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5ft 7.18in (170.6cm)
Drew said on 20/Sep/06
Okay, that pic is a good one: Click Here

Now, according to this site, Oprah is almost 5'7", therefore if she's wearing three inch heels, she's a little under 5'10".

On the other hand, Cruise is wearing two inch heels (they're very obvious), making him almost 5'10".

Conclusion: the current estiamate is correct. Well, I'm certain he's not under 5'7" and not over 5'8" anyway...

Another Short Guy said on 20/Sep/06
I good friend of mine is the brother of Michael Mann. He knows Cruise very well and said he is about 5'7" and wears lifts in movies that take him to 5'9". Mann's brother is my height which is the same as Cruise.
5 feet 7 inches!
Nolifts81 said on 19/Sep/06
anonymous2- I am not saying he is 5'11" with those elevator boots on. I am almost sure that Tom is 5'7"(170cm). I've seen again the pic and I've recognized those boots. I am very expert about elevator shoes and lifts. Those boots are very similar to "Mario Bertulli boots", maybe they are Bertulli's boots.I've heard that Tom has an italian shoemaker and in Italy Mario Bertulli is the N
anonymous2 said on 19/Sep/06
the pic shows he can hit about 5'9". but who is say how he gets there? the thing is, with shoes like that, he could be under 5'7" and still appear 5'9ish ;)

Nolifts81, are you saying he looks 511 there??
Witkacy said on 19/Sep/06
Tom is really short guy, he is no more than 170cm,but probably closer to 165cm.
Nolifts81 said on 19/Sep/06
This guy is a solid 5'7"(170 or 171 cm max). In that pic with Oprah he had elevator boots, no doubt. If you look at the front of the boot you'll see that seems that his feet is vertical in the shoe. Those are the tipical 4 inches elevator boots.
dumbdude said on 19/Sep/06
You can't be serious anonymous2, Tom is wearing 2-3 inch heeled boots in that pic, and I'm sure that he undoubtly has lifts inside the shoes.
dumbdude said on 18/Sep/06
Why is it trolling? Pics were posted of Sly looking an inch shorter than 5 7 Burt Young, the same height as the alleged 5 6 Sharon Stone, and about an inch shorter than the 5 6- 5 7 ish Kris Katan, among countless other quotes from reporter stating that he was visibly shorter than "5 8". I don't see how that's trolling, but whatever.
dumbdude said on 18/Sep/06
You should of posted it Rob, it would've been funny to see Glenn's response...:)

Editor Rob
well, funny to you, but I do understand conflicts of interest.

You can argue over sly being just 5ft 8, but 5ft 6 is trolling for your posts to get deleted...
Glenn said on 18/Sep/06
He isnt the master of lifts cause he always looks short.that would make Tom 5-5,5-6.he is 5-7,and wears lifts only on occasion to appear 5-9,5-10.Stallone is the master cause he usually looks tall.5-10 barefoot to 6-2!
leonari said on 18/Sep/06
5'7" PEOPLE! 5'7"
Viper652 said on 18/Sep/06
I thought Cruise looked really short in Jerry Mcguire.
Anonymous said on 17/Sep/06
hofman was 5 feet 6 in rain man so cruise is 5 8 since he had regular 1 inch shoes if you watch getty images in somes pics his shoes are low cut 1 inch heel
DMEYER said on 17/Sep/06
i am wathchig top gun and tom beside 188 edward and 183 184 kiler looks 174 cm and looks similar height with 178 cm macgillis even in heels cruise might be 5 feet 9 or aleast look it i doubt he wear lifts by then i think ton is aleast 5'8" and looks 5'9 + on ocasion when i met him he looked 177 he was runing all over the place he must have good lifts he might be standing on someting in some scenes but i dont think he is as short as 170 more like172 173 range
Drew said on 17/Sep/06
I just watched "Jerry McGuire".

He looked slightly shorter than Beau Bridges and Cuba Gooding Jr, who are both 5'10".

This guy is baffling, he's either been wearing lifts for ages, or he's actually 5'9".
Glenn said on 17/Sep/06
Gotta hand it to him,at least his name is right.
ralph said on 17/Sep/06
Tom Cruise is the master of lifts. Rob, I think this article should be one of the "Popular Articles".
Glenn said on 17/Sep/06
I think dumbdude IS a waste of time.

Editor Rob
dumbdude has had limited recent comment accepted...they were too dumb indeed
dumbdude said on 16/Sep/06
I guess that confirms things Height Detective. Based on those pics, Katie must be around 5 foot 11 without heels, and a good 6 foot 2 with them on. and Tom is a strong 5 foot 10. That would put James Van der Beek at around 6 foot 2 and Joshua Jackson at about 6 ft 6, seeing as how they were both significantly taller than Katie on Dawson's Creek. Case closed. Tom is definitely 5 10.

Height Detective said on 16/Sep/06
Check this ones
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
leonari said on 15/Sep/06
I don't see a full 5'8" for Cruise but who cares...I see a full 5'7". Yeah Dumbdude is the first poster ever who is stupid, arrogant and very very annoying...but I think it's kinda hard for Rob to ban people from the forum (technically)

Editor Rob
oh, I can, but sometimes it means banning other people inadvertantly in the process, so only if someone is really wasting my time
Viper652 said on 14/Sep/06
Is that Jimmy Carter guy really 6-2? Him and the Rock look the same height.

Editor Rob
looking at all photos, I would put him in that range
Viper652 said on 14/Sep/06
Is that Jimmy Carter guy really 6-2? Him and the Rock look the same ehgith.
Glenn said on 14/Sep/06
Tom is no smaller than 5-7.might even be 5-8.doubt it though.but someone please get rid of this clown dumdude,he's making the comments into a joke.
Random Person said on 14/Sep/06
I personally think Tom Cruise is 5'6 and a half, but who knows..
dumbdude said on 14/Sep/06
Thank you Height Detective. Tom is not looking anymore than 5 foot 6 in that pic, and he's got some clunky shoes on.
Height Detective said on 13/Sep/06
Tom and Holmes , the angle is not so good , but the pic is interesting (check the second image , even Holmes is in plain sandals she is taller than Tom with his suspicious shoes )
Click Here
dumbdude said on 13/Sep/06
Exactly anonymous2..Kidman ain't no 5 foot 10. She's about 5 8 on a good day..probably closer to 5 7 though. I'm sure she looks about 6 feet in heels though. You, me and that other dude who saw Tom next to his girlfriend are the only ones who have it right.
anonymous2 said on 13/Sep/06
Kidman is about 3 inches taller than Cruise, so if Tom is 5.5, that would make Kidman 5.8, instead of 5.10. perhaps she says 5 10.5 so Tom can say 5.7.5 ? they probably have it in writing somewhere...
dumbdude said on 13/Sep/06
Either Al Gore is shorter than he states or Jim Carter ain't no more than 5 10..check out a picture of Jimmy next to Burt Reynolds(5 9.5 5 10 on good days)

Click Here

based on that pic, it would put Jimmy at 5 10 at most, he's still almost a good 4 inches taller than Tom in that pic that I posted, so that would put Cruise at 5 6 at best, and I'm sure he's wearing shoes in that pic. So Tom is no more than about 5.5 barefooted..

Anonymous said on 13/Sep/06
hey dumbdude: you are earning your name. That Jimmy Carter guy is a solid 6' 2"....not 5' 10" as you speculated. Look at this link of him with almost as many celebs as Glenn, he towers over almost everyone. He is a good inch taller than Al he ain't no 5" 10". But I do applaud you for finding this Jimmy Carter guy's page. Anyone who looks at celebheights would greatly appreciate checking out this link of the 6' 2"ish Carter with tons of A-list celebs. Like Glenn, he is another great resource is judging height.

Click Here
Anonymous said on 13/Sep/06
Tom isn't 5'4", let's be serious. The guy is on the short side, but he's not THAT short. The reason why sometimes he looks short, and other times he looks very average, is that he fits neatly into that niche of guys who are right between truly short and average height: he is between 5'7" and 5'8". Guys this height are not average, but really are only slightly below what is normal, and are up at the higher end of the "short scale". A 5'7"/5'8" guy with good posture and decent shoes can look average height, even if he isn't quite there (keep in mind that perception and measurement on a scale are not the same). However, put that guy in barefeet and all of a sudden he might look short. I think this is where a lot of the confusion about Tom comes from. Anyway, the point is that a guy who is 5'7"/5'8" will cause confusion about his height because he CAN look normal. If Tom was 5'4" there would never be any confusion.
Anonymous said on 13/Sep/06
'Met Tom Cruise at a beach boardwalk. When my girlfriend got his autograph both were barefoot and eye to eye and my girlfriend is 5'4.25" and she looked about an inch or two taller but had more "hair" thus Tom Cruise is no more than 5'4" tall.'
Thats ridiculous. Why even post.
Parker said on 13/Sep/06
dumbdude - so you now have Tom Cruise and Sylvester Stallone at 5'5. Thanks for the laugh.
dumbdude said on 12/Sep/06
Final Nail in the Coffin..

Dude in pics is named Jimmy Carter. He's some sort of public speaker..He's around 5 10. Take a look at him next to 5 5 Dustin Hoffman.

Click Here

Now take a look at Jimmy next to Tom Cruise with Rebecca De morney
Click Here

Tom ain't no more than Probably 5 5 and half tops bare footed.

On another note check out this Dude Jimmy Carter's Website..he should be the new Glen..he has pics of himself next to just about every celebrity.

dumbdude said on 12/Sep/06
5 5 and a half for Tom tops. He was looking real short in his Risky Business days. Tom was about an inch taller than Rebecca who's listed at about 5 6 on movie sites, although I think she's really closer to 5 4. Maybe even smaller. She looks really tiny in every movie I've seen her in.

Tom with Rebecca in Risky business
Click Here

Rebecca and Tom Head to Head
Click Here

Another Tom and Rebecca
Click Here

Tom next to Rebecca at an angle.
Click Here

Tom still looks only 5 5 ish in the last pic. And Rebecca looks even smaller in it, probably because of the angle. 5 4 for Rebecca tops, she may even be closer to 5 3.

Felix said on 12/Sep/06
Click Here
Tom Cruise looking short beside Jerry Buckheimer during Top Gun. I don't know guys...
JC Rauch said on 11/Sep/06
Met Tom Cruise at a beach boardwalk. When my girlfriend got his autograph both were barefoot and eye to eye and my girlfriend is 5'4.25" and she looked about an inch or two taller but had more "hair" thus Tom Cruise is no more than 5'4" tall.
Height Detective said on 11/Sep/06
Anon, you are not counting the high camera angle ,wich makes all in that picture look the same height.
Anon said on 11/Sep/06
Click Here

Cruise doesn't look so short there...he looks almost the same height as Kidman. The ground seems decently level, and the soles of their shoes are about the same height.
Brad said on 10/Sep/06
Wow, Kidman is towering over him. She doesn't care, she probably pulled out the heels and told to do something he couldn't do at the house when he complained.
Anonymous said on 10/Sep/06
she has 3 inches heels in that pic
anonymous2 said on 10/Sep/06
This pic shows the heel on Toms boots, boots perfect for concealing lifts BTW. Click Here Looks like a 2 inch heel, and who knows how big the lift is inside?
Height Detective said on 9/Sep/06
Tom looking short near Kidman
Click Here

Tom and Brian DePalma

Click Here

Tom (with lifts?) and DePalma
Click Here

Viper652 said on 8/Sep/06
But Jay Mohr is 5-6 :)
Editor Rob said on 8/Sep/06
Chicago Times, old 'buddy' Jay Mohr - "He's straight and 5-foot-9. That always answers the only two questions I'm ever asked about him"
Brad said on 7/Sep/06
5' 8". Let it die for good. I'm sick of Cruise.
anonymous2 said on 7/Sep/06
good grief, if he's shorter than 171cm Spielberg he must be under 171cm.
ForensicNYC said on 7/Sep/06
"Ahermmm...Steven, how tall are you?..."
Click Here
"Ahermmmm...cough..cough...Broooooke!! HOW TALL ARE YOU?"
Click Here
Height Detective said on 6/Sep/06
Click Here
A-Bomb said on 6/Sep/06
In that Richard Simpking picture below Cruise looks about a legit 5'8" there - in what are normal shoes as well. Plus he seems to be on the downward slant of the pavement as well. Maybe if someone could email the guy and ask him what he estimated Cruise to be.
Anonymous said on 5/Sep/06
hofman was 5 ft6 back in rain man and cruise looked 2 inches taller his shoes were low cut 1 inch heel while ben stiller looks similar height with hofmann so cruise might be near 5'8
Brad said on 5/Sep/06
He sure looked tall next to Hoffman. He just loved it.
dmeyer said on 4/Sep/06
his shoulders are tiny on screen but he looks about 5'9 in person he gotta wear lifts 172 is possible
Nolifts81 said on 4/Sep/06
I think he is a solid 5'7". He is exactly 3 inches taller than 5'4" Lea Thompson.He is 170 or 171cm. But absolutely not 5'8".
trueheight said on 4/Sep/06
True though, a 5'8er w/ clout like Cruise would pretty much always look at least normal to tallish in all films; but he kinda always looks short, and slight shoulders
trueheight said on 4/Sep/06
thats not 1.5 inches; I think your letting the excitement of downgrading affect your thought processes. It looks to be about 3in if fully upright

Editor Rob
he doesn't appear to be standing as fully as he can in the promo material for that film either but has 3 inches, the argument is if its 4, in that snap it is 3 inch the way they are standing...
HelloKitty said on 2/Sep/06
Tom Cruise is one of the very few celebrities that I've met in person and I would have to agree with Leonari. When I met him he was wearing dress boots and with them on he was between 5'7 to 5'8. I'm sure he's shorter when he's not wearing them, but not sure if it has ever been confirmed that he wears lifts in them.
leonari said on 2/Sep/06
he is 2-3 inches taller.
anonymous2 said on 1/Sep/06
There is maybe a max 2-3 inch difference between Thompson and Cruise there.
I think he is about 167cm. but downgrading to 168/169cm seems reasonable.
ForensicNYC said on 31/Aug/06
Tom Cruise had a nightmare last night...this was the vision...
Click Here
...Hmmmm...maybe it was a dream, really...
Anonymous said on 30/Aug/06
Actually, Lea Thompson is listed as 5' 3.5" on this site. Looking at the clip, 2 inch difference is a max IMO, may be as low as 1.5" difference tbh...

So Cruise is a 5' 5" person? Why not? It's more concrete than looking at pics where he has footwear and lifts since he's so height conscious.

Glenn, Rob, what do you make of that? Time to downgrade to 5' 6" at least, or daren't you because it sounds so short?
leonari said on 30/Aug/06
again by watching the nude clip: 5'6" nothing above that
HeightGuy said on 29/Aug/06
Warning Slight Nudity: Click Here
This clip prooves that Tom Cruise is no more then 5'6" - he is naked and shoeless with Lea Thompson who is stated at being 5'4" or less... he is no more then 2" taller then her.
leonari said on 29/Aug/06
Man he looks short next to Jamie oliver and David Letterman...Nothing above 5'6" when relying on this pic only...
ForensicNYC said on 29/Aug/06
"Steven, who gave you permission to wear my lifts? Huh?"
Click Here
anonymous2 said on 28/Aug/06
not the best pic but here he is beside jamie oliver who is about 178cm

not the best pic but here he is beside jamie oliver who is about 178cm
Click Here

ForensicNYC said on 27/Aug/06
One of the rare times Tom is Sydney, after a swim, with Katie in beach slippers. There were no apple crates around...just a wharf and pier...
Click Here
Glenn said on 26/Aug/06
I agree Leonari and 15.
15and5'7'' said on 26/Aug/06
tom's probly like 5'7''-5'8'', but anything OVER 5'8'' is absurd (i agree with 5'7'' more.)
DMeyer said on 24/Aug/06
there are pics of tom wearing normal 1 inch heels in a premiere of m i 3 in japan maybe his shoes are very low cut so not even 0.5 inch lift
Viper652 said on 23/Aug/06
I had a feeling the comment section would be up earlier than planned.
leonari said on 16/Aug/06
OC: you have absolutely no clue about anything....5'9" for Cruise is sooo impossible!!
Leung said on 15/Aug/06
Pete, yes I agree that he is shorter than his official height of 5
Glenn said on 15/Aug/06
The only thing absurd is we have a Frank junior with Pete.5-9 was his official height.not 5-6.he is 5-7,5-7.5.pic to the right,my knees and posture are bent,due to putting my backpack on the ground and not having chance to get up straight on time as the camera went off.pic too the left,is the ground level.
Leung said on 14/Aug/06
Pete, his official height was never 5'6", he has claimed the official height of 5'9" since he started in Hollywood.
Pete said on 14/Aug/06
Funny how he keeps growing. Ten years ago he was officially 5'6"...
Parker said on 13/Aug/06
I watched Vanilla Sky last night. All I can say is that if Tom really is 5'7, he's the tallest 5'7 I've ever seen. He was 2-3 inches taller than 5'7 Timothy Spall. I know everyone will shout 'lifts', but Timothy was in shoes (putting him at 5'8) - and I'm sceptical of any shoe that can give you more than 3 inches from ground zero without a noticeable heel/wedge.
mo.66 said on 9/Aug/06
does anybody have any pics of tom cruise wearing very high heled boots rather old pics or new ones? has he actually wore tall heels or just lifts?
HelloKitty said on 8/Aug/06
Dingdong that's funny, you got a point.
Earl said on 6/Aug/06
I had always thought he was 5'7" and he never looked anymore than that in his earlier films. Now when I see him he sometimes looks taller, maybe 5'8" I am not sure anymore.
Anonymous said on 6/Aug/06
IN Pic 1 Tom Cruise 5'9" In pic 2 5'8"
dingdong said on 6/Aug/06
I was 5'5 for a good 2 years before I grew to 5'8 but I know for sure tom criuse isn't 5'5 he is 5'7 no more no less. Its hard to say that he is 5'5 because in hollywood everyone wears lifts in their shoes and so for tom cruise when he wears lifts he is just to compensate for everyone else wearing lifts.
Anonymous said on 4/Aug/06
If the media and the actors he works with are taking such pains to say he is 5'7, he must then be 5'5. He must wear lifts constantly!
dmeyer said on 3/Aug/06
i think cruise is 172-3 range so can lookeasily 175-6 range in lifts
jesse said on 3/Aug/06
whoever put the poster at tom is 5-11 is wrong, 3 reasons, 1 hes is closer and 2 yes she is wearing heels but his shoes only make those heels an extra inch taller and since he is closer you should take off 2-3 iches kate is 5-9 so if he looks 5-11 i would say he is no taller than 5-7 or 5-8 and nicole didnt wear heels and he is up to her fore head so 3 inches less and kidman is 5-10 or 5-11 so 5-7 or 5-8 is probly right
Glenn said on 30/Jul/06
Found that pic I took seconds before the above 1993 pic, where Cruise stretches as much as he can next to Kidman and Newman.I jumped in and they scattered except Cruise hence that pic.
Leung said on 30/Jul/06
HelloKitty, I was quoting colleagues who all had the opinion that Cruise is a small man, prior to that I had never heard the term 'stump' to describe someone's height.

Personally I think that the media really goes overboard in pointing out Tom Cruise
Zak said on 29/Jul/06
My father is an actor, and appeared with Cruise in the film Cocktail back in the 80s. My father's 5'6 and claims Cruise is about 5'8". I don't think they wear lifts on the set of films because it's redundant, they can easily make him taller through camera trickery. There are scenes in Eyes Wide SHut where is looks like he's standing nose to nose with Nicole Kidman. She's obviously kneeling. I don't understand this whole lifts thing - can this guy move around comfortable on 2 inch lifts? I mean, don't most shoes give you an Inch anyway? Average height is 5'9", average height most actors claim is 5'10" so there really shouldn't be any confusion. They lie about their height on their resumes because obviously they aren't going to be filmed without their shoes very often (unless it's die hard) so they want to give casting people an idea of how tall they will appear. But since EVERYBODY who's 5'8 claims to be 5'10 (Colin Farrel, Jamie Foxx, Mel Gibson, Robert DeNiro, etc. etc.) 5'10 just means 5'8 to 5'9 1/2... so whoc ares.
Viper652 said on 28/Jul/06
Klemen, Wade is pretty much a 6-4 guy, not a flat 6-3. He was measured at a hair under 6-4, so he can actually be 6-5 in shoes.
HelloKitty said on 28/Jul/06
Leung, in of your posts you described tom as a "stump." That's so mean.
Rick Allen said on 27/Jul/06
5'4"-5'5" (I agree with 5 ft 7.75 in and even more depending on shoes/lifts as in photos shown above)
Klemen said on 25/Jul/06
80's man: dwayne wade is no more than 6-3(if that) barefoot, in one article i have read the author said he's only 6-4 in 2 pairs of socks and thich-soled basketball shoes. he has extreme leaping ability... anyway every nba height is at least 1 inch hihgher and thats no secret, they are measured in basketball shoes..
dmeyer said on 25/Jul/06
tom is described as 5 foot 7 in many magazine they say he wear lifts
Glenn said on 25/Jul/06
Tom always looks short.thats why its ridiculous when people think him and Sly are the same height.
80's Man said on 24/Jul/06
Speaking of letterman, I seen Dwyane wade on his show just after the finals and when wade enteres the set he apeared shorter than letterman! I know this is border line impossible but it could have been because of the camera angle or a difference in the height of the floor from where wade was standing. Anyone know wades real height he's listed as 6'4" on but i think hes around 6'3.5"ish.
Iaio said on 24/Jul/06
@ trueheightHe's wearing lifts in that clip aswell. He tries to hide it, trying to walk very casual. That's why he jumps on the ledge of the platform, anybody who tries that with lifts would fall flat on their face but Tom has been practicing.

I've noticed Tom always stands very erected, obviuously trying to squeeze out every millimeter of his height. It looks pathetic and makes it very obvious that he's insecure about his height.
trueheight said on 24/Jul/06
Click Here

6'1 letterman and Cruise on his show. Freezeframe at 22sec, it looks to be at least 5in and Dave is leaning in. Nobody who's 5'9 would be a dwarfed by a 6'1er; not to mention his distractingly slight build.
trueheight said on 24/Jul/06
I just saw some vids on youtube and noticed that Tom's shoulder's are really really slight. If he didn't have skinny hips as well, he would be shaped like an upsidown V
HelloKitty said on 23/Jul/06
I saw on tv where there was this english dude who was a tom cruise look alike. He went around town and all the fans were hysterical when the saw him thinking he was the real tom cruise. But when he went into a exotic car dealership. after being told that he was a celebrity look alike, the salesman commented that he had his suspicions because the look alike was quite "tall" at 5'9-5'10, if he was shorter, he would literally be tom's twin.
Glenn said on 17/Jul/06
I hear you Leanori!
bill said on 17/Jul/06
Whoever gives the estimate of height on this websit is not considering elevator shoes. Celebs where them almost anywhere except for the set of a film. Tom is 5'7 just like Stallone is. Not that I have an obsession with height, but its common sense and a known fact that Cruise and Stallone are short.
Glenn said on 15/Jul/06
my friend has a pair of basketball sneakers that give him nearly 2 inches.I have a totally different style and name that gives me at least 1.75.with a stallone stance that I use,thats 5-10.
leonari said on 15/Jul/06
Mcfan: we are talking about lifts, insoles!!! Fool! No the heel of a shoe. Whats inside!!
ClaraZ said on 15/Jul/06
I did a search for pics of Tom and came up with this one: Click Here If Cruise is 5'6 (actually I think a case could be made for shorter) and Kidman is really 5'10 1/2 as reported, then why doesn't she appear alot taller than Tom here? I seriously doubt he is wearing lifts in that pic and she is wearing sneakers.
mcfan said on 14/Jul/06
I read below where Glenn states as others do that he can be 5'10 in shoes. Now I have about 20 pairs of shoes/sneakers and the only pair I have that reach almost 2 inches are my winter boots, but they are only 1.65 inches. My converse All-stars only give me a half-inch of height. Most of my sneakers give me 1 inch and shoes 1.25 inches. One cheap pair I have are these Sketches workboots. They have pretty chunky heels from the way they look, but I still only get not even 1.5 inches of height.
bill said on 14/Jul/06
I worked with Cruise on the set of Mission Impossible 2. I'm five foot seven, and he was either exactly my height or a half inch shorter. If his height really is 5'6" and a half, you know he's gonna round that up.
Viper652 said on 13/Jul/06
I cant see Tom looking 6-0 at all.
Anonymous said on 13/Jul/06
I don't know if this helps, but he does look 5'7.5". (If that's what Kanye really is).
Click Here
Glenn said on 11/Jul/06
Thats sounds ridiculous Grip,but thats at least the 2nd or 3rd tall Cruise is one I will throw in.I saw a still from WOW where Tom looked 3 inches taller than spielberg.weird.I met and talked with the man many times.he is 5-7,maybe 5-8.closer to 5-7.
Leung said on 10/Jul/06
Grip, the only time Tom Cruise stands 6' is in his dreams.
GRIP said on 10/Jul/06
Leung said on 2/Jul/06
HelloKitty, sounds like you have a major crush on Tom Cruise, but that
Marcus said on 30/Jun/06
For some reason this guy looks shorter than 172cm to me...Maybe it's his build that misleads me? Besides he always looks like he's swallowed a pole or something...
HelloKitty said on 30/Jun/06
Tom Cruise is not average and not ordinary by any means. He is a mega-Hollywood blockbuster celebrity, multi-millionaire (if not billionaire already), with good looks, and dating/intimate/and marrying gorgeous women. In regards to fame & fortune, he's on the top of the world, recognized in any continent, any nation, and living a life most of us only dream of. From what I've read and seen on tv, he's also very personable, one of the nicest celebrities out there. Looks, personality, money, fame, women, Tom Cruise has it all, charmed life but people will say he's not perfect.........he's short, average height, under 6 feet. If Tom was 6 feet tall, there wouldn't be much people could say to cut him down to size.
steve miller said on 28/Jun/06
By the way, how the hell does glen know these people?
Rufus said on 27/Jun/06
You're not psychologyst but a psycho! I never said you made fun of Tom, but that you think yourself superior to him. To show it you remark his obvious defects, rather than showing the virtues you exceed him (wich are none). Typical of insecure guys, blaming others of own faults, BIG inferiority complex of yours.
Glenn said on 25/Jun/06
I would get invited by friends during the 90s to work out at various gyms.thats when I figured out it was meat was in the upper east side actually.
J-Dog said on 23/Jun/06
Hey Glenn guys did that at your gym too? D. Ray what kind of setup do you have at home? Yeah Tom Cruise is probably closer to 5'7" than 5'8" its hard to tell his action star boots can get pretty big.
J-Dog said on 23/Jun/06
Yeah D. Ray, I agree I much prefer working out at home, there are too many variables and issues with other people. Think about it, you have random people all who have different temperments, manners, and ettiquet. I live in uptown Manhattan and ordered a powertec bench/squat rack and dumb bells just to avoid having to go to NYSC and have dudes walking around completely naked in the locker room with something to prove.
raj said on 23/Jun/06
rufus, ur getting too smart. Im a PhD Psic
Glenn said on 23/Jun/06
I hear you Dr.Ray.
D. Ray Morton said on 22/Jun/06
To be honest with you, I don't get the exhibitionism thing, either. I find that working out at a gym *robs* me of energy rather than actually psyching me up. I'm there to improve myself, not to show off or be watched. I always found that I never made much progress at a gym, because my concentration was never fully on what I was doing.

So yeah, I much prefer working out at home, too.
Glenn said on 22/Jun/06
Thats how I always do J! I never understood the gym when I can work out at home.unless you WANT men staring at you.of course gyms have women too.
J. said on 22/Jun/06
I hear you, Glenn! Gimme a pair of dumbbells, the side of my bed as my 'bench' and I'm straight!
dmeyer said on 22/Jun/06
i think you can judge someone height only if you are on the exact same floor i met a like 4 times tom but we werent exactly on the same floor at some points i thaught he was aleast 5'11 in shoes but i wasnt on the same floor same for travolta i was only 1 second realy on the same floor he looked 6'0.5" to 6'1" defenetly a lithel over 6 feet and tom was aleast 5'9 i saw him runing a few times by my side he looked alaest 5'10 in shoes but the outside heel was samller than mine 1.4" his heel was 1" i doubt he had huge lifts inside he was runing so well so it is a mistery he looked 5'9 when i met him i remeber he was 1.5" taller than spielberg on the set so i think he is 5'11 in the best lifts
Leung said on 21/Jun/06
Personally I tend to think Tom to be about 5
LOL said on 21/Jun/06
This is a funny site!!!! you guys are halarious!!!.... That picture with tom and katie standing next to each other, and his legs being the same height but overall he is still shorter! LOL... that looked like a camera trick.

Being short is hard to deal with, and I feel kinda sorry for Tom. He would probably give up a couple million to be a lil' taller.

But on the other hand he should be happy with his millions and just stack money on top of his head if he wants to be taller!
K's Vzla said on 21/Jun/06
Hey, dudes! How are you doing? Well, I saw a commment where it said that someone around 5 ft 10 in will see a great difference on someone who is 5 ft 7 or 8. Well I'm five foot eleven (180 cm) and my eyes are 169 cm above the ground, so, if someone is 5 foot 8 (172) he'll be slightly taller than my eyes height. Greetings!
Rufus said on 21/Jun/06
Great post, you've sumarized my thoughts in a better way: No decent guy can feel ofended when he notices another man's insecurity, a gentleman pretends not seeing it.

Raj: I agreed that Tom's short & in your right on posting on it, as i grant myself the right on commenting so and any post in this page.
Never said i'm close to you, but on the antipodes.I said it was stupid on you making fun on a overcompesation needed man when it's clear you share same need.

I coment your shortness without feasting on it, i'm not bothered on your fame
being 5'7" whilst i'm 184cm and i lack that. Who cares?

Darn accurate, 40" is not much over the time it took me writting that.

leonari said on 21/Jun/06
J-Dog: Thanks man. Finally a guy who seems to share my point of view and understands human nature as well as hollywood rules.
And Raj : why are you stating 2 times that you din't read my comment? Whats wrong with you dude? If you didn't read than READ it. What do you want to say to me man? That my comments are not even worth reading? Or you didn't see my comment? Expression doesn't seem to be your strong side...Well... I am among the guys who post the longest on this board and some appreciate my comments some don't. You can say what you want RAJ but J-Dog is soooo right: Guys like you try to bring people down: Thats not the purpose of this board PLUS that some hot celebs wear lifts make these discussions interesting!! Don't you get that? Man...If we would have 1000% accurate heights on every celeb around ROB wouldn't have created this excellent site. OK? Sorry to say this and I don't want to offend you RAJ: but it's you who is wondering too much. You go like" yeah Tom Cruise ain't as cool as he thinks because he wears lifts....Who does it bother?? Doesn't bother me. It bothers YOU RAJ, YOU!!
DingDong said on 21/Jun/06
Maggie Q claiming to be 5'7? Impossible Or tom Is actually taller then we think?
DingDong said on 21/Jun/06
Click Here
Explain this check the leg length of tom and katie, Katie is wearing atleast 3 inch heels and she is taller then tom. But Tom's leg length is the same as Katies legs. That must mean Tom is wearing lifts over 3 inches. Or Tom just has long legs or katie has short legs, which I doubt.
raj said on 20/Jun/06
GLENN, you are so right. theres some people that start worrying too much.
leonari, im sorry but i never had a chance to read your message.
J-Dog said on 20/Jun/06
leonari had a great post that seems to ring true. The people who seem to care and concern themselves with Tom's height are probably guys who are average to slightly below average in height and have a burning illogical desire to not only have another famed example of themselves but to push their agenda and feelings of inadequacy on others, IE: Tom Cruise.

"Anonymous, tom is a short guy and what people dont like is that he tries to hide it. Insecurity is something nobody likes and especially coming from someone that earns trillions and gives this mr perfect image."

What people don't like, or what you don't like? I am hard pressed to ever be offended by someone who has a physical insecurity, as everyone does. So what is the big deal with him wearing larger sized boots, as if you wouldn't? What if he doesn't want to go around constantly saying "I'm average height" just to quell your and many people on here's desires. Gives this Mr. Perfect Image, I think you have more issues with Tom Cruise than most people, who cares what image he exudes, he has to exude that image becuase people like you judge him on every single physical and mental characteristic he shows.

What of the women who wear make-up on TV, who are airbrushed on magazine covers, are they not JUST as insecure? Why not hate on Jessica Simpson for trying to cover he acne, or any other "it" girl. What of the breast implants that were mentioned early, what of the gastric bypass surgery? Most women are far more insecure then men with their looks and there are many men especially on here who are insecure, how many of you guys desire to be even taller than you are now?

A lot of male celebrities experience balding, yet they should just tell everyone they are bald and shout it on the mountain top? What benefit would that bring them, the fact is people would heckle constantly or derrive pleasure.

The main reason this thread receives so much attention is because human nature has instilled a love for seeing those who we view as being on top as having a flaw, hence the almost orgasmic enjoyment on commenting on Cruise's stature. At 5'8" he isn't even far below average.
raj said on 20/Jun/06
rufus, thank u, finally u agree and admit ur not very far from me and u said i was very far from tom so wer all the same.
leonary, sorry i didnt even read ur comment.
Glenn said on 20/Jun/06
Theres a foot fungus among us.and fruits in the locker room.
leonari said on 20/Jun/06
Raj: of course you are entitled to your opinion. Don't worry I type fast. The paragraph took me 40 seconds to write.
Rufus said on 20/Jun/06
At least we agree in that, the guy is short.YOU CAN HAVE AN OPINION WHENEVER YOU WANT, as much as i do and coment it. It typed it in a hurry as i do in other sites. Difficult to you doing so? As i said, you're short of ideas & ...
raj said on 20/Jun/06
I said if hes short cool with me but if he hides it id think hes not as cool as he thinks. he can do whatever he wants and i CAN HAVE AN OPINION WHENEVER I WANT. simple as that. now, talking about ME with those huge paragraphs is something u should start worrying about LOL
Rufus said on 19/Jun/06
I wouldn't spare your life mate :), not even if its you or a donkey who must lie on a table of shambles.
Tom's attitude is stupid i must say again (so you can understand me) as that of the ones who comment the obvious (as you do). In fact in spite all his money and fame the guy isn't so satisfied with his life, if, as HelloKitty said, must wear boots+extrahelp to achieve a medium height, and, as far as common knowledge's, had to show off she-lovers to vanish rumours. SO???
Guy, tell me about those Hollywood tricksters new inventions or improved lies
to keep up with an image, that's fun not the trash-bin s*** wich you scavenge.
Nope, it's quite clear that you don't think twice what you say, no need to state it.
And as concerning of cockiness, you are true, people do like it! Perhaps that so much of it and bragging tries to conceal a lack of that matter.
Overcompensating a shortage (know what i mean, in ") showing opposite?
You are not very far from Tom dude.
D. Ray Morton said on 19/Jun/06
"I was at this gym in NYC one time where I saw Tom Cruise. I'm 5'10 so he's around 5'8 in my opinion. Plus no one wore shoes there"

That's insanitary!
raj said on 19/Jun/06
rufus, follow your own advise dont spare my life. I can say one day I like Tom and the next the total opposite. this explains Im not serious about it. I dont stop my life for more than a second to make a serious comment about this type of thing. Tom is short and he hides it, thats a fact. other stars as short as him DO NOT WEAR LIFTS, so tell me sumfin that makes sense. Everyone likes cockiness if its in a funny sarcastic way. Only smart people get it and the ones that are insecure are the ones that respond as u did. LOL
HelloKitty said on 19/Jun/06
In that pic with jamie fox, looks like tom is wearing boots with about an inch heel on and possibly with lifts inside, still shorter than jamie fox who looks to be wearing white flat sneakers. Yes tom is short, not five eleven, not a six footer, maybe five nine with boots and lifts on, but he's maintained his boyish, youthful look, compared to several other actors who have "pruned out" and getting face lifts versus shoe lifts, except for stallone who probably has both.
Rufus said on 17/Jun/06
I don't think Tom is over 5'7" either, no matter what height Rob gives him.
Tom's attitude hiding his height is ridiculous as is yours sparing his life,
he's an star, he must keep on with the advertised image, wether is a well known short guy or not, kinda stupid how the show-bussines work, isn't it?
Your words show quite clear that you think you're over Tom, but you pardon him
as being short, in fact you excuse his fame as long as he admit his faults.
Well one thing i know people doesn't like either is cockiness.

Steve Miller said on 17/Jun/06
I was at this gym in NYC one time where I saw Tom Cruise. I'm 5'10 so he's around 5'8 in my opinion. Plus no one wore shoes there, so this is fair game!
Nolifts81 said on 14/Jun/06
Rob- Have you read my e-mail? I want just know what you think about that(in private to my e-mail address if is possible).If you think that the e-mail can be on the site you can post the mail.

Editor Rob
sorry, what was it about again? height in morning to night?
raj said on 14/Jun/06
Anonymous, tom is a short guy and what people dont like is that he tries to hide it. Insecurity is something nobody likes and especially coming from someone that earns trillions and gives this mr perfect image.

what we say is that hes very SHORT and theres nothing wrong with that when you are cool with it.

if he was like "yeah i go places in sandals and barefoot and i never hide my height" attitude, people would like him better.
Anonymous said on 13/Jun/06
I would say he's 5'7"/5'8" but honestly, who cares? The only reason people care about this is because he's been a sex symbol for 20 years, and people think sex symbols should be sterotypically tall. The fact he's a bit short just throws the whole thing off for some people, and that's fine. However, if he weren't famous, nobody would care or think about his height much at all. Nobody would stop and stare and say "He's really short!" And the truth is that 5'7" or 5'8" isn't all that short, though it certainly is below the average. I see guys that are that height all over the place, in fact I'd say maybe...what?....3 out of ten guys or more are floating right around there. I think 5'8" can be almost be viewed as the very low end of medium height, while 5'7" guys have perhaps "entry level" shortness, meaning there are many that height and it isn't super severe. At 5'10" I really just don't feel that much bigger than the people I know who are Tom's height...I don't think most average height guys notice a hure difference between a 5'7" or 5'8" and themselves (especially depending on their footwear). Now above average height guys probably feel differently.....

Just my $.02....
Stephanie said on 13/Jun/06
He's as tall as a 5' 8.5" person with shoes on... and those people have shoes on too. It's not like they're barefoot and he is wearing 2" shoes or something! They all have on shoes of approximately the same height. Why do people want Tom to be short so badly?
raj said on 12/Jun/06
hes 5-8 with shoes. Tom is probably 5-6 barefoot. Its a bit stupid to argue over if the guy is 5-6 or 5-8 when you are that short!
the important thing about tom is if hes a good or bad actor...and hes pretty mediocre as an actor.
Glenn said on 11/Jun/06
I was 5-7 for a long while.then at around 23,I hit 5-8.maybe 22.hold still have hope.
ire said on 10/Jun/06
Hi i have a question for glenn. What age did ou stop growing do you know? I mean what age were you when you reached 5'8? I'm 19 now and touching 5'7 but i dont know if i'll grow any more. I am slow to develop however. Like i couldn't grow any proper facial hair yet. Would be happy to reach 5'8.
Paul said on 9/Jun/06
I have answer for you about Tom height he is short and he is about 165 cm in height no more on this picture he is standing next to Keri Russel and he almost the same height, look at that Click Here
dmeyer said on 6/Jun/06
those pics prove that rob is right tom is 172 since jamie is wearing non lifted sneakers 4 cm diferance they both look their height of 5'7.75" and 5'9.5" then tom sometimes dosnt wear lifts but looks close to 5'10 in lifts when i met him he must have wear monster lift when i met him
Polska said on 29/May/06
Sorry. Messed up putting the first three url's in. These links should work:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Polska said on 28/May/06
In light of Jamie Foxx's recent statement that he's "like 5'9"," here are some clear comparisons that seem to put Tom at about 5'7.5":

Here are a bunch of photos of Tom with Foxx at the MTV movie awards where there appears to a 1.5" difference between the two.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

And a shot of both their footwear (Cruise is slouching a bit in this one):
Click Here

Finally, here the two appear together on Leno. Jamie is slouching some, but there's still a clear difference. Also notice that the guest area is on a set about 3 inches higher than Leno's desk, putting Tom even with 5'10 Leno:
Click Here
ForensicNYC said on 25/May/06
HEY! I thought Tom Cruise and Willem Dafoe were the same height...maybe he was still young then...just came home from VIETNAM...
Click Here
With war vet buddies, 5'7" Tom (extreme right) next to 5'10" Patrick Swayze...
Click Here
Even at a young age, Patrick KNEW the secret of tallness...He is standing on LAYERS OF BRICKS while Tom already had a propensity for BIG SHOES...
Click Here
After the war Tom becomes AUSTIN POWERS...
Click Here
Neo said on 23/May/06
if tom is 5'7, then glenn sorry to say, u must be 5'6 or 5'5.25, as its clear in ur pics.
UNK said on 23/May/06
As nuts as Tom is I think he would think we are more nuts debating his height. He never said he was anything other than 5'7". It's not like you could find a quote of him claiming anything else. It's pretty much been a known fact since the early 80's that he is 5'7"ish. I also don't think that he would argue that he has worn lifts, boots, all kinds of footwear, and stood on boxes or did what ever it took in his movies.

I really don't think there is much to uncover here.. the guys is right around the 5'7" mark.
Polska said on 23/May/06
I watched the same Ellen show as Anon. and was very careful to note the difference in height. I was shocked to see a difference of at least 2 inches. Either Ellen is shorter than we think, Tom is taller than we think, or he's actually wearing lifts. You know, sometimes I doubt this whole celebs wearing lifts thing (seems like maybe it was an old, now antiquated, tradition) but Tom really makes me think again.
Neo said on 22/May/06
i have see tom cruise, he is not at all shorter, even he is not of average height, he was looking 6'1 with his lifts ( i guess so!) so ppl dunn get worried, his big or small height will not change ur heights, if he is tall accept it, by the way this glenn is trying to fool u ppl, as he is showing u fake pictures, he is making all pics in Adobe photoshop or some other software, he is even mad about his own candy ass height at age of 34...
Alex said on 19/May/06
Viper, I didn't see Mission Impossible 3 yet but Tom does look 5'7 most of the time when I see him, but he can look 5'9-5'9.5 in his lifts though.
Felix said on 19/May/06
Tom has killer boots on throughout Top Gun (except during beach volleyball, where his true height is (somewhat) revealed). Plus, somebody posted a link here months ago going over how the directors actively tried to shoot Cruise as taller than McGillis (e.g., she's always leaning, sitting, and so on)
Frank2 said on 18/May/06
Kelly McGillis is just under 5'10".

Anonymous said on 16/May/06
i saw him on ellen the other day. if ellen is about 5-6, then tom must be 5-8. he was definately taller than degeneres; even without shoes!! he is so hot that stature does not matter
MM said on 14/May/06
Saw him at the Mi:3 premiere and I'd estimate 5'7" max.
Felix said on 13/May/06
Intresting photo with Tom Cruise and Kelly Mcgillis or what her name is during Top Gun. I think she is like 176cm or something? :S Click Here
Polska said on 12/May/06
Here's the article quoted by Jim in which Michelle Monaghan states that Tom and herself are both 5'7."

Click Here
leonari said on 10/May/06
J-Dog: Stallone was still great at 43!!!!!! Much better than Cruise...
A-Bomb said on 10/May/06
In line with the articles below I was watching an entertainment report on a morning show this morning and they were making a big deal out of the "lifts" that just recently become a publicity issue for Tom. They labeled him as 5'7". It could be interesting if this gets some steam.
ForensicNYC said on 9/May/06
Re: D. Ray Morton says on 9/May/06
"She'll never work in that town again."
Hmmm....I think I heard those comments before...
It was way back when HRUNDI BAKSHI blew up the FORTRESS SET of a military movie but got accidentally invited to THE PARTY...
D. Ray Morton said on 9/May/06
What's gotten into Michelle, being all honest an' s***?

She'll never work in that town again.
Gotxo said on 9/May/06
On Jim comments:
I don't think Monaghan won't receive her christmas prsent since she was asked how much taller than Tom was she, and she evaded the question of being taller than Tomas in a the best diplomatic way one can do without lying :
She came to say that they both were the same height, not him smaller.

Editor Rob
yeah, but she said same height of 170cm, that's not what tom wanted to hear ;-) He demands 175!
dmeyer said on 9/May/06
i saw a pic of tom and deniro and cruise is taller by almost 1 inch it means tom apear just over 5'9" in public
Viper652 said on 9/May/06
I thought Tom looked 5-7 for most of Mission impossible 3.
0kuma said on 8/May/06
Click Here

Read this

dmeyer said on 8/May/06
i think tom is just a bout 172 to 173 cm barefeethis shoes are totaly normal in rain man he got a solid 2 inches on hofman who was aleast 5'6 back there
D. Ray Morton said on 8/May/06
"Please Rob don't sell this site. This site would never be the same wothout you. One clearly sees that you put your heart in it. I visit the site every day. No exception. Kepp up the excellent work: there are many who appreciate your effort and the amount of work you put into."

Hear hear!

Though I don't know to what exactly leonari was referring, I totally share his sentiments.
Mr. R said on 8/May/06
I also just saw MI3. I watched the angles carefully, and clearly they are trying to match Cruise heights with his co-stars, without appearing obvious. By the way, I worked with Ving on Dark Blue, and he is just over 5-10. Cruise looks 5-8 in MI3, but he always has on bug shoes and boots.
Frank2 said on 7/May/06
Yes, I've met Cruise which was back when he was making Minority Report at Fox. And I'm 5'11".

FYI Ving is my height.
Glenn said on 7/May/06
Ving is possibly as low as 5-10.
Polska said on 7/May/06
Hey Frank2, have you ever met Tom? Btw, how tall are you? Just wondering since sometimes you mention "so and so is X inches taller than me" or something along those lines.
HelloKitty said on 7/May/06
I just saw Mission Impossible 3. The numero uno scientologist looks remarkably tall at eye level with Ving Rhames, who I suspect is at least 5'11 to 6'0. other scenes with his character's girlfriend/wife he is at least 3 to 5 inches taller. There is a scene in the movie where the couple gets married and to my surprise, they are the same height!!
dmeyer said on 6/May/06
if you watch m i 3 tom is a lot closer to ving's height that in m i 2

Editor Rob
all those years of stretching beginning to pay off for him now?
hahaha said on 6/May/06
You know, if you watch Minority Report, you will notice that Tom Cruise "in shoes" is as tall as Collin Farrell, who is 178 and probably 179 or 180 in shoes. So?
wasa said on 6/May/06
Actually I don't think he's gay. And he just seems to like taller women in general, nothing wrong with that. In fact I think he has quite a good taste in women ;) In comparison with all the fuss about Brad Pitt's relations, i think he has been with better looking women, but that's just personal taste ofcourse. He's average in height, not short. But his behaviour is getting stranger with the years, i don't remember there being a fuss about him a few years ago. The media also plays a big role ofcourse, since a few years even the smallest little thing 'celebs' say and do is being printed and covered all over the world, it's becoming really annoying imho.
Anyway, I actually have to give hem creds for being not tallish and making a very decent career in action flicks. It's not always easy to appear strong when you have to stand up to someone who's 6'1-6'2 for example. :)
Frank2 said on 5/May/06
The most fascinating aspect of searching through literally hundreds of web photos of Cruise are the incredible number of shots of him with a female companion. Some have him passionately kissing the woman he's with. I don't believe there's another well-known celebrity with as many. What do you think? I believe it's a little over the top.
Glenn said on 5/May/06
Leanori-it isnt worth it.I make tons of money months at a time,then Im broke for months at a time.dont have to answer to anyone and have freedom is perks.
Bleemo said on 5/May/06
Heh the best place for C/D-list celebs in London Rob is Notting Hill. My mother and younger sister are policewomen down there. My grandparents on my mother's side bought a house there after the war when it was certainly not the happening place it is today.

You can literally walk down any few streets and bump into some crappy soap actor or lesser TV presenter. I've been down about 6 times and to be fair I have only seen Vanessa Feltz, Alan Davis, Nigel Havers (who my mate thought was Richard from Richard and Judy but it wasn't), some big guy that presented some weird comedy history show and the tallest one from the Fast Show.

Between my mother and my sister though they claim to have seen Robbie Williams jogging, Robert Plant, Chris Barrie, Eddie Izzard, some minor Eastenders actors, and a flat my sister was interested in was owned by Ben Fogherty or whatever his name is.

Plus you can go to the West End and go to the stage door if they let you. My mother got a program from "Art" signed by the two smaller League of gentleman guys, she said they were both small and the dark haired one was really stroppy.

The only problem is that you just kind of see them walking along so it's genuinely hard to gauge their height and I simply don't have the brass balls to walk up to these people. Especially if you had a camera, you'd either look like a nutter or paparazzi.
leonari said on 5/May/06

Cool article! Congrats! Please Rob don't sell this site. This site would never be the same wothout you. One clearly sees that you put your heart in it. I visit the site every day. No exception. Kepp up the excellent work: there are many who appreciate your effort and the amount of work you put into.

Editor Rob
thanks man, I just wish I could create more time for myself to get to meet more celebs ;-) I only wished I lived in London...or NY! Glenn, I'll trade jobs for a month with you!
Anonymous said on 5/May/06
I personally know Tom Cruise's stunt double for MI1 and MI2, his name is Keith Campbell and they match in height almost idenical. There is no way Tom is taller then 5'7.75. Sorry Tom, and by the way you didn't do all you own stunts as you like people to believe. Hollywood is all about illusions.
dmeyer said on 5/May/06
he rarely apear less then 5'9" in public
dmeyer said on 5/May/06
once and for all i think tom between 5'7 and 5'8 and look 5'9 to 5'9.5 when he wears big shoes in m i3 he looks close to 178 in some scenes
Anonymous said on 5/May/06
The producers don't want Cruise to look shorter that's why. He is considered handsome by most of the American public, and I guess his height would take away from his machoness or whatever...especially in Mission Impossible where he would be shorter and weaker looking than the others.
J-Dog said on 4/May/06
Can Tom really be considered short? I mean 5'8" isn't far from the average height. If someone is 5'10" or 5'11" we don't consider them "super tall" so why do we consider Tom who is about one inch below average "super short"?
Glenn said on 4/May/06
Yeah,Rob,your the best! figures I didnt get todays Post to check that out.

Editor Rob
cheers and thanks for getting back to me about that other little thing I emailed about ;-)

wait...this thread is becoming the celebheights lovefest! Oh, it was yesterday's post, just a small little article...
Frank2 said on 4/May/06
This could explain a lot of things: Click Here
Woz said on 4/May/06
How come Tom Cruise looks tall in movies and on the big screen ?
Leung said on 3/May/06
Last year around the time when Cruise appeared on Oprah (yeah the coach jumping episode), a few colleagues in my office were discussing the incident and how it wasn
Glenn said on 3/May/06
Frank is right.alot of folks are pansies.
Frank2 said on 3/May/06
Jamie Cullum, Jamie Oliver and Cath Kitson: Click Here

And here: Click Here

I have no idea how tall Cath is or even who she is.

Editor Rob

Frank,, just another note about getty.
When the pop up window with the image appears, hold down ctrl and press N key. The new window that appears has the proper url for linking to that getty stuff. It is of the form:

proper Link1

proper Link2 to let everybody view links.
Bleemo said on 3/May/06
You really think he's fruity Frank? I still cannot decide to be...well frank actually. There's definately something off about his relationships with women, but then again he IS a cast iron whacko. I guess what I mean is, is he fruity or is he just kooky? *drum role* thank you I'm here all week, try the steak I heard it's great.

Hey Rob why don't you really push this celeb thing to the limit and start another site speculating whether celebs are gay or straight? I'm telling you man that's gold, you could call it AC/DC or something like that. I mean you'd probably be up to your ears in slander cases, but it would be really fun for us.

Incidentally in the time this site has been up has anyone ever contacted you complaining about their listing or something like that?

Editor Rob
I try to keep away from controversy. Doing a site would quickly send me bankrupt!

Talk about height etc is pretty harmless, but certain subjects touch nerves and provides an excuse for lawyers to come after you. If I ever do another celebrity related site it would be about a subject close to my ears.

Oh, and not that many celebs contact me really, they must be delighted with their listing!!! ;-)

But celebs have stumbled across this site and I've told a few at conventions. Actually, if you think about it - 3 million people visit this site a year. I spend max 2 hours a day moderating this site (i.e. reading comments etc, researching heights), but remarkably I have a couple of other websites that get 1/10th the visitors but make 5 times the income this site does! Sometimes I feel like selling this site and moving on...]
Tall said on 3/May/06
I saw Tom Cruise on Letterman last night. There is an incredible shot of him next to Jamie Olliver. If we can nail Olliver's height, we can end the Cruise debate once and for all. Does anyone have any information on Olliver's height or a reliable photo from Letterman last night?????????????!!!!!!
J. said on 3/May/06
Intresting ....looking slighty shorter than Kanye West on "TRL" recently. I'm suprised that he'd allow himself to appear as such in public: Click Here
Anonymous said on 3/May/06
hey sheina are you sure because in public he alwais apear 5'9" when i met him he looked 5'9.5" or even 10 and the outside heel was only 1 inch he must have hade huge lifts but he was runig all the time on the set weird cruise was like 3" taller than my 5'7 roommate
Frank said on 2/May/06
wearing lifts even on ice sk
Click Here
Frank said on 2/May/06
how about this one

Click Here
Frank said on 2/May/06
Click Here

check out the shoes
Shaina said on 2/May/06
I had the privilege today to see Tom Cruise this afternoon at a taping of The View airing on May 5, 2006. I am 5'8" tall. Tom was next to me several times. He is clearly 1 or more inches shorter than me. Who cares how tall he is anyway! He is sooo cute at any height.
P.S. Mission Impossible III -- Go see it! Loads of action and adventure...
Frank2 said on 2/May/06
"The saddest part about it is, I think if he was honest about him being short he would be more of a hero to shorter men."

If Cruise was totally honest he'd also be a hero to another other type of men, short, medium height and tall.
Anonymous said on 2/May/06
Leung, 5'4" is not petite for a woman. Where do you get such ideas? Sure young people are taller then older ones. The overall average shifts up per decade with...1 whole centimeter! Tadaaaam!
There are differences in countries too but let's just say in France or the US a 5'9 man is (on the shorter side of) AVERAGE and so is a 5'4" woman.
You're just plain wrong man. And the fact that Cruise gets comments on his stature is because he's an action hero in films and those are roles usually played by tall men. People expect him to be taller so they are kinda disappointed. Plus he's only 5'7" (not 5'8.5") and furthermore he's a bit of a weirdo (scientology cucoo cucoo).
Leung said on 1/May/06
Bleemo, in my previous post I was trying to explain the reasoning as to why Tom Cruise
Glenn said on 1/May/06
While there are loads shorter guys than me in public,I still feel more outnumbered by taller.
Tristam said on 1/May/06
Leung, 5'9" is NOT short by today's standards. That's a joke. For American men, the average height for men who are aged 20-39 (in other words, men at their peak heights) is 5'10" (although if you take into account Mexican-Americans of that age, it brings the average down). 5'9" remains the average height for all adult males in the U.S. For females, 5'4.5" is the height for American women aged 20-39, while for ALL adult women the average isn't even quite 5'4".

So yeah, you're wrong.
Bleemo said on 1/May/06
Leung the average height of a country takes into acount ALL men and ALL women. Are you suggesting we simply dismiss old people's height because they are old?

The average height in most countries is still pretty much 5'9 for men and 5'4 for women. Infact in the US some believe that the overall average may be going down a little do to poor dieting and lack of health in general of the poorer classes.

At 5'8.5 barefoot in the UK I rarely feel especially small, there many who are a little taller and a bunch who are greatly taller, but there's still plenty men who are smaller. I can count on one hand the amount of people who have reffered to me as small, where as I've had numerous occasions where people have guessed my height as 5'10. I think that's where a lot of this comes from, people being awful guages of height and exaggerting it somewhat.
Glenn said on 1/May/06
I agree to a point Bleemo.but he always looks short.he doesnt hide it with lifts that make him 5-11.
Bleemo said on 30/Apr/06
The saddest part about it is, I think if he was honest about him being short he would be more of a hero to shorter men. Infact just in general he would get a lot of respect for being a little man at the top of the industry.

It was like that whole thing with the guy supposedly having a tape of him and Cruise having sex. I mean it's not nice but if you're straight and you know you're straight, you've gotta know your not on there. He should have just said, "well lets see this tape," nothing says coverup like a millionaire suing some bum (that works both ways I guess) because he suggested he was gay.

At the end of the day a real man doesn't care how tall he is, or how big his biceps are, whether some random people think he is gay or how attractive he is. He just gets on with what he's got and makes it work for himself and sod what anybody else thinks.
Leung said on 30/Apr/06
Anonymous, quoting average height statistics is fine but you have to factor in that these
dmeyer said on 30/Apr/06
hey rob how tall can cruise look with the best lifts

Editor Rob
with oversized heel+lift I think looking 5ft 10 to people is possible...
BahBah said on 28/Apr/06
Hey Guys check this out Maggie Q is posted to be either 5'6 or 5'7 but if you look here she looks about 3 inches shorter then cruise and she is probably wearing heels.

Editor Rob
just type in maggie q on and you'll see all the MI3 promo pics, she actually does look *near* 5ft 6 just from glancing through pics of her...hmm
J. said on 28/Apr/06
Great pics, Frank!
Anonymous said on 27/Apr/06
I have to say that I think Frank2 has provided some very conclusive eveidence. I'd say no more than 5'7 aswell.

Well done for putting the effort in Frank2!
Pik said on 26/Apr/06
I agree with Nolifts81. I checked pictures from UK premiere of Mission Impossible 3. He was two inches taller than Kerri Russell with this heels on
Click Here
And here is the picture with those two
Click Here
Cruise was 5'10 with those shoes on. Here are the shoes
Click Here
So he does wear "lovely shoes" sometimes or is he 5'9 ? What do you think, Rob ?
JD said on 25/Apr/06
I just eyes wide shut last night....near the end when nicole and tom was in the shopping mall.....u can see nicole was wearing flat shoes....i dunno if tom had lifts in his....but u can clearly see there isn't much height difference between them....unless nicole is only 5-8 or 5-9 ....i couldn't see tom shorter than 5-8
Nolifts81 said on 25/Apr/06
Yesterday I was in Rome and I've seen Tom Cruise(he is in Rome for the presentation of the prime of Mission Imposible 3). I am 5'10"and I had normal dress shoes on (1inch), so I was 5'11"with shoes on.Tom was 1 inch shorter than me, he was 5'10"with his shoes on. One thing I can say for sure: he had elevator shoes at his feet.I know very well elevator shoes and he had elevator dress shoes with an advantage in height of about 2.5 inches. So I think he is about 172 cm barefoot(5'7.75).
Anonymous said on 25/Apr/06
Is he shrinking now or is this true? I heard a rumor that he's actually 5'6" and most of all not happy with it.
Frank2 said on 20/Apr/06
"Look (at) his shoes!"

Check out these shoes: Click Here

Look similar?
D. Ray Morton said on 20/Apr/06
Glenn writes:

"I had a friend who thought everyone was his height at 6-1.5.even me!"

I wish there were people like him!
sf said on 20/Apr/06
Just adding my two cents about the height perception thing. I had a friend in college who thought I was taller than him. Well, he had me beat by at leat 3 inches. After we stood back to back, he was amazed. Some people have no perception of height..
Tristam said on 20/Apr/06
No kidding. I've got a friend who's about 5'4.5", while I'm 5'7". The other day, my other friend (who's 6'2") asked me which of us was taller. I was like "Are you kidding me??"
Height Detective said on 19/Apr/06
Some good pics:
Kidman /Cruise Click Here Look the way he is standing

Click Here

Click Here

Cruise/Holmes Click Here

Click Here

Look his shoes ! Click Here

Click Here Thats why sometimes he looks a bit taller than Holmes ,he looks like he have some problems to walk with that!
MD said on 19/Apr/06
Yeah, just as some people are tone-deaf, other's can be totally oblivious to height differences.
Glenn said on 19/Apr/06
Are you good at percieving height? I had a friend who thought everyone was his height at 6-1.5.even me!
Thomson said on 19/Apr/06
I am a local bodyguard in vegas and I was once hired to have Cruise escorted from one place to another years ago. My mates and I are at least 6' tall. Cruise, beside us, appeared to have the same height. We never suspected him to be under 5'10 until I came across this site.
Glenn said on 18/Apr/06
Elio said on 17/Apr/06

I'm not sure whether it was intentionally funny, but your last post (here) had me in stitches. :) I'm definately going to use that line!
A-Bomb said on 17/Apr/06
Frank2 wrote,
"NOOOOOOO????? CAN'T BE! YOU'RE KIDDING!! Tom Cruisin' gay? My teeth just feel out!"
"Hmmmmm...I wonder if Tom is finally coming out of the far as his height goes."
"What does it mean when short men date tall guys?"

You have to get off this gay thing for this thread. No relevance and it's getting old real quick.
Anonymous said on 17/Apr/06
It's simple Sebastian. People don't expect you to be taller.
ANON said on 16/Apr/06
Tom Cruise did an interview around The Last Samurai time & they had photos afterwards & Ross (who is 6'1.5") about 6 inches taller cos he had to really arch his back to get in the shot! I'd say about 5'7.5". Kidman is 5'11" but she probably walked hunched & he wore bigger souls when they were out & about so...........
Glenn said on 16/Apr/06
I love girls of all shapes and sizes.not obese of course.
Glenn said on 16/Apr/06
In secret Frank,its called BONESMUGGLING.
Polska said on 16/Apr/06
On Cruise. Still think he's a solid 5'8".

On Anonymous' comment. I'm 5'7" and I love petite girls. Although I've dated mostly girls within an inch or so of my height and one taller girl, it was purely by chance.
SEBASTIAN said on 16/Apr/06
Frank2 said on 15/Apr/06
What does it mean when short men date tall guys?
Anonymous said on 15/Apr/06
I agree with ds that tom cruise is just about 5'8" and that he's insecure. Most men that I know that are about 5'7-5'8" insist on dating women that are only about an inch shorter than them or taller than them; which makes sense why Tom is always dating taller women. The men I know that are Cruise's height don't like women that are a lot shorter such as 4'11-5'4". As for guys that are below 5'5", I, like ds, always have seen that they're more comfortable with their height and have no problem dating a woman of whatever height.
delusional said on 15/Apr/06
When you compare pictures of tom standing next to renee zellweger he is at most 3 inches taller than her, and she is about 5'3". Also when standing next to steven spielberg, spielberg seems to be about an inch taller and he is 5'7". Maybe all the scientology and jumping on oprah's couch has made tom delusional!!!!
ds said on 14/Apr/06
I think he's about 172 cm. He never looked short to me. I think it's just the fact that he's insecure about his height and dates tall women. I find it more common that guys that are just below average (5'7"-5'8") are very insecure about their height, where as guys that are below 5'5" are not.

Editor Rob
if he's insecure surely he'd be dating 4ft 11 women to look like a relative 'tall man' ;-)

but, the fact that interviewers rarely get to ask about his stature maybe gives sense of insecurity or annoyance...well, not many interviewers, I remember Jonathan Ross commenting upon his height
Frank2 said on 14/Apr/06
Vice Squad?
Mike said on 14/Apr/06
A friend of mine on the Santa Monica PD once dealt with Cruise; my friend is 5' 8" and he remarked upon how short Cruise is.

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