How tall was Aaliyah

Aaliyah's Height

5ft 5 (165.1 cm)

American singer and actress best remembered for songs such as "One in a Million", "Try Again", "Miss You" and films Queen of the Damned and Romeo Must Die.

How tall is  Aaliyah
Aaliyah & Jet Li
Photo © S_bukley / DepositPhotos

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Average Guess (86 Votes)
5ft 4.97in (165cm)
Beauty said on 19/Mar/23
Carlos Santana said on 8/Aug/22
5'5" rest easy babygirl🕊
Babygurl said on 13/Jun/21
Aaliyah was between 5’4 and 5’5. You can look at a picture or interview with her and the spice girls on mtv. She was short compared to them, she was closer to baby spice height. You guys do know jet li is only 5’5. Wiki lies about celebrities heights all the time.
anongirly222 said on 28/Mar/21
she was around 5'5...did y'all not see the heels? there is a pic of her with carmen electra. Carmen electra is 5'2.5. Aaliyah is about 5'5.
Asharah Blanton said on 16/Mar/21
She's def not 5'5. She was taller than jet li in romeos must die and jet like is 5'6. Aaliyah was DEFINITELY 5'7 or 5'7 and a half
Brandon Thomas said on 22/Dec/19
5'4 is actually how tall she was. I even knew some people who got to meet her in person and they've all told me she was surprisingly short.
Miracle said on 19/Aug/19
Aaliyah was actually 5’4”. She said so in an interview in 1995. I doubt she grew 3.5 inches.
Sev said on 23/Sep/18
Aaliyah was 5'7 1/2
Canson said on 17/Mar/18
Hmmm. 5’5” is tops
BilboBaggins12 said on 16/Mar/18
All the wing nuts below suggesting that Aaliyah was anywhere from 5' 6" to a whopping 5' 9", lol. NO WAY. Aaliyah was 5' 5" TOPS. In a video from the red carpet at some MTV Awards, you see Aaliyah talking to 5' 7" Beyonce (SCREECHyonce!) Knowles, where they're both wearing similar height heels, and it's obvious Aaliyah is a couple of inches shorter than her. But she isn't quite 'dwarfed' by Beyonce Knowles either. So... 5' 5" seems right for Aaliyah.
ESmooth said on 16/Oct/17
She is definitely 5'5 Because when you look back at Romeo must die she stood by jet li and jet Li is 5'6 . He looks about it inch taller than she is.
Lucky said on 3/Aug/17
She looks very tall to me in viedo Rock the boat. I would of guessed 5/9.
Lucky said on 3/Aug/17
Always a sadd thing a feeling that good had to leave this world too soon. I often wonder just how huge she would of become. No doubt Aaliyah really not second to anyone. The pain for the family each time . very sorry.
Jd said on 22/May/17
She was picked on in school for being short, unless she had some kinda of growth spurt, she was not 5'7
anyonmious said on 19/Nov/16
She is only 5'2"
Insey said on 29/Jul/16
Her bone structure is very small, she didn't look any taller than 5'4" honestly.
???? said on 8/Nov/15
Ginuwine is 6'2 Busta Rhymes is 6'1 if you look at pics of her with them 5'7 seems about right
Sonleinz said on 2/Apr/14
She definitely didn't look 5' 7". I've seen enough people of genuine 5' 7" height, in person and on TV, to know that Aaliyah was not that height. 5' 5" is more accurate, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that height for a woman anyway.
Efoersaan said on 23/Mar/14
She looked near the height of Li in Romeo Must Die. 165 cm is way more plausible than 167 cm.
AaliyahLover said on 12/Jan/14
Aaliyah is 5'7 1/2. She isn't 5'5.
Shelb said on 30/Jul/13
Yeah, 5'5" is not "way above average".
avgheightguy said on 12/Apr/13
5'6 or 5'7 for a girl is way above average here in the states. Beautiful actress seemed taller like 5'9
someone said on 30/Dec/12
5'6 or 5'7 pretty tall? nowhere in the western world!its a painfully average height where i live
Maria said on 1/Jan/12
She was 5'6 or 5'7 she was pretty tall :)
leonari said on 26/Sep/11
James: Ridiculous. 5'5" . Never more.
James said on 26/Sep/11
Aaliyah was 5'7 1/2 to be exact
linxz said on 11/Sep/11
I think either an upgrade is needed for Aaliyah or downgrade for DMX look at this live performance @ the beginning of the video they are pretty close in height and Aaliyah is wearing sneakers Click Here
Linx said on 7/May/11
I think she is prob 5'6 she is taller than 5'4 Stacy Dash
cj said on 23/Apr/11
Ginuwine is def over 6' i hung out with him im 5'10" and he was at least four inches taller that me
Prince said on 26/Jan/11
Im a hard car aaliyah fan i dont care if she was 4'10" or 6'1" she was smoking hot! But for the record, she stood 5'6" ;)
Amitabh bachhan said on 12/Jan/11
Height 5.5ft
josh said on 14/May/09
im the one that wrote that comment not anonymous sorry about that
Anonymous said on 14/May/09
i always knew she wasnt 5ft7 especially when i saw her next to 5-11 dmx in the music video they did toghether for the romero must die soundtrack so i say she was 5-5 tops
Leyna said on 12/Mar/09
I think she 's 5'5" coz she has the same height as Da Brat(listed at 5'5") on that video Click Here
Olivia said on 21/Feb/09
I see a red carpet vid with her and Beyonc
Anonymous said on 6/Nov/08
was shorter than Beyonce and Beynce is 5'6''
C. said on 2/Nov/08
Aaliyah was taller than Beyonce, which is why I believe the 5'7" claim (although I remember her being listed at a shade under 5'8" before). Unless Beyonce is shorter than 5'6"...
Anon said on 22/Sep/08
I think the folks saying Aaliyah was 5'7" are about right. She was taller than 5'5". Granted, she had a long and lean look, so that could increase her perceived height. Taller than 5'5", though.
shquetta said on 17/Sep/08
she is 5'7 because see how she stands next to beyonce who is 5'6 but beyonce weight like 20 pounds more than aaliyah aan how shes taller than jet li adn almost up dare wit damon and r kelly she is preety tall
Bruce said on 24/Jul/08
she is a full 5'7.5" b'cos i met her at a concert in 2000 and she was nearly my cousin's height who is 5'8"
diana said on 27/May/08
yeah she's def. not 5'7 . i saw her on a jay leno interview and i was shocked how much smaller than him she was. Lucky her, all her height went to her legs so she looked taller than she was...
JokeMaster said on 6/Apr/08
Q: Why did the cookie go to the hospital?
A: It was feeling crumby.
C. said on 2/Feb/08
A 5'3" woman can never look 5'7", unless they are wearing MASSIVE heels.
Jada said on 22/Jan/08
She looked tall because she has a long torso and was thin, but Aaliyah was no more than 5'3." I worked with her several times and she was a petite little thing. Missy Elliot is short 5'0" I believe. So, with heels, Aaliyah would tower over her.
Arekah said on 19/Jan/08
I was one of Aaliyah's tour dancers, and I'm 5"9'...she was 5"8 even with no shoes on
C. said on 10/Jan/08
If I can recall she was taller than Jet Li in "Romeo Must Die", NOT shorter. Because people kept on talking about that. And with Beyonce, both of them were wearing heels around the same size and Aaliyah was still taller. If Beyonce is listed at over 5'6", there's no way Aaliyah is 5'5".

As for these 5'2", 5'3" claims, you must be having delusions. The woman never looked petite in height. Maybe in body frame, but that's a completely different thing altogether. Back when she started out with Missy and the whole crew, she really towered over Missy, and wasn't that much shorter than Ginuwine.

Timbo must wear lifts now, but not in the past. Because back then he was around Aaliyah's height. The 5'7" now makes sense.
mo said on 30/Dec/07
no, i dont think she was very short. I have her dance tapes with fatima and shes pretty tall. I think 5'7 is right cause fatima is 5'8 or 5'9 and she looks very close to her height. Even in videos she doesn't look short. U can tell in the legs if she was 5'2.
Suma said on 27/Dec/07
It's really horrible how such a talent left so early. But, in most of her videos with Tim, seems like she was close to his height. Maybe it's just my imagination, though.
Mav said on 28/Sep/07
Aaliyah was very tiny. She was 5'3". She was very tiny...she might have been 5'2.5" tall.
MichaelJanetandAaliyahfan said on 4/Apr/07
Here is a video of Aaliyah in bare foot dancing with Missy Lil Kim and Da Brat
Click Here she isn't standing up straight but she towers over Missy and Kim
Jesse said on 7/Feb/06
There's a scene in Romeo Must Die where Jet Li and Aaliyah enter some sort of garage right before getting shot at. There's a full body shot of both Aaliyah and Jet Li including feet and Aaliyah looks to be about the same height as Jet Li. I can't remember if she was wearing heels in that scene, but if Jet Li's 5'6 and she was only his height then she can't be any taller than 5'6.
~Nate~ said on 28/Oct/05
Hmm Found an interesting pic of Destiny's Child with Aaliyah, it definitely makes a liar out of the "Anonymous" post who claims to have met
Ravey said on 9/Oct/05
She looks 5`7 1/2 to me cause remember back in the day she was always right up there with R kelly
Anonymous said on 28/Jun/05
I saw her in person and she was barely my height and I am 5'3.
J. said on 12/Mar/05
Hmm .. she's tricky. In photos with beau Damon Dash who is 5'10", 5'11"-ish, she does look 5'7". But I found a really good site with all types of rare photos of her. One has Beyonce and her standing face to face and they do look the same height. Plus photos with 5-foot-1 Lisa "Left Eye Lopes", 5-foot-1 Missy Elliott and 4-foot-11 Lil' Kim all do prove that she CLOSE to 5'7" but not on the dot. She was extremely thin which made her seem taller. I think she was 5'6" and some change.

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