How tall is Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson's Height

5ft 9 ½ (176.5 cm)

American actor best known for appearing in films like Natural Born Killers, White Men Can't Jump, Rampart, Wag the Dog, The Messenger, No Country for Old Men, The Hunger Games series and Zombieland. On tv he is well known for appearing on Cheers and True Detective. He put down 5ft 9 on one of his earlier driving licenses for his height.

How tall is Woody Harrelson
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How tall is Woody Harrelson
Woody and Owen Wilson
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Average Guess (89 Votes)
5ft 9.21in (175.8cm)
Canson said on 27/Nov/23
Def don’t Remember him in Star Wars
Canson said on 27/Nov/23
Funny that I remember him more for money train and especially WmCJ than I do cheers. Looks right. Had snipes by 2 cm maybe 1”
roberet said on 27/Nov/23
skip to 25 woody has one inch on david hyde pierce. who you claim is same height as woody . is woody wearing boots . Click Here
Editor Rob
Could look near 5ft 10 in the scene. How thick his boots were was something I'm not sure on...they did appear a bit chunky.
roberet said on 26/Nov/23
rob when i used the tape measure the top of my head touches the 73inches barefoot. But according to the doctors office iam 179cm barefoot
Editor Rob
I would try to measure a few times in your home against a solid wall with an object on your head. 1.5 inches difference from a Doctor's office to a home measurement is huge!
roberet said on 25/Nov/23
rob does woody have the physical features of someone who is 6 foot?. is it his long arms and legs
Editor Rob
I've never really been left with that impression from Woody...but then I've barely watched anything with him in it for a few years now!
Par said on 11/Apr/23
Click Here=

I don’t know how tall this lady is but wow, he does not look in the 5’9/10 range here, which is very surprising which is why I checked this website :)
viper said on 26/Feb/23
5-9 at most
Abdulrahman said on 22/Feb/23
Roger, the pirate said on 15/Nov/22
1.77 cm but appears to be well over 1.80 cm
Junior J said on 6/Jul/22
Looked 5’8.5 next to 5’5 Josh hutcherson
Go boy said on 19/Feb/22
Rob you claim John ratzenberger peak was 176.5 but woody edged John out by one inch in cheers either peak height was 177.8 or John peak was 174
Slim 6'1.75 said on 29/Sep/21
Add to marvel page as carnage

Cletus Cassidy
Ermann said on 6/Jun/21
Totally thought he would've cleared 5'10
viper said on 17/May/21
He was clearly an inch shorter than McConaughey throughout the whole true detective show.

He's 5-9 max. He needs to be downgraded to 5-9 1/4
Blanc (1.69 m) said on 14/May/21
Looks particularly shorter than McConaughey here Click Here, 5ft 9 max even though he's slouching
Aj06 said on 4/May/21
I in the movies he has never appeared that he has even in zombieand he appeared at his tallest point as tall as 5'10.

Thohg in zombieland 2 he appeared 5'9 I woudl say he is 5'9 1/2 or just in that range.
Walking Failure said on 26/Dec/20
Never seen over 176 in his life.
Nik said on 8/Oct/20
It's interesting that he claimed to be 5'9"!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/Jul/20
🎈🎂🎁🍻 Happy Birthday Woody! 🍻🎁🎂🎈

Wishing Woody Harrelson the happiest of Happy 59th Birthdays!

5ft9.5 😁👍

Animus said on 6/Jul/20
He can pull off looking taller than this standing on his own. He's got very good proportions for appearing tall.
2pacalypse wow said on 24/Mar/20
@Try This Out, he's at least 2 inches 2 taller than Jesse Eisenberg whom we know is at least 5'7". So that makes him at least 5'9" 175-176 cm which is hardly "tiny" very average. I doubt you saw him if you you're calling him "tiny".
Try This Out said on 10/Feb/20
This guy is way, I mean waaaaay under 5'9". I was at a charity event with him and a bunch of other celebs. He is tiny. I could have picked him up and threw him over my shoulder like a 6th grader. I didn't think to check his shoes at the event but it didn't matter he is just a little guy.

Why are so many people so confident on these boards? You can't judge any of these actors heights because you saw them in a movie. You need to have them in a regular picture beside someone who you absolutely know their height and see both of their footware. That said, since it seems lying about your height is the norm it is pretty rare to know anyone's height as a reference point.
viper said on 26/Oct/19
JD 5'9" said on 7/May/19
Think we might be starting to get into peak height territory. Probably closer to 5'9" flat now, but was taller at his peak.

Uhhhh, no. He had 5-9 on his early driving license. He's never been more than that.
viper said on 26/Oct/19
Absolutely no more than 5-9 MAX.

5-11 Luke Wilson looked like he had 3 inches on him in Zombieland 2
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/Jul/19
🎈🕯️🎂 Happy Birthday Woody! 🎂🕯️🎈

Here's wishing Woody a very Happy 58th Birthday!


JD 5'9" said on 7/May/19
Think we might be starting to get into peak height territory. Probably closer to 5'9" flat now, but was taller at his peak.
CDS said on 11/Dec/18
I posted on Kevin's page, but I think its also relevant here,, there has been a recent Google or Twitter pic of the upcoming film, the highwaymen, with woody and Kevin Costner. Sorry, I can't figure out how to post it here, just go to Google. It looks to me no more than a 2 to 2.5 inch difference, less than you'd expect. Of course, Kevin is a sloucher, but woody doesn't always have the best posture either.
Rising - 174 cm said on 6/Oct/18
Yeah, Thornton was positioned closer to the camera with a weird angle. This is basically how it looked: Click Here I don't know, I can't tell anything from that myself, but I wouldn't guess Woody taller. Woody and Redford looked closer in one scene, but Redford looked taller to me in the scene at the pool table. Here's a decent still: Click Here Redford also looked taller compared to Seymour Cassel than Woody did, though I don't know how tall Cassel is/was. I think Redford basically held on to his height until his 60's and has still lost much less than average at 80. He could look more like a 5'9" range guy in The Sting since Robert Shaw looked taller, but I don't know if Redford has worn lifts for some films. I don't remember exactly how Woody looked with Oliver Platt, but I think she probably shot it to minimize the difference.
CDS said on 24/Sep/18
@jtm, it was hard to tell. Bb Thornton had just one small part/scene in the film, and the 2 weren't standing exactly side by side. But I think woody edged out Thornton, ever so barely? Again, I'd go with this site's listing for woody, and about 5'9" to 5'9.25" for Thornton.
Jtm said on 22/Sep/18
how tall did he looked with billy bob thornton in indecent proposal?
CDS said on 19/Sep/18
Was Redford taller than woody in "indecent proposal"? I could've sworn either woody was a tad taller , or they were about dead even, in what few scenes in the film they were standing next to each other. But of course, Redford could've lost height by then, and I think woody had better posture in the scenes they shared? At only 55 at the time though, it couldn't have been much? A movie magazine close to that time, a few years after, which featured an article about how tall the big male stars were at the time vs. What they themselves claimed had Redford listed at 5'10" , with a "best guess" estimate of 5'8", now while I wouldn't go that low , he has always struck me as your classic 5'9" guy, 5'10" in shoes, hence claims 5'10"? I see some over on his page even peg the old bob as low as 5'7"! Including some who've met him in person! Lol
Rising - 174 cm said on 16/Sep/18
Yeah that would make sense since I'm pretty sure Woody was shorter than 5'10" Robert Redford in Indecent Proposal. 5'10.5" in shoes for Woody adds up with Rob's listing.
CDS said on 5/Sep/18
@rising, I just commented on Owen Wilson's page, but I think this is also relevant here. Just seen the movie, father figures, and ed helms towered Owen the entire film. Now I never thought ed was any more than a solid 5'11", 6' in shoes, but really thinking Owen could go as low as a flat 5'10" now, and that would make for a lot of sense seeing how close height wise he and woody were in the film, lost in London. I was actually quite surprised since I actually thought Owen and ed would look almost dead even??
Lapinux said on 30/Aug/18
Woody probably claimed a shoe height
CDS said on 20/Aug/18
And that 5'10.5" claim by woody on letterman was at a time all his listings were 5'11". I watch old reruns of "cheers" still to this day, and think to myself how ridiculous!?? Lol
Rising - 174 cm said on 19/Aug/18
I can buy Matthew at the 5'10.5" Rob use to have him, which is close enough to what Letterman said. The driver's license could have been an outdated height. My 5'9.5" friend grew late and he still had 5'5" on his license until at least his mid 20's while Woody was 21 at the time of his mugshot so he still could have had an outdated height written. If we knew Woody claimed 5'9" as an adult then I'd agree he's not 5'9.75", but CDS said Woody actually claimed 5'10.5" in '92-'93.
Lapinux said on 4/Aug/18
I would be surprised if Woody was 5'9.75" and put down 5'9" on his driving license.

I think Woody is one of those celebs who slip in small unoticeable lifts at times.
CDS said on 1/Aug/18
If you see "ed tv", the side by side shots when both woody and Matthew mcconaughey are both in shoes, mm looks barely taller, maybe even less than an inch. Than you jump ahead all those years later, more recently when Matthew looks as much as 2 inches taller. I suspect mm is heightening. And David lettermans 5'10" estimate is spot on...
Rising - 174 cm said on 30/Jul/18
@CDS: I haven't seen the film, but a half inch difference in Owen's favor seems spot on. I'd have to look at Owen's height more since I had always imagined him a 5'10"-5'11" range guy and I think he claims 5'11", but he's probably closer to 5'10" since he didn't tower over Ben Stiller like you'd expect. I think Matthew McConaughey is about 5'10.5" or maybe the 5'10.75" Rob lists him, but he regularly looks more than an inch taller and made Woody look around 5'9" flat at the 2014 Emmys. So I don't know, 5'9.75" is possible since Woody will often look shorter than he is because he hunches and wears sandals and Converse often, but he could also be 5'9"-5'9.5" range.
CDS said on 18/Jun/18
@rising: it pretty much was like that in the movie "lost in London", where Owen looked taller than woody most of the time, but barely. And again, discounting for all that hair. I would bet if woody had hair like that, the two would appear dead even? From what I recall in the film, Owen would appear a little taller half the time, the other half they'd look about the same, but never at any time did woody look taller. Again that tells me Owen is taller, but I'd say by less than an inch? Maybe woody is actually 5'9.75" and Owen is 5'10.25"?
Canson said on 15/Jun/18
@Rising: Snipes is 5’8” range I agree. Woody could be 5’9.5. It’s not a significant difference tho. Woody has maybe an inch or less. It’s just that Woody has a different build and is lankier
Canson said on 15/Jun/18
@Rising: Snipes is 5’8” range I agree. Woody could be 5’9.5
Rising - 174 cm said on 15/Jun/18
@Canson: Well I'd peg Snipes around the 5'8.5"-5'8.75" range. I haven't seen the films in years, but I do remember Woody clearly taller.

CDS: Well in this case, Woody looks close to Owen's height with about 1 cm less footwear: Click Here Click Here Of course they both have bad posture so it could be Owen is slouching more or Owen could be a flat 5'10" as opposed to 5'10.5" because he's taller, but I don't think that much when you factor in shoes.
CDS said on 5/Jun/18
I just saw "solo" and I would not say woody is 3" taller than Alden, more like 1.5 to 2"? So that would put Alden at 5'7.5" to 5'8", around 5" shorter than the original han solo, Harrison Ford at his peak!?? Of course, direct or Ron Howard has said the point of the character wasn't to have him doing a Ford impersonation, and I did think he overall captured the character's essence... Good film btw...
Vijayan said on 5/Jun/18

Height is altered in movies quite often. Different boots, lifts, camera angles... etc
MAD SAM said on 4/Jun/18
So Woody is 176 cm and he towers 7.5 cm (3”) over Alden, that leaves Alden to 168-169 cm what a mess the new Solo is half feet shorter to original Solo
CDS said on 27/May/18
No problem Rising force, and btw watching the terrific film, woody directorial debut, "lost in London" with him standing next to Owen Wilson, posted here as 5'10.5" and its hard to say with woody wearing a hat and Owen has a ton of hair. But to me, Owen does look like he could be close to an inch taller. Plus several in his thread, especially who've met him in person, say he's actually closer to an even 5'10". So I stand by the ch listing of 5'9.5" for woody...
Monkey knees said on 25/May/18
Always saw him as 5.9ish. 5'9 1/4 is perfect.
Canson said on 22/May/18
@Rising: It’s tough to say for Woody but he does look I’d say at least a solid inch over Wesley in Money Train and WMCJ. Maybe “about an inch” is better
Rising - 174 cm said on 21/May/18
@CDS: Thanks for the details. I can believe he claimed it and the interview will probably surface online at some point with the timeframe you give making it much easier to find. I had also thought Woody was somewhere around 5-11ish probably because I was a big fan of Cheers and had remembered his claim on the show without thinking much of it and/or saw a 5'11" listing. He does get listed at 5'10" a fair amount and I agree with you that his 5'10.5" was probably in shoes, but that's quite appropriate for a basketball film. We all know how many NBA players are listed at their heights in shoes and some like John Starks were listed far beyond even that height.
berta said on 18/May/18
he always looks a little over his 5 foot 9 claim. the listed height is good
John (180 cm) said on 10/May/18
Then Kimmel at 5'11.25 and Woody at 5'9.50 seems pretty spot on!
haxxx said on 9/May/18
Click Here
Whats the height difference between Woody and Jimmy Kimmel here Rob?
Editor Rob
Near 2 inches. Woody might be a guy with slightly bigger eye-top of head versus eye-chin
viper said on 20/Apr/18
Flat 5-9. Looked no taller than that on True Detective
yessmann said on 18/Apr/18
Im thinking five nine and a half easy.
MaskDeMasque said on 8/Apr/18
Been watching more of his stuff recently, i think 5'9.5 is accurate enough actually. Ignore my last post lol.
CDS said on 20/Feb/18
Just watched LBJ. They must 've put some big lifts on him for the 5'9" actor to appear closer height wise to the 6'4" president? He looked as tall as 6'1" bill Pullman and a half head taller than 5'10" c. Thomas Howell. Good movie btw and woody wad great in the role
CDS said on 5/Feb/18
"I wish the poster mentioned the date he was supposed to have claimed 5'10.5" on Letterman. I know I'm in the minority, but I still think 5'10" is possible. Woody's posture is terrible, but he could look very similar to Owen Wilson, who Rob has 5'10.5": Click Here Click Here If someones finds an actual interview claim of Woody saying 5'9" then I'll say case closed, but until then I think the 5'10" Woody is listed at is certainly possible. His slouch alone could account for appearing shorter, though he has always seemed genuinely shorter than McConaughey."

@RisingForce: I saw the Letterman show when Woody claimed 5'10.5" when it aired. If memory serves correct, it was around '93-ish. The film, "White Men Can't Jump" had come out the year prior, and the subject of woody dunking the ball in the film came up, and Letterman asked him how tall he was. I was actually surprised at the time since all the listings at that time for him were 5'11" (and of course this wasn't terribly far off the ep of "Cheers" when he claimed 6'). I remember thinking, how refreshing, an actor being honest about his height for a change. LOL. For the longest time afterwards, I actually thought he was 5'10.5" barefeet, 5'11.5" in shoes, and hence the roundup to 6' for that ep of "Cheers". Of course, we all know now, the CH listing of 5'9.5" is probably more accurate ,and his statement of 5'10.5" at the time was probably an "in-shoes" height.
Animus said on 19/Jan/18
I'd say he 176.5-177cm is more likely than 176-176.5cm, based on watching True Detective. Always seems taller than 5ft9 but not a 5ft10 guy.
Anonymous said on 24/Dec/17
did woody carey that weight with muscle or something because he would heaver then he did .
Anonymous said on 23/Dec/17
rob woody photo of him going to jail it said he was 190 but would he look heavier at that weight for his height
Editor Rob
I can believe that weight for him then.
Rising - 174 cm said on 17/Dec/17
@Spencer: I wouldn't read too much into how he looked in that film...

"Woody, who is 5 ft 10, underwent a visible transformation complete with prosthetics, a toupée and platform shoes to play Johnson, who was 6 feet tall and 55 years old when he assumed the presidency in November of 1963 following the assassination of John F Kennedy in Dallas, Texas."

Click Here

Of course LBJ was more like 6'3", but you can see Woody's elevator shoes in those on set photos.
Anonymous said on 10/Dec/17
rob he looks like he has 2 inches on kudrow hes got to be 177cm Click Here
Editor Rob
looks like Lisa has a thinner shoe than Woody, which might account for a bit of the extra difference between them.
Anonymous said on 18/Nov/17
height chart in defender it looks like he just hits 6 feet mark Click Here:
Anonymous said on 13/Nov/17
Click Here there eye level
Anonymous said on 13/Nov/17
rob I typed billy bob thorrton and woody harreelson on google images and it seems there eye level so either woody needs upgrade or billy bob downgrade
Spencer said on 4/Nov/17
Looked 5’10” in LBJ.
void said on 4/Nov/17
mugshot 5'9 is accurate
Leonick said on 24/Oct/17
He is quite short and not more than 173 cm barefoot with heels 175 cm max
Headman said on 29/Sep/17
This guy has perfect proportions imo, what would you say his head length is, Rob?
Cameron said on 12/Sep/17
Wouldn't rule out fractional height loss. Maybe a weak 5'10" at peak and a strong 5'9" now.
Davide said on 22/Aug/17
He looks 178 cm to me, he might look shorter cause he slouches. In True Detective, my guess is Harrelson 178 cm and McConaughey 181 cm
Rising - 174 cm said on 23/Jul/17
Yeah, I guess 176-177 cm would be the most probable range for him. It's been years since I've seen Cheers, but I don't remember him truly dwarfed by 6'2.5" Ted Danson, certainly not by 5.5", but it's possible they did minimize the difference on the show. But I suspect with Woody's posture and habit of wearing shoes like sandals, Converse etc., he'd look 5'8" range a lot if he were just a flat 5'9".

Hunched with flatter shoes, he's still close in height to 5'9.5"-5'10" Colin Farrell in heeled boots: Click Here Click Here That's also Sam Rockwell, who claims 5'9" and Rob lists at 5'8", though I'm a skeptic and think he falls a bit shy of the 5'8" mark
5'10.5"-5'10.75" Matthew McConaughey is clearly taller, but you can also see how much Woody slouches here: Click Here
Here, he's wearing sandals to an event back in the 90s with 5'8.5"-5'9" Wesley Snipes and 5'6" Ellen Barkin and not standing straight as usual: Click Here Of course, Woody is taller than Snipes all things being equal, but you see the contrast between Snipes standing straight in pretty thick footwear and Woody slouching and leaning in sandals.
Shredder said on 10/Jul/17
a legit 5'10 might be pushing it but being close to 5'10 isn't impossible , I just don't buy a flat 5'9.
RisingForce said on 6/Jul/17
These photos with Jesse Eisenberg is an interesting comparison since the footwear is almost identical to Rob's photo with Eisenberg: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here

I'd have said 176 cm in the photo, but considering footwear, at least 5'9.5". Maybe he isn't 5'10", difficult to say since the combination of his slouch and 0.6" type footwear can easily make someone look an inch shorter than they are. If Woody is only 5'9.5" max then I'd say Owen Wilson is more of a flat 5'10".
RisingForce said on 13/May/17
I'm betting he claims 5'10", though I have seen the occasional 5'11" listings/descriptions over the years for Woody, but for the most part, I've seen him listed 5'10" going back to White Men Can't Jump. If you watch and read enough interviews for the LBJ film he did and White Men Can't Jump, you're likely to see him claim a height since it was relevant to those roles. I wouldn't be too surprised if Woody gave 5'10" and 5'11" at different times, like his co-star Wesley Snipes did. His character on Cheers claimed either 6 ft or almost 6 ft, television and film makes everyone taller!
S.J.H said on 3/May/17
I bet he will claim 5'11
RisingForce said on 18/Apr/17
I highly doubt he wears lifts. The man slouches horribly, wears sandals a lot and look at my photos with Owen Wilson, his sneakers don't add much more than 0.6" and he's slouching again. If Woody really is only 5'9" then Owen must not be 5'10.5", except Owen Wilson really has always given me the impression of being at least 5'10".
Rick said on 15/Apr/17
Is he a frequent lift-wearer? I always had him pegged at a strong 5'10. Surprised he's under.
RisingForce said on 9/Apr/17
I wish the poster mentioned the date he was supposed to have claimed 5'10.5" on Letterman. I know I'm in the minority, but I still think 5'10" is possible. Woody's posture is terrible, but he could look very similar to Owen Wilson, who Rob has 5'10.5": Click Here Click Here If someones finds an actual interview claim of Woody saying 5'9" then I'll say case closed, but until then I think the 5'10" Woody is listed at is certainly possible. His slouch alone could account for appearing shorter, though he has always seemed genuinely shorter than McConaughey.
Paleman said on 3/Apr/17
There is zero chance Harrelson stands shorter than 5'9". Him standing at 5'8" or something is garbage and you know it. This guy is a prime example of a strong 5'9" guy. Always looks to be in the 177cm range, the same height as Kevin Spacey, or maybe even slightly taller. The current listing looks to be spot on.
RisingForce said on 13/Mar/17
The height on the driver's license could have been outdated. I had a friend who was short growing up, but grew to be a solid 5'9"-5'9.5" yet his driver's license still said 5'5" into his 20's. Some don't care enough to update it. Woody has always officially been listed 5'10" so unless someone has a claim from a full grown Woody in an interview, we can't assume anything.
Jake said on 21/Feb/17
If he says he's 5'9" I'd imagine he can't be any more than 5'9.5"
delancey said on 11/Feb/17
strong 5'9
Andrew said on 15/Jan/17
In the movie 'Defendor' he stands in front of a height chart and measures himself. He's a good 2 inches shy of 6'. We can assume for the scene he doesn't take off his shoes ,so, if he's not insecure about height, he's around 5'9 as he has stated, otherwise, if he has 'Cruise-syndrome' he's closer to 5'7.
Josh Jeffords said on 30/Oct/16
Woody is shrinking needs peak and current.
Looked weak 5 9 last I saw so he is 5 8 .5 or under barefoot.
Peak was a strong 5 9 maybe 5 9 .5 young.
elroy said on 9/Sep/16
When he was arrested at 21, they listed him at 5'9". If Woody himself said 5'9" as well, I think it's time for a downgrade.

Click Here
Adamz said on 3/Sep/16
jon is on the money. woody always looks medium at 177cm. most would just say 5-10 in his case. the driving license scenario is a bit bizzare, but who knows what the reason is. No way this guy is below 176cm.
jon said on 17/Aug/16
I suppose in most cases if you measured 5ft9.5 you could say 5ft9 or 5ft10, maybe he doesn't really bother saying half inches, Most guys at 5ft9.5 will say 5ft10 and most girls at that height would likely say 5ft9.

Woody did look taller than Snipes in MoneyTrain and White men cant jump, so I think 176/177cm range is more game for him assuming Snipes is 175cm, Rob what id the highest you could see for Harrelson, a flat 5ft10- I dont really see how he can be anything under 5'9.25, He Looked Taller than David Hyde Pierce also from what I recall on Frasier.
giant said on 19/Jun/16
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jun/16
Watching True Detective

McConaughey - 179/180cm
Harrelson - 176/177cm
truth said on 17/Jun/16
5'9.5" is legit.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Apr/16
Rob, could 176cm be closer?
Editor Rob
you wouldn't rule it out.
rick175 said on 2/Jan/16
Despite his 5ft 9 claim to me he always looks a bit taller than 5ft 9 so this listing might actually be spot on for him
Charlie said on 23/Dec/15
Red Beard u dont know that, people can be taller than they know.
RisingForce said on 20/Dec/15
Would be nice to know I'd he actually did claim he was 5'10.5" on Letterman, or if he actually did admit he was 5'9" on TV. Woody's "official" height seems to be 5'10". He was listed at that during White Men Can't Jump and again during a recent article that talked about him playing Lyndon Johnson.
Red Beard said on 24/Oct/15
He already admits that he's 5'9". So he's not 5'9.5 for sure
plus said on 13/Oct/15
How come can he dunk?

Click Here
Sam said on 19/Aug/15
Rob, can you add to his credits Wag the Dog, The Messenger, No Country for Old Men and (for the kids) The Hunger Games series?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jun/15
He could look 5ft10 on Cheers. But on True Detective he's easily more than 1in shorter than McConaughey.

Rob, is 5ft10 peak possible for Woody?
Editor Rob
I don't think he's really lost much height at all.
Steve said on 15/Jun/15
Harrelson admits to being 5'9". I saw him say it on a TV interview.
184 cm said on 15/Jun/15
People saying 5'8 for this guy are nuts. He's a strong 5'9, easily over 5'10 out of bed. Here he is with a 5'10.5 guy.

Click Here
MurMiles said on 13/Jun/15
He's 5-9 Click Here
Tarik said on 24/May/15
I can't believe this guys is "only" 5'9 1/2. He has the stature and the built of a 6'1 guy. In Zombieland he looked 5'11 next to Jesse Eisenberg who is 5'7.
Clark said on 11/Mar/15
yeah characters on cheers loved to exaggerate height... once norm claimed he was 5 10!
jtm said on 19/Feb/15
5'10.5 is laughable. he was never taller than 5'9.
CDS said on 16/Feb/15
He stated on Letterman he was 5'10 1/2". Maybe that height is in shoes, so the 5'9 1/2" would be right on the money. Also explain why his official height for the longest time was 5'11" since most round up. Not sure why he, as Woody Boyd on that episode of "Cheers", claimed 6 feet-?? LOL- maybe Woody Boyd is taller than Woody Harrelson-??
Mike said on 3/Dec/14
Solid 178 out of bed probably.
MM said on 27/Nov/14
I find it hard to believe that any man would actually downgrade himself for half an inch. Rob, wouldn't it be more logical if Woody is between 5ft9 and 5ft9.5 and that's why he went for the lower listing? Got to admit though, if he had said 5ft10 I'd have believed it.
Editor Rob
maybe he was modest or they didn't have half inches?
Lana said on 21/Nov/14
I think he's about 5' 9.25 (176 cm), but this is accurate enough. A legit, strong 5ft 9 guy.
IR said on 16/Nov/14
I busted Cecily Strong wearing high heels, after seeing Cecily Strong with Woody Harrelson on an SNL (MTV skit), she only looked almost as tall as Woody or as tall, while wearing thick heels. Cecily Strong 5' 9"? no way, not even 5' 8.5", I would guess 5 ft 8 in ( 173 cm ) for Cecily Strong.
waterbottle said on 8/Oct/14
He is probably a flat 5'8.75"-5'9". Especially in White Men Can't Jump.
Andrew M said on 4/Oct/14
I'm really surprised by this, I always thought he was about 6ft, and I saw him most often in Cheers when he was next to 6'3" Ted Danson! But he was smaller than Kelsey Grammer in Frasier.
cole said on 27/May/14
Between 5'9 and 5'9.5 is arguable for Woody. McConaughey seemed near enough 1.5in taller on True Detective, and does in general. So 5'10.5 - 5'11 zone for McConaughey. At the moment my best guess is Woody at 5'9.25 and Matthew 5'10.75.
Dmeyer said on 26/May/14
Can look 1in taller than. Snipes who is no léss than 175cm so maybe 177-8cm peak 176-7cm now
MaskDeMasque said on 9/May/14
looks 5'9.25-5 range in True Detecvtive. McConaughey has an inch and a bit on him on the show, so he can't be 5'11- more 5'10.5, maybe 5'10.75
Lmeister said on 25/Apr/14
Woody is 5ft8.5-5ft9.5. Why is Woody wearing only socks/Converse in many True Detective publicity shots? Personal preference or making Matt M. look taller?
Desert Dan said on 17/Apr/14
My cousin Woody is 5'10". My whole family (all the males except my brother Matt who is 6'3") is 5'10". We all wish we were 6'. Woody maybe only 5'9", but in his Texan boots, he is as tall as I am.
Christian said on 11/Apr/14
If Harrelson is 5.9.5 McConaughey is more like 5.10.½ - 5.10.75. I thought you had Woody Harrelson as 5'10'' Rob?
Editor Rob
many years ago, but 5ft 9.5 for a good while
Sam said on 31/Mar/14
I don't see 2 inches usually between McConaughey and Harrelson mostly in True Detective. More than an inch/around 2 cm difference might be a good shout perhaps.
the shredder said on 7/Mar/14
5'8.5 is stupid talk.
jtm said on 7/Mar/14
5'8.5 nowadays is possible.
Mr. R said on 7/Mar/14
Have you all been watching True Detective? (Fantastic Show!) Woody is consistently more than an inch shorter than Matt M, and often you can see their shoes. Woody is 5-8.5 Matt is a weak 5-10.
Hypado said on 5/Mar/14
Woody Harrelson 177/178cm
Matthew McConaughey 179/180cm
Balrog said on 17/Feb/14
If Woody is 5'8.5'' that would make Justin Timberlake 5'10'' and Jesse Eisenberg 5'6''
Mr. R said on 17/Feb/14
Ok, Now that I have pegged Matt M at a weak 5-10, watching True Detective, Woody is always looking up to Matt by more than an inch, sometimes two inches. Most scenes you can see their footwear and mostly they are both in dress shoes. So.....This makes Woody closer to 5-8.5 at his tallest.
MD said on 30/Jan/14

This is really too tall a listing for him.

With Matthew McConaughey:

Click Here

With Jimmy Kimmel

Click Here

He is just 5'9".
Chris said on 28/Jan/14
why he is listed at 177cm if he sad 175cm,why would he downgrade himself?
Ally said on 16/Jan/14
I think he is 178 morning and 176 night(lowest)
Mike said on 6/Jan/14
I've seen Woody Harrelson up close in person and 5'9" is generous. I also remember reading some place that they built a platform behind the bar at cheers for him.
Goose said on 28/Dec/13
Saw him on Maui at Roy's Kannapali, don't know where all the 5'9 talk comes from. I'm a weak 5'10 and he was max 5'8. Muscular though and seemed nice.
devlin said on 21/Dec/13
I have met him he is definitely 5ft9inch,i am 5-10 and he was just under
vic said on 5/Nov/13
Met him, actually standing next to him, at the Drake Hotel in toronto a couple of years ago, and He's not 5'9"...maybe 5'7.5" as my older brothers are 5'9" and he was smaller. I'm 6'1" 245 (bodybuilder)and I was surprised how small he was..doubt he is more than 160 lbs.
Sam said on 1/Nov/13
I think Woody's listing is perfect...he is weak for 5'10" but can seem a bit over 5'9" next to his many co-stars through the years.
FM said on 31/Oct/13
He and Antonio Banderas looked pretty dead on in Play It To The Bone. In fact, I'm pretty sure they show a jumbotron in the movie, before the boxing match, that lists their heights at 5'9", for both of them.
nagaden said on 10/Sep/13
Woody looked like a giant compared to his Now You See Me costars. Man, they are short!
cole said on 9/Aug/13
He's a legit 5'9 man, who has put down that height himself, so there is no need for the 2 extra centimeters.
Balrog said on 19/Jul/13
Agree with your comment Rampage he is a good actor. He does looks a solid average guy so no less than 5'9''. 175-177 range.
bodwaya said on 14/Jul/13
woody is taller then actors that rob listed as 5 foot 9 like cliff clavin from cheers.
Lorne? said on 3/May/13
He really does look closer to 5'10 than 5'9. His 5ft9 claim is an obvious downgrade, he is NOT less than 176.5-177cm range, and I wouldn't be surprised if he scraped. 5ft10 on a stadiometer. This listing is reasonable, considering he looks 5'10 but listed himself 5'9. Will say that he has obviously wore lifts at times.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Mar/13
"Woody Harrelson height: 5ft 9.25in (176cm)"
Such an underrated actor
John said on 19/Jan/13
Hey Rob you should check out the episode of Cheers with Lisa Kudrow in it, there she has several scenes barefoot face to face with woody, so it would be a great way to compare both of them.. Woody was certainly taller, and I think it looked more than 4 cm, but you would be much better to assess that
bodwaya said on 4/Nov/12
i admit deafeat u r right. the movies i watched he mist worn lifts or camera angles
The Exorcist said on 3/Nov/12
Sorry, bodwaya, but Woody is nowhere near 6'0".

With 6'1" Kelsey Grammar (who isn't 6'2", BTW) and 6'2.5 Ted Danson.
Click Here

With 6'1" (ish) Will Smith.
Click Here

With 6'1" (ish) Gerard Butler.
Click Here

With 5'11.5 Justin Timberlake.
Click Here
Click Here

He consistently looks 5'9"-5'9.5 range. He could be 5'10" in the mornings but that's as high as he'll ever be.
bodwaya said on 3/Nov/12
but he david has to look at woody in that picture he has looks at maybe 5 foot 11 in that pic
bodwaya said on 3/Nov/12
rob click on my link u see he towers over 5 foot 9 david hyde pierce
Editor Rob
I had a look, he looks taller and has a boot which might give him another cm advantage, he can pull off 5ft 10 there.
bodwaya said on 3/Nov/12
rob did u watch when woody guest stared on friasier how do u exlain him being alot taller then 5 foot 9 david hyde pierce and being only 2 inches shorter then 6 foot 2 grammer.Is it possible david hyde pierce is alot shorter then 5 foot 9
Editor Rob
I only see a few episodes but not that one.
bodwaya said on 2/Nov/12
maybe norton is wearing lifts he is know to be a lift wearer .
bodwaya said on 2/Nov/12
that because in that picture his posture is bad he is leaning. He is not standing straight if he stands straight u will see he is equal height. Hes equal to height 6 foot javiar
The Exorcist said on 1/Nov/12
@bodwaya: Woody may have been wearing lifts in that movie. He clearly isn't the same height as 6'0" Edward Norton, here.
Click Here
Click Here
jtm said on 1/Nov/12
agree with silent d. i don't understand why the half inch is necessary. rob should just downgrade him to 5'9 flat.
bodwaya said on 31/Oct/12
plus he Was equal height to 6 foot norton on people vs larry flynt
bodwaya said on 30/Oct/12
silent d watch my link u will see he has at least 2-3 inches on hydepierce and isnt much shorter then 6 foot 2 grammer
Silent d said on 28/Oct/12
5 foot 9. Rob where did you get 177cm from? It has to be camera angles. I doubt he is 6 foot.
bodwaya said on 21/Oct/12
i just showed the link
Aragorn 5'11 said on 20/Oct/12
He's 5'9.5. He's about 5 inches shorter than John Cusack (6'2).
bodwaya said on 13/Oct/12
Click Here this link shows that he towers 5 foot 9 david hyde peirce
The Exorcist said on 10/Sep/12
Looking 5 inches taller than 5'5" Josh Hutcherson.

Click Here
bodwaya said on 8/Sep/12
he wasntt wearing lifts with 6 foot javia bardem if u look there shoes are the same. Plus he was equal height with 6 foot edward norton in larry flynt.For some reason he downgrades his height
jtm said on 8/Sep/12
nah 5'9 is accurate. he is only 5'11 in lifts.
The Exorcist said on 7/Sep/12
He may have been very young when he applied for that driving license. He always looks around 5'10"/ 5'11" to me.
Danimal said on 24/Aug/12
Had 1" on 5'8" Wesley Snipes in White Men Can't Jump.
SaimoN_ said on 24/Aug/12
Ok may I just ask, is it that Woody Harrelson has VEERY good and favourable proportions for his 5'9'' height or is he actually taller than this listing? Just watched his most recent appearance on the David Letterman show and there he is wearing very casual clothing with some thin flip-flops (can't imagine they boost his height by much, maybe a half inch as most?). He is not even stretching himself, in fact looks very comfortable and relax when shaking hands with the supposedly 6'1 1/2 or 6'2 David Letterman (if David truly is this height). They both stand at very similiar height on flat ground, can't see that much of a difference. Two inches at most? Making Woody at least a strong 5'11. I get really confused, just saying. Woody must downgrade his own height for some reason...
bodwaya said on 19/Aug/12
next to 6 foot javiar in no country for old men he is ewual height. His shoes did not look big too. he is way more then 5 foot 9
the shredder said on 10/Aug/12
Danimal says on 9/Aug/12
the shredder says on 9/Aug/12
You would be taller Danimal ... He is 5'7 1/3 , I read it in a magazine .

Oh really? I'm assuming it was the same magazine where Tom Cruise was listed at 5'6 3/4", which IS his real height Shredder (same height as Glenn was). Woody was at least 5'9".

LOL I actually agree with you on Woody , a strong 5'9 ... Really man I would not buy much into that magazine or G pics ... 1. Its a magazine which means BS info and 2. G pics are pointless for height because we don't know footwear or pavement on both ... I stand by 5'8 for Cruise because he looks 5'9 even in normal shoes which Rob pointed out and even if 1 " lift would still be well over 5'7 .
Danimal said on 9/Aug/12
the shredder says on 9/Aug/12
You would be taller Danimal ... He is 5'7 1/3 , I read it in a magazine .

Oh really? I'm assuming it was the same magazine where Tom Cruise was listed at 5'6 3/4", which IS his real height Shredder (same height as Glenn was). Woody was at least 5'9".
Mark said on 9/Aug/12
Just watched Kingpin, the scene with him and Bill Murray who is listed at 6'1, he looked at least 4 inches shorter in that scene, so 5'9 is credible.
the shredder said on 9/Aug/12
You would be taller Danimal ... He is 5'7 1/3 , I read it in a magazine .
Danimal said on 9/Aug/12
I'd like to stand next to Woody. We'd probably be eye level with each other.
kevin said on 8/Aug/12
in hunger games he was taller than wes bentley by an inch. maybe camera tricks/lifts or bentley is shorter than 180cm and woody taller than 177cm.
bodwaya said on 8/Aug/12
but grammer is 6 foot 2 and woody wasn't much shorter then him and he did tower over 5 foot 9 David Hyde pierce. Watch that episode again you will notice it.
Brad said on 7/Aug/12
5' 9", he even wrote it himself.
Danimal said on 7/Aug/12
bodwaya says on 12/Jun/12
when he guest stared in Frasier he had 2-3 inches on david hyde pierce whos claims is 5 foot 9. He looked two-3 inches shorter then grammer. So my guess is 5foot 11 to 6 foot.

Not 5'11" and not 6'0". Not even 5'10".
Danimal said on 7/Aug/12
Richard says on 15/Jun/12
There is no way he is 5'9. He looked about the same height as 5'7 Jesse Eisenberg in Zombieland, with cowboy boots on! More like 5'6.

He's minimum 5'9".
BigT said on 5/Aug/12
@MD: Foster is 5'8 and looked 5'9 because of the hair. Woody was also leaning in that picture. Woody is 5'9 (+.25).
Tarik said on 4/Aug/12
This estimate is pretty accurate. In Friends with Benefits, he looked a bit shorter than Justin Timberlake who is 5'11.
Richard said on 15/Jun/12
There is no way he is 5'9. He looked about the same height as 5'7 Jesse Eisenberg in Zombieland, with cowboy boots on! More like 5'6.
bodwaya said on 12/Jun/12
when he guest stared in Frasier he had 2-3 inches on david hyde pierce whos claims is 5 foot 9. He looked two-3 inches shorter then grammer. So my guess is 5foot 11 to 6 foot.
MaskDeMasque said on 9/Jun/12
176 max. 175 is prob more likely.
hey i know that guy said on 5/Jun/12
i've seen woodrow twice, and he sure looks 5-10. no more than that, but he's bald and he hunches a bit. could make him look shorter at times. he's a solid build, i was surprised by that. my guess is he weighs 190. he was clearly a bit taller and much heavier than ben foster in the messenger, foster is probably 5-8, 150. the difference was obvious.
burby said on 18/Jan/12
I've seen his latest movie "Rampart", he's 5'9" and no more.
Don J said on 24/Dec/11
Met him, im 5'10 he was at least an inch shorter
Brad said on 10/Dec/11
He's 5' 9". The departed height expert said 5' 10" to support his own height agenda of 5' 8".
Mr. R said on 8/Dec/11
When White Men Can't Jump came out, an article said he and Wesley Snipes were both 5-11. Joke of the day. Closer to 5-9.
LCH said on 6/Dec/11
looked 6fft in Natural Born Killers, bearing in mind he was wearing boots with a good heel he is still got to be about 5ft 10.5-5ft 11.
MD said on 20/Nov/11

With 5'8.75" Ben Foster:

Click Here

Woody is 5'9", flat. He's not taller than Ben Foster. You can shave off this half-inch.
Anamalech said on 12/Oct/11
Click Here

5'9 here.
Shaun said on 6/Oct/11
5'9.5" max.
burby said on 4/Oct/11
These 5'10"+ estimates are a joke. Frank2 and the Ohio PD met him already, Woody's 5'9".
Danimal said on 18/Sep/11
Anon says on 17/Sep/11
Can look 5'10 and looked no less than that next to 6'1 Bill Murray in Zombie land. But in White men can't jump certainly looked the same height or a fraction taller than 5'9 Wesley snipes.

Wesley Snipes was MAX 5'8".
Anon said on 17/Sep/11
Can look 5'10 and looked no less than that next to 6'1 Bill Murray in Zombie land. But in White men can't jump certainly looked the same height or a fraction taller than 5'9 Wesley snipes.
bam said on 3/Sep/11
considering that he has 1.5 inches on ben foster, I'd say at least 5'10. He clearly has the frame of a taller man, especially if you watch the messenger.
Don't you agree rob?

Click Here
Editor Rob
he can look that tall yeah with ben even if ben is between 5ft 8 and 9
Legend said on 27/Aug/11
LOL this guy is 5'9 max...
Maximus Meridius said on 21/Aug/11
I thought he was taller like 6ft 1in at least.
Legend said on 10/Jul/11
Danimal says on 22/Jun/11
Brad says on 13/May/11
Catcha see? I'm 5 fweet ate and in Woody wuz in sandals. Woody is 5 fweet 10.

You need help Brad. He's been gone for years and you talk about him daily. Very disturbing.
Could Brad be G? Hmmm...
burby said on 27/Jun/11
5'9", never taller.
Danimal said on 22/Jun/11
Brad says on 13/May/11
Catcha see? I'm 5 fweet ate and in Woody wuz in sandals. Woody is 5 fweet 10.

You need help Brad. He's been gone for years and you talk about him daily. Very disturbing.
Danimal said on 22/Jun/11
Will says on 22/Jun/11
Woody Harrelson is 5'10" tall.

Will said on 22/Jun/11
Woody Harrelson is 5'10" tall.
Tyler said on 8/Jun/11
This seems about right, and probably a little taller. Bill Murray didn't have a lot on him in Zombieland, and Woody was barefoot, and Bill was in golf shoes.
Legend said on 25/May/11
I guess Frank2 really didn't come back! Oh well, 5'9 for Woody. Take off that half inch and we have his true height.
Paul said on 23/May/11
Saw him today, and as he tends to do was wearing eco-friendly footwear with insignificant boost, and his posture and stance are relaxed, these things probably makes him look a tad shorter than he is in any photos next to other celebs. Plus of course he's bald. I'm a tad over 5'9", I'd believe 5'10 for Woody, anything below 5'9" is preposterous IMO.
Brad said on 13/May/11
Catcha see? I'm 5 fweet ate and in Woody wuz in sandals. Woody is 5 fweet 10.
burby said on 9/May/11
Ask the Ohio PD and Frank2....5'9" flat.
Brad said on 20/Apr/11
Are youse guys blind, I'm 5 fweet 8 and Woody is in sandals, he's 5 fweet 10.
zane said on 3/Jan/11
put 5/9 the a little less in reality
Clay said on 11/Dec/10
lol@Will Smith 5'11-6'0.
jay said on 26/Nov/10
just watched zombie land, looked to be an averge built guy. he wsnt much taller than rest of the cast except for the little girl of course but, yea. maybe a little over 5'10 with his boots on. 5'9 without
wyatt said on 26/Nov/10
Strong 5'9. Don't think he reaches 5'10, maybe right when he wakes up might just hit it, who knows, but he really just seems around 5'9ish to me.
Anonymous said on 18/Nov/10
looked about 3 inches shorter than bill murray in kingpin, both men in bowling shoes
Legend said on 2/Nov/10
woody looks about my height range, 5'9.5 range
Johnny bingo said on 29/Oct/10
5'9" at age 22 - see here" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Click Here
James said on 25/May/09
Will Ferrell in my opinion is a weak 6'3.
RisingForce said on 5/Apr/09
Woody looks no more than 4 inches shorter than 6-3 Will Ferrell
Click Here
Click Here

Will at 6-3 and Woody at 5-11 makes sense to me.
Danimal said on 4/Mar/09
Brad says on 4/Mar/09
Norton owns him and he's 6'? I'm taller than Robbins and that's shorter than I next to Hopper. Oh my I'm tall. I feel sorry for Tim, I don't recognize him anymore, he looks like a 62 year old politician now. I barely recognized Chevy Chase from 1 foot away last fall. These guys age quick. Catch U2 on Letterman? Adam & Larry really put on some years since last tour. Woody never ages.

Brad, have you actually stood next to Tim Robbins? That would definitely confirm whether he is 6'6" or under.
glenn said on 4/Mar/09
great find risingforce.he looks 5-11 there for sure.
glenn said on 4/Mar/09
norton is possibly 6-1.he did look 6ft to me recently.but that couldve been his posture.woody sure doesnt look 5-9.thats for sure.
Brad said on 4/Mar/09
Norton owns him and he's 6'? I'm taller than Robbins and that's shorter than I next to Hopper. Oh my I'm tall. I feel sorry for Tim, I don't recognize him anymore, he looks like a 62 year old politician now. I barely recognized Chevy Chase from 1 foot away last fall. These guys age quick. Catch U2 on Letterman? Adam & Larry really put on some years since last tour. Woody never ages.
Danimal said on 3/Mar/09
I can live with 5'10" for Woody.
RisingForce said on 3/Mar/09
Woody looks tall here next to Dennis Hopper.
Click Here

Defintley in the 5'10", 5'11" range.
glenn said on 3/Mar/09
my friend is 5-7 and claims 5-9 on his license.yes,i suspected lifts in the top pic,but was proven wrong by watching him in sandals for a week.5-10.75 to 5-11.
Anonymous said on 2/Mar/09
woody doesn't look 5'11 next to 6'0 edward norton here: Click Here
RisingForce said on 2/Mar/09
Nope yoyo he wore sandals in the first picture. Forget the license Brad, license heights are often outdated. I have a friend who is almost 5'10" and his license says 5'5" on it. He's now in his late 20's and I've been friends with him since we were kids and I remember him being very short up until he was about 18 which explains it. I know for a fact that my friend 5'9.75" because I measured him and he was taller in barefeet than I was in cowboy boots.

If my friend can grow 4-5 inches after 16 then Woody could have grown an inch or 2 after 16.

His license means nothing, he's 5'11".
yoyo said on 2/Mar/09
he looks 5ft11 beside Glenn. did he wear lift?
Brad said on 27/Feb/09
They don't have casting calls for stand-in's. Stand in's are very lucrative positions with SAG history of decades the norm. I'm sure Woody got his pal a position like he did in '81. He's 5' 9" like his licence & rap sheet say.
ed said on 26/Feb/09
got a casting notice for a stand in for Woody...they want someone 5-10 170 lbs. They dont screw around with that, and the measurements have to be exact for a stand in. So, he is 5.10.
RisingForce said on 4/Feb/09
Forget about him. He thinks every single celebrity is either 5-8 or 5-9 and he hangs on to the worst possible stuff to try to prove it.
RisingForce said on 3/Feb/09
Well atleast you won't have to put up with those type of garbage posts claiming you're 5-6 or something ridiculous after April. After you're measured then there will be less excuses made for your Stallone and Woody pictures.

Honestly for Woody to be 5-9, you'd have to be around 5-6 which we all know is ridiculous considering you looked around the same height as De Niro in your early 90's pictures.
glenn said on 3/Feb/09
dont tell you know who that.
RisingForce said on 2/Feb/09
Glenn, I think the top picture is proof he's 5-11. He wouldn't look that tall in sandals if he wasn't.
glenn said on 30/Jan/09
gotcha risingforce.if im off,it by a couple celebs at the most.and only by an inch.if im wrong.certain celebs i swear by.
RisingForce said on 29/Jan/09
I'm not saying you're wrong, just that I wouldn't guess some of them that high.

I do respect that you've met them and usually I don't disagree with you by more than an inch, and I always factor in your sightings and pictures, but after I see everything I just go with the figure that makes the most sense to me.
glenn said on 28/Jan/09
well risingforce,your my favorite on the site,but im most likely right on all those fact,i know im right,not to sound like a dick.i doubt one day ill be commended for my accuracy.people will believe what they want
RisingForce said on 26/Jan/09
Yeah Danimal. I don't think Bruce Willis is 6'1", I don't think Colin Farrell is 5'11", I don't think Nas is 5'10", I don't think Mike Tyson is 5'11.5" and I disagree with Glenn on Mark Wahlberg off the top of my head. I don't exactly agree with him on Oscar De La Hoya or Mario Lopez either. I'm unsure about 6'2.5" for Will Smith.

I disagree with Glenn on a fair amount of names Danimal.
Mr. R. said on 24/Jan/09
Woody is at best 5-10, maybe a little under. Ted was at least 4 inches taller in cheers.
Danimal said on 23/Jan/09
RisingForce says on 23/Jan/09
I think he's just 5'11" flat, no more, no less. However I don't have a problem with 5'10" claims for Woody.

Curious, do you disagree with ANYTHING Glenn thinks?
RisingForce said on 23/Jan/09
I think he's just 5'11" flat, no more, no less. However I don't have a problem with 5'10" claims for Woody.
RisingForce said on 12/Jan/09
Antonio wears massive heels.
Click Here
Click Here

Probably elevator shoes here
Click Here

So while Banderas is probably about 5'9", he is always wearing big heels. I wouldn't use him as a reference unless you can see his shoes.
glenn said on 12/Jan/09
crudup could be 5-8.crudup claims 5-9.least likely,but not impossible is antonio at 5-10.he was taller than i way is he a hair under 5-9.either way,proves im not crazy.i have proof on top,and im still ignored.the point is,woody is taller than 5-9.even if he isnt 5-11.same goes for nas.if nas isnt 5-10,well my proof and a-bombs proof pics show,he is at least 5-9.
TELLEM said on 11/Jan/09
woody w/ 5'6 willie nelson Click Here

i think the most woody is,is 5'10...i can't see him at 5'11...
TELLEM said on 11/Jan/09
woody next to 5'7 bill crudup Click Here
TELLEM said on 11/Jan/09
woody w/ antonio banderas, who i think is 5'8.5-5'9: Click Here

Click Here
TELLEM said on 11/Jan/09
i guess you might be right risingforce, woody is closer to owen's height than what i thought...woody might be a strong 5'10 then
glenn said on 11/Jan/09
it amazes me how stubborn people are on the site.i understand honest people like vaj.he is just plain mistaken.but his insistance is scary.i dont like mentioning his name,cause then he replies not into debating again.
glenn said on 11/Jan/09
great work risingforce.
RisingForce said on 11/Jan/09
No he didn't Tellem
Click Here

That's 3" before factoring in anything. Woody's head is tilted down a lot more than Owen's taking an inch or 2 off. Look at their legs, Woody's leg is clearly on lower ground too. Plus they're each mid-stride throwing things off even more.

All in all that's a terrible picture. Look at all of these pictures where Woody looks taller than Owen.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Woody is 5'11" and Owen probably is too.

Brad, who cares about the drivers license? He could have put that height down when he was 16 and never bothered to change his height on the license, or he could have not known his height whne he put it down. For the mugshot they could have just got the height off of his license too.

Sorry Glenn, I meant the picture on the left. I don't see what more people want, you have pictures with these guys where they look your estimates in sandals. That's about as good as you can get as far as in person sightings.

Woody is 5'11".
Brad said on 11/Jan/09
Like he's gonna put 5' 9" down on his DL when he's 5' 11". Come on. Even his mug shot is 5' 9". He's 2" shorter than Owen Wilson who is 5' 11".
Jake said on 10/Jan/09
what do you think, 5'10 or 5'11 for Woody?
TELLEM said on 10/Jan/09
RisingForce says on 8/Jan/09
Tellem, they both were mid-stride and had their heads down barefoot.

exactly, which leads me to believe there'd be a 2 inch difference if they both stood straight...because according to that pic, owen wilson looked nearly 4 inches taller than woody
glenn said on 10/Jan/09
im tiptoeing,where im possibly 5-7,in the 1991 pic on the make things more confusing.not the left.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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