How tall is Josh Hutcherson ?

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Josh Hutcherson's height is 5ft 5in (165 cm)

American actor best known for roles in movies like The Hunger Games, Bridge to Terabitha and Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant. In M Magazine Josh commented upon his stature, saying: "I'm really insecure about my height. I'm not a very tall guy...I'm only like 5'7" It bugs me a lot." and said "about 5 foot 7" in a tv interview.

6ft 3 Liam Hemsworth, 5ft 7.5 Jennifer Lawrence and Josh
Photo by PR Photos
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MD says on 28/Feb/15
Here he is with actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who is never listed at anything above 5'10":

Click Here

Josh is about what he's listed, here.
CD says on 27/Feb/15
5 foot 5 and a quarter, like Marshall Allman and perhaps Elijah Wood. I can see him beating Daniel Radcliffe in a staredown who is probably a little under 5ft 5.
brian h says on 26/Feb/15
He is 5ft 4 inch ,he is tiny
Hypado says on 26/Feb/15
Josh Hutcherson's height is 5ft 5.75in (167 cm)

But, 166 cm is a fair guess to.
Josh says on 16/Dec/14
Rob do you think he could be slightly taller than this listing? Maybe 5'5.25 to 5'5.5 range?
[Editor Rob: it's not impossible to be a little over 5ft 5]
Marc says on 14/Dec/14
If jen lawrence even in heels is that much taller than him i couldnt beleve he is 5ft7
Recovered Data says on 12/Dec/14

Borat says on 16/Nov/14

Watch last nights snl. Josh is standing next to woody harrelson. If woody is 5'10", there is no way josh is 5'7".

JS says on 14/Nov/14

I saw him once and I think he is 5'5 a little taller than me

Plain Jane says on 13/Nov/14

I have seen Josh who visits to New York for interviews today. He is more 5'6 " in person not 5'4". People and journalists are ignorant. I am living in New York City.

cd says on 2/Nov/14

Rob, just curious, what is your understanding of why Josh and Jennifer Lawrence look closer in height at times? I just watched the Hunger Games and thought that at times I could see the 2.5 inches, other times maybe an inch and even sometimes Josh looked taller. What sort of tricks do they use to make him look less short?

[Editor Rob: just simple angles I feel and Josh with a bit better posture and the difference might not look as much.]

Lonestar says on 20/Aug/14

Rob, don't you think Hutcherson look alot like 2cm taller than daniel radcliff who only look a max 5"5?

[Editor Rob: Radcliffe at 5ft 4.75 is probably as good a shout as 5ft 5 flat...Hutcherson I think might be more of a legit 5ft 5 er]

TJE says on 26/Jul/14

Well ok, but I'm not seeing how Liam could be dropping 2 inches, maybe 1 inch, but not 2 inches. Besides, Liam still has a good 10 inches on Josh. So now I'm more convinced Josh is more 5'5, but I think think he would measure slightly more than 5'5, like 5'5.25. I think 5'5 would be his absolute lowest height.

TJE says on 26/Jul/14


Just said he looks more than 165 in the pic above, but I guess my perception on high heels is flawed.

Sean says on 25/Jul/14

@TJE, Jennifer's more in the 180cm/5'11" range in the pic, as evidenced by her head level being a little below Hemsworth's eyes (if he stood up straight). Josh doesn't quite come up to Jennifer's eye level, putting him about 5 - 6 inches shorter than him. 5'5" is a fine estimate.

Realist says on 23/Jul/14

Rob are her heels as big as 14 cm /5.5 inches in this pic? I think they maybe more 11-12 cm range. @TJE He does not strike me like a strong 5'5 more a flat 5'5.

[Editor Rob: platform is a decent size there, so she can be getting in 11cm range]

TJE says on 21/Jul/14

In the photo above, Josh looks 166-167. Think about it. Accounting for footwear, Liam is 193-194. Liam has 9 cm on Jennifer, putting her at 184-185. However, Jennifer has 14 cm on Josh, not 16. This puts Josh at 170 with shoes on. Take them off and he's 167-168, but he's standing closer to the camera, so shave off 1 cm and he's 166-167.

asf says on 21/Jul/14

LMFO, those fangirls saying that he's anything above 5'5 or 165 cms are worse than both Harry Styles and Bieber fangrils combined.

Realist says on 19/Jul/14

Rob apparently Hunter Parrish was set to play Peeta with Lindsay Fonesca and David Henrie. Guys is the character meant to be 5'7 in the book ? Rob is 169-170 accurate for Hunter Parrish? Maybe he would have been the better choice. But i felt Josh Hutcherson did a good job. And in my opinion despite being a guy he is cutish. I love Jennifer though. I like women my height.

Hailey says on 4/Jul/14

He is the same height as me I'm 12 and I'm 5'7, I met Josh and he was the same height. I thought it was funny.

Sam says on 30/Jun/14

This kid would have been lucky to be 5'5" in comparison to Mark Ruffalo in The Kids Are All Right, I thought he looked about 3.5-4 inches shorter than Ruffalo.

robert says on 30/Jun/14

5ft4.75 to 5ft5 proberly inbetween those heights

gigolo says on 24/Jun/14

Rob, he needs a downgrade. The video with Kevin Hart clearly shows he's under 5'5.

TheLegitSixFooter says on 16/Jun/14

More like 5'4. A legit 5'5"er still looks taller than Hutcherson in this photo. Possibly 5'3.5" at night.

Jenna says on 16/Jun/14

awww :) lol im a girl, im kind of short too, im 15 and im 5`3

Radiss says on 16/Jun/14 This video shows him and Kevin Hart at roughly the same height

thatguy says on 13/Jun/14

5'4 (163cm) max.

Realist says on 10/Jun/14

About this guy it's obvious no one really cares cause he is probably going to be the Dustin Hoffman of this generation. He is probably b/w 5'4. And 5'5. Nothin really to bother about. Good job again Rob. In my opinion he is/was kinda stocky. It's nice to see people are changing stereotypical images. The ideal guy once upon a time would have been Liam Hemsworth. Today no one really cares.

Ezra says on 6/Jun/14

I saw him in Berlin with his girlfriend and was shocked that he is taller than his 5'5 girlfriend. He and me are the same height. He's 5'8.

always says on 3/Jun/14

He is 5'7. In Catching Fire, when he and Jen who is a 5'8, get to see the tributes to look for allies, he is 1" shorter than her. Liam is 6" inches taller coz he's 6'3. Anyways, he's the one I'm rooting for in The Hunger Games. ALWAYS!!!

But head says on 31/May/14

He is sooooo short compared to Jennifer

Fan of Fan says on 29/May/14

I think he is 5'6.

Coolio says on 12/May/14

No way this guy is 5'5. Look at this video Click Here . Next to the interviewer, he and Kevin Hart look about the same height, Josh ever so slightly taller. This puts Josh max at 5'4 and possibly a fraction under.

China says on 20/Apr/14

Don't matter the way he is short. He's one of the 2010's genetaion's most talented young actors after Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Gosling.

hes short so what? says on 20/Apr/14

Girls just accept his height instead of lying. Hes good looking guy either way.

MD says on 18/Apr/14

Three fan girls in a row, bless their hearts. lol

Debby says on 16/Apr/14

Josh isn't really short. He seems almost the same height as 5'8" Jennifer.

Olivia Lee says on 15/Apr/14

No way he is 5'5". I attended to MTV Movie Awards show yesterday and met him and Shailene Woodley. I am 5'5" and Shailene wore high heels. Shailene claims that she's 5'8", but she seems like she's much shorter than Josh without heels. When I waved him for an autograph, Josh was a cool guy, but he was almost taller than 5'5". I have to say he is about 5'8".

Chrissy Tso says on 14/Apr/14

He isn't 5'5" or 5'4" anymore . I met him yesterday at MTV Movie Awards 2014 event and he seemed like he grew up a little more than ever. I have to say honestly that Josh was like between 5'7", 5'8" or 5'9. He is taller than Shailene Woodley who is said to be 5'8" and is a little more shorter than Johnny Depp who wore a big hat.

missylissy says on 26/Feb/14

Even though he's that height that's average plus he has awesome personality for so I've seen and he's really handsome 200 percent everything a girl can ask for!!! :-)

missylissy says on 26/Feb/14

Even though he's that height that's average plus he has awesome personality for so I've seen and he's really handsome 200 percent everything a girl can ask for!!! :-)

Hypado says on 18/Feb/14

Looks 5ft 6 - 168cm

Man says on 27/Jan/14

Doubt that hes even 5'5. Watch the NBA all stars 2013 match with 5'2 Kevin Hart.

josh says on 24/Jan/14

i dont belive he is a flat 5"5 maybe with shoes i think he is 5"4 looks shorter than 5"5 and iknow 5"5 people

Arch Stanton says on 24/Jan/14

Ah that explains it, I was thinking Mark Ruffalo was about 5'11 in Kids are all right LOL, he's a lot taller.

mack says on 18/Jan/14

it doesn't matter on his height all that matters is that he is an amaIng actor and i hope to see him in more films later on.

Balrog says on 15/Jan/14

He could be a strong 5'5'' guy, but can't see him over that. He is a good actor, and Hollywood already took the job of making fun of his height.

AM says on 15/Jan/14

These comments are hilarious, with all of these different sizes. He's about 5'3! They have a few costumes at Planet Hollywood, Orlando (sure they got em other places). I'm 5'7 and it (the wetsuit) was a lot smaller then me, even tho it was raised like 2 or 3 inches off the ground. Plus he's SUPER skinny! So end of story!

MD says on 14/Jan/14

Obnoxious girl.

Emily says on 13/Jan/14

He's exactly 5'6.275 barefoot (not in shoes). Cheers brahs.

Efoersaan says on 11/Jan/14

He didn't look that short compared to Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games film series. My guess for this guy was 168 cm.

f says on 9/Jan/14

glad someone else is short as being this short and too late to take growth hormones

songo says on 2/Jan/14

@hurricane brat

That's pretty mean but i couldn't stop laughing at it XD

hurricane brat says on 17/Dec/13

just for a few laughs

Click Here

Jules says on 12/Dec/13

He seems about 5ft 5 to 5ft 6. Or Jlaw with her platform heels is making him seem way shorter.

Jules says on 12/Dec/13

He seems about 5ft 5 to 5ft 6. Or Jlaw with her platform heels is making him seem way shorter.

Hola says on 12/Dec/13

@jolt maybe he is in lifts. He could be a 5'4 lift-wearing guy.

@ Rob Do you generally let people whose footwear is suspicious get away with the implied height? I mean, obviously for someone like Tom Cruise, who very transparently and famously wears lifs, it's one thing. But for people like Justin Bieber, etc, whos status as lift-wearers are undetermined, do you ever list them the height that they'd be granted they didnt wear lifts? I'm asking because I see a lot of people who seem to be lift-wearers listed at heights that seem a tad too high if they did wear lifts.

A lot of the 0.5-1inch range lifts are almost impossible to detect in almost any footwear (hell, you can probably get away with 0.5 inch in low tops/slippers)

I'd understand the logic obviously - can't make accusations until something as been proven.

Perhaps a page of suspected lift wearers could be interesting? Have categories like "evident beyond reasonable doubt" etc. I personally own a pair of inserts, and meeting people I've noticed that when we're out of footwear theres often not the difference my inserts would imply, so I think lifts and so on is a much more widespread phenomenon than most think

Hola says on 11/Dec/13


Would you have let him get away with 5'6 had he worn lifts consistently?

I'm curious because there's a lot of 5'6 listed guys who I and many other users suspect are shorter than listed, but who wear suspicious footwear.

[Editor Rob: if he looked 5ft 6 most of the time he'd be listed at it, unless it was obvious he had thick or elevated footwear.]

Emily says on 6/Dec/13

@Jolt 3 inch lifts? I hope you know that those are very visible

Mel says on 6/Dec/13

Bobby from SNL is no taller than 5'7. Josh does seem a little shorter than 5'5.

Jolt says on 5/Dec/13

Get this man some lifts!!

I'm just over 5'6.. but I usually strap on 3" lifts for any big event (especially when females will be wearing heels). I wouldn't say I'm extremely self-conscious about my height, but it does help when I'm not bending my neck to speak to everyone!

It's difficult to imagine that he's so self-conscious about his height as a successful actor, though I've heard Dustin Hoffman also had a lot of trouble.. which just seems weird.. especially considering many actors are short!

Hola says on 3/Dec/13


No lifts would add 4 inches of height in either case.

It's the angle.

cornaney says on 3/Dec/13

The man is 5' 4". No doubt in my mind. The Sam Clafin picture pretty much solidifies it. Plus on SNL recently, he was pictured with 5' 8" Bobby Moynihan and Kenan Thompson - both ofwhom he was noticeably shorter than. Also, he was next to 5' 6" Kyle Mooney who he also fell short of

MD says on 3/Dec/13


It's the angle. Look at the photo above, and you can see Liam is more than a full head taller, whereas in my pic, Hutcherson is still quite a bit shorter than Clafin, but it's not even a full head, though, it's close.

Emily says on 2/Dec/13

@MD Someone must be wearing lifts there then, because Sam looks closely the same way next to Josh there that Liam does on here. But Liam is 4 inches taller than Sam.

Or is that the camera angles?

MD says on 1/Dec/13

Only in your dreams is THIS (with 5'11" Sam Clafin on left)...

Click Here

...5'7". That's damned near a whole head taller.

Drut says on 30/Nov/13

Hes 5'7. If you watch The Hunger Games, or see pictures of them when Jennifer's not wearing heels they look nearly the same height. She has a 1/2 inch on him, if that. If he were 5'5 or less she would tower over him in the movies, but its simply not true. There are some scenes where they wear flat shoes or even no shoes at all and you can see that she is just a tad taller. And she said shes 5'7.5, plus josh said in an interview that she is a 1/2 inch taller then him, which means he is 5'7 and she is 5'7.5

baxterhornsby says on 28/Nov/13

@Rob, I think it would be worth it to look at screencaps from the most recent SNL. He's at LEAST 3 inches shorter than Kenan Thompson in multiple sketches, though I would suspect more. He was easily the shortest man there that night and was shorter than a lot of the women. I'd say 5'4"

Mrs.Hutcherson says on 25/Nov/13

He is perf and i love him to death even though he doesn't know me i would faint if imet him.LITERALLY!;D

Jade says on 23/Nov/13

He looks alright...I mean Jennifer is wearing heels come on!

lelman says on 23/Nov/13

Gotta be one of the first actors to actually admit he's insecure about his height. Kudos for that. Strong 5'5", 5'7" is a a distant dream.

Emily says on 22/Nov/13

@Isaiah Because i'm quite insecure about my own head size. :P

Isaiah says on 21/Nov/13

@Emily. Why are you so obsessed with head sizes :P

If a 6'0 man has a head size of 8 inches are you gonna judge him ??

Tania says on 21/Nov/13

He's the cutest little halfling this side of the Shire.

(No offence to Josh - I'm just kidding).

Star says on 20/Nov/13

Aw well his height shouldn't bug him! He still gets roles, Any tall no name actor would envy him his career and I'm a tall girl and he is so cute I would date him any day!

Kimmy says on 19/Nov/13

I believe Josh is actually 5'6" barefooted, and Jen is 5'7", but she not only is wearing high heels, she is wearing platform high heels! It adds 5 inches to her height, which makes her 6'! (At least Josh has a 9" dick, though.)

HollyT says on 19/Nov/13

His (former) girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens lists her height as 5'1 and he doesn't seem more taller than her in a picture where they're both wearing sandals -- and she's slouching a little. I would guess 5'4. 5'5 would be generous. 5'7 impossible.

Click Here

Emily says on 18/Nov/13

He has the head size of an average-tall man though.

Hola says on 16/Nov/13

Do you think this is a classic example of a 5'5 man Rob? I feel as if it might be.

Hola says on 15/Nov/13

Do you think he's in lift in the pic above Rob?

[Editor Rob: not sure, just looking at recent premiere he still looks about a head shorter than liam hemsworth]

James Crowley Meridius says on 14/Nov/13

Rob is it possible he is 5ft 6in he may have grown taller after Journey to the Center of the Earth since he was only 16 then he needs an upgrade he doesn't wear lifts but never say never it may start wearing lifts when he is older.

[Editor Rob: i still see him in 5ft 5 range...not quite 5ft 6]

knobbler says on 13/Nov/13

Looking at pictures from the Catching Fire red carpet, he looks tiny beside JLaw and Liam Hemsworth. He seems to make a point of never standing directly beside Hemsworth. He doesn't wear lifts, but in any pictures with Hemsworth, he's raising his chin and trying to make himself look taller.

5\\\'5.5 says on 27/Sep/13

I dont think hutcherson is in the habit of wearing lifts, atleast not in the above picture. Might just be his frame though he has the bulky frame that many 5'5 guys get because of broad shoulders

Sean says on 20/Sep/13


Sean says on 16/Sep/13

@TTB, if Lawrence's heels weren't being accounted for, Hutcherson would be more like 5 foot nothing. It's best not to use beach pictures, since you can't really tell if the ground's even. Plus, he seems to have shoes while it doesn't look like Lawrence does.

Stalker says on 7/Sep/13

Check out this one Click Here


Merr says on 12/Aug/13

Looks like 5'4" next to 6'3" Liam hemsworth, considering Josh is probably wearing lifts at some times. (though i believe Hensworth's at 6'3,5")

Kazy says on 12/Aug/13

In fact Josh is 5'7. I am very sure he is a little taller.

Sasha says on 9/Aug/13

I met him three years ago at party event and he was like "5'6 or up and was not under "5'5.

His Friend says on 4/Aug/13

In fact Josh is 5'3

lawlz says on 3/Aug/13

5'5? It kills me that he's taller than me (5'2.5).

pooper trooper says on 26/Jul/13

m8 u are having one serious giggle. In that gif Jennifer is sitting down.

Come on man

Ben says on 26/Jul/13

Yeah, but we also have to take in account the angle and that Ruffalo has a bit of heel.

Sam says on 23/Jul/13

It fits, Mark Ruffalo at least 3 inches over Hutcherson in The Kids Are All Right.

Click Here

Winky dinkle says on 22/Jul/13

Mate the angle in that hug is piss poor.

Tom Cruise is 5'7

Kit Harington is 5'7

Jennifer Lawrence is 5'7

Josh Hutcherson is not 5'7

TTB says on 20/Jul/13

More photos of Josh and Jennifer in flat shoes:

Paparazzi photos taken in Hawaii during the shooting of Catching Fire:

Click Here

Click Here

These photos taken with the same fan who visited the set in Atlanta can also give you the idea:

Click Here

It's hilarious when people point out to photos from public events, like the one on this page, to show the height difference between a man and a woman. Despite what you may think, heels are not a natural part of a woman's body. ;-) So, when Jen wears high heels (and those in the photo above are HUGE), she's quite a bit taller than her natural height.

TTB says on 20/Jul/13

So there was a camera trick in the shot of them hugging behind the scenes? And that would have to be a hell of a camera trick, since it's showing them from upfront, standing on the same kind of platform. And with same kind of boots, which are definitely nowhere near 4 inches.

"Joshie is 5'3 max."

Then I suppose Jennifer is really just 5'4" without the heels.

I think not.

Winky dinkle says on 19/Jul/13

>Either you need to upgrade Josh or downgrade Jennifer. There's no way that the height difference is two and a half inches (6 cm) when she is not wearing heels. An inch maybe.

A recent screenstill from Catching Fire (note the footwear) Click Here

Welcome to hollywood brother, camera tricks and angles to make him look taller and 4 inch soles on those big boots

Joshie is 5'3 max.

sucker says on 19/Jul/13

>Either you need to upgrade Josh or downgrade Jennifer. There's no way that the height difference is two and a half inches (6 cm) when she is not wearing heels. An inch maybe.

A recent screenstill from Catching Fire (note the footwear) Click Here

Welcome to hollywood brother, camera tricks and angles to make him look taller and 4 inch soles on those big boots

Joshie is 5'3 max.

TTB says on 16/Jul/13

Either you need to upgrade Josh or downgrade Jennifer. There's no way that the height difference is two and a half inches (6 cm) when she is not wearing heels. An inch maybe.

A recent screenstill from Catching Fire (note the footwear) Click Here

In real life, during the shooting of The Hunger Games Click Here

TTB says on 16/Jul/13

Either you need to upgrade him or downgrade Jennifer Lawrence. There's no way that the height difference is 6 cm (2.5 inches) when she's not wearing high heels. More like one inch.

Recent movie still, look at the footwear (they looked the same way in the first movie, too): Click Here

Real life gif from the shooting of the first movie: Click Here

Josh with Kristen Stewart, listed at 5'4": Click Here

half_full says on 15/Jul/13

could be worse, got that square jaw tho

leonari says on 20/Jun/13

never is he 5'7"

Balrog says on 20/Jun/13

At 5'5'' he's more than 4in under average. So he's likely the shortest man in the room. Still think he's a great actor.

superman says on 20/Jun/13

some people say he needs an upgrade, but they should look at the picture of him guarding 5'2 kevin hart it looks like there might be 1 inch between them seriously he might be shorter than 5'5 he looks really short like i said eairlier. 5'5 is a good estimate, thanks

superman says on 20/Jun/13

this is one of those guys that really does look short, great guy but he does look short, unlike efron lautner,or phillipe who if you were not told there height wood look tall. i think you hit this one spot on. thanks

Ahboh says on 19/Jun/13

Idk why people think he is way shorter then everyone. Jen wears heels almost at all of her public appearences make her up to 4 inches taller then him. When she is in flats, she is only about half an inch taller then Josh. And since Jen is around 5'7.5 then id clock Josh in at about 5'7.

Exactly, you always have to count the massive heels girls wear as a factor.

Nowadays a man has to be close to 6ft,higher than average, if he wants to always be taller than average girls.

Franny says on 14/Jun/13

Click Here

0:45 (Somewhere around there) ellen is wee bit taller than him. Ellen is shrinking.

Ninks says on 12/Jun/13

Only 'like' 5'7? So not actually 5'7. He could be 5'6. That's like 5'7.

jo says on 12/Jun/13

I think most child stars are short because of lack of nutrition and stress. Kids who started acting when they were young or very young are shorter. I assumed some child stars were concerned that their weight would affect their image and begin "starving" themselves. With a poor diet like that and lack of exercise could affect his and many child stars' height.

Sam says on 11/Jun/13

Josh is only 5'6??! Wow shocker!! He is as tall as I am. But he is VERY handsome!!!! LOVE HIM!!! <3

Balrog says on 11/Jun/13

Well at least he admits he's insecure about his height. Applying the two inch rule.

SarahBear says on 10/Jun/13

Wow,I'm 5`9".still growing too.

miko says on 10/Jun/13

A staredown between this guy and Dan Ratcliffe would be interesting.

marla singer says on 9/Jun/13

Rob you might want to add this quote I found on internet, he claims 5 ft 7 in M Magazine:

Josh Hutcherson has seen almost all of his dreams come true – he scored the role of Peeta in the Hunger Games, he’s quickly becoming one of Hollywood’s “IT” guys, and he’s always surrounded by tons of close friends. But the truth is, there’s one wish that Josh would love to come true the most: He wants to be taller! “I’m really insecure about my height,” Josh confesses only to M. “I’m not a very tall guy… I’m only like 5’7”! It bugs me a lot.” Josh knows that his height is not something he can control, but it’s made t hard for him to feel confident. “I have shorter parents, so I get it.” he confides to us. “I’ve slowly come to accept it and be happy with it. If I’m upset about it, it’s not going to change – you can’t change how much you grow.” Growing up, Josh also had to learn how to ignore bullies who teased him for his height. “I just started to not care about what people said,” Josh tells M. “What matters is how you feel about yourself – It doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks. As long as you’re OK with yourself, that’s all that matters

[Editor Rob: sure, I can add it thanks!]

metalfan619 says on 27/May/13

UPDATE- the googlez has knocked him an inch down to 5'6, so I guess ppl weren't buying 5'7?

MS says on 20/May/13

Click Here

He clearly looks 5'7 here, if it is to be consistent with Rob's listing of Hemsworth at 6'3 and Lawrence at 5'7.5. In the posted photo, Hemsworth is in dress shoes which arguably give him 1.25"-1.5", putting him at 6'4.25"-6'4.5". If that is the case, then Jennifer is at least pulling off 186-187 cm in the posted photo!

There's only two possibilities we can conclude from these facts: Either Hemsworth is only a solid 6'1 guy and Hutcherson wears lifts sometimes, or he is really 5'7 and Lawrence's heals give at least 5 inches. Either way, one of the listings has to be wrong.

Sean says on 12/May/13

If Josh were 5'7, then he would be about 5'8 in shoes. Jennifer's heels put her in the 5'11 range (I trust you Rob!), which means Josh's eye level would be at Jennifer's mouth level. It's clearly not, and he genuinely looks 5'5. *drops the mic*

metalfan619 says on 7/May/13


Just because the whole world can see you doesn't make one any less prone to lying; in fact expect quite the opposite. It's not like we can actually measure the guy. He is cute to many girls, that's a win in my book.

Carly says on 27/Apr/13

Well it says that Vanessa Hudgens is 5'1 and if you google josh hutcherson and vanessa they look like their about the same height.. hes looks maybe two inches taller..

Haz says on 26/Apr/13

I don't think he can grow anymore cuz he smokes so he's kind of short, but so what.

Kris says on 21/Apr/13

Idk why people think he is way shorter then everyone. Jen wears heels almost at all of her public appearences make her up to 4 inches taller then him. When she is in flats, she is only about half an inch taller then Josh. And since Jen is around 5'7.5 then id clock Josh in at about 5'7.

asian says on 19/Apr/13

im pretty sure josh is 5'7 because why lie when you know the whole world can see you? and also Jennifer is 5'8 and shes like barely taller than him when shes not wearing heels because those heels add like an extra 6 inches or 7 inches to her height. and Liam is 6'3. Josh only looks shorter because hes around really tall guys and girls in high heels. In The Hunger Games, Jennifer when she wasnt wearing heels was about the same height as Josh with her being a little taller by half an inch or an inch at most. so yea.

mike says on 13/Mar/13

First, to comment on the comments:

Mariebee, it's a common perceptual illusion to think you're taller than someone when you look at him or her from a distance. Even close up, people can often mistake or exaggerate height by an inch or so. I doubt josh hutcherson is shorter than 5'4, so you were obviously mistakened. At the same time, there is simply no way that he is 5'7. Judging from the pictures available of him, I'd put him in the 5'5 region, at most 5'5 1/2. He claims 5'7 because it soothes his mind. It's difficult being a short guy, especially in Hollywood where everything is magnified.

At dan: you clearly have some emotional problems yourself. And I'd be willing to to bet that you're around 5'7 yourself, so how dare someone shorter claim that height! Jesus. There's far more too life than height. I'm 5'6 3/4, and I claim 5'7. Does that make you angry? Lol

marla singer says on 2/Mar/13

Rob he looked a bit taller than 5'5 Nina Dobrev, both in nike sneakers so maybe he's 5'5.5 or 5'5.75

Dan says on 27/Feb/13

Josh is extremely self-conscious about his height. You see several videos on YouTube where he states he's 5'7". I'm surprised that he still thinks he can get away with these lies. His "great" personality is his way of masking his disappointment about being so short. It must really bug him standing in public and always having to look up at everyone around him -- male and female. I'd go nuts if I were his height.

Dan says on 27/Feb/13

Hey Anonymous: You state, "At least he's not like Justin Bieber lying about his height". Well, there are several videos on YouTube where Josh clearly states his height as 5'7" !! And you say he doesn't lie about his height? I know Josh is still in seious denial about his height, and extremely self-conscious about it. His "great" personality is only his way of hiding his bother about being so short.

Duhon says on 22/Feb/13

Not a perfect shot by any means but here's josh playing 5'2" actor kevin hart in basketball Click Here

Anonymous says on 14/Feb/13

Okay he's short we get it. Who cares? At least he's not like Justin Bieber and a lot of other celebrities that going around lying about their height

Anonymous says on 12/Feb/13

lol0 you must be delusional my friend. Nobody would call you "short" if you were 5'9, since that is average. If he was 5'9 then everyone around him would be giant.

lolo says on 4/Feb/13

WTF???? i thought i was at least 5'9 in hunger games

HPFan101 says on 15/Jan/13

His acting is good, but I agree he is way shorter than Daniel Radcliffe.......

miko says on 14/Jan/13

This guy looks even shorter than Daniel Radcliffe in photos, he might be 5'4.

MarieBee says on 13/Jan/13

I love Josh hutcherson and I hate to admit it but he's really short. I'm only 5'4 and I met him when he was filming in Hawaii, and well...I was quite shocked that I was taller than him. But overall, he is such a nice guy. His height doesn't even matter! He is so succesful!

Sally says on 11/Jan/13

He looked so tiny short next to Liam Hemsworth and Taylor Swift at the PCAs. No way is he 5'7. @JM88 He's finished growing.

JM88 says on 4/Jan/13

It's a known fact that Josh is 5'7. Jennifer is wearing quite high heels anyway, and pictures aren't always too accurate when it comes to measuring of height. Plus, men can still continue to grow at his age.

richkid123 says on 27/Dec/12

Hemsworths head is at more than 9 inches... He is ~6'3" 8 inch head? zhe'd have to be like 5'4" to have a head like that. The head is usually near an eighth of your overall height. Least thats what DaVinci said.

Peroit says on 2/Dec/12

I am 5'5 guy too! It is not a big problem! In life there is more terrible things. Josh Hutcherson is short, but he is a great actor, and now he is ritcher then everybody is writing here.

KNK says on 25/Nov/12

in the scene where katniss is mad at peeta because she thought he was dead when the cannon went off and it was actually fox face, when they hugged josh was taller than jen so im really confused...

Drew says on 16/Nov/12

@SS, 8-9 inches is the size of a female's head, a guy's would be 9-10 on average.

kid123 says on 7/Nov/12

5'5" isn't so bad but anything under for a guy would suck

abc123 says on 24/Oct/12

He looks shorter then 5'5 closer to 5'4 but he might be 5'5 at the most. Great actor regardless.

Rikashiku says on 23/Oct/12

Hemsworth - 6'1"

Lawrence - 5'7" flat, shes wearing 4" heels. There's 2" between her and Hemsworth. Measure at the top of their heads.

Hutcherson - 5'5" maybe a slight more. He reaches Hemsworths chin, which is about 8"?

girlonfire says on 22/Sep/12

I dont care whatever his height is as long as he portrays peeta's role effectively. I think no one could play the role better than him and I dont give a sh*t whether he is 5'5 or 5'7.

KK says on 12/Sep/12

Josh- 5'7"

Liam- 6'3"

Jen- 5'9"

C10 Tim says on 12/Sep/12

Hey rob how tall do you think Jen looks in those heels?

[Editor Rob: like someone (in normal shoes) that looked about 5ft 11-11.5 range]

harry says on 1/Sep/12

is that real???i don't think josh is just 5ft 5in tall...

SS says on 31/Aug/12

@Drew, being a full head taller is only 8-9 inches depending on head shape, and Hemsworth doesn't seem to have a big head. Don't believe me? Just look around with all the legit 6'4 guys Rob takes photos with, as they stand a full head taller than him.

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