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5ft 7.88in (172.4cm)
Dude said on 31/Dec/08
leonari are you bind? she is up to his chin.
leonari said on 31/Dec/08
Dude: yep thats what 6 inches or a bit more look like. He is 5'8"
Dude said on 30/Dec/08
just how short do you think 5'6 is? That's how tall he is. Here, if seriously didn't prove it, I WILL.

Click Here

Is that how a 5'8 person towers over a 5'1.5 gal?
Paul_Pierce_4_ever said on 30/Dec/08
Efron is clearly taller than 5'6, don't be silly
wow said on 30/Dec/08
sometimes this site can be very accurate...other times I think you guys are so afraid of the truth and too afraid to post their real heights. It's 5'6 man.
Emma W said on 21/Dec/08
Zac Efron is deifnitely about 5'8. It makes the most sense

And with those pictures of him with those guys - he is evidently shorter than all of them. And he probably just looks closer to the height due to angles, and guys leaning down (Will Smith is leaning down).
Seriously said on 17/Dec/08
You telling me he is still 5'8 with the evidence I posted? Here are some more Rob dude, Click Here

Again, 3 inch heels which makes her 5'4.5 and Zac has her by ....what do you know, 2.5 eh?
Growth Spurt said on 13/Dec/08
He's 5'7-5'8 and ET is known for adding inches to celebs heights.
Seriously said on 10/Dec/08
Nvm, I think he is more 5'6-5'7.

Check this pic out as my proof. Here is my reasoning:

Click Here

Zac Efron is wearing chuck's(Flats) and Hudgens is wearing heels. Her heels are most likely 3 inches as seen in this pic below:

Click Here

So Hudgens is listed at 5'1.5 on this site, add 3 inches to that, she will be around 5'4.5-5'5 ish correct? As you can see in my first pic, the difference between the two is around 2 inches. And also notice that Hudgens is slightly slouching in the first pic as opposed to Zac standing up straight.

There you have it people.
Seriously said on 8/Dec/08
Im pretty sure he is 5'8, but sometimes he looks taller. And Im not talking about pictures where he wears lifts.
Paul_pierce_4_ever said on 6/Dec/08
He seems to be a weak 5'8
JoSh said on 6/Dec/08
I believe that he is exactly 5 ft 8 in...
and the pics where he stands with beckham and smith, yes, he does look taller..
but trust me, i'm only 5 ft 7 in, which is 170 if im not mistaken, and i have a friend who's the same height as beckham(182)..with me standing beside him, he doesnt seem that taller(a bit taller, but not that tall that i have to raise my head to talk to him...)
And in a photo with me and him with the right angle and posture, our height doesnt differ much..unless we're both standing up straight and facing a big mirror(big enough that even when u stand 1 meters away from the mirror, u can still see ur knee), that way, both of us look totally diff' in height.
RisingForce said on 4/Dec/08
5'9" is not even possible.
jck08 said on 4/Dec/08
Come on, people trying to downgrade him to 5'6 - 5'7 is ridiculous. He is 5'8, 5'9 max.
myra said on 2/Dec/08
zac efron is DEFINITELY DEFINITELY NOT 5'8"!! Like you see in photos, he is like only 6" taller than vanessa (when vanessa's wearing flats NOT pumps) & vanessa is a little over 5'. So, zac is probably 5'6". I know because I am 5', my brother is 5'8" and my dad is 5'6".
RisingForce said on 2/Dec/08
He's 5-8 max, maybe 5-7ish. Why would he claim 5-8 if he were taller?
Leonari said on 1/Dec/08
Zac: 5'10" Okay... You qre way off bro...
Viper said on 1/Dec/08
Dude, hes even said hes 5-8 from his own mouth. He doesnt looks any taller than that.
Andrew said on 1/Dec/08
Zac Efron is taller than you think
and here is the proof:

1) With Gerard Butler (King Leonidas) 187cm Click Here
2) With Will Smith 187cm Click Here
3) With David Beckham 182cm Click Here In this last pic David wears elevated shoes.

OK he isn't 5'11, but he is definately 5'9 - 5'10
See the pictures, You can't be that tall even with elevator shoes.
Believe me I tried it.
I am 5'9 my father is 5'7, I know the difference. Zac's body isn't that bad.
The best i can with big ugly high heel shoes is 5'11,5

Be good.

P.S. Zac is only 21. The last 2 years he maybe add inches to his height.
Also I NEVER saw him with big shoes.
Also thanks for the comments.
Realme2008 said on 1/Dec/08
Just watched Entertainment tonight, and according to that show he is 5'10". I laughed out loud. They really need to have someone check for accuracy.
Anonymous said on 30/Nov/08
They said 5'10.5" on ET, if that holds any merit. They also said James Franco was only 5'10", odd, isn't it?
Zach # 2 said on 30/Nov/08
this guy deffo wears lifts. maybe a strong 5ft 8.
Daii said on 29/Nov/08
Andrew, you contradicted yourself with them pictures. David Beckham is 182 cms correct (5'11.5) but Zac is still about 1-2 inches shorter than him - so how can he be over 6 foot when he is shorter than someone who isn't even 6 foot themselves!?
Kristian said on 28/Nov/08
if everyone here is so insistant he is 5 foot 8, i would place him as 5 foot 7 to 5 foot 7.5

in the morning im 5 foot 9 but during the day i shrink to 5 foot 8, however my hair adds about another inch so i never look under 5 foot 9, and thats all in barefeet, the point is there are many ways to make yourself look an inch taller, so it could be safe to say he is no taller than 5 foot 7 but uses all the tricks in the book to make us think he is 5 foot 8
RisingForce said on 28/Nov/08
Viper says on 25/Nov/08
He looks 5-8 with 6-1 Barry Bonds.

5-8 max next to Bonds, possibly shorter. Bonds dwarfed him by 5-6 inches. Leno had a good 3 inches on him as well, Travolta had 5-6 inches on him. At the very most this kid is 5-8. Anything over is laughable.
Viper said on 25/Nov/08
He looks 5-8 with 6-1 Barry Bonds.
Killing Joke said on 24/Nov/08
Click Here

Here he is sitting next to Dicaprio during a Lakers game. Notice the difference in the leg, shoulders, and head areas. There are many pictures and video below to prove that he is 5'8 and nothing over
anonymous said on 24/Nov/08
No way is he 6 foot. He is 5 foot 8. 6 foot is laughable. He is short. There is no surprises.
Anonymous said on 23/Nov/08
your joking Andrew aren't you
iBeast said on 22/Nov/08
Wow you certainly pick the best pictures to debate.
Andrew said on 22/Nov/08
Zac Efron is taller than 5'11 or 180 cm
and here is the proof:

1) With Gerard Butler (Leonidas) 186cm Click Here
2) With Will Smith 187cm Click Here
3) With David Beckham 182cm Click Here

he's probably more 6'00 ft.
me said on 22/Nov/08
yeah, he most be 5'7 tops, theres no way in hell hes taller than 1.70, just look at the regis and kelly show, hes regis
S said on 21/Nov/08
i dont understand! if vanessa hudgens is never towered by zac and she is only 5'1 den zac should be downgraded to 5'6'5'7 max
Valeri said on 21/Nov/08
Daii...I saw that high school musical all cast cartboard cutout life sized one too. Even here in Europe they're everywhere. Now I'm 5'11.25.I was wearing 1.2inches And ''he'' was wearing dress shoes,which give 1.2 as well,if not a bit more. I stood real close to him,peopel stared at me funny,but I needed some confirmation. And his eyes were directly on the same level as my lower lip. Now if anyone can tell me how long is the average male head,and what is the difference between the lower lip and eyes,then you got that. Personally when I look into the mirror,and I'm an above average judge of height,I see around 3 inches there. So my height 5'11.25 - 3 in would be 5'8.25..But I didn't measure the difference between my lip and eyes,so there's a chance of a slight error,but no less than 3 inches. And the error is probably half an inch at most.
So I'd peg efron at 5'8 or just brushing it.
Valeri said on 21/Nov/08
yeah simon,hes jsut under average. Shia Labeouf is the average for ex.And Crawford is an inch above average.
simon said on 14/Nov/08
he's 5'8 there's no doubt about it! even if in HSM 3 seems to be grown! but I think he's 5'8 and to me it's the righ boy height! he's not short he's right!
Josh said on 13/Nov/08
Hes is 5'8 same as Jesse Mcartney
anonymous said on 12/Nov/08
Jesses mcartney is short. He's 5 foot 7max. Zac efron is five foot 8 max. He was slightly taller than 170cm ellen. He's not that tall.
Killing Joke said on 11/Nov/08
He is 5'8 tops. With all the pictures and videos proven how come it resurfaces that he magically is 5'10 or 5'9 again?
RisingForce said on 11/Nov/08
5'8" max, no chance he's even a hair more. John Travolta is about 6 feet and he dwarfed this kid.
iBeast said on 9/Nov/08
so is he really 5'8 or what? you guys should downgrade shia lebauf and jesse mccartney then if so.
Bruce said on 9/Nov/08
i think he is 5'8.5"-5'9"
Kristian said on 8/Nov/08
u guys have either got to upgrade zac, or downgrade jesse mcartney, google both of them togehter and theres a photo that shows they are of very similar heights
Guy said on 5/Nov/08
Bad angle, Killing Joke. Ellen's closer to the camera. Here's pictures that illustrate how I was able to see that inch and a half.

Click Here

Click Here
6'0 guy said on 4/Nov/08
Zac was the exact same height as Regis Philbin 5'7 on his talk show
Killing Joke said on 4/Nov/08
the pictures everyone has posted should end all the discussion about his height anyways. He is 5'8 maybe a little under nothing over.
Rock and Rose said on 4/Nov/08
Yeah i think he's 5'8.. maybe 5'7.. that seems the right height
RisingForce said on 3/Nov/08
A lifesize model? That's incredibly stupid. Every now and then we have people who come in here and judge height from wax museums ect.

Meet him in person and then judge, by tbe way did this figure have shoes? They probably didn't make a figure of him barefoot.

Get over it, he's 5'8", it's obvious. He may be a little under 5'8" actually. 5'7" is very possible.
Killing Joke said on 3/Nov/08
I don't see an inch and a half difference between he and Ellen

Click Here
django said on 3/Nov/08
Unbelievable how a lot of girls here just can't accept the guy is 5'8. It's not like he is sick or something..sigh
Daii said on 1/Nov/08
he is 5'9.5. I stood next to a lifesize model of him, and he was slightly shorter than me, and im 5'10
Maribel said on 1/Nov/08
He looks close to 5-9, maybe 5-8 3/4.
Anonymous said on 31/Oct/08
He was on Ellen yesterday. They were both in flats, he was an inch, inch and a half taller than her. I give him 5'8-5'8.5
Paul_pierce_4_ever said on 28/Oct/08
he's clearly taller than 5'6, don't be absurd
ozzy osborne said on 26/Oct/08
ive met him before he is not over 5'6"
RisingForce said on 26/Oct/08
The kid is 21 and probably won't grow anymore and no he didn't look taller than 5'8". Jay is 5'11" and had him by atleast 3", 6'1" Barry Bonds had him by atleast 5" and 6'0.25" John Travolta had him by about 6". He looked barely 5'8", if that. He's more likely under 5'8" than over it. 5'7"-5'8", no more, no less.
somecaligirl said on 26/Oct/08
He was on Jay Leno recently and he now looks taller than 5 8'. Boys grow well into there 20's so it's about time to change his height.
Anonymous said on 26/Oct/08
He actually looks a bit taller in new photos from HSM3 premieres?
Anonymous said on 24/Oct/08
5'7" barefoot, 5'8" in shoes
teddy89 said on 23/Oct/08
i think is not taller than 5'7. Greetings from italy!
RisingForce said on 23/Oct/08
Yeah, 5'8" max and not a hair over. 5'7" seems very possible too. I don't see why he's started claiming 5'9" when he has already claimed 5'8" and couldn't pass for any taller than that.
Killing Joke said on 23/Oct/08
True, he was wearing Converse sneakers, but some people on this site say Regis is closer to 5'5. At least those 5'10 rumors are put to rest
RisingForce said on 23/Oct/08
It seems comfirmed that 5'7"-5'8" is the range. 5'7" minimum and 5'8" max. I just saw the video and if Regis is 5'6" and Kelly is 5'2.5" then it points to more 5'7" than 5'8" although he was wearing Converse which give almost no height.
Killing Joke said on 22/Oct/08
He is actually shorter than Kelly Ripa in heels...

Click Here

Now I'm thinking 5'6-5'8
Killing Joke said on 22/Oct/08
He was on Regis and Kelly today, and he was an inch taller then Regis and the same height as Kelly Ripa in about 3.5 inch heels. 5'7-5'8 nothing over. The video should be on youtube soon
RisingForce said on 19/Oct/08
Sly is not 5'6". Sly is atleast 5'10". He's obviously alot taller than Cruise.

Here's Sly and 6'1" Tom Arnold
Click Here

A 5'6" man couldn't reach that height on anything other than stilts. Sly wears elevator shoes but they can only do so much(add about 3" to your barefoot height). Besides Sly hasn't even been estimate dlower than 5'7" so where you get 5'6" is beyond me.

Cruise is also more like 5'8" by the way.
RisingForce said on 19/Oct/08
After looking at the Leno appearance again I'd say more 5'8" than 5'7". In the Bonds picture he also isn't fully straight although his hair makes it tricky. 5'7" or 5'8" for him.

I'm 5'7 3/4" and I look really short next to my 6-0 brother in pictures so I guess straightened out he could be a strong 5-8 with 6-1 Bonds. 5-8 but nothing over.
django said on 18/Oct/08
He's a proper 5'8. The appearance with Leno makes this case closed. He's not 5'7 or even 5'6, that's ridiculous.
RisingForce said on 17/Oct/08
I'm just shocked he's tried saying 5'9"! I mean he's already claimed 5'8" in the past and has joked about his height. He's probably 5'7".

Then again John Leguizamo claimed 5'7" once and years later claimed 5'9".
MD said on 16/Oct/08
Yes, I also saw his Leno appearance, and it's pretty clear that 5'8" is the absolute top of the scale, for him, and more likely shorter.
RisingForce said on 16/Oct/08
That puts Zac at 5-7 max as I've been saying. I must admit I'm not that familiar with the things this kid has done, I've never seen any of his films but seeing him 3-4" shorter than 5-11 Jay Leno, 6" shorter than 6-1 Barry Bonds and 5-6 inches shorter than 6'0"/6'0.25" Travolta convinced me he isn't over 5'7". He was dwarfed by Bonds in several pictures, dwarfed by Travolta in several pictures and even Leno somewhat dwarfed him.

If he was 5'9" or 5'10" he would have been very close to Leno's height especially considering Leno slouches. If he was that height he also wouldn't have looked like a dwarf next to guys just over 6 ft like Bonds or Travolta. I also don't think he'd be joking about his height if he was 5-9 or 5-10.

I'd give him 5-7 but there's probably a better chance that he's 5-6 than 5-8. In fact didn't he say he was 5-6 once?
Killing Joke said on 16/Oct/08
At the end of the episode, after kenny chesney performed, leno and zac are standing next to each other in a perfect view and you can see that leno is 4 inches taller then him
RisingForce said on 16/Oct/08
It's not likely he grew that much at 21.

I saw the episode too, easily 3", possibly 4" shorter than 5'11" Leno and when they showed the picture of Bonds and Efron, he joked "I'm almost as tall as that guy" since he was clearly being dwarfed by Bonds. He also joked that he was probably standing on the pitchers mound next to Bonds.

Bonds was listed 6-1 early in his career so he's probably that height.
Click Here

Zac seems a good 6 inches shorter than Bonds, so once again he's about 5'7". Maybe at best he's 5'8" but 5'9" is a joke for this kid. He even joked about his own height and has claimed 5'8"!
Killing Joke said on 16/Oct/08
Okay, so he was on Jay Leno yesterday and he appeared 3+ inches shorter then Leno. During the interview, they were showing pictures of him with Barry Bonds, and Zac himself was making fun of his own height! When they showed the picture when he looked 4+ inches shorter he is like "that is more accurate." Also after Kenny Chesney performed Zac and Jay were standing next to each other and he looked 4+ inches from that view!


Click Here

Full Episode:

Click Here
dun dun said on 16/Oct/08
dude did you see his new photoshoot (forgot which mag) the one with him in a suit and wet from a pool? he looks tall there. is it possible he grew? i still think he fits in the 5'8 range same as the jonas bros.
RisingForce said on 15/Oct/08
5'9", 5'10"? Try 5'6", maybe 5'7"

John Travolta in his own words says "I'm six, a little over six"

Now how is it that Travolta at 6'0" or 6'0.25" towered over this kid by 5 or 6 inches in numerous pictures? I'll tell you how, he's 5'6" or 5'7" max. Even he said he was only 5'8"! So where people get 5'9" or 5'10" from is beyond me. It's kind of like John Leguizamo claiming 5'9" in '03 despite the fact that he had claimed 5'7" in '91 and always looked 5'7" max.

I don't know what this kid looks like in films but if he looks anything over 5'7" then it's lifts because 6 foot Travolta made him look like an ant. Of course all of the pre-teen girls don't want to hear it but once again he's 5'6" or 5'7", no more, no less.
Phil said on 12/Oct/08
Joe is 5'9" I think.
Alex said on 11/Oct/08
isn't him 5'10? he look as tall as 5'10 Joe JOnas
Anonymous said on 11/Oct/08
I agree he is not over 5'7, when he cliamed 5'8 that was with shoes. now as his fame grows he will begin to be listed at 5'9 - 5'10!!
louis said on 10/Oct/08
he is not an inch over 5'7(legit) maybe 5'9 with shoes; i am a legit 5'10 and i was looking above him when i saw him at Disneyworld
Phil said on 10/Oct/08
It's probably an angle that favors Vanessa. In the beginning of the vid, if you pay attention, Zac is leaning forward, but there is at least a 6-inch difference, and 6 1/2 inches looks quite accurate.
Aaron said on 10/Oct/08
I'm pretty sure they're standing on a bridge in that scene dave, and you never know, Zac could be on the downward sloping part of the bridge while vanessa could be on the highest point of the bridge. As for footwear, I didn't see what they were wearing (I didn't watch the whole clip), but keep in mind, directors will put shorter people in situations where they'll look a little taller than normal, so using movies to judge height isn't always the best idea. I think Rob's estimate is pretty valid.
6'1 dave said on 10/Oct/08
Just saw HSM2 with my girlfriend! and when he and Vanessa are singing a duet near the end of the movie he looks maby 4-5 inches taller than her and she is wearing like flip flops! And shes listed as 5-1 or something. Click Here theres your proof! dude is SHORT haha i guess I cant really grill him to bad tho I mean hes a celeb worth millions and hes dating a hotie lol but still.....
paul_pierce_4_ever said on 9/Oct/08
guys who are still growing at that age (including myself) are rare, and when they are it isn't by more than like a quarter inch in a year... to grow an inch at that age would be extremely rare
Anonymous said on 9/Oct/08
He is about to turn 21, so there is the possibility he may grow another half an inch or a full inch and may even hit 5'9
Phil said on 9/Oct/08
Zac was a frequent guest star as the boyfriend of the sister.
RisingForce said on 6/Oct/08
This is a funny page. How is he 5'9" or 5'10" when he claims he is 5'8" and looks about 5'7"?
chris said on 5/Oct/08
zac might be 5'9 but one thing your wrong about is he is not the actor from "summerland" that was Jessie McCarthley" get the facts stright.
Jacky said on 28/Sep/08
I think he may actually be 5'9?
5'8 seems accurate, but I'm guessing he fluctuates.

Click Here

In this video with Jessica Alba, she is wearing pretty thick heels and they look the same height or Efron has a bit more on her. If she is 5'6 on this site + high heels and still a bit shorter than Efron, then maybe he is 5'9.
Anonymous said on 21/Sep/08
you'd get the impression he was tall in this picture

Click Here

But he deffinatley not tall, 5'8 is right
mimi said on 20/Sep/08
Yup,Zac is no doubt 5'8,,he is not tall,he is not a hobbit either. i guess he is okey. but his eyes is sexy
xander said on 16/Sep/08
uhm.. not really sure but i'd definitely agree with you i mean the guy has long legs that's why he looks taller.. i'm a bit above 5'8" and i got a long torso but short legs.. so i would say 5'8" for sure..
norelle said on 14/Sep/08
yeah, i agree.. hes about 5'8"... or shorter than that.. i saw a pic of vanessa and miley together and another pic of vanessa and zac and the differences of their heights are almost the same.. miley cyrus is 5'5'' and it looks the same with zac efron.. hes 5'6''..promise..
Killing Joke said on 9/Sep/08
You guys are right there are two pictures there. The second one shows that Zac barely hits 5'8. Jonah was wearing tennis shoes to the event, whereas Zac was in dress shoes with considerable heels. I don't know how his height gets out of proportions at times, but pictures with Chace Crawford, Jonah Hill, John Travolta, Ryan Seacrest prove otherwise. He is 5'8 with a good chance of being under.
Socom said on 9/Sep/08
Killing Joke,

Jonah is not even standing up as straight as Zac in that picture. I am sure with that suit Zac has some extra height with matching dress shoes. Taking everything into account, Zac barely makes 5'8.
paul_pierce_4_ever said on 8/Sep/08
He has about an inch there over the undoubtedly short Jonah Hill:
Click Here
paul_pierce_4_ever said on 8/Sep/08
the 5'11 claim is laughable
Killing Joke said on 8/Sep/08
with jonah hill who is 5'6 or less

Click Here
Killing Joke said on 8/Sep/08
If Jonah Hill the guy from superbad is 5'6 then zac is probably 5'8 check this picture out

Click Here

I see two inch difference
Valeri said on 8/Sep/08
efron has obviously grown some couple of inches. aroudn 5'10 now I think. or butler is much smaller than 6' 5'11max
Valeri said on 8/Sep/08
Click Here
not an angle,many more where this came from. around 10-20 pics with butler,all same,difference around 1.5-2inches max,making efron 5'11 easy,if butler is 6'1.25 which I dont buy. I think butler is 6ft flat and efron 5'10 thus.
X said on 7/Sep/08
5'8 is correct I met this guy too. He seemed shorter even but if he stood up straight he's 5'8 for sure.
jj said on 7/Sep/08
WOW! I thought he would be taller, cuz' it looks like it in the pictures of him. He's only 8inches taller than me!!!!
sila said on 5/Sep/08
so his 5ft8 i thought he was more thats wat it seems like in the pics :)
Lmeister said on 5/Sep/08
I've noticed that the comments on Zac Efron page are almost as crazy as in Sly Stallone page. Fans just seem to want to upgrade these guys all the time. Zac clearly isn't 5ft9-5ft10 range. His self claimed 5ft8 suites him.
Anonymous said on 4/Sep/08
god hes 5 7 for god sake...he doesnt have to be super tall only cause hes who he is....ask tom cruise if you have to be tall to be handsome
element said on 4/Sep/08
hm did you seen that new Efron
Paul_Pierce_4_ever said on 23/Aug/08
The pics you post are all from the same event...
Rikashiku said on 23/Aug/08
Lol well if i do get a pic then expect a huge gap between us. im 187cm during the day and 190 in the morning =]. idk what my height is at night.

But look at the pics i linked on 2/aug/08
i owned!
element said on 21/Aug/08
Rikashiku if you bring a picture of you and Efron you would won a competition :D
Rikashiku said on 20/Aug/08
It seems like it since you say your pics are the best even though their all ANGLED and LEANING.
Paul_Pierce_4_ever said on 19/Aug/08
Rikashiku, this is not a competition, it is a discussion...
charlotte jones said on 19/Aug/08
ur such a goog actor and singer.. i luv u zac...
Rikashiku said on 19/Aug/08
My pics i posted on the 2nd are the best you can get.

only one has a bad angle.

Anonymous said on 18/Aug/08
God: Chace was wearing Converse Purcells whilst Efron was wearing "dress shoes" (they seem a bit sketchy to me) and even with an even angle Chace has at least 2 inches on Efron, so if Efron is 5'8" then Chace is at least 5'11" huge footwear disadvantage. ?
MrXtra said on 14/Aug/08
Esther: The people listed on this site generally don't know about it and therefore can't answer your questions. I think you'll have better luck on one of his fansites.
Esther Choi said on 13/Aug/08
Oh Zac what height were you when you were 9-10 years old?I would like to know and I would like to know about when did you saw or liked Vanessa Hudgens?And that I would really like to know
Anonymous said on 13/Aug/08
chace is closer to the camera thats all, zac 5'8, chace 5'10
S said on 12/Aug/08
Zac is cleary not a tall guy 5'7.5 - 5'8 is probably right. if he was anything above this he would be towering many of the girls he is always taking pictures with. look at hayden paniterre who is 5'0 and she isnt towered by Zac at the teen choice awards so this guy aint so tall- i'll give him 5'7.5 max
Jonathan said on 12/Aug/08
you also have to factor in that Chace looks a little closer to the camera
God said on 11/Aug/08
"That just proves that Chace is taller than 5'10", easily.."
- um no Chace is around 5'10 and Zac is 5'8.5
Paul_Pierce_4_ever said on 11/Aug/08
Not really:
Blake lively is 5'8,
Chace has about two inches and slope advantage on her
Click Here
Anonymous said on 10/Aug/08
That just proves that Chace is taller than 5'10", easily..
God said on 5/Aug/08
Zac next to 5'10 Chace Crawford Click Here

I don't know what kind of shoes Chace is wearing but Zac has heels
Anonymous. said on 5/Aug/08
Yeah, why is he taller than McCartney? Mac is listed at 5'9.5" here I believe.
Realme2008 said on 5/Aug/08
Yeah, it does look to be 4-inch difference between him and Chris. Chris is leaning in also, so never trust a picture where someone is leaning in. It's a terrible of trying to figure out someone's height. I don't think he's grown any either. He stopped growing a 2-3 years ago, so I really just think he's done.
Paul_Pierce_4_ever said on 5/Aug/08
Dude chris brown is not standing straight at all in that picture
Paul_Pierce_4_ever said on 5/Aug/08
Also, Mccartney wore regular trainers to this event. Efron wore dress shoes... and in a pic with chris brown, he looks about four inches shorter from the same event, and Chris is leaning in...
Click Here
Jay said on 5/Aug/08
Anonymous, the link doesn't work but I think you mean this Click Here It looks like Zac had a late growth Spurt or something because he appears taller than Jesse Mccartney and a few inches shorter than 6'0 Chris Brown Click Here I saw the shoes that he wore to the Teen Choice Awards and they have a small heel. So I'd say Zac is 5'9 now.
Paul_Pierce_4_ever said on 4/Aug/08
See the pic at the top of the chace crawford page, looks a solid two inches shorter...
I don't really think Jesse is 5 9.5'
Anonymous said on 4/Aug/08
Finally Zac is now taller than Jesse Mccartney who is listed here at 5'9.5'' Click Here Zac definetley needs a upgrade
Paul_Pierce_4_ever said on 3/Aug/08
rikashiku, those are all from terrible angles
Anonymous said on 2/Aug/08
sounds accurate.
i guess
Rikashiku said on 2/Aug/08
Jamie= Lie. i bet you were no where near him to tell his height, from afar, even 5'8 will seem short even though distance should improve height.

Click Here in heels 5'0 and 5'1. without, 4'10-5'0

Click Here John Travolta 5'11, far from the camera and still taller.
by a chin.

Click Here
5'11 with his head tilted down.

Click Here pic with the group

Click Here the black guy is 5'4, blonde girl is 5'2, 5'4 in heels.

Click Here Travolta 5'11-6'0, Amanda 5'9 in heels, Zac 5'7.

Stephanie said on 28/Jul/08
A new article about High School Musical 3 claims he is 5' 8".
Jamie said on 27/Jul/08
I saw him in London and he was same height as me and I'm 5ft 8
Anonymous said on 27/Jul/08
He's around 5'5 - 5'6
his girlfriend is very short. Plus, I read somewhere that he acknowledges he is short. Most of those sites don't really know heights.
element said on 27/Jul/08
it was just off topic :) , he
Anonymous said on 26/Jul/08
I think he is 5'8''
Rikashiku said on 26/Jul/08
but Viki and element. we aren't talking about whos hotter this site is about who really is the height they say they are.

and Anonymous that pic shows nothing but people being down to pick stuff up.

damn fans.

he is 5'6-5'7.

and if hes so perfect Viki. how come he had a nose job and bowtox?
WantingToBe6FT said on 25/Jul/08
Zac Efron is AT LEAST 5'9"
Anonymous said on 25/Jul/08
Click Here

he seems taller that vanessa here
element said on 24/Jul/08
nice said viki.I totally agree that height isn
viki said on 23/Jul/08
height isn't everything.zac has something that everybody loves to have.he is handsome,he has nice eyes and wonderful smile.i think that:for zac height means NOTHING!!!!!!!!!ZAC is the most perfect guy in the world!!!!!!honest viki
MD said on 23/Jul/08
He's been looking taller, lately, and all that I can chalk it up to is lifts. It's possible he's had a late growth spurt, but it's not that probable.
dago red said on 21/Jul/08
Walked next to him and Ashley in Paty's (diner in Toluca lake). About 5'8" in his trainers. In the Beckhham pic, he's closer to the camera, and we can't see his footwear. Any publicist worth their salt would have him as a lift wearer.
Jay said on 21/Jul/08
My guess is that Zac Efron is 5'7. In that David Beckham picture Zac is wearing some thick lifts.
paul_pierce_4_ever said on 21/Jul/08
I think the Beckham picture is the most telling 5'11 people don't really have to look down at 5'9 people... but Zac is def. taller than 5'7 and esp. 5'6... he's surely in the vicinity of 5'8
Anonymous said on 21/Jul/08
Here Zac is looking almost the height as David Beckham Click Here so no lower or higher than 5'8''
Rikashiku said on 21/Jul/08
wow nice pic Complex xD

and Valeri. that is not 3 inches. that looks like 5.

top of zacs head comes upto his nose.

3 inches is around the eyes.
Complex said on 20/Jul/08
Click Here
Doesn't look 5'8 barefoot with g/f Vanessa Hudgens (5'0) in this pic, his body proportions make him look awful small as well, i'm guessing 5'6, 5'7 absoulute max barefoot!
Valeri said on 20/Jul/08
Click Here - I see 3 inches of difference.So about 5'8.5
Rikashiku said on 20/Jul/08
we also had pics of Zac wearing Lifts dont forget.

Its funny becoz Beckham is 5'11 in that pic right.
Travolta is 5'11.5 and has half a head on Efron, pridy much everywhere the are seen.
5'7 or under is this guys height.

the ones upgrading him are just fans.
Valeri said on 19/Jul/08
becham is aroudn 5'11.5 no more and zac looks 2 inches easy shorter. So I'd say 5'9,maybe 5'9.5,but I'd give him at least 5'8.5 Rob,just my little suggestion,nothing else.
Viper said on 19/Jul/08
5-7 is probably his correct height. He looks 5-7 with 6-1 1/2 Adrain Peterson. Click Here
Rikashiku said on 18/Jul/08
Man i thought i won this with my 5'6-5'7 pics of him.

well i aint going to get em now. to lazy.

Also, Corbin bleu is 5'7 definatly. saw a pic of him with Pete Wentz and that fez guy from yo mama. both 5'6-5'7.

Corbin was the same height.

in a newer pic on a profile on imb of him and the HSM cast. he looks taller than Zac by an inch, and slightly shorter than Kenny Ortega listed at 5'11.

Both are not 5'8.
paul_pierce_4_ever said on 17/Jul/08
the pics with rove mcmanus are all you need. Rove is about 5'7, and efron looks about 3/4 of an inch to an inch taller than rove if you count that rove is slightly leaning with his foot to one side. Efron is 5'8... no chance he's 5'10... you either saw wrong, or are delusional about your own height...
paul_pierce_4_ever said on 17/Jul/08
nothing more is needed than the rove mcmanus pics. I truly believe rove is about 5'7, and he looks about 3/4 of an inch to an inch taller than Rove. Zac is 5'8, no chance in hell he's 5'10... you can drop that one...
Leighton said on 17/Jul/08
Click Here
How is he only an inchish shorter than Beckham if he's supposed to be three shorter?
erin said on 16/Jul/08
i saw him in the air port and he looked about my height no taller. which is 5'8
CC said on 9/Jul/08
i've seen a picture of zac efron stood next to john travolta, and seeming as travolta is only around 6ft zac looks about 5'7. if he was a tall beefy guy he wouldnt have been chosen to play a kid in high school musical!
Anonymous said on 6/Jul/08
He looks a legit 5-8
Huskerbeat said on 4/Jul/08
There is no way that the dude is over 5'8" tall. Vanessa Hudgens is listed at 5 foot 1.5 inches at ma, and he seems only about 4-5 inches taller. I think he is 5'7", no taller.
becky said on 29/Jun/08
can I also point out that in November 2006 he probably was still growing?
he is at least 5'9.
Rofl said on 22/Jun/08
The guy named lol...that was funny rofl..5'6 1/4"
Realme2008 said on 7/Jun/08
Anonymous sneakers do not usually add an inch or an inch and a half to ur height. Especially converse if that's what you are referring to!
Anonymous said on 6/Jun/08
Zac is a more like a legit 5'8'' without shoes, and like 5'9'' - 5'9.5'' in sneakers, and since when did he started wearing boots lol, he always wears like converse or regular shoes.
lol said on 5/Jun/08
Click Here
Anonymous said on 5/Jun/08
chris warren isn't nowhere near 5'10.75'' that is just probably a billed height he is like 5'9'' 5'9.5'', anyways as Glenn said at times Zac does look 5'10'' just like next to Adam sandler, but i still think he is about 5'8.5'', glenn has a pic with Kevin Jonas who is 5'8'' and here is zac with him and zacs a bit taller Click Here so zac isn't below 5'8''
xyzblast said on 3/Jun/08
How can he be 5'10 when Adam Sandler at 5-10 is still tall while slouching? Is this a joke or something? Defo no more than 5'8 next to Adam.
glenn said on 2/Jun/08
i always thought he looked 5-10. 5-9 min.
Paul_Pierce_4_ever said on 2/Jun/08
also, he looks considerably shorter than 10.5 p-diddy here
Click Here
Anonymous said on 2/Jun/08
Zac's looking 5'10'' next to Adam sandler Click Here
Click Here Click Here and next to Jesse Mccartney he is also looking in the 176cm range Click Here
So this shows definetly not under 5'8'', could be a little over
element said on 29/May/08
by the way moftan you really said he was 172 cm at 12?Oh my got that made me laugh :D:D it isn
raj said on 28/May/08
5.8 max not more then that
element said on 20/May/08
Are you kidding moftan , 176 cm man doesn
Paul_Pierce_4_ever said on 14/May/08
If anyone knows how tall Kenny Ortega is, that would help
Click Here

Looks like Zac got a bad haircut and put on some weight possibly...
element said on 14/May/08
i think it
S said on 13/May/08
listen up! if vanessa is 5'1 max then zac has to be 5'7 max. i myself am 5'1 and i have friends which are 5'8 and they tower over me big if Zac is 5'8 he should tower over vanessa but he doesnt. she is always only 5-6 inches shorter! even in pics he always looks like a kid and u need to start showing pics of how the hell he looks 5'8+
C. said on 4/May/08
Yes, he's 5'8". Seacrest wears lifts to appear around 5'8"-9" range (it's obvious that he's probably wearing them, considering his clothing) whereas Zac most likely isn't. Like some have mentioned before, he doesn't particularly appear self-conscious about his height. So 5'8" on the nail.
Paul_Pierce_4_ever said on 3/May/08
The 5' 6 claims are obviously bull for Zac, even the 5'7 ones are under... look at him in pics with Rove or in the pic with seacrest, he appears about the same height but is farther from the camera, and seemingly at an age when he was not done growing yet.
The dude is 5' 8, let it go...
Click Here
Anonymous said on 2/May/08
Indeed Paul, I was very surprised when I saw that clip, but, nonetheless, it is obvious that Zac is taller than Rove, who is listed as 5'7.75" (~5'8") on this site. Also, if you search Getty, they actually attended an event together, which means they took photos together. They are both wearing tennis shoes and Zac, again, is noticeably taller. I'd say if Rove's a little under 5'8", Zac is easily 5'8.5", pushing 5'9.5"/5'10".
Rikashiku said on 2/May/08
Disney is his billed height. according to disney corbin bleu is 5'11....BS!!!!!

but yea. alot of the disney channel actors arent that tall.
S said on 1/May/08
i agree with brother_h
if you compare alot of the pictures of zac with nikki blonsky who is 4'10 he is actually only 8-9 inches taller so i would give him 5'6 close to 5'7. If vannessa is only 5'1 she is only like 6inches shorter and plus he never looks that tall in any of his pictures epeaciall next to the hsm feamles
Holly said on 1/May/08
according to disney he's 5'10 1/2
C. said on 29/Apr/08
Travolta is indeed probably wearing lifts, and Amanda always wears the largest heels-- the common heel is 3" and she's definitely not wearing anything less than that. Zac maybe also wearing a small lift, but even then he's around Amanda's height in heels. Therefore 5'7 1/2" at the very least and 5'8 1/2" at the most. He really don't look any more than that.
Rikashiku said on 29/Apr/08
I dont watch rove its really boring.

and they could have both been wearing lifts for all we know and care.
if he is 5'8 then john travolta must be 6'2. and hes listed close to 5'11.
so 5'6.
look at the pics Brother_h has posted, they all scream 5'6 or 5'7. amanda bynes, 5'7, wearing 2 inch heels looking at her with travolta. and has half a head on Zac.
C. said on 28/Apr/08
The 5'10" height they have him listed at is a joke, but he looks about 5'8".
Paul_Pierce_4_ever said on 27/Apr/08
dude, Zac clearly has some height on the 5' 7 rove mcmanus... see mcmanus's page, they have the same size shoes on... what else do you need... Zac is very close to 5' 8, if not a little taller
Rikashiku said on 27/Apr/08
uhh i dont think he wore heels at the debut of the movie dude. Bro-h is right.

and where is your proof he is taller than 5'6? huh?
brother_h pulled out alot of proof he is shorter than 5'8.
yes, believe that vanessa is close to 5 inches shorter.
there is a thing calld "lifts" which men wear to appear taller.
Anon said on 25/Apr/08
hahah, right brother_h, exactly. That must be exactly why he towers over Vannesa Hudgens, who is 5'1" I believe, oh, correction, 5'1.5" according to this site. So, there is absolutely no way Zac is only 4.5" taller than Vanessa, that's ridiculous.Also, if you were comparing Travolta to Efron in Hairspray, you must remember that Travolta, playing a woman, wore high heels a lot of the time, giving him a footwear advantage over Efron.
brother_h said on 6/Apr/08
oi! change the height to 5'6 or 5'7
brother_h said on 2/Apr/08
no, amanda at 5'9 is 2 to 1 inch taller than zac. he might have grown to 5'7. but john travolta at 5'11-6'0 stil has a lip over him so 5'6 to play it safe for the dude

and mikeyW that comment is the least seen on the net and tv. the rest were changed to say, "in highschool zac efron was teased for being the shortest in the school at 5'8."

no school in america has many tall students over 5'8. most under 5'7 at 17.
MikeyW fan said on 28/Mar/08
"I wasn't really the cool guy in school. I wasn't the skater dude or anything. I tried really hard. I got good grades. I was in advanced classes, if anything, you'd probably call me a nerd. I was the short kid in school. I didn't get much attention from the chicks. I was like, 5'6". But as soon as I left and started working, then I started to grow up a little bit."

~Zac's Quote from

So now he has to be 5'7"?
Paul_Pierce_4_ever said on 20/Mar/08
If Amanda Bynes is 5' 9" in heels, then shouldn't Zac be the same height in photos if he is around or above 5' 9 in his shoes?
brother_h said on 15/Mar/08
well women who wear heels are used to certain types of heels.

amanda is infamous for wearing 2-3 inch heels.

most commonly girls prefer 2 inches.
uber divas wear 5-6 inches.

i left another comment but it didnt show up
brother_h said on 14/Mar/08
Well i actually do know Amanda bynes is wearing heels. she always wears heels. shes 5'6-5'7 but in heels she is 5'9-5'10.
and 2 inch heels are usually the best heels to wear. 3 inches to be more formal and 4 inches to show model status. 5 and 6 inches to be uber sluts.

Amanda wears 2 and 3 inch heels.

ive told you all that Zac is only 5'6. but no one believe me. tsk tsk.
Chris175 said on 13/Mar/08
i think he is 5-8, very similar in height to glenn. a photo would be good glenn lol?
anonamous said on 12/Mar/08
@ brother_h
how do you no how tall amanda bynes is (last pic) when shes wearing heels?!
in fact how do you no how tall any of them are when they wear heels?!
dur da dur!
brother_h said on 12/Mar/08
i know the pics aint good and i put the veronicas heights as if they were wearing heels. without heels they're 4'10 and 5'0. i cant believe they're 23 this year xD!
the taller one usually wears flat shoes.

damn i didnt see that on the second pic.
well heres a better one with John travolta. john is 5'11 and his head is tilted down to zacs.
Click Here

heres a better pic with all of them.
5'4 black dude, 5'6(or 5'8) Zac, 5'7 Amanda bynes, 4'10 new chick.
Click Here
5'4 black dude, with 5'1 blond girl bbehind him prolly wearing heels so she'll be 5'4 or 5'5.
Click Here

5'11 travolta, 5'9(heels) amanda bynes, 5'6 zac.
Click Here

so still believe it?
Anonymous said on 11/Mar/08
haha all the girls are like, o no he is 5-10 or 5-11, like as if it makes him a better person, height isnt that big a deal surely, he is 5-8
idiot said on 10/Mar/08
@ come on
they can't be that short if they claim 5'10...probably within an inch or two. and why do you pay such close attention to height as a girl?
anonamous said on 10/Mar/08
i the first picture, the veronicas are most likely wearing heals

in the second picture, they're not standing next to each other, they took separate pictures and put them together so that there wouldn't so much of a height difference - they do it all the time

in the third they're all standing at different dimensions, so it's not very accurate unless they're all standing right next to each other

so yes
i believe he's at least 5'8" or taller
brother_h said on 10/Mar/08
he is 5'6 lol. have you seen the teen choice awards?

Click Here
with 5'0 and 5'1 veronicas.

Click Here
with 5'1 vanessa hudgens wearing flats.

Click Here
5'4..uhh black dude, 5'11 john travolta, 5'7 amanda bynes and abuncha nobodys.

so still think hes 5'8?
brother_h said on 8/Mar/08
dude, hes 5'6
anonamous said on 8/Mar/08
brother-h: i dont know what you're thinkiing but zac does not look 5'6"
Ken said on 6/Mar/08
efron is flat 5'8"
i don't consider anybody short unless he is 5'8" or shorter.....
brother_h said on 5/Mar/08
you all agree he is an inch taller than corbin bleu right?
corbin was billed at 5'11 once. but i know he is 5'7. there is a pic of him with a 5'8 girl and corbin is shorter and looks like hes stretching his body lol.
zac claimed 5'10.1/2 the first time and then 5'8 and then 5'9 and now 5'8. the dude looks 5'6. look at him compared to 5'11 john travolta. he is a ehad taller.

also. corbin with 5'10 nick cannon. nick is waaay taller than him.
Anonymous said on 4/Mar/08
Ehm, Jim, I don't really think that photo tells much about his height, but I mean he doesn't look that short, I dunno. And it looks like he's put on a lot of weight in the past year or so (muscle, obviously, seeing as he's at a gym), but nonetheless weigth.
Jim said on 4/Mar/08
He always looked like a small guy, and if he says hes 5 ft 8 himself, then he 5 ft 8 max. based on the his quotes, he doesnt seem that self-consious about his height, so i would say hes 5 ft 7 to 5 ft 8. heres a picture of him walking out of lat fitness. Click Here

looks about 5 ft 8
anonamous said on 2/Mar/08
the one i said about "i shouldnt have put that" was meant for one that didnt get posted. it had nothing to do with the onw before that
idiot said on 1/Mar/08
"the majority of men are within 2 inches of 5 10" 5'8 is within 2 inches of 510. maybe on the lower end of the spectrum but still in the range. but i do agree with you
5'8 is kinda short but not really short
BUT 510 isn't that tall either
if tom cruise were to stand next to a 5'10 guy (i'm assuming he's around 5'8) you would not notice much of a height difference unless you were looking for it..especially since he's fit and has good posture
so you 5'8-5'10 guys on this forum need to calm're not really that much taller/shorter than e/o
leonari said on 24/Feb/08
anonamous: But you did put it down, didn't you. If you believe claims from magazines one can't really help you. You are lost.
anonamous said on 23/Feb/08
that had nothing to do with height i shoulndt have put that
Paul_Pierce_4_ever said on 15/Feb/08
actually, the majority of men are within 2 inches of 5 10, so I think you can say someone 5 8 is kinda short, not really short, but kinda short
Nuff Said said on 15/Feb/08
In both HSM 5'2 Vanessa Ann Hudgens is up to his eyes in flats and he's about 2-3 inches shorter than 5'10 Chris Warren Jr who plays Zeek, he looks more like 5'7-5'8.
anonamous said on 14/Feb/08
i read in a magazine one time (and it wasnt one of those celebrity gossip ones)
it was about random facts about famous people. it said that zac efron was 5'10".
theres your proof men, who absolutely deny that hes taller than 5'10"
idiot said on 14/Feb/08
only a 2 inch difference btwn 5'8 and 5'10
not enough to say 5'8 is short and 5'10 is tall
Paul_Pierce_4_ever said on 11/Feb/08
I find it amusing how all the girls post something like OMG no!!! He is soooo 5'10!!! Like it just completely ruins his attractiveness if he's only 5' 8"... This guy looks a lot like me facial features wise, and build. He has a similar look in photos as I do, he might be a smidge taller than me... but he's not much over 5' 8"... I really think 5'8" solid day height is spot on for this guy (debra messing is not 5'8" herself, and look how 5'6" Jessica Alba is a good bit taller than him in heels)
Athena said on 10/Feb/08
Okay, Jessica Alba is about 5'7 or 5' 8 right? On the Teens Choice awards in 07, she wore monster heels of about 4 inches tall...she was about 4 inches taller than Zac...and Earlier in the show Jared Padelecki stood next to Zac, and he towered sooooo much taller than him...some say that Jared Padelecki is 6'3 or 6'6 so, that would make Zac about....5'10?
Phil said on 9/Feb/08
According to that pic below, he looks 5'9".
anonamous said on 9/Feb/08
we'd look soooooo cute together. we're the same height (according to celebheights)
anonamous said on 9/Feb/08
well "just a guess"
how can you even tell.
do you no how tall nikki blonsky is?????
anonamous said on 9/Feb/08
zac is definately 5'10". and hes sooooooooo hot. hes so sexy.
i wish i could meet him.
chris175 said on 8/Feb/08
im not sure, i do think he could have grown since his nov 2006 claim, he was born 5 days before me and in the last year i have grown exactly 2cm (morning measurement) in nov 2006 i was in and around 5-8, prob 5-8.25. what im saying is its not impossible for a late growth of an inch or so, sometimes recently he looks 5-9 (wears converse a lot) but its hard to find proof that he is above 5-8, there is probably more evidence of him being shorter than 5-8.
glenn we need your celebrity autograph expertise here :), is there any chance of you getting a photo with him?
brother_h said on 7/Feb/08
damn how embarassing. and also, look at the corbin bleu and that duff chick pic. shes 5'1 and comes upto corbins eyes.
brother_h said on 6/Feb/08
no he is still under 5'10. its just stupid how at first he says he is 5'11, and then 5'8 and then 5'6 and now 5'9. and now ur saying he is a legit 5'10, man how stupid can u get.
Anon said on 6/Feb/08
Um.... maybe you should look again
Click Here
Anonymous said on 5/Feb/08
he's gotten taller now, 5'10. at least two inches taller than debra messing in heels
Anonymous said on 3/Feb/08
i read in some magazine the other day...ooh god i can't remember the name of it but there was an article in it about zac efron and it mentioned how he has just gone through this (late) growth spurt and he is about 5'10. i hardly recognized him on the cover because even though it's only about 2 inches he looks way taller now
Anonymous said on 2/Feb/08
amanda bynes is 5'6.5 or possible 5'7.
thats wat i been saying the whole time about him and ohn travolta who is 5'11.

also look at corbin bleu with 5'10-5'9 nick cannon. corbin is billed at 5'11 and he is 4 inches horter than nick.
Anonymous said on 1/Feb/08
People, look at "Hairspray" premiere and event photos. You'll see plenty of evidence that he's more like 5'7" and not 5'9" or 5'10" like some crazy fans claim. I mean for one, he's nowhere near Amanda's height when she's in heels (isn't she like 5'7" or even a little bit more ? So in her 4" or so heels she'd be about 5'11"...He's a LOT shorter than her, a good 3 inches or so). Also, compare him to John Travolta, he looks like a shrimp next to him, and so does he next to Queen Latifah (who's about 5'10" barefoot and over 6 feet in heels !). If he really were 5'9" + he wouldn't look this tiny next to 5'11"-6'0"-6'1" people !
brother_h said on 31/Jan/08
actually magazine heights are crap aswell. sometimes they are payed to make a celeb look good and other times they make them look good coz they're their best celeb. ive been around mate.

i know for a fact that corbin bleu is 5'7. and when he tippy toes he's 5'8. did u know he wears size 10 US shoes. ok now pay attention. celebs are most famous for their heights. and ppl have noticed that alot of celebs have added 2 inches to their natural heights, and ppl are actually dumb enuff to believe that.

the worst thing celebs have done is adding 4 inches to their heights. which these idiots have done before.

At the time Zac was billed at 5'11 and corbin bleu at 5'11 aswell. then it changed to 5'8 and 5'10. then 5'9 and 5'10. finally, 5'9 and 5'11.

how stupid are these ppl seriously.
anon said on 30/Jan/08
dude heights listed in magazines are very seldom right, they're probably as correct as heights listed on drivers' licenses
Anon. said on 29/Jan/08
He's 5'10, people. It clearly states in Details Magazine with Zac on the cover.

It's towards the bottom of the article.
Just a Guess said on 17/Jan/08
I'd have thought he was 5'9 or 5'10 or so before I came across this pic:

Click Here

He's standing beside Nikki Blonsky (4'10). You can clearly see that he's wearing flip-flops and she's wearing heels that can't be more than 1". He's less than a head taller than her. Judging from this alone, I'd say 5'6 or so.
brother_h said on 17/Jan/08
why doesnt anyone remember the mtv awards. john travolta vanessa and zac were all together. zac was 3 inches taller than vanessa and travolta had a chin over zac.

in that pic, vanessa is wearing flats. zac is wearing big shoes that giv a 2-3 inch lift.
i got a pair of them, im 6'1 and wearing them make me 6'3-6'4.
JWill said on 16/Jan/08
Here's a pic of Zac and 5'2 Vanessa that was taken 3 days ago. Zac is 5 maybe 6 inches taller than her max. Still the pictures prove that he's NOT 5'10. I'd say 5'7 or 5'8, doubt he's any taller than that. Click Here
Athena said on 15/Jan/08
In the recent details interview it states that Zac Efron is 5'10. It's possible. But if John Travolta is 6'0, I still question if Zac is 5'10? I would agreee with 5'9 at the most...but in dress shoes, he could definitely reach 5'10 or taller. Does anyone remember seeing Domestic Disturbance with John Travolta and Vince Vaughn? How tall is Vince Vaughn? That should give a balance in heights for John and John to Zac's height.
Keep in mind too that Zac is thin, so his thinness may give him a taller appearance. I mean, in 2006, he could have grown at least two inches. Men usually stop growing by their 20's.
Linds said on 9/Jan/08
hes a sorty haha is vanessa anne hudgens in 5'1.5" and wears 4 inch heels she would only be near 5'5" zac isn't more than 2 or 3 nches taller than her in tall heels.
Athena said on 9/Jan/08
I've read that Zac Efron was 5'9. It looks possible being that Vanessa is about 5'2, Ashley Tisdale is about 5'3, Monique Coleman is 5'2. And in heels all these young ladies appear to be between the heights of 5'4 to 5'6 and Zac still towers over them by 3 to 4 inches. Giving Zac the height of 5'9. When a man reaches a mature age of twenty growth usually is at a halt...he may have grown an extra inch or two since Summerland.
brother_h said on 8/Jan/08
grr like i said before. look at him on the mtv award show(idk which)
john travolta is 6'0 and zac comes upto his chin. definatly 5'6
brother_h said on 7/Jan/08
you know they always lie gf91011.
and heard of lifts?
he says 5'11 first, then 5'8, then 5'10 then 5'8 agen. then 5'9 and now 5'10.
if he is 5'10, then jared is 6'8 becoz he towered him and vanessa. and vanessa is 3 inches shorter, so she went from 5'1 to 5'7?
he's definatly 5'6. look at him with john travolta. travolta is 6'0 and he had a chin over zac.
6' said on 6/Jan/08
Brother_H whatever man....Jared is pushing 6'5 imo
Sam said on 6/Jan/08
he doesn't seem that tall of a guy. hes drfinally 5'8.
Socom said on 6/Jan/08
He is probably 5'8.25. Just over 5'8.
gj91011 said on 5/Jan/08
erm... guys he officially released his height in an interview as 5'10''. they measured him and all after the lengths people like you were going to findout what it is
brother_h said on 4/Jan/08
that will make zac 5'6. i said jared is 6'3. 9 inches down he'll be 5'6.
so i was right the whole time. plus look at zac and vanessa when the two are on stage alone. she is 3-4 inches shorter than him. shes 5'1, 5'3 in heels making zac 5'6-5'7
i tolds ya, never believe hollywood.
6' said on 3/Jan/08
brother .. i see like 9 inch difference with Zac and Jared...he's like a head taller than him
brother_h said on 28/Dec/07
umm lucas grabeel is 5'5. both corbin and zac had 2 inches on him.
And that pic Owned has proves that jared guy isnt 6'5, vanessa hudgens comes up to his shoulders, thats nearly 12-13 inches. he'll be 6'3.
and that'll make zac 5'7 seeing as he is only up to his neck.

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