How tall is John Reardon ?

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John Reardon's height is 6ft 1in (185 cm)

Canadian Actor known for roles in tv series Continuum and mini series Merlin's apprentice. At College football in 1996 his roster listing Was 6ft 1 and 178 pounds. This photo was from an Expo event in London, 2012.

5ft 8 Rob with John
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NBAer says on 26/Jun/15
6'0.5-6'0.75,solid 184 guy,no doubt
OneNamePlease says on 22/Jun/15
Rob, your eyes are very down , I dont understand
[Editor Rob: not sure what you mean by down!]
OneNamePlease says on 7/May/15
Small head for 6'1 guy.
Judd says on 7/Dec/14
he could be 6'0.75", rob?
[Editor Rob: this guy I think is as close to 6ft 1, very similar in person to other guys who have claimed 6ft 1 like colin hoult and callum blue, all I'd think would measure within a small fraction of the 6ft 1 zone.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 16/Nov/14
Yeah, he could be fraction under 6ft1. He briefly appeared on The Killing and looked at least 1in shorter than 6ft2ish Joel Kinnaman.
Modeus says on 9/Nov/14
He's more a weak 6ft1 than a solid one.He has a small forehead.
Matt 184.7-186.7cm says on 9/Oct/13
more than 6ft 0.5 not more than 6ft 1
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 21/Jun/13
I think 6"0.75/185cm is closer. Guys like Roger Cross, Eric Thal and of course Chaske Spencer look noticeably taller in their pics. No less than 184cm though
Bard says on 6/Apr/13
6'0.5. High shoulders but his head is shorter than Rob's.
truth178cm says on 2/Mar/13
between 185 and 186cm sounds fair.
Chunkamonk says on 23/Jan/13
Rob is leaning or slouching more than this guy. I definetly don't see 185, more like 182cm. The guy's neck is long, so that's what's makin him look taller.
Brad says on 17/Jan/13
Original says on 15/Jan/13
Looks 186cm
Joey says on 14/Jan/13
no arguements here...looks a legit 185cm ..definitely not below 184cm
SAK says on 13/Jan/13
John says on 7/Jan/13
It is funny to see how people just have to downgrade a guy for no good reason at all.
Totally agree. Even if there would be a video, where a celeb would measure himself, many posters would still downgrade them.

this guy is 6f1.
Stephen says on 8/Jan/13
yea that's a real 185 cm!
Trey says on 8/Jan/13
Looks like a good 12 cm difference there. Solid listing Rob.
John says on 7/Jan/13
It is funny to see how people just have to downgrade a guy for no good reason at all.

I wonder what people would say about me if a pic was posted w. Rob. (6'1 myself). '5-11 guy' 'Rob, I just don't visualize over 6'0, this guy has the look of an average guy you can tell in his limbs' 'I'm guessing 5'10.5 with lifts, his posture is shady, my wife leaned the same way when she was wearing heels.' etc etc...

This is how a solid/strong 6'1 guy looks next to a solid/strong 5'8 one.
Aragorn 5\'11 says on 23/Dec/12
yeah, he's maybe a weak 6'1 on a good day. More likely he's 6'0.5.
thorterr says on 18/Nov/12
i just dont see 6ft 1 here ,,more 6ft flat ,,is there anyway this can be confirmed with an example next to this pic rob ?
[Editor Rob: in person he did look near 6ft 1 to me
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 8/Nov/12
Yea def not under 6'0.75 which is a couple mm below 185. These 5'11-6'0 estimates gotta go
John says on 7/Nov/12
6ft 1 looks accurate. I am thinking of myself when I was that height with my 5ft 7 brother and he was just under my eye-level. So at an inch taller I think Rob stands just at John's eye-level.
Larc-186.7-188.6cm says on 6/Nov/12
6'0.75 is possible, but not under 185cm that's for sure.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 6/Nov/12
With a 4.5-4.6 eye level then its not a full 5 inches between him and Rob. 6'0.75 may be spot on I think
Ras says on 5/Nov/12
He looks 12 cm taller than Rob, so if Rob is indeed 173cm tall then this guy is 185cm, 184.5cm tall at least.
Aragorn 5\'11 says on 5/Nov/12
6 feet flat
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 5/Nov/12
I wonder how much is eye level is from top of his head? He looks to have a slightly lower eye level so maybe 4.75-5 inches? Rob's head looks just about at his eye level.
[Editor Rob: in that photo It wouldn't be more than my level so nearer 4.5-4.6 than 5...

as an aside they used John in Tron Legacy, when you see 'Young Jeff Bridges' it is John's body walking about and young jeff's head digitally added to it...]
rob89 says on 4/Nov/12
6'1" looks close enough, although i wouldn't rule out 184cm as a lowest possible figure for him.
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm says on 4/Nov/12
Yes, he looks 6'1 next to 6'2.5 Crews because he's 6'1.
Peyman says on 4/Nov/12
Ok dudes , tbh this is how a solid 5inches differrence should look like . but if I say I'm 183cm then this guy appears 186cm in my book . & by the way ,I call this height the most disireable height .
Derek D says on 3/Nov/12
Aragorn 5'11 says on 2/Nov/12
CBM, I think he looks 5'11 also. Or maybe 6'0.

Yeah, that's one tall 5'11 guy.
Lo Sgozzatore says on 3/Nov/12
Yeah, he looks 3-4 cms shorter than Terry Crews! That's right, rob?
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm says on 3/Nov/12
That's obviously not 3 inches, but more likely close to 5, 5'11 is crap guys.
The guy is 6'1 or at worst 6'0.75, nothing less than 185cm.
[Editor Rob: john very briefly Stands with terry crews here]
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 3/Nov/12
5'11-6'0 is nonsense for this guy! Thats about a 5 inch difference
Aragorn 5\'11 says on 2/Nov/12
CBM, I think he looks 5'11 also. Or maybe 6'0.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 2/Nov/12
At worst he could be 6'0.75 but I would lean more toward 6'1. Rob's heads comes just at his eye level pretty much which is 4.5 inches but it looks more 5 inches between him and Rob overall
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 1/Nov/12
Does look a solid 6'1 there with Rob
Trent says on 31/Oct/12
It's hard to tell exactly, because he's dropping some from posture, but I'd guess 6'1 or a bit less.
Trent says on 31/Oct/12
It's hard to tell exactly, because he's dropping some from posture, but I'd guess 6'1 or a bit less.
Johnnyfive says on 31/Oct/12
True 6'1 right there. Every bit of 185.42 cms on that pic. This guy is easily 187 out of bed 186 morning height.
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm says on 30/Oct/12
CBM says on 30/Oct/12
Looks 5'11.
what?'re joking right? This guy can even be 186cm, he looks it.
Hew says on 30/Oct/12
60.5 is probably closer, but yeah he looks roughly 61.
CBM says on 30/Oct/12
Looks 5'11.
Barbarossa says on 30/Oct/12
Rob, I don't think you were standing as straight as you can. If you were, then I'm afraid he's more than 6ft 1in.
Jack says on 30/Oct/12
looks at least 6ft1". maybe even 186 cm...
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm says on 30/Oct/12
That's how a real 6'1 should look!

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