How tall was Vincent Price

Vincent Price's Height

6ft 4 (193 cm)

American Actor, best remembered for roles in films like Witchfinder General, The Fly (1958), The Pit and the Pendulum, House of Wax, House of Usher, The Comedy of Terrors, House on Haunted Hill, Laura and Edward Scissorhands. In his daughter's biography there is a quote by Vincent talking about his height: "Since I was well on my way to a gigantic six-foot-four, the food side of my cultural background was most appreciated, and I have never regretted my knowledge of how to eat well."
On another occasion, he bemoaned one of the disadvantages in being tall when flying regularly: "It's been an ordeal. I'm six foot four and can't stretch out to sleep on a plane."

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Average Guess (64 Votes)
6ft 4.05in (193.2cm)
Canson said on 19/Feb/23
Easily 6’4”
viper said on 15/Feb/23
I could buy 6-4 1/4
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Feb/23
A good-postured, classic 6ft4. I'm not closed off to the possibility of him being a little over it peak. Always dominated the frame...
Terry DiPiazza said on 7/Jan/23
Vincent Price
The actor
who is never a bore
Stood 6ft 4
But never more…
Sandy Cowell said on 30/Sep/22
I’m watching Vincent in ‘The Mad Musician’, which was introduced by Caroline Munro. 🧟‍♂️🪄

The guy, who stands out as very tall indeed, has only gone and lost a severed head! 🤭 A chap said to him not to worry as the suitcase containing the head has been handed into the Police. Oh dear…..! 😂🤮🤣

Jake: 1.84 m - 1.85 m said on 11/Jun/22
Absolutely 193 cm.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/May/22
@ Tall In The Saddle - So sorry for the delay in replying. Have you heard about the mystery surrounding the death of Edgar Allan Poe, Tall? It is said that he was found delirious and having terrifying hallucinations from alcohol withdrawal. Such hallucinations can be heard, seen and even felt. The intriguing writer of the macabre might have based some
of his novels on these visions, but sudden abstinence when the person is dependent on alcohol can result in a heart attack, and this could easily have been the cause of Poe’s death, aged just 40.

I knew a young boy who stammered but if you gained his confidence and told him to talk S-L-O-W-L-Y, his struggle to get his words out wasn’t so bad. He was a small little fellow with acne, and by contrast, his brother was much taller with long, curly, shiny dark hair - and he was an INCREDIBLE guitarist! Unfortunately, he might have felt rather cheated, but he was by no means unintelligent and had a fair few academic qualifications.

I hope he overcame his stammer and has gone on to have a successful life. This was back in the early 80s.

Cheers go your way, Tall In The Saddle, and here’s wishing you a great weekend. 😀👍🏼
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/May/22
⭐️ The brilliant horror actor, Vincent Price, was born 111 years ago today. He had such a wonderfully distinctive voice, and I was listening to his two eerie contributions on Alice Cooper’s CD ‘Welcome To My Nightmare’ only the other day and thinking just that!

May he rest in peace. 🕯

6ft4 🎂
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 4/Feb/22
I own two of Vincent's movies which cover the subject of witch hunting. One of them is the controversial Michael Reeves film, 'Witchfinder General', which is to this day an incredibly cruel watch, and I can understand why it was banned for years. I believe it was released in 1968.

6ft4. 🕯️
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Aug/21
Probably 6ft3 in Edward Scissorhands
Alan mctavish said on 14/Jun/21
Tavy@ as a kid in the early 1980s i loved vincent price in the hammer films or any late night films. He carried an aura about him, he had this presence about him as if he owend pinewood studios and had came up with the idea to build it. And that voice of his was like no other, he sounded scary and brought the film into your home but with a feeling of feeling safe. A thought he was brilliant !!!!!!!!!!! And he looked taller than any one i saw in hes films now that i thinck back to the 1950s, 60s, 70s, i thought he was about 6'2" tbh but he was always the tallest and by at least 2 inches. So he gets 6'4" from me. Rip vincent!
Tall In The Saddle said on 26/May/21

I didn’t know about THE RAVEN movie with Cusack.

I bought a Poe book compendium a while back. He’s a very disturbing read. Still, since I knew a bit about him, he helped but me win a jug of beer at a trivia night. It was a Who Am I question and I knew it after the first clue. Even the guy who ran the trivia gave me a strange look, like, WTF? I was very fond of the “Jugpot” questions in trivia but as the night went on, the beer didn’t lend itself to recalling stuff that would’ve been instantly answered in all sobriety. LOL.

No disrespect to him but we had a guy who stuttered in our team. Should I stop right now? :). Anyway, he knew his stuff but the battle was getting the words out. Anyway, one night at the half time break, he began casually singing along with some background music. No stutter, no problem. Light bulb moment. We suggested that he try singing his answers to us. Perfect. Problem solved for evermore.

Another stutter story. In my line of work I had to deal with a solicitor who had one of the worst stutters. Nice guy and I was simply patient with him. His name was Llewellyn. He sent me a letter but the letter head had his name typed out as “Llllllewllyn”. Too many “L”S, LOL, he was clearly taking the piss out of himself.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 25/May/21
@ Tall In The Saddle - I suspected that 'The Raven' DVD I possess, starring John Cusack, was a remake.

Based on a verse by Edgar Allan Poe, and first published at the beginning of 1845, I'd have been extremely surprised if it hadn't been tackled before 2012, which I believe is the year of the John Cusack version.

I've checked to find that Vincent Price's 'The Raven' was released in 1963. I bet that I've seen it during the course of my lifetime, but I haven't since I've been particularly interested in Poe, his work and his lifestyle, which had a direct effect on his near obsession with madness and mayhem. He himself an alcoholic, died at 40, suffering from the DTs (delirium tremens) and uttering, "God help my poor tortured soul."

There were many other theories as to the cause of Poe's death, as many as 13, in fact.

Poe married his first cousin, Virginia Clemm when he was 27 and she a mere 13-year-old. Their relationship was akin to a brother/sister one. Virginia died of tuberculosis aged just 24.

Yet despite a worrying lifestyle, addiction and early death, symptoms not exactly unusual with some artistically minded people, Poe has gone down in the annuls of history for his influential Gothic style, and 114 years after he died, Vincent Price pounced on the chance to star in the film based on his poem 'The Raven' and many more movies based on Poe's work starred Vincent Price.

Tall In The Saddle said on 14/May/21
For sure, Price would've edged O'Brien who, to save face, probably would've asked VP if he was 6'5".

VP was a very solid 6'4" and another 1/4" is not out of the question.

I really only posted to link this clip with Price which I had never seen. It's title YOU p*ss off! LOL, this guy was truly a one and only. Brilliant. Click Here
viper said on 16/Apr/21
Maybe 6-4 and a quarter

He would have certainly looked taller than Conan O'brien on his show
prokrabsgod2 said on 20/Jan/21
Would recommend adding The Ten Commandments to his credits, he had a pretty good supporting role in that. I remember him being taller than Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner in that (although Yul Brynner was definitely way shorter than both Charlton and Vincent). He also looks about a foot taller than Edward G. Robinson, who was about 5' 4" or so.
Henry J said on 1/Dec/20
A Strong 6'4 IMO
Black Noir said on 16/Nov/20
Hey rob, what do you think he measures when he was near his age of eighties? And was he 194 cm back in his 30-50s?

Side note: Doctor strange was modeled after Vincent price, and marvel took doctor strange from doctor fate (dc comics)
Arch Stanton said on 29/May/20
Wow they had the same birthday? I didn't know that. Must be a vampire thing!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/May/20
Vincent Price, like his friend Christopher Lee, would be celebrating his Birthday today. He was born 109 years ago.

RIP Vincent XXX 🕯️

Vincent Price
27/5/1911 - 25/10/1993
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/May/20
I'm watching 'Witchfinder General' again, and this time round, my head is definitely NOT going to hit the pillow! So far, I haven't seen anyone who is as tall as Vincent, but a couple of men have been close.

Vincent looks on and enjoys the torture of suspected witches, (that's when he's not doing it himself) one of whom is knee deep in the brown stuff for keeping a cat!

Unbelievably cruel, it still disturbs the viewer to this day, 52 years after it was made.

6ft4 🔥😢😿
Tall In The Saddle said on 25/Mar/20
One of my favourite "Vinnie" movies is THE RAVEN 1963. What a hoot. Price, Lorre, Karloff and JACK NICHOLSON all in the ONE movie (crazy, eh?). Peter Lorre is a scream (not horror scream, laughter scream).

The first time I tried to order this movie online I received THE RAVEN 1935 which also starred Karloff alongside Bela Lugosi. I didn't know there were TWO RAVEN MOVIES, 28 years apart, with Karloff in each. Somebody coulda told me....LOL. The 1935 movie isn't the same story but it is still based on the demented ideas of Edgar Allen Poe.

At any rate, I eventually secured the 1963 movie and the print is excellent. "Once upon a midnight dreary...." NO ONE could recite that like Vinnie.

Random thought. Remember the "snow" on the old analogue televisions? Fall asleep watching television, station would close, transmission cease and then your set would be inundated with electronic and electromagnetic noise.

I don't know how many times I woke up to the "blizzard". Nasty. Ultimately a stark alarm to tell you to get up and go to bed but could induce some weird dreams before you did wake up.
Tall In The Saddle said on 7/Mar/20
True. While there is film and pics of a younger Price before working with bigger stars, there isn't anyone of reasonably known height as at that time to compare him against.

Anyway, ELLERY QUEEN 1976 Click Here
At 65 yo Price still standing tall but based on averages, some height loss assumed. Go to 3.00 and 3.25 and 3.50 to compare against 42 yo Jim Hutton. Perhaps about 1" to 1.5" adv. to slouchy Hutton? If we allow a height decrease down to 6'3.5" for Price, that would put Hutton in the range of 6'4.5" to 6'5". If we further pushed Price down to 6'3", that would put Hutton in the 6'4 to 6'4.5" range.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Mar/20
Not much out there of Price as a young man to really gauge peak height
Tall In The Saddle said on 2/Mar/19
Sandy - I always liked Vincent Price but the more I redress his work and how he progressed himself I like him more and more. Talk about one of a kind - they definitely broke the mould when they made him. He moved with the times without cheapening himself or changing the appealing essence of his true character and refinements - all the way up to narrating Thriller and starring in Edward Scissor Hands - he was always the one and only Vincent Price - he was always relevant, never forgotten - as he moved through time he was often called upon to star alongside the current celebs of the day be it the Brady Bunch, Michael Jackson, Tim Burton/Johnny Depp etc. - I can't think of any greater compliment one could receive.
Sandy Cowell said on 25/Feb/19
Vincent was 56/57 when he played the part of the Witchfinder General in Michael Reeves' film. The real Matthew Hopkins lived from 1620-1647, dying of an illness common to those times, so he'll have been a man of twentysomething! I haven't a clue how tall he was, but Vincent played him perfectly, regardless of the age discrepancy, if indeed there was one, and that seems highly likely for a person from the 17th Century!

Vincent gets 6ft4.
Tall In The Saddle said on 19/Feb/19
PS - re BB episode I linked featuring Namath. I got a chance to view a bit more of that - earlier in the clip there is better opp. to compare Namath and Reed (at 2.13 min) - Reed is clearly taller - however I would strongly question Namath's generally recorded height of 6'2" as he doesn't appear that tall. Possibly more in the realm of around 6'1" - I will add the Namath's posture is pretty bad but I am accounting for that in guessing him at 6'1" max.
Tall In The Saddle said on 19/Feb/19
@Canson - Re Don Drysdale - I agree - though listed at both 6'5' and 6'6" I also think more like a solid 6'5" - he did other television work including the RIFLEMAN with 6'5.5" Chuck Connors - I've only seen still shots from the episode and informal pic of the two together - they aren't perfect for comparison but Connors appears obviously taller - so no way Drysdale was 6'6" but 6'5" seems fair based on what I've seen.

Link - Click Here (just scroll down the page a bit)

Addendum - Lol - I made the effort to find the RIFLEMAN episode in question - I skimmed over it - if you go to 12.18 min you will get a reasonable opportunity to compare Connors with Drysdale - again angles not perfect but at least imo the vision supports about .5" advantage to Connors - so 6'5.5" to Connors and 6'5" to Drysdale. So now if you refer back to the Reed Drysdale comparison and see more than 2" difference then you would have Reed at 6'3".

Link - Click Here
Canson said on 18/Feb/19
@Tall in the Saddle: if he’s listed 6’6 and 6’5 there is a better chance that he’s 6’5 range as opposed to 6’6 If not a solid 6’5
Tall In The Saddle said on 18/Feb/19
@Rising - I posted a link to another B-Bunch episode featuring 6'2" listed Joe Namath as compared to Robert Reed - that post is yet to appear

In the above post I mentioned that there was another NFL who guested on the show - I was wrong - I remembered the name Don Drysdale (again, scary I remembered that isolated piece of info) - I looked him up and he was a ball player.

Anyway Drysdale is variously listed as being either 6'5" or 6'6" - in the clip linked he appears with Reed from about 1:20 and there are several opportunities to compare the two - Drysdale is quite a bit taller - perhaps not quite a full 3" taller - different angles bring Reed that bit closer in height - hard to say. Any, at least this an earlier episode when Reed's hair was straight and flat - some years prior to he and the boys getting the family perm package deal at the local hairdresser.

Link - Click Here
Tall In The Saddle said on 17/Feb/19
@Rising - as it turns out, whilst reading your post I also remembered the BB episode (yes, I know it's sad - lol) in which Joe Namath guested. Now it seems that Namath is generally credited to be 6'2" - I haven't seen enough of the guy to agree or disagree with that.

Again, Reed has the perm advantage (or disadvantage in terms of aesthetics) - but I see maybe .5" to 1" edge over Namath but the angle isn't great and Namath stoops as he moves in to shake hands - I think there was another well known NFL player who appeared during the series - can't think of his name at the moment - but pretty sure he stood close enough to the Brady patriarch for a reasonable comparison.

This is the clip with Namath - watch at about 4:28. Click Here
Rising174cm said on 14/Feb/19
@ Tall In The Saddle: Yeah, for me the angle at the end of that last video is still unclear, but taken together and factoring in posture as best as I can, I'd at least say Price and McMahon were extremely close in height by that point. Good observation about Price's posture later in his career playing eccentrics. Perhaps the best example was Comedy of Terrors where Vincent has to slouch even more than normal to fit in frame with Peter Lorre. I hope he didn't hurt his back hunching like that for an entire film with Lorre. I've noticed this too about McMahon who maintained excellent posture through his entire time on the Tonight Show. Thanks for posting that Brady Bunch clip since that's the first time I've seen it since I was a kid. Since it's been so long, I do have to wonder if Robert Reed was really 6'3" since my memory of Robert was that he was clearly a tall man easily over 6', but I don't recall more specifically how tall he generally looked and those perms and 70's fashion don't make judging height any easier! I know Barry Williams said he was, but Barry said this while claiming he was "just shy of 6'" himself even though Rob has him listed at only 5'10". Incidentally, Barry would have been 17 then or even 18 by the time the episode aired so he was probably close to, if not his full adult height and you can see around the 40 second mark or again around 2:31 that even hunched Vincent can look 4", possibly even 5" taller at times. As for Reed, Price looks to be a good inch taller at times even while hunched the entire time and like Barry, Robert was standing straight. So even if Reed was only in the 6'1"-6'2" range, Vincent was roughly an inch taller while giving away what had to be another inch in posture. I actually still see more than half an inch between them the entire time factoring in Reed's perm advantage. I think 6'4" flat is good for Vincent, but I'd have to go back and watch his early films closely to see how likely I'd say a hair over that is.
Tall In The Saddle said on 3/Feb/19
@Rising - interesting stream of clips in chronological sequence - thanks. I agree posture and angles can be deceiving. I also agree that in the earlier clips Price does not appear taller than McMahon but he isn't standing straight as McMahon either as you already noted.

The last and later clip at the very end did it for me though. You're right, Price isn't "looking up" to McMahon at all. Price is actually standing pretty straight and, at least in my eyes, he has the edge on McMahon - which then leads to me believe that posture/angles were somewhat deceiving in the earlier clips

We know McMahon always stood perfectly straight - as a younger man so too did Price - in line with his earlier straight down the line characters. As Price became older and let more of the eccentric come out of him in varying roles a perfectly straight posture wasn't so much part of the persona anymore - he became a bit more loose in posture.

Lol - I remember the Brady Bunch episode in Hawaii 1972. 61 yo Price is slouching big time but I think you can see that he is still clearly taller than 6'3" Robert Reed.

Watch from the 3:36 mark - at the start unseen uneven ground may possibly give Price some advantage but he does walk past Reed and imo still appears to hold the much of same advantage - at least good .5" over Reed and THAT PERM (LOL) - and I wouldn't rule out close enough to 1 inch advantage. Maybe Price was 6'3.5" by that stage or maybe a bit taller but likely a bit less than peak - AND I wouldn't discount peak being a touch over 6'4" anyway.

Link - Click Here
Rising - 174 cm said on 30/Jan/19
Looking at his Tonight Show appearances, Vincent was probably closer to 6'3" than 6'4" by the early to mid 70's.

1973: Click Here Doesn't look any taller than 6'3.25" listed Ed McMahon there. In fact, McMahon looks to have the edge if anything, but he may have a bit of a camera advantage over Vincent
1974: Click Here You see Vincent with 5'10.5" listed Johnny Carson from the timestamp until about 13:25 and I'm not sure I'd guess anything over 6'3" there, though some of this may be posture and I suspect the camera may have intended to minimize the height difference. Still, I can see a 4.5" or so difference more in the last minute or so of that section.
1975: Click Here Again, Vincent is standing next to Carson until around 17:12 and this time I struggle to see more than maybe 4" between them. Vincent does look shorter than McMahon when they greet around 40 seconds, but he's clearly slouching there and he doesn't seem like he has to look up at all to talk to McMahon at the very end around the 20 minute mark and you can also see much more of a difference between Vincent and Carson at that same time.

Granted, Vincent was 64 by that last appearance so none of this means he wasn't 6'4" peak, but I guess I answered my own question about whether Vincent was still that or close by his later classic films. I do agree that Vincent only looked about an inch shorter than Christopher Lee even in the wide shot in that 1974 clip though so if Lee was 6'4.5", then Vincent could have still been 6'3.5" during this time.
Tall In The Saddle said on 6/Nov/18

Your reply was fine. The point you made was relevant, fair and understood and it certainly gave me cause to re-watch the clip. I just thought I would clarify myself better as to how I see it - presented only as it should be - an opinion -certainly not as irrefutable evidence.

For me Price is one of those celebs whose height I have most confidence in - as a rock solid 6'4" guy - who I can use to better judge the height of other celebs appearing alongside of him - but as you say - he may well have been a touch over 6'4" so perhaps some further allowances might have to be made.

Just curious as to what height you afford Heston? Thanks.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 5/Nov/18
@Tall In The Saddle

I see. I shouldn’t have not replied like that. I see your point. Maybe Vincent Price was a hair over 6’4” like I believed before.
Tall In The Saddle said on 3/Nov/18

I disagree.

I already covered off on the potential of alternate camera angle advantage first for Price, then Heston. I will say more accurately that in the first instance while the angle may lend itself to some measure of illusion in favour of Price the camera isn't directly behind Price as it is in the second instance for Heston - potentially greater illusory advantage for Heston in the second shot - and the top of Heston's ears still appear that much lower than Price's. When the camera is directly behind Heston -with naturally automatic mental account for the angle - Heston still looks that much shorter in my book - by a good 1.5".
Dream(5'9.5") said on 2/Nov/18
@Tall In The Saddle

Vincent Price has the camera advantage at that moment. When Charles has the camera advantage, he doesn't look much shorter.
Tall In The Saddle said on 1/Nov/18
Link - Click Here

Go to 51:23 when Price faces off with Heston. IMO Price presents as an easy 6'4" relative to Heston's 6'2.5" (as per this site's listing). Some have Heston a bit taller than listed but I think 6'2.5" is fair call and I see Price as easily 1.5" taller - arguably even a tad taller than that. The old tv telecasts could distort perceptions depending on who was in the foreground and who was in the background - the beauty of this clip is that we are treated to views from both behind Price and then behind Heston and Price's advantage looks the same however you slice it.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 25/Oct/18
Rob, could I make a case for 6’4 1/8th” for a young Vincent Price, or would you say 6’ 3 7/8ths” is more suitable?
Editor Rob
It’s too hard to tell...with say somebody like goldblum, he looked a bigger 6ft 4. I don’t know if Vincent would be in the same range
Rising - 174 cm said on 21/Oct/18
They minimize the difference between Price and Cushing in close ups, but a 62 year old Price towered over everyone in Madhouse(1974) and this includes Cushing in wider shots as well as Robert Quarry, who gets described as tall himself, but didn't look it next to Price. The only person he didn't look so towering with was 5'10"-5'11" Michael Parkinson and that could have been the angle, much like the earlier close ups with Cushing. Still a very tall man past 60 and you can see how he towers the Scotland Yard inspectors and the rest of the cast. Had to be 6'3"+ for sure even then, imo.
Sandy Cowell said on 7/Oct/18
@ Dream 5ft9.5 - I wouldn't have questioned his being 6ft5, especially when he was all dressed up as Matthew Hopkins, the 17th century Witchfinder General, whom he played with such aplomb in the 1968 film!

Christopher Lee might have had something to say though, as he was a little taller, but all those guys got on so well, I doubt if they'd have quibbled over something so trivial!

Today, the great Vincent Price can have 6ft4.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 4/Oct/18
Back in the day, this guy could ‘easily’ get away with claiming 6’5” and no one would question him.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 9/Aug/18
Actually, he can look a solid 6'4".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Aug/18
Solid 6ft4 peak
Dream(5'9.5") said on 6/Aug/18
I agree with viper. Price looks a classic 6'4" guy. Not a strong nor solid 6'4". However, Price is a classic 6'4" enough to claim it, look it, and measure it.
Canson said on 21/Jul/18
@Viper: yea no less than 6’3.75 and he could look a full 6’4”
viper said on 19/Jul/18
A real 6-4 unlike Shawne Merriman
Sandy Cowell said on 19/Jul/18
@ Tall In The Saddle - I reckon Christopher Lee's peak was 6ft5 and Vincent Price an inch less at 6ft4, so yes, that's a 1" difference. I have never had such a good opportunity to compare the two as with this 'This is your Life' episode, and I must admit that you could see Peter Cushing was pretty tall too, but had shrunk noticeably when he was on his own one, with Aspel doing the compering.
Tall In The Saddle said on 19/Jul/18
@Sandy - my pleasure. How tall do you have Christopher Lee pegged? I can see up to 1" advantage over Price who might've lost a bit from his peak height which might've been a bit over 6'4". As such in my eyes that would make the Count a safe 6'5".
Sandy Cowell said on 19/Jul/18
@ Tall In The Saddle - I will definitely be seeing it again! It has so many great actors on it, including Peter Cushing, Trevor Howard and Oliver Reed. I 'shared' it with my boyfriend even, via a text. As all the stars arrived, I kept saying "Ah!"

I think it was a very thoughtful idea of yours to send it in and share it with us.

Sandy Cowell said on 19/Jul/18
😛 Correction Time! 😛

That should have read 'THE Peter Cushing one.'
Sandy Cowell said on 18/Jul/18
@ Tall In The Saddle - Thanks for that! I really enjoyed both the Christopher Lee 'This is your Life' and they Peter Cushing one. What a fantastic watch, and isn't it lovely how Vincent Price flew 8,000 miles to see Christopher Lee on his big day?

Of all those famous actors, Vincent was the only one who was on par height-wise with Mr Lee!

VP gets 6ft4 tonight.
Tall In The Saddle said on 18/Jul/18
I referenced this video previously but for some reason didn't link same.

Figured you guys would like seeing Christopher Lee featured on THIS IS YOUR LIFE 1974.

Click Here

The kicker is Vincent Price makes an appearance at the 23.38 mark - the look on Lee's face is priceless (apologies for that all round). I think Lee would be about 52 yo Price 63 yo. Talk about poster boys for excellent posture and it's excellent vision to compare the two in height. Question here is - what diff. in height do you see here? Based on the initial long shot I would give Lee 1" over Price who I believe was a solid 6'4" at peak, perhaps even a bit more. Closer up Price seems to gain a bit back but I'll remain with a 1" adv. for the Count.
Rabindra sankar sen roy said on 15/Jun/18
He is solid 6'4"/193cm tall in tower of London with 6'3" Sir Basil Rathbone,KBE,MC.
Tall Sam said on 29/Mar/18
At mid-day usually 194-195 cm, but shorter people overestimate a lot so I get guessed at 6'6" or even 6'7" at times (when your tall, strangers feel free to walk up to you and talk about height). I'm sure my slender build makes me look taller than I am, but I have a brother that's actually in the 6'6"-6'7" range. Philadelphia is my hometown. And you, Sandy?
viper said on 28/Mar/18
Where do you get the horror channel
Editor Rob
It's in the UK
Sandy Cowell said on 28/Mar/18
@ Tall Sam - Where are you from, Sam, and how tall are you exactly?

Have a great day! 👍😊
Sandy Cowell said on 26/Mar/18
💥 The name of the Witchfinder General was Matthew Hopkins. 💥
Sandy Cowell said on 26/Mar/18
Enthusiasts of the 'Horror Channel' were treated to two instances of observing the great Vincent Price yesterday! Firstly, we had 'The Masque of the Red Death' and then some eight hours later came 'The Witchfinder General', a film Banned for years in this country (England), because of its graphic burning and relentless torture scenes. You see it today, mind you, and think, "What was all the fuss about? Those who Banned it should see what passes for 'horror' today!"

Oh well, in the latter film, from 1968, and directed by one Michael Reeves, Vincent plays the historical figure* appointment by Parliament, and paid handsomely in silver coinage, for rounding up people suspected of all 'crimes' to do with witchcraft, the year being 1645 or 1646 (sorry my mind doesn't serve me better, but it was late! Anyway, it was bang in the middle of the English Civil War, and all you budding historians out there will know how that faired, with Charles I being made headless on the 30th January, 1649, the poor bugger, for treason against the people!)

Well, apart from getting extremely rich for finding and torturing into admissions of 'guilt', the poor unfortunates accused of witchcraft, and believing he was doing God's work, you get the impression that no job like that would EVER go to a small man. I noticed Vincent did look very tall, though 6ft4 is debatable. He was on a horse for much of the film, but this was not the case at all for his part in 'The Masque of the Red Death'!

He was totally the contrary in this, standing taller than anyone else I observed. I questioned the height of actress Jane Asher because she looked truly tiny next to him at times, especially at the opening of the film, though later she somehow looked taller, when one is led to believe that his character of 'Prince Prospero' has designs on her, be they honourable or otherwise!

My conclusions are that Vincent could have been a little shorter than the 6ft4 he is known for. The Masque-based film is from 1964, and Vincent will have been at an age where a small amount of height loss will have been distinctly possible.

I read with interest the comments from Littlesue and Edward Kohl, which bring Price's height into question. I don't think he was just an inch shorter than Christopher Lee, so based on what I saw yesterday and taking into account those comments, I shall opt for 6ft3.75!
littlesue said on 26/Oct/17
Edward C Kohl said on 24/Oct/17
I stood next to him in person once. No way he was 6'4. Just publicity hype

How old was he? could have had shrinkage if he was in old age
Edward C Kohl said on 24/Oct/17
I stood next to him in person once. No way he was 6'4. Just publicity hype.
Canson said on 23/Oct/17
Looks about adequate for a solid 6’4”. Doubt any higher tho. Think rob has pegged
Mark(5'9.5") said on 9/Aug/17
I would give Vincent Price the 6'4.25"
even said on 22/Jul/17
this man was 100 percent a legitimate 6 foot 4 out of bed .
Mark(5'9.5") said on 19/Jul/17

Daniel would be taller than Vincent Price by nearly an inch. Daniel would edge out Christopher Lee but it's no more than 0.4 inch.

John Cleese would certainly not be shorter than Daniel.
Jordan87 said on 14/Jul/17

I'd Agree with those Figures. All those are considered lead actors.

Just out of Curiosity, How many of the 3 previous actors you mentioned would be as Tall as Daniel Naprous in your opinion? ( Guys who shared the Darth Vader role with Spencering Wilding in Rogue One)

Daniel is listed at 6'4" by the Horse Riding clubs he has Participated in but is actually around 6'5 With Rob( See his picture), Maybe a fraction less duo to Rob Hunching his neck.

Click Here
Mark(5'9.5") said on 13/Jul/17
@Jordan87 James Cromwell would be taller than a Peak Christopher Lee.

Like I said, Vince Vaughn had a footwear disadvantage with Strahan and he was tilting down while Strahan was tilting up.

Back on topic, i would peg the following:

Vincent Price: 6'4.25"
Christopher Lee: 6'4.75"
John Cleese: 6'5.25"
Jordan87 said on 12/Jul/17
Mark( 5'9.25

John Cleese is huge he made Jim Carry Look short so yes. Modern guys like James Cromwell would be taller than Lee. Then again Cromwell is not considered a " Lead Actor".

Strahan and Brady should be roughly equal height based on their combine heights. Not sure why Vaughn Looks 6'5 With Brady and 6'4.25" With Strahan. Thats Odd and doesn't make much sense. Also makes me question combine measurements a bit .
Mark(5'9.5 said on 11/Jul/17
Again, the only person 'back then' who would measure taller than a Peak Christopher Lee is a Peak John Cleese.
Mark(5'9.5 said on 11/Jul/17
And that would put 6'4.24" Michael Strahan at 6'5.5". (Strahan did have a footwear advantage).

Click Here
Jordan87 said on 11/Jul/17

Vaughn was a very very solid Inch Taller than Tom Brady who was NFL COmbine measured at 6'4 and some Change.

Click Here

Vaughn would not be Shorter than Lee, if anything slightly taller. This of Course is rare. Not sure Lee faced to many people taller than him in Show Business.
Mark(5'9.5") said on 10/Jul/17
Goldblum would be edged out by Lee. Vince Vaughn, I'm not sure with him since he has looked shorter than 6'5". The only person, back then, who would be taller than a peak Christopher Lee is a peak John Cleese.
Jordan87 said on 6/Jul/17

Lee was taller than most anybody back then, now too. The Modern day actors are shorter except for the guys playing thugs and enforcers in films. Main Actors or lead actors whatever they are called seem shorter nowadays for some unknown reason. Price was a legit 6'4, But yeah Lee would look down at him a bit.

Modern day Actors, Goldblum, Vince Vaughn may be around Sir Lee's Height. James Cromwell , John Corbet and Kevin Durand would be taller than Lee. The Rock would be shorter.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jun/17
193/194cm peak.
Mark(5'9.25 said on 1/May/17
Price isn't under 6'4" at all. However, Peak Christopher Lee would be taller than Peak Vincent Price.
Tall In The Saddle said on 30/Mar/17
@Sandy - not a problem. I grew up on Hammer Horrors (ironically, though Lee and Cushing were main stays, Price wasn't in them but he was in several British made horrors otherwise) so I'm into the Horror genre. The featured Hammer Horror femme fatales didn't hurt either (e.g. Ingrid Pitt). I've read a few Poe stories and of course Price starred in several movie versions of same - possibly the Pit and the Pendulum being the best. I assume you've seen the Raven. What a hoot (excuse the incongruent pun)! Talk about a gathering of macabre GREATS - Price, Karloff and Lorre and a fledgling GREAT in Jack Nicholson. Great flick and they clearly had fun making it - Lorre is particularly funny as the thirsty "Raven" - the only real connection to Poe's story is Price's reading of the poem in the movie and Lorre appearing as the Raven. The height pull between Price and Lorre is funny in itself.

I will say that it's notable that, for some reason, publicity stills of Price, Cushing and Lee always seem to depict Lee as notably taller than Price - not sure why and it clearly wasn't the case in real life.
Nik said on 27/Mar/17

How tall are you please?!
Sandy Cowell said on 27/Mar/17
@ Tall In The Saddle - Hello! I wasn't aware at all that Vincent Price had appeared together with Christopher Lee back in 1974 on Lee's 'This Is Your Life'! What a terrific opportunity that will be to compare the two of them, not to mention see who else featured in the programme! I will definitely be checking it out with great relish and enthusiasm because, as you have clearly read, I am very much a fan!
How kind of you to tell me about it! You must also be a fan from what you say and know of this great man! He was also a devoted food connoisseur; he had so many strings to his bow and you're right in saying that he was unique, educated, beautifully mannered and in a class all his own, as were Lee and Peter Cushing, I feel!
Thank you once again! 👍
Tall In The Saddle said on 27/Mar/17
Sandy - you may already be aware but Vincent Price featured as a guest on a This Is Your Life episode devoted to Christopher Lee. It was telecast in 1974, making Lee about 52 yo and Price 63 yo. It's on You Tube. Some might argue based on age alone that Price might've lost a bit of height by that stage. That contention aside, they stand perfectly close together, both the exemplification of excellent posture. IMO, there is but a 1" difference max. in Lee's favor. So close that if one straightened that little bit more or the other collapse their body ever so slightly you might see them as being equal in height.

I've always held Price to be the ultimate yardstick for 6'4". Lee I would give between 6'4 1/2 to 6'5". IMO, Price was ALL class with ZERO pretension, that lack of pretension made the man that much more compelling and versatile. That lack of pretension lent itself to Price to trying all manner of roles for better or worse, mostly for better and not just better but also great.

Even Prices truly offbeat roles as Egghead in Batman and his in comic turn in the Brady Bunch Hawaii episode to name two were thoroughly enjoyable - the guy was absolutely unique. He could move with the times (see Edward Scissor Hands, the album Thriller etc.) without sacrificing the old school class, manners and educated background that characterized him.
Sandy Cowell said on 26/Mar/17
@ Sam - Thank you so much for going to so much trouble!
Sam said on 20/Mar/17
You might find this page interesting Sandy which addresses their films together or with Cushing (far more films with just Cushing and Lee).
Click Here
Sandy Cowell said on 17/Mar/17
@ Sam - I found one! It's called 'The Oblong Box' and it was their first appearance together.
All three of them appeared in 'The House of the Long Shadows'!
Did you know that Vincent Price and Christopher Lee had the same birthday? It was 27th June, 1911 for Vincent and 1922 in Christopher's case!
Peter Cushing had almost the same birthday. His was 26th June 1913. What a fabulous coincidence!
The first I heard of this, the information was given inaccurately. It was on a radio quiz and they wrongly stated that their birthdays were all the same. They got the date wrong as well. They were out by 3-4 days.
I was only 14 but I still remember it!
Sandy Cowell said on 17/Mar/17
# Sam - Hi Sam! I would be ever so pleased if you could give me an example of a film which contains both Vincent Price and Christopher Lee. I would love to see them standing together for myself! I think Christopher was noticeably taller than Vincent, but only by up to an inch, though that still noticed! Even better would be a film containing Peter Cushing as well, and that would be for sentimental reasons. I am fond of all three of them - love them, in fact!
Sam said on 16/Mar/17
Possibly Price was a strong 6'4", like 6'4.25" range, at his absolute peak but I don't think he was quite 6'4.5". I think he was just a bit older and never looked less than 0.5 inches under Christopher Lee from what I've seen.
mister_lennon said on 15/Mar/17
193-194 peak.
Victor Surratt said on 14/Mar/17
I think he is more 6'3.5 than 6'4
Unsub 5'10 said on 13/Mar/17
I see a two-inch height difference between them, Price was 58 in 1969, it's obvious he'd already lost a bit of height by that time. He also had a stoop. Price was most likely 6'4.5 at his peak and 6'4 in that movie.
Arch Stanton said on 12/Mar/17
Click Here Check out 42:57, with 6'6 Clint Walker, only time I've seen Price look more like 6'3.5!
Mark(5'9.25 said on 25/Feb/17
That might be other users. I personally think Price was a legit 6'4". Christian, what would you think Vincent Price was at in peak?
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 18/Feb/17
A lot of users are saying that Price was a legit solid 6ft4, but the Average Guess is 6ft3.86
Unsub 5'10 said on 18/Feb/17
Vincent Price 1.94m (6'4.5"), Christopher Lee 1.95m( 6'4.75")
Mark(5'9.25 said on 15/Feb/17
Rob, I checked again and Vincent did lose at least one inch since he was over one inch shorter than Christopher Lee in the later years.

However, I looked at Vincent's early movies like Shock (1946). I have to say, Price did look nearly 6'5" and I would have guessed him that height if I was going by an audience guess. However, He did lose a bit height. Someone like Christopher Lee was still taller than Price which would still put Lee at 6'4.75".

You might be right about Randy Orton being a bit taller than Price, but I think Price was still a legit 6'4" person.
Mark(5'9.25") said on 13/Jan/17
If there was Section of legit 6'4" people in a dictionary, Vincent would have been one example of a legit 6'4".
Mark(5'9.25 said on 12/Jan/17
Rob, so you're thinking that there is a distinct possibility that Orton would have won 6'4" showdown slightly more so than Vincent Price? While I do respect your opinion rob and that I can see where you're going, I'd still say that they both hold 6'4" for most of the day. I was just thinking back at their prime.
Editor Rob
yes, it may be possible but I'd need to look at Price in his 30's again.
Mark(5'9.25 said on 11/Jan/17
Rob, this is a tough question but who do you think would win the 6'4" measurement showdown, Randy Orton or Vincent Price? It's a toss up for me. Even if one edged out the other, it would be too difficult to notice.
Editor Rob
they are close, I think I'm maybe used to Vincent in his more later films, when he maybe wasn't quite a 6ft 4 guy...
Mark(5'9.25 said on 8/Jan/17
Easily 6'4".
Sandy Cowell said on 7/Jan/17
I have just been listening to Vincent Price on Alice Cooper's 'Welcome to my Nightmare'!
The great horror actor adds at the end "Bedrooms are only a temporary sanctuary for nightmares...!"
Creepy OR WHAT?
Sandy Cowell said on 30/Dec/16
@ Rob! Argh! My auto-correct seems to have been playing up again! That was meant to read 'It IS called!'
Sorry about that!
I have a standing joke with my Dad that any mistakes I make are down to my auto-correct! He liked the idea so much that he adopted it for himself!
Sandy Cowell said on 30/Dec/16
Yes, 100% correct! He certainly was a fine figure of a man, with an incredible speaking voice!
I really liked the fact that he lent this wonderful voice to musical stars to create the desired atmosphere for their recordings. Michael Jackson, Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden were the ones that I know of! (I used to drink in the same pub as Iron Maiden's singer Bruce Dickinson - the 'Green Gate', Bethnal Green, and I had to take 3 trains in order to get there!)
Tomorrow, or perhaps even today, I will be receiving the Alice Cooper CD with Vincent's participation and I am very excited to hear the track again! It I'd called 'Black Widow' and it's spine- chillingly creepy, so much so that when I first heard it, my hair follicles were standing on end!
Mark(5'9.25" said on 16/Dec/16
Vincent Price 6'3"?! 190.5 cm is 6'3", but 191 is a round up. Vincent hasn't look that short. he's close to Christopher Lee in height though he was edge out by him. Christopher Lee could easily be a bit over the 6'5" at times.

That's saying something.
Arch Stanton said on 6/Sep/16
Editor Rob: why are you using a site about net worth as a reference for a 'correct' height...

actually that page had "6 ft 3 in (1.93 m)", so you are calling a site that can't even give people a correct imperial and metric value a 'useful tool'.

I'd call it a useless tool in that respect.

LMAO, case closed ;-)
Arch Stanton said on 6/Sep/16
With sawn off feet maybe James, yes, Price was about as good an example of 6'4 as you can get.
Tom said on 4/Sep/16
Price was a solid 6-4. He was visibly taller than Charlton Heston in The Ten Commandments.
James said on 4/Sep/16
Price was 6'3".
Underdunker said on 23/Apr/16
Wrong. has him listed as only 6'3'', close though. To be safe, I am NOT endorsing that website, I just find it to be a useful tool in learning about celebrities.
Editor Rob
why are you using a site about net worth as a reference for a 'correct' height...

actually that page had "6 ft 3 in (1.93 m)", so you are calling a site that can't even give people a correct imperial and metric value a 'useful tool'.

I'd call it a useless tool in that respect.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Apr/16
Strong 6ft4 guy peak, possibly...
movieguy said on 21/Dec/15
There's a really good documentary about Amicus available. One of the production team who worked with Price recalls trying on one of the jackets Vincent wore during filming. This guy says he was 6ft and 15stone at the time but the jacket dwarfed him. He states Price was a very big man at least 6'4'' possibly more.
Sam said on 5/Nov/15
Yeah, looking a solid 6'4" there with Gregory Peck.
Unsub 5'10" said on 22/Jul/15
Looked 6'4.25" next to Christopher Lee without any doubt, 1.93-94 I.M.O.
Very tall and charismatic, I love this guy and his elegant accent.Probably 1.94m peak height.
Gonzalo said on 18/Jun/15
Lee and Price looked eye to eye.
Not the best pic to judge but Price looks more tan an inch taller tan Gregory Peck
Click Here
Frank2 aka knowitall probably aka Steve said Price look two inches taller tan Peck in The keys of the kingdom. I haven´t seen the film so I can´t judge.
Edgar_Hernández said on 2/Jun/15
Click Here
this is a very good video were you can see clearly: vincent price along with tall Christopher lee (lee has very high shoulder were vince have sagging ones).
garik said on 13/Jan/15
I was a bartender in LA early eighties Drama Critics Awards when he stood and ordered a drink across the bar, he looked 7 ft. tall
Gonzalo said on 26/Nov/14
Taller than George Sanders who was in the 1`90 area. Price was a legit 1´93 man
Sam said on 21/Nov/14
Yeah, he could seem huge in early movies like Laura. Goes to show how a proper 6'4" looks relative to average-sized people or somewhat under-average sized people by today's standards. Certainly not over the mark as the rare guy over 6'4" such as Christopher Lee or whoever played the Red Death in Masque of the Red Death edged him out.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Nov/14
He could give 6ft5 impression at times. 6ft4 was gigantic in those days...held in the same regard as 6ft7 today
Arch Stanton said on 12/Nov/14
He looks 6'5 in The Song of Bernadette if anything! About as great an example of a proper 6 ft 4 as you can get from that period!
KROC said on 24/Jul/14
Avi c'mon, stop downgrading. Price was an easy 6'4 in his prime.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Jul/14
Rob can you add The Pit and the Pendulum, House of Wax, House of Usher, The Comedy of Terrors, House on Haunted Hill and Laura? For me his roles in the House films were the ones he is most associated with.
avi said on 3/Feb/14
I think he was 6'3 area peak perhaps 6'3.5 definitely 6'3 flat or under by end of his life.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jan/14
Rob, is it possible that he may have lost a bit of height by the time Edward Scissorhands came out?
Editor Rob
I would expect he could have lost at least an inch and maybe even 2 by his final years.
Arch Stanton said on 1/Oct/13
I suppose a general book about height in Hollywood like "A Head for Heights: A History of Hollywood, the devices they used to make female stars appear taller, tall stars look shorter, vain stars who wore lifts even when they were already tallish or media legends like Cruise and Stallone etc in some sort of chronological order would be a very interesting read. To compile as much about height in Hollywood into one book would really be a unique book. Of course a lot of it would be difficult to research and impossible to really know the truth but reporting legends and information in biographies etc would still be fun I think, just can't see it being a best seller!
Arch Stanton said on 1/Oct/13
Hey Rob I wonder if a book like "Hollywood in Lifts" would sell. Right from the Great Train Robbery days of 1903 Hollywood was full of egotists who in sheer vanity would loathe to look short on screen. I reckon there was quite a few stars even the silent era who wore stacked shoes and lifts. It would be fun writing such a book wouldn't it! But I reckon most of them went undocumented through the decades and some hid it well.
Editor Rob
I don't really have have the resources or time to consider a book at the minute, although the idea of it shouldn't be dismissed.
Arch Stanton said on 1/Oct/13
Yeah I doubt they'd give him anything extreme extra but they're definitely not innocent shoes if you know what I mean and I seriously doubt he'd have picked those shoes for fashion purposes but for little reason than to make him appear taller. He does "appear" 5'10"-5'11" next to Price but I think it more likely he was around 5'9" and simply wanted to appear tallish and might have been insecure at the prospect of looking tiny next to Vincent Price. I've seen quite a few of his films like The Westerner with Gary Cooper and the Best Years of Our Lives but never noticed his footwear until now.
Arch Stanton said on 29/Sep/13
Rob pause at 56:42. Click Here Dana Andrews is sitting down in the chair revealing his footwear which look rather sus don't you think? Look at the height at the back of the shoe!!
Editor Rob
on seeing the shoe and angle I would say they might be giving him an inch extra height.
Arch Stanton said on 29/Sep/13
Rob Dana Andrews is listed at 5'10 and did looks nearer it next to Vincent Price but have you ever seen any of films and suspected him of being a lift wearer? His shoes looked built up in Laura and I'm not sure he was really 5'10". Even with his footwear Vincent Price still looks easily 6 inches taller.
Editor Rob
I can't recall much of him, would need to keep an eye in the future for him and his shoes.
Arch Stanton said on 29/Sep/13
Looks easily 6 ft 4 in Laura, looks 6-7 inches taller than Dana Andrews (who I think was a lift wearer, an earlier scene you can see the backs of his shoes and they're very suspicious).
Sam said on 3/Sep/13
He was about 0.5-1 inch shorter than Christopher Lee...a true 6'4".
Viper said on 7/Aug/13
One of the few legit 6'4 listed actors
Arch Stanton said on 2/Jun/13
Two inches on Charlton Heston in the woman trapping scene in Ten Commandments. Although he didn't look 8 inches taller than Yul Brynner but they seemed to alter the camera angle in that film to make Bryner seem taller.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Jun/13
I love his voice so much!! You'd expect a voice more like Christopher Lee's but he almost has a lisp and sounds timid, one of the most recognizable voices in cinema.
Arch Stanton said on 22/May/13
I've seen some more of his films recently and he looks really big even next to actors who are tallish and around 6 ft themselves. An obvious genuine 6'4" in my opinion.
Arch Stanton said on 7/May/13
3 inches on 6'1" listed John Kerr in Pit and the Pendulum.
Arch Stanton said on 7/May/13
Yeah, genuine 6 ft 4 I think, you can tell by the body frame a man who is around 6 ft 4 rather than 2.
Brad said on 4/Apr/13
Full 6'4". Nothing more or less. Might have lost an inch in his final years though.
Trent said on 25/Nov/12
He appeared with an actor listed at 6'4.5 in a movie. I can't remember the name or the actor. Maybe someone else does. But anyway, he seemed just edged out by him, so 6'4 seems right about where he stood.
Paul Kenning said on 1/Sep/11
Wow,this is interesting.Vincent has such screen presence,I didn't even realise that he was that tall.Now that's talent.LOL.

I'ma big fan,RIP.
Mark W said on 31/May/11
Vincent Price was 6 foot 4 for sure... he is taller then Adam West in Batman... taller than Charlton Heston in the Ten Commandments...Slightly shorter than Alan Napier (6" 6') in the Song of Bernadette (Napier plays the psychiatrist)...funnily enough, Napier then appears in the sixties batman as Alfred where Vincent then shows up as Egg Head. There is less doubt about Price's height compared to other actors because he does look all of his 6" 4' in movies...
Zack Hull said on 10/Apr/11
Some people say in their opinions that Vincent Price was 6'6".
Zack Hull said on 2/Apr/11
Some people might say that Vincent Price was 6'5". I'll bet there were 6'5" actors or actors listed as 6'5" that palyed bad guys in movies before.
Sam said on 7/Feb/11
The actor who plays the Red Death in The Masque of the Red Death must be very tall since he appeared a bit taller than Price in the film.
Zack Hull said on 9/Jan/11
I'll bet Vincent Price was 6'2.5" before his death.
Zack Hull said on 29/Dec/10
I thought Vincent Price was 6'4" when I looked him up on the computer before. I'll bet there were 6'4" actors that played bad guys in movies before.
Sam said on 4/Mar/09
Looked just a shade shorter than the actor who played the Red Death in "The Masque of the Red Death". I suspect that the actor was really tall.
Jimbo said on 28/Jan/09
Vincent price was easily 193cm 6-4 he actually looks in some of his movies to be 6-5 195cm which is quite possible, or though never listed as this height.
adam said on 1/Sep/08
Peck was at least 6-3. Peck probably didn`t care about his height, so he just put 6-2 in some paper knowing that it would be tall but not too tall avoiding to get trouble.

In Haunted Palace Price looked at least 3 inches taller than Lon Chaney Jr who was a solid 6-2.

I could buy Price at 6-5, Peck at 6-3
Viper said on 31/Aug/08
Peck was probably 6-2. Hes been listed as that.
adam said on 31/Aug/08
He could have been more than 6-4. Frank2 said he was 2 inches taller than Gregory Peck! That would make him a solid 6-5. I think that`s possible.
JW said on 15/Aug/08
6'4" seems accurate for Vincent Price. When he was on Columbo he was about a foot taller than Peter Falk.
Anonymous said on 21/Jun/08
I met Mr Price in the early 60s at a showing of some of his art collection at the Palmer House in Chicago. He was happy to give me his autograph which I have to this day, he was very tall. I remember him as very friendly, I was about 11 years old and a huge horror fan.
M2 said on 27/May/08
I worked with Vincent Price once. His real voice was slightly different than his stage voice: lower, a shade raspier, and still bearing a tiny trace of his native Missouri -- not British at all. I think the film that reveals the closet to his real conversational voice is "The Tingler."
HarperLee55 said on 12/May/08
Mr. Price's voice in person was just as commanding & compelling as on film. He "hammed it up" a bit in his lecture at the appropriate moments when telling stories, lowering his voice to its distinctive sonorous depths. But even in conversation, his speech was measured, distinguished & mellifluous. When I met Stallone, I was in heels & so was he! Boots w/a big, stacked heel. I'd put him no more than 5'9" or so. And Springsteen about 5'8", maybe shorter. He also was wearing heeled boots. As was Bono, who could not have been more than 5'6", I swear. The whole band is very short!
Viper said on 6/May/08
Was his voice just as cool sounding in person? Also its interesting how you say Sly Stallone was "tiny" to you. Or even Springsteen for that metter.
HarperLee55 said on 5/May/08
I stood next to the charming & elegant Mr. Price at a reception after a university lecture in 1977, & believe me, he was every bit of 6'4". I am 5'9" barefoot, nearly 6' in the heels I was wearing, & he was several inches taller. We visited for quite some time, & I found him to be one of the wittiest, most gracious gentlemen I've ever met. I was very amused that he was wearing an impeccable navy suit, perfectly pressed Oxford shirt & traditonal rep tie, & navy blue deck shoes! Even w/the shoes, he was a towering figure. This was almost 20 yrs. before he passed away, & I'm sure he lost some height during those last yrs. of illness. I dearly loved Vincent Price & always will be so grateful I was able to tell him so in perso. (The only other celeb I've met who was just as tall as I expected them to be was Clint Eastwood. Everyone else (Stallone, Bono, Springsteen, etc.), tiny people!)
Anonymous said on 18/Oct/07
I noticed someone saying Vincent Price being below 6'2? I met him when I was a
kid in Florida. He was without a doubt 6'4. My buddy who was with me was 6'2 and Price was at least 2 inches taller.
Viper said on 19/Sep/07
I read a sighting of him in the 80s where the person said he had very straight posture. He might have been 6-4 1/4 exactly.
Anonymous said on 12/Sep/07
I met Vincent Price back in the 70's. He was in his 60's and hunched
over some but was a solid 6'4 easy.
Anonymous said on 7/Sep/07
Brilliant actor. Defintely about 6'4''. Was very friendly in real life by all accounts in contrast to the 'monsters' he often played. I think his casting was down to his height and saturnine good looks. He was quite handsome but in a slightly sinister way if that makes sense. For some reason he always struck me as rather 'English' in his looks and manner although he was of course an American actor and thankfully lacked the stiltedness of some English actors of that period.
Glenn said on 17/Nov/06
Price was in around 100 movies.most not Horror.Im a huge fan,but only know the Horror.
Alex said on 17/Nov/06
In the film MORE DEAD THAN ALIVE with Clint Walker , Vince Price looked slightly more than 2 inches shorter than 6'6" Walker. I would say 6'3.5" MAX.
Has anyone else seen the carnival western I am talking about?
Viper652 said on 16/Oct/06
I think he had the greatest voice ever. So amazing.
venus said on 10/Oct/06
One of the greatest actors that ever lived, very intimidating, he looks taller than 6'4, but if that is what he says I believe him.
Glenn said on 15/Sep/06
In my top 5 faves.sent him 8x10 photos to sign,he mailed them back.never met him.Swallow Drive was the address in I forget which part of California.
Stephen said on 14/Sep/06
I absolutely agree with you. He was a solid, legit 6'4". Great actor!
Viper652 said on 17/Aug/06
He looked all of 6-4 in everything.
Anthony said on 16/Aug/06
I finished watching "Laura" a few hours ago. Price was a definite 6'4 in his prime.
Mikex said on 28/Apr/06
He did a Western with the huge Clint Walker and although clearly shorter wasn't dwarfed. 6'4'' is probably right.
Ed C said on 29/Mar/06
I'm not sure how tall Red Skelton was but I would guess either 6'1" or 6'2". He definitely was tall however. Does anyone know his height. Anyhow when you see Vincent Price in at least two different Red Skelton shows (one in which he's in a boxing match and wearing sneakers for this match) he definitely is much taller than Red. No doubt he's the full 6'4" then.
Babyboomer said on 15/Mar/06
Frank2 & Anonymous: You are right, Sirs! :-)I saw Mr. Price up close & met Lon Chaney Jr. (real name: Creighton Tull Chaney) Mr. Chaney was not in good health when I met him, but was a very solid 6'2" tall. I'm 6'4" and about a 3rd over. He weighed about 235-240 then and was sort of "puffy". But in his prime he was a strapping specimen! I think The Man of A Thousands Faces was very cheritable to Lon Sr. A & E ran a biography of Lon Jr. and it seems his dad did not want him in pictures AT ALL! Who knows for sure about motives, but Lon Jr. was at least 5" taller than his father & better-looking when he was a young man. His father DID tell him he was "too tall" AND big to be in movies! Lon Chaney Jr. had a hard life and developed a drinking problem. But in the interview his grandchildren adored him. Watch his version of OF MICE AND MEN and you'll know what his potential was. As Lawrence Talbot in THE WOLFMAN he did the perfect portrayal of a decent, kind human being over-whelmed by circumstances outside his control. So, in a WAY, Lawrence Talbot WAS Lon Chaney Jr.
Anonymous said on 2/Mar/06
price and chaney appeared in a film called the haunted palace in the early 60s. chaney isnt that much smaller than price, so 6'4" and 6'2" respectively sounds about right. part of the reason chaney said he was only 6' could be that his father told him he was too tall to have a successful movie career.
Frank2 said on 2/Mar/06
Price was definitely six four and Lon was a solid six foot two. The funny thing is that Cheney always said he was just six feet as if he felt being that big was a hindrance. Unfortunatley poor Lon had a serious drinking problem which was the real hindrance to furthering his career.
CelebHeights Editor said on 9/Feb/06
Yes, here is the quote from daughter biography:
"Since I was well on my way to a gigantic six-foot-four, the food side of my cultural background was most appreciated, and I have never regretted my knowledge of how to eat well"
Anonymous said on 24/Jan/06
in the biography by his daughter, he is said to be 6'4" and 180lbs in the 40s. he was about 57 in 1968 so that sounds about right. chaney jnr is usually billed between 6'2" and 6'3"
Babyboomer said on 24/Jan/06
In 1968 Vincent Price was a judge at an Art show in Dallas, Texas. I went to the show as a guest of an old friend of mine. I am 6'4" and a tad over barefoot. I only stood about 5 feet from Mr. Price and I saw his shoes (wing tips). He was the same height as myself and certainly no less than 6'3.5". I would guess his weight at the time as about 195-205 pounds. He became MUCH thinner in his later years and seemed frail, so he may have lost a cm. or two. Believe it or not, they do quite a few movie premieres in Dallas and Austin Texas. I am a movie buff and have gotten into a few over the years. In 1969 I met the late Lon Chaney Jr. in Austin. He did not look well at the time, but was a very gracious man. I got his autograph (still have it). I don't see his height listed, but Mr. Chaney Jr. was a solid 6'2" then.
D said on 19/Jan/06
he looks really hunched over in edward scissorhands, but thats proberly because he was 80 and had health problems. when he was younger, he always looked 6'4" or at least well over 6', theres a few full body shots at the beginning of house of wax and hes a good deal taller than the guy in the scene with him
sam said on 19/Jan/06
His back was very bad towards the end (it formed a hump). Maybe he was never quite the 6'4" he was described as, but I definitely think this guy was quite tall when he was young.
Viper652 said on 19/Jan/06
Wow, are you serious badlnb??? Maybe he wore massive lifts in movies to have that 6-4 image?? He always looked like a solid 6-4 in everything Ive seen of him.
badlnb said on 18/Jan/06
I have personally observed Vincent Price and I can tell you he was not even 6 foot tall. Back in the mid-1980's I saw him give a speech at a local University. A friend of mine and I got there early and managed to get front row seats almost directly in front of the podium. He was standing less than seven feet way from me to my right. I could see his entire right side all the way down to his big platform shoes. It was very noticible to me that his shoes were at minimum 3" platform oxfords. My friend and I talked about his shoes and how slight in build he was.
When he finished his speech, the croud stood up and he walked directly in front of me less than 3 feet away. I stand 6'2" tall and even with the shoes he was wearing he was still shorter than I was.
Anonymous said on 27/Nov/05
he was a few inches taller than errol flynn in elizabeth and essex. 6'4" sounds about right
Viper652 said on 30/Oct/05
Only 6-3?? Vincent has always looked like strong, legit 6-4 to me.
Jason said on 29/Oct/05
I think this was in shoes and he was actually 6'3''. He looks more that to me.

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