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Peak: 6ft 7.95in (203.1cm)
Current: 6ft 7.13in (201cm)
Danimal said on 27/Aug/06
Frank, with all due respect, Undertaker has taken a HUGE beating in the last 16-17 years. More than then average 45 year old has, plus, he has also been operated on many times. Also, I've seen his DOB a 1959-1960 as well as later.
TNTinCA said on 27/Aug/06
Have to agree with Frank. Age-related shrinkage is something that occurs well into old age. Not in someone's 40s or even 50s.
KingNick said on 27/Aug/06
Frank and Harry, I don't know with the loss of height thing. 40's is young for a person but kind of old for a pro wrestler. I think it's possible due to just their profession they can lose height. I mean look at Hulk Hogan. I know there's a lot of debate on his height, but the guy clearly lost something in the early 90's. I don't particularly think Kane and UT lost any height (I use to peg them both at 6'8" but I think Kane at 6'8.5" is very possible and after reading someone claimed he TOLD them that) but I think pro wrestlers are much more susceptible to losing height.
Frank said on 27/Aug/06
Harry The Undertaker is between 41 to 44 years old Thats not OLD where you Shrink!!
harry said on 26/Aug/06
kane is 6'9 undertaker is 6' because they shrunk due to old age.
eric 1 said on 26/Aug/06
As kane its known that he wears them at times. But as for jacobs being isaac yankem a goofy heal that always lost LOL he had no reason to wear them as isaac yankem. WWe wanted jacobs to wear them as kane to make him look like a huge 7ft monster, and at times kane took out the lifts cause he looked shorter at times and a little taller other times. SO kane wears them i guess when they tell him too. BUt as issac yankem there was never a reason to wear lifts especially someone the wwe made to loose most his matches.
KingNick said on 26/Aug/06
I could definitely believe Kane being 6'8.5" but the thing is some people on here, older posts, have said they met him and he said 6'8" and 6'9" The guy needs to make up his mind on what he tells people! lol
Frank said on 26/Aug/06
If Jacobs is taller than Taker its a half inch to 1 inch difference thats all
Yes Eric i seen the Issac Yankem Staredown and Jacobs looked a half inch taller
My point is You can put lifts inside the boot and you cant tell .....The heel looks normal and the lift is inside...Also someone posted something awhile back where they had Jacobs & Taker in street clothes and Taker looked alittle taller than Jacobs maybe it was the camera angle??
chris said on 26/Aug/06
ive seen kane before and i have talked to him. he told me he is 6'8.5.....then i asked with boots or bare foot... he said bare foot... now you can all speculate and discuss his height and that... but i heard it from the man himself....his a big boy
Jiga said on 26/Aug/06
rob why aren't my posts coming up? i posted a few the other day from school and there not there?
sid said on 26/Aug/06
Undertake isn't and doesn't look 6'9, when under taker fueded with randy orton, taker looked only a few inches, when kane fought randy, kane towered over randy, kane' taller then taker with or with out gear, The proof showed when Glen was issac yankem, yes eric is right Issac never worn lifts, issac glen jacobs had 1 or a inch in half on taker. I still think Kane's little over 6'8
eric said on 26/Aug/06
I guess theres another eric in the forum cause this latest comment is not me . Im the eric thats always been posting so i will call myself eric with a number 1 next to it.
Eric said on 25/Aug/06
Will we all know hw is not 7 feet because of the big show is 3inches taller then him so I think he is around 6'8 but he could be shorter because the undertakers is 6 '9so he is most likly 6'7 jane and the undertaker
Viper652 said on 25/Aug/06
I beleive Kane is no more than 6-7 too. Undertaker is 6-6.
Eric said on 25/Aug/06
I believe kane to be 6ft8. Frank is right that kane has worn lifts however he doesnt always wear them. He didnot wear them as isaac yankem and everyone saw that stare down between Undertaker and kane as isaac yankem.
DaMan said on 25/Aug/06
The only problem is Kane looks taller than Taker in street clothes as well. The guy is 6'8", probably a hair over.
Undertaker is fine at 6'7.5", but Kane needs to go up at least one half of an inch.
Alex said on 25/Aug/06
I'd say put UT back to 6'7 flat and keep Kane at 6'7.5 for right now as he looks that height at least and could very well be 6'8.
Frank said on 24/Aug/06
I believe Kane is 6ft 7 he was listed at 6ft 7 in the Smokey mountain Wrestling and also Lifts are inside the boot so you cant tell .......I believe Taker is Taller but looks alittle shorter because Jacobs wears Lifts...I cannot prove it Yet but thats my gut feeling
Danimal said on 23/Aug/06
Rob, raise Kane to 6'8" please. We mostly all agree that's what he is and UT at 6'7.5". Am I right guys?
Eric said on 18/Aug/06
Dam jiga me and you think very much alike . I think Andre to be 7ft flat myself in his prime . I do agree though that its time for kanes height to bumped up to its rightful spot .Most of us agree on this on this page
DaMan said on 18/Aug/06
I'd like to see 6'8.25" personally as I have always believed he is a shade over 6'8" and according to Muroch that is what he claimed his height in bare feet was. Kane for 6'8.25"...
Jiga said on 17/Aug/06
Andre 7'
Danimal said on 17/Aug/06
Rob isn't really updating the wrestlers pages all that much anymore. Andre should be up to 6'11.5". Kane should be 6'8" and UT 6'7.5".
eric said on 17/Aug/06
I agree WIth you all Kane SHOULD BE AT 6ft8 . Thats good enough for me too. I thinks it time to move him up to 6ft8 guys.
Jiga said on 16/Aug/06
i finally found something from the isaac yankem vs. undertaker match because kaneskeeper hasn't got the video anymore and ashranch has closed down so i can't get this pic enlarged but in the vid i posted all throughout this topic since it started i have spoke about the boots being the same, no lifts, etc. when i compared facial features and shoulders Glen Jacob was taller by about 1 inch. Eric and i think sid have both seen this vid and have agreed that Kane was taller. Kane 6'8+ barefoot no smaller, no taller than 6'9 ever.
sorry this is the best i can do:
Click Here
Paul said on 16/Aug/06
I think Jacobs could be 204cm. Taker is at most 203cm now and maybe 202cm (peak 205cm). Danimal you right, Kane should be listed as 6'8.
sid said on 16/Aug/06
I know he was on Raw, never miss a show. He lives in tenneesse, probably have friends and family still there. He started out wrestling career there.
sid said on 16/Aug/06
Whether muroch is telling the truth or not, Kanes still taller then taker. I give Kane 6'8 or a shay over.
Danimal said on 15/Aug/06
Muroch, I believe you man. Great story!!! So, if Kane is 6'8.25", we know that taker is about 6'7.5", which makes sense. Good enough for me.

I think it's time that Rob upt Kane to 6'8".
eric said on 15/Aug/06
Because last week Raw was in Saint Louis and kane was on raw he beat shelton benjamin for the number 1 contender spot for the intercontental title. So Im sure if he had family or friends there then he would visit them and hang out. Kane was on Raw last week Sid.
sid said on 15/Aug/06
Da man i seen quite a few people who do looked like kane and tall or even taller, so you never know.
sid said on 15/Aug/06
I know that eric, why would he be in st louis, during his time off from raw. Frank, reason why taker looked taller is cause kane was maybe far away, Kane's always been and will be taller with or with out gear.
Eric said on 15/Aug/06
Sid kane did live in Saint Louis for a while i can clerify that. After coming here from Mandrid Spain he did live in Saint Louis before moving to Tennesse. So Muroch is telling the truth. Muroch i believe what your saying cause i met kane and my friend was 6ft6 and stood next to him. Kane had at least 2 inches on him . Like i said i believe him to be around 6ft8 . Im sure kane still has family in saint louis.
DaMan said on 15/Aug/06
LOL, I don't think there are too many people in this world who one could confuse with Kane.
Frank said on 15/Aug/06
Jacobs looked about an half an inch taller than Taker but somebody posted pictures of both of them together awhile back at an event with children and Taker looked alittle taller ???? 99% of the time Jacobs looked taller
sid said on 15/Aug/06
Muroch what kinda of name is that lol ha not to dis you man don't you mean murdoch, You met kane, by the way kane's lives in knoxville tenneesse, why would he be in st louis. So you said you met kane why was he at the bar. so he had a inch and half or a inch. Eric said he met kane, kane had 2 inches on his buddy. so that means kane's 6'8 or just a shay over. Are you sure you met kane, maybe it was someone who looked liked him muroch lol kanes from knoxville tenneessee.
Muroch said on 15/Aug/06
Eric I do remember the Issac yankem vs the Undertaker the face off, I remember watching it saying who the hells this big dude, he's bigger and taller then the undertaker. I don't know nothing about lifts in wrestlers shoes seems to me kane had a inch on the Undertaker. Wasn't Kane known to have lifts. I do recall that Kane looked taller in his early in his career. So I guess he took them off. Still he still measured up to The Big show. rather then taker would. It justs seems that the Undertaker has shrunk.
Muroch said on 15/Aug/06
Sid I always thought Kane was always taller then the Undertaker as well to. Tell you the truth, on smackdown these days Taker looked like he shrunk atleast a inch.
Muroch said on 15/Aug/06
Hey I see you guys are aruging about Kane's height. I was curious to, till I met the man I'm 6'7 legit, maybe with shoes, give a take a few 6'71/2 I don't really know. I met Kane this year in St Louis, this when he had the 1 month hiatus. The funny thing is we saw Kane last week on raw beating Shelton, for the No.1 contender ship for the Intercontinal champion ship belt. And tonight on Raw we didn't see him. What the hell is going on with kane, he's back, next he's gone, Wwe needs to put back Kane, there are lots of die hard Kane fan out there such as myself. Getting back to Kane's Height I met the man in St Louis at a bar called barnone here like I said I'm 6'7 legit, Maybe with shoes 6'71/2 I'm just guessing. I stood next Kane looks like he had inch or inch and half on me, I was trying to measure up on him, He noticed I was measuring up to him, he kinda smiled, I never see kane smile, kinda freaked me out. He asked me How tall I was I said 6'7, he said I was a tall boy, I had asked him how tall is he, he said about 6'9 realitly he said 6'8 and a quarter about 6'9 in shoes. He was standing next to the bar talking with people who I didn't know, probably family. I know he is from the St Louis area. I shook his hand he said nice to meet you. I didn't wanna bother him So I said nice to meet you sir, walked off like a school boy or a dog with my tail up my ass. I was curious as well about Kane's height till I met the man. I would say Kane's little over 6'8 I'm 6'7 legit. he had about inch or a inch and half me.
Alex said on 14/Aug/06
Danimal, Kane probably did have 3 inches on Ben but no way more than that though.
Jordan said on 14/Aug/06
Alright guys since i'm into football i'll explain how the heights work in the NFL. They are legit and if a palyer is say 6'4 1/4 he will be rounded to 6'4. If he is 6'4 3/4 he will be put at 6'5. If the player is 6'4 1/2 then it is his choce to whether he will be put at 6'4 or 6'5. Mike Mayock had Big Ben at 6'4 1/2 so use this when measuring Kane. I have NFL netwrokand during the draft a couple years ago they explained how the height listing works in the NFL
Danimal said on 14/Aug/06
Alex, KAne had more than 2" on Ben. I see Kane at no less than 6'8" and UT at no less than 6'7", even though someone once claimed that she stated he was 6'6.5" on a radio show about 2 years back. It's possible, but I doubt he sait that.
sid said on 14/Aug/06
Recent photo of Kane, while he was in aus last week for the summer slam tour, he towered over randy take a look at this pi he looked taller then randy then taker would take a look at this pic Click Here
sid said on 14/Aug/06
Click Here
check that out, Big show looks 6'11 there people
Alex said on 14/Aug/06
Louie, I can't buy anything over 6'8 for Kane. I think he could be 6'7-6'7.5 though, but 6'8 is possible though.
eric said on 14/Aug/06
Isaac Yankem was actually billed at 6ft9. i can live with saying kanes 6ft8 it seems about right to me. SId you are right about kane always looking taller then taker even back in the isaac yankem days. I say taker is 6ft7. Maybe a quarter more.They have always been very close in height though. Kane always looking a little taller. THis is without the lifts of course . When he wore the lifts he looked 2 inches taller. Without the lifts he always was a spec taller then taker.
sid said on 13/Aug/06
Kane looks taller then take always have been, Kane looks taller in the ring to hhh and the rock then taker would. Kane has been always taller then taker. Remember the face off between issac yankem and taker, Issac had a inch on taker, and no at that time issac kane glen wasnt wearing any lifts, can tell someone is wearing lifts, issac booths were flat. and he was listed at 6'7, so if thats true that mean taker is 6'6, theres no way takers 6'6 issac 6'9 at that time takers 6'8. someone mentioned kane was out of character on a radio show radio personalty asked him how really tall are u, glen replied about 6'9, he said about so my guess is 6'8'5 with shoes and ring gear 6'9'5
Anonymous said on 12/Aug/06
Yeah louie i'd have to agree on that kevin & dirk both look about the same unless dirks actually 6'll". Duncan actually looks to be taller but you look at dirks shoes & duncans you can see the differance in thickness at the bottom. Look at fricken yao, he looks about as tall as gheorghe murasan did & he was a towering beast. Anyway though I can't see taker being any shorter than 6'8" unless hhh & the rock are actually 6'2". takers got a good 5" height advantage over them. we all know h & rock are the same height because how many times in the past did they stand face to face in the ring. same exact height. the rock definately aint no taller than 6'3", vince vaughns got a good 2" over him.
Alex said on 12/Aug/06
I think the picture with Ben Roethlisberger and Kane is a good picture even though we can't see footwear but there is no proof Kane is wearing lifts there. Ben is a legit 6'5 guy even though he was technically measured at 6'4.8 but what is .2 going to matter.
Kane looks in between 2-3 inches taller so anything over 6'8 for Kane isn't possible now.
Anonymous said on 11/Aug/06
Yeah louie i'd have to agree with you on that unless dirk is actually 6'11". all of that hair is the only thing that makes him slightly taller looken. Look at fricken yao, his ass looks about as tall as gheorghe muresan did & he was a towering freak! As far as kane & taker go, kane looks slightly taller because he's got that taller body because of his higher shoulders. Taker on the other hand has that taller head which pretty much evens it out. About that pic again though you can tell duncans shoes give about an extra inch compared to dirks shoes. That may be why he looks taller.
Anonymous said on 11/Aug/06
Yeah I agree, that definately looks early 90's back when he looked shorter.than he is now. Was david robinson actually 7'2". Shaq looked pretty comparable to him back when he was still playing. Robinson looked like he had about an inch maybe slightly more than that. As far as Ewing, 6'9" no way. atleast 6'11". As far as big show goes, I say back in the mid to late 90's he was about 7'1" & since then has dropped down some. like 6'11". He just doesn't look as tall anymore as he was at that time.
Eric said on 11/Aug/06
Kempo is very effective if used properly. Its good to hear Sid that you did it as well. It taught me soo much discipline. As of the anonymous name i only posted one way down on the page to frank by accident then my next message i told him that the anonymous message was me by accicent. I just dont want you rob to think i have multi personalities. LOL
sid said on 11/Aug/06
Eric is kempo karate effective, Jeff speakman took kempo, he made it look awesome, that great talking to another martial artist, such as danimal and yourself, wow, And i did it since 1978 till 1999, so i have lots of experience in martial, i worked my ass off to eric
Louie John Buluran said on 11/Aug/06
Click Here

KG is a legit 7 footer
eric said on 11/Aug/06
Rob what do you mean sticking with the one name...

[Editor Rob: don't worry about it...the anonymous thing you mentioned was right]
Danimal said on 11/Aug/06
This could mean that Andre's minimum should be 6'11.5". What do you say you add another half an inch Rob? You did drop a half an inch for Hogan.
Viper652 said on 10/Aug/06
Ewing says he is a "strong 6-9" now. Hard to beleive.
Eric said on 10/Aug/06
Back in my martial art days My Shidoshi would have guest instructors come in twice a week and teach us Kempo . Danimal you never heard of a blend of martial arts in one school. I was taught kempo and the the other style was a form of american karate. Im pretty sure thats what the blend was. I dont hold a seperate 2nd degree for each. The martial arts i took was a blend of many different styles. Are you calling me a liar Danimal????? I have no reason to lie. I worked my ass off for 17 years in martial arts. I started in 1985 and stopped in 2002. From the school i went to i was a 2nd degree black belt.
sid said on 10/Aug/06
DaMan said on 10/Aug/06
Regardless of Shaq, Wilt, Kareem, Andre, etc. Kane has an inch the Undertaker. They are not the same height, too many pictures show the inch difference!
Frank said on 10/Aug/06
Jt, Great picture!!! Wilt looks taller than Shaq and Wilt is Old in that picture ....So Andre in his Prime could have been as tall as Shaq??
Danimal said on 10/Aug/06
Shaq must have been fresh out of college in that pic with Wilt (that's early 90's for sure). He was so thin back then. Regards to Ewing, he was in the background and definitely not standing straight, or even standing for that matter.

Eric, how can you hold a 2nd degree black belt in 4 martial arts and by the way, Kempo is a form of Karate. You mentioned them seperately.
JT said on 10/Aug/06
Big Show, here's a great pic of Wilt and Shaq together. (Click Here) The "Shaq page" has a better color photo but the link's no longer working. Even considering the angle, Shaq is holding his own here pretty well with Wilt though I'm sure his tennis shoes give him a slight advantage. This photo sure shoots down any claim that Ewing is 7'0", though I still doubt the guy is anything less than 6'10".
Viper652 said on 10/Aug/06
Duncan was listed at 6-10 in college. Could he be 6-11 now, possibly but to me he still looks the same height as he was in college.
Alex said on 10/Aug/06
I thought Duncan was closer to 6'11. I know they list his height at 7'0 though so take an inch away and you get 6'11.
Big Show said on 10/Aug/06
Anonymous, the thing with Big Show is he doesn't look as tall as he actually is. If you put Shaq and Show together in the ring, I doubt there would be a height difference between these two. Big Show is holding his own against Dalip Singh, who claims he's 7'2.
The same thing goes with Andre. I've always thought Andre was 6'10, but then I saw a pic of him and Wilt Chamberlain (who's a legit 7'1) and they looked the same height (with Andre having bigger footwear though). That pic proved to me Andre was at least 6'11 in the early '80's.
Big Show and Andre are big, but they're not lanky like basketball players so they don't seem so big. Shaq hasn't got a big head like Big Show, so naturally he looks taller, cause most people will probably come up to his shoulders or neck.
Btw. you do know that NBA lists there player's heights in shoes. I'd say Shaq is 7' tall barefeet and 7'1 with his shoes on. Compared to Schwarzenegger he doesn't look as tall as Wilt Chamberlain did (who's 7'1 barefeet).
Louie John Buluran said on 10/Aug/06
Shaq has a body illusion that he is tall he is merely 6 ft 11. 5 acting as a 7 footer even Kareem Abdul Jabbar towers over this guy i think Kareem has lose some inches to his 7 ft 2 3/4 status cause he is 59 yrs.old now
eric said on 9/Aug/06
Wow Danimal your really bringing it back to the days. NO REtreat NO surrender was an awesome classic.You prob just named all the best steven segal movies of all time. As of martial arts i hold a 2nd degree black belt in a martial arts blend of Tae Kwon Do , Kempo , Aikido, Karate, and Shoju. I then pursued a kickboxing career. Someone recommeded that i went into regular boxing and I did. I fought 12 amateur fights before going for my licsense and going pro. I have a current pro record of 4-0 with all 4 being ko's. I have not been active since 2003. I started training this year but never fought.

[Editor Rob: I thought you were sticking to the one name...]
Viper652 said on 9/Aug/06
Tim Duncan is not 7-0 lol. Hes 6-10 at best. Shaq is no taller than 7-0 Max.
sid said on 9/Aug/06
Danimal, All those marital arts movies u mentioned i seen them all to. Like i said i love cheesy martial art movies, American ninja;s where classics, david bradly, and micheal dudicuff, bill blanks, seen them all. Billy and roddy roddy pipper, in eagles of talon, was a great buddy martial flick, even some of the brian bosworth movie are great, love any B action movies, Gary daniels, he has great movies, of don the dragon wilson, ring of fires, or black belt, I'm probably the biggest B movie fan.
Anonymous said on 9/Aug/06
Dude, that was the 1992 nba draft, back when he was only 20. Big guys like shaq grow up to 25. Shaqs got a good 2 inches over Kevin garnet & you can tell he's a little taller than guys like Tim Duncan who's 7'. unlike the retarded wwe, real sports dont lie about these things. I guarantee you if you put show & shaq head to head you'd see a 2" differential without a doubt. You can just see it. Shaqs a definate 7'1". Show at one time was 7'1" but his fat ass has dropped down some but he still looks to have a good 3" over kane. So kane I'd say 6'8" without a doubt same as undertaker.
Anonymous said on 9/Aug/06
Are you guys serious about batista 6'3"? He looks to be at least a good 6'4". Him & orton are the same height. hhh is around 6'3"
Danimal said on 9/Aug/06
I'm actually going for my black belt in Aikido. I have 1 dan in Kempo Karate. No, I am far from being the best, or even close. Like weights, they were always just hobbies, but I have won some competitions though.

I also love those 80's cheesy martial arts movies, ie: American Ninja 1,2,3, King of the Kickboxers, Best of the Best 1,2, No Retreat, No Surrender, Kickboxer, Bloodsport (one of the best), Cyborg, Above The Law, Marked For Death, Hard To Kill, Out For Justice, Showdown in Little Tokyo, Rapid Fire and MANY others (some even with Billy Blanks).
sid said on 9/Aug/06
Danimal. So you any good in martial arts, I was ranked no 4 in the world thats pretty good, 2nd in seattle, so i had to say my credentials are impressive, but i'm no where close to Bruce Lees status. I grew up watching and idolizing Bruce Lee, that got me started to be in martial arts, Kane and them wrestler wouldn't stand a chance in the real fighting world, Kane's big and strong, size doesnt matter in a fight, I could probably take Kane down, Kane is one of my fav, I could probably take Kane down. Kane is 6'8'5 i give him that 6'9 max
sid said on 9/Aug/06
Danimal, Ya it did, I liked that movie, no retreat no surrender was cheesy, it was great, one of the best fights scenes, between kirk mckinnly vs vandame, they dont make martials arts movie as they used to, In the movie it was the fake bruce lee, the guy who played bruce lee was the guy who was in game of death, i love those low budget cheesy martial art movies, some of them assemble the best fights scenes, u dont them get them in A MOVIES.
Danimal said on 8/Aug/06
Sid, Kane's gear give him more than a half inch. BTW, your credentials are impressive. Seattle has always been a great martial arts town (Bruce Lee) and didn't the cheesy movie with Van Damme film there (No Retreat, No Surrender)?
sid said on 8/Aug/06
In the video with alex wright, and Giant haystack, Kame looked to be the same height as giant haystack did, Since haystack is 6'9, kane's 6'9 in gear, makes him 6'8'5 in bare feet.
sid said on 8/Aug/06
ancient Aztec Guy, No you don't shrink in your 30's Kane's 39, he's still young. doesnt matter how many sugeries u have, u dont shrink in your 30's. Someone mentioned Kane was out of character on a radio show, he said he was about 6'9 he said about, so my guess is he's 6'8'5 6'9'5 in gear
sid said on 8/Aug/06
Danimal you did martial arts to cool man, I did mauy thai, combat hapkido, itf taekwondo, jeet kune do, mas oyama karate. what style taekwondo did u do..??? i was ranked no 4 in the world for mauy thai, and no 2 in seattle. i been training since i was a kid. mauy thai 12 years, rest since i was a kid
sid said on 8/Aug/06
Undertaker ain't 6'9, maybe 6'8 max, takers 6'7, he wasnt that much taller then randy. kane looked taller then randy orton, then taker did
Louie John Buluran said on 8/Aug/06
Even Shaq admit he is 6 ft 11. 5 he is not a 7-1 .... look at the 1992 NBA Pre Draft Camp....
Anonymous said on 7/Aug/06
Compare big show to a guy like shaquille o'neal. We all know shaq is a solid 7'1" without a doubt. Watch the nba as much as i do you'll realize guys like him have a good 2 inches over big show. I put big show a 6'11"
Dude said on 7/Aug/06
if kane wrestled in barefeet he would be 6'8 MAX ,in boots 6ft9.5 undertaker is 6'9 MAX
DaMan said on 7/Aug/06
Kane clearly has an inch on Taker. If Undertaker is getting 6 ft 7.5 in here why hasn't Kane been bumped up to 6 ft 8 in or 6 ft 8.5 in yet? Just curious.
DaMan said on 7/Aug/06
In that 1st pic Kane clearly has 1" on Taker. Look at shoulder height and the eyes. To top it off it appears that Taker is actually wearing the bigger lifts!
Danimal said on 7/Aug/06
and Kane is not 6'9" minimum. He's 6'9" Maximum, but in reality, he's less than that.
Frank said on 7/Aug/06
Paul Bearer was about 5ft 10 to 5ft 10 1/2 at best...
Danimal said on 7/Aug/06
Hey Sid, I've done martial arts since 1989: Kempo Karate, Tae Kwon Do and most recently Aikido and Laido (Sword Fighting). I do agree with you that Kane hasn't lost height. The Big Show is looking shorter though. He's not in better shape. If you haven't noticed, he has been consistently gaining weight and is over that 500 pounds mark. Again, you can't compare his weight to your old one, because he is DOUBLE it.
ancient Aztec Guy said on 6/Aug/06
In that pic that the Red Skull fella sent in with paul bearer and kane,Kane is a fair bit away from the camera.I heard that Paul Bearer is 5'11".Paul bearer is really close to the camera as well.I personally would give Kane a height of about 6'9" at a minimum.I perasonally doubt that people that young would shrink.
Bleemo said on 6/Aug/06
It's a fair point Sid because we now know Angle was pretty much always 5'10 and he has had 3 back surgeries and doesn't seem any smaller.
eric said on 6/Aug/06
Kane is a legit 6ft8. Kane has worn lifts in the past. BUt the mistake everyone is making is that he didnot always wear them. While he was teamed with the undertaker in 2001 as the brothers of destruction he didnot wear them. Kane is indeed not standing on a book Danimal. I have seen plenty of pics kane is easily that taller then him by far. WHen i stood next to him he was easily that big.
sid said on 5/Aug/06
Peopel are saying kane lost height, u can't lose height in your 30's still to young, kane's 39, still young, when you hit maybe mid 40's and up, reguardless of sugery or not u won't lose height. I had multple sugeries i didnt lost height and i'm in my early 30's i'm still 6ft last time i checked 6ft that was last year, i had to lose weight due to my knees. Kane doesn't have giantism, Kane's just natrually tall, Kane no shorter then 6'8'5 i give kane 6'8'5 basing it on the radio talk show someone posted, Kane aka Glen out of character said he's about 6'9 he said about. like i said im saying he's 6'8'5 with gear 6'9'5
sid said on 5/Aug/06
Red skull that picture from far away, kane's out of gear, he's in street cloth
makes him 6'8, 6'10 in gear..
sid said on 5/Aug/06
Danimal i beg the differ, I never wrestled, I did mauy thai kick boxing for 12 years, i blew my knee out on many ocasions, I had surgery muilple times and i'm 6ft 250 pounds back then, thats pretty heavy for a kickboxer, now i'm 200 now cause of my knee problems, my point is i had surgery, i'm still the same height, i had to drop weight cause of my kneesm didnt effect my height, Big show is in better shape no then when he first came in. his wifes a chef, he makes him healthy food, he does cardio, before he couldnt barely even last 5 mins in the ring, what the hell are u talking about danimal, his cardio improved.
Danimal said on 5/Aug/06
Louie, in that pic with Kane and x-pac, either Kane is standing on a book or something, or what I think, is that x-pac is bending his knees forward. You can even tell he's doing that.
Danimal said on 5/Aug/06
Sid, don't compare yourself to Big Show my friend. You do not have GIGANTISM. You are NOT 7'0" tall and you do NOT weigh 500 pounds (or maybe you do) and you have NOT wrestled for over 11 years. His disease will make him lose height (Andre anyone?). His weight will affect his posture (already has). The physical aspect of the sport will tear down his joints, ligaments, tendons, discs, etc..

YES, he appears shorter than when he was in his early to mid 20's. I can believe he was about 7'1" at one time. Today, he's looking 6'11". Actually, he looks very unhealthy today. Whoever claimed he only has 5" on HHH is blind.
Louie John Buluran said on 5/Aug/06
Click Here

7 ft Show and 6 ft 8 Kane
Louie John Buluran said on 5/Aug/06
Kane is a legit 6 ft 8 same as Undertaker

Click Here
Click Here

Kane and 6 ft 0 X-pac

Click Here

i think he is wearing 3 inches heels to make him 6-11
Louie John Buluran said on 5/Aug/06
Click Here

Mark Henry is a legit 6-1 ft
eric said on 5/Aug/06
i really took a good look at the pic again sorry guys. If Andre was standing straight up i would say he would be 1 inch to maybe 2 inches taller. What do you guys think ????????????????????????????????????
Red Skull said on 5/Aug/06
this is an interesting picture. Kane looks as small as 6'4'' here, or maybe Paul Bearer is wearing lifts.

Click Here

[Editor Rob: if you brought mask man forward to same distance as bearer it would look different]
sid said on 4/Aug/06
Alex, When taker wrestle show on ecw, taker looked almost the same height, now no way takers 6'5
sid said on 4/Aug/06
Danimal you can't shrink your early 30's, Big show is in his early 30's way to young to shrink, maybe when u hit mid 40's you shrink, not early 30's i'.m early 30's im still the same height, i think paul wight big show legit 7'0 thats it.
eric said on 4/Aug/06
if andre was standing straight up he would of had 2 to 3 inches on him . Making him 7ft.
Alex said on 4/Aug/06
Danimal, remember when Jason said Andre's heaviest was 450lbs? And he also said Yokozuna was 405lbs then hit 505lbs before he left WWF. Yokozuna entered WWF at 500lbs then was around 570lbs then he came back at at least 600lbs or a little more then left. I read he died at over 700lbs or something.
Alex said on 4/Aug/06
I would believe UT is 6'5 before I would believe Big Show is 6'8.
Paul said on 4/Aug/06
Danimal, Paul Wight was 7'1 peak height 5-10 years ago, and wore lifts in WCW to take him to a good 7'3. Martin (who you guys know as Lochness) was 6'8 or just over by the end of his career (just over 6'9 in shoes).
someguy said on 3/Aug/06
Well that just ruined it for me. I never thought he was 7 feet but he was always my favorite wrestler because i thought he was that tall. He's around 5 inches taller than 6'2'' Triple H.
Danimal said on 3/Aug/06
In that pic with Andre and Haystacks, I believe Andre was approaching 475 pounds at that point (late 70's).

Paul, who was over 7'3" in big lifts??? Lochness was at least 6'9" without boots. Here's the pic of the two of them. I'm sure if Andre straightened out his legs he would have been taller than Haystacks (still an amazing and SCARY picture). Imagine being in between the two of Click Here
sid said on 3/Aug/06
Hay stack in the video looks 6'9 maybe 6'10, not 7 ft
Paul said on 3/Aug/06
Richard...a good 6 actually. He was over 7'3 in the big lifts and Nessy was 6'9 or a tad over in normal boots.
Danimal said on 3/Aug/06
I don't think Big Show would have towered over him today like he did back then. Lochness was HUGE.
Danimal said on 3/Aug/06
Don't forget that Jason said that UT was 6'5" and that Hogan WAS never over 6'4".
Richard said on 3/Aug/06
I have the haystacks - big show match from WCW uncensored 1996, maybe I'll try and cap som pics from it one of these days. But Big Show was wearing some serious lifts in it. His boots looked pretty strange and he must have had 4 inches on haystacks. Maybe even 5.
Paul said on 3/Aug/06
The photo dates to the late 1970's. Haystacks was 'only' about 490lbs then.
JT said on 3/Aug/06
Here's Giant Haystacks next to Alex Wright, who looked like he was in the 6'3" to 6'4" range. (Click Here) It's possible Haystacks is around 6'9" but that's it. That picture with Andre and Haystacks doesn't help the case that Andre was a 7 footer, at least at that time.
Viper652 said on 2/Aug/06
Yeah, the thing is Jason came off as being pretty genuine with his estimates, especially in person at wrestling shows at least. 6-7-6-8 sounds far fetched for Big Show, but maybe he really did see him as just that. He can give off a "short" appearance at times because he is so big. He also did overestimate on guys like Cena and Triple H, so even he was susceptible to that.
Alex said on 2/Aug/06
I remember Jason said A-Train looked 6'3 to him.
sid said on 2/Aug/06
As I said Big show stated on Conan o brian, he was 7'0 or 7'1 which ever one he said, he's around in the 7ft range, Kane def 6'8'5, with lift maybe 6'9'5
Paul said on 2/Aug/06
Jason doesn't always 'quote low'. For instance, he admits Richard Kiel was 7'1 as he claimed.
eric said on 2/Aug/06
Danimal in the famous pic Andre the Giant was bending his knees big time. IF giant haystack was nearly 6ft9 then andre had 2 inches on him bending his knees . So if he was around 6ft10 and a half bending his knees he would of been 7ft flat standing straight up .
Danimal said on 2/Aug/06
Big John was billed at 6'10", but was really 6'7". His official weight was 330 pounds, not 360, 380, or 405.

Giant Haystacks appeared to be the same height as Andre in that famous pic. If Haystacks was only 6'8"-6'9" then Andre was maybe only 6'10".

Jason just gave me the impression that he liked to instigate fights. Cycklops was even worse.
Alex said on 2/Aug/06
Viper, I met Big Show but he was sitting down. He was huge sitting down and when me and my friend shook his hand, our hand dissapeared. I got a picture with him but too bad he wasn't standing up. I wish I could have got him too. Would have been very interesting then.
Viper652 said on 2/Aug/06
"Viper, Jason also claimed that Big Show is 6'7"."

Actually, he said it was his father that claimed 6-7. He thought more 6-8.
Paul said on 2/Aug/06
For interest....
Haystacks (Martin Ruane) wrestled in the UK for 20 years. He was nearly 6'9 and 6'8 by the end of his career. He was billed by the promoters as 6'11 and weighed up to 48 stone. Had a taller brother and a 7'5 Grandfather.
Used several 'aliases' the most well known being Luke McMasters. Of Irish desent,lived in Salford.Tried a hand with the piano but his fingers were too broad for the keys to hit the notes properly so gave up trying to be a musician and became a bouncer and later on a wrestler. Ran a debt collection business in the early 1990's.
eric said on 1/Aug/06
Giant Haystack was no 6ft11. That what he was billed at he was more like 6ft8 . Same thing goes for Big John Studd.
eric said on 1/Aug/06
Danimal if you look at the pic thats all over the internet of the staredown between Giant Haystack and Andre the Giant you can clearly see that Andre had more then 2 inches on him and was bending his knees. If you want to check out the pic its on the Obsessed With Wrestling Website under Andres pics. As for Giant Haystack aka Lochness Monster whatever people want to call him, its obvious that the guy was billed at 6ft11 but not 6ft11. He was prob around
6ft8 6ft9. That explains why Big Show was taller then him as well.
Alex said on 1/Aug/06
Jason was a nice guy to talk to and I did agree with him a little here and there but most of the time I didn't agree on his estimates of the taller wrestlers.
dave said on 1/Aug/06
Kane is 6'8.5 and maybe 6'9 in the morning, with Big Show 6'11 max. That would put
Khali at 7'0 - 7'1 max. The interesting thing is that everyone seems to think Taker is taller than Kane when its certaintly not true, Kane has at least 1.5 inches on taker.
Danimal said on 1/Aug/06
WAS Sid, WAS! That Ginat Haystacks match was way back in the mid-late 90's. Big show isn't looking as tall now as he did then.

Viper, Jason also claimed that Big Show is 6'7".

Paul, how do you know that Jason will be back? Are you guys friends?

What's bizarre is that Cycklops has appeared recently, but never stayed.
Jiga said on 1/Aug/06
Peak Height whenever in their lives:
Andre The Giant - 7'1.5 as said by Andre's manager and Big Show (US Wrestler Paul Wight. He has said "I'm 7 foot and Andre was about 7ft 1, 7ft 2". This guy at the upper end of 6ft can get away with saying he's this height...I mean, who is gonna argue with him?)

Big Show - 7'
Kane - 6'8 - 6'9 no shorter, no taller.
Undertaker - 6'7.5 - 6'8.5
Dalip Singh - 7'1 - 7'2
Kevin Nash - 6'10
Mick Foley - 6'2 - 6'4 (he looks as if he would be taller than 6'2 if he stood straight and in his he said that he was 6'4, and i would expect him to up his height to look better when he openly mocks himself on international TV that he's fat.
sid said on 1/Aug/06
Jason doesnt know what he's ta;lomh about, Big show is legit 7'0 he said on the conan obrien show he was 7'0 or 7'1 either, reason why he towered over giant haystack, cause he's actualy 7'0 or 7'1
Paul said on 1/Aug/06
Danimal, Jason will be back....
Viper652 said on 1/Aug/06
Jason was pretty adamant about Big Show looking 6-8 Max in person. Also said JBL only looked 6-2 1/2 in person. I thought he was mostly right otherwise.
Danimal said on 1/Aug/06
Jason was
Alex said on 1/Aug/06
Bleemo, Big Show could be as short as 6'11 and can look 6'10 with bad posture but the 6'7-6'8 claims by Jason I can't buy.
Danimal said on 1/Aug/06
It's interesting how Big Show TOWERED over Giant Haystacks, who has been billed as 6'11" and was around the same height as Andre when they fought. Does that mean Big Show would have towered over Andre as well? I doubt it.
eric said on 1/Aug/06
I say Big SHow is 6ft11 and in gear 7ft. As for kane if he stood next to max starks he would of been taller by 1 inch. Heres an easy equation. Look at the pics with Big Ben and Max starks together and then look at kane and Big Ben. Kane is taller. Max starks is billed at 6ft8 and prob 6ft7 . Kane tells people when you ask him he is 6ft9 he prob gives himself 1 inch and is really 6ft8.
Alex said on 31/Jul/06
Looking at the picture again I can see 3 inches between them but no way more than that though. But Kane could be wearing bigger shoes and not saying its for sure but maybe and if he is then it could be giving him that extra inch while hes really more just 2 inches taller. Kane is at a minimum 6'7 and possibly 6'8 but nothing over 6'8.
Alex said on 31/Jul/06
I know Ben was measured at 6'4.8 to be very exact but really its pretty much 6'5. Whats .2 of an inch going to matter? lol
Alex said on 31/Jul/06
Viper, that hat on Ben kinda gets in the way to get a very good estimate though but it could be 3 inches but no more than that like these 3.5-4 inch estimates.
Danimal said on 31/Jul/06
DaMan, Max Starks did not stand next to Kane. How do you know that he looked shorter? What's interesting is all the other pics of those 2 pro football players standing next to HHH, Ric Flair, John Cena, etc... Those are all the guys we spend every day deciding how tall they are and they are all standing next to 2 legit guys to compare them to. Cena looks 6'0" next to Big Ben. Ric looks 5'11". HHH looks abouy 6'2" (not sure how he pulled that one off). As for the rest, you guys judge.
sid said on 31/Jul/06
Blemmo thats what i meant, with out the beanie cap kane's 3 inches taller that doesnt count as a height
sid said on 31/Jul/06
Mark starks is actually 6'7, it was listed on the nfl site
Bleemo said on 31/Jul/06
Exactly Richard they'd never bill Big Show as his real height, why would they exaggerate everyone else like adding 4 inches to Angle and atleast as much to Kane and then get a legit 7' guy and only list him as that? I don't think the Big Show is as short as 6'8 as Jason and some others do but he's under 6'11 in my opinion.
Richard said on 31/Jul/06
Indeed Kane looks tall next to big show now... but Show is probably not 7' either. Why do everyone believe that he is? He often loooks barely 6'10, 7' is the WWE's listing and an exaggeration. They are not known for telling the truth. Maybe Kane has large insoles... or maybe Show isn't wearing his when they meet nowadays. Big Show certainly wore lifts in an old match against Giant Haystacks to be able to tower over him.
DaMan said on 31/Jul/06
Max Starks is billed at 6'8" and 337 lbs. and *still* looked shorter than Kane in most of those pics.
Danimal said on 31/Jul/06
Sorry Alex, but I see a good 3" difference in that pic with Ben and Kane.

As for why Kane appears taller than usual next to Big Show, is because they are listing him at 7'0" again and we know that Big Show is 7'0", so the WWE/ECW is making sure that Kane reaches 7'0" with shoes. Inner soles are probably huge at this point. In reality, Kane is probably just over 6'8" and UT is probably just over 6'7". The Mexican mentor has UT at 6'6", but I really don't buy that. Would have been nice to see UT next to Big Ben, or as Viper said, having had Kane next stand next to Max Starks, or even the UT as well..
Viper652 said on 31/Jul/06
Its a shame that 6-7 Max Starks did not have a picture with Kane.
DaMan said on 31/Jul/06
Guys, there is at *least* 3 inches between Glen and Ben in that pic. Like Ben (the poster) said below, Ben's eye level is beneath the bottom of Glen's nose. When dealing with guys who are big guys, 6'5" being the *small* guy, this is more than 2 - 2.5 inches. Ben's hair and beanie are giving him artificial height and Glen *still* makes Ben look like a runt.
Viper652 said on 31/Jul/06
Yeah, technically Ben is 6-4.8, but pretty much 6-5 albeit a weak one. I still only see 2.5 inches at that pic, no way 3.5-4. We cant see their shoes and Kane is in wrestling gear.
Bleemo said on 31/Jul/06
Nobody is doubting they are big men, it's just the number is different, 6'5+ IS big. If these guys are only 6'6 or even 6'7 - which is what it looks like- they are still huge men. Even with the Beanie Kane looks only 2.5 inches bigger, if it were 3 inches Ben would be further down, don't forget Ben is a weak 6'5 too at a flat 195cm.
sid said on 31/Jul/06
Jiga why would these nflers wear big foot gear to meet Wwe superstars, they don't need to prove how tall and big they are to Wwe super stars, Nflers are big enough, bigger then most Wwe wrestlers. Big Ben was wearing the beanie hat so that doesnt count as a height. with out the cap kane's 3 inches taller.
Eric said on 31/Jul/06
I replied Frank but i forgot to put my name . Its gonna up with no name.
Anonymous said on 31/Jul/06
Oh hell yeah Frank . They are huge width wise in person. I live in Long Island and in 2003 at my old job in an office building i was in an elevator and when it opened i bumped into mick foley. I was surprised how big he was in width. He looks so much bigger in person height wise and width wise. As for Undertaker and Kane good lord I really dont think that people really know how big they are until you meet them in person. They look smaller on tv. They are just naturally big men.
Jiga said on 30/Jul/06
Kane is no shorter than 6'8 it's as simple as that and that pic with big ben you have to include ben's hat aswell as hair and probably big footwear since he knew he was meeting wrestlers and getting photos. i still can't find the vid yet but i'll post a pic later. in the match Kane 6'9, Taker 6'8 - 6'8.5 with boots without Kane 6'8, Taker 6'7, 6'7.5 both flat heels etc. Glen is taller than Mark Callaway, just look at facial features and shoulders, top of heads not including hair, eyes, etc.
sid said on 30/Jul/06
Big Ben was wearing the beanie cap, so that doesnt count as height Alex. Kane is still taller then taker, Kane looked huge and tall to big show on Ecw, How can Kane look close in height to the big show Kane's boots looked the same from last month, No way Kane's this tall, he's got to be 6'8'5 bare, And Da man mentioned Kane had a interview in 2003 out of character, he said he was about 6'9, he said about my guess is 6'8'5, so with lifts that would make Kane 6'10
Ben said on 30/Jul/06
Alex, there is a MINIMUM of 3 inches between Kane and Ben in that pic, likely 3.5 inches, POSSIBLY 4 inches. It's impossible to nail down exactly because Kane has a shaved head while Ben has a 'FRO pushing up on a cap. Kane is 3 inches taller than Ben in that pic and that is being CONSERVATIVE. Ben's eye level is BENEATH the BOTTOM of Kane's nose! 2 - 2.5 inches? No way!
Viper652 said on 30/Jul/06
I see 6-7.5 at best with 6-4.8 Ben.
Alex said on 30/Jul/06
Here is the picture of Kane and Big Ben again.
Click Here

It looks more 2-2.5 inches there, not even 3 and thats not counting Ben's hat either. We can't see footwear but Ben is a legit 6'5 guy so Kane would be 6'7-6'7.5 I think.
Frank said on 30/Jul/06
Eric you met Kane and i met Taker and we know How Big they looked in person and the TV does not show how wide they are....Im sure you would agree with me on that Eric ??? Vince McMahon was taller than i thought and he was very wide
Vince looks about 6ft 1 1/2 to 6ft 2
eric said on 30/Jul/06
frank no way is taker taller than kane. Back in the Isaac Yankem days when jacobs didnot wear lifts he was taller by an 1 inch. Today Kane is still taller by at least half an inch. Undertaker is 6ft7 flat maybe 6ft7 and a quarter at the most. Kane is closer to 6ft8 then undertaker is . Undertaker has been known to wear lifts also . Kanes not the only one. Undertaker only had 2inches on hogan in his prime. Hogan in his prime was 6ft6 that would put undertaker at his prime at 6ft8. Today he is 6ft7 . Kanes taller.
JT said on 29/Jul/06
Sid,I was focusing more on the height of the Kane's boot ABOVE the sole, not the thickness of the sole.

Frank, there looked like only a 3 inch difference betweeen Kane and Big Ben. Of course, we can't see the shoes either guy was wearing. Maybe Ben wore big boots since he knew he was going to meet the wrestlers and that photos were going to be taken. Boots would make "Big" Ben even bigger. If Kane said he's "around 6'9" in that interview, I'd give him 6'8" barefoot.
Frank said on 29/Jul/06
Kane did not look 6ft 9 in the picture with Big Ben who is 6ft 5 and i still believe Jacobs wears Lifts and yes he looked about a 1/2 inch taller than Taker but i believe Taker is taller...Again lifts are worn inside the boot so you cant always go by the size of the heel
sid said on 29/Jul/06
Da man where is these pictures with Kane and taker in street cloth, where have u seen them.
Jiga said on 29/Jul/06
on celebheights i posted a link to a vid of taker vs isaac yankem dds and glen jacobs was TALLER than Taker and their boots where exactly the same, flat. Kane 6'9 in boots, 6'8 barefoot currently back in isaac yankem days 6'9 barefoot and used 3" lifts to get taller. Undertaker was 6'8 - 6'8.5 back around the yankem days and then now he's about 6'6.5 - 6'7. Isaac Yankem vs. Undertaker (Raw: 1/15/96,0,0); i'm not sure where you can find it now cause i looked on kaneskeeper where i found it and looked on celebheights for one of my old posts but couldn't find the link so you'll have to find it yourself. I also searched YouTube. When you do you'll notice the boots are flat and when looking at the staredown don't look at the top of the head cause glen has puffy hair but look at the facial features and glen jacobs are taller. I'd say in that footage Glen Jacobs 6'9, Mark Callaway 6'8 - 6'8.5.
sid said on 28/Jul/06
jt Kane's boots doesn't have thick soles at the bottom, Lot of people have wide feet, kane must have wide feet that the reason why kane's boots look big, his feet are wide and long. kane's boots are size 16 to 17 thats pretty big, thats another reason why it looks big
sid said on 28/Jul/06
Da man you have the whole interview and which site did u get it off from.
sid said on 28/Jul/06
I just saw the Ecw match with kane and big show again, Kane looked alost the same height. He looked tall for some reason taller then before, and yet he's wearing the same boots. no way kane's this tall. if kane was 6'9 that would make him 6'11 in boots with lifts, no way kane's that tall i still think kane's about 6'8'5
DaMan said on 28/Jul/06

Interestingly enough, that looks almost exactly like a much larger version of Benoit's boot.
DaMan said on 28/Jul/06

WIVK Radio, Knoxville Tenn. 2003 - Kane speaks on the Andy and Alison show;
Alison: "You're a big guy, how tall are you?"
Jacobs: "I'm about 6 foot 9."
Glen was speaking out of character the entire interview speaking about how random some matches for Raw are, about him doing Pilates, and how it was being away from wrestling and home during his bicep injury.

Also, Jacobs, in numerous photos, has always appeared about an inch taller than Calaway in street clothes. Admittedly the video posted didn't give us a clear shot to judge their heights, but Kane was a but taller than 'Taker on the last shot even though Kane was in the background. Undertaker are Kane are not the same height.

sid said on 28/Jul/06
Da man where is this interview thats Kane is out of character [provide it to us.
JT said on 28/Jul/06
DaMan, I beg to differ. Check out Kane's boots in this photo: (Click Here) There seems to be too much thickness above the sole (really from the arch back to the heel), which seems to reflect an internal lift. Kane's feet aren't that thick. He doesn't have acromegaly. These boots could almost give Herman Munster's boots a run for their money.
Tim said on 28/Jul/06
I'm saying and it's the best guess that Kane's roughly 6'9ft and here's my reason. Big Show wears 2,3inch heels at already 7'0ft which promps him up at around 7'3ft. Kane also wears the same amount but is generally 2 or 3 inches shorter at roughly 7'0 give or take. Take those heels away and Kane stands between 6'8-6'10ft.
Tim said on 28/Jul/06
When Kane and Big Show were Tag Champs, they both wore heels giving each a few extra inches. Big Show is barefoot 7'0ft but when he stands next to Kane when both have heels, Show has around 2,3 inches. That must mean that both of them together without heels would look the same minus 3 inches. That way Kane is roughly 6'9 and Show is a real 7'0ft.
Danimal said on 27/Jul/06
Guys, be logical. UT and Kane are approximately THE SAME height. We just saw it in that footage Sid provided (I don't see the inch advantage to Kane). In any case, if they are the same height, which they've appeared to be for like 10-11 years now and if Big Show has always appeared to be 3-5" taller than UT, then how is Kane almost Big Show's height? There are 3 possibilities here. Either, UT has shrunk and used to be closer to the Big Show's height (which he was in 1999), OR, Kane wears pretty big lifts in his shoes (3"), or The Big Show is shrinking (which he is). I think all of the above.
DaMan said on 27/Jul/06
Glen Jacobs, out of characer, has stated in interviews he is "about 6'9"" I would take that to mean is really about 6'8 1/2". He looks it IMO. I think it's time to bump the guy up.
Jack said on 27/Jul/06
Click Here

It doesn't really look like he has 4 inches on Kane right there.... more like 1.5-2
DaMan said on 27/Jul/06
Big Show, absolutely, positively did NOT have 4 inches on Kane in the ECW match. Also JT, those aren't Kane's boots. I found a few in rings pics of Kane's boots on Yahoo. While the heel is roughly the same thickness (possibly even a half inch thinner than Kane's) Kane's front soles are very thin as is the entire front portion (arch forward) of the boot, this indicates Kane's lift is from the large heel with little or no interior lifts. Kane's boots aren't providing more than 2.5 inches of lift IMO.
sid said on 27/Jul/06
Kane on america's most wanted there in street cloth, Kane had about a inch on taker, take a look. Click Here
sid said on 27/Jul/06
Jt It said 1 to 2 inch elevators, there ain't no 4 inch, see kane does wear 2 inch elevators, if it was 4 u could of notice them.
sid said on 27/Jul/06
Ya Jiga right, it's would be noticed if kane had 4 to 5 inch lifts, Reason why they bill Kane at 7'0 is to make him look like a monster. Wwe hypes some of the wrestler heights like Kane' 7'0 when he's actually 6'8, 6'9 with lifts
JT said on 26/Jul/06
I thought Big Show looked around 4 inches taller than Kane last night. With Kane, it's not just the thickness of the heel, which might only be 2 inches tall. I think his "lifts" are inside the boots, which is why the top part of his boots looks so different. Look at the picture of the boot in the top righthand corner in this link. That looks like Kane's boots (Click Here)
Alex said on 26/Jul/06
Danimal, like for a while I thought Kane was really 6'11 but I also thought UT was really 6'10 was also why. Never did I think he was 7'0 though. This was when I believed a lot of the billed heights.
Jiga said on 26/Jul/06
Danimal you are simply MAD Kane does not have 4-5 inch heels, 1-2 inches at most!
Danimal said on 26/Jul/06
Jack, Alex is right. Kane is NOT 7'0". Kane wears MASSIVE shoots, with at least a 4-5 heel which is visible on the outside. Kane and Undertaker are approximately the same height and Undertaker is clearly 4" shorter than Big Show. Jack, you can't believe what you see. Besides, Big Show is no longer standig straight as he used to. Why is that guys? Is he in pain? Is he lazy? Is it all the bodyweight? Is his spine curving?
DaMan said on 26/Jul/06
Yea, there is only about a 2 - 2.5 inch difference between Kane and Show 4 - 5 inches there is not. Their heights can vary, sometimes Show is in lifts while Kane is not, other times Kane is in lifts while Show isn't. Neither looked to have substantial lifts in this match and their was only about 2 inches between them. Kane was looking huge on ECW, height and build.
sid said on 26/Jul/06
No way show had 4 or 5 inch difference. I saw the whole match. Big show had about 2 inches on Kane. After the show went of the air on Ecw. Kane tagged with the under. to wrestle show and Khali. The following are post-show notes from the ECW on Sci-TV taping ("what you didn't see"):

Kane and Undertaker Vs The Great Khali and Big Show

After Kane and Showed stared down each other big show waved Khali from the back he came out and after he got in the ring Takers music played

Decent match about 10 min long ended when Taker and Kane double chokeslammed big show after Khali refused to tag in (He didn't even wrestle in the match)

Charles P. Cross

Rochester Hills, Mi
Alex said on 26/Jul/06
If Kane was 1-2.5 inches shorter than he was wearing lifts. He looked to be up to around Big Show's eye level which is 4-5 inches.
Jordan said on 26/Jul/06
I do agree that kane looked taller then he usually does when in the ring with Big Show?????? Do you think that Kane put in higher lifts or big Show took his out??? Or there was always a minor diference between the 2. I agree with Alex in saying that Kane ( Last Night at least ) looked only 2 inches shorter.
Jack said on 26/Jul/06
Alex, 5 inch difference? Kane looked MAX 1-2.5 inches shorter. No, actually he even looked a bit taller at times. No way a 4-5 inch difference.
Jack said on 25/Jul/06
Just saw some of the match.... no way is Kane only this height! He appeared almost exactly the same height as the Big Show. I think you need to upgrade him Rob...
Alex said on 25/Jul/06
Tonight on ECW during the tale of the tape with Big Show and Kane they had them both at 7'0. It gets to me as Big Show is clearly 4 inches taller, 5 at the very most.
Jiga said on 25/Jul/06
it's just $#!T that i can't see ECW in Australia!
eric said on 25/Jul/06
EVeryone . Kane will be on ECW against BIg show tommorow. Im sure THe great khali will show up then Undertaker will show up to defend Kane setting up the summerslam match of kane and Undertaker reuniting againt the 2 giants. Dont miss it tommorow. We will see all these BIg GUys in the ring. It should be good. Maybe we can all draw up some more conclusions on heights. I just get a Gut feeling thats where this whole thing might end up heading giving that this is what kane wanted since he wants to retire soon.
sid said on 24/Jul/06
I'm a pretty big guy, I'm not using roids i can bench over 400, and gain weight fast thats all muscle of course, you don't got to be on roids to be big or to gain weight. Kane looks like he can gain weight aasy, look at his gut these days, even 2001 2002 Kane had the gut, later down those years he burned it off i just don't see Kane using any type of roids
Danimal said on 24/Jul/06
Actually, GH also makes the joints/bones grow along with the muscles. Many of those guys elbows are really long and sometimes red and swollen.
Danimal said on 22/Jul/06
Alex, guaranteed Steiner was also on GH, which makes you go beyond your limited potential.
Viper652 said on 22/Jul/06
I bet they use Human growth hormone the most.
TheMan said on 22/Jul/06
It's actually killed a few wrestlers off. I think Gurreo died becuase of them british bulldogs another one. Wrestlings probably one of the most likely places where steroids are used. So in that i understand why so mnay people think some wrestlers have used roids. A typical example would be for Randy Ortan like he's slimmish in great shape. But might be pressured to get bigger to increase he's star. The only way due to being on the road etc might be taking steriods.
Alex said on 22/Jul/06
I don't know many steriods too well, but I have been looking some stuff up. I know some are stronger than others and you have a pill form then a needle form. I don't know too many well by name. And yes Steiner was taking more than the other wrestlers.
TheMan said on 22/Jul/06
I don't think lesnar took roids IMO. Yeah he's bulky but i think he didnt. Im not saying it's not possible but i don't think he did. Batista 100% did and probably still does. Im not sure about Kain though. Im pretty big myself and i think people would think i took roids if i become a wrestler but i never have never would. But you can stop people beliving that.
Danimal said on 21/Jul/06
Steiner also had the genetic prediscposition to get like that, where as Hulk Hogan didn't. I think Steiner was also on GH and some other stuff as well. I'm sure he was injecting his biceps with oil.
sid said on 21/Jul/06
Hey i got a body like batista not exact the same, I'm not on roids im big and cut, and i'm benching 435 pounds and im not on roids. I dont see why Kane needs to take roids, most big men in not all are usually big naturally im not saying all. I see Glen dedicated to his work outs, he said in a interview that he keeps in great shape, he's in the best shape in his life, this is when he came back with the half mask, Kane's naturally strong, guys like lesnar and batista there more stronger then kane, they have to use roids to make them strong u can tell the diff between kane and lesnar, I doubt kane was on roids for some people its easy to gain weight such as kane, u pretty heavy in your work outs u can gain alot of mass, doesnt take a genius to gain weight, i can gain 15 pounds of muscle in 3 months not that hard, it's the matter of dieting and what kinds of work out routine u have. i did it before gaining weight fast with out roids.
sid said on 21/Jul/06
Blemmo I just don't see Kane taking roids Kane's all natural, reason why he lost the weight when he came back from the bicep injury was his choice. If your leaner lighter, you have more speed, undertaker lost weight to, so probablu got a call from undertaker, undertaker probably told kane to lose weight since they used to work out togther, he probably convinced kane losing weight is the way to go. Now he gained it back
Alex said on 21/Jul/06
Like I was saying about steriods. Most people even me not too long ago, figured you had to be big and pretty ripped to be on them, but you can be on them and just be bulky or massive but not much definition at all. If you're bulk/fat then you're most likely not on them then.

I also think some of these wrestlers have abused them more than others, like Steiner obviously has abused them much more than other wrestlers.
Alex said on 21/Jul/06
Bleemo, Angle was leaner in his Olympic days, 211lbs he even said but was in the 220lb weight class. When he came in late 1999 he looked around the same as his olympic days then as years went on he put on some size and by 2002-2003 he was bigger then at some point in 2004 he trimmed down a bit, lost a bit of size but is more cut, not like he wasn't already cut.
Alex said on 21/Jul/06
Lesnar passed the steriod test for the NFL. I don't think he was on them while in WWE but he probably was at some point before he came to WWE.
Danimal said on 21/Jul/06
Bleemo, I really enjoyed reading your post. You're one of the few educated guys on here, who knows what he's talking about, along with Alex and several others. The reason why Piper or Henning never appeared that large, is because it wasn't in their genetic make-up to become monsters. They hit their potential with the juice and gained all the weight they would. Piper was MUCH bulkier in the 80's then he was in the early 90's. Henning did gain about 30 pounds as well. Other guys who took it were The Ultimate Warrior (a lunatic in real life), who clearly had to get off it around the time of the trial, whereby he lost 30 pounds of muscle overnight. Hulk Hogan lost about 55 pounds around the time of the trial as well. Ravishing Rick Rude as well (I believe he got VERY sick from roids and ultimately died as a result of long time use). Billy "Superstar" Graham (we know about him). Macho Man Randy Savage was HUGE in his later WCW days (going up to 260+). Psycho Sid was clearly on them. His veins were about to pop. As was stated, roids won't only assist in getting you large, or help repair your broken down tissue at a faster rate, but they will also give you more power and endurance, which a lot of these guys need.
Bleemo said on 21/Jul/06
Sid don't be daft mate, overall size has nothing to do with it. Put it this way Roddy Piper admitted to Steroid abuse in the 80's and was never anywhere near Kane's build, infact he always looked really small compared to other wrestlers. Raven too admitted to taking it and he is hardly a huge beefcake. Not to mention Curt Henning, who died from the results of steriod and painkiller abuse and he was never THAT big.

A lot of these guys are or have been on them sadly, it's just part of the business. You can also take Vince's "drug testing" with a pinch of salt as a lot of guys in the business have scorned it saying it's a publicity stunt.
Alex said on 20/Jul/06
Viper and he was already on the big side when he debuted in the early 90's in WWF. Looked around Angle and Benoit's size but more taller. Whats Steiner, about 6'0?
sid said on 20/Jul/06
I doubt Kane was on steroids, Kane's a natural big man, why would he wanna take roids. Vince let some of his wrestler stop taking roids in the early mid 90's they went to court for it, Vince testifed same as hogan did. and Kane wasn't around in early 90 in 91 to 92, It was banned in the wwe in that early stage if the 90's, Kane i highly doubt it, Kane's a natural big man he gain weight easy, look at his gut now these days he's gotten bigger since his return in 2002. Kane is quit still young, you lose muscle mass at mid 40's and 50's not late 30's, look at ronnie coleman he's in his 40's he looks ripped and huge it's obvious he's on roids
Bleemo said on 20/Jul/06
Guys like Brock Lesnar, Scott Steiner, Rhyno, Batista, Kane, Triple H and Eddie Guerrero have all certainly done the roids or gas as they like to call it, heh I'm so with it. John Cena was certainly using it during his body building days as he was enourmous. Brock Lesnar has a previous for distribution of steriods, so you know he has form.

Kane, Triple H and Guerrero all jumped up a lot of weight very quickly at one point in their careers. Plus Kane had a spell of awful back acne and had that bloated abdomen that makes the belly button look swollen. Clear signs of roid abuse sadly and a shame in Eddie's case as it probably killed him. Besides Bobby Heenan specifically named Triple H as a roid user and interestingly enough so did Austin. Which makes me wonder if he did or he didn't himself take them.

I doubt Angle is using it because he could be a lot bigger if he was but you never know and similar to Taker in that respect really. Alot of guys are in that middle ground where they could be if they were lazy but they could definately get as big as they are through years of work.

On the Rock he said he dabbled with them once and found that they just made him want to eat all the time, which he did anyway so he didn't see the point.

I reckon guys like Helms, Christian, Edge, Jeff Hardy, Tajiri and a few other smaller guys are probably roid free. HBK and Lance Storm have bothe prided themselves as being drug free and I believe them.

I agree with Alex though that it's not just the big guys that are necesserily using them, steroids also make your body recover quicker from the rigours of exercise, so there are other benefits.
Viper652 said on 20/Jul/06
Scott Steiner looks like some kind of experiment gone wrong.
Alex said on 20/Jul/06
I know what you mean as most will think only the guys big and ripped can be on steriods. I use to think the same thing but you can be just big and mass with very little cuts and still be on them. Kane may have been. UT not sure about him though, wasn't as muscular as Kane was. The Rock I doubt was on them but you forgot to mention HHH who was on something I know when he buffed up in 1999 because before that he was leaner but still in good shape. Also Scott Steiner anyone will know hes on and was on steriods major.
Alex said on 20/Jul/06
Kane may have not been on steriods but he was on something. Many supplements he could have been using like any pills you'll see in GNC or in gyms.
Danimal said on 20/Jul/06
You guys are hilarious!!!! He never took roids????? lol...Clearly neither have you guys. To achieve that type of muscle mass he had (doesn't have to be defined), he was on SOMETHING. You don't make a conscious decision to lose SERIOUS mass without getting off the juice. Hulk Hogan lost it after 1991. The Rock after 2001. UT after 1999 and Kane after 2002. They were all on roids. The WWE encourages and always had. Christ, Vince McMahon was distributing it to his roster all through the 80's, right up until the trial and btw, Vince didn't get in his 2003 shape without taking it himself. No F'n way.
Red Skull said on 20/Jul/06
he never took roids. He's only lost muscle mass because of an elbow infection
Eric said on 20/Jul/06
The great khali in my opinion wheres lifts to give him at least 2inches.
As far as kane goes Lifts no Lifts hes tall . When he was yankem he didnot wear lifts. IN that stare down King nick you have to see it in footage . Pause it right before the camera goes in close. You will see them toe to toe and kane having 1 inch on him easy. Now i feel there closer in height. I say kane has him by half an inch currently. Kane might of shrunk since the yankem days.
Alex said on 19/Jul/06
Danimal, Kane is a big guy no matter what but yes he is def much smaller than his early days in WWE until early 2002 then he came back much leaner because of his injury. But he is bigger now then he was when he came back in 2002.

UT is similar, much smaller than he was in the late 90's up until 2002.
sid said on 19/Jul/06
Danimal Kane never used roids, When Kane came back he lost weight, cause thay was his choice, everyone else was doing it like the undertaker lost weight, so he probably talked to the undertaker, and follwed right behind him.Besides when your lighter your faster u have more cardio. Besides looked like gain some weight back right now, since he's been off the show u never know, he might of lost weight again or he's still a heavy set.
KingNick said on 19/Jul/06
I think Kane had surgery on his muscles (it was either bicep or tricep I can't remember) and lost muscle mass at least in his arms in 2002. He also lost a lot of weight. When he returned that year, I heard he was as low as 275, but gained just about all the weight he lost back by the time he lost the mask.
Bleemo said on 19/Jul/06
Kane definately used roids at some point when he had unmasked, I remember specifically using him as an arguement on a wrestling board on this very subject. His back acne was so prominent that it was grotesque, it's not normal to have acne on your back or to have a bloated six pack, when you get a six pack your mid riff gets leaner not bloated.

Interesting links Kingnick, especially the boot site, I saw a site similar to that selling ones that gave 1.5 inches from barefoot height.

Danimal said on 19/Jul/06
My question about Kane is how come he was NEVER able to even come close to the same size he used to be (mass wise)? Was it that he just simply got off roids in 2002 and lost TONS of muscle and has just never gone back on? He was MASSIVE. Actually, so was UT in the late 90's.
Alex said on 19/Jul/06
Danimal, I am a good inch shorter by nighttime then when I just get out of bed.
JT said on 19/Jul/06
Nice job, KingNick. I think the picture of Kane and Benoit shows what boots look like with lifts on the inside (rather than having larger soles). I suspect Great Khali's boots are similar but I could be wrong.
KingNick said on 19/Jul/06
Ok this is pretty sad the amount of links I found but I think it makes some very good arguments about Kane, his height, and the lifts he wears.

First this link: Click Here UT and Isaac Yankem Staredown. Now, Yankem has a longer face, his nose and eyes are higher than UT's, but UT's head (with all due respect to him) is so freakin pointy that it juts up to make them about the same size in my opinion. (another example's of UT's pointy head making him taller, see the infamous JT link with him and Sid)

Now here's a UT and Kane staredown, when Kane first entered WWE Click Here Kane has about 1-2inches over UT there, because of the lifts he was wearing at the time Click Here

Now here's Kane during post his 2002 surgery Click Here the pic is smaller and harder to see, but he doesn't have lifts there. It's a normal shoe. This would explain his size difference during that era.

And here he is now with lifts Click Here not as big as they use to be, but still pretty big. I say the originals gave him 2 inches, the new ones gave him 1.

Here's an EXTREMELY interesting link Click Here Look at the wrestlers on this site and click on "be taller" on the left.

And here's just a funny pic of Kane Click Here

TheMan said on 18/Jul/06
Hmm i don't remember saying that comment about the lifts lol. I saw saturday night main event. I think khaili had atleast 2 inches on bigshow. He was deffently taller it wasnt a massive diffrence by any means about 2 inches.
Danimal said on 17/Jul/06
Actually Jordan, you can be up to an 1" shorter. It also depends on how much you sleep. The more you slept the night before, the slower you lose height throughout the day and less you slept, the faster you'll lose what you gained. Most people who sleep a lot tend to be taller.
DaMan said on 17/Jul/06
Actually, 'Show is wearing lifts these days. You can even see the thickness of his heels in the stare down with Khali. Big Show is wearing lifts currently, this is common knowledge. Kane has all but done away with lifts recently.
Jordan said on 17/Jul/06
Red Skull
Everyone is taller in the morning becasue your spine is fresh and rested, but by the end of the Day your spine is stressed so you can be 1/4 to 1/2 inch shorter then when you woke up
Alex said on 17/Jul/06
The Man, its not Big Show wearing lifts. It's Kane who isn't wearing his big lifts anymore.
Red Skull said on 17/Jul/06
do any of you slowly shrink through the day? Because I'm 16 and when I get up I'm about 6'2'' and when I go to bed I'm just over 6'1''
sid said on 17/Jul/06
The man, Show isnt wear lift, it's kane not wearing those mega lift as u he used to, thats why kane looks shorter,not cause of show wearing lifts. Great kahli had 2 inches on show. they wern't side by side, it was from a far distance
sid said on 16/Jul/06
Also on sat night main event it appears that the undertaker where wearing lift and soles looked like had 2 inches on it, u go to Click Here show undertaker in the air getting the choke slam from Big Show and Great Kailhi go check it out.
Alex said on 16/Jul/06
Eric, Big Show wasn't taller at all. Khali looked to have a solid inch on Big Show, but it wasn't a big difference at all.
TheMan said on 16/Jul/06
Eric, I think it's pretty obvious 'Show is wearing lifts nowadays. This explains the recent height advantage over Kane that contradicts years past and his recent boost to Singh levels.
sid said on 16/Jul/06
Speaking of Main event, booker t looked like he wears lifts to and his soles looked like it gave him 2inches
sid said on 16/Jul/06
Eric they didnt stand side by side, they stood from a far distances thats not a good measurment there, looks like Kahli had 2 inches or 3 maybe, looks like we have to wait till they actually face off, some how i think kane and taker will team up to go up agaist show and kahli at summer slam or mania, kanes been off the show, so there could possiblity be a tag match
eric said on 16/Jul/06
Did anyone see Saturday NIghts Main Event . The Big SHow stood Toe to Toe with the Great Kalia Dalip Singh. The Undertaker entered the ring after that. Let me tell you guys Big Show Looked to be the same Height as the Great Kalia. I hope you guys saw it . If anything there was only a 1 inch difference between them wich would put Dalip at 7ft1 . THey were very close in height. I think BIg show actually looked taller. What do you guys think????? Input guys . Tell me what you thought.
Eric said on 15/Jul/06
I believe kane to be over 6ft7 . I say 6ft8 . I think the lowest he can be is
6ft7 and 3 quarters. I say hes def not 6ft7.
Alex said on 15/Jul/06
Hero, Kane I think is no smaller than UT. They are at least the same height as kane may be 1/2 to an inch taller.
hero said on 15/Jul/06
i agree,kane does look 6'8,6'7.5 the lowest,but he really looks tall,i still dont know why rob havent changed this guy,taker is a solid 6'7.5 but kane is a bit taller..
Alex said on 15/Jul/06
Jiga, I strongly think Kane isn't over 6'8. Its possible hes a solid 6'8 maybe but he could be 6'7 at the lowest too. I still think hes anywhere from 6'7-6'8. He was billed at 6'8-6'9 as Issacc Yankem I remember so he wouldn't even be over 6'8 legit then.
Jiga said on 14/Jul/06
exactly KingNick i think Kane is 6'8 or 6'9 no more, no less. Big Show 7' i think.
sid said on 14/Jul/06
Ya that picture eric showed us it looked like show had 2 inches in kane, so that would make kane standing at 6'8 bare with lifts 6'10. im giving kane 6'8
KingNick said on 13/Jul/06
Eric, that picture is beautiful man nice work. Here's my take on it. At first glimpse, it only looks like a 1 inch difference. It could be 1.5" to 2" though. Kane is standing up almost perfectly straight while Big Show's neck is slouching a bit. So it could be more like a 2 inch difference. The only downside of that pic is there's no shot of the footwear. My guess is Kane is wearing a 2 inch lift and Big Show has a regular 1 inch show.

So it all depends on how tall you think these guys are ASSUMING Kane's got a 2 inch lift and Show has a 1 inch one. Personally, I think Kane's 6'8" and Show is 6'11". So those boots would make Kane 6'10" and show 7', it makes sense. If you think Kane's 6'9" and show is 7', then those boots would make Kane 6'11" and Show 7'1" etc ...

Bleemo, check Rob's special page on shoe lifts Click Here

JT, I couldn't view your picture. Can you try posting the link again? Speaking of which, I think the reason why Show appears so much taller than Kane now is Show wears 2 inch lifts himself. If you check his recent matches, pretty much ever since he cut his hair short, he does definitely wear lifts. If Kane really is 3-4 inches shorter then both of them wearing lifts keep the same proportions.

Also, note the Goldust picture on that page, the very first one. The pic is so small you really can't tell with shoes, but Kane definitely is bigger. I remember a while back someone posted a you tube link with the two of them looking almost the same height. So that means one of two things: either Kane shrank (which I doubt) or they had him wearing flats to seem less intimidating since he had a comedic role at the time.
JT said on 12/Jul/06
Here's Big Show with a 4-5 inch height advantage over Kane. Click Here
sid said on 12/Jul/06
When Kane had the show down with Big Show, it appeated that show had about 2 inches. now with the those mega lifts, seems like show has 3 inches on kane, i stil think kane's 6'8. u clearly see if 3 inches lifts are noticeable. so there i think kane had 2 inch lifts. from bare 6'8 from 2 inches lift would give kane 6'10
eric said on 12/Jul/06
The pic is the 7th one down its there face off and it looks like it was from
Fully Loaded 1999 not King of the Ring although they prob had a face off in that match too.

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