How tall is Jesse Eisenberg

Jesse Eisenberg's Height

5ft 7 ¼ (170.8 cm)

American actor, best known for roles in films such as The Social Network, Batman vs Superman, Zombieland, Now You See Me and Rodger Dodger. In this photo, I was wearing 0.75in Skechers, whilst Jesse had New Balance giving him a good 1/4 inch footwear advantage over me.

Jesse Eisenberg at MCM Comic Con Convention 2016
5ft 8 Rob and Jesse (age 32) @ MCM Comic Con 2016

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Average Guess (210 Votes)
5ft 6.87in (169.8cm)
Aidan Samuel said on 26/Sep/23
5ft 6 3/4
Chaitanya@ said on 29/Apr/23
Nile Song said on 19/Apr/23
He looks this height in general in my opinion. I think people here tried to extract too much info from this one image. I think he rarely looks short - just below average, as 5'7 people often appear. On SNL with Mark Zuckerberg and Andy Samberg he looked this height, so I agree with Rob's listing:
Click Here
5'7 and a fraction said on 7/Apr/23
His proportions make him look taller than he is, so standing alone probably appears average height. Looks a weak 5'7 with Rob though.
Ben - 186cm said on 1/Feb/23

Nah, the top of Eisenberg’s head just about reaches Rob’s hairline, so it can’t be much more than an inch difference. 5’7 flat maybe, but because of the slight shoe advantage he could be just shy of 5’7.
sayansaha said on 8/Jan/23
I don't think in this photo he is 5'7 or weak 5'7 he looks 2 inch shorter to me
oguz said on 4/Oct/22
He looks at least 4cm shorter even though he has a 0,25inch advantage. I think he needs to be downgraded to 168-169.
Mickie said on 10/Jul/22
Maybe like a weak 5'7", I struggle to see a strong 5'7". In this photo and in other appearances, I think 5'7" flat is generous enough.
Pierre said on 2/Jul/22
Rob with less shoe has no less than 1.5 inches on him in the pic ,Rob's lower ears are around as high as Jesse higher ears,Jesse is 5'6.5' best case imo.
Yehor said on 22/May/22
5'6.75'' ) Almost clearly

Though, truly, doesn't ever looks short
Just shorter than some people - taller than / alike 2 t' others )
dreus23 said on 17/Apr/22
@mnecro yeah but he's leaning backwards next to rob
mnecro said on 16/Apr/22
I don't know about weak 5'6", but he clearly looks under 5'7" next to Rob here.
dreus23 said on 11/Apr/22

That's nice and all, but it still doesn't explain why people are voting this guy who otherwise never looks anything under 5'7 as barely 5'6 because of one bad picture
MaskDeMasque 5'9.5 said on 9/Apr/22
Probably a flat 5'7.
mnecro said on 8/Apr/22
dreus23 said on 5/Apr/22
These comments are so dumb. Jesse clearly isn't standing as tall as Rob in the pic and seems to be leaning backwards for some reason. Look at him in any picture with any other actor, and he never looks below 5'7. The best example might just be how he looks together with Andrew Garfield, no way that's a 4 inch difference.

That's because Garfield isn't 5'10.5".
mnecro said on 8/Apr/22
dreus23 said on 5/Apr/22
These comments are so dumb. Jesse clearly isn't standing as tall as Rob in the pic and seems to be leaning backwards for some reason. Look at him in any picture with any other actor, and he never looks below 5'7. The best example might just be how he looks together with Andrew Garfield, no way that's a 4 inch difference.
oguz said on 4/Apr/22
With 0,25 inch footwear advantage, I have to say he looks at most 5'6,5"
Malcolm Oliver said on 22/Mar/22
He is barely grazing 170 for me in that pic with Rob. 5’7 max.
rvi35 said on 22/Mar/22
5'6.75 in the pic. without the footwear advantage 5'6.5
JCombbo said on 10/Feb/22
170cm tops, he seems 2 inches shorter than Rob here and Rob is 173, with the shoe advantage
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 14/Jan/22
look 170 here, but could pull off 171 look oftenly with other celebs, although i bet prime Spielberg would edge him out easily
Pierluigi Meluzzi said on 11/Nov/21
Evan Soloway said on 9/Nov/21
Average guess is pretty unfair. Jesse's not standing at his best, the angle's a bit awkward, and also the footwear difference might not be as great as we think (those shoes could be 3 years old and giving only 1 inch or a little less). I don't think Jesse gets under 5'7 1/4 on a normal day.
Johno said on 15/Sep/21
Those New Balance shoes are over 1-inch in height but not quite 1.25-inches, he likely has a ~0.4-inch footwear advantage, so you are realistically looking at a ~1.75-inches difference between Rob and Jesse.

He would be 5'7.25 if Rob was at his breakfast height.
Stinky 186 cm said on 29/Aug/21
I remember I had a friend in school who looked exactly like Jesse Eisenberg and coincidently Ended up being around the same height range at 5’ 7” well I’m assuming so Cause I remember last time I saw him which was senior year of high school he told me he was 5’ 7” anyway I think this guy is about 5’ 7” give or take
Elene said on 9/Aug/21
Evan Soloway said on 27/Jul/21
Always interesting how some people, regardless of height, never give a short impression. Jessie, who I believe is 5'7 to 7.5, has never looked short to me. Even short guys with good proportions like aziz still seem short, but jesses right on that threshold. I think he looks average most of the time.
ChaosControl 6'2.50 said on 21/Jul/21
Editor Rob
That was 2005 I believe, before he had a page on here...although there was a few folk calling him that in 2016 or so...never wise to insult celebs, other users or the Editor...

Weird how there’s two comments from 2005 then. I just looked

Anonymous said on 8/May/05
i've seen him in person. i'm about 5'7.5" and he is definitely a little bit shorter than me by at least a couple of centimeters.

Random person said on 12/Jul/05
He seems like he could be around 5'7 - '8. I saw him in Cursed. He towers over Christina Ricci and is relatively short compared to the other castmembers. Ricci is only 5', and wears heels in many scenes, and he's still a lot taller. I'd say this is pretty accurate. Anyone else wanna elaborate?

Not insulting comments but he did have a page back then
Editor Rob

"before he had a page on here"

March 1st 2005 was the exact date of the interview and Jesse's page didn't exist, it was created a few weeks later.
man 1 said on 20/Jul/21
Jesse read this celebheights page(his own) as he mentioned in Conon o'Brian show about reading mean comments on a site where people were talking about how ugly he is.
Editor Rob
That was 2005 I believe, before he had a page on here...although there was a few folk calling him that in 2016 or so...never wise to insult celebs, other users or the Editor...
man 1 said on 20/Jul/21
Could he be 172cm or 5'7.5
What is the maximum and minimum according to you.
Editor Rob
very highest I'd ever guess. Wouldn't guess him under 5ft 7
man 1 said on 10/Jul/21
How is Jesse so confident at this height even with much taller people as if he does not even know they are taller and how to be as confident as him.
Kylo said on 20/May/21
How can he be a strong 5’7 if he looks at least 2 inches shorter than Rob even with footwear advantage?
Editor Rob
in person really much nearer 5ft 7 (which he could be exactly) rather than say than 5ft 6.
Mickie said on 26/Feb/21
Don't see how he's listed over 5'7" here.
Jakey said on 21/Feb/21
170 cm flat!!
Vitor Manzon Lupo said on 21/Jan/21
great to see people in the comments agree with me. in my eyes this would never look like a
slim 6'1 said on 13/Jan/21
Just the flat 170cm is better
bird in box said on 10/Jan/21
exact 5'7 guy
David duFresne said on 31/Dec/20
Based on his youtube videos, Rob really should list himself at 5'8 1/2, he actually wakes up at 5'9. I know he is trying to go out of his way to be honest since he figures he shrinks down to his minimum while walking around at conventions, but I think this is what throws people. Yeah I would say the actor is 5'7 flat, a quarter over that maybe.
FriedChicken said on 2/Oct/20
Quarter inch off of this i say is a better listing. I don't think a 171 cm person with a quarter inch footwear advantage should look this short with you.
Slim 6'1" said on 9/Aug/20
quarter inch downgrade
Slim 6'1" said on 3/Aug/20
170 cm bare minimum
10ftTall-N-Bulletproof said on 15/Jul/20
He’s 2 inches shorter than Rob. And he has 1/4inch footwear advantage. How is his list at 5”7 1/4??? Rob must be 5”10!
Tall Sam said on 8/Jun/20
He does look at best 5'7" with Rob.
Jam Cherry said on 4/Jun/20
170 cm maximum
njn, said on 15/Apr/20
Not sure how someone who is clearly more than an inch shorter than Rob is listed at 5'7".
Nik Ashton said on 30/Mar/20
Look at this:

Click Here
TheHawk said on 27/Mar/20
Hes shorter than you atleast 1,5 inch rob and that is lowest i can say. He gets 5’6 from me
pov said on 24/Mar/20
He looks more than an inch shorter than you Rob, but I don't know if it was the angle, looks a tad under 5'7 in this pic, especially considering he had the footwear advantage. 5'6 for me.
Aar?n R said on 3/Nov/19
Rob you look 2 in taller. Yet I don't question you estimate, you have met him. Maybe your taller than you think? You look 5'8.5 most of the time.
Editor Rob
Eisenberg is taller than 5ft 6.5 guys like 'Big G', if he measured under 5ft 7 I'd be stunned...
Dhrew Ghelani said on 14/Sep/19
You look more than an inch taller than him even with his footwear advantage, Rob. 5'6.5 max
Paul Wood said on 12/Sep/19
He looks shorter than 170.8cm, particularly as he has a footwear advantage. However, I saw a study a couple of years back that said most people overestimate height differences. Most people will put an inch height difference at nearer two, and so on.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 29/Aug/19
There is no way Jesse is 2.2cm shorter than 173cm Rob. If he get a 0.25" downgrade to 5'7 i wouldn't argue about it but 170.8cm is too much. 5'6 7/8 (169.9cm) it's more convincing a low for him.
Warre said on 24/Jul/19
Wow, kinda surprised he is this height!
Bwk said on 10/Dec/18
5'7'' flat is the most I can see for him. He looks around 5'6.75'' though.
Dirk95 said on 24/Nov/18
I always thought he was like 5'8-5'8.5 for some reason, he's so skinny that it makes him look taller than he is sometimes.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 18/Nov/18
@Pierre Rob head and right shoulder was about 1.5" closer to the camera than Eisenberg if we check on their feet standing positioned, although footwear wise it's like close to 3/8 inch in differences. If we just go by top of head it's like after extracted out shoes difference making Eisenberg 168.5cm range as Rob is a strong 173cm guy. Despite their head to head were not in straight for good comparison. So standing a better side by side a flat 170cm is the most he could be in person. Btw Rob should definitely need to downgrade him at 5'7 maybe 5'6 7/8.
Mikesd said on 16/Nov/18
Rob, please answer. I have found the picture with Emma and Jesse from Zombieland. Emma looks super short, even wearing boots. How is it possible, if they are almost the same height?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Well I think he has a bit more hair than her.
Pierre said on 14/Nov/18
@Junior Hernandez= I agree he's in a more relaxed posture as Rob,but he doesn't lose a lot of height imo,his head is watching upward more than Rob's,and it seems to me Rob could be straighter too.He wear shoes a little bit more advantageous as Rob too.The difference seems to me more evident at the top of their heights
Anonynon said on 2/Nov/18
He is 5'7" for sure, that 1/4 inch is debatable though. Take a look here fellas, Click Here

If we believe Dave is 5'5.75", Jesse has to be 5'7", maybe a bit more.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 24/Oct/18
Just needed a 1/4 downgrade for Jesse would be a good listing.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 19/Oct/18
Rob is 173cm had 2cm footwear (Rob mention before) and Jesse Eisenberg had a 3cm style New Balance, Eisenberg head was 1/2-3/4 inch further than camera than Rob makes him look a little lower. Upon eye level look an inch shorter than Rob but Eisenberg tilt up head by 1/4 so he is like 1.5 inches shorter than Rob. That is the perspectives but if Eisenberg standing level on line and angle with Rob higher chance he could look 170cm took away that footwear advantages.
Pierre said on 13/Oct/18
I see more a weak 5"6' than 5"7'range by this pic,by considering the fraction more sneakers,the camera seems to me a little bit high here
Danielsan said on 6/Oct/18
I agree with Mickie. New Balance add a lot of height for sneakers, I have several pair and I wouldn't be surprised if they added over an inch. I still see him as closer to 5' 6", just a bit taller than Dave Franco.
Mickie said on 12/Sep/18
Given that he has a fractional footwear advantage and is already looking a solid 3 cm if not close to 4 shy of Rob, I have trouble seeing over 5'7" under a stadiometer. If anything, he'd be more likely to check in a bit under than over from the looks of it
Monkey knees said on 27/Aug/18
I dont think he quite touches 5'7. A right horrible person, too.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 17/Aug/18
I'm confident that Christoph Waltz would look 1/2" edging out Jesse Eisenberg in real.
sb said on 2/Aug/18
Maybe my judgement is off but especially given the footwear there has to be more than an inch between you and him. I'd definitely argue for 5'6.5
Sonnecker said on 15/Jul/18
A quarter less.... 170 cm in my opinion for Jesse.
Nik said on 30/May/18
He is probably 5 ft 6, and quite a bit of change!
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 27/May/18
Rob is 5'8 1/8 (173) and a little closer to camera angle plus a 3/8 less shoes. There is no way Jesse is 2.2cm shorter than Rob. Had to be 1.5" but 5'6.75" a chance since Rob is closer to the camera.
Nik said on 23/May/18
Under said height!
Zampo said on 15/May/18
It seems I'm in the minority but I'm quite confident he would measure 5'7. Think he is a solid 5'7.
Micky said on 10/Apr/18
He seems 5'7" tops.
Alex1989 said on 8/Apr/18
Bruce Wayne is 6ft 2 ¼ Superman is 6ft ½ and Lex Luthor is 5ft 7 LOL.Worst casting choice in DCEU
SS said on 29/Jan/18
Rob is correct on this one
Anonim said on 28/Jan/18
Looks like 168,5cm
Soije said on 30/Dec/17
Not sure how Jesse can be 5'7" when it's very clear in the photo op that he's over an inch shorter than 5'8" Rob. What am I missing here? There's the appearance of seeming taller in person and then there's actual, irrefutable proof, which is the picture.
Krauser said on 29/Dec/17
Solid 5 ft 7, no more.
Klapperschlangensindgeil21 said on 24/Dec/17
Wow, he looks a lot shorter than Rob. I would’ve expected Eisenberg to be about 5 ft. 8,” but after looking at this picture I have to guess he’s only 5 ft. 6.”
ice said on 16/Dec/17
looks 5'6 to me
sands88 said on 17/Nov/17
his chin height is 4'10 how? his head is only 8 inches long?
Editor Rob
if you tilt your head up, a guy with a 9 inch head would look to have an 8.5 inch head quite easily.
Bobby said on 9/Nov/17
How is this guy over 5'7? He looked two inches shorter than Rob, even with the footwear advantage.
Andrea said on 23/Oct/17
Ignoring footwear, did he really look around an inch taller than Dominic, Rob?
Editor Rob
he looked taller, but maybe not that much. I'd say Dominic in person has a much better overall posture than Jesse though. I think if you measured both standing tall there would be at least 1/2-3/4 inch between them.
andre said on 13/Oct/17
168cm barefoot at night
Johno said on 27/Sep/17
He would be about 1.5-1.75-inches shorter than Rob there but not 2-inches
Bobby said on 21/Sep/17
Rob is still looking two inches taller though... when the difference should be three quarters of an inch, right? His head doesn't even touch the 5'7 line, I'm guessing, he's more 5'6.75, so giving Rob is generally a 5'8.25 guy, this means the difference should be 1.5 inches, and given I said that Rob looks 2 inches taller, then Jesse is over-listed by half an inch.
KH said on 12/Sep/17
Considering how hard it is to judge half inches or less based on that picture he could easily be a fraction under 5'7. Lets try to reason it out. Looks about an inch shorter then Rob and has the footwear advantage. Would seem more like 5'6.8 to 5'7 range then 5'7.25 based on all of that.
Slim said on 12/Sep/17
average guess is spot on, the guys 169 centremetres.
Editor Rob
Eisenberg certainly didn't seem that short, I would be surprised if he was as low as 169 range.
Vexacus said on 17/Aug/17
He has the sneaker advantage , he's 5'6.5 max.
jesse said on 27/Jul/17
he looks 5'8 in movies
Timur9717 said on 21/Jul/17
I think 171 cm is a bit exxagerated. In picture I see a solid 1 inch difference maybe a bit more and he had a shoe advantage. I think 169.5-170 cm is a better guess
errybodyshutup said on 19/Jul/17
why is there no mentioning of something like: "but here he has loose posture so he dips below 5'7"?
Mark(5'9.5 said on 14/Jul/17
'I think' When Rob says he's taller than Big G, he is taller than Big G?
Editor Rob
Eisenberg is taller looking in person than Glenn was, that's what I'm meaning.
heights said on 13/Jul/17
Thats wrong he's not over 5.7 and i think not even 5.7.He has shoe advantage.He is between 5.6 and 5.7.
Shredder said on 9/Jul/17
Rob , how tall did he look before you noticed his footwear?
Editor Rob
taller than Glenn in person 100%, which means at least a bit over 5ft 7.

In general if you look at him with others, he doesn't really seem much less than a good 5ft 7er.
Joe said on 22/Jun/17
What's the max he could pull off then?
Editor Rob
171 is about the most I'd give jesse, I can understand 5ft 7 flat as another good guess.
Joe said on 21/Jun/17
Rob, is 5'6.5" or 5'6.75" possible for him? Also, is it possible he could pull off 5'8" or even 5'9", as many sites claim?
Editor Rob
nah man, he really is nearly an inch taller in person that day than say 'Big Glenn' looked up close!
Peter175 said on 11/Jun/17
Just saw Rodger Dodger. There is no way he's a 171 or even a full 5'7.
as for those saying him and cavill looked closer, there isn't much to see of him in terms of height on BvS, but I'd guess he was around 5'7 at best.

Look at these pics.

Looks nearly 5 inches, not less than 4 between him and Campbell Scott. He looks big G range in that film
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

What do you think Rob? Surely he shouldn't be that short to a 5'11 man in proper shoewear
Editor Rob
don't know what sneakers he had, but you can certainly make a 5ft 6.75-7 argument at times for him.
Adamz said on 11/Jun/17
Why is he getting the extra quarter inch, Rob?

I am seeing 170cm at best.
DJ said on 11/Jun/17
he honestly seems about my height (im 5'6) maybe he's a quarter inch taller
travis said on 5/Jun/17
honestly i seen batman vs superman about a year ago he didn't look shorter compared to affleck ad cecvil at all
S.J.H said on 5/Jun/17
He can only be 5'7.25 with this 1.15' New Balance and 168.5cm is no doubt for his barefoot height
Sam said on 31/May/17
Without the footwear advantage the difference is close to 2 inches so I'm betting he is closer to 5'6 range. Similar how Rob looks next to 5'10 men, Jesse just looks slightly taller than that because of a fraction extra footwear.
Average height and slim said on 27/May/17
Evidence( picture above points to 5 6.5 inch (169 cm)
Yh said on 24/May/17
He has more sneaker than you and still looks almost a full 2 inches shorter.
World Citizen said on 19/May/17
He looks more 5 ft 6.75 in this picture.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 18/Apr/17
Rob thought he looked a strong 5ft7, so I'll believe Rob more since he's actually met Eisenberg in person unlike the users down below. But it could very well be the camera angle, since Eisenberg looks easily sub-5ft7 in the photo. Camera angles can be very deceiving sometimes.
S.J.H said on 28/Mar/17
Wrong you people. No way he is taller than 5'6 up here he was 1.5' shorter than Big Rob and he had a cm more advantage shoes. Lol 5'7 make it out of bed i guess
Mike said on 20/Feb/17
No way he is taller than 5ft 7, he looks near 1 inch shorter than you even with shoe advantage...
Lioness006 said on 11/Feb/17
5'7". Just watched Zombieland. He's shorter than Woody Harrelson, who is a surprising 5'10". Would have expected him to be a little taller, but 5'7" seems about right for Jesse.
Chris said on 31/Jan/17
The dude has longer legs and a shorter torso. Definitely gives him a more "lanky" appearance. Wouldn't say anything below 170.
MessagerX said on 30/Jan/17
For good sick Rob! Put the right height for this guy, because he danst even have 1,70cm in this picture.
Shredder said on 10/Jan/17
I said 5'7 minimum as Rob is closer to the camera and Jesse has strange posture , As listed is about right , maybe at worst 5'7.
Giorgi said on 10/Jan/17
You would know, Rob. To be fair, he does seem loosened a little.
Giorgi said on 9/Jan/17
Rob, he looks shorter, especially with his shoe advantage. I bet if you both were standing barefoot you would have a good 1 1/2 inch on him.
Editor Rob
I was speaking to a 5ft 7 guy the other day and thinking about Jesse, you know I would still say I felt Eisenberg appeared a bit taller than flat 5ft 7 guy, so even with a bit more sneaker I wouldn't go under 5ft 7 flat as his low.
Rachmaninoffguy said on 7/Jan/17
He might be 5'7.25" right after waking up but from looking at this photo I'd say he usually slips under 5'7." 5'6.75" seems about right to me. There's about an inch and a half difference between you two.
fact? said on 24/Dec/16
Click Here
Kourosh 5'9.5 (176cm-177cm) said on 16/Dec/16
So rob, in this picture he is 5'8 and you are over 5'9 considering your footwears. However, if he is 5'8 then you have 1.25 to 1.5 inches on him, which that put you at 5'9.5 that i dont think is true. I agree with most here, he is 5'6.5 or weak 5'7.
Editor Rob
with those 0.75 inch sneakers I'm still a little under 5ft 9 in sneakers.
Bobby said on 16/Nov/16
Rob, you've got at least two inches on him, and assuming your footwear matches, then I'm not seeing much of anything beyond 5'6. How anyone could guess near enough 5'7 escapes my understanding.
Editor Rob
his sneaker is near 1 inch, mine is near 0.7 range, but he is absolutely taller than 5ft 6.5
S.J.H said on 5/Nov/16
5'6.75 is being nice he should get downgrade at this range. Using quick metric estimate up here he have roughly 1.5cm shoe on rob and top of head was like 4cm compress down his hair on rob. 1.5 + 4 = 5.5cm so if rob is 173 - 5.5 he did be only 167.5cm but possible rob holding few mm more than 173cm so jesse eisenberg could be 5'6 but there is possibility like people say about his hunching back he can be close to 5'7 which if corrected his spine he can be near 5'7 or right on. Up here sorry that he really tops 5'6.5 with advantage shoe
qbert said on 31/Oct/16
i think its better to take off irrelevant photos, or take a new one in the future that is more correct to the listing
Josh Jeffords said on 30/Oct/16
This little guy can act and tends to hide size well onscreen photos don't lie.
Looks 5 7 to 8 onscreen appears smaller than Ruffalo so could be under 5 7.
tk said on 23/Oct/16
Seems a bit shorter in the photo with Rob, but I'd say around 5'7.25'' - and very talented.
Blake said on 18/Oct/16
I think I saw you on the day you got this photo, if next time i'm not with family I will say hello. I remember thinking you had a very long head.
Editor Rob
I might return next may...their october show never seems to have as many guests.
Darius said on 2/Oct/16
I agree with Rob. He is in the 5'7" zone or at least close. My guess 5'6.75-5'7". However i dont think he is 0.25 inch above 5'7"(171 cm).
eee said on 1/Oct/16
he looks 5'6.25 with that posture though, wouldn't you agree rob?
Editor Rob
he's definitely near 5ft 7, whether above or below, well it would be interesting to measure the guy.

I was spending time with a 5ft 7 and change person yesterday and really Eisenberg didn't quite seem as tall in person the more I was thinking about it, but his posture definitely goes up and down at times.
S.J.H said on 20/Sep/16
Seriously added footwear advantage he look more like 2 full inch shorter than rob. The shoe difference look more like 0.5' especially jesse this type of skinny build and light weight wouldn't compress down a 3cm New Balance sneaker he wore. 5'6.25 absolute max is generous. People see him at 5'7 with big rob must be kidding or fool by his eye level
Tedrenegade17 said on 6/Sep/16
Ok I understand what you did here. Thanks for answering my question!
Tedrenegade17 said on 5/Sep/16
Hey Rob I have a question about the height scale with this picture. Both you and Jesse are wearing sneakers. Jesse is probably wearing approximately 1 inch sneakers and it looks like you have converse on which gives you .7 inches maximum. Now I have seen your videos on YouTube and it is clear when you are shoeless you are 5'8 range, 5'9 peak when you first wake up. My question, is the height scale off in the picture? The top of your head with shoes on just barely passes 5'8 and the top of Jesse's head does not even touch 5'7 yet the height listing for him is 5'7 1/4. I understand bad posture can make you lose up to an inch in height but Jesse's and your posture look decent in the pic. The way I see it in the photo, if you were both shoeless Jesse probably would be a hair under 5'6 and you may be 5'7 1/2. Which I guess leads to another question, I assume heights provided on the website are what celebrities would be without shoes, or am I wrong? Just curious is all. I appreciate any feedback you could provide. Thanks!
Editor Rob
the scale is as though there was no shoes, hence I put myself at 5ft 8 range on it
James said on 4/Sep/16
@Rob, how tall can you be after 10 hours of sleep and recently wake up? 175 cm?
Editor Rob
from checking in the past it seems from 8 to 10 hours there really wasn't much difference in morning height.
dpp said on 20/Aug/16
if he has thicker shoes than you,he shouldn't over 170
John said on 17/Aug/16
The reason for the difference in opinions of you guys and rob is that rob is bluntly honest about his height down to the mm while he's slightly optimistic with these actors height , if we had to list rob we would probs put him at 1.74 because he's probably a mm or two under also rob , quick question why did you start this site? We're you insecure about your height at on stage(just very curious) and also who Is Jenny in relation to you? Your wife or buisness partner and last question is celeb heights your occupation or just a hobby ? I'm just really curious thanks also you and renner look exactly the same.
Editor Rob
If I was really worried about height, I doubt I'd create a site where a large part is 1000 photos of me, my height and comparing it to celebrities ;)

The site is a job that I enjoy. There was a gap in 2004 for a site like this, although I didn't think it would be viable on it's own, so it was one of several sites I was running.

I found it an interesting topic and I think my knowledge on height and celebrities has increased. Myself (and visitors) are just trying to figure out the best guess for these celebrities. I certainly don't want to be throwing out a bunch of dodgy heights, in the manner that services like certain search engines have done!

Jenny is my partner for near 9 years. She has helped out with videos, but has not much interest in celebrity height and has only visited the site on her own a couple of times really! I help with her craft business.
The Expert said on 12/Aug/16
He looks 169-170cm next to you , nothing more.
Balrog said on 9/Aug/16
Looks 169cm next to you.
Word1234 said on 9/Aug/16
What time of day was this?
If he had a fraction more sneaker then he looks a lot closer to 5'7!
Editor Rob
lunch time, so up for at least 5-6 hours.
Mike said on 9/Aug/16
Highly doubt he is more than 5ft 7...
Jay said on 7/Aug/16
Wow, that's the biggest 2cm difference I've seen. Since when? This looks like a kid standing next to his dad, or like a 170cm skinny next to a 178cm well built. Rob, can you lighten me up about this one? Oh and you mentioned that small shoe advantage, as if it would matter.
Editor Rob
shoe advantages within a few mm's aren't worth mentioning, but once you get to a 1/4 I think it's always worth saying.
mike said on 27/Jul/16
Looking at your picture, he looks nothing more than 170cm flat.
Shredder said on 27/Jul/16
If he isn't loosing much posture than 5'7 at most
nyc said on 26/Jul/16
From the picture it looks like you're clearly leaning Rob. Leaning in, with less footwear, and the difference is still at least an inch. If you are truly 5'8", I would have guessed he's under 5'7".
GP said on 25/Jul/16
Again this just doesn't make any sense. He has shoe advantage and if you take that away, Rob will look good 2 inches taller. I doubt he is losing 3cm in the photo and Rob isn't necessarily standing with a better posture.
Quan said on 25/Jul/16
I can't see him being anything over than 5'7", as his posture is similar to Rob's. You can't actually measure posture, but you can estimate it visually.
Editor Rob
if you stick your hands in your pockets like Jesse it raises your shoulders a bit.
Phil said on 23/Jul/16
Surprised he's that short. I always figured him to be more 5'8.5- 5'9 range for some reason.
Shredder said on 21/Jul/16
He looks a little under 5'7 with bad posture , He would stretch to about 5'7.5 with great posture , take away the footwear , as listed.
Dmeyer said on 20/Jul/16
Rob how Côme you give him 171 while hé looks while hé is more shoes so about 169-169,5
Editor Rob
well I could be giving him the highest part of a range, I would say 5ft 7 is very arguable for him.
Johno said on 20/Jul/16
I would not class him as an ugly fellow, it's just that he is pertruding his chin out in the picture and making it look bigger. I reckon 5'6.75 is what he averages and in terms of his acting BvS, he blatantly too inspiration from Bollywood actor Sharukh Khan for his villainous role as Lex Luthor.
Dmeyer said on 19/Jul/16
He apears 5 ft 6 7/8 And has more shoes so 5 ft 6 ,5
184guy said on 18/Jul/16
Rob,he looks no taller than Jeff Rawle.Both 5'6.5
www said on 18/Jul/16
he looks annoying because of the confusing height listing more than anything else.
Johan said on 18/Jul/16
There is a pic of him below next to big G and he is taller so 5ft 6.5" is out. Thats G territory.
Brandon said on 17/Jul/16
He is looking almost 2 inches shorter here. Like 5'6.5". Although his posture is looking really weird. If he were standing straight i could buy 5'7". He seems to not care about his height at all. I'm gonna say 5'7".
SHORTY said on 17/Jul/16
Looks more 5'6.75". Plus he has footwear advantage. If Rob's footwear were thicker then I might be more inclined to go with 5'7".
BBQokl said on 16/Jul/16
@MJKoP that's a horrible thing to say. Judging someone by their looks. It would'nt be nice if he were to READ your comment..
Shredder said on 15/Jul/16
Exactly , Ugly is a harsh word for him. Ugly is Honey BOO BOO's mom.
Editor Rob
I think it is best sticking to height, rather than looks...which is even more a subjective topic :) One woman's Gerard Depardieu is another's Brad Pitt.
Adamz said on 15/Jul/16
I said 5'7" flat back in 2011 before this pic. I was right then and I am right now. 170cm is better than 171cm for Eisenberg. The photo shows 3cm difference.
MJKoP said on 15/Jul/16
SniperX said on 3/Jul/16
Jesse danst have even 1,70 m looking at this picture rob!
Besides been short, he is quite ugly

Post a clear pic of yourself holding a sign that says "Not Eisenberg" and then maybe we can all judge who is uglier. If you don't comply, then the only logical assumption is that he's better looking than you are. And that goes without even mentioning what his financial status is compared to yours. ;-)
Sam said on 14/Jul/16
If he's dropping height, I can see him stretching out to 5'7 but looks closer to 5'6 in the picture with Rob if you take into account his slight edge in footwear. Still wouldn't say he was over 5'7 though.
Nick said on 14/Jul/16
Let's be real guys. He's barely even 5'7. 5'6,25 would be more accurate
Roy said on 13/Jul/16
That has to 5'7 surely? Maybe even 5'6.5.
james said on 13/Jul/16
He looks way shorter than 5'7" in that picture with Rob
Sammy Derrick said on 12/Jul/16
Jessie is 5'7(170cm) and he's square jawed and has a small pointy chin.He should try and look like he did in the movie,Now You See Me,long straight shoulder length hair and some facial hair.
It could go a long way.
Maryssa17 said on 11/Jul/16
He's not average. I actually find him so incredibly attractive
TJE said on 8/Jul/16
Looks 3-3.5 cm shorter and with 7-8 mm more footwear puts him 4 cm shorter. However, he's clearly dropping height; near 2 cm more than Rob. Current listing is fine; overall looks 5'7-5'7.5.
lol said on 8/Jul/16
he looks uglier because of the confusing height listing more than anything else.
truth said on 7/Jul/16
@Ice That is because you pretty much upgrade everyone around you, including yourself and the average height. :)
Shredder said on 6/Jul/16
Looks just under 5'7 in the pic , Rob is closer to the camera and he is slouching , so if that was mixed he'd look 5'7.25 . take away the 0.3 and you get a 5'7 flat guy
Chase Witherspoon said on 6/Jul/16
I'm seeing more than 2cm diff; he's looking 170 tops, perhaps even a tad less...
argh said on 6/Jul/16
just take the photo down rob, put the one where he was on snl with the real mark zuckerberg.
Editor Rob
Only in exceptional circumstances would I take a photo down I paid money to get!
Shredder said on 5/Jul/16
I wouldn't call him ugly , I would call him very average , normal looking , which in return makes him different in Hollywood which is a good thing.
Robby D. said on 4/Jul/16
If that photo doesn't prove that celebs exaggerate their heights I don't know what does. His New Balance Running shoes would give him a 1/2" advantage over Rob's Converse and yet he still looks 1 1/2" to 2" shorter. A 5' 9" listing is crazy, a 5' 7.25" generous.
mande2013 said on 4/Jul/16
It's Jesse's nebbish persona that makes him *seem* shorter than he is.
mande2013 said on 4/Jul/16
I think he looks a smidge taller with Rob than Alfie Allen does.
Tiger said on 4/Jul/16
I guess 172 cm for him .
Jake said on 4/Jul/16
I really thought that he was 1.75 m(5'9")-tall, as he really looked it in films such as Now You See Me, Zombieland, Batman v Superman.
Scott said on 3/Jul/16
He looks 5 foot six and a half in that picture. Nobody knows how big an inch is any more.
Ice said on 3/Jul/16
I cannot believe hes this small ..
SniperX said on 3/Jul/16
Jesse danst have even 1,70 m looking at this picture rob!
Besides been short, he is quite ugly
Brad said on 2/Jul/16
5-7, if that. Takes G lessons in height fibbing. He'd own G.
James said on 2/Jul/16
Either Rob is 174 cm or Jesse is 170 cm flat.
Johan said on 2/Jul/16
5ft 9 thats crazy he looks barely 5ft 7 here in the pic. Looks over an inch I would have said 4cm almost. I would go with 170cm he does seem to edge G as well who is 169cm.
Alex said on 2/Jul/16
Rob is around 174 cm in this pic with good posture, and Jesse with those shoes seems to be 2 or 3 cm shorter. Jesse is 171 or 172 cm at best with those shoes. His eye level with shoes, suggest 171 cm, and without around 169 cm. I think 169 cm barefoot is right for Jesse.
jtm said on 2/Jul/16
he looks a weak 5'7 to me.
Lendal said on 1/Jul/16
Not seeing anything above 5'7" here, Rob.

He claims 5'9" officially elsewhere, so seems like Jesse's doing the traditional actor "claim to be 2 inches taller than you really are" thing.

Seems so common... do agents just tell them all to do it or something?
mande2013 said on 1/Jul/16
I don't think Jesse looks under 1m70 here honestly. Look at how his shoulders line up with Rob's. Focusing on eye level exclusively can be deceiving. One has to consider how their bodies line up with each other.
JarvisOS said on 1/Jul/16
Highest 5'7.25
Lowest 5'6.75"
Average 5'7"
Legit 5'7" guy compared to strong 5'8" Rob who is 5'8.25
TJE said on 1/Jul/16
5'7 flat isn't entirely out of the question.
Shredder said on 1/Jul/16
Ralph at 5'9 is a push , he is over 5 ft 8 though.
burby said on 30/Jun/16
Yeah, weak 5'7". He's just barely above 5'6.5" G and he's making Rob look 5'9" solid.
Danimal (176-178cm) said on 30/Jun/16
Under 5'7" with atrocious posture.

Rob, still don't get how you have Ralph Macchio at only 5'8.5" when he clearly looks over 5'9" next to you, yet you have this guy at 5'7.25" when he clearly looks under 5'7" next to you.
Johno said on 29/Jun/16
As i said before, i doubt he would average more then 5'6.5 thus, 5'6 individual.
Mat said on 29/Jun/16
Editor Rob: I think he is losing a fraction more height than me...I would say he is a fraction taller than Big G up close.

He is losing a fraction more than you, and he has a fraction more footwear. So these two balance out. So he is 5'7, that's what the height chart shows
Shredder said on 29/Jun/16
Look guys , G vs. Jesse.

Click Here
Bammer. said on 29/Jun/16
@Mat said on 27/Jun/16

"How was that guy in person? Some have said he's kind of a d**k, but I don't know."

He's absolutely not a di*k, but he suffers from social anxiety and OCD (he's rather open about it) and that can make him seems like said di*k.
Shredder said on 29/Jun/16
5'7 seem to be the best bet
Andrea said on 29/Jun/16
Yeah, 169-170 is far away from being "unrealistic" in this picture! He doesn't look over that range HERE...
I guess it's another photo that took away some height?
Or maybe Rob you should reameasure yourself cuz you're probably nearer 5'9 :)
mrtguy said on 28/Jun/16
Rob in my eyes you always look taller than 5'8'', I think 5'9'' is more like it especially with shoes.
Editor Rob
those sneakers don't even take me to a full 5ft 9, still a little fraction under 5ft 9 in them when at my low height.
Billy said on 28/Jun/16
You guys better have your eyes checked. Jesse looks at least two inches shorter than 5'8" Rob.
Peter 179cm said on 28/Jun/16
He looks very similar range to Big G actually,so i'm keeping my 169cm estimate...
Editor Rob
I think he is losing a fraction more height than me...I would say he is a fraction taller than Big G up close.
Jordan87 said on 28/Jun/16
Wow, Tiny little fella. I did not really think he was that small . Its weird seeing young white males nowadays shorter than I am. ( 5'10.5"). I feel most are in my height range, rarely do I see white males in their 20's-30's shorter than I am. My Sister is in her mid 20's and It seems all the males that were in her band in high scool are 5'11-6'1, and lanky.
french guy said on 28/Jun/16
169 cm here
Shawn said on 27/Jun/16
I don't know Rob... you say he isn't as short as G, but it certainly looks like it based on the photo. You saw the guy in person, so is this one of those cases where the pic is slightly deceiving?
Editor Rob
in this photo room I saw a good bunch of photos being taken in front of me so overall I wouldn't have guessed 169-70 range
172.4cm guy said on 27/Jun/16
Whoa, the picture shows a solid inch difference between you and Jesse, and given you are around 173-174cm and Jesse has about 1cm more in footwear on you, he's about 170cm max.
Editor Rob
I believe the New Balance he had are around 1 inch, so about 0.3 inch difference in sneaker.

This is after lunch, at a convention I'm down for breakfast at 8am, then from then on feet, so I would say I am around 173cm at this point of day.
Alex said on 27/Jun/16
He looks more 169 cm
CS said on 27/Jun/16
@dmeyer what do you have to say about this?
Johno said on 27/Jun/16
The way Rob stands next to Eisenberg, i don't think he would fair so badily against the likes of Timberlake, Garfield, Cavil and Affleck. Hmmmmm.
Johno said on 27/Jun/16
Maybe 5'6.5.
TJE said on 27/Jun/16
Again Jesse is dropping 2-2.5 cm.
Mat said on 27/Jun/16
How was that guy in person? Some have said he's kind of a d**k, but I don't know.
Editor Rob
he seemed a pleasant guy from what I seen of him and listening to him in the wee talk that day.

I think at most events, the huge majority of actors are in the mood (and being paid) to meet fans, so it might be different than if you catch somebody on the street.

Johno said on 27/Jun/16
Nice and useful find Rob but i say the difference is more 1.5-1.75 inches when considering footwear thus he would reasonably be around ~5'6.5 evening and average around 5'6.75 or 5'7.
John said on 27/Jun/16
looks a solid inch shorter ~1.25 inches/ 3 cm maybe even 1.5 inches considering the fraction shoe advantage.
ayo said on 26/Jun/16
rob keep your credibility by posting some other photo instead. i see what you mean though
Panda said on 26/Jun/16
Yeah there looks to be about an inch difference Rob. That makes Andrew Garfield more 178 cm and Mark Zuckerberg 5'7.5" max.
Aaron Zamora said on 26/Jun/16
Why is 5'7 over his head? If he's wearing a 1/4 of an inch more shoe he should look 5'7.5 and he's struggling to look even 5'7. Time for a downgrade.
Aaron Zamora said on 26/Jun/16
I believe that he needs a downgrade he's a great actor I just saw now you see me 2 yesterday and it was awesome
EzioAuditore711 said on 26/Jun/16
With the chart he looks barely over 5'6''! He's MAYBE 5'6.5''! 5'7'' is being generous.
Mat said on 26/Jun/16
Rob would you say Jesse is one the most famous celebrities you ever took photo with?

The height chart shows he looks 5'7 on the button even with his **** posture. He may have footwear advantage but Rob is a bit closer to the camera. 5'7 would be a perfect guess I think, but I'm ok with the 5'7.25 too. No way he is near 5'6.5
Editor Rob
I would say he is in the top 5 so far.
It cost £60 for this photo, if you are a regular fan, that's a helluva lot of money.
George 172 cm said on 26/Jun/16
He looks ( 169-170 cm ) in this photo
Mark said on 26/Jun/16
He definitely seems to be slouching. Look at his leg positions, and his hip going in front.
Shredder said on 26/Jun/16
Rob , what would you guess his weight maxes out to? 145 ?
Editor Rob
probably somewhere in 140-45 range
Shredder said on 26/Jun/16
No way 5'7.25 after this mugshot , 5'7 is the most
berta said on 26/Jun/16
he looks at most 170 in this photo and have 1 cm shoe advantage maybe. I would say he is no taller than 169-170
Arch Stanton said on 26/Jun/16
I see 5 ft 7 flat.
Mat said on 25/Jun/16
Rob, 2 things:

Can you add a height chart in this photo?

and is Jesse losing in posture and do you have camera advantage? Visually I see 1.5 inches
Editor Rob
the camera is on a tripod about 5ft 6-7 high, it's the same photographer as the one with daniela/brett recently.
Andrea said on 25/Jun/16
Why not give him 5'7 flat??? If you think he's somewhere between 5'6.75-5'7.25? :)
He doesn't look over 5'6.75 here!
Editor Rob
it is a possibility.
Byron T. said on 25/Jun/16
He looks 5'7'' in Rob's photo (minus his small footwear advantage).
Hypado said on 25/Jun/16
Jesse Eisenberg's Height
5ft 7.25in (171 cm)

Great Photo Rob. Looks 170cm, maybe, 171, in this photo.
Peter 179cm said on 25/Jun/16
Clearly 169cm or 5'6.5 range...Even if we account for footwear and posture,he'd still be around 169,maybe 170cm max since Rob isn't standing perfectly straight either...
mrtguy said on 25/Jun/16
Rob if he's 5'7.25'' you look 5'9'' range easily
Kourosh said on 25/Jun/16
5'7 no more.
Mat said on 25/Jun/16
Rob, now that he is nearer 5'7, is that bad news for Garfield too? :)
Editor Rob
he generally looked somewhere in the 3 inch range taller.
JarvisOS said on 25/Jun/16
Rob is 5'7" a downgrade to possibility?. I think he seem 5'7.25 with added footwear in that photo.
Aaron Zamora said on 25/Jun/16
I think it's best to downgrade him to 5'7 flat it'll be in the middle of your two estimates
Merky said on 25/Jun/16
in this photo he looks around 5'6.5", minus a fraction more sneaker and like 5'6.25.
rob, is jesse really losing an inch more than you to be listed as 5'7.25"?
Editor Rob
the most I'd guess him is 5ft 7.25 barefoot...
the lowest 5ft 6.75, but I think 5ft 7 or 7.25 is more likely.
the Slav said on 24/Jun/16
Short hair suits him very well. He looks badass.
Listing seems just about right, though the camera perspective makes him look a little shorter
Leo said on 24/Jun/16
5'7 (1.70m) for Jesse.
Shredder said on 24/Jun/16
He is thinner than I thought. Looks nothing but a good 5'7 ranger.
EzioAuditore711 said on 24/Jun/16
Looks 5'7" flat. Could even be 5'6.5"-5-6'75".
ayo said on 24/Jun/16
your listing is getting more and more weirder. I would assume 5'6.75...
Editor Rob
well he didn't look 5ft 9 or 5ft 8 in person.

Did he look 5ft 7.5 range (my sneaker is 0.7, his looked 1 inch)...or 5ft 7...

one thing he didn't seem was the big G range of 5ft 6.5.
amaterasu said on 24/Jun/16
Rob, do you really think that there is no at least 1 full inch between you and him on this pic ? And he has a footwear advantage? Lol, that's a 169cm guy, 170cm on a good day. I think you should at least put him at 5'7" flat.
GP said on 24/Jun/16
I'm glad you got a photo with him Rob, because I saw not too long ago and I was little surprised that he was shorter than being advertised. I hope you are not going to keep him at 171, because the most he looks there is 170. Also that he has a cm more footwear, he exactly looks the same size as G did with you. 169-170 is more correct for him. Good photo Rob.
TJE said on 24/Jun/16
I'm assuming he's dropping about an inch in posture here
Andrea said on 24/Jun/16
Rob, he looks at least 3 cms shorter than you (3-4 cms actually)...
Why am i not surprised, though? :)
Of course without considering any shoe difference!
Didn't you say in the past that your hairline is about 1.5 inches from the top of the head? Jesse does look right around that zone!
5'8.25 minus 1.5 --> 5'6.75
But of course you will say that he looks taller than big G in person and that some height was lost in the picture, right?
Aaron Zamora said on 24/Jun/16
Rob, if he has a fraction more footwear wouldn't 5'6.75 or 5'7 be better? You look an inch taller than him even with that fraction more footwear that he has.
123 said on 24/Jun/16
5-9 give me a break I know most guys overestimate there height, but by 2 whole inches? that's starting to push it a little far, men need to stop being so insecure it doesn't make you any less of a man because your short
MadMax said on 24/Jun/16
wow!! ´´Now i see you´´, Mr. Einsenberg ....LOL . Looks under average-short in every single movie .169 cm (weak 5ft7) at most its what i can see!!!
truth said on 24/Jun/16
You met him, nice! Looks about 171cm, listing is spot on, good job as always etc.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Jun/16
Oh wow! Didn't recognise him with the glasses.
Shredder said on 23/Jun/16
Rob , you have a pic standing with him? Is it a good pic?
Editor Rob
well it won't help with a 5ft 9 claim.
TJE said on 22/Jun/16
I sense Andrew Garfield will get the 0.25 inch downgrade he deserves soon, as he consistently struggles to look 3 inches taller than Jesse.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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