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5ft 8in (172.7cm)
lorena said on 23/Oct/06
i don't think she's 173.Max 170.I saw her in punk'd.she was wearing very tall platform shoes (>15 cm) and she was smaller than ashton with 8-10 cm.And he's 1.90?something like this.everybody lies about their heights(in special public persons)
6'2'' JK said on 22/Oct/06
Id say she is 5'8'', but in heels she can be 5'9''
Dianna said on 28/Aug/06
I think 5'9 is about right. Did yall see her at the teen choice awards?
*NaUgHtY GiRL* said on 6/Aug/06
There was an interview on german VIVA in which she actually said that she is now 176 cm tall (don't know in inches). I think that could be quite right.But still would give her around 174...
stefan said on 24/Jul/06
i swear, i was watching viva (german music tv) and a german singer said that rihanna is 183 cm tall, he said that he's shorter than her, because he's like 181cm. and she wasn't even wearing heels (but i find that hard to believe)!
ds said on 23/Jul/06
Hmm, I think she is infact 174 from recent photos I have seen of her.
JAY said on 20/Jul/06
I saw her in person and she had on heals and looked pretty tall. She was interviewing next to Ciara on the red carpet of LA Reids party and I was in front of them and they were the same height. Ciara stated herself without shoes she is 5'8 1/2 so Rihanna is about a half inch shorter.She is also gorgeous in person 5'8 for a woman is pretty tall. Beyonce is 5'6 and that same day she looked to be 5'11 cause of heels so I guess those things help
me said on 10/Jul/06
she is like 5'8.5 .she is a little bit taller than 5'8 .haven't you seen her standing next to Tyra Banks wearing sneakers and tyra is wearing 3 inch heels.Haven't you guys seen the girl on the tyra banks show!
JazzyJay said on 22/Jun/06
There's no way Rihanna's under 5'8. Look at her on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards and you can see how she towered over Jessica Alba who's about 5'7. She was even up there with Ludacris. She's definitely at least 5'9.
Anonymous said on 16/Jun/06
5'7 {in 4" high heels inch shorter of justin timberlake 6'}
S said on 2/Jun/06
This seems about right, although I would have thought closer to 5'7". I saw her on Rove (who is 5'8") and she was taller than him in heels, but it was a bit hard to tell how much because she wasn't standing up straight.
jasmeen said on 30/May/06
She came to Musiqueplus (Montreal,canada) and she was taller than me ..( I'm 5'8'') she's maybe...5'10''
Tammy said on 21/May/06
impossible...for sure she's 5'8" Bajangirl said..We were both in her class..
ana reynolds said on 8/May/06
rihanna needs to be a model because she is tall enough
eweezie said on 6/May/06
i work at petco park in san diego and she sung the national anthem. i walked right past her about an hour before she sung it down in the lower level of the stadium. i'm about 5'11 to 6'0 tall and she was probably 2 to 3 inches shorter. she is pretty tall
Gabbii said on 1/May/06
and i fink ur also forgettin 1 of the links sent in was with lil kim and she is 4.11 so thats not sayin much isit?
Gabbii said on 1/May/06
Thts called high heels.. and av u eva seen in her videos shes tiny comapered to most of the dancers, and plus is SOS it says "cos Im your TINY dancer"
Anonymous said on 30/Apr/06
I''d give her 5'9 maybe a lil bit more to the 5'10 range
BajanGirl said on 23/Apr/06
There is no way she is 5'9" or 5'10"...I went to school with her,and I was always taller than she was.She's about 5'6"-5'7".
horatio said on 16/Apr/06
she is 5'8 (look on imdb)

[Editor Rob: I like to keep people on their toes around here...and on other sites. You never know when somebody around here gains or loses a cm!]
5'10chick said on 15/Apr/06
she is 5'8 and a half, or 5'9, Im not sure about 5'10, but either way she is tall, look at this pic of cb and her Click Here
ds said on 14/Apr/06
I think the 5'8" listing is fine. 174 is def. too much.
know said on 12/Apr/06
imdb has her official height as 5'8"----173cm
Anonymous said on 11/Apr/06
look at dis pic:
Click Here
i think shes taller dan 173 cm!! :P Usheer!! luuv ya
Cynful said on 7/Mar/06
I thought she was quite a bit taller then she apparently is. I saw her on Ellen and Ellen is 5'7 1/2 and Rihanna seemed to tower over her. I thought she was at least 3 inches taller. Plus she was wearing sneakers so it wasn't like she was wearing heels. If I had to guess I'd put her at 5'9 or 5'10
tan said on 3/Mar/06
well i know rihanna she is a few years younger than me when i was 16 she was about 11 or 12 and she was the same height as me then I am 5ft6 now and she got much taller since then i put her about 5"9 or 5"10
Marlon said on 24/Feb/06
I'd also like to add at the MTV VMAs Pre Show , when she was performing barefoot on stage , she stood nearly at the same height as " Sway " the interviewer . Without any inches due to high heels or shoes , I'd still say she's about 5'9.
Marlon said on 24/Feb/06
I'd say about between 5'8 1/2 and 5'9. If your body is slender and longer , it makes you appear taller . Her body is slender , yet she's volptous in some ways. Her torso is longer , and her legs are shorter . Either way if she's 5'8 or 5'9 , she's pretty tall . When she wears hells when performing , she stands at the same height or taller than some of the guys on stage , making her 5'10 or 5'11. So I'd say she's 5'9.
Susie said on 16/Feb/06
Haha,funny readin all these comments,but Kats is that one thats gotta be right."oval faces and large foreheads give and thinness give an illusion of more height"Your dead right.I have the same features as that,but i know i am tall. I know someone who knows her entire family.And though she(Rihanna) might think say or believe she is really 5'9,she cant be.Im 5'8 and thats TALL ENOUGH, and she aint taller than me. She about 5'7.PERIOD!
a person said on 13/Feb/06
i am from the island.i have seen rihanna numerous times and met her in town.i know my exact height 5'7.5 cause I have been measured by a doctor numerous times as I have an obsession of height always wanting to get taller like everyone else in my every female in my family are 5'9 and taller i always measure myself hoping to get i know my height.having met rihanna myself she is about 5'8.she has a long torso and shorter legs.5'8 is not all that tall is tall but not that tall that you would be towering over people.5'9/5'10 you would be towering over the average height of females which is 5'4.5'8 is no misjudgement.
Kats said on 4/Feb/06
Gee Anonymous... she said 8 different times she is 5'9? Well, then it HAS to be true! The more you say a number for your height, the more it's truthful!

Duh... a lie is a lie, and it can stay a lie no matter how many times one tells it. I still say 5'6 1/2 for her. She'd be towering over most girls if she was 5'8 or 5'9, and she is not. Oval faces with large forheads and thinness give an illusion of more height. She almost gets away with it. And I don't buy people comparing themself to her. They may be wrong about their height (most people are), or even if they have their correct height, can be misjudging when comparing. Comparisons are not always easy. We're looking with our eyes that are several inches down from the top of our head, and trying to compensate for that is not always accurate. The eyelevel comparison is also difficult. You still may be off an inch.
GaNgStA said on 1/Feb/06
i highly doubt Rihanna is 5-9 id give her 5-8 because i saw her in concert and she did not look that tall plus one of my friends got to go on stage wit her and they were the same height standing beside each other and she wasnt wearing any heals so yeah i think shes 5.7 ot 5.8
ds said on 30/Jan/06
lala sneakers add like an inch, making Rihanna who is 5'8" 5'9" and maybe you had bad posture so like 5'8". I met her, and almost met Anna at this tennis charity thing, who I wish I did meet because she's definitely not 5'8" since I met Martina Hingis who is like 1 or 1.5 inches shorter than Anna when she was 2 inches shorter than me and I'm 172 cm. Anyways Rihanna...hmmm...she was like my height, we were at the same eye level, but she has a weird forehead so I think she's 173cm maybe a tad over I dunno. But most likely 5'8". BDW we had the same size heel for anyone who wants to argue in our shoes about, cuz we had the same type of shoes...but I think I'm maybe a lil over 172 cm right now, but still I think Rihanna is 5'8". And Jayz is 6-1...
Monica said on 30/Jan/06
Hey guys i met her n she is 5"9 because i'm about 5"7 n she was about 2inches taller then me.
Anonymous said on 8/Jan/06
Rihanna is 5'9 She said her height about 8 different times on various interviews when everyone commented on her height
amanda said on 28/Dec/05
rihanna seems taller in that picture when I saw her she was ent that tall
Anonymous said on 17/Dec/05
Rihanna seems really tall, at least when I saw her and she's really not that skinny! I would say about 5'10.
fatima said on 16/Dec/05
look at the pictures of rihanna with jay z and beyonce with jay z. u'll see that beyonce is taller and since beyonce is 169cm, its makes rihanna about 167cm. u think that rihanna is tall because she is skinny but really she's average.
Malin said on 11/Dec/05
Hey guys.. what if Rihanna is tired of being tall?? Maybe she just want to look shorter than she really is on every photo !? I havnt seen here standing up right and tall at a single photo !! =/ Maybe she does not want to be tall anymore? I guess that she is 5"8 or 5"9 but want to be like 5"6 at maximum !!!
KAROLIN said on 10/Dec/05
Ronyca said on 30/Nov/05
yea i think rihanna is 5'9 because on the bet awards when her and tearria mari was next to each other rihanna was so tall and they both had on heels and wi that pic of rihanna and amerie and tearria mari they all had on heels an?imaged rihanna was the tallest
CoolJ said on 27/Nov/05
~Nate~: They also aren't standing up straight either..
~Nate~ said on 26/Nov/05
Rihanna is taller then Anna look at this

[Editor Rob: there's a few photos of them from that event. Her hairstyle does add a little bit more than anna's hair I think.]
Leslie said on 22/Nov/05
I think Rihanna is probably 5'9". In those pics with her standing next to Jesse, she's kinda squatting down. She's (and Anna) not standing up straight.
Layayyah said on 21/Nov/05
I dink she about 5'6 because she lyke the same height as me so yeah!
Tatianna said on 16/Nov/05
Yo I think my girl is about 5'7 o 5'8 I could tell because she is like the same hight as me, so all I have two say is that I might see her in person and if I do I will ask how tall she really is.
Kats said on 8/Nov/05
"[Editor Rob: I give her the 5ft 8 because she's not got the same posture as quddus. She loses some height ;)]"

Okay, she is slouching, but I doubt it's two inches worth. I'll give her a possible 5'7. Looking at the picture again she looks even more than 6 inches shorter than Quddus. But to add, I have also heard he is 6'1. Not sure about this... I'll consider her 5'6 1/2-5'7 for now...

Btw, the first picture--Anna Kournikova is closer to the camera but she would seem to be taller than Rihanna even if they were the same distance from the camera. She's got some slouching going on too. She's considered 5'8... some even think 5'7. Could Rihanna really be 5'8 comparing her and Anna?
Kats said on 27/Oct/05
That picture or Rihanna with Destiny's Child and Usher is terrible! She's in the front. Not only is she taller but she's totally bigger than all of them because she's closer to the camera!

The second picture posted here where she is next to Quddus ("other angle") is telling. She doesn't even come up to his eyes! Her hair does but it's big. Where did I just read on this site that from a person's eyes to the top of their head is about 4-5 inches? Well, that is correct. From Quddus's eyes to the top of his head is about 5 inches. And Rihanna is about an inch below his eyes. Or more! I'll give her just an inch lower though because maybe her hair isn't as big as it looks and she is tilting a tad. That's still 6 inches less than the 6'0 Quddas.

I'm going to be the first person here to guess she is really 5'6! My first instinct with her was she was 5'6. And now I have some proof.

[Editor Rob: I give her the 5ft 8 because she's not got the same posture as quddus. She loses some height ;)]
a person said on 7/Oct/05
I think she is 5'8.She is definitely not 5'9.I met her aunt here in the island and have also seen her while she was visiting for a weekend and she was at the beach with friends.I am 5'7.5 and before I saw her I asked her aunt how tall she was and her aunt told me she was about my height.Then when I saw her at the beach she looked like she could be no taller than 5'8.Trust me i am a person obsessed with height.She is definitly not taller than Ciara.Plus Halle and Beyonce i doubt their heights. I highly doubt that Beyonce is 5'6,because a cousin of mine met her at a hotelwith Jay-Z and my cousin is 5'6 and she said beyonce was a little shorter than her.Height is a thing of illusion.Somethings make you look taller and some make you look shorter.
angel said on 7/Oct/05
~Nate~ in that link its because she's wearing big heels( I suppose!) Look, she is even taller than Usher and she cant be taller than him.
someone said on 2/Oct/05
she has on heels so she was like 6'1 in that pic ~nate~
~Nate~ said on 2/Oct/05
Ok I say Rihanna is taller then 5'8/5'9 Look at this pic next to Destiny's Child who supposedly stand at 5'6,5'7,5'9....She towers over them and Usher...See for

[Editor Rob: unfortunately the site is now dead that showed those pics of her near quddus/kournikova etc. But that pic, she is a tad closer to camera. At the moment I leave her 173, maybe 174cm...]
sweetie said on 1/Oct/05
she's tall! 5'8'' isn't too tall for a woman ??
someone said on 24/Sep/05
jay-z is 6'1 correct? so rihanna has to be about 5'9, because she was the same height as him in 4" heels
tashiboshi said on 14/Sep/05
i think 5'8" is very accurate. i don't think she's 5'9", but definitely no shorter than 5'7.5". gorgeous chick. much better-looking on trl than she does i her video. she's going to be a major major star. and there's NO way that Amerie is 5'5". that's just ridiculous.
J. said on 3/Sep/05
Just for perspective, there's some good series of photos over at Wire Image of this girl, next to Tierra Mari and Amerie. All three ladies are standing fairly straight with similar heels and I swear, she makes look like little children in the way that she towers over them! So, 5'9" looks more correct in my view. Rihanna- 5'9"; Tierra- 5'0"; Amerie- 5'3". Seem right?

[Editor Rob: I still think (the site is down at the moment) that beside the Nadal (6ft 1), Quddus (legit 6ft 1) and Kournikova she doesn't appear to be 175cm. Since they're all in trainers and there was many angles, I struggle to see 5ft 9 against those 6ft 1 guys...although, can I give her 174cm maybe? Hmm, possible. You can see rihanna heels versus amerie heels.]
J. said on 1/Sep/05
Yeah, 5'9" does seem possible:

[Editor Rob: I'd say good set of pictures are the Arthur Ashe kids day On this site. There's about 15 to compare against Nadal (supposed to be now 186cm), Kudos (legit 6ft 1), Kournikova (5ft 8?) can see all their postures. I agree that 5ft 8 is very possible, but 5ft 9? Hmm, maybe the extra 1/2 inch of hair can create the illusion ;)]
Anonymous said on 31/Aug/05
Rihanna is 5'9 she said her height on hot 97

[Editor Rob: great, that matches with jesse saying 'I'm 5ft 10'...time to bump them both up again!]
someone said on 27/Aug/05
my mistake she is 5'9 because she is the same height as jesse mccartney (they have a pic together from the arthur ashe kids day us open)

[Editor Rob: there's some great pics of her, kournikova, quddus and jesse mccartney at this event. 172-3 is close I think - but remember her hair has a little upsweep over the crown which possibly compared to kournikova's drawn-back ponytail adds 1cm. Here is One Picture of them all. there's others on that site...but you have to consider their postures...McCartney 175 still is possible ;)]

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