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Peak: 6ft 7.9in (203cm)
Current: 6ft 7.05in (200.8cm)
Alex said on 27/Oct/07
I think Kane was at least 6'10 in his old boots he use to wear. 6'7 1/2-6'8 barefoot plus his boots that must have gaven 2-2.5 inches of height to him putting him at 6'10 or a bit more.
The truth said on 27/Oct/07
Shawn, If Kane is 6'10, how come when he was teamed with big show there was a clear 4 inch height difference and Big show is about 7'. Do the maths. Rob your views please.
Alex2 said on 27/Oct/07
We can say that Kane has lost a little bit of height over the years, but no more than 1", id say in prime about 6'9.5'' and now around 6'8.5''
ShawnG said on 27/Oct/07
c kause with kanes boots they make him 6'11 1/2 to 7'0
TR said on 27/Oct/07
I completely agree w/ ya ShawnG
ShawnG said on 27/Oct/07
hes to big to b 6'8 my grandpa is 6'8 i come up to his shoulders an im 5'11 and i got my pik with kane he was way bigger then 6'8 like i said be4 hes 6'10 barefoot
brother_h said on 27/Oct/07
once when they were in new zealand. kane, cm punk, mr kennedy, matt hardy and mvp were at the beach hanging out with some fans.
and im 6'1. and got to meet them aswell.
and the first guys i met upclose was cm punk and mvp and they were both my height, i think. well they are both 6'1.
then i asked matt hardy how tall he was and he said "just over six foot"
then mr kennedy came up with some kids and he was REALLY short. he looked 5'10.
it was hard to tell with kane because he had a head over everyone. even guys who were 6'3 with shoes on.
i asked how tall he was, he joked and said "7 foot" i said "ooookay" then he laughed and said "6'8"
idk they all stayed at the beach til everyone left and new people came.
KingNick said on 26/Oct/07
Wow a lotta 6'10"s around here lately!
D-Lurker said on 26/Oct/07
Shawn says "kane is 6'10 barefoot stop arguing " even kane would argue that he says 6'8" himself
ShawnG said on 26/Oct/07
kane is 6'10 barefoot stop arguing gosh undertaker is 6'9 barefoot but kane is 6'11 1/2 to 7 foot with the big inch and a half heels
D-Lurker said on 26/Oct/07
eric says "If we have him on here at 6ft7.5 which is half of an inch from 6ft8 or an inch from 6ft8.5 why not just put him at that"

yep thats an entire 1.25 cm XD *snirks* tis incredible that this little number can be scrutinized..I made a comparison to Mamun's picture and it was hard at first glance to tell the difference, so 6'7" doesn't seem that impossible either..AS a Kane fan myself..I'll stick to 6'8".

btw my average height is 1.83 (peak 1.84 a few years back)..i can go down to 1.80 after a hard days work...more than a 1.25 cm differential. same variance could be for glenn.
cantstop25 said on 25/Oct/07
I remember method man or some rapper made a song for kane once, and kept saying kane was 7'3"
JohnR said on 25/Oct/07
Kanes 6'10. k no more argueing :)
dave said on 25/Oct/07
I agree completely. Some people look shorter due to posture - such as Kane in the Roethlisberger pic. Streched out he may very well be the 6'8.5 he says.
chris said on 25/Oct/07
LOL.. i understand Eric. Seriously but his not under 6'8 no way.
eric 1 said on 24/Oct/07
LOL Im fine chris its just that this is 1 inch we are all talking not 2 or more. You dont think its possible to mistaken someones height by an inch. Im sticking with what he told me i believe him. He looked 6ft8 and change next to my 6ft6 friend.
KingNick said on 24/Oct/07
eric 1, Jiga, I undertand guys :>)
chris said on 24/Oct/07
calm down eric. kane is 6'7 LOLLL
Jiga said on 24/Oct/07
absoultely Eric!!! i've been saying that as well, since this page began! I mean Kane even said it himself and i doubt he's the type to lie. If he was lying why not just say 7' or 6'10...? Besides usually when someone has 5' 0r 6' .(point) something they're not usually lying!
eric 1 said on 23/Oct/07
why is it sooo hard for you guys to except that the man is 6ft8 to 6ft8.5. ????? This argument is over 1 inch not 2 inches or more. He has verbally answered this questions a million times to millions of people.The answer is always the same. 6ft8 and change. If we have him on here at 6ft7.5 which is half of an inch from 6ft8 or an inch from 6ft8.5 why not just put him at that. I mean for instance the pic with kane and big ben everyone says he looks 6ft7.5 uhhhhhhh maybe big ben had bigger shoes on . Uhhhh maybe kane slouched a little. He slouches alot in pics cause everyone is smaller than him. If he stood straight up you dont think 6ft8 is a possiblity. Another thing why would kane lie????????????????????????
Dave said on 22/Oct/07
dave, i agree totally..... (and im dave too LOL) If the big guys were elongating themselves as much as mike and manmum are, then wed see bigger height differences here for sure. And the smaller guys would look certainly smaller than they do in these pics
anonymous said on 21/Oct/07
kane is probably an inch taller at most than big vis,big vis 6'6",kane 6'7".
KingNick said on 19/Oct/07
nick, amazing job man. you do all the photos in that album?
dave said on 19/Oct/07
Nice work Nick. And notice how the big guys have complete relaxed posture while Manum and Mike are reaching for the stars.
nick said on 19/Oct/07
thank you guys., mamun really produces good photos so we can thank him too.
Da Man said on 19/Oct/07
That's pretty impressive, Nick. Nice work.
Vegas said on 19/Oct/07
nick; that is very well done and very interesting but in truth photos as Da Man has said on a few occasions, not a very scientific way of estimating heights.

still great work.
nick said on 18/Oct/07
Click Here

LISTEN CAREFULLY, here is a height chart i made which i see as being very accurate, i took the photos of the wrestlers and matched them up with extream care. I also rendered the photo so there are no contrast interferences that may affect the picture and estimation of height. On the left hand side there are a series of heights simply look at the height and scroll across to see where the wrestlers meet.

You would be suprised but in the big show photo he is INDEED 6'11, but if he straigtened his back in a military position i wouldnt doubt 7feet any day. Nash looks like he can reach 6'9.5 6'10 with great posture and kane maybe a hair.

Mike, i believe you are standing or leaning to one foot in the photo so i evened you out a little bit, REMEMEBER YOU CAN ADD AN INCH BY SIMPLY FAVORING ON SIDE OF YOUR BODY.

Here you go guys this is as good as your probobly going to get, any feedback would be nice.

ALWAYS REMEMBER that photos can be tricky so you will never really tell by photos when it comes down to the half inch. But i feel that this is close as you can get.
Alex said on 18/Oct/07
Viscera is 6'6 making Kane at least 6'7 there.
With Ben, Kane didn't look anymore than 6'7.5.
Da Man said on 18/Oct/07
Eric, I think Roethlisberger was jokingly standing on his toes in the pic with Starks and Viscera. Viscera and Starks looked about the same height, but so did Ben. In all the other pics Starks was roughly 2" taller than Ben.
Eric said on 18/Oct/07
Kane is not even standing straight up . kane is still taller slouched. Also Viscera is wearing bigger boots now since they are hyping him. Take a look at the pics with Viscera and Big Ben that we had on this site. Then look at kane and big ben. That was before Vis wore the big boots.
Da Man said on 18/Oct/07
Kane is easily taller than Viscera even with poor posture and a lowered head. If Kane had good posture and raised his head in a manner comparable to Viscera it would probably be a 1" - 1.25" difference IMO.
Vegas said on 18/Oct/07
Click Here glen isn't standing fully straight there though based on this photo about a second before the staredown Click Here
Silverwolf said on 18/Oct/07
Hi everyone, I watch WWE sometimes. I jsut saw ECW, where Viscera and Kane went face to face. I must say Viscera's head was MASSIVe and looked to have a cm on Kane. Now Viscera is around 6'7'' but he does wear some pretty big shoes. I always thought kane was around 6'8'' but it looks like Editor Rob has Kane spot on.
gazz said on 17/Oct/07
did anyone see ecw the other day, it involved kand and big daddy v, they had a staredown and kane only had daddy V by half an inch, but im sure kane was creeking his neck and not standing straight.
Da Man said on 17/Oct/07
But even Kane's chin and traps are clearly higher than Mamun's cousins.
Alex said on 17/Oct/07
Cantstop, I agree. Reason his cousin and Kane look about the same height is because Kane's head is longer in length and its also bigger in general too. Kane's head has gotta be what 10-11 inches long and it puts Kane at 6'7 at least, 6'7 1/2 likely.
cantstop25 said on 16/Oct/07
these guys are getting downgraded becasue thre build makes them look smaller next to the tall skinny guys, mamums cousin and kareem have much smaller heads then sid and kane
KingNick said on 15/Oct/07
BRM86, you'd make a lot of people happy here if you could post that pic :>)
chris said on 15/Oct/07
Guys lifts and shoes do really make a different.. My friend and i are both 6'2 and whenever his wearing normal sneakers or sand shoes and im barefoot, he seems to be noticebally taller than me
BRM86 said on 15/Oct/07
A friend of mine who is a ligit 6'6" barefoot (I measured him personally) and about 6'7 1/2" in his shoes met Kane about a year ago and took his pic with him. Kane had him beat by 2 inches eaisly and in the pic they are both wearing dress shoes and Kane looked liked he was hunched a little. I would bet Kane is around 6'8'' barefoot and probally 6'9'' or so in his prime.
KingNick said on 14/Oct/07
Supermanfan380, I agree.
Supermanfan380 said on 13/Oct/07
Sid kind of has a smallish head. His shoulder height is roughly the same or taller than UT and Kanes. Not only that, but in the famous face to face pics, neither were barefoot, and Sid was leaning his head back, this naturally moves the eyes up, yet lowers the top of the head. There is not a big difference between these 3 guys in height.
hero said on 13/Oct/07
Damn! he really is a big red machine...more than 530 pounds that's power.....good for him and i really think he's 6'8.5.regards
Alex said on 13/Oct/07
Still I think Kane would slightly edge out Sid in height if they went face to face. UT had Sid by about 1/2 inch and Kane is at least as tall as UT in UT's peak.
Alex said on 12/Oct/07
Also I wonder if that 535lbs is a max or does he actually get reps out of it. More than just 1-2 reps I am talking about too.
JT said on 12/Oct/07
Click Here It does look like Kane is a little closer to the camera though. Mamun
Supermanfan380 said on 11/Oct/07
Before his knees went to hell he was claimed to have been able to Squat and Deadlift 700 pound range. That is a LOT of power for a guy who is OVER 6'6", because of the distance the weight has to go.

Means a lot more power than what it takes for a guy who is a foot shorter to put that kind of weight up.
Mamun said on 11/Oct/07
When I asked Kane last year how much he Benches , he told the entire audiance
535 . Then I asked were they full benches and he said yes .
Kevin Durant said on 10/Oct/07
I agree with all of your statements because Glenn Jacobs was billed at 6'9" when he take the role of the Fake Diesel in 1996.

Click Here

Kane 6'8" and 5'11" Sean Waltman

Click Here

Kane and the Undertaker both are 6'8"

Click Here

Kane and 6'2" Mick Foley/Mankind

Click Here

Kane and 5'11" RVD
Alex said on 10/Oct/07
I'd say about 17 inch forearms he has. 16 at least.
Eric said on 10/Oct/07
As the fake Diesel he was billed at 6ft9 and somtimes 6ft10 as well. When he 1st started the fake diesel part JR always said that he was 6ft9 - 6ft10.
D-Lurker said on 10/Oct/07
Impressive new shot..Gosh, you know looking at the shot of mamun with his 6'6" cousin, the 2 look strikingly similar in height :( owell, makes you wonder how much of an effect the sport has on the body..

...His forearm is more scary than his eye, from my shoes..The man holds my respect
Doink said on 9/Oct/07
Click Here

Warrior (listed at 6'1.5" on this site) v.s. Isaac Yankem, DDS, from 1996. I don't see anywhere close to 6 inches in height difference.
Eric said on 9/Oct/07
Ben Kane was billed at 6ft9 as Isaac Yankem.
Ray said on 9/Oct/07
Kane is still HUGE but at his largest (in his prime) was back somewhere around 2000-2002 when he had the tank top (and seemed like he was definitely on the juice if not before); I could easily see him as being able to bench 500+lbs then. He was a monster. Shame he never got a decent title run; at least he got it once for one day but I think he should have gotten the belt for a decent run at some point; he deserves it; he's been around for a while, has above par skills, and seems to have good work ethic and respect. He did job many times throughout the years - so does everyone else, except for one wrestler really that is now injured but Kane jobbed which seemed a lot more than average. I remember they did that to Big Show for a while too; those guys shouldn't be losing every week; geez. I think Kane does need a reimaging soon.
Da Man said on 9/Oct/07
Isaac Yankem DDS was billed at 6'9".
KingNick said on 9/Oct/07
Ben, his height as Isaac Yankem was all over the place. When he debuted at Summerslam '95, McMahon said in commentary "He's 6 feet 10 inches". On a WWF Colisuem Video tape, Doc Hendrix referred to him as "six nine!" At Survivor Series 95, JR said in commentary "Big guy, he's about 6'8" or 6'9" "

And btw, I think Glen Jacobs is an amazing wrestler and entertainer. He's one of the best they have, he's just humble enough to not demand to win every match and let the other guys he fights look good.

And I'm sorry, I respect Cena immensely and I think he's fantastic, but I hate his character. The only reason he made so much money headlining was because every 18-35 male went into attendance praying to God he'd finally lose the title to finally shut up all the 8-12 year old kids. I was at Summerslam this year, the place went into SHOCK when he retianed the belt. After it went off the air, people started throwing sh*t in the ring. Cena actually broke character and stole a sign from ringside saying "If Cena wins, we riot" and started daring people to get in the ring.
Vegas said on 9/Oct/07
as yankem he was billed at 6'9 (the world's largest dentist)
ben said on 9/Oct/07
What height was kane billed at when he was isaac yankem? they never made a big deal about his height then, im sure he was billed as 6'5? think he looks 6'8.
He's still in good shape, but looks like he stopped taking his vitamins in 2003.
I know hes strong but i read that sid used to bench over 500 as well, and i recall scott steiner saying he benched 650 when he had the fued with triple h.. somehow i dont believe him, arn anderson said in his bood rick steiner squats 800lbs +
Warrior used to do behind the neck press with 300lbs for reps.
Da Man said on 9/Oct/07
I would say Glen is a very good wrestler, you can see that in his old Japanese shoot matches and occasionally as Kane. The Kane repertoire really doesn't highlight his skills.
Da Man said on 9/Oct/07
Alex, I read on the Andre the Giant page Mamun said he thought Kane looked almost 7'0" in person, he only brought his estimate down after looking at the photo.
Jiga said on 9/Oct/07
Hey Vegas one reason why Kane may not be so popular is simply because he is not being put over as a monster or as a real contender for the WHC or other titles. eg. He was beat by Mark Henry from a bear hug, when Batista and Taker are kicking Henry's ass. He's been jobbing a lot and hasn't really been on TV a great deal. He hasn't been on the last one or two PPV's.
Alex said on 9/Oct/07
Vegas, Kane isn't a bad wrestler. Not the best but above average I'd say. I do like him, not as much as I did though. Sucks he was only given the World/WWE/WWF title only once in his career and it was only for 1 day.
Alex said on 8/Oct/07
What did Mamun estimate Kane at anyway?
Vegas said on 8/Oct/07
popularity can easily be measured in gate receipts, merchandise sales and tv ratings. How many PPVs (especially Summerslams/wrestlemanias) have guys like Big Show/kane etc headlined in the last few years, not too many i bet. Cena blows everyone away in terms of popularity at present, his merchandise sales at shows i have been to recently is nothing short of amazing; 80% of the WWE audience will probably be wearing his gear.

Easily the most over/popular wrestlers of the last 10 years are; in no real order: austin, rock, cena, jericho, triple h, new age outlaws (98-99), eddie, mysterio, angle (i probably missed a bunch).

glen is a very good wrestler, but the problem is he doesn't really fit into a demographic like many other wrestlers eddie, mysterio (latino audience), cena, babyface edge (kid, female audience), jericho, angle, benoit (smark audience)
Dave said on 8/Oct/07
@superman fan, i agree with pretty much everything you said there

@ Da Man,... yeah i heard that, foley said kane was repping out well over 400.... madness.... and also, i heard his max bench is in the latter 500s (back in his prime).... and also the superstars (especially taker) would say kane was UNBELIEVABLE in the gym, he was the strongest of everyone, even people like big show.... Undertaker said kane in his prime was the strongest person he had ever met in his life! (undertaker my yard dvd)
Supermanfan380 said on 8/Oct/07
Vegas, I have always been a bigger fan of the monsters than guys like Angle, eddie, benoit, cena.

Of those, only one still works for the WWE, and two others are dead. Really sad what happened.

I never really was a big Benoit fan, but I was still shocked by what happened.

Do you have any real numbers, stats showing kane to not be as popular? Or is that just anecdotal?
Da Man said on 8/Oct/07
I think people are more likely to be interested in the size of Kane, Taker, Sid, Nash, Show, etc. than they are with guys like Angle, Benoit and the like. It's pretty damn obvious the Angle, Jericho, or Benoit types aren't exactly big guys.

I think the main problem with the Kane gimmick is that he has become a jobber over the last few years and has participated in too many soap opera angles. Kane used to be over with the fans, today not as much, I think Kane needs a gimmick overhaul or reimagining. Regardless, Jacobs seems to have tons of respect from the locker room. If I was a WWE writer I would have Kane's face severly burned in an angle, have him go away for 6 months or so and return as a "monster" with a mask, new costume and a big push leading up to a Smack Down championship reign.
Supermanfan380 said on 8/Oct/07
Here is a prefect example. Man in picture is claimed to be 6'7" and 300 pounds. That is around the same height and weight as Kane really is, yet this guy would not be even close to as imposing as Glen in person, all because the body composition is so different.

This is also and example of how muscle, even though it is more dense than fat, will still make your silhouette bigger than fat will, as muscle is placed so differently on the body.

Click Here
Vegas said on 8/Oct/07
ya that would work only for the fact that guys like angle, eddie, benoit, cena etc have been the people, fans are interested in, not people like kane. nobody cares whether kane is 7foot or 6 foot, wears a mask or not, is heel or face, the guy isn't over and never will be.
Vegas said on 8/Oct/07
the guy says kane frequents his gym in knoxville, i have asked him time and time again to produce a photo of him and jacobs but nothing yet.
Supermanfan380 said on 8/Oct/07
I think the reason that the WWE exaggerates, is to put an idea in the minds of the audience just how BIG these guys really would look in person. They also want to sell a
Da Man said on 8/Oct/07
Where is this gym supposed to be? On a side note, I remember reading a blurb somewhere (in the late '90s IIRC) in which Dave Meltzer claimed that Jacobs was the strongest WWE superstar in the gym. That was Jacobs in his prime though.
Vegas said on 8/Oct/07
the guy that keeps PM on youtube says he saw kane benching 550lb about 2 months in his gym. we have no way to prove this guys claims though :(
Da Man said on 8/Oct/07
Mick Foley said he once witnessed Jacobs benching 405 lbs. in sets of 10. That is ridiculous, his max was probably well over 500 lbs. Pretty amazing for a ~6'8" man.
Dave said on 8/Oct/07
okay, well whether hes 6'7 or 6'8 or one of those hilarious heights some of these fan-boy-teens say he is,... at the end of the day the man is huge, not only his height, but his physique... hes an easy 300lb and built like a tank and whatever it turns out, he is a giant. i think hes 6'8 especially with this new pic containing mamun. But hes not much more than that, and i think its about time we all agreed on it. i think anywhere between 6'7 and 6'8 is fair.

Big man indeed, look at that forearm! he used to bench over 500lbs!
anonymous said on 8/Oct/07
kane has at least 11 inches or more on that 5'8" man.
Patrick Bateman said on 8/Oct/07
Errrm, folks - what
venus said on 7/Oct/07
I don't get it. Why do wrestlers exaggerate their height so much? I knew Kane was huge, but I always knew he wasn't 7 feet. He looks 6'8 to me.
Alex said on 7/Oct/07
Vegas, I agree. Kane has put on some weight.
nannon said on 7/Oct/07
this isnt the origional kane, the origional had hair and burns on his face and was alot shorter than this!
Vegas said on 7/Oct/07
Mamun is after saying on another page that he powerlifts and weighs between 205-220lb. Kane must have put on an awful lot of weight since i saw him in 2004, that Jason75 dude that keeps msg me might be correct, he said he weighed jacobs at a few pounds over 300lb a while back
Halb said on 7/Oct/07
I reckon the 6 ft 7.5 in est above is prolly quite accurate.
Alex said on 7/Oct/07
Danimal, you also gotta understand some of these newbie are in their mid teens so of course they're going to expect Kane to be 6'10-7'0. I thought the man was 6'11 for years in my teens up until like 20. It wasn't until a few years ago when I really started focusing on their real heights.
Vegas said on 7/Oct/07
TRutt says on 6/Oct/07
Kane is an easyy 6'10.... and this is fact, go look at intrviews and ppl who have seen/talked to him

i have seen and talked to him, and i can assure you he is not an easy 6'10 or 6'9
Danimal said on 6/Oct/07
In all fairness to Mamun, Kane is in front of him (closer to the camera).

I love how all these newbies on here say Kane is 6'10"-7'0" It's been established that he is not. I can see 6'8", but nothing more in reality.
TRutt said on 6/Oct/07
Kane is an easyy 6'10.... and this is fact, go look at intrviews and ppl who have seen/talked to him
KingNick said on 6/Oct/07
I'm working at a haunted house with a former Indy wrestler who's 6'8". I asked him if the Indies he wrestled for exagerrated his height, and he said, "Yeah, they give your height in boots. So I was either 6'9" or 6'10"" About Kane, he said, "I know Kane wears huge lifts, he's only around 6'9" " Not sure if he met Kane or not, but he did meet Big Show and said, "that guy is just massive. He looked over 7ft to me."
frank said on 6/Oct/07
Look at the size of his head in that top picture. Looks like a whole different species.
Jason said on 6/Oct/07
It's a contact lense..
cantstop25 said on 5/Oct/07
damn looking at the two pics above I could def see kane at 6'8" and around the 300 lb mark
Bad Radio said on 5/Oct/07
does he have a glass eye in the right socket?
ashley said on 5/Oct/07
hes got to be 6.95 onsatly im 5ft10 when i saw him he was over a foot taller than me
HeightMaster said on 5/Oct/07
I'd say Kane is a little taller than the height listed here, somewhere around the 6'9" - 6'10" mark, look how much he towers over Mamun.
Anonymous said on 5/Oct/07
kane is 6 11 7 foot bcause if you watch him when he sqares up again the 7 2 big show hes clearly 2 3 inches shorter but if you wonderring about big show then look at him when he confrom 7 3 khali at most his 1 inch shorter
the problem i have is his weight his anouncement is 323 but he looks alot more compare to kahli you will see what i mean
Dave said on 5/Oct/07
i think on the evidence of the 2 pics we have here we should probably upgrade kane to 6'8.... no one here can deny that in fairness he looks it on these pics, especially as the one with manmun is much better and more fair, there DOES appear to be a full foot of difference here... i say 6'8, whats your opinion rob?
Anonymous said on 5/Oct/07
MY estimates of WWE stars (legit heights)

Vince McMahon: 6'2 peak 6'0 1/2 now
Triple H: 6'2
Edge: 6'3
Stone Cold: 6'1
The Rock: 6'3.5
Shane o Mac: 6'2
Angle: 5'10
Batista: 6'3.5
Orton: 6'4
Edge: 6'2.75
Chris Benoit: 5'9.5
Jehrico: 5'10
Undertaker: 6'7.75
Kane: 6'8
Big Show: 7'0
Shawn Michaels: 6'0
Flair: 5'11
Cena: 6'1
JT said on 5/Oct/07
Click Here The other guy (who is barefoot in the pic) was 7
Alex said on 5/Oct/07
Eric, your picture is good too but Mamun's has a better angle and both him and kane are equal from the camera. Kane still looks at least 6'7 minimum with you.
KingNick said on 5/Oct/07
Guys, see the cousin pic. He's wearing a dress shoe with a heel on it (see his left foot especially).
Kevin Durant said on 4/Oct/07
I think we need a little upgrade because Kane looks like a legit 6'8" in street clothes beside the 5'8" Mamun.
Alex said on 4/Oct/07
DaMan, it looks very close in difference between Kane ad Mamun and Mamun and his cousin but the fact Kane has a longer head making Kane a little taller. And if you look very closely you can see Mamun is a bit more under Kane's chin than his cousin's.
Eric said on 4/Oct/07
Guys Im 5ft11 and change barefoot and me and kane in that pic both have on regular dress shoes.
Da Man said on 4/Oct/07
There's gotta be at least 11 inches between Mamun and his cousin. Comparing them in paint Kane is minimum .5" taller regardless.
Alex said on 4/Oct/07
Thats closer to a foot difference between Mamun and his cousin, thats more than just 10 inches.

[Editor Rob: Mamun said he measured him 6ft 6.]
lillo thomas said on 4/Oct/07
he looking atleast 6-7 in the pic aboove with the 5-8 guy
carla said on 4/Oct/07
:'( :'( whats with his eye it scares me
Vegas said on 4/Oct/07
rob is this the same dude standing with 7'8 Alam Channa???

[Editor Rob: yes, I think channa has no shoes on either.]
Danimal said on 3/Oct/07
Damn near 6'8" right there.
hero said on 3/Oct/07
he eff looks 6'8 there he towers mamun by a foot.
Viper said on 3/Oct/07
Kane has some gigantic forearms. Just a huge man all around.
Jason said on 3/Oct/07
Kellie says on 3/Oct/07
''I've met Kane - He falls in at about 6'6" on a good day. I'm a 6'2" female (yes, that tall and yes, all female). My brother is 6'6" and they're are equal in height.''

I know what you mean. I met him a couple months back & he only looked about that.
mike m said on 3/Oct/07
without a doubt there is at least a foot between mamun and kane,kane imo 6,8".of course we do not see the footwear either.

[Editor Rob: Mamun also has a picture with his cousin, a 6ft 6 guy, I'll see if it's ok to show it.

It would make a good reference to give an idea...]
Dave said on 3/Oct/07
@kellie.... oooookay, so you are trying to say that kane is a weak 6'6 in that pic with 5'8 mamun?! get real..... hes an easy 6'8, and im sorry, but your story about knowing him is not quite cutting it.... i say 6'8 comfortable.
ted said on 3/Oct/07
Rob,I do not understand why you have a ? in the first photo: 5ft 11.25 Eric?
You measured him or you ask him how tall he is?Please explain.

[Editor Rob: I don't know either...why that's there. I presume I wasn't too sure if this was barefoot.]
dave said on 3/Oct/07
I think he needs a half inch upgrade Rob...
Da Man said on 3/Oct/07
Last link was messed up: Click Here
Da Man said on 3/Oct/07
6'7.5" at the absolute bare minimum here, 6'8" still seems to be the number IMO. It looks like Mamun's head (minus hair) is almost exactly level with Kane's t-shirt collar, which appears to be about 2" below his chin. Kane has at least a 10" head, bare minimum. 6'8.5" could be argued just as easily as 6'7.5" depending on your view of Kane's head size.

Good pic.
Alex said on 3/Oct/07
Rob, looking at it again I could see 6'8 actually but no more than that. My personal guess is 6'7.5 since thats what he looked with 6'5 Ben. It looks damn near a foot difference above. What do you think he looks with Mamun?

[Editor Rob: not sure on 6ft 8 with Mamun, I still think 6ft 7.5 is a good possibility.]
Alex said on 3/Oct/07
The new picture with 5'8 Mamunm is better than 5'11.5 Eric's since they are equal from the camera.
Lets think, Kane's head has gotta be a good 10-10.5 inches since the average man's head is about 9.5. He's a bit over a head more than this guy. Looks 6'7-6'7.5. Doesn't look 6'8 there.

[Editor Rob: it's a good comparison pic for Kane. Normally you'd have big guy slouching, but here he looks decent posture.]
brother_h said on 3/Oct/07
holy crap thats a big guy. i say hes 6'8 max. maybe abit taller coz looks can be dis....thinging. sorry i cant spell that word lmfao. ppl look at me and say 5'8. im actually 6'1, which is a head over. kane was at the NZ tour last year, and so was i! =D. he hung out at the beach with MVP, matt hardy, cm punk and mr kennedy while in auckland. they're weirdos aswell. kennedy is never out of character, and hes 5'10 too. hes shorter than cm punk. and punk is 6'1 legit. kane was the biggest guy in there with a head over all of them. MVP is muscley, so is matt hardy.
Kellie said on 3/Oct/07
I've met Kane - He falls in at about 6'6" on a good day. I'm a 6'2" female (yes, that tall and yes, all female). My brother is 6'6" and they're are equal in height.
chris said on 3/Oct/07
nah man that looks a solid 6'8.. if not more
Cairo86 said on 3/Oct/07
Beside Mamunm he has one head and one inch more than him. Kane's head is 10-10.25 inches high so 6ft 7-7.5 appears right.
chris said on 3/Oct/07
kane looks a good foot or over with that pic with mamunm
Vegas said on 2/Oct/07
kanes boots in late 1998 Click Here (sorry for the poor quality its a scan from a magazine) the platform looks to be close to be at least 2.5"
Alex said on 1/Oct/07
Da Man, I remember. Kane had that big footwewar up until 2000. In 2002 when he came back from injury he wore normal boots you could easily tell because Big Show was more taller than Kane then he was in 1999-2000.
Da Man said on 1/Oct/07
KingNick, in pic 25 Kane's boots are identical to MVP's. They are pretty standard fare for wrestling boots nowadays, those boots also have less sole than a pair of Doc Martin boots which only give 1.5" over barefoot. He's getting about 1.25" of boost over barefoot with those boots, not 2".

Sometime AFTER his Badd Blood debut in 1997 Kane started wearing some pretty big footwear, at least up until 1999 - 2000. In 1999, Kane was holding his own with the Big Show in mid-ring nose to nose stare downs. I posted a video a few months back showing Kane looking within 1.5" of Big Show nose to nose in the ring, no angle trickery either. During that time, Kane actually looked taller face to face with Big Show than Kevin Nash ever did. I'm pretty sure he had some internal help during that time, today it's pretty obvious he doesn't.
Supermanfan380 said on 30/Sep/07
I see what you mean KingNick, and I figure Kane to about 6'7" range barefoot, and by that I mean could vary by an inch, but I would expect him to look around 6'7" in person, if barefoot or wearing regular footwear.

In the past however his boots had a wedge shape. Back when he first appeared as Kane. Think when he showed up durring UT vs. Shawn Michaels
KingNick said on 29/Sep/07
I don't think Kane ever had a big insole, I don't agree with the whole insole thing. I think you can just tell by the boots themselves. Has anyone seen Kane's boots lately? They may give almost 2 inches just from the outside themselves (see 25 and 26 of 48) Click Here
chris said on 22/Sep/07
alot of ppl think that these wrestlers wear massive lifts to give them that much extra inchs of height.. this is not true... even with kanes pretty large lifts he wears now he still looks 6'8 to 6'8.5 next to others.. so i wouldnt say that lifts give away too much
Jiga said on 22/Sep/07
iNNeViTable i would say that he doesn't wear the insole lift anymore and I still think his barefoot height is 6'8.5 as he has even stated in interviews and apparently to people. So currently i think Kane's height in wrestling gear is about 6'10, maybe a little under/over. Back when he had full face mask I think he had 1.5" sole on boots with 2 - 2.5"+ lifts to achieve a height around 6'10.5 - 6'11.5.
chris said on 22/Sep/07
sorry "iNNeViTable!" kanes height has never reached 7' even with pads.. the most his reached is probly around 6'9 - 6'10 MAX... barefoot 6'8 (+ or - 0.5' to be exact)
iNNeViTable1 said on 21/Sep/07
Glen Jacobs is 6'9". His boots have 1 1/2" of rubber padding, and he wears additional 1 1/2" insole lifts in his boots. To Enable his 7 ft. Character...KANE!
Da Man said on 21/Sep/07
I would say it's bad enough that you can't argue Foley's height within an inch based off of the pic.
Viper said on 20/Sep/07
I wouldnt say his posture is horrible with Rob. Hes not standing perfectly straight but it looks decent.
Da Man said on 20/Sep/07
Vegas, what's in the video? Youtube is blocked at work.
Da Man said on 20/Sep/07
Viper, Mick has absolutely horrible posture next to Rob.

I don't buy the Rock as 1" taller than Foley when Foley stands normally.

Click Here
Click Here
Jiga said on 20/Sep/07
Look at Foley he looks as tall as Edge. Think back to Mick in his younger days; he would have been taller due to no injuries etc.

BTW he slouches even when standing straight he has hunched back. I'd say 6'2+.
Alex said on 20/Sep/07
Foley looks 6'1 1/2 with Rob I think. Rock is taller than Foley though by around an inch I always thought.
Vegas said on 20/Sep/07
Click Here
Alex said on 19/Sep/07
Foley is no more than 6'2 if that. He was a little shorter than The Rock.
Viper said on 19/Sep/07
A 6-3 Mick then makes the Rock a full 6-3. But Mick sure doesnt look 6-3 next to Rob, and he has pretty good posture there.
Da Man said on 19/Sep/07
I agree Jiga, I think Foley is more 6'3" than 6'2" when he adopts a normal posture. The WWE seems to have no rhyme or reason when it comes to billed heights, some guys are underbilled, some are overbilled and some are right on the money. Foley is one of the guys I honestly believe is underbilled, he is a tall guy.
Jiga said on 19/Sep/07
Great pic DaMan. Mick looks to be over 6'2. I spoke about him on the Foley page when it was first put up. In his book Foley himself says 6'4 and he doesn't seem like the type to care if his height is 6'2 or 6'4. WWE billed him at 6'2. I'm thinking that WWE underbilled Mick Foley to make him seem like less imposing to surprise fans that he could fight/brawl. Also to show his toughness. Maybe. But Foley always did seem taller than 6'2 around fellow wrestlers. It just seems weird why Foley would up his own height??? Kane looks every bit of his 6'8.5.
Anon said on 19/Sep/07
"kinda weird when people say a man 6'7-6'8 280-285lbs is skinny."

Hehe fair enough, i only really meant by Kane's standards, with regard to being skinny. we were six months behind america with coverage on television, this coverage ended in 2001 so haven't seen glens form of 02.

I just remember seeing kane being really trim and slender without his err "beer gut" hahah..during this time he was extremely athletic...again by comparsion to his previous performances.
John R said on 18/Sep/07
harly race is a legit 6'1.. look it up.
Alex said on 18/Sep/07
He was his leanest in 2002 but still was a big man.

DaMan, that picture you linked was from 2002 I think. Look at his mask.
Derek said on 18/Sep/07
KingNick- Harley was billed as 6'1", but I'm pretty sure he was under 6'0". As far as Kane, he was under 300 pounds in 2002 because he came off the roids.
Da Man said on 18/Sep/07
Harley Race is billed at 6'1", he's obviously well under his billed height. I'm thinking between 5'10" and 5'11".
KingNick said on 18/Sep/07
How tall is Harely Race?
Danimal said on 18/Sep/07
Wow Da Man, that was a very cool pic of Kane at his largest (340 pounds
). Sick conditioning for such a huge man).
Da Man said on 18/Sep/07
Edge, Harley Race, Foley, and Kane out of gear: Click Here
Da Man said on 18/Sep/07
In 2002 he was skinny by his previous standards, still a very big/muscular guy though. Jacobs was a beast as New Diesel and the first 3-4 years as Kane. The original Kane costume actually hid a lot of his size.

For an example of just how big he looked in the real world during his prime Click Here
Jason said on 17/Sep/07
He was skinniest in 2002.
Alex said on 17/Sep/07
Kane was big in 1999. He's always been big. He was at his smallest in 2002-2003 and was under 300lbs. 280-285lbs he looked to me and still thats big for a guy 6'7-6'8 especially since he has muscle too.

Kinda weird when people say a man 6'7-6'8 280-285lbs is skinny. But compared to what he was, he was more leaner but still big in general!
KingNick said on 17/Sep/07
Great pics, Da Man, nice!
Da Man said on 17/Sep/07
Goldust & Harley Race - Click Here
Kane & Harley Race - Click Here
If Kane would have stood tall there Harley would have barely reached above his chin.
Jiga said on 17/Sep/07
Maybe KingNick. I always knew there was one Kane but it was confusing cause Kane looked bigger than Goldust in that backstage interview with Goldust, the one we debated about ages ago. In his return one Goldust seemed taller and he was behind him. I still think Glen Jacobs/Kane is 6'8.5 or so but i think Goldust may wear lifts. I do know Goldust is tall though.
chris said on 17/Sep/07
There has only been one kane for a fact that it is Glen Jacobs... No imposters no replacements nothing
Anon said on 17/Sep/07
I can remember Kane being super skiny back in 99..Think back to a match where kane had bigshows throat in a if to slam him but only strangling him..i think Show passes out..He did appear to be shorter than taker in this era..the only physical feature that i noticed that made me think it was the same actor, GJ, was this rather large Vein under glens left arm (as it was not covered in costume)..This appeared to be the same through out.
KingNick said on 16/Sep/07
Jiga and Danimal, I remember talking about this way way back. I do think its the same Kane. I think that at the time the lifts/big shoes were out b/c he wasn't playing an insanely evil character. Backstage, he always looked shorter than he was in the ring. See this for example Click Here Kane looks 2" taller than test here. Kane also lost a lot of weight at that time and gained it back by the time he lost the mask.

I think they had Goldust look as tall ON PURPOSE b/c it made Kane seem less intimidating.
Alex said on 16/Sep/07
Just imagine her in playboy. Yikes! LOL
Jason said on 16/Sep/07
Alex says on 15/Sep/07
''Jason, maybe but 6'0 or 6'1 she was still a BIG woman and easily over 200lbs.
Too bad we never got to see her and Chyna in a wrestling match.''

That's if she *was* a woman... lol
Jiga said on 15/Sep/07
Danimal the thing with that is Kane has the same voice... It's annoying trying to figure out heights. Yeah i still think Kane/Glen Jacobs is between 6'8 - 6'9.
Alex said on 15/Sep/07
Jason, maybe but 6'0 or 6'1 she was still a BIG woman and easily over 200lbs.
Too bad we never got to see her and Chyna in a wrestling match.
Alex said on 15/Sep/07
Vegas, Orton actually looks a bit taller than Batista than Noel did. Weird because Orton would be like 6'5 going by that but I think he's 6'4.
Jason said on 15/Sep/07
Alex says on 15/Sep/07
''I could give her 6'1. She def looked over 6'0 to me. She weighed 220lbs or something I believe.''

Yeah, but women look slightly taller than they are, because of their proportions. Especially tall women ... so it makes sense.
Danimal said on 15/Sep/07
Jiga, I am 100% sure that they were using someone else other than the real Glenn Jacobs at that time. I think Glenn was away having surgery on his torn bicep and they found a replacement, because at that time, not only was 6'3"-6'4" Goldust taller than him, so was Taker by at least 2" in the ring I remember distinctly. Hey, I think it was the same guy they used as the FAKE Taker from the mid 90's. The one who fought Taker (himself).
Vegas said on 15/Sep/07
Viper says on 14/Sep/07
I beleive Orton is 6-3-6-3 1/2 in his barefeet and maybe looking 6-5ish in ring gear.

Orton sure doesn't look 1.5" shorter than David Noel did next to Batista in street clothes, orton is further from the camera in both shots too Click Here and Click Here
Alex said on 15/Sep/07
I don't think Orton wears lifts. Looks like normal size wrestling boots to me. So him at 6'4 barefoot making him a bit over 6'5 in boots.
Alex said on 15/Sep/07
I could give her 6'1. She def looked over 6'0 to me. She weighed 220lbs or something I believe.
Jiga said on 15/Sep/07
who's taller out of goldust and kane Click Here Go to 3:27 and 3:35.

I remember a video of an backstage skit with kane and goldust that we discussed on here a while back where we debated their heights. I think we decided that Kane was taller. In this though Kane is closer to camera but goldust looks taller...
Da Man said on 14/Sep/07
I posted the except where Lance Storm claims to be 5'11.75" and Christian a legit 6'2", which I don't personally buy. That's probably what Storm believed though, or close enough to it.
KingNick said on 14/Sep/07
With Chritian and Spike,

I read that they were downplayed on size for several reasons. Spike b/c they wanted to bill him as "One Tough Little ****", kind of the smallest guy with a big heart.

Christian I read was undersized b/c he was the next lightheavyweight champion after Taka Michonoku. Someone posted an excerpt from Lance Storm's site were he shoots on wrestler's heights and he claimed Christian was acutally close to 6'2".
Jason said on 14/Sep/07
She was billed as 6'2''. I thought she seemed close to that, too, but someone here a while back - forget who - posted a bodybuilding bio on her where she was listed as 6'0''. So, I'd say the most she could be would be 6'0 1/2''.
Alex said on 14/Sep/07
Wasn't Bass 6'2? I thought she looked it or close to it. 6'1 1/2 at least.
Val was around the same height. 6'1-6'1 1/2.

This site I found years ago and has a section telling you lots of wrestlers legit heights and some seem right while others were off. When I first found it 6 years ago I actually thought it was legit.

Click Here
Jason said on 14/Sep/07
It was an insulting observation. There's much better ways of stating what you think when you strongly disagree with someone ... such as the rest of your post.
Viper said on 14/Sep/07
I beleive Orton is 6-3-6-3 1/2 in his barefeet and maybe looking 6-5ish in ring gear.
Da Man said on 14/Sep/07
Jason, that is an observation not an insult. When you meet and estimate Stevie Richards at 6'1.5", Kane at 6'5", Big Show at 6'7" - 6'8", "one of your friends" estimates Khali at 6'9" something is off.
Jason said on 14/Sep/07
Yeah, I think Val Venis is 6'1'' or 6'0 1/2''. I remember he seemed right about the same height as Nicole Bass - maybe half an inch taller.
Alex said on 13/Sep/07
Thats very true. They did downplay Spike to 5'5 while he was really 5'8. Same with Christian. He was more 5'11-6'0 than 5'10. Regal looked 6'2 to me.

What do you guys think about Val Venis. I remember them saying he was 6'4 on TV when he first came then was listed at 6'2 which was more reasonable but I heard he was a legit 6'1 though. Looking at him today he looks like a legit 6'1 at least.
Jason said on 13/Sep/07
Da Man says on 13/Sep/07
''At this point I think it's safe to say that Jason is incapable of accurately estimating height in person.''

Rob, this is about the 5th insulting post this guy's directed towards me simply because he disagrees with me.
Jason said on 13/Sep/07
Vegas says on 13/Sep/07
Jason says on 12/Sep/07
''Yet WWE bills him as 6'2''? I'd say that means you can bet the farm he isn't over 6'2'' flat...

yet Spike Dudley was listed at 5'5 and Christian at 5'10 when there are taller than those listings.... I wouldn't believe any WWE listings''

Quite true. But admitedly, that is quite the exception. Can't see why they'd do it with Reagal? Especially with his tough guy persona.
Danimal said on 13/Sep/07
Da Man says on 13/Sep/07
At this point I think it's safe to say that Jason is incapable of accurately estimating height in person.

Da Man, I realized that point almost 3 years ago ;).
Da Man said on 13/Sep/07
At this point I think it's safe to say that Jason is incapable of accurately estimating height in person.
Vegas said on 13/Sep/07
khali/kane Click Here

kane and 6'1ish Stevie Richards Click Here
Vegas said on 13/Sep/07
Jason says on 12/Sep/07
Yet WWE bills him as 6'2''? I'd say that means you can bet the farm he isn't over 6'2'' flat...

yet Spike Dudley was listed at 5'5 and Christian at 5'10 when there are taller than those listings.... I wouldn't believe any WWE listings

All content copyrighted and may not be republished without permission.
jhon said on 13/Sep/07
kane is 6'8'' undertaker 6'6''-6'7'' stone cold is 6'1''
Jason said on 12/Sep/07
JT says on 12/Sep/07
''Click Here I stood about 5-10 feet away from Regal for around 15 minutes at a baggage carousel at LAX. My dad's 6'2" and Regal was a little taller but no more than 6'3". Orton does look a like a solid 6'4".''

Yet WWE bills him as 6'2''? I'd say that means you can bet the farm he isn't over 6'2'' flat...
Alex said on 12/Sep/07
That was another Alex who said Orton is 6'4.5-6'5. He has to change his ID. I been here years longer than him. I think Orton is 6'4, not 6'5.
Joe said on 12/Sep/07
Kane's real height is 6'9". I remember back when WWF Warzone came out for Playstation and I was checking out all of their bios, Kane's height was only 6'9". I thought that was odd at the time since they were hyping him up as a 7 footer, but I think the folks who made the game accidentally put his real height in. I hear that the Undertaker is 6'8", and Big Show once stated in an article I read that he was over 6'11" before he got into wrestling. Besides, they can all wear those 2 - 3" heels in their boots, so it's hard to say for sure...
Mr. E said on 12/Sep/07
Da Man, looking at the footage Vegas gave us, Kane has Orton on his left and JBL on his right. I didn't see a timer on the video, but you can see them right after Tiple H waks by and before Vince starts talking. Kane is closer to the camera. I think you guys may be right on Orton being close to 6'5" and JBL is arguably 6'5" (he claimed 6'61/4" on Raw with Austin) Kane looks taller than JBL, but Prton looked taller than JBL. The angle does suck however...
JT said on 12/Sep/07
Click Here I stood about 5-10 feet away from Regal for around 15 minutes at a baggage carousel at LAX. My dad's 6'2" and Regal was a little taller but no more than 6'3". Orton does look a like a solid 6'4".
JK said on 11/Sep/07
Cool Alex, finally I agree 100% with what u said lol, trust me when i met Orton back in 2004 he was taller than some of the doors! i directly thought he was 6'5'', i was 5'10'' and he just made me look like a kid
KingNick said on 11/Sep/07
Alex, agreed. I saw him from a distance after Summerslam, he towered over everyone.
Vegas said on 11/Sep/07
Orton can look 6'5 from time to time but he isn't taller than 6'4 for sure; for example he looked slightly taller next to batista than [6'4.5 barefoot/6'6 in shoes] David Noel does in photos sans ring gear.

Orton was approx 6'5 in shoes when i met him in 2004.

i didn't see Orton and Kane next to each other last night Click Here on a side-note, Stevie Richards and Kane are next to each other, check out 2min 2seconds into the video. Jason said Richards looked 6'1.5" to him and Kane looked 6'5. Looks 8" easy between them on that video.
Alex said on 11/Sep/07
To be honest i really think Orton is 6'4''1/2 - 6'5'' he is a big guy!
Da Man said on 11/Sep/07
Considering how Kane towered Edge on The Cutting Edge, I find it hard to believe Kane looked less than 2" taller than Orton unless there was something else going on, like ground level or camera angle. Any pics, Mr. E?
ted said on 11/Sep/07
In their picks Undertaker and Kane were exactly the same but now Kane is maybe a little taller.
john said on 11/Sep/07
rey mysterio is 5'10, britney spears is 6'2, undertaker is 7'1.3, airb whos head? be wat? 6'5
Mr. E said on 11/Sep/07
okay john.......did anyone notice at the tail end of raw Kane and Orton standing side by each? It's safe to say that Orton is at least 6'3" and could be 6'4". Kane was no where close to being even 2 inches taller. We couldn't see footwear, but unless Kane dropped to the munster boots before coming down to the ring, he still should have been 3" plus over Orton. It wasn't the greatest angle, but not once did Kane look that much taller. On a side note, the pic Rob has of Kane reminds me of Tony Soprano.
KingNick said on 10/Sep/07
Oye john you just opened Pandora's Box
john said on 10/Sep/07
Great khali zubry is 7'7, big show is 7'3.75.. kane is 7'2.5 stone cold is 6'5
Supermanfan380 said on 9/Sep/07
BigShow has gotten a little shorter ove the years, as Achromegalic giats actually lose a couple inches in the following decade after surgery.

Dalip Sign had is surgery more recently, and is likely the same height that Paul was when he first started.

I am expecting that Kahli will be having trouble with his bodyfat in comming years as well.

Once hGH flow has stopped, due to having the tumor removed, the metabolic slow down is quite fast, and the bones lose a little size too, even though I used to think that was not possible.

Right now I think Kahli has 1-2" on BigShow. That is stil spliting hairs when dealing with guys of this size.

They are BOTH real GIANTS, and always will be. I would still put BS at least 7ft, and kahli at least 7'2", for barefoot.
nova said on 8/Sep/07
Khali has a minimal 1 inch advantage in the video. Vegas , JT love the Big Show and can only see a .5 inch advantage in that video. Well boys you better get some glasses because Khali looks at very least 1 inch taller than Big Show and mabye as much as 1.5 inches at times during the interview. Khali 7'1 Big Show 6'11 because Big Show looks to have the advantage in footware.
KingNick said on 8/Sep/07
Danimal, good point. There was that insane rumor that The Ultimate Warrior died and he was replaced by another one. People use to the think The Renegade from WCW, RIP, was the Warrior.
Danimal said on 7/Sep/07
I meant to type The Ultimate Warrior, not The Undertaker.
Danimal said on 7/Sep/07
They also said that about the Undertaker. Also because he lost a good 30-35 pounds of muscle over the course of his half a dozen comebacks, as well as having cut his hair.
KingNick said on 7/Sep/07
People use to say Undertaker was played by a bunch of different guys too. It's called they lose weight, change their look, cut their hair, etc. I really dont think ANYONE on here can agree with Show being a legit 7'4"
Alex said on 7/Sep/07
Some people say Kane is a different guy but its really the same guy. They think that because he looks shorter now because he doens't wear lifts anymore and he's lost weight.
Chris said on 7/Sep/07
hahah its always been the same KANE.. people change over time
Da Man said on 7/Sep/07
Glen Jacobs has has portrayed Kane ever since his debut at Badd Blood in 1997, check your facts.
skool boi said on 7/Sep/07
i guess yall dont knoe this so ill tell u that there were 2 different pple playing kane n wwf-wwe.wen kane 1st came(1997) and was wearin the full mask that man was 7ft 1in tall then he ended up gettin hurt so wen kane returned around 2002 wearin mask where u could c his mouth and gotee that was glen jaccobs the guy who is playing kane now which is 6'11. ok now bigshow was taller back then wen he was the giant n wcw he was 7'4 bak then but he didnt weigh dat much as he do now and u gotta say age and weight is makin bigger show get shorter so bigshow rite now i would say is only bout an inch shorter den khali but bak n his days n wcw he would b taller than khali so imma say show is bout 7'1,7'2 now.
Alex said on 6/Sep/07
Khali is only an inch taller than Show. It doesn't look anything more than that.
dave said on 6/Sep/07
They're close in height no doubt, but you cant judge height on a photo alone we all know that, not to mention one where they're 10 feet apart. Even so we can see Singh has at least 1 inch on Show.
KingNick said on 5/Sep/07
This is probably the best photo i've seen of Khali and Show Click Here
KingNick said on 5/Sep/07
Hahaha did you hear JBL? "Who's going to pay for all this catering?"

They are very close in height there but I think big show has bigger shoes.
vegas said on 5/Sep/07
yes there were very close dave;
Click Here
Click Here

I have had some of my friends (who have no interest or idea about pro-wrestling) analyse these videos; and they say that show and khali look exactly the same height to them or at most khali is 0.5" taller.
dave said on 4/Sep/07
Disagree we could tell Khali was taller in their staredown and they weren't even that close. Believe me if they stood back to back Singh would have a noticable advantage. He's 1.5 inches taller than Big Show, probably a full 2 inches.
Dave said on 4/Sep/07
agreed... if khali is a full inch taller than big show hes lucky...

I saw them stand side by side on a few occaisions, big show was simply bigger allround.... and looked roughly the same height.... when they squared off it looked like there was NO MORE than an inch in it....

Khali just looks bigger because he has long legs and a much more slender frame, big show is much fatter and looks much stubbier, so it gives the illusion hes much smaller

in reality theres about an inch difference in height
Alex said on 3/Sep/07
Kane's boots back then were def around 2 inches or maybe a bit more, today more around an inch I bet. You can clearly tell the difference. With Vince today he doesn't have no 8 inches on him. More 6 inches or so.

Big Show isn't as tall as Khali but Khali isn't as much taller as Big Show as some think. Khali has Big Show by an inch.
Crissy said on 2/Sep/07
Khali is definantly taller than 7'0 but big show was NEVER taller than 7'0
JT said on 2/Sep/07
Kane looking around 8 inches taller than Vince. Click Here The soles on his shoes look close to 2 inches tall though. Test looks about 6'6" next to 6'2" Shane McMahon.
ted said on 2/Sep/07
Rob,this guy with Kane is 181cm or is just a guess?
chris said on 1/Sep/07
Orton has to be 6'5, he is one lanky tall human.
Batista has to be 6'3 at the most
Kane has to be 6'8.5 at the very most
Undertaker has to be no more than 6'8 at absolute tops
Big show is 7'. (if measured accurately he could be -0.5' or +0.5' difference)
Stone Cold is 6'1
Khali is 7'1 - 7'2
Alex said on 1/Sep/07
Orton is taller than Batista by at least an inch. You can't have them both at the same height. Cena I know was a typo but he's close to 6'1. Stone Cold is no way 6'1.5.
ben said on 1/Sep/07
I beileve it's true :

John Cena - 5 ft 1 in
triple H - 6 ft 2 in
Batista - 6 ft 3
The Undertaker - 6 ft 7
Randy Orton - 6 ft 3
Umaga - 6 ft 1.5
Edge - 6 ft 2.75
Bobby Lashley - 6 ft 2
The great khali - 7 ft 1
Stone Cold - 6 ft 1.5
Cobra said on 31/Aug/07
Crissy, you say Taker (back then) and Big Show are both about 6ft9 to 6ft10, and Khali 7ft1 to 7ft2.
I wonder how you came to the conclusion that Show is 6ft10 max when he is max. an inch shorter than Khali and 3 to 4 inches taller than Taker when they were a Tag Team?
Da Man said on 31/Aug/07
The video was posted a while back. Why do you keep focusing on that 6'10" figure? Looking 4" - 5" taller than ~6'3" Edge doesn't put Kane anywhere near 6'10".
mike m said on 30/Aug/07
the only time kane has ever looked anything close to 6'10" is when he wore the mask and went face to face with big show in the wwf.doesn,t it seem a little ironic now that kane at the time only looked 2 inches shorter than big show and now today he looks 4-5 inches shorter.there ,s the proof he must have wore bigger lifts.
mike m said on 30/Aug/07
do you have that pic daman?
Da Man said on 30/Aug/07
Mike m, Kane had between 4" and 5" on Edge on "The Cutting Edge" face-to-face. It was obvious, you shouldn't need any preconceived guesstimates to see that. All of the useless rationalizations and pointless mentions of Nash and Undertaker will ever change that.

FYI, ~IF~ Edge is a legit 6'4" that would put Kane anywhere from 6'8" to 6'9", ~IF~ Edge is a legit 6'3" that would put Kane anywhere from 6'7" to 6'8". Basic arithmetic is your friend.
mike m said on 30/Aug/07
if edge is a legit 6'4" or even 6'3" there is now way kane had 5 inches on him,kane imo does not look 6'10",kane imo is no more than 6'7" to 6,8".kevin nash is a legit 6'10".he was taller than the undertaker ,and taker and kane are roughly the same height.
Da Man said on 27/Aug/07
Kane was more like 4 - 5 inches taller than Edge on the cutting edge.
Alex said on 27/Aug/07
Stone Cold at 6'3? LOL
Frank said on 27/Aug/07
Crissy Stone Cold is about 6ft to 6ft .5 topps he may wear boots to appear alittle taller...Rey Mysterio is about 5ft 3 to 5ft 4 and Edge cant be 6ft 4 he is Shorter than Hogan who is about 6ft 3 1/2 if that much today
mike m said on 27/Aug/07
kane was 3-4 inches taller than edge on the cutting edge,so if adam copeland is 6'4" then kane is at most 6'8".
Nick said on 27/Aug/07
I get the feeling Rob is ignoring our request for the increase of Kane's height!

[Editor Rob: you never know, he might grow another 1/4 inch by the end of the year.]
Crissy said on 26/Aug/07
if you say the guy next to him is 5'11 then Kane is definantly taller than 6'7.5 i'd give him about 6'10 in this pic

ACTUAL heights- that i'm aware of

Kane- 6'8.5
Undertaker- 6'10 back in the day, probably about 6'8 now
Big Show- Isn't 7 ft, maybe about 6'9-6'10
Khali- The guy is GINORMOUS, when I saw him live he was aBIG guy, i am about 5'7.5 and he TOWERED over me, i give him 7'1-7'2
HHH- 6'2 at most
Batista- 6'2-6'3
Randy Orton- 6'5 *he's really tall, and he's all leg! =P *
Edge- 6'4
Stone Cold- 6'3
The Rock- 6'2-6'3
John Cena- 6'1.5
Rey Mysterio- 5'5-5'6
Umaga- Definantly not 6'4 as WWE lists him, he was barley taller than John Cena, I give him 6'2
Chuck Paulumbo- 6'4- not 6'6 as WWE lists him
Chris Masters- 6'3.5
chris said on 26/Aug/07
my estimates.

kane - 6'8.42
undertaker - 6'7.85
bigshow - 7'0.28
khali - 7'1.85
HHH - 6'2.34
batista - 6'3
randy orton - 6'4.15
edge - 6'3.78
stone cold - 6'1.75
rock - 6'3
Spike said on 25/Aug/07
air attackler, i agre on ur estimates, excep for matt morgan, morgan looks every bit of 6'10 1/2, but i agree with the rest of the estimtes u have provided, nice work my friends :]
Air Attacker said on 25/Aug/07
Here are my estimate on the height of the WWE,WCW, ECW and TNA Superstars.

Brock Lesnar- 6'2
Kurt Angle- 5'10
John Cena- 6'1
Scott Hall- 6'5
Batista- 6'3- 6'3 3/4
Steve Austin- 6'1
Bret Hart- 6'0
Chris Benoit- 5'9
Edge- 6'3
Randy Orton- 6'4
Kane- 6'8 1/4
The Undertaker- 6'8
Samoa Joe- 5'11
Shawn Michaels- 5'11
Ric Flair- 5'11 3/4
Triple H- 6'2
Christian Cage- 5'11
Christopher Daniels- 5'9 3/4
Kevin Nash- 6'10
Big Show- 7'0
Nathan Jones- 6'10
Matt Morgan- 6'9
Nick said on 24/Aug/07
Yeah come on Rob, what more will it take, though you sound like someone that still wouldn't believe he was 6'8 even if you measured him at that.
devin said on 24/Aug/07
please tell me why rob you won't change his height to 6'8.25'' we proved all we can i mean look at this photo above he may look 6'7.5'' because he isn't stood straight he would be an extra .75'' taller if stood up properly.
devin said on 24/Aug/07
kingnick weve proved all we can and theres never gonna be a change weve also tried to explain that kane is 6'8.25'' to rob but not getting anywhere he has even said ''I am going to now leave him in the 6ft 7 range'' i give up.
KingNick said on 23/Aug/07
Guys, I want Kane upgraded too, but Rob won't do anything until someone gets a photo proving it. We need something where we can see his shoes (or can tell he's in streetclothes) against a guy who's almost 6'8" himself. I think the 6'4" photo with JT's friend should have done it, but like I said, we need a guy closer to 6'8"
noodle said on 23/Aug/07
rob why won't you upgrade kane a bit? he has actually said he's 6'10'' in shoes and 6'8.25'' barefeet 6'8 at the smallest i think you should upgrade him a little bit
Ralph said on 22/Aug/07
I miss Glenn when he was masked Kane he was a true Monster esp. around his debut period,at one point people his loss of muscle mass. In 03' Kane became a monster again but had less power and velocity,loss of muscle mass can reduce confidence when being a heel,do you notice he can't chokeslam two guys anymore,he can barely body press a cruiserweight.

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