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Peak: 6ft 0.1in (183.1cm)
Current: 5ft 11.43in (181.4cm)
James said on 17/May/11
5'11 is not small or average its tall.
Lenad said on 10/May/11
184cm max peak
e said on 5/May/11
shorter than justin timberlake..put down to 5-10 3/4 if you want to be obsessed or 5-11
e said on 5/May/11
I heard someone saw him at a restaurant mentioning he was not that small but is 5-11 small? that's more than average height...average height w/o shoes is 5-9
James said on 2/May/11
I have heard a lot that this guy is barely 6ft
Lenad said on 1/May/11
I really dont think hes over 6ft0 today. Probably solid 183cm peak and 182cm today
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Apr/11
He did look 184cm in Forrest Gump
dmeyer said on 27/Apr/11
when in picures with his son he can look 0.5 to 1 in smaller then in a video his son looks mush taller like 2.5 in of course there is no more than 1 to 1.5 in between them but in pics hanks stands as tall as possible and loos about 184cm at times weak 6 ft nowadays seems right , 7 years ago i met him and he wasnt much over or under 6 ft
Mathew said on 23/Apr/11
Legend says on 18/Apr/11
So I think he's 5'10.5...

I'd agree he's under 6', always has been. Strong 5'11" MAX.
Legend said on 18/Apr/11
So I think he's 5'10.5...
Legend said on 9/Apr/11
I had to comment on here because I just finished watching splash and Tom Hanks was not even an inch taller than 5'10 Daryl Hannah when they were walking side by side and she was barefoot.
Johan Cruyff said on 6/Apr/11
Tom Hanks' heights are:

Morning (out of bed)= 6' (1.83 m)
After 1,5-3 hrs= 5'11.7" (1.82 m)
After 5-10 hrs= 5'11.25 (1.81 m)

I don't think he's taller! I spoke with many people who claimed he looks around 5'10" so i don't think he has ever been over 6 feet
James said on 27/Mar/11
5 inches under Morse? More like 3.5.

Tom Hanks 6'0 (183cm)
David Morse 6'3.5 (192cm)
ikbtops said on 1/Mar/11
5'11.5" barefoot. Might have been 6' in his prime.
Mathew said on 26/Feb/11
James says on 20/Feb/11
I don't think Hanks has ever been over 6'0 given how much he was towered by 6'4 David Morse. Some debate if Morse is even 6'4......

Yeah he was a sure 5" under Morse.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Feb/11
His son Colin Hanks looks to be 186-187cm
James said on 20/Feb/11
I don't think Hanks has ever been over 6'0 given how much he was towered by 6'4 David Morse. Some debate if Morse is even 6'4......
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Feb/11
He's 6"0(183cm)....and Denzel Washington is 6"0.5(184cm)
Mathew said on 26/Jan/11
George says on 25/Jan/11
on amc i saw forest gump with the bubbles (info about shooting the film and additonal facts. it said that he is 5'11''. it was said in the scene where he picks up bubba across the jungle, saying that the guy that plays bubba is 6'3'' and tom hanks being at 5'11'' had to use cables to hold him.

This makes good sense, I believe that he's 5'11".
George said on 25/Jan/11
on amc i saw forest gump with the bubbles (info about shooting the film and additonal facts. it said that he is 5'11''. it was said in the scene where he picks up bubba across the jungle, saying that the guy that plays bubba is 6'3'' and tom hanks being at 5'11'' had to use cables to hold him.
Ace said on 25/Jan/11
I would have believed a touch over 6`0 back during Philadelphia and Forrest Gump. Nowadays, probably a flat 6`0.
Lenad said on 17/Jan/11
I'd say a solid 183cm in his day. Looked maybe 1/2 an inch shorter than 184cm Denzel Washington in philadelphia
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Jan/11
Hanks does look around 6"1 in the Road to Perdition
Legend said on 31/Dec/10
He's 5'11.
Larc186-188cm said on 27/Dec/10
6'0-6'0.25 and there are no lifts.
Prince Apollo said on 27/Dec/10
i usually give people their best height but tom is not 6 FEET TALL. the lift theory seems very evident as in his earlier movies like that one with the dog, sorry i don't rember the name he made actors that are 6 foot tops seem 6'3" i think after appearing short he started to wear lifts in his later movies i think toms peak reality out of bed height is 5'10" to a strong 5'10" tops...
jamieorr4 said on 24/Dec/10
tom Hanks wears lifts
Mathew said on 22/Dec/10
Agree with dmeyer on accounts that Hanks can appear 6' and is about the same height as Bill Paxton. I do think though, that he is more likely 181 cm, or a strong 5'11".
James said on 17/Dec/10
184cm in the morning at his peak. Look at him with Denzel Washington that is not a strong 6ft.
Spence said on 15/Dec/10
184 peak 183 now...slightly over 6 peak
James said on 10/Dec/10
I agree Demeyer 5'11.5 today and 5'11.75-6ft peak. I think Tom was always one of those 6ft guys that dropped to 182cm at night. Travolta and Denzel were boht strong 6ft guys in there 20's. Look at him in the Green Mile in the late 90's with David Morse who is 192-193cm in height hanks looks a legitimate 4 inches shorter so defenintly 182-183cm in that film. maybe in his 20's hanks was 183cm on the nose though but i think for most of his film carrier has fluctuate between 5'11.5-6ft.

Tom hanks at best was a solid 6ft at his peak but certianly never a strong 6ft like Travolta and Denzel.

I doubt the 6'1 listing for hanks and i even heard 6'2 for him once. today barely 6ft.
dmeyer said on 7/Dec/10
but he mostly wears 1.1 in shoes and at times 1.2 to 1.5
dmeyer said on 7/Dec/10
hanks and paxton realy looks identical in height both close to 6 ft
dmeyer said on 7/Dec/10
still looks 6 ft but his shoes are getting bigger he use to wear 1 ti 1.1 in now nearer 1.4 1.5 in
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Dec/10
Still looks a solid 6"0
dmeyer said on 2/Dec/10
i think denzel and tom hanks and travolta they could be all around 5 ft 11.5 mark nowadays wath do you think rob it is grat i am similar height to them
dmeyer said on 2/Dec/10
i have looked at recent pics he wears 1.5 in heeled dress boots alot so can appear 6 ft even if he is about 5 ft 11.5 now and he has great posture i think he is 6 ft peak 5 ft 11.5 now he is over 50 by that age people do drop no less than 1cm rob could hanks be nearer 5 ft 11.5 now since he wears bigger fotwear and dosnt look over 6 ft he even struggles to look as tall as 5 ft 11.5 paxton
Anonymous said on 1/Dec/10
hm mathew maybe you are wrong because i saw a picure with him and lucy lawless who is 1.78 he was about 3-4 cm taller
Mathew said on 24/Nov/10
5'11", never has been 6'. Could be a fraction over peak 5'11".
James said on 30/Oct/10
he was never 6'1
maximus meridius said on 29/Oct/10
He is defiantly 6ft 1in not 6ft leonardo dicaprio is 6ft tom hanks had 1 inch on leonardo dicaprio in catch me if you can
maximus meridius said on 29/Oct/10
If tom hanks is 6ft he was defiantly 6ft 1in in his younger years he must have shrunk by the now
thekiddd said on 5/Jul/09
He did look short in Green Mile but he can look 5'11" at times. Seeing he could be fooled for 6'1" or 5'11", 6' exact is right! If he was 6'1" then he couldn't be mistaken for 5'11".
le samourai said on 5/Jul/09
in picture with writer william monahan(182cm), Tom Hanks looks a little shorter..his height is 180cm shoes he is 6'0 :)
James said on 1/Jul/09
I do remember though in the movie 'Big' Tom did have lows of looking only 5'11 in that movie. In Turner and Hooch as well there were quite a few people that were taller than him.
Hugh 190cm said on 29/Jun/09
Seems fair James.
Lenad said on 25/Jun/09
6ft1 max. Looked 186-187cm in Road to perdition but thats a bit too high
James said on 25/Jun/09
At his peak maybe 1 inch under 6'2 out of bed.
King said on 25/Jun/09
TELLEM says on 22/Jun/09
how is he a strong 6'0er when tommy lee jones is taller than him? and so is denzel? an aging gene hackman had a solid 2 INCHES on tommy lee jones in "the package". c'mon now, hanks is a weak 6'0er.

That's ridiculous.Have u seen PHILADELPHIA
Hugh 190cm said on 23/Jun/09
He's never been close to 6ft2 in his life. But I'll agree James that he's given the rare illusion of looking that tall in the past.
Hugh 190cm said on 23/Jun/09
183-184cm on the nose. Probably measures closer to 6ft1 in the morning.
Lenad said on 22/Jun/09
In Angels and demons he did look 182-183cm
James said on 22/Jun/09
Tom Hanks could look 6'2 in his youth
TELLEM said on 22/Jun/09
how is he a strong 6'0er when tommy lee jones is taller than him? and so is denzel? an aging gene hackman had a solid 2 INCHES on tommy lee jones in "the package". c'mon now, hanks is a weak 6'0er.
Mathew said on 22/Jun/09
IMO some legit 6' celebs are Denzel, Tommy Lee Jones, Edward Norton, and Travolta. David Morse is 6'4" so Hanks is 5'11", DiCaprio fudges his height a bit - I think he does anyways.
James said on 22/Jun/09
Yep legit 6footer
Nismofreak said on 22/Jun/09
A strong 6 footer. He looked did indeed look half an inch taller than DiCaprio in "Catch Me If You Can".
Lenad said on 22/Jun/09
Most likely a weak 6ft1 morning and rest of the day strong 6ft0
Mathew said on 21/Jun/09
Lenad says on 20/Jun/09
Well Hugh he clearly isnt 187cm

Hugh seems to have higher estimates than most people on the site more often than not, which is fine, but just a pattern I notice. Personally, I give Hanks 5'11".
mastadon said on 21/Jun/09
spot on 6ft
James said on 20/Jun/09
Except Tommy Lee Jones is slightly over 6ft
Lenad said on 20/Jun/09
Well Hugh he clearly isnt 187cm
TELLEM said on 19/Jun/09
hanks was only one inch shorter than 6'1 dan akroyd in "dragnet" and was described as 6'0. but hes shorter than than 6'0 tommy lee jones here:Click Here and he was shorter than 6'0 denzel in philedelphia
Lenad said on 19/Jun/09
Frank2 are you going to rule out poor posture giving you that impression? I think 5ft11 is a bit short, true he did look around that height in the green mile. also are you american
Frank2 said on 19/Jun/09
Hanks is at least 5'11" and is probably a hair under 6".
James said on 18/Jun/09
Yeah he did look more 5'11 range in the Green Mile
Ahleks said on 17/Jun/09
He didn't exactly look 6' in The Green Mile, but it's probably because Michael Clarke Duncan, David Morse and James Cromwell are all 6'4+.
James said on 17/Jun/09
Yeah the lowest Hanks could be is 182cm.
Burtley said on 16/Jun/09
I guess we all believe what we want.

As I said, I will give Tom Hanks his 6 feet in lifts, but barefooted, I believe he is only 5'10". But enough of that. Have a good day.
dmeyer said on 16/Jun/09
i met hanks and the minimum for him is 5 ft 11.5 to 5 ft 11.75 absolute lowest and absolute max 6 ft 0.25 to 6 ft 0.5 but to me he looked exactly 6 foot
James said on 16/Jun/09
When has Tom Hanks ever looked as low as 5'10? Next to Matt Damon maybe?
Burtley said on 16/Jun/09
James says on 15/Jun/09
5'10 is dillusional

I believe you mean delusional.

And I will give Tom Hanks 5'11" straight out of bed, or 6' or 6'1" with his elevator shoes (so 5'10"). I am 6'3.25" but have measured about 6'4.5" right out of bed. I could easily go around saying I am 6'4", or for that matter 6'5", but that would be delusional. So I say 6'3 for me as I say 5'10" for Tom Hanks.
James said on 15/Jun/09
5'10 is dillusional
Burtley said on 13/Jun/09
I have to say this again since so many people still think he is 6 ft. tall.

Burtley says on 3/Jun/09
I am doubting 6 ft. Check out when he was on Conan last night (06-02, you can watch on Hulu). In a skit he is sitting in a chair and gets knocked over with his feet up. One shoe flies off and Conan grabs it and holds it in front of him. You can obviously tell that the shoes have huge heels and are probably lifts too. I dare say he is even barely 5' 10". Just my observations.

Seriously people, watch it and tell me he is 6 ft. without those lifts and heels. Again, I stick to my belief that he is just 5 feet, 10 inches.
Hugh 190cm said on 12/Jun/09
Hanks in my opinion has always been a strong 6ft 183-184cm.
Hugh 190cm said on 12/Jun/09
Frank2 at 5ft11.5-6ft you could claim 6ft1 and get away with it.
James said on 11/Jun/09
Well Frank2 maybe back in like your 20's when you were thinner you could have passed for 6ft!
Frank2 said on 11/Jun/09
I've seen Hanks, stood right next to him and he's at least my height or 5'11". More like 5'11 1/2" to quite possibly even 6".

I've seen Denzel as well and he's a solid 6', possibly even 6'1". He's also put on a lot of weight. For that matter, so has Hanks and so have I! I'm now about 185 lbs. I used to be around 150 lbs.
TELLEM said on 11/Jun/09
denzel was taller than hanks in philedelphia. watch the scene when they go up the elevator. i've stated this several times.
WhiteKnight said on 11/Jun/09
In Miami Vice he`s just a little bit taller than Don Johnson, which is 178 cm!
James said on 10/Jun/09
Its been established that in Philidelphia Denzel appeared to be slightly taller than Tom Hanks. Strange though that on screen Tom Hanks appears a stronger 6footer than Denzel Washington at times.
Hugh 190cm said on 10/Jun/09
In philadelphia he was taller than Denzel Washington who is no shorter than 6ft. Saving Private Ryan 184-185cm, Road to Perdition 186-187cm, Green Mile 181-182cm, Sleepless in Seattle 185-186cm, Splash 184-185cm, Angels and Demons 182-183cm.

Overall I see a 6ft-6ft0.5 guy. At peak anyway.
James said on 9/Jun/09
Yeah he's never been 6'2 in his life.
Lenad said on 9/Jun/09
Looked like he could pass for 6ft2 in Road to perdition but hes obviously not that tall
James said on 8/Jun/09
Guess Daniel Craig is 5'7.5 then Lenad.
dmeyer said on 8/Jun/09
it is hard to judge an exact height i have seen hanks a few times and he did seem about 6 ft evry time time i saw him
T.J. said on 7/Jun/09
Well Lenad, 6' i think is a little generous for Tom
A strong 5'10.5" maybe 5'11", but I just dont see 6'
Lenad said on 7/Jun/09
Yeah anything over 6ft1 in reality seems extreme for Hanks.
Mathew said on 7/Jun/09
Frank2 says on 6/Jun/09
Hanks is 5'11" or slightly over.

Agreed. He's a strong 5'11", like 181 I'd say.
Frank2 said on 6/Jun/09
Hanks is 5'11" or slightly over.
Lenad said on 6/Jun/09
He sure as hell didnt look 187cm in The Green Mile. More like 181cm
Mathew said on 5/Jun/09
By the way, no disrespect meant by that Hugh, you're entitled to your opinion even if you think he is a strong 6', but I just don't see it. I see a strong 5'11" but that's it. But I won't disrespect your opinion, just disagree with it. Anything in the 6'2" - 6'4" range I think is too high to seriously consider, however.
Mathew said on 5/Jun/09
Priceless is people saying 6'2", 6'4" even. I think the debate is between 5'11" and 6' - not between 6'1" and 6'2".
Lenad said on 5/Jun/09
In Big he looked a solid 5ft11 and could pass for 6ft0
Lenad said on 5/Jun/09
I saw 181-182cm in Big.
TELLEM said on 5/Jun/09
tommy lee jones was no more than 183 cm. did u watch the package with gene hackman having a SOLID 2 INCHES on him? i did. hackman was way past his peak around this time.
James said on 5/Jun/09
Tom Hanks looked barely 6ft in Big.

Tommy Lee Jones at his peak was around 184cm thats why he has an edge on Hanks.

In Catch Me if You can Tom Hanks just looked 6'0, but I do suspect that in Sleepless and Seattle and Road to Perditon that Tom Hanks wore lifts.
Lenad said on 5/Jun/09
Sleepless in Seattle 184-185cm, Philadelphia 183-184cm, The Green Mile 180-181cm, Splash 183-184cm, The Da Vinci Code 182-183cm, Catch me if you can 184-185cm, Forrest Gump 183-184cm, Road to perdition 185-186cm
Hugh 190cm said on 5/Jun/09
That's very funny TELLEM. I don't actually. There are loads of celebs on this site who I think should be listed shorter.
Josh.J said on 4/Jun/09
Click Here

looks 6'0~6'1 with ewan here. maybe has slight heel advantage but still at least a 6ft guy.
TELLEM said on 4/Jun/09
hugh is 190cm. he wants EVERY actor to be around his height.
Hugh 190cm said on 4/Jun/09
You thinking 5ft11 is priceless.
Hugh 190cm said on 4/Jun/09
Sleepless in Seattle 186-187cm, You've got Mail 184-185cm, Big 187cm, Forrest Gump 185cm, Philidelphia 183-184cm, Green Mile, 181-182cm, Road to Perdition 187-188cm, Catch me if you Can 185-186cm, Davinci Code 183cm, Charlie Wilson's War 180cm.

Overall I see Hanks as a strong 6ft guy.
Mathew said on 3/Jun/09
Burtley says on 3/Jun/09
I am doubting 6 ft. Check out when he was on Conan last night (06-02, you can watch on Hulu). In a skit he is sitting in a chair and gets knocked over with his feet up. One shoe flies off and Conan grabs it and holds it in front of him. You can obviously tell that the shoes have huge heels and are probably lifts too. I dare say he is even barely 5' 10". Just my observations.

Yeah I'm not sold on hanks as 6' myself, let alone 6'1". My estimate of him was 180 - 182 cm, or roughly 5'11" +/-. I'd say 5'10" range (even though I think he's a bit more than this) would less surprising to me than 6'1".
Burtley said on 3/Jun/09
I am doubting 6 ft. Check out when he was on Conan last night (06-02, you can watch on Hulu). In a skit he is sitting in a chair and gets knocked over with his feet up. One shoe flies off and Conan grabs it and holds it in front of him. You can obviously tell that the shoes have huge heels and are probably lifts too. I dare say he is even barely 5' 10". Just my observations.
TELLEM said on 1/Jun/09
he was a bit shorter than 6'0 denzel washington in "philedelphia" and was stated as "6'0" in dragnet. and here he looks shorter than 6'0 tommy lee jones: Click Here
Hugh 190cm said on 30/May/09
Looks 6ft0.25 to me. He looked at least 6ft1 in Catch me If You Can. More like 6ft2 (188cm).
James said on 27/May/09
Yeah Lenad David Morse really did own Tom Hanks in terms of height in the Green Mile.
Lenad said on 27/May/09
In the Da Vinci code and Angels and Demons I saw a weak 6'0 (182-183cm) man, in the green mile I see a strong 5'11 (180-181cm) man. He's probably a strong 6ft0 most likely 183-184cm
James said on 25/May/09
Yeah Charlie or 5'11.75 now. At his peak Tom Hanks might have been 6'.25?
Charlie23 said on 24/May/09
Needs to be downgrade in my opinion to 5'11.5 based on A&D movie.
James said on 23/May/09
Guess David Morse is 6'8 lol.
Hugh 190cm said on 22/May/09
6ft4? now that is funny. 6ft-6ft1 is bang on.
James said on 21/May/09
You mean 6'2.5 Matthew?
Mathew said on 21/May/09
Yeah 6'4" is a joke, that puts Kevin Bacon at 6'3".
James said on 20/May/09
6'4? Now thats comedy.
Lenad said on 20/May/09
JJ thinks 6'4? Somebody get this joker off this site!!
James said on 19/May/09
6'1 for Hanks ain't laughable. I reckon he was probably that height in the morning at his peak.
TELLEM said on 19/May/09
tom hanks was described at 6 foot in "dragnet". hes never been more than that, not even 6'1.
Mathew said on 19/May/09
6'1" for Hanks is laughable. That makes Kevin Bacon 6', as Hanks was no more than an inch taller than him.
JJ said on 18/May/09
This entry is just plain wrong. I was on an elevator with Tom once. He is really tall. I wouldn't be surprised if he were 6'4"
Akirum said on 16/May/09
I can't see Tom Hanks anything above 6 feet.
James said on 15/May/09
Tom Hanks is a tallish guy. Don't think he was under 6foot at his peak.
anonymous said on 14/May/09
Tom hanks is really tall. In catch me if you can, he is taller than claimed 6 foot leonardo dicaprio. He is considerably taller than 5 foot 7 catherine zeta jones in the terminal. He is tall in the lady killers. I think he might be 6 foot 1. Any lower than 6 foot is laughable.
James said on 13/May/09
Yeah John thats why 6footers can pull it off, looking that tall.
John said on 13/May/09
Claiming 6'1 and being 6'1 are two different things. Tall shoes, tall hair, being measured in the morning, etc. can all give you that extra inch or two.
James said on 13/May/09
Yeah I agree Hugh it's not like he's a great deal below the 6'1 mark.
Hugh 190cm said on 13/May/09
Can get away with claiming 6ft1.
John said on 10/May/09
I really think Tom is 6' even. I really never took note of his posture though. His posture is definitely not as good as Stalone's (who has the best posture in Hollywood)

Click Here
James said on 10/May/09
Was noticibly a bit shorter than Jonathan Ross on his last appearence on his show.
GUK said on 8/May/09
6ft in shoes no doubt
L said on 5/May/09
I waited on him a few years back and it doesn't seem like he was 6 feet. Maybe 5'11". Maybe.
Bigman said on 29/Apr/09
He was always 6ft. Never 6'1" anon. He can look 5'11" and 6'1" sometimes I agree.
Anonymous said on 29/Apr/09
6ft0.75 prime.
anon said on 27/Apr/09
6'1 prime, 6' today.
Lenad said on 26/Apr/09
5ft11ish with bad posture. How do I know? Well my dad is a solid 6'2 and he can look 6ft1ish when he stoops. Its the same with Tom Hanks. The guy can look more 5'11 because of bad posture but he is most likely a solid 6ft0
Mathew said on 24/Apr/09
181 cm is about it for Tom Hanks, Colin Hanks is the one who is 6-1.
Lenad said on 20/Apr/09
6'1 is possible for Hanks but anything more is out of the question. Most likely a strong 6ft0 183-184cm.
Hugh 190cm said on 13/Apr/09
I think he could be 184cm on a good day.
Hugh 190cm said on 10/Apr/09
183cm at the lowest. 184cm or maybe even 185cm prime. I don't buy anything lower than 6ft for this guy.
Clyde said on 9/Apr/09
Tom Hanks is 181 cm and has never been over 182 cm.
Lenad said on 8/Apr/09
Never been shorter than 5'11.5. Never taller than 6'1 either.
Ian said on 5/Apr/09
Those that don't think you can lose height by your 50's. I heard of a soldier in the British army that was measured at 18 years old and by 38 he had lost 6 inches in height. Must be all that heavy weight they have to carry. Read it in the papers anyway - so it must be true. lol.
Anonymous said on 3/Apr/09
looks more 5'11 in the green mile
Hugh 190cm said on 30/Mar/09
183-184cm range without a doubt.
TELLEM said on 22/Mar/09
in the movie "dragnet" he was described as 6' hes either 6'0, or a tad bit less. i'll just go wif 6'0.
RisingForce said on 20/Mar/09
I agree Tellem, I think too many people assume celebs ahve shrunk. I only assume that if they appear visibly smaller like Arnold, Clint Eastwood, Brian Dennehy. Of course there are examples that aren't quite that obvious like Harrison Ford and Jackie Chan, but still it has to be a visible height loss for me to think they're shorter now. Some people in their 60's don't shrink. For example Stallone if anything looks taller now. Chuck Norris is almost 70 and still seems the same height. Frank2 also stated that he was the same height in his 60's that he was in his 20's.
glenn said on 18/Mar/09
can give a 5-11 impression,even in front of me.but he is indeed 6ft.
TELLEM said on 18/Mar/09
just because hes in his early 50's doesn't exactly meen hes lost height...maybe if he was in his early 60s, then ok
Shane said on 18/Mar/09
Worked on Joe vs the Volcano with him barefoot, definitely six foot
miko said on 12/Mar/09
Wouldn't be suprised if he's lost 1/2 inch, he is in his early 50's now.
Ian said on 11/Mar/09
Tom Hanks is looking 5ft10 these days.
mcfan said on 6/Mar/09
In Dragnet he is 6ft as described by Aykroyd. I thought he was 1.5 inches shorter than Aykroyd in it. I do see him at times appear taller, but I think this is good posture and high shoulders...possibly lifts.
\_-_-_-Hugh-_-_-_/ said on 5/Mar/09
yoyo you are stupid. Hanks was at least 6ft in his prime and most likely taller. He looked close to 6ft2 at times even.
yoyo said on 2/Mar/09
tom hanks is no way 6ft. he always apear less than 6ft. his 5ft11.5 at peak. 5ft11.25(181cm) now.
mcfan said on 24/Feb/09
Next to 5'11.5 Bill Monaghan:

Click Here

with Harrison Ford:

Click Here
mcfan said on 22/Feb/09
Click Here
-_-_-(Hugh)-_-_-/ said on 22/Feb/09
Leo is almost 6ft. 5ft11.75. Hanks did look a good inch taller than him in Catch me if you Can. I'd say a weak 6ft1. Prime anyway.
mcfan said on 21/Feb/09
Great posture, high shoulders. I think he is only 5'11.5. He gives the impression of someone taller due to his great posture and high shoulders. Dan Aykroyd was 1.5 inches taller than him in Dragnet. But then some people claim Dan is taller than 6'1 which I don't agree with.
marioo said on 13/Feb/09
he was taller than 6'di caprio in catch me if you can
Hugh said on 2/Feb/09
177cm! Absurd. Willis is at least 6ft.
jo said on 31/Jan/09
Sorry rising force,I met bruce willis in paris and he is about 177
Hugh said on 27/Jan/09
Sorry I meant Hanks claimed 6ft1.
Lenad said on 27/Jan/09
Hugh, I thought Travolta claimed 6foot.
Hugh said on 23/Jan/09
I'm assuming he'd claim 5ft11. Most 6ft guys like Hanks claim to be taller. Denzel Washington claims 6ft1, Nicholas Cage claims 6ft1, Travolta claims 6ft2 and Willis claims 6ft1.
Hugh said on 22/Jan/09
I'd say he claims 6ft1.
Hugh said on 17/Jan/09
I'd say 184cm is about right.
Lenad said on 17/Jan/09
I'd guess a strong 182cm or maybe a bit more. He doesnt seem over 6'1 and no less than 5'11.5 so Hanks is most likely a 6footer. I also dont think he lost any height. Hes filled out a bit which might give the illusion.
Hugh said on 16/Jan/09
Sorry James, but I cannot picture Hanks being under 6ft. Even Nowadays. Sure he can look 5ft11ish in some movies due to say posture. But overall he looks like a solid 6ft guy.
Mister Lennon said on 16/Jan/09
around 6ft.
Hugh said on 16/Jan/09
Hanks is still 6ft I think. I'd say 6ft now and 6ft0.5 at peak. Or he might still be 184cm.
Lenad said on 15/Jan/09
I can buy 6'1 for Hanks. No more though.
Hugh said on 13/Jan/09
No, I think Hanks is taller than Willis but not by much. Washington and Hanks are around the same height. Perhaps Washington can look a bit taller. But I remeber in Philadelphia in some scenes Hanks looked a shade taller than Denzel.
Lenad said on 12/Jan/09
You know on closer inspection Washington looked a tiny bit taller.
RisingForce said on 10/Jan/09
Anonymous says on 1/Jan/09
shorter than bruce willis (5'11.5")

That's a perfect example of why the five eleven stuff for Bruce is wrong. Hanks is about six feet and Bruce is over six feet.
Lenad said on 9/Jan/09
Maybe he is closer to 6'1. He looked pretty much the same as Denzel Washington in Philadelphia.
Joe257 said on 7/Jan/09
He looked tall in Forrest Gump, about 6'1" I would say. So 6 feet is reasonable.
Lenad said on 7/Jan/09
6'2 is BS but yes so is 5'11.
Lenad said on 6/Jan/09
He never looks 6ft2 ever.
Anonymous said on 1/Jan/09
shorter than bruce willis (5'11.5")
anonymous said on 30/Dec/08
He looked really tall next to 6 foot leonardo dicaprio. 6 foot and it was camera effects.
Hugh said on 28/Dec/08
6ft1 sightings for this guy are frequent enough. 6ft2 is even more frequent.
Hugh said on 21/Dec/08
I'm sticking to strong 6ft. Sure he can give a 5ft11-6ft illusion.
Hugh said on 15/Dec/08
I don't 181cm is Tom's height. a good 6ft for this guy. No less.
anonymous said on 13/Dec/08
I would say that tom hanks is around 5' 11". Some people don't realize that 5'11" is not short....thats just slightly under 6' that why he doesn't appear to be short because he is slightly above average height. Even if he were 5'10"...thats still not short considering adding another inch for there you go again with shoes 5'11 or 5'11 1/2....mystery solved.
Tony said on 7/Dec/08
lowest is 183cm Click Here

freeze that video at 34 seconds him and Ross are the exact height
same shoulder line ups and head measurements

I admit the camera angle has changed during that video before they are seated and infact could be illusion with the angle and the camera
but interesting none the less
DMEYER said on 7/Dec/08
frank said than hanks looked 5 ft 11.5 but possibly 6 ft
Hugh said on 5/Dec/08
I can see the lowest being 183cm. He just can't be under 6ft. 6ft0.5 is probably closer to the truth. He's a reasonably tall guy.
Lenad said on 4/Dec/08
So Frank2 witnessed Hanks at not quite 6feet. In addition I can see 185cm at the highest and 182cm at the lowest. He seems a legit 6 footer unlike most people who get listed at that.
Lenad said on 2/Dec/08
Didnt Frank2 witness Hanks at 5ft11ish?
Hugh said on 1/Dec/08
Actually he looks quite close in height to his son.
Hugh said on 30/Nov/08
I wouldn't go lower than 6ft. Always looks at least 6ft to me. Next to Michael Clarke he looked short but that guy would make anyone look small.
Hugh said on 30/Nov/08
6ft1 maybe at his peak. Who ever said he was 187cm though?
Lenad said on 30/Nov/08
Yeah he looks taller than average so a solid 6foot if not a little more. I wouldnt go as high as 187cm though.
DMEYER said on 29/Nov/08
i worked with hanks for 3 weeks he didnt seem over 6 ft not under either no more than 184 cm peak
Hugh said on 28/Nov/08
I certainly saw 6ft1 back 20 years ago. Actually he did look quite tall in Saving Private Ryan.
Hugh said on 25/Nov/08
I could possibly give Hanks a weak 6ft1 as his peak. And a strong 6ft nowadays.
anonymous said on 22/Nov/08
In catch me if u can, he was about an inch taller than leonardo dicaprio. He's 6 foot.
Hugh said on 7/Nov/08
Craig is actually between 5ft10 and 5ft11. Bond Tailors measurement.
Greg said on 5/Nov/08
Did someone see his photo with Daniel Craig?? Craig is 5
thekiddd said on 30/Oct/08
6'1" he can pass for even though he is 6'. 6'2" he could never pass for at anytime in his life.
Lori said on 29/Oct/08
My husband met and spoke to Tom at a neighborhood BBQ back in 2002, and he thought Tom was closer to 6'2". My husband is a solid 6'4", and I have to say, Tom did look quite tall standing next to my husband. And I'm pretty sure he had on sneakers.
Milosh said on 25/Oct/08
I'd say this is about right. He was like an inch taller than 5'11" Adam Goldberg in Saving Private Ryan.
Hugh said on 22/Oct/08
I think he could be. He's not below 6ft.
Hugh said on 20/Oct/08
Who Beatty or Hanks?
Hugh said on 17/Oct/08
Beatty still looks a solid 6ft2. I think Hanks is no less than 6ft0.5.
thekiddd said on 16/Oct/08
Yeah. His wife once said he was 6'2" but she doesn't know Jack Squat!
TELLEM said on 6/Oct/08
i hear beatty is not 6'2 anymore...he could be 6'1...rob has him right at 6'0
Vegas said on 6/Oct/08
his tussauds waxwork is no more than 6ft in shoes (and thats me being generous)
George H. said on 6/Oct/08
There was an even better picture on this page already Click Here
George H. said on 6/Oct/08
6'2"? Don't think so. Borrowing pictures from the Warren Beatty page, here's Hanks in 2007 next to 6'2" Beatty Click Here
thekiddd said on 5/Oct/08
I said not to me. I didn't say you were wrong. And he looks about 6 on Road To Perdition to me.
thekiddd said on 3/Oct/08
He Never Looks 6'2" IMO.
Hugh said on 30/Sep/08
In Green Mile he looked more 5ft11ish. In the Road to Perdition and in Sleepless in Seattle however he looked closer to 6ft2!
The Horse of FUNK said on 27/Sep/08
Despite Dmeyer's goobly gock language, he's usually one of the more accurate members on this site. I agree with Dmeyer--Hanks generally looks 6'0" - 6'.05", even occasionally 6'1". He's definitely 6', that's for sure, and I'm willing to bet he's probably more like 184cm and just generally has relaxed posture.
Hugh said on 26/Sep/08
I think anything under 6ft is laughable.
Hugh said on 21/Sep/08
I think Hanks is at least 6ft.
Alex said on 20/Sep/08
5'11-6'1 is one of those pretty tough ranges to tell on TV. They can be in that range and you can't be sure which height they are. Tom was never 6'1 but I think legit 6'0 at his peak. Today I could agree on 5'11 though.
Hugh said on 15/Sep/08
I really don't know. One of Viper's stupid insults I guess.
Hugh said on 13/Sep/08
Rob, can you please get rid of Viper. Everytime I post a comment he keeps insulting me for no reason. He keeps saying I'm a Parody poster and that I'm 'really stupid'. ...
Gonzalo said on 11/Sep/08
Where is Dmeyer? Has he left the site?

[Editor Rob: he posted a comment quite recently.]
Anonymous said on 27/Aug/08
My dad is six feet and I'm 5' 10". That pisses me off something awful. I think six footers look average height half the time and tall the other half.
dits said on 13/Jul/08
david morse is 6'4" barefoot and tends to wear thick boots more than hanks does.
thekiddd said on 29/Jun/08
He looked tiny in Green Mile ext to David Morse like 5'10". I always thought he was about 5'11" but I think 6 feet is fine for him.
brotha said on 21/Jun/08
Just watched a league of their own. Hanks looks to appear the same height of Davis. Some shots in the film are misleading and appear to make Davis taller, but it really isn't the case.
dmeyer said on 20/Jun/08
most of the time hanks look 6 ft to 6 ft 0.5 in one time he pulled of 6 ft 1.5 in in road to perdition he defenetly had lifts he made tucci look 5 ft 4
daii said on 17/Jun/08
he looks quite tall in forrest gump and the green mile (obviosly not compared to john coffee) but id say Tom is 5'11.5 to 6'0.5

so about 6 feet tall!
Hugh said on 16/Jun/08
Okay, 6ft1/6ft2 illusion. But 6ft0.5 is a possibility.
dmeyer said on 11/Jun/08
i met hanks he was 48 years old so very well could have lost 0.5 to 1 cm and he looked 183 solid or 184 so peak height minimum 6 ft to 6 ft 0.5 in so at early 50s might 5 ft 11.75 ro 6 ft flat
dmeyer said on 11/Jun/08
that actor is nuts i met hanks in low cut shoes at the very shortest he is 5 ft 11.75 and more likely 6 ft 0.25
Jake Is Back said on 7/Jun/08
Hanks at 6'2" is more laughable than Hanks at 5'11". I really disagree with over 6', thats the most I see him at.
Hugh said on 7/Jun/08
Candy was 6ft2-6ft3 so that makes Hanks and Washington 6ft1-6ft2.
Lenad said on 6/Jun/08
He is about the same height as Denzel Washington and a little bit shorter than John Candy but I'll just have to say that the 5'11 guy who claimed Hanks is shorter is an Idiot unless Washington and Candy are lift wearers.
glenn said on 6/Jun/08
there is no way he is under 6ft is correct.and could be 6-1 is also possible.
Hugh said on 5/Jun/08
Anything below 6ft is ridiculous for Hank. His son Colin is barely taller than him. Hanks is 6ft1 at least.
Anonymous said on 31/May/08
I've always perceived him as a regular (as in somewhere in the 'average' spectrum )height guy. He sure as hell isn't 5' 10" or 6ft +.
Lenad said on 28/May/08
Now in his early movies, he usually looked 5'11 at best but he has looked 6'1 today, but the 5'11 guy said Hanks is shorter than him. Therefore it makes sennse if Tom wears lifts, making him really 5'10-5'11 like he looked in his early films. There is no way he is 6'1 or close to it.
thekiddd said on 27/May/08
Nah. He was always 6 feet flat. I don't think he's quite reached the age of shrinkage. He can pass for 5'11" but 6' looks like his height back then and today.
Arnie said on 21/May/08
Who is ever 6' on the mark 6' on the exact cm anyway, Tom might very well be 5'11.80
Jake Is Back said on 10/May/08
Well, never met him but he really does look more 5'11" than 6' half the time.
James W. said on 9/May/08
I thought Hanks looked the same height as Davis. He's an easy sixfooter.
Danimal said on 21/Apr/08
Jake Is Back says on 17/Apr/08
Danimal says on 15/Apr/08
In a League of Their Own, Geena Davis, who is 6'1", had a couple couple of inches on Tom. I think Tom is about 5'11".

Really, Geena Davis was noticeablytaller than Hanks? She's lsted as 6' here.

She was 6'1" 20 years ago. She was about 3" shorter than 6'4" Chevy Chase in Fletch in 1984.

YES, Hanks was 1-2" shorter than Geena in 1989.
rome said on 20/Apr/08
he looks 184m for me
thekiddd said on 20/Apr/08
He did look kinda small in green mile.
Jake Is Back said on 17/Apr/08
Danimal says on 15/Apr/08
In a League of Their Own, Geena Davis, who is 6'1", had a couple couple of inches on Tom. I think Tom is about 5'11".

Really, Geena Davis was noticeablytaller than Hanks? She's lsted as 6' here.
Danimal said on 15/Apr/08
In a League of Their Own, Geena Davis, who is 6'1", had a couple couple of inches on Tom. I think Tom is about 5'11".
Hugh said on 11/Apr/08
186cm morning, 185cm afternoon, 184cm night.
Hugh said on 11/Apr/08
Is no less than 6ft. That's for sure. 187ish at Leicester Square a few years ago.
glenn said on 4/Mar/08
i totally agree leung that he could look 6-1 at times.
Leung said on 3/Mar/08
Hanks was only slightly shorter than John Candy in Splash. In his earlier movies Hanks often look close to 6

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