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5ft 8.95in (175.1cm)
Njp said on 31/Oct/14
Used to know his sister. He was always shorter than me. He's about 5'8".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Oct/14
Strong 5ft9 range
Fred said on 12/Oct/14
He had 3inches special shoes on Dark Knight Rises so that he could be the same ( or a bit more ) height as Christian Bale who is 6 ' . Do the math .
Realist said on 23/Sep/14
@Mr. R common bro help me get a better pic. He looks a strong 5'9 with Bale in that pic, he is above his eye level. I am 171.5 and barely reach 6'0 guys eyes, 5'7.5 guys reach eye levels of strong 5'11 guys i.e. 181 guys. Because i am under 6'0 guys eye levels. But again i think Bale is more 181 than 183, so 5'8.5 may be correct.
Mr. R said on 20/Sep/14

I think closer to 5-8.5 I have met Cate Blanchette and she is not over 5-8.
Sean said on 19/Sep/14
@Mr R, those picture's actually seem to pretty much validate 5'9".
Mr. R said on 18/Sep/14
5-9? Don't think so.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: it's 3 inches between eyes and middle of mouth, that looks quite a good example ]
Mr. R said on 18/Sep/14
Steven Knight is listed at 6 foot. 5-9? I don't think so.

Click Here
Mr. R said on 18/Sep/14
Click Here

5-9? I don't think so. Cate is 5-8, so the tallest she could be with 3 inch heels is 5-11. 5-8 is closer.
Mr. R said on 18/Sep/14
gurhg says on 28/May/14
Mr. R, the new Mad Max isn't out yet and won't be for almost a year. Stop lying


If you have followed my comments I live in Hollywood and I am a member of the actor's union. I see preview screenings all the time. Last night I saw the new Ron Howard movie Heart of the Sea.

Do your homework before you judge.
Mateo said on 16/Sep/14
Just saw him filming his latest film, but since he was in hulk/workout mode too intimiated to get too close.. However I distinctly remember seeing seeing some suspicious 2" + heels (it is a cowboy film).. Looked about 5'8" from afar without the heels.
184.9 on a bad day said on 7/Sep/14
This guy and Thomas Jane makes 5 ft 9 and 5 ft 10 guys proud about their height. Both are imposing and have good presence at average height.
Dan 176cm said on 16/Aug/14
Loved him in Warrior.

Tom isn't a very big guy. Looks similar height to me. Probably 175 cm evening.
italianoGuy said on 16/Aug/14
1.72 M 100%
Jimmy j said on 4/Jul/14
Wow. Totally thought he was a large 6'2 guy watching Dark Knight Rises. I usually don't get into observing heights but was shocked at this listing. Though, I think its safe to say his character performance took attention away from the original size and build Bane was brought out to be after being introduced years ago.
B.T. Stomp said on 3/Jul/14
I thought Tom Hardy was 5'10" until my best friend told me otherwise.
My friend stands at least 6'2" & was a PA assigned to Hardy on The Dark Knight Rises.
The conversation went something like this;
FRIEND - When I was a PA on Dark Knight Rises I was shocked to see how short Tom Hardy was.
ME - Isn't he around 5'10"?
FRIEND - Nooo, we were both wearing sneakers and I TOWERED him. He's like 5'8".
ME - Really! Wow, I guess those camera angles sure do work wonders.
FRIEND - Not just that man, he was wearing some BIIIG boots that made him look like 6'2".
ME - Damn. Why didn't they just get a taller actor?
FRIEND - I don't know.
ME - Oh well!
So yeah, there it is.
Realist said on 6/Jun/14
Weak 5'9, strong 5'8 range definitely. Looks only a little taller than 171 Scott Grimes and 172 Richard Speight Jr. in Band of Brothers.
gurhg said on 28/May/14
Mr. R, the new Mad Max isn't out yet and won't be for almost a year. Stop lying.
[Editor Rob: they did screen it for some folk]
cole said on 28/May/14
I wouldn't go over 5'9, it just seems very reasonable + he claimed it himself.
5'9.25 is not impossible though, I'd say anywhere in the 5'8.75 - 5'9.25 zone is what he can look, but mostly 5'9 seems spot on.

@Editor Rob: Was Hardy and Montgomery standing still or walking about when you saw them?
the shredder said on 6/May/14
Rob , If you saw him 5'10 than why do you have him 5'9? Sure thats his claim but some guys downgrade themselves.
[Editor Rob: I couldn't see his footwear as well, but he was with anthony montgomery and looked almost as tall.]
Realist said on 4/May/14
@MaskDeMasque NO i wouldnt say he never looks under 175, he can look 174 at times but 171 cm sounds way off, though i have been hearing the 171 cm rumors for some time now. We will only get to if Rob gets hold of him somehow. Rob do the celebs think of u as paparazzis ? LOL
[Editor Rob: who knows? Hardy is no shrimp, I have said before on here I seen him years back and he looked nearer 5ft 10!

As for celebs, I am paying for photos, contributing to their pockets...mentioning conventions.]
Mr. R said on 4/May/14
Went to see The New Mad Max that he is in the other night. Hard to get measurements, because folks were blowing around in the sand and rarely standing still. BUT...there was a quick scene when Hardy and Theron were standing next to each other on the sand as level as can be, and it seemed that Mr. Hardy was looking up at Charlize to see her eyes. Therfor
MaskDeMasque said on 25/Apr/14

I've never seen him in person but for him to be that short seems way off. In photos and films, he never looks under 175cm.
Patrick said on 16/Apr/14
He is 5'7" and probably 1/2 tall. I saw him at the Batman Premiere in 2012, London. I promise you all he is very short for a guy.
James Crowley Maximus Meridius said on 4/Apr/14
Rob he is clearly a strong 5ft 9in guy he doesn't below that.
Realist said on 3/Apr/14
Usually looks 174-175, but Sal is right about This means war movie and premiere he looks 1.72-1.73 m next to Pine. He probably loses about 2-3 cm a day. Wakes up at 175 ends up at 173.
the shredder said on 30/Mar/14
some people downplay their heights. Rob saw him 5'10 , so he wears lifts or lies
Thorwald78 said on 28/Mar/14
One of the few actor that don't care so much about his height....because he's probably a bit over 175 cm!....
Sal said on 2/Mar/14
I was actually looking at this means war premiere photos. He looks like 1.73 tops next to Pine
Realist said on 9/Feb/14
174-175, favious Bale is not 183, hes more like 181 cm(maybe 179-180).
Gheist said on 26/Jan/14
The best example of a 174-175-176cm guy, not short or tall, average, he maybe not tall tall, but he has a lot of charisma.
Gaza2121 said on 15/Jan/14
176 cm, and that's probably why he claims 5'9 cause it's not much over.
MetalKid said on 25/Dec/13
I thought he was 6 feet 0. Just shows you how tall he can look.
tony said on 23/Dec/13
Tom is the very type of a man, who proves the fact that even being 5'9 which is relatively not tall for a male, can be really handsome & charming guy. I mean, he is a good actor and I can bet any girl would prefer 5'9 Hardy rather then a 6'2 roughneck. Even his crooked teeth don't spoil his attractiveness. :))
Hammad said on 10/Dec/13
Tom Hardy pulled it off so well, no wonder he worked so hard it to get that look and body...and I loved the character BANE! STRONG & SCARY! OMG especially the mask and tom hardy bane coat....finally I got a good deal on that jacket here Click Here
Nenninn said on 9/Dec/13
5 foot 9.25 inches
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 12/Nov/13
They made him look 6'4 in TDR. Shows what camera's can do.
Sam said on 1/Nov/13
Haven't seen This is War, but from a few scenes and stills, Chris Pine can look more like 4 inches taller sometimes, maybe 3.5 in.
texasgirl said on 30/Oct/13
I am amazed how large his body looks on screen ( Warrior, Bronson) Totally Ridiculous. 5'9, 5'10, 5'11 who really cares? Keep making great movies, we LOVE you!
Dex said on 22/Sep/13
Hey Rob, how tall do you think Tom measures in the morning straight out of bed?
[Editor Rob: probably not far from 5ft 10- mark]
Powerhouse said on 15/Sep/13
There's a picture of him and Patrick Stewart standing with good posture and they are exactly the same height.
George said on 11/Sep/13
I met him at my local gym today, he's 5.8 in some Nikes with a huge air bubble. 5.7 is perfectly accurate, Rob he needs a drastic downgrade.
jd 99 said on 8/Sep/13
Looks around 5.9 but wouldnt put money on him being a full 5.9 barefoot, maybe straight out of bed yeah but i think he drops below it most of the day
Jason said on 29/Aug/13
@MaskDeMasque I'm 176 cm myself and a lot of people thinks that I'm short. It depends on who you ask and where you are from :)
Rusty said on 22/Aug/13
He may be 5'9.5" or closeer to 5'10" and rounds down. He didn't give the short impression most 5'9" ish actors do in movies. Chris Pine (who i have seen listed a half inch over 6 feet before and i think he looks it) did appear to have about 3 inches on Tom in This Means War
jam said on 21/Aug/13
Tom Hardy is one of those people who doesn't give a rats ass what people think about him. So I highly doubt he is lying about his height.
jam said on 21/Aug/13
@Candy seriously? He is average height, not short. Plus he is still 9 inches taller than you. Want date someone even taller? I think that would be awkward for you.
MaskDeMasque said on 13/Aug/13

5'9 isn't short...
Van said on 8/Aug/13
Now, that's a legit and strong 5'9. He has so good posture, he makes 5'9 looks really good height for a man
Candy said on 8/Aug/13
Tom looks very tall in (Batman, Star Trek, Marie Antoinette,and Wuthering Heights) but in the movie This Means Wars he looks short. Even though I found out he is short I still think he is very hot, he still taller than I am, I am only 5ft. And he is 5 older than me that makes him a lot hotter. I love older men.
cole said on 30/Jul/13
If he says 5'9 himself every time he is asked, I'd believe that. Everyone can look taller than their claim the one day, and the next they can look shorter. But generally 5'9 is spot on for Hardy imo.
Powerhouse said on 29/Jul/13
@Kathleen I was wondering the same thing.
Kathleen said on 26/Jul/13
I just checked what the height was for Tom's woman Charlotte Riley....5'5" this throws me a bit. Based on numerous photos of the 2 together, Riley is clearly shorter than Hardy, a good 3"-4" and she is almost always wearing heels which are probably 3"-4" also. The math is not working. If they are flat footed side by side and there is only a 4" difference between them based on their stats then either Riley is more like 5'0-5'1" or Tom is closer to 5'11"???? Who really knows these days who is speaking any truth or for me, I personally don't care how tall he is. It is what i t is....and he is one hellofa actor.
Kathleen said on 26/Jul/13
Yes, I am a fan of Tom Hardy. I have to agree with Rob, from what I've seen I'd say Tom is 5'9", however he may look taller or shorter at times based on his posture and who is standing next to him.
MaskDeMasque said on 26/Jul/13

Are you a fan of Tom Hardy?

Rob, do you think he might be 176cm? He doesn't look shorter than 176cm listed JGL.
[Editor Rob: he can look taller than 5ft 9 at times]
Kathleen said on 25/Jul/13
I'm a new Tom Hardy fan and I have to admit I was curious about him and his height also. 5'9" is a great height for him, it just works. I trust he is comfortable and confident in his own skin, especially now that world has gone crazy for this young, Brit and everything about him. He is an excellent actor, holding his own against some pretty heafty players. In addition to continually fine tuning his craft with obvious self control & determination, he also appears to have that "Warrior's" spirit we all have loved to watch on screen, and has dug deep within his own spirit and applied it in his personal life. What an incredable task.....a true story, the building of an honorable man, and a man he is, a family man, a man who humbled himself before everyone and in refurn has been blessed beyond his that is a man whose height knows no bounds. I'm proud of you Thomas, keep your friends and loved ones close and always look up....don't loose your focus...and keep laughing!!!
me said on 17/Jul/13
@Makavel: I agree that a well-proportioned 5'9" can be perfect depending on build. On a really narrow guy or a really broad guy, 5'9 can look pretty short. Considering most Hollywood actresses seem to be 5'3-5'7, 5'9 is a great height for a leading man to be.

That said, I do wonder if directors intentionally make an effort to make Hardy appear bigger. He often looks 6ft+ in film...
Sam said on 10/Jul/13
Tom Hardy is a classic example of a guy who is of average stature but the camera can make look like a big, tall dude. In his muscular, tough-guy type roles like in Bronson, The Dark Knight Rises, Lawless or Warrior, you'd never guy that he's only 5'9" or that he's 3 inches shorter than Christian Bale or at least 4 inches shorter than Jason Clarke. In his non-tough-guy roles, though you can see he's not a tall man, like Rock-n-Rolla or Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy for example.
Makavel said on 6/Jul/13
wOw people wtf ??? 5'9 is NOT short or small. I think it's perfect !!! Rob what you think bro ?
[Editor Rob: of course it is average range. It's only getting on the tall end of the short scale in a few countries were the average is 5ft 11 and there's not many countries like that.]
lol93 said on 3/Jul/13
Rob do you think he drops a little below 5'9
[Editor Rob: I think he's a good 5ft 9]
refresh said on 24/Jun/13
i think 5'9 is right but not even a cm taller
Click Here
and with shia lebeouf
Click Here
Click Here
the only one who is honest abouth his height and he dont give a f***
great actor
tony t. said on 2/Jun/13
5'9 with a TON of charisma.
JaseUK said on 17/May/13
Friends bumped into him in Cheltenham and the girl standing next to him is a good 5'11.5-6'0 as I knew her from University.
Tom Hardy looked at least 3 inch difference.
What do you think Rob?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: he looks between 2-3 inches smaller I'd guess, it's on the street so might not be totally flat]
Dmeyer said on 8/May/13
Hardy is 175cm and cruise looked 175cm when i met him hardy comment make sens
Balrog said on 7/May/13
176 is very possible for him. Bale 182 and Pine solid 184.
Greg said on 5/May/13
That's the tallest looking 5'9 guy I've ever seen. Looks 6'1 in that picture.
71 inches said on 3/May/13
Then y was chris pine dwarfing him , footware rob?
truth178cm said on 3/May/13
classic example of a 5ft9-10 guy.
TD said on 28/Apr/13
I'm 185cm (measured recently by a physio). I trained in a gym when Hardy was prepping for DKR with his trainer P-Nut (that's what he goes by). Hardy was quite an intense chap and energetic - you wouldn't mess with him. However he was tiny - literally just over my shoulder in terms of height. The other thing is he was wearing Nike Air stye trainers while I was in Adidas Samba, which are pretty flat. I actually couldn't believe how small he was and makes me wonder how big guys like DiCaprio and Bale actually are (can't be that big or tall). Anyway, reminds me of my pal JonnyC strong 5'8" with a bit of 'presence'. I'd put 5'9" as stated above, but I'm no taller than 185/6'0.6" so that can't be possible...
Vecrotus said on 26/Apr/13
I don't think he is no less than a strong 5ft 9. He is taller then Cillian Murphy who is 5ft 8 so he's definitely a little taller than Tom Cruise. I think he is one of those actors who isn't really conscientious about his height.
Jack said on 24/Apr/13
Hmm why does he think that he's not taller than Tom Cruise?
[Editor Rob: he's likely to have met him.]
Vecrotus said on 22/Apr/13
In this video Tom Hardy reveals that he is about the same size as Tom Cruise:
Click Here

Personally, I think he is a little taller than Tom Cruise; probably a strong 5ft 9. I think because he generally has a lean build and a tiny head in proportion to the rest of his body, he appears taller than he really is.
MaskDeMasque said on 18/Apr/13

Yeh, he was listed as 5'9.5. I personally think he is also 5'9.25-5 range. He's listed here as .25 inch less than JGL and they are the same height.
Lorne said on 15/Apr/13
Wasn't he listed 177cm? That seems closer, looks a strong 5ft9 to m, and was even a tad taller than Patrick Stewart in Nemesis. I'd say at least 176cm, though admitting I have only seen him in a few things.
The truth said on 8/Apr/13
I just wanted to chime in here when somebody mentioned he looked tall in the dark knight rises. For the movie he actually had to wear special shoes to make him like 6'3 and they used camera angles to make him look bigger
Asian said on 30/Mar/13
Sometimes ppl who dont really care much about his height use last measurement he knowed. Maybe wen he was in high school. He grew about 1 or 1.5 inch but he didn't notice. It happens to my cousin. He was 5''6 but now he's about 5'7.5 and when you asking him he will told you he is 5'6 tall.

But I'm not mention it hapens in tom hardy
dude said on 26/Mar/13
i go back and forth on this dude more than anyone...sometimes he seems 5/10-5/11, sometimes he seems barely 5'9.
vedezo said on 6/Mar/13
5ft9 legit
lulo said on 24/Feb/13
I don't really understand the guys saying they think he is taller, if a guy says he is a certain height he usually is that height or shorter, most if not all men do not downgrade their actual height.
Balrog said on 2/Feb/13
Hardy is a textbook example of a strong 5'9'' guy and a notorious sloucher.
Cingetorix said on 28/Jan/13
Shia Is consitently 1-2in taller than him in Lawless, yet they are both 5'9? Im thinking 5'7-8ish. That said though, Shia could have been wearing lifts and Tom was rather fat in that film making him look shorter
Dmeyer said on 26/Jan/13
In pics hé dosnt look more than 3-3.25 in 6'0.5 pine maybe in the movie more
Balrog said on 23/Jan/13
Pine holds good posture while Hardy is a sloucher. Remember that.
Trey said on 21/Jan/13
Dmeyer: If you think he looks as tall as 177 cm with Pine you should hve your eyes checked mate. He can look 173-175 cm range if Pine is 183-185 cm range. Pine is not pushing 6'2 that's for sure.
Think this listing is max for Tom really, might go as low as 174 for barefoot height.
MR.HEIGHT said on 20/Jan/13
Yeah definitly 5-9 1/2 in morning but true height I see 5-8 3/4 inch
Dmeyer said on 20/Jan/13
To me hé looks 176-177cm near pine and near many and you saw him apear close to 5'10 5'9.25-9.5 in is closer maybe measured 5'9 1/4 or or 9 3/8 in and just says 5'9
refresh said on 17/Jan/13
i didnt know that 5'9 is "short" maybe in Montenegro or Holand... for me that is average height,maybe i'm wrong.. :D
Balrog said on 14/Jan/13
5'9'' pretty short? That's average. Jesus Christ.
janine said on 13/Jan/13
He's pretty short, but still fit. do we really care that much about the exact stats?!
Smith said on 6/Jan/13
Tom has said on more than one occasion (like when he was on Myspace) that he's 5'9" so he's probably pretty close to that. Actors and models almost always lie about height in order to be more marketable.
MarcusTheSwede said on 31/Dec/12
No way he needs a upgrade. Need proof. Look no further then:
MD says on 25/Nov/11
Look at those pictures next to Gary Oldman.
Tom Hardy is spot on 5 nine
Not a millimeter over.
Evidence people.Evidence. Look at the pictures MD posted.
This guy does absolutely not need a upgrade.That is ridicilous. He slouches a bit but so does Gary Oldman. Even if the both of them would have stood straight up , in mind the legs position when pictures where taken , they would be same height. Easy just look at pictures.
Does not need a upgrade.
Maximus Meridius said on 31/Dec/12
Hey Rob he is clearly a strong 5ft 9in nothing lower than that and nothing higher than that he is defiantly not 5ft 10in that's a bit high for him he is defiantly not 5ft 11in that's pushing it this guy sounds like he is honest about his height.
Vecrotus said on 31/Dec/12
This guy needs a serious upgrade. There is no way he is 5 ft 9 in. I'd say he is at the very least 5 ft 10 in (178cm). In all the pics with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Hardy appears to be at the same height as JGL and on top of that Hardy has a poor posture whereas JGL keeps his back straight at all times.
Maximus Meridius said on 31/Dec/12
@Dean 5ft 9.25 he is at a height were guys don't look shortish anymore he is average height he has the build and the proportions were he can pull off looking tallish 5ft 9in guys can pull looking tallish with a slim build 5ft 9in guys no longer have the shortish 5ft 8in guys still have the shortish look i never seen 5ft 8in guys pull off looking tallish ever not a chance.
Drew said on 29/Dec/12
How in the WORLD did hardy appear so muscular in TDKR compared to this photo above??? Hardy looks like a shrimp in the above pic...
Marky said on 25/Dec/12
Rob, so how do you explain how he consistently looks noticeably shorter than Joseph Levitt 5'9.5", and Guy Pearce "5'10"? He only has an inch on Shia max, Shia who is probably 5'7.5" or so.
Marky said on 22/Dec/12
Rob, he really looks like hes under 5'9". Especially in Lawless. Do you think he could very well be under 5'9", a very strong 5'8" perhaps?
[Editor Rob: I doubt he's less than 5ft 9, in fact I saw him years ago and thought he was nearer 5ft 10, he stood right beside a guy called anthony montgomery and wasn't much smaller at all]
173 said on 20/Dec/12
@Just1: I don't think he'd claim 5'9" if he was 5'10".
lulo said on 19/Dec/12
@Just1 come on dude be logical now, why would he downgrade his own height? it's very unlikely a male of average rage would ever downgrade his height. If he himself said 5'9' then we have to work around there
Just1 said on 17/Dec/12
Well I can tell you that I worked on TDKR and met Tom out of costume and be was the same height as me and I'm 5'10"
TNTinCA said on 17/Dec/12
I think this is accurate.

From Star Trek Nemesis, they wanted to cast an actor that was equivalent in height to Patrick Stewart (since he was meant to be Picard's clone). Since Patrick Stewart is 5'9/10", Tom Hardy being 5'9" seems right.

They obviously used camera angles and footwear adjustments for the Dark Knight Rises to make him seem bigger.
Bakel said on 15/Dec/12
Him and Gordon Levitt looks really the same height.
173 said on 13/Dec/12
For the people who keep saying stuff about Tom Hardy "looking" taller in TDKR:

Rick says on 11/Dec/12
Tom Hardy is 5'9 and he looks much much bigger than that in TDKR
Have you ever heard of height enhancing footwear and camera tricks before? That's what they used to make Tom Hardy "look" taller...
DrFunkadunk said on 10/Dec/12
The cinematography in Dark Knight Rises made Bane look a whole lot taller than Tom Hardy really is.
Hullywood 1.75.5m said on 9/Dec/12
I dont know why, camera angels, boots or something, but Hardy doenst looked short in Batman. Maybe cause 5foo9 isnt short, but so many peoples told it, that i think, a 5foot9 guy should looking shorter then Hardy in Batman.
MaskDeMasque said on 4/Dec/12
I think Hardy and JGL are both 176cm personally. Hardy has a weak posture in most photos so looks slightly shorter than levitt in photos.
Steve said on 4/Dec/12
Cillian Murphy is more like 5'6. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a strong 5'9, and Tom Hardy a weak 5'9.
Leung said on 3/Dec/12
Bang in the middle of 177cm Joseph Gordon-Levitt and 175cm Shia LaBeouf. Tom Hardy's a 176cm guy.
jean said on 1/Dec/12
If cillian murphy (the shortest guy on the right) is 5"8 as listed on this site, then Hardy is at least 5"10

Click Here
:)man said on 24/Nov/12
bale is 6ft because it was part of the costume. but hardy realy is 5'9ft.
lol93 said on 2/Nov/12
Impossible for this guy to be shorter than 5'9,what amazes me is that he never looks short and he can look easily taller than 5'9
MaskDeMasque said on 25/Oct/12

That's more than an inch, looks about 2". I still think Bale is 5'11ish.
Frankie said on 24/Oct/12
Half way down the page here, Hardy and Bale look just over an inch apart!!?
Similar footwear and posture -Click Here
My guess is Bale is not as tall as 6ft
SAK said on 22/Oct/12
MaskDeMasque says on 21/Sep/12
I don't think he was too short for bane tbh. Big shoes and clever cameras made him look fine. Why do people say he's too short and never mention Bale? Batman was 6'2 in the comics and Bale is 5'11-6' range.
Maybe because 6f2 is alot closer to 6ft, then 6f8 is to 5f9.

I think Hardy did a good job as Bane. But they should've reallty cast someone taller (6ft2+), the casting didn't make sense.
MaskDeMasque said on 19/Oct/12

lol at the encyclopedia saying Bale is over 6ft. i'm not sure if he's even 6ft tall.
Larc-186.7-188.6cm said on 18/Oct/12
In the Batman encyclopedia it says:

Tom Hardy stands around 5ft9 where Christian Bale is over 6ft. Since Bane towers over Batman in height in the comics, special film techniques were used to make Hardy's stature and figure appear larger and imposing. In particular, three-inch lifts were added to Hardy's boots to make him equal in height to other tall characters.

Bane is 6'8 in the comics, Hardy is 5'9 but was awesome in the TDKR, Nolan made him look a lot taller in the movie.
MaskDeMasque said on 12/Oct/12
@just a question

you can't use base 10 when using feet and inches. this is a common mistake with people. 2.54cm in an inch,30.48 inches in a foot. therefore 176cm is 5'9.29. Obviously no one can tell spot on whether someone is 175 or 176cm but we can make good assumptions based on their height next to others and from observing many heights.
just a question said on 11/Oct/12
one feet is how much in centimeter?

when I read here 5ft9 is 176cm?

I thought one feet is 30.48 cm.

If thats true, 176cm is only 5ft8 (or more likely a 5ft7.x)

BTW how can you guys say a person is 5ft8 or "clearly" a 5ft9.25 etc.?

I can not tell if a person I do see on the screen is one or two centimeter larger than another one.

Hell, even if I'm 176cm tall (or small) when I woke up I will be smaller, easily 1cm in the evening...
MaskDeMasque said on 9/Oct/12
I really don't understand how some people think he's 5'8 range. He's clearly a 5'9 guy(possibly even 5'9.25-5 range).
matt678 said on 7/Oct/12
he looks about a solid 5 ft 8.5 and for weight i would say in warrior 180 and in the dark knight rises 195
MarcusTheSwede said on 25/Sep/12
Hey u guys.Why are some of you complaining about his height and he is "Oh he is waaay to short to play bane..bla bla bla" Obviously you all are wrong..proven without no doubt..because why? He plays Bane..and did it damn good to.
So stop being such a hles and give him credits for it instead for putting him down.A man cant decide to be 6ft or less or more. Either you are or either youre not. Its hard as it is in this world to be short then need to hear from guys like you complaining about that. Well anyways you are all wrong cause I think he fits the roll perfectely and I think most people liked him in this part as Bane.So go hug eachother and hope you have a better day.He is earning millions..and you are not..probably.
Silent d said on 23/Sep/12
Solid 5 foot 9 guy. He got towered by jonathon ross though a while back and some people say he is 6 foot but he is obviously closer to 6 foot 2.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Sep/12
I think 5ft9.25(176cm) might be closer. He's awesome in Lawless.
5ft10guy(Not Growing) said on 22/Sep/12
well for me Bale did look a little short to play Batman.Him walking next to Morgan Freeman .I thought to myself "man Bale looks short". Bruce Wayne in comics is a really tall & handsome guy,the batman is described as "huge" his size intimidates his opponents. In comics hes the same height as superman for crying out loud(6'2-6'3 range).So that bothered me.Bale in the Batsuit looked taller though like 6'2(maybe lifts) so it fits him.
MaskDeMasque said on 21/Sep/12
I don't think he was too short for bane tbh. Big shoes and clever cameras made him look fine. Why do people say he's too short and never mention Bale? Batman was 6'2 in the comics and Bale is 5'11-6' range.
jno said on 21/Sep/12
What nike shoes is tom hardy wearing on the the movie This Means War, when he goes on a date with Reese Witherspoon, there black and silver/grey nike shoes but I cant find them anywhere please help??
Dean 5ft 9.25 said on 20/Sep/12
he doesnt appear short to me but he appears on the low average side so hes not a full 5'10.
Hes not even as high as 177cm flat, if were talking at night. IMO the possible range for him is 175.5cm -176.5cm at night and probably just says 5'9 for that reason.
If he was like 175.5-176cm then a guy who doesnt care would probably round down as hes much closer to 5'9 but if he was 176.5cm+ at night(meaning 177cm ish in the afternoon) he would claim 5'10 without a doubt, even if he isnt bothered about height.
5ft10guy(Not Growing) said on 20/Sep/12
5'9 I dont understand?! Hes the same height as batman in the dark knight rises and it says here christian bale is 6'0 and in the Dark knight rises database the Bane character is 6'1.He was way too short to play Bane. Good actor though didnt know he was 5'9.
jtm said on 17/Sep/12
he does look 5'9 to me but very overrated.
Executioner said on 16/Sep/12
Not true Bane is actually very intelligent character and has the accent Th did a very good job he must've worked his butt off to get that physique for the movie. That role took lot of talent and he was a large part of the movie.
hahaha_XD said on 11/Sep/12
the shredder says on 8/Sep/12
how come his agency list him 5'11 if he only claims 5'9 ?
Simple, Hollywood 2-inch-rule. Lots of celebs use it.
Tyler said on 8/Sep/12
@Marky I don't know, look at Chris Pine and Hayden Christensen. Both claim 6'0" but are closer to 6'1".
hahaha_XD said on 8/Sep/12
His agency list him at 5'11"... typical Hollywood 2-inch-rule in play.
big d said on 6/Sep/12
a weak 5'9" - I mean right on the dot.
Marky said on 6/Sep/12
@Tyler, so what your saying is for example he's 5'9.5" but down grades to 5'9"? Instead of upgrading to 5'10"? Something like that? But here is the thing, why not just claim 5'9.5" then.
Balthier said on 1/Sep/12
re mara: I think Rob is a bit generous with Taylor Lautner instead.
Tyler said on 1/Sep/12
@marky well some people may feel more comfortable rounding down their heights than rounding up
Karwill101 said on 30/Aug/12
Everyone keeps using Bane as a reference. Look at the premier photos and how much shorter he is than the rest of the cast 5'9" seems pretty generous. It's almost like thinking Mark Whalburg is 6' when he's like 5'6"
Maximus Meridius said on 28/Aug/12
Rob is it possible he looks taller due too his slim build he looks about 5ft 11in he is very well proportioned he can pull off looking tallish he looks taller than 5ft 9in.
avalanste said on 22/Aug/12
I've managed to see his live Bane costume full figure display in e shopping mall few weeks back, the figure's height was about my height, maybe slightly taller by 1 inch. I'm abt 5'10. So I'd say he's definitely a solid 5'9", maybe a bit more.
dude said on 19/Aug/12
this is the guy who plays bane? why is he taller than christian bale in the movie who is 6'?
Woland said on 15/Aug/12
@ Cranberries
I think you're right. It's no mystery that Nolan wants to hire British actors in lead roles but he could pick Ray Stevenson or Craig Fairbrass - a legit 6'3" guys to play Bane. Great actors too.
Marky said on 15/Aug/12
@Tyler, you've got to be kidding with Hardy only having a 1 inch heel. They are cross training shoes, those have pretty hefty cushioned heels like new balance have. Besides, Hardy is closer to the camera and standing straight. Pearce on the other hand is behind him slightly, and bending to one side. AND, Hardy already said he is 5'9", now why would he downgrade himself? That wouldn't make any sense. Telling people you're taller than you really are is possible but I highly doubt you would downgrade your height.
Tyler said on 15/Aug/12
@Marky, well Guy Pearce is listed at 5'10.25" on here, which is entirely accurate IMO. Now, Guy's shoes have about an inch, perhaps 0.75" although it is kinda hard to tell from the angle of the pic. Pearce is reaching 5'10.75"-5'11" in those shoes. And Tom's shoes are not 1.5", but they are typical 1" shoes. Guy Pearce is only a 0.25" max taller than Tom Hardy in the photo I posted. In their shoes: Tom Hardy: 5'10.5", Guy Pearce: 5'10.75-5'11". Tom Hardy needs to be upgraded back to 5'9.5".
Harvey said on 13/Aug/12
Same height as Sir Ian McKellen here: - no idea what shoes he's wearing though. Either means he needs an upgrade or Sir Ian needs a downgrade...
Marky said on 13/Aug/12
@Tyler, look at Hardy's shoes man. Those look like cross training shoes. Like new balance or something. Those are a good 1 inch, maybe 1.5 inch in heel. Guy Pearce is in minimal heel, less then an inch. Probably 0.5 max. So Absolute MAX for Hardy is 5'9". I'm still set on solid 5'8.5"
Tyler said on 12/Aug/12
Rob, him and Guy Pearce: Click Here He should be upgraded back to 5'9.5".
Kam said on 10/Aug/12
Ralph, it's about acting, not about muscle and height. He rocked the voice and eye movements and body language of the character. Random non-actors can't do that.
Kam said on 10/Aug/12
miss realistic, Hardy played Bane correctly. The original Bane as you called him butchered the character. Bane is not supposed to be some random grunt who says nothing other than his own name.
the shredder said on 10/Aug/12
Bane IMO is one of the weakest Batman characters anyway .
Will_is_5'9 said on 9/Aug/12
Hardy was probably 5'11 or 6' as Bane and Bale who is already 5'11 or a weak 6' was probably 6'1 or 6'2 in the batman costume. Using camera angles they balanced them out to make them even but Hardy had to be wearing lifts.
Kartal5 said on 9/Aug/12
This guy rocked at Bane, even i was skeptical first and i am the same height 175cm.
Tipjar said on 9/Aug/12
He had 3" lifts in his boots for the role as Bane. I think they pulled it off quite nicely.
tommie said on 8/Aug/12
haha,, TDKR is such a great Film. I really thought this guy is at least 6 feet or over. there were times where I could easily buy 6 ft 2 for him. very funny. wally Pfister, the DP of TDKR did a really good job here.
MaskDeMasque said on 8/Aug/12

Its not just about being and tall though. He looked good enough for the role i thimk and he's a fantastic actor and provided a good performance. some random 6'4 huge guy at the gym cant act like tom lol.
Duhon said on 6/Aug/12
@Ralph i don't know if you've seen the film? but hardy was amazing in it. Even with his mask on you could still see the expressions is his eyes and his body movement. If you want to see a bodybuilder in that role watch batman and robin.

Also yes hardy looked massive as bane i stand by my estimate that he looked a good 6'4" when standing next to most of the other figures ie dagget, his henchmen etc.

Only when fighting batman did he seem more around 6'1" likely due to the limitations of trick filming during a fight scene.
Ralph said on 5/Aug/12

4 inches shoes? are we talking shoes or high heels man xD? I mean, they definitely shouldve found a taller guy to play Bane especially since he was going to have his face covered so who cares about it. But camera angles, blah blah blah, thats what made Hardy looked the same height as Christian.

Point blank, Any big and bulky/muscular white guy outside of any gym in the world could play that part. I think that role was a lottery game and he won xD
Cranberries said on 4/Aug/12
Bane definitely looked kinda small to me in TDKR. Anyone who thinks he looked "huge" was fooled by almost constant camera tricks, i.e. lots of short actors, ANGLES, Tom Hardy flexing his traps constantly (god, does that really fool people?), wearing 3-inch lifts, wearing bulky jackets/clothing, having a naturally small frame to begin with that only looked big from 3 inches away, his small head making his body look bigger, etc.

Click Here
Sentinel said on 4/Aug/12
Christian is easily taller. now the Bane/Batman debate is easy, take Tom, give him 4 inches shoes and you got Bane. take Christian, give him 2 inches and you got Batman. 6'1'' in the film both, Tom 5'9'' and Christian 5'11'' in real life
the shredder said on 4/Aug/12
He looks a legit 5'9 ... he is right , Now Jamie Foxx Looks taller then his 5'9 , I think Jamie is taller unless he wear lifts a lot .
Berial said on 3/Aug/12
CGI+ camera angles + lifts = Bane. We can clearly see in set pictures that his arms, for instance, aren't as big as they are in the movie. The scene with Dagget he was clearly standing on a higher level, but that guy is in no way 6 feet tall.
MaskDeMasque said on 1/Aug/12

low level camera angles. lol he didnt look that big in TDKR, he looked about 6' in his big boots.
Ezio Auditore da Firenze said on 1/Aug/12
Excuse me?? That guy looked almost gigantic in that movie so anything that he wore 3 inches footwear is nonense. Either his real height must be about 6'3"-6'5" or something has to be wrong there.
Skjo said on 1/Aug/12
J. Gordon-Levitt is exactly the same height, so he needs downgrade too...
MaskDeMasque said on 31/Jul/12

which is why i think bale is 5'11

5'9 hardy +3" inch shoes=6'
5'11 bale +1" inch shoes=6'
MD said on 31/Jul/12
BTW, does anyone know how tall the actor that played Dagget in the movie actually is? I see he's listed at 6'0", but that's obviously not right.
Darrius said on 30/Jul/12
Ezio Auditore he didn't look like 6'5 in TDKR, he was just as tall as Batman. Tom Hardy's real height is 5'9, and he wore specially designed shoes which were 3 inches in TDKR to make him look taller.
Ezio Auditore da Firenze said on 29/Jul/12
Well, he looked 6'5" as Bane in Batman The Dark Knight rises. I wonder how he could tower a full foot or there is something wrong with his height claiming.
c-mo said on 29/Jul/12
looks 178cm
MaskDeMasque said on 29/Jul/12

yes but 5'10 sounds better than 5'9. saying you are smaller when you aren't doesn't make any sense but inflating your height does.
Chiara said on 29/Jul/12
Well, why would you claim 5´10 if you´re 5´9? Just because you think it´s superior being tall, doesn´t mean everyone has the same mindset.
MaskDeMasque said on 29/Jul/12
@red hood

why would he claim 5'9 if he was 5'10?
MaskDeMasque said on 28/Jul/12

yeh, its nice to see a celeb be honest about his height. but tom hardy is very handsome (nohomo) so he prob doesnt care about how tall he is.
Connor said on 27/Jul/12
Rob, how tall do you think those boots made Tom look in the Dark knight rises, or do you think it might be the camera angles that made him look taller?
[Editor Rob: I haven't seen the film, but i'm sure a bit of angles to make the character appear bigger was used ]
Admiral said on 27/Jul/12
people I'd rather have a 5'9 Tom Hardy in lifts than a 6'4 Monkey as Bane , Tom was chosen for this role because of his talent as an actor not because of his height.He also wasn't afraid to give his real height which for a celebrity under 6' it's rare.
MaskDeMasque said on 27/Jul/12
yeh he looked big in TDKR. no wonder people cant guess heights well with movie magic. 5'8.5 ChrisD? nope, he's 5'9.
MD said on 27/Jul/12
Glad to see I wasn't the only one impressed by the camera angles in the new movie. They were genuinely able to make him look tall without it looking ridiculous. That said, I was kind of disappointed with how much they changed the background of his character. I mean, I realize a character like Bane is hard to pull off in real life without it coming off as silly/campy, but for even as much weight as he put on the strength displayed by the character didn't feel right if that makes any sense.
ChrisD said on 27/Jul/12
Although wearing 3-4 inch lifts in TDKR, he looked gigantic, a good 6'4'' in some scenes and maybe 1" or 2 taller than Bale (batman) in other scenes. Very impressed by the camera angles, and yes Duhon, hopefully that shuts up the critics. Hardy is 5'8.5''. Amazing how they made him look so tall in the movie!
BigT said on 25/Jul/12
I think 175 cm is bang on, good to see him Downgraded. What was his previous listing Rob, 177 cm? Christian Bale is hard to pin down, looks 185cm sometimes, but he also looks sub 180 cm sometimes, I think he´s somewhere between 178 and 181 cm barefoot. Morgan Freeman is 74 years old and obviously not still a full 6´2", probably around the 185-186 cm range. Gary Oldman i´d put at 173 cm, no more. Joseph G. Levitt is a lift wearer, probably around 173-174 cm barefoot.
Jake: 1.82 m-- 1.83 m-- 1.84 m said on 25/Jul/12
He's significantly shorter than 6ft0.5in Chris Pine. 5ft9- 5ft9.25in range is realistic for him.
Michael said on 25/Jul/12
*jaw drops*......He looked HUGE in the Dark Knight Rises. He looked like a monster of a man.....
Duhon said on 25/Jul/12
They made him look huge in The Dark Knight Rises mostly with camera angles. I'd say they made him look 6'4" or so he towered over the other actors around him. I think that shut up some critics of his casting.
Tyler said on 25/Jul/12
Cmon', we all know he's taller than this listing. He should go back to 5'9.5-.75".
mike said on 23/Jul/12
He had crazy lifts on in dark knight rises
Berial said on 23/Jul/12
I don't think he is 1,75.I mean he is able to clearly look Christian Bale eye to eye in the set pics and as Batman he is little over 6'1 standing at almost 6'2. I'm aware Hardy uses three inches lifts on the movie but with 1,75 he would be towered a bit by Bale. I must admit thought that in these knew TDKR premiere pictures he looks rather small, but I think he is nothing below 1,77. That's only my opinion though. And Levitt does wear lifts in most movies, that and his slim figure are what makes him look taller than he actually is, while Hardy does not use lifts in most movies and events, he only used here because it would be ridiculous to have Bane being smaller than Batman.
bane said on 16/Jun/12
In a recent picture with shia labeouf they look the same height and in the movie inception he look's way more shorter than joseph gordon levitt but in this website they say joseph gordon levitt its exactly 1.77cm maybe maybe levitt had lifts and hardy didnt.. comment if you want.
MaskDeMasque said on 14/Jun/12

lol at 5'7, no chance. some people have no clue about judging height. he is 175/176.
Nads said on 12/Jun/12
Saw him at work, served his lovely missus, didn't stand that close but I'm 5'3 & he wasn't as tall as expected, I'd say 5'7 or less is about right
John said on 10/Jun/12
He used to post on his own message board back around the UK release of 'Bronson.' In one topic a troll insulted him, and he jokingly challenged the guy to a fight and described himself as "5 ft 8." I would assume the 5 ft 9.5 listing for him is either incorrect or due to a boost from shoes, as the man himself claims to be 5'8.
johno said on 11/Feb/12
- Although in that old footage they showed of him on the big breakfast, on the jonathon ross show. He was around 20 and seemed some-what diminutive in stature ...
johno said on 11/Feb/12
- About 2.5 inches shorter then jonathon ross in todays interview and gave one of the most awkward interviews i have seen, gave even me an-xiety !! A very shy fellow
Silent d said on 5/Feb/12
Ras_ it is alright. I'm planning to watch the warrior this week. Tom hardy has bad posture, that is why i say about an inch but joel could be taller. He was a little shorter than alex o'loughlin. 177cm.
maio said on 1/Feb/12
i think he's in the 5 ft 9 in/175 cm - 5 ft 9.5 in/177 cm range, but i don't know precisely...
now i've to see the dark knight rises to decide...
FACE said on 31/Jan/12
Hardy has even said he is 5'9 he said during an interview for 'Bronson'
When he decribed bronson he thought " I thought 6'3 wide as a mountain tree trunk legs. NO. 5'9, my height, 13 stone when he was 30, he's 16stone now."
Click Here 1miniute into the video
Ras_ said on 31/Jan/12
I wasn't trying to be rude or something,its just that how can you only say theres a 2cm. difference between them,while at very very least its 4+? I also recommend seeing the movie as its truly a great film ;)
Silent d said on 31/Jan/12
I've seen parts of the movie. Enough to say that joel is taller. Take it easy ras_. 177cm
MItch said on 30/Jan/12
with chris pine..
Click Here
Ras_ said on 29/Jan/12
@Silent d , I doubt you even watched the movie as you would've saw that Joel had atleast 2 inches on Tom.I know that Tom usually slouches a bit,but so did Joel in their scenes together...
SIlent d said on 24/Jan/12
He was shorter than joel edgerton in warrior who is about 179cm. 177cm is right. Interested to see him with charlize theron in mad max 4: fury road.
FACE said on 21/Jan/12
1 minute into the video
FACE said on 21/Jan/12
Hardy has even said he is 5'9 he said during an interview for 'Bronson'
When he decribed bronson he thought " I thought 6'3 wide as a mountain tree trunk legs. NO. 5'9, my height, 13 stone when he was 30, he's 16stone now."
Click Here
Dago Red said on 20/Jan/12
Like Eddie Murphy said, "If they put you in a movie where you're the star, you'll kick everyone's ass."
Woland said on 12/Jan/12
Anonymous says on 6/Nov/10
just watched Bronson.and im trhink he is 6`1 way he less than 184cm!

No. Watch the movie again. Indeed, in some sceens he looks huge, due camera angles and his impressive body physique. But in other shots, when you see his full body frame it's obvious that Hardy has rather average height - 5'9 / 5'10.

I think that Batman Raises filmmakers did a good job making him as tall as Batman, but sill - imho - Craig Fairbrass would be a better Bane.
Mike said on 9/Jan/12
5'9 sounds accurate, although he looks taller in films. Gotta love the Hollywood magic and those low camera angles. lol.
Cranberries said on 9/Jan/12
5'9", 198 lbs on his biggest day with a little extra fat. And the fact of the matter is he DOES have small hands, short arms and legs, and narrow shoulders. That's just the way he's built, Joel. @Natalie: The Warrior didn't really show any good shots of his physique; mostly in big bulky jackets and showing nothing below his traps. I would say his frame is smaller than average.
Red hood said on 6/Jan/12
I saw the Imax prologue for rises and i gotta say hes not tall he has alot of muscle but with a layer of fat if you know what i mean. Second i saw warrior,bronson,inception 1.76-1.78 no more anyway going back in batman hes usin three inch lifts and in pictures i saw hes still no taller than bale and his 1.83. So i got answers to the questions in muscle hes 198 pounds standing 1.82 with lifts on can he act yes can he break the bat YES are they gonna use different camera angles ofcourse.. So to all haters like he said in the trailer when go see the dark knigth rises you have my permission to die... strong line sets the tone.. see ya
Ras_ said on 4/Jan/12
5'9 seems more accurate for him and Joseph Gordon-Levitt,but I guess Rob gave them 0.5in more than Gary Oldman,due to him being almost 54yrs old,so I guess its fair enough.
Hansklabam said on 3/Jan/12
People saying Tom Hardy is not 180 lbs really are wrong. He really looks like a beast. And he is absolutely not even close to fat.. I would say he's about 190 lbs, maybe a bit more, at the height of 5ft9.
Natalie said on 3/Jan/12
Ummm Tom Hardy is NOT anything close to being fat. I've seen Waarior like 10 times already & he's filled with muscles. ;) & the bomb tattoo ;)
Paula e said on 2/Jan/12
Agree w joel totally.
Joel said on 2/Jan/12
I don't know what alot of you are on about with dirty builds and all that, I've just watched the warrior and that guy is a bull. Total animal, I'm 6'2 190lbs and you wouldn't get me in the ring with him. Small hands, short arms... What planet you on??? Looks like he could rip a door off!!
Ras_ said on 29/Dec/11
Gary Oldman looks exactly Tom's and JGL's height,so either he's "177cm" maybe 5'10 at his peak,or the 3 of them are legit 5'9 and nothing more...I don't understand why you put the one at 2cm. lower while the 3 of them seem to be exactly the same height?
rjs said on 28/Dec/11
Sorry but this is about the weight, this guy looks bigger than me easily, im 5'9" 194 lbs. i dont have a low body fat fairly average
Cranberries said on 27/Dec/11
@Paula e:
I don't really think you know what 10-12% body fat looks like; that's LEAN, as in abs clear and veins visible on every muscle. Tom Hardy was SLIGHTLY below average in bodyfat in The Warrior; I would guess 15.5-17%.

They mostly showed his flexed traps throughout the movie and in the brief shots of everything else, he didn't look lean at all to me. His body fat also showed in his face and neck (puffy and soft).
He brought one word to mind for me: dirty bulk.
anon said on 24/Dec/11
@cranberries: bodybuilding forums are the worst place to find out what a 5'10" 185lb man looks like as they look nothing like your average bloke. hardys bulked up for roles but hes no bodybuilder yet you have to give the guy props for bein the movies new go to guy for intimidating roles even if hes as small as you think he is. I also base the 185 statement on the fact that warrior is a profesional production and to have different sized guys in a middleweight tournament would just not have looked right. kurt angle who at 5'10" is normally north of 200lb commented on having to drop weight for this movie. it just wouldnt be credible to have different sized guys playing specifically weighted roles, so for that reason i suspect all of the actors in the movie where damn close to 185 give or take a pound at the time of filming
Paula e said on 23/Dec/11
I read somewhere that he has to be 14 lbs plus 10 more heavier in batman than he was in warrior. I also read (in a diff place) that he has to get up to 189-196 for batman. I would guess low 170s in warrior.

Also his body fat is not "very high". Probably 10-12%. A lot of dudes would kill for that...
Cranberries said on 18/Dec/11
"I'll bet hardy was bang on 185 in warrior"

@anon: Hardy has very short arms and legs, and camera angles were used extensively in that movie to his benefit. They hardly ever showed his entire body in the frame except for when he was wearing bulky jackets.

He also has a high body fat; without that padding, he'd look even scrawnier. I would be VERY surprised if he was 185 on his heaviest day. I look at the forum all the time... And Hardy is simply not what a 5'10" 185 lb. man looks like.
anon said on 17/Dec/11
There looks to be 3 inches difference in every picture with joel edgerton but hardy just does not appear under 5-9. im goin 6 foot for joel and I'll bet hardy was bang on 185 in warrior
Cranberries said on 13/Dec/11
@TheBounder: "Huge"? Really? The man is clearly short, narrow-shouldered, short-legged and short-armed, with small hands and feet. His arms aren't particularly muscly either. Camera-angles, character, and a high body fat also contribute to his "largish" appearance. In The Warrior, he was bigger than he was in Bronson and was fighting middleweight (171-185 lbs... I'm guessing he was barely 171).

The one thing I can credit to his physique is his traps: either they're strong, or he knows how to flex them. I'm still guessing it's mostly the latter.
D said on 6/Dec/11
Its amazing what a spot light above your head can do for your physique....
TheBounder said on 30/Nov/11
For those of you who think Tom Hardy is weedy with a tiny frame, you've obviously not seen him in the fllm Bronson, where he play the nutter Charles Broson.

He's huge.

Click Here
Luke R said on 25/Nov/11
@ Rolo20

Bruce Wayne/Batman, was never, will never, be 6.5. He is officially listed as 6.2 in his boots.
D said on 25/Nov/11
Click Here what 3 inch heel boost!? they both look pretty spot on going by the top-of-the-foot slope.
Tyler said on 9/Nov/11
I think the rumors about him wearing 3 inch lifts in TDKR are true. Look here:
Click Here
Click Here
santana said on 31/Oct/11
he will do a good bane and besides hes wearing big boots
Zain said on 25/Oct/11
They will probably use CG and camara tricks to make him look like 7ft tall in the dark knight rises.
Tipjar said on 18/Oct/11
"Rolo20 says on 8/Sep/11
What ever height his little A$$ is he is not even CLOSE to act the role as Bane. like Larc said Bane is almost 7 ft. tall and rediculus huge I hope they cgi his tiny frame. sure he is great shape but not Bane shape. C. Nolan did so well with his first 2 BATMAN movies im worried about this. Im optamistic about this cause Chsistian Bale isnt 6ft5 like the comic book Bruce Wayne and they have done well with that. Why coudnt they have used the guy from the movie Troy. That dude that got shanked by B.Pitt at the very first fight scene in that movie"

I completely agree with you man! Bane is supposed to be this absolutely huge unstoppable figure - they should have had the guy from Troy play Bane - Nathan Jones is his name - would've been amazing, he's close to 7 feet tall. Hardy is 5'9" and Bale is like 6'1"...not sure how this is gonna work out. Hope they do some CGI work like they did for X-men and the Juggernaut.
LAN Jiao said on 14/Oct/11
175-176cm is closer.
EasyMNY said on 5/Oct/11

I'm sure Tom's "tiny frame" can kick your ass ANY day of the week. 'Nuff said. I mean, you people have to realize that not everything from comics can be translated onto films. Hugh Jackman was too tall for Wolverine, and Michael Keaton was too short for Batman. Do people care about these facts today? not really. They were both iconic performances.
kathrine said on 2/Oct/11
I used to be his message therapist in Pittsburgh while he was filming Warrior and I'm 5'9" and he's only an inch taller than me.
Michael said on 27/Sep/11
Tom Hardy is not taller than 5' 8.5". On an average day he would measure 5' 8".

Looks like Mr Hardy is upgraded by 1.75" in the listing here. He is probably in his shoes if he measures 5' 9.75".
DMan said on 25/Sep/11
Click Here

Being listed at 5'9 on the metro site. Maybe they are just exaggerating it a bit to sell the story more?
mat said on 14/Sep/11
no way he's shorter than Gary Oldman
Brah said on 13/Sep/11
@Jimmy i'm 5'9 really close to 5'10 but I tell everyone i'm 5'10.
ff said on 13/Sep/11
i thought he was like 6'1 he looks tall to me!
Yaspaa said on 11/Sep/11
Bane is only that tall after he goes through the transformation, he isn't that tall beforehand, and 6'2ish Hugh Jackman worked fine playing the 5'3 Wolverine. 5'9.75 may be slightly generous.
Larc 6 ft 1.75 in said on 9/Sep/11
Bruce Wayne (Batman) is supposed to be 6'2.
Rolo20 said on 8/Sep/11
What ever height his little A$$ is he is not even CLOSE to act the role as Bane. like Larc said Bane is almost 7 ft. tall and rediculus huge I hope they cgi his tiny frame. sure he is great shape but not Bane shape. C. Nolan did so well with his first 2 BATMAN movies im worried about this. Im optamistic about this cause Chsistian Bale isnt 6ft5 like the comic book Bruce Wayne and they have done well with that. Why coudnt they have used the guy from the movie Troy. That dude that got shanked by B.Pitt at the very first fight scene in that movie
Notanon said on 7/Sep/11
How exactly do you tower over someone when you're 2 inches taller?
Larc 6 ft 1.75 in said on 30/Aug/11
Bane is supposed to be 6'8, maybe they will use some tricks or camera angles to make him appear bigger. They did the same with Michael Clark Duncan in "The Green Mile", he is 6'4 and looked 7'0 in the movie.
Tim said on 19/Aug/11
He's 5'8. I met him in London and I towered over him at 5'10!
MD said on 17/Aug/11
Yeah, Tyler, because guys underestimate their heights all the time. lol
Rudy said on 16/Aug/11
Nice guy but not tall or even average, he is more like 5'7. He has some major lifts on the TDKR set.
Jeff said on 15/Aug/11
5'9" guy dead on
bob125 said on 19/Jul/11
Yeah, he's close to 5' 10". It's a good height but I still wonder how he's gonna play Bane in the Dark Knight Rises...
Chris175 said on 15/Jul/11
I think Tom Hardy was being accurate with his 5-9 claim in the bronson video below, here he is with 5-8/9 patrick stewart Click Here
here with Joel (5-11) Click Here i agree with 5-9.75 as a morning height. but i reckon most of the time he walks around closer to 5-9.25
whoaa said on 10/Jul/11
he looks 5'10 to me
Tyler said on 27/Jun/11
Now that I think about it, this height is perfect for him. Closer to 5'10", but still in the 5'9" range.
joewhite31 said on 27/Jun/11
5'9.75"-5'10" easily.
Tyler said on 11/Jun/11
MD, his height is a mystery. But I still think his real height is 5'10".

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