How tall is Penn Jillette ?

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Penn Jillette's Height is 6ft 6.5in (199 cm)

American musician from Penn & Teller. He has stated 6ft 6 as his height in one of his las vegas shows before aswell as saying "I'm 6'7" on twitter.

How tall is Penn Jilette
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Comment on the Height of Penn Jillette

6ft5Vinnie said on 30/Jan/16
Rob my suggestion is to put "Penn Jillette's Height is 6ft 6in (198 cm)"
"Peak Height was 6ft 6.5in (199 cm)"

I personally think he had lost half an inch by now, with him being 60 years of age, plus his longer than average spine (the longer your vertabrae is, the more it compresses.)
Johno said on 29/Jan/16
He isn't this tall, he is under 6'6. I remember seeing a decent height chart from somewhere and he cleared it with some massive shoes on. Without the shoes he would be under 6'6.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Jan/16
James B said on 26/Oct/15
He looks a bit like ralf moller

James B said on 26/Oct/15
He looks a bit like ralf moller

LOL how?
James B said on 26/Oct/15
He looks a bit like ralf moller
ZOOT FINLEY said on 6/Oct/15
James B said on 18/Aug/15
Stool 6'6.5 rob?
[Editor Rob: he might be in an age where losing a fraction is quite likely, but generally still looks 6ft 6-6.5]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Aug/15
Rob, have you seen the amount of weight this guy has lost?

He lost over 100lbs!
[Editor Rob: yes Rampage, he has shed a good amount]
Red said on 22/Jul/15
Next to john cleese he looked about 6'6, had a clear inch on him
VC said on 14/Jul/15
I think Penn on a good day is 6'6" but most days, he is somewhat 6'5" or so.
joe 193cm night said on 15/May/15
Rodman 66.5(199)
Penn Jillette 66(198)
The rooster said on 9/Feb/15
Penn is 6 foot 6 and 1/2 because that is how tall I am...I met him after a show and we were the exact same height
i turn lesbians bi said on 10/Jan/15
metalfan619 says on 29/May/13
next to 6'7.5 KANE

Click Here

if kane is 6'7.5, penn is at least 6'5.5 - 6'6
Terence said on 7/Jan/15
filmfan says Penn's shoulders are four foot wide. I don't think any human on planet Earth has shoulders THAT wide..?!
tony t. said on 24/Sep/14
I'd like to see him and Tony Robbins take a pic together.
Richard said on 5/Aug/14
what I meant to say is pictures my bad.
Richard said on 3/Aug/14
Penn Jillette is one of those guys who wear shoes with hidden insoles to appear taller. I once met him back in 2005 unfortunately I don't have any pictues.
Im 6'3''. When I stood next to him I said how tall are you. He said 6'7''. I said no way you are barely taller than me. He then stood on his tipsy toes and said I am now and started laughing.
derpette said on 1/Aug/14
Penn is tall. teLLer is short. Screw America, Centimetres are better. it looks about 15cm height difference. look at this pic. Click Here
JD183 said on 28/Jul/14
I got to stand face to face with Teller and he's a solid 5'10. I thought He'd be shorter but he isn't; He's not even that thin or small in build. He just looks small next to Penn.
avi said on 22/Mar/14
@TwistedHelix says on 23/Sep/13

5'9 for teller is more like it no more

@Aaron says on 9/May/13
no he looks 6'5 in the pic with you
Vegas said on 21/Mar/14
Charles Flint69 says on 9/Jun/13
Teller is more of a solid 5'10"(1.78m) guy

i met them both in person a number of years ago. no way teller is 5'10, didn't look taller than 5'8 in person.
TwistedHelix said on 23/Sep/13
Teller is more than 5'10". The penn and teller fool us show he was around 2" shorter than jonathon ross, who is practically 6'2" almost. Penn is easily 6'7", but 6'6.5" isn't massively under-rating him.
Charles Flint69 said on 9/Jun/13
Teller is more of a solid 5'10"(1.78m) guy. He always looks 21 cm under Penn,though,of course,Penn is gigantic,big framed and massive in the shoulders,where as Teller is leaner,has better posture/slimmer in size,etc.... Teller is 5'10" and Penn is more 6'6".
Brad said on 19/May/13
The listing is correct. If he has 2 inches on Trace Adkins on all star celeb apprentice, who is listed at 6'6", then I would say he is at least 6'6.5". Something to note about the pictures with wrestler Kane: You cannot see the footwear and Kane is closer to the camera in photos. A friend of mine is 6'7", same build as Penn and they look the exact same size in stadard door frames and next to people with clearly established heights. Penn is 6'6.5"-6'7" as he has stated. No need to lie about your height at that size.
Aaron said on 9/May/13
Met Penn at Starbucks, 6'7" is about right. I'm 6' flat and gain maybe 3/4" in my sneakers. I'm on the right.

Click Here
NJP said on 7/May/13
Kane is a flat/weak 6'7". The height for Penn is spot on @ 6"6.5"
Wanderer said on 29/Apr/13
I have met Penn in person, and know several people who are 6'4, and he is noticably taller than all of them, I would say 6'7 is about right, though admittedly he may have gained an inch from dress shoes and and inch from out of control hair.
DaMan said on 11/Apr/13
Not really, since Kane is obviously taller than Jillette. Click Here

Penn's listed height is fine.
jimmy said on 7/Apr/13
Johno says on 12/Mar/13
About 6'5.5

Which makes Kane 6'5.5" too.
Johno said on 12/Mar/13
About 6'5.5
Nerfherder said on 1/Mar/13
Definitely the height he claims. There's a video on youtube from his old pen & teller show guest starring john cleese, who was likely over 6'5 in his prime. penn never looked more than 1.5" taller than cleese, and that's just when he's standing straight and cleese is slouching slightly.
Sackman Cometh said on 7/Feb/13
I'm 6'9.5". You cant judge the true height of people by comparison in pictures.I first met Penn in the late 80's in Vegas. I notice tall people more than most folks and at that time, Penn appeared to be slightly in excess of 6'6".
RP said on 24/Dec/12
Keep in mind Chenowith is very tiny!!! Like 5'0" & 95 lbs. I've even heard she was only 4'11" barefoot .
Trent said on 22/Dec/12
I know this isn't really to do with height, but look at this pic Penn just Tweeted: Click Here

His fingers must be on a par with Andre the Giant's!
Trent said on 20/Dec/12
There is this YouTube celebrity TJ Kincaid and he has claimed 6'6.5. Anyway, on a BlogTV q&a type thing he said he met Penn in Vegas and Penn was "at least one inch" shorter than himself. Then he showed his photo of them together to the camera and you could see that he was telling the truth.

I'd guess Penn at 6'5.25 based on that picture. TJ said they met like 7 years ago, so Penn was already 50 and could have dropped a bit, especially considering he's so heavy.

Nowadays I would guess he dropped even more. In the early 90's only looked about an inch above John Cleese, who has claimed 6'4.75.

So I say

Peak is 6'5.75
Today he might be 6'5 or so.
WalkingTall 6ft 3.25in said on 19/Nov/12
I'm not sure that Penn measures 199cm,i always thought 197cm is bang on for him,big man indeed!
Shaun said on 5/Sep/12
James says on 25/Jun/11
Yeah 6'7 is a giant. I think 6'4 (1.93m) is the start of WOW tall. It is very rare to see a 6'7 guy yes but not impossible. In my opinion it is virtually impossible if you live in a small sized town to spot someone that is 6'8 or over generally over 6'7. heck where i am from even 6'4 or 6'5 is rare..... that said last night when i was in a car park in small town i saw an old guy that i think was around 6'4 or 6'4 1/2? In my opinon 'standard' normal tall is 6'1 since you do see quite a few 6'1ers in bars. you see do see maybe a handful 6'2 and 6'3 guys but they are genrally outnumberd by the amount of 6ft and 6'1 guys you see. might see 1 or 2 6'4 men in a crowded bar. Overall though i think 6'0 or 6'1 do not look that impressive unless your bulky and muscular at these heights.

Yeah, seeing somebody over 6'7" is extremely rare for sure. I'd agree that anything over a legit 6'4" will start to stand out as a very tall man in public and likely the start of where people might often mention your height. The thing is half the population are women anyway, so if you're that tall you should generally feel huge in public as you're a foot + taller than the average woman. Jillette's size and appearance though to me is far from desirable. Impressively big yes, but not attractive.

When I went on holiday to Sardinia once there was two 6'6" range guys on my bus to my hotel out of only about 10 people which struck me as quite odd. One was a kid about 16 or 17 and the other a guy in his 60s and built like Jeff Capes. There weren't related, in fact the boy's father was only about 5'7" but his mother was tall, around 6' I think. I know the kid was 6'6" as his mother said so and he certainly looked 6'6"-6'7". But I remember walking past the old 6'6" range guy in my flip flops down the stairwell one time on the way to the pool and I'm not exactly the smallest of guys in height and build and compared to him I felt petite! Built like a fridge freezer!
Shaun said on 5/Sep/12
Click Here

Teller is listed as 5'9" I think. He looks to have no less than 10 inches on him here. His feet make him look giant like.
Shaun said on 5/Sep/12
Click Here

Look at the size of his feet and torso!! If I wear 17-17.5 collar shirts his must be like 22!! XXXXXXXXL
Shaun said on 5/Sep/12
He most certainly doesn't look under 6'6". 6'6.5" is quite believable.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 31/Jul/12
Yeah he probably measures 6'6.5 sometime in the day (btw, big guys like him loose at least an inch from morning to night), but 6'6 is probably closer to his real height! He looked about this next to Johnatan Ross!
Tommy said on 9/Feb/12
Andrea, he did himself say something like he was "more 6'7 than 6'6," or "closer to 6'7 than 6'6," and he's outright said 6'7 a few times. He said he got measured when he took his child to the doctor for a checkup, I think, so it could well have been in the morning. Maybe he had shoes. Maybe they measured him wrong. At any rate, tall as he looks, he really doesn't look like he's pushing 6'7.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 9/Feb/12
Rob, why did you listed him at 6'6.5, if he said 6'6? He actually looks 6'6 tops, even less to be honest...
Shaun said on 7/Feb/12
Yeah an inch taller than Cleese, 6'6" ish, not sure where the half inch extra came from though!
Tommy said on 2/Feb/12
6'6.5 is too much. He was an inch taller than 6'4.75 Cleese when they appeared together, footwear the same. I know of a guy who's 6'6 who said he taller than Jillette when they stood together. So I'd say pushing 6'6 at his peak, and around 6'5 flat today.
Gonzalo said on 15/Oct/07
Where did his pic with Vegas go? It was an excellent pic
Alex V. said on 21/Sep/07
Penn is taller than Cleese, maybe 2cm (0.5"- 1")
Vegas said on 17/Sep/07
to me it looks like they both have the exact same footwear only in different colours. You can see Cleese's heels at 8 min 8 seconds, 8 min 15 seconds and 8 min 32 seconds.

i agree though 6'5 for Cleese and 6'6 for Jillette, two funny guys
Ron from Tampa said on 16/Sep/07
It appears to me that in the video, Penn is wearing red shoes (possibly cowboy boots) with very high heels, and John Cleese is wearing normal dress shoes. At times in the video when they were standing close and both standing straight up, Penn seems to be 1.5" to 2" taller than Cleese. However, I think Penn's shoe heels were about an inch higher than John's. If this is correct, it seems to me that John Cleese is just 1 inch shorter than Penn (if both were barefoot). So, from everything I've seen of John and Penn, 6'5" for Cleese and 6'6" for Penn seems realistic. As mentioned on this site, differing heel heights can be very misleading in height comparisons. I'm a big fan of each of these guys, and the video was very entertaining.
BigT said on 15/Aug/07
great call on the height because check this next to 6'5" John Cleese Click Here its very clear penn is an inch above cleese
lillo thomas said on 14/Aug/07
i think penn could be a legit 6-6
stewy said on 13/Aug/07
On the SHOtime comedy series "Penn And Teller: Bulls---!", he said he was
6 feet, 6 inches and 310 pounds
RICHARD said on 19/May/07
He is definetly taller than Teller,obvious. He is a solid 6'6.
Vegas said on 31/Mar/07
I thought Teller looked about 5'8 to me in person. I have 3" on him. Penn looked a legit 6'6 alrite, no lower than 6'5 for definite though.
Samantha said on 28/Mar/07
He is most likely 6'6" because Teller is 5'9" as stated in one of their shows and Penn is much taller than him and looks huge wherever he goes.
Vegas said on 8/Mar/07
Jillette is bending how does the photo give him an advantage??

Parker is looking at least 6'1 in that photo with 5'8-5'9 Teller; Viper; he has at least 2" more height on Teller than I had; well at least thats what i think anyway?? Click Here I have seen Parker look taller than 6'2 listed Zidane and Maria Sharapova in photos too, so these guys will have to come down to 6'0 or below if Parker is just 6ft.

I love how in soccer and the NBA the smaller guys get downgraded to much less than they actually are listed, who knows why this happens but it happens all the time.
Gonzalo said on 8/Mar/07
Jillette further from the camera, Vegas? I just don`t see that. That photo advantages Jillette. Anyway, as I said it was a quick shot on TV so probably th difference is more what you say. I will have to do more research
Viper said on 2/Mar/07
Parker is closer to 6-0.
Vegas said on 1/Mar/07
visibily leaning; further from the camera and still a good 4" taller than 6'2 NBA listed Tony Parker in this photo Click Here
Gonzalo said on 21/Feb/07
I saw him in the NBA All Star weekend next to Tony Parker. It was a quick shot but he didn`t look four inches taller than Tony, just a couple.
Vegas said on 1/Feb/07
Taller than 6'4 anyway as people here are saying. I was standing at my tallest and he was slouching a little and still had me by a good 6". I think 6'6 is very possible for this guy, but as Viper says he is 6'5 minimum
Viper said on 30/Jan/07
He does look 6-5 minimum.
J-Dog said on 29/Jan/07
I think he is 6'5".
larry said on 1/Apr/06
He was on SNL when Randy Quaid was a regular & looked 2 cms to 1 inch taller. Since Randy is usually listed as 6'4", that would make Penn 6'5".
J. said on 29/Mar/06
In this photo essay that Penn penned (no pun intended- lol), he states that he's 6'6" and 278 lbs (wow): Click Here
Glenn said on 28/Mar/06
Its also possible I havnt noticed you putting them up because of this damn cell.I havnt been on a computer in a week.sorry.thanks!
Horatio said on 28/Mar/06
He said 6'5" at the show that I went to. Has he grown an inch in his old age?

For us average height folks it's difficult to tell the height of folks who are in the extremes. But during the intermission, Penn met with the audience and he towered over virtually everyone so he is definitely around 6 and a half feet.

I met Teller on stage, he is 5'8" tops.

[Editor Rob: probably a bit like the guy on Whose line is it anyway...depending on the day might say 6ft 5 or 6ft 6...]
iris said on 28/Mar/06
yep... this guy seems huge, moreover standing all the time next to Teller
Glenn said on 28/Mar/06
Really? seemed more 6-4. Rob- are you still putting up more pics? or certain ones you arnt using? thanks!

[Editor Rob: I've put up most that you've sent, maybe 3 or 4 ones I haven't, like that gza guy and couple could be possible you had sent a batch once and it never went through...]
J. said on 28/Mar/06
Teller, is supposedly, 5'9".

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