How tall is Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry's Height

6ft 4.5in (194.3 cm)

American Actor/Director. Said on Essence, "Can you imagine a six-foot-five man sleeping in a Geo Metro".

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6ft 4.19in (193.5cm)
Canson said on 10/Sep/17
@Micky: I think they're similar in height. Tyler is leaning a bit. Both can be a strong 6'4" or a full 6'4" no less at night.
Mathew Robinson said on 6/Aug/17
6'4" max. Shorter than Strahan. But he's a tall guy, so I think it's reasonable give him the full 6'4".
Micky said on 5/Jul/17
He looked a little shorter than 6'4.25" Michael Strahan to me. Here's a picture from that day Click Here
Sam said on 22/Jun/17
The guy is more of a flat 6'4". 6'4.25" is the most I could picture for him.
Canson said on 17/Jun/17
He has terrible posture but at his peak looked about 6'4-6'5 next to Will Smith. He admitted to being a bit insecure about being so tall. Maybe now he is only 6'4" but not under that
Matthew Robinson said on 17/Jun/17
Looked more 6'3" - 6'3.5" next to Obama. I'd knock at least a quarter inch off this listing personally.
berta said on 8/Jun/17
rob are you shore he really is over 6 foot 4? havent seen him in that mutch but i mean with matthew fox, he looked 4,5 cm taller. 5 cm is the very max 6 cm is impossible to see. And he is here listed 7 cm taller? He doesnt look a cm taller than 192 with fox. In all those photos i would have thought.
Fox 187,5
perry 192
Ed burns 184
shiva 181 cms said on 28/Apr/17
This guy needs a downgrade to 6'4
184guy said on 21/Apr/17
Closer to 6'4
Canson said on 5/Mar/17
As listed
berta said on 7/Feb/17
dont think he look anythin over 193 at best with matthew fox
moe said on 1/Dec/16
John Schneider is 6'3. There's barely an inch difference between him and Tyler. I'm not even convinced Tyler's the full 6'4.
123 said on 28/Oct/16
@josh jeffords you are right a legit six-five irl is a extremely tall guy, Tyler is't staggeringly tall not quite, however he is still very big. six four and a half with bad posture is what he is. he's a easy two inches taller than Affleck in gone girl, or if you can't be bothered to watch that look at when he came on Craig Ferguson he was a easy three inches taller
josh jeffords said on 25/Oct/16
Dunno he looks well under 6 4 in photos doesnt look all that tall but dont care for his humor so didnt watch his cross dressing movies.
His posture is tough to determine, I have a good friend who is 6 5 that height sticks out like a sore thumb.
He looks absolutely nothing like him much shorter and my buddy had a bad back so his posture was off.
I doubt he is much over 6 3 barefoot if that, and in fact he is smaller than stephen farrelly who is listed at 6 3..
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 14/Oct/16
Struggled to look 6'4" even next to Obama.
123 said on 10/Sep/16
yepers i agree 194cm guy, in gone girl he looked it with Affleck also was a EASY 3 inches on Craig Ferguson when he came on. His six-five claim was understandable however six-six was certainly NOT thats over one inch
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Sep/16
I don't see him as the full 6ft5 but 6ft4 flat looks too low, especially next to a guy like Affleck who is a benchmark for 6ft2 solid
Dejavu said on 2/Sep/16
He looks 2 inches taller than Ben Affleck and looks taller than how Jason Momoa looks next to him. Definitely a legit 194cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Aug/16
Solid 194cm
The Man said on 2/Aug/16
6ft4.5 peak, flat 6ft4 nowdays. Still can pull off looking 6ft4.25 though.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 27/Nov/15
Sam said on 20/Nov/15
Rob, would you consider going with 6'4.25"? I agree that he really doesn't look more than a flat 6'4" much of the time.


Yeah I think that would be an improvement anyways.
Sam said on 20/Nov/15
Rob, would you consider going with 6'4.25"? I agree that he really doesn't look more than a flat 6'4" much of the time.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 19/Nov/15
Even closer to the camera than 6'1.5" Matthew Fox: Click Here
With 6'2.75" listed Idres Elba: Click Here
With peak 6'2.5" Sidney Poiter: Click Here
Dropping a bit of height but closer to the camera with 6'1.5" Will Smith: Click Here

I have trouble seeing him at anything more than a flat 6'4". Especially given all these pictures and the video with Obama. He's quite obviously a little taller than the 6'2" range guys but I've got to imagine someone a good 6'5"-er like challenger 15 has at least 3 cm on Tyler. 6'4" max.
Andrea said on 18/Nov/15
Yeah, he can look 6'4.5 with those people! But again Ben i don't think he's over 6'2 and Neil looks more 5'11 flat with Obama... 6'4 flat, i can buy that! One thing is sure, he's not the 6'5 he claims!
Editor Rob: you could make an arguement for 6ft 4-4.5, anywhere in that range, but I wouldn't go lower than that.
Andrea said on 18/Nov/15
It was just to show that you can't trust just one photo... Momoa looks more 6'3.5 with you and looks well under 6'4 with Jared for some reason (there are more than just one picture and Jason always looks clearly shorter)... That's it! I repeat maybe you didn't spend as much time with Jared and fooled you into being shorter than he is? He does look taller than 6'4 with too many people to be just 6'4 (or maybe the others are overestimated?). Even with Zach there's noway in hell he's just 2 cms taller, he can pull off 6'5 with him if Zach is really 191!
Getting back to Tyler, he generally can look anywhere between 6'3 and 6'4! Speaking of photos, he looks shorter than weak 6'2 Gabriel Aubry here: Click Here
Somewhere "near" 6'4 is not so crazy but saying he can look anywhere between 6'4 and 6'5 it is! Look at him with Obama, then look at Obama with Kobe. Can you really believe Kobe would be just 1/4 inch taller?
Editor Rob: I think if you see him beside guys like Affleck and Neil PH I wouldn't want to argue he was any less than 6ft 4.

also you can see missi pyle in a basic heel to the right of can see how tall Missi looks with Eugene Simon who clears 5ft 11 himself.

Andrea said on 18/Nov/15
It is just a picture, Rob, and Tyler is maybe closer to the camera? You can see the same Momoa with our friend Jared ;) Click Here
Tyler can look 6'3-6'4 a lot, 6'4 at most! Of course you can find pictures where he has camera advantages and can pull off taller but then again you can find pictures of Jared looking 6'5 too...
Editor Rob: both those guys really don't look much different in person. Momoa when he stands tall is very near 6ft 4, I doubt he would measure much less...although for jared it is always a possibly a little over 6ft 4 as well more than a chance of being a fraction under 6ft 4.
Andrea said on 17/Nov/15
Exactly, Matthew! That's what i'm talking about! He looks over 6'3 with Obama, but 6'4.5? I'm just not seeing it!
Rob says that he can look anywhere between 6'4 and 6'5... I don't know what he has seen but he never looks anywhere near his claiming! He could be calling his height in shoes but 6'4 is probably the most i'd argue!
Editor Rob: he can look 6ft 4, sometimes he can look taller, at least One occasion with our friend Momoa ;)
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 15/Nov/15
At 2:46 you can see him and Obama together. Click Here

Anything over 6'4" flat there seems highly charitable to me. You could make a case for even less.
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 12/Oct/15
Visible Smaller than Manganiello
6ft 4.25 in max for him
Matthew said on 11/Jun/15
Strahan who is 6'4.5" looked slightly taller, Perry should be listed at just 6'4".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/May/15
Rob, could 195cm be closer?
[Editor Rob: he can look anywhere in 6ft 4-5 range at times.]
Andrea said on 6/Mar/15
After having another look at this guy, it is true that he doesn't stand well in many photos so he can look max 6'3 at times, but yeah i can believe he'd measure near 6'4 if standing tall! 6'4.5 is still a stretch, IMO!
pablo77bar said on 15/Feb/15
This guy is about the same height of Michael Strahan who is smaller than 196 Manganiello
194,5 is a good bet
Hypado said on 26/Jan/15
If Ben Afleck is 189cm, Tyler is 194/195cm

6ft 4.5in is fine for Perry.
Ronzo said on 8/Jan/15
I'm 6'5". Met Tyler Perry and he was slightly taller than me. 6'4.5" is low for this guy
Dmeyer said on 30/Dec/14
If he is 6'4 flat then affleck is more 6'1.5-2in zone
Dmeyer said on 30/Dec/14
6cm taller affleck looks right 188-88.5 and 194cm
Pinetar said on 23/Dec/14
In the Witness Protection movie Madea calls herself 6'2".
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m said on 16/Oct/14
Had 2 inches on Affleck in Gone Girl.
grizz said on 2/Oct/14
He's just slightly taller than 6'2,5 Affleck in Gone Girl. Maybe a inch of difference tops
Mathew said on 26/Jun/14
Ed Kline says on 4/Jun/14
No Sam, he does not look pretty much the same, he's leaning and still distinctly taller.


He's taller there, certainly not by 2 inches though. It is however, just one photo.
Ed Kline said on 4/Jun/14
No Sam, he does not look pretty much the same, he's leaning and still distinctly taller.
KROC said on 23/Apr/14
Michael Strahan is 6'4.5, I met him along time ago. Tyler is probably about 6'4.
Dsmooth said on 31/Jan/14
Pretty close in height to 6'5 Michael Strahan in the video. Rob's listing is pretty accurate.

Click Here

Click Here
Sam said on 29/Jan/14
Sorry, but this guy is 6'4" tops IMO. Here he is dropping a cm or so of height but looking pretty much the same as 6'2.75" Idris Elba.
Click Here
Lo sgozzatore said on 8/Dec/13
Then what's your guess about Aubry? Here's with Joel McHale, that you insist being near 6'4: Click Here
He looks a bit shorter, like between 6'2 and 6'3 (if McHale is really almost 6'4)... But then again he looked no less than an inch shorter than Tom Welling, so max 187...
[Editor Rob: 6ft 2 for him I think is fair]
Lo sgozzatore said on 7/Dec/13
Rob, does he really look 6'4.5 next to Gabriel Aubry, who gets listed at 6'2 and actually looks more than an inch shorter than Welling?
Click Here
And please don't tell me again it's the posture!
I've seen Alex Cross and didn't give me a very tall impression as he should do! I mean, when i think of a 6'4.5 guy i think about guys like Ibrahimovic, Alexander Skarsgard or even Jared Padalecki, who always look huge! This guy doesn't give me that impression, maybe he's between 6'3 and 6'4?
[Editor Rob: I don't think he's below 6ft 4, 6ft 4-4.5 is a range I think he can look.]
Lo sgozzatore said on 17/Oct/13
A Jared Padalecki or Alexander Skarsgard give a much taller impression than this guy but he still gets listed taller.
Lorne said on 11/Oct/13
In all fairness, he doesn't stand well a lot of the time, I can see legit 6ft4. But 6ft4.5? That's pushing it, but for Rob to upgrade him must be a reason, I'll try to take a look, He can look huge at times, then doesn't stack up to guys like mangenillo. I don't think he was 4 inches taller than Chris pine! But, I do think he'd measure 193.
Lo sgozzatore said on 6/Oct/13
Rob, is this a joke? I mean, he already didnt look 6'4 and you upgraded him to 6'4.5? A Alexander Skarsgard would look noticeably taller than him, i guess!
Mathew said on 10/Sep/13
He got upgraded half an inch? I could've sworn he was listed at 6'4" after when he was downgraded from 6'5". Anyways, I think he's 6'4" max.
Lo sgozzatore said on 1/Sep/13
This guy is one of the shortest 6'4 guys i've ever seen. He makes Will Smith look close to his claim (6'2.5)...
Johnjohn12 said on 19/Feb/13
I am 6'4" an have met Tyler perry with my brother who is slightly taller than me and Tyler perry was easily taller than the both of us.
Lo Sgozzatore said on 3/Nov/12
Well done! The funny thing is that he probably is neither a full 6'4 guy and claims 6'5 -.-' He's pretty big in frame but that doesnt make him 6'5... 6'3-6'4 is his range!
Mathew said on 26/Oct/12
Yeah this was a much needed downgrade, well done. 6'4" is a better estimate than 6'5".
Fern194cm-192cm said on 24/Oct/12
Rob, I have a question. How is it possible that Manganiello and Perry are both listed at 6,5 on this website. Im not trying to bust your balls but I take it you have seen the 'Live with Kelly' video and Joe isn't standing straight and is around an inch to 1.5 inches taller. I think Perry is my height. I believe Perry dips below 6,4 at night after a long day.. What do you think? Also, do you believe Michael Strahan is a legit 6,5? I think joe is around Strahan's height.
[Editor Rob: yeah it is more likely he isn't a 6ft 5 barefoot.]
Aragorn 5'11 said on 22/Oct/12
Lo sgozzatore, If that's the case which it probably is, then Tyler Perry is 6'3.5 barefoot, and 6'4 or 6'5 in shoes. For him it's very easy to be close to 6'5 in public because he only has to wear 1 inch shoes!
Lo sgozzatore said on 21/Oct/12
Aragorn, the funny thing is that Will Smith is no way 6'2! He's 186 at best!
Aragorn 5'11 said on 20/Oct/12
He's not more than 6'4. He's 2 inches taller than Will Smith (6'2). And he's hardly an inch taller than Idris Elba (6'2.75). He could be 6'5 in shoes but definitely 6'4 or a little less barefoot.
Lo sgozzatore said on 20/Oct/12
Rob, you really think he's a 6'5? O_O I mean, he's like one of the shortest 6'5 listed guy i've ever seen. He looked slightly taller than Matthew Fox, at Alex Cross premiere and we know Fox is not even 6'2 (he looked noticeably shorter than MC Gainey that you say is just 6'2).
[Editor Rob: he could be between 6ft 4 and 5, he looks a guy who doesn't stand at his full height in a lot of photos.]
Nick said on 18/Oct/12
Claimed 6'6" today on Katie Couric's talk show. Maybe in dress shoes.
SAK said on 15/Sep/12
On americas next top model cycle 19 he said he is 6ft6. But he didn't look too much taller then 5ft10 tyra in big heels.
Mathew said on 3/Sep/12
He's never looked near 6'5" to me.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 5/Aug/12
Looks 6'4 to me...
Mr. R said on 7/Jun/12
Tyler is huge! I saw him at the premiere of his movie "Good Deeds", and he is pretty close to 6-5.
Cranberries said on 4/Dec/11
Perry really is huge. I've heard he wears a size 16 shoe, and he has big hands, and looks well over 250 lbs. 6'4.5" is the lowest I'd venture.
NCL said on 21/Sep/11
Since it's been a while, I'll post this again. Pause at 1:30 exactly when they're shaking hands. Craig is around 6'1-6'2" Click Here Perry's got 3" on him. That makes him 6'4"-6'5". I've seen one of his plays - he's pretty huge. Definitely taller and broader than everyone else in the show and there were some big guys in it.
LAN Jiao said on 15/Sep/11
tyler perry just like e comedian guy Peter Serafinowicz who shorter than 6ft3 and dare claim 6"5. tyler and peter look weak 6ft3, 6ft2.5 is the fact. liar.
lan jiao said on 7/Sep/11
standing straight tyler was only 3inch taller than 6ft Michael Jai White without straight up. 6ft2.5 bet on reality height. 6ft5 keep people laughing as tyler the comedian director. lol
Cranberries (18m, 193cm) said on 18/Aug/11
Click Here less than 5 inches taller than 5'10" Chris Rock. Also, just out of curiosity, how tall is Steve Harvey? Chris Rock looks roughly the same height as him: Click Here Harvey claims 6'2"...
Cranberries (18m, 193cm) said on 18/Aug/11
Very big guy, but he overestimates himself; he said he was 6'6" in that Ferguson interview, I think... But he's closer to 6'4" than 6'5" I think... It's possible he even dips below 6'4" sometimes. Heavy and well-built though... 250 lbs or more sometimes.
Callin it like I see it said on 8/Aug/11
Theres no way in hell Tyler Perry's 6'5 or even close. I'd approximate his true, unassisted height as falling somewhere between 6'1.5" to 6'2" which still makes him a pretty big guy. For my proof, heres Tyler Perry standing next to 6'6 Stedman Graham, who at even with a distorted camera angle, has at least a 4 inches on him: Click Here
Mathew said on 29/Jun/11
I never bought 6'5", I think 6'3.5" is closer to the truth.
Nick said on 22/Apr/11
have lost your sight guys? check better the pic Anonymous1 has posted he is clearly shorter than Bill O'Reilly even 3 to 4cm so id that guy is 192cm maybe he is 6'3''or 190cm but even 189 could be spot on.
gogol bordella said on 22/Apr/11
in the brief time he stood next to conan last night, seemed to have a solid inch to inch and a half on him..methinks conan is a little under 6-4 so 6-5 for perry sounds about right (need to get barkley to star in the next madea though as the crazy cat lady though, so we can get an up to date height on him...)
Viper said on 23/Mar/11
Hes not 6-4. Always looks 6-3 range with 6-1 Barry Bonds.
Candyman said on 23/Mar/11
Looks just over 6'4" next to Bill O'Reilly.
Anonymous1 said on 2/Mar/11
Rob, Tyler is not 6'5 or 6'6, he is 6'4. Maybe downgrade?

Near 6'7.5 Magic Johnson

Click Here

6'4 Bill O'Reilly
Click Here

Will Smith

Click Here
Viper said on 28/Feb/11
What? I clearly said he looks shorter than 6-5 with 6-1 Barry Bonds.
MD said on 26/Feb/11
Viper, either you are confusing Tyler Perry with someone else, or you are just being plain silly, now.

With 6'0.5" Michael Jai White:

Click Here

Perhaps he's not a full 6'5", but to say that he's in the 6'0" range, himself, is just plain stupid.
Viper said on 25/Feb/11
Hes not 6-5. He looks shorter than that with 6-1 Barry Bonds
NCL said on 4/Nov/10
If you pause at 1:30 that's probably the best reference
NCL said on 4/Nov/10
Tyler Perry on Craig Ferguson (see 1:28 to 1:32) Click Here
J. said on 9/Apr/06
Just got back from seeing Perry's 'Madea Goes to Jail' play. He looked 6'4"-6'5" onstage.
Richard said on 27/Mar/06
I knew he had to be between 6-3 and 6-5. Cause in his new movie he stands eye with the black actor simmons(nypd blue) who is 6-4. When tyler is playing madea he looks shorter. I think it's the bulky custome.
ice said on 9/Mar/06
This just makes his movies funnier. Now I get to invision a 6'5 guy dressing up as a woman. LOL

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