How tall is Robert Redford ?

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Robert Redford's height is 5ft 9.5in (177 cm)

Peak height was 5ft 10.5in (179 cm)
American actor best known for starring in films such as The Sting, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, All The President's Men, Sneakers, Spy Game, Out of Africa and Jeremiah Johnson. As a director he filmed Ordinary People, Quiz Show, A River Runs Through It and The Horse Whisperer. He stated once in Esquire: "I'm 5 feet 10 1/2. I've been 5-10 for a long, long time. That's why I'm not {perturbed} about all the stories wondering how tall I am". However in 1975 an article talking about his height made him respond in another interview "The whole thing started when I wouldn't answer a reporter's question about my height. The whole thing is just bull. I'm 5 feet, 11.5 inches, if anybody cares"

Redford with Tom Cruise
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Chase Witherspoon says on 2/Aug/15
Always seemed to me like an average punter, 175-176 region with footwear to fit the occasion...
mike says on 6/Jul/15
Robert Redford looks no shorter than Tom Cruise. ...probably the same height. ..
if Tom is 6'4".....then Redford is no shorter...
how tall is Tom Cruise? ??
mike says on 6/Jul/15
Robert Redford looks no shorter than Tom Cruise. ...probably the same height. ..
if Tom is 6'4".....then Redford is no shorter...
how tall is Tom Cruise? ??
Sam says on 30/Jun/15
Arch, in the final scene of The Sting I thought from memory Redford and Newman walk away together and Redford looks about an inch taller than Newman...
Sean73 says on 12/May/15
I think the reason why people assume he's close to six foot is because he's high wasted. The guy is all legs. Just watch the scene in All The Presidents Men were he's walking towards the pay phone in brown pants. They go all the way up to his belly button. I think Rob is dead on with this one.
Delahunte says on 9/May/15
Rob, quite surprised to find that Katherine Ross isn't listed on here. Anyways, Redford seems around 5'8, judging from personal encounters and the pic with Cruise. Downgrade perhaps?
Harley says on 9/May/15
Couple months ago he was measured as 174cm.
Arch Stanton says on 6/Mar/15
In Three Days of the Condor looks about 5 ft 10 but in the lift with Max von Sydow oddly looked about 6 ft next to him!
CDS says on 23/Feb/15
A MovieLine or Premiere magazine issue from 1996 featured an article on how tall movie stars actually are vs. what they claim- had an "official height" listing, as well as a "best guess". I was a bit surprised at Redford's listings- his official 5'10" listing, and the "best guess" had him at 5'8". On screen, he had always looked about 5'11" to me- held his own with the 6 footers, yet seemed a little taller than those who claimed to be 5'10". Now, I'm reading through this thread, and seeing the height 5'7" show up repeatedly by those who have met him in person?? On the behind-the-scenes of the film "Lions for Lambs", he did look about the same height as 5'7" Tom Cruise, which I find odd since on the set of "River Runs Through It" he looked about the same height as 5'11" Brad Pitt-?? WTf?? Well, anyway, I think he's like Kirk Douglas, has that build of a little guy. Like Douglas, he seems to be wearing boots that may boost him up a few inches-?? I'm guessing the 5'10" claim is a bit off. I'll give him 5'9" peak (5'10" in shoes, hence the 5'10" listing), and now maybe a little under 5'8"-??-hence all the 5'7" claims...
Arch Stanton says on 12/Feb/15
I highly recommend Jeremiah Johnson Rob and page viewers if you've not seen it. A classic western I think. Sydney Pollack. Redford looks uncannily like Brad Pitt in Seven Years in Tibet in it!
Arch Stanton says on 11/Feb/15
Three Days of the Condor also worth adding. You might also state he's a director and some of his directed films..
Arch Stanton says on 11/Feb/15
Rob can you add Out of Africa and Jeremiah Johnson?
BLHMD says on 6/Feb/15
I'm 5' 7-3/4" I"m taller than him by about an inch. (Stood next to him in Provo, Sundance, Park City). Maybe he's taller at sea level?
RO says on 7/Dec/14
In the late 1970's my sister saw Redford up close. And by "up close", I'm talking a distance of about 6 feet. This is not nice to say, but when my sister was telling us that she saw Redford in person, she was giggling at how short he was. She said he was about 5'8" (with shoes on). Her husband concurred.
Sam says on 1/Dec/14
Definitely shorter in The Winter Soldier, looked in the range of 3 inches shorter than Chris Evans.
Mert says on 27/Nov/14
I also waited on Redford years ago while working at Snowbird in Utah. First off Tom Cruise is 5'7" and Redford looks the same size. I am 6' 2 1/2". I was absolutely floored at how much I looked down on Robert. He was VERY dynamic, very kind, and very striking. He was with 2 daughters and couldn't have been more polite, but he was nowhere near the 5' 10" claimed - 5'8" max!
john smith says on 20/Nov/14
In the picture Cruise is 1 inch taller, so if Tom Cruise is 6-2 then Redford must be 6-1, both are great guys.
TJ says on 19/Nov/14
I saw him in person and up close about 15 years ago when I worked in a theatre and he came through my door. Absolutely no way is he 5"10'. Was struck by how petite and small boned he was. No more than 5"5'or 5"7' max. He was standing next to my 5"10' co-worker (male) who towered over him.
Vibram says on 24/Oct/14
Peak: 176cm > 177cm (1970)
Today: I'd say shrunk to 173cm.
So Cal Russ says on 22/Oct/14
Back in the late 1970's, my sister and brother-in-law stood next to Redford in a ski resort. My brother-in-law, who is 5'10 1/2, was noticeably taller than Redford. My sister said that Redford was maybe 5'9 1/2 (with shoes on).
Sean says on 8/Sep/14
Fascinating how different pictures can look so different. Here he is looking a few inches taller than Cruise. 5'11.5" claim is absurd.
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Ingle says on 6/Sep/14
In 1990 Redford walked past my dinner table at Sundance and he was short! My guess, 5'5-5'6, 5'7 that time.
John says on 27/Jul/14
Peak height 5'9".
Present height 5'8"
Jeff C says on 8/Jul/14
This is one photo Tom Cruise feels pretty good about it.
nikos says on 7/Jul/14
Rob, someone had once put a video on this site with 5'10.5 tellis savallas on an interview saying "robert redford is short!!!". Can we find it?
[Editor Rob: I forgot about it but can't remember much about it now!]
Az says on 8/Jun/14
Robert Redford is probably 5'8 according to this pic? Garfield 5'10 Tom 5'7.....dunno....met tom cruise in Arizona about 10 years ago and he's under 5' I guess Redford is short too. Had no idea! Always imagined him 6 foot
RisingForce says on 30/May/14
Watched The Candidate not long ago, and he did actually typically look more 5'11" range than 5'10" alongside Peter Boyle, including full body shot indoors earlier in the movie, though Redford had heeled boots at that point. Could have been honest with that second 5'10.5" claim and been giving himself an inch or a shoes height with the initial 5'11.5" claim. In that case, I'd guess he's lost about an inch, which isn't bad at all for someone 77 years old.
RisingForce says on 6/May/14
I don't think he's lost much height. He's losing quite a bit of height due to posture with Cruise and generally looked taller than Cruise at the premieres, and more recently, he still looked taller than Shia LaBeouf. I think he was always around 5'10" and has only lost 1 cm, maybe slightly more, but can look more due to bad posture, which is to be expected when you're 77.
ScottyO says on 4/May/14
Looking at the stills from "Barefoot in the Park" 1967
RR is barefoot..and Jane is in go go boots. Standing
side by side he is about 2" taller. She is listed at 5'8"
He was around 30 then. Even the best of us
Realist says on 4/May/14
Rob i think the best shout is 174 cm. Peak was 177-178 (in his 20s-30s). I have ti agree here he does need significant downgrade.
jamieorr4 says on 25/Apr/14
he probably is about 5ft7 but because of hes built he looks taller his built does look 5ft9 but i say hes 5ft7 max
somerandomguy says on 23/Apr/14
Probably no less than a solid five nine.
mike.. says on 20/Apr/14
Robert Redford is not a tall man...not a six footer by any chance.....if he been over six feet he probably
would have been even more popular...
I think even his bootsize is rather tiny...maybe 7/8...
AJ says on 12/Apr/14
Just saw winter soldier, and sam jackson towred over this guy, the tallest I can see him being is 175, with 174 more likely being current heihgt. I'd say 175 now and 178 peak.
nrubsol says on 5/Mar/14
I stood next to him at the Sundance ski resort back in the early eighties. He was no taller than my 5' 7". The absolute tallest he could be is 5' 9". Since he's in his 70's I'd bet he's shrunk to 5' 7" or shorter.
MD says on 25/Feb/14
I never understand comments like these. They pop up every once in awhile, here. If you do not care how tall hs is, then why are you here? The name of this website is If their height doesn't interests you, then their height shouldn't interest you.
Sas says on 23/Feb/14
Who really cares how tall he is. He is one great actor.
CAS says on 11/Feb/14
177-177.5, here he is with 179 Garfield and 170 Cruise (wearing lifts). Click Here Andrew is wearing converse so Redford has about just under an inch of footwear advantage and they are about the same height, perhaps give a cm to garfield. So listing is correct.
71inches says on 7/Feb/14
But he looks so short in front of 511.5 chris evans in the winter soldier trailer?
Dyno Don says on 26/Jan/14
Years ago I boarded a plane right behind Redford and got a very good look at him for probably five minutes. I was quite surprised at how short he is. I'm a shade over 6' tall and he is much shorter than me. I would put him at 5'8" or 5'9" max.
So Cal Russ says on 1/Jan/14
In the late 1970's, my sister and her husband saw Robert Redford in a ski lodge in Utah. My brother-in-law, who is 5' 10", was standing about 4 feet from Redford on a level floor. My sister, who was standing about 10 feet away from the two men, says that Robert Redford was noticeably shorter than her 5' 10" husband. And Redford was wearing boots. My sister says that Redford was/is probably around 5' 8" barefoot. He has a slender frame which is why he does not look short in movies (unless he's standing next to someone who is 6 feet+). When you think about it, are there any movies where Redford has been paired with another actor who is taller than maybe 5' 11"? I can't think of any.
caesar999 says on 29/Dec/13
Redford was 5'10, but remember he's 77 years old. I think now he's no more than 5'7.
Ryan Hung says on 24/Dec/13
To me, Redford is a 175-175.5 cm guy. Right at that 5'9" range.
cairns says on 24/Nov/13
Redford was born with 3 legs and 2 feet...he is 5ft 4inches tall and speakes with a lisp...hens the chinese call him Lobert Ledford..
Arch Stanton says on 15/Nov/13
Maybe nearer 3 inches shorter than 6'1" Waterson. In comparison he looks no more than 5'10", more 177cm IMO.
Arch Stanton says on 15/Nov/13
Waterson looks 4 inches taller.
Arch Stanton says on 15/Nov/13
No way was he 5'10.5" next to 6'1" Sam Waterson in The Great Gatsby. More 5'9.5" then IMO.
grannybug says on 17/Oct/13
I fist met Robert Redford in the early 80's when he hosted a fundraiser at Sundance resort for Utah Gov. Scott Matheson's re-election campaign. The "agreed-on" height guess at the time was 5'8" & that seems right to me judging by seeing him then (in cowboy boots) and because it was my father's height as well. I saw him & spoke to him several other times when hiking at Sundance in the summers & standing in the aisle after a showing of "Waiting for the Moon" at Sundance Film Festival in Park City in 1987. 5'10" is wishful thinking, I'm afraid. But who cares?? He was & is handsome, gracious, charming, talented and involved in things far more important than his own looks or height. Funny story: every time I told male friends that I was going to the fundraiser & would get to meet Redford, the men would say, "He's not as tall as you think;" "He's not as good looking in person as on screen;" even (from my boyfriend) "He's got too many freckles." When I said to Gov. Matheson's campaign manager that I was excited to meet Redford and "yes, I know he's not as good looking or as tall as I think," Lonnie looked thoughtful and said, "I don't know about that, I'd change with him anytime." I think Lonnie was the only honest man in Utah!
Arch Stanton says on 1/Oct/13
About 2 inches taller than Klaus Maria Brandauer who I think was 5 ft 8 in Out of Africa. Not sure he was quite as high as 179, I think he looked more 177-8 peak.
Arch Stanton says on 1/Oct/13
The Sting is a great film indeed. He seemed a little shorter than Robert Shaw I thought which is odd as he was 5'10". Watching Out of Africa now and he looks around 5'10". At times he looks uncannily like Brad Pitt, he looks more like you'd imagine Pitt's father to look like than most sons and their real fathers!
Arch Stanton says on 24/Sep/13
Rob have you seen The Sting? Strangely he looks quite short in that film and seemed shorter than both Robert Shaw and Paul Newman.
[Editor Rob: yes it's a great film, but not watched it since 90's]
Sam says on 3/Sep/13
Apparently all actors shrink upon getting around Lion. While the other listings are semi-believable, I can't believe Redford under 5'10" at peak. There's just too much evidence that he's in that 5'10" range.
Lion says on 1/Sep/13
Absolutly not more than 5ft 5 1/2". I've met him in Rome Film Festival and he was as short as Tom Cruise that was near him. I've seen their big lifts... they reached 5ft 8! As like Mr Pitt...ahah! Nothing more than 5ft 8 1/2" barefoot..just watch Spy Game...
Arch Stanton says on 31/Aug/13
He looks a similar height to Paul Newman in Butch Cassidy, maybe a bit taller.
Will says on 10/Aug/13
Robert Redford at 5ft 10 is a joke. He is more like 5'8" even.
Ian C. says on 23/Jul/13
Robert Redford plays Big Halsy in the movie, Little Fauss and Big Halsy. So okay, they just picked that title because it's poetic, and in fact Redford was bigger than Michael J. Pollard, who played Little Fauss, but all the same, I would like a man who plays a character called Big Halsy to be, y'know, big. But they should have called the movie Little Fauss and Average Sized Halsy.
David says on 13/Jul/13
Well,i don't buy it at all, i always thought Redford was about 5ft 8 with 1 inch shoe heels on.That is just my opinion.
Dave in Minneapolis. says on 23/Jun/13
My sister and I were at an Energy Conservation fair at the St.Paul Civic Center in the fall of 1981 or so. My sister who is 5'9 3/4" stood next to him when he was checking out the fair booths. She was wearing tennis shoes, she was taller than him and he was wearing cowboy boots. There were tons of people swarmed around as if he were Elvis. He was a superstar back then. He was the keynote speaker. He quipped "I came to look at the energy exhibits. I didn't know I would become one!'. There's a photo of him and Paul Newman from the Butch movie where they are standing side by side and he is crouched down so in the picture he won't look taller than Newman but he still looks an inch taller than Newman. If Newman is 5'8" Redford was maybe 5'9" at his peak.
Dave in Minneapolis. says on 23/Jun/13
My sister and I were at an Energy Conservation fair at the St.Paul Civic Center in the fall of 1981 or so. My sister who is 5'9 3/4" stood next to him when he was checking out the fair booths. She was wearing tennis shoes, she was taller than him and he was wearing cowboy boots. There wwre tons of people swarmed around as if he were Elvis. He was a superstar back then. He was the keynote speaker. He quipped "I came to look at the energy exhibits. I didn't know I would become one!'.
JoeHeight says on 15/Jun/13
I was a waiter. RR walked in to ballroom for a premiere. He smiled. The attendees applauded. The whole room became energized. He seemed to me to be 10 feet tall. True height: his shoes made him 5'11".
The Racing Snake says on 31/May/13
I'm 5'2" and he was a good two or three inches shorter than me when I met him. I'd say Redford was about 4'11"!
Hank Jr says on 14/May/13
I've known him in Park City and he's 5' 6".
megankalu says on 18/Mar/13
Well, Morgan Freeman is 6'2" and there's a scene in "An unfinished Life" where Robert redford is standing right next to Morgan and he looks only 2 or 3 inches shorter. So 5'10 seems right for Mr. Redford.
Seb says on 5/Mar/13
It takes a trained eye to get someone's height by just comparing them to yourself. We all tend, and women are probably more susceptible, to under-guess someone's height. The best way, (shoe-wear aside), that we can compare someone's height to ourselves, is to see the reflections on either a mirror or a reflective surface. I believe many of the people that make guesses on the "eye-to eye" basis will be very surprised to discover just how tall others are in relation to themselves. I had lady friend of mine who would not admit to been less that 5'6" when our reflections as we stood equidistant from a reflective surface showed that she was about 3 inches shorter than me and I was 5'7" (measured in bare feet) at the time. So I still ask: "How tall is Robert Redford, really?
Mike says on 3/Feb/13
Mr. Redford never even stood 5ft 10. He seemed much shorter, like 5'7 1/2". Now you have me bring up Redford's height, I have to look deeper into how tall he had stood, yes 5ft 8. End of story people. Recap again, he certainly ain't 5ft 11.
Will says on 28/Jan/13
Robert Redford has a small frame, so he stands no taller than 5ft 8.
MHouillon says on 28/Jan/13
5-9 - no more. 176-177cm peak.
JaneEyre says on 23/Jan/13
My husband met him last week and guessed his height to be 5'7".
Arch Stanton says on 14/Jan/13
Always looked an obvious 5'10 er to me in his prime.
Chuck says on 28/Dec/12
Back in the 70's while snow skiing at park city, a cashier at a grocery store said he shopped there and she said he was short. So no way is he 5'10 or 5'11 as he claims.
Copnovelist195 says on 9/Nov/12
A 6ft2 friend of mine was on a flight with him. He always maintained Redford was 5ft11 until he met him. He puts him at 5ft7 and slightly built with it.
John says on 29/Sep/12
I met him at a premiere in San Francisco back when he was 53. I remember his height back then. Fact:
He was 5'10" in cowboy boots. He's 5'9" without them. He's probably 5'8'' now at 76 years old.
Will says on 8/Sep/12
Robert Redford is never 5'10" barefoot in his life ever. He is just a slender 5'8 1/2".
kevin says on 6/Sep/12
peak 179cm barefoot and 182cm in shoes. today he still edges shia labouf out. so 177-176cm is reasonable.
Alex H says on 12/Feb/12
Watching "Three Days of the Condor" on TCM. I could have sworn he was 6 feet or around there. Maybe he wears platform shoes. And it could also be hos posture and build that makes him appear taller.
@ everyone says on 30/Jan/12
According to jo jo's pic (Cruise is close to 5'8" according to this site) he still looks pretty close to 5'11" to me, he's got a little around 2 inches on him and he's got worse posture. Or are we gonna put Tom Cruise at 5'4" to make Robert Redford 5'7"??? Considering how old Redford is, I really believe he was 5'11.5" at his peak
Daniel says on 27/Jan/12
All the people who are saying that he is 5'10 are only going by what they've seen on screen. It is well known that actors usually appear taller on screen because of both camera tricks and wearing lifts. Robert Redford must have worn lifts, because he is no where near 5'10. I met him back in the early 80s, stood right next to him, (and I am not very tall-about 5'9) he was definitely a couple of inches shorter than me and that is with him wearing shoes. The people who are saying he is around 5'7 are correct. He is a petite man, and I really don't know why he was so insecure about it. Notice how he went from saying that he was 5'10 than added another inch to his supposed height. Well, sorry he is no where near the height he claimed to be. Maybe for some reason he wishes he were 5'10-5'11, but he is definitely around 5'7. If you have met him and he appeared taller than that to you then he must have been wearing lifts that day.
Hector says on 24/Jan/12
I've always thought he was 5'9, maybe 5'10 in shoes (though I'm aware that people always seem taller when you see them on screen). I'm really surprised that he would lie about his height. I've always thought of him as having higher self-esteem than that. However, there are way too many people who have actually met him and swear that he is below 5'8. These people don't really have a reason to lie about something like that, so I don't doubt them. I think he really is 5'7-5'8, especially in looking at pictures of him standing next to other actors. He is just one of those people that has a body type that makes him appear taller than he really is when you see him from a distance. But like I said I find it odd he got so upset about doubts about his true height. I always thought he's not the type of person to care about being taller.

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