How tall is Dylan O'Brien

Dylan O'Brien's Height

5ft 10in (178 cm)

American actor best known for playing Stiles on the TV series Teen Wolf. In film he can be seen in High Road, The Internship and The Maze Runner films. I met him at a Memorabilia event in 2011. In a video interview he said "I'm like 5-9/5-10" to which his co-star Ki Hong said "no, I'm 5-11, you're like 5-11" and Dylan countered that he was "5-10...I'm not 5-11". In Teen Wolf, his character also mentioned his weight was 147 pounds.

How tall is Dylan O'Brien
5ft 8 Rob and Dylan

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Average Guess (17 Votes)
5ft 10.12in (178.1cm)
Chris said on 6/Mar/17
He wears his height and personality well. Lovely guy.
James said on 24/Feb/17
Wow an honest 5'10" guy, that is rare
Bobby said on 24/Feb/17
Definitely 5'10, the very top of Rob's head is level with Dylan's forehead.
Revisionist said on 17/Feb/17
It's so interesting that on extremely rare occasions, when an average height actor is honest and CORRECT about his height, we're all so quick to downgrade him because so many people make spurious claims. Therefore, if he claims 5'10, then he must be no taller than 5'9. In general, I agree that it's reasonable to subtract at least 1 inch off any claim, but since Rob says that he's a solid 5'10," then there's no reason to doubt it.

Ki Hong is the perfect example of your average false claim. In reality, he looks barely 1/4" taller than Dylan. It wouldn't be shocking if barefoot, they measured exactly the same.

This guy is a hero. I'm now a fan.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Feb/17
Rob how likely is 177cm?
Editor Rob: Rampage, I think he's probably going to measure nearer 178 than 177.
Max said on 1/Feb/17
Rob how tall is JR Bourne?
Editor Rob: he seemed at least an inch taller than amanda tapping from back when he guested on Stargate.
Arthur said on 15/Jan/17
Hey Rob, if I am 5'10 1/8 at my lowest, do you think I edge him out?
Editor Rob: Arthur, I'd say a guy like Dylan was as close to being a perfect 5ft 10 as I could imagine, but you may well not look any different...if you had a flat hairdo and he had volume like this, you would look shorter.
T said on 9/Aug/16
Rob do you think he's 177 at his utter minimun because I don't see why he would say "5'9" /5'10 otherwise ?
Editor Rob: I wouldn't have guess 177, but more around 5ft 10.
MD said on 20/Jun/16
Did the quote up top just get added? In any case, if he said that he's probably "around" 5'10". I don't think he's much shorter, but it seems completely possible he's not a full 5'10".
Editor Rob: it's been there since the video clip a few months back.
giant said on 18/Jun/16
Anonymous said on 4/Jun/16
Maybe 5'10.25 at his highest and probably 5'9.5 at lowest
Mat said on 15/May/16
Rob, do you consider him to be of a bit above average height?
Editor Rob: for his age group I think he pretty much is still average range.
TJE said on 22/Mar/16
Yes it'd be interesting to see if he would lose anything after he's recovered.
HD said on 19/Mar/16
I heard that Dylan obrien is severely injured during the set due to broken bones
MD said on 14/Mar/16
With 5'9.5" Tyler Posey:

Click Here
Editor Rob: remember I watched these guys standing person Dylan does look a bit taller, but it's not a big amount, enough to notice I felt.
RXH said on 13/Mar/16
@Demi Dylan himself has said that he's not 5'11. Why would he downgrade himself?
Nick said on 10/Mar/16
Rob, do you reckon he could pass for 5'11?
Editor Rob: in person no, sometimes proportion wise he can look taller in photos, but put him against 6ft + guys and he is pretty honest about 5ft 10.
Demi said on 22/Feb/16
I am pretty sure that he is around 5 ft 11 because Tyler Posey is around 5 ft 10 and Dylan is taller. Also Ki Hong is 5 ft 11 and Dylan is almost as tall as him... I hate it that I'm 5 ft 10.5 myself when my crush is almost the same lenght haha
Demi said on 22/Feb/16
I am pretty sure that he is around 5 ft 11 because Tyler Posey is around 5 ft 10 and Dylan is taller. Also Ki Hong is 5 ft 11 and Dylan is almost as tall as him... I hate it that I'm 5 ft 10.5 myself when my crush is almost the same lenght haha
Rubio said on 11/Feb/16
My guess is 5 ft 10.5 morning and 5 ft 9.5 at night. You can tell in the picture how his shirt is being pulled upward meaning he is probably standing in one foot (.5 to 1 inch height difference)
Mat said on 2/Jan/16
What would his low be Rob? 5'10 on or 5'9 7/8?
Editor Rob: around that zone is likely, I think he'd hold about 5ft 10 a fair amount of the day.
Mat said on 2/Jan/16
How tall is that Ki Hang guy in reality Rob? 5'10 too?
Editor Rob: he can pull off a decent 5ft 10 range
Grant said on 9/Dec/15
Is he pushing himself up with his hand on your shoulder?
Editor Rob: he was standing ok but nothing like pushing up or anything...although I might be a fraction looser
Balrog said on 15/Nov/15
Nice to see he is a honest guy, he's reaching fame with Maze Runner so most actors would increase their claims instead of being honest...
Allie said on 11/Nov/15
He can pull off looking 5'10 sometimes, though if he measured a fraction under that, I wouldn't be surprsied. 177-178 range is right for him. Don't know why iirc Google still says 5'11..
184.3cm (Night) said on 3/Nov/15
Honest 5'10 love that he put his costar in his place. Hate that when people expect you to back up their lying.
obby said on 3/Nov/15
im pretty sure he is 5'11
Liam said on 18/Oct/15
Looks about 5'9.5. Therefore posey is 5'9. Ki Hong is 5'9.
uhjik said on 12/Oct/15
about right, thats the diff between me and the 173 guy i know and i am this height
oliver said on 29/Sep/15
I agree he's 5' 10.
Linke said on 25/Sep/15
Honest guy.
MD said on 25/Sep/15
Again with 5'9.5" Tyler Posey with O'Brien having a footwear advantage:

Click Here

Click Here

Posey is pulling himself up in the second picture as he does a lot of the time. But these two look very, very close in height. If he's saying 5'9"/5'10", himself, maybe he's more like 5'9.75", not quite a full 5'10".
John said on 23/Sep/15
Click Here
Try this link. It's around 3 minutes in, worth a look. His slim build and great posture do tend to throw people off, but I'm really not sure whether he's 5ft9 or 5ft10. Ive always said that in TW he looks 5ft10 but in the Maze Runner series he looks 5ft9.
[Editor Rob: thanks for getting the link, it's funny the other actor, since he claims 5ft 11 and dylan in reality is close in height to him, dylan 'must' be 5ft 11 as well.]
John said on 21/Sep/15
In a recent scorch trials cast interview with FOX, the cast were asked their heights. Ki Hong Lee said 5'11 while Dylan O'Brien said "I'm like 5ft9/5ft10" I don't know whether this may slightly change your opinion by a fraction at all Rob?
[Editor Rob: if someone can find the interview I'll add the quote...I'd be surprised if he was 5ft 9.5 as he looked very near 5ft 10 on the nose.]
Balrog said on 5/Aug/15
I'm with Rob on this one, he looks a legit 5'10" next to him.
S.J.H said on 27/Jun/15
5ft9 in reality. Rob did not stand straight unlike Dylan with a great posture
MD said on 28/Apr/15
With a 5'9.5" Tyler Posey, but with a footwear advantage:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

These two can both give off the appearance of 5'10", but seems to me that it has more to do with the body types and how they dress than them actually being a solid 5'10".
Daniel said on 25/Apr/15
@Rob would you give Dylan 5ft9.75 or 5ft10.25? Hard to tell what he really is. Would be easier if we had a height for Sangster as they are quite similar in height.
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't have guessed him shy of 5ft 10, our footwear was very close and he looked to me a typical 5ft 10, but not like a 5ft 10.5 or sub 5ft 10 guy looks.]
Andrea said on 11/Feb/15
So this is supposed to be 1.75 difference (since you are more 5'8.25) and this is supposed to be the same (since you say there's only 0.75 between Zach and Jared, plus max one more inch in footwear for Jared and that should be 1.75 too), Rob?
Click Here
I doubt it...
[Editor Rob: I'm up at 6am and been on feet 5 hours and not well hydrated, so I won't be anymore than 5ft 8 1/8th here.

In the clip it can look about 2 inches from the whole end of it as their postures vary quite a lot in the 6ft 3 and 4 seems reasonable enough.]
Sammy Derrick said on 11/Feb/15
The right height 5'10.
The right build
The right appeal
The right nationality for SPIDERMAN!!!
b-mint1994 said on 9/Feb/15
Yup 5'10". I'm the same height as him and I literally have the same proportions (long arms, long neck, skinny build)
Height183 said on 9/Feb/15
Rob, could he be 5'9.5''? Since you've said you're dropping a bit of height in this picture.
[Editor Rob: I don't think he'd be that low, he was a bit taller than Posey at this event.]
Celebheights 188 CM said on 25/Dec/14
He was*
Celebheights 188 CM said on 25/Dec/14
He's was a full inch shorter than 5'10.5" listed Owen Wilson in The Internship. Perhaps Owen Wilson is 5'11" rather than 5'10.5"?
MD said on 19/Dec/14
With 6'2" Will Poulter:

Click Here

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like either of them is standing at their full height, so you have to debate who is losing more.
Crypto139 said on 1/Oct/14
Look like he is 178 cm next to 179 cm Thomas Brodie-Sangster in Maze Runner.
Derek said on 2/Sep/14
@Rob Thankyou for the reply Rob, much appreciated. I am very interested in discovering the correct heights of Celebrities, so I find your website very useful. Do you have any other sites/channels/or something such as a twitter or facebook account that I could follow you on so it is easier for me to find out anything new? Thanks! :)
[Editor Rob: I only use facebook to keep in contact with family and a few people from the site, but I do plan to put up in future some more videos on The Youtube page]
Derek said on 27/Aug/14
@Rob After reading comments and meeting him in person, what's your final decision on his height? Also, did you have any footwear advantage?
[Editor Rob: I think he is bang on 5ft 10 if measured, there wasn't any difference in footwear.]
lee said on 11/Jul/14
Dylan 5'10 on a good day But 5'11 is hilarious / shame rob is slouching in the pic though
posey 176-177cm
hoechlin 182cm
chrisssss said on 26/Mar/14
Lately, dylan o brien looks a full inch taller than posey, so i would have put hin 179cm? But sometimes he really looks 178, and other times 5'11, it's really hard to tell for him, so this is ny estimate
Dylan 178.5cm
Tyler posey 176.5cm
Tyler hoechlin 183cm
A said on 14/Mar/14
Dylan's probably around 5'10-5'11. It's hard to tell on Teen Wolf because they go to great lengths to make him look short because he's supposed to be the "weak human". I thought Keahu Kahuanui and all the "adult" actors on the show were well over 6'0 because of the staging.
chrisssss said on 13/Mar/14
5'11 matt shivley looked at least inch taller than him in teen wolf, i don't think he's anywhere over 5'10
Aye45 said on 7/Mar/14
He might have grown about an inch or an inch and half over the 3 years since this pic rob. He looks a legit 5'11 now.
cole said on 2/Oct/13
cole says on 29/Jul/13
Looks 5'10.5 here, but if Rob is dropping posture I can see the 5'10 for sure.
[Editor Rob: don't include extra hair in guessing ;) The difference can't be more than these lines....I posted an object on my head a few weeks ago which is 5cm exactly to give an idea.]

Yeah, the hair threw me off a bit at the time ;) Plus I didn't really know a 5 cm difference all that well when I posted that comment, which could make it look like a 6 cm difference to me when you can't see the top of his head. 5'10 is definitely a good shout.
chrisss said on 19/Sep/13
Nanga in an interview colton said he was 5'9, there are alsi pics with him promoting "lift kots" shoe insoles so for a fact he wears lifts
NangaParbat said on 15/Aug/13
I'm really curious about haynes height instead because in mostly of teenwolf pucs' cast is visibly shorter than posey also wearing boots; so I would like to know if maybe he can be listed as 5'10'' as you rob ; in the pic with posey u took, u seem aa tall as colton many pics with posey! Whats ur opinion?
Cass said on 11/Aug/13
By dropping, are you saying that your losing height, Rob?
[Editor Rob: yes]
cole said on 29/Jul/13
Looks 5'10.5 here, but if Rob is dropping posture I can see the 5'10 for sure.
[Editor Rob: don't include extra hair in guessing ;) The difference can't be more than these lines....I posted an object on my head a few weeks ago which is 5cm exactly to give an idea.
Ree said on 13/May/13
Yeah, I think 5' 10 seems about right...

but gahhhh he's so handsome and funny...I don't even care about his height, I'm just jealous that you got to meet him lol
[Editor Rob: him and Tyler Posey seemed like pleasant guys]
TeenWLFReak said on 10/Oct/12
True I saw high road and thought the same thing. But look at the cast around him, lot of oddly tall actors 6' 3" and up. I think pumphrey's 6' 4" or so I've seen him at ucb. And riggle's a monster.
Tony said on 13/Sep/12
Well a picture isnt a great way to guess height either due to the fact that its just one frame at one point in time where certain posture or angle or if one person is slightly closer to the camera can change perception but I do agree with you in that Posey looks more 5'9 ish after watching more teen wolf and looking at more pictures, but Rob saw him in person so I too am going to go with his opinion
zero said on 10/Sep/12
Tony movies aren't the best way to guess people's height, this pic is pretty good and Rob answer me that he's dropping some height so 5'10'' fits fine for O'Brien.

Posey looks shorter than 5'9.5'' but since Rob met him I think his opinion is more valid than mine.
Tony said on 7/Sep/12
@zero watch high road and then see if you still think hes 5'10"
zero said on 27/Aug/12
Ok then 5 10 for him is ok but you should downgrade Posey because he neither looks 5 9.5 next to you or next to Dylan
zero said on 23/Aug/12
no way tony he s visibly tsller thsn posey, rob sny chsnce he s over 5 10 he looks close to 5 10.5 here
[Editor Rob: he didn't look over 5ft 10...I'm actually dropping a bit of height aswell ;)]
Tony said on 30/Jul/12
I agree with the listing he looks about a half inch or inch taller than 5'9.5 listed Tyler Posey in most scenes in Teen Wolf
.... said on 26/Jul/12
Looks this height, He's listed as 5'11 in most places. His long skinny build makes him give off a taller appearance.

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