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5ft 7.88in (172.4cm)
Robert said on 8/Jun/12
I guess this guy has no more than 5ft7. Still, cameras are triky so... tath's why he and other actors may seem taller or shorter than they realy are in some cases. Compare with other's on the same picture is not correct because there are aways variables (shoes, hair, floor.... Only if we have a good diference ( lets say 5ft7 and 5ft10)
Bradi said on 7/Jun/12
He is already being criticized for being "petite".
Stoodnext2 said on 6/Jun/12
He's CLEARLY taller than Taylor Swift on Ellen here, at 5:25 they walk out arm and arm. I think Taylor needs a downgrade, maybe Ellen too
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satchy said on 12/Feb/12
he looks 5ft6-5ft7
Bradi said on 12/Feb/12
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Soviet_Rebel said on 11/Feb/12
no way he's over 5'7". how comw everyone in hollywood is so obsessed with height.
Pabs said on 10/Feb/12
CK- Looks like that video was edited to put both of them in one scene... u know what I mean? They probably shot zac and Kev separately to reduce travel expenses, etc.
Bradi said on 10/Feb/12
5'7'' prob 169
jk said on 10/Feb/12
zac is 170~173cm.
CK said on 7/Feb/12
Zac Efron with 5'9" Youtube star Kev Jumba Click Here Zac looks 5'7" next to him.
Silent d said on 5/Feb/12
It is interesting to see him with nicole kidman who is 179cm in his new movie. I remember he claimed he was 5 foot 10. That made me laugh so hard. He was barley taller than Ellen 5 foot 8. I don't believe people thinks he plays basketball. He is too short to play.
Marc said on 1/Feb/12
this chick in my class had this teen magazine listing him as 5ft7
Chameleon said on 31/Jan/12
Chris is right Efron is 1.70..
david said on 30/Jan/12
all this thing about his height makes me feel so impotent and furios, i'm his fan and i have a thousand and 20 pics about him and i still don't know what is his real height!!, i mean, sometimes he looks like 1.70 and others he looks like 1.75 or 1.79 and that makes me so ungry!!
little sue said on 30/Jan/12
If January is 5ft 6 and was wearing heels 3 - 3.5 high she would'nt be 5ft 9 plus, heels don't give the height they measure, she would just be a couple of inches taller so around 5ft 8.
Chris said on 29/Jan/12
Here's Efron with January Jones Click Here
Click Here

She was in 3-3.5'' heels and he was in dress shoes: Click Here

January Jones is a legit 5'6 women, in those heels would be 5'9-5'9.5 range. If Efron is 5'8 in dress shoes he would be 5'9-5'9.5 range too, but he looks clearly shorter than her by 1.5''. So Efron is not 5'8. Next to her he looks 5'6.5-5'7 range. Needs a downgrade.
jay said on 27/Jan/12
We can't see their feet.

Others pictures prove he is 5'8 ma.
Chiara said on 26/Jan/12
Here´s the picture of Zac with Reeve Carney. Click Here
If Reeve Carney is 6 feet tall, Zac can never be just 5 feet 8.
kristian said on 7/Jul/09
too 177cm, having rewatched the slam dunk contest i do see where u are coming from... i guess he won simply because of shock well that im also going to say that it was unfair for Nate to win on that dunk simply because he was lucky that he was versing someone tall enough to jump over that would cause a massive reaction...if howard didn't let nate jump over him would he of won? your right i dont think he would of therefore we could say howard lost it for himself

also sorry to hear that you won't be able to pursue your dreams because of prejudice towards shorter players, just out of curiosity though what is it about players like iverson and nate that make them stand out? im asking because we once had a 6foot 7 guy talk to us(in school) who was a great college player but was shunned by the NBA because even then they thought he was too short (doesnt sound right considering kobe is only 6 foot 5 roughly but that is what he told us)...anyway he ended up playing in the nbl (australia..which is where im from)throughout his career, btw im hoping the cavs can win next year with shaq and did they drop wallace?
177cmmm said on 7/Jul/09
To Kristian my dream is to one day play in the NBA im 182 cms out of bed and am by far the best player in high school and i mean by far. I play basket ball. But only semi pro and thats the best i can ever hope for simply because im to short. . Even in Highschool i am the smallest player on the team but because i am small my skills were better witch led me to being the captain. Everyone else was at least 6ft 2. In all my life playing basketball i have only ever played against 3 or 4 players smaller than me. Now if Zac Effron is 5 ft 8 and at BEST hes 5ft 8 he wont be any good. There is no height regulation in the NBA but the chances of getting picked are 1 in a 100 million and thats even if your tall. Do you actuallly think zac effron looked as if he had a 40 inch vertical? Yes i think a 7 foot man should have won we should give the award to the best just because nate can jump really high means nothing. If we got those guys who can jump over a rod 80 inches a gave them a ball they should win it easy.

BTW nate is my basketball hero so im not bagging him in anyway i just think dwigh howard should have won. And in the movie effron was one of the tall ones he was playign with guys at 5 4 to make him seem taller.
kristian said on 6/Jul/09
too 177, if you do your research you will find he is closer to 5'7", it is most likely they measure heights with shoes on, and its pretty obvious if he was a true 5'9"er they would push him upto at least 5'10". They do the same with 5'11" iverson, heck they do it in every sporting code their is basically.

and you honestly think an almost 7 foot man should of won the dunking contest? when a man a foot shorter jumped over his ass?? Sure if dwight had pulled out the spins from the year before maybe, but not after nates effort.

Oh and yess he is white but lets not get race involved...yes the african americans have greater twitch muscle allowing them to reach greater heights, however you can still be a great player tall or short, white or black. But we will get one thing straight a white guy shorter than 6 foot would never ever make it to the NBA out of principle, even if he was an awsome PG.
Paul_Pierce_4_ever said on 6/Jul/09
Nate Rob. 5'9, that's laughable, that's what he's listed at, that's because of sheer generosity by the NBA... he might be that in really thick basketball shoes
Anonymous said on 4/Jul/09
I think 171-173 cm is the accurate number for him.

Which is roughly 5 ft 7-8. He doesn't even 'look' any taller anyways.
177cmmm said on 3/Jul/09
to kristian nate is taller than effron hes 5ft 9
DuDe said on 1/Jul/09
killinjok3 is a poser...the real killing joke has always agreed Zac Efron was below 5'8 and Shia Labeouf below 5'8 cause they are both about the same height...
177cmmm said on 1/Jul/09
too Kristian last time i checked Zac effron was white. hmmmm pwned o yea and dwight Howard should have won.
KiLLing JoKe said on 1/Jul/09
Nice Username ; )
killingjok3 said on 30/Jun/09
Zacs at leat 5'8.5 Piven is like 5'7 max
kristian said on 28/Jun/09
too 177cmm, im sure people also found it weird that 5'7" Nate Robinson has won the slam dunk contest twice in years 2006 and 2009, hmm pwned!
Jason said on 24/Jun/09
I saw in West Hollywood, my gf wanted his autograph so we met up with him. He was wearing rainbow flip flops. I was wearing flip flops also. He is the exact same height as me and Im 5'8.
robbie said on 24/Jun/09
did anyone watch the ellen de generes show? He was just about her height or a little taller...which means 5'7.5 - 5'8, no taller than that. considering ellen at 5'7, kris allen also seems to be 5'6 cus he was a little shorter than her on that show...
177cmmm said on 21/Jun/09
I love the way people who really like him try to say he is taller than he actually is. If he tries claiming 5 9 and then he defiantly is 5 8 no taller.
177cmmm said on 21/Jun/09
I dont get it when he is in High school musical he is like the best player of the basketball team but hes only 5 8
KiLLing JoKe said on 6/Jun/09
Zac and 5'9" Jeremy Renner

Click Here

Click Here
DuDe said on 5/Jun/09
I know the episode The Pilot...however which one was Piven? This guy is an unknown to me lol.
Shawn said on 5/Jun/09
slipknot, Piven isn't 5'7.75, that's just it.

I still think Zac is a legit 5'8 though.
Paulpierce4ever said on 5/Jun/09
Does anyone remember Piven on the Seinfeld episode The Pilot? Anyway, I remember Piven as looking really small compared to Seinfeld, at least four inches shorter than him if not more, and isn't Seinfeld in the 5'11 range?
RisingForce said on 5/Jun/09
Jeremy Piven claims 5'10" as well, but he's likely closer to 5'7". Maybe he's a hair over that.
DuDe said on 4/Jun/09
I tried buying those YSL shoes before and in the description, it said the heels were 1"...

I don't know if that means it gives you 1" or the heel measured is 1" but I'd say those YSl shoes give more than your typical Vans or Converse...

but there are far more proof out there that this guy is below 5'8 or 12 other something people heights listed are wrong. How certain are you with Piven? The show entourage has a lot of shaky height claims...especially when your producer, Mark Walberg claims 5'10...Just sayin'
Paulpierce4ever said on 4/Jun/09
Click Here

He's clearly shorter than kiefer
slipknot said on 4/Jun/09
Sneakers Efron wearing are similar to this one Click Here by which he gain 0.55 inches Click Here and Jeremy Piven in boots looks as tall as Efron.If Jeremy Piven is 5'7.75 than Efron is no less than 5'8.25
KiLLing JoKe said on 4/Jun/09
Zac and 5'1" Kristin Bell at The Hangover Premiere

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Kristen had on these heels. Look 2.5-3 inch to me.

Click Here
KiLLing JoKe said on 4/Jun/09
Click Here

These are the shoes as DuDe, mentioned. They don't look like flats to me.
KiLLing JoKe said on 4/Jun/09
Zac and 5'1" Kristen Bell at The Hangover Premiere

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Kristen had on these heels. Look only 2.5-3 inch

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Lmeister said on 4/Jun/09
I think Zac is taller than Jeremy Piven. Jeremy is wearing army boots and probably has put some extra insoles ;) 5ft7 for Jeremy and 5ft8 for Zac.
5-2.5tops said on 3/Jun/09
5-8.25 is more like it.
DuDe said on 3/Jun/09
Sorry Slipknot, Piven's height is either off or it's the camera angle. And by the way, the shoes Zac Efron are wearing is called YSL. The heel is 1" so...
slipknot said on 3/Jun/09
Click Here
Click Here

If previous links are not working
slipknot said on 3/Jun/09
Efron wearing flats Jeremy Piven wearing shoes

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Zac efron is strong 5'8,5'8.25 is also possible.
DuDe said on 3/Jun/09
Wow I had no idea Sutherland was only 5'8.5...I guess that's what a true 5'8 looks like...Keith looks convincingly taller than a big margin.
RisingForce said on 3/Jun/09
He looks 5'7". Jeremy Piven is taller and he may only be 5'7" himself. Shorter than Kiefer Sutherland? Isn't Kiefer only about 5'8" or a bit over?
Chris said on 3/Jun/09
Zac efron 1.79m? no way.. with lifts on maybe, he's the same height as jessica alba ( and i'm guessing, with heels on, and she's 5.5-6)

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Phil said on 3/Jun/09
themaster, Anonymous (25/May/09), and Daii, the average is 5'9.4", which is more 5'9.5" than 5'9" flat. The average is increasing with each generation and for young males, it is actually just about 5'10", and there are government statistics that back this up. The average for white males is actually 5'9.9", which is more 5'10" than 5'9". Scott would be correct as far as white and black males go.

I consider 5'7" to be short. It's not uncommon for a 5'7" guy to be the shortest guy in a situation.
KiLLing JoKe said on 2/Jun/09
With Kiefer Sutherland

Click Here

If you watched the show, Kiefer was taller and Zac has thicker shoes
KiLLing JoKe said on 2/Jun/09
Zac and 5'7.75 Jeremy Piven

Click Here
DuDe said on 2/Jun/09
He's a strong 5'7...imo of course.
Zlove said on 1/Jun/09
I 've read that he is 1,79 meters.
Hyesung said on 29/May/09
Wut? Is it really Zac is 5 ft 8? I know he is in more taller than 5 ft 8.
But in movie or TV show he looks little tall.
I think that record is wrong! That is an incredible thing.
KiLLing JoKe said on 28/May/09
He was wearing Dress shoes in that pic, Chace was wearing converse chucks.
lala said on 28/May/09
zac isn't taller than 5'8

next to chace crawford who is 5'10. chace looks like 2 inches taller.
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Nelly said on 26/May/09
You also have to put the date of when he said what his height was. He started with High school musical when he was about 17 and guys are known to continue growing until they're in their early 20s. So maybe he was 5"7" when he started but (from looking at pictures and the differences in height between him and his girlfriend) I think he has grown in the last few years
Anonymous said on 26/May/09
Rob, I find your website informative but I get turned off by comments from people who are 6'3"+ who talk down to people who are less than 6'0" as if they "tower" over them. It seems to create an unrealistic situation. I know shorter guys who "tower" over tall lanky guys in strength and dominance. Just a comment, but is there a way you could encourage a more scientific, objective approach to this process and avoid comments like Scott's:

Scott says on 23/May/09
Sorry Eric.. 5'7" is short, accept it. The average height for males in America is 5'10". I'm 6'3" and very thankful, must suck to be short.

I mean, I realize Scott sounds like he's just a teenager with a bloated ego and multiple insecurities, but how does a comment like that benefit anyone.

I noticed on the site for the tallest woman in the world, someone made an inappropriate comment and was promptly chastised and they apologized for disrespecting her.

I realize Scott is entitled to his opinion but is there a way you might encourage people such as him to be respectful of all heights. May not seem good for business to encourage polite discourse but I'm losing interest in your site.

Daii said on 25/May/09
Actually Scott I think you will find the average height is 5'9 not 5'10. Whilst 5'10 does fall under average it is a tall average. Im 5'10.5 and a lot of 5'5 people think I am 6 foot. Also 5'7 is NOT short
Anonymous said on 25/May/09
the only reason scott's subjective opinion would matter is if eric was trying to date him. Looks like he's not interested Eric. Guess you're stuck with 90% of the American female population that is shorter than you. What a shame! Scott sounded like such a great catch. lol
themaster said on 25/May/09
Scott I am 5'9" and thankful, what's your point?

FYI... avg in US is still closer to 5'9" than 5'10" for males.
Anonymous said on 25/May/09
Uhh, last time I checked 5-9 was the average american height, not 5-10. I just cant stand it when people are condescending bitches and get their facts wrong all in the same post.
Paulpierce4ever said on 24/May/09
Are you trying to say Zac Efron looks like Don Johnson?
jf said on 24/May/09
Eric, I think you are short.
Brad said on 24/May/09
As listed 5' 8". If you got Don Johnson's 1986 head on 5' 7" it doesn't suck.
Scott said on 23/May/09
Sorry Eric.. 5'7" is short, accept it. The average height for males in America is 5'10". I'm 6'3" and very thankful, must suck to be short.
Eric said on 21/May/09
I'm sick of people saying 5'7" is short. If you look at women like Cher who are 5'7" they look tall. Not all guys are 6 foot. It's a misconception. I'm 5'8.5" about the same as Zac Efron and no one thinks I'm short. Zac is average.
bluerose said on 20/May/09
I think he is no taller than 5'8, not exactly Tom Cruise short but still short in the entertainment industry.
The Dutchguy said on 15/May/09
Clay, my whole point was: being skinny allows you to have visible abs, i know bodyfat and muscle strenght are two diffirent things, and the whole genetics part, i know about that too.. my point of that whole comment was that you said that nobody here had abs like Zac, and that i begged to differ
Clay said on 14/May/09
The Dutchguy

Also bigger abs has nothing to do with working harder than people with smaller abs, it has to do with genetics.
Clay said on 14/May/09
The Dutchguy

You don't seem to understand how abs work in the body, being skinny doesn't allow you to have abs. Having lower body fat allows more visible abs. Skinny and low body fat are two completely different things.
hey. said on 9/May/09
I don't understand this is picture -- Click Here
Denim said on 9/May/09
He recently had an interview with Ellen weeks ago and he and Ellen are of the same height, Ellen listed at 170 cm. He could be 5'7.5 or a weak 5'8 but no more.
RICHARD said on 4/May/09
Is it just me or does this kid look very young for 21 ?!?!?!??!?!????!?!??!?!

I want to age well when I get older because I'm only 19 and feel older but I want to age like Paul Rudd when I get over 25 and then when I hit 40-something I want to age like Charles Grodin until I hit 70 and die,yet I want grey hair right now and never go bald. Grey hair looks cool
italian boy said on 3/May/09
i think he is taller than 2 years ago,so if in 2006 he was 173cm now he could be 176 but no more.
RICHARD said on 1/May/09
Is it just me or does this guy look very young for 21 ????!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I'm only 19 but damn sometimes I feel older than I am and I worry what I'll look like when I'm 30----40. I want to age like Paul Rudd when I'm 20--------40 then like Charles Grodin when I'm 50------70. I try not to age badly nor stress to much and I still have dark hair,so I haven't lost any yet,but the weird thing is that I want grey hair right now because Steve Martin had grey hair at a young age
FeeR said on 28/Apr/09
he is taller than 5 ft 8.. look at this picture with corbin bleu who is 5 ft 7.25.. Click Here he looks like 2 inches taller..
FeeR said on 28/Apr/09
he is taller than 5 ft 8.. look at this picture with corbin bleu who is 5 ft 7.25.. Click Here he looks like 2 inches taller..
martiko said on 28/Apr/09
joe- completely agree dude.
ROB - come on man , this need to be changed to 5.7. see the ellen interview .
The Dutchguy said on 26/Apr/09
Clay says on 19/Apr/09
For all the people who think he is scrawny or girly thin

Click Here

None of you have abs like that.

True, not to brag or sound like a dick, but, my abs are bigger and more visible ;) the only advantage when youre skinny, visible abs
joe said on 23/Apr/09
You can't take Time Magazines word for Zac Efron's Height because they'll put down what the celebs tell them. Anonymous, how are the 5'7 claims so funny. Him and Ellen were the same height and Ellen is 5'7 according to this site.
YeaDude said on 21/Apr/09
I've seen him in person walk right by me in So. Cal. I'm 6' 1/2 inch in bare feet. I'm a good 6'1 1/2 - 6'2" in my cowboy boot heel. Taking that into consideration...he was a shorty compared to me. Safely 5'8"-no more than 5'9" without shoes. Thin too, I'm 170 and even though he's got muscle's, he's a skinny dude. Hope this helps.
DuDe said on 21/Apr/09
lmeister you see 1 inch? i see .25-.5 at best. and that is pushing it.
Lmeister said on 21/Apr/09
He is one inch taller than Ellen DeGeneres. This height seems right. He has some muscles, but is still rather small. I mean built wise, but he will get bit wider when he gets older.
Clay said on 20/Apr/09
Brah, he's got solid muscles... that means he is not skinny... just lean muscular.
Brah said on 20/Apr/09
He is not scrawny, but is still skinny and small. He is not muscular, he just has a low body fat percentage. The same thing can be said about Usher when he was Efron's age. He probably weighs 140-150 pounds.
Clay said on 19/Apr/09
For all the people who think he is scrawny or girly thin

Click Here

None of you have abs like that.
Nickie said on 19/Apr/09
King, he is not very tall but he is not at all scrawny. Go look at beach pics of this kid, solid biceps and 6 pack abs.
DuDe said on 19/Apr/09
Click Here

efron's second visit to Ellen.

I still see that they are the same height.
King said on 19/Apr/09
I've met him in person and he is pretty scrawny and small.
Holly said on 19/Apr/09
erm Brah that shows nothing the pictures 'Anonymous' said on 15/Apr/09 show a MUCH better angle than the evidence you have given. I think that Zac is DEFINATLY 5ft8.
KiLLing JoKe said on 18/Apr/09
Recent Time Magazine article states that he is 5'9

Click Here
Anonymous said on 18/Apr/09
I think this picture shows either rob you need to upgrade Zac by a bit or downgrade Randy Jackson from 5'8.5'', Zac is clearly taller Click Here lmao those 5'7'' claims are just really funny
Joe said on 18/Apr/09
I saw Zac Efron on the Ellen show the other day and they were the same height. Ellen is listed as 5'7 on this site so Zac Efron is 5'7. Both of them were wearing the same kind of shoes too. I think Zac Efron wears lifts when he wears dress shoes because I've seen times where he does look 5'9 when standing next to stars who are around 5'11-6'0 on the red carpet and at award shows. But when he was with Ellen they were both wearing those slipper looking Vans shoes.
KiLLing JoKe said on 16/Apr/09
With 5'0 Paula Abdul

Click Here

Click Here
KiLLing JoKe said on 16/Apr/09
Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Vanessa Hudgens is listed at 5'1.5. Now tell me, does Zac look like he has the body of a 5'10-6 foot guy? Nooo. His legs are pretty short and Hudgens has on 2 inch boots. 5'8 is being generous IMO 5'7 could work.
Brah said on 16/Apr/09
No, those photos have bad angles. He is slightly shorter than some of the Jonas:
Click Here
Paulpierce4ever said on 15/Apr/09
Anonymous, all those pics are absolutely dreadful for determining height because of the combo of bad angels and michelle's posture
RICHARD said on 15/Apr/09
He looks 5'11-6' to me. Most be the long neck and body proportions,huh
Anonymous said on 15/Apr/09
He is taller than everyone thinks he is. He towered over the jonas brothers which the shortest one is listed here at 5'8'' Click Here Click Here He is also taller than michelle trachtenberg who is listed here at 5'6.25'' and who is wearing big heels Click Here He is really taller than you think
BB said on 13/Apr/09
Hahahaha. He looks a lot like Christian Bale in the movie " the machinist". Kid looks sickly. Who cares how tall he is. He is probably 5'8" 140lbs. Guarantee in person he looks small and cowardly. hate this little diva.
KiLLing JoKe said on 13/Apr/09
Click Here

Here is Zac on the view, standing next to 5'4 Whoopie Goldberg with 2 inch shoes, Zac looks and inch taller.
Anonymous said on 12/Apr/09
Whoo said Kevin Jonas was 5'8?
lillie said on 12/Apr/09
When pictured with the Jonas Brothers,Zac is next to Kevin Jonas who is known to be 5'8",Zac is a little smaller for he has his head lifted higher and much better posture. So he's about 5'7".
leonari said on 11/Apr/09
He is rail thin and has long limbs, long neck. Thats why he looks tall in pics by himself. Put him near a legit 5'10" guy and you see a major difference
RisingForce said on 11/Apr/09
He's not taller than 5'8". Butler is 6'1" max and often looks well under that because of posture, compare Butler to 5-9ish Jason Statham. Click Here

Butler is losing about 2 inches with by hunching comapred to Efron's perfect posture. Then we have footwear. 2 inch heels with probably a 1 inch lift inside, look at how long his lower legs are, his pants don't even look long enough. Click Here Click Here

He's not taller than 5-8, he claimed it and looked under that with 6-1 Barry Bonds who I guarantee wouldn't wear lifts while playing baseball.
Josh said on 11/Apr/09
Also--the picture with Gerard Butler only shows their heads and thus is not really very good evidence of anything. If we are to believe that picture, Efron is around 6ft, which is clearly not the case from the Regis video. Its possible that Efron is on his tip-toes in this pic (plenty of shorter guys do this in pictures with 6'+ guys)
Josh said on 11/Apr/09
This is very surprising...he actually looks tall, which is usually hard for a 5'8" guy, even when there are no other men in the photo for comparison. But there's no denying that he is only a few inches taller than Regis.
Holly said on 11/Apr/09
I think he is probably 5'8- 5'9 but look at the difference between him and 6'1.5 Gerard Butler in this pic Click Here maybe he's taller than we think..
RisingForce said on 7/Apr/09
He's not very confusing. He's between 5'7" and 5'8". That's obvious.
ZAQ said on 6/Apr/09
THis kids height is more confusing then tom cruise's

zac can be as low as 5'5 and as high as 5'10 which is crazy

Id personally say 5'7 1/2
Shawn Jones said on 5/Apr/09
Yeah, there's no way he's 5'10. I'd say he's 5'8 barefoot. Notice though, in almost every picture where he's posing with somebody, he has his feet as close together as can be, standing perfectly straight.
Anonymous said on 5/Apr/09
how come a few months ago his height was 5'7 on this website?
jude law, kevin james, and a few other people... I know they didn't grow at their ages!
Killing Joke said on 4/Apr/09
Taylor Swift was on Jay Leno the other day, at the end of the show standing side by side, Jay had 2+ inches on her, and she was in 2-3 inch heels.
iduno said on 2/Apr/09
i have nothing against the guy, but its funny that people make him out to be 5'10 or taller. besides lifts, in those pics with Taylor Swift his back foot is on its tippy toes, check out all the pics. Taylor is always slouching n e wayz.
Sic said on 30/Mar/09
Hes no taller than 5ft8
Anonymous said on 29/Mar/09
graham norton was half an inch taller than zac efron and efrons converse looked very puffed out looked like he had a sneaky half inch to an inch lift in there if you know what i mean i think hes 5 foot 7 to 5 7 and half.
Anonymous said on 28/Mar/09
Graham norton was in dress shoes, and zac still was a little taller than him in converse, 5'8'' is right but no more
DAN said on 28/Mar/09
Ellen says on 24/Mar/09
Click Here
Sorry, he is at least 5'10 1/2, probably taller!

: What a joke. OVER 5-10 1/2?
Anonymous said on 27/Mar/09
Saw Zak on Graham norton show. Looked shorter than 5'8" Graham. I say he's 5'6" to 5'7" at tallest
RisingForce said on 27/Mar/09
Yeah, he must be 5-9 and yet he looks around 5-7 and claims 5-8? That makes sense.....
josh said on 26/Mar/09
this guy must be 5 9 but no more
Me said on 26/Mar/09
Nope. He's shorter than 5'8. I'd say 5'6-5'7. I believe Leonari is right. He looks taller because he is a thin guy.
RisingForce said on 25/Mar/09
In fairness to him being barely taller than Regis, Zac does wear Converse and Regis certainly had an advantage. Still he's not going to be shorter than Kelly Ripa in heels and barely taller than Regis if he's over 5'8". The worst part about all of the people who say 5'9", 5'10" and even 5'11" is that Zac himself is modest about his height. He only claims 5'8" and jokes about his height as you mentioned Killing Joke.

I agree about his proportions and frame Leonari, that's kind of like how Seacrest looks taller than his 5'7" height for the same reason.
Dude said on 25/Mar/09
I think Zac is no more than 5'8, no less than 5' my honest opinion without being biased with anything and taking everything into considerations, all the photos and videos, I say Zac is a strong 5'7..he probably reaches a very weak 5'8 in his flat shoes that he always wears. Probably a legit weak 5'9 in his dress shoes or probably higher if he has some type of lifts in them (see taylor swift pic)...
Killing Joke said on 25/Mar/09
exactly RisingForce, on the Tonight Show, when Jay showed the picture of Bonds and Zac was talking about how tall Bonds was, and how he stood on a mount to look taller next to Bonds! And again at the end of the show Jay usually shakes the hands of the performers, and Zac and Jay were standing side by side and Jay had 4 inches on him. And in that Regis video, he is basically the same height as 5'5-5'6 Regis and shorter then Kelly Ripa who is 5'2.5 and in heels.
leonari said on 25/Mar/09
I agree 100 % Rising. I don't see a 5'8 Zac. He is very thin and well proportioned which creates the illusion of being taller.
RisingForce said on 24/Mar/09
This page always amazes me. I can't believe people still think he's over 5'10.5" when he only claims to be 5'8" himself! Talk about delusional fans, not even he thinks he's that tall(or even close for that matter). Not only that, but he struggles to even look his claim of 5'8". He looks 5'6" in that video with Regis and Kelly.

John Travolta who in his own words is "a little over six feet" dwarfs him by atleast 5 inches. Click Here Now maybe Travolta had a bit of a footwear advantage, and the picture is tilted slightly, but it's clear that he's not a hair over 5'8" and could be struggling to be 5'7" there.

Barry Bonds was listed at 6'1" most of his career Click Here Bonds has him by around 6 inches! I guess some of Zac's fans will say that Bonds wears lifts while he plays baseball! When this picture was showed when Zac was on Jay Leno's show, Zac even joked about his height! 5'11" Jay Leno by the way also had atleast 3 inches on him.

Finally here he is with another athlete. Adrian Peterson who was measured at 6'1.5" Click Here Peterson is slouching and still 6 inches taller than Zac who has perfect posture.

Stop the nonsense, 5'8" is being very generous. Anything over that is ridiculous and he can look as short as 5'6". I'd say that 5'7" might be more accurate based on those pictures and his appearances on Regis' show and Leno's show.
Killing Joke said on 24/Mar/09
Click Here

Ellen said on 24/Mar/09
Click Here
Sorry, he is at least 5'10 1/2, probably taller!
anonymous said on 20/Mar/09
He is taller than rove in sneakers. 5 foot 8. He actually looks bigger in real life. 5 foot 8.
Anonymous said on 18/Mar/09
5'10.5'' listed Kevin bacon with Zac, No way zac is under a minimum of 5'8'' Click Here
Anonymous said on 18/Mar/09
5'8'' barefoot for Zac efron is absolutley correct, Leslie mann is listed 5'6'' here and here she is with Zac wearing 4 inch heels she still isnt taller than him and he is wearing converse.. Click Here
jayko said on 17/Mar/09
Click Here
here is beckham with zac efron,if beckham is 182cm then efron is around 175cm?plus beckham is wearing sneakers that have bigger sole so id say his snekaers are 0,5inch taller than efrons
Anonymous said on 16/Mar/09
Click Here

ok imet him and he's 5'5'' to 5'7'' in this article he admits to being 5'6'' so you , rob, are overdoing it by about 2 inches
Paddington said on 15/Mar/09
Taylor Swift's height is probably bogus.
Killing Joke said on 15/Mar/09
Yeah, there are numerous pictures with him next to Regis (inch or two taller), Ellen (same height), Jay Leno(True 5'11, 3-4 inches shorter) and more.
RisingForce said on 14/Mar/09
Those pictures and the pictures with Gerard Butler are the only 2 times he's seemed taller than his claimed height of 5'8". His footwear was suspicious each time though. Regardless he isn't over 5'8" as he claims it and he doesn't look a hair over that with 5'11" Jay Leno or athletes with confirmed heights such as Barry Bonds and Adrian Peterson.
Anonymous said on 14/Mar/09
Zac is actually taller than he seems, i'd still say 5'8'' barefoot though the pics with taylor swift just proves it...
holy baby said on 13/Mar/09
this isn't really helpful, but i saw him 2 summers ago and he was really small compared to me.. i'd say hes under 5ft 8
Anonymous said on 13/Mar/09
Also, they are platform heels.
How much height is Zac getting from his dress shoes? Like 2" tops?
I agree that Taylor is a bit hunched next to Zac, so she's probably 3" taller standing up straight. So if Zac is 5'10 with his shoes, and Taylor has platform heels, about 4" added height, then she should be 6'3 next to him, a 5" difference. It doesn't look like they have that much of a height difference in the pics. She could be shorter (5'9), he could be taller (5'10), or some combination of the two. Obviously these are just estimations.
Killing Joke- It's hard to tell because Taylor is in the foreground, so she's going to look taller simply by perspective.
Anonymous said on 13/Mar/09
LOL. Those are not 3 inch heels...
Killing Joke said on 12/Mar/09
Click Here

Different angle with Swift, Zac has some big shoes and Swift is leaning but still taller then him, what do you guys think?
Killing Joke said on 12/Mar/09
Swift has been with the Jonas Brothers and they are all 5'6-5'8 ala Glenn. She was pretty much the same height as the Jonas Brothers, so I'm pretty sure she isn't the 5'11 she is listed here. Also, we have plenty of evidence about Zac on Ellen(same height), Jay Leno(True 5'11, Zac was about 3-4 inches shorter), and all the other various pictures of him with others. Swift should be downgraded.
Dude said on 12/Mar/09
Efron has thick shoes, Taylor's has on 3 inch, not 4, and she has a hunchback and the fact that she is one of the pic in getty's images it looks like zac is leaning up a bit? idk...but I do agree...somebody's height is off...
Anonymous said on 12/Mar/09
Nope. She's got 4 inchers on. Click Here
Either he's wearing lifts, he's 6', or Taylor is not 5'11.
R said on 11/Mar/09

Well either taylor isn't that tall or Zac is taller than you think he is, cos this pic shows her wearing heels from the same event.

Click Here
Anonymous said on 11/Mar/09
theres no way hes 5ft 8 i saw him in a pic with taylor swift and supposidly shes 5'11" bare foot. she was in heels in this pic and he seemed only a little shorter than her.
Anonymous said on 11/Mar/09
Something's wrong here, because in these pictures, Taylor swift who is allegedly 5'11" is wearing heels and is barely an inch taller than 5'8" Zac. And Zac isn't really that tall.

Click Here
Anonymous said on 11/Mar/09
Interesting I thought he was taller - not too much shorter than 5'11" Taylor Swift in a picture. She must be in absolute flats because she isn't leaning that much.

Click Here
Anonymous said on 6/Mar/09
i think he's about 5'5 1/2
Anonymous said on 5/Mar/09
Person, yep i think he is 5'8'' barefoot, rob has him right
Dude said on 2/Mar/09
Hey I'm sorry for the rash words...anyway, I just see more proof out there that this guy is not 5'8 barefoot..He looks slightly 5'8 in flats..
Person said on 2/Mar/09
you guys are saying he's 5'6'' to 5'10''
just average that and you'll get 5'8''
and there's his height...
what's all the bickering?
Jasper said on 2/Mar/09
5'8 and this guy is playing a basketball player...
Anonymous said on 28/Feb/09
yeah 'Dude', every1 has their own opinion so respect theirs, Comets at some events he does look near enough 5'10'' but i say he is 5'8'' barefoot
Dude said on 27/Feb/09
So I guess we don't look at foreheads but only eye level now right PP? K this guy must be 5'10 in his dress shoes because Alicia Keys 5'5.5 plus 3 inch heels is only 5'8.5 right? Yeah, you're absolutely right.
Jo said on 27/Feb/09
There's no way in hell he's 5'10

Click Here

5'8 max
Comets said on 26/Feb/09
seriously??..this guy looks atleast 5'10
PaulPierce4Ever said on 26/Feb/09
why don't you be mature and not call people a chump... and why don't you look at how the eyes match up...
Dude said on 26/Feb/09
Camera angle was made to look like Efron was slightly taller...and even could still see they are the same hegiht...I don't see a half inch...maybe .25 inch from that camera angle..but you can disntincly tell they are the same height in that pic...don't get fooled by their hair chump.
Anonymous said on 26/Feb/09
he looks quite short 174 cm max for him
PaulPierce4Ever said on 25/Feb/09
alicia keys is slightly taller than 5'5 also zac still seems to be at least half an inch taller in that pic
Dude said on 24/Feb/09
They are actually about the same height... I'll give Alicia 3in heels...I'll give Zac 1inch for his dress shoes (even though they are likely to be a bit more).

So you have a 5'8-5'8.5 Alicia Keys....and they are the same height.

Click Here

tell can Zac be 5'8 BAREFOOT when he only reaches 5'8 in dress shoes????
Byron T. said on 23/Feb/09
Zac Efron appears to be a legit 5'8 considering that a 5'5 Alicia Keys (in 2-3 inch heels) didn't tower over him on the 81st Annual Academy Awards when they were presenting together.
Dude said on 23/Feb/09
If you saw the ocascar performance with Beyonce and Zac...there was a point where the camera showed them standing side by side at the end, standing up as straight as they can, and Beyonce was taller than Zac, but not by much. Zac was wearing dress shoes...Beyonce is 5'6, with an advantage of her heels which makes Beyonce around 5'8.5 give or take...You could assume she was taller than Zac only half an inch, which would make Zac 5'7 if we are talking about barefoot height...I would give Zac 5'7.5 barefoot max...
Phil said on 22/Feb/09
On the Academy Awards, Zac stood 4 inches taller than Vanessa; adding 2-2.5 inches from heel height gives a 6-6.5 difference, so he's about 5'8".
Lozzer said on 21/Feb/09
HAHA in other sources it states him as 5'10.5" and 6'3"!!!!.... I agree with no more than 5'8"!
someone said on 15/Feb/09
he look tiny in some shots, about 5'7. This guy is definitely a shortie.
Dude said on 12/Feb/09
Again...why are you so sure about Corbin's's the 5'5 to 5'9 who are hardest to gauge...comparing him to Hudgens or Tisdale is more suitable...
Bornin1986 said on 12/Feb/09
Perhaps 5"8.5
Anonymous said on 12/Feb/09
again you can see Zac is 5'8'' and he isnt even standing straight Click Here
Anonymous said on 11/Feb/09
5'7.5'' is more Corbins height, Zac can sometimes look up to 2 inches taller than him, so Zac definetly is 5'8'', but not 5'9''
Dude said on 11/Feb/09
In the pic, she is a little over his chin. A 5'8 guy would have his chin just a little but over a 5'1.5 girl, and I think that's a stretch for Hudgens when you compare her to Panetierre. I say Zac is a weak 5'8 in that pic, so therefore 5'7.5 max for Zac barefoot...his chucks still gives more than her sandals even if by a little...and judging by this picture, he can do quite a bit of difference and not even talking about the angle...
Anonymous said on 10/Feb/09

OK then what is Zac's height judging from my pic? it's a very good one because they are both on the same footwear (chucks don't give over 1/2"...)

face it the dude is between 5'8"-5'9". C on now he is a full head taller than her!
Dude said on 7/Feb/09
Thank you defender for the joke of the day.
defender said on 7/Feb/09
Click Here

how tall is the girl? if she's 5' then zac is 5'8"-5'9"
lily said on 5/Feb/09
dude, that picture u found is not a really good picture bcoz it's taken from an angle. but i agree with u that zac is below 5'8.

Click Here

in this picture compare zac's height with ashley's coz she's wearing flats. it's so obvious that zac's only four inches taller than her.
Dude said on 4/Feb/09
That's actually a pretty good website considering this picture I found here Anon...

Click Here

You can't just have a pic between Zac and Corbin and claim that Zac is 5'8 considering that Corbin's height is also very shaky on this site...

In the pic above I posted, Hudegns is 5'1.5 barefoot...and I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and give her 5'4.5 in that picture because of her heels..and even than...Zac Efron looks 5'7 or just a little over..and he is wearing Van' a little over is correct...meaning he is 5'7 barefoot..and Corbin is a strong 168-169ish kind of guy...hard to tell because of his hair...Tisdale is only losing 1 inch to Corbin in that pic..and she is slightly leaning....and her heels looks like she is 5'5.5 in that pic...which makes Corbin 5'6.5 in that yeah...let me know...
Dude said on 4/Feb/09
Corbin is leaning into Zac in that pic....and like I said...he had his legs spread out in the last one...and Corbin's height is a little bit inflated as well...
martiko said on 4/Feb/09
anonymous- zac = 5.8 in his dreams only. your doing him a good thing here.
Anonymous said on 4/Feb/09
You can still see that Zac is almost 2 inches taller than corbin bleu who is listed here at 5'7.25'' Click Here and they are both wearing the same footwear. here you can see even minus corbins hair he is same height as wilmer Click Here
who glenn has a pic with on this site. So zac is i think 5'8'', not 5'7'' or 5'9''
Dude said on 2/Feb/09
No disrespect Anonymous, but you do realize that that picture was taken to make Zac Efron the tallest right? Notice everyone leaning on one leg except for Efron, who is the only guy standing straight, and pushing his back hard I might add. Corbin isn't leaning, but look how far spaced out his legs are, and look at the girls in heels..if they were to stand up straight...they'd be up to his ears...

that's actually a very good pic Anonymous...and it strengthens the 5'7 barefoot claims...
mattiko said on 2/Feb/09
rob- he neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeds a downgrade . its so wrong this page.
Anonymous said on 2/Feb/09
he is the tallest and alot taller than the rest of the hsm cast and this pic is from 2007 two years ago aswell Click Here 5'8'' barefoot is right
lily said on 2/Feb/09
and i guess he's taller than corbin bleu. they look the same height bcoz of corbins hair.
Dude said on 1/Feb/09
Finally people are starting to see what I am talking about with the pictures and the golden globe appearances when you compare him to hudgens, megan fox, and hayden panetitrere...Guy is a strong 5'7 at best...
lily said on 1/Feb/09

i just saw that picture of zac with vanessa. and a 5'8 guy should tower over a 5'1 girl.

i reach the shoulders of a girl in my class who's 5'8.5 and i'm 5'1.

if vanessa is 5'1 then zac doesn't look more than 5'6 in that picture and both of them are barefoot in it.

5'7 tops.
lily said on 1/Feb/09
zac efron is just as tall as kevin jonas. and kevin is listed 5'8 so zac has to be 5'8 too.

if zac needs a downgrade then so does kevin jonas. and i guess they both ACTUALLY need to be downgraded coz in that video zac IS NOT taller than ellen degenres.
mattiko said on 1/Feb/09
PaulPierce4Ever- man ,sorry i was not nice in my words. but still i think your chosing the pic when he is strait up and she is not. second, even thu he is (maybe) 1 cm taller in this 6:15 you wanted me to watch. so, i cannot see how in earth is that 1 inch . have to hardly disagree on that and u need to reconsider the 1 inch thing. maybe his hair misleaded u . but no way 1 inch taller . please se the intrance first.
Dude said on 1/Feb/09
I see what you are talking about, but the difference is very hard to been seen so it's definitely not an inch, probably a cm at best. I say Zac is 5'7.25 or around there compared to Ellen who is a 5'7 gal if they are both barefoot....Zac looks like he is pushing a weak 5'8 in his flats...
PaulPierce4Ever said on 31/Jan/09
Also, for math's sake 1 in=2.54 cm
PaulPierce4Ever said on 31/Jan/09
Mattiko-- about 50 seconds into the video I posted below, you can clearly see he's looking down at her (unless you are blind). Also, fast forward to about 6:15 in the video, he's also clearly taller than her there... I mean you can't really argue with that now can you?
Enlighten yourself:
Click Here
Dude said on 31/Jan/09
mattiko and Stevey are correct in this observation. PP4ever you are obviously can you see an inch when they are like a thread hair difference if any...I'll give this guy a dead 5'8 in dress shoes...but definitely 5'7 barefoot....
mattiko said on 31/Jan/09
PaulPierce4Ever - i think you got it all wrong. 1 inch = about 3 cm . how the hell can he be an inch taller we she is about his height???? glasses please!!
Dude said on 30/Jan/09
an inch over ellen is too much when watching that vid...what are you looking at?
Stevey said on 30/Jan/09
He's about 5'7 barefoot. 5'8 is too tall judging by all the picture of him with taller people, even people who are just 6'0 tower over him. Please glenn downgrade this to 5'7 for truth's sake.
PaulPierce4Ever said on 29/Jan/09
I've watched the video with Ellen, he looks about an inch taller
Dude said on 29/Jan/09
Im curious about this height listing this with shoes or barefoot height?
Brent said on 29/Jan/09
Bonds is a very strong 6'1, I have lived in San Francisco and been a Giants fan my whole life and have stood by Barry many times. 6'1.5 for Bonds and 5'7 for Efron.
Ana said on 28/Jan/09
5'8'' people! Accept it, stop debating, and just accept. Sometimes you should trust what a person says their height is. Not everyone is lying and trying to make themselves taller.
martiko said on 28/Jan/09
5.8 with dress shoes . didnt u guys see the interview with ellen. zac is roughly the same hight as , 5.7 tops.
5 ft 3.2 said on 26/Jan/09
I think he's around 5'8" Or maybe 5'7.5" It's weird how the guys in Hollywood are usually below the average height. Well Zac is short and he has a short girlfriend (5'1.5") so he has nothing to worry about.
Seriously said on 24/Jan/09
Game over.

Here he is with janet jackson, and dupri.

Click Here

here he is with hudgens, and this is a really good picture.

Click Here
I agree...this guy is 5'6 barefoot and 5'7 regular shoes, 5'8 in dress shoes.
Dude said on 22/Jan/09
You are right Jacques. Zac Efron is shorter than 5'8. Lol do you think the MLB would cheat Bonds off of his height? If anything, they would add more inches to his height. In all sports, Athletes height are inflated, but not all. They are never EVER listed SHORTER THEN THEY ACTUALLY ARE. Same thing with actors, and same thing with the claim Efron made with 5'8. To have 5'9 in the discussion is absurd, 5'8 is VERY HARD TO BELIEVE, but 5'6 barefeet for Efron is good, and 5'7 with his flats, and 5'8 with his dress closed. I'm not posting any more pictures to prove my point because Seriously and I have posted enough pictures already to prove it...
Jacques said on 22/Jan/09
whoa thats weird

the photo that RisingForce posted with bonds.
bonds is only 6'1? i have a 6'1 friend.. like exactly 6'1 and i'm 5'8

when we're both wearing the same shoes, the difference between us isn't as big as between efron and bonds..
either bonds is taller than 6'1 or efron is shorter than 5'8

i would think bonds is above 6'1 though since efron really isn't THAT short as a lot of you guys are making him out to be. honestly.. to me, he looks about the same as johnny depp.

5'8.5 - 5'9 is not unreasonable
RisingForce said on 22/Jan/09
To be honest I've never watched one of his movies Lmeister so I can't judge his acting ability, but I find his height one of the most interesting on this site. He claims 5'8", he often looks 5'7"-5'8" and yet people on this page often say 5'9" or taller?
Lmeister said on 22/Jan/09
He looks shorter than 5ft10 next to 5ft11ish David Beckham Click Here In the event that the pic was taken Becks was wearing biker boots and Zac dress boots...Zac seems to be 5ft8. I don't really understand the hype about him, he is really not that good of an actor and not personal looking.
Dude said on 21/Jan/09
What kind of statement is that? He "looks too tall" is pointless. 5'10? Lol let's laugh...Im surprised you are a site contributor with foolish remarks like that....
RisingForce said on 21/Jan/09
I don't think that a 5'10" guy would look like a dwarf next to John Travolta. Travolta had about 6 inches on him. Even Jay Leno had about 3 inches on him.

6'1" Barry Bonds has atleast 5 inches on him. Click Here

He claims 5'8" and he can look shorter than that. I'd believe 5'7" before I believed 5'9". Rob probably has him right.
glenn said on 21/Jan/09
according to that pic with bynes,5-10 is right.
Shawn Jones said on 20/Jan/09
Are some of you jealous of this guy or something? You seem to have this strange obsession with him being under 5'8. He looks too tall to be anything under that. Even Glenn said he appeared 5'10 at one point to him.
Dude said on 19/Jan/09
5'8 is out of the question. More like 5'6-5'7 where is your proof that he is 5'8? matter of fact, where is any proof that he is 5'8...plenty of proof out there that he is 5'6-5'7ish...
Strife said on 18/Jan/09

no doubt
someone get some eyes said on 17/Jan/09
hahah first of all look at his posture, and then take a look at hers

and secondly he kinda seems to be standing on his toes!!! rofl he must have serious problems with his height hahaha
Dude said on 17/Jan/09
lol someone that's the best you got? Amanda farther from camera, leaning, Zac is standing straight with dress shoes/lifts. And that is only one picture. I have posted several pictures along with seriously to prove that this guy is below 5'8. Somewhere 5-6 to 5-7...

And lol do you really think this site got Amanda's height right if they got Zac's wrong? get with the program chump...
leonari said on 17/Jan/09
Jason: you talk outer bull. sorry. 5'10.5. Give him 6'0". You must be into him or something.
someone said on 16/Jan/09
Click Here
in this picture zac is standing next to amanda bynes who is 5.7 or 5.8 and she is wearing hills and still looks an inch shorter then him.
Dude said on 16/Jan/09
what makes you think this site got seacrest height right? don't you think we have already checked out seacrest page and it's a joke....
gonzalo badilla said on 16/Jan/09
seacreast is 5'8, zac almost 5
Allnew2009 said on 16/Jan/09
Maybe 171-72cm at the most.
Jason said on 16/Jan/09
I Would Give Him 5' 10.5''. Because I saw him with beckham who Is 5' 11.5'' tall. and He Isn't too short to david.
Shawn Jones said on 16/Jan/09
Taller than Seacrest:

Click Here

He's gotta be atleast 5'8.
Dude said on 15/Jan/09
Just out of did you guys give this guy 5'8 anyways? Just because he claimed it? Cause that's just foolish..if he claimed 5'8, he is most likely shorter...I'll give this guy 5'6-5'7 on average and a strong 5'7 on a good day...
Seriously said on 14/Jan/09
Same height as Ellen as well.
Killing Joke said on 14/Jan/09
In addition to the pictures I posted with Hayden, Tyrese, and Beckham, If you scroll further down there is a video segment where he is practically the same height as Regis Philbin.
Seriously said on 13/Jan/09
5.75 in what? Dress shoes? I'd say he is pushing 5'7 but not fully there when wearing his chucks...
Brent said on 13/Jan/09
he is not shorter than 5'7 and not taller than 5'8 so I would say 5'7.5
Anonymous said on 12/Jan/09
With 5'.025 Hayden Panittiere
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Even if Hayden is wearing 3 inch heels...

Here is is with the Tyrese who is 5'9.5-5'10 Leaning and a "supposed" 5'4 Megan Fox
Click Here

I don't think he is 5'8 anymore 5'7 and under more like it
JustC said on 12/Jan/09
Did anyone happen to watch the red carpet pre show before the Golden Globe awards? There is no way this guy is 5'8" or even 5'7". I saw him being interviewed by Nancy Odell and than I saw Tom Cruse and Robert Downey, Jr. being interviewed by her. When you compared the height of Zac to Nancy Odell and than the heights of Tom Cruse and Robert Downey, Jr. with Nancy's height it's obvious that Zac Efron is shorter than Tom Cruse and Robert Downey, Jr. We all know that Tom Cruse is around 5'7" so Zac Efron must be shorter than 5'7".

I don't think women should get all caught up on how tall someone is... If Zac Efron is only 5'5" or 5'6" does that make him less attractive? I know that 95% of you young girls would jump in bed with the guy if he asked you. Lol
Seriously said on 12/Jan/09
Anonymous are you stupid? Why are you discussing their comments? JustJared is smart because they don't listen to the idiots who post their comments and kept his height at 5'6. The source came from people magazine and justjared just relay the information. I have a hard time people magazine would try to downgrade Zac.

And that isn't the only link I have posted. Why don't you try deducting your petty observation on other links I have posted?
Anonymous said on 11/Jan/09
Dude, that link isn't credible at all. For one they misspelled 'huge' as 'juge'. Also, seems some very intelligent people visit that site, check out this comment...

'omg u guys dnt listen 2 evrythang u here hes 5′ 10 1/2
Seriously said on 11/Jan/09
Here he is with Janet Jackson and Dupri
Click Here

Here he is with Nikki Blonsky.
Click Here
Killing Joke said on 11/Jan/09
It would be 3-4+ inches if Beckham was standing up straight and not looking DOWN on Zac
Seriously said on 11/Jan/09
Beckham has got more than 2 inches then Zac in that pic, and that is even obvious with that weak angle picture. Put it to rest? How can you still have 5'8 in the same sentence as efron?
Killing Joke said on 10/Jan/09
Remember he was a supposed 1 inch shorter then 5'11-5'10.5 Beckham?
Click Here
There you have it folks. Let's put this to rest, Zac is 5'7-5'8 MAX
Seriously said on 9/Jan/09
Rob you're 5'8 man how can you notice this dude isn't 5-8? I'll help you out. You seem to be easily fooled by guys who work out/proportionate.

Click Here

That's hudgens and efron. You let me know how tall Vanessa is in that pic and then tell me how tall zac is.

Click Here

Again, look at the difference.

Let me know what you think.
RisingForce said on 9/Jan/09
He's a weak five eight. That's pretty obvious.
martiko said on 8/Jan/09
same height or shorter than ellen ... see the interview. bet on it.
leonari said on 7/Jan/09
Yeah ivona sure.How about 6'3?? yeah wait maybe 6'4?
Dude said on 7/Jan/09
Click Here

It say's he's 5'6.

Just Jared one of the most legit sites out there...and this quote came off of People yeah...this is the first time I have seen giving a celebrity a height that they claim.
Ivona said on 7/Jan/09
He is totally 175 cm tall, maybe even taller
a milli said on 6/Jan/09
i think hes 5ft9 he grew a bit at the end,hes only like 2 inches shorter than david beckham
s said on 5/Jan/09
Dude: u are right- vanessa in that pic is actually up to his nose and she is 5'1 max! he seriously is around 5'6 5'7 and any taller means he is wearing lifts
vanessa was the same height as hayden pannitere and she is only 5'0 zac is a short guy and we all know it- even next to tall guys he always looks like a boy!
RisingForce said on 4/Jan/09
A very weak 5-8. It wouldn't surprise me if he was a bit under 5-8.
Brent said on 31/Dec/08
I met Zac and he is exactly 5'8, i think he wears lifts sometimes which could put him at 5'9-5'10 sometimes, but i am 100% sure he is 5'8 barefoot

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