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5ft 7.53in (171.5cm)
Frederik said on 5/May/11
just like me
Mac said on 5/May/11
he might look 5'10" from time to time next to 50 cent but also he looks to be the same height as Elton John who is no more than 5'7 more oriented to 5'6 nowdays. I think the best guess would be 5'7.75"
@ Will said on 4/May/11
he's not 5'7,he's 5'8 or 5'8.5.
Will said on 2/May/11
Eminem is 5'7" tall. And he is definitely no, not 5'10" at all.
Djimi184 said on 30/Apr/11
He´s obviously not taller than 5´8", I would say 5´7.5"...
biggie said on 22/Apr/11
One of the greatest Rapstars all time, no question.
but Has anyone seen a picture from him, where he is wearing a Beard?
I mean he looks so young.
tony t. said on 8/Apr/11
@to tony t.

No.. it's because that's what the video showed..
Sam said on 4/Apr/11
No taller than 5'8" that's for sure. Look at his frame, he looks like a high school kid half of the times.
James178 said on 4/Apr/11
He allways claims 5´10" and 5´11", but Eminem can not be more than 5´8"?
To be honest, I would say 5´7"... I also heard that he said his wheight was 175 pounds! Thats laughable! 150-160 tops.
hh said on 1/Apr/11
he is 5'8 or 5.8.5
Legend said on 31/Mar/11
He's 5'7.5
to tony t. said on 29/Mar/11
why are you taking this information as "the shorter the better"?i think it's because of your desire not because of your real knowledge.wahlberg is an inch or 1.5 inch taller in this video,it means that wahlberg is 5'9" or 5'9.5" because eminem is no less than 5'8"- look at this picture Click Here
Gig said on 29/Mar/11
he is in the 5'7.5-5'8.5 range in my opinion no way over 5'8.5
@ menime said on 28/Mar/11
em is no shoter than 5'8",look at the mugshot pic if you don't believe.
menime said on 28/Mar/11
If you watch some of Eminems earlier music videos, the guy just looks shortish range, no taller than 5'7".
tony t. said on 26/Mar/11
@solidSnake Everyone compares him to Mark Walhberg because there is an old video of them on trl with carson daley together. Moreover walhberg does look surprisingly taller in that video, even though they are listed on here the same height. I'm not sure of Eminem's height, but he does look about 5'7 in said video.
Larry said on 24/Mar/11
Legitimately somewhere between 5 7 and 5 8

The End
quck said on 23/Mar/11
look i'm 5'9'' and em is also 5'9'' i saw him on a show once he is a bit slouched but so am i he looks 5'8'' cause he has a bad posture thats it
SolidSnake said on 18/Mar/11
Why does everyone always compare him to Mark Walhberg? He is 5'8 btw.
@ viper said on 17/Mar/11
em is 5'8.5" and wahlberg is 5'9" or taller.

it's just funny that you claim 5'6.5.
Viper said on 16/Mar/11
1 inch too high. Wahlberg 5-7 and Em 5-6.5
Big boned said on 13/Mar/11
I think he's 5'7.5 at best and Wahlberg 5'8.
lihp said on 12/Mar/11
maybe he has a thick shoes
A said on 12/Mar/11
to viper says on 10/Mar/11
actually mark wahlberg is 5'9" or 5'9.5",eminem is 5'8.5" or 5'8".

5'7" or 5'6.5" is just unreal for him.look at Mugshots picture if you don't believe me.
A lot of the time mugshot heights are just estimates and not actual measurments.
to viper said on 10/Mar/11
actually mark wahlberg is 5'9" or 5'9.5",eminem is 5'8.5" or 5'8".

5'7" or 5'6.5" is just unreal for him.look at Mugshots picture if you don't believe me.
Viper said on 7/Mar/11
5-7 Mark Wahlberg was a hair taller than Eminem on TRL. Hes 5-6.5
Will said on 6/Mar/11
I agree with Strokadellic that Eminem is 5'6"-5'7" tops. No, Eminem isn't 5'8".
Price said on 4/Mar/11
I thought 5 ft 8 was 176cm! That's Ok for a man!
A said on 4/Mar/11
I'd say he's 5'8" in shoes and 5'7" barefoot.
Dave said on 2/Mar/11
Eminem looks about 173 next to Dr Dre
Mathew said on 1/Mar/11
5'9" is a myth, he's 5'7.5" at most.
Sweeney said on 24/Feb/11
Eminem is 172CM, just under 5'8.
jtm said on 24/Feb/11
lil wayne is 5'4. look at him next to kobe bryant and jay z.
MarsHill said on 23/Feb/11
Ok, just watched a video of Lil Wayne and Eminem performing no love. We know Lil wayne varies between 5'5 and 5'6. id give wayne a solid 5'6 though, yet on the video Eminem looked 3-4 inches taller than Wayne, yet wayne was crouching quite alot plus he was wearing quite flat footed shoes. Yet Eminem was wearing lifted nike air shoes which would give him a 1.5 inches advantage atleast. I'd give him a 5'9.. 5'8 flat footed.
Anonymous said on 18/Feb/11
@ Anonymous says on 17/Feb/11 says on 17/Feb/11
this is not that pic which is done because of arresting so we can't take it seriously it's just for posters or whatever.look at his cap and BRASS KNUCLES.
I know the picture isn't a real mugshot, that's why I said MAGAZINE mugshot. Also he's wearing a hat which would give him a little more height as there is a little space inside the top of the hat and your head.

About the real mugshot photo, you do know that when you get arrested they don't always measure you unless its one of those measuring backgrounds as seen in the 50 Cent photo. A lot of the time it's just estimates. I think it's safe to say that Eminem is 5'8" max, but I still think he could actually be 5'7".
@ Anonymous says on 17/Feb/11 said on 17/Feb/11
this is not that pic which is done because of arresting so we can't take it seriously it's just for posters or whatever.look at his cap and BRASS KNUCLES.

em is not even staying straight there and he also can be this pic he doesn't trying to be taller and if he even wanted it then he could chosen out another backround and his posture were straight.

only this picture is TRUSTABLE: Click Here ,because it's real the way it's done by.and if he were below 5'8" then there should be noted 507.i'm sure that he is 5'8.5" if not then he is no shorter than 5'8".

by the way these shoes are not 2 inch,it would be 1.5" no more which means that it makes him only 0.5" taller because the average shoes are 1".and they are more for style than height.if he wants to look taller then he would wear special shoes which looks like every other shoes.i'm not trying to say that it's only for style,maybe he really wanna wear these for being taller but anyway they aren't totally huge-0.5 inch isn't that much.
Anonymous said on 17/Feb/11
Here's the magazine mugshot picture Click Here
Eminem is a bit below the 5'8" line and take note that he's most likely wearing shoes making me think that he's actually 5'7".

And he often wears these Nike shoes that have a really thick heel. He also wore a similar pair when performing at the Grammy's a few nights ago. Click Here
I think Em wears these shoes because of his height like a lot of celebrities who wear Nike Shox which give a bit more height over your average shoe.
A said on 14/Feb/11
Ems gotta be at least 5 9" because he's about or a little above shoulder level on Joel Mchale who is a solid 6 4" but I don't really get the big deal I mean he's not really that short
Aaron caskie said on 13/Feb/11
i thought he looked way taller than that.
Anonymous said on 13/Feb/11
" Also there is a magazine piture of Eminem standing in front of those Mugshot measuring charts where he's actually below the 5'8" line."

can you show this picture?

"I've even seen some pics where Eminem barely reaches 50's eye level and i've noticed that Em wears these Nike shoes a lot that have a really big heel, like 2 inches."

nah,he doesn't wear shoes with big heels,they're around 1 inch (that's normal) but definitely not 2 inch.actually 50 wears shoes like that too.

he's at least 5'8".
Anonymous said on 12/Feb/11
Naw I'm not buying 5'9" because some of those pics favor Eminem. He's standing closer to the camera and 50's not even standing straight. I've even seen some pics where Eminem barely reaches 50's eye level and i've noticed that Em wears these Nike shoes a lot that have a really big heel, like 2 inches. Also there is a magazine piture of Eminem standing in front of those Mugshot measuring charts where he's actually below the 5'8" line. I'm sticking with 5'7"-5'8" for now and I know he's not 5'9" for sure.
Anonymous said on 11/Feb/11
in some pics he reaches 50's brow and in other pics his top is higher than this level so that means it would be between 3-4 inches but more like 3 inches which makes him weak 5'9".
Anonymous said on 11/Feb/11
Not so, if he comes up to 50 Cent's eyebrow, that's 4 inches to the top of 50's head so that leaves Em at 5'8".
whatever said on 10/Feb/11
hesl ike 5'8 or 5'9 .. MY GOD
whatever said on 9/Feb/11
On the page with the Mugshots you can clearly see Eminems height, it says "508" so everythings fine here.
Anonymous said on 9/Feb/11
@toni, link doesn't work.
toni said on 7/Feb/11
Eminem is not 5'7. Hes at lest 5'8 if not 5'9. Look at him next to 5'10.5 diddy.Click Here
Anonymous said on 7/Feb/11
"Well if 50 Cent is a true 6ft that still puts Eminem at 5'8" tops."

weak 5'9".
Anonymous said on 6/Feb/11
Well if 50 Cent is a true 6ft that still puts Eminem at 5'8" tops.
Anonymous said on 5/Feb/11
50 cent is 6 foot without shoes Mugshots4.php" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Click Here

eminem reaches his brow level and in some pics above 50's brow.
Anonymous said on 5/Feb/11
No, Em barely reaches 50 Cents eye level and from eye level to the top of the head is about 5 inches. 50 Cent isn't even a full 6'0" either, he's 5'11" and 6'0" with shoes on.
Anonymous said on 2/Feb/11
Click Here this is the most real reason to understand,how tall eminem is.i think strong 5'8" (174,5 cm) is right for him.
Anonymous said on 2/Feb/11
he doesn't look 5'7" next to 50 cent.

in some pics he looks 5'8"-5'9" and even 5'11" (but 5'11" is not true) with 50 cent.just google and you will find a lot of pics like that: Click Here (here eminem is not staying straight-5'9"-5'10")

here he looks 5'9" or more (i know,50 is not straight here,but look at dre)
Click Here

on those pics where eminem,50 cent and dre are wearing suits,em looks shorter than in other pics where he looks with 50 around 5'9".
Anonymous said on 2/Feb/11
Anonymous says on 30/Jan/11
em is 5'9".
he doesn't even look like 5'7".
Actually he does look 5'7" next to 50cent.
FromChina said on 31/Jan/11
Anonymous said on 30/Jan/11
em is 5'9".
he doesn't even look like 5'7".
Anonymous said on 30/Jan/11
we all wear shoes which make us 1 inch taller,so there's no piont to say someones height with shoes,unless this person doesn't wear lifts.mark doesn't wear lifts,eminem too.
the real height is considered only without shoes.
Anonymous said on 29/Jan/11
Wahlberg is 5'9 in his shoes most likely 5'8 barefoot for MW and 5'7 for eminem next to 6' 50 cent
@ dibo said on 27/Jan/11
mark is an inch taller than eminem in this video,maybe 0.75 inch.

mark is strong 5'9",eminem is weak 5'9".
@ WG said on 27/Jan/11
because mark wahlberg is 5'9" or 5'9.75".eminem is 5'9" not 5'7".
WG said on 26/Jan/11
even Mark Whalberg(5'8) is taller than em.

Click Here
Anonymous said on 22/Jan/11
He's 5'7.5".
Brandon said on 15/Jan/11
@MD: well...i commented wahlbergs height that he is 5'10" because i know eminems real height (i can totally say that my brother is 5'10" and eminem is 5'9") and after seeing the video where em is staying with him i realized that mark wahlber is 5'10".
i'm sure that eminem is 5'9" (or 5'9.5" because he looks an inch or half shorter than my brother,but no more than an inch and no less than a half inch) afortiori my brother said that em looks few taller than me.theres nothing difficult to understand it.
Music220 said on 15/Jan/11
Eminem os 5'8 at least
Anonymous said on 14/Jan/11
5'9" or 5'10" for Eminem is rediculous. Stop trying to upgrade him, he's 5'7".
MD said on 13/Jan/11
Brandon, you are ridiculous. First, you're over at Mark Walberg's page saying he's 5'10" and now you're over here putting Eminem at 5'9". You have no idea what you're talking about.
JoBlow said on 13/Jan/11
Royce Da 5'9 .... well he's 5'9...em on the signing of slaughter house xxl magazine cover is a lil taller...i reckon 5'10
Brandon said on 12/Jan/11
my brother is 5'10" and he has a photo with eminem where they both are without shoes and there's eminem an inch or half shorter than my brother.i'm 5'8" and brother said that eminem is a little bit taller than me so i can easily say that eminem is 5'9".
tell-em said on 11/Jan/11
hes 5'7". in his autobio THE WAY I AM there is a pic of him and 5'6" robin williams and eminem was an inch taller
Jesus said on 11/Jan/11
more like 5'6 1/2 next to 50 cent. 5'7 would be his morning height sorry Rob but I think 5'8 is a little too much
beard said on 9/Jan/11
if u see Eminem next to 6ft 50 cent makes Em look 5'8 at his best
BJ said on 7/Jan/11
A lot of people seem convinced that hes like 5'7. I have a feeling hes a little taller than what most people think. If you watch the 60min special with anderson cooper em looks like hes basically the same height as cooper, maybe an inch shorter. Cooper claims that hes 5'10 if thats true than em would be like 5'9 with shoes on. Check it out Click Here I kno its not the greatest pic in the world you can watch the vid on youtube if you want a better view but either way if anderson cooper really is 5'10 then eminem is like 5'9.
Som said on 31/Dec/10
What do you mean "you yourself"? You're 6'2 so you're real tall! yoou have a perfect height and Eminem has an average height. and what does height have to do with skills?
Anonymous said on 31/Dec/10
@Michael: Yeah Eminem isn't 5'8". He's actually 5'7".
JK said on 21/Dec/10
you can tell he is pretty short in the love the way you lie viedeo because rihanna towers over him
Anonymous said on 19/Dec/10
@EI: yeah you're right, he does look average on TV/movies. I remember when I first saw 8 Mile, I thought he was 5'10" but later realized he's more like 5'7"-5'8" max.
Michael Hayes said on 19/Dec/10
You know what im pretty sure that 5'8 is an accurate height for him. I did get the chance to meet him once about 7 years ago in LA. It was very brief however i do remember being surprised that we were the same exact height. Im 5'8 with normal sneakers on and we were the same height, exactly eye to eye. Always though he was a big guy for some reason but either way a very gifted artist.
EI said on 18/Dec/10
@Viper: On tv, he looks average. He shows no sign of being short (his shoulder to torso proportion looks about average). In person it might be different.
Lord Chief Justice said on 18/Dec/10
well yeah 5'8 sounds right
TJ said on 16/Dec/10
Whatever height he is, he's a charmless tool.
Viper said on 16/Dec/10
Anonymous says on 15/Dec/10
Eminem's proportions make him look average. I thought he was really 5'9"-510"

What? He has proportions of a short guy. And he isnt any more than 5-7.
RobA said on 16/Dec/10
I met him about two months ago after a concert and he looked more like a 5'7 with sneakers on i'm 5'9 and there was around a 2-3 inch difference.
Mr. Kaplan said on 16/Dec/10
Not over 5'7", I tell ya.
Anonymous said on 15/Dec/10
Eminem's proportions make him look average. I thought he was really 5'9"-510".
jtm said on 15/Dec/10
what happened to 5'10? he was never listed 5'10 in here. he is listed 5'10 in that 4 letter site but there has been several posters in here that said eminem claims 5'7.
buddy said on 14/Dec/10
dam what happened to 5'10
F50 said on 12/Dec/10
Eminem might be 1,73m straight out of bed, but his daily height (not to mention evening height) is closer to 1,71m.
He's not shorter than 1,70m by any means at any time, and not taller than 1,73m.
asianguy said on 29/Nov/10
Well I'm still shorter than him. 5 foot 6 here.. Do celebrity actually brag their height like by 1-2inch? I think so thou. Then that makes Eminem 5 foot 6
Chrome said on 22/Nov/10
Well yeah anonymous, Em is 5'7".
Strokadellic said on 22/Nov/10
I used to work at a club in Philadelphia and I had to escort him from his SUV to the ViP section (as well as his massive body guards). I think that 5'8" is very generous in his case. I am about 6'0" or 6'1" and he came up to my chest. He looked more like 5'6" or 5'7" to me.
jtm said on 21/Nov/10
he looked 5'6 next to wahlberg since wahlberg is only 5'7 himself.
anonymous said on 20/Nov/10
so in other words hes 5'7" chrome, not a weak 5'7". thank you for proving me right.
Chrome said on 19/Nov/10
NO anonymous, he also looks a weak 5'7" with 50 Cent. Also there is a picture of eminem in mugshot and he comes barely up to the 5'8" line with shoes. He's 5'8" in shoes and 5'7" barefoot.
anonymous said on 18/Nov/10
u mean just one vid he looked a weak 5'7" and that was w/ mark wahlberg.
jtm said on 17/Nov/10
how is a weak 5'7 a joke when he 90% of the time looks that height?
anonymous said on 16/Nov/10
LOL WEAK 5'7". viper you're a joke.
Xcape said on 16/Nov/10
you shouldn't have to argue about em's height
rob first time you got the height right.he's 5'8.
Chrome said on 15/Nov/10
@i, those pictures aren't so good because they tend to favor eminem a lot more because of the angle and eminem is closer to the camera.
i said on 12/Nov/10
He deffenitly looks 5'8 next to lil wayne. Click Here
Legacy said on 6/Nov/10
@sprint84 maybe wahlberg is jealous of Em because he's successful in rap and wahlberg wasn't and Em was doing acting too?
Anonymous said on 5/Nov/10
@ Will
Thank you, very interesting. Lucky you!^^
sprint84 said on 4/Nov/10
That video with Wahlberg was painful to watch -- it's obvious they kind of hate each other. It's also obvious that Eminem is about an inch shorter. Wahlberg is at best 5'8" so Eminem is at best 5'7".
Will said on 4/Nov/10
Anonymous, I was at an Eminem music concert a few years back and stood in the front of the audience. Saw him very close in person. Definitely he is 5'7 1/2" as I had mentioned earlier below. His shoes were at least an inch thick, could be 5'8". But more like a weak 5'8". Got his autograph backstage and a super nice guy to talk with. Always smiling and however was surprisingly friendly.
Anonymous said on 3/Nov/10
@ Will
How do you know?
Will said on 2/Nov/10
Eminem is between 5'7"-5'8".
J.Lee said on 27/Jun/09
ROB, so you are .25 inches taller than Em? lol would you consider yourself taller than em?
mmlp said on 8/Jun/09
im 5'9 i met him backstage and he was the same size as me so yeahhh...
Paddy said on 3/Jun/09
5ft 7", seen him in concert with jay-z, jay would be 6 1"
Rick said on 3/Jun/09
everyone has diff eyes when it comes to height, hell i've been placed from 5'6 to 5'10 when im actually 5'8.
Ian said on 1/Jun/09
He's not a full 5ft8 I think if Rob measured him up he would be 5ft7 like Glenn was. 5ft8 will be his morning height straight out of bed.
Mickey said on 1/Jun/09
Eminem has been wearing some funny looking shoes lately, il post some pics up later.
leonari said on 28/May/09
He is not a full 5'8
TELLEM said on 28/May/09
hes not over 5'8 whatsoever. 5'8 in the morning. 50 owns him by 4 inches, and hes not over 6'0.
John said on 28/May/09
Hmm i just googled some more pictures of em with other people, i noticed he has a major slouch on most of them, he has a really relaxed pose, i can't see less than 5'8 for him.
John said on 28/May/09
I've actually noticed Eminem wearing those mix between trainer and smart shoes that have basically no sole whatsoever, so no chance of elevator shoes if he's willing to wear shoes with no sole...i think he's a solid 5 ft 8 - 5 ft 8.5, possible 5 ft 9 morning height.
Adam said on 23/May/09
The 2009 Eminem looks like a solid 5'10 in public appearances. He must be wearing elevator shoes.
Taylor said on 22/May/09
5'9er is a liar. Those lines aren't in any of the songs; I have the album booklet right in front of me which contains all the lyrics to every song.
flash_of_eden said on 21/May/09
I always thought Em seemed right on 5'8", no more no less.
A-Bomb said on 21/May/09
I've listened to Em's new album a few times now and that lyrics below doesn't seem to be present anywhere
MD said on 14/May/09
5'7" is more than feasible. It's time to start bringing him in line with his actual height. Those are not bad photos I posted. It shows that Rev Run is noticeably taller than him.
Ahleks said on 14/May/09
He looks really short in 8 Mile, like 5'6" .
MD said on 11/May/09
Rob, no comment?

Editor Rob
5ft 7 is feasible, I don't know about the lyric though.
MD said on 11/May/09
Which song is that 5'9er? Anyway, you can never trust songs since the words used as often meant only to rhyme, but I've never seen him as a full 5'8". I mean, here he is very recently with 5'8.5" Rev Run:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

I've said it up and down this page, for months, but he's never struck me as much anything over 5'7". And, unless Rev Run is grossly underlisted, then Em really is only 5'7".
5'9er said on 9/May/09
in a new song from his new album relapse he raps my flow is tight and no i aint white im straight up outta sight, 5'7" tall but my dick got alot of height.
Emma said on 3/May/09
does it really matter if he's 5'7 or 5'8? Its not like its gonna make a difference to any of you!
Produce said on 3/Apr/09
i have the impression that often short people make jokes about shorter people.
Anonymous said on 23/Mar/09
Andre Em is about 5-8 2 inches do make a difference. He's actually met Ja Rule before so you wouldnt know, in a song he stated they met before the whole beef thing and Im sure he was taller than the 5-5ish 5-6 Ja so he could make fun of him if he want to, he got that height on him.
mario said on 19/Mar/09
he is 5'7 he has stated that in tv interveiw i will say one thing about the guy he dont care about his height most actors that are 5'7 go on about how there taller then thet really are for eg tom cruise is 5'7 but has claimed 5'10 so good for you em
TELLEM said on 3/Feb/09
hes 5'7.5...hes completely towered by 6'0.5 dr. dre and 6'4 snoop: Click Here
T.J. said on 2/Feb/09
I do think he's 5'8, but in the awards, when elton john gives him a hug, elton's got an inch or two on him, probablly because of his footware though
usman said on 1/Feb/09
he sjust got bad posture. hes defo 5'7.5
Bouncer said on 9/Jan/09
5'6 is the lowest he could be, and 5'8 is the highest.
I think he's a legit 5'7.
Anonymous said on 5/Jan/09
eminem could be 5'8
Dural said on 19/Dec/08
5'7" no way 5'8".
TELLEM said on 10/Dec/08
5'9ish xzibit w/ 5'7 eminem: Click Here
Jordan said on 7/Dec/08
One thing I wanna point out is that Xzibit is listed at 5'9" at this site, and they've performed together, were both in a music video, and stood face to face in 8 mile, and Xzibit looked at least 3 inches taller than eminem.
Viper said on 5/Dec/08
I think he could be as low as 5-6. No way is he taller than 5-7.
Gago said on 4/Dec/08
the only reason lot of you think he's 5'7 is because he slouches, but in reality he's 5'8, met him recently.
ShadyFan said on 28/Nov/08
I always thought Eminem was around 5-8. In an article I recently read, it claims 5-7 (and 203 lbs). Click on the following link Click Here
TELLEM said on 19/Nov/08
eminem is 5'7...hes much shorter than 5'11 50 cent
Baylee said on 17/Nov/08
He has really broad shoulders so i always thought he would be taller but when i actually pictured him he seemed like he would be like my heighth and he is if he is really 5ft 8in Doesnt really matter how tall he is hes stilla genius and gorgouse
anonymous said on 10/Nov/08
He doesn't look short. 5 foot 8 would be about right.
glenn said on 26/Oct/08
she was average.5-4 to 5-5.
Briggie said on 25/Oct/08
mariah careys like 5'9 and shes taller then him by a few inches when shes wearing heels
anonymous said on 25/Oct/08
glenn says on 24/Oct/08
a girl 2 weeks ago told me he was 5-11 when she met him and that no way was he

WOW, well how tall is the girl?
glenn said on 24/Oct/08
a girl 2 weeks ago told me he was 5-11 when she met him and that no way was he
TELLEM said on 22/Oct/08
Jlee says on 18/Oct/08
Guess who's back! Guess who's back! Guess who's back! Yah em is about five foot 8. sorry rob, for posting this, but i love em, let me do it this one time. People, eminem was seen in public, he just turned 36. watch this!!! he's five eight! he looks young still, but face very bloated Click Here

why doesn't he ever it against the law for a rapper to smile, jeez!
Jlee said on 18/Oct/08
Guess who's back! Guess who's back! Guess who's back! Yah em is about five foot 8. sorry rob, for posting this, but i love em, let me do it this one time. People, eminem was seen in public, he just turned 36. watch this!!! he's five eight! he looks young still, but face very bloated Click Here
Acquerd said on 17/Oct/08
I've been interested in this question for a long time.I think he's 174 cm high,because that's the information that i usually hear.But on every video he really looks like he is 180 cm high.I don't know if that has something to do with the film cameras,or something.....
Alex said on 16/Oct/08
I wouldn't go lower than 5'7 for Eminem. He has been described as much as 5'9.
janice said on 14/Oct/08
Not sure on this guy, most of the time he's listed as being tall as 5'8, but 5'7 is possible for him too. Some articles even say 5'6, but i guess thats too short for Em, i'd say probably around 5'7, but not sure.
derek said on 6/Oct/08
so wierd, i always though him him being as tall as me just cuz he seems powerful through his music, but im 5"11 so if he reall is 5"7 i got a good 4 inches on him
Marcustheswede said on 26/Sep/08
I thought he was much much taller.You learn everything every day.Great site.
Raphael said on 11/Sep/08
I met eminem at a concert in in london .i am 5 '7" tall and i was looking at him straight in the eye,so he is either 5 '8 " or less
TELLEM said on 9/Sep/08
Big King says on 9/Sep/08
Eminem looks to have the average human height. I think that he's over 5'8". 5'8" is normally short for male height.

guess again because hes not over 5'8...hes 5'8 and 5'8 is average
Big King said on 9/Sep/08
Eminem looks to have the average human height. I think that he's over 5'8". 5'8" is normally short for male height.
Anonymous said on 28/Aug/08
ok let me put some insight on mug shot readings. they are accurate. at least in the states of Florida, Massachusetttes and New York I know personally that they make you take your shoes off.
TELLEM said on 27/Aug/08
lol yeah if anytthing ja rule and eminem are only an inch apart
Andre said on 26/Aug/08
why does eminem make fun of ja rules height there like exactly the same height ja rule might even be taller than eminem he is also alot buffer than eminem,i would say em is 5'7, and if u want to no what song it is i forgot the name but halie asks "daddy am i taller than ja rule,then eminem says-no baby yall r the same size"
Chris said on 26/Aug/08
when eminem wasnt famous i lived near him and we had a mutual friend back in detroit i meet him 3 times face to face but in about 95 or 96 i was with my friend david and we walked over to his house he opened the door and let us in and he was about a full inch shorter than me and im 5'8 with me wearing shoes, but he wasnt wearing shoes he then sat on the coach and put on a pair of basketball shoes stood up and was still a lil shorter than me so i would say 5'7 and my friend david who is 6'2 was messing with us about how short we were and told us to stand back to back to see whos taller and i was at least a half inch taller wearing jordans at about 5'8
Chris said on 26/Aug/08
im 5'8 and i lived near him in detriot before he became famous and hes about a half inch shorter than me he was about 20 at the time so maybe 5'7 1/2 or shorter
Viper said on 5/Aug/08
Thats with his shoes on. I think he could be as low as 5-6 1/2. Even Mark Wahlberg looked taller than him on TRL.
Brad said on 5/Aug/08
Mug shot has his head at 5' 8". Above is correct.
Margherita said on 28/Jul/08
He's more than an inch shorter than Akon
TELLEM said on 14/Jul/08
eminem is 5'7 not 5'8...bizarre looks an inch taller than him...and check this pic out w/ em and cube : Click Here
rod said on 1/Jul/08
bizarre is 5'8 he was on celebrity fit club
Alex said on 24/Jun/08
No more than 5'8 but telling the difference between 5'7 and 5'8 isn't easy just by looking at pictures and seeing him on TV.
Domo said on 20/Jun/08
he's 5'8'' definitely! definite 4 inches between him and 6'0'' 50 cent. everyone towers over him in you dont know video
Realheight 88 said on 10/May/08
He's 5-8 in the morning just like me.
REB said on 24/Apr/08
I'd say he's 5'8. because 5'7 it too short cuase if he was slouching i know he is no 5'6 or 5'5, but if he is 5'8 or (pushing it) 5'9 and he slouches he'll look like hes around 5'7
mule said on 9/Apr/08
aoz on your poster is he wearing timberland boots because i doubt he is barefoot. so 5'6.5" is right barefoot, with chunky shoes 5'8"
aoz said on 28/Mar/08
i hav a d12 poster at home with all the members on a police line up, nd it shows eminem 2 b just right on 5'8, and bizzare at about 6'1
Realheight 88 said on 20/Mar/08
5-7.5 is his lowest height in the night.50cent is a solid 5-11.5 at night and eminem is exactly 4 inches shorter if you see photos of them together.The absolute lowest height he could be is 5-7, but in my opinion his true height is a solid 5-7.5(171-172cm) at night.
glenn said on 18/Mar/08
last time i know that people saw him,they actually got him to pose with them,which he does do from time to time.but that was at least a year and half ago.if not more.his weight gain might be due to meds.
anonymous said on 17/Mar/08
Glenn, there's lots of recent articles about Eminem's weight gain which is more intriguing than his height. Have any of your contacts seen him recently to comment on this??

The article from Jan. had him over 200 lbs.
mule said on 13/Mar/08
he is 5'6.5" tops. i have seen him barefoot standing right beside me at swimming pool and i am 5'8" barefoot. This was before he was famous and started wearing lifts in his allready beefy boots. prove me wrong get a barefoot shot of him next to someone 5'8 and you will see how short he is.
Bo said on 28/Feb/08
I thought he was 5'11. Maybe not. People are alot shorter than you think!
Realheight 88 said on 27/Jan/08
He isn't under 171cm(5-7.5) for sure in my opinion (nightime).He is 172cm midday.
A-Bomb said on 27/Jan/08
Doesn't look much shorter than Kimmel at all in that video. Maybe Kimmel's listed too high here. I've personally never imagined Em shorter than 172cm
Realheight 88 said on 24/Jan/08
He is 5-7.5 at his absolute minimum, in the night.No shorter than that.
Viper said on 20/Jan/08
Doesnt look 5-8 to me.
Realheight 88 said on 19/Jan/08
He isn't 5-7.Sometimes he looks 5-7 because he slouches, but his real height is 5-8.
Alex said on 18/Jan/08
I agree, the 5'7 is accurate even though he can look 5'8. But 5'7 at over 200lbs is chunky.
Viper said on 18/Jan/08
I beleive the article is right. 5-7
Realheight 88 said on 17/Jan/08
And what with this?I don't trust someone who talks in general.I believe his mugshot which says 5-8.And eminem comes back stronger with a new album & movie.
GSP said on 17/Jan/08
"Eminem is a depressed recluse, comfort eating his way to obesity,' reveals his mother
By ANNETTE WITHERIDGE - More by this author ? Last updated at 16:27pm on 10th January 2008

"The once skinny Slim Shady, who spent four days in hospital over Christmas suffering from pneumonia and suspected heart problems, is just 5ft 7 inches tall but has ballooned up to 14.5 stone

His family and friends fear his massive weight gain is causing him long-term health woes but the deeply depressed star refuses to stop binge eating.
Realheight 88 said on 17/Jan/08
No, i don't think he's as low as 5-7.But i also believe that he isn't taller than 5-8 though.
Viper said on 16/Jan/08
This article says hes 5-7. Click Here
Realheight 88 said on 14/Jan/08
In this video eminem looks 5-7.75, 5-8 tops.Good job Sal.
Sal said on 12/Jan/08
Click Here video of eminem playin basketball with jimmy kimmel, who we have listed at 5'11.5"
Realheight 88 said on 11/Jan/08
Em is the same height as fred durst.If you see them carefully, then you'll realize that both are 5-8.No taller, no shorter.
Banzai said on 8/Jan/08
If Fred is 5'8 then EM is 5'7 look at the shoulders, there's clearly an inch difference if not 1 & 1/2. I wouldn't put him past 5'7.
Shawn said on 27/Nov/07
Glenn, if you say Durst is 5'8, or almost 5'8.5 as you put it, surely you must acknowledge Em's atleast 5'8 as well based on this picture: Click Here
Realheight 88 said on 25/Nov/07
Eminem is 5-8 weak.Not shorter though.
Carmen said on 24/Nov/07
My boyfriend met Eminem in 02. He has a friend who is friends with the manager of D12. My boyfriend is about 5'9" and he said Em was shorter than him about 1-2 inches shorter.
katrina said on 3/Oct/07
yeah sometimes she looks really tall but then sometimes next to em she look a bit smaller than him and sometimes she looks taller than him. maybe the work of high heel but i read somewhere that she was 6' which i dont think is true
glenn said on 24/Sep/07
now that i think of it,your right realheight.
Realheight 88 said on 24/Sep/07
Personally, i don't know how tall kim is exactly, but i have seen some pics of her with em and she looks tall, around 5-10.But as i said, i'm not very sure about this.
glenn said on 24/Sep/07
no clue.she doesnt look short does she?
katrina said on 24/Sep/07
what is kim s height then if em is 5'8?
glenn said on 23/Sep/07
im guessing 5-8.but i hear 5-7 too.thanks realheight.
Realheight 88 said on 23/Sep/07
Thank you very much glenn.You 're the man.I know you do this for me and many other people in this site and i appreciate this.Btw, what is your estimate about eminem's height??
glenn said on 23/Sep/07
i never saw the slim shady in my life.he was reclusive for awhile when in my i hear he is getting easier.ill get one soon enough for you.
Realheight 88 said on 22/Sep/07
I agree durst might be 5-8.5.But glenn, in the pic with you he doesn't look any taller than you.In my opinion he isn't taller than 5-8 like eminem.Glenn, could you meet eminem and take a photo with him??Please.Eminem is an "idol" for me.If you can, do it please, because i would be very very happy.Thanks...
glenn said on 22/Sep/07
durst might be 5-8.5 actually.
Realheight 88 said on 21/Sep/07
I think Eminem is a weak 5-8 like me, because he is the exact same height as Fred Durst.Plus he is a good 4 inches shorter than 50cent who is 6-0.
Anonymous said on 14/Sep/07
saw him in jan/07. looked 5'6.5'' at best with nike basketball sneakers on.
Viper said on 24/Aug/07
And thats with shoes on. Hes 5-7 barefoot.
Yanni said on 24/Aug/07
Eminem is 5'8 according to his mug shot statistics.

Click Here
alp said on 18/Aug/07
Biggith, I think you need an eyeglasses for yourself man. If 50 is 6'0, Em is 5'7.75 or 5'8 clearly. Check it out : Click Here
Biggith said on 17/Aug/07
Eminem is 5'10" exact,he's two inches shorter than 6'0" 50cent and three inches shorter than 6'1" Dr Dre,he's also six inches shorter than Snoop Dogg who's 6'4".
Height Seeker said on 16/Aug/07
Has anyone seen the enimem and 50 cent picture the one where they are leaning on a box that says CAUTION on it if eminem is 5'8" then 50 must be 5'11" google eminem and 50 cent on google images and look for the pic with them leanin on the CAUTION box those boxes that they use at concerts to store stuff in
Mike said on 13/Aug/07
Jon Doe, if your eyes are on the level of someone's nose, that's about an inch or two. That isn't towering at all. I'd say if someone has their eyes at someone's nose level they're actually pretty similar heights.
2 inches does indeed put your eyes at someone's nose, or did you mean that you only reach their eyes or nose?
Alex said on 10/May/07
Eminem looking 6'0 where? LOL
I gotta see this picture of him at jail.
Darrian said on 13/Apr/07
I think Eminem is 5'8" for sure.With shoes of he is 5'7".I use to think Eminem was 6'0" tall,because I saw a picture of Eminem in jail getting his picture taken.
leonari said on 8/Apr/07
I don't see 5'8" but rather 5'7"...strong 5'7"
Charlotte said on 7/Apr/07
Haha, "homeboy".

Yeah, I'd say 5"8 is right for him. My friend saw him at a concert a couple years back and said he looked the same height as my dad, who's 5"8. Not a very accurate measurement, I just thought I'd contribute to this post...
hOod bOy said on 31/Mar/07
i think he's about 5'8" exact. I hope yall know that 50 Cent is about 6-0, maybe 6-0 1/2. That means that he gots atleast a 4 inch advantage over Em, which does make a difference. I'm 5-10, and one of my homeboys is 6-2 1/2 and he TOWERS over me. Again, I'm 5-10, and one of my short homeboys is only 5-5, I TOWER over him. My other homeboy that's 5-7 and I look pretty tall compared to him. And I slouch a bit too, so that probably makes me look shorter, like Em. I give Em 5-8, no taller, and no shorter.
KeN_KaNiFF said on 28/Feb/07
i think he's 5'10 or 5'9 cuz his friend royce da 5'9" seems shorter than Em.And Em's taller than fred durst who is 5'8
Anonymous said on 28/Feb/07
I think he's 5'8", not 5'7"...he might look shorter sometimes because he makes a big difference, ex: the only reason ryan seacrest even looks close to average height is because he has the most weirdly straight posture i've seen
16and5'7.25'' said on 4/Feb/07
so...if em's 5'8'' IN SHOES then wouldn't he b 5'7'' AT THE MOST without shoes? and maybe even 5'6.5''??
GMH said on 14/Jan/07
I am a BIG Eminem fan, and my dream is to sign into his label. I would say he is 5'8 WITHOUT SHOES!!!!
Glenn said on 12/Jan/07
Anything over 5-8 is a joke.
Alex said on 11/Jan/07
Glenn, I've seen him listed at 5'9 and even 5'10 before. 5'8 I think he looks but 5'7 could be right though.
MD said on 10/Jan/07
Eminem has never managed to look more than 5'8"...and that's IN SHOES. I'm absolutely convinced he's 5'7" barefoot. No more, no less.
bombay rocker said on 9/Jan/07
wahlbergs manager's name is e - factor as far as i know and if you go here Click Here ....... e- fctor(i mean the manager says 5 feet 9) and a chic which met him said that she is 5 feet 6 and a half and was wearing three inch heels and she said he wasnt very tall and was about 5 feet 9 WITH SHOES. I wud say at the most this guy is 5 feet 9 and thats being generous
Glenn said on 9/Jan/07
Oh,I hear more 5-7,than 5-8.
Glenn said on 9/Jan/07
I never saw him.I know someone who was meeting celebs for 29 years who never saw him either.when I was working a bulls*** job 7,8 years ago,I missed everyone hard to get now.Britney,Aguilera,Eminem.he is elusive and when found is hard to get near becuase of security.he is harder to get than Bill Clinton.I know 2 people that got him 3 weeks Ill tag along with then next time.Eminem likes those 2.
bombay rocker said on 8/Jan/07
hey gleen seems like you have met everyone in hollywood.....what bout met him. He is the greatestttttttttttttttttttt rapper of all time. What height do you think he is?
J. said on 23/Dec/06
In the November 2006 issue of Vibe, the editor of chief notes that for the cover photograph (and inner photos) of Eminem and 50 Cent, the photographer had to put Eminem on top of an apple box to level him out, heightwise with 50. Is 4 inches that much of a dramatic difference or maybe Eminem is shorter than 5'8"?
leonari said on 7/Dec/06
He is 5'7" but Rob doesn't agree...
MD said on 6/Dec/06
You're right, leonari. Good proportions on a tall person can make them appear more average height in pictures where they are alone the same way it does for a short person. Em does have good proportions, and can look pretty average in height when he's alone in pictures, or when others are way in the background, but you can see he's nothing over 5'7" comparitively.
Tallguy6'7 said on 5/Dec/06
Very tiny guy, maybe 5'7 yeah.
leonari said on 27/Oct/06
he is 5'7" guys...good proportions -looks taller.
MD said on 25/Oct/06
I'm convinced he's 5'7" with the 5'8" simply in shoes.
Alex said on 24/Oct/06
Viper, 5'7 could be right. He's no more than 5'8 I am sure of. I seen a few 5'9 or 5'10 listings which are crazy. He looks short on stage all the time at 5'7-5'8.
Anonymous said on 10/Sep/06
Yo Rob, in that picture of Eminem and Royce, Em is leaning to his right and hunching. While Royce is standing straight. So the 5-9ish Royce compared to Em, makes Em definitely 5'8, no taller, no shorter.
Anonymous said on 4/Sep/06
I saw eminem in concert at the Anger Management Tour two years ago and i was a little taller than him[we had the same kind of shoes].I'm a solid 5'7.5"[171-172cm].So i believe he's a very solid 5'7"[170cm] but no taller or shorter than that[I'm a big eminem fan].
Anonymous said on 27/Aug/06
James what the hell are you talking about that wall chart is split into 5'0"..5'6"6.0".....and every half a foot, get your eyes checked. Although, its accuracy is very questionable because it can be a bogus chat. May not even be to scale.
Crystal said on 10/Aug/06
50 Cent is like about 6'0"-6'1", and you guys think when someone is like about 3-4 inches shorter, it's more like 5-6 inches shorter. I'd say Eminem looks around the 5'8 range, 5'8ish with shoes on. Compared to other rappers and celebrities, I'd say that's accurate. Peace yall.
15and5'8'' said on 2/Aug/06
em's always looked 5'7''-5'8'' to me.
Viper652 said on 1/Aug/06
He has always looked 5-7 to me actually.
JK said on 1/Aug/06
Eminem really does look like a solid 5'7'' to me, he even could be 5'7.5''.
Glenn said on 31/Jul/06
He could be 5-7.sure,why not?
MD said on 30/Jul/06
He really does look only 5'8" in shoes, meaning he's more around 5'7" barefoot.
leonari said on 30/Jul/06
I agre with you John Doe: I also see Eminem as 5'7" but Glenn and Rob disagree...They think he is 5'8". I just don't see that.
John Doe said on 29/Jul/06
50 Cent is six foot. It is proven here:" target="_blank">Click Here

Eminem is about 5'7" (if he's lucky)

Proof here: Click Here
The Horse's Mouth said on 21/Jul/06
Click Here

Enough said ladies and gents. The man is about 5'7 and a half. Quite thick soled shoes.
katrina aka slimsladie said on 7/Jul/06
im eminems biggest fan so fack you katrina aka slimsladie

Click Here
Glenn said on 6/Jul/06
50 is 6ft.Em is 5-8.your on the tall side for a female,so 5-8 for a guy is on the short side,though not too short,but respectable and somewhat average.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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