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5ft 7.22in (170.7cm)
Sticks said on 24/Aug/05
Parker, I used the sighting that you said I ignored and if you look back at the post you'll see that's true. I wasn't being selective. I do think the 5'10" sighting was insincere. If Tom Cruise was 5'10" he would not be leaning backwards into his girfriend's arm for photos or wearing enormous boots and appearing significantly shorter than Nicole Kidman. He's not just on the short side. He's famously short. And that guy was trying to tell us that Cruise is in fact of above average height for a man? As I also said, "there's no way to objectively determine which sightings are bogus." I didn't ignore the sighting the way you refuse to explain the sightings. First question, Parker, do you know how tall Katie Holmes is, how tall Clinton was standing in that picture, whether he was standing at his full height, how big Cruise's lifts were or how tall Spielberg or Clinton are? I don't, but I want you to say that you don't know either. Please respond to the question. Small question I think I know the answer to: there's a BIG rumor about this guy (it's been around for at least fifteen years) that I never had an opinion on until fairly recently. Do you know what it is and do you think it might be true? My bet is that you either couldn't imagine what it is or that you think it's absurd.

Cool J, if you read my posts, you'll see that with Rock, Gibson, Cruise, Law and Damon, eyewitness estimates of the person's height primarily determined my opinion. With Stiller, I used the man's own words backed up by sightings and pictures with people whose heights weren't disputed (Garafolo, Hoffman). I calculate the lifted average, which is an upper-bound, and determine the height that would best explain the sightings. Since I'm using the evidence, maybe I'm not the ridiculous one. I don't know why you wrote that about Nash. My point was that based on the sightings in that thread, the six people who saw Nash had him 6'0 - 6'1". His measured height at the pre-draft camp was apparently 6'1". Therefore, people's opinions of the same person based on sightings appear to agree very well and their judgement is apparently decent because it agrees with a measurement. So sightings are good evidence. But Nash might not have a publicist or an expensive collection of lifts like some other people. No other readily available evidence is as good as sightings.

If you pick one height to best account for all the sightings, it's going to be near the bottom of the pile because lifts make you taller, not shorter, and most sightings are down low. It's an analysis of the evidence. If anybody's got a better way to analyze the numbers, let me know.

Z2, I appreciate your pointing out that I've been saying he's around 5'3.5". If I had to pick which side of that height he'd be on, it would definitely be the short side. The argument you're making is an excellent one and I've started to make it before, but it's so hard to make even the tightest evidence understood, I didn't follow up.
Parker said on 24/Aug/05
Z2 - Here are a couple of snaps of Tom with Katie in flatter shoes - Its all about opinions, but in my opinion he does not look clearly shorter

And Sticks, when I say you are being selective here is the quote from your own post

'Are there any insincere sightings? I'd nominate the first post in the thread as insincere. The poster claims he's over 5'11" but under 6', which has been said to be the only height you can be confident a guy is being truthful about (because if he was that height, most guys would say 6'). So he gives us the I'm-telling-the-truth cue, then he tells us that *famously short* Tom Cruise is actually 5'10".'

You think he's insincere because it does not fit with what you want to believe. If he said Cruise was 5'3, no doubt you would include it in your 'sightings'
Sticks said on 24/Aug/05
Hashed the Html two posts ago. Here are those links:
Cruise and Holmes pose for pictures to minimize the height difference:
looking the same height
Photography as deception

Cruise is significantly shorter than Holmes
It makes them pose strangely to look a similar height.
She hyperextends her knees, spreads her legs and ducks for him
My favourite, she holds him up and dutifully tilts her head the other way as he leans backwards to reduce the apparent difference

The idea behind Cruise having his girlfriend hold him up is that a cropped picture will make people think he's standing straight, making her look shorter. No 5'7" man is forced to do this crap.

Frankie, to clarify, I've never said Cruise wore 7" lifts. Parker likes to think that Cruise would have to be in 7" lifts in pictures he's posted. He's wrong.
Z2 said on 24/Aug/05
"load of tosh!"--Just because someone states an opinion on someone's height doesn't mean that person is insecure about themselves. You are calling out someone else's OPINION. "Sticks" opinion of Tom Cruise is 5'3.5", not 5'3". Also, no one asked you to respect his opinion or mine. You said people like "Sticks" should not open their mouth. I can clearly tell you are a "teeny-bopper." You haven't said anything remotely intelligent. I happen to believe, and this is MY opinion, that Tom is 5'3". I think he's this height because when he's in his ridiculous "lifts," he is still somewhat shorter than Katie. If he was a true 5'6" or 5'7" he'd be Katie's exact height or taller. He is clearly still shorter. So, don't go around telling everyone their opinions are ridiculous.
Sticks said on 24/Aug/05
Parker, I don't selectively use sightings, you selectively read them. Re-read the post you said I ignored. The observer was 5'11" and said Cruise was four or five inches shorter. Your preferential reading of sightings convinced you you had a number of 5'9" Holmes sightings as well. I use the evidence fairly. You pick and choose your evidence to suit your pre-conceived notions.

Leonari, I know that a man who is around 5'3.5" is short. You have to come to terms with the fact that some men are that short and that Tom Cruise could be one of them. This is the same "reason" you gave for refusing to believe Stiller's own refererences to his height (5'2" and 5'3"). You said something like, 'A man that short is sooo tiny that Stiller couldn't be that short.' Your intuition isn't evidence of anything. You're not making an argument.

load of tosh, I'm not joking and I won't lose any sleep if you don't respect my opinion. I only posted in this thread recently because I'd never taken an interest in the guy's height. In my mind he was 5'7" as I'd heard in the media since I was a kid. When I started to get a sense as to how much shorter male stars were than they were supposed to be 5'7" seemed less likely but I still didn't take any interest in it. Then while looking for other heights I came across several sightings pegging him below 5'7" from people shocked to find him that short. I evaluate the evidence of every star the same way. Look at the sightings, the average is an upper bound for his height because of lifts. The high-end is suspicious because publicists are paid to confuse people like you, tosh-load. Are there any clusters of sightings? What does that imply? What height best explains the data? That's what I've done. To those of you who think there isn't any evidence for my point of view, read the sightings. Half of them have him under 5'7" and that is an average that would include any lift that he was getting. The five-eight sighting makes note of his suspicious footwear. Tom Cruise can afford the best lifts in the land, so if he's raising flags, he's getting seriously lifted. There's a 5'6" woman who said he was an inch or two shorter than she was while he was in runners and she was in all-stars. tosh-load, leonari, and parker: remind yourselves that you've never seen him. You are, like me, sitting at your computer trying to understand evidence. The opinions of people who have seen him are more important than ours.

Parker, comparing pictures of people is a poor way to determine height unless you *know* one person's height. You've never given any indication that you even understand what I'm saying on this point, which makes discussing things with you painful. Listed heights aren't the truth. You use them as if they were. Your arguments using listed heights are meaningless. Of course there are errors in estimating height, that's why more sightings are better. Random errors tend to cancel eachother out. The reason the six sightings in the Nash thread are within an inch of eachother and consistent with a pre-draft measure of the man (!) is that people do estimate heights similarly and Nash probably doesn't bother with lifts or at least lifts of many different sizes. Twelve Cruise sightings go from around 5'3.5" to 5'10". Six Nash sightings go from 6'0-6'1". Why, if people are so crappy at estimating heights, are those six sightings of Nash so close?

Disgust isn't an argument. If you guys want to come up with one, I'll discuss it, but just howling that this is an outrage is meaningless. The most rational use of the best evidence has him around 5'3.5".
Parker said on 23/Aug/05
Here's one of Cruise and Holmes with 3" heels - both have good posture, although Cruise looks like he's on slightly lower ground - apart from Sticks, can anyone see Cruise under 5'4 from this?

Parker said on 23/Aug/05
Sticks - I apologise if I appear mocking. If you think Cruise is 5'3.5 you are entitled to your opinion. Unlike you, I don't think sightings are the best evidence, people estimate heights very differently. You also are selective in the sightings you choose to take into account. There was one at the bottom of the page that said he was 5'11, which you've chosen to ignore. There is a sighting of Sharon Stone on her page that suggests she struggles to make 5 feet. I think photographic evidence, using people as reference points, is the best way to guess a persons height. I do agree with Frankie, and would not dismiss out of hand that Cruise could be as short as 5'6 - I don't think he is, but again I'm using Dustin Hoffmann as the reference point in Rainman.

As I say, If you think he's 5'3 that's your opinion. In the picture with the president, the top of Cruise's head is above the President's eyes - meaning the top of his head is around 5'10 - again I can accept Frankie's view on special shoes, posture etc etc. but I struggle to see how Cruise can get to 5'10 from 5'3 without standing on a box - just my opinion of course.

All the best

Sticks said on 23/Aug/05
I believe Cruise is around 5'3.5" and I'd defend that view as the one that best explains the evidence. I've never seen the guy. Sightings are the best evidence, and the predictions from the sightings are consistent with all of the credible evidence.

Parker, you've posted a lot of pictures. All of them are consistent with the view that Tom Cruise is lifted from around 5'3.5" to higher heights. If you'd like to tell me which of these many pictures you think shows that he couldn't be around 5'3.5" I will happily show you why you're wrong. Why is it that you never even attempt to account for the sightings? Discussing pictures with you is difficult because you refuse to acknowledge what you don't know about the picture. You don't know how tall Clinton is standing, for example, and you don't know what's in Cruise's shoes. The guy's getting his picture taken with a President. He'll have his A-game footwear on. You linked to a picture with Cruise and Stiller and seemed to be mocking the idea that they could be 5'3" and 5'2". What would you estimate their height difference to be in that picture? It looks like it's a little over an inch. I don't think it's proof that I'm right. It proves nothing at all, so why post it? You write about Spielberg's height like you've personally measured the guy. You bring up 7" lifts and 9" lifts but you never show any pictures that would require them. So instead of just pretending my view is ridiculous, show it.

You mentioned "all those sightings of Katie Holmes at 5'9"". How many sightings in that thread have Katie at 5'9"? One. There's one quantified height based on a sighting in that entire thread (profiles are products, they don't count) and that came from Mr. Klaus (5'8" Giamatti, 6' Law, 6'3" Costner, etc.). Here's one at 5'7-8":

Saw Katie Holmes in the soho Sephora yesterday (2/27) wearing a pink wool coat, shades and yapping into her cell phone. As I think I
Parker said on 23/Aug/05
Here's Cruise doing the old 'arm round the shoulder trick' with 5'7.5 Spielberg to try and disguise his 5'3 frame - but he doesn't fool me!
Parker said on 23/Aug/05
5'3 Cruise with 5'2 Stiller
CelebHeights Editor said on 23/Aug/05
From gossip newsgroup: "Tom Cruise I've seen several times (always with boots with heels), he's probably max 5'6". Nicole Kidman's not that tall either, maybe 5'9" with flats"
CelebHeights Editor said on 22/Aug/05
Dodgy Camera Angle? Big Bill, Edward James Olmos and 5ft 3 Cruise...
Sticks said on 22/Aug/05
Parker, how do you know how tall Steven Speilberg is? How do you know how much lift he and Cruise were getting in that picture? How do you know Spielberg was getting the same amount of lift in the picture with Fox? You don't know any of that and you don't know how tall Fox really is. I'm confused as to why you would believe publicity which is biased but deny the accounts of people who have seen him in person. You think you're only believing what you see, but you're not. Just consider the picture with Spielberg again. You seem very certain that Cruise is an inch taller than Spielberg based on that picture. That picture was no accident. Cruise knew it was coming and so did Spielberg. They dressed accordingly. Don't you think Cruise could be wearing big lifts in that picture? If so, why would you be so quick to draw the conclusion that he's taller?
Parker said on 22/Aug/05
Hi Rob - There's areally good picture of 5'3 Cruise with 4'9 Michael J Fox on Corbis - can you post a link. It doesn't seem to work in the same way as Getty for me


[Editor Rob: This one - you can post the corbis links in the same way as getty, but the url is HUGE]
CelebHeights Editor said on 22/Aug/05
From Jeannette Walls, Gossip columnist: "Tom Cruise, who usually greets the press with a crucifix and garlic cloves, stayed and yakked with us for about 15 minutes. His hair was greasy and if he's 5' 9" then I'm 6' 7".
CelebHeights Editor said on 21/Aug/05
From gossip newsgroup - "My sister met Tom Cruise once and told me that he's pretty little. She said no taller than 5'5" or so"

And another - "A girl from my area was in NY last year and saw Tom Cruise and she said he was around 5'5" or so. I couldn't believe it but this girl is @5'8" herself and she swore he was that much shorter than her"
frankie said on 17/Aug/05
i was 5'8".5 in my early twenties and i do a lot of stretching and swimming and i'm still 5'.8".5....Cruise must be Reed Richards (F4)

[Editor Rob: it's not just stretching. There's rumours he's been hanging from Gravity Boots, injecting thetan-boosters, doing pilates (like Julia Stiles) and perfecting the Alexander Technique! I even heard that he's got Belinda Carlisle's infamous quote pasted to his wall: "In the past eight years, I've grown more than two and a half inches (6cm). I am 5ft 7ins (1.70m) and I am very pleased with that" ;) ;) ;)]
The_Dude said on 17/Aug/05
Allright,so he is 172cm now?..Wasnt he just 170cm some months ago?

[Editor Rob: he's been doing a lot of stretching techniques...]
Parker said on 14/Aug/05
If you look at the pictures Rob mentioned earlier of Cruise and Kidman from 1992, then if Cruise is 5'3 he must have had 9 inch lifts inside his shoe to look as tall as Kidman.
dmeyer said on 13/Aug/05
even thaugh i was sure he was alaest 175 but i know a guy who saw him in france tom was shoping in his store and he told me that tom was baerly 170 maybe less
Parker said on 13/Aug/05
Dmeyer is entitled to his opinion. and is certainly not insulting anybody voicing it. My opinion, as I've stated before, is that barefoot, Tom is between 5'7 and 5'8. I do agree that he sometimes wears lifts to get him over 5'10. If he were a 5'6 guy, he'd have to have hidden stilts to get near the height of his ex wife as shown in numerous photographs.

[Editor Rob: if you want to see a good few shots of him from the early 90's go to click search and enter cruise 1992. A few rows down there's a picture of him sitting with his heels in view. Kidman at that event is in 1-inch sandals. But Tom with those boots does look taller than normal]
Mr. R said on 12/Aug/05
normally I basically agree with you. But this time I have to disagree with you. I saw Tom last year at Dodger Stadium in tennis shoes, trainers for our UK friends. As I said he was shorter than the female interviewer, who was 5-8 as she walked past me afterwards. Also, he would not be nearly as short next to Nicole if he was over 5-9. Lastly, people don't believe this, but I met Jamie Foxx at Las Vegas airport, and he is barely 5-9 if that. Tom is more than an inch shorter. Also, lifts can be concealed in ANY shoe!
troy said on 11/Aug/05
no way dmayer, i've seen him three feet away from me ..i'm 5'9" even ,he wore snickers and a baseball hat, he was at least 2 inches shorter ,no jokes.
DMEYER said on 11/Aug/05
DMEYER said on 11/Aug/05
belyrng said on 1/Aug/05
Tom Cruise is 5 feet 7 inches tall. This has been published in many periodicals and supported by his comp card. I owned a model and talent agency and we were given talent books by major agencies that represent models and talent. I have books full of info- honest info alongside "marketing" info. Tom Cruise is 5'7" but marketed at 5'9". Jennifer Lopez is 5'4", but marketed at 5'6". Tea Leoni is 5'6", but marketed at 5'7", etc, etc. These are honest heights people, straight from the agencies that represent them.
dmeyer said on 24/Jul/05
i am sure i met him he is no shorter than 177 cm
Drew said on 17/Jul/05
"Im 5'8 and have even been called "tall" a few times."

Haha that's funny. Maybe in some Asian countries?

Anyway, regarding Tom's height, he's listed as 5'7" on EVERY website.

[Editor Rob: he's listed at 5ft 9 in some places...and I've seen him described as 5ft 8 in several magazines...People called him '5ft 9' last year ;)]

Mr. X said on 16/Jul/05
Does anyone remember the site with those pictures of Tom with Jamie Fox and Bruce Willis? I want to look at those photos again but I can't remember the site.

[Editor Rob: The Ray Charles Pictures. There's quite a few in the link above the picture]
SEF said on 13/Jul/05
My colleage went skiing in the Alps a couple of years back. In the ski hire place, they had framed a ski hire form and hung it on the wall - because it was Tom Cruise's, who had hired some skis from there a few years previously. On the form, you have to list your height (so you get the right skis), and his was down as 1.68m. Whether he wrote this, or the ski shop measured him, I don't know.
leonari said on 12/Jul/05
PARKER: Maybe Spielberg is standing on higher ground, OK. But what about the position of his legs man???? Get in that position and you will clearly see that you are shorter than when standing up more properly which like Cruise is. So I would say that compensates for Spielberg standing on higher ground and they appear to be of the same height. Now you give old Tom 1.5 inches(over 4 cm!!!!) where are these cm?? COME ON!! Look at the picture more closely!
Parker said on 12/Jul/05
Frankie - Not sure what you mean in in the self explanotory photo of Spielberg standing on higher ground than Cruise?

Also shoes - Kidman is 5'11 with 2 inch heels making her 6'1. Tom looks about 2 inches shorter (5'11 in shoes which are presumably elevating him up from 5'8.?)

Good pics!

[Editor Rob: Tom and Princess Di, Tom And Beckinsale. I'll say one thing though...when the movie Stealth comes out, our good friend Josh Lucas should be able to nail Jamie Foxx's height down.]
Drew said on 11/Jul/05
I've watched the Mtv MAking of War of The Worlds, and he looked around 1/2-1 inch shorter than Spielberg.
McFan said on 10/Jul/05
Justin Chatwin and Tom Cruise were eye to eye in certain scenes in "War of the Worlds." However, it was very clear from other shots that Chatwin was 2-3 inches taller than him. Were they trying to give Cruise the appearance of someone taller? He looks like 5'7 or 5'8 at the very most. One thing that always confused me about Cruise was "Risky Business." He was a couple inches taller than Rebecca DeMornay even with her 3-4 inch heels and she's listed as 5'6-5'6.5. Was he wearing lifts then? He looks the same height as Spielberg who's 5'7.5.
Parker said on 10/Jul/05
J - I can answer your question on Rob's behalf - Sour Grapes. People have to find something to pick on. Also I work with about 150 guys in the UK - Of the total only 20 are 5'8 or less, so in reality I guess 5'8 could be deemed short if my experience is similar across the UK/US.
frankie said on 9/Jul/05
i've just seen the war of the worlds...besides his huge footwear notice how odd is the way he moves ..weird..sometimes he look as tall as his son (in the movie) sometimes he seems to be 3 inches shorter
Height Detective said on 9/Jul/05

A really interesting declarations About Tom Height:

Richard Harris (6 Novermber 2001) :
Veteran Irish screen legend Richard Harris has laid into superstar Tom Cruise - for overestimating his own importance. Harris is fed up with the treatment given to movie stars. He gripes, "What I hate about our business today is the elitism the so-called stars have imposed on the public, which I think is obnoxious. It's a joke. Who cares about Madonna going to the opening tonight? Now you have guys like Tom Cruise, who's a midget, and has eight bodyguards, all six feet tall, which makes him even more diminutive. He disappears behind them. It's an absolute joke. Actors are unimportant. They leave nothing behind them. Who will remember Madonna 10 years from now? Who will remember me? We're utterly unimportant."

Nicole Kidman ( 31 October 2002):

Nicole Kidman failed to hide her embarrassment when she met her future husband Tom Cruise for the first time. The Australian star, who first encountered the Minority Report actor at a meeting to discuss Days Of Thunder, did not know where to look when she realised she was considerably taller than tiny Tom. She says, "When Tom stood up and we shook hands, I found I was looking down at him. It was terrifically embarrassing to learn I was at least a couple of inches taller. I knew it wouldn't do, having the girlfriend tower over the macho race car driver."

She says that she is " a couple of inches taller " so that put Tom at 5.8

[Editor Rob: I'm close to giving Tom 172cm...actually in Days of Thunder director did a good job of making him appear taller. For instance in the 'medical examination' scene you'd think Cruise would hop down from the bed barefoot, but no way is the director going to reveal kidman/cruise feet.]
Parker said on 3/Jul/05
Anyone watch Rainman in the UK last night? I taped it and watched it this morning. For the character, Dustin had to adopt a poorish posture most of the time, but there are 3 scenes where you can get a definite height measure between the two. Coming down the escalator, their dance scene together in the hotel, and walking to the Bus station at the end. I paused the tape at each scene- in each case Dustin's eyes were exactly level with Cruise's mouth, giving Cruise a clear 3 inches over Hoffmann.

I'm not going to post on Cruise again. I'm 99% sure I know his exact height now.
Mr. R said on 27/Jun/05
Viper, the day I saw Tom Cruise at Dodger Stadium, he was wearing regular tennis shoes, or "trainers" as they are known to the UK folks. Also, Viper, did you get my note about Brian Roberts of the Baltimore Orioles being 5-7?
Mr. R said on 26/Jun/05
Rob, my friend, you know how much I respect you. However, the key to the Willis/Jaime Foxx pics is not Willis, but Foxx. I have met Jaime Foxx, and he is between 5-8 and 5-9. Cruise is at least an inch shorter, maybe a little more, which makes him 5-7 to 5-8, which is your listing. Also, you have the famous picture of Cruise with the 6-1 baseball player Cabrera, and Cruise is clearly about 5-7. Lastly, you have my eyewitness account. I saw Cruise last year at Dodger stadium. I watched him interviewed by a woman from FOX sports, and she was at least an inch taller then him in heels. She walked past me after the interview, and she was about 5-8. Face it, Cruise may be between 5-7 and 5-8, but he is closer to 5-7. Rob, respond to my overwhelming evidence. The prosecution rests!
J. said on 25/Jun/05
Hey, Rob, I don't mean to sound stupid but 172 cm is 5'7" right? (That's what my little inch-to-centimeter converter says; I'm just making sure it's not too off)

[Editor Rob: it's around 5ft 7.75 In all honesty I think I've seen 5000 photos of Tom in the last year. Even accounting for a 1-inch lift the more I see the more I think this guy could be measured 172cm...]
CelebHeights Editor said on 27/May/05
"I'm 5ft 9 inches tall. Don't make a big deal of it" - from a fan site, but unknown if Tom ever said that in an interview...
Mr. R said on 24/May/05
KJ, it is very clear that the media is not allowed to ask Tom about several items - Nicole, his kids, and his height. The way it works with all celebrities is that their publicists meets with the media beforehand, and let them know which topics are off limits. If they violate this, they will be banned from access to that celebrity. Therefore, Tom NEVER gets questions about his height. Also, you never see it from the pics, but Tom, like many others, travel with bodyguards, who are trained to stay away from the photographer's lens. This way, us mere mortals cannot raise the awful height/lifts question!
Bill said on 16/May/05
His lifts are quite clear in the film Collateral on the Bridge scene when fox throws the brief case over the side, when tom runs onto the bridge the height of his heels in his shoes are a dead giveaway.
Issheuhboy said on 20/Apr/05
I like that one justmatt - Tom's wearing the Mel Gibson industrial big-boy boots + Kidman isn't doin her trademark lean ("Kidman Premiere Lean" (c) Kidman industries), but the "Sigourney Weaver Flamingo Lean", one foot off the floor. Vey rarely seen in nature...

[Editor Rob: there is some evidence that actually helps tom cruise case of being 173-174cm though. If we agree that Jamie Foxx is near 5ft 10 then take a look at the series of photos on this page. There are a few photos there where you can guage that the actual difference isn't really that much. Now, I thought Cruise might be in special shoes, but shockingly he is in STANDARD 1.5 inch shoes. In my view there doesn't look any room for a big lift, but yes I will agree that maybe a 1-inch lift is possible. This would help with what Mr R had originally thought of Foxx being closer to 5ft 8 than 5ft 10. Or maybe we're short changing Cruise and he's 5ft 8 all along!]
Polska said on 19/Apr/05
Check out how short Tom looks here in some candid photos of him jogging with then wife Nicole Kidman. Both are wearing sneakers so this height differential seems to be about as accurate as possible.
Tom and Kidman jogging. Certainly looks at least 3.5 inches shorter, putting him at 5'7" to Kidman's 5'10.5".

[Editor Rob: lol, Cruise really looks his 5ft 9 frame there...not! Nice pic. There's another candid shot where they're posture on a boat is more similar and shows the difference Tom Caught Short]

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