How tall is Katherine Heigl ?

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Katherine Heigl's height is 5ft 8.5in (174 cm)

American actress best known for playing Dr Izzie Stevens on tv series Grey's Anatomy. In film she can be seen in Knocked Up and 27 Dresses. In a 2000 maxim chat she said "I'm 5'9" but she's also said 5ft 8 and in a 2014 during a Q&A she said "5'8 1/2" 6' in heels!"

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linke says on 11/May/15
Glow says on 2/Jul/13
Actually Luna, 5'9" for a woman is about the equivalent of 6'3" for a guy.

5'9 for a woman is more like a 6'2 guy.
J.Lee says on 13/Jan/15
Rob, look at these pics. David Duchovny is 6 ft 0.25. That makes her 3.75 inches shorter than him. But does she look taller than him in these pics?

Click Here
Click Here
[Editor Rob: she might have a little camera advantage in one shot, hard to say how much exactly. I think both their heights are ok]
Silent_D says on 12/Jan/15
I think 174cm is more reasonable but i'm not sure malin akerman is a full 173cm though.
lollipop95 says on 2/Jan/15
The average height difference depends. In Ireland, the average female height is 5'5(same in UK, unless it changed) so a 5'3 woman would the same as a 5'7 man
Jack says on 26/May/14
@Glow, close but you're off by an inch.
In USA, average female height is 5'4 and average male height is 5'9.
So that makes the difference between the genders at 5 inches not 6.
A 5'8 man would therefore be the equivalent of a 5'3 woman not a 5'2 woman.
Just says on 27/Jan/14
@Silent d She can't be only 5'8, because Malin Akerman is 5'8. In "27 Dresses" Katherine is clearly taller than Malin.
Just says on 15/Dec/13
She's tall. I always thought that she's 5'9.
divincodino92 says on 17/Nov/13
Could be 170-171 Rob?
[Editor Rob: I'd be surprised if she was just that.]
Sarlon says on 19/Oct/13
Is more easy to say there is a 1.07-1.09 height ratio between sexes.
jordydecke says on 9/Sep/13
just to add to the comments about male and female heights here - girls tend to grow faster than guys when it comes to height. I (being a guy) was about 5'2 or 5'3 most of the way through high school, easily one of the shortest in the whole year group but when I passed 16 I began to grow and now I'm 23 and a strong 5'11. So I'm sure some of the guys will catch up but on the whole people are definitely getting taller. I'm one of the shortest of my friend group - surprising as I'm only a shade under 6' but most of the guys are about 6'1 and 6'2 and it's surprisingly noticeable.
Glow says on 2/Jul/13
Actually Luna, 5'9" for a woman is about the equivalent of 6'3" for a guy.

If you go by average heights in most western countries, all you do is deduct the six inches from the male height to find the female equivalent. It should be as follows:

5ft Female = 5'6 Male (think Tom Cruise)
5'1 Female = 5'7 Male
5'2 Female = 5'8 Male
5'3 Female = 5'9 Male
5'4 Female = 5'10 Male
5'5 Female = 5'11 Male
5'6 Female = 6 ft Male
5'7 Female = 6'1 Male
5'8 Female = 6'2 Male
5'9 Female = 6'3 Male
5'10 Female = 6'4 Male
5'11 Female = 6'5 Male
6ft Female = 6'6 Male

...And so on.

I've stood next to men who were marginally shorter than me (I'm 5'9") and thought how petite they looked...short legs usually and small bone structure, often a bit diminutive, making them their gender's equivalent of a slightly petite woman. It's not an insult but it just put it in perspective.
Silent d says on 8/Oct/12
5 foot 8.
Poppy says on 14/Jun/12
This conversation is silly. The average height for women in 2012 is 5'4.3" tall. I'm 5'8", and people frequently comment saying I'm tall. I suppose being slender in addition to that does help the illusion of great height, but no one can argue 5'8" is average when it is nearly 4 inches taller than what average truly is. I'm not a giant, I'm not insanely tall, but I am relatively tall in comparison to those around me and to the average height. I'm not yet 16 years old.
Silent d says on 6/Feb/12
5 foot 8. Girls are getting taller now. I heard it is the hormones in junk food.
Chiara says on 25/Jan/12
I have to agree with Luna. Im exactly 511 (180 cm) and 18 years old and in my classes (Im from germany so im mostly with the same people in different classes)
although im the tallest girl there are quite a few girls (I think like 4 or 5) who look to be above 173 cm (58) and my best friend is also just 1 cm below my height but i dont really feel that tall. Also there are just 3 guys who are taller than me so i think girls are getting taller these days or something.
Kik says on 25/Jan/12

I don't know where are you from, but in my country 175 is tall and definitely 175 tall girls do stand out in a crowd. But it is you right to consider yourself small or tall or very tall, that is not my business.
Luna says on 21/Jan/12

Get over yourself. Just accept the fact that not everyone thinks you are tall. I see lots of girls at uni around 175. It may be tall for a 50 year old woman, but it is only relatively tall for a young one. And no, 5 ft 9 doesn't stand out in a crowd. Not to mention that 6 ft 2 is much taller for a man than 5 ft 9 is for a woman.
I am taller than you and I don't even consider myself "very tall".
And why are you accusing Kostas of trolling? He is just stating his opinion. Try to be more open-minded.

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