How tall is Yvonne Strahovski

Yvonne Strahovski's Height

5ft 9 ¼ (175.9 cm)

Australian actress best known for playing Sarah Walker on TV show Chuck. She has also appeared in Dexter and 24: Live Another Day. In a Sep 07 NY Times it mentioned "she gives her height as 176 centimeters".

How tall is Yvonne Strahovski
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Average Guess (51 Votes)
5ft 9.25in (175.9cm)
Mimi said on 24/Sep/23
Rob, I see you brought her back to 176cm. Why though?
Editor Rob
Earlier this year was watching last series of Chuck as Jenny missed it and felt she is likely honest enough and could measure strong 5ft 9.
Naeem Thompson said on 14/Sep/23
Yvonne Strahovski is 5'9 1/4 176cm tall is the right correct
Naeem Thompson said on 2/Sep/23
Yvonne Strahovski Is 5’9 176CM Tall without heel’s Playing Sarah Walker or a T.V Show was funny Australian Actress
berta said on 12/Apr/23
i think 176 was better listing. saw 2 episodes of chuck and she pull of 5+9-5´10. I think in dexter they ofcourse gave him a small lift and did everything ti make her look shorter. we all know that.
Belgin said on 21/Aug/22
She looks like a solid 5’9” to me if she is any shorter then she must be 5’8”1/2 at lowest
David Tang said on 28/May/22
So you think after three hours 176 is what she would be ?
Editor Rob
Maybe it's possible about 3 hours out of bed.
David Tang said on 3/Jan/22
i think 176 is the mroe closer measurement, what do you think rob?
Editor Rob
If she got measured 10am she might be near that mark and go with it.
Aj06 said on 17/May/21
In chuck it was real up and down for me at times i oculd have swore she was 5'8 or just about there however at other times I could have thought she was as high as 5'10.
IM going with 5'9 seems about optimal.
Aj06 said on 17/May/21
In chuck it was real up and down for me at times i oculd have swore she was 5'8 or just about there however at other times I could have thought she was as high as 5'10.
IM going with 5'9 seems about optimal.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 1/Mar/21
In her latest movie a years ago i seem she does look what she claim 176cm. Maybe 5'9 just an estimate from Rob.
Jam Cherry said on 5/May/20
She looks very tall in predator, gives a 5 foot 10 impression in the movie she got nice broad shoulder and she’s very beautiful, ild say she’s 176.5 cm on a good day
Nik said on 14/Dec/19
17530 mm! Nice name!
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 28/Nov/19
Rob, is she only 5'9 in person or you have not met her yet?
Editor Rob
I've never seen her
Anonymous giant said on 19/Nov/19
In chuck she was a similar height to Dominic Morgan who is listed as 5,6.75 so I’d give her 5’7.5, not sure what footwear he was wearing
Andrea said on 7/Dec/18
Even on Dexter she can look anywhere from barely 5'8 up to near 5'9 at times. A guy like MCH generally does look at least a good inch taller than her, I'd say...
MAD SAM said on 2/Jul/18
I think that 176 cm is correct, she’s gotta be one she always looks over 5’9” and pulls off weak 5’10” looks many times ; btw she’s one of the most beautiful woman around the planet 🌎
Tall Sam said on 7/Mar/18
So gorgeous and I think more or less pulls off looking 5'9" range.
Tom Nook said on 25/Nov/17
5'9.25 She looked really close in height to Michael C Hall in Dexter.
Junior said on 16/Aug/17
definitely a good 5'9 blondie.
Jeff said on 16/May/17
Rob, don't you think Sarah Lancaster and Yvonne are the same height? In pictures, sometimes randomly either of the two looks taller.
Editor Rob
there is a chance they are within 1/4, they did seem quite close on the show.
S.J.H said on 25/Jan/17
She look so thin. Probably under 125 pounds now
J.Lee said on 9/Dec/16
Rob how tall in the picture above?
Editor Rob
J.Lee, probably 6ft 1 range.
Andrew said on 19/Nov/16
Editor Rob, would you be surprised if her average height is actually 176 cm?
Editor Rob
Andrew, I think there is a chance just 175cm for Sarah.
liam said on 13/Jul/16
Yvonne is just over heels Yvonne stands 6ft.any way she beautiful and great actress
Silent_D said on 7/May/16
I watched dexter again and michael c hall is slightly taller than her. She is slightly taller than jennifer carpenter who i think is 174cm. 176cm is about right.
S.J.H said on 7/Feb/16
Next to zachary levi she look nothing over 5'8.5
TJE said on 18/Jan/16

Weren't you 5'8.5 on Arnold Schwarzenegger's page?
Luke said on 17/Jan/16
I met her once...she is at least 5'9...Im 5'10 and she was almost my height...she had flat shoes on and I had regular snickers...she really is tall for a woman and very beautiful.
Andrea said on 14/Jan/16
In 24, she really doesn't look under 5'9... I mean, she does look taller than Kiefer (and her shoes don't look particularly thick)!
As i said, she can look anywhere from barely 5'8 to a strong 5'9!
Strange you never met her, Rob, considering you've seen many actors from Chuck!
Maybe you'll do in the future... ;)
As for now, 5'9 is a fine listing!
Editor Rob
she was actually scheduled to be a guest at one of those Starfury's, then like many times cancelled...but a few nasty comments on 'social media' put her off rescheduling, so she's not done a UK one!
S.J.H said on 13/Nov/15
Shes either 5'8 or she really was 5'9.25
Morningheight 5'11.5 said on 12/Nov/15
I think Rob is right 5'9 is a safe bet
Aldwin said on 2/Nov/15
Hi Rob, how tall you think is she in heels like those? Click Here
Editor Rob
she might measure 6ft 0.5-0.75 range
Sean73 said on 8/Oct/15
She had an inch on Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall barely edged her out on Dexter. And he was 5' 10". I would say a strong 5' 9" for her. Possibly 5' 9.25".
Thomas said on 15/Sep/15
She looks 5'8/8.5 most of the time, so I think 5'9 might be a little stretch.
Andrea said on 3/Jul/15
Yep, Tunman... She doesn't look much taller than 5'7 with Mekenna but 5'7 is something i'd safely rule out! I am sure she looked taller than Dominic Monaghan in an episode of Chuck, she was wearing low sneakers and he was wearing thicker shoes, still she was at least an inch taller... 5'9 i always said it was a better fit for her, it's a good compromise! Let's just say that if she was more 174, i wouldn't be surprised at all but 5'9 is still a good listing! Also, i always said that Mekenna was genuinely taller than 5', she can look just a bit shorter than Joshua Gomez in heels and she actually can give a taller impression than the other 5'1 girl that Rob met from the same show (can't remember her name)...
Tunman said on 2/Jul/15
Actually with Mekenna she looks more 5'7.Obviously she's not that short.
I trust Rob when he says she could be only at her mouth an optimal pic maybe?that's still more a 7.25 difference.Even with Mekenna at 5'1.5 she's no more than 5'8.5-9
Also with pietro she looks more 5'8 range even counting possibly slight drop in posture it would be surprising if she turns a full inch taller than him
174-5.Maybe 5'9 flat to give her the benefit of doubt.
Editor Rob
5ft 9 on the nose is probably the best fit for all I've seen
Andrea said on 3/May/15
I don't know, sometimes she really does look near her listing, other times closer to 5'8, like in those pictures Pietro posted... Me too, i don't know if i would put her as low as 5'8.5 but maybe 5'9 flat is a bit better.
Andrea said on 2/May/15
Ok, i don't want to insist to much... But could you at least put some photos where she's around Yvonne's mouth? And that would be 8.25 inches in your opinion? So she's got to be like near 10 inch head?
Editor Rob
she can look typically around end of her nose, it's always possible Yvonne can look in 5ft 8.5 range than a strong 5ft 9. But I haven't seen enough to say she's that low.
Andrea said on 30/Apr/15
Another "unsolved" height matching? :)
Editor Rob
it's not that unsolved if she was really at her mouth area, and in some of the photos the small girl is nearer.
Andrea said on 29/Apr/15
There are many pictures of them and Mekenna never looks around Yvonne's mouth (at least in those i've seen)... And even if she was "at her mouth", that wouldn't be a big 8 inches difference, unless she's got a 9.5-10 inches head but i don't think that's the case! Didn't you say this is not even a 6 inches difference? Click Here
Well, that's not much different with Yvonne and Mekenna... And Jenny doesn't have a much smaller head than her, i think!
Andrea said on 25/Apr/15
Yeah, that is a better listing but you realize that still doesn't explain why the difference is so "small"? That's not a 5'9 girl vs a 5'1...
Editor Rob
I think in some photos she can look close to Yvonne's mouth, in others she looks more, but sometimes as we know photos can add or reduce height a bit.
Andrea said on 23/Apr/15
Rob, is this a big 9 inches difference? O.O
Click Here
Click Here
You did insist that Mekenna girl is not over 5'... If that's true, Yvonne doesn't look over 5'7 there! What's your explanation?
Editor Rob
It could be she said 5ft 2 on a good day but more like 5ft 1....and the 1 part missing from the quote? 5ft 1 might make more sense.
john said on 12/Jan/15
5'10 is a joke. In chuck she can look 5'8 range at times but after seeing her next to 5'8.25-5'8.5 kiefer sutherland I cant really see her under 5'9. She's probably just a legit 175.
Andrea said on 11/Jan/15
5'10 is out of the question! I still have my doubts on a big 176, let alone 5'10!!! 5'9 would be a better listing and i wouldn't be surprised at all if she dipped below that mark!
MasterX said on 11/Jan/15
Hey rob she has claimed 5'10" in like 2 interviews. Do you think shes close to 5' 10?. She looks the same height as michael c hall.
Editor Rob
I don't think she looks a real 5ft 10, and since she gave her height as 176cm before she got more famous, maybe she is rounding up now ;)
john said on 17/Sep/14
hey rob how tall is she in these? Click Here
Editor Rob
probably measure 6ft 0.75ish in them
Kostas said on 9/Aug/14
Now way she is under 5'9" in these photos. She has around 1.5cm less footwear and still looks slightly taller than you. Except you are under 5'8" yourself.
Andrea said on 26/Jul/14
So, does she really look a big 5'9 there? I'd agree with a 5'9 flat listing because she sometimes can look near that but 176 is pretty optimistic...
Andrea said on 25/Jul/14
Well, i don't think she has worse posture, but she has shoe disadvantage, yeah... I repeat, i wouldn't be surprised if she turned out to be not even 175! On Chuck she really can look not much more than 5'8 sometimes. Take a look at this clip, for example:
Click Here
Here, she's wearing at least 3 inches shoes and Zach is in converse, so he's about 192-193 in them... When they talk to the "general", she still looks noticeably shorter than him, actually she doesn't even look 5'8 there. Rob, what do you think?
Kostas said on 25/Jul/14
Actually considering that she has footwear disadvantage and worse posture than you in the pics, she is easily 1.76.
Alessandro said on 12/Jul/14
Pietro,judging by your body frame you're 173,5 cm tall with that kind of shoes on, not barefoot, she's not more than170 cm barefoot. period.
Andrea said on 21/Jun/14
Pietro, you do look a bit taller than her but you also have more shoe... In any case, she doesnt look 176 with you and that doesnt surprise me at all! Rob, could she be more 174-175?
Editor Rob
it's a possibility but generally she looks a 5ft 9er to me
Pietro Accetta said on 18/Jun/14
Hi Rob!!! I'm 173.5 cm tall.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

I thing something's wrong right?
Editor Rob
if you have a fraction more sneaker, she could be around same as you
Chris said on 3/May/14
So her head is definitely not under 9 inches (23 cm) and most probably longer than that? I think mine is over 9 inches then cuz her head doesnt really appear big in any photo i see of her, unlike mine. What makes you think of this measurement?
Editor Rob
I looked again at her with mary lynn/raver to compare as they had some premiere photos and you know I wouldn't say it was over 9 inches and might in fact be a tad less, but not much
cole said on 24/Apr/14
@Jim: About character heights - Chuck was described as 6'1 on the show, when in real life he's a big 191 cm guy. Other nonsensical show-heights that comes to mind: 5'9 Robert Knepper was described as 5'11 on a show, Jude Law as 6'1 in Gattaca, 6'0.5 Damon Wayans as 5'9 (!) in White Girls and 6'0.5 - 6'1 Toby Kebbell as 5'11 on some show. Most of the time it's meaningless, but there are those few times like with Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter, that you mentioned, when the characters heights is more or less spot on to their real life heights.

As for Yvonne, she's definitely somewhere in the 5'9 range. 176 cm is very believable.
Tall and extremely attractive woman.
John P said on 18/Mar/14
Rob, in this podcast at around 1:01:45 she claims 5'10" Click Here
Editor Rob
she's rounding up a bit!
Andrea said on 8/Mar/14
You really think she might measure 176? On Chuck she can look a bit under that mark next to Levi and Baldwin... She's tall for sure, though...
Editor Rob
around 5ft 9 is ok for her
lelman said on 6/Feb/14
I agree, no way she is below 5'9". Looks tall on Chuck, even next to Levi and Baldwin.
Liz said on 18/Jan/14
She is 5'9.25" and no less. She's not 5'8" look at her next to MCH in Dexter their height difference isn't even noticeable. Tall girl for sure.
Natasha1 said on 3/Jan/14
She isn't 5'8". 5'9.25" is correct look at scene of her with 5'10" Michael C Hall. They are pretty much the same height.
steven said on 19/Aug/13
Rob, don`t you think that with the heels she is wearing she should be much, much taller that Aaron:
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob
they don't look huge heels, just standard range, aaron looks more a 5ft 10ish guy actually there.
Dave said on 14/Aug/13
hey rob what do you think her weight is?
Editor Rob
probably 135 range
Phantom said on 12/Aug/13
On Dexter they listed her as 5'7" and 114 pounds.
Jim said on 11/Aug/13
Clearer image than before
Jim said on 11/Aug/13
Definitely thought she was as claimed, however, on the latest Dexter episode, I took a screenshot of her characters details. Her height is given as 5'7, which to be honest, I don't think she is, however, the show is pretty accurate when it comes to height on characters ID's, criminal databases etc.

There was an episode where Deb's (Jenifer Carpenter)height was given as 5'8 and Michael C Hall as 5'10, so, something to consider.

Apologies for the blurred screenshot
Editor Rob
I don't know, I remember they had julia stiles character as 5ft 3...just depends the data monkey making the screens up whether they care or not :)
da_truth said on 27/Jul/13
she has heels (prob 3 inches) with 5'10.75" Aaron Eckhart
Click Here
Silent d said on 26/Jun/13
176cm is alright for her. She does look like kristinna loken.
Emily said on 18/Apr/13
@Rob Do you mean Yvonne´s head is 1 cm shorter than Levi´s? And how long do you think her head is exactly? 9 inches?
Editor Rob
possibly 9-9.25 inch range.
Emily said on 10/Apr/13
How long do you guys think her head is? In this picture here: Click Here her head is almost as long as Ryan Mcpartlins who is a very tall dude. And how do you exactly measure your head lenght properly when you have an uneven skullcap? I tried measuring by putting a book on the top of my head but that´s pretty difficult when your skullcap is not flat.
Editor Rob
I think ryan's head is slightly further away, compared to levi's it's maybe a cm smaller. I don't think it's really that big, but above average yes.
gf4670 said on 4/Jan/13
She's about 5'8", maybe a tad over, but not 5'9"+. On Chuck she wore those insane heels and was still several inches under Levi, who is about 6'2". And on Dexter Hall is at best 5'10" in shoes. Her body and wardrobe makes her look longer than she is.
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm said on 17/Dec/12
Yeah, she's in Mass Effect (but with black hair)...ahahah
Aniway, she looked an inch shorter than Michael C. Hall on Dexter, and Hall is a solid 5'10-5'10.25. And she was taller than 174cm Jennifer Carpenter on the same show.

175-176 is good.
Joey said on 14/Dec/12
5'8.5 (174cm) is my fact: she is the model and voice actor of the mass effect 2 & 3 pc game character Miranda ^^ (different hair colour tho)
Silent D said on 25/Oct/12
I want to meet her. Chameleon sarah lancaster is hot but they are different. 176cm
LovaBoi said on 1/Oct/12
How have all you people seen her and met her before?! Haha hopefully i will see her at comic con this year. But i have to admit she is gorgeous! And yeh i'd say a solid and sexy 5'8
Joey said on 21/Sep/12
more like solid 5'8
Chameleon said on 7/Sep/12
Cmon guys there is no way shes better looking than Sarah Lancaster.
She does look 5'8 often though Im really not sure about 176cm.
Hob said on 28/Jul/12
anything over 5'8 is nutcase for her. look more like a weak 5'8 i would rule out 172cm.
lappers84 said on 7/Feb/12
she seems about an 1 - 1 1/2 inches taller than Josh gomez - and I doubt he's much shorter than 5'7 1/2. So i'd say anywhere from about 5'8 1/2 - 5'9 (she does wear ridiculously high heels on the show - making her look about 6'1.)
The Karl said on 31/Jan/12
i'm going with 5-8 in bare feet. she is knock out gorgeous, twice as good in person as on screen. shame that she isn't better known outside of aussie. one of the hottest girls i've ever seen.
SIlent d said on 1/Dec/11
176cm. No celebrities say such an exact height. They always say 6 foot 2 or near 6 foot 3. I believe her. 176cm. sounds accurate. She looks tall and hot.
LAN Jiao said on 25/Oct/11
Comfirm her at 174cm.
chippy47 said on 25/Oct/11
Yall got to remember, they makers of Chuck often distort the height differences in the characters. They Always say chuck is like 6'1, and of course zac levi is 6'4. Baldwin and mcpartlin are also 6'4, but they often make them look taller than zachary levi in scenes. In the cat squad episode of s 4, mini arden(carina) looks like shes pushing 6ft !
LAN Jiao said on 23/Sep/11
i use to believe shes 5ft9. but the more i watch chuck series she apear a little under her claim.
so i'd say 5"8-1/4 to 5"8-1/2.
Thor said on 12/Sep/11
Gorgeous woman, not as tall as this listing, i'd say 5'8".
slr said on 4/Sep/11
she looks at least 2 inches shorter than Mini Anden, so she might be 1.73 max.
Hansen said on 14/Aug/11
176?? but in chuck she look alot in e 5ft8 range. even the scene she barefoot in shower next to zachary levi look alot like 174 and zachary look struggle on 190..
JP said on 12/Aug/11
Saw her at Comic-Con in July. Walked right past me in heels, she was no more than my height (5'11") I would say she is closer to 5'8" in bare feet. Absolutely gorgeous though.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 30/Jun/11
well! in this shot, admitting she's not wearing heels, she looks at least 20 cms shorter than adam baldwin (192-193)... so she's got to be max 173, always admitting she's not wearing heels!
JellO said on 8/Feb/11
Definitely not below 5'9. She doesn't look that short next to the guys on Chuck, and they're all huge. Granted she's wearing heels most of the time, but still, Baldwin and Levi are both close to 6'4. I could buy up to 5'9.75.
Danielle said on 1/Dec/10
Well,some of you are wrong,cause first i meet her and she was taller than me with flats(i'm 172cm)second Sarah Lancaster is smaller than she,because you can look the episode when 'Ellie' choosed the bridesmaid dresses and she(Sarah L.) is wearing heels,and is a little taller,in this episode Yvonne is wearing flats too.Third normally,polish people are tall.So i agree with Rob,she's about 175-176cm.
jtm said on 10/Nov/10
she usually looks at best the same height as sarah lancaster who is listed at 5'8 in most of the sites and that makes me think that lancaster is really not 5'8 since the other sites are usually incorrect with the height of the celebs.
Anonymous said on 2/Jul/09
she is smaller than 176 cm
diana said on 22/Apr/09
don't base her height off of sarah lancaster. ive seen a commercial the cast did for like a double episode of chuck they did sometime ago (youtube it) its pretty obvious that theyre both not wearing heels and sarah lancaster looks so small compared to yvonne. you don't realize she's tall (mind you she's not a giant as ive noticed someones already hinted at on this page) cuz the guys on that show are huuge! except morgan the guys are 6'3, 6'4 n 6'5
Clay said on 12/Apr/09
Fredrick she is taller than Lancaster. Lancaster looks taller either because she is wearing heels or because of the angle. I have met them both at Comic con and Yvonne is taller by at least 1 inch.

Editor Rob
glenn has a photo with lancaster, I've seen it as I browsed through his disc last week.
Fredrick said on 11/Apr/09
How can she be over 5'9'', when she's smaller than 5'8'' Sarah Lancaster? Just wondering.
Click Here
Click Here
IMRIGHT said on 17/Dec/08

Editor Rob
Chuck = good laid back show.
Joe said on 27/Jun/08
Met her at Comic-Con. She was just as tall as me (I'm 5-11) and wearing heels. Really long legs and extremely beautiful as well.
bf said on 2/May/08
i thought she was 5'9.5 and mini anden is 5'11
Eddie said on 30/Apr/08
I thought she might have been 5 ft 10 in.

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