How tall was Ultimate Warrior

Ultimate Warrior's Height

6ft 1 ½ (186.7 cm)

American Wrestling Legend.
When I graduated from high school, I was 5' 10" and weighed 155 pounds. Now I'm 6' 3" and depending on how long I've been on the road, I stay between 275 to 262 pounds.

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Average Guess (78 Votes)
6ft 1.75in (187.3cm)
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 2/Dec/20
They're never gonna be the next Rock or Austin or Cena though, no matter how good they're creatively booked. Pro wrestling has to tap into the mainstream once again first. But these days, Reigns has done some movies and TV show cameos lately (especially when he took time off wrestling in 2018-19 because of his leukemia), so he has a better chance than Mcintyre. As for Omo, I'm not saying that he's not athletic and doesn't have potential to be great, but we need to wait a while to see how he grows and develops, that's all. Strowman is another "giant" that seemed promising at first, but WWE often failed to book him the right way. He was given a world title run earlier this year, but it was very boring and unmemorable.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Nov/20
@Christian 6'5 3/8": With the right booking and creative, Reigns and McIntyre have the potential to be Rock/Austin level and break out into other fields of entertainment....and Omogobehin could be Andre or Big Show 2.0 with the right back up...just saw some clips of him, he actually has a personality and is agile for his size...coming from a sports background. Plus he's actually a little below 300lbs which is lean for a 7fter (normal BMI aswell!). Andre, Show and Khali spent most of their careers above 400lbs, sometimes brushing 500...and were not very athletic in the ring
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 29/Nov/20
Another reason why the bar's been lowered is because wrestling's no longer a big mainstream attraction, at least not to the degree it used to be 20+ years ago. And you're right, the last mainstream household names post-Attitude Era (those who entered WWE 2002 and later) are Cena, Orton, Lesnar, and to a lesser extent CM Punk, Bryan, Eddie Guerrero and Rey, but that's about it. Those are probably the only guys who most non-wrestling viewers will know or at least heard of, if you ask a random stranger in the streets. But I doubt most of those same people will know who the newer guys like Reigns, Mcintyre or Owens is. The fact is, less and less people are turning away from wrestling as the years pass by, and part of that could very well be due to the talent feeling less special and not standing out as much. But the way the wrestlers are being booked and scripted is largely to blame. WWE management doesn't seem to know how to create new breakout stars these days anymore. If they can't even quite book Reigns and Mcintyre (the 2 faces of the company ATM) the right way, then there's no hope for Omogobehin. I just can't agree with him being anywhere near on the top 10 list, regardless of his size.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Nov/20
@Christian 6'5 3/8": Again, they're just my personal preferences. McIntyre, Reigns and Wyatt get a pass. They look like wrestlers and Wyatt is better than what he's doing. But there's a reason Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens didn't break into the WWE 12-15 years ago...they didn't meet Vince McMahon's criteria. In my opinion, WWE have let the bar drop. Nothing wrong with smaller guys...but they need to stand out from the crowd. Bryan, Owens and Styles don't stand out as special...Rey Mysterio, Ricky Steamboat, HBK and Owen Hart stood out. Omogobehin is new but none of the 7fters were really known for their mic skills including Andre, Khali and Big Show...their presence alone said so much...that's their appeal. Orton, Cena and Lesnar are the last marquee names in one since then has really done it. Reigns and McIntyre have the potential to go there but WWE have put the kibosh on that
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 26/Nov/20
But even some higher tier stars today like Mcintyre, Reigns, Wyatt, and Keith Lee don't fit that "skinny" or "indy" mold that you described guys like Bryan and Styles do. While it's true that wrestlers on average have gotten smaller, not all are small. Nothing wrong with having a preference for giants and big men, but Omogobehin has barely gotten his feet wet in wrestling, has zero charisma or personality, and hasn't even cut a promo except for a couple of words. He's currently only there as Styles' bodyguard, and hasn't even wrestled a single match on the Main Roster. To even put him in the top 100 right now is crazy talk IMO. We need to give him a few years before putting him in any "top" lists, or at the very least when he eventually breaks away from Styles and gets his singles run.

My top 5 in the last 10 years are: 1.Lesnar 2.Orton 3.Cena 4.Bryan 5.Punk. If we narrow it down and only say 5 years, I'd remove Bryan and Punk and add Rollins and Reigns. But it's safe to say that no one in the last 10 years had a bigger influence in changing the landscape of wrestling than Lesnar, that's why he's my #1.
Canson said on 25/Nov/20
@Vincent: I def have Taker in my top 5 and probably 3 in reality. I liked UA but it’s hard to say my favorite wrestler as I would for a basketball player such as Michael Jordan or football Emmitt Smith or Michael Irvin (hell I liked Jay Novacek too) being a lifelong Cowboys fan. Or in baseball Chipper Jones (oddly) and Cal Ripken
J2Frenzy said on 25/Nov/20
@Rampage skinny dudes... Kevin Owens.... riiiight...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Nov/20
@Christian 6'5 3/8": Nowhere near as funny as the garbage that's allowed pass for pro-wrestling today along with who they have as 'stars'. I don't know about you but I'd pay to see a 7ft2 jacked beast over these skinny dudes who look like part-timers who work at Burger King to pay for their gear to wrestle indies at weekends...Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles...that is offense to them, I'm sure they're nice guys but they aren't even in my Top 50...Taker no doubt is one of the most iconic and I loved him little shoved down our throats at times though...but I'm strictly goinf off the top of my head with who I enjoyed watching...Omogobeihn in my humblest opinion is only thing worthwhile currently...everything else is run of the mill
J2Frenzy said on 24/Nov/20
@Christian I didn’t put Cena in there because I find his Lawful Good face act kind of boring. I’ll give you a recent years top 5:
Kevin Owens (5’11?)
Daniel Bryan (5’7.25)
Bray Wyatt (6’1.75)
Drew McIntyre (6’4,75-6’5)
Roman Reigns (6’2.5) (I wasn’t gonna put him here until his post Summerslam heel run)
Honourable Mention: AJ Styles (5’8.25, was gonna make the cut till Roman returned as a heel)
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 24/Nov/20
Great listing. How about the top 10 in WWE of this era? (last 5-10 years) I'd say Lesnar, Orton, Cena, Styles, Bryan, Rollins, Reigns, Owens, Wyatt, and Mcintyre (not in order). I wanna put Taker in there, but I feel he hasn't delievered as much impact in those years, since he wrestled only a small handful of matches and was way past his prime.
Vincent Caleb said on 23/Nov/20
Wow. No Undertaker? He is by far my favorite.
J2Frenzy said on 23/Nov/20
My top 10 (I’ll include height guesses)
10. The Rock. Charisma for days, awesome look and incredibly entertaining. Peak 6’2.75, current 6’2
9. Andre the Giant (RIP) Ultimate big man in pro wrestling. Peak 6’11, 6’9.5 at death
8. Shawn Michaels. Charismatic, ahead of his time as a technical wrestler. Peak 5’11.5, current 5’10.5
7. Bret Hart. Another skilled technical wrestler, this time with slightly less charisma in favour of a more devastating finisher. Peak 6’0
6. Randy Orton. Brilliant heel character, be it as the legend killer or otherwise, and always puts on a classic match. 6’4.25
5. Ric Flair. Great charismatic heel who’s been in the business for 50 years. Peak 5’11, current 5’9
4. Rey Mysterio. Brilliant technical wrestler who not only managed to succeed in an era when big men ruled wrestling, but also carried his agility and charisma on into the current era. Peak 5’2.5, current 5’2
3. Mick Foley. Definitely the face (or rather three faces) of hardcore wrestling but also brilliantly entertaining without it. Peak 6’2.25, current 6’1.25
2. Edge. Brilliant as both a face and a heel, on his own or in a tag team. I became a huge Edge fan the minute I first watched one of his matches. I didn’t know who he was, but my (at the time) kid brain thought he was so cool. Peak 6’3.5, current 6’2.5
1. Undertaker. He has all of the traits I like. Cool character and personality, devastating finisher, good look, and charisma. I think many people will agree with me when I say the Undertaker is the greatest professional wrestler of all time
Honourable mentions are: Kurt Angle (5’10 peak, 5’9.25 current), Kane (6’7.5 peak, 6’6.5 current), Triple H (6’2.25 peak, 6’1.25 current)
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 22/Nov/20
Omogobehin in the top 10??? Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but that has to be the funniest thing I've seen in a while.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Nov/20
My Top 10...I'll include their heights as so I'm not getting off topic

#1 Billy Graham (6ft3½) Hogan basically stole his gimmick
#2 Big John Studd (6ft6½-7) Best classic giant heel
#3 Ultimate Warrior (6ft1½-2) Had the best physique by a mile. Inspired young men like me to pump iron
#4 Rick Rude (6ft3½) best heel ever and 2nd best physique
#5 Curt Hennig (6ft2) best overall performer
#6 Chuck Palumbo (6ft4 peak, 6ft3½ today) so underrated, should have been bigger
#7 Test (6ft4½-5) again underrated and underused. Gassed to the gills though. Didn't look great toward the end
#8 Jordan Omogobehin (7ft2) Barely got his beak wet but the fact that WWE have hired a guy like him again when it looked like they never would....only one worth watching now
#9 Randy Orton (6ft4-4½) Loved him in the mid 2000's
#10 Hulk Hogan (6ft5½-6 peak, 6ft3 today) Most overrated, overpaid, overentitled and greedy employee in WWE history but did bring wrestling into the mainstream
Annonymous said on 19/Nov/20
I would consider Hulk for #1 all time. He brought the sport to a whole new level in the 80's and was a top dog in the 90's in the NOW as well. He has the same peak as the Rock but way better longevity.
Canson said on 18/Nov/20
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 18/Nov/20
I know many people would add Hogan in their lists, but I was never a huge fan of him for some reason. He'd be in my top 20 though, for sure. Same goes for Warrior. Mind you though, that I'm a relatively "new" wrestling fan, so most wrestlers in my list are gonna be from the Attitude Era and beyond. As for Brutus, I haven't seen enough of him to decide yet.

@Christian: yea Annomymous made a comment about why people don’t have him in there. I agree with you though
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 18/Nov/20
I know many people would add Hogan in their lists, but I was never a huge fan of him for some reason. He'd be in my top 20 though, for sure. Same goes for Warrior. Mind you though, that I'm a relatively "new" wrestling fan, so most wrestlers in my list are gonna be from the Attitude Era and beyond. As for Brutus, I haven't seen enough of him to decide yet.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 18/Nov/20
J2Frenzy said on 18/Nov/20
@Christian just out of curiosity who’s in your women’s wrestling top 10?


Hard to say, because up until the past 5-10 years or so, women's wrestling (especially in WWE) was often seen as an afterthought and played second fiddle to men's wrestling. But I'd say Trish, Lita, Alundra Blaze, Chyna, Eve Torres, Asuka, Sasha, Charlotte, Becky, and AJ Lee, again not in particular order.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 18/Nov/20
Sorry, but the Hogan, Warrior, and Macho Man type gimmicks were never my favorite. While all 3 of them had tons of charisma and great physiques (especially Hogan and Warrior), they felt forced and not genuine enough. I'm also the type to value promo skills a lot. As far as promos go, all 3 were mediocre, and none of them were even close to being in the same league as Flair and The Rock, which is the main reason why I think they're tied for the #1 greatest IMO. As for Orton, he's gotta be the greatest of this era (past 15 years), if not, at least the top 5. He's still killing it in 2020 in his feud with Mcintyre.

Edge would be in my top 20 or even top 15, but I just can't see 10, sorry. I know many would disagree with me though.
J2Frenzy said on 18/Nov/20
@Christian just out of curiosity who’s in your women’s wrestling top 10?
Annonymous said on 17/Nov/20
No Hulk Hogan in the top 10? He's above Orton easily.
Canson said on 17/Nov/20
@Christian: that’s a strong 10! I definitely have Taker in mine along with the Rock. I’d add Triple hhh too. I like UW a lot but I liked Hulk too. What about Brutus the Barber Beefcake lol

@J2Frenzy: that’s the most likely pic for a lot of people! Taker is widely regarded as that. He’s probably among the most popular if not the most (along with Hollywood)
J2Frenzy said on 17/Nov/20
@Christian that’s almost exactly the same as my top 10, I’d just swap Cena for Edge
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 17/Nov/20
Honorable mentions would be: Bautista, Lesnar, Big Show, Kane, Booker T, Angle, Henry, Goldberg, Mysterio, and AJ Styles. I would've added more older wrestlers, but I've only been watching wrestling for around 20 years, so my knowledge of wrestling prior to the Attitude Era is pretty limited, unfortunately.

It's a very subjective topic. My #1 would be either Ric Flair or The Rock.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 16/Nov/20
I agree, even though Warrior wouldn't be in the top 10 of my personal favorite wrestlers ever. (no offense to him) That's just my own subjective opinion though. But for many other people, he is. My top 10 (not in order) would be Orton, Cena, The Rock, Austin, Undertaker, Ric Flair, Michaels, HHH, Bret Hart, and Andre.
J2Frenzy said on 16/Nov/20
Honestly Canson, I think the wrestling GOAT is Undertaker
Canson said on 15/Nov/20
When we speak of the GOAT in Basketball it’s Michael Jordan. In Golf it’s either Jack Nicklaus or Tiger; Football Brady or Montana. When it comes to wrestling, this guy has to be in the conversation. Even though (famous last words), pro wrestling isn’t completely legit lol
Canson said on 15/Nov/20
When we speak of the GOAT in Basketball it’s Michael Jordan. I’m Golf it’s either Jack Nicklaus or Tiger; Football Brady or Montana. When it comes to wrestling, this guy has to be in the conversation. Even though (famous last words), pro wrestling isn’t completely legit lol
Annonymous said on 14/Nov/20
Savage was 6'0" usually 2 40, he got giant in wcw like 255-257.
frank burjan said on 4/Oct/20
Randy wore lifts. Warrior was about 6'2 when he was younger but shrivelled to maybe 5'11 when he died.
FrankR1 said on 23/Sep/20
If you look at photos of Warrior standing next to Sting in 1985, Warrior appears to have .5 inch to .75 inch on Sting, who was a minimum 6'2" flat-footed. Warrior may have been 6'2.5" (peak), but I'd say no taller, because by late 1992, the 33-year-old Warrior appeared level with the 6'1.5" Macho Man who was 40 years-old.
frank burjan said on 1/Aug/20
Warrior was max 6'2 when he started wrestling. About the same height as sting. Warrior was 285 lb at the beginning of his wrestling career in about 1985. He shriveled up to maybe 5'11 and 200lb at his death.
Neil Willey said on 24/Jul/20
Id say the ultimate warrior was 6 foot 3 height in the morning and 6 foot 2 in the evening as for weight 285lb in the morning and 290lb at the end of the day that was between 1985 and 1989 then by 1990 he was around 275lb in the morning around 282lb at the end of the day and in his return id say 255lb huge guy
Chinybobs said on 17/May/20
6-1 imo. Look at the boots he always has on. Nice size heels.
Big ed said on 2/Apr/20
Ye he was 6'2 back in the day Hogan appeared 3-4" taller
Ben Bell said on 14/Mar/20
Leon Evans
I’d agree with the Austin comment. I could go max 6’2 for both and 6’1 tops at the end, although Warrior looked even less.
Leon Evans said on 12/Mar/20
Billed height is normally around 2 inches more than they actually are because with there boots on that would make sense I’d have warrior same height has stone cold Steve Austin 182-183cm 6ft barefoot.
Caldonio said on 25/Nov/19
6-1. Billed at 6-4 at one point hahahaha
SeanR said on 8/Oct/19
Warrior looked to be same height as Sting back in the mid 80’s when they were a tag team.

Peak: 6’2”. Before he passed away he looked just short of 6’1” maybe 6’0.5”, 6’0.75”.
Bazza said on 24/Sep/19
I would say 6'2 peak no problem when looking at him next to similar billed wrestlers and he holds his own near bigger guys like Hogan.
Jack Cain said on 12/Aug/19
Having seen Warrior stand toe-to-toe with Sid Justice, Kamala, Hogan, and so forth, there were few people that outsized him in over-all stature - period. He had the development and the height to impress audiences and the other wrestlers. Might have been a few inches shorter than some of these guys, but was a work-out master! When lifting 300 pound people for a press, height seemed to be of little concern, when those people fell from 8 feet up, to the hard mat!! God Bless Warrior, whom spoke it how it was, and lived a epic life !
The Ben said on 30/Jul/19
Not sure about the new guys but I think you're about right for peak on the older guys.
Hennig is a hard one to guess, at times look's 6'1, other times 6'2.5. I know he was big on standing on his tip toes when next to other wrestlers.
frank burjan said on 23/Jul/19
Rude 6'3, hennig 6'1.5,
They look these heights.
davey boy smith 5'9,
orndorff and savage 5'11.
They are no taller than 5'11. Maybe shorter at around 5'10 when older.
Can someone else confirm?
Davey boy smith next to rick rude looks 6" shorter.
SeanR said on 11/Jul/19
Hi Rob, it’s been a while since a new wrestler has been added to this site. Just curious who are you looking to add next?

Would the following be ones you would consider?

1) Rick Rude 6’3.25”
2) Curt Hennig 6’1.75”
3) Matt Bloom peak 6’6”, current 6’5”
4) British Bulldog 5’11”
5) Shane McMahon 6’1.5”
6) Elias Samson 5’11”
7) Rusev 5’11.5”
8) Paul Orndorff 5’11.5”
9) Raven 5’11”
10) Rhino 5’10”
Editor Rob
I'll need to think on them
Big ed said on 6/Jun/19
6'2 peak or certainly close to it when you see him with guys like Bret Hart macho man mr perfect he's taller than all and not far of guys like Rick rude big boss man Sgt slaughter
The Ben said on 30/Apr/19
Frank Burjan
I think you're right, when I met him in 08 I'd say 6'1 tops, peak of a 6'2.5 maybe. Looked to be 6ft at the time of his death.
FLU said on 6/Apr/19
I met Warrior face-to-face when I was 15 and he was WWF World champ. I'm 6'3" and I was AT LEAST two inches taller. My dad couldn't believe how much taller I was than him.
Zach said on 20/Feb/19
UW also claimed to be 6'4 and 270Ibs in 1992.
frank burjan said on 17/Jan/19
How tall was davey boy smith? There is a match of davey boy smith teaming with ultimate warrior. Davey boy smith looks only 5'9 to me. Warrior 6'1?
frank burjan said on 17/Jan/19
Warrior looked only 6'0 at best when he died. At age 25 when he started to wrestle he looked 6'2 as sting has pointed out. People start shrinking at a rate of 1cm a decade after age 40. Wrestlers might start shrinking at 30. So warrior might have shrunk half an inch by his death. And half an inch due to steroids. And half an inch due to the bumps and bruises of being a wrestler.
Barrett said on 25/Nov/18
He looked a weak 6 foot before he died lost a lot of size and height.
Canson said on 1/Nov/18
I think Rob has him close to accurate. Worst case 6’1”
IJ said on 25/Sep/18
Could be a legit 6'2 vs a peak 6'6 Hogan.

Click Here
dojoon park said on 2/Aug/18
Sting told me in 2005 warrior was maybe 6'2 and a half n he was 6'2" rick rude was 6'3" and hennig was about 6'1"
y2flu said on 1/May/18
I met Warrior face to face in 1990 and was surprised at how much shorter he was than me (I'm 6'3"). I'd estimate that he was 6'0.5"
The Ben said on 20/Mar/18
Ive been watching some youtube videos of Warrior in 2005.
Interestingly he says he weighs 35lbs less than his peak (he was 45 at the time) and he says he still occasionally gets up to 250lbs.
Id guess he was weighing 235lbs to 240lbs at the time.

As far as height i'd say 6'2 peak, as with most guys who lose height you can see in later life his neck looked shorter, he looked hunched, his arms looked long.
When I met him in 08 I'd say he was just over 6ft. He still had very broad shoulders but his big suit jacket made it hard to determine his weight.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Mar/18
Warrior: 188cm
Savage: 184cm
Rude: 192cm
Hennig: 187cm
Hawk: 189cm
Mick said on 15/Feb/18
Warriors hair made him look much taller than he was. I always thought he was huge but it was more to do with his physique and puffy hair that gave the illusion of a 6-4 monster. But looking back now he was barely 6-1 in boots. I would say 6-0 without boots.
John barrett said on 14/Feb/18
6'1 at best for warrior - around 5'11 time of his death.
dicksock said on 13/Feb/18
I'll say 6'2" peak, but that may have had to do with his footwear. He was maybe 6'0.5" by his death.
Jim Hopper said on 3/Feb/18
He was billed by wwf at 6-4. In truth he was under 6-2. Hogan was peak 6-5. WWF told bogus tales on heights
Canson said on 3/Jan/18
I agree with Rampage Ultimate was 6’3ish in boots likely 6’1 range barefoot in reality
Theo said on 2/Dec/17
Where's his wrestler tag, Rob? O.o
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Nov/17
At least 6ft3 in boots
Canson said on 23/Oct/17
Doubt he’s as high as the estimates go but at peak he could’ve been 6’2”. Doubt 6’3” tho. 6’1.5 looks right. It’s always hard to tell with these guys who have used roids and have abused their bodies like his was abused
Sean said on 11/Oct/17
Hi Rob, I mentioned this a while back but do you still see Sting (Steve Borden) and perhaps Lex Luger getting their own pages here? Sting looked 6’2.5” prime and 6’2” today, where Lex looked 6’3” prime.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Oct/17
Hennig looked taller than Bret Hart by a fair amount. I think he had to have been near 6ft2
Loka said on 22/Sep/17
Here is the ultimate warrior and Arnold in 1985 or 1986. I dont know but Arnold looks not big so I believe it's far from his retirement of Bodybuilding in 1980.
Nevertheless, the ultimate warrior is taller. I do believe that he was a strong 188 cm at least in the 80's.

Click Here
mojo said on 21/Sep/17
I'm pretty sure he was 189 cm peak. Nothing less. But with 125 kg of muscles during all these years, he shrunk to 185 cm.
Loka said on 18/Sep/17
In his fight against triple h in 1996, he was taller with 2 inches. Watch, it's on youtube.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Sep/17
Rob, if he was 6ft1½ when you met him in 2008 then I'd say there's a very good chance he was taller than that in the 80's...he had his share of injuries I'm sure
Mayfield said on 2/Aug/17
Click Here

Here, Hennig looks more 6'1 range compared to former football tight end Steve Jordan, who was listed at 6'3 back in the day
Mayfield said on 22/Jul/17
Sometimes Hennig looks 6'2, others he looks at minimum 6'1.5. Definitely had more than a couple inches on Ric Flair, who was still a solid 5'11 in his first WWF run

As for Randy Savage, there are a couple of mentions of him being 6'1

His baseball card: Click Here
An article from 1975 when he left baseball for wrestling: Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Jul/17
Rude, Hennig and Savage need pages. Rude was one of the few who looked his exact billed stats (6ft3-4, 250lbs), visibly taller than 6ft1-2 range guys. Hennig at 6ft3 is a stretch when you see him with Rude. 6ft2 is reasonable but there's a chance he was a little under it at worst. Around the same as Warrior (arguably 6ft2 aswell). Randy Savage didn't really look his billed 6ft2 but definitely not under 6ft like some have guessed. Near 6ft1 in his prime is believable.
joe### said on 27/May/17
Curt Hennig looks 6´1.75 Click Here
Sean said on 24/May/17
Looking at past videos/pictures, Rick Rude was a solid 6'3.5" guy. Curt Hennig looked 6'2". Rude always had 1.5 - 2 inches on guys like Sting, Ultimate Warrior, Triple H.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Apr/17
I think he was 6ft2 in the 80's
Jeff said on 2/Apr/17
Here's a pic of the warrior and me in 2003. I'm 6'3". He was about 6'2" then.
joe### said on 3/Mar/17
rob, rude looks over 6´3
2:42 Click Here
joe### said on 9/Jan/17
Rick Rude was a 6'3 solid with warrior
The Ben said on 1/Jan/17
Gilberg said on 18/Nov/16
I met warrior at a talk a few years back. I'm 5'11.5 and he just shared me. Bear in mind this was 20 years after his prime... 6"0 on when he passed.

I would agree, I met him in 08, I'm 6'05 and I'd say he was pretty much eye to eye with me.
We had similar style boots, I would have said 6'1 tops.
I've shared my picture on here plenty of times and there's nothing between us.
I read an old Bodybuilding interview with him where he said he hovered around 263lbs in 1990.
In most pre wrestling stuff he was listed at 6'2 or 6'3.

It can be incredibly hard to tell with wrestlers, most have terrible posture and very few actually seem to care about their height or looking tall.
I'd give a peak barefoot Warrior 6'2 dropping down to 6'05 when I met him
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Dec/16
Rob, what happened to that photo of you w/h Warrior?
Editor Rob: I never paid for one.
Gilberg said on 18/Nov/16
I met warrior at a talk a few years back. I'm 5'11.5 and he just shared me. Bear in mind this was 20 years after his prime... 6"0 on when he passed.
Attitude said on 23/Oct/16
at least 2 inches taller (looks even more sometimes) than rocker Shawn Michaels and Jim Neidhart in 1989.
berta said on 17/Oct/16
with hogan he could look 189 but in later years he looked like he could be maybe 186-187
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Oct/16
If Warrior was 6ft2, then Sting was 6ft3. He was always 1in taller.
The Ben said on 1/Oct/16
Looking at some of the Savage comments here I think he's a hard one to guess.
Can look anywhere between 5'11 and 6'1.
Warrior 6'1.5" would be the tallest I would guess when I met him.
joe### said on 30/Sep/16
lex luger solid 6´3
Mayfield said on 30/Sep/16
(Sting and Warrior 1985 Click Here)

I believe Sting to be a legitimate 6'2, so the 6'1.5 listing is spot on

Incidentally look at Sting with Lex Luger Click Here

Lex has been billed from 6'4-6'6, yet according to his football stats, is 6'3 and definitely looks that with Sting here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Aug/16
Rob, could he have been 6ft2 at peak?

Maybe he had lost a small bit by the time you met him
Editor Rob: it is quite possible.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Aug/16
Sting could have cleared 6ft2 at peak.
Canson said on 3/Aug/16
Rob has him pegged looks right
heightchecker34 said on 21/Jul/16
Ultimate Warrior is a 6.1'5 man... perfect example. He could easily pass for 6'2 in the outside world, yet when compared to wrestlers around or near his height, his listing is perfect. For some reason a lot of 6.1'5 guys claim 6'3.. its hilarious. It's still a tall height.... Warrior always edged out 6'1 guys like Randy Savage. RIP. As for Sting, he is 6'2 without a doubt... just look at his matches with Goldberg (in the past) and Triple H (recently) , he stills maintains the 188 cm mark.
Nobody said on 16/Jul/16
Speaking of Sting, he had a staredown with Diamond Dallas Page in one of their matches on Nitro and he only had an inch on Sting.
Sean said on 15/Jul/16
Hi Rob, what is the chance that Sting (Steve Borden) can have his own page on this site? Sting easily peak was 6'2". Nowadays he looks like he may have dropped to 6'1.25" or 6'1.5"? He looks to be about an inch and a half to 2 inches shorter that Hulk Hogan as recently as last 2015.
Editor Rob: He could have been 6ft 2.5 and now 6ft 2...he actually looked taller than a guy I know who claimed 6ft 2 when he met him not long ago...the same guy is taller than ted dibiase in person and in the guy's photo with Ted...
Frank R said on 24/Jun/16
In the late 1980s and early 1990s he appeared very close to the same height as Randy Savage who was 6'1.5". I'd say that Warrior was 6'2" at his absolute tallest, but no taller. Back then the WWE was known for embellishing the heights of their wrestlers, but all of Warrior's action figure packages listed him at 6'2." I can't imagine the WWE displaying a wrestler as "shorter" than their actual height.
Zach said on 28/May/16
Rob do you have a picture from when you met Warrior?
Editor Rob: ...a regret is I don't and should have!
Zach said on 20/May/16
The Ben, backstage at WM30 the guys he was meeting - Hall, Nash are huge guys who towered over Hogan. Also he met Jake the Snake and made up with Hogan backstage who are obviously both also 6'3+ even today.

If you look at the pictures with Vince Mcmahon and Triple H, Warrior was still a solid 6'1-2 near end of his life.

Either way, RIP Warrior. Truly larger than life character.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/May/16
Rob, did he look 187cm when you met him?
Editor Rob: he looked pretty tall and near that, not a 6ft 3 guy though!
Han said on 14/May/16
He must be 6' 3" at peak and 6' 1" at death. If you see picture below, he is one inch taller than Arnold and Sting also.
As for weight, before WWF days was 280~285lbs and at the game with Hogan, it was 270lbs
The Ben said on 15/Apr/16
Not surely he did wear lifts but he certainly looked shorter when he returned in 92. He had 2 inches on 5'11 Flair and was barely any taller than Savage.
I'd give him max peak 6'2 and by the time of his death I'd say a flat 6ft tops.
I met him and he just wasn't a naturally big guy.
Look at him in the backstage footage from mania 30 and the Hall of fame. Virtually everyone towers over him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Apr/16
Easily 6ft1-2 and 6ft3 range in wrestling boots (his billed height). 5ft11 is insane
1010 said on 10/Apr/16
You can even tell by his frame, and limb length to know he is no more than 6ft ... Also back in his days the WWE bills height like crazy, I mean like 3-5 inches. 5'11 warrior, 6'1 warrior when in ring with his lifts.
Tommy said on 28/Mar/16
There is a video on YouTube when he appeared in a German TV Show together with Jake Roberts, the host is Thomas Gottschalk, known for his height in Germany 6-4, he is also a guy who like to wear boots, so try to compare...IMO something between 186-188, so 187 is a good guess, maybe 189-190 in his peak.
joe### said on 18/Feb/16
he was a monster physically used many roids
Poirotee said on 2/Feb/16
Guys,pleas see below picture of warrior and arnold. Warrior is one inch taller and looked 20lbs heavier than arnie.
He was real big guy at his peak
The Ben said on 21/Nov/15
I met Warrior in 08 and he was around my height 6'0.25. After recently meeting Hogan and seeing the height difference between them I'd give warrior 6ft. Looking at his old matches he may have been 6'1-ish peak but I do believe he was a lift wearer. Warrior had noticeable height on Savage pre 91 but when he returned in 92 they were pretty much eye to eye. Warrior either lost significant height or dropped the lifts.
TIGER said on 16/Sep/15
Warrior in lifts with 6"0 Vince.....With lifts Warrior was always 1.5inch taller than Vince in early 90s. Warrior's hair cut in 1990-91 stood at times about 2-3 from his head, which explains the appearence of being shorter in 1992 with shorter hair and less body weight.

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Aug/15
Interesting picture w/h Schwarzenegger. He looks 1in taller.
just because said on 21/Apr/15
Zach says on 19/Apr/15
Rare picture of Arnold and a young Ultimate Warrior: Click Here

Great pic warrior making arnold look small (build wise) also looks about an inch taller which fits in with his 6ft3 claim
Zach said on 19/Apr/15
Rare picture of Arnold and a young Ultimate Warrior: Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Apr/15
Savage could have been near 6ft1
just because said on 15/Apr/15
No way was savage taller than warrior this is the 2 in the maniacs warriors leaning forward and savage probably has lifts Click Here

Heres some more acurate pics of the 2 together Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Ultimate warrior 6ft2-3 macho man 6ft
Although savage can sometimes be a few feet taller than warrior but he might be getting a helping hand Click Here ;)
LittleAlex said on 15/Apr/15
The Ben says on 17/Apr/14
I used to have my photo on here with the Warrior, I'm just over 6ft.
I'd give Warrior 6'1 maximum (2008)

Peak maybe 6'2. I'm guessing he had lifts back in the day as he towered over some guys in 90-91 who he was barely taller than in later years. Savage for example. RIP Warrior

I disagree. Savage was actually the taller of the two as seen in pictures of them together as the ultimate maniacs.
LittleAlex said on 15/Apr/15
just because says on 7/Feb/15
Click Here heres warrior with the 6.6 hogan not sure if its his big hair but he seems 6.3 range .
? how tall is earl hebner

Hogan wasn't 6'6 anymore by then though. he'd already had one of his knee operations and neck surgery or something. He was about 6'4 by then so that makes warrior 6'1.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Mar/15
"Ultimate Warrior height: 6ft 2in (188cm)"

Easily 6ft3+ in those boots. Looked more 186-187cm in the last few years. His death last year was very tragic.
just because said on 7/Feb/15
Click Here heres warrior with the 6.6 hogan not sure if its his big hair but he seems 6.3 range .
? how tall is earl hebner
Conrad said on 27/Dec/14
Just because, Warrior said on his own site that his weight fluctuated between 262 and 275 towards the end of his first WWE run (from 1990 or so). Earlier on, in his IC days, he was a solid 280.

Power Slam Magazine, who were very conservative about estimating and stating wrestlers' legit heights and weights, said that Warrior was 280 at his biggest and dropped to 220 by the time of Wrestlemania VIII. I've been reading some old Wrestling Observers recently and they said that Warrior's weight bounced up and down during his second WWF run, most likely due to cycling. I saw him myself at Summerslam 1992 and he was closer to his old size by then, probably about 260 and far bigger than Randy Savage.
Dudeness said on 1/Nov/14
The warrior shrunk height twice in 1992. Im 5'11 and the original towered over me. The last one was only a little taller
Just because said on 26/Oct/14
Click Here heres warrior and undertaker in first half 1991. Looks to me that warrior could be 6'2.5 here.
Click Here Click Here These 2 are from mid 1992 warrior seems to have lost 40-50 pounds of muscle (during the steroid trial) and looks a little shorter
Just because said on 24/Oct/14
Click Here Warrior hawk and tornado all roughly the same height. Warrior and tornado announced at 6'2 hawk at 6'3
john b said on 31/Aug/14
100% he was a 6'1 guy in the 80's plus 90's - Just before his death as we know got to spend some time back with the WWE. He lost height and looked around 5'11 tops. He was 54, he lost a lot of size and looked to have some physical issues and lost a good 2 inches off his height......:(
dojpark said on 31/Jul/14
i met stingin 2005 and he told me that he was 6'2" and warrior was like half inch taller than him. I would say that Sting was really 6'1.5
he also told me that randy savage was only like 6' or 6'0.5 and curt hennig was only 6'1 and he was a little taller than curt.
bryan said on 26/Jul/14
Click Here

peak 6'2 and was around the same size but still a little shorter than 6'2.5 sting. also warrior probably was around 6'3 in boots
later 6'0.75 - 1 due age, injuries etc

ultimate warrior
peak 6'1.75 - 6'2
later 6'0.75 - 6'1

peak 6'2.5
today 6'1.5
SaveUsY2J said on 20/Jun/14
@dojpark @Alucard- even at the time of his death he was nowhere near as low as 6ft. Hogan never had any more than 4in over him, 6'1.5-6'2" peak is on the mark.
dojpark said on 16/Jun/14
lets correct his height to 6'0"
Alucard said on 7/Jun/14
He was around 6', cm less cm more... He lost some height since younger days, also hunched posture in later years... Greatest gimmick and charismatic character in the history of WWF/WWE, also greatest freakier physique... He was a great man, r.i.p. Warrior...
Zach said on 30/May/14
In the documentary Ultimate Warrior Legend recently, he was definitely shorter than 6'2 Triple H. He looked shorter than him back in 1996 too at Wrestlemania 12. He even looked marginally shorter than 68 year old Vince McMahon in the documentary.

I would give him 6'1 at the time of his passing. RIP Warrior, most entertaining WWE star ever.
kyuss said on 25/Apr/14
In the first fights of wwf they billed as 6-4". No matter,still was an amazing attraction to the sport.
The Ben said on 17/Apr/14
I used to have my photo on here with the Warrior, I'm just over 6ft.
I'd give Warrior 6'1 maximum (2008)

Peak maybe 6'2. I'm guessing he had lifts back in the day as he towered over some guys in 90-91 who he was barely taller than in later years. Savage for example. RIP Warrior
Newbombturk said on 15/Apr/14
Warrior Fan, could you post a link to the interview you're referencing to? Warrior was generally billed at 6'2 (and so was Hawk by the way), and considering the general habit of WWE of overbilling (especially in those days) it seems pretty unlikely that he was taller than that.
greengiant said on 11/Apr/14
No matter what his height was he was the "Ultimate Warrior". My favorite wrestler when I was a kid. The guy was full of energy,mystery,strength and had that crazy muscle build with arm ties. One of a kind for sure. Height only matters to the insecure or ignorant.
Ted said on 10/Apr/14
RIP warrior. He showed us how we should be built. Even though only 187, he looked tall. So yes My estimate, even a weak 6'1 is tall in shoes.
The Ben said on 10/Apr/14
RIP Warrior
Sam said on 9/Apr/14
RIP. A childhood hero gone too soon.
Johno said on 7/Apr/14
Was not much taller then ric flair. There was less then an inch of difference between them.
SaveUsY2J said on 6/Apr/14
@Rampage: I think Fandango may be another example, he's billed 6'3 but doesn't look any taller than 6'2.
The Ben said on 26/Jan/14

I have to agree with you, I'm a little over 6ft and I'd say warrior was pretty much my height. Could have maybe stretched out to 6'1 but also could have been slightly under 6ft.
I stood next to Sting in 03 and i'd have said 6'2 on the nose, no taller than that, good posture.
Going back and watching old Warrior matches and interviews it seems he may have been an occasional lift wearer. Some times he had 2 or 3 inches on savage and other times they where nearly eye to eye.
he looked a couple of inches shorter in his 92 come back. I wonder some times if you lifted weights for years and you hit your 30's and have a long break that when your muscles atrophy you don't actually lose height. It seems action stars, bodybuilders and wrestlers lose big height when they get older, more specifically when they have extended periods off the gym.

Warrior was the coolest wrestler I ever met.
anon630 said on 16/Dec/13
met him at a PCW event in March 2012. I'm 5'10 3/4 and he seemed just slightly taller than myself. I have a video of him from the same event with a buddy of mine who is basically the same height as I am, and I'd say Warrior hovers around 6'0 even. Same impression I got from the pic I took with him. We also met Macho Man and he is very close to our near 5'11 height. Sting looks a lot shorter in old NWA and UWF stuff I've seen on WWE Classics. After 1988 it looks like Sting grew some.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Sep/13
Ultimate Warrior was always 6ft1.5-2.
But, Sting might be 6ft2-3
TNTinCA said on 22/Sep/13
Sounds correct to me. And it follows the paradigm that WWE normally uses for billing wrestlers in that they usually add about 2 inches to each wrestlers height.
miko said on 31/Aug/13
Warrior and Sting were very close in height, I've got Warrior at 6'1.5/6'1.75 for his prime, and Sting at bang on 6'2, both could be a hair less than that today but I don't think either man has lost much.
Zach said on 31/Jul/13
In most pictures, Warrior was taller than Sting.
Jav18 said on 26/Apr/13
His ex wife stated on a radio interview a few years back that when she first met him he was 6"4 but that is defiantly not true of course even in his 20s. I also remember the Warrior himself answering a question in an interview in the 90s when asked "Were you always a tall guy?" in which he replied "I was 5"11 when i left high school then grew to 6"3 which is my current height. I'm actually tall for a ex bodybuilder, but in the middle in the wrestling business" So after meeting him in person I'd give him 6"2 prime measuring height but he's wide framed so appears short when stood alone!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jul/12
Most guys billed at 6ft3
end up in reality being 6ft1-6ft2.
Warrior, Curt Henning (Mr. Perfect), William Regal
and Booker T are prime examples.
drummer777 said on 7/Sep/11
I think Vince is 5'11 and since warrior is 6'1 and wearing boots they gave him the edge so if the boots were 2 inch they would make warrior 6'3. Vince was wearing Tennis shoes. Warrior and Sting were the same height pretty much.
Terryman said on 7/Jun/11
Rob do you mean something like he kept raising his head to apear even taller than he looked?

[Editor Rob: yes and when taking a photo with one guy he edged himself nearer the camera.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Jun/11
Ron maybe 6ft2(188cm)?

[Editor Rob: I should have bought a photo way back when I saw him, he really looked one of those tall guys who liked to be tall, but wanted to be taller if that makes sense.]
The Ben said on 21/May/11
Cant believe Savage has passed away, A TRUE legend.
Been reading that he weighed up to 260lbs in the last 10 years and then suddenly lost lots of weight.
A massive difference from Bonesaw to the be a man album he released.

I give the Macho man 6ft and 230 as an average.
The Ben said on 1/Apr/11
Well personally I don't think there's a bigger Warrior fan out there than me and I have no reason at all to downgrade him bit i would say he was 6'1 ish.
He just wasn't that tall, I stood right next to sting a few years ago and I'd say he was a solid 6'2 and Warrior was shorter.
Totally awesome guy, I've met plenty of wrestlers and non where as cool as him.
Piper and Dibiase where both great guys as well.
Mike said on 4/Feb/11
The Ben, sorry fella but hes quite clearly 2 inches on you on that picture. I work for the GM Police and my height is absolute smack on in my socks. Hes a solid 6,2 at least, id say meeting him he was 6,2.5
Mike said on 4/Feb/11
Ive met Jim in Manchester a couple of years ago, im 6,3 and he was about the same maybe half an inch smaller. You need to up this to at least 6,2.5 as he is quite clearly at least an inch over the guy in the picture and that would confirm to me 6,2.5 easy. Big guy.
Anonymous said on 26/Oct/10
Jav says on 27/Sep/10
Warrior looks tall here compared to Vince, Although am not sure if its the boots he's wearing

Everyone looks tall next to Vince, he must been the only 5'11 guy who got away with 6'1-6'2
Ron Rico said on 2/Jun/09
Yeah, they said Andre was 7'4" and he was really 6'11"
The Ben said on 28/May/09
I saw sting wrestle twice in 1993 and he looked 250-260.
He was much smaller in 2003.. he hardly had any muscle, he looks bigger now. It was when sting had been away from the ring for a few years, a WWA show.
The one thing i remember from the 1993 wcw shows i saw was how big Rick Rude was. He looked his billed height and weight to me at the time.. I expected him to be skinny but he was far from it..
Danimal said on 28/May/09
The Ben, sting was as high as 270 pounds in the 80's, with PLENTY of muscle and down to to about 250-260 pounds in the 1990's. After 2001 he lost even more weight.
The Ben said on 27/May/09

Maybe something in his shoes, or his huge hair at the time may have added to the illusion.
I stood really close to sting in 2003 and he looked 6'2, he had great posture.
He was alot slimmer then i thought he would be though, not much muscle, looked 220-230 lbs.
Sting was taller then him in the 80's... maybe6'2.5 sting 6'1.5 warrior.. Very hard to be sure though..
There are quite a few wrestlers who i've met who i would say are dead on their billed heights... i didnt expect most of them to be...
Danimal said on 26/May/09
The Ben says on 22/May/09
When the photo with warrior was taken i honestly thought i was over 6' i know for a fact that im 6ft to 6'0.25.. I still say the warrior was pretty much dead on my height, we spoke for a few minutes and he was very cool.. we where eye to eye.. I'd say the warrior is 6ft to 6'1.. He may have been 6'2.5 peak... but i think that would be max!

He couldn't have been 6'2.5" peak when his tag team partner STING who is 6'2" was taller than him in the 80's? When he fought Hogan in 1990, Warrior was packing something in his shoes FOR SURE.
Red said on 26/May/09
Yeah, but it works great, I
The Ben said on 25/May/09
Nutritions the hardest part.
Red said on 24/May/09
LoL Ben, it seems like we
The Ben said on 22/May/09
When the photo with warrior was taken i honestly thought i was over 6' i know for a fact that im 6ft to 6'0.25.. I still say the warrior was pretty much dead on my height, we spoke for a few minutes and he was very cool.. we where eye to eye.. I'd say the warrior is 6ft to 6'1.. He may have been 6'2.5 peak... but i think that would be max!
Big King said on 21/May/09
Well, Warrior looked really tall. I first estimated him in the 6'5"-6'7" range. After standing beside Hogan, I thought he looked a legit 6'4" but now I read 6'2"-6'3" for his height and that surprizes me.
aaron said on 15/May/09
i am 6'1.75" at the end of the day, and i met Beefcake & Hogan in person at a strip club in clearwater, he had normal shoes on and was a solid 2.5" taller than i was. i know this for sure because my father is 6'3.5". and he was an inch taller than my father. Hogan was the same height as my father. Hogan had terribly bad posture though, so its possible he stands taller than 6'3.5", he was wearing sandals and walked like an old man....I also met Hogan as a kid in the eighties with my father backstage at a wrestling match in tampa, and he appeared 2+ inches taller than my dad from what i recall.. so it is likely that hogan wore lifts when he was young...
The Ben said on 13/May/09
Maybe he is 5'11...
He just didn't really look it,
TELLEM said on 10/May/09
steiner's mugshot has him at 5'11.
The Ben said on 9/May/09
I remember how small steiner looked compared to triple h when they did the posedown thing..
Could have been 5'11.. The baggy shirt hid his size.. i was right next to everyone from 2003 insurection. they all got off the bus and spoke to fans while getting their bags... I just remember at the time been really disappointed at how small steiner was my first time seeing him and i expected so much more. I expected a beast!
Ive heard his weight as high as 290 and low as 235.. when you look at him with the NWO back in 98-2000 he certainly never looked heavier then hogan or even hall who i think where 270 and and 260 respectively..
I stood 2 feet away from steiner and he was in regular street clothes and i believe he was 5'10.
Danimal said on 8/May/09
Scott Steiner was 290 pounds in 2000. He lost a lot of weight, but didn't go as low as 235 pounds. He was around 5'11".
The Ben said on 8/May/09
I couldn't really call it between me and the warrior... we were both wearing similar boots..i'd say we were pretty much the same height.

I was near scott steiner in 2003 outside a hotel in newcastle england.. He was wearing a pretty baggy muscle shirt, i'd say he seemed 5'10.. really hard to judge weight...maybe 235LBS
Red said on 8/May/09
Ben, I still think barefoot you would edge out Warrior today, do you agree?
TELLEM said on 7/May/09
the ben, scott steiner today is NOTHING compared to the scott steiner back in 2000. he was at his biggest that year.
The Ben said on 7/May/09

I swear Animal was small, not only in height but build as well.. He looked 225lbs to me... I was a huge wrestling fan and the larger then life size of these guys always amazed me when i was a kid.
Ive stood next most of the main guys outside hotels and i always check height...
Scott steiner was short as well nd not as big built as i would expect... Most of the heights on here seem pretty much spot on to me. HBK 5'11 and rvd around the same...I remember the undertaker not been quite as tall as expected... But scott hall looked 6'5 easy... I think footwear and posture makes a huge difference.
So many wrestlers used to wear cowboy boots or big biker boots.
I still say they put some heights up...but not all!
miko said on 30/Apr/09
Piper was a minimum of 6"0 at his tallest.
Halb said on 9/Mar/09
Some of your heights seem weird. Smash always looked taller than Ax to me.
TELLEM said on 2/Mar/09
piper was 6'1 peak...anyone watch "they live"? look at him next to 6'2 keith david...he sure as hell didn't look short next to him...he looked nearly his height...look at him with 5'10 mr. t. easy 3 inches over the man. he also didn't look completely towered next to hulk hogan at their peak.
Danimal said on 27/Feb/09
Vegas, you've proven beyond a SHADOW of a DOUBT that you HATE Piper. Watch ANY DAMN Piper's Pit sketch on Daily Motion and tell me he was only 5'11"!!!
Derek said on 27/Feb/09
Vegas- He looks around Bret's height there. He also could have been 6'0" at peak. Either way, he did lose height as he had hip surgery and probably other surgeries as well.
The Ben said on 27/Feb/09
Ola says on 26/Feb/09
Ben i havent met any wrestler :( but i doubt even you have since you put them at those ridiculous height. Martel at 6'0 is impossible since he was almost a full head shorter than 6'2 jerry sags, in fact mortel looks more like 5'7.

Animal was 1-2 inches shorter than hawk, who was nothing under 6'1

Ola ive sent rob the pics with me and the wrestlers, ive got one with flair where he could be as low as 5'9, i tower over him, the one with martel theres about 0.5 to 1 inch between us.
I agree with your estimation, i thought he would be 5'9 tops.
All i can put it down to is the way he walked and stood in wrestling, his knees were always bent and he never stood tall.
Ive seen plenty of wrestlers who were nowhere near their billed heigh and plenty that are.
Until you stand next to someone, talk to them and get photographic evidence you never can be sure.
Everyone did seem to tower over martel in the past.... all i can come up with is bad posture.
Vegas said on 27/Feb/09
Derek says on 26/Feb/09
Piper was 6'1"ish at peak, but was around Bret Hart's height by 1992(5'11"). He lost 2 inches just by 1992

this is 1987 derek what is your take Click Here
Danimal said on 26/Feb/09
Ola says on 25/Feb/09
3?! thats sound waaaaay to much

Actually, it's probably closer to 4".
The Ben said on 26/Feb/09
sorry ola i stood next to all of them and talked to them all, i was shocked at martel's height, i honestly thought 5'9 but after standing with him he is around 6ft and the mountie is 6'2...

Jannetty was 5'9 and animal isnt 5'11.

Just curious Ola how many of these wrestlers have you met?
I have photographs withe every one of them.
Derek said on 26/Feb/09
Piper was 6'1"ish at peak, but was around Bret Hart's height by 1992(5'11"). He lost 2 inches just by 1992.
Danimal said on 25/Feb/09
Piper has lost at least 3" since his heyday. Sad.
The Ben said on 24/Feb/09
I stood next to sting in late 2002, he may have shrunk since then.
Danimal said on 22/Feb/09
Ola says on 22/Feb/09
Hillbilly jim doesnt look to be over 6'4 in any pic, in fact closer to 6'3, in example with bret hart, flair, rvd, tatanka, booker t, benoit, austin. He was TOPS 6'4

andrew said on 18/Feb/09
just keep in mind, when warrior appeared in the ring with hogan in 1998 for his infamously long and rambling promo, he was wearing COWBOY boots. hogan was wearing nothing but his usual wrestling boots.

also, for reference, its well established that hillbilly jim is a legit 6-5. look at this pic here of hillbilly with warrior circa 1988-89. Click Here photo gallery 4, first pic. BIG difference.
The Cleverguy said on 15/Feb/09
Check it! If Sting is 6'3", he height was underrated. In the WCW days, I remember Jim Ross stating Sting being 6'1 240 lbs from Veince Beach California. As for Hulk Hogan, he was never 6'8, 6'7, or even 6'5 for that matter. How tall is Tom "Tiny" Lister. Well Zeus, Deebo from Friday. He was noticable taller than Hogan. I mean at least 2" taller. You know, I remember Hogan being talling than Sting.
rafter said on 2/Feb/09
Ben,you said you met sting.Do you think he has lost some height now.He looked much bigger and taller during his wcw days.
Danimal said on 13/Nov/08
Anonymous says on 13/Nov/08
sting edged out warrior in height, this was clear when warrior debuted in wcw in 1998, warrior was clearly the shorter man, they tagged a few times in 1998

And Hogan towered over Warrior in 1998. 100% Warrior had lifts from when he was the champion in the WWF. I think the man is 6'1".
Anonymous said on 13/Nov/08
sting edged out warrior in height, this was clear when warrior debuted in wcw in 1998, warrior was clearly the shorter man, they tagged a few times in 1998
Ben said on 13/Nov/08
Click Here
Ben said on 13/Nov/08
sting is taller, find a pic of powerteam usa, all 4 stood together in the exact same footwear and you can clearly see sting is taller, its on UPW website.

I stood right next to sting on a wwa tour and he was DEFINETLY taller then me, a slight bit over 6'2... you cant judge on one picture when you can only see their heads!
Danimal said on 12/Nov/08
Hogan was in fact down to 230 pounds in 1993-1994, which he means he literally lost 100 pounds from his heavier bodyweight of the late 70's/early 80's.
Your Name: said on 11/Nov/08
"Billed" heights and weights in wrestling are always highly inflated. Everyone knows that.
Tallorder said on 11/Nov/08
I recall back when the Warrior was known as the "Dingo Warrior" in WCW and later "Rock!" He was paired early on with "Sting" and both were known as the "Blade runners!" And from every pic ever taken of them together, Sting was always at least 2 inches taller than the future Ultimate Warrior. Although The Warrior had 20 more pounds of muscle than Sting, I recall he was visibly at least 2 inches shorter and sometimes billed at 6 feet tall even.
Derek said on 11/Nov/08
Danimal says on 10/Nov/08
"Alex, Hogan claimed in an interview that he had back surgery in 1990 and lost 1 1/4" as a result of that, reducing him from 6'6" to 6'4 3/4". I believe that he leaned out by a good 40 pounds but he stayed that height throughout the 90's, until 2001, when he chopped what would appear to be another 1.5" of height off his frame, reducing him to 6'3 1/4".

I heard Hogan was down to 230 pounds by 1993 or so because of the steroid scandal. He looked to be struggling with 6'3" 3 years ago.
Halb said on 11/Nov/08
I thought the difference was 2 inches at WM6, has anyone got any good pics? I doubt the Warrior has lost any height, why would he? He went down to 16stones from '92 onwards and has not had any major surgery, plus he hasn't really wrestled that much over the past 15 years and his schedule was super light when he did
Ben said on 11/Nov/08
i got 2 photos, one where i stood straight and we were the same height, that was taken off my camera and deleted by accident, this was just a random group photo with the other 2 chopped off, i wasnt concerned about height... just meeting the 6'1.5 warrior.. To be honest i dont care how tall he is, before i met him i was expecting under 6ft.
Red said on 10/Nov/08
Ben, I don
Zach said on 10/Nov/08
There really wasnt a 5 inch difference between Hogan and Warrior at Wrestlemania 6, at most 2-3 inches. Granted both were wearing boots and it has been known for wrestlers to have lifts in them. Maybe more the incentive particularly as this particular fight was billed as 'Champion Vs Champion'.
Danimal said on 10/Nov/08
Alex says on 9/Nov/08
So Hogan lost 1/2-1 inch by 1990? I would have thought he was his peak height there still and didn't lose height until the mid 90s.

Alex, Hogan claimed in an interview that he had back surgery in 1990 and lost 1 1/4" as a result of that, reducing him from 6'6" to 6'4 3/4". I believe that he leaned out by a good 40 pounds but he stayed that height throughout the 90's, until 2001, when he chopped what would appear to be another 1.5" of height off his frame, reducing him to 6'3 1/4".
Ben said on 10/Nov/08
He looked between 6'1 and 6'2. He had a good posture and was wearing thick soled timberland style boots (so was i) i always hunch a little, i asked the guys i was with how tall he looked and they said around my height.
If i had to say a figure i'd say 6'1.5 with a peak of 6'2.5.
miko said on 10/Nov/08
He's pushing 6"2 here if you consider he's further away from the camera. 6"1.5 seems fair, but there is no doubt he was a fraction over 6"2 at his tallest.
Ian said on 10/Nov/08
Looks 6ft2. He's taller than Ben and Ben is closer to the camera. You simply can't tell someones height from your own eye sight Ben. There is 4 to 5 inches above your eyes. So it's hard to tell heights around your height because of the angle from your eyes to the top of the others head.
Ben said on 10/Nov/08
Warrior was great, took the time for every fan to sign anything, i talked to him for a few minutes about bodybuilding. really down to earth and cool... great with the fans. He was still pretty big, great shape.
Roger said on 9/Nov/08
I actually thought he'd be a legit 6'3'', cause Hogan seemed to have 3 inches on him in 1990. But if Hogan was 6'5'' back then, 6'3'' is out of the question.

How was Warrior like as a person? He had a really crazy phase where his right wing conservatism made George Dubya look like a Hugo Chavez.
adam said on 9/Nov/08
Hugh, how can you see a one cm difference? You can`t. Jesus christ take it easy man..
Alex said on 9/Nov/08
So Hogan lost 1/2-1 inch by 1990? I would have thought he was his peak height there still and didn't lose height until the mid 90s.
Hugh said on 9/Nov/08
Looks about 1cm taller than Ben so 187cm seems bang on. Probably was 6ft2 at his peak.
Ben said on 9/Nov/08
I was stood right next to him, there were 2 other guys on the outside who i took out of the photo.
Eveyones heads were the same saize apart from the warrior who has a really small head.
Trust me, my head is normal.
I was stood with him for a few minutes and he was my height give or take half an inch.
Derek said on 9/Nov/08
Warrior doesn't even look like the same guy from less than 20 years ago. Dude was on some major roids back in the day. 6'1.5" sounds right.
Danimal said on 9/Nov/08
He began fighting Hogan in 1990 (I don't consider this Hogan's peak height. He was just shy of 6'5" by that point) and he had REALLY poofy hair and impeccable posture. Fast forward to 1998 when he fought Hogan in the WCW where I believe Hogan was down to 6'4.75", You can see that Hogan had him by at least 3". Hogan never fought him in the mid-late 80's, where I am confident the height difference would have been around 4", the same way Hogan towered Ed Leslie (Brutus Beefcake, who was essentially the same height as The Ultimate Warrior).
Vegas said on 9/Nov/08
Ben is too close to the camera to use this photo as reference (look at the size of bens head lol, we have another andre the giant), warriors shoulders and eyeline is much higher but because ben is much closer he looks the same height
Alex said on 9/Nov/08
His peak was 6'2. He was 3-3.5 inches shorter than Hogan at his peak.
Jordan said on 9/Nov/08
lol thats Funny, Now Hogan looks like he was only 6'4 back in the 80's, ****.
Kane said on 29/Jul/08
well, when he was Dingo warrior, he looked like 6 ft 3 something
Hugh said on 6/Jun/08
Maybe 6ft2.5? But he's at least 270lbs.
MK said on 29/Apr/08
Ola says on 29/Apr/08
MK, how come that the height differences between them was the same both in 1990 but also in wcw 1998 ?!

I never mentioned 1990 or 98, but since you asked i'd say Hogan would have lost a good 0.5'' over that period, though would have been 1'' more in his early career.
MK said on 25/Apr/08
Ola says on 24/Apr/08
warrior never had short guys like ric flair by more than 2 inches... i didnt believe it first but now i realize it, warrior was indeed only in the 6'1 range - which makes hogan not even a full 6'4 in his prime. even 6'3 is much more realistic than a ridiculous 6'5 claim!

Hogan was at least an inch below his peak when he and Warrior would even have been in the same room together let alone a wrestling ring, that would surely make Hogan at least 6'5'' at his peak by your own calculations.
Hulk Fan said on 24/Apr/08
Ola John tenta was measured at 6'5.75 there is no way he is 6'4. Secondly Warrior was 6'2 in his prime wich would make Hogan 6'5 because in the pics you posted warrior is standing as straight as possible as Hogan is bent if he was to stand straight he would have warrior by 3 inches. Ola anything under 6'5 for Hogan is completely out of question.
MK said on 8/Mar/08
Hulk Fan says on 6/Mar/08
it is very possible warrior grew considerably after High school, boys continue to grow into their 20's many times Hulk Fan, we never saw him before or after high school, we can only judge him by his WWF/WCW days in which he looked 6'1.5'' average 6'2'' at his very peak.
Hulk Fan said on 6/Mar/08
it is very possible warrior grew considerably after High school, boys continue to grow into their 20's many times
MK said on 27/Feb/08
He is no more than 6'2'' mr galaxy and hes been full of b.s every time ive ever heard him speak. His adopted name would tell u that
sf said on 13/Feb/08
Ssuurrreeeee....Warriors younger brother...
Warriors younger brother said on 12/Feb/08
Hey Ask me how tall was warrior Im 6"2 when I stretch up rite and my brother warrior when he stretches up rite and tall he measures 6"5.
email me on Im known as Mr galaxy if you have any questions.
Ben said on 10/Feb/08
Met him yesterday, im 6'1.5 and he was exactlay the same height as me, we were both wearing big timberland boots...i'l pots the pics soon...He was a really cool guy, talked with everyone nad signed loads of stuff.
he's still pretty huge as well.. Looked to be around 240lbs and lean.
sf said on 1/Feb/08
Rob - still think your height is pretty good, here. Not even close to 6'3". I still can't go higher than 6'1". People base too much on photos of wrestlers who are known to have big shoes, to stand on telephone books, etc. etc. to look bigger in pictures and on tv...
Vegas said on 17/Dec/07
warrior and 5'11.5" Ric Flair, not even an inch in the difference when you discount warriors huge hair Click Here
Ben said on 9/Nov/07
Going to meet him on feb 9th next year , i'll see if i can get a photo with him stood next to me, il ask him his height and weight, im 6'1 and im expecting him to be 6ft. Ive got a bodybuilding magazine from 1984 or 85 with an article on him lists him as 6'3 and 275lbs. 20" arms cold, 28" thights, 19" calfs, 56" chest and 32" waist
Kevin Durant said on 11/Oct/07
Classic Ultimate Warrior pictures in 1990's. I think in his prime the Warrior is a legit 6'2". He is one of the most intimidating wrestler back in early 1990's and he is also a former WWE Champion and 2 time WWE Intercontinental Champion.

Click Here
Click Here

6'2" Ultimate Warrior with 6'6" Hulk Hogan

Click Here

with 6'1.5" Vince Mcmahon
jav said on 22/Aug/07
Hogan = 6"6
Warrior 6"3
Halb said on 16/Aug/07
U think Warrior could have been 6'5? What do you think Hogan was?
Halb said on 15/Aug/07
U'd say Warrior could be 6'4? What do you think Hogan was?
jav said on 31/Jul/07
How the hell could be be a few inches taller than 5"11 and a few inches shorter than 6"3??? a few is normaly consider 3. The ultimate warrior stated in an interview he was 5"11 when he left high school and ended up growing to 6"3 which is his current height when he was measured. don't forget the warrior was a big build guy which mite have made him apear a little shorter, but a slim body on him and u'd be guessing his hight as about 6"4 - 6"5.
Vegas said on 5/Jun/07
I met Don Muraco in a lift in the Hilton New York in 2004, just before hall of fame. I was next to him all the way down from near the top floor. He is legit between 6'0 and 6'1, he wasn't much taller than me but he was much wider
Craiger said on 1/Jun/07
I personally havve alwasy had bulldog at 5'9" though he was taller then his wife who claimed 5'10" on her myspace.
Ted said on 23/Feb/07
I met Don the rock Muraco when he was bouncing in Wellington (NZ) He is billed at 6'3" but I think he only seemed 6'1". So there is quite a lot of exaggeration of height apparently of wrestlers.
Anonymous said on 1/Feb/07
I met Davey Boy a few times, I would say 5 ft 10 in to 5 ft 11 in
Anonymous said on 30/Jan/07
There was a good pic of him on the net standing with Davey Boy and Hacksaw at Summerslan 92. He had a few inches on the 5 ft 11 in Bulldog was was a few below Hacksaw, who I reckon is 6 ft 3 in.
Danimal said on 26/Jan/07
It's fair to say that he was between 6'5" and 6'6" then, but I am opting for 6'6", because right up until 1990, he was taller than 6'5" men.
Danimal said on 24/Jan/07
Of course you opt for the lifts in the boots. I doubt the man HAD to wear lifts in 1979-1980. He was a very tall and large man back then.
Kiat said on 23/Jan/07
The Ultimate Warrior looked to be 3 inches shorter than Hulk Hogan based on the pics provided by Legend Stopper. So I think Hogan was around 6'5" or so when he battled the Ultimate Warrior. This was one of the greatest matches in WWF history, the Ultimate Challenge! I loved the matches in the late 8Os and early 90s as compared to today. Ultimate Warrior was a very strong guy and I loved his finishing move. With him and Hogan joining forces, they are indestructible!
Anonymous said on 8/Jan/07
Hogan was down to 6'3 3/4 in 1990 at WM6. warrior was around 2 inches shorter
RKOchick said on 7/Jan/07
NO, he is not 6'1! When he was with (At the time 6'7) Hulk Hogan he was just a little shorter, i'd say about 6'3 maybe?
Danimal said on 21/Dec/06
bossman at 6'1.5"???? You are insane. He was at least 6'4". Hogan had about 2" on him. Bossman was listed 6'6"-6'7" (1-2" shorter than Hogan's listed height and that's what he was).
Jason said on 21/Dec/06
You are 100% right, SF. I've seen a lot of wrestlers in person (though most, being wrestling fans, don't believe my estimates) though not Warrior, but based on everything I've seen I would also have him just shy of the 6'1'' mark.
sf said on 20/Dec/06
Now, I know how Glenn feels after he's seen someone, stood rigth next to them, and people don't want to believe the height. He really wasn't taller than 6'1" and I am reluctant to go that high.
sf said on 19/Dec/06
That's my comment below regarding seeing him in Des Moines...
Danimal said on 19/Dec/06
What was interesting was to see how much closer in height he was to Hogan in 1990, then he was to him in 1998. Hogan appeared a lot taller than the Warrior in 1998, then he did to him in 1990.
Anonymous said on 18/Dec/06
No, just watched him for a while. And, I did pay special notice to his height, cause I noticed right away he wasn't as tall as I'd always heard. I studied him and really didn't think much taller than 6'. I assume he didn't have on any special shoes cause he was just working out at a gym in Des Moines, IA. I doubt he cared as much about his height then, but you never know. At most, 6'1".

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