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Peak: 6ft 7.95in (203.1cm)
Current: 6ft 7.13in (201cm)
JT said on 26/Jul/07
Hard to say if Kane has acromegaly. The pic with Eric shows a protruding brow, which is characteristic of the disease, though it could just be enhanced by the lighting. He does not look like he has an enlarged jaw or hands though he could have a mild form of the disease. It's always possible that he's been taking human growth hormone and basically has self-inflicted acromegaly.
Alex said on 26/Jul/07
I never thought Kane had acromegaly. I thought he was just a big naturally.
Vegas said on 26/Jul/07
Jason i was reading that list on W I K I about 6 days ago and jacobs wasn't there so some person just put him in the last few days. maybe its true but i doubt it, his head and hands seemed normal size to me when i met him.
Da Man said on 26/Jul/07
Ray, you're right, those pics are indeed better of Kane's boots, especially since you can see his ankle placement in pic# 45 -- which also proves he is no longer using internal lifts. Kane's feet look slanted because the front of his boots are very thin, thinner than most wrestling boots (including Takers) while he appears to have a thickish heel. Who knows the reasoning for his boot design, but I believe a good pair of Docs would give him more actual height boost. As I'm sure you know, a .5" heel advantage does not boost height by .5", especially if the front of the boot is also thinner.

As far as Kane being "cool" or a "shadow" of Taker, what does that have to do with anything? I wasn't aware this was a popularity contest.
Ray said on 26/Jul/07
Actually, Kane and Sid compared to the kid looks VERY close. He comes up to the bottom of their chins.
Ray said on 26/Jul/07
Da Man: pic 45 of 49 on the link you posted gives you a better pic of Kane's boot; Taker started wearing a boot with a slightly larger sole right around when he became champ (still not as big as Kane's). I always thought aside from Kane's heel, the inside of his boots looked a little suspect - could be wrong but he looks like he's on a slant all the time which is why he can't run or maneuever as well in the ring. I still feel Kane gets a bigger boot advantage than Undertaker; maybe not 1.5" but I'd say definitely .5" on the heel and maybe more if he has a lift inside. There's a reason Taker and Kane are both listed the same height of 6'7.5" here - becuase they both are around the same height - around the 6'8" mark. Kane is cool; I like Kane but he is a shadow/clone of the Undertaker and as the saying goes - a clone is never as good as the original which is definitely true here.
Da Man said on 26/Jul/07
I think I recall seeing a few of these pictures before, but it's an interesting site nonetheless. The same guy (who looks to be 5'10") with numerous wrestlers in street clothes including Kane and Sid. Kane in street clothes is clearly taller than Sid. Click Here
KingNick said on 26/Jul/07
But this was listed on W I K E P E D I A and with all due respect to the site they dont have the most credible sources. I've never heard that pointed out until now.
Jason said on 26/Jul/07
He's on the list of famous people with acromegaly. You don't think? I think he easily has the head/facial features, frame size and height. It's generally nowhere near as obvious as an extreme case like Andre the Giant -- Shawn Bradley had acromegaly and you probably wouldn't have known, and he's a giant among giants.

Spike, acromegaly is gigantism. It can be worsened by wrestling promoters, as Rob alluded to...
Vegas said on 26/Jul/07
Jason i don't think kane has acromegaly, he doesnt show any of the classic symptoms.

kanesno1fan; glen jacobs didn't play "the black knight" character that was jeff gaylord
Spike said on 26/Jul/07
jason, what is acromegaly?

[Editor Rob: a condition found mainly in wrestlers, whereby mysterious inches appear out of nowhere.]
eric 1 said on 25/Jul/07
ray take a look at the staredown between kane as issaac yankem and undertaker. You can find the video anywhere on the internet. There boots are exactly the same size. Kane has him by an inch. Kanes boots are no longer that big anymore. Look at them .
kanesno1fan said on 25/Jul/07
these are the height he's listed in his gimmicks: isaac yankem 6ft 9,unabomb 6ft 8,doomsday 6ft 10,the black knight 6ft 11,kane 7ft,his smallest billed was 6ft 8 and that means kane is 6ft 8 i've got this film that says when he was unabomb he was billed 6ft 8
Da Man said on 25/Jul/07
Ray, if you honestly think Kane's current gear is giving him a 1.5" height advantage OVER Taker's current gear, you are WAY off. That sounds like a desperate attempt to maintain that Calaway is as tall or taller than Jacobs.
Kane's current boot (picture 9 of 49): Click Here Undertaker's current boot (pictures 7 and 19 of 41): Click Here
Then there's the fact that in 1999 Kane only looked 2" shorter than the Big Show in a direct staredown while today he typically looks 4" shorter and any rational person will begin to realize that nowadays, Kane isn't using much lift.
Ray said on 25/Jul/07
Da Man: please, you're trying to say Kane and Taker's boots are close!?! Kane has a rather big advantage compared to Taker's boot. Kane is the boot king of the WWE - face it.
Da Man said on 25/Jul/07
Ray, you are delusional if you think Kane is getting a 1.5" boost over Taker's footwear.
Arjun said on 25/Jul/07
Vegas, Carlito has some of the biggest hair going around, maybe that throws one's estimations off a bit?
Jason said on 25/Jul/07
W.iki-pedia says Kane has acromegaly. I didn't know that ... though no suprise!
thomas said on 25/Jul/07
i definately agree with you spike. kane is 6ft8.5 at least but remeber kane is wearing shoes so without them he's around the 6ft 7 range 6ft 7.5 at least yeah rob your completly correct on this prediction.
Spike said on 24/Jul/07
Kanes looks 3 and a half inches taller than big ben, just look at the pic! its clear to see that
Ray said on 24/Jul/07
Vegas: you're forgetting Kane has a bigger boot/heel than Taker so IF there is a 1-1.5" difference between Kane vs Taker's height against Batista it is cancelled out by Kane's larger boot. Kane and Taker are roughly the same height. It almost looks like the same difference between Taker and Kane vs Batista's height.
Vegas said on 23/Jul/07
here you go Da Man; the face-off is roughly 6min 10sec in Click Here
Da Man said on 23/Jul/07
Vegas, do you have another link to that video?
anonymous said on 23/Jul/07
kane an taker are the same height,and their both 4-5 inches shorter than the great khali.
Alex said on 22/Jul/07
Vegas, Carlito I saw in person from 15-20 feet away standing at the same place I met Kurt Angle and he looked 5'9, 5'10 at most.
Vegas said on 22/Jul/07
funny thing i saw carlito in a chicago hotel from about 20 feet away and he didn't look short at all. On tv he only looks 5'8-5'9; this is in complete contrast to chris benoit who really looked short to me in New York from about 20 feet away but always looked about 5'10 on tv.
Arjun said on 21/Jul/07
How tall do you guys think Carlito is?? I would say 5'9"ish.
Arjun said on 21/Jul/07
2.5 inches or so between Ben and Kane.
Vegas, it is incredible how large Show's upper torso and head are, compared to Kane's (or basically anyone's). Seriously, his nipples are barely higher than Kane's, but he is several inches taller by the time we get to the tops of their heads. I calculated Show to be 6% taller (about 5 inches) with Kane's head tilted slightly. If he straightens his head, Show will have about 4 - 4.5 inches on him. Puts Kane right around the 6'7" mark.
Red said on 21/Jul/07
for me it looks like 5". I think they have almost the same lifts,
so Dave 6
Vegas said on 21/Jul/07
kane and batista went face-to-face on smackdown this week at roughly the 7 minute mark in this video Click Here looks about 4" maybe 4.5" difference or so to me.

Kane was most def taller next to batista than undertaker was back in feb Click Here (third last pic)

Here is batista and khali from two weeks ago Click Here
mini said on 21/Jul/07
get a tape measure and you'lle see that inches is smaller than you think i done this and realised how small 3 inches is. im not trying to say kane is exactly 6'8'' i think at least 6'7.75''
Vegas said on 20/Jul/07
Big Ben is basically 6'5 though, you would need a microscope to tell the difference between 6'4.8 and 6'5, and if all this stuff about morning and evening heights is real then he is probably over 6'5 at some time of the day.

Kane is about 13" or so taller than my short friend but he is leaning like in the photo with the big show i posted so he is probably losing close to an inch. He would come out at around 6'7 or so in that photo too i would suspect.

Looking at the big show/kane photo again its clear to see where all of big shows height come from (his shoulders and his head). Kane and show are level up to the pec/nipple area and from there wight gains an extra 4"+ over jacobs which is incredible, no wonder people are out estimating this guy. He has the legs and lower torso of a 6'7 man.
Da Man said on 20/Jul/07
Viper, I too thought that the picture with Kane and the 5'5" - 5'6" guy seemed off somehow.
taker said on 20/Jul/07
add another 6-6.5 inches on big ben then you,d have big shows height.
taker said on 20/Jul/07
i honestly only see 2 inches between ben and kane,big ben 6'5" kane 6'7" far as big show i think he has as much as 5 inches on kane.
Alex said on 20/Jul/07
Viper, you're right Kane I think would be lokking a bit little more taller than a guy 5'6. He looks over a foot taller but only by a little.
Alex said on 20/Jul/07
Vegas, I think Masters is 6'3 probably. He looks close to his billed 6'4 too.

Ben's hat could be getting in the way a bit but its 3 inches tops between Kane and Ben though. We know he was officially measured at 6'4.8 but really thats pretty much 6'5 or a mm under which is weird to argue over.
Da Man said on 20/Jul/07
6'4 7/8" is basically 6'5", you would be hard pressed to see 1/8" in any photograph.
Viper said on 20/Jul/07
Vegas, Kane should be looking taller than that next to a 5-5-5-6 person I would think.
Viper said on 20/Jul/07
Kane didnt have a full 3 inches I thought. He looked 6-7.5 with him. And dont forget that Big Ben is technically struggling with 6-5 himself.
mini said on 20/Jul/07
do you need glasses kane looks 3'' taller than big ben
Vegas said on 20/Jul/07
In that 2005 photo Big shows left nipple and kane's right nipple are identical in location. DaMan if kane is lower there then KANE MUST have longer legs and a bigger upper body than big show. The only wrestler standing at the top of that platform is carlito (and he is losing height from that due to the fact he is further from the camera); show, kane and masters are side by side basically.

BTW Chris Masters looks about 6'3 there next to kane and show.
Da Man said on 20/Jul/07
Or rather, Big Show's left foot is on the platform.
Da Man said on 20/Jul/07
Vegas, the eyeline method is skewed slightly in your friend's favor due to Kane's chin tucking. Their heads are definitely not being held in the same position. I could easily see Kane looking .25" - .5" taller than he already does in that photo with a head position identical to your friend's.

Remove the hair and beanie from Roethlisberger and there is 3" between them, I am basically 99% positive on that one.
Da Man said on 20/Jul/07
Vegas, in that 2005 photo not only is Kane leaning, but he is standing on the downward sloping ramp while Big Show is standing on the platform.
Vegas said on 20/Jul/07
Da Man; my friend is not looking up and kane is not looking down in that photo (i posted the video to prove that); kane is slightly closer to the camera although in the photo but i don't think that is affecting the photo much (i took the photo by the way). Kanes posture didn't change during the photo either, you can also see proof of that in the video.

I dont see 3" between ben and kane either (more like 2.5" or so). Kane is between 6'7 and 6'7.5 barefoot. Rob is not going to change his mind on this one, basically the case is as good as closed. 6'7.5 is fair enough as it keeps nearly everyone happy.
Anonymous said on 20/Jul/07
In the Team Raw photo the leaning Kane is 6 inches shorter than Big Show (note that his head is bigger than ordinary). Without leaning there would be 4.5 - 5 inches difference. So Big Show is 7', Kane is 6'7.25 - 6'7.5''.
In the picture with Big Ben, Kane wears his wrestling boots, with normal footwear their real difference would be 2.5 inches.
Da Man said on 20/Jul/07
I see 3" between Roethlisberger and Kane, I think Ben's "afro" (the only word I can think of to describe his hair) underneath the beanie is throwing some off. It looks like there is a 3.5" difference between Kane and Vegas friend. However, Kane doesn't appear to be standing as erect as Vegas' friend, (Vegas' friend is looking upwards while Kane has his chin tucked and is looking downwards a bit) so there looks to be 3.75" - 4" taking into account posture, IMO.

I'm still thinking Kane is 6'7.75" - 6'8".
Vegas said on 20/Jul/07
this is an interesting photo from November 2005 Click Here

Kane is about 5-5.5" shorter than Big Show there but is leaning which is losing him about 1" or so.
mini said on 20/Jul/07
next to 6'5 big ben kane looked 3'' taller than him kane is 6'8''
Alex said on 19/Jul/07
Kane looks 6'7.5 with Vegas's 6'4 friend. And looks about the same with 6'5 Ben.
KingNick said on 19/Jul/07
Thanks Vegas, appreciate it. What do you guys think?
Ray said on 19/Jul/07
Looks like 4" difference to me between Kane and Vegas's 6'4" friend. If Vegas's friend is 6'4" barefoot than Kane is most likely 6'8" barefoot.
Anonymous said on 19/Jul/07
In the first picture there is 3.5'' difference.
In the third I see almost 3 inches, but Kane appears to be in his wrestling gear, so in reality there might be only 2.5''.
Vegas said on 19/Jul/07
kane and my friend Click Here
my 5'5.5"-5.6" friend and kane Click Here
6'5 NFL star Big Ben and kane Click Here
KingNick said on 19/Jul/07
Vegas, can you post your pic with your 6'4" friend again? I saw around a 4" difference there, I'm just curious to see everyone elses opinions.
eric 1 said on 18/Jul/07
Vegas your telling me that you cant see kane being another half and inch to an inch taller than 6ft7.5. Your making it like its impossible with the outstanding proof that we have. Im not saying 6ft9 but i am saying 6ft8.5. 6ft8 minimum
Anonymous said on 18/Jul/07
If Kane was 6'8.5'' then Edge is a legit 6'4'', Big Show is over 7ft and Khali is almost his billed height of 7'3'', well they are not. So please stop pushing Editor Rob to boost him, because he is one of the right-listed wrestlers on this site.
About Kane's weight I think for most of his career he was a little bit under 300lbs, but recently it looks that he has put some fat to his body, so now he is easily over 300lbs.
kanesfan said on 18/Jul/07
hes not 6ft7 kane is way taller than than that albert is 2 inches smaller tha kane and albert is 6ft6 so kane is a legit 6ft8.5
Alex said on 17/Jul/07
Most evidence points to Kane being 6'7-6'7.5.
Vegas said on 17/Jul/07
kanesfan and eric 1 i think we need more evidence than that. Triple H admits to being 6'4 so i guess that is true as well.

If kane is 6'9 barefoot after what i saw in person i will eat this keyboard, lol (sorry jason for stealing one of your lines)
kanesfan said on 17/Jul/07
editor rob kane has actually admitted to being 6ft8.5 to 6ft9 so i would suggest you change kanes height to 6ft8.5
Thorgrim said on 17/Jul/07
i certainly second this..... based on my meetings with him, the pics shown here and that pic with the 5'11 guy above, kane cant really be under 6'8 in all fairness (without those wrestling boot upgrades of course)
Eric 1 said on 15/Jul/07
I agree Editor Rob. I think its at least fair to put him anywhere from 6ft8 to 6ft8.5
Eric 1 said on 15/Jul/07
Fonzie Its like there are some people who dont want to believe hes 6ft8.5 and over 300 pounds . I have been trying to tell everyone on here kane is 6ft8.5. He told me himself and he had a couple inches on my friend fred whos 6ft6.
Alex said on 15/Jul/07
That kid could very well be 6'1-6'2.
Jiga said on 15/Jul/07
yeah Rob please. we've had sooo much evidence that Kane is at least 6'8 not to mention a few that have met him and estimate 6'8.5 and Kane has apparently said it at different times.
jonas said on 15/Jul/07
thank you for the details JT. Editor rob you have to boost up kanes height to 6'8'' cause in that picutre kane towers over albert by 2 inches and albert as JT Said is 6'6''. so at kanes tallest 6'8.5''
JT said on 14/Jul/07
That's Albert, who IMO is at least 6'6". The camera angles aren't quite the same (it's higher in the Kane pic,) though it still looks like Kane would have him by up to an inch. The kid in the pic looks around 6'1" to 6'2".
KingNick said on 14/Jul/07
Jonas, Imposter Kane (freakin' deacon) has always drove me crazy with his height. A while back we were discussing this. There was one site that gave him a 6'3" credit, and then it got booted off the net, and every other site he was on (including foreign sites) gave him a 6'7" credit. I don't think he's 6'3" because even with lifts I don't think it's possible to get away with billing a 6'3" gyuy 6'7". He may be 6'5" and 6'7" in his boots, that seems more realistic to me. I just don't know tho.

JT, i gotta agree with Jonas. I want the details on that awesome picture!
jonas said on 14/Jul/07
imposter kane is 6ft3 in those boots the heels are 1'' and the lifts inside are 2'' so imposter kane is 6ft6 in shoes and round his height to the nearest centremetre so tha gives him a billed 6ft7 kane is clearly 3''taller than this guy JT who is that guy that kane is next to and how tall is he, and whos that big fella
JT said on 14/Jul/07
Click Here
KingNick said on 13/Jul/07
Vegas, you make a real good point. I think Big Show was wearing bigger lifts towards the end of his WWE tenure. Take a look at that same link and see Batista spearing him, he's got an advantage in his shoes as well.
Vegas said on 13/Jul/07
no idea on his real height but he looks to have 8" easy on Terry Gordy's son Ray who is billed at 5'10 Click Here
hellfire boy said on 13/Jul/07
does anyone know how tall the imposter kane is i've heard him to be 6'7 and in some areas 6'3 theres some confusion here
Vegas said on 13/Jul/07
Fair enough KingNick you might be right but in person I didn't think he looked 6'8 and he certainly did not look 6'9 barefoot that i am 100% sure of.

You say Kane is around 6'10 in wrestling boots but what would that make big show then in boots Click Here (photo 3)

I think Kane was around 6'10 in the big boots he used to wear circa 1997-2001 but he is def shorter now
Thorgrim said on 13/Jul/07
in the picture, that guy (who is almost 6feet tall) is dwarfed totally.... in the evidence of that pic, if kane were to stand up totally straight and chin up, he would be nearly a full head taller.... the average man has a 10-12 inch head... kane must have at least 11 or so.... on the evidence of this pic alone kane looks like he could be EVERY bit of 6'8++... on the evidence of this pic alone (and im leaving my meeting with this man out of the argument here) he looks massive beside this guy, he looks like he could be anything up to 6'8-6'9 here. Just over 6'7 is BS quite frankly. Imagine he straightened up and lifted his head.... theres not far off a foot difference here.
KingNick said on 12/Jul/07
I've always argued that UT and Kane are very close in height and if any of them is taller, it's no more than an inch difference, and it's Kane. Fonzie's post makes a lot of sense. With all due respect Fonzie, it's almost impossible to prove what you're writing, I could have easily written the same post, I just happen to agree with your opinion here and you give me no other reason to not believe you. I think UT is 6'7" - 6'8" and Kane is 6'8" - 6'9". I think Kane is somewhere around 6'10" in his wrestling boots.

Vegas, I know your agrument is that you met the guy in person. You've had pics up in the past of your 6'4" friend with Kane. You have some of the best pics I've seen on the site, the only think I disagree with are your estimates, I think there was around a 4" difference between Kane and your friend.
Spike said on 12/Jul/07
Fonzie, completly agree with u man, so if kane is 1 inch taller, that makes taker 6'8?
Fonzie said on 12/Jul/07
I came under a diffrernt name months back. I usee to work for family fitness... for Glenn Jacobs aka kane!!! in in severvile tenneessee.I am 6'7 Glenn had a inch over he was well over 300 pounds I have worked out Glenn many times..I had worked there as a trainer. when he was injuried I helped him lose weight to 290. before his injured his bicep.. he was 330 pound.. I seen Glenn bare foot many times. to know his height. he is atleast 6'8. to 6'8'5.. His wife worked there to..her name is maurica.. and there two kids.. ashley.. and tia.. they Said there dad was taller cause I had asked them....ANYWHO point is all your estimate about Glenn thats how he spells his name with double n well your estimates are wrong kane was well over 300 pounds in his prime. still He is about 317 pounds now...Undertaker used to work out the gym to.. Glenn had a inch on taker.. Taker atleast 320 in his prime.. ther both big guys glenn is bigger of the two. and taller..Hope these helps you guys
wesley said on 11/Jul/07
ive met kane at a wwe autograph signing in nottinghan uk 2006 at a house show. and id say hes about 6"9 without his wrestling boots which have thought to have a 2 inch lift in them. to be honest who cares about his height hes a freaking machine.
mike m said on 11/Jul/07
no way is kane 6'10" maybe with bigger lifts like when he went face to face with the big show,and their only looked like a 2 inch height difference.kane is nothing more than 6'7" to 6,8" max imo.
Vegas said on 11/Jul/07
if kane was truly 5" taller than edge (whom i have at 6'3 but never saw face to face) then ya i could then believe 6'8. However i still see 4" between kane and edge in that video putting him at Robs listed height of 6'7-6'7.5"
chris said on 11/Jul/07
i think its time to nodge kanes height upto 6'8 or 6'8.5.... after all these discussions, resolutions and pics, kane has to be over 6'7.5
chris said on 11/Jul/07
edge is a legit 6'4. that would put kane at 6'8 or 6'8.5.. edge is a big guy. his as tall as randy orton and ortons around 6'4 to 6'5 so there you go. it looked like kane had about 4 to 4.5 inchs on edge at the most standing straight.
mike m said on 11/Jul/07
so vegas what would that make kane,would it make him 6'8" then?
Alex said on 10/Jul/07
Kane is minimum 4 inches taller than Edge, 5 inches max.
Da Man said on 9/Jul/07
Vegas, at 8:01 it looks more than 4" and Kane once again does not have the good posture he had in the beginning of the video. Kane is over 4" taller than Edge as per that video.
Vegas said on 9/Jul/07
actually the camera angle made it look like 6" at the start and kanes leaning made it look closer to 2.5" by the end but in reality it was about 4" Click Here if you pause at exactly the 8.01 mark you get the exact amount of height difference between kane and edge. Edge is a big guy, no way is kane 6" taller than him.
Da Man said on 8/Jul/07
Anonymous, ah, but Edge was holding his head up the entire sequence, looking up to Kane. When Kane did likewise, Edge did not even come up to Kane's eyeline. Kane looked at least 5.5" taller than Edge in that sequence, IMO. I thought I saw 6" several times. Edge's posture was excellent.

As for rollabluntallitaftermath, stick to rolling the blunts, my friend.
rollabluntallitaftermath said on 8/Jul/07
Kane looked three inches taller than Edge at most.
Unknown said on 8/Jul/07
id say that big daddy kane is 6'8 or 6'8.5 barefoot no more then 6'10 in wrestling gear im 6'6 myself and kane has couple of inches on me ive seen him on raw couple of months back when he was on raw and he was clearly taller then me ..
Anonymous said on 7/Jul/07
A colossus like Kane wearing lifts?! No way.
When Kane held his head up you can't judge what is the real difference, but when he held his head straight, the difference was clearly 5 inches, so Kane is 6'8'' and Edge is 6'3''.
Da Man said on 7/Jul/07
Malone is listed 6'9" everywhere. Regardless, we are also making alot of assumptions about those photos. How do we know Kane was wearing all, or any, of his lifts? How do we know the fan was wearing the same footwear? Etc, etc...

Also, did anyone see Smackdown last night? Kane looked 6" taller than Edge on his Edge's "talk show" last night, when Kane held his head up Edge was easily below Kane's eyeline.
JT said on 7/Jul/07
Bleemo, I just cut off the right shoulder of the guy in the pic with Kane to fit everyone in. The two pics are actually matched up pretty well when not cropped. Kane looks maybe an inch taller than Malone in his big boots and would be probably slightly shorter barefoot.
Bleemo said on 4/Jul/07
JT look at the photo on the right and you'll see the guy's shoulder is higher by about 2 inches and the guy is leaning in. They are still useful photos but analyse them in a different way. In the pic with kane if the guy stood up straight his head would almost come to the same level on Kane's mouth as it does on the Malone pic. I agree that Kane is probs wearing his boots therefore the just under 6'8 reading for Kane is correct.
Spike said on 3/Jul/07
w/e da man, ive seen kane and taker in the same ring together and to me they look the exact same height " eyelevel" , but i have seen pics in 1997-1998 and kane was 1 inch taller, but now adays they look the same height, so yeah same height
Da Man said on 3/Jul/07
Spike, Kane is marginally taller than Taker. Probably about .5" to an abolsute max of 1". This is old stuff, all you have to do is check out mikeV10's Isaac Yankem DDS (Kane) and masked Undertaker match pics. Kane devoid of lifts was slightly taller than Undertaker around 1995. With the massive lifts (original masked version) Kane was 2+" taller than Taker who also wore the biggest boots of his career at the time.
anonymous said on 2/Jul/07
kane looked his tallest when he wore the,s quite evident that he wore bigger lifts ,cause in a staredown with big show he only looked 2 inches shorter instead of 4 inches like he does now without the mask.
Spike said on 2/Jul/07
marcus, taker is the same height as kane, ive seen pics that show that he is the EXACT same height also, so dont tell me that b.s
anonymous said on 2/Jul/07
kane and taker are both 6'7" maybe 6'8" has them by 4 inches ,khali 6 inches.
JT said on 1/Jul/07
(Click Here) Karl Malone is around 6
jake said on 1/Jul/07
chris how tall do you expect kane to be i think kane is 7ft in some areas he even looks 7ft but not saying exactly 7ft his height i think is at least 6 ft 9
chris said on 1/Jul/07
yeh good on ya jake.. havnt u scrolled down at all the other postings and chats about his height? and ur saying his 7ft. nah his not 7ft his 7'4
jake said on 30/Jun/07
kane is 7ft it even says it on official websites look that guy is 5ft11 or 6ft
and almost towers over him by 1ft at least 10-11 inches so kane is 6ft10 - 6ft11
marcus said on 29/Jun/07
spike kane is taller than undertaker he is about 6 ft 7 but kane is around 6 ft 8
Spike said on 28/Jun/07
marcus, taker clearly over 6'7 at 6'8, just think about this everyone " Undertaker in normal boots and kane in big boots, then when there in regular shoes, kane would be shorter cuz he has taker by 1 inch in staredowns, so regular shoe id bet taker is the same height or even taller"
marcus said on 26/Jun/07
kane is at least 6ft8 in that pic and undertaker is at least 6ft6.5 on his pic
big show 7ft1, khali 7ft2.
anonymous said on 25/Jun/07
kane i,d say in gear is only 6'9" the most,show is considerably taller,like 4 inches at least.
kirk said on 24/Jun/07
im yeah like homeboi said.. kane is about 6'8 or 9 and 6'10 in gear
KingNick said on 22/Jun/07
Cobra, its funny you mention that in regards to his billed weight, that use to drive me crazy about Undertaker. For example, at Wrestlemania 12 UT was billed as 328lbs and Diesle at 317lbs. No way did UT look 11lbs heavier! Not to mention UT vs. Kane WM 14. Kane was billed at 326lbs and UT at 328lbs where it looked like Kane was clearly the heavier of the two.

Eric 1, glad you didn't try to tazer Kane!
Cobra said on 22/Jun/07
I can`t understand why they list him as just 320 lbs, when they are also saying he is close to 7ft. He would get away with a 330lbs+ listing easily, if you believe the height. Taker is listed as 305 lbs, Kane as 320 lbs, but I am sure the difference is closer to 30 lbs. I would say Kane is- ironically, because his listed height is so way off- pretty close to his billed weight.
His height 6ft8,5 no doubt
lambofgod said on 21/Jun/07
kane has actually said that he is 6,8.5 and about 6,10 in wrestling gear
Eric 1 said on 19/Jun/07
haha LOL King Nick that was my Tazer i told kane if he didnot tell me his real height and take a pic i would Taze him . LOL no that was just my crappy cell phone which i cant stand.
Spike said on 19/Jun/07
E - Giant, ur 6/11 barefoot!? damn dude, thats tall, haha
KingNick said on 19/Jun/07
Eric, is that a cell phone or a tazer in your hand? Were you gonna tazer Kane ??? :>)
E-Giant said on 19/Jun/07
i say that kane is in the 6'9" neighborhood ive stood next to him i had about 2 inches on him im 6'11" barefoot so him being build around 7 foot or 6'10 at wwe with the lifts is definitely believable cuz he looked a lot bigger then me cuz he's 300lb or 320lb and im around 260 so weight is a factor in size too thats what u fellas keep forgeting .. i say kane is 6'8.5 or 6'9 barefoot no more then 6'10.5 at the wwe .. peace peeps
chris said on 17/Jun/07
100% sure his less than 6'5... anyway back to Kanes height. its weird how u see him next to people then you can predict his exact height... but then you will see him in another pic with a well known then his height looks shorter or taller
chris said on 16/Jun/07
there was a pic with the rock and a 6'5 Australian footballer Willie Mason. The Rock didnt look more than 6'2-3. seriously.
Viper said on 15/Jun/07
Rock is 6-3 on his tip toes :)
Danimal said on 14/Jun/07
Joey, The Rock is lucky if he is 6'3". Definitely NOT 6'5".
Alex said on 14/Jun/07
Kane doesn't wear those lifts anymore. You can clearly tell that. His lifts back then added anywhere from 2 to 3 inches to his barefoot height. You can't wrestle in lifts 4-5 inches though, 3 yes.

Snitsky's lifts give over 2 inches to his barefoot height too.
joey said on 14/Jun/07
kane 6ft8,undertaker 6ft7.5,the rock 6ft5,big show 6ft11, khali 7ft1.5, triple h 6ft3.5,viscera 6ft6, drew hankinson 6ft7 (6ft9 with kanes old boots) jbl 6ft6, chris masters 6ft5, batista 6ft3.75, snitsky 6ft4.5, hulk hogan 6ft5, andre the giant 6ft10.
anonymous said on 13/Jun/07
show was listed at 6'11" prior to the surgery,it,s very possible that he grew an inch more,maybe 2 who knows.what year was it that he was listed at 6'11"?
Da Man said on 13/Jun/07
Why do you think Show is 6-11? Wasn't there a height comparison on the Big Show board where he looked a bit taller than Shaq?
Da Man said on 13/Jun/07
Ghost, Kane was obviously taller than Viscera there, EASILY by over an inch. I'd say by 1.5" or more. I honestly don't see how you can see them as the same there.
Arjun said on 13/Jun/07
Show is clearly 4 inches taller than Kane in that 3rd pic which Vegas mentioned.
6'7" looks right for Kane, as Show is most probably 6'11".
Da Man said on 13/Jun/07
His boots were definitely flat in the front, appearing to have a .5" - .75" sole thickness, no more. To gain 4" over barefoot height Kane would need 5+" heel, physically impossible based on the construction of his boots.
OOFatman said on 13/Jun/07
Da Man, I disagree. There is NO way that Kane's footwear in that video ONLY gave him 2.5" over his BAREFOOT height. He was 2" - 2.5" taller there than he is in his current gear, but NOT just 2.5" taller than his barefoot height. I know many on here think that wrestling in lifts is impossible, but obviously it's not. Lashley and Snitsky also wear lifts IMO. And yes, I already knew about the "heel height truth", his old boots definitely were NOT flat at the front!
Ghost said on 12/Jun/07
Click Here

Kane vs Viscera.

At the start of the match they stand face to face a few times and appear the same height.
Alex said on 12/Jun/07
If Kane had 2 inch heel with 2 inch lifts inside then he's walking on 4 inches of heel today which I can't see happening while wrestling. 4 inches will give you 3 inches of height to you. I do think he got a minimum 2 inches of height given to him though.
Da Man said on 12/Jun/07
00Fatman, there's only one problem (major) with your reasoning. I suggest you Click Here and become a little better informed on how lifts actually work. A 4" heel does not provide anywhere near 4" of actual height increase, it will provide more along the lines of 2.5" of actual height boost UNLESS the front of the foot is also significantly raised. Kane's boots, even his older-style lifted boots, are low/flat at the tip meaning it is literally IMPOSSIBLE for Kane's HEIGHT to have been boosted by 4". Kane's height wasn't boosted by more than 2.5" in his original gear, less today.
Ghost said on 12/Jun/07
Click Here

Kane vs Viscera

These two appear very close in height. I think Viscera is 6'7 or atleast very close to it. I just can't see Kane being 6'8 or over in this match.

BTW I much prefer the scary-viscera to the love-machine -Viscera.
OOFatman said on 11/Jun/07
To me Kane is 6'7" to 6'7.5" at the most. In that video posted by Da Man, it looks as though there is about a 1.5" difference in height b/w old Kane and Big Show. Show was at least 6'11" there, I'd say about 7'1" in those boots. Put Kane at 6'7.5" + 2" heels + 2" lifts = a 6'11.5" Kane in boots, a 1.5" difference b/w him and Show. BTW, I haven't been on here in a while so I don't know if this has been posted, but I came across a site that sells wrestling boots. On the site they have Kane's boots with the option of 2" lifts with up to a 2" heel. Check it out Click Here
Spike said on 9/Jun/07
In the above pic kane looks 6'8 + there 7' inch diff. look!
mike m said on 7/Jun/07
vegas,kane doe appear to be 4 inches shorter than big show.i have to laugh in that pi,look at batista next to jbl,batista is suppose to be 6'6" lolimo he looks 6'2",or 6'3" tops.
Eric 1 said on 6/Jun/07
Vegas post that stardown between kane as yankem and undertaker. You will see that there is at least a 1- 1.5 inch advantage in the video. However i do agree with you. kane doesnot wear the added height boost in his boot anymore. Its obvious when we look at the 1999 king of the ring. In the king of the ring he looks with the added height about 6ft10.5 maybe 6ft11. He told me 6ft8.5 in person but i can see him being 6ft8. But still why would he say 6ft8.5 and not 6ft8 or 6ft9?? Why would he give such a weird number?? I dont think he would lie.
Danimal said on 6/Jun/07
So Vegas, you've now "established" that Nash was only 6'9"?
KingNick said on 6/Jun/07
Vegas, you do make a great point now that I'm looking at the photos more. Can a wrestler really compete in boots 2.5" - 3" high tho? It must be insanely uncomftable. And I'm sorry, he looks an easy 6'8" there with Eric and I'm not buying the "he's closer to the camera" bit :>)
Da Man said on 6/Jun/07
I agree that Kane's older lifts provided 2 - 2.5" of actual height boost which is significant.
Alex said on 6/Jun/07
Kane's lifts gave 2-2.5 inches to his height I can bet on.
eric 1 said on 6/Jun/07
thats wear your wrong vegas . Isaac yankem was taller than undertaker than as well look again at the staredown.
Da Man said on 6/Jun/07
Mike m, I agree.
Vegas said on 6/Jun/07
KingNick you think Kane's boots gave him just 1.5" height boost in 1999??? thats only roughly the same as a normal pair of sneakers such as Nike Shox.

Kane was 2" taller than taker in that gear in 1997 at bad blood and taker was the same height as issac yankem so his boots were giving him about 2.5-3" boost (internal lifts i supect more than heel) After all kane is taller there next to show than 6'9 Nash was in either wcw or wwf by about an inch!!!! and about 2-2.5" taller than 6'8 akebono was or probably more!!!!

photo 3 shows the real difference in height between wight and jacobs Click Here and its about 4" not just the 2" in that video; the video is here too with kane and show side by side at the start Click Here
joey said on 6/Jun/07
big show actual height is 7ft and kane in that video looked the same height
so kanes actual height is 6ft9 cause those lifts make him 7ft if 7ft is kanes actual height 6ft7.5 is completely wrong look at eric in that photo he got to be more than 5ft11 he looks more 6ft2-ish
KingNick said on 5/Jun/07
Da Man, awesome clip! I always pegged Kane at 6'8.5", Big Show 6'11". In shoes at those times, I'd say Kane would be at least 6'10". Big Show with shoes I think 7' at that time. The only reason it only looks like a 1" difference there in my opinion is cuz Show won't straighten out his neck.
mike m said on 5/Jun/07
kanes lifts in the 90,s had to be at least 2 inches minumum.
Eric 1 said on 5/Jun/07
Da Man you are 100% right . He must of had some lifts in his shoes. The way i see it now i feel that kane no longer wears lifts due to bad knees and just wears a big heal. Back then he prob had the extra lift in the boot as well as the big heel. Now and days i dont think he has any extra lift anymore inside the boot.
Da Man said on 5/Jun/07
Interesting staredown between old-school Kane and Big Show. Click Here
Further evidence that currently Kane wears nowhere near the lift he did in the 90s.
Vegas said on 2/Jun/07
That dude on Singh's page was rite Alex, Michael Cole did say the 7'2 Khali on SNME Click Here and JBL says Undertaker is 7ft!!!

Offically the WWE list Singh at 7'3 Click Here
Alex said on 2/Jun/07
During Saturday Night's Main Event last July when Show and Khali faced off they were saying Show was 7'0 while Khali was 7'3 and there sure wasn't a 3 inch difference, not even with Khali standing more straight. 2 inches tops counting Khali's better posture.
Danimal said on 2/Jun/07
They are billing Khali at 7'4" now because Big Show is gone and they can get away with it.
Vegas said on 2/Jun/07
no they are not billing Kane at 7'4; still 7'3; JR on raw last Monday this guy is bigger than 7'3 maybe 7'4 and Cena said 7'5 giant a few times.
KingNick said on 1/Jun/07
WWE is billing Khali as 7'4" now? Wow.
eric 1 said on 1/Jun/07
Ghost i think your forgetting about Giant Gonzales. He was 7ft6 and they said he was 8ft. How about the Great Khali now . Now they are saying hes 7ft4 to 7ft5. The man is 7ft2 max. Kane is 6ft8.5 thats legit. They are exaggerating by 3.5 to 4 inches max. The man is no less than 6ft8.
Da Man said on 1/Jun/07
I think Kane is more like 6-7 min 6-8 max. I've yet to see a photo with a fan where the guy is standing tall.
Ghost said on 1/Jun/07
I posted that video, forgot to put my name there.

Yes, Kane's posture is very bad in that video, making him look 6'5 or something next to Vince and Austin. If he stood straight he would look around 6'7 I think. Kane has to be the most overbilled wrestler height-wise in the WWE today. Anybody with eyes can see that the guy is nowhere near 7 feet tall. It appears Kane is 6'7,5 max.
mike m said on 1/Jun/07
kane did look suprisingly short next to vince.from that clip it appeared he only had maybe 4 inches on vince , imo he only looked 6,5" .
Vegas said on 31/May/07
At his tallest in that video Kane looks approx 6" taller than 6'1 Vince or 6'7. I have been saying 6'7-6'7.5" for kane all along since meeting him in person. At what point in that video is Kane 7.5"-8" taller than Vince that some here believe him to be???
Da Man said on 31/May/07
Actually Anonymous, at about the 3:05 - 3:10 mark when Kane is actually standing up halfway straight and the camera isn't heavily favoring Vince he looks 6+" taller tham McMahon. The top of McMahon's head is clearly a couple inches below Kane's eyeline there. The whole sequence Kane was taking a very wide stance and stooping forward heavily, I guess to illustrate that he was "uncomfortable" without his mask.
Alex said on 31/May/07
DaMan, Batista is a strong guy yet he could struggle a bit to powerbomb Kane. Shows Lesnar is def stronger than Batista.
Jason said on 31/May/07
If you look at him with Booker, he's barely 2 inches taller.
Da Man said on 31/May/07
It's pretty funny watching Batista struggling then failing to powerbomb Kane in KingNick's video. So much for 280 lbs.
Anonymous said on 31/May/07
Click Here

Look at this, Kane is looking suprisingly short face-to-face with McMahon.
Paul said on 31/May/07
KingNick, I heard he was billed 6'5.
KingNick said on 31/May/07
Not to be random, but any idea how tall Stevie Ray is? I believe he was Booker T's Tag Team partner in Harlem Heat. Check out this video at about the 6 min mark Click Here he's almost as tall as Sid
Alex said on 30/May/07
Kane is actually coming to the Javits Center in NYC again on June 20th from 2-4PM it says on but no furter info. I went to the Javits center site and didn't say anything about him.
Alex said on 29/May/07
Jason, I haven't seen you on the Steve Austin page in a while and there are 2 pictures with Glenn with one better than the other where Austin looks 6'0-6'0.25 there. Did you see it?
Jason said on 29/May/07
Hahaha. Thanks, guys. Fortunately, it's at an arena with only a ~ 13 000 capacity. I've never sat worse than the ticket area after ringside, bought a crap ticket because I couldn't be assed getting to the ticket office when it was still dark this time, and have been spending too much since February! I wish I was going to Summerslam ... I'm going to the Summerslam tour lol. They charge like wounded bulls overseas - the cheapest ticket was US $45, & ringside is $280. Just for a house show...
Vegas said on 28/May/07
Been to all three for wrestling and Continental Airlines Arena (Meadowlands) is actually bigger than MSG in terms of seating capacity. it hold 20,049 whereas MSG hold 19,763. It's also much steeper which is better imo

My favourite USA indoor arena is United Center in Chicago which holds 23,000+ but could easily seat alot more people than that (it is huge) They havent had a WWE wrestling event there since 1994 i think?? They keep going back to the second-rate All-State Arena next to O'Hare probably because rent is much cheaper i guess.
Alex said on 28/May/07
Nick, MSG is bigger than both Meadowlands and Nassua Coliseum. I only been to MSG as far as wrestling goes. The other 2 were for concerts or monster trucks.
Yea, the Meadowlands you can see better since its smaller.
Paul said on 28/May/07
Jason, sounds like you need some of those theatre style binoculars. The sort you hold on the end of a small stick.
KingNick said on 28/May/07
Jason, depends on the arena for me. The Meadowlands in Jersey is really steep so you can actually see pretty well no matter where you sit. Plus they usually have huge screens everywhere.

I myself will be going to Summerslam!
Alex said on 28/May/07
Jason, I been to MSG 3 times for WWE events. Survivor Series 2002 in section 300's which was far but wasn't the farthest though as the 400's are the nose bleed seats then I went to Raw and SD back and at Raw I was in section 202 which was a fair distance then on SD I was in section 74 which was close. I paid cheaper for the closer seats then the seats farther since it was a PPV which costed much more. I tried getting tickets to WM 20 in MSG in 2004 but tickets sold out in 3 minutes legit! And it was $60 for the furthest seats in the arena.
Jason said on 28/May/07
I'll see him in person in July when WWE comes here. No height estimations, though -- I'll be in the cheap seats lol. How much do you see from way back?
Alex said on 27/May/07
Anything under 6'7 for Kane is too short. But Eric met the man and says 6'8 so I could believe him as Kane could be that height but no more though.
anonymous said on 27/May/07
kane wears special customized boots in the ring,which imo add 2 inches on his height.kane with the boots may be as tall as 6'8" 6'9".withoutthe boots i,d say 6'6" maybe 6'7" the most.
Eric 1 said on 26/May/07
Its all Girth. Me and him are side by side, on top of that how come vegas your not quick to bring up how kane is slouched in the picture. His posture is bad in the pic . Hes not even standing straight.
Da Man said on 26/May/07
One thing's for sure, Kane and Eric and certainly are far closer to equal distance from the camera than Kane and your 5-6 friend were in your pic.

Regardless, in the pic above the camera is tilted in eric's favor, just look at the door and the fire alarm behind them. Kane's head appears marginally closer to the camera because of his width, as has been stated already. Kane's right shoulder/arm is most almost exactly the same distance from the camera as eric1's left shoulder/arm. Kane appears closer because of his width AND the V-formation he and eric1 are standing in in relation to the camera.
Vegas said on 26/May/07
Kane is closer to the camera there; no doubt in my mind; as his head is simply not that big in reality (unless Eric 1 has a really small head).

Sorry KickNick not buying that Jacobs' girth makes him look closer. Jacobs girth doesn't make him look closer to the camera here with a 5'5.5-5'6 130-140lb guy (Jacobs' head looks a lot smaller there too btw) Click Here or here Click Here or what about Paul Wight who outweighs Jacobs by approx 150lb, his girth is not making him appear closer here with a guy roughly 200lb lighter Click Here

I still say Jacobs looked 6'7ish when i met him in 2004. I would love to meet him again in person seeing as almost everyone i have talked to here and in other places claim he is 6'8-6'9 in person (i honestly never saw it, neither did my brother or my 4 friends that were there that day which baffles me)
Jiga said on 25/May/07
I understand what you mean KingNick, because of Kane's massive girth even though he's standing next to Eric he seems closer to camera. Think of Kane and Eric standing with their backs flat against a wall. I f you looked at them side by side Kane's body would come furtherest out from wall.
Da Man said on 25/May/07
And to get really technical, the camera is tilted in eric's favor there. Kane looks every bit of 6-8 there, especially since eric said he is 5-11.75" not 5-11.25.
KingNick said on 25/May/07
I guess you can say Kane is technically closer to the camera, but it's only because he's so damn big! They're both standing sort of sideways, making a V. I think they are standing naturally next to each other, but Kane is so much wider and has so much girth that he his closer to the camera, but not because he's stepping further up. Do you guys understand what I'm trying to say? I feel the same way about the Andre/Wilt picture. It's only because of his girth.
Alex said on 25/May/07
Problem is we've said is that Kane is a little closer to the camera than Eric which will make Kane look an inch or so taller than he really is. If Eric comes closer to the camera you still have at least 8 inches making Kane minimum 6'7.
anonymous said on 25/May/07
kane definitely has more than 7 inches on eric, more like 9-10 inches.i,d give kane 6'8".
Viper said on 20/May/07
Jason, how tall do you think Kane really is? I beleive youve said anywhere from 6-5 to 6-7.
Alex said on 20/May/07
Umaga is 6'2 but Kane had more than closer to half a foot on him though.
I'm basing Kane's height mostly on Eric's picture which has him in between 6'7 and 6'8.
Jason said on 20/May/07
~ 6-2.
andre fan said on 20/May/07
what,s umagas legit height? kane had 4-5 inches on umaga.
Paul said on 19/May/07
Eric, I don't think he was anything under 300 as Yankem. Jerry Lawler when blagging it suggested 330.
Alex said on 19/May/07
Eric, you were there and saw him up close in person so I'll take your estimate of 300lbs or a bit more. I can see that because he has put a little size back on after his injury in 2002.
Eric 1 said on 19/May/07
When kane was 1st introduced at Bad Blood in 1997 he was with no question 340 pounds. In 2001 when kane looked his best when he was his most muscular he was an easy 325 pounds. WHen kane came back from his injury that was the only time in his career as kane that he weighed under 300. He was prob about 275. Today kane is an easy 300-315 pounds . I dont know how no one can see that. I am 205 pounds and i look like i weigh nothing next to him . WHen kane was isaac yankem he was most likely under 300 pounds. As Isaac yankem he was about 265-275 pounds. As Diesel 2 he was also under 300 pounds. He was about 275-280.
Alex said on 19/May/07
Kane billed at 345lbs I do remember but he was probably really 325lbs. Some say at his heaviest he wasn't even 300lbs but thats a crock of sh*t. He was easily 320lbs at his heaviest, if not closer to 330lbs but no more than that.
Jason said on 19/May/07
Hey Alex, did you know Kevin Nash is also Jewish? Kane used to be billed as 345 by Smoky Mountain ... same place that billed him as 6'7''.
Danimal said on 19/May/07
Kane was once listed officially at 345 pounds in 1999 and he LOOKED it.
andre fan said on 19/May/07
wasn,t kane billed at 340 1bs once?
Alex said on 18/May/07
Kane isn't 320lbs anymore. He's 300lbs or so now or a little under. At a point he only looked 280 something when he came back smaller. But Kane was indeed 320-325lbs before he had that bicep injury.
andre fan said on 17/May/07
kane 6'8" 320 pounds ,that,s a bi man.
Jason said on 16/May/07
Your somatype actually never changes, it remains the same from the time you're in the womb on. If you were a mesomorph and were skinny as a kid, then you'd still be a mesmorph then ... just a growing one.
Alex said on 15/May/07
I'm a mesno. When I was younger years ago I was an ecto. Some people are a mix of 2 of them.
Jason said on 15/May/07
Mike Tyson actually would be an extreme mesomorph, not an endomorph. Somatype is about more than your bone size; some mesomorphs have immense frames (like Tyson). Tyson didn't even used to lift weights in his prime (never started until he went to prison in the 90s for something to do) and weighed a solid 200lbs at 12 years old. Now, that's a mesomorph...
Frank said on 15/May/07
Eric do you live in New York ??
Alex said on 15/May/07
Eric, you're 100% right. Comparing you to Kane isn't the best thing. You probably look big by yourself or with normal sized guys. Look at the picture with me and Kurt Angle on the Angle page. I'm in between 185-190lbs there and I'm big if you look at me alone but with Angle I look more lean.
Jordan said on 15/May/07
Yes, Viper for a High School DT I am small at 5'11 and 226. I can max bech 340 becasue my arms are short, though. I used to way 252 last year as a Junior, but I had to loose weight to be able to move better.
eric 1 said on 15/May/07
Sid if your 5ft11 and 245 thats considered huge. Back 3 years ago i did weigh about 225 to 230 . I was too big. You also have to take into account that i am standing next to a 300 pound plus man. 205 pounds for 5ft11 and change is not considered small. It all depends on your body frame. There are 3 types of frames . Exo which is considered very small . Meso which is prob the ideal bodyframe. Then theres Endo which is the largest of them all. Now sombody that is an exo body frame and weighs 200 pounds is considered way too big for there frame. Where an endo body frame can weigh 200 pounds but can be considered medium. I am a meso . Another example of a meso bodyframe is Evander Holyfield. Kane is a perfect example of an endo. A perfect example of an exo would be Bruce Lee. A smaller bodyframe . However Bruce lee was in great shape. Now if bruce lee weighed 200 pounds he would be way too big for his bodyframe.
For me 190 pounds to 215 is what i should be around . Thats considered big for me. When i was 225 to 230 i was way too big for my frame. A very perfect example is mike tyson and evander. WHen they fought they were around the same weight however they had different frames. Tyson is an endo. Holyfield being a meso. Meaning that tyson can be 235 -240 easy cause his frame looks good with it where evander would look too big being 235. Sid you sound like your an endo where you have a large body frame with no body fat. Thats great. WHen i am shirtless i look like LL COOL J or Evander. Thats my body type. Thats a Meso. Terrell Owens is another Meso. Now endos can be on the skinny side to small for there body frame of on the big side where they fill it out. Kane fills out his endo body frame.
Frank said on 15/May/07
You cant go by that crap it all depends on how you look and feel..Im about 190 now and i suppose to be about 180 according to that chart Im 5ft 11 .5 and I look like im sick if i go below 190..I have been blessed with good metabolism even @ 44 years of age
TheJerk said on 15/May/07
Sorry, I meant to say Im 198 lbs. I just got on a proper sliding scale and that means Im 7 pounds closer to my target. Nice.
Alex said on 15/May/07
The Jerk, for my height 6'0.5 most sites say my for a large frame I shouldn't be over 196-197lbs but I'm more about 200lbs so a bit over so it says I'm overweight but I'm not fat so I don't take it seriously.
SID said on 15/May/07
Eric you don't look that big.. I'm also 5'11.. I'm 245 all muscle... for 5'11 200 pounds ain't obese... 200 pounds is considered small... I'm a body builder..I got the batista kevin levrone look... my delts are like levrone... Great picture eric.. kane is looking 6'8'5 there. which I always thought.. and rob.. why does it every time i wrote saids error.. can ya fix that for me...
Viper said on 14/May/07
A defensive tackle at 5-11 226 is TINY. I guess thats high school for you.
TheJerk said on 14/May/07
Im 5-11 and 205 lbs. Lot of that is muscle, but also some is fat. I think an ideal height for my large frame is more 185-190lbs. With my body type it would be impossible to look thin. I need to lose about 20 lbs.
Alex said on 14/May/07
Jordan, you're a big guy. You got me by 26lbs and I'm 1.5 inches taller than you and I'm big. Actually I'd like to get to 220lbs next fall/winter. MOst I got up to was 215lbs over 2 years ago.
Jordan said on 13/May/07
Well, I am 5'11 and 226, and play DT in High School. Im pretty fat, but have a lot of muscle to and can becnh alot. Some people have different frames too. My freind is my height and is lighter then me, but looks heavier because his frame cant hold it well.
Alex said on 13/May/07
Eric, 10% is pretty good. I'm like 12 or 13% at most and thats good. I was at 10% at a point 2 summers ago but I thought I was a bit too lean so I put weight back on. You're probably around my size.
Jiga said on 18/Oct/06
yeah i understand that Louie and Sid but he doesn't stand straight. His shoulders are hunched and he probably can't stand straight anymore after years like that and also the beating his body has taken.
Louie John Buluran said on 18/Oct/06
Dude Mick Foley is 6 ft 2 and he would be 6 ft 2 Randy Orton is 6 ft 4 as you can see in most of his pictiures!!!
SID said on 18/Oct/06
Don't care for mick. The thing is I think he's about 6'2, randy is 6'4 legit, when they fueded, and randy had 2 inches on mick so therefore mick's 6'2
Danimal said on 17/Oct/06
Mick has taken more beatings than any wrestler in the history of wrestler. The man was thrown off of a 30 foot steel cage HOW MANY TIMES?? It's a wonder he can stand, let alone is alive today.
Louie John Buluran said on 17/Oct/06
Jk when i was your age in 2001 i was only 5 ft 0 after 5 years i grow up and became a legit 6 ft 1...
JK said on 17/Oct/06
Danimal, I was around the 5'10'' mark and same height as my father when i was in my late 13's in 2004, last year i became 6'0 - 6'0.5, now i am just about 6'2''.
Viper652 said on 17/Oct/06
No, Mick physically looks shorter than 6-2 at all times. Its just the way hes built. Its amazing. Sometimes the guy looks downright short when he does slouch on TV even.
SID said on 17/Oct/06
Kane here looks 6'9 thats in gear, Kane towers over people assily, I don't think kane is less then 6'8. kane's 6'8 and some change here take alook the video Click Here
Jiga said on 16/Oct/06
you gotta realise Mick slouches a lot and he stands with bent knees because of their bad condition. Just picture if he stood up tall and straight.
Alex said on 16/Oct/06
Howard Stern looks 6'5 to me. Could be 6'5.5 though.
Alex said on 16/Oct/06
Viper, yea Mick is probably 6'2 but he can only look 6'0. He has bad posture. Never really stands straight is why.
Danimal said on 16/Oct/06
JK, you were 5'10" at 14 years old last year?
JK said on 16/Oct/06
I first used to think Mick was about 5'10'', but when i met him 2 years ago he was 4-5 inches taller than me and i was 5'10'' back Then!! he is definetley 6'2''
Viper652 said on 16/Oct/06
Mick is by far the shortest looking 6-2 guy I have ever seen.

[Padraig: I was at the same event and saw Mick beside the Editor. I would say he looked 6 feet 1 or 1 and a half. Maybe Rob was being a small bit generous or is counting his hairstyle.]
DaMan said on 15/Oct/06
Sid, all the proof you should require is right below. Kane ~6'8", Snitsky ~6'5", no doubt about it.
Danimal said on 15/Oct/06
Thing is, I believe that Howard Stern is taller than 6'5", but chose that height not to come across as being TOO freaky.
KingNick said on 15/Oct/06
Jiga, that link with the 5'11" guy is the money maker with Kane Click Here if he really is 5'11", Kane has to be minimum of 6'8". You can't see footwear, but they're in normal cloths, my guess would be sneakers.

Eric1, I have to agree with you, Big Show does wear crazy boots. I think the man is still around 6'11", they just have him wear boots to appear larger and more intimidating.

Everyone hear is talking about Snitsky, I peg him 6'4". That photo with Big Ben does it for me. Do you know that Pro Wrestling Illustrated billed him at 6'10"???
Mr. E said on 15/Oct/06
In Foley's own book, he has a pic with 6'5" Howard Stern. Stern has him by at least 2" to 3". 6'2" for Foley.
Danimal said on 15/Oct/06
There was a time that Foley was listed at 6'4" upon entering the WWF.
Jiga said on 15/Oct/06
yeah he could be Stephen in his autobiography he states himself as 6'4 and when i see him in ring (thinking back to when he returned and had the hardcore legend ceremony with steve austin) he looks it. He slouches a lot and has his knees bent (bad knees) so i think it's highly possible. BTW Mick Foley isnt the type to up his height to sound good.
SID said on 15/Oct/06
Alex said on 14/Oct/06
Foley isn't more than 6'2.
Danimal said on 14/Oct/06
Mick is 6'2". That is what he was billed at. He's NOT taller.
eric 1 said on 14/Oct/06
Mr E you have to take a look at Big SHows Boots lately . Ever since the great khali came to town and he won the ecw crown he boots have grown in size. I met kane 2 times . The guy is 6ft8 maybe 6ft8 and change with ease. CHeck out the pics a little bit down the page with kane standing next to a legit 5ft11 guy. Kanes wearing SNEAKERS. Its the pic wear kane and other wrestlers are posted with the same guy . The guy is an easy 5ft11.
Mr. E said on 14/Oct/06
I can't see Kane anything above 6'8". In most photos with Big Show, Show has him by at least 3 inches, even with the frankenstein boots. Plus, if he was 6'8", those boots would make him borderline 6'10"+, and that would make Big Show 7'1"+. I'll stick with 6'7".
Stephen said on 14/Oct/06
Mick Foley is at least 6'3.5". I saw him up close.
eric 1 said on 13/Oct/06
Sid it was pic floating around the internet somewhere. Im telling you that kane had more then 2 inches on him .
Alex said on 13/Oct/06
Cantstop, I'll def ask him to stand. Hopefully he will straight and not lean toward me since he's much taller than me as some tall guys do that with shorter guys.
Danimal said on 13/Oct/06
That guy should did look young when standing next to Edge. He looked like he was 15 at most. He's probably grown since then and bridged the gap a bit. Also, it's amazing how much Roddy Piper has shrunk over the years. The guy was a solid 6'2" or 6'2.5" in his day (the 1980's).
SID said on 12/Oct/06
Kane is a easy 6'8 and change, eric where did u see kane and snitsky toe to toe
Jiga said on 12/Oct/06
sorry bout the links. just click on them and change the zzz part.
cantstop25 said on 12/Oct/06
ALex you dont seem shy so do you think you can assk him to stand up straight, because he tends to slouch a lot in those type of pics, which makes him appear a lot shorter then he really is.
DaMan said on 12/Oct/06
Sid, you are 100% dead wrong. Go to Kane's Raw Superstar page then dowload the Snitsky vs. Kane video. Kane has a *very obvious* 3 inches on Snitsky throughout the match. The Ben Rothlesberger photos are additional evidence evidence of Snitsky being 3+ inches shorter than Kane.

Snitsky is nowhere near 6'8" and he has never looked it either.
Ben & Snitsky: Click Here
Ben & Kane:
Click Here

Still think they are the same height?
eric said on 12/Oct/06
kane towers over tiny lister. if you compare the pics. Thats kane in sneakers also. Thats an easy 6ft8 and change for kane.
Alex said on 12/Oct/06
Danimal, I remember Jason said Nash was just 6'7. When I get a picture with him I'll prove he is taller than that.
Alex said on 12/Oct/06
Kane does look a good 9 inches taller so that puts him over 6'7. 6'7.5-6'8.

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