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Peak: 6ft 0.1in (183.1cm)
Current: 5ft 11.43in (181.4cm)
Anonymous said on 3/Mar/08
If thats true, Laurence Fishburne is taller than 6'.
Click Here
In comparrison to Bacon he has more height over him than Hanks does.
glenn said on 3/Mar/08
bacon is 5-11.hanks is 6ft.
Jake Is Back said on 2/Mar/08
Hanks is also 1" taller than Kevin Bacon, how ever tall he is.
Jake Is Back said on 2/Mar/08
I found two other pics of him and monahan, one of which monaha was bending down the other of which was pretty much a thumbnail (I'll give you that it loked like hanks was taller in the tiny pic). Go to Denzel's page, I recall recently see people thought he looked 1" - 1.5" taller than Hanks. Since I'll probably never meet him I won't get to form my own definant oppinion but I do tend to feel he'd be shorter than most celebs listed at 6' here (except 50 cent among a couple others).
dmeyer said on 29/Feb/08
look at other pics he look a full in over monahan look at pics were hanks look 3 cm taller than dicaprio who is 5 ft 11.5 looks very similar height with denzel in some pic1 cm taller in some pics 1 cm shorter angle posture anyway ,hanks being 2 in taller than sinise is bs looks more like 3.5 in also i dont need any proof hanks looked solid 6 footer when i met him i worked on a movie for 11 days with tom hanks he had low cut 1.25 in shoes he is a solid 6 footer is has very good posture wish make me understand whi he looks taller sometimes might have been 184 cm as a young men
Jake Is Back said on 28/Feb/08
Denzel link "take 2": Click Here
Jake Is Back said on 28/Feb/08
Tom Hanks was always 5'11" to me.
6ft denzel Click Here
5'11.5" monahan Click Here
5'7.5" spielberg Click Here
steven said on 26/Feb/08
Tom is 5'10" I met him
Anonymous said on 23/Feb/08
six feet; interesting :] why do people call him short though?
Kid-Icarus said on 6/Feb/08
You know I do think 6ft but next to Gary Sinise in Forrest Gump. He looked only about 2 inches taller. Maybe 5'11 3/4"
Name said on 28/Jan/08
Dmeyer, you might want to put a comma after 6 foot 3 years ago. It's sort of confusing otherwise.
SABELLA said on 27/Jan/08
i think he was a solid 6ft1 at his peak height
dmeyer said on 21/Jan/08
rob he migh have lost 1 cm since he looked about 6' to 6'0.5 in the movie charlie and he had big cowboy boots and he didnt apear 6'1 in them maybe 6'0.25 peak 6 ft 3 years ago and 5'11.75 now 1 cm loss at early 50s is very normal
dmeyer said on 17/Jan/08
rob how tall was peak height for hanks 6'0.25 or was he alwais 6 ft

[Editor Rob: 6ft - 6ft 0.25 is safe range.]
Viper said on 7/Jan/08
Tom has always looked 5-11 to me.
dmeyer said on 6/Jan/08
tom hanks looks consistanly 6 ft in pics sometimes 6'1 with good posture unlike travolta and willis ,who can look 6 ft but then look 5'11 in many pics
derek said on 6/Jan/08
hanks 5'11 is just plain stupid.... He almost always looks 6'1 and every now and now and then looks 6' in movies and photos.... I think this may explain why he probably is 6'0.5. Or maybe he used to be and now has shrunk to 6 ft.
Anonymous said on 4/Jan/08
Usually gets listed from 5-11 to 6-1, did read an interview with Tom, where he was described as being 6-2
Anonymous said on 2/Jan/08
To me Tom only looks about 5-11 in his new movie! very strange!
Gonzalo said on 2/Jan/08
Bruce Dern was 1`85 at his peak. And he said that to Glenn.
Bleemo said on 31/Dec/07
Weird I had always pegged Hanks as a six footer but i just got done watching the Burbs and he was clearly atleast an inch if not more shorter then 6' Bruce Dern.
dmeyer said on 25/Dec/07
1 cm loss in early 50s is very normal ,it is also possible he lost nothing yet
dmeyer said on 25/Dec/07
glenn did you see hanks at 6 ft
glenn said on 22/Dec/07
saw him for the first time last week.rob has him good.6ft.who knows,maybe he was taller once or with the right posture.
Northener said on 21/Dec/07
I would say 6'0" to 6'1" is about right. I met Tom Hanks when I was in the Navy. He and Spielberg visited the ship I was stationed on when we stopped in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I'm 6'1", and he seemed just a bit taller than me. Could have been the shoes, but regardless he is a pretty big guy... stocky is a good description. Nice guy, too... really appreciates the military folks. This was around 1999.
dmeyer said on 12/Dec/07
KFC. said on 9/Dec/07
i'd say 6'0- 6'1 :P
Chris said on 7/Dec/07
I think Tom is nearer 5'11''.
dmeyer said on 6/Dec/07
tom hanks looks no more than 1.5 to 1.75 in taller than matt damon so damon 5'10 hanks 6 ft
Chris said on 5/Dec/07
In this clip with Tom Hanks and the Roxbury Guys Tom is 6 feet with shoes. They are in front of a heightchart, play forward to 3.15
Click Here
the shredder said on 30/Nov/07
Dmeyer , were you the bad guy on Scream 3 ?
Gonzalo said on 30/Nov/07
Interesting, Dmeyer. Merci pour ta r
dmeyer said on 29/Nov/07
hanks is nice enaugh but he dosnt talk mush ,he did seem a bit taller than me ,zeta is pretty indeed but i thaught she was darker ,she is very pale ,but she is mush skinier too ,but shoe is defenetly a pretty woman
Gonzalo said on 29/Nov/07
He is carrying that bag and that makes him look shorter than you. But if you hadn
dmeyer said on 28/Nov/07
even thaugh he is sloushing you can tell he want be that mush taller than me , even thaugh he looses 1.5 to 2 in with that sloush it means he would be max 1 in taller
dmeyer said on 28/Nov/07
14 hours, maybe 40 takes ,because they needed many angles

[Editor Rob: that's a lot, you must have got bored with that same book in your hand!]
dmeyer said on 27/Nov/07
it will be interseting , if someone has a pictue of sly and hanks
dmeyer said on 27/Nov/07
i forgot to write paul thats why
dmeyer said on 27/Nov/07
i just send them back to you ,you should get them
dmeyer said on 27/Nov/07
i just send you 2 pics of terminal , it is a shame hanks dosnt stand well

[Editor Rob: hmm, never got them. There's no spaces, just

try it again if you want...]
dmeyer said on 26/Nov/07
hey rob is you email

[Editor Rob: robpaul @ gmail . com]
dmeyer said on 23/Nov/07
hey rob how many percent of men are 6 ft tall,if 5'9.5 to 5'10.25 is average does it mean that 50 percent of people are that height
KingNick said on 22/Nov/07
Check this out at about 3:20 Click Here this is when he was on SNL. At the 3:20 mark, he's standing in front of a height chart, he's 6' in his shoes. Now if the chart is accurate or not I have no idea but it is interesting. If it's accurate, I actually think he may be 5'10" or 5'11" and Will Ferrel maybe 6'2"??
Kid-Icarus said on 20/Nov/07
He can look short some of the time. He looked way shorter than David Morse in Green Mile but Morse could have been wearing lifts. But 6'2" is out of the question for Hanks. He could pass for 6'1" but I agree with the editor. 6 feet exact.
riaz said on 17/Nov/07
lebensdorf.. if 6 feet aint tall... then what is it Short??? dont give your personal judgement on everything.... 6ft is an international standardized height... Grow 6ft tall first & then blab all you want!!!
Lebensdorf said on 14/Nov/07
I never thought of Hanks as a tall man, but I suppose one would have to be at least 6'2'' to be considered tall from any angle. We consider 6 feet to be tall, but I
dmeyer said on 19/Oct/07
hanks is a solid 6 ft in some pics can look 6'1 with good posture wish is easy since at 5'11 ican look 6'0.5 alot in pics but i have reson to believe that hank wore lifts in road to perdition he literaly toward 178 craig and 172 tucci like they were 5'5
dmeyer said on 16/Oct/07
could have been a smidge over 6' at peak when i met him he was 49 and still looked legit 6'0 in late 40s there is a chance of 0.25 to 0.4 in loss 0.5 to 1 cm might have been 184 peak 6'0.25 and now 6'0
Alonso said on 16/Oct/07
Annie - Why so much pride, if your gonna'(yes, gonna') die some day? And most probably go to to hell afterwards.
Remember what Christ said, "...Pero yo les digo que cualquiera que se enoje contra su hermano, ser
Marcelo C. said on 5/Oct/07
Hey You, all boys and girls trying to post your opinions, please be careful and don´t make any mistakes when writing, ´cause Annie "Shakespeare" will be correcting you (as she said on Sep. 3rd.. Regarding Hanks, I think 6´ fits him.
Valeri said on 3/Oct/07
Id say 6ft peak and still close to it.
dmeyer said on 25/Sep/07
i met hanks a few times he is aleast 5'11.75 and max 6'0.5 in
tom said on 24/Sep/07
Annie, you're vantage point of how height influences others is totally scewed. you've obviously always gone through life as an extremely tall person and i doubt that your ego in areas such as spelling (no way that's the only area) hasn't been influenced by your own perceived stature both mentally and physically. I really don't think someone with your absurred excess in inches needs to be wasting her time on this website. Why mention you're height in the middle of your post unless to brag about it? maybe you're comparing yourself to Hanks in that "like him, i've shrunk", but you are in a completly different height zone for a woman then he is a man. Honestly, women of this height can be very arrogant and obnoxious. However if i misconstrued your tone and sentiment i apologize.
Franco said on 9/Sep/07
definetely doesnt look 6'0 at all today, he lost something and it shows clearly if you pay attention.

181cm at most today.
Annie said on 3/Sep/07
Please...those of you learning English, use a dictionary to spell correctly. Comments are fun and interesting, but I speak Spanish and French and would never post in another language unless I'd checked my spelling. I'm a language teacher so I know the value of reinforcing. Tom Hanks rules, no matter his height. I started out at 6' and am now 5'11" female...talent has no limit nor boundry of "average" or "tall".
MOF said on 28/Aug/07
I'm not sure if wax statues are 100% accurate when it comes to height, but I got to stand next to a wax statue of Tom Hanks and next to me he wasn't anything more than 181cm. The statue had dress shoes very similar to my own...
Alex said on 25/Aug/07
May very well have been a 6'0 guy back then. Looking more 5'11 today.
James said on 17/Aug/07
In the above comments I found it interesting when one actor of the Green Mile who is 5ft11 claims he is taller than Hanks. I mean why would he lie who knows Tom Hanks could where lifts?
James said on 16/Aug/07
dmeyer i dont understand how Tom Hanks looked the same heigt as 6ft2 Jean Reno unless 2 inches isnt that much?
dmeyer said on 15/Aug/07
184 is possible but like 6'0.25 i dont think he is 6'0.5
dmeyer said on 15/Aug/07
i agree with rob hanks and denzel are the same height 6 ft
J-Dog said on 15/Aug/07
Here he looks like a very weak 6'1" near Denzel Washington.

Click Here

This is how he looked in person.
J-Dog said on 15/Aug/07
Tom was in the store I work at in Soho a few days ago, the guy easily looked 6 feet, maybe a tad above it when he walked by, I wish I could have gotten more time to gauge but he appears fairly tall actually.

I would have to say 6'0.5", seemed above 6 foot.
priscilla said on 8/Aug/07
yeah he looks that tall. other times he seems 5'10. i mean, why do we really care. he's a great actor anyways.
James said on 4/Aug/07
In Philidelphia that was one of the few films that Tom Hanks actually looked around 5ft11 to 6ft. In other films such as Sleepless in Seatle Hanks gave me the impression of 6ft2 that is with the help of his high frizzey hair and slightly heeled shoes. Tom Hanks most of the time looks over 6ft in his movies. Although that said 6ft4 David Morse did make him look quite short in the Green Mile.
dmeyer said on 31/Jul/07
hanks can look 3 cm on dicaprio
dmeyer said on 26/Jul/07
if ton hanks is 6 ft and spielberg 5'7.5 then it means there is 4.5 in betwwen them there is for sure no more i met both steven is no less than 5'7.5 wish is flirting with 172
dmeyer said on 24/Jul/07
hanks seems a solid 6 footer and seem to have lost nothing at 50 years old hey rob is it possible to not even loose 0.25 in at 50 he has done pretty good
thekiddd said on 24/Jul/07
No 185 cm is not average height but it really isn't that rare to see someone that tall. even 6'4" isn't that rare but 6'5" or more is rare.
Lewis said on 23/Jul/07
I would like to know what is the James Lipton height. I found a pic of him on the side of Tom Hanks (which is 6ft). Click Here
leonari said on 12/Jul/07
Steevn: Nice...of course you figured it all out. 6'1 is soooooooooooooo averagely tall...
Where do you live man? Danmark?? Montenegro? IF NOT TAKE YOUR CRAP somewhere else cause 185 cm for sure ain't average wise ass.
Viper said on 12/Jul/07
Hanks has a short looking body If hes truly between 6-0 and 6-1.
dmeyer said on 12/Jul/07
he didnt seem as tall as 6'1 that means 2 in on me more like 1 in
Steevn said on 12/Jul/07
The actor/extra who said "I'm 5'11" and I am taller than he is. It was very surprising" is full of it, clearly. Hanks is easy, they never use any tricks with his height since he´s just so very averagely tall. He´s clearly 6'0" to 6'1".
17,181 said on 10/Jul/07
tim allen looked 5'10.5 next to him so no way is this guy a weak 6'1 as you say.Hanks had great posture too with allen as did he.
Martin said on 9/Jul/07
Looks taller than 6' actually. I always thought he was 6'1".
dmeyer said on 9/Jul/07
in the morning 185 cm for hanks
Sam said on 3/Jul/07
I think he's a little taller. a weak 6'1. 6'0.75 sounds accurate
dmeyer said on 22/Jun/07
he does look 3 in under fareel but whi dose he look only 1 in shorter than 188 reno maybe he weard 0.75 in lifts for davince to be nearly 6'1
bam said on 22/Jun/07
i'm reposting this
From USA today
But the apparatus used to simulate the moon's 1/6th gravity on soundstages was physically grueling to use and, at 6-foot-1, he's an inch too tall for optimum astronaut height.
I think hanks could be close to the 6'1 mark.
Also just recently, dicaprio has been upgraded to 5'11.75. If dicaprio is 5'11.75, hanks has .75 inches on that. So he is 6'0.5 minimum.
radio_man said on 22/Jun/07
I think he's 6'0
James said on 12/Jun/07
He used to get listed as 6ft1
Jackie said on 8/Jun/07
I never noticed or studied Tom Hanks' height until recently, when I saw him in movies or photos with people and looking considerably taller than them, much to my surprise. So I have made a collage of Tom with several male celebrities, whose heights are also discussed on this website.
Click Here
dmeyer said on 1/Jun/07
hanks is about 6 ft he dose look 6'1 in many pics i worked on terminal for 6 weeks i thaught he was 6'0.5 in but i thaught i was 6 ft when i am 5'11 so 6 ft seems right for him
Anonymous said on 31/May/07
I doubt he's lost any height. I've always thought he was 6-6'1 from movies. I trust dmeyer though and he says 6'...
dmeyer said on 30/May/07
183 cm seems fine for hanks but i think he could have been 6'0.25 to 6'0.5 in his 20s since he is about 50 now or maybe he lost nothing since he is in good shape
Viper said on 30/May/07
Thats funny as hell dmeyer.
dmeyer said on 30/May/07
people cant tell height i work at a restaurent the chef is a solid 6 footer like before bed and he is shoked that i am 5'11 he says no way you are 6'2 it is my first guy that think 6'2 also i wear 1 in shoes at the restaurent
dmeyer said on 30/May/07
monahan must be 186 cm if not hanks is 5'10.75 but i met hanks i doubt he is under 6 ft
Del Mar said on 29/May/07
That roxbury link could support my pic with the doll of his on 22/3, but every other pic I see of Hanks show him as a tall man, at least lookin 6-1 with other celebs
Drew said on 22/May/07
Next to 182cm William MonahanClick Here

I think he could be 5'11". Perhaps 181 or 182cm when he was younger.
Drew said on 22/May/07
Rob, in that video he looks only six feet (with shoes). I think he could very well be 181 or 182cm.
dmeyer said on 18/May/07
he does look 3 in shorter than ferrel who is no more than 6'3 since i met him he looked 6'3 but he is a hair shorter than borat
dmeyer said on 18/May/07
after looking at that defenetly not over 6 ft he looks 6 ft in shoes but the posture aint good so max 6'1 in shoes possibly 6'0.75 if we are talking in shoes sometimes on terminal i had 1.4 in heels so 6'0.4 in in shoes like 184 cm he was aleast 6 ft 1 in shoes posssibly 6'1.25 in in shoes but he had 3 cm heels so 186 cm _minus 3 is 183 cm also i had 0.4 to 0.5 in shoes when i met leo so 181.4 to 181.6 in shoes he seemed an in bigger max so 6'0.5 in shoes minus 1.1 in heels thats 181.6 to 182 cm thats whi i think he is no mre than 6 ft for leo
dmeyer said on 17/May/07
you got to put hanks back to 6'0.25 since he is an easy 1.27 cm on leo
dmeyer said on 13/May/07
i met hanks a few times i believe he is a solid 6 footer but barry shabakka heiley who claim 6'2 who plays a airport security in terminal looks aleast 1.5 to 2 in on hanks and batrry is 6'1 no more possibly a weak 186 cm since he was no more than 2 in on me by that mark hanks is 183 cm max also beatty is about 6'1 nowadays so hanks is 6 ft no more but that mark leo is aleast 1 cm shorter hanks can be daescribe as 6'1 to 6'1 since at 5'11 i get describe at 6'1 and hanks is about 6 foot
Shane said on 22/Apr/07
Tom Hanks is a definate 6'0" minimum. My brother and I worked with him barefoot everyday for two months. He is probably more like 6'1" but in person is a pretty humble guy and would be more likely to go conservative rather then exagerrate issues like height.
James said on 11/Apr/07
I have heard loads of rumors that Tom Hanks is below 6feet although judging from watching him in various films and photos I think he is probably on this mark if not more than this stated height. Although I did notice when watching saving private ryan in one particualr scene both Damon (5ft10) and Hanks looked in a very similar height range and there wasnt any suspicous footwear used either?
Yadiry said on 10/Apr/07
your my favorite actor and i love you!!!
Aaron said on 5/Apr/07
anonymous, in movies directors often have shorter actors like damon stand on boxes or raised platforms when talking to taller actors such as 6'2 affleck to downplay the size diffence.
bam said on 26/Mar/07
From USA today
But the apparatus used to simulate the moon's 1/6th gravity on soundstages was physically grueling to use and, at 6-foot-1, he's an inch too tall for optimum astronaut height.
anonymous said on 25/Mar/07
Matt Damon definetely wears lifts. At times, he only looked 2 inches shorter than 6`2 ben affleck.
bam said on 24/Mar/07
From the tassaud pics on the brad pitt page, and my personal examination of madame tassaud's collections, The George Bush waxwork is TALLER than the Tom Hanks waxwork. This is a major contradiction. Its very odd, because there is no true motive to make waxwork look shorter than the actual person. They measure most celebrities extremely meticulously but not all in which case they have to carefully estimate.Tom Hanks is probably not 5'10. In pics he may easily look it, but he is legitimately taller in this pic than bush, who is at least 5'11. Also when u see the tassaud waxwork, look at how short his arms look. This is inconsistent with the real Tom Hanks.
Click Here
Del Mar said on 22/Mar/07
5-10 or 5-10.5 wax figure of Hanks: Click Here
As Viper says this should be taken with a big grain of salt, and no to be compared to real life Hanks.
Anonymous said on 21/Mar/07
Dmeyer, do you mean Matt Damon? He looks about 5'10-5'9.5 in "Talented Mr. Ripley".
dmeyer said on 16/Mar/07
after looking at getty images hanks and damon looks only 1.5 in shorter than hanks 2 in tops so no more than 6 for damon i thaught hanks would have look taller near him
dmeyer said on 12/Mar/07
i think it might be possible to judge within 0.5 in like hanks is 6'0 to 6'0.5
glenn said on 22/Feb/07
and these guy do from morning till night.i do nights only.i miss choice.i have a life outside of,friends,girls etc.
glenn said on 21/Feb/07
im not out there like these other losers 24/7 for years.i did take a couple years off here and there.
Viper said on 21/Feb/07
Glenn, it seems really odd that you have never seen Hanks before. Hes a huge star.
Jake W. said on 19/Feb/07
I think he's under 6'0".
dmeyer said on 18/Feb/07
hanks is over 5'11 and under 6'1 so thats pretty mush 6 ft on terminal he looked between 182 and weeks 184 so 183 seems right
glenn said on 18/Feb/07
missed this guy by minutes twice in one night.unreal bad luck last week.never saw him in my life.
derek said on 17/Feb/07
He has looked 6'1 in almost every single movie he has made... I don't why people are always trying to downgrade celebs like him... There is no way he is 5 '11, he looks atleast a inch or two taller next to all 5'11 celebs in the pictures that I have seen posted here.... He's not a short man by any means.
dmeyer said on 5/Feb/07
hanks can look 1.5 inches taller than leo but leo dosnt force posture like hanks i am a hanks type of guy i look taller than 6'1 at 5'11 because i have good posture and they slouch so i think hanks is max 1 inch on leo maybe only 0.75 in but leo dosnt force it at 5'11 i look 6'1 in many pics so hanks at 183 can easily look 6'1
dmeyer said on 5/Feb/07
i think hanks i about 185 cm in the morning and 183 flat at night so legit 6 feet
asfasf said on 30/Jan/07
if tom hanks is 6 feet leonardo di caprio is about 5'10 at the most
Matt said on 28/Jan/07
He looked like a good 6'2 in Catch me if you can. I also can't picture him being 5'10 as some say. Maybe he's 6'0/6'1.
Derek said on 26/Jan/07
Tom looked pretty tall in Sleepless in Seattle. I can't picture him under 6'0".
Anthony said on 26/Jan/07
I tought Hanks looked 5'11 at best in "Nothing In Common". I agree though that in his later movies he seemed 6' and occasionally 6'1.
Viper said on 26/Jan/07
He looks 5-11 1/2 at best to me.
dmeyer said on 21/Jan/07
he can realy look 6'1 in pics
dmeyer said on 10/Jan/07
that actor from green mile dosnt make sens hanks isnt under 180 and he is around 6 ft possibly a week 184
dmeyer said on 4/Jan/07
we actualy remesured the lamp it is exactly 5'11.5 181.61 cm but in the morning i am 0.5 in taller than the lamp so acording to that lamp i am 183 in the morning and 181 at night but i might have 0.25 hair advantage so thats 5'11.75 morning and 5'11 at night it is been this way for 4 years almost
dmeyer said on 4/Jan/07
it is weird i have a lamp that is exactly mesured at 182 cm 5'11.65" and i stand near it and i look exactly the same height at 11 pm weird i might be 182 on a good day all my friend were here they mesured the lamp at 5'11.65 and they told me i am exactly the same height just so there is no question i was barefeet and on the exact same floor maybe i am 5'11 and 5'11.5 with military posture
dmeyer said on 1/Jan/07
tom is at the very least 5'11.5 and at best 6'0.5 so thats pretty mush 6 feet
dmeyer said on 30/Dec/06
i think it is difficult to judge someone height exactly i think more with 0.75 in since my roomate claim 6'1.5 and he looks 6'0 to 6'0.5 so i think 6'0.25 fits him good
6'2'' JK said on 21/Dec/06
Chillout Dmeyer!, we get your point that he is 6'0'', you dont have to keep on repeating yourself a hundred times
dmeyer said on 20/Dec/06
if that is hanks in that photo with ferrel i would say he is no more than 6 feet
dmeyer said on 20/Dec/06
if thats hanks he is max 6'1 in shoes
dmeyer said on 18/Dec/06
is it stallone in that height shart with ferrel because he looks near 6 feet in shoes
dmeyer said on 18/Dec/06
haks looked very tall in road to perdition since i worked on a scene with tucci and hanks the differance was 10 to 11 cm and he looks 15 cm taller in road to... also 3 inches on craig he might have weared lift that braught him to 186 mark
dmeyer said on 18/Dec/06
he is closer to the camera but in person does look in the 183 zone give or take 0.25 in but i think he is no more than 6 since he looks 1.5 to 2 inches shorter than barry shabaka heiley the black security guard in terminal who a met a few times about 186 cm hanks did look 4 cm smaller hanks is taller than 5'11 and shorter than 6'1 so thats pretty mush 6 feet in person never looked as tall as 6'1 and as short as 5'11 183 strong for him but can look 184-5 range with military posture
Del Mar said on 14/Dec/06
Leo and from Catch me if you can
Del Mar said on 12/Dec/06
I agree 5'10 seems all to low in every pic I see of the man, while he look in the 6, 6-1 range, but why downgrade his doll, i don't understand...
Del Mar said on 8/Dec/06
This guy might be a bigtime liftuser!! Maybe always using shoes giving the 2 inches advantage! Of course only seen in proportion to the Tussaud doll in Amsterdam but why should they downgrade the man 2 inches?? I'll give you a pic hopefully during this month when I just have that gotdamn transferer for my cell phone working again...
dmeyer said on 5/Dec/06
it is difficult to find pics of hanks barefeet
dmeyer said on 4/Dec/06
so rob you think that hanks isnt 184 anymore

[Editor Rob: nah, Travolta can pull of the weak 184, but Hanks done the roxbury and was dancing in front of the police chart with]
dmeyer said on 29/Nov/06
frank2 you agree that hanks isnt over 6'0"
Del Mar said on 29/Nov/06
He's 5 ft 10. Photo from Tussaud will be submitted :)
dmeyer said on 23/Nov/06
i believe tom is a lidl over 6 feet in the morning since i am 5'11.75 in morning he could be 6'0.5 in morning i have a friend thats 6'1.25 and hanks i aleast 1 inch smaller
dmeyer said on 21/Nov/06
compare to bush he looks more 5'11.5 to 5'11.75 but i do think he is a true 6 footer i met him
y0 sup said on 21/Nov/06
"Not a lot of people realize that Tom Hanks is not short. He's 6-2," said Wilson, who still cuts an imposing figure at about 6-4. (Charlie Wilson)
pic: Click Here

[Padraig: Which is Tom was shorter than a genuine 6 feet 1 man in Saving Private Ryan? The guy might have been 6 feet 4 in the past.]
dmeyer said on 18/Nov/06
on terminal never looked as tall as 6 feet 1 in but he does look it in davici compare to mckellen and reno could wear 0.75 to 1 in lifts on occasion i think hanks might wear smaal lifts on occasion to go from 6'0 to 6'0.75 =185 cm
dmeyer said on 18/Nov/06
padraig is right 6 feet flat could be it for hanks the thing is when i worked on terminal i thaught i was 182 to 183 cm range since thats wath i hit in the morning so i defently thaught he was 184 cm but since now i judge myself by night height i am closer to 5'11 so he was defenetly no more than 1 inch taller but since at 2 pm i am stell about 181 so hanks i think is 6'0 at night and 6'0.5 in morning wish make him 183 to 184 range and 180 to 182 range for me

[Padraig: 6 feet flat, I'm making the call on this and Daniel Craig.]
Viper652 said on 17/Nov/06
181-182 cm looks right for Hanks.
dmeyer said on 17/Nov/06
i woul say hanks is 5'11.5 at the shortest and 6'0.5 at the tallest

[Padraig: I think 6 feet flat is the logical choice for Hanks. He can sometimes appear within this range of little under and little over the mark.]
dmeyer said on 15/Nov/06
tom is using toes in that but the actual differance is 1.5 to 1.75 in so 6 feet to 6 feet 0.25 in to me any shoes over i inch =2.5 cm give you extra height like if i wear 1.5 in
dmeyer said on 14/Nov/06
his shoes looks mormal most of the times he might wear lifts on rare ocasions like sometimes he looks a solid 2 inches smaller than 188 zemekis and sometimes looks barely shorter also maybe 0.5 in lift and good posture that brings hin about 6'1 but most of the time look 6' to 6'0.5 wish is his height
dmeyer said on 14/Nov/06
in pics he looks 6' to 6'1
dmeyer said on 13/Nov/06
since tom looked 183 to 184 cm when i met him maybe he was 185 in his 20s
Gramps said on 13/Nov/06
Well Paddy, he looks six feet to me in your photos.
dmeyer said on 13/Nov/06
even thaugh it is dificult to judge an exact height even thaught i worked 6 days with hanks i can say he is taller than 5'11 and shorter than 6'1 thats makes preety mush 183 184 range
dmeyer said on 12/Nov/06
i think hanks is between 183 to 184 cm 6'0.25 could be it
sam said on 10/Nov/06
I think he's dead on 6 feet tall, even when after I view these picture people think prove he's 5'10"-5'11".

[Padraig: 6 feet flat is probably the best estimate for him, or a little over in the morning.]
dmeyer said on 6/Nov/06
if we are talking in shoes i was about 6'0.25 to 6'0.5 in shoes 5'11 + 1.25 in heels about 184 mark and hanks was 0.5 to 0.75 inches taler so 6'1.25 in shoes he had 1.2 in heels so 6'0 to 6'0.25 barefeet it is easier when you judge in shoes and then take the shoes advantage like for example whe i am wearing 0.6 to 0.75 in converse i am about 5'11.75 so i friend of mine who is 5'10.25 was almost as tall as me so i was thinking the guy is 5'11 then i notice he had 1.4 to 1.5 nike shoes on so 5'11.75 in those shoes - 1.5 inches thats 5'10.25 even thaugh he is 178.5 he looks 180 in those shoes same thing when a girl is exactly my height if i wear 1 in heels and she wears 3 in so it means she is only 5'9 to 5'9.25
dmeyer said on 6/Nov/06
in the movie he did with genna davis was he taller or shorter than her but i do think she is a lidl over 6 feet since she dosnt look 4 inches smaller than 193 morse andbarely shorter than 189 jackson so i will give her the 184 strong like 6'0.5 that whi pitt even in boot wasnt as tall as her in 1.5 cm sandals when i wear 2 inches cowboy boots i am taller than 6 footers even thaugh i am 5'11 i lokk 184 185 cm range and pitt didnt look very tall even in dose
dmeyer said on 6/Nov/06
i think bruce wears lifts because friends of mine that met him told me he is average and then in some movies he looks close in height with sam jackson but i dont think he is less than 5'11 even thaugh my friends told me 5'9 to 5'10 since he can look 6'1 on ocasions my friend franky met bruce 3 times and told me he is shokingly only 5'10 possibly less but to me bruce is at the shortest 5'11 posibly 6' but no more and with somr shoes 6'1 since he does look 2 to 3 inches smaller than arnie who is no more than 6'2
dmeyer said on 5/Nov/06
i look a hair taller than him in the pic but he isnt standing tall 6'0.25 is a good guess like 6'0 at night
dmeyer said on 31/Oct/06
ton is 183 184 range end of story
dmeyer said on 31/Oct/06
we both had 1.2 low cut dress shoes in that scene
dmeyer said on 24/Oct/06
he rob i have seen elevator shoes that are realy not suspicious looking so i guess if some one wear then you cant realy see it like some elevator that have 0.75 outside heels but have nearly 2 inches inside so i guess with posture and good elevator you can play 2 inches
dmeyer said on 23/Oct/06
hanks looks taller than 6 in movies even thaugh in person he is around 6 feet
dmeyer said on 23/Oct/06
eckart is over 5'10 but under 6 feet farrell is over 5'9 and under 5'11 same thing for foxx
dmeyer said on 23/Oct/06
those pic with tin allen proves hanks aint mush over 6 feet wath i can say about hanks when i met him he is over 5'11 and under 6'1 so pretty mush 6 feet 183.5 could be it for hanks
dmeyer said on 17/Oct/06
hanks is defenetly 6 feet since he was a hair taller than me at 5'11 or 11.5 but eckhart looked 1 to 2 cm smaller tham me maybe bad posture for example hanks seems 1.25 to 1.5 in taller than eckhart and costner seems aleast 1 in taller than hanks
dmeyer said on 17/Oct/06
ton hanks could be 6'0 flat rob if you watch terminal he looks 1.5 to 2 inches smaller than barry shabaka heiley who is no more than 6'1.5 i met hin a few times in person hanks looked only 0.5 in taller than me but i had 1.5 in shoes and he had 1.1 in so 6'0.25 could be it
Jake W. said on 15/Oct/06
Next to 5'10.5" Tim Allen:
Click Here

Click Here

[Padraig: Are you trying to pull a fast one Jake? He's on his tiptoes in that first picture :=)]
Bad Attitude said on 12/Oct/06
If Dan Aykroyd is 6'1", Tom Hanks may be two inches shorter.
Vegas said on 10/Oct/06
How much accuracy do you guys place in Madame Tussauds wax figures?? If they are accurate then hanks is not 6'0 more 5'10
dmeyer said on 5/Oct/06
hey rob waths the tallest you had hanks and waths the shortest also pitt and dicaprio

[Editor Rob: 184 strong, Pitt never been listed less than 180 and as high as 6ft easily, although I think dicaprio 182cm for 1.5 years]
dmeyer said on 4/Oct/06
hanks might wear lifts on ocassions he looked to close to reno height in davinci
dmeyer said on 25/Sep/06
i dont think we can judge someone an exact height becase of posture footwear .... so i would say hanks is betwwen 5'11.5" to 6 feet 0.5" aron eckart 5'10 to 5'11 ealy 5'9.5 to 5 10.5 spielberg 5 '7.25 to 5 8.25 travolta is 6'0 to 6'1 costner 6'0.75 to 6'1.75 tucci 5'7 to 5'8 hedlund 6'1 to 6'2 statham 5'9 to 5'10 dempsey 5'9 to 10 clint 6'1 to 6'2 aniston 5'4.5 to 5'5.5 saagard 5'11 to 6 witacker 6'1.5 to 6'2.5 i met all of them cruise looked 5'9+ probably lifts bloom 5'10 to 11 stiler 5'6.5 to 5'7.5 vince vaughn 6'4.5 to 6'5.5 zeta didnt look over 170 cm uma 5'11 to 6 ft the rock 6'2.5 to 6'3.5 morow 5'8.5 to 5'9.5 farrel 5'9 to 10 foxx 5'9 to 10 kutcher 6'1.75 to 6'2.75 xsibit 5'9.25 to 5'10.25 ll cool j 6'1 to 6'2 i met all of them they are all listed at about those height so rob is very good
Shwinch said on 24/Sep/06
I remember reading something a while back about him being too tall at 6'1 to be an astronaut, as the height limit is 6ft. I can't find much about it on the internet though.
dmeyer said on 21/Sep/06
182 in morning 181 afternoon 180 night
dmeyer said on 20/Sep/06
5 ft 11 make since since costner was about 2 inches taller than me about 4 to 5 cm
Anonymous said on 20/Sep/06
my diferance between morning and night is 2 cm 180 to 182
dmeyer said on 20/Sep/06
i dont think hank is less the 5'11.75" and in morning defenetly 183 184
dmeyer said on 20/Sep/06
the diferance between me and frank is that i go to 182 in the morning
dmeyer said on 20/Sep/06
lets go for 5'11 its ok 181 is a headhach in feet
dmeyer said on 19/Sep/06
also when i met him he was 48 years old so possibly a hair taller as a younger man for hanks anything from 182 to 184 is possible since i met him a few times i worked 10 days on terminal and he looked 182 to 184 cm so 183 could be it

[Editor Rob: he was close to aykroyd, who in that dragnet seemed decentish posture]
dmeyer said on 19/Sep/06
thats whi i said i am 180-2 range now i will just say 180
dmeyer said on 19/Sep/06
at 2 pm i am about 5'11 1/8 180.67 pushing 181 so ill just say 5'11 since at late afternoon and night i am 180

[Editor Rob: you could get away with 181, you are probably like Frank2, who could be a little bit over 5ft 11 if standing tallest getting measured.

how is your stance when measuring?]
dmeyer said on 19/Sep/06
i guess celebs are 1 to 2 cm smallert han i thaught
dmeyer said on 19/Sep/06
but iin the morning hanks is 184
dmeyer said on 19/Sep/06
on night mesurments hanks is closer to 182 possibly 183
dmeyer said on 19/Sep/06
people oftenly ask me are you 6 feet 1 in it means peple upgrade a lte round up a lot
Anonymous said on 19/Sep/06
since most of the day i am 5'11.1 so just claim 5'11 even thaugh i reach 5'11.6 or 11.7 in the morning

[Editor Rob: you can see how Frank2 could also say hanks was more his range 181cm...if he's not that much more on you.]
dmeyer said on 19/Sep/06
if i am 5'11 i have a lot of coment to changeabout celebs

[Editor Rob: this is the problem with morning/evening, some will claim morning, others evening and some might shrink 2cm, others 1 etc.

Take a measurement about 2pm...see what you are then, it would be of interest for your estimates.
dmeyer said on 19/Sep/06
rob if i am 5'11 then hanks is not as tall as 184 he had max 2 cm on me maybe less so more 182 but 184 in morning like i am 180 at night and 182 in morning but since 182 is my morning height i can steel claim it but i will just say 5 11 because thats wath i am at night most of the time also clint was only 2 inches on me so 6 feet 1 maybe 186 sicne sometimes i am 181 at night
cendrin said on 18/Sep/06
...i got some old german autograph card and he's listed as 170cm on that... maybe he wears extreme lifts... he's taller than leo but it always looks like he's standing on a platform...
dmeyer said on 18/Sep/06
hey rob i am 5'10.78" at night and 5'11.5 to 5'11.75" in the morning on a very good day 6 feet in morning so wath does that make me

[Editor Rob:

My opinion is that your true height should be read about 2-3pm in the day ensuring you've not lied down prior to measurement. You can claim to be your morning height but nobody is really going to see you at that height, so whilst Christina Ricci is 'technically' 5ft 1, most of the day she's shorter.

Claiming a morning height doesn't mean you're wrong though. Heck, I let some celebs away with morning heights on here ;-)
Some people will shrink more than others aswell of course.

If I were you I wouldn't claim 5ft 11.5, but just say 5ft 11
hiroshi_ said on 13/Sep/06
no way his 184.. his 5ft11max(182)..
dmeyer said on 11/Sep/06
i met tom he looked about 183 184 range but he might wear some small lifts on ocassion since in some pics he looks 2 inches smaller than 6 feet 2 zemekis and some times similar height he might wear some small lifts to look a full 6 feet 1 inch
Josh said on 6/Sep/06
He looks 6'0 .
Jake said on 5/Sep/06
Yup, hes too short next to speilberg to be over 6'. He is probably 5'11"-ish, no more than that.
dmeyer said on 3/Aug/06
even taugh i met him a few times and he looked 183 -4range he realy looks close to reno height so either reno is only 186 or tom is 185
CoolJ said on 16/Jul/06

1st pic = s***ty Angle
2nd pic = About 7.5-8" but how about shoes??
3rd pic = Again shoes

Nothing proved. Rookies.
Anthony said on 15/Jul/06
Hanks and DiCaprio

Click Here

I say To's a strong 5'11 and is bordering on 6'.

Here he looks about 9 or 10 inches taller than Audrey Tatou, who I believe is 5'3.

Click Here

Perhaps Hanks was made to look bigger in "The Da Vinci Code"

Here's one where Tatou looks a little taller.

Click Here
shara16 said on 10/Jul/06
I guess 6'him.According to the photo with Damon.
thelasttiger said on 9/Jul/06
He looks about 4 incher taller than Spielberg. My money is on 5'11", 6' when he was younger. BTW Tom is 50 today!
Frank2 said on 13/Jun/06
Like I've repeatedly said, Hanks is about 5'11", possibly 5'11.5". But he's not 6'. Spielberg is quite short. And his official publicity claims he's 5'10"! Bottom line is don't believe anything from publicity people.
Orlando said on 12/Jun/06
Saw Hanks in "Tonight Show" and he's slightly taller than Jay Leno (both of them wearing elevator shoes - obviously). Googled some photos of Hanks near Spielberg (1.71 m). In some of them he towers over S (when wearing elevator shoes), in others he seems 6 to 7 cm taller than Spielberg, so Hanks must be 5 ft 10 - 5 ft 11 tall at the most. No way of being more than 1.80 m (5' 11"), you can be sure of that.

Click Here

Click Here

Larry said on 6/Jun/06
Rob, dmeyer - My wife tells me I under-estimate others' heights because I tend to be much taller. But, I'm not sure that's true with people closer to me in size. Also, she says I have a "big head". :-) By that I assume she means PHYSICALLY big. I figured it was about 4 1/2 inches to my mid-eye level, so I checked & it's about 5 1/2 inches (not QUITE Frankenstein-ian!). So, I guess MAYBE she has a point, but I still think I'm a decent judge of height. Won't go NEAR weight, though. But I can see where one's eye-level could affect perception. You know, most mammals judge size as: 1) height above the ground and 2) Visible width. One can't normally SEE horizontal length. Am I making sense or do my meds need adjusting??? :-) Anyway, that's why bears and apes stand UP to intimidate and crocadiles "puff" themselves up. Humans assume different postures to communicate different "messages".
Frank2 said on 5/Jun/06
But most shorter celebs try to stand as tall as possible when in public or even at a function like the Oscars or Emmys. Then the shorter guys tend to wear lifts or shoes with two inch heels. I can pinpoint someones height pretty accurately if I'm around them long enough such as with Elvis, Bruce Wills or especially Steve McQueen. When McQueen slumped he looked 5'7". Then he'd stand up straight and be almost as tall as me.
dmeyer said on 5/Jun/06
hey rob i think when you met someone you cant judge his height excatly but like within 1 inch

[Editor Rob: yes, you make a good point. When people judge, it is an estimate. You'll be right lots of times, other times you might not be right - one person may naturally have a droopy posture or continually have their eyeline tilted down or even up, fooling a bit.

If you've got someone else looking at you+celeb, this is useful, as that person can offer their estimate.]
Frank2 said on 5/Jun/06
Height Detective, in the fourth photo you posted, Hanks is just about as tall as I was next to Matt Damon which is why I believe Damon is no more than 5'8". Check it out. Hanks is four inches taller. Tom and I are just about the same height.

Spielberg and Hanks: Click Here

dmeyer said on 4/Jun/06
i worked with hanks like 12 days on terminal and i remeber myself describing him as 183 184 cm to friends
Height Detective said on 3/Jun/06
Hanks and Damon (register to view larger picture )Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Ed said on 3/Jun/06
5ft11 plus seems right for Hanks. I've never thought he was 6ftplus, I remeber when I first saw him listed at 6ft1, I knew it was B.S.He's never looked that tall on screen. It seems the acting world is filled with smaller people, and the occasional 6ftplus actor looks like a giant on screen. I've seen a decent amount of movie stars in person, mostly B rated ones, who merely shared screen time with the likes of Tom Hanks , but one thing remains clear they are all usually less impressive in person. I don't agree with Frank2 on all his comments, but he seems to be pretty knowledgable on the subject, especially since he has seen so many of these people in person. I agree Hanks is 5ft11 plus, Reno 6ft1.5 sounds good, Mckellan good be 5ft10 I suppose, I'm still wondering what that makes Viggo Mortensen and Sean Bean both who I thought were taller than 5ft10, around 5ft11 each in the LOTR movies. Maybe there all 5ft10, including Bloom.
Frank2 said on 1/Jun/06
Then I'm 6' as well.
MHouillon said on 31/May/06
Hanks is a clear 182-183 (5'11.5 - 6'0). Not 180, not 185. He was a bit shorter that 184/185 Dan Aykroyd in "Dragnet".
Gonzalo said on 29/May/06
He looks 6 feet to me at the most. But if you take a look at the pic in the Jeff Goldblum Page yo will see he looks three inches shorter than Morgan Freeman and six shorter than Goldblum. Maybe he has a bad posture in that one.
Viper652 said on 29/May/06
I actualy thought Tom looked 5-11 in Da Vinci Code.
Frank2 said on 29/May/06
No mystery here. Hanks is perhaps slightly more than 5'11" and McKellen is no more than 5'10". Jean Reno isn't 6'2" nor is he 6'3" as listed on the IMDb. He's about 6'1.5". When I've seen Hanks he's appeared to be my height, but when I'm measured I stand up straight, but don't stretch. Therefore to some I might be around 5'11.3" which is what I get early in the morning if I stretch myself as much as possible when being measured.

Reno next to 5'11" Steve Martin: Click Here(I)
As you can see he's about an inch and a half taller.

Ed said on 28/May/06
I just saw The Davinci Code and surprisingly Hanks only looked at most an inch shorter than Jean Reno, who is listed at 6ft2 if not taller. Even more surprising is Ian Mckellan who despite playing a hunched crippled man, when he stands up straight in one scene looks to be only a little shorter than Hanks, maybe an inch. I don't know what gives! I think Hanks might be just about 6ft, with Reno 6ft1, and Mckellan 5ft10.5. Or there all taller than that. Either way movies only add to the confusion about actor's heights, because it's so hard to get an accurate estimation.
Glenn said on 26/May/06
Never saw him.
dmeyer said on 26/May/06
hey glenn did you meet tom
Glenn said on 25/May/06
He can look between 5-11 and 6-1.
dmeyer said on 25/May/06
i would like to see pics of hanks near 6'1" or 6'2" guys
dmeyer said on 24/May/06
hey rob 1 year ago you had hanks at 5'11.75"

[Editor Rob: yep, but more I saw I thought he looked nearer 184]
dmeyer said on 24/May/06
he is listed at 184 cm in a german website
MOF said on 23/May/06
Hanks looked in the 5'11-6ft range in Green Mile. 6'4 David Morse towered over him and Barry Pepper who I have met is about 176-177cm was about two inches smaller than Hanks. I think he's definately about 6ft, not taller.
dmeyer said on 23/May/06
the only proof i have that hanks is under 6'1" is that i met barry shabaka heinley a few times he is about 186 187 range 6'1.5" not a full 6'2" maybe at peak and in terminal hanks looks aleast 1 to 1.5" inches shorter so 6' or 6'0.5" but if he was 6'1" it means he would be about 1.5" on me 5'11.5" and he was barely 1" on me if so maybe 0.5" on me since i am near 5'11.75 so 6'0.25" should be right but in films he looks more than that at some point i thaught hanks was 6'1" then i have a friend who is 6'1.25" and hanks is aleast 1" smaller so i think hanks is 6' pushing 6'0.5" but looks taller with good posture and also rob you are very precise if you list him at 6'0.25" it means he is not mush taller or shorter i trust you
Stef said on 22/May/06
In the da vinci code movie he looks almost as tall as Jean Reno, who's at least 6'2".

My guess is not less than 6ft 0.5 in .. might be a full 6'1"
Anonymous said on 22/May/06
hey i asked you about the lifts because hanks look only 1 inch smaller than reno in davinci sivce reno is close to 6'3 then hanks in this scene look over 6'1"
dmeyer said on 19/May/06
hey rob do you think hanks could be wearing small lift on occasions because sometimes he looks aleast 6'1"

[Editor Rob: a 1/2 inch lift, or good posture...hard to say. I wouldn't put it past some guys to slipe a 1cm insole, pretty inconspicous. I cannot remember if Hanks has stated a height in the past though...]
dmeyer said on 19/May/06
even thaught she looks smaller than than that near hanks the diference is so big that we cant realy judge
dmeyer said on 18/May/06
even thaugh i met hanks and i think he is between 6' to 6'0.5" but on screen he looks a full 6'1"
sam said on 17/May/06
This guy can be hard to pin down. He does look 5'11"ish in some photos, while in the pictures below he might look about 6'1".
In this one besides 6'5" John Corbert, he looks tall (Corbett might be standing in a pit):
Click Here

In this one, he does look at least a couple inches taller than Daniel Craig:
Click Here
Anonymous said on 17/May/06
tom hanks is listed either 5'11 or 6'1 so 6'0.25" is a good guess
styleforlife said on 9/May/06
It's strange because in 'Saving private Ryan' he doesn't look that much taller than Damon and he is like 5ft10?
Norwegian girl with a good guess said on 2/May/06
In the green mile Tom Hanks looks quite tall, and he also looks tall in forrest gump.. (and in you've got mail) so unless he wears special shoes all the time or something, I would say that he'd be about six feet! That would be about the average of all the heights suggested here, so I think that's the closest we'll get! Thank you!
dmeyer said on 2/May/06
i think hanks is 6'0.25" but easily looks 6'1" in pics
dmeyer said on 2/May/06
that's almost the only movie you can see me near an actor but from the pics you can see that we are close in height
dmeyer said on 1/May/06
hey rob i send to you a pic of hanks were the feet can be seen

[Editor Rob: thanks, Here is fuller shot. This was captured from dvd? How many films can you - when you were in the us doing extras - be seen in?]
dmeyer said on 28/Apr/06
the pic was taken from the movie it is the library scene about 1 hour after the movie started and then you can see for yourself i am the only guy standidng in lybraby so it should be easy
dmeyer said on 28/Apr/06
i would like to do extra work in france but i dont have any conections in france but i wouldlike to
dmeyer said on 28/Apr/06
i am gonna try to sed you a pics were hanks is less slauching but even when standing tall you can see we are close in height i think hanks is no less then 6' and no more than 6'0.5" so 6'0.25" is a very good guess
dmeyer said on 27/Apr/06
hey rob i just sended you a pics of me and hanks on terminal and he looked in the 6' to 6'0.5" zone this pics is just a comfirmation of you'r guess

[Editor Rob: yes,

thanks dmeyer, here is Hanks slouching near Dmeyere on the terminal set. Are you back in France living now? Do you plan on doing extras work on french movies?]
Jake said on 24/Apr/06
I realize the link I posted before didn't work right. Hopefully this one does. It is Hanks beside 6'3.5" Seal, looking 5'9". Hanks is 5'11" tops.
Click Here

[Editor Rob: he's further away and the angle low]
MOF said on 14/Apr/06
If Tom Hanks looks two inches taller than Barry Pepper than he can't be over 6 feet. I stood next to Barry Pepper in a catering tent during the filming of Flags of our Fathers last summer. I'm 5'11 now, was probably 5'10.5 last summer when I met him and he looked at least a whole inch smaller than me. 5'9.5 is more likely, perhaps even 5'9.
Jake said on 10/Apr/06
I can't see Hanks being more than 5'11". He does look 6' sometimes, but not consistantly. He also has looked as short as 5'9". I would tend to think he is 5'10" and change.

[Editor Rob: had a little scene in early part of road to perdition and looked near enough similar to 6fter Ciarin Hinds]
Movies Fann said on 29/Mar/06
Tom Hanks will certainly be looking taller in his latest movie "THE DA VINCI CODE" where he is paired with the petite and cute Audrey Tautou who stands around 5'3"...from the teasers and rushes, and still photos coming from production, their height differences are too big. Expect to encounter height variances on this movie as close up shots of Audrey and Tom would require her to stand on supports...
Glenn said on 22/Mar/06
Never saw him,but Amen to are right.
Frank2 said on 21/Mar/06
Tom is exactly my height which is 5'11". He's also a fatty these days. If he passed you on the street I doubt you'd recognize him.
dmeyer said on 19/Mar/06
if zemekis is 6'2" then 6'0.25" is a very good guess thats wth he looked on terminal
Jake said on 15/Mar/06
This is very strange...
Seal is 6'3.5" and makes Hanks look 5'9" (fist pic)
Steeve Martin is 5'11" and makes Hanks look 6' (second pic)
George W. Bush is 5'11" and makes Hanks look 5'11 (third pic)
Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Frank2 said on 3/Mar/06
Steve Martin is roughly five foot eleven. I've stood next to him and talked with him and he's exactly my height. Hanks is roughly five foot eleven and wears those big s***kicker boots as well as shoes with big heels. The other day the wife and I were at Bloomingdales and I was trying on new shoes. I couldn't get over how some were built up with two inch chunky fat heels. Many of today's average-sized celebs wear them.
dmeyer said on 28/Feb/06
since martin dosnt have great posture in that pic the diferance might be not a full inch more like 2cm

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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