How tall is Kevin Nash ?

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Kevin Nash's height is 6ft 9in (206 cm)

American Wrestler and actor (The Punisher, Magic Mike). He has said in the past "I'm 6-10". These photos (by Giles) were from a Collectormania event in 2013.

Kevin Nash is very tall
5ft 8 Rob and Kevin
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James B says on 18/Apr/14
Scott hall never looked 6'5. 6'4 tops is what he looked wcw.
nick says on 18/Apr/14
You can measure yourself all you want in pictures with lines and such, however, when I stand under a emeasuring devise with loose posture like Nash..I am at least 1.5 inches taller when standing fully upright. Rob you yourself would add a half inch. Nash being his height adds near 2 inches no doubt
[Editor Rob: you can assume you know how much he is losing, but I watched him and with numerous people thought he stood with good posture in general.
The Ben says on 17/Apr/14
Fan PD
I met Taker, Nash, Hall, Sting and I'd agree wit your estimates apart from Hall who I would have said 6'5 (1994 when I met him)
Fan PD says on 17/Apr/14
Hey James B. I'd have to agree with you somewhat. Keep in mind it's been about 15 years since I saw these guys. Again before camera phones and when most of these guys tried to stay as close to character as possible. Sting deceivingly is tall, had height advantage on many of the guys there with the exception of the 6'4 plus guys. Test could be only 6'5 depending on the shoe, didn't really notice. Undertaker was right before he was injured and came back with the biker character. Had the pleasure to talk to UT for a bit and had height on me at 6'6 in shoes. Didn't really pay attention to shoes on the guys. I was just thrilled to be in the back at a couple shows late 90's early 2000 and see the guys during the hey day.
James B says on 16/Apr/14
I agree that DDP looked 6'4.5 in his wcw run. For some reason when he was in wwe looked closer to 6'3 than 4. His build and height when he was wcw reminds me so much of how tall drew McIntyre looks.

I agree Fan PD that Scott hall looked around 6'4 flat but as for sting i have seen pics of him with lex Luger where he looks closer to 6'1. Test I thought was more 6'5 as well?

Undertaker 6'8? He barely looked taller than 6'7 pycho sid at wrestlemania 1997........
Fan PD says on 13/Apr/14
Other heights of guys I've seen up close or met, again I am 6'6" in basketball shoes. Goldberg very very solid 6'2" and change, maybe close to 6'3". Taker probably 6'8" was easily taller than me circa 98-00. Hall 6'4, Sting 6'2", DDP easily 6'4". Kane tough to tell, I think this was during his shoe lift phase, appeared taller than UT at this time. Test pretty much same height as me. Big Show 7'.
Fan PD says on 13/Apr/14
I am measured at 6'6" in shoes, played college hoops and both WWE & WCW did shows at our gym in late 90's. I was fortunate to be backstage as basically an errand boy to help carry luggage and provide local info etc. Met Nash late 90's walking into building. He was wearing dangles of some kind. He was still considerably taller than me in basketball shoes. I 'd give him a solid 6'10 or so in sandals with minimal sole.
Harold says on 10/Apr/14
Even with an example people are not satisfied, Nash clearly looks around 6'9 to 6'10.
James B says on 9/Apr/14
He looked 6'10 compared to big show at sold out 1998 and again compared to sid eudy in 1995 looked at least 6'9.

Maybe he wore bigger than normal wrestling boots
avi says on 5/Apr/14
@Alex 6'0
No way. Guy is solid 6'8 at worst. If that's under 6'8 then nothing makes sense.but I can buy 6'8.25
Mathew says on 5/Apr/14
[Editor Rob: Here, he clearly has about 11 inches on me...]


Exactly, I think he could maybe eek out a fraction more than that difference in postures vs a measurement against your height, but like you proved he's only losing a tiny bit more in this shot. So I'm saying he's about 6'8" today. Maybe he was 6'9"+ years ago but I think it's obvious he's about 6'8" today (give or take a half inch).
miko says on 4/Apr/14
Nash at 6'7 puts HHH at 6'0 flat...and we know that is plain crazy.
Alex 6ft 0 says on 4/Apr/14
11 inches difference would make Nash 6'7 range. I wouldn't say he under 6'8 today
Johno says on 3/Apr/14
6'7.5 - 6.75 for him.

If you look at Vegas's post earlier, you can clearly see nash reaches the 6'8 mark with his shoes on. He would lose an inch or more without.

Nash 6'7.5 - 6'7.75
Mathew says on 3/Apr/14
With the 6'2" guy he doesn't look 6'9", at all. Nothing over 6'7" there. Maybe he's 6'8".
James B says on 3/Apr/14
6'8.75 today
Peak 6'9.25
Tommo says on 3/Apr/14
I'd say a weak 6'8 would probably be about right for him, comparing him to the 6'2 guy that seems pretty fair.
Fern194cm-192cm says on 2/Apr/14
Omg, I think I just figured it out! Rob is standing on his tippy toes and trying to fool us and that is why kevin Nash is smerking!
Fern194cm-192cm says on 2/Apr/14
There is no way in hell he is 6,9. I think 6,8 max
Aaronious says on 2/Apr/14
Interesting.. i guess Nash really has lost an inch+ over his lifetime.
AldoR says on 1/Apr/14
6'7.No way he is 6 inches taller than Sorbo,more like 4 inches.6'7 is a perfect estimation for Nash.
Tuga says on 1/Apr/14
"once again I illustrated before with an Actual Example, tilting my head worse than Nash remarkably has not made me lose 2 inches!"

Sorry Rob but its pretty clear posture, not only head tilting does count a lot:
Click Here
Even with you not standing straight in the pic joe has the worst posture there´s already at the very least a 2 inch gap between his good and bad posture, nash has inches on joe...

And speaking of so:
Click Here

"of course add an inch for his neck if you want to get him to 6ft 8,"

Rob, I hope you´re not suggesting 6'7 for nash, because joe will come down to 6'3 and Arnold Schwarzenegger will come down to terminate you :)
miko says on 1/Apr/14
The bigger you are the more height you'll lose through posture and so forth.

Nash is around 6'9 either way, he probably wakes above it and drops slightly below at night.
Aaronius says on 1/Apr/14
Umm, Rob, in the pic on the right, Nash looks like he has 14"+ on you, despite his head being angled down, and hes obviously not trying to Maxx out his height,,

what kind of footwear was he wearing?
[Editor Rob: considering my own head is in 9.5 inch range, I think your idea of 14+ inches is a bit much :) Here, he clearly has about 11 inches on me...

of course add an inch for his neck if you want to get him to 6ft 8, but you have to realise the photographer is on Kevin's side (so he has camera advantage), so I'm going to take some back ;)

once again I illustrated before with an Actual Example, tilting my head worse than Nash remarkably has not made me lose 2 inches!]
Peyman says on 31/Mar/14
there is no way that's a 7in difference Rob ,at most 5inches.
I guess you try to get poor postures in your pictures.
Nash is probably 6ft 7.5in today & an inch taller at peak
James B says on 31/Mar/14
On his last few wwe appearances he still looks at least 6'8
Tuga says on 31/Mar/14
I agree with JT, Rob, just look at your pics with Joe Manganiello, look how much he loses in the pic where he has poor posture (and your not even standing straight like in the other pics).
Nash has inches on Joe Manganiello so he could even loose more with poor posture...
JT says on 30/Mar/14
Nash will gain height by raising his head. Click Here The amount will also depend on how straight the spine (cervical and thoracic) was when the head was lowered.
Lillo thomas says on 30/Mar/14
Rob kevin nash is looking only 6'6 - 6'7 with the 6'2 guy. Are you sure that guy is only 6'2?
[Editor Rob: he always looks in that range, I mean last couple of 6ft 3 guys I've seen him with in photoroom like sam j jones he was smaller, tony tucker smaller, but you could say 6ft 2 at night.
BorkLaser says on 29/Mar/14
IMO he looks exactly 6'9" on the right and his neck isn't even fully extended. Definitely 6'10" out of bed
[Editor Rob: As I said before That won't take away as much.

I will make an exception - The top of a 6ft 2 guy...]
Mathew says on 28/Mar/14
To be honest I'd put him around 6'8" today, based on these photos... Possibly 6'8.5". Certainly not 6'10".
Alex 6ft 0 says on 28/Mar/14
See the picture to the left they look closer in height than the picture to that right. Not sure how long Nash's head is either. Pic to the left it looks right around a foot difference. Pic to the right a bit more
Derek says on 28/Mar/14
He has over a foot on Rob. 6'10" def at peak. He had 2 inches on Taker. Probably 6'9" now.
Chuckie Cheese 2 says on 26/Mar/14
Looks a full 6 ft 9 in my opinion. Probably a solid 6 ft 10 out of bed. You barely reach his shoulder Rob! Great photo.
KROC says on 26/Mar/14
Looks a weak 6'9. So anywhere in the range of 6'8.5 to 6'8.75 is good. I don't believe he was ever 6'10 though.
Lillo thomas says on 25/Mar/14
Clement you need eye glasses if you only see 6'6 for kevin nash in the second pic. The dude is atleast 6'8 probably close to 6'9.
The Ben says on 25/Mar/14
6'6 is ridiculous.
I have a friend who's 6'7 and Nash is waaaaay taller.
I'd say a strong 6'9 today.
clement says on 25/Mar/14
My Guess is 6'6" tall
Johno says on 25/Mar/14
Nothing over 6'8 and more rather 6'7.5 - 6'7.75. There are a number of height comparison pics to demonstrate that.

If you want to show him as 6'8 - 6'9, please post some comparison pics with the above to illustrate that.

rob 5'8
Nash 6'7.5 - 6'7.75
jpg says on 25/Mar/14
6'8" -6'9". always was bigger than taker and sid. only people around him for a considerable amount of time who was bigger, is big show. and nash never had big boot pads always pretty flat.
Jake T. says on 24/Mar/14
Rob has similar height difference with Kristian Nairn, I think both Nash and Nairn would be the same size at 6'9
Antas says on 23/Mar/14
guys you're getting it all wrong he looks only 6'5"
avi says on 23/Mar/14
@Alex 6ft 0 says on 20/Mar/14
Rob, I was comparing the pic of you with Rory McCann to this one and it does look like a 3 inch difference that Nash has on you more than McCann has

looks a bit more than that bud. close to 4 i think. Mccan is 6'5 tops and this guy is 6'9 on the nose or at worst 6'8.8
Rhonda says on 21/Mar/14
Out of bed 6ft10 no doubt as his claim. Tall people can lose more due to gravity, older they are more they can lose during the day. He is what you would you would call a man mountain. I wouldn't say less than 6ft9 considering the head drop.
Blaze says on 21/Mar/14
in the first pic he looks 6'9 and in the second he looks 6'10. 6'9.5?
Alex 6ft 0 says on 20/Mar/14
Rob, I was comparing the pic of you with Rory McCann to this one and it does look like a 3 inch difference that Nash has on you more than McCann has
Slim says on 19/Mar/14
I saw the pic of kevin and dennis rodman standing together and if dennis is 6'7 then nash must be 6'8-9. Penn jillette was the same height maybe a little taller than dennis so that puts kane at the 6'8 he claims himself! So hm...
James B says on 19/Mar/14
Attitude says on 14/Mar/14
Comparing these to HBK, it's kind of surprising how Shawn Michaels is compared to you and Kevin Nash.

Click Here

but either Nash shrunk or HBK grew:

Click Here

Anyways, I felt that these pictures were a great comparison for HBK and Nash.

Does not look 6'9 in the last pic
Peyman says on 18/Mar/14
the top of your head looks over his shoulder
6ft 9in peak- 6ft 8.25in today
that makes a peak 6ft 7in for taker by judging on their wrestle mania match
198 nowadays for taker IMO
Joey says on 16/Mar/14
Looks 6'10".
dicksock says on 16/Mar/14
Based on the pics with Rob, he looks 6'8" with bad posture and 6'9" with good. How shocking...
miko says on 15/Mar/14
Nash has looked a rock solid 6'9 throughout his career.

He was only average around 2.5' shorter than Big Show in WCW, the difference looked similar during Nash's last WWE run.

If anything Nash might have been a little over 6'9 at his tallest and is probably just a flat 6'9 fully stretched out today. 6'8.5 isn't impossible but I don't think he'd measure that short.
HellBoundPower says on 15/Mar/14
I'd buy 6'10" peak height for Nash. Probably as listed now.
Tuga says on 14/Mar/14
Rob, good point you made but still his posture just isn´t the best which is only normal, unless he reconized you...
If he did he would stand like this:
Click Here
Attitude says on 14/Mar/14
Comparing these to HBK, it's kind of surprising how Shawn Michaels is compared to you and Kevin Nash.

Click Here

but either Nash shrunk or HBK grew:

Click Here

Anyways, I felt that these pictures were a great comparison for HBK and Nash.
James B says on 14/Mar/14
How tall would you say he looks with you rob?
Brizzy says on 13/Mar/14
6'9" looks reasonable in the pics above.
clement says on 13/Mar/14
nick says on 12/Mar/14
Depends on leg posture. I've done a test where in stand with similar posture and gained 1 solid inch from having total erect posture. Obviously rob himself would gain a half inch with total erect posture

Depending on foot and leg posture standing totally straight as a guy that tall you gain more than the common heights when standing straight.

On the left picture he can add two inches standing tall. And the right up to an inch and a half with my tests.

6'9 sometime in the morning with a drop to 6'8.5 later in the day

6'9. Midday in his prime
[Editor Rob: here is a test of Bending head down like (maybe even a bit more than Nash) - it certainly is nearer half inch than 1.5 inches ;)

I would be surprised if he lost more than half inch more than me in that right shot.]
the shredder says on 12/Mar/14
6'8 minimum but he looks 6'8.
James B says on 11/Mar/14
6'8.75 today
6'9.5 peak
Fern194cm-192cm says on 11/Mar/14
Hey Rob,
I strongly believe that he is around 6,9-6,9.25 peak. I believe that today he is probably 6,8.5. Do you think you will downgrade him and then give him a peak height or even one of the two?
Mathew says on 11/Mar/14
Bard says on 11/Mar/14
Lol at 6'4. Looks around 6'8.


Obviously he looks above 6'4", but if you don't factor in the lean I could definitely see someone thinking he looks about 6'6". Personally I believe he'd measure about 6'8" - 6'8.5" based on the photos. But that's only because I think he could pull out a fair amount more height by straightening his posture.
Red183 says on 11/Mar/14
I go with 6´8.25" stretched out for him today, 6´9" is to tall
Bard says on 11/Mar/14
Lol at 6'4. Looks around 6'8.
Mid190s says on 10/Mar/14
The top of his head is only 6'7 in the left pic, i can tell you this with 100% certainty. He is leaning so that would make him 6'8 standing straight, and back down to 6'7 without footwear. Maybe 6'7.5 flat, which is solid Giant territory.
Finn193cm220kg says on 8/Mar/14
He only looks 6'4" to me
Yaspaa says on 8/Mar/14
Rob's not 5'9.
Lonestar says on 8/Mar/14
We can see his more like 6ft8 then 6ft10 guy beside 5ft9 rob
176,2Tunman says on 7/Mar/14
I just watched The Punisher,Kevin Nash scene as The Russian was the best part of the film,I couldn't stop laughing,imagine that next time you open your door you see a guy like this,Jane wouldn't have a chance against him in a real fight.
jtm says on 7/Mar/14
hard to tell
Vegas says on 7/Mar/14
Vegas says on 6/Mar/14
Editor Rob: on the right not that much

if he isn't losing much then i don't see 6'9, lifting his head might get him to 6'8. Click Here

do you have a shot of nash with your 6'2 friend by any chance?
[Editor Rob: as much as I think it can help and add to discussion, it is best for me not to anymore...]
Connor 184.5-185cm says on 7/Mar/14
Rob this guy Giles the photographer you mentioned is he a tall guy?

[Editor Rob: near 5ft 11]

Just under 5ft 11 Rob?
[Editor Rob: his posture is poor at times , but I think he'd measure 5ft 11.]
Travis says on 6/Mar/14
He 6'10 not 6'9
Slim says on 6/Mar/14
Soo are we saying that kane and nash are the same height?
miko says on 6/Mar/14
Nash is a massive guy and 6'9 range with ease.
Red183 says on 6/Mar/14
Click Here

Imo Nash would barely gain height with raising his head, he would only appear taller because of higher eye-/chinlevel.

Nash is also a bit closer to the camera and has a bit more height from footwear.

6´8" is very possible, stretched out maybe 6´8.5" but nothing more.
He wasn´t more than ~1 inch taller than Tyler Mane so it makes all sense.

Noticable heightloss? I don´t think so. Maybe 0.5" so peak 6´9"
Connor 184.5-185cm says on 6/Mar/14
Rob this guy Giles the photographer you mentioned is he a tall guy?
[Editor Rob: near 5ft 11]
Lillo thomas says on 6/Mar/14
In the left pic Nash doesn't look 6'9 but in the second pic he looks 6'9 or fairy close to 6'9 . Between 12 -13 inches taller than rob.
Tuga says on 6/Mar/14
Vegas says on 6/Mar/14
Editor Rob: in that back to back he's standing pretty well...barely dropping much...

you don't think he would gain much in your photos by stretching out his neck? Click Here
[Editor Rob: on the right not that much]

Rob, I think Vegas is making a good point, from Vegas pic alone we can see how much he would gain if he stretched his neck, IMO he´s losing quite a bit, if he was to be measured you would see his chin well above his shoulders and not just barely like in this pics.
Vegas says on 6/Mar/14
Editor Rob: in that back to back he's standing pretty well...barely dropping much...

you don't think he would gain much in your photos by stretching out his neck? Click Here
[Editor Rob: on the right not that much]
avi says on 5/Mar/14
is 6'8.5-6'8.75 possible? i see about 6'9 here but i mean it is possible right?
Johno says on 5/Mar/14
His head looks around 10.5 inches thus i say he looks a bit over a skull length taller then Rob - 6'6.5 - 6'7 in that picture.

I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and put him around 6'7.5 - i had him at 6'7.75 previously before seeing this picture.

It adds up to what Ali baba had said.

Rob 5'8
nash 6'7.5 ( He clearly is a strong 6'7 ranger like his old tag-buddy tyler maine)
ck82 says on 5/Mar/14
peak height was close to 6'10"
today he is a fraction under 6'9"
Lorne says on 4/Mar/14
@JT: maybe it varies for certain people, in fact I'm sure it does. But for me they're is virtually no difference without seperating my teeth. I mean, I'd I smile widely, it of course shifts a bit, but it's to small to notice, I'd say, maybe 2-3mm. But separating my teeth, it is a large difference. And as for Tyler Mane, he is between 6'7-6'8. I'd say based on Ali's Pic, 6ft7.5. Of course, 6ft7.75 is possible, I mean he could have lost a small fraction. But definently not over 6'8 at any point. With Nash, I think he had to be damn close to 6'9, if not the full Monty. Today likely 6ft8.5-75 evening, but likely has shifted a bit of height. Though with his long legs, I doubt he has lost that much height, like Rob said, he's no Hogan!!!
Mr. E says on 4/Mar/14
Click Here With 6'1" Steve Austin, 6'2ish Goldberg, and 6'3ish Bob Sapp. Looks a solid 6'9". I appreciate Ali Baba's input. Good to hear a tall guy be real. I think Nash has enough evidence of standing tall against many tall athletes. And when you stand next to a 6'9" person it's unreal. But being generous....if Big Show is 7 feet, there is no way Nash is 6'10". Granted foot wear, but it points to a 6 foot 8 plus maybe 6 foot 9.
Tim181 says on 4/Mar/14
When i wrote 6'6" I meant in the left photo and with the slouch of course, in the right photo Rob is at his shoulder level, so could be a foot shorter. So he is more or less a legit 6'8".
JT says on 3/Mar/14
Lorne says on 1/Mar/14
Sorry, Ali is right about the teeth. Test it yourself; simply place the palm underneath chin. Separating your teeth drops chin, lips, well, my chin doesn't drop at all. But with that said, they're is no chance in hell Nash is/was under 6ft8...

Lorne, so when you smile and show your teeth, your chin (not your jaw) does not drop at all? Strange.
josey wales says on 3/Mar/14
Hi Rob what was your footwear diference? Many Thanks - Josey
[Editor Rob: I have .7 inch sneakers...His were not less and possibly a little bit more... ]
Tuga says on 3/Mar/14
[Editor Rob: in that back to back he's standing pretty well...barely dropping much...] Yes Rob, but still he has his neck and head bent down, so still loses a bit, nairn has much better posture still, IMO both are similar.
[Editor Rob: half an inch maybe. Giles the photographer is standing on the left hand side of the fill light so Nash is nearer Giles than I am...He is closer to the camera more in right shot than left shot.]
Freddy says on 3/Mar/14
What intrigues me is that this guy looked similar height to Mane, impressions give me that Mane wore 2' lifts when they were wrestling. Ali Baba has posted photos with Mane and we can say he's around 6'7 maybe a tad taller. So given that I'm assuming Mane probably wore lifts when wrestling with Nash because there definitely didn't look 2 inches between the 2, I've seen Nash before and he did look around the 6'9 mark. Very big man. Could've been 6'10 in his prime. BTW I see there's 2 Freddy's on here, might change it to Freddy1 lol
brickhithouse says on 2/Mar/14
Back at the University of Tennessee or shortly after, I could see him being 6'10" peak, maybe a shade taller.
The Exorcist says on 2/Mar/14
He looks the full 6'9" in the back-to-back pic.
Anon says on 2/Mar/14
Big Daddy Cool
Mathew says on 2/Mar/14
I'm getting a 6'8" - 6'8.5" range impression for him somehow.
mitsos says on 2/Mar/14
6'9" Rob?? He looks an inch shorter than Kingma does with you.
Lorne says on 1/Mar/14
Sorry, Ali is right about the teeth. Test it yourself; simply place the palm underneath chin. Separating your teeth drops chin, lips, well, my chin doesn't drop at all. But with that said, they're is no chance in hell Nash is/was under 6ft8...
KROC says on 1/Mar/14
Mid190s says on 27/Feb/14
@arch Stanton

There is your proof that Tall men can have broad Physique just like a 6 Firster can.

ONLY if they take steroids, which 99% of the WWE/TNA ectr, does. It is what is.
foot long says on 1/Mar/14
The guy is a monster
176,2Tunman says on 28/Feb/14
Rob,could you add peak height 6'9.5 for this guy,he probably lost a little from his 20's.
Pedro says on 28/Feb/14
He now lists himself on his resume at 6'9". So it seems like a good estimation.
Height181 says on 28/Feb/14
Man, he looks tall! Lol
Balrog says on 28/Feb/14
Rob who gave you a taller impression, Kristian Nairn or Nash?
[Editor Rob: nairn might measure a fraction taller...but it is harder to say...I thought looking at nash with six two friend that he was not under six eight and not over six nine.]
Crank says on 28/Feb/14
Looks around 6'9 here, maybe 6'10.5 at peak
Alex 6ft 0 says on 28/Feb/14
6'8-6'8 1/2 is the lowest he would be and no more than 6'9. His peak was nearer 6'10 likely. He likely lost a little height
Johnson says on 28/Feb/14
Kevin Nash with his wife and son from his twitter
johnson says on 28/Feb/14
@ arch stanton

kevin nash posted a pic not too long ago on twitter saying that he was 302. He was announced as 315 in the royal rumble though
Arch Stanton says on 28/Feb/14
Arch Stanton says on 27/Feb/14
Rob what sort of weight did he look in person, 290-300 lbs maybe?

@Mid 190s, yes, but how many people like Nash do you see walking down a high street?
Tuga says on 28/Feb/14
Nash looks at least 6'9, and his posture is horrible, and despite this, even with Rob having bad posture with nairn, nash still is similar to nairn who has also much better posture in his pic with Rob. Click Here Heres a comparison with cudmore. IMO this rules out anything under 6'9 for Nash and leaves one thinking what if he stood tall...shame on nash for not knowing Rob from celeb heights, maybe if he knew this pics were a height debate factor he would have stand tall! ;)
[Editor Rob: in that back to back he's standing pretty well...barely dropping much...]
Red183 says on 28/Feb/14
JT says on 28/Feb/14
Click Here

If I remember right, Rob said he had about 3cm slouch next to Nairn
Red183 says on 28/Feb/14
Click Here

Looks 6´8" compared to max 6´5" Ken Kirzinger, with better posture maybe 6´8.5".
6´9" for evening height is a bit to much imo
JT says on 28/Feb/14
Click Here

Ali, as long as the lips separate, which Rob’s are doing, the chin has to drop down and lengthen the head. Teeth separation is irrelevant. With the pic lightened, Rob’s right side is closer to the camera than Nash’s left side Click Here Nash’s shoulders are much wider, so his left shoulder probably ends up as close to the camera as Rob’s right shoulder.

In your pic, you have Rob’s chin in the cut-out actually above the top of the hair and probably close to an inch above where the top of the scalp is. Rob’s hair is cut short but there’s still going to be a gap between the top of the scalp and the top of the hair.

Big Show’s head is noticeably larger than Nash’s so I doubt Nash’s head is 11”. It is probably closer to 10.5”. If it’s 11 inches, than Big Show’s is over 12 inches.
Mid190s says on 27/Feb/14
@arch Stanton

There is your proof that Tall men can have broad Physique just like a 6 Firster can.
Arch Stanton says on 27/Feb/14
Rob what sort of weight did he look in person, 290-300 lbs maybe?
Arch Stanton says on 27/Feb/14
Clearly around this and obviously at least 6'8". One of the most intimidating looking guys around. Imagine meeting him, Scott Schwartz, Kane, The Undertaker and Nathan Jones in a dark alley LOL.
berta says on 27/Feb/14
LIke ali baba says not taller than 6'8. i can see max 204 Amd lowest 202. Kristian nairn looks to be about the 204
Editor Rob says on 27/Feb/14
One thing I did see on the second day is a 6ft 2 guy and Nash definitely had 6 inches on him, of course he never had 8 inches on him either, so 6ft 10 and 7 I wouldn't want to argue those, but 6ft 8 or 9 you can argue.
chrscrft336 says on 27/Feb/14
I'm 6'5' 250, and I work out at the same gym as Kevin used to a year or two ago. He's feakin huge, easily 4 inches taller than me and bigger too.
Alex 6ft 0 says on 27/Feb/14
Rob, how was it to have to look up to Nash? A truly very large man in person I know! I met him before but he was sitting but I seen him standing from around a 20 foot distance and the guy is huge! Nice guy though
Alex 6ft 0 says on 27/Feb/14
Id go with 6'9 but in first picture he looks a bit less because he's leaning slightly but that 2nd pic I def see 6'9. I think he was closer to 6'10 at his peak
Ali Baba says on 27/Feb/14
JT says on 26/Feb/14
Click Here IIRC Rob’s ~5’8.25” with a 9.5” long head, which will be around 0.5” longer, or 10”, when smiling. Nash is losing height with that posture so 6’9” barefoot looks credible. He's definitely a very large person. Rob looks a tad closer to the camera as well.

JT, unless your teeth part when you smile you don't gain any length from smiling. Also Rob doesn't look any closer to the camera there. Actually if you look at the way they are angled from the camera it is more likely that Nash's head is closer to the camera than Rob's. But that's just an assumption so it can't be counted. If you're going to try to use Rob's head length to try to figure out a height difference it's a whole lot easier and accurate to stack his own head from the same picture on top of itself than to use a poorly scaled ruler. There's no reason your ruler should show about 2 inches difference from simply copying and pasting Rob's head on top of itself. While there's no way to figure out exactly how much either man is losing in posture (and yes Rob is losing some as well) he doesn't look the 6'9" listed to me. No taller than 6'8" in my useless opinion and maybe less depending on how much height was lost by both. If you do a side by side comparison of their heads 11 inches seems to be an overestimate. Probably 10.5 inches at the most, but it's hard to be certain because Nash has his head leaned forward, which causes an optical illusion making his head look longer beacause you're looking at part of the top of his head.

Rob, were you both wearing the same shoes on both days?
Robbin says on 27/Feb/14
He look 6'8 despite he had bigger footwear
Ronster says on 26/Feb/14
Ok Rob, you say his head is close to 11 inches, which makes total sense just looking at him there with you. So he clears you by his head plus at least another 3 inches, that makes him 6'10" right? Time to put his true height on here and stop the downgrading don't you think?
RP says on 26/Feb/14
Rob, what was Kevin's footwear? Because...if y'all have equal footwear...he looks an easy 6'9" barefoot in that back to back pic. If not maybe even 6'9.5"?
brickhithouse says on 26/Feb/14
Very conceivable that he was 6'10"+ in his younger days before wrestling, injuries, multiple surgeries, and well just life in general took it's toll on him.
The Ben says on 26/Feb/14
In both shots Hash isn't stood tall.

If stood tall I'd say slightly over 6'9.
Lillo thomas says on 26/Feb/14
Yup. In the second pic he looks 6'9.
StopHijackingMyNick says on 26/Feb/14
GODAMN!!! Now that is a truly large guy
Sam says on 26/Feb/14
That's a monster of a dude. It shows how 4 inches makes a big difference from compared with Rob next to 6'5" range guys.
Sozzla93 says on 26/Feb/14
6'8.5 but everything is based upon perspective who wears the lenses?
Connor 184.5-185cm says on 26/Feb/14
Rob is 6ft 8.5 possible for Nash or do you think he is the full 6ft 9?
:D says on 26/Feb/14
He is slouching a bit in both pics
berta says on 26/Feb/14
Hm he must have dropped mutch height in the photos? I am 196-197 and i think this is how i look beside a 173 man. Around a head taller. It looks to be a little more here. That put him around 200 meter And he is probably losing a little height in the photo. 206 is a little to mutch. More in the 202-203 range. Also i measured my head when i was 15 ore something it was 26 cm. Lets say this guy have 27. He is a head taller and 3 cm. That make him 203
the shredder says on 26/Feb/14
At least 6'8 , 6'9 is fair he is leaning.
JT says on 26/Feb/14
Click Here IIRC Rob’s ~5’8.25” with a 9.5” long head, which will be around 0.5” longer, or 10”, when smiling. Nash is losing height with that posture so 6’9” barefoot looks credible. He's definitely a very large person. Rob looks a tad closer to the camera as well.

Click Here
Fern194cm-192cm says on 25/Feb/14
Honestly is 6,8.5 possible nowadays?
Splashman says on 25/Feb/14
Looks around 6'8 to me.
Alex V. says on 25/Feb/14
For me, 2m05 (weak 6'9''), similar to Kristian Nairn, don't believe the 6'10''(sorry Kevin :) ) that he claims (unless he's with shoes on) cause he's considerably smaller than Big Show (in my opinion, a weak 6'11'' barefoot).

But without a doubt, Nash is really BIG.

brickhithouse says on 25/Feb/14
Great new pics Rob. Looks like he could pass for at least 6'9". Especially in the second pic. He's still a monster.
Lorne says on 25/Feb/14
Rob, how long would you put his head length? It will affect the estimate. I know you said it would be hard to call who would be taller between Nairn and Nash, but I don't see how Nairn could possibly be taller than Nash; you are dropping 3cm with him, yet he still doesn't look taller than Nash. Nash is leaning and is still a full head taller, yet adding 3cm in your pic with Nairn you'd be at his chin... Marin could be closer to 6'8 in the evening, Nash has to be close to 6'9.
[Editor Rob: I think it would measure near 11 inch]
Tuga says on 25/Feb/14
Great pics Rob, so considering other very tall guys you met, how tall did he look to you?
[Editor Rob: I think 6ft 9 is ok for him, I could see him being measured near that mark]
Connor 184.5-185cm says on 25/Feb/14
@clement 6ft 6 tiny? haha your'e joking right? sure 6ft 6ers would look "tiny" next to people who are 7ft+, dont you 6ft 6 is infact extremley tall, guys that height would tower over A LOT of people almost no one would be as tall as you, thats got to be the first time ever ive heard 6ft 6 guys being called tiny lol i really doubt people that tall would be called tiny unless they are with giants but come on!
Ali Baba says on 25/Feb/14
Click Here
Lorne says on 25/Feb/14
How lar
Connor 184.5-185cm says on 25/Feb/14
I know Nash is a big guy, but woah he looks massive in these pics might be 6ft 9 though its hard to estimate how tall a man is at his size unless you see him with a legit 6ft 5 or 6ft 6 guy then you'd get a better idea.

Rob did he look the full 6ft 9 in person? or did you also think 6ft 8.5 could be possible aswell so you were unsure and just listed him at 6ft 9?
miko says on 25/Feb/14
Still looks 6'9 with Rob considering his posture, he's a lucky guy in that he's barely lost any height from his peak.
Tim181 says on 25/Feb/14
Wtf he looks 6'6"
Lorne says on 25/Feb/14
Now that's what a legit 6ft9 is supposed to look like. Sorry, but he would measure taller than Kristian Nairn Rob!!!
The Horse of FUNK says on 25/Feb/14
I dunno man, he looks freakin' HUGE. I think he could be the 6'10" he says he is lol.
Lorne says on 24/Feb/14
Come on Rob, get the pics up! Prove the haters wrong, no 6ft7 Nash running around!
The Ben says on 22/Feb/14
Looking forward to seeing your pics Rob. Did you converse with him and if see how did he seem? In 94 he was probably the tallest person I'd ever seen. He was a monster height wise and looked a solid 6'10. If someone had said 7ft I'd probably have believed it. In recent years he does looked to have lost a little height but not to much.
[Editor Rob: not much chat, but managed to see him at auto table, he was in ok form considering the hall was frozen with no heating!]
tallman says on 16/Feb/14
Nash looks only 6'8.
Red183 says on 16/Feb/14
[Editor Rob: actually 2 ;) I wanted another one with him and went back and got him again but don't fret, that will be next on front page by end of month...]

WOW, can´t wait 8)
Will the listing change in any direction?
[Editor Rob: I'm leaving him at what he's been for a while.

the first time I saw him I was only one in room getting a pic at that moment, well apart from crew/photographer so didn't have any friends to compare, hence next day I went back so I could see him with other folk aswell!]
SuperManFan380 says on 15/Feb/14
Slim, mugshots don't "destroy" anything, as 1). We don't know if Nash had his shoes on. Often celebs will be politely booked in and out quickly. 2). Also often the camera is set at one height and has to tilt up to take a photo. That can result in a perspective change that can make someone look taller compared to the background tape. You add up factors 1 and 2 and can easily be off by 3 inches. Mugshots are not "proof". They are not used to get a perfect barefoot height of a person, only to establish a general range of height for the courts. For example, a witness describes a "7 foot man" at the scene of a crime. Do you think that courts will dismiss a guy for being only 6'8" or 6'7" when measured barefoot? Obviously not, they are just looking for a guy much taller than normal men, and nobody is going to get off easy based on not being the exact height the witness "saw". Therefor mugshots do not need to be exact, and when booked they don't bother to carefully measure you in your barefeet.
SuperManFan380 says on 15/Feb/14
Ali Baba, yes someone posted under dicksocks handle... it way me. I was trying to respond to him, and done goofed it trying to quote him.

Rob, if you're able to edit the name on that, that was me, not dicksock.
miko says on 15/Feb/14
On the Stone Cold Steve Austin podcast, Nash claimed that he believes he is 6'9.5 today and that he was 6'11.25 in his prime years out of school.
Vegas says on 15/Feb/14
this guy claims 6ft but looks more 5'11 or a shade under comparing him to same people rob stood next to Click Here
[Editor Rob: I don't know that guy well enough, never talked to him before.]
Vegas says on 14/Feb/14
robs keeping us waiting before he posts the photo with nash :D
[Editor Rob: actually 2 ;) I wanted another one with him and went back and got him again but don't fret, that will be next on front page by end of month...]
Slim says on 14/Feb/14
Am I on Nash's forum? I am right? Yeah ok kevin nash has a thing called a mugshot and it pretty much destroys all the 6 foot 6 claims. Geez.
Ali Baba says on 14/Feb/14
And you also can't ignore the fact that Mane feels the reason to tilt his head up when talking to me. Seems he reverted back to an old wrestling trick when dealing with someone similar size.

I guess we'll just have to leave this one alone for now. He's not scheduled to come back for this year's convention, but maybe I'll meet up with him again and get a picture that more people will be happy with.
Ali Baba says on 14/Feb/14
Is someone using dicksocks name to say the exact opposite of what he actually said?

JT, I fully admit that the camera lense on an iPhone sucks and causes distortion (at least on mine. I don't know about the newer ones). However if you look at the pleats on the left end of the table cloth in the middle of the picture they are straight up and down. The pleats on the curtain behind us are straight up and down. And the mirrored design on the ceiling (that you marked as 3 degrees) is completely unusable as it is not a vericle line at all. The table top and carpet design will not look even unless the camera is lined up perfectly even with it from side to side. It doesn't matter if the camera is level horizontally or not, it still will not look right. As far as where the top of my head is it is pretty much even with the top of the tuft of hair at the front of my head. When I place a flat item on my head it doesn't go past that point. The top of my head is round and not flat, so the front and the back are lower (as most people's are) than the actual top.

And I do have to disagree with some of the estimates Clement has given in various places on here, having seen some of these guys in person. Big Show is obviously over 6'8" and to me looked around 6'10" (and yes, I've hung around people that height on a regular basis at different points in my life). Dalip Singh (Khali) looked a legit 7'.
Tuga says on 14/Feb/14
Rob, didn´t you get my last post here?

Nice job JT, I used that and another pic and mane looked his claimed height, lets see if Rob gets it trough, but either way here´s one of the comparisons I made:
Click Here

Ali, what do you think? And thanks again for sharing your pics with mane.
Jackie Knife says on 14/Feb/14
2 clement

I guess it's pretty unfair to say that Nash and Sid both "belong to 6'6".
There's alwayys been at least 2 inches between Kevin and Sid. My guess is 6 cm.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
JT says on 14/Feb/14
I know we’ve been through this before, Ali, but there’s a definite tilt IMO in the best photo of you and Mane. Click Here In some photos, the camera lens causes a distortion where the ends of the photo bow outward at the top, which is really exaggerated in your photo.

If there was a wall edge directly between the two of you, that would be perfectly straight in a level photo. Having examined countless photos ad nauseum, the angle of the floor, table surface, tablecloths, wall edges, etc. just don’t look proper in your original photo.

You’ve met Mane, I haven’t, so that can’t be discounted. However, if the photo is leveled out the way I believe it should be (at or close to 2 degrees counter clockwise), Mane does look his claimed 6’8” at least in this pic. Click Here Like Hogan's bandana, Mane's head does not go all the way to the top of that hat as you pointed out.
dicksock says on 13/Feb/14
You first use the con-man tactic of "laughter at an a suggestion/idea/opponent" - THEN when its pointed out you rationalize using that, you rationalized using a logical fallacy...By again SAYING someones idea is "a joke".

Again, Under 6'8" is perfectly plausible for Nash.

As been pointed out, most of waking height loss is lost in the first two hours of the day.

If you look at Ali Baba and Mane, there is NO full 1" difference. Baba is giving Mane the benefit of the doubt and rounding up to give him 6'7".

You could go and add an inch to everyone and say its "morning height", but again that is not how we spend the other 15 waking hours of our day.
Slim says on 12/Feb/14
I agree tuga
Ali Baba says on 12/Feb/14
dicksock says on 7/Feb/14
Mane was 1" taller than Ali Baba and had at least .5" footwear disadvantage. Baba was 6'6.5" by the time of that picture and Mane was around 6'8".

1. Height loss during the day is not a linear thing. You lose most of your height very quickly during the first part of the day and then lose a small portion throughout the rest of the day. After being up for two hours I measure 6'6.25". Verified and not conjecture.

2. Show me that inch between us. Please. Where is it at? Because if you look at our eye level its the same. If you superimpose my head over his they're the same size Click Here
, so there is nothing to show that. His hat is not his head. Just as my hair is not my head. However my hair only ads an 1/8th of an inch to my height beaucause it is kept short and is combed straght back. I can't do anything else with my haif, so that's they way it stays. Just going off of the information available Mane is only a half inch taller than me (that being the half inch shoe advantage that I had) and I give him an extra half inch to be safe and say he's 6'7". So anytime you want to show me how he's 6'8"...
Tuga says on 12/Feb/14
I agree with Slim and dicksock, mane´s 6'8 claim seems legit, as for nash at peak we was IMO closer to 6'10 than 6'9, big show didn´t even have quite 3 inches on him in bigger footware, and if you take a look at hogan next to shaq and big show they seemed about same height at the time, today big show is clearly shorter.

Also there´s some comparisons with measured athletes which put nash easily in the 6'9 range.

By the way if anybody here saw the royal rumble...nash still looks huge.
clement says on 11/Feb/14
Slim says on 9/Feb/14
That's a solid inch between nash and Ali baba. Ali is wearing shocks too which add a little boost. Mane looks to be wearing chuck Taylor's? Which are flat. Maybe there is a forum to talk about Tyler manes height but since this is Nash's spot, I think the mugshot shuts down all.
clement says on 8/Feb/14
dicksock says on 7/Feb/14
SuperManFan380 says on 6/Feb/14
I think clement 6'6" is closer to being correct and most here are just dismissing, with comments like "lol" - laughing at opponent is a con-man arguing tactic, has no place in rational discussion


People laugh at 6'6" because it is beyond ridiculous for Nash. That would make HHH like 5'11", Hulk Hogan 6'2" in 1996, Big Show 6'9" in his prime, ect. Plus, his mugshot clearly shows him to be 6'10. What 6'6" person is going to look 6'10" in a mugshot? Mane was 1" taller than Ali Baba and had at least .5" footwear disadvantage. Baba was 6'6.5" by the time of that picture and Mane was around 6'8". Nash was and is 6'9". Anything under 6'8" is an absolute joke.
Slim says on 7/Feb/14
Well supermanfan nobody here is my opponent. Just state your opinion and why and let it be that way. Like I said I respect everyone's opinion. Now, I think mane had a full inch on Ali baba. Just my opinion. Chuck Taylor's are like flats and Ali had on shocks? Yeah.
SuperManFan380 says on 6/Feb/14
I think clement 6'6" is closer to being correct and most here are just dismissing, with comments like "lol" - laughing at opponent is a con-man arguing tactic, has no place in rational discussion.

Now, based on Ali Baba with Tyler Mane, with less than a 1" between them, and Mane and Nash, then 6'7" afternoon, and 6'8" morning do not sound out of range for Nash.

6'6" might be a low ball, but no further off than guys say 6'9".
Slim says on 5/Feb/14
Lol Clement... You must be joking but I respect everyone's opinion. Kane is a legit 6'8 so nash is around his height maybe a smudge taller
clement says on 4/Feb/14
kevin nash 6'6"
Fern194cm-192cm says on 24/Jan/14
Fair enough. I still think that Nash is a legit 6,9 at night.
If you see the pic of him with abdul jabbar he may have been 6,9.5 at night 15-20 years ago. Is that possible?
[Editor Rob: it is possible he's shipped a little height, but he's no Hogan - he seems to have maintained a very tall stature today.]
Fern194cm-192cm says on 23/Jan/14
Hey Slim,
Do you have ....

I am curious
[Editor Rob: I'll delete that bit.

what Slim is saying is reasonable - stand in front of a height chart and you might appear taller than you really are...other times you won't though. That's the problem, we sometimes don't know how much if any the camera is adding to a mugshot height.]
Slim says on 17/Jan/14
Ok remember the further you stand away from what's behind you or closer to the camera, it makes you look taller than what your standing in front of. If the top of his forehead is anything taller than 2" passed the 2m mark then I'm not seeing it. In MY opinion he is MAX 2" taller than 2m
Red183 says on 17/Jan/14
Here´s a chance to meet Nash in Germany

Click Here
Fern194cm-192cm says on 16/Jan/14
If he is barefoot in that photo. He is easily 6,9.5. NO if's and's or but's
Slim says on 16/Jan/14
Maxed out barefoot I'd give him 6'9. He's not 3" taller than the 2m mark
Fern194cm-192cm says on 14/Jan/14
No way is he 6,8. First off, the 2 M mark is 6,6.75 which is 6,7. ALso he has 2.5 inches to 3 inches over it. so 6,9.25-6,9.75.
Slim says on 12/Jan/14
I agree I think he is a very large man too. He looks the 6"10 that he claims but that mugshot has me set around a 6"8
Fern194cm-192cm says on 12/Jan/14
Hey Slim, I understand but they both have the same footwear (dont know forsure). It is all relative! Honestly, Nash must be a huge dude. How tall do you suppose he is?
Slim says on 11/Jan/14
Hey fern... Idk if anyone has scene my posts about Nash's mugshot but that's pretty much all the proof. Most wrestlers wear lifts so we can't go by this vid.
Fern194cm-192cm says on 9/Jan/14
Hey Rob,
I have proof of his height if you take my word. Okay here we go...... I live In winnipeg and frequent a bar downtown called Union Sound Hall. There is a bouncer there who wrestles under the name Zack Mercury. I am a legit 6,3.5-6,4 during the day (6,3.5 absolute lowest at night but usually 6,3.75). Zack Mercury has a good inch on me (maybe a tad more even). He is a legit 6,5 when standing next to my 6,6.5 (at night) brother. It turns out that he recently wrestled Kevin Nash in a charity event sponsored by Ronald Mcdonald house. There is a clip on youtube (type in: Zack Mercury vs. Kevin Nash) that shows kevin nash eyeing him down and Nash appears to have at the very least 4.5 inches on him (likely 5). So Nash could honestly when standing straight still be anywhere between 6,9 and 6,10. My guess is he is 6,9.25-6,9.5 these days. His head is also very large because I know from experience that Zack Mercury has a big big head. I would appreciate it if you look at the video which is like only 1 minute long and let me know what you think!
Slim says on 8/Jan/14
In that type of mug shot, you have to take your shoes off.. Don't ask me how I know that lol but he looks an inch or 2 over 2 meters. No taller no shorter.
nwopurple87 says on 8/Jan/14
remember on that nitro when he imitated sting - the comms played like they didn't know the script that bordn had grown a half foot but it was like show/kane 98 (?) - he actually looked close to a wrestlers 7 foot....
Wazzup says on 7/Jan/14
Theres a picture of his mugshot on the internet i dont know what type of shoes he's wearing but he's definitely over 2 metres most likely 6'8 or 9
Mike81 says on 2/Jan/14
I am totally computer/phone illiterate. I know it's been a month+ since I said I would post pics so please explain to me how its done.
Slim says on 13/Dec/13
Anyone could wear lifts and we'd never know it from looking at a picture people! Measuring tapes don't lie so can we judge on the picture of him in the mugshot??
Vegas says on 12/Dec/13
romanowski with 6'6 barefoot measured gary godsey. doesn't look 6'4 in that shot Click Here
Slim says on 10/Dec/13
Yeah in that pic looks a solid 6'8-6'9
Logic says on 10/Dec/13
Kevin Nash and retired NFL player Bill Romanowski

Click Here

Romanowski's NFL listing was 6'4"
Slim says on 5/Dec/13
Have y'all mentioned the mug shot for kevin nash here? 2 meters is 6ft6 I believe and he looks to be 2" taller than that mark.
Red183 says on 3/Dec/13
Rob somethings wrong here, miss the bar on the right side
[Editor Rob: yeah had to find which comment it was but it's looking ok now thanks.]
Turkey Tom says on 1/Dec/13
A good picture of Kevin Nash with Joe Manganiello

Click Here
miko says on 30/Nov/13
Nash is a legitimate tall man, he dwarfed Hogan and Hall who were both solid 6'5 guys in there primes. He could pass for 6'10 at times in the early 90's. (In reality he was a very solid 6'9)

Add to that fact he had a solid 2 inches on 6'7 Sid in WCW....

He was around 2.5' shorter than Big Show, who is 6'11.5/7'0 range in WCW, and the difference looked similar in his last WWE run.
Red183 says on 30/Nov/13
The lowest 1996 Taker could be is 6´7" imo, so the lowest 1996 Nash could be is 6´8.5"

I don´t think they are under 6´6.5" UT/ 6´8" Nash today at their evening/low height.

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes by the actors themselves in interviews, resumes or articles.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.