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5ft 7.21in (170.7cm)
Parker said on 11/Jun/09
Agreed Gago, I think Tom would fall between the height of Glenn and Rob,But Rob is a minimum 5'8.25, and could claim 5'8.5 in my opinion. The height Tom Cruise is listed is bang on...a smidge under 5'8.
Brad said on 10/Jun/09
The Cruise-Glenn photos are tricky street poses,angle,tricky shoes and tricky dates (G is 5' 6" pre '94).
TELLEM said on 10/Jun/09
rob at 5'8.25 would have 1 inch over tom cruise.
Gago said on 10/Jun/09
Why is everything so complicated? People, who say Tom is 5'8 and 1.5 taller than Glenn, then you need to go and look Rob and Glenn photo, where is a legit 1.5 difference, so ask yourself, is it the same difference in the Glenn/Cruise photo. I bet with hair and posture advantage Tom will still be shorter than Rob, who is a strong 5'8.
Brad said on 10/Jun/09
Portman to Cruise stealth. I've seen his stealths, they can't be as big as those things Glenn had on. Just add 1.5". He's not under the listed height above. Anything pre '94 he admits being "5' 7"" so 5' 6" is reality.
Roger said on 10/Jun/09
Tom seemed to have a weak inch on Glenn in the photo with the suit on, in the other one difficult to judge as Glenn leaned slightly towards Tom.

Tom in a suit of course means suspicous shoes were very likely, but here's of course the problem - we don't know what Glenn wore. Had Glenn worn his "Portmans" on the more recent photo (I believe it was from 2004?), it would make the case for a weak 5'8'' as I can not imagine his lifts would give him more than the Portmans. So both photos are not worth that much for estimating. Let's not forget, the very first one was shot when Glenn was a potential 5'6'', as it was from 1992 I think.

Judging from what could be read on German newpapers, a series of very friendly articles on Tom (more like hymns, it was getting embarrassing. The reporter described Tom as some sort of Ueber-mensch) wrote he's 173 cm. More often, 170 cm or even 168 cm could be read.

I think 168 cm is not likely, he's never that short. But not more than 171 cm fresh out of bed for him.
RisingForce said on 10/Jun/09
Oh I forgot Roger, you've measured these celebrities and you know for a fact that they aren't the heights we estimate them at.
Parker said on 10/Jun/09
Well I agree with Brad, not on the Glenn photo, I didn't see more than an inch between them, but I do think he's close to 5'8. I've seen enough other pics of Tom to guess him at 5'8 or a tad under...exactly as Rob has him listed in fact.
Pavement and footwear factors come into play in the Glenn/Tom pics.
Dylan said on 10/Jun/09
Leonari - Thank you. That clears up the Hirsch mystery for me. Brad, cannot say that Glenn is 5'6.5" in all his photographs on this site and still insist Cruise is 5'8". If Glenn is 5'6.5" in those photographs with Tom Cruise then Cruise is 5'7" maximum as ther is not more than 0.5" difference between them. Brad cannot have his cake and eat it.
theo said on 9/Jun/09
tom 1 cm taller than glenn.. 171 cm or 172 cm min height for tom.. so mess about 1 cm gimme a break.. end of story.. xD
Midget said on 9/Jun/09
I with Leonari,Roger and Rising- there wasn't more than 1" difference between Tom and Glenn in his pic. Tom surely isn't taller than 171cm barefoot as even with lifts the size of shoe boxes he would still struggle to crack 178cm-179cm in them. Look at him with Nicole in pics-she had flats, he had lifts and he was still a fraction shorter.
Roger said on 9/Jun/09
Gotta agree here with what seems to be the majority - where were 1.5 inches to be found on those photos??? Strange that almost every regular poster here has his one "pet celeb" that he makes taller the he / she is. Rising has Sly, Brad Tom.

I saw an inch between Glenn and Tom at most. What did I and the others oversee, Brad?
Mathew said on 9/Jun/09
Cruise wasn't as much as .75" taller than Glenn.
leonari said on 9/Jun/09
Dylan: The Hirsch picture with Glenn is totally unreliable. Hirsch was in front by half a foot. That can distort the perception of height. Penn is taller than Glenn but has the worst posture ever. Cruise is probably a strong half inch taller than Glenn but not more. But there is no basis for Brads claim that tom was 1.5 inches taller. Thats just to keep up his strong belief that Tom is at least 5'8". I can't believe that Brad thinks there is only half inch btw. Stallone and Cruise. Incredible.
Dylan said on 9/Jun/09
Brad - Leonari is right. There definately was not a 1.5" difference in height between Glenn and Cruise in those photographs, in fact I thought they looked exactly the same height even though Cruise was maintaining his upright posture and Glenn was leaning slightly. It is easy to say in hindsight that Cruise owns Glenn but he definately didn't in either of those two photographs. Okay, I don't know about their footwear but if Glenn were wearing portmans, I think we can safely assume Cruise was wearing lifts especially in the first photograph. What still confuses me is how Glenn can look the same size as Cruise and yet look hardly any taller than Hirsch who gets dwarfed by Sean Penn, yet Glenn insisted he looked down on Penn when he met him.
Brad said on 9/Jun/09
At 5' 8" he owns Glenn by 1.5". Glenn isn't 5' 7.5" evening....he's 6 hours out from his crib and toys bro.
177cmmmm said on 9/Jun/09
who cares wther hes 5'5 5'6 5'7 or even 5'8

he still below average
leonari said on 8/Jun/09
Brad: you saw 1.5 inches btw Glenn and Tom?? In those pics? Get real man. That wasn't even a full inch!
Brad said on 8/Jun/09
He had a 5' 6.5" Glenn by 1.5". Portman to custom cancel out. Dig?
Dylan said on 8/Jun/09
Sheila Tilert - If the person you met was 6'3" then it wasn't Tom Cruise. End of story.
Ahleks said on 8/Jun/09
Did Frank2 see Cruise?

I'd bet Tom isn't over 5-7 .
Ahleks said on 8/Jun/09
Did Frank2 see Cruise?

I'd bet Tom isn't ove 5-7 .
leonari said on 8/Jun/09
JerryA: Are you on drugs? do you know how little 0.25 inches are? Stop making a fool of yourself .Please
RisingForce said on 8/Jun/09
OK Jerry, you say 5'7.25" is possible, but 5'7.5" is ridiculous? An inch is tough to notice, much less a quarter inch. Hahahah.
Sheila Tilert said on 7/Jun/09
I met Cruise back in '87 and he was clearly 6'3". I am 5'10" myself and he towered over me. I do not know what you people saying he is 5'7" are talking about. He does not even need to use lifts in his shoes, he is that tall.
Roger said on 7/Jun/09
I think if we try to remember how Tom was only very slightly taller than 5'7'' Glenn, and prob. wore lifts, anything above 5'7'' is highly unlikely. I think Brad has him wrong.
mofo said on 7/Jun/09
Opinionated whers the respect this guy was maverick. I doubt he wore stilletos on set of top gun and he did'nt look has short has 5ft6. He looked more like 5ft9 (with lifts obviously) in that film and looks occasionly 5ft8 so i say 5ft7.5 on a good day.
btw 5ft4 thats hilliarious really funny guy you are (In more ways than one but still funny)!
But seriously wheres the damn respect for Top Gun hmmm!!!!
JerryA said on 7/Jun/09
5'7.5??? RisingForce, I've never heard anything so ridiculous IN MY LIFE. I'm 5'6.75 and I've met Tom and we are exactly the same height. There is NO WAY that there was more that 0.5 inches difference between us which still means that the maximum his height can be is 5'7.25, which is a clear .25 off your guestimation, which seem to have no evidential basis!!!
opinionated said on 7/Jun/09
Tom Cruise can't be taller than 5'4"! He looks tiny!
Jay said on 6/Jun/09

I've seen girl magazines (not mine I swear) refer to Urban as 5ft 7!! One article said Nicole Kidman married a cabbage patch kid.
Roger said on 5/Jun/09
Ed Zwick is 5'6''.
Brad said on 5/Jun/09
Heavy on the insoles.
Nigel said on 4/Jun/09
He wear TallerHeels type Height Increasing insoles, I thought everyoone knew that!
burby said on 3/Jun/09
Slightly OT, but here's another Ed Zwick photo for reference. If Ed is really only 5ft 7, he never looks small(even though 5ft 7 isn't small) next to 5ft 11 people, and 5ft 7 women in heels. Click Here
Wasim said on 3/Jun/09
David5'5 ,you're absolutely spot-on.Tom is standing on a slanted part of the ground,while Emilio Estevez on level ground.Just goes to show the ground you're standing on matters like hell.
TELLEM said on 3/Jun/09
he's 5'7.5. end of.
SHAUN said on 3/Jun/09
I'm 1.71m in the morning. 1.70m - afternoon. 1.69.4m - evening.
I would say that Cruise is around these heights.
What shoe size is Cruise?
I've read that he is US size 8.
Parker said on 3/Jun/09
Its always going to be the case Shawn with people close in height. As I said to Tellem, the pics he posted with Foxx make Tom look closer to 5'7, but here's 2 where Tom looks taller
Click Here
Click Here
Here's another where he looks shorter, but close to 5'8.
Click Here

As I've said before, when I started posting on this site several years ago I was convinced Tom was a max 5'7 (as protrayed in the media, and listed at on most sites). I've seen enough pics now of him lifted and lifless with various celebrities to convince me Rob's listing is bang on. Yes, hes definately shorter than 5'9 listed guys such as Dural,Harris and Foxx. He's definately at least 1/1.5 inches taller than 5'6.5 listed Stiller and 5'7 listed Penna. He looks 4-5 inches taller than Michael J Fox, and 2.5/3 inches taller than Hoffman.
He looks very similar in height to Spielberg.

In summary,He's close to 5'8, and I believe would hit it straight out of bed.
jack THE ripper said on 3/Jun/09
Hey guys I want to ask u does anyone know whether the statues at madame Tussauds in London are Accurate inb terms of heights. Because I went there and took a lot of pictures. I just wanna Know and compare. And yes I wil take into account the shoes and also the slight elevation tat some statues were placed at.
burby said on 3/Jun/09
What I'm seeing from these pics:
Tom Cruise: 5ft7.5 to 5ft 7.75
Jaime Foxx: 5ft 9
Katie Holmes: 5ft 9
Edward Zwick: 5ft 7.5 (he's probably rounding down his height)
Jack Black: weak 5ft 6
Rober Duvall: 5ft 9.25
Ben Stiller: 5ft 6.5
Matt McConaughey: 5ft 10.5
Robert Downey Jr: Lifts
Michael Mann: weak 5ft 8 (if he stood up straight)
Ludacris: weak 5ft 8
derek d said on 2/Jun/09
Jay says on 2/Jun/09

I've seen Kidman up close. She was wearing beach shoes (the ones that look like converse but aren't). She was around 5ft 9.

I respect your judgment but I don't see how it could be right. I don't think I've ever heard anyone estimate her under 5'10. Check out this barefoot picture of her with Keith Urban who is listed here at 5'8.5 (who claims 5'9). He is wearing shoes so he must be close to 5'9.5 and Kidman looks a solid 2 inches taller than him barefoot.

Click Here
David5'5 said on 2/Jun/09
Hi all! Greetings from Spain. I think Tom Cruise is about 5'7. Really no more.
In spite of the fact sometimes pics can someone get wrong, check this pic and compare TomCruise with Emilio Estevez 5'4:
Click Here
And if you wanna laugh a bit check this other one:
Click Here
See you :-)
TELLEM said on 2/Jun/09
the jamie foxx pic i put up isn't tilted
TELLEM said on 2/Jun/09
shawn, in your pic, which is far worse than mine, shows tom cruise next to the camera and luda farther away which of course will make tom taller.
Roger said on 2/Jun/09
Michael is listed as taller - big mistake. Mann is 5'7'' tops, there were countless shots from the "Collateral" premiere in which he was shorter than Tom.

But are there really some people out there who still believe the 5'9''?
Shawn said on 2/Jun/09
TELLEM, the Ludacris pic proves nothing. Here's another pic from that EXACT same encounter which has Cruise looking the taller of the two.

Click Here
Parker said on 2/Jun/09
Agreed Tellem - def looks shorter than Foxx in those pics. Michael Mann is listed taller than Cruise on this site, but doesn't look it in the pics. If Foxx is 5'9, and there are no lifts involved, the pics would suggest Tom is closer to 5'7...but I've seen a multitude more than put him nearer 5'8. I personally think Cruise is somwhere between Glenn and Rob's height. I think Rob's listing is correct.
Anonymous said on 2/Jun/09
Tellem - FYI, Your pic below (tom cruise, michael mann, and 5'9 jamie foxx:) looks tilted.
Roger said on 2/Jun/09
I think there simply is no way Tom can be more than 5'7.5'' at the very max. after the Duvall photos and the Foxx photos.
Parker said on 2/Jun/09
madrigal says on 1/Jun/09
Jack black is known to wear sneakers to these events and cruise in this pic is almost 100% wearing some lifts.

Here are the shoes Cruise was wearing that night which Rob has already said give you about an inch
Click Here
Look like ordinary sneekers to me.

[Editor Rob: more like 0.6 inch. Those are the converse style sneakers. Cruise likes all white sneakers, he has this pair and also a pair of totally white nike air force one...which give near 1.2 inch.]
TELLEM said on 2/Jun/09
hell, ludacris who's 5'8 seems to edge him out: Click Here
TELLEM said on 2/Jun/09
no offense parker but jamie foxx is 5'9, and tom cruise doesn't look 5'8 next to time. he looks shorter. heres another one, this time jamie foxx leaning: Click Here
the shredder said on 2/Jun/09
Im not saying its not impossible , but I'd be really shocked if Tom is shorter then his listed height on here !
Jay said on 2/Jun/09

I've seen Kidman up close. She was wearing beach shoes (the ones that look like converse but aren't). She was around 5ft 9.
Parker said on 2/Jun/09
Not a good Photo for height comparison Tellem Here's a better one
Click Here
Michael Mann is listed at 5'8 on this site, but he looks more 5'6 next to jamie don't you think? Mind you if Cruise was wearing Jamie's shoes everybody would be shouting LIFTS!!
And Cruise? suprise suprise, looks like a 5'8 man.
Don said on 2/Jun/09
considering he's a smidge taller than 5'7 glenn, i would say 5'7.5 is about right. 5'8, however is probably pushing it. most definitely not 5'9 although he can look it with heels on.
madrigal said on 1/Jun/09
Heres a pic of ben stiller jack black and cruise,
Click Here

Jack black is known to wear sneakers to these events and cruise in this pic is almost 100% wearing some lifts, at the most 2 inches. so if you put jack black in front of cruise straight and cruise w/o lifts then cruise will not even show in the back, making the argument that cruise is b/w 5'6.5 -5'7.25
derek d said on 1/Jun/09
Jay says on 31/May/09
Awww RisingForce is hurt.

@James. Kidman has never been 5ft 10 or 5ft 11 so Cruise never did pull off looking 5ft 10 next to her. We give female celebs more benefit of the doubt than they deserve and forget that all official heights for male and female celebs are decided by faceless agents. Kidman has always been 5ft 8.5 to 5ft 9. Paltrow 5ft 8. Winslet 5ft 5. Jolie 5ft 5.5. Etc

Ummm Kidman is 5'10.5 minimum, LOL.
TELLEM said on 1/Jun/09
tom cruise, michael mann, and 5'9 jamie foxx: Click Here
mmm said on 1/Jun/09
he is very very close to 5ft 7 barefoot i think
the shredder said on 1/Jun/09
Most people can't judge height , I have a cusin that claims 5'8 and I SWEAR is 5'10 or 5'11 , I even looked at him barefoot next to my uncle that is no shorter then 5'8 himself ! I don't care what he says , he is not anywhere near as short as 5'8 !
Anonymous said on 1/Jun/09
madrigal - you are calling me 'absurd' because I think he's 5'8 or close to it..yet you yourself think he could be 5'7.5?? I think your the one that's absurd.
RisingForce said on 1/Jun/09
Dural, I'm now measuring 5'8" because I've been sleeping better than I was when I measured 5'7.75".
Ahleks said on 1/Jun/09
Dural says on 31/May/09
Girls are the worst at judging height.


If they're around 5-foot-2, dating a 5-foot-9 guy, they'll just assume he's 6 foot.
Les said on 31/May/09
I think hes almost 7'1"

a strong 7'.5"
madrigal said on 31/May/09
to parker's comment, you are absurd, i have spent many years in photography and all these comments of 5'8 are wild, that picture firstly is taken at an angle tilted slightly right, so whoever is on the left looks taller . judging from this pic tom's body looks no more than 5'7.5 and no less than 5'6.75. he wears lifts even in sneakers! Trust me all when I say this but when you know your height you can figure out how tall somebody is when they are close to your height. TOM is no 5'8 , and no 5'6 , but 5'7.25-50
EJ said on 31/May/09
If Tom Cruise was a hair taller than Glenn and now we know that Glenn is 5'6.75", shouldn't you downgrade Cruise to 5'7" on the dot? And do the same for a lot of celebrities whose height was determined against Glenn's?
Dural said on 31/May/09
Rising, didn't you say you're 5'7.75" out of bed? Most people think of themselves they are taller than they really are, so they estimate other people taller too. Girls are the worst at judging height. Many people call 5'8" short, but can't tell apart if someone is 5'8" or 5'6".
Jay said on 31/May/09
Awww RisingForce is hurt.

@James. Kidman has never been 5ft 10 or 5ft 11 so Cruise never did pull off looking 5ft 10 next to her. We give female celebs more benefit of the doubt than they deserve and forget that all official heights for male and female celebs are decided by faceless agents. Kidman has always been 5ft 8.5 to 5ft 9. Paltrow 5ft 8. Winslet 5ft 5. Jolie 5ft 5.5. Etc
RisingForce said on 31/May/09
I'm 5'8" and my 5'4" cousin just told me that I looked 5'10". In fairness she was in sandals and slouching while I was in sneakers. But I get comments all the time that I look taller than 5'8". I agree leonari, most people have no clue about height.
leonari said on 31/May/09
I agree with RON. With decent shoes and excellent posture LOTS of people guesstimate me at 5'9.5 or 5'10". Talking about people who have no clue about basically the majority.
Ron said on 30/May/09
I stand 5'8", it is a deceiving height. I get comments all the time from people who swear i am at least 5'10". I believe it is due to the fact that i stand up straight all the time, and from what I have seen so does Tom. We are in the gray area when it comes to height, not really short but not tall either.
James said on 30/May/09
Tom has actually pulled of looking as much as 5'10 or a bit over next to Nicole Kidman.
RisingForce said on 30/May/09
In all fairness Tom can appear 5'9" in what can look like normal shoes. Click Here Of course they aren't normal shoes because we all know that Tom is not 5'9". His listing here is accurate but with his well hidden lifts and excellent posture he can pull off looking a legit 5'9" without lifts being obvious. So I can see where some would be fooled, but Tom's height is obvious. He's anywhere from 5'7.5" to 5'8". Not as short as the media make him out to be, but not as tall as he claims either.
A-Bomb said on 30/May/09
This is all such b.s. - Cruise is cleary 6'0", Rob come on man get real! This site is losing credibility by the day with Tom this low. How can I take any other height listed here seriously when you can't open you eyes to the truth about Tom Cruise! :P
leonari said on 29/May/09
Bud Earl: Let's give Tom 5'10? Or what tha hell 5'11"? What are you on brotha? I want some of that stuff to lose contact with reality like you and estimate Tom at 5'9"
Antonio said on 29/May/09
Parker - In my opinion, he looks 2" shorter than his wife, in the barefoot pic. Also, how is it that you know his wife is really 5-9. Maybe she is 5-8 or 5-10. In order for Tom to be considered 5-8, she would have to be 5-10. If she is 5-9, then he is 5-7.
RisingForce said on 29/May/09
Jay, in case you haven't noticed I've been ignoring you. I don't feel like wasting my time arguing with someone who thinks that Daniel Craig is 5'8".
Gago said on 29/May/09
Parker, in that photo with Katie from the back, how can you say it's exactly an inch, all you can see is the back of the head, i don't think it's correct to measure people from the back of their head.
Roger said on 29/May/09
Yes, Bud Earl, you met him. Dream on.
SHAUN said on 29/May/09
I'm 1.71m in the morning. Afternoon: 1.70m. Evening: 1.69.4m.
I would say Cruise is around these measurements.
He is below average but he doesn't look that short especially the way the media term him to be.
The average American man is 1.75m, so 1.71-70m is not that short.
Does anyone know his shoe size?
I'm a US Size 8.
I've read he is about this size as well.
Dural said on 29/May/09
He might be 5'8" out of bed. How do we know Katie is a legit 5'9", she could also be 5'8". Her reply "I'm... I'm... I'm like 5'9"" to the question how tall she is and her 5'8" claim in an online chat tells me, either she's downgrading her height, or she isn't quite 5'9".
Parker said on 29/May/09
Comets - Same height as Ben Stiller???
Click Here
bud earl said on 29/May/09
i have met him he about 5.9 im 5.9 and he about the same height as me .
Comets said on 29/May/09
Same height as Ben Stiller so 5'7 flat is his height
burby said on 28/May/09
Parkers May 10th post is good, it has Cruise shoulder to shoulder next to a 5ft7 Michael Pena. 5ft 7.5 to 5ft 7.75 for Cruise, but no more.
Roger said on 28/May/09
Parker, the site you refer to is just a list of opinions, like this site is. But Tom did look very short in more than just a few pictures. Standing in front of 6'4'' (my height) actor Max von Sydow in "Minority Report" also made him look 5'7''. He might be 171 cm. But not more, I'm sure by now.
Chad said on 28/May/09
I read an article in a newspaper one time that said cruise wore 3 inch lifts to bring him up to 5'11" in interview with the vampire because they said brad pitt was 5'11" and the director didn't wont brad pitt towering over cruise in the movie . So if tom cruise had to wear 3 inch lifts to bring him up to 5'11" than he'd be in fact 5'8" not the 5'9 that he claims .
Parker said on 28/May/09
Ryan says on 28/May/09
Cruise is an expert at concealing his short stature. It's difficult to make an accurate guess as to what his height may be.

Its not difficult at all Ryan. Here he is barefoot with his 5'9 wife with a small heel.Use the big Guys face at the back as a human tape measure. Cruise is approx an inch shorter. Not difficult to take an inch away from 5'9.
Click Here
Ryan said on 28/May/09
Cruise is an expert at concealing his short stature. It's difficult to make an accurate guess as to what his height may be. Without the lifts, he is a very short man. 5'6 1/2" seems to be the consensus of most people regarding Cruise's height.
Jay said on 28/May/09
RisingForce, what is it with you? In the space of 24 hours you make Stallone, Craig and now Kidman so much taller than they are. You even got people thinking you are Stallone :D

Kidman at 5ft 11 is crazy. She is 5ft 9.5
Parker said on 28/May/09
Roger - Surely you don't take any notice of that media crap do you? You always come across as a very sensible guy. For whatever reason, Tom Cruise is subject to more belittling heightist rubbish than any other celebrity - take a read of this garbage
Click Here
I agree with Billy Connolly - I think their jealous b***ards! He's close to 5'8.
mofo said on 28/May/09
Does anyone not care that this guy was maverick!! I mean wheres the damn respect seriously????
Roger said on 28/May/09
I think 5'7'', too, Rising. Very likely after the Duvall photo and also the pictures with Katie Holmes. Was described by a german magazine which covered the "Last samurai" premiere 5 years ago as "barely 5'7''".

He is not 5'8'', but shorter.
RisingForce said on 28/May/09
5'7" flat is too low. Tom is clearly taller than a true 5'7" flat guy like Ryan Seacrest.
Gingersn said on 28/May/09
A lot of 5-7 guys say they are 5-9.

Rising, a more accurate listing would be 5-7. There is no way Tom Cruise is 5-8.
RisingForce said on 28/May/09
I think Rob's listing is as accurate as you can get. The few times that he wore what could have been 3 inch elevators he was virtually the same height as Nicole Kidman who was in flats. By the way, I think Kidman is 5'11".
RICHARD said on 28/May/09
I think I had the Tom Cruise disease when I was in high school because I used to be 5'3-5'4 when I was 14-15,5'7-5'8 at 16-17 then I grew some and finally hit 5'9 at 17 and I used to tell people "I grew to 5'9 or I'm 5'9" and people always doubted me by saying "you're not 5'9, you're 5'7" but I wasn't that short. Why is it that when a guy says he a legit 5'9 people always label them as 5'7 ??? Is 5'7 a magical height for short guys ??? BTW I'm 19 and 5'10 and weigh 150.
ChuckTheSchmuck said on 27/May/09
Isn't the barefoot picture with Katie the best evidence we have so far for Tom's height?
Midget said on 27/May/09
Excellent comment Roger. Unfortunately it will never happen though because Tom would do his best to ruin the career of any journo brave enough to ask such a question and cause him embarassment. He is, and always will be, sensitive about his height as the world's movie going public hold it in their minds that an action star needs to be tall when he simply isn't. He isn't tiny mind you but certainly NOT 5'9" as he claims.
dave said on 27/May/09
i think he is more like 170........(sorry i dont understand the angloamerican system)
Mr. T said on 27/May/09
That Duvall pic is telling. He's clearly a solid 5'7", certainly not closer to 5'8".
Ahleks said on 27/May/09
He looks tiny in Jerry Maguire. He is towered over by most males. He just can't be 5-8 .
Parker said on 27/May/09
Really good pic with Duvall Tellem. In the more recent pic he looks 1 inch shorter,and the older ones about 1.5 inches shorter. One thing they do do is put to bed these ridiculous 5'6 theories flying around. The eye level of a 5'6 man would line up against Duvall's mouth.
Roger said on 26/May/09
I wish a journalist had the courage to say "Tom, you said you are 5'9''? So here you are with 5'9'' Duvall. Please tell the readers where you have hidden the inch."
Soviet_Rebel said on 26/May/09
WOW Tellem judging from that pic i'd say that Tom barely touches 5'7" !!!
Antonio said on 26/May/09
Parker, in your last Cruise photo, it actually looks like he is standing off his heels (back foot). We can't tell on his front foot. Doesn't that pose look odd to you?
Antonio said on 26/May/09
Gosh, I think lifts look obvious in your photo, RF. Those shoes look pretty big and look at the length of his legs. They look abnormally long. His ankles look to be wear his jeans narrow above his shoe. Look at his left, lower leg. His ankles should be lower and his leg at that narrow spot should be thicker. Tom has bulkier legs than most, even though his upper body is slim. To me it looks like Tom has at least 1" lifts in there.
Jay said on 26/May/09

Zwick and Cruise come up to Watanabe's eye level which is usually 4-5 inches from the top of the head.

I think Cruise and Zwick are almost equal in height in most photos but if you think Cruise is an inch taller at 5ft 8 than you can't think Daniel Craig is 5ft 9.5 or over because Craig is barely taller than Zwick. I also believed Craig was at least 5ft 9.5 until I saw those photos. Now I think Craig is 5ft 9 in the morning and shrinks down to about 5ft 8 1/4 by night. Cruise wakes at about 5ft 7 3/4 and is about 5ft 7 by night.
James said on 26/May/09
I stand corrected Leonari. Its a well known trick to look taller next to someone (putting arm over shoulder).
Gago said on 26/May/09
Nice pic Tellem, to me that's not a 5'8 guy next to 5'9 man.
Jay said on 26/May/09
I would be surprised Duvall could be 5ft 9 at that age.
RisingForce said on 26/May/09
Rob, do you think he has lifts in these shoes? Click Here

the sneakers do look fairly bulky and his pants do look too short, but i'm not sure myself.

[Editor Rob: they are not huge, 1.2 inch max air force sneakers, that's all.]
RisingForce said on 26/May/09
it's funny how most people outside of this site assume that tom is among the biggest lift wearers. Click Here read the comments. it's ridiculous that some say tom's shoes are as bad as robert downey jr.! tom hasn't worn obvious elevator shoes since his marriage with nicole kidman ended. that's not to say he doesn't wear lifts, but his height-increasing footwear is very subtle and has been for a while.
TELLEM said on 25/May/09
maybe cruise really did gain inches and is a real 5' guy thru yoga exercises
leonari said on 25/May/09
James: Ridiculous. Toms pulls the arm over shoulder trick .Look at the eye levels! thats no 1 inch.
Antonio said on 25/May/09
Tellem's photo shows about a 2" advantage for Duvall. Although that picture is not recent, I think it still shows Duvall a little past his peak. If DuVall is 5-9 there, then Tommy is near 5-7.
Parker said on 25/May/09
gillipolas - read my first post on 13th May. Tom stood next to Katie in barefoot. There's no way Tom is 5'6 if Katie is 5'9.
Also, I quite agree you could get 3 inches out of BOOTS - I was talking about shoes. Please read Rob's article.
Parker said on 25/May/09
Jay - Firstly I agree with you Tom is close to 5'8. When estimating height I tend to go off eye level rather than top of head because hair can throw you off in my opinion. Don't know if that's the correct way to estimate - What I do know is that when Rob asked for estimate's on a guy's height stood next to him, I was the only poster that got it spot on. Also, in the pics with Glenn and Jenny I estimated 2 ins, wheras a lot of posters were saying 3. Again, using eye level gave closer to the correct answer.
Click Here

In the pic above,using eye level Tom looks an inch taller than Edward Zwick.

In the pic you posted below with Ken Watanabe, I would put Cruise closer to 3 inches shorter, not 5 inches. At 5 inches Tom's eye level would fall below Ken's chin. Its only my opinion of course. Now I don't think for 1 minute Cruise is 5'9 - but he could be wearing lifts, or Watanabe is 6'1.

Either way, I think Rob's listing is spot on, but I think Cruise could hit 5'8 'out of bed' - We'll never know, but its fun guessing.

PS I do disagree with you on Daniel Craig - I don't think he ever falls below 5'9.5.
Roger said on 25/May/09
Great finds, the photos with Duvall. I cannot see a possible 5'8'' for Tom after those photos. 5'7.5'' at the very max, and even that sounds like a stretch.
RisingForce said on 25/May/09
excellent picture tellem. i see a 1, 1.5 inch difference between the 2. cruise at 5-8 or just under makes sense to me.
James said on 25/May/09
Robert Duvall might have beeen 5'9.5 in that peak. And Cruise does look 5'8.5 next to him
TELLEM said on 25/May/09
tom cruise with 5'9 robert duvall: Click Here
Cody said on 25/May/09
Those who judge others by their height are very small.
the shredder said on 25/May/09
I agree , I think he could be a full 5'8 !
mars said on 25/May/09
jeez those pics of parker, posted of tom have elevator shoes written all over them.
Jay said on 25/May/09
I'm Thomas's flat mate and we have been looking over many photos and comparing to other celebs.

5ft 7 Edward Zwick and Daniel Craig.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Tom Cruise with Edward Zwick. They are both 5ft 7, Cruise not wearing any lifts.

Click Here

Cruise and Zwick with Ken Watanabe.

Click Here
Click Here

Watanabe is 6ft and very much 5 inches taller than Zwick and Cruise.

Tom Cruise evening height 5ft 7
Daniel Craig evening height 5ft 8 1/4

Add 3/4 of an inch for their morning height. That means Rob Paul's listing of Tom Cruise at 5ft 7.75 is pretty close to Tom Cruise's morning height. Average daytime height would then be 5ft 7.5 - an inch taller than Thomas reckoned yesterday
gilipollas said on 25/May/09
1st of all we dont know if shes 5-11 or 5-10 as nicole kidman. Second, Im 183 (6') and i put some lifts inside yamamoto boots and i reach 6-2 and 3 quarters. very close to 6-3. Third, Tom with lifts was shorter than 5-10 brad pitt. Same as he was shorter that kidman. him wearing monsters and her wearing flats. if u see someone 5-10 close to a 5-11 one theres not much difference unless both are standing STRAIGHT and at the same distance from the camera.
Parker said on 25/May/09
gilipollas says on 24/May/09
if tom was close to 5-8 hed be 5-11 on his special shoes and he clearly isnt.
5-6 for tom. hes 5-9 with shoes on. shoes with 2 inch soles plus lifts inside, obviously.

If you read Rob's article on elevator shoes you will see how difficult it is to get 3 inches out of shoes - noticeable elevators (with a munster sole) tend to give 2.5 inches max. Anymore elevator inside the shoe will have your heel slipping out of the back. I think Tom's getting about 2.5 inches in these.
Click Here
Click Here

If anyone thinks a 5'6 man could look like Tom does against a 5'11 woman, you will never be convinced of anything. Is he 5'7 or 5'8 is the debate. Everyone is entitled to their opinion - there was a poster using the name 'Sticks' a couple of years back who insisted that Tom was 5'3, and nothing could disuade him from it. In my opinion 5'3 is nonsense, as is 5'6.
Brad said on 25/May/09
Go meet him, you'll be surprised. I'd be the first person to say 5' 7" but he is not.
Thomas said on 25/May/09
Just watch him come out backstage in his recent Jonathon Ross interview. Ross is now under 6ft. Cruise was far shorter about 5ft 6.5
gilipollas said on 24/May/09
if tom was close to 5-8 hed be 5-11 on his special shoes and he clearly isnt.
5-6 for tom. hes 5-9 with shoes on. shoes with 2 inch soles plus lifts inside, obviously.
RisingForce said on 24/May/09
in the last few years he was married to nicole kidman it looked like cruise borrowed some of sly's shoes. in recent years though it does seem like he doesn't care that much. that's not including the time he was on leno's show and close to jay's height.
Ahleks said on 24/May/09
Cruise is 5-7 tops IMO.
Midget said on 24/May/09
Parker-Imjust going by what the media and press say about the times that they have interviewd him and they have received very strict advice from Tom's management to NOT ask Tom certain personal questions relating to him and Nicole and their kids and also about his height.I have read it mentioned regularly over the last 10yrs or so that I have taken a bit of an interest in celebs and their heights. I agree though he has improved dramatically by letting Katie wear big heels etc. and to tower him sometimes publicaly. His footwear he has been wearing lately is a lot less dodgey than Sly-Dog's munsters etc.
Unar said on 23/May/09
Tom Cruse isn't small. He is taller than Adam Malysz.
Parker said on 23/May/09
Yes but Gago, come on. Look at this pic of Penna with Cruise. In particular look at Tom's footwear
Click Here
His foot is convex in the shoe...I'd bet my morgage there is no hidden lift in those. I'd be suprised if he was getting an inch out of the shoes. Not as convinced about Penna's footwear...if Cruise had the same on everybody would be shouting lifts!!
Here they are again, Penna with the better posture
Click Here
Gaga - If you think Penna is around 5'7, you have convinced me Cruise is 5'8!
Clay said on 23/May/09
Bud Earl, Cruise is absolutely not 5'9 unless he's wearing lifts.
Gago said on 23/May/09
Parker, I can say that Dustin Hoffman is 5'5 now, I was at a Q/A for his last movie Last Chance Harvey,I met him and talked to him. Pena is around 5'7, but don't forget that Tom beats everybody in the posture department. And I saw Katie, it's hard to tell cause she was in almost 4inch heels.
Brad said on 23/May/09
Very rare with flats on Katie with Tom. He doesn't care about his height like a Stallone or Downey Jr..
Brad said on 23/May/09
Bud Earl, the door to bar is to your left, don't forget to tip O'Brian the bartender if you can get off the stool which looks unlikely bud. Klem, the weather is cloudy and his height is 5' 8". Say hello to Bud weather or knot you want two.
Kristian said on 23/May/09
I would really really love to see pic of Tom Cruise with the Jonas Brothers, i think that would be interesting
bud earl said on 23/May/09
i have met tom cruise and sylvester stallone in person tom is about 5.9 and sylvester is about 5.11 and a half .
Klem said on 22/May/09
I belive now that Tom was measured at 5-6.75 or just under 170cm like it was written somewhere in the 80s or 90s. Now I don't know weather it was morning or eveninigg but I believe he is within 1/4 inch of that.
Chels said on 22/May/09
Wow Only 5ft 7.75? I would have never guessed, he seems taller then that in his movies
Parker said on 22/May/09
I wouldn't argue he could be below 5'7.5, but if he is then the following need to come down a half inch - Ben Stiller,Katie Holmes,Dustin Hoffman,Michael J Fox,Michael Penna.....surely Rob can't be wrong on all of them?
Gago said on 22/May/09
That's true Vibram, he had cowboy boots almost in every scene with Newman and didn't even manage to come close to Paul. Newman had to drop his posture so the difference wouldn't be so noticable. So if Tom is 5'8 then he would have been close to 5'10 in those boots, which he was obviously not.
Mathew said on 22/May/09
I'd go with just 171 for Cruise, as opposed to 172. Didn't seem much taller than Glenn in those pics, even though he stood straight as a pole. 5'7.25" - 5'7.5" fits him about right I'd reckon.
Dylan said on 22/May/09
Leonari - I think you are accurate there. I read Tom Cruise's biography and it doesn't mention his height once in it, however, it does mention that his father was over 6 foot. I believe his height is about 172cm and he has to wear lifts because the women in his life happen to be taller, which is understandable. Also the majority of leading actors nowadays are 6 foot plus. For some reason the media seem to make an issue of his height whereas there are others like, Tobey Maguire, Billy Warlock and Ryan Seacrest whom they choose to ignore. It is obviouly because of Cruise's high profile that they decide to harass him. Incidentally Leonari, I am glad you have decided to stay on here despite Glenn's departure, your posts are valuable.
Vibram said on 22/May/09
Also notice Toms shoes in The Color of Money. There is a scene where he's working in the Toy Shop Megastore and you can clearly see he's in near-cowboy style, pointed toes, big-heeled black demi-boot things. Made him look 5ft10 with them on.
Midget said on 21/May/09
I agree with Gago. Tom has been in lifts since the eighties and probably sleeps with the bloody things on as he is SUPER-CONSCIOUS of his height. I've said it before here that both my parents met him in london with Nicole and both my parents said he was close to 5'7" and had on dogey looking footwear and that Nicole looked evry bit of 5'10" as she claims. Nicole owned Tom in height.
leonari said on 21/May/09
Hey Dylan: I firmly believe Tom Cruise is a tad under 5'8". I think thats one of THE most accurate heights on I think he is my height or a cm taller. But I believe he wears slight lifts bringing him very near to 5'9" on a daily basis.
gilipollas said on 21/May/09
5-6 for tom. watch that movie with the brat pack. he was tiny...
Gago said on 21/May/09
I just don't get how he can be close to 5'8, when in The Color of Money with Paul Newman, he was about 2 inches shorter, with having shoe, hair,age and posture advantage over 60 year old Newman. I strongly believe he's 5'7.
A-Bomb said on 21/May/09
To me Cruise has never looked less than 5'7" bar one movie and that's Taps. He looks 5'6 1/2ish" throughout. The thing with Tap's is that Cruise would have been late 17/ early 18 throughout filming so it's not beyond the realms of possiblity that he may have grown ever so slightly since that film. Aside from that he's just never looked below 5'7 1/2" in my eyes. I mean in every promo shot he did with Jamie Foxx for Collateral and even throughout the films itself - there never seemed to be much difference between them. Also Cruise can appear to sometimes be reasonable taller than people e.g. Michael Mann, Ben Stiller etc. People in the 5'6" range just never look as tall over people as Cruise can occasionally or otherwise fit in as fairly average (the group shots at the premiere of Tropic Thunder for instance)
Brad said on 21/May/09
Abrams is 5' 6", Cruise owns him by a duece.
Dylan said on 21/May/09
Leonari - Great to see you back on here! What is your opinion on Tom Cruise's height?
Parker said on 21/May/09
This picture of Cruise and Beckham is the shortest I've ever seen Tom look
Click Here
There is pretty conclusive evidence that Beckham is close to 6'
Click Here
Yet in the pic above with Katie and Tom,if he were to straighten up I reckon he would have 5 inches on Katie. David was wearing this footwear
Click Here

Tom looks more in the 5'7 range in this pic, and even though Katie was wearing flats she doesn't look 5'9....but of course pictures can deceive.
the shredder said on 21/May/09
I think ANYTHING shorter then 5'7 is just insane !
Parker said on 21/May/09
Another pic of Abrams with Henry Winkler, confirming he is around 5'6
Click Here
Another one of Abrams with Cruise
Click Here
Even accounting for possibilty of lifts, I struggle to be convinced Cruise sould be under 5'7.
Parker said on 21/May/09
Leonari - If you are quoting within an inch of Rob's listed height I guess you can never say never. But I just don't see it. Not sure of the height of director JJ Abrams stood next to Cruise below,he is listed at 5'7 on most sites, not listed at all on this one
Click Here
Michelle Monaghan is listed at 5'7, so I would think Abrams is more 5'6 from this
Click Here
Cruise looks like he could have 3 inches on him in the pic above.

[Editor Rob: I don't think abrams is as low as 5ft 6.]
leonari said on 20/May/09
I think 5'6.75 is the lowest possible. Ever. There is a chance he is that height.
Leung said on 19/May/09
Of all the people here Danimal I am shocked that you are spreading the 5
James said on 19/May/09
Yeah I always saw near 2 inches between Stiller and Cruise.
Parker said on 19/May/09
When I came to this site several years ago I truly believed Tom Cruise to be 5'6-5'7 because of the 'media' - I even read an article saying he was 5'5 at a medical. Sorry, its all utter BS.
In my opinion Tom Cruise is between 5'7 and 5'8, but closer to 5'8. The media have made a big thing of him being short which has propogated a myth, and because he always wore lifts to see eye to eye with his 5'11 ex wife people suspect he is wearing lifts all the time,which he isn;t. Rent out Rain Man and compare him with 5'5.5 Dustin Hoffmann. He's at least 2 inches taller than Hoffmann in every scene. Go to Gettyimages type in Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller (listed 5'6/5'7). I've already posted pictures with 5'7 Michael Penna, its clear as day Tom is taller. Most people have seen this video clip of Cruise and Stiller...and remember Stiller is listed here at 5'6.5. Lets take a half inch off and say Stiller is 5'6
Click Here

5'5/5'6 for Cruise is nonsense.
Midget said on 18/May/09
I do also recall hearing that claim from the doctor about cruise Danimal. I heard it in the early 90's I think. My friend also says he thought cruise was 169cm based on measurements from a doctor but he cant remember where he saw or heard it from. Defenitelt a long time ago though.
ACG said on 18/May/09
i see no chance of a doctor having measured him at 5'6.75. sorry.

Cruise is one of the few celebs that i actually agree with Brad upon.
Metric said on 18/May/09
Gotta say I agree with Danimal on this one. (Yeah, I'm shocked myself!) 5-6.5 for Cruise...
James said on 18/May/09
Yeah is thier any offical like documents stating he was measured at that height?
Dural said on 18/May/09
Danimal, I've also read he was measured at 169cm in a German magazine sometime in the 90's, but who knows if it's true. He could have gained 2cm with the streching exercises he's doing.
Brad said on 18/May/09
Meet him. Glenn wore Portmans and Iron Maiden booties, we can't trust his footwear or Cruise control for that matter. His posture is military.
Dylan said on 18/May/09
Danimal - That is interesting. I had no idea that a doctor measured Cruise as 5'6 3/4", do you know if that is a fact or could it be more rumours spread by the media?
Parker said on 18/May/09
Danimal - Post the reference to Cruise being 'exposed' - probably more media Bull****.
Parker said on 18/May/09
Apologies Roger, I never said Michael Mann was 5'8, I was just going off what he is listed at on this site. Agree he looks 5'7, about an inch shorter than Cruise.
Danimal said on 18/May/09
Brad, you are probably the most logical guy on this site, yet you remain ILLOGICAL in regards to Cruise. The man was exposed in the late 80's of having had a doctor measure him at 5'6 3/4" (he IS the same height as Glenn, who you offer NO leaway or mercy to), YET, with Cruise you add 1 1/4" to his height. You clearly are loyal to Cruise for some reason. Cruise has NEVER seen 5'8", let alone a FULL 5'7".
James said on 18/May/09
In reality he's not actually short if he is 5'7.75 he just a bit below average.
Roger said on 18/May/09
Parker, Michael Mann is NOT 5'8''. 5'7'' max. Tom is shorter than Jamie, and Katie might not be 5'9'', but 5'8.5''.
Emory said on 18/May/09
everyone makes fun of him for being short and thats how tall i am. Now i'm depressed.
Brad said on 18/May/09
Nah, he was tangled up with Penelope Cruz who is tiny. Meet him, he's very down to earth even talking to a dope like me (Stern line) 10 inches taller.
Clay said on 18/May/09
He should not have insecurities at all. He's Tom freaking Cruise. So what if he's short. He's rich, talented, known around the world and most importantly a film legend, did I mention rich ?
James said on 18/May/09
If Tom likes his girls tall then he must have not insucurities about his own height?
Anonymous said on 18/May/09
James says on 17/May/09
He's the unluckiest 5'8 guy in the world to get this much abuse about his height.
Or its probably because hes not actually 5 8
Leung said on 17/May/09
Too many damn trolls now, they are not interested in debating height, they are just here stirring people, as ACG suggests it
Brad said on 17/May/09
Tom likes his gals tall, except Penelope.
TELLEM said on 17/May/09
cruise looks 2 inches shorter than jamie foxx.
TELLEM said on 17/May/09
clay, you saw tom cruise and katie? 5'7 is cool, i've been saying 5'7.5. 5'7 is good too though
James said on 17/May/09
He's the unluckiest 5'8 guy in the world to get this much abuse about his height.
Jimmy said on 17/May/09
Not under 5'7 but 5'7 right on the dot, maybe even 5'7.25.
Dan said on 17/May/09
Adam is abut 2-3 in taller Click Here
Parker said on 17/May/09
I think 5'7 is a fair estimate Clay, but in my opinion it's 5'7 minimum if Katie really is 5'9. There are Pics on the net showing him taller than Katie like these:-
Click Here
Click Here
If Katie is 5'9,Tom is standing at 5'10. To get 3 inch lift out of a shoe(and I've never come across any that give 3 inches) it would have to be built up considerably on the heel and sole. In the above pics, I would guess Tom was getting a max of 2 inches from his shoes 5'8->5'10.
Look at this pic of director and cast of Collateral
Click Here
Jamie Foxx is listed 5'9 here,anf Michael Mann next to him listed at 5'8. People can make there own judgement on Cruise, but in my opinion, no way is he under 5'7.
Clay said on 17/May/09
Brad, I've met Cruise and Katie Holmes here in Malibu(they were both in sandals) and Cruise is absoutely not 5'8. With his lifts he can probably pass off as 5'10, without shoes He's about 5'7 maximum. Katie is very tall for a girl though, she towered over all the other females near her.
yoyo said on 17/May/09
glenn was about 169.3cm at night, so photo taken above makes tom a strong 5ft7.5(171cm) picture above. 172cm in morning i bet. if hes shoe lift a little over glenn that will makes it 171 in morning 170 night barefoot. tom stands a strong 5ft7 height. people who say hes 5ft6 was nuts..
Brad said on 17/May/09
This is boring. Make it exciting, let all of Tom's posts through for some fireworks. Cruise is 5' 8". Okay, it is done.
ACG said on 16/May/09
It's pretty obvious that TOM is just trolling. Ignore him if he comes back.
glenn said on 16/May/09
metric-rob probably just found the evidence recently.i was touched by your concern for me.its guys like you why im still here.
Metric said on 16/May/09
No problem, Glenn. At one point I was really worried that you might had left the site for good?? Now I understand you just needed a break from guys like Q.

I find it positive however that Q has now dropped his "case" when Rob provided evidence that height loss is not as black/white as Q first presented it. I have much respect for Rob but one cannot stop wondering if he could have defused the situation earlier by using this evidence???
glenn said on 16/May/09
join the club worries,to me your still 5-6.5.tops.and shrink alot obviously like i do.
the shredder said on 16/May/09
Rob , I don't understand , I went to the DR twice and was measured 5'6.5 , then went to my other DR and was measured 5'5.75 ! Both barefoot and it was not in the morning !
leonari said on 15/May/09
Brad: Leonerdi. LOL Thats what talking about. Classic sarcastic Brad. Gotta love it.
glenn said on 15/May/09
metric-thanks for being there for me the last month.
glenn said on 15/May/09
nothing wrong with that gilipollas.i never understood when a foreign person said that,not speaking well that its better than my french.better than my greek.better than my polish.i cant speak anything except english and spanish,so for you to write on here is more than i can do.i was trying to explain that to you.meaning you didn't understand my posts.i mentioned english wasn't your primary wasn't an insult.peace.
sam said on 15/May/09
Tom Cruise - one of the most fameous guys in the history.... his height, not much more than 5'8...
gilipollas said on 15/May/09
Leonari, my english sucks. really. But it's great we all can communicate and even have strong discussions in one language. It's great we all come form different parts of the world. INternet forums are very interesting if u think about it in that way. peace.
frankys said on 15/May/09
you are pretty humble guy ,leonari (you r not the one who speaks more than one language)and personally i don't care how many "tongues" you deal with .. you are the one who brought up the issue by discriminating Tom's english lacks ... this isn't english class forum..gilipollas you got a B+, well done!
Nothing personal leonari but it's kind of annoying picking on someone just because his cultural level..anyways..CRUISE IS A 5.7 GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Metric said on 15/May/09
Gilipolas: Nobody should feel discriminated and you're right this site is for fun. BUT you arrived here yourself discriminating and using a very harsh tone towards Glenn from day one (Arnold page)! It's ok to preach if you live by your own words? But as I see it you don't! That's why I called you out on your bad english. Glenn did as well. If you had conducted yourself better and treated Glenn with respect none of this would have happened. I hope you realize that. Nobody is out to get you or discriminate you but if you come here and act up you are bound get a reaction. Remember that. Peace.
the shredder said on 15/May/09
Yie , u geyes need to shut up , Eye be got butter English then all yall !
Jake England said on 15/May/09
Tom strikes me as a guy who wears lifts more than the average male celeb. I mean he is a very short man and sort of feminine.
leonari said on 14/May/09
frankys: never said my english is perfect. far from it. But I write these posts in a such a hurry.. and if you speak 4-5 languages like I do..well. What I said is that TOM's english is the worst I have ever seen on this site. It's a joke.
leonari said on 14/May/09
anynymous: I write these posts while working. In a hurry. While writing letters in german and french. Sure my grammar is off from time to time. If I concentrate on the english language I make fewer mistakes. But at least you understand what I'm saying! TOM is barely capable of putting together a sentence that most folks will understand. There is a big difference. And get yourself a nickname! Incredible...
leonari said on 14/May/09
gilipollas: your english is's guys like TOM who are barely understandable I was talking about. Mistakes here and there are totally normal. Trying to make a point without being able to express oneself is annoying.
Brad said on 14/May/09
Blake said on 14/May/09
Downgrade...we all know Glenn's night height especially with bag lol, which is 5ft 6 3/4. As you can see ont he left they are both good posture witha clear difference of at least 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch at most. Thsi would make Tom 5'7.5 at the most ASSUMING he's not wearings lifts. You can figure that he has at least a 1/2 inch lift or so which wouodl easily rbing him down to from 5'6.75 to 5'7 there ya go Cruise is no more than 5ft 7.5 and there is a possibility he could be 5'6 1/2-3/4 if he were wearing typical lifts, which is very possible considering the advanced level of his career at that time and his reputation...I need say no more.
The Dutchguy said on 14/May/09
How about we start talking about celeb heights and stop bitching about eachothers knowledge of the english language? act like adults, please..
gilipollas said on 14/May/09
What's this thing with non perfect english speakers? I feel discriminated by people like Metric, leonerdi or glenn. Maybe someone made them feel bad when they were learning maths, econometrics, statstics, microeconomics...wait...maybe they were born knowing EVERYTHING. Guys, just relax. this site is fun and its about celebrities. Cant we just get along?
jane said on 14/May/09
i think tom's about 5'7.5 considering he's probably wearing lifts in the two pics above
Anonymous said on 14/May/09
frankys says on 14/May/09 offence but your english isn't perfect as you claim
his english is pretty awful ahhahah...
"how much 10 cm are!"
"Rob does not have to explain to me anything."
i'm not even a native english speaker and i still detect a myriad of grammatical and spelling issues from leonari's comments. but enough, this is a site to analyse heights and not leonari's broken english
gilipollas said on 14/May/09
Metric, wow u SEEN to have some problems understanding too many comments form different users. Maybe you need to get busy with some hobbies or use a bit of that brain cell. You wouldnt survive in India or anywhere in the world where they dont speak english or speak it with difficulties. Man, make an effort or dont say anything. Maybe you can suggest another language like japanese, spanish, french, german...which one can u speak? have a good day...
frankys said on 14/May/09 offence but your english isn't perfect as you claim
Metric said on 14/May/09
No problem, Leo. I just tell it that way I see it.
glenn said on 14/May/09
ok jake england.i do in alot of pics.and i look 5-8 in alot too.and illusions of 5-9,5-10 in others.look at the front must be new here.yes,im 5-7 at night.close to 5-8 when i wake.
g said on 14/May/09
5'7 glen and Cruise, I think they look the same height, and Cruise I'm sure that is wearing lifts , so Cruise can be as short as 5'6 I guess , and no taller than 5'7.5
Jake England said on 14/May/09
Glenn, you look 5'7 to me.
ChucktheSchmuck said on 13/May/09
I totally agree with you Parker. By looking on that barefeet pic, it clearly shows that he is nowhere close to 5'6, but probably somewhere around 5'8.
Big guy said on 13/May/09
You can't get an accurate "guess" by looking at those 2 photos of Glenn and Cruise--- because you can't see their feet! For all we know one could be standing on a curb!
Brad said on 13/May/09
Fighting over 1" on Tom Cruise's height, like we all have lives. I know I don't.
leonari said on 13/May/09
Parker: forget it. Guys like TOM are clueless. He will believe any bull he reads. It's sad.Really. How difficult is it to take a tape measurer and see how much 10 cm are! Thats like pumps of a woman!. But nooo. TOM knows...everything about lifts. Give me a break!
TOM said on 13/May/09
i saiy it again..5-7 max
Dylan said on 13/May/09
That is an interesting theory Vibram, there is no doubt in my mind that Tom Cruise does wear lifts, however, considering the heights of the women in his life like Nicole and Katie it is hardly surprising he would want some elevation even at 5'8".
Vibram said on 13/May/09
Yeah I know Arsavin. Why don't the press get on Mark Whalbergs back over his height, or Robin Williams, Bruce Lee, Charles Bronson and others that are/were around 5ft7 to name but a few.

A possible theory is that when the subject of height was mentioned to Tom by an interviewer early in his career, he might have acted sensitively or over-protectively, and so the word spread around the media like wildfire for them to use as a pointer of weakness. Example: "He seemed really touchy when ever I mentioned height, he's got insecurities there man." People look for weaknesses in each other, that's only natural, and height seems to annoy tom more than anything whenever it's mentioned. When he appeared on the Jonathan Ross Show a few months back, Ross never mentioned height to him, a subject he usually brings up 90% of the time when leading male movie stars are guests on his show (I guess Toms PR's had private words with Ross' producers beforehand).
Dylan said on 13/May/09
Tom - I think I understand what you mean, you are saying that elevator shoes which also have a substantial heel could give a 10cm difference from a barefoot height. You could well be right, however, my idea of elevator shoes are those which do not make it blatantly obvious that your height is boosted by your footwear, in other words standard looking shoes with little or no heel with the elevation in the rear of the sole, otherwise it defeats the object because people would just assume you are only taller because of the heels. I do see your point though.
Metric said on 13/May/09
I can't understand a word of what Tom is writing???
leonari said on 13/May/09
TOM: Another guy who agrees with me. Strange. Must be a conspiracy against you the illiterate king!
mike said on 13/May/09
and why is glenn still listed as 5'8 in those pics when he is closer to 5'7?
mike said on 13/May/09
i'd say katie has more than an inch on tom in that pic.
Parker said on 13/May/09
Leonari - Totally agree with you on lifts. Look at this shoe I've copied from Rob's Elevator shoe page.
Click Here
As well as the thick outer sole, it has an internal lift.Its advertised at 3.5 inch lift(9cm) when in fact it gives you 6cm.(2.4 inches) How do I know? Because embarrasingly, I purchased a pair haha.
For a normal looking shoe, (ie one that doesn't look like a munster) you will struggle to get 2 inches (5cm), because any higher and your heel will fall out of the back. This one is advertised at 2.8 inches (7cm)
Click Here
In reality, it gives you 1.8 inches from barefoot.(4.5cm)

If you really want to get 8cm from barefoot (3 inches) you can, and no one will notice..hear you go
Click Here
Parker said on 13/May/09
franky's - If Katie is 5'9 then Tom cannot be 5'6 simply from this pic that rising originally posted.
Click Here
As I've posted before, you can use the big guys head in the backgound as a human tape measure. The top of Katies head levels approx 2 inches above his eyes and Tom's 1 inch,and Katie has a 1/4 inch heel. If Katie is 5'9, Tom is around 5'8.
If we assume all things equal in the pic above with Glenn (footwear,ground) and compare them with Glenn against Rob, Tom looks to me midpoint. i.e About a half inch shorter than Rob. The height listing Rob has him at is as close as we are going to get without a stadiometer measurement.
Brad said on 12/May/09
5' 8" plus 2" customs and posture. Tom go meet Tom, bring a tom-tom.
Dylan said on 12/May/09
Tom - Leonari is correct, 10cm lifts do not exist as far as I am aware, after all the idea of lifts is to give a person extra height undetected and it would not be possible as 10cm is 4", it would be like concrete blocks on each foot. Also, alot of these elevator shoes do not give the heights they claim to, just to give you an example, my brother who is 5'5" in height brought a pair of flat elevated shoes which were supposed to add 8cm, when he tried them on and was measured, they only added 5cm to his height. He subsequently contacted the supplier and was told 8cm was the absolute maximum increase and would only apply to the largest shoe size possible, apparantly my brother's shoe size was too small to accomodate anything over 5cm. He could have got exactly the same increase by buying ordinary shoes with 2" heels.
theo said on 12/May/09
no prob Glenn, some people here just don't want to admit that 5 ft 7.75 in (172 cm) is the most accurate height for Tom Cruise but i can understand that because this guy is always wearing suspicious shoes and confuse everyone about his real height, although i got two vids where he is barefoot here Click Here and here Click Here Rob please post :-)
frankys said on 12/May/09
i agree Dylan, 5,8 very possible, 5.7 more probable..but it's true that no one knows how thick his concealed insole could be..i'm also convinced that his custom made elevator shoes are very hard to figure out.. he could be from a min. of 5.6 to a max of 5.8 flat.
leonari said on 12/May/09
Guys: Please explain to TOM that 10 cm elevators or lifts DO NOT exist. Except for custom made boots like Ziggy a fella who posted here a couple of years ago) cause he perfected them with a shoemaker.But those were serious boots! As high as Cowboy boots!TOM: Can you at least read? Read the article on the right called: "HOLLYWOOD SHOE LIFTS". It was written by the owner of this site. TOM you are delusional and I don't want you to address me anymore. PLEASE. I have been on this forum for years. Rob himself said I was one of the very first posters. It's guys like you Tom or Brad that make me behave in a manner where I don't like myself. TOM to me must be a 15 year old kid who is clueless. Leave me alone man.OK? I come to this site because of guys like Glenn,Rising, Shredder and so on. Decent guys who know what they are talking about. You TOM are wasting space, time and sadly your language has not improved either since you practice it here with your random posts. Have a good life and take care TOM.
gotovskiy said on 12/May/09
I think Tom Cruise is 5'7.5" because if we compare with 5'4" posh with the super-high heels she wore, we may conclude he's not too tall
Didi said on 12/May/09
He uses those elevator shoes, so I don't know...
I saw it once on tv!!
Dylan said on 12/May/09
Frankys - I think in the pictures you posted you are indicating that the soles on the footwear which Cruise is wearing could conceal a considerable amount of elevation and I would not disagree with you. However, I still believe that Glenn and Brad would have noticed if he had been wearing lifts when they saw him and if so they would have allowed for that fact when considering his height. Excellent pictures though.
Dylan said on 12/May/09
Tom - I used to believe Tom Cruise was 5'7", not from evidence but because like alot of people I was brainwashed by the media. Now for Glenn and Brad to agree on something is a novelty and they both agree Cruise to be 5'8", I think both Glenn and Brad are experienced enough to know whether Cruise was wearing lifts, add to this the pictures which Parker has posted and I believe there is enough evidence to confirm that Cruise is at least the 5'7.75"(172cm) which Rob has him listed at. I have seen Tom Cruise in the flesh and it is a well known fact here in England that the Media like to build up celebrities so that they can knock them down again.
blargh said on 12/May/09
Where do you guys get all these estimates closing on 0.25 inches, or 0.5 inches etc? I can shift my height be about an inch depending on how I stand, so really, just by observing a guy you would not get such a close estimation...
leonari said on 12/May/09
I don't wear them Rober. I just made experiments and stuffed sneakers, boots, casuals-you name it with the maximum amount to see what the increase would be (read Robs article on the matter).To be able to walk and only counting the height lifts give you , not like the various elevator shoe companies that sell shoes and include the outer heel in their advertisements you can not gain over 6.5- 7 cm and that goes for boots or half boots. Normal sneakers is below 2 inches
Roger said on 12/May/09
leonari, how much do the elevators you wear add?
glenn said on 12/May/09
anonymous-if i was you,i would claim 5-9.but the more sensible to claim for you would be 5-8.5.
glenn said on 12/May/09
i wouldn't say exact danimal.that was under extreme conditions.i would say 5-7 flat is measured 2 inches lower under very extreme,we both lose alot.maybe they measured tom at his worse?

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