How tall is Kaley Cuoco ?

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Kaley Cuoco's Height is 5ft 5.75in (167 cm)

American actress best known for roles in tv shows like The Big Bang Theory, 8 Simple Rules and Charmed. In Washington Post 2007: "Cuoco, who said she is 5-foot-6 and weighs 110 pounds"

How tall is Kaley Cuoco
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Mimi said on 27/Jan/16
Hi Rob do you think Kaley will be considered tall if she was in, let's say, the Philippines?
Editor Rob: yes she could be a good 5 inches above the average, so would be tall.
Mat said on 23/Jan/16
Rob, what's the average height for a 20 year old woman? 5'5?
Editor Rob: it pretty much is close to that mark nowadays, but overall average in US/UK is still less
marcinho said on 29/Nov/15
so you downgraded her to 167. according to this site Click Here she is on the 71,6 percentile. Rob how would you classify these percentile? 1-20 very short, 21-40 short, 41-60 average, 61 - 80 tall, 81 - 100 very tall?
Editor Rob: I wouldn't class her as tall, but just a bit above average height for a women.
BT said on 21/Nov/15
@Editor Rob: I agree, but when she does stand looser she can at times appear even a little shorter than Galecki, who's nothing over 5'5. With a strong posture she can sometimes look 0.5-0.75in range taller than him, I'm not seeing the full inch anyway. I thought I posted a screenshot that goes with my comment about Kaley and Parsons, but it's not appearing, I'll try again: Click Here
Editor Rob: just under 5ft 6 might be on the money for her.
BT said on 18/Nov/15
@Editor Rob: Don't you think if Parsons stood a little more straight there'd be nearer a 7.5-8 inch difference? I think 5'5.5 is more likely than the full 5'6.
Editor Rob: 5ft 5.5 is very arguable for her, she can look that range a fair amount on the show, sometimes though she stands looser than the guys though.
Fray said on 1/Aug/15
She is a little over 166 in the am, so 5'5"-5'6". Great, healthy, beautiful figure.
katie666 said on 24/May/15
lol she is not 110 lbs. id say 130, because shes quite tall and she has broad muscular shoulders
H said on 12/May/15
She is 5'6. Can some people just stop trying to say "no she is shorter"!!! So annoying. My friend has seen her and she is 5'5 and she said that she is 5'6. I dont understand why people try to make them shorter then they really are
Josh1 said on 7/Apr/15
She looks a bit over 5'5 I think 166cm is spot on for her.
Rhonda said on 2/Apr/15
Or 166.5cm about 5ft5.5
Rhonda said on 2/Apr/15
I think down half an inch, she is just ever so taller than Leonard on BBT. Sometimes looks the same as him but mostly just a little taller in flats. Leonard wears converse mostly.
Josh said on 31/Mar/15
I think she may need a bit of a downgrade. She was at least 3 inches shorter than Kevin James who you've got listed at 5'8 on here when they were presented at the KCA's. I'd say 5'5 is good for her
noscoper said on 4/Mar/15
no way she's 1.68!
She's like 1.65
ZHIN said on 17/Jan/15
I'd say her weight is a bit more in the current Season of TBBT because it looks like she's in a serious muscle building workout program; really toned (but not too much!) (I know this site is about height, but I'm better at weight than height.)
Ketlin said on 29/Dec/14
I would that she 165 cm tall 'cause in the Big Bang Theory she seems a bit shorter than Leonard (166cm) sometimes they even seem the same height. There's no way she's 168 cm, just NO WAY!
blue said on 7/Oct/14
In the episode 4 of the first season of bbtheory, Sheldon says that her weight is about 120lbs.
Of course she denies and say 110lbs but we can understand that her lie is a joke. So 5ft6 and 120lbs.
evil said on 3/Oct/14
this days i'm really thinking if she and galecky have the same height, I've watched a lot of episodes of big-bang theory, everytime they seem to be the same height, so i think both can be 166cm
someone said on 22/Sep/14
I would say she weighs 130 lbs minimum.
Magic said on 21/Aug/14
Also here,Galecky wears like converse(0.6 inch o similar) and here Kaley seems
shorter than galecky of almost an inch,if galecky doesn't use internal lift and is true that he is tall 5'5,kaley is 5'5,I would say galecky is as height as kaley cuoco.
Magic said on 21/Aug/14
This photo,increase doubt:
Click Here
here she wears high heels,and she doesn't seem taller than Leonard(galecky 5'5) and Howard(hellberg 5'4)
cole said on 1/Jul/14
Think she would be a good and believable addition to the 5'5.75 (167 cm) club, Rob?
She looks a little under an inch taller than 5'5 Johnny Galecki a lot.
Mark said on 21/Jun/14
I just saw her towering over Melissa Rauch so I'd say 5'6" is about right. She has perfect proportions and great skin too
Boho said on 12/Jun/14
I have read that she is 5'7" and weighs 126, which seems more accurate than 110.
J.Lee said on 25/Apr/14
Rob these look like beats. How tall is Kaley in these? Click Here
[Editor Rob: a good 5 inches]
shane said on 1/Mar/14
Lol wow nervous...why don't you make it a little more obvious that your a....ahem...."full-figured" chick. jeezus take it a little more personally. She is a chubby-ish with it...more so now than before..and she has a fat face
shane said on 1/Mar/14
Lol wow nervous...why don't you make it a little more obvious that your a....ahem...."full-figured" chick. jeezus take it a little more personally. She is a chubby-ish with it...more so now than before..and she has a fat face
J.Lee said on 27/Feb/14
Rob does shoe size make a difference in how much taller the heels make you?
[Editor Rob: yes a little bit if the foot is longer.]
J.Lee said on 26/Feb/14
Rob how tall do you think these make her? Click Here
[Editor Rob: 4.3-4.5 range if her shoe size was at least 6 or 7, a wee bit less if she had small 3-5 sized feet.]
Lorne said on 30/Jan/14
Rob, could we maybe get her at 5ft5.75? They're aren't many 167cm listed on the site, and I think she is a good example of that height. Seeing her on Charmed and Big Bang, she doesn't look quite 5ft6, but could measure 167cm military posture...
cole said on 17/Jan/14
Do you think 5'5.5 could be more her range Rob? 5'6 is not impossible, but it's the highest I'd argue.
[Editor Rob: 5ft 5.5 certainly isn't ruled out]
Anna said on 14/Jan/14
Funny I actually thought she was shorter!
taff said on 12/Jan/14
Yeah right that is such a lie, if Kayley cuoco was 110 pounds at 5'6' she would be victoria secret model thin. Im guessing she is around 140-150 pounds because I am 5'4' and 119 pounds and she has much larger arms and thighs for sure
Jack said on 11/Jan/14
She's taller than all of the guys on Big Bang except Kunal and Jim Parsons. Jim is obviously the tallest one on the show, over 6 foot. She's only an inch or two shorter than Kunal. 5 foot 6 sounds reasonable
I dated her in 2005 said on 22/Nov/13
She is 5'6". She has a long torso and short legs for her height. We still talk and she has fluctuated in weight, but who cares, if you like a girl with a figure then this is her, if you like an anorexic Bean Pole, then keep shopping!
nikki said on 1/Oct/13
Doesn't look right....My husband is 6'5 and I'm barely 5'4 so I'm thinking one of them is lying about their height.
gd said on 10/Sep/13
She's 5'4".
Photo with Sophia Bush confirms that.
And also watch her scene with Jim Parsons in The Big Bang Theory.
kid said on 20/Aug/13
I thought she was 5'5 tops, maybe even 5'4. And if Sophia Bush is 5'4 than with the evidence we have seen, Kaley is 5'5 max.
Amoney said on 7/Aug/13
I'm 5'6" and she was about an inch taller without heels. Shes 5'7"
Step92 said on 1/Aug/13
1,64-65! no more!
Mr. R said on 25/Jul/13
Saw Kaley tonight at the Woody Allen movie. This is pretty close.
Pat89 said on 5/Jul/13
Well, if Sophia Bush is 5'4'' I find myself having a hard time to believe that Kaley is 5'6''

Click Here
Jeremy said on 4/Jul/13
Could have been 5'6.5-5'7 peak clearly has lost some height
ali (boy/english) said on 18/Jun/13
She is just beautiful no matter how tall or 'fat' she is she is perfect in anyway she wants to be :) and stop judging people like that, your not perfect yourself!
Locust said on 22/May/13
Hey Rob,
why is kayley and sophia bush the same height,and the footwear seems to be similar?
Click Here
sp said on 14/May/13
I had a 5'6" tall friend who actually weighed 110 pounds and she's fashion-model thin, even at her smallest Kelly couldn't have been lighter than 115-120...and now after her weight gain she is probably around 125-130. Height-wise, she does look to be around 5'5"-5'6". She has a fantastic figure either way, I love her body shape.
Nervous said on 31/Mar/13
This is a website for discussing height - not how women who are 5"6 are most attractive at 118.5 pounds or less. ANY man who thinks that this young gorgeous woman would look more attractive with 10 pounds less on her frame, is a sad sack. She is having the time of her life with gorgeous men and lots of money while you are sitting around and judging on your big fat lardy butt. And it's not "sad" Mike,how everyone's bodies change over time. We are not here for your viewing pleasure and most of us couldn't give a rat's you know what when it comes to what nobodies think. I'm so glad I stumbled upon these ridiculous comments so I never waste my time with this nonsense again.
Mike said on 12/Mar/13
She's not heavy but she's not as fit as she used to be either. It's sad because I don't think she's gained weight in an unnatural way. I'm a guy in my 30s and most women I knew throughout our 20s gained weight from their early 20s to late 20s. Metabolisms slow down, most of us still eat like we used to as teenagers (unless we make that important change), we get busy with our lives. It's because she's a beautiful Hollywood actress that people pay so much attention.
ag said on 22/Feb/13
john - you are dead wrong buddy. give me a 5'6 120-130 lb girl any day! kelly has got the curves that only real men know what to do with. you can have the bulemia girls - give me a sexy woman like kelly!
John said on 17/Feb/13
Only women or gay guys will think she looks better now than what she looked like at the star of the big bang theory.Now she has put on too much weight,she is not fat,just not as attractive as before.She has put weight on here face too which is not attractive.
gwhh said on 27/Jan/13
I swear she use to say she 5 7!
little sue said on 14/Jan/13
I'd agree, she looks much better with that added weight, nice to see a more 'normal' looking build on TV as opposed to skinnies.
heath ledger said on 13/Jan/13
Solid 5'6". In the first season of the Big Bang Theory she was probably about 120 pounds and now she's about 140 pounds I would say. She looks better with the curvier body. So many Television Women are grossly skinny which makes them far less attractive.
mrden said on 10/Jan/13
I prefer girls with a big of curve but healthy. She is a healthy lovely weight and I cant believe people are calling her fat in the later big bangs. Skinner women may find it easier to wear what they want but for me they arent as interesting naked.
andy said on 4/Jan/13
im 5"2"and 110 and im considered normal weight. she lies. shes hefty
rat said on 14/Dec/12
I meet her..she is 5'6 all day..I am 5'2 and she towered over me
Natalie said on 18/Nov/12
If her height is 5'6, so why she's exactly the same height with Sophia Bush who is 5'4?
Click Here
Silent d said on 7/Oct/12
I had more respect for her after her accident but i still respect her. A toned 5 foot 6. She is still recovering from that nasty accident. She needs time to heal.
E said on 15/Sep/12
has no one noticed the fact that she got into a serious accident where she fell off a horse? Maybe she's not able to exercise as much because of that injury. leave the girl alone.
Alex said on 28/Sep/07
She's taller than all the sisters in Charmed by a couple inches. 5'6 looks about right.
myspace celebrity said on 17/Sep/07
looks more like 5'7.5 next to david spade, isnt he like 5'5.5???
kaley fan said on 31/Aug/07
my friend is 5"4 and she isnt that tall but kaley is quite tall so id say about 5"6-7
repoob said on 28/Aug/07
Kaley's height is truly 5'6". I met the cast during the run of 8 Simple Rules, and I can report that Amy Davidson is 4'11 at best, John Ritter was an even 6 feet, and Katey Sagal is 5'8.
6'3'' JK said on 7/Aug/07
Dosen't really look 5'6'', maybe more 5'5.5''
EMMA W said on 7/Aug/07
on 8 Simple Rules she's always wearing higher shoes than Amy Davidson (Kerry) and Amy doesnt even look THAT much shorter than her. She's definitely not 5'7" and above

[Editor Rob: considering this babe only said 5ft 6...]
lulu said on 11/Apr/07
i thought she was taller, like about 5,8 any way on her site it stated her as 5,7 1/2 wich i happen to think is about rite......i thought she was dating jesse mccartney any way and he is only about 5, i doubt she is taller than him !
jon said on 3/Feb/07
I figured she might be 5'6'' because she is always starring alongside short actors and actresses, which lead people to think she is 5'8'' or taller.
Anonymous said on 30/Jan/07
2834 said on 14/Jul/06
in 8 simple rules i thought she was always like 5'8 or something! but i guess its just because kerry is on 5' and bridget is always in 2-3" heels
Antonia said on 8/Apr/06
I seen her beside many people and she always looks 5'6 or 5'5. She is one of my favourite actresses but I think she lies about her height.
MeLiSsA said on 2/Mar/06
I think in that picture she was doing that thing that you can do where you stand with one knee bent and your hip out so that makes ppl appear shorter and she's still taller
Anonymous said on 9/Jan/06
Kaley Cuoco in Charmed looks 5'5
Lindsay said on 30/Nov/05
Why not check her out in season 8 of Charmed cos she's just started as one of Paige's charges(a witch). You can measure her against Alyssa and Holly who are 5"2 for sure!!! I haven't seen it yet but I'm sure it will give some answers!
Chloee said on 18/Oct/05
I think she looks smaller because her legs and arms are so small for he height, givin off the impresion shes smaller than she is. Still cant see her as 5'11 /6'0 in heels tho!
j.d. said on 16/May/05
For some reason she seemed taller to me, like 5'8'' or 5'9'' but maybe it's because she wears heels alot.

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