How tall is Travis Barker

Travis Barker's Height

5ft 9 ½ (176.5 cm)

American musician, best known for being in the band Blink-182.

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5ft 9.7in (177cm)
Thomas 4f said on 27/May/20
Rob, do you think he lost any height after his horrific plane crash?
Editor Rob
Not sure, but reading about it, I think more burn injuries and foot than maybe spinal/disc damage or breaks that could cause loss.
Ace Of Spades said on 13/Feb/20
My estimations :
Tom = 190 - 191
Matt Skiba = 187
Mark = 181 - 182
Travis = 177
Hellyeah said on 24/Jul/18
Can you do a ghostemane,in pic with Travis Barker he looks shorter inch or two
ok said on 10/Jun/17
Similar to yelawolf
blinkfan said on 11/May/17
Mark is 6ft. Travis around the 5ft9 area and Tom is like a strong 6'2
Cogos said on 10/May/17
Why do these people keep boosting this guy Mark Hoppus, he is 5'11 and google says it. Mark Hoppus himself has said he is 5'11. Google/advertised height is always MORE than the real height, so there is no way he is actually taller than what google and ALL services have him listed. He is 5'11.
Alan said on 1/Jan/17
rob you ever gonna add mark hoppus? so many people have asked haha
Editor Rob: one day 😙
alexbig guy said on 13/May/16
rob can you add mark hoppus?
Alexbigguy said on 17/Nov/15
Rob please could you add mark hoppus? He has been listed 188 at first and then 183 and 180... I believe this guy could look 181-182
ops said on 21/Oct/15
this photo (Click Here) and his video with Rihanna convinced me he's around 5'8"
Lelman said on 26/Jun/15
I think hoppus looks solidly 3 inches taller than barker. I think he is 184cm personally, he tends to look closer in height to tom than he does travis
Hopsin said on 2/Apr/15
I am 6'0 exactly and when I talked to hopsin after his concert he was exactly my height
himynameisadam said on 7/Mar/15
Mark is about 6ft1
Andy 185cm said on 5/Mar/15
@Rob what height do you think Mark Hoppus is?
Chilean said on 8/Feb/15
Rob could you give an estimate height for Tim Armstrong please Click Here
FlameBoy said on 24/Jan/15
Click Here

if travis is 5 ft 9.5 what would be your guess for Hopsin looking at the pic Rob ?
[Editor Rob: tough to say on that, they could be quite close in height.]
Paul said on 10/Nov/14
Adam, maybe is the angle but you look like 5'10-11, I mean Tom is like 8-10 cm taller than you, your shoulder is at the height of his nipple.
Paul said on 2/Nov/14
mark is at least 6'1 look this picture, dave is listed as 6ft tall

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Oct/14
Rob, how come Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus aren't listed here?
[Editor Rob: I did add Tom quite recently]
himynameisadam said on 24/Sep/14
himynameisadam said on 24/Sep/14
I think there's a chance that I know my height better than you, Pete :) And Tom is still 6ft4, he mentioned it before a few times
Pete said on 23/Sep/14
adam there isnt a swingin dick chance you are 6'1.5 ....Tom is atleast 3 inches taller than you in that pic. he is not 6'4.5
himynameisadam said on 23/Sep/14
I just measured myself for you stpaul, and I'm 6'1.5 :)
stpaul said on 20/Sep/14
himynameisadam you don't look 6'1 - 6'2 and looking at the pic you look 5'10ish.
Im 5'11.5 and mark was a smidge shorter than me
Arch Stanton said on 16/Sep/14
Thanks. Tom at 6'3", Mark at maybe 6 ft and Travis at 5'9.5" looks about right now. Lelman thinks the same. I'd thought Mark was more 5'11 but in looking I think he might actually be 6 ft.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Sep/14
I mean look at Click Here OK you can't see footwear but there's not a chance of Hoppus being near 6 ft 1. I think he's max 6 ft, more 182. I can't see a proper 5 ft 10 for Travis.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Sep/14
Can you downgrade to 5'9.5" then? That's what Lelman thinks too. At times Hoppus can look nearly 3 inches taller and I really doubt he is over 6 ft. Somewhere in 5 ft 9 range looks more accurate barefoot.
himynameisadam said on 16/Sep/14
Mark is at least 6ft1, just take a look at my pictures.
Arch Stanton said on 15/Sep/14
I'm not sure on Mark Hoppus, I think we can rule out under 5 ft 11, but he can look anything from 5'11-6'1".
Arch Stanton said on 15/Sep/14
Rob are you sure he really looks a legit 5 ft 10? See 2:44 of Click Here for instance
Mark is 5'11 range I think and Travis usually looks about 2 inches shorter.
[Editor Rob: not looked at him much since days of Big G, he can look 5ft 9-10 range I think generally.]
Arch Stanton said on 12/Sep/14
I've requested Rob to add Tom DeLonge Will, I think he's worth adding. Well he's not a legit 6'4" but he can look a weak 6'3", I think 190 might be accurate.
Will said on 10/Sep/14
Rob, please make a page for Tom DeLonge, my guess is travis is about 5ft8.5 to 5ft9 barefoot
Shawn said on 21/Aug/14
since theres no page for Tom on here im gonna post this collage i did of him. People say he is 6ft4 which is bs. id say he is about 6ft2 to 6ft2.5 without shoes. Damien Fahey and Carson Daly are both listed at 6ft1.5 on here and Conana and Killborn 6ft4.

Click Here
himynameisadam said on 17/Aug/14
I've met Tom and Mark, they're both pretty tall. I'm 187-188 cm and Mark was really close to my height and Tom was taller than me. I'd say Mark is 185-186 cm and Tom is 192-193 cm tall.

Click Here
Click Here
teeps said on 20/Jun/14
Blink 182 is my fav band.. since i was.. class 3.. All the small things is the song i listen first!! And i saw travis .. and till now i play drums.. because travis barker plays!!!
Tymmo said on 29/Mar/14
He is about 175 cm, looks taller because of the other two in the band who are really tall.
I'd say Tom is 185-188 cm
Mark is 180-183 cm
And Travis is about 175-177 cm

(This is my own approximation)
MetalKid said on 11/Dec/13
How about a page for Tom and Mark, Rob? Mark looks about 5'11"-6' and Tom looks about 6'3".
MD said on 5/Dec/13
Wow, he is looking quite short in that photo.
Ralph said on 4/Dec/13
look this picture with tom and mark he looks a lot under 178 cm , he is no more than 173...Click Here
patty melt said on 6/Aug/13
Barker:5'9, Hoppus:5"11, Delonge:6'1, I've met them all and I'm 6'1 as tall as tom
Charwich said on 3/Jul/13
You have Harry Styles listed as 5ft9.25 yet he is taller than Travis in the picture they took together
Alkan said on 10/Jun/13
I recall back in high school a friend of mine who was 5'9" had his picture taken with Travis and they appeared to be almost exactly the same height.
Nate said on 22/Apr/13
Rob, Blink 182 is my favorite band since I was 11 for real hahaha. Even though I was sure that Tom Delonge was the tallest of all of them, never knew any of their heights. Now I trust you on Barker, so How tall do you think the rest of them all are? Really confusing!!
Josh said on 9/Jan/13
travis is 5'9 (1.75 cm) mark is 5'11.75(182 cm) and tom is 6f1.75 or 6.2 (187-188 cm) I agree with mate
Thomas said on 29/Dec/12
I've met them at a meet & greet during their last tour. I'm a solid 5'9 barefoot and Travis was exactly my height while Mark looked in the "5'11- 6'" range. Tom was definitely the tallest of them, I'd guess him at 6'2 or 6'2.5"
Kal said on 2/Sep/12
Alright, during freshman year of highschool, my friend who was a solid 6'0" at the time, met Mark, Tom, and Travis after a show. He said that Tom was only an inch taller than him, that mark was 3 inches shorter than Tom, and that Travis was 2 inches shorter than Mark.
Tom was a solid 6'1"
Mark was either 5'10" or 5'10.5"
and that means that Travis was either 5'8 or 5'8.5"
Nick said on 23/Aug/12
I'm 6'2 1/2" at night, and Tom looks around the same height as me. I don't buy 6'4" at all.
Grim said on 10/Aug/12
Travis is definitely 5'9 . Mark is 6'0 (he has said that himself) and Tom is 6'2.

The reason why i put Travis as 5'9 is because of this video Click Here
Look at 0:30 you'll see Travis is not a lot taller then Rihanna who is supposed to be 5'8.
BlinkMe182 said on 26/Jul/12
Mark is 5'11 actually
Tom is 6'3
and Travis is 5'10
Eli said on 29/Dec/11
He is 5'10" I'd say Tom is 6'3.5" and Mark is 6 ft.
nop said on 25/Dec/11
no, u r wrong foreverloving, blink 182 fan is right
foreverlovingBlink182 said on 1/Dec/11
No, I'm pretty sure that
Mark is: 6'0
Tom's: 6'3
Travis is: 5'9-5'10
blink 182 fan said on 24/Nov/11
Mark 6'0
Travis 5'9
Tom 6'2
G said on 7/Nov/11
I've met Tom DeLonge, during an angels and airwaves meet and greet, i can honestly say he's a strong 6'3''-6'4'' no lie, no less.

Mark hoppus might be in the 5'11''-6'1'' range
and Travis might be in the 5'10''-5'1'' range

The only reason why you guys think he's small is because throughout his career in blink-182, he has to stand next to Tom and Mark, which are HUGE guys, height and build wise. While travis is so damn skinny and shorter then them making an appearance of a 5'9'' guy, even though he's taller than that.

Just look at videos when he's standing next to people who aren't Tom and Mark, he's pretty tall, so 5'10.5'' estimate seems accurate
jay said on 26/Oct/11
If you check tom's scene in "idle hands" you see how huge this guy is.
mate said on 21/Oct/11
travis is 5'9 (1.75 cm) mark is 5'11.75(182 cm) and tom is 6f1.75 or 6.2 (187-188 cm)
Scott said on 18/Aug/11
I think this is WAY off. I played some festivals with him a while back. He seemed more like 2-3+ inches shorter than me rather than 1. My best guess is an INCREDIBLY weak 5'9 :)
tjhsrj said on 18/Aug/11
I met Travis last night. hes 5'9. im 5'10 and i was a bit taller.
dAniEl said on 9/Aug/11
Mark looks like to me 1.80 (5ft11) and also on i.m.d.b hes 1.80 so i guess tom is like 2 inces above him somthing like 5 cm more so hes probaly 1.85 (6ft1) and travis is look like 170-175, check their heights in first date clip u'll see im right
Fred said on 6/Aug/11
No way he's 5 ft 10.5 in, just look at the beginning of the video Adam's song. If Mark is 5 ft 11 than Travis must be around 5 ft 9 in at most.

Click Here
Josh said on 1/Aug/11
Mark 5'11
Tom 6´2
Travis 5'9
David S said on 15/Jul/11
He is definitely around 5'10. I'm 5'11 in sneakers. When I saw Travis a couple of years ago at Mi Piaci in Calabasas, CA, I said hello to him. He was very friendly to me and my wife. Very approachable guy. He seemed about the same height as I was. I was wearing sneakers and he was wearing boots i believe. So 5'10 +/- an inch sounds right to me.
Al said on 21/Jun/11
Nah i think this is about right.
Tom is 191-192cm
Mark about 3'' shorter at 184cm
And Travis 2-2.5 shorter than him at 178-179cm. No less than 178cm
ivan88 said on 16/May/11
no way this guy is that tall, he always look like a 177 cm guy max...! No way he is tall like Mark Hoppus who is 179-180 way ppl.
matias said on 14/May/11
he looks 8 cms shorter than 6.1 stonecold

he must be 5.9 -5.8
Shaun said on 22/Apr/11
Looks more like 5'9" to me. Tom De Longe aint 194cm LOL. He's barely 190. He does NOT look legit 6'4", I think 190cm is spot on barefoot.
Kate said on 4/Apr/11
I met him at a bowling alley back in 2002 and he was about 5'9.
jose182 said on 15/Jan/11
TOM IS 1.94
MARK IS 1.80
TRAVIS IS 1.76 OR 1.77
AdyPutra said on 23/Nov/10
Blink 182 means,,, MARK = 6 ft 1 inc --- anyone agree with me???
TRAVIS = 5 ft 8 inc
TOM = 6 ft 2 inc
cormac said on 11/Jun/09
travis is 5ft 10 and mark is a nice bit taller because he`s 6ft 2 and tom is the tallest at 6ft 4 1/2
Mustainner indonesia said on 26/May/09
Tom is taller than mark n travis.he looks cool.i like her tatto n hat.he is look tall with her guitar when i saw the video in TARGET CENTER MINNEAPOLIS,MN.i miss u. travis 179 cm.mark 5'11.its cool .
The Dutchguy said on 7/May/09
Tom DeLonge 6'2 1/2 ? Mmm..i saw him in Amsterdam last year, he was playing an Angels and Airwaves show, he seemed taller to me, but hell, everybody looks taller on stage
Billy tha Kidd said on 6/May/09
On my radio show last month, we actually measured them since several listeners called in to ask and they lied saying they were all over 6'.

To put and end to this madness, here's what we found: Barker was 5'9-1/2", Hoppus was 5'10-3/8" and Delonge was 6'2-1/2". There you have it.
The Dutchguy said on 26/Apr/09
Tom DeLonge 6'3.5

Mark Hoppus 6'0

Travis Barker 5'11.5
Rusty said on 22/Apr/09
I easily see a strong 5'11" in this. Maybe closer to 6'.
glenn said on 11/Mar/09
gotcha peace maker.
PEACE MAKER said on 10/Mar/09
no i dont think so, tom delonge is listed as 6 foot 4 and he is significantly taller than travis who is 5-11
glenn said on 9/Mar/09
is 6-2 the tallest for that band? i cant remember the other member.
PEACE MAKER said on 9/Mar/09
thanks for clearifying that glenn, i always thought mark was taller than 5-11 because when i met him back in 2002, he towered over me and i was 5-10 at the time.
glenn said on 9/Mar/09
peacemaker-if your still there.i would imagine one guy in the band is 6-2.not sure if there is a 6-4 or 6ft guy.mark hoppus.forgot the other guys name.not one of my favorites.
Brad said on 8/Mar/09
Shanna is all over the place due to big heels in photos. He's like Cobain, shorter in photo-vid but taller in person.
PEACE MAKER said on 14/Feb/09
glenn, if you had to guess, how tall would you say the other guys from blink 182 are?
glenn said on 10/Feb/09
cobain was another.5-10 but looked shorter.
Leung said on 9/Feb/09
As mentioned by a few people already he seems to give the impression of being shorter on television. People with lanky body types usually give the impression of being taller but Travis is an unusual breed because his lanky body actually makes him look shorter. Nonetheless Travis is close to 5
PEACE MAKER said on 7/Feb/09
iight, check this out, look at this picture of mark interveiwing Dwayne" The Rock" Johnson, the rock is listed at 6'4 1/2" and he only has up to an inch on mark.
IMRIGHT said on 27/Dec/08
lol rob downgrade him hes a wigger first of all lol wears huge trainers all the time hes 5'9 barefoot mark is 5'11 1/2 and tom is 6'2 they all lied about there height once people started caring about them and in a early blink 182 interview they all state there height
no one said on 20/Dec/08
okay, i met all three of them at a cd signing at the local best buy, they are all 3 tall guys, im 5 foot 9 and travis had a good 2 or 3 inches on me. my dad was with me and he happends to be 6 foot 4 and him and tom were eye to eye. exactly yhe same height. that would put mark at about 6 foot 2.
Anonymous said on 8/Dec/08
someone start a page for tom delonge on here!
eh said on 2/Dec/08
Tom is 6'2.5! Travis and Mark are short compared to him! I thought I was tall! Damn
Josh said on 11/Nov/08
Travis 5'10 Mark 5'11 Tom 6'2.5 shanna moakler 5'6.5
Amy said on 18/Oct/08
i think he proberly is rather tall, its just mark and tom we're a lot bigger than travis which made him look tiny.
ZT said on 6/Oct/08
i always thought travis is 175cm 5'9 cause 2 yeras ago was listed 5'9
PunxNotDead said on 29/Sep/08
yes tom is over 1.90,hes about 1,92 i think.
i guess mark is about 1,83 and travis i supose about i,79.
mindy said on 9/Sep/08
okay, shanna moakler is 5'8, and if u look up pix of her and travis, he's like MAX 2 inches taller than her. so my take on this is trav's 5'10, mark's like 5'11, and tom's 6'2 (definately read that one in an interview)
DeLonge said on 27/Jul/08
Tom is really tall guys, but I don`t think he can reach 1.90, I mean that's just hard to
kev said on 18/Jun/08
I think yes, but i don't know ..just put off in around of 1 inch for the shoes..
16 and 5'11.75 said on 7/Jun/08
kev is that their barefoot heights?
kev said on 5/Jun/08
i read that on a website ; Travis is 5'9'', Mark is 5'11'' and Tom is 6'3''
16 and 5'11.75 said on 30/May/08
looks like a 5'11 to me.. he has atleast 3 inches on glenn in the pic above...
the truth said on 19/May/08
Judging from whats my age again video it is clear that they are all tall guys.just notice the other people on the street and you will notice the scene with the hot nurse,tom is clearly taller than travis about 10 cm making him 1.90 according to mark is about 3 cm below tom making him 1.87!!!.i am surprised of their heights but i think this is the truth and most people dont believe it because their clothes 'shorten' this i mean that they wear sport clothes which are big usually and make an illusion that they are short.what do you think glenn about the 'illusion' and the height of other band members?
Leo said on 7/May/08
Travis is probably about 5'11", Tom 6'4" and Mark maybe around 6'0"
Delong said on 27/Apr/08
Tom is 189 cm according to his myspace page, and not 6'4 or what, and Mark is really not 6'1 or 6'2 thats really ****in' crazy (do pi
michelle said on 8/Apr/08
everyone thinks he's short because tom is 6'4 and mark is 6'1 or 2 and in all the photos/videos he looks really short next to them, and he's also a lot skinnier than them.
brandon said on 17/Mar/08
everyone thinks hes short?? to me he looks tall, allways has. i thought he was like 6/3 - 6/4!
... said on 14/Mar/08
"tom is a strong 6'3.75 or 6'4 and mark is 6'1 or 6'2 that's for sure"

Actually Tom's 189 cm according to his myspace page, which is more like 6'2.5". To me that makes a lot more sense than the 6'4" he's usually listed at.
lmao said on 24/Feb/08
he looks legit 5'11, he's slouching a bit, I'd say 5'11, possibly 5'11.25-5'11.5.
glenn said on 18/Feb/08
thats his wife,correct? what else is she known for? i forget.
kirsten said on 17/Feb/08
hey glenn, any chance you could do shanna moaklers height!! she's smaller then travis but i would deffo have put her as being aroun 5'9
unknown said on 10/Feb/08
tom is a strong 6'3.75 or 6'4 and mark is 6'1 or 6'2 that's for sure
Thisislife said on 8/Feb/08
yeah...5'11'' sounds ok for travis. That would make mark hoppus at least 6'2'' and tom at about 6'3''-6'3.5'' i think it's right because when you watch the "adams song" video you can see that travis is a lot smaller than mark and tom. just watch it on youtube!
glenn said on 28/Jan/08
travis is what other people say and look at my pic on top offence.
Robin said on 27/Jan/08
he does kinda lot shorter then expected, but he looks more around 5'9-5'10. i'd say he more 5'10 at the most. and tom being the tallest outta all of them i'd say tom:6'4, mark:5'11-6'0 and travis:5'9-5'10
Anonomous said on 27/Dec/07
Travis is 5'11.
and for the record the "182" was just a number they made up, because a band in ireland was already callled blink, so they either had to face being sued or change thier name. they did, and it was blink 182.
some people are just idoits lol, jeeze "o mark wanted to weigh 182 lbs, they 182 cm's, blah blah blah.I know Travis, I run the Travis Barker Fan Page.
Anonymous said on 12/Dec/07
hes slouching alittle bit, hes 5'11ish
livingfortoday said on 8/Nov/07
i met travis mark and tom about 4 years ago at a cd signing in irvine at a bestbuy. tom is 6'4" mark is around 5'11 and so is travis. tom is my height, eye to eye.
sambro said on 19/Oct/07
that video is them joking, they've come up with meny differant stories about how they came up with it but the truth is is that it is purely random as stated in the biography entitled tales from beneath your mom written by anne hoppus (mark's sister)
qwerty said on 13/Oct/07
Tom is 6'2.5". said on 2/Sep/07
Tom DeLonge is taller than Mark and Mark is taller than Travis.
tako said on 1/Sep/07
ok mark isnt 182 cm. trust me. ive met him a couple times theres no way hes 5'10. the number 182 came from early times when mark was trying to lose weight and 182 was the ideal weight for his build. i even have a video
San fran said on 20/Aug/07
its funny i think, it always seemed very confusing on who was taller mark hoppus or Tom Delounge of Blink I always thought they were both around 6'3 It seems as though they're hights were interchangable and I'm not kidding, i paid close attention mark was taller when they were on mad TV and Tom was taller in a lot of the concerts but I have a poster of them standing side by side and mark is taller, which would always dwarf travis, i would always think of him as 5'7!
Lewis said on 17/Aug/07
Mark Hoppus is exactly 5ft 11.5(182cm) hence Blink "182"
tako said on 13/Aug/07
to everyone who thinks mark hoppus is shorter than around 6'3 is wrong. i met him and i hung out with him in his dressing room. we stood and talked and i looked at him to see if he was slouching or anything and i looked at his shoes. he was wearing converse and i was with a friend who is 6'1 and mark was CLEARLY at least 2 inches taller since my friends eyes were aimed upwards to look at his face
msn87 said on 5/Aug/07
what is this crap??? why aren't the comments showing up?!...

seriously, why can't it just be posted right after adding? 12-24 hours up my ass; doesn't even work...

[Editor Rob: if people make sensible comments maybe they'd have more chance of having them show up. Repeating the same old stuff that's been mentioned already is more likely to make me delete it.

Nobody is totally immune from comment deletion. Well, except myself...but it's my site afterall.]
6'3'' JK said on 3/Aug/07
From the picture with Glenn Travis is definetley a solid 5'10.5'', Mark Hoppus is probably about 6'0'' because he is a bit taller than Travis and Tom maybe 6'2'' - 6'2.5''
Justin said on 6/Jul/07
Travis is roughly this height, maybe 5'10" minimum. I recently attended a Plus 44 signing (Barker's current band) and met him and Mark Hoppus, both of which are longtime heroes of mine. I paid extra attention to their heights as they stood up to leave.

I'm exactly 5'11.5" in shoes, Barker was nearly an inch shorter than myself (5'10 - 5'10.5") and Hoppus was about an inch taller than me (6'0.5" - 6'.75").

Side note: Chris Holmes, their studio engineer who was with them at the signing, has his own height listed as 6'0" on MySpace, yet when I stood next to him on a flat sidewalk outside, he couldn't have been more than 5'9.5", 5'10" tops.
kevin said on 8/May/07
he has a very long neck, so his neck must be 3 inches long, and he has the body of someone who is 5'7. even his head is so tiny
still i think he is 5'9, and 5'11-in heels
Brah said on 4/May/07
His wife is listed everywhere 5'8" and he's easily taller than her as well:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Drew said on 22/Apr/07
Man, I always though Travis was like 5'7". He's looks 5'11" next to Glenn.
MD said on 17/Apr/07
That's a terrible picture to try and prove he's shorter. If anything he looks significantly taller than Daddy Yankee, there, who's listed at 5'7".

Here's a better photo of the two:

Click Here
Travis said on 14/Apr/07
this is guy is no taller than 5'9.5, look at his pic next to Daddy Yankee, he really looks 5'9, Click Here .. and in the video "I miss you "from Blink, he's 3 inches shorter than 182cm Mark Hoppus, and a lot shorter than 6'4 Tom Delonge.... possible another heel wearer, make your own conclusion..
Jason Hartworth said on 6/Apr/07
Ehhh, Not really buying the whole "taller than it seems" thing for Barker. His posture may play some role in his height being miscalculated, but you have to also realize that you can't base it off of one picture. Celebrities have other height increasing stimulants, (i.e. Big Shoes, standing on slopes, etc.) So he IS 5'10.5", but I wouldn't go any further than that.
glenn said on 1/Apr/07
except travis is near 5-11.bad posture makes him look smaller.
Kevin said on 31/Mar/07
dude Travis Barker is listed as 5'9, and Mark Hoppus 5'11, Tom delonge ex blink is 6'4.. so this make Mark Hoppus even taller than 5'11, and what about tom this makes him 6'5 ? kinda crepy
chef summer said on 13/Mar/07
I just love Travis and the fact that he's taller than me only makes him more cooler to me
Glenn said on 6/Feb/07
Close to 4 years now.after a concert they ignored their fans and ran into a van.I jumped into a cab to chase,they then circle other blocks to discourage me.I gave up chase.please.are they Led Zeppelin?
6'2.5'' JK said on 6/Feb/07
Yeah Glenn Travis seems like a cool guy, which other guy looked 6'2'' to you was it Mark Hoppus from +44 or the other guy Tom delonge? How were they Dicks to you Glenn 3 years ago? I think Mark is around 6'0'' coz he looks about 2 inches taller than Travis
Glenn said on 6/Feb/07
Not sure on the other was at least 6-2.they were dicks 3 years ago.Travis,I keep bumping into nice now.
6'2.5'' JK said on 5/Feb/07
How tall were the other guys from blink 182?? and Glenn was Travis a cool guy to meet
Vince said on 11/Jan/07
He seems to have a very long neck in the picture with Glenn.
iris said on 24/Nov/06
Wow....big shocker... I´d thought this guy was 5´7 tops, the picture with Glenn shows a solid 5´10, if not maybe a 5´11ish
Glenn said on 24/Nov/06
I think he had those trendy skater sneakers on.he is one of those short looking 5-11s.
6'2'' JK said on 24/Nov/06
He looks 5'11'' in the picture with Glenn, i always got the feeling he was small and not tall as this
D. Ray Morton said on 22/Nov/06
5'10½" is just about right.
J. said on 21/Nov/06
He really does close to 5'11". It's just odd because he comes across as being scrawnier and shorter on television. I think it's just a matter of posture.
MD said on 21/Nov/06
I always thought he was a solid 5'10".

BTW, it's not the tattoos, he really does have a long, skinny neck.
Marc said on 21/Nov/06
I always figured he was about 5'9", but 5'10.5' seems to be right.
Glenn said on 21/Nov/06
I think thats his akward in band +44.
Glenn said on 21/Nov/06
He is 5-10.5,5-11.this was 2 months ago.bumped into him again last week.

[Padraig: Is it the tattoos that give him a funny 'necked' appearance, a very upright look?]
J. said on 20/Nov/06
That hat gives him some extra height. He does appear taller than he comes across as on television though. 5'9"-5'10" looks his range.
Opinon said on 20/Nov/06
i think its about right according to pic, or maybe a bit less(5-10). but other two mememers of ex blnk are both quite tall at 5-11(mark) and 6-3 lanky Tom. I always thouht he is shorter, like 5-9 max but this pic proves hes taller.
Markus said on 20/Nov/06
Indeed, he looked a lot smaller than the other guys, whats their names again? ;)
Guess the other guys are fairly tall then.

Height is just relative
the shredder said on 20/Nov/06
NO F**KING WAY !!! ... well yea , but i always thought he was VERY SHORT . like 5'4 , but this pic REALLY proves me wrong !!! ... he HAS to be ATLEAST 5 ft 10 .

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