parker said on 11/Jun/09
Agreed Gago, I think Tom would fall between the height of Glenn and Rob,But Rob is a minimum 5'8.25, and could claim 5'8.5 in my opinion. The height Tom Cruise is listed is bang on...a smidge under 5'8.
Brad said on 10/Jun/09
The Cruise-Glenn photos are tricky street poses,angle,tricky shoes and tricky dates (G is 5' 6" pre '94).
TELLEM said on 10/Jun/09
rob at 5'8.25 would have 1 inch over tom cruise.
Gago said on 10/Jun/09
Why is everything so complicated? People, who say Tom is 5'8 and 1.5 taller than Glenn, then you need to go and look Rob and Glenn photo, where is a legit 1.5 difference, so ask yourself, is it the same difference in the Glenn/Cruise photo. I bet with hair and posture advantage Tom will still be shorter than Rob, who is a strong 5'8.
Brad said on 10/Jun/09
Portman to Cruise stealth. I've seen his stealths, they can't be as big as those things Glenn had on. Just add 1.5". He's not under the listed height above. Anything pre '94 he admits being "5' 7"" so 5' 6" is reality.
Roger said on 10/Jun/09
Tom seemed to have a weak inch on Glenn in the photo with the suit on, in the other one difficult to judge as Glenn leaned slightly towards Tom.

Tom in a suit of course means suspicous shoes were very likely, but here's of course the problem - we don't know what Glenn wore. Had Glenn worn his "Portmans" on the more recent photo (I believe it was from 2004?), it would make the case for a weak 5'8'' as I can not imagine his lifts would give him more than the Portmans. So both photos are not worth that much for estimating. Let's not forget, the very first one was shot when Glenn was a potential 5'6'', as it was from 1992 I think.

Judging from what could be read on German newpapers, a series of very friendly articles on Tom (more like hymns, it was getting embarrassing. The reporter described Tom as some sort of Ueber-mensch) wrote he's 173 cm. More often, 170 cm or even 168 cm could be read.

I think 168 cm is not likely, he's never that short. But not more than 171 cm fresh out of bed for him.
RisingForce said on 10/Jun/09
Oh I forgot Roger, you've measured these celebrities and you know for a fact that they aren't the heights we estimate them at.
Parker said on 10/Jun/09
Well I agree with Brad, not on the Glenn photo, I didn't see more than an inch between them, but I do think he's close to 5'8. I've seen enough other pics of Tom to guess him at 5'8 or a tad under...exactly as Rob has him listed in fact.
Pavement and footwear factors come into play in the Glenn/Tom pics.
Dylan said on 10/Jun/09
Leonari - Thank you. That clears up the Hirsch mystery for me. Brad, cannot say that Glenn is 5'6.5" in all his photographs on this site and still insist Cruise is 5'8". If Glenn is 5'6.5" in those photographs with Tom Cruise then Cruise is 5'7" maximum as ther is not more than 0.5" difference between them. Brad cannot have his cake and eat it.
theo said on 9/Jun/09
tom 1 cm taller than glenn.. 171 cm or 172 cm min height for tom.. so mess about 1 cm gimme a break.. end of story.. xD
Midget said on 9/Jun/09
I with Leonari,Roger and Rising- there wasn't more than 1" difference between Tom and Glenn in his pic. Tom surely isn't taller than 171cm barefoot as even with lifts the size of shoe boxes he would still struggle to crack 178cm-179cm in them. Look at him with Nicole in pics-she had flats, he had lifts and he was still a fraction shorter.
Roger said on 9/Jun/09
Gotta agree here with what seems to be the majority - where were 1.5 inches to be found on those photos??? Strange that almost every regular poster here has his one "pet celeb" that he makes taller the he / she is. Rising has Sly, Brad Tom.

I saw an inch between Glenn and Tom at most. What did I and the others oversee, Brad?
Mathew said on 9/Jun/09
Cruise wasn't as much as .75" taller than Glenn.
leonari said on 9/Jun/09
Dylan: The Hirsch picture with Glenn is totally unreliable. Hirsch was in front by half a foot. That can distort the perception of height. Penn is taller than Glenn but has the worst posture ever. Cruise is probably a strong half inch taller than Glenn but not more. But there is no basis for Brads claim that tom was 1.5 inches taller. Thats just to keep up his strong belief that Tom is at least 5'8". I can't believe that Brad thinks there is only half inch btw. Stallone and Cruise. Incredible.
Dylan said on 9/Jun/09
Brad - Leonari is right. There definately was not a 1.5" difference in height between Glenn and Cruise in those photographs, in fact I thought they looked exactly the same height even though Cruise was maintaining his upright posture and Glenn was leaning slightly. It is easy to say in hindsight that Cruise owns Glenn but he definately didn't in either of those two photographs. Okay, I don't know about their footwear but if Glenn were wearing portmans, I think we can safely assume Cruise was wearing lifts especially in the first photograph. What still confuses me is how Glenn can look the same size as Cruise and yet look hardly any taller than Hirsch who gets dwarfed by Sean Penn, yet Glenn insisted he looked down on Penn when he met him.
Brad said on 9/Jun/09
At 5' 8" he owns Glenn by 1.5". Glenn isn't 5' 7.5" evening....he's 6 hours out from his crib and toys bro.
177cmmmm said on 9/Jun/09
who cares wther hes 5'5 5'6 5'7 or even 5'8

he still below average
leonari said on 8/Jun/09
Brad: you saw 1.5 inches btw Glenn and Tom?? In those pics? Get real man. That wasn't even a full inch!
Brad said on 8/Jun/09
He had a 5' 6.5" Glenn by 1.5". Portman to custom cancel out. Dig?
Dylan said on 8/Jun/09
Sheila Tilert - If the person you met was 6'3" then it wasn't Tom Cruise. End of story.
Ahleks said on 8/Jun/09
Did Frank2 see Cruise?

I'd bet Tom isn't over 5-7 .
Ahleks said on 8/Jun/09
Did Frank2 see Cruise?

I'd bet Tom isn't ove 5-7 .
RisingForce said on 8/Jun/09
OK Jerry, you say 5'7.25" is possible, but 5'7.5" is ridiculous? An inch is tough to notice, much less a quarter inch. Hahahah.
Sheila Tilert said on 7/Jun/09
I met Cruise back in '87 and he was clearly 6'3". I am 5'10" myself and he towered over me. I do not know what you people saying he is 5'7" are talking about. He does not even need to use lifts in his shoes, he is that tall.
Roger said on 7/Jun/09
I think if we try to remember how Tom was only very slightly taller than 5'7'' Glenn, and prob. wore lifts, anything above 5'7'' is highly unlikely. I think Brad has him wrong.
mofo said on 7/Jun/09
Opinionated whers the respect this guy was maverick. I doubt he wore stilletos on set of top gun and he did'nt look has short has 5ft6. He looked more like 5ft9 (with lifts obviously) in that film and looks occasionly 5ft8 so i say 5ft7.5 on a good day.
btw 5ft4 thats hilliarious really funny guy you are (In more ways than one but still funny)!
But seriously wheres the damn respect for Top Gun hmmm!!!!
JerryA said on 7/Jun/09
5'7.5??? RisingForce, I've never heard anything so ridiculous IN MY LIFE. I'm 5'6.75 and I've met Tom and we are exactly the same height. There is NO WAY that there was more that 0.5 inches difference between us which still means that the maximum his height can be is 5'7.25, which is a clear .25 off your guestimation, which seem to have no evidential basis!!!
opinionated said on 7/Jun/09
Tom Cruise can't be taller than 5'4"! He looks tiny!
Jay said on 6/Jun/09

I've seen girl magazines (not mine I swear) refer to Urban as 5ft 7!! One article said Nicole Kidman married a cabbage patch kid.
Roger said on 5/Jun/09
Ed Zwick is 5'6''.
Brad said on 5/Jun/09
Heavy on the insoles.
Nigel said on 4/Jun/09
He wear TallerHeels type Height Increasing insoles, I thought everyoone knew that!
burby said on 3/Jun/09
Slightly OT, but here's another Ed Zwick photo for reference. If Ed is really only 5ft 7, he never looks small(even though 5ft 7 isn't small) next to 5ft 11 people, and 5ft 7 women in heels. Click Here
Wasim said on 3/Jun/09
David5'5 ,you're absolutely spot-on.Tom is standing on a slanted part of the ground,while Emilio Estevez on level ground.Just goes to show the ground you're standing on matters like hell.
TELLEM said on 3/Jun/09
he's 5'7.5. end of.
SHAUN said on 3/Jun/09
I'm 1.71m in the morning. 1.70m - afternoon. 1.69.4m - evening.
I would say that Cruise is around these heights.
What shoe size is Cruise?
I've read that he is US size 8.
Parker said on 3/Jun/09
Its always going to be the case Shawn with people close in height. As I said to Tellem, the pics he posted with Foxx make Tom look closer to 5'7, but here's 2 where Tom looks taller
Click Here
Click Here
Here's another where he looks shorter, but close to 5'8.
Click Here

As I've said before, when I started posting on this site several years ago I was convinced Tom was a max 5'7 (as protrayed in the media, and listed at on most sites). I've seen enough pics now of him lifted and lifless with various celebrities to convince me Rob's listing is bang on. Yes, hes definately shorter than 5'9 listed guys such as Dural,Harris and Foxx. He's definately at least 1/1.5 inches taller than 5'6.5 listed Stiller and 5'7 listed Penna. He looks 4-5 inches taller than Michael J Fox, and 2.5/3 inches taller than Hoffman.
He looks very similar in height to Spielberg.

In summary,He's close to 5'8, and I believe would hit it straight out of bed.
jack THE ripper said on 3/Jun/09
Hey guys I want to ask u does anyone know whether the statues at madame Tussauds in London are Accurate inb terms of heights. Because I went there and took a lot of pictures. I just wanna Know and compare. And yes I wil take into account the shoes and also the slight elevation tat some statues were placed at.
burby said on 3/Jun/09
What I'm seeing from these pics:
Tom Cruise: 5ft7.5 to 5ft 7.75
Jaime Foxx: 5ft 9
Katie Holmes: 5ft 9
Edward Zwick: 5ft 7.5 (he's probably rounding down his height)
Jack Black: weak 5ft 6
Rober Duvall: 5ft 9.25
Ben Stiller: 5ft 6.5
Matt McConaughey: 5ft 10.5
Robert Downey Jr: Lifts
Michael Mann: weak 5ft 8 (if he stood up straight)
Ludacris: weak 5ft 8
derek d said on 2/Jun/09
Jay says on 2/Jun/09

I've seen Kidman up close. She was wearing beach shoes (the ones that look like converse but aren't). She was around 5ft 9.

I respect your judgment but I don't see how it could be right. I don't think I've ever heard anyone estimate her under 5'10. Check out this barefoot picture of her with Keith Urban who is listed here at 5'8.5 (who claims 5'9). He is wearing shoes so he must be close to 5'9.5 and Kidman looks a solid 2 inches taller than him barefoot.

Click Here
David5'5 said on 2/Jun/09
Hi all! Greetings from Spain. I think Tom Cruise is about 5'7. Really no more.
In spite of the fact sometimes pics can someone get wrong, check this pic and compare TomCruise with Emilio Estevez 5'4:
Click Here
And if you wanna laugh a bit check this other one:
Click Here
See you :-)
TELLEM said on 2/Jun/09
the jamie foxx pic i put up isn't tilted
TELLEM said on 2/Jun/09
shawn, in your pic, which is far worse than mine, shows tom cruise next to the camera and luda farther away which of course will make tom taller.
Roger said on 2/Jun/09
Michael is listed as taller - big mistake. Mann is 5'7'' tops, there were countless shots from the "Collateral" premiere in which he was shorter than Tom.

But are there really some people out there who still believe the 5'9''?
Shawn said on 2/Jun/09
TELLEM, the Ludacris pic proves nothing. Here's another pic from that EXACT same encounter which has Cruise looking the taller of the two.

Click Here
Parker said on 2/Jun/09
Agreed Tellem - def looks shorter than Foxx in those pics. Michael Mann is listed taller than Cruise on this site, but doesn't look it in the pics. If Foxx is 5'9, and there are no lifts involved, the pics would suggest Tom is closer to 5'7...but I've seen a multitude more than put him nearer 5'8. I personally think Cruise is somwhere between Glenn and Rob's height. I think Rob's listing is correct.
Anonymous said on 2/Jun/09
Tellem - FYI, Your pic below (tom cruise, michael mann, and 5'9 jamie foxx:) looks tilted.
Roger said on 2/Jun/09
I think there simply is no way Tom can be more than 5'7.5'' at the very max. after the Duvall photos and the Foxx photos.
Parker said on 2/Jun/09
madrigal says on 1/Jun/09
Jack black is known to wear sneakers to these events and cruise in this pic is almost 100% wearing some lifts.

Here are the shoes Cruise was wearing that night which Rob has already said give you about an inch
Click Here
Look like ordinary sneekers to me.

[Editor Rob: more like 0.6 inch. Those are the converse style sneakers. Cruise likes all white sneakers, he has this pair and also a pair of totally white nike air force one...which give near 1.2 inch.]
TELLEM said on 2/Jun/09
hell, ludacris who's 5'8 seems to edge him out: Click Here
TELLEM said on 2/Jun/09
no offense parker but jamie foxx is 5'9, and tom cruise doesn't look 5'8 next to time. he looks shorter. heres another one, this time jamie foxx leaning: Click Here
the shredder said on 2/Jun/09
Im not saying its not impossible , but I'd be really shocked if Tom is shorter then his listed height on here !
Jay said on 2/Jun/09

I've seen Kidman up close. She was wearing beach shoes (the ones that look like converse but aren't). She was around 5ft 9.
Parker said on 2/Jun/09
Not a good Photo for height comparison Tellem Here's a better one
Click Here
Michael Mann is listed at 5'8 on this site, but he looks more 5'6 next to jamie don't you think? Mind you if Cruise was wearing Jamie's shoes everybody would be shouting LIFTS!!
And Cruise? suprise suprise, looks like a 5'8 man.
Don said on 2/Jun/09
considering he's a smidge taller than 5'7 glenn, i would say 5'7.5 is about right. 5'8, however is probably pushing it. most definitely not 5'9 although he can look it with heels on.
madrigal said on 1/Jun/09
Heres a pic of ben stiller jack black and cruise,
Click Here

Jack black is known to wear sneakers to these events and cruise in this pic is almost 100% wearing some lifts, at the most 2 inches. so if you put jack black in front of cruise straight and cruise w/o lifts then cruise will not even show in the back, making the argument that cruise is b/w 5'6.5 -5'7.25
derek d said on 1/Jun/09
Jay says on 31/May/09
Awww RisingForce is hurt.

@James. Kidman has never been 5ft 10 or 5ft 11 so Cruise never did pull off looking 5ft 10 next to her. We give female celebs more benefit of the doubt than they deserve and forget that all official heights for male and female celebs are decided by faceless agents. Kidman has always been 5ft 8.5 to 5ft 9. Paltrow 5ft 8. Winslet 5ft 5. Jolie 5ft 5.5. Etc

Ummm Kidman is 5'10.5 minimum, LOL.
TELLEM said on 1/Jun/09
tom cruise, michael mann, and 5'9 jamie foxx: Click Here
mmm said on 1/Jun/09
he is very very close to 5ft 7 barefoot i think
the shredder said on 1/Jun/09
Most people can't judge height , I have a cusin that claims 5'8 and I SWEAR is 5'10 or 5'11 , I even looked at him barefoot next to my uncle that is no shorter then 5'8 himself ! I don't care what he says , he is not anywhere near as short as 5'8 !
Anonymous said on 1/Jun/09
madrigal - you are calling me 'absurd' because I think he's 5'8 or close to it..yet you yourself think he could be 5'7.5?? I think your the one that's absurd.
RisingForce said on 1/Jun/09
Dural, I'm now measuring 5'8" because I've been sleeping better than I was when I measured 5'7.75".
Ahleks said on 1/Jun/09
Dural says on 31/May/09
Girls are the worst at judging height.


If they're around 5-foot-2, dating a 5-foot-9 guy, they'll just assume he's 6 foot.
Les said on 31/May/09
I think hes almost 7'1"

a strong 7'.5"
madrigal said on 31/May/09
to parker's comment, you are absurd, i have spent many years in photography and all these comments of 5'8 are wild, that picture firstly is taken at an angle tilted slightly right, so whoever is on the left looks taller . judging from this pic tom's body looks no more than 5'7.5 and no less than 5'6.75. he wears lifts even in sneakers! Trust me all when I say this but when you know your height you can figure out how tall somebody is when they are close to your height. TOM is no 5'8 , and no 5'6 , but 5'7.25-50
EJ said on 31/May/09
If Tom Cruise was a hair taller than Glenn and now we know that Glenn is 5'6.75", shouldn't you downgrade Cruise to 5'7" on the dot? And do the same for a lot of celebrities whose height was determined against Glenn's?

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