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Peak: 6ft 7.95in (203.1cm)
Current: 6ft 7.13in (201cm)
Danimal said on 21/Jul/06
Steiner also had the genetic prediscposition to get like that, where as Hulk Hogan didn't. I think Steiner was also on GH and some other stuff as well. I'm sure he was injecting his biceps with oil.
sid said on 21/Jul/06
Hey i got a body like batista not exact the same, I'm not on roids im big and cut, and i'm benching 435 pounds and im not on roids. I dont see why Kane needs to take roids, most big men in not all are usually big naturally im not saying all. I see Glen dedicated to his work outs, he said in a interview that he keeps in great shape, he's in the best shape in his life, this is when he came back with the half mask, Kane's naturally strong, guys like lesnar and batista there more stronger then kane, they have to use roids to make them strong u can tell the diff between kane and lesnar, I doubt kane was on roids for some people its easy to gain weight such as kane, u pretty heavy in your work outs u can gain alot of mass, doesnt take a genius to gain weight, i can gain 15 pounds of muscle in 3 months not that hard, it's the matter of dieting and what kinds of work out routine u have. i did it before gaining weight fast with out roids.
sid said on 21/Jul/06
Blemmo I just don't see Kane taking roids Kane's all natural, reason why he lost the weight when he came back from the bicep injury was his choice. If your leaner lighter, you have more speed, undertaker lost weight to, so probablu got a call from undertaker, undertaker probably told kane to lose weight since they used to work out togther, he probably convinced kane losing weight is the way to go. Now he gained it back
Alex said on 21/Jul/06
Like I was saying about steriods. Most people even me not too long ago, figured you had to be big and pretty ripped to be on them, but you can be on them and just be bulky or massive but not much definition at all. If you're bulk/fat then you're most likely not on them then.

I also think some of these wrestlers have abused them more than others, like Steiner obviously has abused them much more than other wrestlers.
Alex said on 21/Jul/06
Bleemo, Angle was leaner in his Olympic days, 211lbs he even said but was in the 220lb weight class. When he came in late 1999 he looked around the same as his olympic days then as years went on he put on some size and by 2002-2003 he was bigger then at some point in 2004 he trimmed down a bit, lost a bit of size but is more cut, not like he wasn't already cut.
Alex said on 21/Jul/06
Lesnar passed the steriod test for the NFL. I don't think he was on them while in WWE but he probably was at some point before he came to WWE.
Danimal said on 21/Jul/06
Bleemo, I really enjoyed reading your post. You're one of the few educated guys on here, who knows what he's talking about, along with Alex and several others. The reason why Piper or Henning never appeared that large, is because it wasn't in their genetic make-up to become monsters. They hit their potential with the juice and gained all the weight they would. Piper was MUCH bulkier in the 80's then he was in the early 90's. Henning did gain about 30 pounds as well. Other guys who took it were The Ultimate Warrior (a lunatic in real life), who clearly had to get off it around the time of the trial, whereby he lost 30 pounds of muscle overnight. Hulk Hogan lost about 55 pounds around the time of the trial as well. Ravishing Rick Rude as well (I believe he got VERY sick from roids and ultimately died as a result of long time use). Billy "Superstar" Graham (we know about him). Macho Man Randy Savage was HUGE in his later WCW days (going up to 260+). Psycho Sid was clearly on them. His veins were about to pop. As was stated, roids won't only assist in getting you large, or help repair your broken down tissue at a faster rate, but they will also give you more power and endurance, which a lot of these guys need.
Bleemo said on 21/Jul/06
Sid don't be daft mate, overall size has nothing to do with it. Put it this way Roddy Piper admitted to Steroid abuse in the 80's and was never anywhere near Kane's build, infact he always looked really small compared to other wrestlers. Raven too admitted to taking it and he is hardly a huge beefcake. Not to mention Curt Henning, who died from the results of steriod and painkiller abuse and he was never THAT big.

A lot of these guys are or have been on them sadly, it's just part of the business. You can also take Vince's "drug testing" with a pinch of salt as a lot of guys in the business have scorned it saying it's a publicity stunt.
Alex said on 20/Jul/06
Viper and he was already on the big side when he debuted in the early 90's in WWF. Looked around Angle and Benoit's size but more taller. Whats Steiner, about 6'0?
sid said on 20/Jul/06
I doubt Kane was on steroids, Kane's a natural big man, why would he wanna take roids. Vince let some of his wrestler stop taking roids in the early mid 90's they went to court for it, Vince testifed same as hogan did. and Kane wasn't around in early 90 in 91 to 92, It was banned in the wwe in that early stage if the 90's, Kane i highly doubt it, Kane's a natural big man he gain weight easy, look at his gut now these days he's gotten bigger since his return in 2002. Kane is quit still young, you lose muscle mass at mid 40's and 50's not late 30's, look at ronnie coleman he's in his 40's he looks ripped and huge it's obvious he's on roids
Bleemo said on 20/Jul/06
Guys like Brock Lesnar, Scott Steiner, Rhyno, Batista, Kane, Triple H and Eddie Guerrero have all certainly done the roids or gas as they like to call it, heh I'm so with it. John Cena was certainly using it during his body building days as he was enourmous. Brock Lesnar has a previous for distribution of steriods, so you know he has form.

Kane, Triple H and Guerrero all jumped up a lot of weight very quickly at one point in their careers. Plus Kane had a spell of awful back acne and had that bloated abdomen that makes the belly button look swollen. Clear signs of roid abuse sadly and a shame in Eddie's case as it probably killed him. Besides Bobby Heenan specifically named Triple H as a roid user and interestingly enough so did Austin. Which makes me wonder if he did or he didn't himself take them.

I doubt Angle is using it because he could be a lot bigger if he was but you never know and similar to Taker in that respect really. Alot of guys are in that middle ground where they could be if they were lazy but they could definately get as big as they are through years of work.

On the Rock he said he dabbled with them once and found that they just made him want to eat all the time, which he did anyway so he didn't see the point.

I reckon guys like Helms, Christian, Edge, Jeff Hardy, Tajiri and a few other smaller guys are probably roid free. HBK and Lance Storm have bothe prided themselves as being drug free and I believe them.

I agree with Alex though that it's not just the big guys that are necesserily using them, steroids also make your body recover quicker from the rigours of exercise, so there are other benefits.
Viper652 said on 20/Jul/06
Scott Steiner looks like some kind of experiment gone wrong.
Alex said on 20/Jul/06
I know what you mean as most will think only the guys big and ripped can be on steriods. I use to think the same thing but you can be just big and mass with very little cuts and still be on them. Kane may have been. UT not sure about him though, wasn't as muscular as Kane was. The Rock I doubt was on them but you forgot to mention HHH who was on something I know when he buffed up in 1999 because before that he was leaner but still in good shape. Also Scott Steiner anyone will know hes on and was on steriods major.
Alex said on 20/Jul/06
Kane may have not been on steriods but he was on something. Many supplements he could have been using like any pills you'll see in GNC or in gyms.
Danimal said on 20/Jul/06
You guys are hilarious!!!! He never took roids????? lol...Clearly neither have you guys. To achieve that type of muscle mass he had (doesn't have to be defined), he was on SOMETHING. You don't make a conscious decision to lose SERIOUS mass without getting off the juice. Hulk Hogan lost it after 1991. The Rock after 2001. UT after 1999 and Kane after 2002. They were all on roids. The WWE encourages and always had. Christ, Vince McMahon was distributing it to his roster all through the 80's, right up until the trial and btw, Vince didn't get in his 2003 shape without taking it himself. No F'n way.
Red Skull said on 20/Jul/06
he never took roids. He's only lost muscle mass because of an elbow infection
Eric said on 20/Jul/06
The great khali in my opinion wheres lifts to give him at least 2inches.
As far as kane goes Lifts no Lifts hes tall . When he was yankem he didnot wear lifts. IN that stare down King nick you have to see it in footage . Pause it right before the camera goes in close. You will see them toe to toe and kane having 1 inch on him easy. Now i feel there closer in height. I say kane has him by half an inch currently. Kane might of shrunk since the yankem days.
Alex said on 19/Jul/06
Danimal, Kane is a big guy no matter what but yes he is def much smaller than his early days in WWE until early 2002 then he came back much leaner because of his injury. But he is bigger now then he was when he came back in 2002.

UT is similar, much smaller than he was in the late 90's up until 2002.
sid said on 19/Jul/06
Danimal Kane never used roids, When Kane came back he lost weight, cause thay was his choice, everyone else was doing it like the undertaker lost weight, so he probably talked to the undertaker, and follwed right behind him.Besides when your lighter your faster u have more cardio. Besides looked like gain some weight back right now, since he's been off the show u never know, he might of lost weight again or he's still a heavy set.
KingNick said on 19/Jul/06
I think Kane had surgery on his muscles (it was either bicep or tricep I can't remember) and lost muscle mass at least in his arms in 2002. He also lost a lot of weight. When he returned that year, I heard he was as low as 275, but gained just about all the weight he lost back by the time he lost the mask.
Bleemo said on 19/Jul/06
Kane definately used roids at some point when he had unmasked, I remember specifically using him as an arguement on a wrestling board on this very subject. His back acne was so prominent that it was grotesque, it's not normal to have acne on your back or to have a bloated six pack, when you get a six pack your mid riff gets leaner not bloated.

Interesting links Kingnick, especially the boot site, I saw a site similar to that selling ones that gave 1.5 inches from barefoot height.

Danimal said on 19/Jul/06
My question about Kane is how come he was NEVER able to even come close to the same size he used to be (mass wise)? Was it that he just simply got off roids in 2002 and lost TONS of muscle and has just never gone back on? He was MASSIVE. Actually, so was UT in the late 90's.
Alex said on 19/Jul/06
Danimal, I am a good inch shorter by nighttime then when I just get out of bed.
JT said on 19/Jul/06
Nice job, KingNick. I think the picture of Kane and Benoit shows what boots look like with lifts on the inside (rather than having larger soles). I suspect Great Khali's boots are similar but I could be wrong.
KingNick said on 19/Jul/06
Ok this is pretty sad the amount of links I found but I think it makes some very good arguments about Kane, his height, and the lifts he wears.

First this link: Click Here UT and Isaac Yankem Staredown. Now, Yankem has a longer face, his nose and eyes are higher than UT's, but UT's head (with all due respect to him) is so freakin pointy that it juts up to make them about the same size in my opinion. (another example's of UT's pointy head making him taller, see the infamous JT link with him and Sid)

Now here's a UT and Kane staredown, when Kane first entered WWE Click Here Kane has about 1-2inches over UT there, because of the lifts he was wearing at the time Click Here

Now here's Kane during post his 2002 surgery Click Here the pic is smaller and harder to see, but he doesn't have lifts there. It's a normal shoe. This would explain his size difference during that era.

And here he is now with lifts Click Here not as big as they use to be, but still pretty big. I say the originals gave him 2 inches, the new ones gave him 1.

Here's an EXTREMELY interesting link Click Here Look at the wrestlers on this site and click on "be taller" on the left.

And here's just a funny pic of Kane Click Here

TheMan said on 18/Jul/06
Hmm i don't remember saying that comment about the lifts lol. I saw saturday night main event. I think khaili had atleast 2 inches on bigshow. He was deffently taller it wasnt a massive diffrence by any means about 2 inches.
Danimal said on 17/Jul/06
Actually Jordan, you can be up to an 1" shorter. It also depends on how much you sleep. The more you slept the night before, the slower you lose height throughout the day and less you slept, the faster you'll lose what you gained. Most people who sleep a lot tend to be taller.
DaMan said on 17/Jul/06
Actually, 'Show is wearing lifts these days. You can even see the thickness of his heels in the stare down with Khali. Big Show is wearing lifts currently, this is common knowledge. Kane has all but done away with lifts recently.
Jordan said on 17/Jul/06
Red Skull
Everyone is taller in the morning becasue your spine is fresh and rested, but by the end of the Day your spine is stressed so you can be 1/4 to 1/2 inch shorter then when you woke up
Alex said on 17/Jul/06
The Man, its not Big Show wearing lifts. It's Kane who isn't wearing his big lifts anymore.
Red Skull said on 17/Jul/06
do any of you slowly shrink through the day? Because I'm 16 and when I get up I'm about 6'2'' and when I go to bed I'm just over 6'1''
sid said on 17/Jul/06
The man, Show isnt wear lift, it's kane not wearing those mega lift as u he used to, thats why kane looks shorter,not cause of show wearing lifts. Great kahli had 2 inches on show. they wern't side by side, it was from a far distance
sid said on 16/Jul/06
Also on sat night main event it appears that the undertaker where wearing lift and soles looked like had 2 inches on it, u go to Click Here show undertaker in the air getting the choke slam from Big Show and Great Kailhi go check it out.
Alex said on 16/Jul/06
Eric, Big Show wasn't taller at all. Khali looked to have a solid inch on Big Show, but it wasn't a big difference at all.
TheMan said on 16/Jul/06
Eric, I think it's pretty obvious 'Show is wearing lifts nowadays. This explains the recent height advantage over Kane that contradicts years past and his recent boost to Singh levels.
sid said on 16/Jul/06
Speaking of Main event, booker t looked like he wears lifts to and his soles looked like it gave him 2inches
sid said on 16/Jul/06
Eric they didnt stand side by side, they stood from a far distances thats not a good measurment there, looks like Kahli had 2 inches or 3 maybe, looks like we have to wait till they actually face off, some how i think kane and taker will team up to go up agaist show and kahli at summer slam or mania, kanes been off the show, so there could possiblity be a tag match
eric said on 16/Jul/06
Did anyone see Saturday NIghts Main Event . The Big SHow stood Toe to Toe with the Great Kalia Dalip Singh. The Undertaker entered the ring after that. Let me tell you guys Big Show Looked to be the same Height as the Great Kalia. I hope you guys saw it . If anything there was only a 1 inch difference between them wich would put Dalip at 7ft1 . THey were very close in height. I think BIg show actually looked taller. What do you guys think????? Input guys . Tell me what you thought.
Eric said on 15/Jul/06
I believe kane to be over 6ft7 . I say 6ft8 . I think the lowest he can be is
6ft7 and 3 quarters. I say hes def not 6ft7.
Alex said on 15/Jul/06
Hero, Kane I think is no smaller than UT. They are at least the same height as kane may be 1/2 to an inch taller.
hero said on 15/Jul/06
i agree,kane does look 6'8,6'7.5 the lowest,but he really looks tall,i still dont know why rob havent changed this guy,taker is a solid 6'7.5 but kane is a bit taller..
Alex said on 15/Jul/06
Jiga, I strongly think Kane isn't over 6'8. Its possible hes a solid 6'8 maybe but he could be 6'7 at the lowest too. I still think hes anywhere from 6'7-6'8. He was billed at 6'8-6'9 as Issacc Yankem I remember so he wouldn't even be over 6'8 legit then.
Jiga said on 14/Jul/06
exactly KingNick i think Kane is 6'8 or 6'9 no more, no less. Big Show 7' i think.
sid said on 14/Jul/06
Ya that picture eric showed us it looked like show had 2 inches in kane, so that would make kane standing at 6'8 bare with lifts 6'10. im giving kane 6'8
KingNick said on 13/Jul/06
Eric, that picture is beautiful man nice work. Here's my take on it. At first glimpse, it only looks like a 1 inch difference. It could be 1.5" to 2" though. Kane is standing up almost perfectly straight while Big Show's neck is slouching a bit. So it could be more like a 2 inch difference. The only downside of that pic is there's no shot of the footwear. My guess is Kane is wearing a 2 inch lift and Big Show has a regular 1 inch show.

So it all depends on how tall you think these guys are ASSUMING Kane's got a 2 inch lift and Show has a 1 inch one. Personally, I think Kane's 6'8" and Show is 6'11". So those boots would make Kane 6'10" and show 7', it makes sense. If you think Kane's 6'9" and show is 7', then those boots would make Kane 6'11" and Show 7'1" etc ...

Bleemo, check Rob's special page on shoe lifts Click Here

JT, I couldn't view your picture. Can you try posting the link again? Speaking of which, I think the reason why Show appears so much taller than Kane now is Show wears 2 inch lifts himself. If you check his recent matches, pretty much ever since he cut his hair short, he does definitely wear lifts. If Kane really is 3-4 inches shorter then both of them wearing lifts keep the same proportions.

Also, note the Goldust picture on that page, the very first one. The pic is so small you really can't tell with shoes, but Kane definitely is bigger. I remember a while back someone posted a you tube link with the two of them looking almost the same height. So that means one of two things: either Kane shrank (which I doubt) or they had him wearing flats to seem less intimidating since he had a comedic role at the time.
JT said on 12/Jul/06
Here's Big Show with a 4-5 inch height advantage over Kane. Click Here
sid said on 12/Jul/06
When Kane had the show down with Big Show, it appeated that show had about 2 inches. now with the those mega lifts, seems like show has 3 inches on kane, i stil think kane's 6'8. u clearly see if 3 inches lifts are noticeable. so there i think kane had 2 inch lifts. from bare 6'8 from 2 inches lift would give kane 6'10
eric said on 12/Jul/06
The pic is the 7th one down its there face off and it looks like it was from
Fully Loaded 1999 not King of the Ring although they prob had a face off in that match too.
Alex said on 12/Jul/06
If Kane's boots gave him 3 inches then he was 2-2.5 inches taller from his barefoot height. If its a regular 1 inch heel then he'll be an inch taller.
eric said on 11/Jul/06
Click Here

THe pic of Big Show and kane toe to toe from that king of the ring 1999 is attached to this . I am so bad at sending this stuff.
eric said on 11/Jul/06
can anyone get the king of the ring 1999 on video on here or some pics
Bleemo said on 11/Jul/06
The only problem with the Kane/Big show lifts theory is this, Big show didn't wrestle bare foot. So say the big show is wearing a regular wrestling boot, which according to the vendors has a 1 inch heel. Kane would then have to wear boots that gave him 3 inches from his barefoot height in order to make up the 2 inches. I find that hard to believe, I do think that in his prime he wore the biggest lifts for a wrestler ever. But a regualar lifted boots gives you 1.5 inches from your barefoots height, again I am getting this from several online vendors, I have posted the links before but I don't want to repeat, just search online for wrestling boots. So to me for a wrestling boot that is already lifted to be doubled is quite unlikely. I would imagine his boots gave him 2 inches from barefoot.

Besides Big show only looked 2-3 inches taller then Kane in this picture....

Click Here

Paul said on 11/Jul/06
Christian, Big Show would have been about 216cm in that picture with boots on and Kane 211cm which was his maximum height with lifts.
Christian said on 11/Jul/06
Here's one of those pics in which the difference is only around 2":
Click Here
Big Show said on 11/Jul/06
Sid, maybe I'm blind or have very bad eye-sight, but I can't see Kane wearing elbow-pads. He's just wearing a sweater and seeing as his elbows don't look any thicker than the rest of his arm, I doubt he's wearing elbow-pads. You'd clearly notice a thing like that.
Alex said on 10/Jul/06
KingNick, Kane wore big lifts at that time. thats why he was closer in height to Big Show than he is now.
sid said on 9/Jul/06
King Nick i saw the video, Looked like kane had 2 inches on taker, and show had about 2 inches on Kane, Kane boots appeared to be flat. it's got to be the lift inside. I still think Kane's taller with or withour gear on taker. Have you seen americas most wanted, Kane and taker where in street cloth. No they dont wear lifts in street cloth, kane had about a inch in taker, even when Kane was as issac yankem kane had a inch on taker. back then kane known as yankem had no flats or lifts on taker. so clear proves that kanes taller with or withour gear on taker.
KingNick said on 9/Jul/06
It's not perfect, but it's a start Click Here this is the Summerslam 1999 tag team title bout between Undertaker & Big Show vs. Xpac & Kane. The quality isn't great but it does appear Big Show only has about 2 inches on Kane and 4 inches on The Undertaker, while Kane has 2 inches on Undertaker. It's very hard to see the boots, but it does look like Kane is wearing lifts.

My guesses: Undertaker 6'8" (6'8.5" in his shoes in this video), Kane 6'8" (6'10" in his shoes in this video), Big Show 6'11" (7' in his shoes in this video) and poor Xpac 6' (6'1/2" in his shoes in this video)
Alex said on 9/Jul/06
Eric, thats what I was talking about. Some years ago when Big Show and Kane faced off Big Show only had Kane by more 2 inches and now its a good 4-5 inches. Shows that Kane wore those big lifts back then.
Jiga said on 9/Jul/06
i just don't see Glen Jacobs anything under 6'8 barefoot.
Eric said on 8/Jul/06
I would love if someone can get that stare down on this site . There were pics of it in the wwf magazine that year . They have to be somewhere. You might be right Big SHow but they were very close in height cause of kanes lifts in that match. Your prob right big show but i would say during that match there was only a 1 inch difference. After that fued kane never really wore those huge lifts again. Thats why now when they stare each other down the height difference is 4 inches.
sid said on 8/Jul/06
Kane in tha picture wearing ring gear, he's wearing elbow pads, they wear ring ring way before the show starts, besides early in the day they have in ring work outs.
Viper652 said on 8/Jul/06
"BY the way there is no way in hell Batista is 6ft2. You guys are all insane. Batista is 6ft3 and change and Randy Orton is 6ft4 flat easy."

I disagree Eric. I peg Batista at 6-2 and Orton at 6-3 respectively. I think Kane is 6-7 Max though.
Big Show said on 8/Jul/06
Eric, you're story is not quite correct. WCW billed Big Show (Giant back then) at 7'4 and WWF billed Kane at 7'. So if the two were to meet each other in the ring, this would not have been that big of a problem, seeing as neither man were close to the height they were billed at. Big Show was dropped to 7'2 and 500 lbs (probably because WWF didn't want Show to be a replica of Andre the Giant). The real difference between Show and Kane is around 4 inches (as we have witnessed as of late), however the height difference according to WWF was 2 inches. Big Show looked 1-2 inches taller than Kane during King of the Ring '99 if you ask me.They had a staredown in the beginning of the match and the top of Big Show's head was definately higher than the top of Kane's head.
eric said on 7/Jul/06
There is no way kane is under 6ft7 and change. Thats just silly. The guy is 6ft8 or very close to it . Let me explain the whole height thing . Back in the late 90s The big show was with WCW. At that time WWF didnot have a tall guy . So when kane 1st came out they made kane that 7ft guy cause wwf didnot have one WCW did. Kane was really about 6ft9 in gear. They said he was 7ft. Then when Big Show came over to the wwf there was a problem. THey could not bill kane at 7ft with Big Show walking around thats just silly. SO what wwf did back then was to bill Big Show at 7ft2. THen when kane finally wrestled Big Show for the 1st time they put mega lifts on kane so he could stand at 7ft and toe to toe with Big SHow . IF you watched there 1st match ever the King of the Ring 1999 they were the same exact height . For that feud kane wore mega lifts. SInce then they bill kane slightly under 7ft and big show slightly over. Kane no longer wears mega lifts at all. Kane stands 6ft9 in wrestling gear. I say 6ft8 flat or maybe 6ft7 and change regular. BY the way there is no way in hell Batista is 6ft2. You guys are all insane. Batista is 6ft3 and change and Randy Orton is 6ft4 flat easy.
sid said on 7/Jul/06
Big Ben sniztsy looks the same height as Kane. I remember 2 years ago. Ric and sniztky had a segment, snitsky was set to wrestle batista, but before that ric and sniztsky had a segment and batista walked in, batista supposly 6'5 maybe 6'4, sniztsky towered over batista, How can sniztsky be 6'4 or 6'5 when batista is that height, i think sniztsky more 6'8 he's more kane's height and he appeared it to
BigBen said on 7/Jul/06
There is well over 2 inches between Kane and Ben Roethlisberger in the pics. Ben's eyes are below the bottom of Kane's nose! The beanie is making Ben look a hair taller than he really is.

Roethlisberger is reportedly 6'5" barefoot, with tennis shoes on he should be up to 6'6". In that pic he was clearly 3 - 3.5" shorter than Kane (who we assume also had shoes on). This puts Kane at 6'9.5" in shoes. This means he is 6'8" (or hair over) barefoot which also supports the numerous reports of Glenn Jacobs being a GENUINE 6'8". I wouldn't be surprised if he was 6'8.5" barefoot which jives with the numerous 6'9" listings he has gotten over the years.
Alex said on 7/Jul/06
Big Show, you know what he probably isn't in ring gear but we can't see any footwear. I would assume Ben is wearing sneakers 1-1.5 inches and Kane could be wearing the same for all we know but there is at least 2 inches between them and possible even 3 at the most. Kane 6'7, 6'8 maybe.
BigBen said on 7/Jul/06
Snitsky has *never* appeared as tall as Kane. In fact, Kane has always made Snitsky look pretty short. Even the photos with Ben R. proves this.

Kane has always had an inch on 'Taker with or without lift.

Kane is a genuine 6'8" and 6'9.5" in current ring gear. Even when Jacobs played college football he was billed as 6'8". He doesn't wear the huge lifts like he used to when he stood 6'10" - 6'11" in gear.
sid said on 7/Jul/06
Oh another thing is Snitzky. Snitsky appeared the same height as big ben, yet he also sppeared the same height as Kane, snitzky like 6'4 6'5 how the hell can that be, how can snitzky look the same height at big ben and look the same height as kane at the sametime, and that black dude the next to snitzky is the same height as kane. so this is all odd now.
sid said on 7/Jul/06
King nick Kane looked to have about 2 to 3 inches in that picture. I think Kane's legit 6'8 bare, cause from that picture kane looked tall, deacon had the same boots, so that would make him 6'8, that would make kane 6'10 in boots with lifts. so kane has to be 6'8 bare feet then. I starting to wonder, Kane can look 6'7, like the picture with big ben. kane looked 6'7. ben was wearing that beanie cap. so that doesnt count as a height maybe thats why ben looked tall cause of that beanie cap.
sid said on 7/Jul/06
Big show Kane was in gear, he had on his elbow pads, he just had a t shirt to cover his body, he was in gear.
Alex said on 6/Jul/06
I meant he was actually measured at 6'4.8, but really thats really like 6'5. .2 isn't going to matter really.
KingNick said on 6/Jul/06
Ok guys check this out. This is all in regards to Freakin' Deacon and whether he's 6'3" or 6'7".

Click Here

The first link above is Freakin Deacon's profile on wikipedia, listing him as 6'7". Not all the links on the site regard his height, but the ones that do say he's 6'7"

Click Here

This link is an older website that APPEARS to be built before he joined WWE. His height here is listed as 2.01m

Click Here

This link above is a conversion website, one option you can convert meters to inches. If you convert 2.01m to inches, it's 79inches. 79inches is 6'7"

That 6'3" posting is so random and out of place, it COULD have been a mistake. Not to say that it definitely wasn't, but the harder I look for references on this guy's height the more and more I find 6'7". His weight being 330lbs, that's a different story. I don't think the guy is even 300lbs. One site has him as low as 230. Who knows? Personally I don't care about his weight as much, I want to know how tall he his. He appeared 2 inches shorter than Kane. See this picture Click Here (and no, you can't see their shoes. But I did watch Raw that night and I remember both of them wearing the same shoes they had been since their fued. There could even be more than 2 inches there, but let's say there was 2)

Let's say Deacon had a 1 inch lift in his shoes, that would make him 6'8". Let's say Kane had 2 inch lifts in his shoes. That would make him 6'10". So without boots, Kane (again this is all THEORETICAL) is 6'8" and Deacon is 6'7".
sid said on 6/Jul/06
I watched tna ppv Nash looked 6'10 he shoes was flat, he towered over alex shelly, how tall is alex shelly 5'9. nash can look 6'9 sometimes and 6'10 sometimes to
sid said on 6/Jul/06
Kane's low as 6'7 high as 6'9 with gear, bare feet 6'8. kane doesnt wear 4 inch lifts, it would be noticeable.. kane can look 6'7 like the pic with ben.
Big Show said on 6/Jul/06
Click Here

Here's that pic of Kane and Big Ben. Alex, may I ask how you can tell that Kane's in ring gear? I myself can't really tell that from looking at this pic. He's wearing a sweater, so who knows, he could be wearing regular clothes for all I know.
Alex said on 6/Jul/06
Ben was measured at 6'5, not 6'4.5. Actually it was 6'5.8 to be very ecact but thats basically a solid 6'5 guy. Kane did have 2-3 inches on Ben but Kane was in ring gear that Jason was correct about but we don't know how big his boots were. If they were standard then Kane is a solid 6'7 guy, maybe 6'8 at the very most.
Jordan said on 6/Jul/06
Big Ben is 6'4 1/2 during the pre Draft which means Basically sid's estimations of Kane are correct.
Alex said on 5/Jul/06
Batista I think is more 6'3, not more than that though. Kane was at least 4 inches taller though when they faced off a while back. I know its wrestling but Kane at 6'5 is very hard to believe. And I can't see a 6'5 guy billed at 7'0, lol.
sid said on 5/Jul/06
Look at big Ben. and Kane. No way kane's 6'5, Ben's 6'5 kane had about 3 inches or 4 on Ben no way Kane wears 4 inch lifts it would have been noticable. his boots look flat from outside.
Bleemo said on 2/Jul/06
6'5 is a little low I do agree with that, but he's entitled to his opinion, none of us can say for certain. It's just that I spoke to a few folk on wrestlecrap who've seen him live and at signings and they all agreed that abyss was smaller like 6'4-6'5 but Kane was still a big guy but nothing like 7'. I do think 6'7 is the likely magic number for him, also taking in the ben whathisface pic and a few other good photos.
Alex said on 1/Jul/06
Also I remember some years ago when Kane and Big Show would face off, Big Show would only have Kane by about 2 inches and no more than that then now today Big Show has Kane by a good 4, maybe 5 inches of height.
Alex said on 1/Jul/06
Viper, in lifts I think Kane can looks 6'9 or a bit more maybe on TV so then he would be 6'7 barefoot at least.
Alex said on 1/Jul/06
Batista looks 6'3 to me. He said 6'3 in some interview rumored on this site so I'd think he would be truthful saying 6'3 especially since they bill him as 6'5-6'6. He could have easily said 6'5 or 6'6 then.
Alex said on 1/Jul/06
Kane doesn't wear those big lifts like he use to. Its hard for me to see Kane under 6'7. 6'5 for Kane just sounds crazy though. A 7 inch inflation he isn't going to get away with. No way a 6'5 guy is going to get away with 7'0 even on TV other than little kids believing it.

But the thing is Eric on this site met him and Eric's 6'6 friend was shorter than Kane by a little at least he said. He has never shown pics yet but if its true then Kane is not under 6'7.
Jordan said on 30/Jun/06
Kane is being lifted, I think to 6'9 or 6'10, so he is probobly 6'7 or 6'8
Jiga said on 30/Jun/06
well if that's so Kane got 6" off of his boots when he had the full face mask. Jason if you think Big Show's 6'8 and Kane is 6'5 then how come there is sometimes over 3" between them that would mean that is Kane near 6'4 that's a load of $#!T. Big Show is 7', Kane is currently 6'8 barefoot, 6'9 with boots, as Isaac Yankem 6'9/6'8.5, Taker 6'8.5,6'8. Kane debut up to his injury 6'11 in boots, 6'8 - 6'9 barefoot, so 2" - 3" from boots including lifts - Just look at Royal Rumble 2000 I think it is where Kane comes in and has a stare down wih Big Show the is 1" difference maybe a little more.
KingNick said on 30/Jun/06
Check out this link in regards to the Imposter Kane Click Here this is an older link I found on wikipedia, probably produced well before he became the Imposter Kane. His height is listed as 2.01 meters and his weight is 148 kg. Now I know nothing about the metric system and I'm way too lazy to convert, how big is he? LOL
sid said on 30/Jun/06
Big Ben from the steelers is 6'5 kane was atleast 3 to 4 inches you, you can cleary tell Kane doesnt wear massive lifts you could notice it if u where to see it, 4 inch lifts its alot to show, kane doesnt appear to look and to wear 4 inche lifts kane low as 6'7 bare feet 6.8 with lifts 6'9
eric said on 30/Jun/06
Batista 6ft2 no way . Your saying hes the same height as HHH and mick foley. Viper your way off on your numbers . I met the guy in person . THere is no way hes 6ft5 to 6ft6 when my friends stands at 6f6 and change and kane had an inch on him . Kane is 6ft7 and change prob closer to 6ft8.
Jason said on 30/Jun/06
Viper, Kane wears lifts, that's why he appears taller. He wore probably the biggest in wrestling history back in the early days. They've toned them down these days but they still aren't fair dinkum boots.
Viper652 said on 30/Jun/06
First of all, Batista is in the 6-2 range. I think hes only 6-2 flat at best. If you say he was only 3-4 inches taller then him that puts Kane at 6-5-6-6. I think Kane is maximum 6-7, but could be 6-6 too. Jason could be right with his 6-5 estimate, it wouldnt surprise me. Its really hard to tell because these guys do wear lifts, and sometimes they dont. Ive noticed wrestlers heights flunctuate from show to show a little bit. Now, how tall can Kane look in lifts?? Thats the question.
sid said on 30/Jun/06
Jason you don't run this site i can post all i want there my friends and my room mates. Viper you could tell if Kane where wearing massive lifts. his boots only can tell about 2 inches on lifts or 1. 4inches on your wrestling boots its alot to show. so therefore you could from 4inches from 2inches clrealy tell kane doesnt have massive lifts. Kane's legit 6'8 bare 6'9 gear maybe low he's 6'7. batista is 6'4 in my opion. kane had about 4 inches on batista. maybe 3.
Viper652 said on 30/Jun/06
Kane being 6-5 like Jason says isnt that far out there. This is wrestling we are talking about. Kane could be wearing massive lifts in his boots.
Jason said on 30/Jun/06
Jiga, it's merely because Google haven't yet updated LOP's updating of Drew Hankinson's listing. Could it have been a mistake? Possibly. However, it just as likely could be a former listing.
Jiga said on 30/Jun/06
can't you just ignore Jason's comment about Frekin Deacon being 6'3 the first day lords of pain released the info of the Fake Kane being Drew Hankinson aka Frekin Deacon i immedeatly search his name on google and the first or second site that came up said 6'3 then when i went into the site that had 6'3 it said 6'7 so it could've easily been a mistake and btw everywhere else has or had 6'7 even before Frekin Deak was the Fake Kane.
Jason said on 30/Jun/06
I do. Sid, you've already been exposed as a troll with your ''doug'' and ''JOHN'' aliases - why are you still posting here?
Alex said on 28/Jun/06
I also think Orton is a legit 6'4 guy too. Kane at 6'5 I will never believe, LOL.
Jordan said on 28/Jun/06
I would have to say by Kane looking 3 inches taller then Orton( 6'3-6'4) there is no way Kane is 6'5, he is probobly 6'7.
sid said on 28/Jun/06
Kane isn't 6'5 no way. how can he look almost as tall as big show. that would make no sense, he would have 4 inches lifts which i doubt he has. Jason do u even know what your talking about. Kane towers over lots of people. Kane can't be low as 6'6 maybe low as 6'7. 6'8 bare. 6'9 lifts.
Viper652 said on 28/Jun/06
I think Randy is more 6-3. That would still put Kane at about 6-7 which I think he is.
Jordan said on 27/Jun/06
Well as of raw, Kane looked 3 to 4 inches taller then Randy Orton who I think is legit 6'4 so Kane gotta be 6'7 or 6'8, I dont think as high as 6'9 or as low as 6'6
Viper652 said on 27/Jun/06
Jason says Kane is only 6-5 Kingnick.
eric said on 27/Jun/06
I give kane an easy 315 right now. AS i said when he came back from bicep injury he could of been as low as 260 but i have seen him in person he is an easy 300. I give kane 6ft8 and 300 pounds.
KingNick said on 26/Jun/06
I find it extremely fishy that the "Imposter Kane" was originally posted as 6'3" some place, but I dont know now, maybe the guy is closer to 6'7".

Ok try to follow me here

I watched Raw tonight and he wasn't much shorter than the real Kane. Maybe by an inch, possibly 2. His boots didnt give him more than 2 inches in height. If the guys 6'3", say for arguement sake that would make him 6'5".

The real Kanes boots appear to give him about 2 inches. He only appeared 2 inches taller than "Imposter". So that would mean that Kane is 6'7" in his boots and 6'5" without them.

I'm sorry, but I just don't see the real Kane being that short. I don't see him being lower than 6'7". If for arguement sake he is, "Imposter" must be 6'5" (6'7" in shoes) and Kane must be 6'7" now (6'9" in boots).

I always thought Kane was a full 6'8", but I'm baffeled. I wish the guy would just wear normal shoes.
Alex said on 26/Jun/06
Kane weighs more than Batista but also he is a couple of inches taller too. Also I see Batista 280-285lbs, no more than that as he can look it though. So if hes that then Kane would be about 300lbs but could be more.
sid said on 26/Jun/06
Doug, John, there all fans as i am i told them about this page they wanted to know, besides there my room mates we all share this computer. And no doug never met Kane before. He just didn't wanna hear about Kane being short. Bone head came from me i always call John and Doug that they abdaped that from me.
sid said on 26/Jun/06
No I told him about this page bleemo so what he wanted to see what was all the fuse about Kane's height. he is a big fan of Kane. Jt Your right he's Kane's about 310 to 320 mark as I said. you could clearly tell.
sid said on 26/Jun/06
Kane looks heavier now. He looks bigger then the undertaker. Kane can't be 295 he looks bigger then batista, batista is 290 Kane's around 315 320 mark now he's got a gut now
Bleemo said on 26/Jun/06
Hmm odd Rob not sure what you mean, I've never posted as anybody else on here and that's a fact. I think you must be getting me mixed up with someone else or I've misunderstood you. I've been itching to post and forgot to put my name a couple of times mind, but i've never acted like it wasn't me.

I have a few IT qualifications so I am too well versed in IP Addresses and Mac addresses to pull a stunt like that. Besides if I did have an alter ego it sure wouldn't be a guy named Elio, unlike Bleemo that would just be...ridiculous :0).
Alex said on 25/Jun/06
Jordan, yea I can't see Kane under 6'7 and 6'8 is still pretty possible. His weight the man is struggling to hit 300lbs now I think and could be as low as 290-295lbs now, but def in the 320-325lb range in his first couple years. When he took off in 2002 from the bicep injury he came back and was smaller than he is now.
Jason said on 25/Jun/06
Two ''friends'' you mean. ;)

[Editor Rob: there was another 'friend' I think, JOHN or something, used the term 'bone heads' posting from exact computer ;-)

not that I'm really that bothered...]
Bleemo said on 25/Jun/06
So your friend came onto your computer, just happened to visit a site you also visited about celebs heights, not only that he came onto the exact same celeb you were posting about i.e. Kane, pretended to meet him, then came on and did the same thing as another guy, all without you being able to stop him?

......I believe you!!!

[Editor Rob: lots of people have friends

how is your friend Elio doing, is that your brother I take it ;-)]
JT said on 24/Jun/06
Kane looked about 330 lbs. when he debuted and around 280 lbs. when he came back from his arm injury. He's not as muscular as he was 5 years ago, but he looks like he's put some weight back on and is around 310-320 lbs. now.
sid said on 24/Jun/06
Ya that was my bone head friend. Anyways doesn't matter I still think Kane's 6'8
hero said on 23/Jun/06
i disagree,kane looks heavier an taller than taker who is 285 an 6'7.5,if you compare both you will find that kane still is heavier than taker by good 20 kane is deff over fact i would give him 305-310.
Jordan said on 23/Jun/06
It seems that Kane can be as low as 6'7 but I do think he is actually 300lbs or more. When Kane first showed up in the Federation he looked about 325, but now maybe 290 or so.
Jiga said on 21/Jun/06
back to Kane's height - 6'8.5 give or take half an inch current.
6'9 peak as Isaac Yankemin match against Taker
Bleemo said on 20/Jun/06
I wonder if he knows what he's doing or whether they are all different personalities in one head that aren't aware of one another, either way it's kind of sad and scarey.

Can the real Doug, John, Sid whatever your real name is please stand up and quit yanking our collective chains here.
Alex said on 20/Jun/06
Rob, how can you tell if someone is creating another name and using it?
deadman said on 20/Jun/06
i agree with doug, i am 6' barefoot, and thats the height i give. i wear workboots a lot which make me taller by 2 inches, and i always laugh when people tell me that theyre 6'. it is obvious that this is their shoed height, unless they go to a doc that measures them with their shoes on, which i
Jason said on 20/Jun/06
[Editor Rob: you mean the recent Doug comments...yes, that is Sid creating another name.

LOL ... I suspected ''Doug'' was just telling a tall tale!

[Editor Rob: and JOHN aswell...Sid is to John what Doug is to Sid

ever see that movie Identity?]
Doug said on 20/Jun/06
Lot people tell there heights with or with out shoes, I 6'ft that barefeet even when im wearing shoes i still tell people i'm 6ft who would tell people there heights in there shoes, I know he meant barefeet u don't think about shoes when u tell peoples heights.
Alex said on 19/Jun/06
Viper, I remember when you said you get guessed at 6'4 plus a lot and I can see that as many guys your height are guessed at 6'4, even 6'5 for those who overestimate more. I am guessed at 6'1 at the very least but more often its 6'2. Even 6'3 a few times which is crazy and 6'4 once which is the craziest. But then I am guessed at 5'11 one time.

Let me tell you the story of how I was guessed at 6'4. I was talking to this guy who was in the 5'8-5'9 range and he swore he was 6'0 and this guy was almost 70 years old too so maybe he was close to 6'0 when he was younger and still thought he was, that or he just was never near it and thought he was so I tell him I am 6'0 and he's like no you gotta be 6'3-6'4! LOL
Alex said on 19/Jun/06
Viper, many people call their height in shoes and if they're in the middle of 2 heights they'll round up so you'll see many guys 6'2.5 like your height claiming to be 6'4. My friend is 6'3, maybe as short as 6'2.5 barefoot but I think hes a solid 6'3 but he calls his height in shoes I am sure of.
Bleemo said on 19/Jun/06
I sometimes wish I had Rob's position, I am sure some of you guys are the same person posting as different people suposedly meeting these guys to confirm your own opinions. Got any insight on this Rob? I remember you saying you could see certain things behind the scenes, Ip addresses?

[Editor Rob: you mean the recent Doug comments...yes, that is Sid creating another name.
Viper652 said on 19/Jun/06
Yeah, but a lot people call their height in shoes without thinking about it.
Doug said on 19/Jun/06
I asked him foreal he said 6ft8 he didnt say anything about his shoes, wearing your shoes u have about half a inch. my guess he was 6'8'5 his street shoes was flat, as i said he had about 1 or 2 on my friend, my friend is 6'7 bare maybe with shoes 6'7'5, kane had to be 6'8'5 or 6'9 more 6'8'5
Viper652 said on 19/Jun/06
When Kane said he was 6-8 he could have been calling his height in shoes.
Doug said on 18/Jun/06
Hello eric i see you also have a friend name fred who plays ball only thing is my fred not in that way lol is a inch taller then yours. You said Kane had 2 inches on your friend, see that proves it Kane has to be around 6'8 thats in street cloth
Jordan said on 18/Jun/06
Doug I think it is possible for kane to be 6'8 if he was two inches taller then your friend and I actually have seen 6'8 and even 6'9 lstings everywhere.
Doug said on 17/Jun/06
Hello my name is doug i was reading you people debating of Kane's height, Kane isn't 6ft7 if you people believe that then you people are not very bright. I live Virgina. Raw came here a few months back and i brought my friend fred he's 6f7 he plays ball in college, we saw Kane night before the show, he was walking towards the bar in the hotel this was at the regency, we found out where the they staying at. Anyways we walked towards Kane, we asked him can we have a moment with you he said sure,he shook both our hands, he had a strong grip. He told my friend that he was tall.Kane stood side by side next my friend, Kane had a good inch or 2 on my friend, this is in street cloth, i was reading someone saying he doesn't wear lifts in street cloth it's true why would he, whomever said wearing lifts in street cloth needs there head checked. We asked how tall he was foreal he said 6ft8 we asked him why do Wwe bill you as 6ft10 or 7ft he laughed he said thats how WWE works to bill us taller to make us look better. My friend said he plays ball in college, Kane said he played ball to, funny thing is he was out of character, seems like we where talking to Glenn Jacobs not kane, he's actally a nice guy, although he looked bigger and taller on tv, he was still big not as tall as i thought he would be. All in All Kane's a nice guy. Kane's 6ft8 and this is in street cloth
Jason said on 17/Jun/06
He's also been listed as 6'3''. Why's it ''GREAT NEWS'' lists him as 6'7''? We're meant to be examining their heights without bias...
sid said on 16/Jun/06
We know that he was freakin deacon. Real kane had about 2 good inches on the fake kane, that would make him 6ft9, If deacon 6f7, then kane is 6'ft8 in realife or 6ft9. kane had 2 inches on deacon, kanes boots doesn't look like he could have 2 inch lifts maybe a inch lift, that would make him at 6ft9 in boots, barefeet 6'8, kane had about 2 good inches on deacon.
Goro said on 13/Jun/06
GREAT NEWS GUYS the FAKE KANE is played by a wrestler called The Freakin' Deacon he is listed here as 6'7 and who knows how tall he is with his lifts. Here'S the site with his info:
Click Here
If this website doesn't work us a good search engine like google and type in "The Freakin' Deacon wrestler" and seach than go to "obsessed with wrestling" page. Also does anyone notice that Kane bends his knees a lot when he is standing? Latley he has been doing that with the fake Kane face to face.
Goro said on 13/Jun/06
Someone said that Big Show doesn't look he could be 7ft tall because of his body mass. Well Keevin certainly look he good get away with 6'10 and every picture with Big Show and Nash Show was always the taller one. Kane looks like a guy that ould definetly be around 6'8 now but in his prime as the wrestler Unabomb or Yakeem he was 6'9.
Jordan said on 13/Jun/06
So you noticed that too Sid. I think imdb is not a good source for size since I saw Sean Connery's listing change from 6'3 to 6'1 and now it is 6'2. Besides Nash, they also have Big SHow as 7'0 , Kane as 6'9 and Dalip Singh as 7'2.
sid said on 13/Jun/06
Jordan i saw that 6'11 1/2, then you scroll the the bottom it saids he's 6ft10 they screwed up.
sid said on 12/Jun/06
Nash cleary had 2 inches on taker, cant you measure right.
Seaton said on 12/Jun/06
Kane just wrestled Randy Orton on RAW. How tall is Randy, 6'4" legit maybe? If so I would put Kane at 6ft7, 6f7.5 tops.
Alex said on 12/Jun/06
I think Nash is at least 6'9, can't see him under that and 6'10 some years ago is very possible too.
eric said on 12/Jun/06
He was at the comic convention.
Jordan said on 12/Jun/06 has nash at 6'11 1/2 now which is crap. I think he is anywhere from 6'8 to 6'10. Yes viper I think he could be 6'8 but not shorter then that.
sid said on 12/Jun/06
was this backstage after the show or before eric?
Bleemo said on 12/Jun/06
Viper I could imagine 6'8.5 for Nash because he looked 1.5 inches taller then Taker who I believe is about 6'7.
eric said on 12/Jun/06
when i saw kane he was in his wrestling gear with a raw tshirt on . His boots were flat however. He didnot have the huge platform boots.
sid said on 12/Jun/06
eric when you saw, was he in street cloth or gear?
sid said on 11/Jun/06
Nash had about 2 inches on taker when they had the staredown, kane always had a inch on taker
Viper652 said on 11/Jun/06
Does anyone on here think Nash is only 6-8 like me??
eric said on 11/Jun/06
I agree sid and jiga with or without lifts kanes slightly taller. Like i said a thousand times kane had a good inch on him back as isaac yankem as of now
i think kane only has undertaker by less then an inch. I would say about half an inch now.They are sooo close in height its actually like telling the WHOS ON 1st joke . Your not gonna get anywhere cause its by a very small margin now and i do agree that kevin nash is 6ft9 and change almost 6ft10 . I also agree Big Show is 6ft11.
Frank said on 11/Jun/06
Taker puts his head down alot but when he stood straight up and was looking at Nash Taker was alittle shorter I have that staredown on tape
sid said on 10/Jun/06
Chris you saw Kane after the show, he looked 6ft8, Kane's always been taller then taker with or with out gear, remember on america's most wanted, Kane's and taker where in street cloth, and no they don't wear lifts in there street cloths whats the point, anyways Kane looked taller then taker thats with street cloth, there you have it Kane is taller then taker with or with out street cloth. Nash 6ft10 legit I saw every match that nash had, he didnt wear any lifts, his shoes where flat didnt look like it could be wearing lifts, Nash is legitmently tall 6ft10
D.J. said on 10/Jun/06
Frank- I agree with you about Nash being 1 1/2 inches taller than UT.

I was watching Nash's Wrestlemania XII match with Taker and he was wearing boots while UT was wearing his flat funeral shoes and there was about 3 inches difference but if you take away Nash's boots, he is probably about 6'9" with UT being 6'7 1/2".
Alex said on 10/Jun/06
I think Nash had more 2 inches on UT. But not going to argue over 1/2 inch.
Frank said on 10/Jun/06
Kevin Nash is about an inch and ahalf taller than Taker i posted a staredown of them awhile back and i believe Kane wears lifts so im not sure Jacobs is taller than Taker legit ??
Jiga said on 10/Jun/06
Kevin Nash at 6'10 then Kane at 6'8-6'9 and Taker at 6'6.5-6.7.5
chris said on 10/Jun/06
kanes definately no shorter than 6'8. recently i was at a raw house show and he walked out of the arena and walked straight past me. im 6'2 and his massive. his alot bigger when you see him in person rather than on tv
sid said on 9/Jun/06
Diseal forsure ekims999, nash had about 2 or 3 inches on taker when he wrestled him, kane would stand pretty close to nash, Kane's abit taller then taker with or without gear.
sid said on 9/Jun/06
Diseal forsure ekims999, nash had about 2 or 3 inches on taker when he wrestled him
hero said on 9/Jun/06
kane deff is the tallest,6'8 6'8.5 for kane,undertaker 6'7.5 and diesel the same..
eric said on 9/Jun/06
Diesel Being the tallest Kane in 2nd undertaker right behind in 3rd.
ekims999 said on 9/Jun/06
i just wonder who's the tallest among these 3 monsters, kane? undertaker? or diesel? what's your answer?
lloyd said on 9/Jun/06
lmao i just saw raw and the fake kane looked tiny!, he looks outofshape and has nowhere near the muscle mass real kane HAD!, when he was behind real kane for maybe 5 seconds or sumthin you could see that kane had 3 inches easy on him, so its probably true that fake kane wears lifts to be 6 foo7, and the real kane wears lifts to be 6 foot 9 or 10, o yr and did you check out the video from when kane impersonates rock and hogan, kanes muscle mass looked huge!!!!! he was massive!! but now he seems to have lost it, i think back then kane looked at his billed height of 7ft as he was so huge, i mean if you stood next to hogan you would see how big he is in muscle mass, but kane dwarfs him in that video!.
Richard said on 9/Jun/06
I'm sure a lot of us are gonna miss John, he was a real nice guy. I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to chat with him on the wrestlecrap board.
KingNick said on 8/Jun/06
Haha too true Eric. Does this remind anyone else slighty of The Undertaker vs. Undertaker build back in 1994 or is that just me?
Jason said on 8/Jun/06
Yeah, I just found that out on another page here before you said, Paul. :( Terribly sad news. Though I was aware, as most of us would have been, that John had been sick with cancer for a while now. I think he actually lived quite a bit longer than doctors predicted he would a while back. Earthquake ... what a good old wrestling legend.
eric said on 7/Jun/06
Kingnick its funny you bring that up I was thinking that same thing. The fake kane this weeked looked alot better. He was just a joke the 1st week with the wig. When they do fight kane and fake kane its gonna be horribe cause the fake kane cant even walk right in those lifts.
sid said on 7/Jun/06
Kane's 6'8 forsure going what eric said
Paul said on 7/Jun/06
Sad news guys, John Tenta passing away.
Bleemo said on 7/Jun/06
Well I went back to the Wrestlecrap pro wrestling boards and asked the big question about wrestler's heights again....

Click Here

Like I said before a lot of these guys have met wrestler's before because they are hardcore wrestling fans and already they haven't let us down. There's a lot of folks having met Abyss and all agree he is well under 6'8-'6'10 range. Infact the heights claimed range from 6'2-6'6. They agree that Benoit is shooooort too as is TNA wrestler AJ styles.
Alex said on 7/Jun/06
Fatman you're right about UT. I saw him with Mark Henry and he looked thin and hes still a big guy. I could buy close to 330lbs. 320-325lbs for UT at his biggest but over the years he's gotten lighther and you know he did since they billed him at 305lbs for a few years now. He is def under 300lbs now. 280lbs maybe?
Alex said on 7/Jun/06
Eric you're right actually.Kane is bigger than he was when he came back from the bicep injury but still not as big as he was before that. He could be 300lbs, but I doubt over that. Def a good 320-325lbs before the bicep injury. I don't think Kane was ever over 330lbs.
KingNick said on 7/Jun/06
Eric, good points man. I love everyone's opinions here they're all great. Oh and btw, I think Raw did a MUCH better job with the false Kane this week. They wet the wig so it wasn't sticking up. It actually looked like the old Kane but smaller.

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