How tall is Cr1TiKaL

Cr1TiKaL's Height

5ft 5 ½ (166.4 cm)

Charles White Jr. is an American Youtuber who has 10 million subscribers on his penguinz0 channel.
While this is a huge issue, why is no one talking about the lack of 5'6 superhero men? As a 5'6 man, I can't even watch superhero movies without feeling personally attacked by these muscular specimen that aren't as short as me. F**king stinky and makes me sick, wake up Hollywood
There’s a urinal at my gym that is up to my belly button :(
5 foot 6 men always getting $hit on even by piss machines
I’m 5’6, the height evolution wanted for the male species. Unfortunately I’m often insulted for achieving the golden height

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5ft 5.51in (166.4cm)
5'11james said on 26/Sep/23
Irongob said on 8/Feb/23
Hello Rob.
Check this out! Click Here
Watch the first minute of the video. Whaddya think? Let's assume the PVC pipe is exactly 5 feet as stated.
Editor Rob
5ft 6 range in sneakers beside the pole.
Jolapizza 6'0 1/2 said on 20/Dec/22
@Leighton Tang

Since Charlie struggles to even look 5'5.
I can't really see this guy much over 6'2
He's just about a head taller
heightPoirot said on 15/Dec/22
Rob, I think you should pass updated height listings to the homepage, so that we can know when someone's listing has been up or downgraded.
Jodie said on 11/Nov/22
i don’t know about 5’4 for charlie, i just can’t see him being that short at all.

also mizkif isn’t only 5’6, look at his video with haftor and you could see that definitely isn’t a 14 inch difference.

dude’s gotta be 5’7.5 while haftor is maybe strong-ish 6’8 range which would make sense with the 2 inch difference with charlie.
oguz said on 4/Oct/22
I am struggling to see anything more than 165cm after seeing him next to Mizkif who claims to be 5'6". Mizkif was not standing fully upright + he was just wearing socks and he still looked at least 3-4cm taller than Charlie who was wearing shoes and trying to look tall. He is most probably anywhere from 164-166cm.
brien said on 18/Sep/22
I think he is about 167cm in the morning and 165cm at night
Irongob said on 18/Sep/22

Even if you put Mizkif at 5'7, there is still at least a 2 inch difference between them in that picture.
Putting Cr1tiKaL at 5'5, at the most.

But that's without taking into account that he's wearing shoes, and Mizkif is not...
FriedChicken said on 17/Sep/22

We've already gone over this and concluded that Mizkif's claims are highly unreliable. He has claimed 5'5" and 5'8". It's more likely that he's in the 5'7" range. There is not a 14 inch difference between him and Hafthor.
Irongob said on 16/Sep/22
5' 5 & 1/2 still far too generous! More like 5'4 & 1/2.

Click Here

Guy on the left claims 5'6 - AND is only in socks, while Cr1TikaL is wearing shoes! There's an easy two inch difference here - how ever much of a difference would there be if they were both shoeless?!
FriedChicken said on 14/Sep/22
What convinced you for the downgrade, Rob?
Editor Rob
Seeing more of him over last year I think he is struggling to look a full 5ft 6
stephen dedalus said on 20/Aug/22
i'd honestly wager he's a strong 5'4" right before bed. there's too much evidence that he floats around 5'5" during the day.
Johnson Wright said on 13/Aug/22
To be honest he looks like he falls under 5’6.. Mabye 5’5 1/2 5’5 3/4 around there. I could be way off but he looks a little shorter than 5’6. I know 5’6 dudes that look taller than him. I’m gonna say he’s in the 5’5 range. I’ll say 5’5 3/4 he might be shorter tho think he’s closer to 5’5 1/4 I’ll just say 5’5 1/2.
Zlatan Omanovic said on 4/Aug/22
Him thinking he is 5’6 is not as funny as a you thinking he is 5’6. You are the most accurate and reliable source when it comes to height information. Look at the video when he’s playing golf, he is with a girl who’s like 5’3 and wearing 2-3 inch shoes and he’s smaller. Im honestly thinking he’s 5’4.5-5’5. His height is so irrelevant though he is a legend.
JeffBuckley said on 4/Aug/22
This guy is 5'4 and very diminutive, you know a 5'6 guy when you see one, and he is not one.

Mizkif who is known for being super honest disagreed with the internet calling him 5'9 and said ''I'm 5'7 and a quarter'' downgrading himself.

Now look at 5'7 and a quarter Mizkif next to Cr1tikal
Click Here

Mizkif is relaxed posture and Cr1tikal is really amplifying his height.
Mizkif is in socks and cr1tikal is wearing shoes that presumably give him a cm or 2.

You can see a 2 inch difference, let mizkif stand up straight and cr1tikal remove his shoes and you're seeing a clear 2+ inch difference here.

5'4 for Cr1tikal.
Editor Rob
The 5ft 5 argument is strong...but 5ft 4 I cannot see.
GodSaveTheQueenie said on 3/Aug/22
I'm pretty sure Mizkif is 5'6 at the most. In this clip Click Here he stands next to Babbsity who he claims at the end is 5'10 and looks about 4 inches shorter than her. And in this part of a video he did with Pokimane Click Here, he shows her his drivers license that shows 5'5, which he states is without shoes, then goes on to talk about wearing thick shoes and lifts.

In that video of Mizkif and Cr1TiKaL, Cr1TiKaL is wearing shoes and Miz isn't but Cr1TiKaL looks at least an inch shorter. So I'd say Cr1TiKaL is 5'5 max, probably even 5'4 range.
FriedChicken said on 2/Aug/22
Mizkifs height is really confusing and people will either tell you he's as short as 5'6" or as tall as 5'9" but i can't see him that tall. I would've guessed 5'7" or 5'8". Charlie i can't see being 5'4", he holds up well with Rob Gronkowski. I guess you can say he could be as short as 5'5" but i doubt anything under.
wumbr said on 2/Aug/22
@DieselPunk Again, Mizkif's claims are wildly unreliable, he has claimed as high as 5'9" and normally claims about 5'7 or 8, that clip was actually an homage to an earlier one where Mizkif claimed to be 5'7" to Charlie's 5'6", Charlie brings it up later and Mizkif agrees so
DieselPunk said on 31/Jul/22
I concur with FriedChicken, do you have a source for him saying he is 5'6 with shoes on, Lucid?
I've always assumed his 5'6 claim was honest, but that clip of him standing back to back with Mizkif, with Mizkif in socks, and still being an easy 2 inches shorter _despite wearing shoes_is making that claim look suspect.
If Mizkif is correct about his own height, then Charlie is not any more than 5'4.
mnecro2602 said on 28/Jul/22
Definitely not 5'6"

Click Here
Click Here
FriedChicken said on 16/Jul/22
Does anyone have a link to where he says he's 5'6 with shoes on?
Lucid said on 12/Jul/22
Lucid said on 11/Jul/22
I think you need to remember that just about everyone adds an inch. You're an expert Rob, and I know if you studied this guy you'd struggle to see him get over 5'5. He even said on stream ''I'm definitely 5'6'' and when someone called him out on it he said ''I'm 5'6 with my shoes on, so pretty much 90% of the time.''

I think he's 5'5 claiming 5'6, because everyone else does, but this height is accurate. You know he's 5'5.
Editor Rob
He was struggling to look 5ft 6 beside that other guy who claimed 5ft 6.
Mando Mandolin said on 7/Jul/22
Looks 5’5 3/4 just a tad under 5’6
wumbr said on 24/Jun/22
@FriedChicken anything mizkif says is wildly unreliable, he reguarly claims between 5'8" and 5'9" and a few times (to Charlie included) 5'7". I reckon Miz is about 170 or 171 and Charlie 167
FriedChicken said on 8/Jun/22
Click Here
Rob, Mizkif is claiming to be 5'6 and is taller than Charlie even though Charlie is wearing shoes and Mizkif in socks.
Editor Rob
Could struggle with much over 5ft 5, assuming the other guy is honest.
GodSaveTheQueen said on 24/May/22
If his friend is 6'4 then at the end of this video Click Here (his friend is on the far left) doesn't Critikal look 5'5 at the most?
Editor Rob
He could look 5ft 5-6 in that clip. Maybe the guy on the far left was a bit nearer to the camera, making him look taller.
slothee said on 31/Mar/22
His friend looks 6'3"-6'4". 192cm wouldn't surprise me.
FriedChicken said on 27/Mar/22
Charlie's friend claims 6 ft 4 and i think it's an honest claim. Maybe a fraction under at worst.
Leighton Tang said on 26/Mar/22
How tall does the guy in the grey shirt look?

Click Here
Editor Rob
He could look 6ft 4
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 25/Mar/22
Charles’s ‘other’ name reminds me of one of those revolting passwords! CryptICa£ would be more to the point! ☺️
Leesheff1985 said on 25/Mar/22
No more than a foot shorter than gronk this is what I looked like next to 6ft 6 1/4 Mark labbett and I'm 5ft 6 on the nose. 5ft 6 at the lowest for charles
5'6 dude said on 23/Mar/22
168cm on the spot
Chris 5'8 said on 23/Mar/22
5'5 at best
FriedChicken said on 21/Mar/22

Humor is subjective and it's really obvious when you watch his content that he could care less about being short, it's just an ongoing gag that he is short. He isn't the type of person to be insecure about his height but he will joke about it
mark thompson said on 21/Mar/22
@dan if you get to know him better through his videos you'll come to learn he's super cool and down to earth. i dont think he's bitter about his height i just think he genuinely doesn't care.
DanDanDanDanDanDan said on 20/Mar/22
None of the self depreciating jokes are funny and make him come across as anything other than bitter.
ChaosControl2 said on 20/Mar/22
If not 5’6 he’s pretty close I’d say
MaximusPrime04 said on 19/Mar/22
He measured his height as taller than 5’6, like 5’7 but obviously the method is weird but you can see that he is taller than 5’5 at least 5’5.5 probably an honest 5’6
MaskDeMasque 5'9.5 said on 19/Mar/22
I don't think his comment about superheroes is fair. Tom Holland is 5'6 range and plays Spiderman. Anyway, critical looks about 5'6.
Toby Barrett said on 19/Mar/22
he looks more 5 ft 5.5
khaled taban 5ft9 said on 19/Mar/22
Sorry, but he is 5ft5 1/2 at best.
Ian Omom said on 19/Mar/22
look more than a foot shorter than Rob Gronk, and still look a head shorter than slouching weak 6'5 Devon Larratt, with a tilt advantage too, i think he's a weak 5'6
ChristianPerkins said on 19/Mar/22
Looks right around 12" shorter than Gronk, but Gronk has camera advantage.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 18/Mar/22
If Charles is 5ft6 then his mate must be well in excess of 6ft.

5ft6 and a penguin! 🐧
The Height Guy said on 18/Mar/22
Hilarious dude, definitely 5'6 on the dot!
Juicy_pickles45 said on 18/Mar/22
Seems about right. Short men are so delicious #TaxEvasion
Black Noir said on 18/Mar/22
He’s a great youtuber, in that pic u gig there rob is that 12 inches between them?
Editor Rob
I think in footage of Gronk and penguinz0 there's an easy foot between them.
oguz said on 18/Mar/22
He had collaborated and made a video with Devon Larratt who I think is a legit 6'4,5"-6'5" guy and I think he didn't look taller than 5'5" there.
Daniel Lee said on 18/Mar/22
This guys is pathetic. 5'6 is his best characteristic
Phils said on 18/Mar/22
This is my first comment on this website so I’m pretty new at this but from his Instagram post with Devon Larrat , they both seem to have similar height lifts on and Id estimate in comparison to him he seems to be a little under 5’6 but also over 5’5 so 5’5 1/2 is a good guess
ChaosControl2 said on 18/Mar/22
Big fan of this guy, he does look 5’6
Harold Green 6'1 1/8(185.7cm) said on 18/Mar/22
Aye, cr1tikal finally got his page with celebheights, a lot of people did request him but yeah, he has now got his own page. I hope Maury Povich gets his own page soon but besides that, I have thought Cr1tikal looks taller because of his very slender body and also the fact that when he is by himself and you see through the camera angle, he does look tall but looks can deceive you. When posting with images with other image, I can definitely see him look short next to other people and his 5’6 claim does seem very reasonable. I really enjoyed Cr1tikal’s satire humor content and his video game commentary as well and it is definitely a nice addition to have with celebheights.
Jackie Lee said on 18/Mar/22
Wow so he's honest?

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