How tall is Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler's Height

5ft 8in (173 cm)

Infamous Austrian German leader. He was supposedly measured at 173cm for a physical by the Austrian Army.

How tall is Adolf Hitler
German Federal Archive / [CC BY-SA 3.0 de], via Wiki Commons

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Dadson said on 10/Apr/16
Hitler was of average military man height. I can tell from the pictures. In the mordern, technological world a short man is fittest as head of state.
Tom said on 17/Mar/16
If I might be allowed to reply, no I am not German but I think you have to remember the part the British Empire and France played in causing World War II.
Editor Rob: it's best we stick to height on this page, as sometimes it could veer off and end up a discussion not suited for celebheights...
5ft 9.25 said on 12/Mar/16
Are you German as well?
5ft 9.25 said on 10/Mar/16
I wouldn't rule out 5ft 9 peak. If Austrians measured accurately 100 years ago is more than questionable... In his final years he suffered from several injuries and appears an inch shorter.
Tom said on 7/Mar/16
Hitler should be upgraded to 5'9". Don't forget he offered to end the war in July 1940 and again in May 1941.
LoganNoll1996 said on 16/Feb/16
Looking at photos on google, Hitler was close in height to Rommel. 5'8" seems good though I wouldn't leave 5'9" out of the question since he could look similar in height to Himmler.
The Antropologist. said on 13/Jan/16
The average height for Nordics in 1927, was that of 173-174 cm. Same height as the Viking times. While romans were around 158 cm at the same time as us big Germanics. Hitler belongs distinct into 2 white archetypes of race. The Dinaric and the West Phallian Cro-magnon morphology. he was certaintly not a short man as some misinformed people write here. I heard inside rumours of Hitler being around 178 cm actually? But I cant verify that. So the height of Vikings were the same thousand years earlier. In the dark centuries of the medieval starvation/plague and poor living standards dropped to 169 cm again for Northern Europe. Im an race expert and studied races for more than 15 years and read over 4 Million pages on the subject. The average height of Nordics being 178-180 cm for around 35 years old now. The new offspring tend to meassure now 182,5 cm in Denmark as second largest people and 184,4 cm in Holland as the tallest white people. Where the land is most flat you find the tallest types. Like Denmark Jutland Anglo blood or Wallon/Dinaric to Anglo in Holland typically. In rain forest people get bushman height because of the undergrowth of the forest. Hope this shed some light on the true facts here. Sincerly Viking.
Lardy said on 2/Jan/16
He wS shirt for his height.
LoganNoll1996 said on 3/Dec/15
Rob, how tall would you guess Heinrich Himmler to be? Most sources list him as 5'9" and one source even gave him a 5'8.5" listing. Yet he can look the same height as Hitler who you have as a flat 5'8".

Also I believe that was mid/upper average back then height-wise. Nowadays 5'8" is considered low-average for humans in general.
Editor Rob: 174 might have been possible
Tom said on 25/Nov/15
Hitler was certainly taller than 5'8".

I don't know why anyone would object to this page. The Versailles Treaty ensured there would be World War II, and if it hadn't been Hitler leading Germany then it would have been someone else.
Shorya said on 20/Nov/15
I don't believe..... I thought he was too short in height....
Larry said on 18/Oct/15
Hitler was 5'9".
[Editor Rob: it is best to stick to height.]
Rajat said on 10/Oct/15
From a lot of persons I got to conclude that He was a man of a short stature but big impact... His style was unique.. Height about b/w 5'5" to 5'7"... who knows if he used to wear high healed shoes.. so to look a little tall.. most of the men do
BrandonB said on 9/Oct/15
how tall was Mussolini rob? looked smaller than Hitler
[Editor Rob: Mussolini probably was near to 5ft 6. There are insance 5ft 9 and 'barely over 5ft' descriptions, but in a few books that 5ft 6 figure seems common.]
W.Wilmink said on 7/Oct/15
G÷ring was 5.8 173 cm, Adolf Hitler was 2 or 3 inch smaller. Goebbels was a real dwarf 5.1 or 5.2 ! Every has to sit on the chair when he comes into a room !
Larry said on 18/Sep/15
I thought Hitler was 5'9".
VinMan said on 16/Sep/15
This is the most blatantly wrong one I've seen here. Hitler was between 5'9" and 5'10". Some sources even say 5'11". He CERTAINLY was not 5'8".
Key said on 3/Sep/15
lol. I was Googling Presidents heights, and Hitler came up. Rob, why do you think Google changed his height from 5'8 to 5'9? Its been 5'8 ever since I first Googled him 2 years ago. Now they changed it. Why do you think that is?
[Editor Rob: I put myself as an Editor and try to interact. You could ask them if you want and see if they respond...

As for Adolf, there are reports he was measured 5ft 8 and 8.5.
One person who met him once said, "To the fraction, he was as tall as I, five feet eight inches"...]
Tunman said on 25/Aug/15
I know, Goering could even give a 5'6-7 impression in some pics but the thing is that he was measured by the allies at 178.In fact 179 isn't excluded at peak since he was fat and addicted to morphine.
I think Hitler was too often given advantage for pics even if it's not that obvious.
With almost every person whose height is known he looked way over 5'8.
We may always assume the allies measured their prisonners with shoes on but nothing is less certain.
The Master said on 20/Aug/15
Hitler was 5'9". He was described in his youth as "lanky". Can you add a picture Rob?
Melon said on 19/Aug/15
G÷ring as 5'10" is preposterous. There's plenty of pictures with him and Hitler standing side by side and in most pictures G÷ring doesn't appear any taller than Hitler, in fact they look pretty much the same height :
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

If he was really that height, that would make Hitler also at 5'10".
michael said on 8/Jun/15
so you are saying hitler thought of himself as short?
[Editor Rob: I don't know what Hitler would have thought himself, but others do like to attack the short tag when describing or mentioning him.]
haz said on 7/Jun/15
hitler often gets listed as short and complexed about height in historical articles, although 5ft8in is a pretty average height for 2015 and I imagine for the 1940's it migh have been even above average
Rob, would you say Hitler is called short/complexed to give him a motive for being a megalomaniac dictator or in 1940 the german average height was already above 5'9?
[Editor Rob: there may be elements to attaching mention of his stature in a negative manner and with vague reason for why he had the beliefs he did.]
Tunman said on 2/Jun/15
Ladislas Farago in his book about Bormann pointed that the Berlin Archives showed Bormann's height as 165 (5'5)which seems perfect as he constantly looked at least 3"shorter than Hitler.
As for Goering he was measured at 178 by the Allies,however he was quite fat and held really poor posture most of the time.In some videos,he could look 2"taller than Hitler,although rarely I must say.
Also quite interesting that so many people today think of the nazis as tall men.
Having seen lots of sources I recall only 3 famous nazis over 190
Ernst Kaltenbrunner 192 from his papers (no way 6'7,also his wife described him as 6'4 to the Allies)
Otto Skorzeny 192 famous for freeing Mussolini
Amon Goeth 193 KL commander made famous by the movie Schindler's List,measured by the Allies.
JB said on 29/May/15
I was curious about this page and did a little research. Goering was listed as tall, 5'10" & Borman, short 5'7" In a couple of photos Hitler seems to stand higher than both. Can't seem to find a historically proven height for Adolf. Some of the comments here are interesting to say the least.
MrFish said on 20/May/15
Rob, how do you regard the 175 cm record from Hitler's imprisonment?
[Editor Rob: could it have been in prison footwear?]
MrFish said on 1/May/15
Rob, is your estimate of his height solely based on written records (the mentioned physical), or is 173 supported, in your opinion, by photographic evidence?
[Editor Rob: from considering all the evidence available.]
Arch Stanton said on 11/Feb/15
Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. should have pages too. I think a page for Hitler is fine. I don't think any of us like him or what he did Sam but let's please try to leave those issues out of this site. Looked about 5 ft 8 in the Olympics film.
Vlad said on 11/Feb/15
Seems like a lot of people here bash Hitler and say that he wasn't even human, just shows that nowadays nobody looks into things and just accepts whatever the TV tells them.
[Editor Rob: this is really just to talk about height, was he barely 5ft 8, really 5ft 8.5?

I mean there are many many other forums to talk about war, historical accuracy and objectivity, news and media bias etc.
Tunman said on 29/Jan/15
Funny to see how the high ranking nazis were so far from the nordic ideal they spoke about:tall,athletic,blond,fast.Some like Goebbels,Bormann to cite only few are even the total opposite of that ideal.Even more funny is that some jewish were in fact tall blond guys,much closer to Nordic type
Not only was the ideology stupid but even those who did promote it were really hypocritical,maybe they should have started by exterminating themselves,lol.
TRex said on 26/Jan/15
How about you go deal with your problem elsewhere Sam. I'm Jewish also, with family that emigrated from Poland in 1933, and I was curious about that ******* height. ... And BTW Hitler is historically more important that Ghandi and MLK in the grander scheme of things, in a terrible way, but that is how human kind learns not to let these things happen again
Sam said on 23/Dec/14
Rob, would you consider removing this page and relocating Hitler to Historic Heights?...doesn't help that I'm Jewish, but it seems rather wrong that Hitler get his own page, while folks like Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. do not. I would admit Hitler's height might be of historic interest but, like Tunman says, where do you draw the line with murderous human monsters like this?
[Editor Rob: as the most infamous dictator in modern history, there is still considerable interest in his height. For me, it's enough to warrant a separate page to discuss his stature.]
176,2Tunman said on 13/Dec/14
I'm not sure monsters deserve to be in this site,Rob certainly dislikes the idea of adding hateful persons such as Oussama Ben Laden or Ted Bundy or else.
He rather focuses on actors and singers which is quite understandable
drammensveien1 said on 12/Dec/14
173 cm is certainly not low when you're born in 1889. Why do people say that he was short. is it because he was a monster ?. Here in Norway we had a sadistic torturer name Henry Rinnan which was probably more hated than Quisling and Hitler added together he was real short 159 cm. guess who's Rinnan Click Here
Mr. Rob have you considered having more "monsters" here, I would say that Charles Manson is a celebrity when the whole world knows who he is, but I can not find Charles Manson on CelebHeights and he has an interesting height
Hitler said on 16/Nov/14
Hitler was 174 cm.
The Master said on 11/Nov/14
Easily 5'9 in his prime. Goebbels was described as "a dwarf" in the Daily Mail, in the early 1930s.
Amaze said on 17/Oct/14
Thanks tunman

155 so 11 stone/69kg
Average indeed
Alex 6'0 said on 18/Sep/14
5'8 was average for his generation but today I believe Germany is a bit taller on average than the US Rob?
[Editor Rob: more 5ft 10-10.5 range]
176,2Tunman said on 4/Sep/14
I read that in an SS division named Totenkopf the required height was 174+ but after 1938 Himmler asked doctors to soften the admission criterions.
Himmler was allegedly 174 according to the autopsy and some sites list him at that mark.
In his early career Hitler looked virtually the same,when both in boots. I can buy 5'8.25 but in the last years he could look a good 0.75-1" shorter than Himmler due to Parkinson and the subsequent poor posture.
Possibly 155 in the early 1930's rather 160-165 for most of his tenure,very average weight.
Arch Stanton said on 25/Aug/14
Although 5 ft 8 for his generation would have been easily average.
Arch Stanton said on 25/Aug/14
Got a good look at him in Triumph of the Will. Yeah I think he looked about 5 ft 8. Didn't look clear short like 5 ft 6 or 5 ft 7 but looked lower average. He had one of the harshest voices I've ever heard, reminded me of a vicious Rottweiler or something. A perfect reflection of his personality and ideology!
Amaze said on 29/Jul/14
I can believe this. Obviously we all hate him but this does not change his height. Hes no more than 5'8 or lower than it. Wonder how much he weighed.
176,2Tunman said on 1/Jul/14
Are you sure Heydrich is 6'3?To me he doesn't look that tall.He generally looks 4" taller than Himmler but rather 5" when standing tall in some reliable pics.I doubt he's over 6'2,does any reliable source gives his height papers,SS personal card or else?
Anyways it's true that Hitler was not a dwarf,somewhere between 5'8 and 5'9.Many people want to see him as a dwarf because of his evil deeds,but that's a clear lack of objectivity.
Ian C. said on 19/Jun/14
I think you may have missed my point, Falcon, which was that Adolph Hitler is an odd and slightly jarring entry here, because most of the other entries are concerned with people in show business. You can't discuss anything about Adolph Hitler with the same cast of mind that you might adopt to discuss Marlon Brando or Dean Martin, because Hitler is inextricably linked and can arguably be said to be the central figure in one of the greatest infamies in history: the rise of the Third Reich, and then World War II. Hitler is like Stalin or Mao. When we think of Hitler we do not think of political acumen or brilliant oratory. We think of mass murder and wholesale human evil as a political protocol. So who cares how tall he was? The most important thing about him right now is that he's dead.
dyll131198 said on 16/Jun/14
He actually looks a lot shorter, about 5'7'' or 170 cm.
176,2Tunman said on 10/Feb/14
Looks generally 3-4cm shorter than 178-78.5Ribbentrop, about 11 shorter than 185 Keitel(maybe 186peak)and generally the same than 174-5 Himmler especially in the first years (30's).In all honesty he could very well have been 174-5 which he even looked with 183-4 Speer and 183 Karl Wolff, still I can go with 173(since some of you pointed to footwear advantage) but nothing less really.
Somebody mentioned here that lowest height to belong to the SS was 175, this is wrong or at least was never really respected.Here is a list of some SS officers heights from their papers to prove this.
Mengele174, Eicke173, Rauff 168, Sepp Dietrich 170 (probably only 167), Gebhardt 169.Others in concentration camps staff were also way shorter than 175 (Hoess, Aumeier, Hoessler,Fritzsch,Clauberg,Moll,etc)
Some SS were tall but no way Himmler was the shortest maybe the average in the SS was 175 (against 172-3)for Young Germans at that time. Compare some pics of guys like Anton Thumann (very certainly 175), Globocnik (176), Pohl (176) Hocker (175) and you will see they aren't short but average. Hope this will clear it all.
5\'9 3/8 Tunman said on 29/Jan/14
Well after seeing most pics with Himmler,ribbentrop and some others he's at least 5'8 and in fact there's a good chance for 5'9 although some camera angles may be deceiving
Ian C. said on 26/Jan/14
Hitler was so wicked that it pains many of us to assign to him any physical measurement at all, including height, because this means that he was human. Also, since most of the people considered in this site are in show business, it seem to trivialize Hitler's wickedness to speak of him in the same way we're arguing about Clint Eastwood or Elvis Presley. Nevertheless he is a fascinating addition to the collection here at Celebrity Heights, so I admire you for including him.
Bran said on 19/Jan/14
How talls Goebbels ?
Click Here
truth said on 28/Dec/13
But yeah it is a myth that Hitler was a short guy. In his time, the average white European was 5ft8-5ft10, so Hitlers height was pretty decent. Now the average is 5ft10-6ft0.
truth said on 28/Dec/13
yep about 5ft8, 5ft9 is almost the same so he could have looked 5ft9.
Tom T. said on 17/Dec/13
What's the diff? He was 5' 9: ot there about! Hitler himself would not have got as worked up & angry about his height as you are! WOW, Let it go
Colin said on 16/Dec/13
Hitler was 5'8", this is an established fact. Hitler's best biographer, Ian Kershaw, states that was his height; his army service records do too; all photographic evidence confirms he was of average height. Trying to turn him into a midget because you don't like him is infantile.
subway said on 5/Dec/13
he was 1,72cm 1,73 no more!
MD said on 5/Dec/13

Can you delete the most recent post by "Bull****" on 3/Dec/13?

In fact, I know you won't do it, but I'm already noticing most folks can't really handle this page. Just my two cents, but I'd either shutdown commenting on it or delete it, entirely. I mean, the rest of the internet can debate his height if they want to, but we shouldn't be giving audiences to trolls, and lord knows this page has and will continute to attrack trolls and hateful people.
[Editor Rob: that comment was meant to be deleted, but sometimes can get wrongly approved...that's one of the problems of working from home - interruptions that break up your day...]
MD said on 1/Dec/13
A lot of people want him to be tall, too, seeing some of the posts on this page. And the fact was that even for the time, he wasn't.
drengler said on 28/Nov/13
A lot of people WANT Hitler to be a dwarf but looking at several photos should make them realize that he wasn't really a short guy among his contemporaries (Churchill, Stalin or Mussolini were shorter than him but were not called "short"). He kinda looks short next to men like Heydrich (6'3") or younger Germans who were mostly over 5'8".
MD said on 12/Nov/13
But, he wasn't 5'9".
Go Balls said on 10/Nov/13
Just saw a documentary about Martin Borman. In several film clips of the two together Hitler was taller than Borman by about two/three inches. Borman's skeleton was measured at 5'7" - which corresponded with records used to identify his remains. Winston Churchill described Hitler as "that despicable little man" so I was surprised that Hitler was 5ft 9 or so.
Mecir said on 21/Oct/13
Hitler was 5 feet 8 inches tall - he was measured during his physical for the German army in 1914. Average height for a German when he was born (1889) was 5 feet 7, so Hitler was a taller man than the average.
John said on 21/Oct/13
Hitler was 5'8", slightly above average height at the time he was born.
general sherman said on 29/Sep/13
When my history teacher saw his uniform on display she was surprised that she wouldnt be able to fit in it. She was exactly 5 feet tall on a good day, but she said the shoulders of his uniform were so thin her shoulders could never fit. Based on his uniform size she estimated he was about 5 feet 2 inches. He had a really good propaganda crew with him rivaling that of the film makers in the Lord of the Rings movies that make him appear taller than he actually was. Most shots of him are from a low angle with the sun behind his head making him appear super tall and christ-like (halo effect), but in reality Hitler was very short. There is now way Hitler was 5' 8'' if my super tiny history teacher couldn't fit in his pants and shirt. Plus any documentation of his height should be subject to question as his propaganda seeped into every aspect of his life. But a man's clothes don't lie. Hitler was a lil dude.
Mike said on 16/Sep/13
Hitler was 5'8" and hardly the archetype of Aryan Supremacy, the new Hitler, who is a true Bavarian is a little over 6 feet tall and looks like the model Aryan, he also has a more steady temper.
donkeykong said on 16/Sep/13
he was 5 foot 8" and 1centimetre egsactly
moerlitz said on 28/Aug/13
He was not "tall" but he wasn't short either. One can't define his height judging by photos of his late days because it's well known that he was by then a sickish hunched shadow of the man he used to be.
Will said on 10/Aug/13
I am dead serious that Hitler was about 5'6", not 5'8". Adolf Hitler was not a tall person to me at all.
matheuscore said on 11/Jul/13
cyninbend said on 25/Jun/13
watching a doc on assassination attempt of Hitler--he was a foot shorter than all the military leaders walking with him. His big hat went only to their mouths...and that's his hat not his head. He was a little dumpy guy.
cd said on 17/May/13
172 cm is my guess.
truth177cm said on 1/May/13
172.5-173cm at low and 175cm first hour in the morning. He was not short then but average or even a hair above, today he would be a short man.
ghp95134 said on 20/Mar/13
Field Marshal Erwin Rommel's height was 170cm -- I saw his Soldbuch (ID book)which registered his height: Click Here

According to his son, Manfred Rommel, Hitler liked his father because he was a bit taller and could comfortably look Rommel in the eye. I've also checked the height of General der Panzertruppe Hasso von Manteuffel -- he was 5'2".

So, you have Rommel's son's statement (albeit I cannot remember when I read that) -- let's just call it "hearsay" -- that Hitler could comfortably look into Erwin Rommel's eye; a link to Rommel's soldbuch showing his height at 170cm, and a physician's report saying Hitler was 175cm. Why the doubt about Hitler's height?

JonSnow said on 15/Mar/13
Napeleon wasnt short and Napaleon wasnt tall, Napaleon height was 168cm - 5,6 stop posting nonsense he wasnt 5,7 or 5,8
Allstar said on 14/Feb/13
Actually, Napoleon wasn't short. There was a mis-translation (by a professor Brown I believe) who translated the documentation from Fench to English, and got it wrong. Napoleon's body was exhumed at one point, and the skeleton was measured and his height was found to be approximately 5'7". The average Frenchman at the time was 5'4". Napoleon was tall for his time. Please correct this persistent fallacy. Courtesy of Furman Univ. History Dept.
Vuks said on 10/Feb/13
@S(aint) are wrong im austrian so i know that
American people have always been smaller than middle european ones
average austrian height is 1.81 m US height height 1.77m the only ones who are taller than we are dutch, with am average height of 1.84 m
Ayush singh said on 6/Feb/13
in hitler movies it shows 5.5'inchs
marla singer said on 31/Jan/13
In my history book, it says he had a complex about his appearence because he was "short" (reportedly 1.70 m in the text), with black hair, slightly tanned skin... completely the opposite of the arian man he wanted to be (tall, slim, fair skin and blonde hair). The book also says he wanted SS volounteers bodyguards to be much bigger than him (5'11 at least) so maybe 5 ft 8 is a stretch.
Alex said on 29/Jan/13
@ Imparcial: I agree, being shorter or taller doesn't make the man any less despicalbe. Not to mention it's pretty racist to think that an evil person should be necessarily short.
me said on 29/Jan/13
Hitler was about 5'8.
Imparcial said on 28/Jan/13
I┤m sorry Will but everything indicates he was 5'8. All historical documents at the time (even from non-nazi sourcers) indicates he was that height, and there is even some sources that stated he was 5'9. I know he was a bad person but still lying about his height is pretty childish Will.
Will said on 27/Jan/13
Hitler had to be shorter than 5ft 8. He is more like 5'5" in reality.
Will said on 8/Jan/13
No, Hitler was never 5ft 8in tall. He still rather is quite short standing mainly below average height. A small man that he knowingly is. I think Hitler was just only 5ft 6in tall.
(S)ain\'t said on 2/Jan/13
Hitler was listed as 5'8" by his doctor. Definitely not short for that time. On average German soldiers were 2 inches shorter then American soldiers. I read an article about Hitler and discovered his height. And the German soldier heights I found on a video about America no longer being one of the tallest countries.
MrX said on 1/Jan/13
Solid Tall for a man born in 1889
truth said on 22/Dec/12
ok a weak 5ft8 or 173cm is a good listing.
truth said on 2/Oct/12
I think he was 170cm, below average/short today, then an inch below average. He didnt look "short" but quite average and his build was kind of stocky so he appeared even shorter. Oh and Stalin was 5tf6, Lenin 5ft5, Goebells 5ft4, mussolini 5ft5, they were all short guys. Change it to 170cm Rob.
Dr. Frankus said on 1/Oct/12
Numerous historical documents and books say he was about 173 cm or 5'8". Eva Braun was about 5'3" so compare when they're standing together. Of course she usually is wearing heels of 1-2" but I haven't read about Hitler's shoes. The Russian autopsy reports say shorter, but that was a difficult measurement on a burned corpse.
moerlitz said on 27/Sep/12
Everyone always mentions that Adolf Hitler was a small man but if you study historical videos and pictures of him being surrounded by other people you will realize he wasn't THAT small at all. I remember a photo taken during the first world war showing him with two of his brothers in arms and he was the tallest.
I believe he was at least 174 cm (a solid height for a man born in the 1880's) and when he reached his mid50's he got sick his posture got worse and he starded giving people the impression of a dwarf.
Orlando said on 16/Aug/12
The book "Hitlers Jugend" (Hitler's Youth) by Franz Jetzinger (who managed to get hold of Hitler's Austrian Army file) states: "On 5th February 1914 Hitler duly appeared before the Standing Military Commission in Salzburg. His height is given in the list of conscripts as 5 ft 9 in." It matches the prison file of 1924: 1.75 m tall.
Orlando said on 16/Aug/12
A document found in 2010 concerning 1924 Hitler's imprisonment lists him at 1.75 m height and 77 kg weight. It does not state if he was barefoot or not. Footage of Hitler shows that he wore high-heeled shoes most of the time. Check at: Click Here
Steve said on 1/Aug/12
Himmler was certainly 175 cm. I know it because he made the shortest limit for entering the SS 175 cm, and he was 175 cm. Hitler is shorter than him an all the pictures about 1 or 2 cm, I cannot be sure. It seems to me he was 173, maybe
173.5 , but my history teacher told that he was 174 cm and that it is taken as a historical fact.
Ronald said on 12/Feb/12
Bob, "Napoleon Bonaparte who really was short". He wasn't check the internet he was an inch shorter than Hitler.
Bob said on 31/Jan/12
He was average height of the time (178cm +- 2cm).
He has been "made short" by western media, to try and make him a more goofy/stupid person, comparable to Napoleon Bonaparte who really was short.
Tom said on 26/Jan/12
german history shows that - germans are average height is 5'9" for males. and on old discovery, history channel videos shows he was tall guy. his mother was austrian and father was german - his height must be between 5'11" - 6'2" definetely.
Isabella said on 14/Dec/11
@logan noll 1996: He's either 6 feet or 5'9"?! You do realize that one foot is not 10 inches, right?
logan noll 1996 said on 18/Nov/11
hitler was about 6 foot tall, maybe 5 foot 9. In documentaries, he's usually an inch or two taller than the people he's with. My pappy said Hitler was 6 foot tall.
Steve said on 25/Sep/11
Appeared to be of average height for Germans of that time. My guess is 68"-69".
Saloon Singer said on 14/Sep/11
William L. Shirer said Hitler was 5'9 and he saw him lots of times.
Tom said on 17/Aug/11
Maybe he should have been Adolf Frankenberger. Relatives DNA showed a Y chromosome rare to Western European and common in Ashkenazi's. Still mostly Aryan for sure and a white man in anyone's mind.
Matt said on 3/Aug/11
@ras, i think Hitler and the Nazi's viewed 178 cm and up as good because requirements for the SS were 178 cm. Could be wrong, but Himmler was 5'9 and they decided you had to be 5'10 to get in. Not to mention proving German ancestry back to 1750.
Matt said on 21/Jul/11
@advocate, are you suggesting that you're an advocate of Hitler or Nazi's in general. I certainly understand the points you made, and Hitler was a brilliant speaker and all. That said, if you like Hitler you're a **** of epic proportions. Sorry.
c-mo said on 20/Jul/11
@Ras ...he said 5'11 not 6'2
Ras said on 20/Jul/11
I DO think he's short because according to his own standards, nordic men were supposed to be at least 6'2" and well built, he was neither of those though.
gary said on 12/Jun/11
Okay, "somegirl" - but that simply adds to the argument of planned, or at least thinking parenthood!
z89 said on 17/May/11
he always seems average height in the footage I've seen of him, he's not tall but he's not short either, probably 5'8 or so.
Marcio said on 16/May/11
I think people think he's short because they associate him with napoleon bonaparte
Daniel said on 14/May/11
What history wronte on 14/Mar/11 makes the most sense. People confuse their hate for Hitler with an objective assesement about his height. He never ever looked short compared with the men of his time, so his height being 5'8'' is not only reasonable but also logical when you compare him with those around him.
random said on 9/May/11
he was a tiny madman who probaly felt insecucre about his height
Phil said on 2/May/11
You can't be serious, Rob. Hitler was measured 3 times. 5 foot 6.75. (169 cm) 5 foot 7.25 (171 cm) and 5 foot 7.75 (172 cm)
His height was measured by his personal doctor (private physician)
BTW I'm German and Hitler was Austrian;) I despise Nazis.
Marinewannab said on 22/Apr/11
um the shrinker not to be mean but 6'8 is infact an extremely rare height to reach. The average human being is about 5'9 for a man and 5'4 for a woman (the average taken in 2005. Inless you are using something other than ft and inches.
the shrinker said on 15/Apr/11
You are all right,
the average height for the years old boys is 6'10'' nowadays,
the average for adult man is 8'2'', the 6'8 is midget nowadays and I'm not joking,
I say this completely seriously, in the future the average height will be "the taller the better"
I'm just show you better your point of view in this matter, this is your philosophy
some girl said on 11/Apr/11
dont hate hitler he had a hard life and needed alot of help
erk said on 10/Apr/11 is touching the bottom of the basketball net even relevant to "powerful" of course he was powerful only a idiot would deny it. evil but powerful. a madman too. but saying "couldn't even touch the basket ball net" is hypocritical to Hitler's ignorance in judging people on their physique or genetic characteristics. plus plenty of these basketball players and "tall" sports figures are dumb as a doornail.
jason young said on 24/Mar/11
he was a very short man and very ignorant he thought he was powerful and he couldnt even touch the net on the basket ball court
history said on 14/Mar/11
I watched the film Goebbels Experiment which has lots of footage of Hitler and Goebbels, especially from the early years when the each were more freely interacting with crowds. Hitler was definitely above average height for regular status men of his time but not by a lot. Hitler was 5'8"-5'9" but the average German man about 5'7", across all ages, but with younger men likely 5'8".

Another observation is just how few men really were distinctly taller than Hitler- rarely over 6'. I think the perception of Hitler being merely average height for his time are that there are more seen images of him surrounded by military officers, who overwhelmingly came from aristocratic families, back when better nutrition and health care made a material difference in height among classes.

Goebbels was around 5'4"-5'5" and short but surprisingly often not nearly shortest man in public crowds of the time.
D said on 12/Mar/11
Raleigh the pictures and videos of Hitler have been edited many times to make him look silly, it't called propaganda. Hitler was around 5'9 slightly taller then Himmler. Plus Hitler didn't claim tall blond Aryans were the ideal race, he said the Nordic race play a great role in a civilization, and the whole Nordic thing was nothing new that came with Hitler, it was already largely discussed in the Western world.
Raleigh said on 25/Feb/11
The first image I saw of Adolf Hitler was in a historical reel during a trip to Disneyland, he looked rather silly looking for history's most vicious dictator, and his stature looked that of a small man. I saw an image of Charlie Chaplin and remarked that Hitler looked like Chaplin. I think even 5'8" is a stretch, he probably was more like 5'6" to 5'7" tall. Ironic how such a silly looking man claimed tall blond Aryans were the ideal race, also ironic that he became all powerful in a nation of tall blondes.
Anonymous said on 5/Feb/11
Why the hell is this website receiving, I mean about Hitler┬┤s opinions, more comments referred to Hitler┬┤s being "good or bad", than related to his suposed height?? My own opinion and the others┬┤ opinions about Hitler┬┤s behaviour doesn┬┤t care a damm !! Why don┬┤t you all use your brains, and stop judging this person here !! This is a site to make a comment about people┬┤s height. And, for the good or the worse, Hitler is one of the most famous people in the human history. The latter explains why he┬┤s here. Coming to the point, I always thought he was around 5┬┤7.5/5┬┤8", in his barefeet.
z89 said on 23/Jan/11
Adolf Hitler was around 5'9, average height at the time, nowadays though he would be short.
MD said on 14/Jan/11

I'd hope you'd be among those who'd admit that Hitler was not just a net negative to the people he led when all is said in done, but a net negative to humanity. Let's not get into this silly game of moral equivalency, here. He wasn't just a bad guy for the world, on net, but he still ranks among the most detrimental to humanity to ever be born on this earth.
advocate said on 12/Jan/11
Wise guy is not entirely off the mark here, you cannot truly be analytical about history while also making judgment statements. So to label Hitler as the devil incarnate is just as detrimental to the facts as saying we as God incarnate. At the end of the day one has to realize he got Germany out of the Depression before any other nation, built the Autobahn, and kept Germany's citizens from receiving rations for an unjustifiably long time (1944, is when that finally happened, before that they could buy whatever they wanted).

ONE ALSO MUST REALIZE that the year Adolf Hitler ascended to power, state fairs in America had Most Genetically Pure competitions.
Historian said on 7/Jan/11
Help ! I am looking desperately for Neville Chamberlain's height. In a picture he looked 1 inche taller than Hitler, does that make him 5'9 ? I thought he was taller than this.
Vikas Malik Lenin said on 26/Dec/10
i m not believe that Hitler's height is 5 ft 8 in [173cm]
TruebloodFan said on 21/Dec/10
he didn't seem short. but why is he on celebheights? is he a celebrity?

[Editor Rob: this page gets about 80 visitors a day, there's probably quite a few infamous leaders, bad or good which generate an interest in their height.
Dave said on 20/Dec/10
Hitler's height does matter a little bit because he would be an anomaly according to the Napoleon Syndrome.
Hooks wan said on 6/Dec/10
Hitler got so many innocent people killed, NOT EVEN FUNNY TO JOKE ABOUT!
Suvarna Rao ( Pandu ) said on 5/Nov/10
I never thought that Hitler was 5.8". My understanding all these while was that He is below 5.5". Any way it is not very important now.
Suvarna Rao ( Pandu ) said on 5/Nov/10
I never thought that Hitler was 5.8". My understanding all these while was that He is below 5.5". Any way it is not very important now.
TROLLED! said on 28/Oct/10
lol this such an epic troll
Lord Chief Justice Victor said on 27/Oct/10
at least 5'7, at most 5'8....hes considered average during his time
Dennis said on 13/Oct/07
'funny how he wanted an army of all 6.0, blonde perfect human beings, and he is completely differnt from this'

Urban legend, this is not true.
Daniel said on 26/Sep/07
Thank you, Anonymous!
Anonymous said on 23/Sep/07
the average german man is 5┤11 . i am german by myself and i can tell you the average is true. i am 5┤10 and smaller than most other guyn in my age. hitler was 5┤8 , that is what everybody belives in germany. and i think it is true
Daniel said on 23/Sep/07
I guess Hitler was 5'8'' minimum, 5'9'' maximum, because he was close to average for his times, as we can see in the movies (nazi propaganda) and innumerable photographs. By the way, Anonymous, what do you think is the average height of german men at present time?
Ed said on 8/Sep/07
These posts reminded me that there is a group portrait photo of Hitler as a teenager with his class in school. Unfortunately I don't have it at hand. However it clearly shows Hitler in very middle of the very back row of several rows of students, with the top of his head clearly higher by several inches above all the other students. I forgot what book or where I had seen it, but the author *specifically* pointed this unusual, visually striking aspect out about the photo, remarking on the later "Deutschland uber alles" (Germany above all) german national socialist era anthem.
Heinrich said on 24/Aug/07
Hitler wasn't tall but he certainly wasn't short, he was taller than other Axis leaders. (Mussolini and Tojo)

If you want to see a distorted portrayal of Hitler, watch the movie "Downfall" in that movie he is much shorter than his last-minute wife Evan Braun when in reality Hitler was MUCH taller than her.
clint said on 19/Aug/07
There was one photo i saw of rommel who stood a good few inches taller than hitler. He was never over 5foot 8.
Simon said on 5/Aug/07
Having stood next to Till Lindemann I can say he is not over 6 foot... in fact he's only a little taller than me and I'm "Hitler Sized" apparently!
Ato said on 2/Aug/07
173? just like me, :(
What about the band Rammstein? (the singer Till Lindeman is realy 190 (6┤3))?
(They are not Nazis, but they are germans also)
(sory for my english, im from argentina)
Glenn said on 29/Jul/07
He always looked 5-8 to me.
Anonymous said on 29/Jul/07
i am german myself. am here in germany he is always stated as short, so no more than 5ft 8 so about 173 cm. in this time it wasn┤t very short because the average man was 5ft9 in this time. and the minimum height to become a part of the s was really 175 cm. and at the beginning of the war very small man so under 170cm weren┤t allowed to become a soldier, tey were brought into arm-factories or smoething like that.
Jason said on 26/Jul/07
Haha. You left out the ''Heil Hitler'' on the end of your post, mate.
MD said on 25/Jul/07
Richard, that is ridiculous.
glenn said on 25/Jul/07
wow.was he really that tall?
Richard said on 25/Jul/07
Certainly above 5'9, probably about 5'10 or 5'11. Himmler was 5'11 and Hitler was virtually the same height as him. You only have to look over numerous pictures, of Hitler with soldiers and Hitler with other commanders, to see that Hitler is taller than most people. Only rarely will you see someone taller than him. Also preferably look at a picture showing the whole body; to confirm that his boots were the same as everybody's. I've heard people say that Hitler was short. I have no idea where they get this from; it's a modern myth because no-one at the time thought Hitler was short, even in the Allied countries. Hitler, Hess and Himmler were all tall men, above 5'10. Goebbels was short.
Nick said on 20/Jul/07
he was 5'8- 5'9, i study history and a newspaper article, at around the time of the anshluss with austria, stated 5'85
anonymous said on 26/May/07
is schiller a stoner? what the hell are you talking about. good one rob by the way "who was selling the newspaper? Elvis?"
i am not being sarcastic in anyway i swear it.
Andre said on 20/May/07
the minimum height to enter the SS was 5.9 because Heinrich Himmler was 5.9.
Pipziglicadeth said on 14/May/07
funny how he wanted an army of all 6.0, blonde perfect human beings, and he is completely differnt from this
Height Detective said on 11/Apr/07
Here is hitler with mussolini same posture same boots.
Click Here
Austrian said on 22/Mar/07
...oh well :)
Closet Historian said on 2/Mar/07
I read a bio of Hitler recently. One of the WW1 photos show him posing with his comrads- he is the same height or taller. Since everyone is wearing the same boots (no lifts, of course) it shows that he was about average- whatever he was.
Nick the Great said on 13/Dec/06
The problem with the Fuhrer's height is that in most of his pictures, he is often wearing military boots, which probably elevate his height by about 1.5 inches. Mussolini I believe was about 5ft 7in tall
D. Ray Morton said on 12/Nov/06
"I'm surprised Frank2 never said that he met him whilst working on a show."

I think Frank might've met him while working on "Triumph Of The Will."
Glenn said on 12/Nov/06
I almost forgot that was classic.
sf said on 11/Nov/06
That made me laugh out loud.
Viper652 said on 10/Nov/06
This is the best post on here though.

"I stood next to Hitler when he was out to buy a coke and a newspaper once. It was in the morning and he was in front of me in the line and I swear he is kind of 5' 6'' or 5'5'' I know what I saw"
Glenn said on 10/Nov/06
sf said on 10/Nov/06
It's known fact that Hitler used to wear lifts to appear more intimidating. Anybody remember the movie, Das Lifts?
Glenn said on 10/Nov/06
tubbs said on 9/Nov/06
I'm surprised Frank2 never said that he met him whilst working on a show.
Gotxo said on 8/Nov/06
Yeah, hitler was slightly of the national average of Germany in 1930's
He was also a brave man on warfare action, but unlike Franco he wasn't a career
militar but delirious man. That's what i mean, i do not deny his braveness, plus some sexual trends arent opposed to it, but he wasn't really aware of what war was due to his idealization of it.
He was never really accepted on militar enviroments as he wasn't a true one.
He was so obedient that his comrades hated him, and he was so notorioulsy crazy that his superiors never promoted him over the corporal range.
That's what i mean, Franco was a killer, but a professional and became youngest brigade general of Europe in 1925 due to his militar successes on Morocco, hitler used the "glory" related to militars to aid his personal promotion.

Steven said on 7/Nov/06
"*Franco was measuerd @ the army since he was a real militar not has hitler
who wore uniforms to cause liked leather, boots thight know what.
Also some biographies cite that fact."

Adolf Hitler fought in WW1 on the fronts. He received the Iron Cross, Second Class in December 1914 and the Iron Cross, First Class in August 1918, an honour rarely given to a Gefreiter.

Not glorifying him whatsoever but just correcting this false statement.
Middle-sized Cat said on 5/Oct/06
Always thought Hitler was way shorter than 5'8". Don't forget, that was actually quite tall then - 5'7" was average for a man in the early 20th Century. Stalin was very short too.
H said on 8/Sep/06
5'8" only? Wasn't that "untermensch" according to himself? Wasn't 5'9" or even 5'10" the least you had to be if you should be counted as an "aryan" and "real german"?
6\\\'5 project dude said on 11/Aug/06
My grandfather has a picture of Hitler and my great grandfather. They were standing both abreast. My great grandfather was 5'6-5'7, and i would say hitler was around 5'8 more or a little bit less.
trueheight said on 24/Jul/06
don't forget Mao was 80. In books, he is lifted as 180cm or almost 6foot. Nixon looked 5'10 square until old age
Frank2 said on 2/Jun/06
Yeah, but he was 5'10" all the same. I know since I met him back in the 1960's. My dad knew him and my dad was 5'9.5". Nixon was hardly any taller.
sam said on 2/Jun/06
Frank, wasn't Nixon listed as 5'11.5"?
Frank2 said on 30/May/06
I agree when it comes to the study of his madness and evil doings. But discussing his height on a website designed just for fun? Give me a friggin's break!
MD said on 30/May/06
He's history. You don't ignore or try and suppress of hide history, period, whether it be Mother Teresa of Saddam Hussein.
Frank2 said on 30/May/06
"I can't believe there's an article about his height! I mean, this man is a horrible man, and you're ((and I'm too)) going on about his height!"

British Guy said on 29/May/06
This guy was torn out of reality

Still a very interesting height, genuinly thought he was taller!!

Have checked many photographs, they can be decieving he does appear larger!!??

weekly said on 26/Feb/06
In Madame Tussaud's in London his wax figure is 6", but from the photos 5'8" could be. Bruno Ganz - actor who played him in "Der Untergang" is 5'6", due slouching looks in the movie smaller.
Paco said on 9/Feb/06
i read some of the closest hitler's men barely pass the 1.50 1.60 Joseph Goebbels, Martin Bormann, Himler itself was named small in some description, no one was Blond...
WTF!?! said on 8/Feb/06
I can't believe there's an article about his height! I mean, this man is a horrible man, and you're ((and I'm too)) going on about his height!
If he's really 5"8 / 1m 73 though, he's the exact same height as me.

[Editor Rob: surprisingly a fair number of people search for this guy's height every day...]
Orlando said on 11/Jan/06
The German version of Dr Morell diaries states on page 37, presumably describing the doctor's first impression of his patient: "Er wog ungefńhr 70 kg und war 1,76 Meter gro▀" (He weighted about 70 kg and was 1.76 m tall). However on page 165 it reads "Hitler war etwa 174 cm gro▀, wog wahrscheinlich 72 bis 74 Kilogramm" (Hitler was about 174 cm tall, weighted probably between 72 and 74 kg). All of this sounds pretty speculative. I doubt if ever Dr Morell measured up Hitler's shoeless height with a rod. I don't know, but I have the gut feeling Hitler was no more than 1.72 m and the extra cm a bonus from the heels of his shoes (one can see that in some footage of him).
JDrozen said on 10/Jan/06
Hitler's height is easy to calculate, he was 5,8. Compare him to Himmler who was one inch taller then Adolf. One of the condition to be a member of the SS is the minimum required height of 5,9 which was the body height of Heinrich Himmler.
175cm16andgrowing said on 7/Jan/06
I always though he was 5'6'' or below that mark...
CelebHeights Editor said on 7/Jan/06
Someone pointed out to me that in Irvings "Secret Diaries of Hitler's Physician" it mentions the Doctor Morell stating heights. I couldn't find the instance of where its supposed to state 176 (or 1.76) but did find the mention of 174, "Hitler war etwa 174cm groB, wog wahrscheinlich 72 bis 74 Kilogramm.". The English version I think translates this wrongly and mentions 'five foot seven'.
Tubbs said on 19/Dec/05
I studied history at college, and even went to Berlin on a trip and visited the area where Hitlers bunker was, anyway we were told that Hitler was only 5'6", but always came across as a bigger guy on film and in photos because he purposely surrounded himself with short guys in order to make himself feel like he was 6'or something. If you look at various photos of himhe does look atleast 5'8/9, but his was just because he was surrounded by short people - The biggest, and worst case of little man syndrowne known to man!
A-Bomb said on 18/Dec/05
It may be that someone decided to submit his height to IMBD as he stood in his boots (which if he was 5'8" then it probably does come to 5'9 1/4"). However, I watched a doco about him over the weekend and he always looked taller than 5'8" to me. Of course we can argue that people were shorter in those days, but even when he wasn't around others he always looked 5'9ish. Maybe he did wear some sort of lift. I don't think there is a picture of him in existence without shoes on.
British Guy said on 14/Dec/05
I Guess Hitler Was Wearing Blue Suede Shoes Schiller?

Sorry But JUST CAN'T Believe You On That One Hitler Was Around 5ft 7in/5ft 8in
Schiller said on 11/Dec/05
I stood next to Hitler when he was out to buy a coke and a newspaper once. It was in the morning and he was in front of me in the line and I swear he is kind of 5' 6'' or 5'5'' I know what I saw

[Editor Rob: who was selling the Newspaper? Elvis?]
Lobo said on 1/Nov/05
That's above average for an Austrian/German of the time.

But he was often lampooned for being short? And said to where lifts? Maybe he was just short compared to American politicians, or the Prussian aristocracy type ppl?
Erich said on 25/Oct/05
My mind is like Hitler's and so is my height. Beware Europe.
Gotxo said on 8/Oct/05
I've read in various history books that Hilter and various Nazi were shamed when they visited Spain Rebel/LateDictator Franco. @ 164 cm he couldn't be a hero!!.
It's a thing to note that the average spaniard back in 1930's was 163-164cm,
the smallest spaniards (gallegos) about 162 and the biggest (as ever, still they are) the aragonese (ma˝icos ha ha) @ 164. So the despicable Franco was not small
for an spaniard but average. Also the German avg was near 173 so hilter was Ok on height but crowded of shit on head. The avg american in 1920's was about 173 cm. The English experienced height variations due to the Industrial revolution:
At various decades of the life of the fictional chap, Sherlock Holmes, the mean englis variated from 174 decreasing even to 171-172 and going up again to 173 in
a cicle of various times. Revealing work and malnourisment effects on height.
That was during industrial revolution (making of Sherlock fairly tall @ 6'). Back in 1920-30's mean english was about 173cm again, but speciffic social groups wher huge (the most conspicuos case: Oxford's students were about 5'10" then!!!). Does anyone still have doubts about the wellfare=height equation?

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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