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5ft 7.99in (172.7cm)
wow said on 11/Jan/09
OMG,pic of her and Kanye,recently posted here..shows clearly that she is 5'6.Also pics from rehab with Justine and pics of her heels(with platform..crazy ones!)...still shorter than him.
Big T said on 9/Jan/09
Good pic Rob. There is a music video of that song they performed where they are all standing next to each other in a straight line. Rihanna is clearly the tallest, and there are several 5'6" to 5'8" range girls there like Mariah, Beyonc and Ciara.

That pic actually doesn't fully highlight how tall Rihanna looks in the video because she is so far from the camera. But it does highlight how Ciara is also wearing massive heels, yet still looks plenty shorter than Rihanna in the video.
Big T said on 8/Jan/09
I never said you can't get more than 3 inches out of heels. Some of those pictured with the thick platform, I can certainly see her getting between 4 and 5 inches.

However (a) the talk of 7 or 8 inch gains is ridiculous

(b) I still don't see more than 3 inches excluding the platform, simply because I have measured someone wearing heels equally steep as all of those pictured, and I know for a fact she gains 3 inches of height.

Rihanna is a solid 5'8" and I'm happy to see Rob not responding to the downright ridiculous comments on this page and keeping her height at 5'8"

[Editor Rob: a lot of the 'top' singers done that show together, here was one shot here.

there are some big heels amongst those girls, ones that do give 3.5-4 inches.]
lana said on 8/Jan/09
lena,u should read the earlier posts and see all photos and then comment :).There is a pic that shows that rihanna is wearin like crazy 8inches or smth like that and jessica only 2inches.
lena said on 8/Jan/09
here's a picture of rhianna with 5"5 ashlee simpson. you cant see their shoes but im sure both are wearing high hills, and she's towering over her!

Click Here
OFC said on 7/Jan/09
loool,OFC when she's wearin 7inches!The photo of her shoes was posted here a month ago
J.J. said on 6/Jan/09
i rehab video there were exactly the same or Rihanna was possibly 0.5" taller
dwight said on 3/Jan/09
rihanna is not taller than me people said she is she is 5ft8 im 5ft11
1m12 said on 25/Dec/08
In my opinion, Rihanna 's around 1m73 or 1m72. Just see the live performance of divas in "Stand up to cancer". Ciara was listed 1m72 and was wearing extremely huge heels, I think may be 15cm, and rihanna was wearing 12cm heels, but rihanna was still an inch taller!!!.
I think wearing heels to much make her become shorter. Heels are not good for legs and spine since they can cause a lot of pressure on these part of the body.
Sanna said on 22/Dec/08
Ian is right. Rihanna was wearing huge platform heels and Justin was wearing an inch heel and still she was at least an inch to inch and a half shorter than him. Here is a picture:
Click Here
cilla said on 22/Dec/08
When i watched her on tou her heels were not high and she was still towering above all of her dancers who were also wearing heels.She has also always looked quite tall in her videos, so i think she must be at least 5'7 or 5'8 and probably taller.
Ian said on 21/Dec/08
Timberlake was wearing big shoes with Rihanna but Rihanna was wearing massive heals in her video with him and he was just a touch taller. Those shoes are massive Lana. They sure give more than 3 inches. I would say at least 6inches. It is hard to say maybe 8 inches. Similar to stripper shoes with the platform of about 2 inches in front. Again her feet are in a balerina position of vertical. The front of those shoes are occupied by just her toes. 5ft 8 just doesn't make sense she would tower of Timberlake in shoes like those but she does not and many people think Timberlake is just 5ft10-6ft tall. He certainly isn't in the 6ft1 to 6ft2 range. 5ft6 makes a lot of sense for Rihanna though. It is tall but not very tall and those platforms heels would give her something of around 6ft ish.

M.P. how do you only think she is 5ft 10 in heels and 5ft 8 without those aren't 2 inch heels. That makes absolutely no sense.
M.P. said on 14/Dec/08
5'8" makes perfect sense. She's real thin, so she looks like she's at least 5'10", and probably is, in heels. Chris Brown is what surprises me. I can't HE'S 6'2"! Maybe it's because he's so young, but damn, that's tall for someone his age.
ice said on 11/Dec/08
me: Yeah, the second set of shoes you posted are insane. Surprisingly, I have still seen bigger! How do they walk in them is beyond me.

Now as for Justin Timberlake, I do not trust him. I but him in the Tom Cruise category. Sometimes he gives the image of 5'10, other times he look 6'1. I think that dude wears lifts, but I digress...

I can buy Rihanna being under 5'8, it's the under 5'7 I have a problem with.
Lana said on 10/Dec/08
Ian,me... I agree...I can't beleive that ppl think that shoes like those add only 3 inches of height:
Click Here
me said on 10/Dec/08
Ian,that's what I'm talkin about!Her max is 5'6.5!
Ian said on 9/Dec/08
me says on 3/Dec/08
Click Here
Yeah,u guys are tryin to say that those add only 3 inches?????Come on ppl,that's fuuny.She weaars those in new Rehab video.

Those heels look like they would give here about 6inches in height and she is still smaller than Justin in them. I'll stick with my 5ft 6 estimate for her height.
me said on 5/Dec/08
OK,I agree.But the thing is that she usually wears shose with platforms.Just look at these one:Click Here
Aren't they like crazy??
ice said on 5/Dec/08
me: No, I was talking about heels without a platform. If you don't have a platform, you won't get much more than three inches. But, these shoes have very large platforms. Of course, she'll get more than 3 with those.

I don't know the exact dimensions of those shoes, but the platform looks about 1.5-2 inches. The heels, minus the part that's the same height as the platform, will probably add an additional 2.5 inches. So, at the bare minimum, she will get 4, more than likely 4.5 inches.

I don't own those shoes, so I don't know for sure. But, comparing them to many other shoes, it's a decent estimate. I doubt she's ONLY 2 inches taller, or something crazy, like 6 inches taller.
ice said on 4/Dec/08
me: No, I was referring to tall heels without platforms. Platformed heels definitely get you more than 3 inches.
me said on 3/Dec/08
Click Here
Yeah,u guys are tryin to say that those add only 3 inches?????Come on ppl,that's fuuny.She weaars those in new Rehab video.
ice said on 1/Dec/08
Oh, I'm not saying the girl doesn't wear some hella heels. But, I have seen bigger, i.e. Shakira. What I would like to see is her in those big shoes, next to someone with a relatively known height (good angles, of course). If the person is like 5'10, and she's shorter, I will agree with you. I have no problem admitting when I'm wrong, but I really haven't seen any hard evidence. The smallest I've seen is 5'7, which is still pretty tall for an American woman.
me said on 1/Dec/08
OMG,Ian's first pic..her heels are crazy!
Lana said on 1/Dec/08
Ian is right,that's what I'm tryin to say.Ice this 2005 and Chris was just 16.AND ON HIS FORUM IT IS said that he has grown a lot very can check it.Anyway he is leaning in this pic.But he wasn't 6foot tall at this time,that's for sure.
ice said on 30/Nov/08
Okay, in that same row of pics, there is a picture of her with Chris brown, and she isn't too much shorter than him.

Click Here

The best pics to use are those where you can see the whole body, and have a straight angle.

Those pics with Kanye aren't horrible, but they could be better.

At the moment, I can't see under 5'7 for Rihanna.
Ian said on 30/Nov/08
Rihanna also wears platformed heels as well, I don't get where some of you think she does not and she wears some of the biggest non platform shoes going. She even walks on her tiptoes ballet style in the umbrella video, like a vertical position with her feet. She can get to heights a normal non ballet person can't get to. Her feet have trained to get into massive heels.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Lana said on 30/Nov/08
As I said...there are heels that add 12cm or more and rihanna wears those.This is proof she is almost 2 inches shorter than Kanye wearin flats.
me said on 30/Nov/08
Click Here
Rihanna and Kanye...and Kanye is barely 5'7 u can see that on his with 5'6 John Hill.LOL,LOVE RIRI,BUT SHE IS HARDLY 5'6.
ice said on 29/Nov/08
It's funny, as soon as you ask for some proof on this site, you get insults instead. "Fashion knowledge zero." How would you know that? Half of the posters may have degrees in the field. Just stick to the topic.

The fact is, regardless as to what I or Big T says we've gotten, and what you and the other side has gotten, Rob has posted pictures. He's the only one that has posted pictures on this subject. Talk is cheap on this site. Hell, people have claimed they saw a 5'2 Brad Pitt, and 4'11 Angelina Jolie. So, excuse people for being skeptical, but pictures are usually given. I'm in agreement with Rob, and have gotten similar results, so I don't need to post the same thing.

But, since so many people are in disagreement with him, post some evidence to refute what he's saying. Going back and forth with nothing to show for it is stupid.
Big T said on 29/Nov/08
Lana, I would like to see a picture of those heels
Lana said on 29/Nov/08
Well,Iam a woman too.As I said I'm 177cm and tonight wearin those red Paccioti heels from new collection made me exactly 189cm tall.
ice said on 28/Nov/08
Well, I AM a woman, so I can back up Rob's heel experiment. I have some pretty massive heels, but am never a great deal taller than my 5'3. Platforms will of course get you the full height, but not heels. Maybe, you should read his article, and do the test while using an actual measuring stick. I laugh at all of the people that think 4 inches of heel will get you 4 inches taller.
Ian said on 27/Nov/08
Lana is right. My girlfriend is barely a 5ft2 yet can get to 5ft8 in size 4 UK heels. Laughing at the maximum heels will only get you 3inches statements.
me said on 27/Nov/08 doesen't when she wears heels.LOL,last year on vma when they werw performing together she was wearin massiv heels and still was lot shorter than chris.
Jlee said on 27/Nov/08
Look at this pic with her and 6 foot chris brown. shows whole body and both are in shoes. does it look like a 4 inch difference?
ice said on 26/Nov/08
to Melter: Um, what are you talking about? How is saying I don't want to be tall hating? Don't use the term, if you don't know the proper definition. I clearly was arguing FOR Rihanna to be 5'8. But, I do not want it for myself. I'm sorry, but I like for guys to tower over me, thank you very much.
Melter said on 25/Nov/08
ice you gotta learn to appreciate,and i think you are just jealous and you are unnoticeable, i am 5'4 and i so wish to be 5'8 and have a fabulous bod like Rihanna,girl you just have to stop hating it wont change anything,tall girls are hot and beautiful.
So said on 24/Nov/08
Yeah,and what's Madonna's real height...hardly 160cm?!I was on Madonna's concert in Budva,she is very short.I was shocked...she may a lil bit under 160cm.And Riri is closer to camera,so it doesn't help a lot.
mclover said on 20/Nov/08
um, way taller than Madonna right here, 5-8 looks about right if not a little taller. And yes, i can tell camera angles are playing a role here...but still
Click Here
Lana said on 19/Nov/08
Are u ppl normal?I haven't read text,but I know...being myself 5'9.5=177cm...when I'm wearin massive heels I easily get height of 6'3,my boyfriend height.
LORI said on 19/Nov/08
She could be 5'8, she looks tall but ofcourse there are many tricks that could make her look taller than she really is
ice said on 19/Nov/08
Also, when she was on Tyra, she wasn't that much shorter than her. Are you going to tell me that Tyra is only 5'7-5'8? Nonsense. Most of the celebs on here have inflated heights, but this is not the case. I think some of thi may be jealousy. I don't know why, because I would hate to be tall.

PS. I think many of the people here need to read Rob's heel height truth article. Even the biggest shoe will only get you around 3 inches. Besides Asian platforms, they are almost never over an inch and a half. So the maximum a person will be getting is 4.5 inches. These are what I call Shakira shoes. Rihana wishes her heels were as big as Shakira's.
ice said on 19/Nov/08
Heels don't accomplish that major of a height difference. In heels, she is around 6-7 inches taller than him. Even if Wentz is 5'5 in shoes, a 5'5-5'6 woman will not look 5'11-6'0 in heels.
Lana said on 19/Nov/08
Ofc she looks tall next to Pete Wentz who is 5'4!And wearin those OMG heels.
ice said on 18/Nov/08
Wow, I can't believe all of the 5'5-5'6 claims here. It is amazing. Have you not seen her next to Pete Wentz? She looks like she could eat him. The girl is tall. No, not the Uma thurman tall, but 5'8 easily, and 5'7 at the BARE MINIMUM.
Lana said on 18/Nov/08
Rihanna wearin only 3inches boots?That's rare..her heels are always massive,those that add around 12cm on your height.
Sam said on 18/Nov/08
I watched Rihanna's joint concert with Chris Brown here in my country last November 16. When she had a duet with Chris Brown on the last song, she looked 2 inches shorter than Chris with almost 3 inch boots and Chris is 6'1"-6'2". So Rihanna may be a legit 5'8".
Bruce said on 17/Nov/08
rihanna's brother is 6'3.5"
Gary said on 15/Nov/08
Yeah,Jad is right.Everybody knows for 'INCH OR 2 inches RULE' in Hollywood.
Ian said on 14/Nov/08
Thanks Jad that is what I've been saying about 5ft6". She can't be taller than 5f8 like you say. Somewhere between 5ft6 and 5ft8 would be where she is. It is hard to tell though as she is a big heel wearer. I've seen her without the heels wearing trainers and she doesn't look that tall.
Jad said on 14/Nov/08
Everyone who ever saw her would say you that she's around 5'6.OMG,IF SHE SAID SHE is 5'8(172.72cm) how can she be taller??She only might be shorter than that.I mean c'mon guys she is celebrety!
Gary said on 14/Nov/08 5'6.And Rihanna never wears 2inches high heels.Her heels are always 3-5inches.And about Ciara...they were both guests at mtv trl,both in similar heels.Ciara looked for sure an inch taller than Riri.
CLove said on 14/Nov/08
p.s. maybe she looked shorter cause she was kinda meaty at the bottom. her legs looked stumpy last night. i'm not jealous- i guess she's gained a bit of weight. could have given the illusion that she was shorter though
CLove said on 14/Nov/08
I just watched her in concert last night-wasn't wearing heels but boots. She's a lot shorter than I thought she'd be. Definitely not taller than 5'9. Probably around 5'7.5-5'8.
Big T said on 13/Nov/08
In the SUTC video, Ciara and Rihanna are wearing identically massive looking heels, and Rihanna is miles taller.

You guys are nuts if you think you can put 12 divas together and Rihanna is the only one in big heels!
T.Y. said on 12/Nov/08
she aint 5'8" cuz with heels shes still allmost 4 inch higher then T.I.
and he himself is also 5'8" and the shoes were 2.3 inch high
Gary said on 11/Nov/08
Miley Cyrus is around 160cm tall and OFC Rihanna is wearin higher heels!
Sy said on 11/Nov/08
Omg,ofc there are heels that add even 5inches,just watched E channel,smth about celebs shoes and they said...'those help Beyonce to be 5 inches above red carpet'.
Big T said on 11/Nov/08
Miley and Rihanna are only 3 inches apart according to this site. The reason i keep using that same picture is because my girlfriend owns that exact pair and they give a measured 3 inches
Ian said on 10/Nov/08
Big T comparing Rihanna with Miley Cyrus what the heck she's like around 5ft tall, of course she is going to look tall next to her and Rihanna wears bigger heels than her and yeah they are more than just the plain 3 inch heels you're so ever familar with. My girlfrind has several pairs of heels that add more than 3 inches. Some add 5.5 inches to her height and she is a size 4. Heck her boots add 3 inches and her wedges add about 4.5" we have measured her with the on and with the off and subtract the difference. No imaginary lines drawn halfway down the heel??ROB?? which is just guesswork.
Random said on 6/Nov/08
LOL THIS GIRL IS 5'8 she clames it she doesnt seem less than it and she looks it with Chris brown whos a Solid 6 footer...... botom line shes 5.8 end of this debate... ps im 6-2 not being biast or well beyonce is a 5"6er for sure..
Anonymous said on 6/Nov/08
If you look at the pictures with her and Nicole Scherzinger she looks 1.5 to 2 inches taller than Nicole. So Id say 5.7.5 in
P said on 3/Nov/08
No,Big T...that means that RIHANNA wears higher
C. said on 2/Nov/08
Rihanna isn't Beyonce's height, period. But no way is she 5'10", nor is Ciara. And Beyonce truly is 5'6" tops. C'mon now.
Big T said on 2/Nov/08
If Rihanna is 5'6" that means the likes of Ciara and Mariah Carey are under 5'5" lol
OFC said on 31/Oct/08
LOL..Jlee u are funny.OMG..beyonce claimed herself 5' can't be more.And as u can read here RiRi claimed herself 5'8.My sister saw her on concert in Berlin.She says RiRi is around 5'6...that's around 168cm I think.
Jlee said on 29/Oct/08
Well all i can say is this. one of my internet chat buddies is a model. she is five ten and a half. and she told me that in flats, rihanna is her exact height. she said the reason she doesn't come to this place anymore is that all the femal she likes are downgraded. and she said beyonce is five 8. and also sierra is five ten.
anonymous said on 17/Oct/08
hell no that is such a crap she is not that tall
she is damn shorter than that.
i was a neighbour of hers back hia in the beautiful islands of the barbadoes and she is like 10cm shorter than me i was 176 by then
C. said on 17/Oct/08
Big T says on 3/Oct/08
did anyone see all of those female singing stars lined up for that "stand up 2 cancer" song? Amazing opportunity for height comparisons

I think Rihanna might even be a little underlisted here as, out of about 12-15 famous singers, she was the tallest by miles. She towered Mariah Carey, Ciara and Beyonce, and she was 6 inches taller than Miley Cyrus, who was standing next to her. And Miley was in heels! Rihanna was, of course, wearing some huge-ass heels, but all of the women were wearing heels of some sort. Watch the video, she can't be under 5'8", no way. In comparison to the others she looked 5'10" and that's taking into account that they were ALL wearing heels

I also think she's a tad underlisted here. She's nothing under 5'8" that's for sure. She's more around 5'9" IMO.
brapp said on 16/Oct/08
All this discussion about heel height - when women (or men!) wear heels, the back arches to compensate the balance so you don't get the full height. There are some other factors which lose the full heel height as well I would guess but I can't think of them.

The higher the platform, in general, the more the wearewr will be raised.
Big T said on 3/Oct/08
did anyone see all of those female singing stars lined up for that "stand up 2 cancer" song? Amazing opportunity for height comparisons

I think Rihanna might even be a little underlisted here as, out of about 12-15 famous singers, she was the tallest by miles. She towered Mariah Carey, Ciara and Beyonce, and she was 6 inches taller than Miley Cyrus, who was standing next to her. And Miley was in heels! Rihanna was, of course, wearing some huge-ass heels, but all of the women were wearing heels of some sort. Watch the video, she can't be under 5'8", no way. In comparison to the others she looked 5'10" and that's taking into account that they were ALL wearing heels
Big T said on 3/Oct/08
Just in case you've forgotten

Click Here

This heel gives 3 inches from barefoot

Please show me a heel that gives more, without it being in the platform. Surely you can't...the angle can't get much steeper
Big T said on 3/Oct/08
Tonights measurements

Barefoot 5 10 1/2"
With size 11s at full stretch- 6 1 1/2"
Big T said on 3/Oct/08
measuring my top of head height is exactly what I did. Got a little over 3 inches on tiptoes with my US size 11 feet

Go back and have a look at the picture of the pair of heels I posted, they give 3 inches over barefoot, fact. Then show me heels that give 6 inches and don't have a 3 inch platform!
Rhonda said on 30/Sep/08
big T try this, measure your height against the wall bare foot, put a mark where you come upto then measure 3 inches above that mark then stand on tip toes and i bet you will reach past that 3 inch mark

im 5ft2 with size 4 feet and i can reach way past the 3 inch mark, rob can only get to 2.85 what size feet does he have

no shes have no platform at all at the front, they always have some kind of base, ive got a pair of high heels that make me 5ft8 and im 5ft2
Ian said on 27/Sep/08
Measuring a mark on your ankle bone and putting heels on and measuring the mark on your ankle bone relative to the ground is incorrect way as seen in the elevator shoe article because the ankle bone moves forward as you pivot your foot giving an incorrect measurement. I've measured my girlfriend using this technique and the by True measurement is by top of the head to the ground and the top of head measurement and there is a discrepancy. Always measure the height shoes give by top of height. After all that is your true height.
Big T said on 24/Sep/08
Ian, have a look at Rob's heel height article. He's 5'8" and he gains 2.85 inches on tip toes (he has pics and all). I'm 5'10 1/2" and I gain a little over 3 inches. You must have some pretty freakish feet.
Diamond said on 21/Sep/08
With or w/o heels she's kinda tall. She's almost 6ft with her heels on so 5'8" makes alot of sense. And she's got to be taller than Beyonce', who really isn't that tall to begin with. If Rihanna is 5'6 then Beyonce' is only like 5'3!!...doesnt make much sense does it? So yea i'll take 5'8 b/c she's taller than me and Im almost 5'7.
Ian said on 21/Sep/08
Big T. I can stand next to the door with my barefeet and I'm 6ft. A weak one. I then stand on toes and I'm 6ft6 the height of the door frame. Please advise?
Anonymous said on 19/Sep/08
This heel: Click Here
Big T said on 18/Sep/08
ok, here's an example of heels that give less than 3 1/2 inches

Click Here

Note the added inch of heel at the front, and the severity of the angle your foot needs to be at. Now, please show me a heel which gives over 4 inches.
Big T said on 18/Sep/08
ok, I just checked

Height of the stem on my gf's highest heels- 5 inches

Height from bottom of stem to top of shoes (where my gf's ankle would be)- 7.5 inches!

Platform at front- about 1 inch

Actual height increase- about 3 1/3 inches

Seriously, these are some heavy duty heels, the angle is severe and they regularly attract comments. The full height from top to bottom is 7.5 inches- but the actual height she gains is only 3 1/3 inches. Once again, I suggest reading Rob's heel height article to understand why. Unless you are in full ballerina mode, or have huge feet, you can't gain more than 3 inches from flat-foot to full tip-toe position....anything extra comes from the platform at the front of the shoe
Big T said on 18/Sep/08
Rhonda, my GFs heels are over 5" (I measured)and that doesn't include the front either.

However, the ACTUAL HEIGHT she gets is just over 3 inches.

Seriously, read Robs heel height article if you don't understand.

My gf is 5'7" and has a US size 8 foot, she weighs less than 120lbs and is completely obsessed with high fashion- so it's not as if she's short/cumbersome/bad balance/small feet, and she certainly knows what she's talking about. She has told me that she can't buy higher heels than this (without platforms) and that the severe foot angle required for her to wear them is the maximum possible.

My point is the actual heel height on these heels is 5-6 inches, but you only actually gain about 3 1/2" max in real height.
rhonda said on 18/Sep/08
ok big T i think you have no idea what you are talking about, im a female and ive got at least 10 pairs of shoes that give me at LEAST 4 inches they dont have plat forms at the front either oh and they arnt the biggest shoes i have either, no shoe is completely flat at the front

as for your gf and her 'mega heels' im sorry but if shes only getting less than 3.5 inches then they are NOT mega heels

ive got a challenge for you, go into a womans shoe store and take a look at all the shoes, take a measuring tape and measure the heel on them and i bet you will find at least half of them to be 4 inches or more
Big T said on 17/Sep/08
I suggest you read this site's "heel height truth" article...according to Rob, he gains less than 3 inches on tiptoes, and you won't gain more than 3.15 inches without platforms...I think I was being a bit generous
Big T said on 17/Sep/08
I'm just going to have to say I don't believe you and leave it at that

I actually went and measured myself at full flat-footed height, and then at full tip-toes stretch, and it was only 4 inches. I couldn't walk around like that either.

My girlfriend is 5'7", she has a size 8 foot and only reaches 5'10 1/2" (actually a fraction less) in MEGA HEELS. She is an avid heal-wearer and said those are the biggest heels she can get.
Ian said on 17/Sep/08
Big T, I can gain 6-7 inches and that is not even on my tiptoes not even full stretch of the feet, I'm no ballerina lol, I have a size 11 UK(12 USA). Anyway Rihanna can stand like a ballerina on tip toes. The umberella song is a good example to what she can get to with her footwear. Sara agrees and she is a woman. My girlfriend can get to over 5ft8 with non-plantform stiletto. She is 5ft2 in the morning, she has a size 4-5 UK foot. My girlfriends sister can to 6ft in stiletto heels and she is 5ft5-6. It's really suprising to what they can get to in heels like that. Unless you know a woman height before shoes, It's really hard to guess theie heights when they are in footwear like that. My girlfriend's dad was like what are you wearing those for to her when she was like his height when she is usually a small thing.
Big T said on 17/Sep/08
Ian, when I stand on my tiptoes, absolute maximum, I gain 4 inches over barefoot (3 inches or less over shoes!). I just measured.

I wear a size 11 US shoe! I doubt Rihanna's feet are bigger than that.

You can't gain more than 4 inches over barefoot unless there is some sort of lift/platform.
alice said on 16/Sep/08
she seems so much taller though. she towers or stand where most tall guys are at.
Ian said on 16/Sep/08
5ft 6-7 in my opinion. She wears massive stiletto heels. It depends on the size of someone's foot what would be the maximum lift they could get off a custom made stiletto heel. A quick search reveals some really big non platform stilettos in the region of 6 inches to 7 inches. The height those would give would be a little less than that though as that is that back of shoe. It could get her up to the 6ft region with them on.

Something like this.

Click Here
lindsay said on 13/Sep/08
I've heard reports that T.I. is smaller than 5'8.
go said on 12/Sep/08
Big T just google rihanna and kanye photos and see the images.THe pic is small,but it's clear that she is for sure an inch shorter than him.
Big T said on 12/Sep/08
Here's Rihanna and T.I. Now, even taking 3 inches of footwear difference into account (which would only be possible if Rihanna was wearing mega platform heels, given that T.I. also has shoes on), she still has to be minimum 5'8". The way she is leaning is insane....she can't be shorter than him unless she's actually standing on a box

Click Here
Big T said on 12/Sep/08
"sara says on 1/Sep/08
Of course there are heels that add 4-5 inches and riri is often wearing those.Just find her photos on kids choice awards...and see her heels there.I couldn't beleive that she could walk on those!!!!!"

No there aren't! Not unless they also have a platform

Stand on your tiptoes as tall as possible, you will see you only gain maybe 3 1/2" inches. Therefore, you can't gain more than that in heels unless they are platform.

My fiancee, who is a shade over 5'7", has an enormous pair of heels, the highest she could get....if they were any steeper she wouldn't be able to put them on. They may be the best part of 5" high at the back, but this doesn't mean they add 5" of height!

Also, when women are in heels in pics, the guys will probably be wearing dress shoes. The footwear advantage is only about 2 inches! My 5'7" fiancee is still over an inch shorter than me in mega-heels, and I'm only 5'10 1/2".
Big T said on 12/Sep/08
Some people here have it so twisted

Rihanna just DESTROYED T.I., listed 5'8" here, by 3-4 inches at the VMAs. Taking into account his footwear, she still has to be at least an inch taller than him. Rihanna is MINIMUM 5'8".

I'd love to see this supposed pic of Kanye taller than Rihanna
megan said on 4/Sep/08
5'9 in heels.
go said on 3/Sep/08
LOL,how funny!I recently saw her pic with Kanye wearing flats..for sure 2 inches shorter than him.He is supposed to be 5'8 and some people claim he is even shorter than this.And yeah estelle says in their song...I just met this 5 foot 7 guy..
tanphuoc said on 2/Sep/08
i think she's 5'9. because look at picture at the music award 2007 she's taller than ciara,so ciara's 5'8.rihanna's a tall girl. i love her and i wanna hear her music.she will be more beautiful and i hope
Big T said on 1/Sep/08
Chris in that pic- 6' + shoes=6'1"
Rihanna in that pic- Maybe 6'
Wearing heels- Give her around 3 inches from barefoot (heels don't give much more than this....there is no such thing as 5 or 6 inch heels, they don't give that much height!)

Therefore, that pic is yet more proof that Rihanna is between 5'8" and 5'9"!
sara said on 1/Sep/08
Of course there are heels that add 4-5 inches and riri is often wearing those.Just find her photos on kids choice awards...and see her heels there.I couldn't beleive that she could walk on those!!!!!
megan said on 1/Sep/08
Chris is not 6'2. he's 6'0. And she still doesn't reach his height in heels.
Big T said on 1/Sep/08

You people need to realise, no matter how big her heels, unless they are platform she is only gaining between 2-3 inches on a guy wearing normal feetwear

If Rihanna is under 5'8" then Pete Wentz is under 5'4"
sss said on 30/Aug/08
but you don't know what was chris's height here.Everybody says he grown up a lot in last 2 years.It said on his site:"He's a lot like kid next minute he's 5ft 7, the next he's 6ft 1". And Rihanna was shorter than him on their performance on vma wearing omg..soo high heels.
duh said on 30/Aug/08
she's 5"8 people not 5"6 wtf...look at her and chris brown there the same height in this pix and he is 6"2 no heels are 8 inches...
Click Here
Anonymous said on 29/Aug/08
I dont know, but shes ugly and looks like a boy, and like she smells, no matter what her height

But if I had to guess id say 5'9
co said on 27/Aug/08
and yeah she's probably weigh around 58 kilos...with height around 168cm...that's much more possible.
brapp said on 26/Aug/08
Duffy is actually 5'2"

That would make Rihanna 5'6.5" judging by that picture.
q said on 25/Aug/08
I think that's around 58 kilogrammes.
surfer said on 24/Aug/08
Wow, I always thought she was like 5'3" or something.
maria said on 24/Aug/08
9st 7lb=? kilogrammes
q said on 24/Aug/08
I saw her ariving at belgrade airport.She is 5'6 at max,I was shocked cause I thought she was taller.Of couurse she was wearing flats.
q said on 23/Aug/08
I saw her ariving on belgrade airport.She is short...5'6 at max.I was schoked when I saw her,cause I thought she was taller.
girly said on 23/Aug/08
I recently saw her pic with nelly,she was only 4cm taller than 174cm tall nelly wearing 10cm high heels.Well some people claim that nelly is even shorter than this,but who knows.
great said on 23/Aug/08
I saw her ariving at belgrade airport...she is short 5'6 at max.She was wearing flats...I was schocked,cause I thought she was taller.
me said on 22/Aug/08
she is DEFINITELY 5'8 or 5'9.I have seen her around Barbados alot 9when she is not wearing heels).
rihannas biggest fan said on 20/Aug/08
when i met riri she was like my height and i was so shocked lolz cuz im 13 but im 5 foot 7 and she was like barely a centimeter taller then me. seems like she was shorter the 2nd time i met her though!
Mango said on 13/Aug/08
Click Here

How tall does this make colby?
sweety said on 11/Aug/08
YEAH,her legs are long...when she wears 15cm high heels.Even if her legs were long(but they aren't)it wouldn't make her tall.My friend is like 165 cm tall and she has really long legs on her height...looks so much taller.And when she wears heels I'd say she is 173cm tall,not less.SO it doesen't help a lot.
Me said on 10/Aug/08
I mean she wears heels a lot I agree. so it makes her look way taller. but then again she does have really long legs and that can make her tall.
Anonymous said on 9/Aug/08
Rihanna with 5 ft 3.5 in Duffy: Click Here
Rikashiku said on 9/Aug/08
Shes got Heels on alot 0_0

i stick with 5'6-5'7
Keke said on 8/Aug/08
I have a magazine with Beyonce in it and she says that sshe is 5'7 so Rihanna is about 5'5 or about 5'6
Big T said on 8/Aug/08
Except she is 4 inches taller than he might well be only 5'4" (makes sense) which makes her still 5'8" minimum
star_ said on 8/Aug/08
LOL,Pete Wentz is only 5'4...163cm tall,that's said in his biography.So...rihanna 5'6 at max :)
Big T said on 7/Aug/08
Rihanna is 4 inches taller than 5'6 1/2" listed Pete Wentz, so lol at people saying she herself is only 5'6". And yes, I did take into account her large heels...she was standing no less than 7 INCHES taller than Pete including heels.

Rihanna is at least this tall but probably taller
leyla said on 28/Jul/08
why would you people be arguing about how tall she is.. does it really matter? lol she's tall or not, doesnt stop you from liking or not liking her.
sam said on 23/Jul/08
Click Here

have a look at this guys...
girly said on 21/Jul/08 this some joke?!She is like 5'6.You can find her pictures with 5'11.25- 6' Adam Levine on In style salute to fashion...FOR SURE 2 INCHES SHORTER THAN HIM IN 4 INCHES HIGH HEELS!
jessica said on 17/Jul/08
she actually said in an interview that ppl thought she was around 173cm, but she's actually 176cm, so there u have it
lrgirly said on 17/Jul/08
For me, I kept growing until I was 20 years old (stopping at 6ft). It is very possible in the last three years she continued to grow. I thought she was shorter than the 5'8 she says she is, just based on a few pictures I had seen. But now that I've taken a closer look, I would believe she's 5'8. Especially since my sister is that height and has shorter arms and legs which make her look shorter than she really is, too.
Chlawk said on 10/Jul/08
In slovenia 5ft11 are not looked at as giants.. just a bit bigger than the average.. the average guy is at least an inch bigger, they don
Earl said on 9/Jul/08
I was standing right next to her near the farmers market in LA by the GAP store. I'm 5'6" and she was at least a head taller than me in heels.
Mary said on 28/Jun/08
Hey Tessa where do you live? I'm 5ft11 and would love to visit a city where I'm not looked upon as a giant.
Davey said on 27/Jun/08
tessa dont be angry because your not happy being so big.
naomi said on 22/Jun/08
keep in mind that all celbs lie aboout there height few dont compare a pic of cassie with abotu 3 inch heels she wears heels 24/7. Shes 5'6
Anonymous said on 18/Jun/08
rihanna's 5'9". she stated so herself on 106 and park. its recorded.
Tessa said on 11/Jun/08
what the hell is wrong with a girl being 5ft7... some comments are realy rude here. I'm as tall as Rihanna (if she's about 5.7) maybe in America most girls are tiny but not where I live ;) 5.4 is like a dwarf here lol
issa said on 30/May/08
rihanna is about 5ft8- 5ft9 cause she said it on 106 & park!!!
crazybazy said on 14/May/08
OMG, Rihanna sure is tall, like 5'9'', saw her next 2 Amerie and she sure is a lot taller, like 5-6 inches
matt said on 28/Apr/08
i have seen rihanna in concert and she had 6 inch heels for real and she was well over 6foot
5ft 8 is def an accurate height for her
damn she is sexy lol
Bruce said on 21/Apr/08
she is 5'8" and nothing else, the girl is tall, why do you think she gets to the same height as many 6'0-6'1" people on the red carpets. She is always on a 5"-6" & her minimum is 4" heels. At many events she is the same height as Chris Brown's height when in her heels and Chris Brown is 6'1" for real. for a guy 5'8" might be the shorter side of average but for a woman that is real tall any woman from 5'7" is tall period!
koolstress said on 18/Apr/08
thnaks jeff ur so right she is around 5'5-5'6 no way can rhinna be 5'8 dats like a inch shorter than my dad who is 5'9 rhinna hasnt got a 5'8 body her arms are short and so is her legs it is said the taller ur are the longer the arms also they say if you put ur arms out out them in length with ur shoulder thats ur height it tru in my view
C. said on 16/Apr/08
I'm not the one getting defensive, nor am I being rude. It seems that you're the one taking offense to my post. I just simply stated that if she was wearing 8" heels it would add 7" (6.5" at the very least), not 5". And yes, Beyonce does wear massive heels, but usually they are 5" max during an event. 6-7" are usually in her music videos (which I stated before), and she's not frantically dancing in them, just posing or whatever else she does in her videos. I was making the point that Beyonce, an obvious massive heel wearer doesn't wear 8" heels (and most often than not she does wear larger heels than Rihanna-- it makes sense since she's also shorter). Besides, you simply cannot walk in 8" heels. They are usually for show only (unless you're in Japan, but those are 8" massive platform boots-- a huge difference).

Also, I didn't say Rihanna wasn't wearing big heels (it's obvious since since she looks around Brendan Fraser's height in the pictures), but they would be within range. 4"-5" tops, and even then she looks over 6' in them. So, again, the woman is clearly in the tall range, even with large heels. The 5'6" and under claims are ridiculous.
lauren said on 16/Apr/08
C., that was just my observation. I never said it added 8 inches, if they were 8 inch heels. All I know is that the heels were big. There's no way they didn't add a good number of inches. That was why I said 5 inches. And the front of the shoes were platforms. Stop getting so rude and defensive about it. It's a forum and I can disagree if I want to.

Earlier you stated, "Beyonce does wear massive heels. I've even seen her with 6-7" inchers in her music videos which is just baffling." But there's no way Rihanna would apply to this? Please stay consistent with your arguments.
C. said on 15/Apr/08
Do you know what 8" heels look like? Hardly ANY woman can walk in those (not even Beyonce, not to mention they usually are in platforms since they are so huge). And if she was wearing that large of a heel and was 5'11", she's be 5'4-5", as an 8" heel would not give 5", but nearly 7".

And if she's 5'8"-9", why would she tower over Jessica Alba who's 5'6"? That's only a couple of inches. Not to mention the angles are terrible in that photo and you can't really judge much of anything, but even then, with Rihanna further out from the picture, she still has a few inches on Alba. However, both of them also don't have the best posture either. In short, the picture tells nothing.
Lauren said on 14/Apr/08
Not to be difficult, but I've seen other pictures of her with Brendan Fraser. She was not the same height as him. I don't know about the angle of the ones posted here because in other ones of that event, where they are both standing straight, she looked around 5'11 in really tall heels. If you saw her footwear, I would say it added around 5 inches even though they were 8 inch heels.
princess said on 13/Apr/08
she cannt be over 173 cm,she is not towering so much over jessics alba,and she is wering so high heels
Lauren said on 12/Apr/08
Not to be difficult, but there are more pictures of her with Brendan. She wasn't the same height as him. I don't know about the angle of the photo that you showed. But there are more where they both stand straight and she was a few inches shorter than him. I would post them, but the site won't let me steal the pictures.
C. said on 7/Apr/08
That's the equivalent of around 133 lbs. She's more in the range of 145-150 (which isn't bad at all for her height), but she yo-yos so sometimes it's hard to tell. She has a thin upper body but solidly built legs so it's possible that she was that when she debuted (looked smaller at the time in general).

But the pic with Brendan Fraser gives it away (who is 6'3" according to this site). She's 5'9" (she even looks taller than that actually), but doesn't always stand up straight so she looks shorter. No way is she average height at all. Even during the Grammys or VMAs or during some music awards she looked nearly identical in height to Jay-Z in heels. That's why the 5'6" stuff is just nonsense. Anyone can see the woman is tall. Also, who says she couldn't have grown since her debut? Many women stop growing at 14-16 years of age, but not all.
infin said on 7/Apr/08
here's another pic from that event: Click Here
just wow. 6'2 huh? obviously, fraser has worse posture, but that's still 6'2.
how much is 9st 7lb btw?
infin said on 7/Apr/08
for those, who believe shes on the 5'6 range: heres a treat for ya -> Click Here
what kind of heels should se wear to be almost as tall as Brendan Fraser? she looks 6'1-6'2 there. you know, 8 inch heels - thats just too much. Fraser is what, 6-3 or something? so you got it. and we all know that 8 inch heels don't normally add 8 inches of height, see heel truth section on this site. so she IS tall. she had been saying shes 5-9 in a few magazine interviews i read. also, i read "almost 5-10" for her. this girl need an upgrade rather than downgrade imo.
C. said on 6/Apr/08
Beyonce does wear massive heels. I've even seen her with 6-7" inchers in her music videos which is just baffling. You also can't see weather or not she's posing with her knee bent or anything. She is not 5'5-6".

What I do know is that she and Ciara aren't the same height nowadays. Ciara looks taller. So if she is indeed 5'8", Ciara is 5'9" at least.
Megan said on 3/Apr/08
Guys, doesn't the photo down below of her and 5'9 Pharell tell the truth? Just look at Nana's post on November 3, 2007. The guy is 5'9 and she is wearing high heels and is the same height as him. There is no excuse for that one. A lot of people make up stories of seeing people in person. She's 5'6 and until I see her in person, I will believe that.
Melinda said on 1/Apr/08
To Jeff- I think Rihanna is wearing flats and B is wearing heals. Trust me, Rihanna is a tall girl.
Jeff said on 31/Mar/08
Geez Rihanna is not even close to 5'8"... she's around 5'5".
Beyonce is 5'6" right? then look at this photo; Click Here
So I really REALLY doubt Beyonce's wearing 5 to 6 inches heels...
And look at this one... Click Here
She doesn't have a 5'8" body at all.
brother_h said on 27/Mar/08
so many people claiming they have met celebs. how sad xD
nick said on 20/Mar/08
5'8" is almost the average male height, so that being an average womans height is preposterous.
brapp said on 18/Mar/08
she says in an interview in 'fabulous' magazine she's 5'8". Straight from the horses's mouth =]
ma said on 16/Mar/08
Sasha says on 24/Feb/08
Rhianna is about average. her hight is 5ft 8" because i met her in one of her conserts and she was an inch smaller than me and im 5ft 9"!!!!!!!

since when has average height for women been 5 8...5 4 if there lucky so shes tall not average..
William said on 14/Mar/08
She looks 5'8 1/2 to me. But she always wearing these 3 or 4 inches heals just to look taller. And Joshie what's up with your ears? I mean just listen to some of her live performances, there's nothing amazing about that.
Rebecca said on 11/Mar/08
I met her in an event earlier this year and it appeared that her heels were 2" taller than mine. I am 6'2" and she was 4-5" shorter than me, so she must be around 5'7.5"-5'8"
Joshie said on 8/Mar/08
omg rihanna is sooo pretty i totally wish i had her fantabulous style and AMAZING voice!!!
Kit said on 7/Mar/08
she's shorter than beyonce and she's what? 5'6/5'7. no way is rihanna 5'7 to 6'. it aint true. look at the pics of the two of them standing together online and you know that it's all a lie.
Anonymous said on 2/Mar/08
shes 5'8'' i was backstage at her concert and she told me
Mora said on 2/Mar/08
I think Rihanna is 5'8 look at this picture with Jessica Alba who listed at 5'6
Click Here
Srki said on 25/Feb/08
sara,yes nicole and rihanna were the same height,but thats cause nicole was wearing a very very high heels,higher than Rihannas,very much higher,thats the reason,rihanna is 5'7..5'8 or 5'8 thats for sure...:)))
C. said on 24/Feb/08
Kelly says on 22/Feb/08
Some of you guys make it seem like 5'8"-5'9" is extreme Amazon tall. For younger people, it's not that big. Any of you ever stop and think that's sort of offensive to those around that height?

Exactly. If 5'8"-9" is extreme Amazon tall, well then I'm also an extreme Amazon. And the women over 6' are just 'giants'. Seriously people, runway models are usually between 5'9" - 6' tall and no one says anything about them (as 5'8" is short regarding that), not to mention WNBA players whom are much taller. However, I'm not going to say it's by any means short or the norm, but it's not uncommon.

@ Sasha: You've got to be kidding. If she is 5'8", she is by no means 'average'. She's tall, but not extremely so. However, I still think she's 5'9" as during the Grammys she was only a smidgen under Jay-Z in high-heels (who is around 6'2" or a weak 6'2"). Also, you could very well be taller-- I thought I was 5'9" for the longest until I was measured at 5'10" recently. The opposite could also be true as Rihanna could have grown since her debut. Not to mention people often make mistakes when judging others' heights when they have little experience pegging others' height or just aren't good at it. Not saying that you aren't, but it happens all the time. Especially since on this site people have claimed her as low as 5'6" to as tall as 5'10" or so.
Sasha said on 24/Feb/08
Rhianna is about average. her hight is 5ft 8" because i met her in one of her conserts and she was an inch smaller than me and im 5ft 9"!!!!!!!
Kelly said on 22/Feb/08
Some of you guys make it seem like 5'8"-5'9" is extreme Amazon tall. For younger people, it's not that big. Any of you ever stop and think that's sort of offensive to those around that height?
C. said on 15/Feb/08
I believe she's 5'9" like she stated-- no more, no less.
Diora said on 12/Feb/08
I was working a private event and I had to direct various celebrities. When I met Rihanna, she had on flat sneakers and she was TALL. She has to be at least 5'10". Beautiful girl in person. The only difference than on television is that she's much lighter...
diana said on 9/Feb/08
i think rihanna is 5'8
honestly did ANYONE see her with chris brown at the vma's?
i mean he's what 6'1
she had huge platform heels and still wasn't the same height as him
rihanna's height is exaggerated because she is model-esque and whatnot
mimi said on 9/Feb/08
5'8.5 or 5'9,she's tall
C. said on 4/Feb/08
If Rihanna was 5'6" (or 5'7" for that matter) she wouldn't have to be leaning or bending so much, especially when she poses with Beyonce. Anyone can clearly tell she's taller than her, unless Beyonce is 5'4" which I highly doubt.
Roe said on 2/Feb/08
In this video performance she is surprising wearing sneakers..She looks about 5'9/5'10.
Click Here
Anonymous said on 30/Jan/08
we were on the same flight going to cannes last weekend. always thought she would be tall, i'm 5'8 and she was def smaller than me. 5'6-5'7 at most.
ivan said on 8/Dec/07
lol, on google i wrote she was 6' :))
Kate said on 25/Nov/07
I'm 6' - the reason i was curious about Rihanna's height was in the Shut up and drive video when she was between the 2 cars going back and forth before they started racing she looked like she was where i would stand (flat foot) next to cars like that. I'm not saying she is 6' or anything but in heels she very well could be. (if she's 5'9" thats only a pair of 3 inch/non platform heels) She looks pretty tall for a celeb. in some of the pics i notice her doing some of the things i do in pictures to look a little less like a giant next to shorter people; standing w/ her legs crossed over, leaning forward, bending her knees etc. even at 5'8"/5'9" shes gonna be taller than most female celebs.
C. said on 19/Nov/07
I'm new here but I personally think Rihanna is around 5'9" as she claims. I don't think she'd lie about her height (although of course plenty of celebs do, otherwise this site wouldn't exist) as people often comment on her height. And honestly, that's not always a good thing (as it can be quite uncomfortable), unless you're a supermodel wanting to brag about your height.

Being a tall girl myself at 5'9", growing up I was more likely to slouch, and for a time even down-graded my height to around 5'8" unintentionally. Part of this has to do with the fact that tall females are more so than their counterparts to be insecure with their height and sometimes want to appear shorter than they actually are. Now, for males as well as for a short/average height female celebs, it's another story, but I don't think a tall woman like Rihanna is trying to UP her height; quite the contrary.

Those whom have seen her in person, listing her as 5'6" or so seems quite iffy. Especially since she's definitely taller than Beyonce (and people claim her as tall, when she's more or less average height). It also may be best to get your own height checked. (Although, oddly enough the doctor/nurse isn't always accurate either.)

And as for people stating that she couldn't have grown-- well, I grew an inch this past year (hadn't grown anymore since 14, I might add) and I'm nearly 21. So it is still possible for Rihanna to still be growing. And as I mentioned before, Rihanna appears that she would be more likely to down-grade her own height, rather than boosting it. [And for an inch just seems a bit ridiculous.]
Anonymous said on 13/Nov/07
I know it's unlikely for her to have grown, but it's a little weird how she at least appears to have grown in comparison with Ciara between May and November.

Click Here

Click Here

They both seem to be wearing shoes with big heels in each picture, although I think Ciara's may have been bigger in the first picture. Even then, it looks like they went from about the same height, less than inch either way, probably, to Rihanna being clearly taller. What do you think? Is it their posture or the angle before, or is she really that much taller now?
Lady said on 13/Nov/07
Sophy having long legs and long arms does not necesarily mean your tall. It just means you have long limbs. Seriously people trying to justify height based on limbs is stupid and not to mention totally irrelevant.

She looks 5'8ish or 5'7ish i dunno. Heres a clip of her on ellen performing SOS. Fast forward to the end where ellen approaches her Click Here . Rihanna is taller than the 5'6 ellen (as stated on this site)
Emma said on 12/Nov/07
Matt - she is not still growing! I mean she is like 19 and I'm 14 and I'm not going to growing no more, and it's not many girls who is still growing when they are 19!
chris said on 6/Nov/07
Saw her on the replay of tyra banks show. c'mon guys, she didn't look as tall as tyra. she was SHORTER. one of the karaoke girls was a lot taller than her too. my estimated height for rhianna is 5'7-5'8. also, when she was receiving her final MTV award, she wasn't wearing heels at all! and she looked really short!
sara said on 4/Nov/07
I agree with nana. Pharell is 5'9 and she's wearing high heels and does not tower over him.
Sophy said on 4/Nov/07
Just look at her in "Umbrella" video. Her legs look verrrryyyy long, she has looong waist and long arms. Now look at her tiny tiny head! It's impossible, SO it means her head is fine, but her other body parts are extremely long. So it mean she must be very tall. 5'10" can be accurate. And 5'8" isn't tall at all!! So 5'10" looks real.
nana said on 3/Nov/07
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
So she's under 170cm because she wears high heels and she's smaller than pharell who's175-176
perks said on 21/Oct/07
rihanna is very tall.. she was in toronto and she came to a private party me and my friends were doing for was last minute but she managed to make it..she had 3 inch heels and looked to be around 5'10" - 5'11" so definitely 5'8" would be an accurate height. ALTHOUGH.. her structure and body build will of course make her look above 5'8"
Matt said on 21/Oct/07
Maybe we should agree, that she's 5'10... Bear in mind that Rihanna still is a teenager, and technically still can be growing.
Cameron said on 17/Oct/07
Rihanna must be taller than 5'8. Even taller than 5'9.... Check out picures from "Dsquared Collection Presentation - 09/26/07". She's amazingly tall walking next to the Caten brothers. I know they are not the tallest men in the world, but they are not dwarfs, and Rihanna is still like a head taller at least.
hannah said on 12/Oct/07
i'm just about at tall as rihanna and i use to be self conscious about it but now that i see her in heelz and everything i got more doesn't matter how tall she is..she look awesome either way whether she's 5'8 or shorter or taller than that
UMMMM said on 6/Oct/07
Maybe you should upgrade her height to 5'8 1/2, I think that makes a little more sense, because she can look as tall as 5'9 but sometimes look 5'8 but a little bit taller.
frank69 said on 2/Oct/07
Here's a video of rihanna and ciara,you can see rihanna is taller by an inch.Here's the link to the video Click Here
sara said on 25/Sep/07
Guys, Beyonce looks very leggy and tall and she's only 5'6. It is very possible that Rihanna is shorter than she claims. I still haven't forgotten the performance with 6' Chris Brown where she is still at least 3 inches shorter in 6 inch heels. And even if the heels don't add 6 inches, they had to have added at least 4 which should have made her 6'0 as well.
Roe said on 24/Sep/07
If you haven't heard..Rihanna broke her toe and has been wearing a cast on one foot and a high heel shoe on the other foot for about the past 2-3 months. You can see the cast in one of the Mischa Barton photos, and the same thing at the 2007 VMA's..that's why she has been looking shorter as of recent. I think she is 5-9. The link below is her on Ellen's show..she has on regular the very end of the video she is side by side with Ellen..and is 3-4 inches taller than her.
Click Here
Frank69 said on 21/Sep/07
I think Rihanna is 5'9.According to this picture of her standing next to Leann rimes who is 5'5,where you can see rihanna is wearing cowboy boots with half an inch heel and lean rimmes is wearing high heels.Here's the link Click Here
and with leann rimes.Click Here
ras said on 19/Sep/07
I'm sorry guys, the video is not available anymore, maybe you will find it on youtube if you type "rihanna mtv vma" or something like that, but it's worth watching to speculate on her height.
mon said on 18/Sep/07
I dunno mary j blige looks taller than 5'5 to me. I think rihanna is around 5'8 truly and MJG is probably taller than she claims. Some people claim to be shorter just as much as some claim to be taller.
ras said on 15/Sep/07
Dammit, since the video is no longer available I'm gonna post another video about the same moment, do check it out:
Click Here
ras said on 13/Sep/07
Just to prove my point, did she take off her heels when she took the award? Mary J. Blige (5 ft 5.5) looks considerably much taller than her in this vid!
Pay close attention from 0:30 to 0:45, maybe the people saying 5 ft7 or less aren't off really...

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ras said on 13/Sep/07
Again, you guys need to check out the VMA's when she received te award for best video of the year. Dr. Dre is 6 ft 1 supposedly, she was wearing heels and he still quite tall next to her, I man he looked 6 ft 2. I think she took off her heels which would explain why he looked 6 ft 2 but still...
sara said on 11/Sep/07
6 inch heels do what they're meant to do. My heels certainly add the height they're intended to. That's the first time I've heard anyone say that they don't. But, Rihanna may very well be 5'8, but I would still believe that she was shorter. But 5'6 would be the least since she is definitely leggy.

[Editor Rob: some manufacturers measure heel height through the stem, others from the very back, there's no uniformity though. Through the stem is closer to actual height of course.]
mon said on 11/Sep/07
I dunno, she was on the tyra show yesterday and looked about the same height as tyra, maybe an inch shorter. I think shes 5'9. And 6 inch heels dont really add 6 inches of height, just to let u know!
sara said on 10/Sep/07
I saw a picture of her next to Chris Brown who is about 6'0 after their VMA 2007 perfomance together. She was three inches shorter in 6 inch heels. She is not 5'8. She is 5'6 at the least. She was the same height as 5'5 Nicole Scherzinger when she received her "single of the year award." You guys would be surprised what heels can do.
ras said on 10/Sep/07
Well, in the vma's of 2007 when she received the "best video of the year award" she looked quite short next to dr. dre and she was in heels. Yoguys gotta check it out.
tee said on 30/Aug/07
she was 106 ans park and she siad she was 5'9"
misch said on 15/Aug/07
i think rihanna is around 5'7. yes she has long legs but shes always wearing huge heels. When you look at photos where mischa barton and rihanna stand next to each other and have almost same heels on you'll see theres a big gap between them like 5-8 cm ....

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not tall not short said on 11/Aug/07
Well, Ras, unless you are a human osteologist, you can't really say. Fortunately I have studied bones for years and physiologically people continue to grown until their early 20's, the last bone to fuse being the clavicle. Yoga doesn't stretch your bones out, and won't make you taller. Height is genetics; exercise only determines the density of bone, and one who is sedentary (and she is not at all) will still grow taller, but will be weaker, will slouch over etc.
ras said on 1/Aug/07
"still has some 2-4 years to grow taller."
Some could argue she wouldn't grow really, with more reason being a girl. Though I bet if she got into some kinda routine like yoga she could grow over 5'9.
not tall not short said on 29/Jul/07
Perspective: She has amazingly long legs and an incredibly beautiful form. I think anyone would be abundantly pleased to look like her, and be her height whether she's 5'7" or 5'9" - she ain't short. She is a mere 19 yrs, still has some 2-4 years to grow taller. But anyway, let's face it - she has it all plus or minus an inch!
Tall Boy said on 29/Jul/07
What's the big deal about an inch? So many people are arguing she's 5'8" and can't be 5'9". An inch is nothing, how can you tell from a picture or a tv show about an inch. I'm 6'2" and I see people in the mall that I think are taller than me, when they walk past me they're way shorter than they appeared from a distance. Unless your face to face with someone it's hard to judge their height.
Me Me said on 25/Jul/07
Everyone agrees she looks more 5'9", so change it to 5'9". One of my girlfriends was that height, so I know what 5'9" looks like. In my opinion it's the tallest a girl can be to not hinder her beauty... If it was down to height, I'd choose caucasian girls between 5'4" and 5'9"... asians can be a lot shorter and still attractive. Of course, in real life, I'd never judge because of height, it's a minor, unimportant detail.
For Real said on 21/Jul/07
She's 5'9 most def..and thats without the heels..she's not skinny with her height so she carries it well..and im 5'8 1/2..I round it up to 9...When you're on a video its hard to tell your height and in pictures me I know..sometimes I look as tho im shorter...
J said on 29/Jun/07
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This girl is what she says she is. OR She is 5'8 1/2, rounded up like most people do, and said 5'9. So, she is about 5'9 1/2 in this picture...
Tinus said on 29/Jun/07
Maybe they are on a different step, but still it's a huge difference. Beyonce looks like a giant!
Anon said on 27/Jun/07
Look at this picture Click Here , Beyonce looks HUGE. But according to this site Rihanna should be taller. The camer is on an angle, but come on!!

[Editor Rob: they're on different steps]
Tinus said on 25/Jun/07
Wow she's is a lot taller than i thougt. I thought she was a tiny dancer! Then she has a very lean, tall and strong body!
? said on 20/Jun/07
barefoot most probs
jwidz said on 15/Jun/07
yo,i just wanna ask,are all these celebheights based on barefoot height or with shoes?
sarah said on 8/Jun/07
i think rihanna's 5'8'' definitely not 5'9'' looks like 5'9'' b/c she's skinny! compare between skinny people and big-sized people, for skinny people, it makes them more taller than big-sz ppl even though they have same heights
jenn said on 19/May/07
shes deff at least 5'8.5, maybe 5'9..shes got those long long legs and you can see especially in her "umbrella" video
beautiful said on 18/May/07
wow, Rihanna 5'8" pretty tall.Thought i'm almost 5'8" as well.
anonymous said on 14/May/07
she looks about 5'8'' in the SOS video.
Viper said on 12/May/07
Didnt realize shes from Barbados.
me said on 10/May/07
she was on mtv yesterday along with cameron diaz...and cameron is listed at 5'8 (i think?) and they were both the same exact height, both wearing heals. However Rhianna appears to be taller because she is thicker than skinny bones cameron. THey are both beauties though!
Lee said on 7/May/07
She said today (May 7, 07) on 106 & Park that she is 5'9. And that would be without heels...
BabyKisss said on 15/Apr/07
is anyone suggesting that Ciara has higher hills than Rhianna in this picture they took together?
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Moi said on 15/Apr/07
That's not Ciara... Didn't somebody say that was Tyra Banks, and she is really tall... I think she's taller than 5'8", perhaps 5'9" or at least 5'8.5"
BabyKisss said on 14/Apr/07
This is impossible if Ciara is 5'7". check out this link below.
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Simone from Lithuania said on 30/Mar/07
Hi. IFew minutes ago I watched one show, which was about WMA. There was talking russian singer Dima Bilan (the best selling artist in Russia) and he said that Rihana is really tall. And he said that she is taller them he is. And Dima's Bilan height is 1,83. So that she could be about 1,80...I think it could be true...
Anonymous said on 26/Mar/07
see her next to Ashton kutcher, and he can looks 4 inches taller than her in Punk'd
me said on 7/Mar/07
she is 5'8.5 .if you guys ever met her you would know she is definitewly NOT 5'6 .she is taller than that.look at her in sneakers next to tyra(tyra was wwearing heels) she was shorter but tyra wasn't dwarfing her that much .she is a definite 5'8.5 or 5' guys hello next tobeyonce she IS taller.
KT said on 2/Feb/07
I saw her at Z100's Jingle Ball Concert. She looked pretty tall so I'd say she's around 5'9.
DudeX said on 14/Jan/07
Why do you need to point out that you are 5'10, here's the deal? You say height is irrevelant but yet you need to point out that yuo are 5'10.
JP said on 1/Dec/06
woah calm down 'heres the deal'..! i dont think theres a need for that. reading you comment, i'm wondering why u were even on this site in the first place?
Here's the deal said on 22/Nov/06
You guys are wasting your time on figuring out someone's height rather than using your brains and putting them into good use. Who cares how tall anyone is? the only reason you yap for pages about this s*** is becauase you are low on your own self confidence/ esteem and feel pleasure in putting other people down. i'm 5'10 and VERY known actress,,,trust me, that'the reason why we don't like you fans...bunch of gossipers with too much time on your hands,,,
lorena said on 2/Nov/06
and also i saw a picture of her and nikki hilton(5.7/170 cm).They were exactly the same height and of course they were both wearing heels.So ,like i said she is max 5.7.
tk said on 28/Oct/06
she wear heels just about 99% of the time so its hard to tell, look at her on Punk'd, I was shocked by how friggin high her heels were! I think she's 5ft 8 MAX, but I really think she's about 5ft 6. See her next to Ludacris, who's about 5ft 8, she's wearing heels and is the same height as her.
lorena said on 23/Oct/06
i don't think she's 173.Max 170.I saw her in punk'd.she was wearing very tall platform shoes (>15 cm) and she was smaller than ashton with 8-10 cm.And he's 1.90?something like this.everybody lies about their heights(in special public persons)
6'2'' JK said on 22/Oct/06
Id say she is 5'8'', but in heels she can be 5'9''
Dianna said on 28/Aug/06
I think 5'9 is about right. Did yall see her at the teen choice awards?
*NaUgHtY GiRL* said on 6/Aug/06
There was an interview on german VIVA in which she actually said that she is now 176 cm tall (don't know in inches). I think that could be quite right.But still would give her around 174...
stefan said on 24/Jul/06
i swear, i was watching viva (german music tv) and a german singer said that rihanna is 183 cm tall, he said that he's shorter than her, because he's like 181cm. and she wasn't even wearing heels (but i find that hard to believe)!
ds said on 23/Jul/06
Hmm, I think she is infact 174 from recent photos I have seen of her.
JAY said on 20/Jul/06
I saw her in person and she had on heals and looked pretty tall. She was interviewing next to Ciara on the red carpet of LA Reids party and I was in front of them and they were the same height. Ciara stated herself without shoes she is 5'8 1/2 so Rihanna is about a half inch shorter.She is also gorgeous in person 5'8 for a woman is pretty tall. Beyonce is 5'6 and that same day she looked to be 5'11 cause of heels so I guess those things help
me said on 10/Jul/06
she is like 5'8.5 .she is a little bit taller than 5'8 .haven't you seen her standing next to Tyra Banks wearing sneakers and tyra is wearing 3 inch heels.Haven't you guys seen the girl on the tyra banks show!
JazzyJay said on 22/Jun/06
There's no way Rihanna's under 5'8. Look at her on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards and you can see how she towered over Jessica Alba who's about 5'7. She was even up there with Ludacris. She's definitely at least 5'9.
Anonymous said on 16/Jun/06
5'7 {in 4" high heels inch shorter of justin timberlake 6'}
S said on 2/Jun/06
This seems about right, although I would have thought closer to 5'7". I saw her on Rove (who is 5'8") and she was taller than him in heels, but it was a bit hard to tell how much because she wasn't standing up straight.
jasmeen said on 30/May/06
She came to Musiqueplus (Montreal,canada) and she was taller than me ..( I'm 5'8'') she's maybe...5'10''
Tammy said on 21/May/06
impossible...for sure she's 5'8" Bajangirl said..We were both in her class..

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