How tall is Tyra Banks ?

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Tyra Banks Height is 5ft 10in (178 cm)

American model and actress. She said on Conan O'Brien, "I'm 5'10".

Photo by PR Photos
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Comment on the Height of Tyra Banks

kiki99 said on 17/Dec/15
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Tayra with girls from American's nex top model, Mame & Lacey from cycle 22, both girls are 5.8, Raina cycle 14 her height is 5.9, and laura cycle 18 her height is 5.10? she is looks 5.9 and not taller then that
Lee said on 17/Oct/15
Why are all these little 10-12 year old girls saying they are nearly six foot tall. I highly doubt any are over five foot. Anyway tyra looks 5'10 to me and can look 6'2 in a nice pair of platforms
Allie said on 10/Oct/15
Hm, oddly enough, in the 2001 VSFS, Tyra was interviewed and they put her height down as 5'9. Then said that she's 26 years old. But they gave Mark's future wife Rhea Durham, the height of 5'11 despite being listed as 5'9 now.
J.Lee said on 14/Sep/15
Rob what do you think of the height difference of Tyra and Chrissy Tiegen?
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gigi98 said on 4/Sep/15
she is 177-178cm , over 5.10
M said on 10/Aug/15
I would say she is 1.75m (Kurkova is 1.77m max, comaparing to Toni Garrn who is rue 6' or 1.83m), but because she has very strong bones it gives expression like she is taller then this.
J.Lee said on 1/Aug/15
Rob, could you see Tyra being 5 ft 10.25? I don't see how she's an inch shorter than Rebecca. Also, Allie says 5 ft 10.5 max
Allie said on 21/Jul/15
@J.Lee - she does, but tbh, I don't think Rebecca R is the full 5'11 she claims. I'd say that Tyra max is 5'10.5 or 5'10.25. In identical heels and near identical pose, she looked less or around an inch shorter than 5'11 KK. So yeah.
J.Lee said on 16/Jul/15
Rob what do you think about the pics with Tyra next to Rebecca?
J.Lee said on 15/Jul/15
Rob serious topic, does Tyra look taller than Rebecca Romijin in these pics?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
J.Lee said on 15/Jul/15
Rob is there a chance she's taller than 5 ft 10?
[Editor Rob: I think she looks a decent 5ft 10]
Cooldude said on 5/May/15
We don't care how tall you all are stop lying y'all no y'all not that tall. This is about Tyra's height.
Skye said on 23/Apr/15
Spot on. She was still taller than Blake Lively in GG and looked taller than Klum even in I believe it was sneakers on so I guess anything under 5'9 is out of the question.
Jewel said on 29/Dec/14
saw her on an episode of life in the fab lane with Kimora Lee who was bare feet and tyra in a relaxed jeans and t with flat shoes. they looked very very close in height. so yes maybe Tyra is about 5.11 out of bed.

And for Wendy not too sure. Maybe 5.11 was in her prime.
Tyler said on 29/Dec/14
I'm a very tall person, but I am also somewhat short. I'm 5 feet, nine and a half inches tall, 130 kilos, medium build, skinny muscles, I can do about 28 pushups when I'm not dehydrated, but I take in about 300 calories every 4 hours and I drink too much soda. I'm typically shorter than a lot of actresses but not by a whole lot. I doubt anyone would notice a difference in height between me and Banks if she took off her shoes and stood back-to-back against me... Just saying
J.Lee said on 10/Dec/14
Rob can you make a height listing for Wendy Williams? She's supposed to be very tall
[Editor Rob: she claims 5ft 11 although I'm not sure she's quite that tall.]
Rose said on 18/Sep/14
Am a 5'6 but am considerd too tall here in my country so even boys are too scared to ask me out so ya'll tyra is my inspiration tht no matter how tall u ar...neva think less of ur
J.Lee said on 2/Jul/14
Rob check out these photos. Maybe Tyra is 5 ft 11.

Tyra with 5 ft 11 Rebecca Romijin
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Tyra with Kate Upton
Click Here

Tyra looking 2 inches over Heidi Klum
Click Here
Click Here
SAK said on 12/Mar/14
Next to 5f6 John Singleton. Click Here
ZAS said on 11/Mar/14
J.Lee said "Rob here are some photos with Tyra and Rebecca Romijin, suggesting there isn't a one inch difference".
Ok. but what about some other photos?
Click Here
Click Here
SAK said on 28/Feb/14
Tyra could be between 178-179cm. Maybe 180cm out of bed. Also, she is very attractive, better than those skinny, shapeless models now.
J.Lee said on 27/Feb/14
5 ft 10.25 possible or is 5 ft 10 more likely?
skipper said on 27/Feb/14
your 5'10 and I love ever bit of you..If I was rich I would marry u if you would give me a tyra
tommie said on 27/Feb/14
She 5'10 in. n I love every bit of her.If I was rich I'll marry her if she gave me the chance.
J.Lee said on 25/Feb/14
Rob here are some photos with Tyra and Rebecca Romijin, suggesting there isn't a one inch difference.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
176,2Tunman said on 22/Feb/14
To all girls here complaining about being too tall, let me tell you the following:if you are really between 5'7 and 6' like most of you said,FIRST you will always find men taller than you almost everywhere, it's only if you are 6'3+ that you may be too tall for many persons, SECOND, a genuine man wouldn't care if he's several inches shorter or taller than you and neither should you,THIRD please let's speak about Tyra's height not yours.
Rob,is there a chance for 5'10.25?I think she's rounding down a little.
Natasha said on 2/Feb/14
This is about Tyra's height. We really don't care how tall you guys are. Irrelevant!
Karen said on 9/Jan/14
Im 5'7 inspired by all beautiful models to live my dream
No Dream is too big
Laureenn said on 30/Dec/13
I've only just turned 14 and I'm 6ft. I am in year 9 and the tallest girl in the whole of my school including teachers, just like you. Yeah, that's my shoe size aswell:3, you're lucky if you get complimented because all I ever got was bullied but, still remember you are beautiful. And I bet you could be a model when you are older!
skipper said on 12/Dec/13
she's tall enough to be beautiful but short enough to kind..
Diaspro said on 12/Oct/13
How tall is Tyra when she's 14?
J.Lee said on 6/Sep/13
rob, any chance tyra is 5 ft 11 out of bed?
[Editor Rob: could be close to that mark]
SAK said on 7/Aug/13
Stop talking about height, this tyras page.

Tyra on antm has many times said she is 5f10. On occasions will take off her shoes to do a comparison when she a contestant is lying about there height.
Yasemin said on 29/Jul/13
I'm 14 and 5'11. I love looking up to really tall girls because they are all so beautiful. It's sooooo hard to find shoes my size because I'm size 41. Since I live I'm Asia, pretty much every girl I know is 5'6 or shorter and I'm the tallest girl in my high school. It also sucks that there are only about 3 guys taller than me in the whole school. But I still love being tall and all of the compliments :D I really badly want to be a model when I grow up
Cool dude said on 18/Jun/13
everybody stop lying about your height i know not all of you just happen to be 12 or 15 and 5'10 so just stop yall are not that tall so get back on topic on tyra banks height not your height we don't care how tall you all are
J.Lee said on 25/Apr/13
Rob these are beasts that Tyra is in Click Here Do you think she is more than 6 ft 3 in them? Any chance Tyra is taller than her 5 ft 10 claim?
Juicey said on 24/Apr/13
my cousins 5'9 and she met tyra banks both wearing flip flops she says they're the same height i think she should get a downgrade
J.Lee said on 7/Apr/13
Rob where on conan did she say 5 ft 10
[Editor Rob: one of the clips I saw, couldn't tell you which episode though]
Zulu said on 31/Mar/13
@Nikki maybe you'll stop growing cos you may be at the end of puberty. It's completely possible if you are that tall at your age and many girls start puberty very early and finish very early.
Nikki said on 27/Feb/13
I'm 13 and I'm 5'8 and a quarter. Have been for a while now. At times I do hate my height, but I try to see the good sides in it. Like looking better in shorts and different kinds of pants because it shows off your legs(: I look at Tyra as an inspiration and she shows me not to be afraid of my height and to embrace it.
Tee said on 27/Jan/13
Im 12 and im 5"7/8
My friends are smaller than me but id love to become a model someday id try to push on a bit more to 5"10!
SAK said on 13/Jan/13
Tyra has referenced her height quite a few times on Americas next top model. And uses herself as comparison when she feels a candidate is lying about her height. She always says 5f10/178cm.
barney said on 22/Oct/12
count yourself lucky maddie at twelve i was 5ft8! being tall is the best thing to ever happen to me! I love tyra and she embraces her height and so should you!
Maddie said on 20/Oct/12
so I am almost 12 and just shy of 5'5 D: I absolutely HATE being tall because its so hard to gain weight anyway. I weight like 100 pounds and that's well pretty thin for my height. Im taller than everyone in my grade and its not easy. I hate towering over people's greesy hair and dandruff -.- I hate all the remarks about it, too. Im taller than one teacher (shes pretty short though) teachers treats me like their friend. its not easy being tall especially when you're a kid I don't know why anybody would want to be tall, I hate it :(
Citation said on 4/Oct/12
People here need to stop being so narcissistic and get back on topic about Tyra's height. I just adore Tyra's body and proportions in the photo above, she's curvy yet lean. Tyra's height is just perfect for a fashion model's. 5'10 is always the best height to be at in the fashion world.
katalina said on 27/Sep/12
Im 15 and im rail thin and im 6 foot. Thats crazy!!! And its weired because my body is short but my legs are extra longgggggg.
barney said on 17/Sep/12
I've always been tall for my age and I love it, I was heads taller than everyone, i've always been curvy but I want to loose weight, i'm only 14 and I'm cms of 6ft everyone says I should model becuase I could have a slightly curvier body than tyra and i love her! but is it too soon to try to lose weight to be a model? adn is it true about needing small boobs i have average i guess lol i'm mixed race (black and white) and a little lighter than tyra with brown eyes and black hair I would love to be a model!
Anna said on 28/Aug/12
I hate when people say they hate being soo tall Im 5"2 and 16 and I would love to be 6" tall!!!
Nia said on 20/Aug/12
I'm 14 and I'm 5'9" in a half and I hate it. Everyone I know is shorter like 5'7" and lower and I've always wanted to be shorter. People say I should be a model and I'm just like eh whatever.
Olivia May said on 19/Aug/12
I'm 12 and I've just hit 5'10 and 1/2 I really want to be a model but don't want to grow anymore because I'm scared there won't be any good looking guys taller than me when I'm older ahahaahahhahaahha xxx
Missy B said on 9/Aug/12
Last time I checked I was 5 ft 8... I think I'm 5 ft 9 now... And I'm 15 ! Everybody keeps telling me how tall I am and I hate it ! & They say that I should be a super model... especially that I have a body like Tyra's here... But I don't want to ! Even My sister who's way older than me got an offer to be a super model when she was 22 ( she was in Paris ) . But she refused , she took it as a compliment though... Now , I'm just as tall as her... probably taller ! :'(
Dallas said on 8/Aug/12
I'm 5'2" and 13 and haven't grown in almost 1 year. Do you think I could still be a model when I'm older?
taraa said on 12/Feb/12
deedee you are crazy if you think that you have the height to be a model.. You have to be at least 175cm to even think modeling..
taraa said on 12/Feb/12
deedee you are crazy if you think that you have the height to be a model.. You have to be at least 175cm to even think modeling..
Sara said on 12/Feb/12
Everybody here is talikng about their heigh so I'll leave mine. I hate it, because when I was little everybody said I would be like 5'8 or more and now I'm 16 and I'm 5'3 or LESS... I'm not snob or whatever, but I know I have a beautiful face and normal proporcions on my body, but my heigh just doesn't help ugh... By the way, I think Tyra is 5'9 tall (and she is actually gorgeous which is not a big new xD )(:
Sara said on 12/Feb/12
I'm 5'4 I think xD (1,61 m) and when I was toung everybody thought I would grow a lot, but now I'm 16 and they say I'm small xD omg :c
If a petit model is a 5'7 tall so I'm a petit petit petit girl xD
I'd love to be taller, but not taller as my boyfriend xDDD
deedee said on 7/Feb/12
well im 16 and 170cm tall.. and since im asian.. thats pretty tall.. ppl say i have the height to be a model except yesterday my friend got me size 2 jeans n they didnt fit. sad :/
Clara said on 6/Feb/12
I'm around 5'8 and 18, and I get really sad when I see girls complaining about their height :/

I would love to be at least 5'9 so I could be a model
Being tall is so beautiful, nothing against the short girls, but I'd love to be taller
Bethhh said on 30/Jan/12
i'm 13 and i'm 5'8". at the moment im not sure whether I like my height because most of my friends are smaller than me and all the boys in my year are smaller than me too. about 2 of my friends are the same height as me and i feel that some of the boys may be catching up to my height. my mum says i probably will grow to about 5'11" which will be a great height!:)
Maaiaaa said on 24/Jan/12
im 13, im really skinny, and have long legs and a smallish torso. i have searched all over the internet for what to wear, and if its a good thing etc .. i really really need help please
Groove Champion said on 1/Oct/07
I am also watching that Today show and agree with heels being 3-4", but didn't know Lauer's height. Given 5'10" for him and 5'8" (just looked it up) for Al Roker, I agree with 6'1"or even 6'2" possibly. Very weird given how she looked like an adult with children in comparison. I am a 6'2" guy (about 230lb) and can't imagine how I'd look on TV! I mean you see pictures of yourself with friends of that height, but on TV she looked like she could crush them all in her palm! Hahhaha! ;-) Either way, 5'10" is baloney for her (assuming that since Roker and Lauer's are close that they are right). Oh, and being tall is definitely not a plus all the time. :)
Beth said on 1/Oct/07
Well, I'm watching the today show and Tyra is standing beside Matt Lauer outside. She's in about 3 inch heels. He officially says he's 5'11" and I gotta tell you there's no way Tyra is 5'10" (I love her by the way) and he is 5'11" heels or no hells he comes up to her chin! I'm not sure if you guys have noticed or not but Tyra's knees are the kind that bend backwards (if that makes sense) and she's a little knobby kneed. I'll bet if she stood up straight and didn't slump she'd definitely be 5'11". Hey I'm jealous I'm only 5'1" I'd kill to be that tall!!!!
Cpt Crunch said on 28/Sep/07
Why does a woman have to be 6" taller than average to be a model? Men only have to be about 3" taller than average to be a model and there are more men that are above average than women who are above average. The Bell curves are different.
myspace top model said on 20/Sep/07
tyra looks like she could be 6'1... but she is 5'10. understand that she always wears heels, which makes her look taller.. so those heels could have made her taller than that one girl on ANTM.
Anonymous said on 15/Sep/07
She was singing that rap song she made when she was 13 and in that song she said she was 5'9". Meaning she was 5'9" at 13.
myspace celebrity said on 10/Sep/07
i have heard her state that she was 5'9 on ANTM, and then 5'10 on another episode of ANTM. either way she look like 5'10.
Wix said on 3/Sep/07
But I was watching ANTM, Cycle 6, and she appeared to be taller than Sara, who is 6'1". Unless it was just a camera trick, but it seemed this way in several episodes from this cycle.
Isabel said on 1/Sep/07
Wow. This isn't a place to pick up dates, Mr. Casanova....
sam said on 31/Aug/07
blue eyed girl, that's interesting that you are this tall, i actually like tall girls a lot, not that im that big myself but its cool, i like it. let me IM u sometime, you sound very interesting. my sn is emericask84
Blue eyed girl said on 27/Aug/07
UMMM-I have always thought of her as 5"11. There is just a certain look when people get that tall-and she has it. I am 5"9 ish-5"10 in the morning-and I can spot someone my height-and she is about an inch taller than me.
Eve said on 20/Aug/07
Spoke to her a couple years ago (after a fashion show) we're the same hight, I'm 5' 9 3/4'' we had no shoes. Alors voila.
writercab said on 18/Aug/07
I study height because most celebrities lie so much about their height it's crazy. I learned that your height fluctuates as much as an inch from morning to night from all that weight on your joints. It's so easy to say one will lie about their height in Hollywood, because they do. But, some of these celebrities really don't know exactly and they just go with the best reasonable height. But, the trouble surface when they stand beside someone else with their said height. Tyra said she was 5'9, 5'10 and 5'11 right, lets put her in the middle. 5'10 is PERFECT!
Legs said on 13/Aug/07
in an ANTM episode, she did a song rap where she said "I'm a 5'9 model with no silicone." It was first or second cycle. I am tall so "I am not a short hater" Plus Gisele is actually 5'9.5- 5'10 in real life she just says she 5'11
christina said on 7/Aug/07
im going to be a freshman in high school this year and i am 5'9" 1/2 and im not insecure about my height at all i think its awesome to be tall you get a little bit of an advantage in sports and stuff! dont be afraid to be tall just strut yo stuff!
mO said on 3/Aug/07
I THINK SHES 5'11 because when giselle was on there who is 5'11 and they were standing up both had heels on, they were the same height, so I dont think shes 5'10 anymore.
BigT said on 31/Jul/07
next to David Blaine during a magic trick for sum reason 6'0" blaine looked bout 3 1/2 inches taller than her
Alisha said on 25/Jul/07
yea tyra said that she's about 5'10 1/2 give or take a lil i'm sure. but hey i'm going in to my freshman year of highschool and i'm 5'6 im almost right there with some of the guys sometimes i'm a lil insecure becaus i'm taller then everyone in my family and i'm only an inch away from my dad. but it's ok i have a beautiful face. i may b flat chested, have big feet but god made me & trya n we're both beautiful<333
natty said on 19/Jul/07
hey tyra is definitely 5ft 10". i am that tall and when i have heels on i am over 6ft tall. stop hating alll u short peeps!
kboogie said on 18/Jul/07
I met Tyra Banks at the NAACP Image awards. I'm 5'7 and she was MUCH taller than me and in heels. I'll give her about 5'10.
annonymous said on 9/Jul/07
she looks much taller than 5'10. I always thought she was around 6'
Billy said on 27/Jun/07
Saw her next to Shannon Tweed (5'10") and they were same height.
A Fan said on 19/Jun/07
Yeah, Tyra looks about 5'10 or 5'11 and with her shoes she's about 6'. I have seen her on her show when she had no heels on and she was much taller than the girls from Danity Kane ( when they had tall heels on) Tall is beautiful!
A Fan said on 19/Jun/07
Yeah,Tyra looks about 5'10 or 5'11. I was watching her show and she was standing next to Danity Kane and she looked very tall compared to the other girls when Tyra didn't have heels on and Danity Kane members did! It's a true beauty to be tall!
iknowheight said on 30/May/07
Tyra Banks is 5'11" as an avid watcher of her talk show and American's Next Top Model, she's STATED she is 5'11"
Kayte said on 26/May/07
I thought she was 5'11. Im 15, and Im as tall or taller than her.
Anonymous said on 17/May/07
Whoa shes a really tall girl and beautiful too. I seen her TV talk show and yeah she look around 5'10", because in heels she looks like 6'1" or so.
Viper said on 9/May/07
So that makes Keibler 5-9.

[Editor Rob: yes, banks does look taller, although tyra's heel style looks bigger. Banks could be the one who is 179cm and kiebler might be rounding up.]
supes78 said on 8/May/07
Rob, check out this youtube clip. Tyra Banks (in high heels) with 5'11" Stacy Keibler (also in high heels);
Click Here
At around the 3 minute mark, they stand next to each other and Tyra is actually taller by an inch it looks like. Tyra also looked taller when Stacy initially came out, but that's not on this clip.
aleiah said on 4/May/07
Are you kidding tyra banks is definely not 5'8,5'9,She is absolutely 5'10 no doubt
Al said on 1/May/07
I also saw her at the Daytime Emmy's and she looked almost the same height as me with heels on (6'1).

Hey Brooke, at least the other people that criticized Tyra actually contributed to her HEIGHT discussion. I believe right above the box where you put your name it says "Add a comment about their HEIGHT." This is, not You're at the wrong site.
Melissa said on 20/Apr/07
I went to the Daytime Emmy's and met her.. I'm 5'9 and she seemed A LOT taller than me, I'd say 6' but she did have heals on, so who knows. I'm a huge fan, but she seemed kinda rude.
Anonymous said on 5/Apr/07
On her show when Flavour Flav was a guest, she goes on a date with him and "raps" that she's 5ft 9 ...maybe nothing rhymed with 5ft 10.
Brooke said on 29/Mar/07
Karl wrote on here that Tyra's show is a joke and I totally agree, in almost
every show she either talks about America's Next top model this or I was a supermodel that. Her audience even seems like they have been told to react to things a certain way or to go along with anything Tyra tells them. She says she is down to earth and stuff but i THINK YOU ARE RIGHT she's a self important ass.
cr said on 29/Mar/07
i have always liked elle macpherson but just learnt she is 6ft!! and im 5ft 11. I think she is a great role-model
Courtney Ratliff said on 22/Mar/07
Are u sure that Tyra banks is only 5'10, because she looks like 6'0 or almost like 6'2.
Karyn said on 26/Feb/07
I'm a woman who stands exactly six feet tall barefoot. For most of my life I tried to make myself look shorter. Now, I wear heels any chance I can. Tyra who?
footballed28 said on 26/Feb/07
well murko half an inch is half an inch you big deal but when a bald guy who is exactly 6'0 is standing right next to a bald guy 6'0 1/2 you can see the height difference folks if you want to be taller start growing your hair like Marge Simpson
Jewel said on 21/Feb/07
she said she was 5 11'' at one point and on her talkshow she said 5 10''
murko said on 16/Feb/07
i think she is 5'10", and footballed who cares one bit about a half an inch round, its not the end of the world calm down
kaching said on 11/Feb/07
No way tyra banks is 5 ft 10 i mean if you look @ youtube for Fresh Prince - Blood Is Thicker Than Mud you can see her and will smith from the side, will should be 1.91m and even if he has sneakers on it doesnt matter she is listed to tall or will has listed to small:P
footballed28 said on 6/Feb/07
it is unfair to say women "never" exaggerate their height...some do and some dont...just like men. I roomed with a guy in college who always claimed to be 6'1 even tho his exact height is 6'1 2/ closer to 6'2..there are people who think they can get away with rounding up/down their height slightly and wont go noticed...well, I have really sharp eyes and can detect the slightest exaggeration
Karl said on 6/Feb/07
she's definitely 5' 10". Her talk show is a joke I must say, she's such a pompous, self important ass with some serious issues!
jason said on 1/Feb/07
dmeyer i have followed you for a whiled and youre coments are great, what ever you say i also think in most of the cases, desama here with tyra banks, nice!
sfranks said on 5/Jan/07
much smaller in person went to see tyler perry's play she sat in front of me got up couple of mins prior to intermission couldn't tell she was standing mysister pointed out who she was i said aren't we noami people anyways?
dmeyer said on 5/Jan/07
she is over 5'10 in the morning
benovahur said on 4/Jan/07
i just saw the tyra show and she was doing a rap with flava-flav about herself...and she said she was 5'9
mr me too said on 4/Jan/07
5'10" seems right. Chingy was on her show yesterday and both had on sneakers, He was half an inch taller than her, he's listed as 5'10 and a half.
dmeyer said on 2/Jan/07
could be a hair over 5'10
J. said on 29/Dec/06
On a recent episode of Tyra's talk show, she showed a copy of her old modeling license. Her height was listed as 5'10".
ADO said on 28/Dec/06
I always knew that Tyra was tall but I belive she is way taller than 5'10". I always thought that she was 6'.
Derek said on 9/Dec/06
She's a solid 6'1" in heels, so 5'10" barefoot is reasonable.
~Nate~ said on 7/Dec/06
LOL Tyra towers over EVERY woman and a lot of men she stands next to so 5'8-5'9 is most defnitely out of the question I'd say 5'10 bare minimum barefoot. She towered over 5'8-5'9 Mariah at the Oprah gig as well as Beyonce and Mary J Blige.

[Editor Rob: she once said 6 foot...]
fused said on 17/Nov/06
In the second season of her show, she recited a rap she wrote in the ninth grade (which puts her at about 14-15). One of the lines was "I'm 5'9"". There's no way she's shorter than that. I even have a hard time believing she's only 5'10" like she says because she looks a lot taller than other women that height while wearing the same sized heels.
RP said on 1/Nov/06
Tyra is 5'10. On her show she stood next in heels to Brooke Hogan who was the same height as her (in heels). Tyra asked how tall Brooke was who answered "5'11! You?" she answered: "I'm 5'10. Beaten by an inch!"
Ty said on 15/Oct/06
She said she was 5'10 on the tyra banks show.
Come on said on 13/Oct/06
Tyra said she was 5'8 in the 8th grade (when she started to model)... that puts her at the age of 14. obviously she grew between 14 and 21. So I totaly belive she's all of 5'10 now.
shygirl said on 3/Sep/06
Tyra went on a height chart on her show? How many of you can witness this?
Leah said on 1/Sep/06
Okay, Tyra is a model...therefore she has to tell people she's tall (that's one of the job requirements). I wouldn't buy her, "Yeah, I'm 5'10"," for anything, especially since she keeps changing her height-story. People exaggerate their height (I even had a friend the other day tell me she's 5'8"-which is impossible because I'm 5'7" and taller). Therefore, I'd give her 5'8/9".
IMGmodL said on 1/Sep/06
Tyra is 5'10", but what i don't understand is why on America's Next Top Model, she always looks about 8 feet taller than the other girls, because some of those girls on that show are taller than Tyra! Especially when she did those photos with 5' 10" Nicole Linkletter, she honestly looked about 6 inches taller than her i don't understand, they were both wearing heels!
Vikki said on 23/Aug/06
she went on a hieght chart on her show and she was 5"10. Now thats that sorted! get over it.
5-10chick said on 20/Jul/06
yeah she 5'10 and a half she said it on her show
Joe said on 17/Jul/06
About 5'11 to 6'. She was in flats on her talk show when i was in the audience. i'm 5'6, seemed about 5inches above me and I was wearing quite thick shoes.
Chelsea said on 2/Jun/06
She is 5'10 and a half b/c she even said it on her talk show when she had Queen Latifah on there on they were playin'basketball!!!!!!!!!!! So there is the truth
5'10chick said on 25/May/06
im 5'10 and im obsessed with heights and I know heights well, and tyra was 5'10 but it seem likes she 5'11 now because she was on wild n out and nick canon is like 6 feet or 5'11 and she was exactly an inch shorter
Ad said on 8/May/06
I heard her in one TV interview that top models ought to be at least 5'8 or 5'9 at least.

She wasnt asked of her height directly but mubbled it out nevertheless as she trailed off when the host interupted her.

He commented that she IS really TALL when they both stood up to scale each other. He claimed to be 6'4 ( in formal shoes) and Tyra was only a wee bit shorter than he was and she had on only modest 3-4 inch heels.

She mubbled ... 5'10 ..... and yes.... I heard her... saw the comparison made there and then.... as well as comparing her with the ANTM contestants ( all of which are tall gals) ..... she towers over them.

I believe her... she's 5'10 ... Period.

eleonora said on 5/May/06
i am a girl recently arrived from italy i am 182 centimetres and 17 yrs old so i wanted to try being a model. at the agency i saw tyra banks and she seemed even taller than me but maybe its because i wear converse shoes and she wears high heels?
Kats said on 19/Apr/06
Thanks ds. I've never read details like that for requirements. I've heard 5'9 is often considered minimum. But you are so right... there are exceptions. This Tyra story is definitely curious to me. I most recently said she is probably 5'9, but I still feel like she is more. Maybe she measures 5'10 and the story about her not being chosen solely on her being too short is bogus. We'll see. No one has given me the real story yet.

Haha, George, you have got to be joking around! There is no freaking way she is only 5'7! She is noticably taller than many models, and they definitely are not 5'5!
george said on 17/Apr/06
Are u kidding 5.10? I met her few times and I'm 5.9 i had good 2 in on her maybe even more,once i had a sneakers 310 it's like 1 santimeters max an she had kind of lil hills so SHE IS 5.7 TOPS!!!
ds said on 14/Apr/06
Hmm Kats, I read the height requirement for agencies in NYC was 5'10" for runway. Sometimes they accept 5'9". But then why are Kate Moss, Heidi Klum, Milla Jovocic (spell?), and Alessandra Ambrosio all FAMOUS runway models, when they're clearly under 5'10". There are plenty of 5'7"'s and 5'8"'s. Looking at Tyra Banks, she def. a solid 5'10" plus.
Kats said on 8/Apr/06
All right... so if she's between 5'10-5'11 that could explain why she has given both heights. Is the story true that she claimed she had trouble getting into modeling partially because she wasn't tall enough? With that story went a claim of "5'9." Z2 below did discuss this and mentioned "picky agencies" not excepting her for not hitting the 5'10 mark...

Anyone else care to explain this?
ChrisW said on 8/Apr/06
On Top Model, Tyra has stated several times that she is 5'11. Most recently, there is a girl on Top Model (Sara) who is around 6'2 or something. But Tyra said that she is really tall at that height, because people say Tyra is tall and she is 5'11, which is on the higher end for female models.

[Editor Rob: I think one time I'm sure she mentioned 6ft, but she has said 5ft 11 and in the past 5ft 10...somewhere in between those might be nearer, 179cm]
kenneth p said on 7/Apr/06
shes more like5"9(1.75m) bare foot to me.. Models always puts on heels.. Hardly tell their exagerate height by eye..
ds said on 5/Apr/06
5'8" is ridiculous!!! She's 179 cm thats why she says 5'10 and 5'11"...
Kats said on 4/Apr/06
K, k... so Tyra grew? Because before she has said 5'10. Now that she says 5'11 that means she grew!!!! Oh boy!!

The better guess is she is lying both times. Her being 5'9 and being taller than other models I think makes them shorter. *gasp* could some models that claim to be a certain height be lying too?????????????????????????????

How do we REALLY KNOW Gisele is 5'11? Please.
k said on 31/Mar/06
ok tyra is 5'11 she recently stated it on americas next top model and she is one of the taller models
nou-nou said on 30/Mar/06
I think that Tyra is about 5'10- 5'11 because i saw a pic of her standing next to Gisele Bundchen and they look roughly the same height, and Gisele is 5'11. Oh and they were both wearing flip-flops.
Kats said on 25/Mar/06
I'm going to have to recant my 5'10-5'11 conclusion and put her at 5'9. Her large oval head has created an illusion of more height for me--although some people disagree that oval faces do such a thing, I still believe it to be true. It's funny if she really is 5'9, because she towers over many females, and other 5'9 claimers don't seem to as much as Tyra. It's slight evidence that 5'9 claimers are usually liars. Tyra's a legit 5'9er and that is TALL.

My guess now is more on her show are 5'7 than is admitted. Some even a little less...
Anonymous said on 21/Mar/06
I really think Glenn knows what's up. 5'9".
JJ said on 18/Mar/06
It's harder to gauge her height because she has a large forehead. But she has to be 5'10" or a bit taller.
Jake said on 15/Mar/06
Tyra is not 5'11". Probably not even 5'10".
Jamie said on 12/Mar/06
When watching America's Next Top Model, comparing her height to the other girls is usually a pretty good way to detect her height. She's usually on par with the taller girls (5'10-5'11), and is taller than the shorter girls (obviously). I'd say she's 5'10-5'11.

Regardless, she really has no reason to lie now that she's retired and no longer needs to rely on booking work.
Glenn said on 10/Mar/06
I used to be a celebrity photog in the early nineties and then found selling autographs more lucrative in Im a height enforcer too!
J.J.F said on 10/Mar/06
She was listed at 5'9" by her modelling agency when she started out in the 90's. Will see if i can find the article.
Anonymous said on 10/Mar/06
Tyra is 5'11".She is the right height for a runway model,but too big in front and the butt
Anonymous said on 9/Mar/06
Glenn, I think you and I know what's up. What do you do for a living? Or are you just blessed with many star sightings?
And Annonymous, I really met Latifah about five days ago now, and it is pretty clear to me that she's 5'8".
Anonymous said on 9/Mar/06
hahaha 5'9 gimme a break..
She looks sooo tall... like 5'10 / 5'11...
Queen Latifa is around 5'10 so...!
Glenn said on 8/Mar/06
She is 5-9.
Anonymous said on 7/Mar/06
You know what's weird, Queen Latifa is only 5'8" or 5'9" (just met her in L.A. and Glenn confirms with me). But she was the exact same height as Tyra on Tyra's show last night. I think Tyra must be closer to 5'9".
T-coleman said on 7/Mar/06
It's possible that she is 5ft 10. But when I look at her on her show, I see her to be about 5'11".
naeemah said on 5/Mar/06
a couple of months back i saw tyra banks in paris..and i am just touchin the scale of 5'10..n she was lyk a bit taller than me so she must be about 5'10 or 5'11..she's so sweet ..she told me i should do modeling..and she said she loved my bone structure...
nic said on 5/Mar/06
i was 5'6 when i was 12 and im now 17 and i only grew 2 inches i went to a modeling call when i was your age and they thought i was going to be really tall so you never know
Jake said on 5/Mar/06
Tyra seems to me to be very close to 5'10", however not quite.
khulan said on 3/Mar/06
i am 12 and i am trying to be a model myself. I have been throught diffrent kind of agencees and i am 5'5 or 5'6 i think i am gonna be too tall to be a model when i grow up so i was trying to figure out how tall was tyra when she was 12.
bikagyura said on 3/Mar/06
5' 11 is very possible
Kats said on 1/Mar/06
I'm actually confused by Tyra when I see her on ANTM next to the contestants and she is 3-4 inches taller than them. I saw last season's finale again tonight and she looked at least 2 inches taller than the winner who is listed as 5'9... this supposed 5'9 girl looks 2 inches taller than a few of the contestants, making them 5'7. It would be weird if the 5'9 girl is less than that, making the supposed 5'7 people less--when 5'7 is supposed to be the shortest allowed (although a past winner is listed as 5'6 1/2 nowadays). So is Tyra really 5'11? Their heels looked the same, but maybe there was an advantage I couldn't detect with Tyra's. I still think she is 5'10 since she's said it. I doubt she's downgraded herself. Maybe some of the contestants on her show are shorter than listed...

Trya does seem to tower over the majority of females I see her with, but even 5'10 will do that.
Rae said on 17/Feb/06
I hope I wasn't misunderstood. When I said Tyra must fool many I never meant that she was lying about her height. I meant that a lot of people probably, like me, percieve her to be taller. I'm 5'3 so I guess a lot of people seem like giants to me. Tyra's A Beautiful 5'10! By the way, I rely only on this site for heights. :)
rockstar said on 16/Feb/06
Tyra wouldn't be lying about her height!? I mean honestly why does she need to? She is already a georgeous sucessful woman. I dont understand howcome people always have to contradict the celebrity. I understand that sometimes a celebrity on the shorter end of the spectrum may exaggerate their as not to be embarassed - if they are not comfortable with themselves - however, Tyra is already plenty tall and a confident female. If she says she is 5'11', I believe that she is 5'11'!
Rae said on 16/Feb/06
Tyra must fool many then. I thought for sure she was closer to 5'11, even taller. Remenber her with Will Smith on Fresh Prince? Must be all the heels.
smokeblower said on 14/Feb/06
She is taller than nick cannon. she stood next to him on wild n out and she appeared to be a cm taller than him in trainers. Unfortunately I do not remember the shoes Nick had on.
Brett said on 13/Feb/06
Another thing, Tyra was right next to the Height chart too, and in her big heels, she was not more then the 6'0" mark, so I dont think she is more then 5'10" barefooted. Considering the chart was there to make that Blonde guy feel better ( about being 6ft in 3 inch shoes, which is rather pointless), there is more of a chance that it was a doctored chart, and that it could be less then it really is. Either way Tyra was on the 6'0, or 6'0.25" mark in her heels.
Brett said on 13/Feb/06
I saw the Tyra Banks show ( god knows why), and she said openly she was 5'10" , it was the episode where that blonde feminine guy from " next top model" was on the show, and he was angry because everyone thought he was only 5'9". So they bought out this height chart, to measure him, and Tyra said he was 6'1" haha, the only problem is, his head was lower the the 6'0" mark, and he said he was wearing lifts, so he probably is 5'9" barefooted, and that segment seemed like it kind of back fired on him, and was kind of pointless. Either way, she said she was 5'10" then and there, and the Blonde Dude really is no more then 5'9"-10 either. Why cant we all get measured in 3 inch lifts hahaha
ds said on 8/Feb/06
And Jerricette I hate people who greatly underestimate celebrity heights...I mean when you haven't met the celeb and you're saying she's way below her listed height even when there's no proof she is. 5'8" is RIDICULOUS!!!
ds said on 30/Jan/06
Ok I saw 5'10" and 5'11" as her lsitings. The I saw 5'10.5" and I thought perfect. Okay I'm 172 cm (5'7.75" And I always say I'm 5'7", because I don't feel like saying 5'7.5" or 5'7.75", cept for modeling I will and that's the only time i might round up to 5'8". So maybe she doesn't want to sound like an idiot, and be like 'I'm 5'10 and a half' or quearter or w/e. Get it? But I always considered her REALLY tall, I don't really see Adriana Lima or Heidi Klum as that tall. And om Heidi Klum is like my height, I met her and she is like 174 cm max. Maybe even 173...but I'll give her 174...
bex said on 29/Jan/06
yeh nxt, whether you get accepted into an agency, it really doesnt matter how tall u r, really. it largely depends on how defined ure features r, n how skinny u r. it also largely depends on where u live, coz if u live in a small town wit no modellling agencies, then u wont get seen very much. take me for example, im 5'10 n am told to b very thin, but as i dont live in a big city or anywhere with modelling agencies, i havnt been able to c whether i could b average height or anythhing in the modelling world. i also think that tyra is one of the most gawjus ppl i hav seen, n wen shes on tha catwalk, she seems to b taller than 6ft in heels. its basically all bout how u present ureself.
Nxt Top model said on 21/Jan/06
i Am tall and i do modelling and i am smaller then tyra not by much and i am 13 so i am hopefull be next top model like her and she is my agent! aint that cool if u wont any advise please contact me in yellow pages luv Me n Tyra xxx
Anonymous said on 31/Dec/05
Why do tall celebrities always downplay their height?!? its really no big deal if your a woman 5'11 or taller.being tall does have its advantages! i think Tyra's 5'11" at least. thats what they used to list her as being,and now all of a sudden she's 5'9"-5'10".i think shes at least 5'11 but no taller than 5'11.75
blah~ said on 30/Dec/05
i think she's 5'11"-ish..i was watching her show and todays episode was on her retiring from modeling..and there was a clip where she was standing right next to heidi klum, and tyra was a good 2~3 inches taller than heidi klum, considering this website says klum is 5'9..they didn't show what type of shoes they were both wearing but im pretty sure they were wearing heels of similiar height because they were backstage for the victoria's secret show thingie. whatever tyras too fat to model HAHA!
Jerricette said on 29/Dec/05
I think her height is overrated! She is also not top black model ever! Her boobs looks nice. But she cannot beat Naomi Campbell. Personally I think she is about 5,8 or 5,9
ds said on 19/Dec/05
Okay 5'8" is completely ridiculous!!! Where did you hear that? Maybe she's contradicting herself. She said that when she was a freshman she was 50 pounds lighter than she is now and almost 5'10". MEaning that she probably grew since 14 or 15 and is now above 5'10". I dunno if she is 5'11, but a little above 5'10" at the least. I downgrade myself all the time, by like almost an inch, because I don't wanna seem like I'm lying for like model ing and stuff like that. (I know you're supposed to actually give your self like an inch...
JeffiePoo said on 13/Dec/05
That is not that tall my GMa was born 1900 and was 5 - 11
While mom was born in 1925 and was 5-10.5
And frankley both of them were better looking Conneticut Yankees!
KlipsKlops said on 8/Dec/05
I think she's downgrading herself. She just seems to be at the very least 5'11" but no taller than 5'11.75" If anyone saw the finale of America's Next Top Model yesterday, she towered over the tallest girl who is 5'9" while they both wore heels. It was about a 4 inch difference.
Wendy. said on 6/Dec/05
That's Cool, Tyra. I'm 5'8" and a half with tennis shoes, heh.
moe said on 4/Dec/05
Tyra is 5'8" she even said it on one of her shows and she said it on Regis & Kelly. She also said on her show that it was hard for her to get jobs modeling ( runway) before because she was too short for runway.
eman said on 20/Nov/05
about 510-511 I say. she is a good looking woman & it is hard to say because I have only seen her an tv.
ds said on 10/Nov/05
No way is Tyra Banks 5'8.5"! Are you kidding me? She's above 5'10", I think 5'10-5'11" is the most realistic. Since she was a good 2 inches taller than 5'9"(which I doubt) Heidi Klum, and Heidi had heels that were 1-2 inches higher than Tyras. No way is Tyra 5'9" either. Are you kidding me?
Chloee said on 7/Nov/05
Rae said on 29/Oct/05
I am 5'11 exactly ...a few years ago I saw Tyra Banks at the mall and I stood next to her to get something and she TOWERED over me. I'm pretty sure that she was wearing heals but I remember thinking that she was so freaking tall... especially since most woman are never taller than I am.. she HAS to be over 5'10
Americas best model said on 9/Oct/05
With her shoes off she is 5 10
J. said on 23/Sep/05
I was watching Tyra's talk show this morning for the hell of it. Nick Cannon was the guest. Tyra had on roller skates when she greeted Nick and was about two inches taller, although Cannon was slouching on his way to the stage. Anyway, during the interview, there was some mention of height. Nick said "When I was in high school, I was like Emmanuel Lewis, I was only 5'2" so it's weird that girls want me now". Then when asked by Tyra by what kind of women he likes, he playfully says "Eh, long hair, about 5'10", have their own show" ... of course referencing Tyra. Later on the show, Nick and Tyra both did celebrity impersonations. Both had sneakers on and were shot from what seemed liked a close up while standing right next to each other. They appeared to be the same height. BUT when shot from a normal angle that didn't favor Tyra, Nick was a good 2-3 inches taller than her. So, I think Nick's 6'0" and Tyra's in the 5'9"- 5'10" range. I will say that camera angles do a lot to distort perceptions of height because if I didn't know better I would think Tyra was a 6 footer too.
smokeblower said on 22/Sep/05
On the Tyra Banks show yesterday she stated she was 5'10". Yet a height chart was brought out to measure the photography director of America's Next Top Model. He was 6'1" with boots on and Tyra was 6 feet. Tyra had on 4 inch heels and was only 6 feet. I have to believe she is 5'9" at best, probably 5' 8.5".
~Nate~ said on 25/Aug/05
Ok I have a friend that tried to get into the modeling world who has had the opportunity to meet her. My friend is a tad over 5'9 and she claimed that when she met Tyra Banks they were both wearing sandals and that She had to look way up to Tyra she says maybe Tyra is 5'11 and change.
Jay said on 18/Aug/05
Tyra is 5"10 as stated on this site, she said so herself on an episode of America's Next Top Model during season four.
Z2 said on 3/Aug/05
Turning her down for not being 5'10" was THEIR(the agency)decision. She WAS close to 5'10", but the agency didn't want her. Tyra was on t.v. talking about her earlier struggle--and she said that the agencies were "picky." You may think it's stupid that the agency didn't take Tyra for not being 5'10", but that's what Tyra said.
Z2 said on 2/Aug/05
"raj"--what doesn't make sense? First of all, not all models are between 5'8" and 5'11". They "make" models careers all the time, models who are 5'4",5'6" or 5'7". These "shorter" models certainly don't have the height requirement, but maybe the agency liked their face or their look. So, with Tyra being 5'9", she went through some picky agencies. Those particular agencies turned her down because they wanted someone taller. Tyra herself has said agencies turned her away because she was: too tall, too short, too black, too white, etc. These agencies were just very picky. 5'6"-5'8"(is catalogue & commercial), 5'9" and up is "runway" & sometimes fashion. But some agencies like 5'10" and up and that's why Tyra was turned down because of picky agencies.
Z2 said on 1/Aug/05
To answer your question "Evangeline"-- Tyra was turned down by some picky agencies because they will take a 5'9" model, but what modeling agencies really like, is a 5'10" model. Tyra is 5'9", so when she went in, some agencies told her she was too short. Like I said before, she built a name and started saying she was 5'10". Tyra went further with her own t.v. show and she now says she is 5'11".
Evangeline said on 26/Jul/05
She's 5 ft 10 or so that's what she claims to be during the fourth season of america's next top model.That's pretty tall for a lady,how come those agencies turn her down?Is it cuz she was a tad shorter than 5'10" when she went looking for model agencies?
Z2 said on 16/Jul/05
A few years ago, Victoria's Secret aired on t.v. which showed Tyra. As soon as Tyra came out to walk the runway, a pop-up bubble with Tyra's stats came up. It had Tyra at 5'9". Tyra even said at the beginning of her career she was considered too short when some agencies looked at her. Since then, she built a name and said she was 5'10". After going further with her own t.v. show, she now says she's 5'11".

[Editor Rob: lol, the thing is she actually does look 5ft 10 to me...but no way 5ft 11...]
hmm said on 16/May/05
She's 5'10" - 5'11" Because when she was on the Steve Harvey Morning Show she said she was 5'11" and on America's Next Top Model

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