How tall is NeYo

NeYo's Height

5ft 7 ¾ (172.1 cm)

American Singer. In a Sowetan newspaper he is quoted saying: "I'd rather be shorter than taller. I’m about 5ft 8ins. If I was 6ft 9ins, dancing would look funny on me".

How tall is  NeYo
Photo by PR Photos

How tall is  NeYo
Derek Hough, Jennifer Lopez, Jenna Dewan and Ne-Yo
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Average Guess (19 Votes)
5ft 7.64in (171.8cm)
Johnny12 said on 26/Feb/23
Ne-Yo is probably not over 5'7.5".
Johnny12 said on 26/Feb/23
Ne-Yo claims he met Michael Jackson and that he was at least 6 feet tall! He even stretches it further to 6'2" at one point! Insane! Check it out at the 3:00 minute mark in this clip.

Click Here
Editor Rob
The man Ne-Yo met was not Michael Jackson...
IceCold said on 2/Apr/22
MJ looks taller with NeYo, than Joe Manganiello does
ty$on da 5'11 said on 14/Jul/20
very spot on rob!
Gracian said on 22/Apr/18
Thank you for your answer Rob! I am asking you again to add Ne-Yo here: Click Here
Gracian said on 19/Apr/18
Rob, please add Ne-Yo to the pop singers category. As for his height, I think that the downgrade to 5'7.75" can really be agrumented for him. Rob, do not be fooled by the fact that sometimes he can wear a high headgear and, as a result, give the impression of a higher one, please look at his pictures from Pitbull, Shaggy, Kanye West, Michael Jordan and Adam Levine: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Ultimately I think that the full 5'8" is a little shy character for him... Rob, will you give him downgrade to 172 cm?
Editor Rob
The 172cm figure has always been a real possiblity for him, he generally looks over 5ft 7 but sometimes he does seem to struggle to be 5ft 8.
Soije said on 9/Dec/17
Seeing as how the Asian guy in this photo: Click Here is only about 5'6", I struggle to see how NeYo is 5'8" (other than in his mind).
Lee168cm said on 23/May/17
Five eight is not a dwarf realist. Not sure how big rob would feel you calling him a dwarf
Editor Rob

One of the purposes of this site is to show celebrities come in all heights...ultimately I think we all should try to respect people no matter their height.
Sharrisse Frieson said on 21/Nov/16
Nice photos
Realist said on 10/Nov/16
He like being a dwarf wow
III said on 9/Feb/16
Neyo is definitely shorter than 5'8 and he's definitely shorter than Kanye West who's real height is only 5'7. In Estelles American Boy song her reference to a 5'7 guy was an ode to Kanye West who produced the song. Neyo is 5'6 if that. Whats wrong with being 5'6. A person who's 5'8 towers over a person side by side and Neyos clearly the same size as George Lucas side by side. All men lie about their height but lets be realistic here, Neyo is barely a convincing 5'6 let alone 5'7 or 5'8. Sometimes I wonder if these guys are paying you Rob.
MD said on 3/Dec/15
I've come around to Kanye being a full 5'8". But, it's clear to me that all of the other listed 5'8" rappers and R&B singers such as Usher, NeYo, T.I. and Ludacris as not a full 5'8". Well, maybe Ludacris, but all the rest of them are clearly below 5'8" and yet all five of these guys are listed at the exact same height. I'd like to see Rob take a closer look at all of them and decide who is closer to 5'7" (and maybe even slightly shorter) and who is a legit 5'8", because they are not all the same height.
Me said on 30/Nov/15
Neyo and Kanye West are supposedly both 5'8''
I disagree.

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Dmax said on 13/May/15
Strikes me more as a 5'7 or 5'7.5 kinda guy
MD said on 23/Oct/13
Well, since all my posts seem to have been lost...

With 5'6" George Lucas (who has a footwear advantage):

Click Here

Click Here
Mathew said on 2/Oct/12
He said "about" 5'8" which can often mean not quite.
koolstress said on 29/Sep/12
He did look a littler shorter, maybe around 2inches than conor maynard in the recent collab video.. I think he is 5ft7 and conor maybe 5ft9. And that's me being generous
leonari said on 4/Sep/12
Yeah 5'8" is pushing it for this guy. 171 could be closer.
oregon said on 30/Aug/12
dude is 5ft 7 in....its obvious!
lol said on 13/Dec/11
i got a picture with neyo, im 5ft 8in hes like 55
Cosmos tsibela said on 15/Feb/11
You know being south african i've always thought that these american stars are way taller than me,but the truth is....i'm taller than half of them and i'm 5'11.
DDP said on 30/Dec/10
neyo looks 5''7.5'' - 5'7.75'' Click Here
MD said on 19/Nov/10

With Adam Levine, who is listed exactly three inches taller, here:

Click Here
u lot r idiots said on 2/Nov/10
hes even smaller than jadakiss and jadakiss is 5"7 and they have a video together
Paddy said on 2/Jul/09
After seein him with Jamie Foxx at the BET Awards its clear hes around 5 7", lets not rock the boat here just change his height and we can all get on with our lives !
MD said on 1/Jul/09
Are you blind? He didn't while I was watching the show, and he doesn't in the pictures of the show, either. He was at least two inches shorter than Foxx the entire time.
Anonymous said on 30/Jun/09
He looked taller than jamie foxx (5'9) in the BET awards
MD said on 29/Jun/09
Admittedly not the best picture, but come on, Rob, this guy is significantly more than just one inch shorter than 5'9" Jamie Foxx:

Click Here
Realme2008 said on 28/Jun/09
He looks closer to 5'7" I agree. Jay-z (6'1 1/2") definitely towers over him.
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mmm said on 1/Jun/09
he is 5 ft 7 barefoot
mmm said on 1/Jun/09
he is 5 ft7 barefoot
quas said on 13/May/09
He is about 5'8 heres a pic of him with my friend who is 6 feet.

Click Here
Big T said on 6/May/09
This guy is eye to eye with Kanye West in their latest video with Keri Hilson, where they actually have a wrestling style showdown. I guess 5'8" each. I was surprised as I expected Kanye to be taller.
MD said on 19/Mar/09
Here he is with Jesse McCartney listed at 5'9.5", here:

Click Here

Here's a pic showing the footwear:

Click Here

Even with the leans and bad angles, it's still incredibly apparent that the difference between the two is more than 1.75"
Ace said on 18/Mar/09
I know i have mentioned this before, but when i look at him with Al, i simply cannot find it within myself to say that there is only a 2 inch difference there. The difference looks at minimum 4 inches, and probably more.
sam said on 9/Mar/09
Brett is 5"10.5, no way is NE YO 5"8.25, looking at this pic, he looks 5"6-6.5
anonymous said on 20/Feb/09
"rob says on 17/Feb/09
He is 5fot 8 inches. we were looking at each other eye to eye.
i know im exactly 5 foot 8 because i had myself measured by a doctor recently for a fitness test. and yes he was bare feet. surprisingly he was at some beach in hawaii lol. forgot the name. stop hating guys. dont try to downgrade him just because he is 'Ne-Yo'"

rob trust me, it has nothing to do with the fact that he is Ne-Yo. It has to do with the fact that he has never almost never looks anywhere near 5`8, and can at times, looks closer to 5`5.
Carl said on 19/Feb/09
In my opinion pinpointing this man's height won't resolve anything. The real issue being addressed here is what constitutes a man. This man's physical stature poses no limitation to what he has managed to accomplish at so early an age. It is his pursuit of greater things than superficial trivialities that sets him apart from regular people. I think we all have a lot to learn from someone that is so comfortable in their own skin.
rob said on 17/Feb/09
He is 5fot 8 inches. we were looking at each other eye to eye.
i know im exactly 5 foot 8 because i had myself measured by a doctor recently for a fitness test. and yes he was bare feet. surprisingly he was at some beach in hawaii lol. forgot the name. stop hating guys. dont try to downgrade him just because he is 'Ne-Yo'
anonymous said on 10/Jan/09
why is he still listed under 5`8.25. There is so much evidence that shows him to be far closer to 5`6. And with kerry rhodes as viper said, he looks 5`3.
Viper said on 8/Dec/08
He also looks 5-6 tops with 5-10.5 Al. He might wear lifts.
Viper said on 7/Dec/08
He looks 5-5 with 5-11 Fabolous. Click Here

Also he looked 5-3 with 6-2 Kerry Rhodes. Hes probably 5-5.
anonymous said on 29/Nov/08
Next to 170cm ellen, he looks 5 foot 8. 5 foot 8, no taller. Love his closer song. He's not that tall but a good singer.
Mercy said on 27/Nov/08
He looks kinda short and i gues he is about 5'8"1/2
Derek said on 20/Nov/08
He's slightly taller than Glenn in the pic above, so that puts him at around 5'9" in boots. Figure it's 1.5-2" with boots, that brings him down to 5'7"-5'7.5". Figure another inch for lifts, and that brings Ne-Yo down to 5'6"-5'6.5". If that's the case, even a weak 5'7" is pushing it.
Complex said on 19/Nov/08
Yeah, the more I look at it, he does seem shorter. Maybe he was packin' lifts with Glenn and is really more 5'6-5'7, a weak 5'7 is the most I could see him at barefoot, in lifts who knows.
glenn said on 19/Nov/08
dress boots with lifts.
leonari said on 19/Nov/08
Brett: I agree. So send the pic to Rob
Brad said on 19/Nov/08
He's in Stallone munsters with Glenn.
Viper said on 19/Nov/08
5-4 to 5-5 wouldnt surprise me, considering he looks 5-3 next to 6-2-6-2 1/2 Kerry Rhodes.
Big T said on 19/Nov/08
Brett, Neyo looks about 5' 6 1/2" or 5'7" next to Al, not 5'4" or 5'5".

I always thought Ne-Yo looked a weakish 5'7" and I still believe that, it's possible he wears lifts to reach a weakish 5'9" as with Glenn.
Brad said on 18/Nov/08
Try a lot of difference Complex. He's 5' 7" and no more.
glenn said on 18/Nov/08
you see my points well complex.if others did too,there would be no arguing.
glenn said on 18/Nov/08
thank you brett.i guess neyo had me fooled.
Complex said on 18/Nov/08
Glenn I understand that completely. I have a 5'10 friend that stands 6'1 all the time due to posture and boots, yet if someone were to see him and say "what height did you see him at" they would more than likely say 6'1 rather than 5'10. So I understand you saying he looked 5'9 in person, even if that pic with better posture would prolly be 5'9, personally I don't think he is, but I get the concept of him appearing 5'9, I mean if he's 5'7, it wouldn't take much of a lift to hit 5'9. I think they're misunderstanding you Glenn and maybe they think you're saying 5'9 for Neyo w/o shoes, i dunno, but I understand what you meant. Plus u met him, you prolly know his height better than those of us who haven't. But yeah, there does seem quite a bit of difference between neyo and that al guy, who knows...
leonari said on 18/Nov/08
Brett: sorry but your estimates are off . He could be short...but not That short. Thats like Seth Green height what you are saying. Probably a lift wearer but anything below 5'7" ?I can't imagine that.
Brett said on 18/Nov/08
James if you look at Robs most recent post ( a few down from the top) you will see the link to another pic of me and Al next to each other, it should give you a better perspctive of our heights.
glenn said on 18/Nov/08
thats very interesting complex.i bet those that complained were couch glad someone here see what i mean about brad and that i report what i see.neyo looked 5-9.what he really is im not sure.nas always looks 5-10 when my and my peers see him.he isnt shorter than 5-9.
Brad said on 17/Nov/08
Take a good look at Brett & Al for the height. Most of the people here say 5' 9" isn't true, like a Georgia County booking at 5' 9" in shoes. I don't see 1.5" between Al n Ne-Yo. Ne-Yo is a talented guy. Wat he doing in Aspen?
Complex said on 17/Nov/08
No prob Glenn
Sorry Brad is screwin with ya Glenn, i'm generally firm on the heights I believe celebs are, but I may not always be right, but I don't purposely take shots at ppl. I try to make my statements w/o making anyone mad, unless someone takes a shot a me. So a good way to look at it is if you have haters, that generally means they're jealous and you're doing something right ;) Like last summer I got real cut like Pitt in fight club, posted pics on my myspace and had a few commenting that I wasn't really that cut and it was the lighting, yada yada, and nomatter how many I posted they still tried to find smetthing wrong with them, so I knew that since they were hating on me that I obviously looked good! But now i'm back to normal unfortunately, haha!
glenn said on 17/Nov/08
im coming at you brad cause you keep running your mouth on everything i say.even when rob said to give me space.i was there.i saw him.most of you didnt.he was 5-9.maybe he had hidden cuban heels.i dont know.brad,dont mention me or my comments.of course most here dont think he is 5-9.just like most here dont believe any celebs true height.hence the existence of the site.hence i get picked on cause nobody wants to believe me and i meet everyone.they dont.
Derek said on 17/Nov/08
I think Ne-Yo's hat is giving him a bit of an advantage. To me, I think he would be slightly taller than Glenn. Even if Glenn is 5'7.5", Ne-Yo would be around 5'8". Even if Glenn is 5'8", Ne-Yo isn't 5'9".
Brad said on 17/Nov/08
Notice how many people are running 5' 9" as not right but Glenn comes at me. No Glenn: look below. There are many people who think he is under 5' 9". Great photo Al & Brett. It ended this 5' 9" in seconds. File under Nas.
glenn said on 17/Nov/08
complex-thank you for defending me that if he straightened out he could look 5-9.what was in his shoes or what type of shoes,i dont know.they looked like dress shoes.maybe they had a big heel covered by the pants.or maybe he is 5-9 cause i was there unlike most here on the or 2 below mentioned 5-9 for him below as well.
glenn said on 17/Nov/08
rob-why does brad insist on picking on everything i say still?

Editor Rob
because he knows there is no chance you are going to be under 5ft 7, so he's like a fighter in the 8th round swinging anything your way as he nears defeat.

brad, please give glenn some space.
Viper said on 16/Nov/08
5-7 is the most I could buy.
Brad said on 16/Nov/08
You forgot the other gentleman's & woman's footwear and whatever his or her height is. He's listed at 5' 9" in his arrest report but doing a bit of research turns up they rarely take off shoes in the bookings down there. He's not 5' 9"....he's also kinda bald under there with the booking extreme rarity to see with him with them funky hats.
I'm a PC said on 16/Nov/08
He is bending quite a bit. I think glenn is right thinking 5ft9ish.
Tony said on 16/Nov/08
tyra banks towered over him in regular shoes when he was on her show
Complex said on 16/Nov/08
Lol, here's how my mind thinks, I totally believe Glenn is what he claims, I just think when I see someone like Neyo being even or the same height as Glenn (when I know they're shorter than glenn) that they're in lifts or height-enhancing footwear. For instance he does look 5'9 there, but we have to also factor in his footwear, if he's 5'9 and he has on say timberlands or doc martins, well that's 1.5 inches or so right there. Plus Neyo is closer to the camera. I'm just soley tryin' to figure up they're barefoot height, which is tricky thanks to ppl like Sly & Pitt..
TELLEM said on 15/Nov/08
Brad says on 15/Nov/08
I'll let Opulus & Complex do the heavy lifting. Ne-Yo 5' 7". See how everybody sees the reality?

i agree with brad hes 5'7...complex makes a good point
Brad said on 15/Nov/08
I'll let Opulus & Complex do the heavy lifting. Ne-Yo 5' 7". See how everybody sees the reality?
opulus said on 15/Nov/08
glenn is also leaning backwards here and he might have his legs relaxed. this shot taken in a weird angle and i doubt without all the posing and lifts he's 5'7-5'8.
Complex said on 15/Nov/08
Neyo is shorter than 5'8-5'9 Columbus short. Columbus Short is about an inch shorter than 5'9ish maybe less Justin Long, so either Columbus short wore lifts all through-out Stomp the Yard or Neyo is more 5'7 and maybe wears lifts or boots. I know alotta ppl wore boots n that movie. Maybe Neyo is 5'7 barefoot.
derek d said on 14/Nov/08
Brad, why are you making arguments over heights? That is ridiculous. Leave Glenn alone, we all here are happy he is back and I'm sure this site is getting more views than it has in a while. Everyone has their own opinion and if you don't have something nice to say then don't write anything at all. And Glenn is right can't you see him slouching?
glenn said on 14/Nov/08
your a joke brad.he isnt standing straight.
Brad said on 14/Nov/08
Weak 5' 7". Glenn throwing around 5' 9" is a stone joke.
stef said on 22/Oct/08
he does actually look propa short, like on 'miss independent' (i watched the vid earlier lol) he looks mega tiny compared to the gals, even tho they're werin heels :) so im finkin tht Rj is right in saying 5ft7 xx
emily said on 17/Oct/08
he's definitely about 5ft. 8 or 9, he looks taller by himself but about that size around others.
MD said on 30/Sep/08

Really, why do you still have this guy so high?

Editor Rob
I can take a 1/4 away, he could be 172 yes.
lia said on 28/Sep/08
how tall is ne-yo
Rj said on 21/Sep/08
to avinesh 5 ft 6 is 168cm not 173......
ne-yo looks about 5 ft 7 to me
BCC said on 15/Aug/08
You gotta be kiding me.That Chris Brown looks like his 6ft7in.But he's 6ft0in.So that means that Ne-yo is 5ft6in.
nica said on 11/Aug/08
to MD-i was at dat concert and chris brown is so tall
MD said on 9/Aug/08
With Chris Brown:

Click Here
Big T said on 8/Aug/08
needs a major downgrade
sam said on 23/Jul/08
Click Here

have a look at this guys...

Id say 5"5 or 5"6
jazz said on 19/Jul/08
theres no way he 5'8 he is shoter than that like 5'6or 5'7
LEIGHANNE said on 14/Jul/08
Im 5ft6 in flats and he was the same height as me wen i met him
Nik said on 8/Jul/08
I met Neyo a few years back and I was suprised by how short he was. Im about 5ft1 in heels and he wasnt much taller than me. I will give him 5ft5
id said on 26/Jun/08
1 ft=30.48cm i in=2.54cm (5 ft 8 in= 5*30.48 + 8*2.54 =172.72 -> 173
Avinesh said on 22/Jun/08
erm i think celebheights has got all their measurements wrong... 173cm is 5ft 6 if you convert by calculator.... and yea ne-yo is definately not 5ft8 he looks more 5ft6 or 7 nothing more nothing less

Editor Rob
height is stored in inches and is converted to the nearest whole cm. ((5 * 12) + 8) * 2.54) = 172.72. Nearest whole cm? 173.
Chris said on 12/May/08
Rob,take another look at him and you will see he is definitely not over 5ft7.5...
Chris said on 12/May/08
tanya,after what u've said i know you don't have an idea what an inch is,so please stop talking ****.Thanks
quas said on 5/Mar/08
He is about 5'7 heres a pic of him with my friend who is 6 feet.

Click Here
Andre said on 14/Jan/08
In the photo with Kanye West he more looks like 5ft 7. You can see that he isnt the same height as Kanye
tanya said on 8/Jan/08
he is DEFINITELY not 5 ft 8. if neyo was, then he'd be taller than kanye west. in a photo, kanye was 3 inches TALLER. ne-yo is pretty short...
Andre said on 13/Oct/07
5'6-7 flat, adding 2 inches from footwear easily, in and outsoles
leonari said on 28/Sep/07
below 5'8"...a tad.
MD said on 25/Jul/07
Editor Rob,

Can you please take a look at NeYo, again? Again, he's definitely not over 5'8".
Ball-a-Hallic said on 13/Jul/07
i think neyo is only 5'7 in the movie stomp the yard he stands by actor colombus short(who is listed at 5'10 but he looks about 2 inches taller and i dont beelive he is 5'10)another character in the movie is about 5'5 and neyo seems no more than 2 inches taller
MarkMark said on 6/Jul/07
I think he's 5'7". He looked like 4 inches smaller than Leno after his performance on the Tonight Show, and he was even closer to the camera than Leno was.
Bombay Rocker said on 13/Jun/07
For some strange reason, he looks to me as a 5 feet 10 guy when he's standing alone in full body shots in casuals, but ya the pics with other people suggest he is somewhere in 5 feet 8ish range.
MD said on 20/May/07
He is not taller than 5'8" Kanye West:

Click Here

Click Here

And, that's an understatement.

Rob, wasn't he at a shorter height, before?
mad98 said on 20/May/07
yea thats right cuz when he came to my best friend party in da hill he was just barefooted and waj just my height which is 5,8
Damecia said on 29/Sep/06
well it doesnt matter how tall he is, he is handsome anyway, witn his puerto rican, black and chinese self. bet yall didn't know that. luv ya!
stan said on 20/Sep/06
Rob in that pic, with the line by your eyes, is that pointing right above the eye, or eye level where you would be looking straight ahead?

Editor Rob
it is the middle of my eye, my head is not tilted down, nor up much, actually the top red line should have been closer to 5 in reality.
Marc said on 19/Sep/06
Crap, Rob you're like Dr. Claw, we can never see your face!

NeYo seems to be on the short side (rappers are notorious for being short in person!).
6'5 project dude said on 18/Jul/06
yea he is round 5'8, i asked him
5'10chick said on 17/Jul/06
yeah he 5'8 cuz he was on yo momma and was an inch taller than wilmer valderrama
Rena said on 16/Jul/06
says on 16/Jul/06
Rob please post my comments. Your showing me no respect.
6-5project dude said on 15/Jul/06
Neo and me were spittin some lyrics one day, so i know him personally, and i had prolly a head on him, he's bout 5'9 or a morsel under
15and5'8.5 said on 13/Jul/06
yeah, i guess NeYo's height could b 5'8.25'', but i've always pictured him bein 5'9'' or somethin like that, but u never know b/c of camera tricks

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