How tall is Aaron Paul ?

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Aaron Paul's height is 5ft 7.75in (172 cm)

American Actor from Last House on the Left and Breaking Bad. Said in NY Times (18/3/10) "They're like, 'so, how tall are you?' I'm like, 'Depending on what time of day it is, 5-8, 5-8 1/2'."
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nar says on 29/Jul/15
angryjohnny says on 3/Aug/13 @

Human average height for males is 168cm. For females it is 160cm. In USA the average height for men is 176cm and woman around 165 cm. So your "average" is very wrong.
Joe says on 10/Jul/15
If you watch his brief appearance in mission impossible 3 he looks two inches shorter than Tom cruise. I would say 5'5.75 to 5'6.25
an anonymous peach says on 7/Jul/15
I think his claim is legit, honest 5ft 8er and easily looks it next to Kit Harrington
Lowp says on 22/Jun/15
he looks so short in breaking bad
I thought he was in the 5'6 range
170cm should be apropriate
an anonymous peach says on 21/Jun/15
P.Jack says on 28/Apr/15
In S04E11 of breaking bad, the doctor was describing jesse pinkman and saying that he was 70kg and 180cm (which is 154 pounds and 5'11").... I'm fairly sure thats not the case

And the funny thing is that early on the series, Walter White was described as "5ft 11" which means Jesse and Walter would be the same height, even though it's very clear that there is at least 2.5 inches between them.
Mon says on 14/May/15
And Cooper has a massive hairstyle in NFS too.
P.Jack says on 28/Apr/15
In S04E11 of breaking bad, the doctor was describing jesse pinkman and saying that he was 70kg and 180cm (which is 154 pounds and 5'11").... I'm fairly sure thats not the case
lelman says on 21/Mar/15
He looks shorter than the guy who plays Gus, who is listed here as 5'7.5, I think he could be around that height or a little shorter
Sam says on 14/Mar/15
Without knowing anything about this guy besides watching a few episodes of Breaking Bad, guessed him as roughly 5'9, although there were some scenes where he could just appear 5'8, which I thought more of when comparing him to the likes of Cranston etc.
Arch Stanton says on 27/Jan/15
Yeah looks 5'7" range I think.
marcus says on 9/Jan/15
in breaking bad when the doctor called out his stats they said 180cm LOL
cole says on 3/Jan/15
@Thom/Bob: Wouldn't bet on 5'7 but he can look 5'7.5 at times, other times about 5'8. 5'7.75 is fine.
Thom says on 28/Dec/14
He's 5'7"
Bob says on 24/Dec/14
Deserves an upgrade to 5'8".
Shawn says on 4/Nov/14
What's funny about that that is in one of the early episodes of BB (either 1st or 2nd season), Cranston's character goes missing and his wife describes him as 5'11" as well. Funny when there's an obvious 2-3" difference between the two.
tom says on 20/Oct/14
I think around 5'8" is bang on. He looks below average, but not really short. Lowest I could see is 5'7.5"
mande2013 says on 27/Sep/14
cc: We can add 5'9 Jane to the list as well.
jasperwazup says on 24/Sep/14
When gustavao fring gets his blood tranfusion in Breaking Bad the latin doctor reads off his chart gives jesse(Paul) height 180cm 5'10.75'' and weight 71kg 158lbs. Anyone notice that.the weight is likely right but not the height.
[Editor Rob: ah, sounds like old Dr Nikolas Van Helsing has been let loose with the stadiometer again! ]
Dago Red says on 6/Sep/14
Could be a lift wearer? Wouldn't be unheard of as an actor gets more famous.
mike says on 20/Aug/14
5ft 7.5 night
5ft 8.5 morning

maybe he can shrink a inch.
Lou says on 15/Aug/14
Cranston 5'10.5 paul 5'7.5
robert says on 5/Aug/14
hey rob i figured out what makes him look shorter than he realy is long kneck big head and narrow body width of his shoulders... gives the apperance of being shorter
robert says on 28/Jul/14
when i watched breaking bad i thought he was about 5ft5 i wounder what makes him look shorter than what he is
Sam says on 28/Jul/14
True, all the significant female roles on BB were played by taller than average women, whereas the men were all average height or under...perhaps it made guys like Walt and Hank seem more like underdogs, which worked for the plot.
cc says on 27/Jul/14
hmm...i still dont think hes 5'8. he looks like a shrimp on the show, either that or everyone is really tall , which is also true especailly the women, skylar, marie (forgot their real names)
robert says on 26/Jul/14
hey rob for some reason he always gives the ilusion of looking shorter hes not that short but he appears like a short guy maybe it his body proportions
Alex 174 says on 3/Jul/14
Hi Rob, I just read the comment below where you say if you're 174 out of bed you're likely to be 171 at your lowest.

You've probably read my comments on losing 1cm in height at 21 (lowest was 174)! But I wake up around 174 and my lowest height is 173.2cm after 12+ hours awake. Is this possible? My eyeline is 161cm or thereabouts, is this above or below after eyeline for my height? What is your eyeline?

Also do you list all your celebs at their lowest heights?
[Editor Rob: it's not impossible to only lose a cm, but that is on the low end, typically the average from studies is close to 2cm.

I try to list them based on afternoon or evening, there's really not much difference between those...but sometimes I err on the positive, so some listings if you ever measured an actor could turn out to be a morning.]
176 cm man says on 17/Jun/14
cranston is a weak 5'11'' and has 3 inches on him so 5'7.75 is spot on
Sam says on 12/Jun/14
Hmm, at the Spike TV's Guys Choice awards, he looks a little taller than usual. Around an inch over Kit Harington, maybe half an inch under Andy Samberg and no shorter than the other Mr. Paul (Editor Rob) compared to Norman Reedus. Wonder if he was wearing slightly bigger heeled shoes than the other guys.
Click Here
Pedro says on 12/Jun/14
Here is Aaron next to Kit Harington: Click Here
I think that his height should be upgrated to at least a full 5'8".
Realist says on 6/Jun/14
Weak 5'8. 5'7.75 is good, 5'7.5 later in the day. Rob if a guy is 172-73-74 most of the time during the day is it possible he dips to 171-72 around 1-2 A.M. if he wakes up at lets say 6-7 am. Maybe someone like you ?
[Editor Rob: if he is 174 out of bed there is a chance he could be 171 by evening, but 172 is more likely.]
jamz says on 1/Jun/14
There's at least 3 inches between him and Cranston. 5'7" sounds reasonable
Patrick 1.75.5m says on 20/Apr/14
I dont think, he looks close to a Hardy oder Foxx, who are listed at 1.75m.

Only 3 cms difference? Im not sure.
chrisssss says on 21/Mar/14
Most people who claim 5'8 are actually shorter, hence why people think 5'8 is really small, aaron paul is a good example of a 5'8 guy. Doesn't look tiny, but doesn't look like a giant
teamcoco says on 15/Mar/14
here he is next to 6'4 Conan Click Here
chrisssss says on 9/Mar/14
I think he is 173cm, never really looks a shrimp, more like a solid 5'8 , update him rob
Pedro says on 22/Feb/14
Here is Aaron next to Elle Fanning. Not sure how much foot advantage Aaron had with his shoes over Elle's sandals. But he seems to be slightly taller than her: Click Here
Keltoi says on 20/Feb/14
I've also been watching Breaking Bad over the last few weeks.

I'd say this listing is very close, if not spot on. He can look 173-4cm at times and sometimes shorter than 172cm. I'd guess somewhere in between those two marks is bang on.

Cranston is a legitimate 179cm guy and proves you don't need to be 183cm to look decent, in terms of proportions and overall aesthetics. He can and does appear tall at times, in reality a strong average though, whilst Aaron is a weak average guy.

Comparing him with Dean Norris, shows just how important weight is as well. Dean is only around an inch shorter, but can look smaller at times, due to his bulky frame.
Barry 178 says on 8/Jan/14
This listing seems about right Ive been watching a lot of breaking bad lately and he is clearly fairly short but not super short by any means looks like a 171-172ish man
(S)aint 185 says on 26/Dec/13
With his Breaking Bad mugshot he isn't standing quite straight and he would be pushing 5'9" if he did. He is likely wearing shoes however. Weak or strong 5'8" is all plausible I think.
MD says on 4/Dec/13
Middle tall? Huh?
Peter says on 2/Dec/13
He is 100% 172 cm he have a long neck and low shoulders he looks shorter like tom cruise but he is 100 172 cm middle tall !!!
Balrog says on 22/Nov/13
5.7.5'' is possible Lorne, like I said him and Esposito looked the same to me in Breaking Bad.
Balrog says on 15/Nov/13
I think him and Esposito are the same, just Esposito has footwear advantage on BB.
truth says on 10/Nov/13
Aaron Paul 171cm, Bryan Cranston 178cm. Night heights.
Balrog says on 7/Nov/13
I thought this guy was the full 5'8'' but 172cm isn't impossible, I think his claim is honest, he probably wakes at 5'8.5'' and drops at 5'8'' or a bit under it.
Blaze says on 18/Oct/13
I think aaron is 5'8 and no more than that and cranston is 5'11 and no more than that
Dude says on 8/Oct/13
If you click on cole's 2nd pic you can see how short Aaron's arms are. Cranston's arms go further down than his even though he's more than 2 inches taller...weird

His short arms/limbs could be why he looks shorter than he actually is. SHort limbs=look shorter than you actually are
Lo sgozzatore says on 7/Oct/13
cole, i perfectly agree with you ;)
Lorne?$! says on 6/Oct/13
Him and Giancarlo should be reverses. 171cm for Aaron Paul., and 172cm for Esposito, he always edges him out, though geodes have footwear advantage.
cole says on 4/Oct/13
There is really no need for more pictures to prove two already spot on listings. But since some of you are still trying to argue Aaron at 5ft 7in or less, I'm just going to do it anyway, to prove that there in fact is as close to 7 cm between them as it gets, and not 9 cm or more.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Bryan Cranston at 179 cm and Aaron Paul at 172 cm is SPOT ON imo.
Adamz says on 2/Oct/13
maybe pinkman 171cm. looks short in photos posted.
Adamz says on 2/Oct/13
lol so hard @ angryjohnny post
Adamz says on 2/Oct/13
Pinkman @ 172cm!
183CM says on 30/Sep/13
I'd say he is 5,7. Bryan Cranston looks 10 cm (3 inch more or less) taller than him
Lorne says on 28/Sep/13
Lmfao on breaking bad they just said he is 180cm and 70kg! WTF?!?
heightobsessed says on 26/Sep/13
i always wondered what his wife's height is. she is beautiful. i imagine shes very petite as shes much shorter than aaron paul. i think shes around 5'2-5'3.
Ariel says on 19/Sep/13
Can anyone take a guess of his wife Laurens's height?
Adamz says on 12/Sep/13
Rob, when did you downgrade him from his previous 173cm listing? For what reasons? I don't necessarily disagree, but just wondering what was the evidence that caused the change in opinion.
[Editor Rob: I think it's a closer fit a fraction shy of the mark]
black light says on 10/Sep/13
He's 170.75 cm. Barefoot, evening height.
the way it is says on 30/Aug/13
Unless everyone else on BB is wearing lifts, then there is no way Aaron is 5-8....Just watched the fight seen in Jesses's house with Walt---Walt looks atleast 5 inches taller----NO way Aaron is more than 5-5 or 5-6
cumali says on 21/Aug/13
he is look like 168 cm?
cole says on 19/Aug/13
@meme: I'd be able to notice a 3 cm difference, at least if two people stood more or less perfectly still, side by side, with the same posture and more or less the same footwear.

But what looks like a 3 cm difference in one picture can look like more, or less, in another, so it's not all that straight forward especially when judging from pictures. So you're right on that part, if that's what you meant. You'd have to find a perfect shot to tell if a person was spot on this or that much taller than another, and it's not often that you find a shot like that.
Jason says on 19/Aug/13
He looks 5' 7", but so hard to tell when you don't know what they are wearing.
meme says on 15/Aug/13
I don't understand how people claim to think he looks 5'7, 3cm difference isn't that noticeable
angryjohnny says on 3/Aug/13
Average height for males in my view is 5'10 /5'11 women 5'7". Most women are taller than myself (5'6"). I had to resort to lifts/tall shoes that advertise 3" increase , but only give me 2" and still most people are still taller than me.
cole says on 27/Jul/13
Looks under 5'7 with Moyer, if he is 5'9, but knowing Moyer he might be wearing lifts.
Makavel says on 10/Jun/13
I think he is 171 cm witch shoes 173 cm
Lorne? says on 30/Mar/13
Once again a perfect listing rob glad u downgraded him
Josh (170-12) says on 17/Mar/13
Looks between 5'7"-5'8" in his breaking bad mugshot
Click Here
Luffy says on 10/Feb/13
looks a little under this on Breaking Bad. But no biggie its just a case of about 1/2 inch plus or minus. Could just be his posture that makes it look less.

By the way Rob, what height do you think James Roday is? He's the main character on Psych along with Dule Hill. he claims 5'10.
Adamz says on 2/Feb/13
I am surprised he didn't lie. He cant be any shorter than this. its very rare an actor this height doesnt add an inch or more. Rob what do you think when an actor under 72, let alone 70 inches doesnt lie?
[Editor Rob:
those who don't lie about height 'get it'...there's absolutely no need to lie about it.

If you lie about such a trivial matter such as height, there are no bounds as to what else you may lie about.]
Adamz says on 24/Jan/13
Can't see any shorter than 172 cm...
johnny says on 23/Jan/13
Click Here if Aaron really is 5'8 then Bryan is 5'11.5 or 6'. Bryan always wears those slipper type shoes on BB and also there is no need to make Bryan taller if people wanna claim lifts. I say 5'10.5 for Cranston and 5'7 for Aaron Paul.
Lo sgozzatore says on 29/Dec/12
Now that i watched almost all the series, i admit he can look under 5'8. He does look slightly shorter than Giancarlo Esposito in many scenes and 6 cms shorter than Bryan Cranston... Rob, you think he might be 5'7.5?
[Editor Rob: a weak 5ft 8 is quite possible]
Lo sgozzatore says on 16/Dec/12
He does look near this listing, at worst he's 172 but i doubt he's any less! 5'8 is ok...
Dean Norris looks 5'7, maybe 5'7.5
195jerry says on 10/Nov/12
sorry, but he looks 5'7 on breaking bad, especially next to cranston.
harop says on 10/Nov/12
Max 172 compared to Bryan Cranston
MaskDeMasque says on 24/Oct/12

Ed O'Neill is 6'1 so yeh he does.
Kid Q says on 24/Sep/12
Sorry, wrong URL on last post. This is the good one:

Click Here

Does Norris look 5'8" to you?
Kid Q says on 23/Sep/12
By the same token, is Dean Norris (Hank Schrader in Breaking Bad) really 5'8"? Ed O'Neil (Al Bundy in Married with Children) is supposedly 6'1" and Ted McGinley (Jefferson D'Arcy) is 5'11", yet look at how short Norris looks standing beside them:

Click Here

Norris looks more like 5'6" than 5'8". What do you think?
Awesomimous says on 3/Aug/12
I'm not one of the people who come here to downgrade people. I agree with the 5ft9 listing for Stallone, and 5ft7.75 for Tom Cruise. And that's that. But Aaron Paul is clearly shorter than 5ft8.

With 5ft10 Cranston (note Paul's hair advantage)
Click Here

You (5ft8) with 5ft11 Brian Austin Green (0.25 inch shoe disadvantage)
Click Here
This shows a 2.75 inch difference then.

So it's clear that Paul is AT LEAST 2.5 inches less than 5ft10. Hence, 5ft7.5 at best. Now these were one of his better pictures, there are many others where he seems even shorter. But I'll leave it at this.
Matt says on 30/Jul/12
Am I the only one who thinks he looks 5'6" ish? Can appear 5'7" ish with shoes so maybe around 5'6.5-5'6.75?
MaskDeMasque says on 14/Jun/12
5'7 ish... not 5'8
Haze says on 3/Feb/12
Not 5'8 for sure. 5'7 is nearer. Evidence clearly shows that.

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