How tall was Veronica Lake

Veronica Lake's Height

4ft 11 (149.9 cm)

American Actress known for roles in Sullivan's Travels, This Gun for Hire, I Married a Witch, The Blue Dahlia, Saigon, Isn't It Romantic?, So Proudly We Hail!, The Hour Before the Dawn and The Sainted Sisters. She was described as high as 5ft 2 in her prime and weighing around 100 pounds.

Veronica Lake Paramount
On the screen I wear lifts and with one thing and another I look halfway tall and slender and not like a pygmy. My real height is 5 ft. 2 in., and I weigh 98 lb. Preston Sturges, who wrote and directed Sullivan's Travels, analyzed my size for me. He says I belong to a separate race, the motion-picture race of Little People.
Charlie Chaplin, Barthelmess, Doug Fairbanks Sr, and Janet Gaynor and Mary Pickford, to name great ones, belonged to this race of Sturges'
-- Life Magazine, May 1943

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Average Guess (14 Votes)
4ft 10.7in (149.1cm)
Arch Stanton said on 31/Aug/23
Her real height is 5 ft 2 LOL. 4 ft 10 and a half I reckon, the average guess looks close.
Comentarista said on 5/Aug/22
Len Blake said on 1/May/20
In her high heels, Veronica Lake was 5ft2in tall.
Barefoot Veronica Lake was 4ft10in tall.
Veronica Lake, had a beautiful face, was only a fair actress.
The numerous movies, Veronica did with Big Time Star, Alan
Ladd, indicates Ladd, was comfortable with the fact even in her high
heels he would be several inches taller than Veronica.
Parker said on 27/May/18
In this interview at age 48 Veronical says she is 5'2 and Alan Ladd 5'8.5!!

I think she is adding 3 inches on both of them.

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Sandy Cowell said on 27/May/18
@ Arch Stanton - Thanks for your reply!

With reference to your comment made on 3rd May, 2015, it is rather amusing to hear a deep, 'smoker's-style' voice coming from such a tiny woman! Conversely, you can often get tall actresses who sound like little girls! Liv Tyler and Milla Jovovitch both spring to mind!

I will go for 4ft10.75 for the legendary Veronica Lake!
Arch Stanton said on 28/Aug/17
I haven't Sandy. But I think 4'11 is a little high, I think of her as 4'10 range.
Sandy Cowell said on 25/Jul/17
Please, Arch, have you heard of the tale whereby Veronica Lake
is likened in appearance to Jessica Rabbit?
I'd be so grateful if you could enlighten me as to whether this is true! There isn't a more knowing person that springs to mind at this moment of the film enthusiasts I have 'met' within the past three quarters of a year. You seem to know everything - and I kind of like it!
Please enlighten me! 😕

As for Veronica's height, it simply must be 4ft11! That, it would seem, is my only saving grace! 😂😂😂
Arch Stanton said on 15/Apr/17
Definitely no more than 4'11 in The Glass Key and a chance of 4'10.5-75.
Sandy Cowell said on 27/Oct/16
Wasn't the character 'Jessica Rabbit' loosely based on her?
Arch Stanton said on 3/May/15
In Ramrod she could pull off taller next to McCrea, but probably box tricks were used a lot.
Arch Stanton said on 3/May/15
Just a strange woman but oddly alluring. Her voice and demeanour, very masculine, almost like a big cowboy type or something, so odd for such a tiny framed woman. I wouldn't have wanted to get into an argument with her put it that way.
ricky said on 5/Mar/15
I often wondered why they talked about how small she was if she was supposedly 5'2 especially when actresses in that era were also around that height.
Sam said on 19/Dec/14
I don't think she was a great actress but I thought she was rather likeable and funny at times in Sullivan's Travels...I think the right director could squeeze something like a good performance out of her.
Arch Stanton said on 18/Nov/14
Sue could you buy 4'10 range for her? Paulette Goddard looked tall next to her in Star Spangled Rhythm and she looks like little more than 5'2" with Chaplin!
Arch Stanton said on 17/Nov/14
I caught her in Star Spangled Rhythm getting into a car and that and she made Paulette Godard look tall!
Arch Stanton said on 12/Nov/14
Rob can you update this when you can? I'm not denying that she had a mysterious air about her which was quite suitable to some of the film noir type films, but she was definitely a wooden actress.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Nov/14
In a way she actually reminds me of Sondra Locke in coldness and with similar voices/mannerisms.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Nov/14
Rob can you add a photo and films like The Blue Dahlia, Saigon, Isn't It Romantic?, So Proudly We Hail!, The Hour Before the Dawn and The Sainted Sisters.

Well Martin she turned me cold as an actress. Her head movements especially were so stiff and her voice strangely deep and wooden for her height.
martin said on 2/Apr/14
Not a good actress? For christ sake, you guys got a lot of catching up to do. Especially the ones with Alan Ladd or her outstanding performance in the great "So Produly We Hail". No doubt the fact that she was short had to do with her pairing with Ladd...
little sue said on 12/Feb/14
Usually round myself up because I sometimes measure that, If anyone asks I say around about 4ft 11
little sue said on 11/Feb/14
She was'nt that good an actress was she Arch. Read a few biogs on her and they give her at 4ft 10 to 4ft 11. I would say like me about 4ft 10 3/4. She was a tiny slip of a built though, almost doll like.
Editor Rob
you don't round yourself up to 4ft 11?
Arch Stanton said on 9/Feb/14
Yeah when Veronica dress like a boy and wears normal man's shoes when her and McCrea walk you can see that he has 14-15 inches on her, up to his upper chest level.
Arch Stanton said on 9/Feb/14
Very attractive of course, and looked good at this height, but as an actress she was a bit wooden and distant in her delivery in my opinion.
Arch Stanton said on 9/Feb/14
And he's right PLB!! And a better actress too!! McCrea looks about a foot taller than her in heels, I suppose she has to be this short really, although I could also buy 5 ft.
PLB said on 24/Nov/13
Kim Bassinger plays Veronica Lake (sort of) in "L.A. Confidential". Russell Crowe says to her in the film, "You look better than Veronica Lake". He might have added "taller too".
guyfrommars said on 5/Mar/09
In "Sullivan's Travels" she wore platforms next to 6ft3 Joel McCrea. In the scene when they're both disguised as bums, and Lake is wearing flats, she had to stand on a box, just to be in the frame with him!
Jane said on 10/May/08
Im so glad to know that Veronica wasn't remembered for her height, but for her beauty. I'm only 4 feet 11 and 1/3 of an inch and I feel like a stand out wherever I go. I hate it when people ask me how tall I am when its none of their business. I wish people weren't so height conscious and just be honest with their actual size. They're just numbers to calculate your body mass and lying about it won't make you taller.
Cliff said on 3/May/08
Straight from Paramounts publicity department: Lake was 4ft11 and weighed 89lbs. She was referred to them as the "shortest lady currently in films" from an old Paramount publicity photo I one had of her. Lake looked every inch 4ft11, and not an inch over that. 5ft2 (which she claimed in her bio) was likely her height wearing her platform heels. This chick made 5ft4ish Claudette Colbert look Amazonian in "So Proudly We Hail."

Case closed.
anonymous said on 4/Apr/08
How would anyone know how tall "or short for that matter" Veronica Lake actually was? She's dead....
ko said on 1/Apr/07
Lake was actually 5'0" though usually reported as 5'0"-5'3".
andrea said on 28/Mar/07
Being a huge fan of Lake, I've heard her height being from 4'11" to 5'2", I've also heard tha Alan Ladd was 5'6"
Jay Allen said on 2/Jan/07
Actually Ladd was even shorter. But yes, that was why they made films togethor--three I believe. "This Gun For Hire" being the best.
Angelica said on 19/Jun/06
That's odd, I've heard from very many sources that Lake was 5'2.
Dick Kraft said on 3/Mar/06
Miss Lake made several pictures with actor Alan Ladd because they fit. Ladd was 5-4 and Lake 4-ll. Both very convincing actors.

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