How tall is Tupac Shakur ?

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Tupac Shakur height: 5ft 9.25in (176 cm)

American Rapper. The height written on his board when arrested was 5ft 11, but his actual height looks shorter. Autopsy result gave 6ft!

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Dr. Eazy says on 20/Jul/15
No no no tupac shakur was 6'0 and 168 lbs tall but in his mugshot he was 5'11 and 154 lbs however he was young then so he might have grown but when they found his dead body he was 5'9
bobbyh3342 says on 19/Jul/15
rob needs an upgrade to 510 or atleast 5 9.75 he was not short, skinny yes but not that short
Tunman says on 4/Jul/15
@Troy and Sam
Yeah,looks often 5'10 range and 5'7-8 guesses are laughable with Tim Roth.
The question is whether this guy wears big boots or lifts inside them.
I would be surprised if the guy is 1"taller than the listing though.
G says on 25/Jun/15
In that video clip of him and Jamie fox you can also see he is wearing really thick boots which probably gave him an inch or 2
Owen says on 23/Jun/15

As a 176cm man I wake up at 178cm
After 7 days laying in bed I believe I should go to at least 181cm
Imagine if I got measured by the tip of my toes
Owen says on 23/Jun/15
You gotta remember he spent 7 days laying down in a hospital bed after he got shot
Add that stretching to his height and he will be 6ft tall measured from toes

Anything above 5'9 is absurd for him
5'8-5'9 sounds about right
Owen says on 23/Jun/15
You gotta remember he spent 7 days laying down in a hospital bed after he got shot
Add that stretching to his height and he will be 6ft tall measured from toes

Anything above 5'9 is absurd for him
5'8-5'9 sounds about right
Dmax says on 22/Jun/15
@Rob oh...well these people don't know how to measure lol and yeah he is about that height cause I saw a video clip with him and 5'9 Jamie Foxx in living colours or something like that?And he appear to be lil bit taller
Chowdhuryx says on 22/Jun/15
Well I remember watching a 2pac documentary where his former bodyguard frank mentions 2pac being 5'7 .
He really doesn't look 6 ft , at least 5'8 - 5'9
Dmax says on 18/Jun/15
Is it possible for a 5'9.25 man be stretched to 6 feet tall when he is dead?
[Editor Rob: could always have toes that pointed forward on the autopsy table and the person measured from the toes? ]
G says on 16/Jun/15
Tupac and ice cube were the same height ice cube is 5'8
Sam says on 4/Jun/15
Troy is spot on, while I do agree with Robs listing it cannot be ignored Tupac many times appeared in the 5'10 to 5'11 range. I think Tupac was more 5'10 and hit 5'11 in footwear.
5'10 flat
5'11 footwear
Teodem says on 28/May/15
5'9 is right for pac
only looked 5'10-11 on boots
Alex says on 25/May/15
I think 5'9.5 is fair
the shredder says on 23/May/15
He looks more 5'10 , 5'11 than anything. 5'8 is nuts
[Editor Rob: a strong 5ft 9 range for him might be nearer.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 22/May/15
He could look anywhere from 5ft8 to 5ft11
hey rob says on 21/May/15
2pac never looked short nor tall, it is best to say that he is 5'9 at average
Troy says on 13/May/15
Rob, I think you should upgrade Tupac to 5'10 or even 5'10.5"

Tyrese is listed 5'10.75" but Tupac's almost the same height:
Click Here
Queen Latifah is listed 5'9.75 but Tupac is taller in every single picture:
Click Here
P Diddy is listed 5'10 but Tupac looks taller:
Click Here
Dr Dre is listed 6'0.75" but Tupac is almost the same height:
Click Here
Biggie is listed 6'2" but I don't see a 5 inch difference:
Click Here
Click Here
Mickey Rourke is listed 5'11, but Tupac is the same height, sometimes even looks smaller (Notice he's not wearing boots)
Click Here

To those saying Tim Roth, 5'7" is the same height as Tupac in Gridlock'd, no:
Click Here

To those citing Frank Alexander, 5'11, claimed Pac was 5'7,
think again, they were the same height:
Click Here

Snoop is 6'4 and towers Pac in some pictures because of angles but look at this video with no camera advantages:
Click Here

Look at Tupac with 6'2 Suge Knight:
Click Here

To people claiming 5'7-8, stop... there's no way someone that short would stretch to 6ft on their death bed or be able to get away with 5'11" on a police report.

Overall, Pac looks to be in the 5'10 range or maybe these others need to downgraded.
Troy says on 13/May/15
Frank claims 5'11 and claimed Pac was 5'7, but the photos say otherwise
Frank said he's 5'11 and Pac was 5'7 but Pac looks taller in the pictures
Click Here
Click Here
the shredder says on 9/May/15
This 5 '7 5 '8 , crazy talk , look at him with Omar Epps and no lifts or more footwear , He was close to 5'10 at the smallest , Close to Mickey Rourke and Taller than a boot wear Tim Roth , lol at less than 5'9.5
Damon says on 6/May/15
Tupac could have been 5'8", and thus the mugshot pointing him at 5ft11, since he used to wear big boots
but 5'7 is impossible
Destructo420 says on 5/May/15
Tupac and Tim Roth looked the same height when I watched the movie where they was trying to get clean and at the welfare office applying for Medicare lmao live that movie. And Tim was 5"7'. Also can anyone remember the name of that movie?
Slim Shady says on 27/Apr/15
Dude, you do know even a dead man stretches his height when layed down, right?

My guess for him is 5'9, agreeing with listing.
Also, Rob, could you add a picture to his page? He was a great rapper and has a lot of fans, including me.

Click Here 2pac and queen latifah
Petey says on 18/Apr/15
P.D. says on 18/Apr/15
Damon says on 15/Apr/15
I saw once he was 5'7"

Now I think he was 5'8"
MJKoP says on 10/Apr/15
5'10 bare minimum. A 5'7-5'9 man would not be measured as a six feet tall on a mortuary slab.
5'11 barefoot says on 8/Feb/15
2-3 inches shorter than mickey rourke.
Mac says on 17/Jan/15
I can see him as 5'9 flat but hit 5'10.5 max in boots and that would possibly make him appear 5'11 to the naked eye.
Brad says on 13/Jan/15
5-8 str8.
whybother says on 2/Oct/14
Tupac was 5'9 - 5'10 165lbs
ace7 says on 20/Sep/14
5' 7''
Zack says on 27/Aug/14
shorter than 5'8
Bruce says on 26/Aug/14
He's 5'8

With 5'7 Tim Roth
Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
See dre says on 15/Aug/14
He's 5'8
Eazy says on 6/Aug/14
Zay says on 1/Jun/14
Harry says on 20/May/14
You cannot see him with 5'10 bobby brown but using the interviewer as a reference, you can make out that tupac was 5'8 to 5'9.

Click Here
Sean says on 27/Apr/14
2pac was probably 5'9 or 5'10 he wasn't as short but not as tall.
Bran says on 3/Apr/14
Anyone know about Notorious B.I.G. was listed 6ft2-3 but the autopsy allegedly gave him 6ft1 and 395 pounds Click Here
lelman says on 27/Mar/14
Looks more like a 5'8" guy to me, honestly. Over an inch shorter than Tyson. Click Here

I know it's a pretty bad photo for height, but I really struggle to see Pac taller than 5'8, he always looked like a smaller guy.
smartkid says on 24/Mar/14
There is now way in hell could a 5' 7" man be measured at 6' 0" on his autopsy report. This is fishy? Spine does elongate when lying down, but 5 inches?
kutsal says on 9/Feb/14
he is not short 5,11 .
teej says on 6/Feb/14
I always though tupac was kinda short about 5'7. But if his autopsy gave his height as 6'0, taking into consideration his spine would have been elongated, wouldn't he have been atleast 5'10 barefoot? And in his mugshot he is 5'11? Probably taken in shoes, so resulting in him probably being around 5'10. Why is he listed as 5'9 rob? I personally thought he was shorter, but we can argue with an autopsy, and a police measurement.
Heysuss says on 15/Dec/13
2pacs mom Afeni Shakur referred to 2pacs body as being small. In a video of him joking around the camera guy a friend of his obviously calls him a little skinny punk. Which lets one think he was 5'7 dude sometimes with an imagination and . In reality I think he was just a really skinny guy and his height drifted somewhere around 5'9-5'9.5 barefoot and with shoes 5'10-5-10.5. Very Skinny 5'9 guy with bad posture.
truth says on 15/Dec/13
His bodyguard Frank claims 5'11 for himself and 5'7 for 2pac. BUT EVERY SINGLE PICTURE of them 2pac appears the exact same height, sometimes a tiny bit taller than Frank, other times a little shorter than Frank. Very interesting. Did Frank just sensationalize the legend of 2pac being short because it makes his legend even all that more insane. Granted Pacs dimensions look 5'8 but next to people in pictures he almost always looks 5'10/5'11.
Ted says on 9/Dec/13
Tupac always looked short. Even 5'9" seems like a stretch for him.

I would've guessed 5'7".
(S)aint says on 15/Nov/13
Big Bad Bong - He is dead,lol. You did not see Tupac in September.
Paul says on 15/Nov/13
A lot of 5'9 guys tend to give a shorter impression. Perhaps his bodyguard mistook him for being shorter. Therefore in my opinion I would say Tupac was 5'9 barefoot and possibly 5'10.5 in sneakers or boots.
MD says on 8/Nov/13
Well then, let's close up shop, now. You know, because no one ever has a false height on their driver's license, god forbid. lol Come on, people. Let's start thinking before we post.
George says on 6/Nov/13
He was 5-10. It said so in his driver's license.You can find it online.
jonas says on 6/Nov/13
Anyone see the movie juice? Omar epps is 5'10 and 2pac was about 2 to 3 inches smaller than him throughout the movie. Here is the pic Click Here
stigastiga says on 5/Nov/13
he about 5'11
madz says on 5/Nov/13
2pac was 5'7, his bodyguard Frank Alexander mentioned his height in an interview
MelMel says on 4/Nov/13
I TRULY believe that Tupac was at least 5'10 and on a good day 5'11 around the same Height as me! Tupac is NOT short, it was the people that were around him that were 6 feet tall or more! I WISH I met Tupac in person!
Confy says on 31/Oct/13
he is shorter than tyson who is 5'9.75 i would guess around 5'8
kevin says on 23/Oct/13
I think 2pac is 5'11
Mexicaneca says on 19/Oct/13
Tupac was Like 5'7-5'8(max) and his weight was 65-70kg no way to be more ! Am I right Rob ?
Steve says on 15/Oct/13
He's 5'10 and weights approx 165, he states so in his songs. Straight Ballin'.

"How do you survive weighting 165 in the city where skinny niggaz die..."
kartal says on 11/Oct/13
Im a fan, but even his bodyguard states him as being 5'7. Why isnt this being corrected?
BigJOE says on 28/Sep/13
Autopsy says he's 6', but what I find strange is his weight....was he ever 215 lbs!!. Secondly, his upper chest was broader,was that body a fake one!! Someone else!!! Not Tupac.
mj says on 22/Sep/13
Omar epps is 5'10 and 2pac was about 2 to 3 inches smaller than him throughout the movie. Here is the pic Click Here
Mike says on 22/Sep/13
Did you watch the movie juice? Omar Epps was a good 2 to 3 inches taller throughout the entire movie.
big bad bong says on 18/Sep/13
5 foot 9 walking around in cuba saw him yesterday honest weight around 167 pounds.
big bad bong says on 18/Sep/13
5 foot 9 walking around in cuba saw him yesterday honest weight around 167 pounds.
(S)aint says on 15/Sep/13
I always thought Tupac was 5'11", haha. 5'9" is allright though. 5'7" is a little ubsurd. Would his autopsy have givin him 6' because his spine was decompressed, Rob? He obviously hadn't been standing in awhile.
seancarter says on 14/Sep/13
rob can you give suge knight a age and how tall do you think he is???
spiderman says on 13/Sep/13
i met tupac in lasvegas in 1991. hes 5 ft9 the same heigth as me,you no i never met a person as kind hearted towards children as tupac, he would walk over and pick up a crying child like it was his own white, or black, or brown, or yellow, or red,he was one of a kind never replacable god bless him.
Alex says on 10/Sep/13
I think he was 5ft 10. Look at the movie Juice, he's a fraction taller than Omar Epps (5ft 10) because of the boots.
Lorent says on 3/Sep/13
I think tupac was nice about height he was 1.78 cm no more .
thisis50 says on 26/Aug/13
Click Here
connor says on 25/Jul/13
Met him in '94. 5'9" is accurate, keeping in mind the shoes he wore increased his height quite a bit. But there's no way he was 5'11 or taller.

I'm 5'10" and he was maybe and inch and a half maybe his height is closer to 5'8" and a half.
zz says on 15/Jul/13
Here he is with Janet Jackson, who is 5'4.
Click Here
teej says on 10/Jul/13
I always thought tupac was short around 5ft6-5ft7. But then his arrested height is 5ft11 so then he's 5ft10 barefoot. And his autopsy result says 6ft, obviously when you die your spine elongates making you true height. When i wake up in the morning im 6ft2 barefoot with an empty stomach, but in the day till night im a strong 6ft1 so i say im 6ft1 because thats the height which i am mostly. So tupac must have been around 5ft10 unless the autopsy result is false and his arrested height is also false.. However his wife said he was 5ft7.. So im not sure, i thought he was short, but you never know to be honest. Legendary rapper, made a big influence on me.
Makavel says on 30/Jun/13
jay oh you are moron, Tupa's height was no-more than 5'7-5'8 ! Look 2pac and Tim Roth, and not just that see Pac and snoop: Click Here
jay oh says on 29/Jun/13
First off they just released biggies autopsy info and the man was at the most .6'1 which makes perfect sense .Secondly 2pac looked like he was about 5'10 tops i got a friend who is 5'10.They are about the same height also i met puff daddy in person.He's 5'10 i know for a fact him and pac were bout the same height .In certain photos like the one with him and dre.They look about the same height dre being 6'1 .I saw the drop it like its hot video with pharrell and snoop the ratio.In height between pharrel and snoop is about the same as between pac n snoop.
RAgheed says on 26/Jun/13
WHAAAAAAAAT? he looks alot taller than just 175 cm lol he is still a legend<3
Makavel says on 9/Jun/13
I think 5'8 is best for him.
Cressy says on 9/Jun/13
I am a 5' 10.5" woman. My height was taken just 2 weeks ago at my dr.'s office. I met Mr. Shakur 2 months before his passing and I will tell you unequivically that he was taller than me in a vertical as well as horizontal ppsition. Get over it. May God bless the dead.
Boss_luv says on 5/Jun/13
In drivers liscense photos they don't ask you to remove your shoes. PAC always wore timbs and high heeled shoes. Prolly with some insoles for a extra inch or two meaning in some shoes/timbs it gave him a 3-4 inch advantage. Frank says he was short as well as his ex wife stays "he was only around 5,7". So with timbs on and insoles that makes hi m 5'10-511'. Even look at all his videos he has a smaller stature u can just tell by looking at him. Either way regardless of his height dude was a realist, a poetic, leader and a real man. Props to 2pac. Still bumpin his **** in 2013
Baby $l!mm says on 16/May/13
Uncle Luke in a Tupac tribute issue of XXL called Pac a "short guy with a Napoleonic complex" and Snoop always towered over him in they pictures together by what looks like over 6 inches at least. If pac was 5'9 or taller nobody would have called him "short". I bet he 5'6-5'7 at the most. Who cares anyways y'all? Height don't make you great, it's what you do in this life that makes your legacy. He 6 ft. aiiight, buried 6 ft. under.
gravy says on 8/May/13
Pac and T.I both lied when they said they were 5'9. They are both 5'6, 5'7. Tupacs bodyguard wasn't the first to say he was a short guy alot of radio personalities and even snoop dogged describe him as being about 5'7. The Dude wore tremendously large boots all the time and probably a dr. scholl or 2. All this proves to me is that short people are the most talented.
solardo says on 22/Apr/13
Puffy is 5ft10 and theres a photo of puffy with pac and pac looks taller than puffy so pac was atleast 5ft11
juju says on 21/Apr/13
snoop dogg towered 2pac. if tupac was 6 foot, snoop wouldn{t tower him.he was 5 foot 8 5 foot 9
Doubters says on 17/Apr/13
I just can't get it, if all his licences, mugshots etc confirm he was 5'11'' why doubt it?? I think it's pretty obvious, looking at him next to Snoop Dogg he is quite shorter than him but not THAT short. He couldn't be 5'9'', impossible. So 5'11'' or even 6ft is correct.
C-Note says on 14/Apr/13
There is no way that Tupac was 5'11" or 6'. In the movie Juice, Tupac was at least an inch or two shorter than Omar Epps, who is 5'10", even when Tupac had hair. 5'8" or 5'9" had to be the best fit for Tupac.
Brah says on 5/Apr/13
Frank alexander, tupac's bopdyguard, claims he is 5'11 and said Tupac was 5'7" But the photo says otherwise.

Click Here
kartal5 says on 4/Apr/13
GoGD says on 20/Jan/13
There's a song where he says: "they say me how do you survive when you're 5 feet 9..." The song's name is 'Straight ballin''.

Actually the song says "And they say how do you survive weighin' 165"
TrueShit says on 4/Apr/13
the autopsy was fake i saw a vid and it was just some make up i swear
Jack says on 20/Mar/13
He really doesn't looks as short as 5'7 in pics. 5'9" is a good call for him I think. Maybe 5'8" at least.
ron says on 11/Mar/13
there never was an autopsy.....thats another factor to go along with the tupacs still alive theory.
Tempest says on 11/Mar/13
He never struck me as a tall guy. Definitely not 5'11" or 6'. He looks 6ish inches shorter than Snoop Dogg in pics. 5'8" seems most likely.
deli says on 9/Mar/13
i met tupac a night before he was killed ,im 5'8 and tupac appeared to be just under me. he was not a tall guy at all
Derp says on 2/Feb/13
ok Tupac was 5'7" end of discussion...
brownlebowski says on 24/Jan/13
Click Here

Pac wasn’t a big guy: 5 foot 7 inches and 160 pounds, but he loved to fight. It was my job to neutralise those situations before they got out of hand.
brownlebowski says on 24/Jan/13
Tupac's former bodyguard Frank Alexander reveals:

I was 5 foot 11inches and almost 20 stone. I knew my size was a factor or Tupac. He liked having a big-ass nigga on his side.

Pac wasn’t a big guy: 5 foot 7 inches and 160 pounds, but he loved to fight. It was my job to neutralise those situations before they got out of hand.

Click Here
GoGD says on 20/Jan/13
There's a song where he says: "they say me how do you survive when you're 5 feet 9..." The song's name is 'Straight ballin''.
Calamity says on 19/Jan/13
He was obviously 5'11.5
Trent says on 18/Jan/13
Nope, Ice. Absolutely no way there was even close to 6 inches between 2pac and Biggie: Click Here

And Biggie wasn't even measured as high as 6'3 for his autopsy. He was measured at 6'2! And autopsies always give exaggerated heights because the liquids in the body expand from being frozen.

I know he gets described as 6'3 everywhere, but it's clear he was nowhere even near it.
Ice says on 17/Jan/13
@ Trenton you must be trolling . 5"11.5 for Biggie is just ridicilous . Biggie was legit 6'3
Conti says on 17/Jan/13
I would say tupac was 5'9,because biggie was 5'11 without thicker shoes,and that means 2 inches taller than him.
SOLARDO22 says on 10/Jan/13
He grew later in his, because in juice he was 5ft8 and later on he grew to 5ft11 also put weight, remember he was young fellar and you dont stop growing untill your mid twenties he died at 25.
Jay says on 8/Jan/13
With 5'11 Belushi

Click Here
Jay says on 7/Jan/13
How can he be listed the same height as Belushi but is clearly shorter then him in Gang Related. I'd say he looks more like a weak 5'10 and Belushi a weak 5'11
ajcf1995 says on 3/Jan/13
There seems to be an endless debate on his height? why? why on earth would there be so much confusion on something so obvious to anybody that ever met him?
Trenton says on 10/Dec/12
Oh, yeah, it is strange how those 6'2 and 6'3 descriptions float around everywhere. But he actually described himself precisely as 6' several times. Just one of those misconceptions that spread, I guess.

Take a look at this paragraph:

Many biographers and historians have described GW as standing 6 feet 2 inches or 6 feet 3 inches tall. But when ordering clothes from London, GW himself always gave his height as an even 6 feet. He described himself on those occasions as follows: "a Man full 6 feet high & proportionately made" (GW to Robert Cary & Co., 30 Nov. 1759, in PGW: Col, 6:375); "my stature is Six feet--otherwise rather slender than Corpulent" (GW to Richard Washington, 20 Oct. 1761, in PGW: Col, 7:81); and "Six feet high & proportionately made; if any thing rather Slender than thick for a Person of that highth with pretty long arms & thighs" (GW to [the London tailor] Charles Lawrence, 26 Apr. 1763, in PGW: Col, 7:201). GW was precise man by habit and training, having worked as a surveyor and kept size rolls (listing soldiers' height) during his service in the French and Indian War. David Kennedy, a captain in the British Army who met GW in February 1756, described him as "a Strong Man"--"about 6 feet high" (Earl of Loudoun's Diary, 27 Feb. 1757, Loudoun Papers, Huntington Library, San Marino, quoted in Knollenberg, GW: Virginia Period, p. 47).

The source is here: Click Here
Sam says on 10/Dec/12
Trenton, I've never heard a height estimate of less than 6'2" in life (many range into 6'3") for George Washington. I've heard of his fluid-stiffened autopsy. I guess his height was boasted about an inch or an inch and half to 6'3.5". Can you please provide a link to where it claims Washington stood 6' feet even? Using the same rules, we can guess Biggie at around 6'0.5"-6'1" in life if he was measured 6'2" at his autopsy.
Click Here
Trenton says on 8/Dec/12
(Rob, this is Trent: I wanted to start posting under Trenton if that's okay.)

Autopsies give exaggerated heights since the fluids in the body expand in freezing, adding appositional length; and of course as the body has been laying down the spinal fluid fills out as it does in sleep. So that's why Tupac's autopsy gave an obviously "incorrect" height.

Notorious BIG's autopsy was just released, and his height is given as 74 inches, which is 6'2. (This seems to have been initially miscalculated as 6'1, since that is what all the papers are reporting.)

Since Biggie measured 6'2 in an exaggerated autopsy height, I'm guessing he was 6' at the very maximum in life. George Washington, for instance, measured 6'3.5 for his coffin, yet he reported himself in his letters as 6'.

Pac does look around around the same as Jamie Foxx. If we take a 6' maximum of Biggie, 5'9 for pac is further evidenced in their famous pic together. He really looks around 2.5 inches under him.

I'm saying Biggie was 5'11.5 and Tupac 5'9.
6-3; 220. Not a runt. says on 4/Dec/12
He was a runt -- the black equivalent of a skinny little emo fag. He was the '90s equivalent of a black Adam Levine. 154 lbs.? LMFAO. Was he on a 7th grade football team somewhere? Too bad he hid behind guns, I would've loved to see him get his weak-ass crushed by a real man.
mId says on 13/Nov/12
Click Here He looks about the same height as jamie fox.. and pac seems to have the bigger shoes. Jamie claims about 5'9.
Tupac Amaru Shakur says on 11/Nov/12
Tupac was 5'6 to 5'8, going on photos with Snoop Dogg, Dre, and Mike Tyson.

Some song lyrics also allude to this

From the song "Uppercut": I'm a little nigga, thats why its so raw to just watch me, battle lions, cause I'm a little skinny nigga battlin' niggas three times my size.

Regarding the whole weight thing, from the song "Straight Ballin'": How do you survive weighing 165 in the city where the skinny niggas dies?"
2pac says on 4/Nov/12
With 6'1 Dr. Dre (looks 6'0.5")
Click Here
With Diddy (listed as 5'10-6') , Biggie (listed as 6'3)(slouched)
Appears to have a good 4 inches on Diddy, but is listed shorter than him ?
Click Here
A more accurate picture of Biggie (6'3) and Tupac's height difference
Looks about 6’0"-6‘1“ Next to Biggie
Click Here
Next to 6'4" Snoop Dogg (looks about 6'4") but you can see the slope
Click Here
A more accurate picture with 2pac and Snoop Dogg Looks about 5 inches shorter, (5'11")
Click Here
Looks about 5'10" next to 6'3.5" Suge and 6'4" Snoop Dogg
Click Here
I would say that he is 5'10" barefoot and 6'0" in his thick Shoes and around 5'10.5"-5'11" in normal shoes
King solomon says on 4/Nov/12
Tupac is 5'11 not 5'9
Jero says on 16/Oct/12
Bimbo is definitely joking
Kartal says on 16/Oct/12
Bimbo... you must be trolling..
John says on 28/Sep/12
He looked a few incher shorter than Mike tyson
Morgan says on 18/Sep/12
Rob how tall do you think Suge Knight and Biggie Smalls might be? You don't have any info on them here.
LeBron6 says on 11/Aug/12
Rob, I don't understand. 2pac was always taller than P. Diddy who you have listed at 5'10". He never looked 1 inch shorter then him
prodigy says on 27/Jul/12
5'9 is accurate
RealG says on 26/Jul/12
Everyone wants Pac to be tall because no one can "respect" a short man, esp if he claimed to be so gangsta. The dude was clearly NO taller than 5'7. Watch his interviews with Arsenio Hall (5'11) and he clearly looks 4-5 inches shorter. The "And Ya Don't Stop" VH1 documentary compared his "firecracker" temperament to Biggie's "calm" demeanor and they frequently referred to Pac's "diminutive" stature as to why he fired up so much. Really... it's okay that Pac was short guys lol. So was James Brown (5'6), Quincy Jones (5'6), JaRule (5'6) and some of music's other greats. These cats saying 5'9+ is just laughable and wishful thinking.
Jack says on 24/Jul/12
His height on his driver's license and prison ID were also 5-11. There is no way he's below 5'9, look at him next to Mickey Rourke in any photo, they are close the same height. And he is a few inches taller than 5'7 Tim Roth in the film Gridlock'd.
NunYa says on 14/Jun/12
On his Coroner report he was 6ft& 215lbs. Makes me pissed how wrong that sounds.
Brad says on 12/Jun/12
5' 8" flat, look at him in the clutch hold with Iron Mike in the ring. Mikey ain't in heel.
RealG says on 10/Jun/12
Everyone wants Pac to be tall because no one can "respect" a short man, esp if he claimed to be so gangsta. The dude was clearly NO taller than 5'7. Watch his interviews with Arsenio Hall (5'11) and he clearly looks 4-5 inches shorter. The "And Ya Don't Stop" VH1 documentary compared his "firecracker" temperament to Biggie's "calm" demeanor and they frequently referred to Pac's "diminutive" stature as to why he fired up so much. Really... it's okay that Pac was short guys lol. So was James Brown (5'6), Quincy Jones (5'6), JaRule (5'6) and some of music's other greats. These cats saying 5'9+ is just laughable and wishful thinking.
Blackray says on 10/Jun/12
Pac was no more than 5ft 8in, stop with the exaggerating please you guys.
Lester Gremory says on 9/Jun/12
If you look at his identity cards, it says 5'10'' and 168 pounds.. so yeah around 5'9.5'' - 5'10''
Peter says on 31/Jan/12
He's 5'10
Salman says on 23/Jan/12
Rob, what do you estimate the rapper Biggie Smalls height to be?

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