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5ft 7.53in (171.5cm)
potent said on 5/Jul/06
is eminem as tall as 50cent? in that poster they are the same height but 50 is supposed to be taller than em. you can't trust those posters. all camera tricks and s***. they're probably all a bunch of short ass muthaf***as. I am a girl and i'm 5'8 (without heels), and i'm conidered to be only slightly taller than most chicks. any dude my height i feel is short, cuz if i were to wear heels i'd be towering over his ass.
SkyDome said on 25/Apr/06
Met Eminem at the Opera House in Toronto, then on his tour bus. I am 5'6, he was hovering slightly above me. In a pair of sneakers he is around 5'8. An estimate of 5'10 would be way off.
stonerz said on 18/Apr/06
i have a d12 poster at home which shows all of the members standing side by side with the heights goin up the side em is the shortest at 5'8 with kon artis being the tallest at about 6'0
2row said on 14/Apr/06
I think that Em is barley 5'8". Bizzare could almost reach 5'9" but is still 5'8". I think that Em could barley reach 5'8" thats why he's a little shorter than Biz. Link, Em is not 5'6", he's not that short lol.
To tell you the truth, I always thought Em was around 5"10"-6'0". But he's probably 5'7" without shoes on.
D12Fan said on 21/Mar/06
I agree with Mack in terms of comparing Bizarre's OFFICIAL height of 5'8" that we all saw on Celebrity Fit Club, but listen, EMINEM IS 5'7" end of story. I met him backstage at St. Andrew's Hall probably the VERY LAST time he ever performed there and one of the few times he ever did a whole D-12 show... by the way, isn't it funny how he complains in 'My Band' that no one knows who D-12 is when the fact is he hardly ever even does shows with his own crew?! James - what are the 'facts' you are talking about? Can't we all agree that his real height is 5'7" WITHOUT shoes on?! Y'all should check out the D-12 Lineup poster now that everyone knows from Celebrity Fit Club that Bizarre is 5'8" - knowing that take another look at that poster, MARSHALL MATHERS IS 5'7"... To the webmaster, you were right when you had it at 5'7"
Link said on 20/Mar/06
Click Here

this shows him at like 6'5 nearly, some little f***er has short mans complex!
hes 5'6, no taller.
bob said on 14/Mar/06
eminems 5'8 about cause i say him one time and im 5'8 and he were eye to eye
Kwiky said on 6/Mar/06
Yo dawgs, Em is every bit of 5'8", im agreein' wit mack, he's a lil shorter than BiG BiZ!!
akdmks said on 28/Jan/06
looking under latest articels and comparing this height would make no sense.
he's 5'10'', thats for sure.
kim said on 24/Jan/06
eminem is about that tall which ist very tall 4 his age eighter im' only like 2 inches shorter nd im 13. but im still the biggest eminem fan!!
Paul said on 18/Jan/06
Well I am a big Eminem fan. I have seen him couple of times very short . Like 5'7 or even 5'6 but I think he is 5'8 .
James said on 7/Jan/06
Well facts show that he's 5'8". And pictures prove it too. And Brittany Murphy in 8 Mile is 5'3", like 5'6" with them heels on, and Im clearly looked like 3 inches taller than her, I'm just calling it as I see it. And I doubt all of you guys have actually met Eminem and talked to him in person.
mack said on 6/Jan/06
Just to put my two cents in...

On celeberty fit club Bizarre from D12 is on there and when they showed his profile it said he was 5'8. From being a big fan I noticed Em was the shortest out of the group but he is just barely shorter then Biz. So I say he is just under 5'8 probably 5'7and a 1/2....
KeLexi said on 29/Dec/05
I just wanted to say that my friend brought it to my attention that Eminem isn't very tall. We were looking at a poster I have of him and she said that she doesn't think he's very tall. So we looked and he's not really. I still like Eminem, but I was just a little disappointed.

Not an obsessed fan...just a concerned one
Rainman said on 15/Dec/05
yo, can someone tell me how to post pictures, coz i have a picture of eminem and 50 cent...they are both kind of leaning forward and eminem doesnt look that shorter than 50 cent, propz
paleface said on 12/Dec/05
From Kathy Griffin "Allegedly" - she was in the Real Slim Shady video and she mentioned in her (hilarious) monologue that Eminem was 5 foot 7 max.
Gumma Flores said on 7/Dec/05
Funny in his Curtain Call album, theres a picutre of him mug shot style and his head is over the 6 foot line lol.. done on purpose? i doubt he's that tall.
Anonymous said on 18/Nov/05
I agree with Deeze I met Eminem backstage at the Anger Mgmt. Tour 3 this past summer and trust me, I am like 5'6" WITH shoes on and Em had the same kinda shoes he had on that D-12 poster and he was EXACTLY my height, I mean, we were def. seeing EYE TO EYE. He's 5'7" WITH them HIGH HEELS ON!
Deeze said on 11/Nov/05
i met eminem june 2003. and i am myself 5'5 - 5'6 tall and Em was actually just height like me. i mean there wasnt any much difference between us. i also met obie trice he was same height like me
A-Bomb said on 23/Oct/05
No sorry James I haven't met him. I saw him in concert, not up close. The only rappers I've met are Chuck D (i mentioned that in the post. It may have confused you, sorry), Flava Flav, Professer Griff, Black Thought from The Roots and Sen Dog and Bobo from Cypress Hill.
James said on 22/Oct/05
Yeah, I agree with you A-Bomb, we only know for sure if we actually see them. And yeah, the "and my boy is 6'1"" thing isn't a father and son thing, he's my friend. It's okay, easy misunderstanding, even though it is used in hip-hop a lot.
A-Bomb said on 22/Oct/05
From Levar's post "and my boy is 6'1"" I think I misread that as a father and son thing, i'm guessing it's a friend. And I'm a hip hop fan I couldn't even pick it up. James I too reckon Em's 5'8". I went to a concert of his three years back and he got some random girls from the stage up with him, all wearing high heels and he was taller than them all, some only slightly. This doesn't mean much, but if he was as low as 5'7" it would have shown at that moment I'm sure.

That said don't worry too much if you have people disagree with you or even if this site has a different height listed than what you believe. For example Chuck D is listed at 5'8 3/4", I've met him and chatted to him and I was looking down (physically) at him the whole time. I initially had him pinned at 5'6" after that encounter, but the more I think about it and taking into consideration the shoes he had own i'd say more 5'7" or 5'7 /2" (and still he looks taller than that on every publicity photo i see of him). So no one on this site is proven to be any height and even the actual sighting can be dubious as most of the general population is pretty shoddy at estimating heights. Until you meet them it's all speculation and even after that it merely stands as your own opinion.
Mr. R said on 21/Oct/05
MD, I ran into Fred Durst at the West Hollywood Halloween Parade a few years ago. He was pretty close to 5-8.
James said on 21/Oct/05
Hey guys Im back, and no A-Bomb, none of those Anonymous postings are mine, in fact, the one under MD's about the XXL cover is my boy Levar, I told him about this site, so he wanted to add something. You Levar, are you there?
A-Bomb said on 21/Oct/05
Are the recent Anonymous postings belonging to James (who is now father?!?!?!)? I've never seeing someone so dedicated to a cause as he is to proving that Eminem is 5'8" (and not only that, 5'8" as oppossed to what he was listed as, 5'7 3/4"!)
Anonymous said on 20/Oct/05
Hey, the link didn't work. But anyways, they said that Fred was like about 5'7"-5'9" also.
MD said on 20/Oct/05
Well, here's a picture of him with Fred Durst. If anyone can come to agreement on Fred Durst that would help:
Anonymous said on 19/Oct/05
On the XXL cover, there's Eminem and Dr.Dre standing next to each other, and 50 Cent sitting down in the middle. Dre is 6'1" 6'2" with shoes on, and Em is 5'8", and Im guessing 5'9" with shoes on, cuz from the picture Dre looks about 5 inches taller than Em, no more no less. Despite both of them leaning their head sideways.
Anonymous said on 19/Oct/05
It's not suprising to me, it's just that I know for a fact that Eminem is average. Em aint short. Plus, 50 is about 6'1" with shoes on, so is Dre. Plus, Im 5'8", and my boy is 6'1", and it makes me and him look identical in height like Eminem and Dr.Dre.
F-ICP said on 18/Oct/05
how tall is Matt Pinfield? remember when he was on that show Farmclub and Eminem stood right by him and I swear he looked only an inch taller, everyone I know including me always thought that Eminem was at least 5'10 or so, especially how u see him in concert and also next to Dre he doesn't look that short, but at his Shady Campaign thing on MTV, he looked really 'diminuitive' next to 50 & Dre, and don't you guys have 50 at 5'11 or 6'? Anyway I really do think he is 5'7" at THE MOST! Him and Kurt Cobain are 5'7" and still both very influential artists, WHY IS THE FACT THAT A LOT OF TALENTED PEOPLE ARE SHORTER THAN YOU THINK SO SURPRISING TO PEOPLE?
J. said on 17/Oct/05
Yeah, that's the thing, Royce was always taller than Eminem by at least 2 inches. He's a very solid 5'7", no taller, no shorter. He even jokes about being small, so he's comfortable with it.
A-Bomb said on 17/Oct/05
That picture of Eminem next to Royce the 5'9" makes him look 5'7", regardless of any slant Em may be on.
James said on 17/Oct/05
But Rob, in that picture of Royce and Eminem, Em is now the one leaning to his right more.
MD said on 17/Oct/05
5'8" in shoes does seem right. Especially with his old mug shot that lists him at 5'8" and 155 pounds (taken in shoes obviously) Of course, barefoot, he's 5'7"

It really just depends if you want to list him in or out of shoes. Though, then you'd have to be consistent.
James said on 16/Oct/05
Thanks for listening to me Rob, I think you got Em right at 5'8". Im gonna go and get more information and evidence on his height.
A-Bomb said on 16/Oct/05
Yeah what the hell, I agree with James, 5'8" for Eminem based on the height chart until we get evidence otherwise.
James said on 15/Oct/05
A-Bomb, try what I said, and if your are 172.4 cm, then your about Eminem's height then, right? Well Im 5'8"(Im only 17 though, got 4 years to stop growing!), well, spread your legs out when standing up like that. But make sure you put your stance wider, cuz in the picture Em has his stance spread the widest, that drops 1 1/2-2 inches at the most! Cuz when I did it, It made me 5'6" flat. With shoes on, it made made 5'6" 1/2. So that shoes Em is 5'8"!
James said on 15/Oct/05
Look in that D12 police line-up picture again! If you see, Eminem is not only spreading his legs out that causes him to look shorter, but only his back is leaning against the wall, so he's kind of leaning back, so if that height chart is accurate, Em should be about 5'9"ish, but shoes and hat off, he's a legit 5'8", 5'9" with shoes on.
James said on 15/Oct/05
Also, it's been proven that Elton John is close to 5'8", so when Em and him stood next to each other when they performed 'Stan' at the Grammys, Em is a little taller than Elton, and Elton wears those high heel guy shoes(well, the man is gay) so Em is a legit 5'8". Hold on, Im gonna go and try to get more proof. Oh, and thanks for the input A-Bomb.
James said on 15/Oct/05
Yeah your right A-Bomb, like I said before, we don't know how accurate that height chart is. And it's hard to tell, cuz it goes from 5'2" to 5'8" to 6'2". And your also right, those sneakers look like they give him atleast an inch, but mines(theyre Reeboks) only give me half an inch. But I think we would give Eminem the benefit of the doubt and say that he's 5'8" in my opinion.
A-Bomb said on 15/Oct/05
I've seeing that kind of wall chart once before, that is, one which is divided up from 5'2" to 5'8" to 6'2" so it is legitimate in those regards. But, it's another good point as I'm sure it's just a prop (ie it doesn't belong to the police) so it's accuracy needs to be questioned, it may be off by a centimetre to an inch in either direction. Being a prop it's designed for look, not for accuracy.
A-Bomb said on 15/Oct/05
Also James sneakers give an inch of height not half an inch, and clearly the shoes that Em has on that shot are of the inch variety (look at the sole). Shoe size has no correlation to height. I'm 172.4cm and a size 11, I know someone who is 5'6" and size 13. The woman with whom Eminem was in the video clip with said he's about 5'8" (so 5'7 3/4 isn't around 5'8" by your standards then?), so that isn't proof per se. Elton John could be as low as 5'7". And what's with this legs spread out dropping you by two inches? With that stance Em's got you drop by half an inch at the most! More in the realm of a centimetre. But, I have to agree he's above 5'7".
A-Bomb said on 15/Oct/05
Yeah, but James the camera seems to be tilting slightly upward which can give Eminem the illusion of another inch there. I'm sure he's somewhere in the vicinity of 171cm to 173cm though.
MD said on 15/Oct/05
How accurate is that wall chart? Seriously?
Anonymous said on 14/Oct/05
Okay look, you listed Eminem and Elton John both at 5 ft 7.75, 172 cm right. Well go to yahoo, and type up 'Eminem and Elton John pictures', you know, when they performed 'Stan' at the Grammys, and you'll see a few pics in which Em is a little bit taller than Elton, and Elton wears heigher heels, cuz Em was just wearing sneakers.

Look at the pics where they are standing next to eachother holding their hands in the air like theyre giving an ovation, and when Em is about to give him the hug at the end.

So there you go, Em is atleast 5'8", no less.
Anonymous said on 14/Oct/05
Eminem wears a shoe size of 10.5, so I think he's a little taller than 5 ft 7.75, he's atleast 5'8" flat.
James said on 14/Oct/05
Hey, it's me again. In that D12 police line-up picture, we can't really determine his height. First of all, we don't know how accurate that height chart is, I mean it was just a picture.

Another thing is, his stance is wider than you think, right now I just spread my feet, pointing it out like Em, and it took off about 1 to 2 inches on me, and Im 5'8" flat.(Im just 17 by the way).

So Em is 5'7" in that pic, so add about 2 inches, then he's about almost 5'9" with shoes on. So just take off half an inch cuz of his sneakers, and he's about 5'8" 1/2. So he's clearly 5'8ish, so I think that you should atleast have him listed at 5'8".

You have him at 5 ft 7.75, but he to me definitely look like about 5 ft 8, around there. So I think you should change it, just a thought.
James said on 13/Oct/05
Bichi, I dont think you actually saw Em, but if you did, I think you underestimated his height. You said that your 5'11" and he was like 5'6". So with shoes on your about 6'0", right, and him with shoes on is about 5'9". Well you probably think he was way shorter than you cuz 3 inches actually does make a big difference. One of my friends is 5'8", and his girlfriend is 5'5", and it looks like he's way taller than her too.
James said on 12/Oct/05
Also, he did have a slim figure, so that made him look taller, but he has gotten built, so now he looks a little shorter. And J says that "Triumph the Insult Comic Dog" made a remark that he only "comes up to Elton Johns shoulder", when in fact he's a little taller than Elton John, when they stood next to each other at the Grammys when they performed 'Stan', Em was a little taller.
Plus he clearly looks like he's 5 or 6 inches taller than Brittany Murphy in 8 Mile, cuz like Kai said, she's only 5'3".
Another thing is that whoever said Eminem is only 5'6" cant be true, cuz he disses Ja Rule with D12 and Obie Trice in one of his songs called 'Doe Ray Me' AKA 'Hailies Revenge' about Ja being short cuz Ja himself is only 5'6", and at the end there's a little funny remark when Hailie asks him, "Daddy is Ja Rule taller than me", and Eminem replies, "No honey, you guys are the same size". So I dont think Eminem would make a remark like that if he was as short as Ja Rule, cuz that be hypocritical. But to me, Em looks about average. As tall or a little shorter than other guys, and usually taller than most women.(His ex-wife Kim is pretty tall at like about 5'10", plus she wears heels).
Well, that's all my information. I know it looks like I have no life, but just telling yall what I know.
James said on 12/Oct/05
TRL and a book I read had him listed at 5'9". Plus in that D12 police line-up, Em has his legs spread a bit a had him at 5'7", so that made him a little shorter. So he is no shorter or taller than 5'8", 5'9".
MD said on 11/Oct/05
Ok, here's something to mull...

Em's costar in "8 Mile", Mekieh (spelling?) Phiffer is 5'9" tops (and I really believe he's 5'8" barefoot). Marshall looks to be clearly 2" shorter them him in the scenes they are together in. I would guess He's 5'7" at most.

Someone find some pictures.
tommy said on 6/Oct/05
eminem is between 167 and 170 not more i am so sure of that
Jess said on 2/Sep/05
Eminem, 5'7.75, I dont think so, he said he was 5'10, point blank!! They need to correct that.
Hollywood said on 12/Jul/05
I know for a fact that Em is 5'5, I'm a medical student at UCLA. I was on the plastic consult service. Can't say anymore without violating confidentiality but I was standing next to him and can tell you the top of his head was slightly above my eye brows (mirror check). I'm 5'8 and wear loafers, so he must me at most 5'6.25.
CoolJ said on 7/Jul/05

Those figures are usually from drivers licenses.. which most people round up for.
Dave said on 6/Jul/05
His mugshot from a few years ago lists him at 5ft 8in Mugshots/eminemmug1.html
British Guy said on 4/Jul/05

I Agree With Your Height...

From What I Can Ascertain Eminem Is Beetween 5ft 6in/5ft 8in...
sean said on 2/Jul/05
what's up with those odd measurements in the d12 poster below. Line-up boards are always in regular feet, half-foot measurements, not in weird 5'8", 6,2" - i think they changed the numbers.
leonari said on 9/Jun/05
More and more evidence that this guy is exactly my height as I always assumed. Why do you think his name is SLIM SHADY...Because he is a very slim guy and I mentioned that more than once on other ocasions: when you're 5'7" and slim you can look 5'9" on TV easily without lifts, insoles, boxes or some otgher crap. ROB you should start considering putting him back to 5'7" the height you had him listed in the past.
J. said on 9/Jun/05
Okay, Rob, I have to say that I TOLD YOU! That pic just basically puts his true height of 5'7" on concrete. Also, in the beginning of his new music video, "Triumph, the Comic Dog" (or whatever he is called) makes a remark to the effect of "Oh, you're small, you come up to Elton John's shoulder", referring to Eminem's small stature.
Lmeister said on 9/Jun/05
Hat off, Shoes off...voila we see that Eminem is 5'7'' = )
leonari said on 11/May/05
By looking at many many pictures on the sites you provided in the forum ROB, I have to go with your first assumption that he is more like 5'7 than 5"8. really.
J. said on 4/May/05
For perspective, Eminem's wife, Kim, is around 6 feet. And Eminem is really is about 5'7". I saw him in concert (front row at that!) and he was that small. (Eminem usually is described as being 'diminutive' and peep the comment I posted below for more proof) Again, like with Nelly, I stand by what I witnessed whether or not anyone believes me or not. :-)
Kai said on 3/May/05
Hmm. That should be right. On this picture like a police force pic or whatever it had he was 5'8" even though somewhere else he was 5'10" oh yeah and if this website is right about brittnay murphy being 5'3" then he did seem to be about 4 or 5 inches taller than her in 8 mile.
Bichi said on 16/Apr/05
eminem can´t be 5´8, i once saw him getting off a car and he looked real short and i´m 5'11, he was like 5 inches less than i was.
J. said on 5/Mar/05
Check out this comment from an old article from 2000. The article asks various celebrities what they feel about Eminem's lyrics and whatnot. One celebrity was named My'leen from some pop group called HearSay, she says:

"We met him at the Brits and he seemed like a lovely guy, but I was surprised by how small he was. I thought he'd be about six foot or something, but he was only a titch!”

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