How tall is Nathan Fillion ?

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Nathan Fillion's height is 6ft 1.5in (187 cm)

Canadian Actor best known for playing Captain Mal Reynolds in tv series Firefly and subsequent movie spin-off Serenity. He also stars as Richard Castle in 'Castle'. These photos are from 2006 and 2009 conventions. He had slight footwear advantage here.

Nathan Fillion is tall
5ft 8 Rob and 5ft 8 Jenny with Nathan.
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Hypado says on 26/Feb/15
My guess for the measure tape for Nathan Fillion:

186,6 cm or 6ft 1.5in

Charlie says on 4/Jan/15
"I think he looks 6'1 flat with Rob "
Only 12 cm dif? How about getting a pair of eyeglasses...
Andrew M says on 13/Dec/14
I imagined he'd be even taller. I guess his broad physique creates an impression of size. Didn't realize he too is Canadian, like his "Castle" co-star Stana Katic.
Danimal says on 17/Nov/14
Easily 6'2" guy.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 16/Oct/14
Rob, who looked taller than person, Fillion or Chaske Spencer?

Spencer looks like he'd have a good 1in on Nathan
[Editor Rob: both similar range]
mike says on 16/Oct/14
Could be 6ft 1.75?
Realist says on 3/Oct/14
Looks 6'2 or pretty close.
Judd says on 15/Sep/14
he's a honest 6'1.5"
tom says on 4/Sep/14
I think he's a bit old for Drake now as well. Shame, as he would have been perfect for the role around the time Firefly was released.
cole says on 18/Aug/14
@mike: He would be a rather interesting choice for Drake, but personally I'd choose someone like David Giuntoli over him to be honest. David fits the bill - same height, about the same age etc. But he probably won't get too much love - people are talking about him being a little too monotone and boring to play Drake. But I think that's hugely based on his character on Grimm, and it doesn't really do his actual personality justice - he seems like a cool and fun enough guy in interviews from what I can tell. I'd be surprised if he got the part though, but you never know - Marvel gave the chubbish Chris Pratt, a comedy actor, the lead in Guardians of the Galaxy... What do you think Rob?
Crash says on 9/Jul/14
mike, he's a bit old looking now IMO. Eddie Cibrian would be perfect though. Joe Flanigan is also a good choice, even though he's older than Fillion he looks younger.
SaveUsY2J says on 17/Jun/14
Think I might have jinxed that one, lol...
[Editor Rob: true, now you are banned ;)]
mike says on 13/Jun/14
he should really play Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie not Wahlberg Rob what're your thoughts?
[Editor Rob: Nathan's got a very good gig with Castle (from an actor who was in numerous early cancelled shows he hit a home run with that one)...but I think yeah he'd make a good Drake, he's got a big presence and is a good actor.]
SaveUsY2J says on 5/Jun/14
Looks like a solid 6'1.5 even accounting for his footwear advantage. Rob, will you be getting a shot with Sean Maher at LFCC so you can finally add a listing for him?
[Editor Rob: if he doesn't cancel!]
Alex 6ft 0 says on 5/Apr/14
I think he looks 6'1 flat with Rob
Sam says on 3/Apr/14
I'd guess Firth at 6'1" even, Jim Carrey at 6'1.25" and Smith and Fillion at 6'1.5", the same or pretty close to their listings.
James B says on 1/Apr/14
Legit 6'1.5 man. I'd bet he would edge out will smith, colin firth and Jim Carrey wouldn't he rob?
[Editor Rob: he might not drop much at all below 6ft 1.5 at worst]
176,2Tunman says on 22/Mar/14
Rob,what is his weight in Castle,I'm guessing about 215?
[Editor Rob: could be around that, a few pounds heavier than when he started the show]
Sam says on 17/Mar/14
He seems like he should be more famous, as he is a charismatic, likeable screen presence at time reminiscent of the young Harrison Ford but he seems more destined to go the way of Bruce Campbell, a cool, good-natured cult/character actor who occasionally benefits from his friendship with an auteur-ish director (Whedon for Fillion, Raimi for Campbell).
176,2Tunman says on 18/Feb/14
He seems very similar to the plumber,isn't he,Rob?6'1.5 seems fair considering slight footwear advantage but big head, probably a solid 9.5in
[Editor Rob: the plumber actually I think if I got him at lunchtime instead of a day at work, would been fraction taller as he generally has looked 6ft 2 guy to me when I seen him.]
sigge says on 4/Feb/14
Accurate listing, with that hair he could easily pass for a full 6'2 as well.
Nick says on 22/Jan/14
I had the pleasure of meeting him a few months ago, he is a large man. Very tall and thick. I'd say 6'2 easy, maybe his size makes him appear taller.
Balrog says on 14/Jan/14
Agree silent d. Trucco deserves a downgrade
jack says on 9/Dec/13
i am 6'2'' and he is half an inch shorter than me....
Sarah says on 2/Dec/13
Rob, is he closer to 6'2"? He looks close to it in these pics
[Editor Rob: I think he is right between 6ft 1 and 2.]
Hypado says on 1/Dec/13
legit 6ft 1.5in
roy says on 20/Oct/13
looks 6'1, especially considering that he has the footwear advantage
Ud191cm says on 13/Oct/13
Is he really a very cool guy in person? It seems so.. I mean I just saw castle and He acts very cool.
[Editor Rob: yes he is fan friendly, I'd say a charismatic kind of fella]
Bakura says on 12/Oct/13
@Len- no, he looks to be pushing 6'2, so if you subtract the slight footwear advantage this listing is acceptable.
Len says on 9/Oct/13
He looks 6'1" at most.
Matt 184.7-186.7cm says on 6/Oct/13
looks more than a flat 6-1 here 6ft 1.5 is a good guess
Geo 183 cm says on 5/Aug/13
perfect height for a man:) 186.5 at night
Lorne says on 28/Jul/13
I think it was worth mentioning his Facebook said 6ft1 as his height. Maybe it's not up anymore, but it was(as it was in the description) and it's just worth mentioning, both as a claim, and for the fact it makes him a very rare actor that rounds down... And he's a very solid 186cm, IMO.
KasH says on 24/Jul/13
Rob from tip of nose to top of head how many inches..does it make
[Editor Rob: since eyelevels and nose lengths can vary it can be anywhere from 6 to 7 inches typically.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 16/Jul/13
Looks 186cm in both pics with the lean.
My guess is 187-188cm or just under 6ft2.

"Nathan Fillion's height is 6ft 1.75in (187cm)"
Jax says on 3/Jul/13
weird...he looks barely 6ft next to ryan reynolds in two guys a girl and a pizza place....looks 6'1 with rob though ..maybe he started wearing lifts or using lift pads lol
truth178cm says on 15/Jun/13
hmmm I thought a full 6ft2 for this guy but 6ft1.5 sounds right as well.
lelman says on 12/Jun/13
@Jack beautiful? Whatever you say, haha.

Looks quite small on Firefly for some reason, didn't expect him to be near 6'2.
Jack says on 3/Jun/13
Very beautiful man and very tall too
Yaspaa says on 3/May/13
yeah, he's clearly huskier in Castle.
Nick says on 29/Apr/13
I met him over the weekend at the Calgary Expo. He's a great guy and easily 6'2 and a lot bigger than I thought. Looks like he's gained a few since his days as Capt Mal.
thc says on 22/Apr/13
he's clearly over 6'1...
this listing sounds accurate
Lenad is sexy says on 19/Apr/13
186cm from my point of view
Lenad is sexy says on 19/Apr/13
looks closer to 6'1 than 6'2. I wouldn't go lower than that though
jimmy says on 17/Apr/13
Chaske Spencer looks a bit taller.Either Nathan is flat 6'1" or Chaske is 6'2".
[Editor Rob: they are both similar range in person]
SolidSnake says on 12/Feb/13
Looks 6'2'' but then again footwear lol
Brad says on 11/Feb/13
No idea he was this tall, but come to think of it he is consistantly much taller than average. The listing seems spot on. 6'1"-6'2"
Balrog says on 27/Dec/12
I agree with the listing, Nathan looks solid tall over 6'1''.
James says on 23/Nov/12
Rob this guy looked very close in height too James cosmo in 'castle'. Cosmo looked 184cm compared too you.

Do u think 6'1.5 could a cm too high perhaps.
[Editor Rob: not seen that episode, but in person nathan looks taller than james does to me.]
jasper186cms says on 19/Nov/12
6ft 1.5 with slight foot a legit 6ft 1 for sure.
Sceptic says on 17/Nov/12
Hey Rob, what do you make of this pic?

Click Here

Sean Maher looks pretty much the same height as you do next to Fillion, and that's with what looks to be equal footware. Although Nathan may be standing a tad closer to the camera. Just wondering because you've never put up a listing for Maher, but based on that pic, I'd guess he's not over 5'9.
[Editor Rob: if I added him it might be 5ft 9, I always missed him at events he done over here, the ones I never went to!]
MaskDeMasque says on 24/Oct/12
i'd say 6'1.25. Good actor, should def be nathan drake if they make an uncharted movie.
Silent d says on 21/Oct/12
Stana is still hot. She is always taller than the other cast members. Castle is taller than her by ten cm. She doesn't wear huge heels, only when she goes out to social gatherings. She is a cop. I think 3 inch heels. She is 5 foot 9.
Dave618 says on 5/Oct/12
Elizabeth, height and cameras are a sometimes bad combination. So much depends on who's standing in the foreground, floor/street levels, posture, etc. Usually in scenes where both people are barefoot and standing eye to eye, like Rocky and Mr. T in Rocky 3, you get an accurate assessment about their respective heights, but most times it's extremely unreliable.

I'm about 3 inches taller than my 5'11" dad, and it's more noticeable in some photographs than others, depending on all of the above reasons.
Elizabeth says on 20/Sep/12
After watching Castle, I don't think Stana Katic is 5'9, because in 4-5 inch heels she is still a few inches shorter than Nathan. how to explain that?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 15/Sep/12
Rob, he looks similiar to Mark Pellegrino?
fliper says on 21/Aug/12
185.5-186cm for me
Mathew says on 19/Aug/12
[Editor Rob:
I believe G was driven by a need for recognition and this site was a means to gain some of that.]


I wonder what made him show up and meet for the measurement in New York. He must have thought he would at least thought he'd be very close to 5'8".
[Editor Rob: maybe he knew to have any chance of using celebheights as a vehicle to show photos and seek attention, he had to go ahead with it?]
Dave618 says on 3/Aug/12
Rob, Nathan looks taller standing next to you than in the pics where he's with Jenny. That is odd, because you're both 5'8". Maybe she had on slightly bulkier footwear? I'm about Nathan's height, although I'm 6'1" and 1/2 at the end of the day. In the AM I'm 6'2". My brother is 5'8" and that's about the same difference in our heights as you two;-)
[Editor Rob: Can't see it myself

in any case, She can regularly dip below 5ft 8...don't tell Big G that though, he'd have a heart attack!]
Dave618 says on 27/Jul/12
This guy has claimed 6'1 and 1/2" and 6'2". He's probably like me, 6'2" or a shade above in the morning, and about 6'1 and 1/2" in the evening. A weak 6'2" to some here, although I call that a legit 6'2" because I think your true height is the peak height you measure without the adverse effects of gravity. Think: the height you are in the AM is the height God intended you to be and on the moon or many other planets with no gravity, you'd stay at that height all the time. So Nathan should be upgraded to 6'2".
tom says on 8/Jun/12
Yep defo around that. 6-1+
Emil says on 7/Feb/12
6'1.5 is 186.69 cm so he's telling the truth folks

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